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"The West Jersey Davenports"
which includes the group formally known as
"The Newberry Davenports"
who settled in
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Isaac Davenport of South Carolina had four children - Francis, William, Isaac, and Joseph. He died in 1749 in Granville County, North Carolina. Isaac's descendants are known as the Newberry Davenports..
Bob McKeon <[email protected]> lives in West Hartford, CT. His line is: Francis DAVENPORT (1651-1707) & Sarah Browne (England to Burlington Co., NJ); Sarah DAVENPORT (1679-) & Gervas Hall (Burlington Co., NJ); Hezekiah HALL (1710-1795) & Elizabeth HAINES (Burlington Co., NJ to Chester Co., PA); Gervas/Jarvis HALL (abt 1745-1831) & Hannah Jones (Chester Co., PA); Elizabeth HALL (1773-1861) & William Jones (from Chester Co. to "Jonesville", Mercer Co., PA; William JONES, Jr. (1798-1846) & Mary Catterson (Mercer Co., PA); Nancy JONES (1829-1881) & Reuben Hilands (Mercer Co., PA); Robert HILANDS (1854-1930) & Mabel Johnston (Mercer Co. to Cleveland, OH to Phila.); Margaret HILANDS (1895-1979) & Philip McKeon (Phila. to Hartford, CT); Robert Hilands McKEON (1932-) & Beverly Shorey (Hartford, CT).
R. L. Guffin <[email protected]> lives in Tuscaloosa, AL.  He has been in the teaching business since 1959 and at the college/university level since 1964.  He has taught genealogy in some capacity at the University of Alabama since 1973.  He is a WEST JERSEY/NEWBERRY DAVENPORT, descending from Isaac DAVENPORT who died in Granville County, NC in 1749 through his son, Francis, who moved to what is now Newberry Co., SC ca. 1769.  He descends through his son, Isaac (1752-1815), and Isaac's daughter, Elizabeth "Betsy" DAVENPORT (1775-1857), who married James Murdock ca. 1791 in Newberry County, SC and who later moved to Abbeville Co., SC ca. 1825.
Robert D. "BG Bob" Brooke <[email protected]> is retired and lives in Clovis, CA, near Fresno.  He has been doing his genealogy since 1995. He is a WEST JERSEY/NEWBERRY DAVENPORT, descended from Francis DAVENPORT through his son Isaac (1693-1749), the progenitor of the Davenports who subsequently settled in Newberry County, South Carolina. From Isaac, Bob's line is Francis, (who moved to the Newberry area circa 1769), James (b. 1742), Charles (b. 1782 Newberry Co.), and Sarah Caroline DAVENPORT (b. 1824 Newberry Co.), his great great grandmother.
Adrienne Morrison <[email protected]> lives in Walnut Creek, CA.   She is from the WEST JERSEY/NEWBERRY DAVENPORT Clan. She descends from Francis DAVENPORT Sr. (b. ca 1718, d. 1803/04 Newberry Co.) through his daughter Sarah DAVENPORT Beeks (b. ca 1764, d. July 1843 Laurens Co., SC), Francis Marion BEEKS (b. ca 1782-86 Newberry Co., d. Oct 1861 Laurens Co.) , Samuel BEEKS (b. Feb 1807 Laurens Co. d. Jan 1857 Monroe Co., MS), Sarah/Sally BEEKS Rieves Cooper (b. Jan 1835 Monroe Co., d. Jan 1893 Monroe Co.), and Ida Jane COOPER Clements (b. 1869 Monroe County, d. Jan 1953 Williamson Co., TN).
Pauline McConkie Derhak <[email protected]> lives in Salt Lake City, UT and has been researching her DAVENPORT line for about five years. Her line is: her father Reed Smoot MCCONKIE; grandmother Persia Viola ROBERSON McConkie (b. Carroll Co., GA); g-grandmother Martha Ann DAVENPORT (b. Pike Co., GA); gg-grandfather James Gillam DAVENPORT (b. 1818 in Newberry Co., SC); Raymond DAVENPORT (b. 1788 according to 1850 census); and ggg-grandparents James DAVENPORT (b. VA) and Elizabeth GILLIAM.
Pat Mims <[email protected]> lives in Fort Worth, TX and has been researching her DAVENPORT-WHITE lines for less than a year.  She descends from Susan C. DAVENPORT who married John A. WHITE in 1865 in GA.  Susan's father was James Gilliam DAVENPORT (b. 1818 in Newberry Co.).  His father was   Raymond DAVENPORT (b. ca 1782 in GA).
Philip Triebes <[email protected]> lives in Pflugerville, TX. He is a Human Resource Manager in Austin, TX. He has been an active Davenport researcher for five years. His DAVENPORT ancestors are: Isaac of Granville (NC) > Francis of Newberry (SC) > William of Greenville (SC) > Francis M. of Greenville > Ezekial Vincent of El Dorado (CA) > James Vincent of Vallejo (CA) > Lawrence James of Vallejo (CA) and Donna DAVENPORT Triebes of Houston (TX). He will gladly share any information he has collected.
Brantley Adams <[email protected]>, of Florence, SC, has been a clinical psychologist in private practice for more than 20 years and has been researching the Newberry DAVENPORTS for about two years.  He is descended from Isaac (d. 1749) of Granville Co., NC through Francis (d. 1803 in Newberry), Isaac (1752-1815), Joseph (abt 1807-aft 1870), and Malinda Catherine (1848-1903) who married Bluford Rayford BUTLER (1840-1913).
Jane Limerick Monroe <[email protected]> lives in Littleton, CO.   She is a needlepoint designer and painter and  former teacher. She has been actively researching her genealogy since discovering her family tree and many documents in her late grandmother's belongings. She is a WEST JERSEY/NEWBERRY DAVENPORT, descending from Isaac DAVENPORT (died 1749 in Edgecombe, now Granville Co. N.C.), his son Francis DAVENPORT (b.1718, d.1803,Newberry Co, S.C.), his son James DAVENPORT (b.1742, VA., d.1832, S.C.), married to Elizabeth Gilliam in 1778, his son Charles DAVENPORT (b. 1782, Newberry, d.1853-1855 probably AL), married to Sarah Gary in 1803 in Newberry Co. S.C., their daughter Sarah Caroline DAVENPORT (b.1824, Newberry Co.,S.C., d.1901,TX. and buried in Keatchie, LA.), married to Taliaferro Lang Scogin in 1842 in Tuscaloosa Co. AL.   Sarah was her gggrandmother.
Ron DAVENPORT <[email protected]>, lives with his wife and family in Dothan, AL.  He is the owner of a retail swimming pool business. His line begins with Isaac of Granville Co., NC and goes to Francis (d. 1803, Newberry Co.); Isaac; William; William Wilson; Job; John Henry Sr.; John Henry Jr.; and himself.
Roy Willis DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Durham, NC. He has two DAVENPORT lines; the first through John Willis (his father), John Benson (1885-1977), John, Willis Augustus (1808-1881), Willis, Isaac Jr., Francis, and Isaac, who settled in Granville County, NC and died there in 1749.  The second is through his mother, who is a descendent of Willis Augustus' brother Isaac.  Roy has a genealogy web page at  Check it out.
Betty Sue DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Piedmont , SC. She is a great-great granddaughter of Isaac DAVENPORT born 1812; a great granddaughter of J. Martin DAVENPORT born 1842;  a granddaughter of J. L. (Fate) DAVENPORT ; and a daughter of James Franklin DAVENPORT born 1893.
Janice Ann DAVENPORT Yopp <[email protected]> lives in Wilmington, NC.
LINEAGE: "I am the daughter of Felton Eugene Davenport Sr. born Jan 2, 1921. He was the son of Walter Lee Davenport (Dude) born June 18, 1892. He was the son of M. Berry (Bud Tab) Davenport, born Jan.8, 1852. He was the son of Isaac Davenport born June 13, 1812."

COMMENTS: "Would anyone with any more information like to correspond?"

James Von Edelmon <[email protected]> lives in Friona, TX.
LINEAGE: James Gilliam
DAVENPORT b 1818 > Thomas Franklin Monroe DAVENPORT b 1856 > Cora Bell DAVENPORT Edelmon b 1880 > Wilburn Loniel Edelmon b 1906

I only suppose that I am descended from Isaac d 1749 because of the information from others.  I only know definitely being descended from James Gilliam Davenport who is several generations younger than Isaac. I have nothing that ties me directly back one generation."
Beverly Brittingham Baker <[email protected]> lives in Santa Monica, CA.

My great grandfather, Isaac Davenport and his brother William Davenport were Dentists in Paris, France, I do not know where Isaac was born.  In the late 1800s, early 1900's. He could have been a great, cousin rather than grandfather, am not sure.  Whistler painted his portrait in Paris, I do not know where that is, it could be in the Louvre."
Annette Edgeworth-Smith <[email protected]> lives in Ranburne, AL.
LINEAGE: "I descend from Isaac Davenport, son of Francis and Sara Browne Davenport. Isaac died 1749 in Granville Co., NC. His son Francis married Mrs. Mary Turner and had 11 children, one of which was Isaac born 1752 in Granville Co., NC and died 1816 in Silverstreet, SC. His first wife is unknown. Rachel b. about 1782 married Mannessa Mann. She probably died around 1817 in Newberry Co., SC. Their youngest son Armen (Aman) married Mary Lockridge in Gwinette Co., GA in 1851. I descend from their daughter Jeanetta who married Charles Wesley Edgeworth. Jeanetta died in Tuscaloosa Co., AL around 1890.

Would love to correspond with relatives and kin and researchers."
Ann Fitzpatrick Graham <[email protected]> lives in Bossier City, LA.
LINEAGE: "I am a retired RN living in No. LA, descending from Issac, Francis, James and Elizabeth Gilliam, Charles and Sara Gary, Thomas Gilliam and Lucinda Jones, Charles Caddo and Sarah Jane Lyon, Pauline Schumpert Davenport and James Singleton Swann, Maude Davenport Swann and Louis Grady Fitzpatrick and yours truly AF Graham. I am an only child and genealogy gives me a huge family - Perhaps that is the why of my love of it."

COMMENTS: "I am likewise descended from Davis Davenport, Martin Davenport, Sarah Anne Davenport m Thomas Graves."
Suzanne Lee Gassaway Throne <[email protected]> lives in Ada, OK with her husband and family. She retired in 1992, having been an office manager for a cardiologist for 20 years. She has loved family history since finding "yellowed sheets" of it in her grandmother's sideboard. She is a West-Jersey/Newberry/Davenport descendant from Isaac, who died in 1749 in Edgecomb, now Granville County, North Carolina. Suzanne's Great-grandmother married to Benjamin Gassaway, was Elizabeth Caroline Scogin, daughter of Sarah Caroline Davenport and Taliaferro Lang Scogin. Sarah Caroline's father was Charles Davenport, born 1782 in Newberry County, SC
LaJuana Jo Butler Goldsby <[email protected]> lives in Shreveport, LA.
LINEAGE: Isaac Davenport- North Carolina
Joseph Davenport abt. 1715 - Jemima Mitchell
David Davenport abt. 1739 - Hannah unk.
Joseph Davenport abt. 1760 Granville Co., N.C.- Margaret Floyd
James Madison Davenport abt. 1786- S.C. - Elizabeth Gentry
Joseph Davenport 1808, Edgefield Dist., S.C. - Eliza Martin
Matilda Davenport B. 30 November, 1847, Bibb Co., Ala. - Tillman J. Whatley
Minnie Lee Whatley B. 02 February, 1886, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana - John Norman Boone
Blanche Odessa Boone B. 11 February, 1906 - Jerome Ransom Butler
LaJuana Jo Butler B. 21 March, 1933 - Clyde Thomas Goldsby
Melissa DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Montevallo, AL.
LINEAGE: "I can trace my line back to Isaac Davenport Married to Evy in Newberry NC Children are James, Frances, Edney, Stacy, Patsy, Isaac, Willoughby and Hetty. There was a 2nd set of Children not sure who the mother is, William, Betsy, Willis, Sally and Rachel. And then to James Davenport 1786 SC married to Elizabeth Gentry, Children are Joseph, William, John, Wilson, DH Doctor, Amanda, Isaac Andrew Jackson, Wadhington, and Marion. The Alabama Davenports start with Joseph Dec 12 1831 Bibb County AL."
Charles Clifford DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Frankston, Victoria, Australia.
LINEAGE: "William Davenport born c 1885, and who died accordingly to an entry in a family bible in Middlesex, England, 19 Dec 1859 aged 64 he was my GT GT Grandfather. William was said to have been a Painter, Glazier and Gilder. William married Charlotte Head born in Sussex, c 1898/99 they had a large family of nine sons and two daughters from 1821- 1845. They lived most of their lives around Middlesex. Two sons migrated to Australia, John and then Richard (my line). Alfred Joined the Royal Navy, George was a Mathematical Instrument Maker. In 1869 when George was a widower, he married Eliza Wright at the Free English Church, Hackney, their home was 2 Tudor Grove, Hackney. When Charlotte died in 1880 her address was 4 Tudor Grove, Hackney, so it seems that the family were living here for a number of years. I have good photos of William and Charlotte and some of the children."

COMMENTS: "I have been proven by the DNA project that I am descended from the Newberry Davenports. Does anyone have an English family tree from this line?"
Richard Arthur DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Safety Harbor, FL.
LINEAGE: "By virtue of DNA I am a descendant of the Isaac Davenport/Newberry Line. I am trying to work my way backwards to see what I can find. What I know is that My father is J. D. Davenport born to J. C. (Jess) Davenport and Mamie Hinds (not sure where). I do have a picture that my grandmother Mamie gave me of a Rev. Arthur Davenport of the Confederate Army. I believe this to be my great great grandfather, though I'm not sure. If there is anyone who can add to this information I would appreciate it very much. I am willing to correspond with anyone who has more information on this subject."
Philip R. Settles <[email protected]> lives in Parker, CO.
LINEAGE: Descendent of Francis Davenport Sr. through his daughter Patsy/Patty Davenport Waldrop spouse of Ezekiah P. Waldrop of Newberry County, South Carolina. In a deed dated 1839 in Hinds County, Mississippi, Ezekiah P. Waldrop references the 4 August 1795 gift deed of Francis Davenport Sr. to Patty Waldrop for one negro slave named Patience. Ezekiah Waldrop and Patty’s eldest son Claiborne Parrish Waldrop married Mary Bolin of Tennessee, their youngest son Darius Waldrop Married Mariah Lout, their son Benjamin Pinkney Waldrop married Martha Elvira Beard their youngest daughter Almedia B. Waldrop married Robert G. Phillips their only daughter Brenda K. Phillips married Jack William Settles they have three sons, one of which is me.

COMMENTS: Please feel free to contact me for more information. A secondary email account [email protected].

Larry E. DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Hartsville, SC.
LINEAGE: - Larry E. Davenport, son of William Oliver Davenport and Etta Jane Davis - William Oliver Davenport son of Jack Davenport and Margaret Wit - Jack Davenport son of Willis B. Davenport and Daisy Garrett - Willis B. Davenport son of Willis Augustus Davenport and Francis Frankie Coker - Willis Augustus Davenport son of Willis Davenport and Mary Scott - Willis Davenport son of Isaac Davenport and EVA.

COMMENTS: Larry E. Davenport married Sandra Moody and had one daughter Sandra Dawn Davenport (White) born October 9, 1966.

Sandra Dawn Davenport (White) married Raymond Curry of Chreaw, SC and they have three children. Kayla Curry, Hannah Curry, and Hunter Curry.

Larry E. Davenport remarried to Nancy Jane Kump of St. Louis, Missouri, and had one son Matthew James Davenport, born August 5, 1974, Sullivan Missouri (August 5, 1974).

Matthew James Davenport married Jessica Watson of Fayetteville, NC and they have one son, Carter Watson Davenport born in Greenville, NC October 2004.
John Forrest Lemon <[email protected]> lives in Midway, UT.
LINEAGE: John Lemon > Tess Goodrich > Persia Ethel McConkie > Persia Viola Roberson > Martha Ann Davenport > James Gilliam Davenport > Raymond Davenport > James Davenport > Francis Davenport > Isaac Davenport>?

COMMENTS: My Davenports go from Georgia > South Carolina > North Carolina>?

Julia Barnes <[email protected]> lives in Honea Path, SC.
LINEAGE: Julia Robertson (m. Michael H. Barnes) > Margaret Williams (Robertson) > Margaret Plunkett (Williams) > Andrew Floyd Plunkett > Andrew Nathan Plunkett > Lucinda (Davenport) Plunkett > William R. Davenport (& 3rd wife Anna) > Isaac Davenport > Francis Davenport (by 1st wife).
Lauren Gruber <[email protected]> lives in Philadelphia, PA.
LINEAGE: Lauren Gruber (b. 1989)
Wayne Gruber (b. 1947)
Wallace C Gruber (b. 1922)
Horace Gruber (1898-1957)
Nancy Caldwell (1863-1899)
Catherine Louisa Davenport (1833-1917)
William R. Davenport (1774-1833)
Isaac Davenport (1754-1816)
Francis Davenport b. Granville, NC, d. Newberry, SC (1718-1803)

COMMENTS: I need help tracing the Davenport roots farther. On, I *think* I traced them back to royalty, but I am not sure if this is completely correct because I know ancestry tends to have some faulty information. I also am confused as to which of William R. Davenport's and Isaac Davenport's wives I am descended from, and need to sort that out! Looking forward to meeting some distant cousins!

Peter Alan Danforth <[email protected]> lives in San Jose, CA
LINEAGE: Me, (1948-    )
Robert Compton Danforth (1919-2002)
Henry Albert Danforth (1873-1946)
Lewis William Danforth (1837-1917)
Leander Foster Danforth (1809-1876)
Walter Newberry Davenport / William Newberry Danforth (1785-1832)
Samuel H. Davenport (1752-1827)
Francis Davenport (1715-1797)
Francis Davenport (1684-1720)
Francis Davenport (1651-1707)

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