BEEDE / BEEDY Biographies, Stories, etc.

The Rev. Thomas BEEDE (1771-1848)
A short biography from the Beede Genealogy book by G. F. Beede.

The Records of Rev. Thomas BEEDE (1771-1848)
concerning himself and family, & other occurrences.

Phineas BEEDE (1773-1863)
A very interesting story about one of Eli's great grandsons, supposedly written by Phineas' granddaughter, Mary Ann Beede Bell (b.1835).

"The Founding of Sandwich, NH in 1767"
As read by Emme Beede Gulliver, the second daughter of Daniel Greenleaf Beede, at the 150th Anniversary of the settlement of Sandwich, N. H., Aug. 22, 1917.

"The BEEDE Family in Sandwich"
By Patricia L. and Arthur M. Heard, about 1983.

"Daniel BEEDY (1810-1889),
Maine Architect"

By Kirk F. Mohney. Published by the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, 1988.

Nathan S. BEEDY (1835-1919),
of Will County, IL

A biographical sketch of Daniel A. Beedy's fourth son.

Moses W. BEEDE (1839-1921),
of Ashtabula County, OH

Two different biographies of a remarkable man.  He was a 2nd great grandson of Eli the emigrant.

Henry J. BEEDY (1840-1918),
of Kankakee County, IL

Some biographical sketches of Daniel A. Beedy's youngest son.

Aaron McGaffey BEEDE (1859-1934)
Ralph Gordon BEEDE (1895-1969)

Biographical sketches of Aaron and his son Ralph. 

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