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Ancestors from Norway - Hedmark genealogy resources
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    Formerly called "Hedemarken Amt", Hedmark fylke (county) is located in eastern Norway, along the border with Sweden. (The border between Hedmark and Sweden is 352 kilometers - 219 miles - long). To the north of Hedmark is Sør Trøndelag fylke, to the west is Oppland fylke, and to the south is Akershus fylke.
     Norway's longest river, Glomma, which is 601 kilometers long - 373 miles - flows through Hedmark from north to south. A second water feature in this fylke is Lake Mjøsa, which lies between Hedmark fylke and Oppland fylke. This is Norway's largest lake - 365 square kilometers in area (140 square miles) and 449 meters (1,473 feet) deep.
    Hedmark is Norway's 3rd largest fylke, and agriculture in various forms are central to its economy. Timber is one of its most important economic resources - 47% of the land area of Hedmark is made up of forests that are actively harvested. Hedmark is also Norway's largest grain producer, growing 22.1% of Norway's total grain crop (wheat, barley, and oats). In addition, it is Norway's largest producer of potatoes.


1. Genealogy organizations

DIS-Hedmark is a local chapter of the Norwegian genealogy organization DIS-Norge. (In Norwegian only)

Hedmark Slektshistorielag - the Hedmark genealogy organization. (Unfortunately the English version of their home page is not working)

Sør-Østerdal Slektshistorielag is a local genealogy organization that covers the areas of Elverum, Trysil, Engerdal, Åmot, Osen, Storelvdal and Rendalen. (In Norwegian only)

Frederiks Gave's Historical Society - the historical society for Alvdal and Folldal in Nord-Østerdal, Hedmark. (In English).

Solørlag of America - a bygdelag for people with roots in Hedmark fylke. Originally the lag served people with roots in the old Solør parishes of Brandval, Grue, Hof, Åsnes and Våler. However, because of the geographical location, there were members whose ancestors came from Odal and Kongsvinger-Eidskog, plus Hedmark's northern area of Østerdal and Hedemarken near Lake Mjøsa, so the lag's genealogical holdings were expanded to meet that need. Since its reactivation in 1983, the lag's membership now numbers 500.

Nord-Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag - an organization of descendants from the North Hedmark and Hedemarken area of Norway

2. Hedmark resources


3. Hedmark 'kommuner'

    There are 22 kommuner (municipalities) in Hedmark fylke (county), including two which are cities: Hamar and Kongsvinger.
Alvdal Grue Os Sør-Odal Åmot
Eidskog Hamar Rendalen Tolga Åsnes
Elverum Kongsvinger Ringsaker Trysil
Engerdal Løten Stange Tynset
Folldal Nord-Odal Stor-Elvdal Våler


4. Hedmark maps

Small interactive map of Norway - shows where Hedmark is located. Click on Hedmark and you can see a small map of Hedmark showing the kommune (municipalities) of this 'fylke'.

Large map of Hedmark from the Norway-L list web site. The name of each kommune is underlined.


5. Hedmark genealogy query pages

Hedmark queries from

Slektsforskerbasen from DIS-Norge is a "who's researching where" service with more than 5,000 genealogists registered in the database. (In English with some Norwegian).

[email protected] mailing list archives is another often overlooked resource. You can search the archive to find out if others are researching the same families or places in Norway, and then contact them.

6. Hedmark museums

The Hedmark Museum - one of Norway's finest and most comprehensive Middle Ages museums.

Skibladner - the world's oldest paddle steamer still sails on Lake Mjøsa.


7. Miscellaneous Hedmark web sites

Farm names in Folldal, Hedmark is part of the Jarnberg/Jernberg Genealogy Web Site in the USA.

The Nessæter family - Jane Ostnes Hansen's web site about her ancestors from Grue in Hedmark.

The Røste Family's Homepage - Egil Røste has set up a very nice web site about genealogy research in the Åsmarka and Ringsaker area of Hedmark.

Geir Thorud's genealogy pages includes information on his ancestors from Oppland, Hedmark, Akershus and Buskerud counties

Tomren Family History by Erik Tomren includes information about his ancestors from the Berg farm in Dalsbygda sogn, Tolga parish, Os municipality, Hedmark

Vidar Støen's home page with information about his book "Utvandrerhistorien for Folldal" (emigration from Folldal).


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