The Rev. Thomas Beede (1771-1848)

The Rev. Thomas BEEDE

THOMAS BEEDE3 (Thomas2, Eli1) was born in Poplin (Fremont) Nov. 28, 1771. He entered Harvard College in his twenty-third year, and was graduated in the class of 1798. He taught in Cambridge, Roxbury, Lexington, and Harvard, Mass., Milford, N. H., and other towns. His earnings from 1790 to 1800, including seven years spent in acquiring an education was $936.00. He settled at Wilton as pastor of the Congregational Church, Mar. 1803. Rev. William Emerson, father of Ralph Waldo, preached the ordination sermon. Other services were rendered by Mr. Bullard, Mr. Clark, Mr. Goodridge, Mr. Barnard, Mr. Hill, and Mr. Humphrey Moore. There were 11 baptisms and 14 admissions the first year. He married Jan. 20, 1805, Nancy Wilder, dau. of Jonathan Kimball of Harvard, Mass. His congregation in one hundred teams met them on the road to Wilton, after their marriage and dined at Amherst, N. H. As it was fine sleighing, there was a merry time. In the fall of 1815 he took a missionary tour through Raymond, Epping, and other towns. The first Sunday SChool in the state was opened under his ministry in 1816. From 1818 for seven successive years, he was Chaplin of the State Legislature. In 1823 there was a division in the Church and a second Church built. He did not unite with the new theology of a Triune God, and has the reputation of preaching the first Unitarian sermon in New Hampshire. He was a prominent Mason. He resigned as pastor at Wilton, N. H., Jan. 15, 1829. He went to Eastport, Maine, the same year and his family followed the next spring (1830). He owned a large farm in Wilton, known as Beede Hill. There was always an incumberance on the farm. He moved to Farmington, Maine in 1832. In 1837 he moved to Duxbury, Mass., was there four years. From Duxbury the family went to Syracuse, N. Y., returning after two years to Farmington, Maine to live with their son, Thomas. Mrs. Beede died Feb. 11, 1844. On thanksgiving day, while visiting his daughter Hannah, he was taken suddenly sick, and after a brief illness died, Nov. 30, 1848.

Transcribed from "A Genealogy of the Beede Family: Eli Beede and his Descendants", by George F. Beede of Fremont, NH, 1896

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