Barnett's Land Petition - 1826 - New Brunswick, Canada
Barnett Notes
A Transcription of the
Land Petition of George Barnett
2 September 1826

To His Excellency Major-General Sir Howard Douglas, Baronet, Lieutenant-Governor and Commander-in- Chief of the Province of New Brunswick, &c, &c, &c.

    The Petition of George Barnett a British Subject born in Londonderry, Ireland has resided One & 1/4 years in this Province, aged nearly fifty years, is married, and has eight Children, Humbly Sheweth, That your Petitioner never received any Land from the Crown, and wishes to obtain an allotment of vacant and unimproved Crown Land situated south westerly and adjoining a lot of land applied for by Arthur Morrell in December 1823 and southwesterly of the Sharp Settlement nearly on the boundries of Kings & Queens County.

    Your Petitioner on 1st. July 1825 prayed for an allotment adjoining Bradley on Henry Lyons road but the lot altho' allowed him did not afford space when the other grants were run out --  The next venture to improve on a lot south of Jackson at the same place but find he has again encroached on other grants.  He now prays to be alloted as above, which is far removed from many settlers & where he believes much land is vacant.

    That it is his intention forthwith to cultivate and improve the same and to comply in all respects with the Royal Instructions, being of the ability so to do,  That he has not directly or indirectly bargained, or agreed for the sale or transfer of the same to any person whatsoever.  And as in duty bound, your Petitioner will ever pray

                                George Bernet

                                 his  X  mark

    On the Second day of September 1826 before me Jediahah [Hanson] Esquire, One of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of York personally appeared the above - named George Burnett and made Oath, that the several matters set forth in the above Petition are true.

                                Jediahah [Hanson] J. P.

    Surveyor-General's Office, 1826 Sept 2nd.
The lot of land petitioned for above is vacant, unapplied for [C.Ld.]
[T. P ....., A.G.G.]

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