Bible of the Larlee Creek Baptist Church
From the Bible of the Larlee Creek Baptist Church
(The following information was copied from the church Bible. My uncle, who is the care taker for the cemetery, is in possession of the Bible. Norman DeMerchant, Fredericton NB)

Inside Cover (In pencil)

Rev G W Orser July 5, 1863

The foundation for this Larlee Creek Church was laid in May 1856. By David Larlee, Aaron Craig, Moses Craig, Rainsford Lovely, Elisha and Elijah Larlee, Stillman and Barnabus Armstrong. Joseph and Abrham Topham, Enoch Lovely. John Larlee and Amos Larlee. Thomas Everett, Geo Inman, Samuel Bishop, Daniel Hallet, John Craig, George Craig, Daniel M Craig*.

Front Page
Bible of the Free
Christian Baptist Church

Deacons / B. Armstrong / S. Bishop
Clerk / Moses Craig

Perth, Victoria County
26 June 1880

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Larlee Creek Church

    The foundation for the LARLEE CREEK CHURCH was layed during May 1856 by the following men.  (Same as above list with the exception of Daniel M Craig*, he is typed as Samuel.)

The church was completed and dedicated July 5th 1863. as recorded in the old church Bible of the above date Perth Center N.B. and copyed by George E. Armstrong, December 5th 1942

The bible is currently in the possession of Reid DeMerchant.

Copied by Norman DeMerchant May 20, 2000.

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