Barnett's of New Brunswick, Canada
Barnett Notes
Map of New Jerusalem and Surrounding Areas
This map is not to scale and only has a very rough estimate of the true shape of the area, as it once was. The dotted lines for some road, were old roads that had fallen into disuse by the 1950's, and in many cases were little more than tracks, Nearly all these roads have disappeared or been altered since the Department of National Defence took over the property as a Military Base. (See also: Jerusalem maps on the Base Gagetown Community Histroy Association Web Site, as well as other interesting items about this area.)

The old Harry Lyon Road was the main road to New Jerusalem when some of the early grants were given out. You will note on the acompaning map of the Land Grant, that the property given to George Barnett was all on one side of the Harry Lyon Road, and on the map below, the property of William Barnett and his grand-daughter, Marjorie are on the opposite side of that road. Since this was thought to have been where George built his log cabin home, it is asumed the road had altered its route at some time.

The following chart lists the approximate location of properties of the churches, cemeteries, and families connected to the Barnett Families, as well as some of their neighbours.