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"The Pamunkey Davenports"

Davis Davenport was born about 1660 in Virginia. He had six children - Martin, Richard, Thomas, Ann, Elias, and John. Davis died before 1735 in Virginia. His descendants settled in the Virginia, South Carolina, and Kentucky areas.
Harbert William "Bill" DAVENPORT <[email protected]> was born in Dallas, TX, but has lived in Macomb, IL since 1974. He is a double Pamunkey as follows:  Harbert Jr.9, Harbert Sr.8, Overton Homer7, Jouett Harbert6, William5, James Jr.4 [who married cousin Dicey KENNEDY], James Sr.3, Martin2, Davis1. He is especially interested in exchanging info with fellow descendants of William5 (born 1796, GA) and Elizabeth Sydnor ANDREW (1800-1888), who include many Texas Davenports, as well as descendants of surnames ANDREW, PENNINGTON, BASSEL, et al who moved from Campbell Co. GA to central Texas in the 1850s & later.
Joseph Robert "Joe Bob" DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in San Antonio, TX, as have a number of other Pamunkey DAVENPORTS over the past 100 or so years.  He also serves as the electronic contact for his brother, Dr. Fredericks Parks DAVENPORT, something of a pioneer in DAVENPORT research.  Their line runs from their father William Fred8 to Parks Edward7, Overton6, William5, James Jr.4, James Sr.3, Martin2, Davis1.  He has been helping to reconstruct the history of the 10th Texas Infantry [see Wartime Letters Relative to the 10th Texas Infantry], especially that of Overton and his brother John Andrew during the Civil War.
Bob DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Christian County, KY with his wife Joyce. He is a descendant of Jack Smith DAVENPORT5, Richard4, John3, Martin2, Davis1.   He has Jack Smith's bible in his possession. Bob is also the WebMaster of Bob Davenports Kentucky Farm Page
Cliff & Mary Jane DAVENPORT <[email protected]> live in Stayton, OR. Cliff is a triple descendant of Davis. His first line is Jesse Abraham9, William Ellison8, Austin7, William6, Joel5, Augustine Sr.4, William3, Martin2, Davis1. His second line to Davis is Jesse Abraham9, William Ellison8, Austin7, William6, Sarah BOYD Davenport5, Rhoda DAVENPORT Boyd 4, James3, Thomas2, Davis1. His third line of ascent to Davis is Jesse Abraham9, Isabella JONES Davenport8, Elizabeth DAVENPORT Jones7, Jesse6, Joel5, Augustine Sr.4, William3, Martin2, Davis1.
Warner & Carla DAVENPORT <[email protected]> live in central CA. Warner's line is Jeffrey Ludwell8, Charles T.7, Seaborn Ludwell6, Moses N.5, Martin Slaughter4, David3, Martin2, Davis1.
Billy Wayne DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Sealy, TX. His line is through his father Clyde Julius8, Stilwell T.7, Seaborn Ludwell6, Moses N.5, Martin Slaughter4, David3, Martin2, Davis1.
John Midkiff <[email protected]> lives in Midland, TX. His line is through his father Herd Midkiff8, Lillie Davenport7, wife of Thomas Oscar Midkiff, Sr., Seaborn Ludwell6, Moses N.5, Martin Slaughter4, David3, Martin2, Davis1.
Dale Alan DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Rockingham County, VA.  He is a lawyer practicing in Harrisonburg, VA. His line is through his father Marc Glover8 (1913-1999) who was born in Ft. Worth, TX, James D.7 (b. 1867), Smith G.6 (b. 1828?), David S.5 (b. 1801) and, he thinks, Glover4, David3, Martin2, Davis1.
Richard Buckley DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Dallas, TX. His line is through his father Richard8 (b. 1943), Howard7 (b. 1910), Joseph6 (b. 1880), James5 (b. 1826), William4 (b. 1796), James3, Martin2, Davis1.  He is currently updating a Family file that will eventually include all known descendants of Davis Davenport and always welcomes queries.
Marietta "Mary" DAVENPORT Duncan <[email protected]> is retired and lives in Marion, IN. Her line is Vaughn Howard10, James Riley9, James E.8 (1845-1890, Hawkins Co., TN), William S.7 (1824 VA-c1860 TN), James6 (c1806-c1837) b. WC VA, Claiborne5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas2, Davis1.    Her "weak link" is James (c1806-c1837) because she cannot find PROOF of this connection.  She knows that they had 2 children and were in a wagon train expedition going "West".  They suffered a cholera epidemic along the way.
Paul & Regina DAVENPORT <[email protected]> live in Weston, MO. Paul's line is through Julius Terry5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas2, Davis1.
April Robb <[email protected]> lives in Goleta, CA. Her line is through her grandmother Eloise DAVENPORT10 (CA), Henry Whit9 (KS), Julius Asbury8 (MO), Terry Whitset7 (MO), Julius Terry Jr.6 (VA), Julius Terry5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas2, Davis1.
Frances DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in San Jose, CA. Her husband Leslie's line is John Kenneth9, Leslie Lawrence8, James William7, Julius Terry Jr.6, Julius Terry5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas2, Davis1.
Mary Ruffner DAVENPORT Teel-Sears <[email protected]> and Florence Elso DAVENPORT Howard <[email protected]> have traced their lineage from Davis1, Richard2, Absolam3, James Steegar4, John Baker5, Joseph Ruffner 1st6, Joseph Ruffner 2nd7, Joseph Ruffner 3rd8.  They are interested in any information from other cousins. They know their immediate relatives were from W. VA - OH.
Beth Collins <[email protected]> lives in Athens, GA. She is also a double Pamunkey. Her first line is Ruth ROBERTS9, Eugene ROBERTS8, Eugene ROBERTS, Sr.7, Eliza Garland DAVENPORT6, William5, James, Jr.4, James, Sr.3, Martin2, Davis1. Her second line is Eliza Garland DAVENPORT6, Dicey KENNEDY Davenport5, Davenport KENNEDY4, Crotia DAVENPORT Kennedy3, Martin2, Davis1. James Jr. and Dicey married each other. James Sr. and Jr. are the ones who came to Georgia and Beth lives in the adjoining county that they settled in.
Carol White <[email protected]> lives in Fairfax, VA. She is another double Pamunkey. Her first line is Davis1, Martin2, Dorothy Davenport Baker3, Henry Baker4, John M. Baker5, Mary Baker Puett6, Nancy Puett White7, Joseph White8, Will White9, Lenoir White10, Ben White11. Her second line is Davis1, Martin2, Thomas3, Sophia Davenport White4, Reuben White5, William White6, Joseph White7, Will White8, Lenoir White9, Ben White10.
COMMENTS: "All you cousins are welcome to email me. Happy Hunting."
W. Dean Steward <[email protected]> lives in Dillard, GA for half of the year and in Tallahasseee, FL for the other half. He is another double Pamunkey. His first line is Ruth DAVENPORT Steward8, Joseph Benjamin7, Robert Early6, Jouett5, James Jr.4, James Sr.3, Martin2, Davis1. His second line is Ruth DAVENPORT Steward9, Joseph Benjamin8, Robert Early7, Jouett6, Dicey KENNEDY Davenport5 (who married James Jr.4), Davenport KENNEDY4, Crosha DAVENPORT Kennedy3, Martin2, Davis1. Dean says that he is really a triple Pamunkey because Jouett DAVENPORT, son of James Jr., married his first cousin Susannah HEWELL.
Margo McBride <[email protected]> lives in Crystal Lake, IL. Her line is Melanie SLADE9 of Chicago (her mother), Louise DAVENPORT Slade8 of New Orleans, New York & Chicago, Edwin F.7 of Newaygo Co., MI, New Orleans, Alabama and Austin, TX, William F.6 of Wayne Co. IN, Mecosta and Newaygo Counties, MI, Jesse5 of Guilford/Rowan Co., NC, Montgomery Co., OH and Wayne Co., IN, Augustine4 of Virginia and NC, William3, Martin2, Davis1.
Sherryl Barger <[email protected]> lives in Farmington, AR. Her line is George Henry7 (her great-grandfather), Martin Winn6, David5, Martin4, Thomas3, Martin2, Davis1.
Nancy and Doug Russell <[email protected]> live in Spokane, WA. Doug's line is Lucy WALLIS Russell6, Elizabeth DAVENPORT Wallis5, William4, Stephen3, Thomas2, Davis1.
Robert W. Turner < [email protected],net> lives in Helena, AR. His line is Frances FALLS Turner9, Martha DAVENPORT Falls8,William R.7, Robert6, Henry5, Thomas4, Thomas Jr.3, Thomas2, Davis1.
Kathryn Bradway <[email protected]> currently lives in Lone Pine, CA but will soon be relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada. Her line Dorothy Jane9, Warren Candler8,Joseph Benjamin7, Robert Early6, Jouett5, James Jr.4, James3, Martin2, Davis1.
David Goodman <[email protected]> lives in Baltimore, MD. His line is Wilton GOODMAN9, Waverly GOODMAN8, Littleton D. GOODMAN7, Littleton B. GOODMAN6, Elizabeth McNAMAR Goodman5, Elizabeth DAVENPORT McNamar4, David3, Martin2, Davis1.
Gary Barr <[email protected]> lives in Wichita, KS. He is a descendant of the Mary DAVENPORT who married his fifth great grandfather, William Edward WISEMAN, circa 1761 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Mary is descended from Thomas3, Martin2, Davis1. Gary has a web site at
Lori London <[email protected]> lives near Atlanta, GA. Her line is Marian Adele HENRY10, Eubulus Owen HENRY9, Dennis B. HENRY8, Elizabeth LEE Henry7, Rachel WHITE Lee6, William WHITE5, Sarah GAMBILL White4, Mary DAVENPORT Gambill3, Martin2, Davis1.
Derrellyn Yates <[email protected]> lives in Houston, TX.
Her line is:
Davis Davenport (m. ?)
Martin Davenport (m. Dorothy ?)
Mary Davenport (m. Henry Gambill)
Sarah Gambill (m. John White)
Sarah White (m. James Dunman)
Susannah Dunman (m. Reuben Barrow)
Richard Vincent Barrow (m. Sophronia Miles)
Richard Reuben Barrow (m. Emelie Montaut)
Leona Barrow (m. Laurent Monteau)
Verna Theola Monteau (m. Derrell Adams)
Derrellyn Adams (m. Aubrey G. Yates)
Dave Johnston <[email protected]> lives in Ukiah, CA.
His line is:
Davis Davenport
Martin Davenport
Dorothy Davenport (m. Thomas Baker)
David Baker, Sr.
Martin Alexander Baker
David Davenport Baker
Susanah Elizabeth Baker (m. Thomas Henry Cox)
Patrick Miles Cox
Edna Susanah Cox (m. John Vanni)
Edna and John are his
Edgar D. Byler, III <[email protected]> lives in Wayne County, TN. His line is Helen M. GALLIEN Byler10, Alvin C. GALLIEN9, Nancy L. E. WILSON Gallien8, Nancy D. STULTS Wilson7, Lucinda E. LINVILLE Stults6, Martha J. DAVENPORT Linville5, Thomas4, William3, Martin2, Davis1.
Kellie Lunsford Williams <[email protected]> lives in Oakland, TN. Her line is Thelma LANCASTER Lunsford10, Harry LANCASTER9, Elwood LANCASTER8, Rebecca Jane OSBORNE Lancaster7, Penelope DAVENPORT Osborne6, Jesse5, Augustine4, William3, Martin2, Davis1.
Gene Graham <[email protected]> lives in Carmichael (near Sacramento), CA. His line is Stella LaRue DAVES Graham10, Dorothy Pennington DAVENPORT Daves9, Ernest Vernon8, Ephraim Pennington7, Overton Fletcher6, William5, James Jr.4, James Sr.3, Martin2, Davis1.
Jackie Cadle <[email protected] lives in Nampa, ID. Her great grandfather was Christopher Columbus DAVENPORT, b. 25 Aug 1822 in Bedford Co., VA, d. 19 Apr 1899 in Baylis, Pike Co., IL.  He married Nancy Angle (b. 1830 in Lynchburg, VA) on 16 Jan 1840.  Jackie believes they only had one child, a daughter, Mary Emma DAVENPORT, her grandmother, who was born 4 Feb 1847 in Richmond, VA. She believes, and is looking for proof, that her double lineage to Davis is Christopher Columbus6, Christopher Charles5 (1793 - 1888), Joseph4 (abt 1767 - abt 1825), Glover3, Martin2, Davis1. Her second line is Nancy A. DAVENPORT6 (who married the Christopher Charles above), William5 (abt 1763 - aft 1840), Joseph4 (abt 1767 - abt 1825), Glover3, Martin2, Davis1.
Jane (DAVENPORT) Gann <[email protected]> lives in Valley Center, CA. Her line is Pearre Jones9, Warren Candler8, Joseph Benjamin7, Robert Early6, Jouett5, James Jr.4, James Sr.3, Martin2, Davis1
June J. Johnson <[email protected]> lives 6 months of the year in Cedar Falls, IA and spends the winter months in AZ. Her line is Thomas6, David5, John4, Glover3, Martin2, Davis1.
Jane McAuliffe <[email protected]> lives in Silverdale, WA. Her husband John's line is Mary Elaine HICKMAN McAuliffe10 (CA), Terry Edwin HICKMAN9 (MO), Rebecca Ann DAVENPORT Hickman8 (MO), Terry Whitset7 (MO), Julius Terry6 (VA), Julius Terry5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas2, Davis1.
Lisa Hickman <[email protected]> lives in Colfax, CA. Her husband Eric's line is Leland Van HICKMAN11, Leland Van HICKMAN Sr.10, Clyde HICKMAN9, Rebecca Ann DAVENPORT Hickman8, Terry Whitset7, Julius Terry6, Julius Terry5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas2, Davis1.
Alinda M. Miller <[email protected]> lives in Lone Jack, Jackson County, MO. Her husband descends from Davis1, Richard2, and Absalom DAVENPORT3 - Elizabeth Steger through their daughter Ann, who married William LIGON of Powhatan County, and William and Ann's daughter Martha Hale LIGON, who married Thomas MORGAN. The Ligons moved to Wilson Co., TN and then on to Owen Co., KY.
Mary King Givins <[email protected]> lives in Sylvester, GA. She is also a double Pamunkey. Her first line is Henrietta Caroline HODGES7, Rebecca Jane DAVENPORT Hodges6, Smith5, Bedford4, James3, Thomas2, Davis1. Her second line is Henrietta Caroline HODGES6, Rebecca Jane DAVENPORT Hodges5, Frances Benson DAVENPORT4 (the wife of Smith above), David3, Martin2, Davis1.
Mary La Jean Davis Sherrill <[email protected]> lives in Denton, TX. Her line is Mary Alice DeMONEY10 & Floyd Eugene Davis, Otis Augustus DeMONEY9 & Frances Elizabeth Cook, Mary Alice ZELLNER8 & William DeMONEY, Nancy Winfield PRUITT7 & Oliver Peter Zellner, Catherine DAVENPORT6 & Byrd Pruitt, John Smith Jr.5 & Nancy Davis, John Smith Sr.4 & Lucy Barksdale, John3 & Mary Smith, Martin2, Davis1.
Phillip L. DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Enon, OH. His line is through his father, Charles L.10, Isaac Henry9, Elisha Thomas8, Henry7, Marshall Booker6, Presley5, William J.4, John3, Martin2, Davis1.
Debi Barry <[email protected]> lives in Sparks, NV. Her line is Dorothy DAVENPORT11 (her mother), Pearl10,John Henry9, Louis Harrison8, Marshall Glover7, John S.6, Presley5, William4, John3, Martin2, Davis1.
Lori R. Smith <[email protected]> lives in Big Bear, CA. Her line is Mamie Ruth CLINKENBEARD (or Clinkingbeard)11 (her mother), Muncie Mae SWAFFAR (or Swafford)10,Sara Susan DAVENPORT9, Champman8, Marshall Glover7, John S.6, Presley5, William4, John3, Martin2, Davis1.
Sandie Milburn <[email protected]> lives in Canadian, TX. Her line is through her mother, Georgia DAVENPORT Thomas10, Celia DAVENPORT9, Louis H.8, Marshall Glover7, John S. (Jack)6, Presley5, William J.4, John3, Martin2, Davis1.
Patricia Argo Williams <[email protected]> lives in Rockmart, GA. She is a double descendant of Davis through her mother, Lemma DAVENPORT Argo9, Judson Cleveland DAVENPORT8, Garner D. DAVENPORT7, John N. DAVENPORT6, Osbourne5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas Sr.2, Davis1. Her second line is Lemma DAVENPORT Argo10, Perlie Ardece DAVENPORT DAVENPORT9, Stephen DAVENPORT8, Hulan B. DAVENPORT7, Julius F. DAVENPORT6, Osbourne5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas Sr.2, Davis1.
Ellen Venable Poteet <[email protected]> lives in Charlotte, NC. Her ancestress was Lucy DAVENPORT3 (Martin2, Davis1) who married Joseph Venable in Virginia, probably Spotsylvania County, about 1760.  They moved to Spartanburg County, SC, about 1778, then to Warren County, KY about 1800.   Lucy died between 1810 and 1820.  Among her children were Joseph Venable, Jr.; James Venable; Larkin Venable; John Venable; Elizabeth Venable (mar. 1st Joseph Barrett, 2nd John Bennett); Rebecca Venable (marr. Anderson Cockrill); and maybe Lucy Venable (marr. Solomon Williams).
Jane Gilbert <[email protected]> lives in Bel Air, MD.   She is a descendant of Hannah DAVENPORT5, born about 1784 to Martin4 (Thomas3, Martin2, Davis1) and Jane Browning, Burke Co., NC.  Hannah married Thomas Cole and settled in Giles County, TN.
Billy E. Cole <[email protected]> lives in Coweta, OK. His line is Bertha DAVENPORT Cole9, William Marcus DAVENPORT8, George Henry7, Martin Winn6, David5, Martin4, Thomas3, Martin2, Davis1.
Joy DAVENPORT Claborn <[email protected]> lives in Oregon. Her line is Ewell Hayden DAVENPORT Sr.9, (her father), Virgil Roscoe DAVENPORT8, George Henry7, Martin Winn6, David5, Martin4, Thomas3, Martin2, Davis1.
Donna Gayle House <[email protected]> lives in Van Buren, AR. Her line is Dorothy DIXON House10, Clyde Dixon9, Ida Agnes DAVENPORT Dixon8, George Phillip DAVENPORT7, William T.6, George W.5, Thomas4, William3, Martin2, Davis1.
William A. Dobbs <[email protected]> lives in Herndon, VA.  Bill's wife Janet has been working on his DAVENPORT family line for several years now. Their family line has now come almost full circle, starting in southern Virginia with Davis, to North Carolina, South Carolina, Tenn. then Mississippi, back to North Carolina and they currently live in northern Virginia, about 2 hours drive from where Davis lived.  His line is Dorothy DAVENPORT Dobbs10, Arthur Herman9, Arthur Lewis8, William Richard7, Charles Wesley6, Samuel William5, Thomas4, William3, Martin2, Davis1.
Donald C. (DAVENPORT) Crawford <[email protected]> lives in Rockport, TX and his brother, Billy E. DAVENPORT, lives in San Antonio, TX. Their line through their father is Clifton Ellison8, James Richard7, Henry6, John Jr.5, John Sr.4, Dorrell3, Elias2, Davis1.
Audrey Shields Hancock <[email protected]> lives in Portage, MI. Her husband, David E. HANCOCK, is a descendant of Davis DAVENPORT1 via his daughter Ann2, who married Thomas GRAVES, s/o John GRAVES; Thomas GRAVES Jr.3 (b. by 1721-1801) m. by 1751 Isabella Susannah BARTLETT (ca 1737-????); Nancy Ann (aka Ann/Nancy) GRAVES4 (1756-1846) m. 1774 Spotsylvania Co., VA or Louisa Co., VA  to (Capt.) John HANCOCK (1753-1827); John A. HANCOCK5 (1786-1850) m. 1806 Campbell Co., KY to Lucy/Louisa SMITH (1788-1870); Thomas HANCOCK6 (1807-1887) m. #1 Emeline MISNER (1814-ca 1835); Sylvender HANCOCK7 (1833-1902) m. #2 Mary Ann REED (1853-1938); Charles Sylvester HANCOCK8 (1888-1935) m. Nellie Louisa JORDAN (1891-1974); Charles Stanley HANCOCK9 (1910-1994) m. #1 Julia May COX (1913-1979); David E. HANCOCK10 m. 1960 Madison Co., IN to Audrey Ann SHIELDS.
William Brennan Wood <[email protected]> lives in Santa Rosa, CA. His line is Davis DAVENPORT1;  Richard DAVENPORT2; Absalom DAVENPORT3. Absalom DAVENPORT's daughter, Lucy4, married William LOWE Jr. They had a daughter, Martha LOWE5, who married John DeMIER. John and Martha's daughter, Martha DeMIER6 married his great-grandfather, Hiram WOOD7. Hiram and Martha's son, Charles Edward WOOD8, married Catherine BRENNAN. Their son, James Edward WOOD9, was his father.
Kristi Evans <[email protected]> is from Clay County, NC and currently lives in St. Louis, MO. Her lineage is Davis DAVENPORT1 > Martin2 > Thomas3 > Martin4 > David5 > Robert6 > Theodore McDowell7 > Gracie Leoma8.
Jane Kyhl Beekman <[email protected]> lives in Muncie, IN. Her line to Davis is William BOYD Jr.5, Rhoda DAVENPORT Boyd 4, James3, Thomas2, Davis1.
Janet Lewis Crain <[email protected]> lives in Lampasas, TX. Her line is Davis Davenport > Martin Davenport > Mary Davenport m. Henry Gambill > Martin Gambill m. Nancy Nall > Martin Cleveland Gambill m. Susanah Shadden > Lucinda Gambill m. James Madison Wilks > Susan Wilks m. Henry Thomas Lewis > Francis Porter Lewis m. Florence Stinett > Virgil Lewis m. Avis Jackson > her.
William Lloyd DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Huntington, WV. His line is George William10, Luther Lloyd9, William J.8, Garner D.7, John N.6, Osborn5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas2, Davis1.  William's father grew up in Blue Ridge, GA.
Philip E. Woods <[email protected]> lives in Mountain Home, AR. His line is Philip E. Woods10, Doris Mae DAVENPORT9, Virgil DAVENPORT8, George Phillip7, William T.6, George W.5, Thomas4, William3, Martin2, Davis1.
Jerry Mac DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Bastrop, TX, with his wife Sharon. His line is George Hudy8, Benny7, George Hewlett6, George W.5, Thomas4, William3, Martin2, Davis1.
Mary F. Redmond <[email protected]> lives in Anaheim, CA.  She is another double Pamunkey.

Her first line is Lillian Hart10, Charlie Ramon Hart9, David Columbus Hart8, Jane Amanda McKinney7, Nancy Baker6, Thomas Baker5, David Baker4, Dorothy DAVENPORT3, Martin2, Davis1.

Her second line is Lillian Hart10, Charlie Ramon Hart9, David Columbus Hart8, Jane Amanda McKinney7, Nancy Baker6, Susannah Wiseman5, Mary DAVENPORT Wiseman4, Thomas DAVENPORT3, Martin2, Davis1.


JG Russell < [email protected]> lives in Avenel, NJ. She is another double Pamunkey. The first line is Davis DAVENPORT1 > Martin DAVENPORT2 > Dorothy DAVENPORT3 m. Thomas Baker > David BAKER4 > Martin Alexander BAKER5 > Louisa BAKER6 m. George COTTRELL > Martin Gilbert COTTRELL7 > Clay Rex COTTRELL8 > Hazel Irene COTTRELL9 > herself10. The second is Davis DAVENPORT1 > Martin DAVENPORT2 > Thomas DAVENPORT3 > Mary DAVENPORT4 m. William Wiseman > Dorothy WISEMAN5 m. David Baker > Martin Alexander BAKER6 > Louisa BAKER7 m. George COTTRELL > Martin Gilbert COTTRELL8 > Clay Rex COTTRELL9 > Hazel Irene COTTRELL10 > herself11.
Kevin Howard Walters <[email protected]> lives in Bakersfield, CA where he is a CPA and hospital CFO. His line is:
1 Mr. Davis Davenport
2 Mr. Martin Davenport
+Ms. Dorothy Glover
3 Ms. Dorothy Davenport
+Capt. Thomas Baker
4 Mr. Charles R. Baker
+Ms. Mary E. Goodwin
5 Ms. Elizabeth Baker
+Judge Andrew McDonald
6 Ms. Sarah Carruthers McDonald
+Mr. Wiley Ammon Mattox
7 Mr. John Andrew Perry Mattox
+Ms. Jonnie D. Bradford
8 Ms. Frances Sarah Mattox
+Mr. Richard Taylor Saunders, Sr.
9 Ms. Elizabeth Gray Saunders
+Mr. Thomas Wendell Chaffin
10 Ms. Mary Jannette Chaffin
+Mr. Jerry Lee Walters
11 Mr. Kevin Howard Walters
Betty Faye Jansen (DAVENPORT) <[email protected]> lives in Mcdonough, GA.
Melvin's son Stephen Gordon is her GG g-father and Stephen Gordon's son Oscar Columbus is her grandfather. Roy Davenport is her father.
Tamara Leigh Small Jarvis <[email protected]> lives in Kokomo, IN.
LINEAGE: 1)Davis > 2)Thomas > 3)James > 4)James A. > 5)Joseph > 6)Stephen Pierce b:1849 d:30 May 1919 > 7)Joseph Vernon b:30 Jan 189? > 8)Gwendolyn G. b:17 Jan 1912 d:10 1970 > 9)Thomas Vernon Small b:31 Jan 1929 d:20 Feb 1965 > 10)Tamara Leigh Small
COMMENTS: I know that Stephen P. was born in Halifax Co., VA, and that his parents Joseph & Lucy Carter were married there, but I am having trouble tracing Lucy Carter b:abt 1812 and Stephen P's wife Susan Jane George b:abt 1851. Stephen and Susan left either VA or NC around 1880. They had 2 or 3 children. They headed north for Indiana. Along the way, Lucy an infant, died and was buried. They finally settled in western Howard County, IN, where they lived the remainder of their lives.
Timothy Lloyd DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Bellingham, WA.
LINEAGE: Davis, Martin, William, Augustine, Joel, Absolom, Pleasant, Thomas, Lloyd (All Davenports).
Mauri DAVENPORT Gandy <[email protected]> lives in Austin, TX.
LINEAGE: Lewis Davenport9 of Austin, TX (her father), Edwin Francis Davenport8 of Bessermer, Alabama, New Orleans, & Austin, Edwin F.7 of Newaygo Co., MI, New Orleans, Alabama and Austin, TX, William F.6 of Wayne Co. IN, Mecosta and Newaygo Counties, MI, Jesse5 of Guilford/Rowan Co., NC, Montgomery Co., OH and Wayne Co., IN, Augustine4 of Virginia and NC, William3, Martin2, Davis1.
Charles Stanley DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Austin, TX.
LINEAGE: Charles Sr.11, Hal E.10, Hal H.9, William H.8, James B.7, John6, Claiborne5, Thomas4, Julius3, Thomas2, Davis1

COMMENTS: I have lived in Texas nearly all of my life and currently reside in Austin, TX. I am particularly interested in the migration of John and James Booker from MO to TX.
Gregory Alan Carpenter <[email protected]> lives in Helotes, Bexar County, TX.
LINEAGE: Beverly10 DAVENPORT Carpenter, Norman Elkins9 DAVENPORT, Fred James8, Lewis L. C.7, John N.6, Claiborne5, Thomas4, Julius Terry3, Thomas2, Davis
Teresa McVeigh <[email protected]> lives in New Orleans, LA.  Her husband is the Davenport descendant but she is the researcher for both of their genealogies.
LINEAGE: Davis1, Martin2, James3, Jesse4 (who married Susannah Thomson), Susan Thompson5 (who married Stinson Smith Jarrell), William Hamilton Jarrell6, Mary Susan Jarrell7 (who married Earl Mortimer Looney), William Jarrell Looney8, Stephen Warwick Looney9.
Margaret DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Louisville, KY.
Davis, Martin Sr., Thomas, Martin, David, William B., Charles Thomas, Ernest Dudley, Douglas True Davenport who was her father.
Mrs. John A. DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Topeka, KS.
LINEAGE: Father of John A. Davenport was Wallace A. Davenport, who was son of Thomas A. Davenport (& Rebecca Jasper) of Pulaski Co., Ky. Thomas was born about 1857 - unknown where he died (about 1913). Thomas was the son of Thomas Davenport (& Elizabeth Adams) - this Thomas was born about 1820. Siblings of Thomas A. Davenport were Emerine Davenport (about 1843), George A. Davenport (about 1843), Nancy Davenport (about 1845), Mary Davenport (about 1847), America Davenport (about 1849), Henry Davenport (about 1851), Charlotte Davenport (about 1855).

COMMENTS: Not much more was known about this line - I have only begun to try to find anything. Unknown if any living descendants of the above 8 Davenport children. Believe one of the sibling had a son by the name of "Smith Davenport".

Byrom Thorgeson Wehner <[email protected]> lives in Houston, TX.
LINEAGE: Byrom Theodore Wehner (father), Huldah Severine Thorgeson (m. F.W.H. Wehner), Annie Arvilla Byrom (m. T.A. Thorgeson), John Alfred Wooten Byrom, John Smith Davenport Byrom, Catherine Smith Davenport (m. Henry Byrom), Jack Smith Davenport, John Davenport, Martin Davenport, Davis Davenport.
Emily DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Oceanside, CA.
Jennifer Marie Davis Hayes <[email protected]> lives in Marshall, TX.
LINEAGE: Davis Davenport, Martin Davenport (abt 1682), Thomas Davenport, Martin Davenport (1731), David Davenport, David M Davenport, William David Davenport, William Julius Davenport, Agnes Irene Davenport, Annie Marie Smith, Annie Elease Goode, Jennifer Marie Davis.
Janet Ariciu <[email protected]> lives in Ava, MO.
LINEAGE: I am double Davenport.

On my father side of the Davenport family is Lancelot Davenport family to Oliver to George to George to Susannah and Richard Featherstone family.

On my mother side of the Davenport family is Davis Davenport family thru Martin to Thomas to Mary Davenport who married William Wiseman.
Linda DAVENPORT-KENNEDY <[email protected]> lives in Sioux City, IA.
LINEAGE: Davis, Martin, William, Augustine, Joel, Absalom, James L., Andrew, Boyd Wilmar.  Her 2nd line is Davis, Thomas, James, Rhoda [who married William Boyd], Sarah Boyd [who married Joel Davenport], Absalom, James L., Andrew, Boyd Wilmar.
Jerry Baker <[email protected]> lives in Athens, TN.
LINEAGE: I have a double Davenport connection. My first line is as follows: Davis Davenport, Martin Davenport, Dorothy Davenport m. Thomas Baker b. 1711, David Baker, Thomas Baker b. 1782, Davenport Baker, Samuel Baker, Davenport G. Baker, V. Lee Baker, Myself. My second line is Davis Davenport, Martin Davenport, Thomas Davenport, Mary Davenport m. William Wiseman, Susannah Wiseman m. Thomas Baker b. 1782, Davenport Baker, Samuel Baker, Davenport G. Baker, V. Lee Baker, Myself.
Richard Clay DAVENPORT Sr. <[email protected]> lives in Burnsville, NC.
LINEAGE: Lineage: Davis Davenport, Martin Davenport, Thomas Davenport, Martin Davenport, Jonas Davenport, David Davenport, William Hendrix Davenport, Robert Massey Davenport, Henry Clay Davenport, myself.
Betty Sullivan RoundHead <[email protected]> lives in Bartow, FL.
LINEAGE: We had our last male to male DNA tested and they said we come from the Newberry Davenports as far back as I can go is with my Great Grandfather William Noah Davenport born abt 1825 in Greenville Fort Shoals SC married Mahulda Crumpton any info on this line back to Isaac is well needed

COMMENTS: I need info to get back from My Great Grandfather William Noah Davenport wife Mahulda Crumpton.
Francis Marion "Frank" DAVENPORT III <[email protected]> lives in Vienna, VA.
LINEAGE: Francis M. Jr. (TX-OH) < Francis M. (b. TX) < James Darling (David) (GA-OK) < Smith Glover (GA) < David S. (d.1880 GA). The name "David Slaughter Davenport" is on the marriage record (GA) to Lykestry Scarborough(aka Lakitsey, La Kitt C., Lizzie C.

COMMENTS: The DNA test shows descent from Davis Davenport, but so far there seems to be no certain paper trail before Feb. 1825 for David S. The full names of three of his nine children suggest David S. either knew he was descended or wanted to be thought of as descended from David of Martin. These names are: Smith Glover, James Martin Slaughter, and Frances Virginia, Davenport.
Robert David DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Cumming, GA.
LINEAGE: Davis Davenport - Martin Davenport Sr. - James Davenport - James Davenport- William Davenport - John A. Davenport - Martin Luther Davenport - Horace Davenport - David Martin Davenport - Robert David Davenport
Maureen Pierce <[email protected]> lives in Peoria, AZ.
LINEAGE: I descend from Isaac Noah DAVENPORT (1840-1922, Decatur Co., TN) a survivor of Andersonville & the wreck of the Sultana, son of Stephen DAVENPORT (1802 SC-after 1870 Weakley Co., TN) and his unknown 1st wife. Stephen is the son of William DAVENPORT (ca 1774-1833 SC) and his 1st wife Elizabeth. William's ancestry is Isaac (1754-1815), s/o Francis, s/o Isaac d. 1749. I'd like to find out who the two wives of Stephen were. The unknown mother (d. ca 1841 TN) of Isaac, and Mildred Ann ABERNATHY (1819 TN, m. 1842, d. after 1880)
JoLynn DAVENPORT Smith <[email protected]> lives in Alamogordo, NH.
LINEAGE: Davis Davenport, Richard Davenport of Caroline Co., VA; Absalom Davenport of Powhatan Co., VA; James Steger Davenport of Prince Edward Co., VA; John Baker Davenport of Floyd and Grayson Counties, VA and Kanawha County, WVA; Joseph Ruffner Davenport of Kanawha County, WVA; Joseph Ruffner Davenport, Jr. of Kanawha County, WVA and Volusia County, FLA; Theron Pryor Davenport of Jefferson County, Texas.
Stephen Gary DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Cleveland, OK.
1.Davis 1650 to 1730
2.Martin 1675 to 1735
3.William 1716 to 1795
4.Thomas 1758 to 1816
5.George W. 1802 to 1864
6.Willaim T. 1822 to 1898
7.George P. 1850 to 1922
8.Thomas L. 1875 to 1948
9.George F. 1898 to 1973
10.Orville W. 1923 to 1997
Lorene Varner Brown <[email protected]> lives in Brookeland, TX.
LINEAGE: Sam Varner m. Ada LovieAnn Goynes, Malcolm McGregor Varner marr. Addie Mae Young, Joseph Frank Varner marr. Ellen McLaughlin, Stanton M. McLaughlin marr. Artemesia "Artie" Buxton, James McLaughlin marr. Lucy Marie Carr (Lucinda Maria Carr), Joseph Carr marr. Nancy White, John White marr. Sarah Gambill, Henry Gambill marr Maria Davenport, Martin Davenport, Davis Davenport .

COMMENTS: Searching for info on Maria Davenport and family. Any info, even the smallest thing would be helpful. Where did they live, etc., etc. Hopefully documenting, and in my dreams pictures, of home place, people, etc.
Lisa Clare DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Chapel Hill, NC.
LINEAGE: Triple Pamunkey:

First version:
Davis Davenport
Martin Davenport
Thomas Davenport
Capt. Martin Davenport
David Davenport (m. Dorothy Baker Davenport) Thomas Scantlin Davenport Walter Sidney Sherman Davenport Alfred Thomas Davenport, Sr.
Alfred Thomas Davenport, Jr.
Lisa Clare Davenport

Second Version:
Davis Davenport
Martin Davenport
Thomas Davenport
Mary Davenport Wiseman
Dorothy Wiseman Baker (m. David Baker)
Dorothy Baker Davenport
Thomas Scantlin Davenport
Walter Sidney Sherman Davenport
Alfred Thomas Davenport, Sr.
Alfred Thomas Davenport, Jr.
Lisa Clare Davenport

Version 3:
Davis Davenport
Martin Davenport
Dorothy Davenport Baker
David Baker (m. Dorothy Wiseman Baker)
Dorothy Baker Davenport (m. David Davenport) Thomas Scantlin Davenport Walter Sidney Sherman Davenport Alfred Thomas Davenport, Sr.
Alfred Thomas Davenport, Jr.
Lisa Clare Davenport
Larry Randall Ward <[email protected] > lives in Lakeport, CA.
LINEAGE: My lineage is from my mother Billie Marie Davenport, daughter of Wyatt Guy "Mike" Davenport & Chaney Marie Brashier; "Mike" is son of Leonard Edward Davenport & Florence E. Stephens; Leonard is son of John Andrew Davenport & Arrabella Caroline Lewis; John Andrew is son of William Davenport & Elizabeth Sydnor Andrew; William is son of James Davenport & Dicey Kennedy; James is son of James Davenport & Francis Jouett; James is son of Martin & Dorothy Glover?; Martin is son of Davis Davenport.

COMMENTS: Interested in anything relating to my Texas Davenports. I was told by my mother and my Aunt Betty Merle that my GGrandfather Leonard's wife Florence had Cherokee blood?
Matthew James DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Grants Pass, OR.
LINEAGE: Davis 1660-173?
Martin 1682-1735
Thomas 1711-1809
Martin 1739-1815
Martin 1789-1859
William 1810-1892
Martin 1848-1915
Jesse 1890-1979
Joe 1921-1967
John 1949-
Matthew 1985-
Deborah D. DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in North Canton, OH.
LINEAGE: Davis, Martin, William, Augustine Sr., Joel, Absalom, William W, Marion F., Forest L., Ernest E. Deborah D. Davenport.

COMMENTS: I am fairly new at this. (about 3 years), but I believe I have it right. Would love to say hey to all you cousins. It is a small world.
Martha Byars Stanfield <[email protected]> lives in Lilburn, GA.
LINEAGE: Davis, Thomas Sr, Julius, Thomas, Osbourne, Julius F. Osborne, Nancy Eizabeth Davenport Ray, Sarah Ray, John Byars
Kelly Jo Meeks <[email protected]> lives in Rockmart, GA.
LINEAGE: Davis, Thomas Sr., Julius, Thomas, Osbourne, Julius F., Hulan Bird, Rev. Henry Preston Davenport, Rosetta, Grace E., Sharon Turner and me
Cleabert Joaquin DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Texarkana, TX.
LINEAGE: 1. Davis, 2. Martin, 3. Thomas, 4. Martin, 5. David, 6. David M., 7. William David, 8. William Julius, 9. Cleabert Leavern, 10. Cleabert Joaquin
Kenneth Paul DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in North Little Rock, AR.
LINEAGE: Davis, Martin, Capt. William, Thomas, Col GW, William Thomas, George Phillip, Jessie James, Ulis Sherman, Kenneth Paul
Dr. Jeanne Stolzer <[email protected]> lives in Kearney, NE.
LINEAGE: 1. Davis, 2. Thomas, 3. Julius, 4. Claiborne, 5. Nancy (married Joseph Bell). Nancy (Davenport) and Joseph Bell's son is 6. James Bell (married Margaret (Peggy) Troxell), 7. Tarleton Bell, 8. William Bell, 9. Silas Bell, 10. Ruby Bell married Oscar Stolzer and their son is 11. Harold Dean Stolzer. I am Harold Dean Stolzer's Daughter, Dr. Jeanne Stolzer

COMMENTS: Would love to hear from anyone who is related - please e mail me! Also, I am interested in learning as much as I can about the Davenports - any information will be appreciated!
Gary Dwayne DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Clinton, OK.
LINEAGE: C. Wayne Celia, Louis H., Marshall Glover, John S. (Jack), Presley, William J., John, Martin, Davis.

COMMENTS: I am starting my Family Tree.  Any info I can get would be very helpful.  Hope to chat and maybe meet fellow members of the Davenport part of my tree.

Rodney Belt DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in McDonough, GA.
LINEAGE: William Davis Davenport...Martin...Glover...John William...John B...John Evrem...John William... Lorenzo Belt...Kermit Ford...Rodney Belt...Nathanael Alexander

COMMENTS: John B, 1795-1886, was a preacher in Davie County, NC until 1838 when he and two brothers and their families moved to Ga. His family settled in Union Co. Another moved south to Forsyth Co, and the third moved on to what became Cobb. John B's son Jon Evrem was impressed, along with brothers David and Daniel by Gov Joe Brown's agents into the Confederate Army on July 3, 1862. They enlisted at Fort Nelson near Morganton in Fannin County and were placed in Company B of Fain's Regiment, Georgia Infantry.

His daughter Alice was born six days later. While camped at Kingston, Tenn, he deserted at news of his need at home where Lively his wife had birthed a daughter, Martha Alice just six days after he was taken the previous year. He made his way home and wearing a bonnet and dress, worked the fields until two agents captured him, leading him off with the two on horseback and he on foot with hands tied behind his back, between the two. But, rounding an outbuilding he dove under some bushes and escaped. Making his way to a friends, he was freed from his bonds a rifle was procured from John's house. He hid Lively would leave him. This went on until the war ended after that hard winter.

His brother's David and Daniel deserted shortly after John and surrendered to the Federals at the end of the summer. after a while as POWs, they joined the Union Army, Co C, 5th Regiment Tenn Mounted Infantry on Sept 12, 1864 at Cleveland, Tennesse. Their main task was guarding the RR between Chattanooga and Atlanta.
Teresa Sue Kelly <[email protected]> lives in Bowie, MD.
LINEAGE: Davis Davenport (7th great grandfather) Martin Davenport (6th great grandfather) James Davenport (fifth great grandfather) James Davenport (fourth great grandfather) William Davenport (3rd great grandfather) Overton Fletcher Davenport (2nd great grandfather) James Samuel Davenport (great grandfather) Henry Grady Davenport (grandfather) Gloria Hortense Davenport (mother)

COMMENTS: I've been researching the family for several years and have so much more to learn. I look forward to connecting with family and filling in more pieces of the puzzle. I would like to find out more information about the family prior to coming to America. I have copies of the letters Overton Fletcher Davenport wrote home on his trip to the Gold Rush. I find researching the family fascinating!

Kathryn Alexander Hicks <[email protected]> lives in Dawson, GA.
LINEAGE: 9. Davis Davenport
8. Thomas Davenport, Sr.
7. Thomas Davenport, Jr.
6. Thomas Davenport III
5. Henry Davenport
4. Amanda Fitzallen Davenport Watts
Sally Anne DAVENPORT (maiden name) <[email protected]> lives in Tacoma, WA.
LINEAGE: Roy Lyle Davenport - Father
b. 15 July 1917 San Jose, CA d. 25 July 1983 Sacramento, CA
Roy resided in Lacey, Thurston, WA; he was traveling home from a Davenport Family Reunion when he died of a heart attack.
m. Charlotte Irene Hutchinson
3 Children
Shirley Irene b. 5 Jan 1946 d. 5 May 1999
Susan Arlyn b. 10 July 1948 Living
Sally Anne b. 21 Apr 1953 Living

Dudley Grover Davenport - Grandfather
b. 7 May 1884 Beulah, Pueblo, CO d.30 July 1969 Yerington, Lyon, NV
M. Bessie Alma Gordon - 10 Children

William Harvey Davenport, - GG Grandfather
b. 31 Jan 1839 Jefferson, IL d. 14 Sept. 1889 Pueblo, Pueblo, CO
M. Martha Estella Frazier - 10 Children

Edmond Jones Davenport - 3G Grandfather AKA Edmund
b. ABT 1813 Burke, NC d. 30 Sep 1862 in Newtonia, Newton, MO of Battle of Ritchie's Run - Civil War

Thomas Davenport - 4G Grandfather
b. ABT 1772 in VA d. ABT 1845 in Jefferson, IL

Martin Davenport - 5G Grandfather
b. 17 Jun 1731 in Hanover, VA d. 1815 in Burke, NC

Thomas Davenport - 6G Grandfather
b. ABT 1712 in Culpeper, VA d. 12 Nov 1809 in Burke, NC

Martin Davenport - 7G Grandfather
b. ABT 1682 in Pamunkey Neck, King William, VA d. 4 May 1735 in Hanover, VA

Davis Davenport 8G Grandfather
b. ABT 1660 d. BEF 1735 in King William, VA

I would love to hear from anyone doing research on this line. Please feel free to email me at [email protected].

Linda Sue DAVENPORT Makowski <[email protected]>, lives in Allen Park, MI.
LINEAGE: James E9, Rollie8, Ira Ellis7, William Franklin6, Thomas Henry5, William4, Stephen3, Thomas2, Davis1.
COMMENT: I am interested in verifying these connections.

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