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"The Albemarle Davenports"

Richard R. Davenport born 1642 in England, first settled in Virginia before moving on to North Carolina about 1660. He married Johanna and had six children - Richard Jr., Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Isaac, and Susannah. Richard died in 1714. His descendants settled in the Albemarle Sound area of North Carolina where many still live today..
Linda Haas DAVENPORT <[email protected]> of Tulsa, OK, is researching her husband's line, all in Tyrell and Washington Counties, NC. She believes he is of the ALBEMARLE DAVENPORTS. Stephen DAVENPORT m. Celia. All of the following were born and died in Washington Co., NC: (son) Doctrin Ira b. 2 Oct 1850, d. 8 Jul 1935, m. Charlotte ARMSTRONG b. 18 Mar 1848. Son of Doctrin Ira and Charlotte: Ulysses Grant b. 31 oct 1870, d. 17 Jun 1950, m. Laura Ann AMBROSE. Son of Ulysses & Laura Ann: Roy Ulysses b. 13 Feb 1903, d. 26 Dec 1981, m. Melinda Jane AMBROSE 16 Jun 1926.

Linda has her own home page at She is also the County Coordinator and Archivist for Marion County, Arkansas, a part of the USGenWeb on RootsWeb.

Steven M. DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Chesapeake, VA.   He is a double descendant of Richard DAVENPORT of the Albemarle Davenports.   His first line is Harold Jr., Harold Sr., Leslie Estee, Alexander Wilson, Jestin, Alexander, Moses, James, John, and Richard. His second line is Harold Jr., Harold Sr., Leslie Estee, Alexander Wilson, Jestin, Asenath, Daniel, William, John, Richard.  He also has a third DAVENPORT line but is not sure where it connects yet, but most likely it connects back to Richard.  All of these Davenports are from Tyrell and Washington Co., NC.  

Steve has a homepage at and he is the County Coordinator for Washington County, NC, a part of the USGenWeb on Rootsweb.  The Washington County page is at

Sandra Baker Lunsford <[email protected]> lives in Fayetteville, GA. Her mother is Mary Frances DAVENPORT Baker, her grandfather was Stephen Franklin DAVENPORT of Stewart Co. and Columbus, GA; his father was George Manuel DAVENPORT of Stewart Co, GA; his father was Allen DAVENPORT of either Pitt or Lenoir Co., NC, Marion Co. and Stewart Co., GA.; his father was William DAVENPORT born in Pitt Co., NC, June 15, 1755, died in Lenoir Co., NC.
Mae Davenport Cox <[email protected]> lives in Norman, OK.


LINEAGE: She has been able to trace her complete line back to Richard Davenport of the Albemarle Davenports: Richard > Isaac > George > Edmond > Reuben > Elisha Bell > George > Arthur > Carl.


Elisha Bell Davenport migrated to Denton County, Texas, in 1880. From there, his son, George, loaded his family into a wagon and followed the trail into Indian Territory in 1889, settling in Love County, I.T. They eventually moved to the Pottawatomie and Cleveland County areas (Oklahoma Territory) where many of their descendants still live today including her. She's done extensive research following this line which culminated in a book, Davenports and Upchurches: Pioneers in Indian Territory (1642-2002).


Her personal Web site (, provides numerous photos, obituaries, and articles about the last four generations and she plans to post more genealogy info in the near future.


Her proxy, brother George (#20775), participated in the Davenport DNA study with results of his 75 marker test posted at

Brent John DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Denver, CO.

LINEAGE: My Father was James Richard Davenport born in Edenton, North Carolina [Washington County, I'm almost positive], his father was Bruce Davenport, his mother's name was Nell Copeland I believe...she died in childbirth.

COMMENTS: I believe we should be placed in the descendant's of Richard, but I'm not sure.

James Robert DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Humble, TX.

LINEAGE: James Robert Davenport (me) > Dennis Leroy Davenport Jr. > Dennis Leroy Davenport Sr. > Hoyt R. Davenport, > Stewart R. Davenport, > James Franklin Davenport b. 05/05/1847, > Alvah Davenport b. 02/1818, > James Davenport b. 1781, > Elkanah Davenport b. abt. 1758, > James Davenport, > John Davenport 11/03/1671, > Richard Davenport, b. abt. 1642.

COMMENTS: I've participated in the DNA testing that groups me with the Albemarle Davenports.

Diane Darmiento <[email protected]> lives in Bay Shore, NY.

LINEAGE: James M Davenport father of Doctrine Davenport, father of Bruce Gray Davenport, father of Bruce Gray Davenport Jr. b. in Edenton, NC. Bruce Gray Sr. m. Nellie Copeland #1, #2, Ada [Addie Mae Holland]. Bruce Jr. died in the mid 1900's.

COMMENTS: The Davenports listed above also married into the Spruill line {Celia Ann}. I would like to find out James, father's name, and also the parents' of Ada Holland.
Terrie Daniel <[email protected]> lives in Brooksville, FL.

LINEAGE: Richard Davenport, b. 1642 in England > Isaac Davenport, b. 1674 in North Carolina > George Davenport, b. abt. 1749 in North Carolina > Absolum Davenport, b. 1774 in North Carolina.

Joel Anthony DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Soddy-Daisy, TN.

LINEAGE: I am the son of Buell Edward Davenport (11/07/1925 to 12/02/1996) m. Rheda Joyce Dodson (11/02/1927, still living), who was the son of Willie Thurman Davenport, who was the son of Isaac Perry Davenport (05/10/1881 to 07/20/1927), he was murdered in Warren County, TN, while leaving church, holding my father's hand, who was the son of John William Davenport (6/10/1854 - 6/13/1911), who was the son of Burchett Douglas Davenport (8/14/1834 - 2/29/1904), who was the son of Warren Davenport (11/15/1803 - 5/27/1879), who was the son of Absolum Davenport (c. 1774 - c. 1855), who was the son of George Davenport (c. 1748 - c. 1831), who was the son of Isaac Davenport, who was the son of Richard Davenport. 

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