Raymond Paddock Gorham Collection #1


Historical Research Files - Table of Contents

Notes on the Loyalist Settlers of Kingston Parish - Kingston Parish History

Misc. Family Groupings part one: to go with the above

Misc. Family Groupings part two: odd items
These may have come, in part, from 4/8 Genealogy  (film PANB F1285) see gorham1.html

Misc. notes relating to Kingston Parish History
items mostly from land petitions/land grants

List of settlers in Kingston Parish - Repeated and continued in Part one / Part two
Group numbers that follow are linked to proper files - Names are hyper-linked in their files.

The RAYMOND PADDOCK GORHAM COLLECTION is made up of many and varied items, divided into groups. His interests seem to have been very diverse. I have just reproduced here the Table of Content for the group called HISTORICAL RESEARCH FILES which seem to relate most closely to Family History & Genealogy, however, the other files might well contain items of interest to individuals. Please consult PANB for film numbers, and order the film(s) to read about the materials listed below.

Below this list of contents, is a list of  the names taken from land grant map(s) for the Kingston area, by Mr. Gorham, and items for them will be recorded on other pages in full (where available). This list will form an index to the notes made by Mr. Gorham, re the settlers of that area. These notes are found in the original files at PANB, MC211 and on microfilms F1283 - F1286 or later, and came from MC211/4/4.

There is a list in 4/8 called Genealogy  (film PANB F1285). This appears to be the beginning of his effort to produce a family line collection on the settlers, while the items mentioned above are in order of the lots they drew, and there may be several files relating to one surname. I know that some of the families in gorham4.html are from that series, but do not believe I had copies all of them.

There is a high degree of duplication in Mr. Gorham's files, and at the time I made my copies I tried to sort some of it out, so that some files may have been edited to that extent. I have tried to cross reference some of the duplicate data that I have retained, but have probably missed some. You may also find data on some of the grant holders with no data listed, within the other files.


4/2 University of New Brunswick
           4/2/1    Coat button excavated near old Arts Building, UNB, in the year 1942.
           4/2/2    Glass plate negatives of item described in 4/2/1 above.
           4/2/3    Printed photograph of UNB, circa 1860. [Printed in 20th century].

4/3 City of Fredericton
           4/3/1    Notes on the construction of the Parliament Buildings in Fredericton.
           4/3/2    Old Times in Fredericton, 1828
           4/3/3    An Early Exhibition in Fredericton, Oct 9, 1827 by R.P. Gorham. [dated Sep 1936]
           4/3/4    Brochure prepared by R.P. Gorham for the 150th Anniversary of Fredericton, 1935.
           4/3/5    List of names of pupils who took part in the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of
                       Fredericton, 1935.
           4/3/6    Notes in connection with the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Fredericton, 1935.
           4/3/7    Notes in connection with the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Fredericton, 1935.
           4/3/8    Radio broadcast the 150th Anniversary of Fredericton, prepared by R.P. Gorham, 1935.
           4/3/9    Notes on the original grantees of Fredericton, 1787.
           4/3/10   Notes on the Fredericton Highway Bridge, 1886
           4/3/11   Notes on the King's Provision Store, Fredericton, 1929. [photograph included].
           4/3/12   Fredericton, NB {An article writen by R.P. Gorham for the Canadian Geographical
                        Journal, n.d.].
           4/3/13   Verses on Fredericton History and other matters by R.P. Gorham.

4/4 Historical Research Files (also film F1283)
           4/4/1    Notes on the History of Kingston Parish by R.P. Gorham, 1920 (2 copies).
           4/4/2    Notes on the History of Kingston Parish [A different group of notes from 4/4/1 above,
                       containing much genealogical information].
           4/4/3    Notes on the Loyalist settlers in Kingston (3 files)
           4/4/4    Miscellaneous notes on Kingston Parish History (2 files)
           4/4/5    Wardens and Vestrymen of Kingston Church During the First Century, 1784-1883.
           4/4/6    Notes from the first vestry book of Trinity Church, Kingston, NB, 1932.
           4/4/7    History of Trinity Church, by Rev. W.O. Raymond.
           4/4/8    Paper on the history of Kingston Church written by Miss Muriel G. Wainwright and read
                       before the Kingston Historical Society, [copied by R.P. Gorham at Annapolis Royal, 1925].
           4/4/9    Kingston Church Burial Ground.
           4/4/10  Address by R.P. Gorham given at the 104th Anniversary service, Kingston Church,
                       June 27, 1929.
           4/4/11  Notes on the history of Grey Mills Church, 1921. [This work has appended extensive notes on
                       Baptist and Methodist, River Navigation, and other Kings County topics.]
           4/4/12  Early educational developments in Loyalist Kingston, 1939.
           4/4/13  Notes on the development of schools at Kingston, 1939.
           4/4/14  Education at Kingston, NB.
           4/4/15  List of pupils attending Kingston schools between 1904 and 1907.
           4/4/16  Minutes of the Kingston Historical Society 1907-1911.
           4/4/17  The Township of Amesbury (Pre-Loyalist NB).
           4/4/18  Subscriptions to the Kings County Militia, 1798.
           4/4/19  Notes on John London of Kingston.
           4/4/20  Slavery in Kingston.
           4/4/21  Return of families embarked on board the Union Transport, Consett Wilson, Master, from
                       Huntington Bay, 1783.
           4/4/22  Funeral sermon of Rev. James Scovil preached by Rev. Samuel Andrews in Trinity Church,
           4/4/23  List of the participants in the Centennial Day procession at Trinity Church, Kingston, 1889.
           4/4/24  Kingston Epitaphs.
           4/4/25  Notes on deeds from the Hampton Registry Office.
           4/4/26  Notes on the Kingston Court House.
           4/4/27  The Old Grist Mill at Kingston, 1925.
           4/4/28  The story of Kingston Square.
           4/4/29  Notes on the Masonic Lodge at Kingston.
           4/4/30  Notes from the Allison Manuscript and other sources on Kingston History.
           4/4/31  History of Kings County, by Genevieve Dickson.

4/5 Ecclestical History of New Brunswick (film PANB F1284)
           4/5/1    Notes on the History of Fredericton Parish Church: A paper delivered in connection with the
                       75th anniversary, In 1922, of the Consecration of the Present Church, by R.P. Gorham.
           4/5/2    Manuscript Notes on the Fredericton Parish Church.
           4/5/3    The Present (Fredericton) Parish Church, 1922.
           4/5/4    The early history of the Anglican Church in Fredericton.
           4/5/5    List of Wardens and Vestrymen of Old Christ Church, Fredericton.
           4/5/6    Memorandums and Anecdotes Relating to the History of Christ Church, Fredericton.
           4/5/7    Notes on the History of the Church of England Parishes and Mission of the Deanery of
                       Fredericton, by R.P. Gorham, 1937.
           4/5/8    Address of R.P. Gorham to the Cathedral Men's Club, ca. 1944.
           4/5/9    Notes on the history of the church in Prince William Parish.
           4/5/10   Notes on the history of the church in Kingsclear and New Maryland Parishes.
           4/5/11   Notes on the history of the church of England in the parish of Stanley.
           4/5/12   Burton Parish and the Burton Church.
           4/5/13   Notes on the history of the Church of England in the Parish of Maugerville, 1937
           4/5/14   Entries from record book of Rev. John Beardsley listing marriages and baptisms for the
                        Maugerville Church.
           4/5/15   Notes on the history of the Church of England in the Parishes of Bright and Douglas, 1938.
           4/5/16   Historical sketch of St. Mary's Parish from the Camadian Churchman, 1909.
           4/5/17   Notes on the history of the Church of England in the Parish of Queensbury, by R.P. Gorham.
           4/5/18   Gladstone and Blissville Parishes; notes by the Rev. Douglas T. Howland.
           4/5/19   Notes concerning the building of St James Church, Long Reach.
           4/5/20   Notes on the history of the Grey Mills Church, Kings County,  and other Kings County
                        Churches [see also 4/4/11 above]
           4/5/21   Notes on various New Brunswick Churches from the Report of the Society for the
                        Propagation of the Gospel.
           4/5/22   Miscellaneous notations regarding New Brunswick Church history. (4 notebooks).

4/5 Kincardine Scottish Settlement (film PANB F1285)
           4/6/1    The establishment of the Scottish Colonies of Kincardine, Kintore, and Stonehaven in New
                       Brunswick, a talk on an historical subject before the members of the Fredericton Science
                       Club, April 18, 1941, by R.P. Gorham.
           4/6/2    List of colonist of Kincardine.
           4/6/3    Rough notes and statistics on the Kincardine settlement.

4/7 Agriculture History
          4/7/1    Some early Attempts Aat the Practice of Agriculture in Canada.
          4/7/2    Landmarks in Early Maritime Agriculture.
          4/7/3    Early Agriculture in New Brunswick.
          4/7/4    The Development of Fruit Growing in New Brunswick.
          4/7/5    The Beginnings of Agriculture at Annapolis Royal.
          4/6/6    Horticulture in Nova Scotia During 1932, by A. Kelsall.
          4/7/7    The Development of Agricultural Organization on Prince Edward Island in the Period Before
                      Confederation, (includes four notebooks of research notes.)
          4/7/8    The Development of Agricultural administration in Upper and Lower Canada during the Period
                      Before Confederation, Dec. 1932.
           4/7/9   Chapter 1 - The Military Aid to Agricultural Societies (see 4/7/8 above)
           4/7/10  Chapter 2 - The First Agricultural Societies (see 4/7/8 above)
           4/7/11  Chapter 3 - The Part Played by Hemp in Early Agricultural Development (see 4/7/8 above)
           4/7/12  Chapter 4 - Early Acts of Legislation Related to Agriculture (see 4/7/8 above)
           4/7/13  Chapter 5 - The First Legislative Commitee on Agriculture and What It Accomplished
                       (see 4/7/8 above)
           4/7/14  Chapter 6 - An act for the Encouragement of Agriculture In the Province of Lower Canada
                       (see 4/7/8 above)

 (page 13 of index missing containing items 15 to 30)

           4/7/31   Miscellaneous Notes on the Canadian Society of Technical Agriculturalists
                        (see also 2/7 [7/2 ?] above.)
           4/7/32   Miscellaneous papers and notes on Agricultural History (2 files).

4/8 Genealogy  (film PANB F1285)
           4/8/1       Allen Family
           4/8/2       Fowler Family (Ruloffsen, Hart)
           4/8/3       Francis Family
           4/8/4       John Giles Family
           4/8/5       Gorham Family
           4/8/6       Hoyt Family (and Kingston Families)
           4/8/7       Ingraham Family (Hannah Ingraham narrative)
           4/8/8       Kierstead Family
           4/8/9       Lyman Family
           4/8/10     Lyon Family
           4/8/11     Merritt Family (Clarke, MacLeod)
           4/8/12     Murray Family
           4/8/13     Paddock Family
           4/8/13.1  Paul Family
           4/8/14     Perkins Family (Jones, Carter, Fowler, Disbrow, etc.)
           4/8/15     Perley Family
           4/8/16     Prince Family
           4/8/17     Raymond Family

4/9 General Historical Papers
           4/9/1     The Place Names of the Parishg of Bright.
           4/9/2     The Three Men Who Signed the Address of Welcome To Govenor Carleton at Fredericton,
           4/9/3     A Review of Early New Brunswick History, 1931
           4/9/4     Notes and Map of Early NB History.
           4/9/5     Notes on Medictic.
           4/9/6     The Voyage of the "Flying Horse" to the Saint John River and What Came of It.
           4/9/7     Some Notes Concerning the Matthews Head Property In Albert County.
           4/9/8     Notes on the Settlement of Albert County.
           4/9/9     Documents Relating to Early Indian Treaties.
           4/9/10   Record of a Brass-Tub Indian Burial.
           4/9/11   Names of Owners of Original Farm Lots at Upper Maugerville.
           4/9/12   Poll Book on the Election of Representatives for Sunbury, 1795.
           4/9/13   Abstract of Fire Losses on the Miramichi, 1825.
           4/9/14   Notes re the Death of John McGeorge, c. 1820.
           4/9/15   List of Colonist on the Anderson Road, Victoria County.
           4/9/16   Notes from the Day Book of the Albion Store, Fredericton, 1837-1838.
           4/9/17   Notes on Ox Shoes.
           4/9/18   The Colonial Shore House on Shore's Island, by Mrs. Frank Long, 1932.
           4/9/19   Opportunities for Archeological Research In New Brunswick, ca. 1928.
           4/9/20   The Site of Poutincourt and Lescarbot's Mill.
           4/9/21   Stone Age Artifacts from Scotch Land and Mactaquac.
           4/9/22   Field Day at Baker Brook.
           4/9/23   Notes on J.J. Audubon's Journey in New Brunswick and Maine.
           4/9/24   Some Notes on Railway History.
           4/9/25   Notes on York County, NB.
           4/9/26   Some Thoughys Relative to the Organization of an Historical Society in Fredericton.
           4/9/27   Notes on the Hannah Ingraham Narrative.
           4/9/28   A Freeman of Saint John.
           4/9/29   The Story of a Cobbler who Did Not Stick Altogether to His [Trade].
           4/9/30   Williams Brook Falls.
           4/9/31   A Quiet Afternoon at Upsalquitch Lake.
           4/9/32   Three Birthdays: A Tale of Old Acadia Featuring the History of the One Canadian Woman to
                        Become First Lady of Canada.
           4/9/33   The Oldest Road in New Brunswick and How Two Travelers Sought For It One Winter
                        Morning, 1926
           4/9/34   A Log Camp.
           4/9/35   A Snowshoe Tramp Over the Mamozekel Trail.
           4/9/36   The Old Grist Mill At Kingston.
           4/9/37   The Son of the Plough.
           4/9/38   Acadian Dress and Habits, notes by Lillian Maxwell.
           4/9/39   The Mysterious Disappearance of Miles Haines, Scotch Lake, York Co., in Sep. 1850, written
                        by W.H. Moore of Scotch Lake March 30, 1932.
           4/9/40   Fredericton, and How the Forsight of One Man Added Wealth to the People of America.
           4/9/41   The Five Bridges.
           4/9/42   Notes on a Trip to Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.
           4/9/43   Titles of Books on Loyalist in the Dominion Archives, Ottawa.
           4/9/44   A Lawnmower Romance.
           4/9/45   The History of the Bible, 1938
           4/9/46   The Plants Mentioned in the Bible.
           4/9/47   Miscellaneous and Unidentified Historical Notes (3 files and one large group of 5 x 7 index

4/10 Bibliographical References
           4/1/1    A file of Bibliographies prepared by R.P. Gorham listing his own publications on Historical and
                       Entomological topics.

5 Miscellaneous
           5/1       Scrapbooks of Envelopes and Christmas Cards prepared by R.P. Gorham
           5/2       Poetry Sections Collected by R.P. Gorham.
           5/3       Historical Documents Acquired by R.P. Gorham
           5/3/1    Copy of the Daily Telegraph printed at Saint John, NB, the day after the Great Fire,
                       June 21, 1877.
           5/3/2    Papers and Appointments Relating to Samuel Foster of Kingston, NB, Postmaster and
                       Military Figure (including a photograph) 1845-1872.
           5/3/3    Letters of Appointment as Postmaster to George Chaloner of Kingston, NB, 1888-1891.
           5/3/4    Release of Claim on Land in Kingston, NB, Charles Parkings to William Pywell, 25 Oct 1843.
           5/3/5    Letter of Attorney, Letitia Packet to Sammuel Foster re estate of Seymour Packet, 19 Jan 1847.
           5/3/6    Collection of printed documents and manuscripts from the corner stone of the Temprance Hall at
                       Kingston, NB, laid on Dec 28, 1853, and removed in 1945 after the burning of the building.
                      (2 files)
                      Contents as follows: Quebec Gazette, 13 Dec 1853; NB; Almanac, 1850; A Discourse In Behalf
                      of [Prohibition], by Albert Barnes, 1853; NB Temperance Almanac, 1854; Journals of
                      Proceedings for the Grand Division, Sons of Temperance, 1847-1848, 1852-1853;  List of
                      Officers of the Prince of Wales Division, S. of T., 1853; Secretary's Report for Kingston S. of T.,
                      1853; Documentary History of the Kingston Sons of Temprance; Abstract Report, 1937, and
                      3rd and 5th Reports of Proceedings of the Church Society of the Archdeaconry of NB; 12th
                      Report of the Diocesan Church Society of NB; 19th Report of the NB Auxiliary Bible Society;
                      40th Anniversary of the British and Foreign Bible Society; A Sermon preached at the Parish
                      Church of Holy Trinity, Saint John, NB, on April 6, 1851; Sermon preached at the consecration
                      of Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, 1853; A charge to the clergy of the Diocese by John
                      [?] Bishop of Fredericton, 1853; Farm Grantees in Kingston Parish.

List of settlers in Kingston Parish - Recorded by Lots

The following list of grantees has been copied from the plan of grants in the Crown Land Office, Fredericton, and is complete except for a small portion of the northern end of Kingston and Springfield. (R.P. Gorham)

Note: CBB / I do not believe I have all the notes for the lot-holders listed, as these files were gleaned many years ago, and shelved after using what I needed at that time. A search of the film(s) will probably result in the missing items. Some of the items recorded may also be found in the earlier files in this series, and you may well find items there for persons listed in one of the groups below.

{Note: CBB / Hyperlinks will take you to the next pages about the owners of these lots.}

Group One: Farms along Kingston Creek and The Belleisle.
Lot # Name (CBB / notes found for lots 1-9)
1: Parsonage lot (Rev. James Scovil)
2: John London
3: George Hooper
4: Ebenezer & Thaddus Scribner
5: John Lyon
6: Benajah Northrup
7: William Beach & Louis Beach
8: James Ketchum
9: Amos Moss
10: Peter Graugh
11: Ebenezer Holley
12: Hezekiah Scribner
13: Cornelious Nice
14: Wm. Crawford & Saml. Osborne
15: John Frederick Stickls
16: Geo. Price & Allan Price
17: Euclid Nickerson
18: Thomas Beaty
19: Thomas Close
20: Josh. Brothers & Geo. Harris
21: Wm. Olive & Mal'm. McKenzie
22: John Hamilton & John Small

Group Two: Beginning the next range of farms, lot No 1 adjoines lot 22 above.
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: Ephraim Wheaton
2: Samuel Peters
3: William Peters
4: Michael Earle & Nath. Teed
5: John Watt
6: Uriah Wright
7: Moses Vail & John Vail
8: Henry Arp & Seth Briant

Group Three: Farms facing on the Kennebecassis. Kingston North.
Lot # Name (CBB / notes found for lots 1-12)
1: Silas Raymond
2: Elias Scribner
3: John Hendricks
4: Saml. Lockwood
5: Joseph Dickson
6: Joseph Scribner
7: David Pickett
8: Israel Hoyt
9: Jonathan Knapp
10: John Ketchum
11: James Chick
12: Thomas Sumner
13: Freedom Burdock
14: Samuel Ketchum
15: Jonathan Ketchum
16: Darling Whelpley
17: Christopher Jenkins
18: James Ketchum & Jedediah Ketchum
19: Daniel Ketchum
20: Andrew Perkins
21: Anthony Rogers

Group Four: farms from Clifton to Kingston
Lot # Name (CBB / notes found)
1: William Jewel Flewelling
2: James Wetmore
3: > David Brown Wetmore
4: > as above
5: Edmond Welch
6: Isaac Bunnel
7: John Gamut
8:  Justus Sherwood Wetmore
9: Thomas Pettingill
10: Edward Barlow
11: James Pickett
12: Joseph Ferris
13: William Eratt
14: Jedediah Knash
15: Thomas Fowler
16: Leonard Lickner
17: > George Younghusband
18: > as above
19: John Gidney
20: Ezekiel Flewelling
21: Jacob Lester

Group Five: farms from Clifton South along the Kennecassis
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: Samuel Keirstead
2: James Codner & Ephriam DeForest
3: Edward Carey
4: Matthew Taylor
5: Jeremiah Travers & Henry Hyler
6: Henry Holam
7: Stephen Gilford & William Straight
8: James Adams & John McGill
9: Robert Peel
10: Eupheme Harned
11: Archibald Gilles
12: John Briggs
13: Ann Alston & Jane Sutherland
14: Peter McLean
15: John Sharp
16: Wm. Wright
17: Isaac Dunham
18: Elizabeth Traverse
19: Andrew Bowman
20: Patrick Weldon & Jonathan Conrad
21: Thomas & David Dunham
22: Charles Cater
23: James Casted
24: Sam'l. Wiggins
25: Thomas Barlow
26: Conrad Wort
27: Stephen Baxter

 Westfield Parish line ---

Group Six: Names along the Long Reach. North from Williams Wharf
Lot # Name (CBB / notes found)
1: Joel Crawford
2: Jasper Bilding
3: Thomas Walten & John Williams
4: Anthony Baker
5: Samuel Mallows
6: John Fowler
7: Stephen Robbon & James Ritchie
8: Joseph Lyon
9: Ruth Nichols
10: James Crawford
11: John White
12: James Cole & James Crawford, Jr
13: Tyler White Raymond
14: Robert Logan
15: Seth Sealey
16: James Moore
17: Easter Bradley
18: Andrew Patchin
19: Martin Trecartin
20: Isaac Bostwick
21: Ralph London
22: Sylvanus Whitney
23: Joseph Begar
24: Timothy Peck
25: Nathaniel Gorham
26: Walter Dibblee
27: William Dibblee
28: Ephriam Lane
29: Henry Finch
30: ...
31: George Lyon, Jr.
32: John Mewin

The end of the bluff, John Crabbe --- Group Seven:
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet / possibly part of group 6; or they had more than one lot)
John Fowler
Joseph Lyon
John White
James Crawford
James Rogers
Andrew Patchin
Tyler White Raymond
Martin Trecartin
Isaac Bostwick
George Younghusband
Sylvaneous Whitney
Nathaniel Gorham/Gorum
Wm. Underhill
James Ketchum

Group Eight:  The N/W of Bellisle beginning south of Jenkins Cove
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1 Calep Corser [Carver]
2. Mary Guain & Abr. Donnely
3: Daniel Jenkins
4: Thomas Ketchum
5: Christopher Rupert
(next numbers go backwards)
26: Thomas Walker & Joseph Drew
25: Joseph Teed
24: Jane Maskalyne
23: Wm. Roden & Peter Wallinback
22: Edward Duffel & Anthony Rice
21: Wm. Olive & [Nath.] McKenzie
20: John Hamilton & John Small
19: Dorothy Kingston & Cath. McNeil
18: Jas. Moffot & Wm. Young
17: Ann Drummond & Jas. Rogers
16: Robt. Spence & [Eliza] Mc[Drew]
15: Wm. Small & Wm. Roden
14: John Urquhart
13: Daniel Vail
12: Aaron Fowler
11: Henry Arp
10: Richard Squire

The Parish Line ---

Group Nine: The Kars Section
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
Hay Island - Widow Polley Dibble
Part of Pickett Marsh - James Cookson
1: Abel Beardsley
2: John Holland
3: William Tennant
4: Frederick Dibble
5: Ralph Dibble & Peggy Dibble
6: Mary Lynch
7: Walter, John & Benjamin Chaloner

Group Ten: North side of Tennants Cove
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
Palmers Point - widow Polly Dibble
1: Rufus Green
2: Jacob Scribner
3: Tamerlane Campbell (pre-Loyalist)
4: Robert McKean (pre-Loyalist)
5: Alex Sharp

Group Eleven: To the north of Tennant's Cove
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: Edward Jones
2: John Manchester
3: Abel Beardsley
4: Joseph Dixon
5: Joseph Dixon, Jr.

Group Twelve: Darling's Island
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
12:? Benjamin Darling
1: John [Coaky] & John [Slobo]
2: Charles McPherson
3: Francis [Panart/Parrat]
4: Jas. Reid & Wm. Barclay
5: Wm. Thompson
6: John Jenkins & Duncan McLeod
7: John Handysides & Jos. Nester
8: Susannah Calahan
9: Robert Patulo
10: William Adams
11: John Thompson
12: Robert Napier
13: Thomas Jenkins
14: Alex Reid
15: Arthur Dingwall
16: John Cairnot
17: John Fisher

Group Thirteen: The south side of the island Benjamin Darling
Long Island [Canterville]
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
26: Joseph & Robert Sharpe
27: Phillip Kithland
28: Con's. Hatfield & Vlayton [Tilton]
29: Benjamin Weale
30: William Donald

Group Fourteen: Long Island
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: Henry Betner
2: John Shannack & Thomas Berry
3: > Stephen Pouley
4: > as above
5: John McCraw
6: William Green & Henry Niel
7: Samuel Dickinson
8: John [Perercan]
9: Thomas Morgan
10: Cornelius Dennison
11: Joseph Cutler & Alex Anderson
12: Jennet Grey
13: Joseph Cutler & Alex Anderson
14: Henry [Roame] & Abraham Roame
15: Mary Webber
16: Elizabeth Rogers & William Taylor
17: Smith Hatfield
18: Lawrence Roame
19: Eliphalet Jones
20: Peter Cook & Samuel Sharpe, Jr.
21: John Saunders
22: John & William Force
23: Charles Mc[Laninee]
24: Phillip Force
25: Jacob Cook
26: Joseph & Robert Sharp

Group Fifteen: Midlands - North of Kingston
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: Hezekiah Hoyt
2: David Whitney
3: Doty Underwood
4: John Underwood
5: John Chadyne
6: Samuel Peers
7: John Dan

Group Sixteen: The Midlands - from the Clifton Road, south
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: John Belding
2: Leah Jennings
3: Helen Baxter
4: Samuel Theal
5: Joseph Sharp
6: Robert Sharp

Group Seventeen: next range
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: Henry Whelpley
2: Samuel Whelpley
3: James Whelpley
4: Daniel Whelpley
5: Titus Whelpley
6: John Bennet
7: Paul Kingston
8: Joseph Sleep & Albert White
9: James D. Williams
10: Benjamin White

Group Eighteen: farms along the Long Reach - South from the present Williams Bluff
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: Malachy O'Laughlan
2: [Gamiel] Sharp
3: John Colville
4: Jacob Parson
5: ... no name
6: Thomas Mullin
7: Henry Cronk
8: William Knutton
9: James Wainwright & Andrew Crookshanks

Group Nineteen: - adjoining # 9 above
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
37: James [Fisk/Lisk] & Jas. Bidder
36: Nathaniel Horton
35: Jonathan Burnham
34: William Vermille
33: Wm. Wright & Joseph Brothers
32: Aaron Kningsland
31: Thomas Miles & Thomas Brothers
30: Thomas Bean
29: Thomas Elms
28: James Oram
27: Elizabeth Vail
26: Robert & Calip Merrit

Parish of Westfield line

Group Twenty: the Inland part fo Kars
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: William [MacDonald]
2: John Willigor
3: Jacob Ricker
4: John McDonald
5: > Edward Jones
6: > as above
7: Nathaniel Jones
8: John Jones
9: Robert Jones
10: Jacob Pigion

Group Twenty-one: (place not listed)
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
1: Thomas Braman
2: Isaac VanWart
3: John VanWart

Group Twenty-two: west of Pigion's lot
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
11: Jesse Raymond
12: Silas Raymond
13: F.O. Betts

Group Twenty-three: South of those above
Lot # Name (CBB / no notes located yet)
6: Samuel Dickson
7: [Wilbar] Dickson
8: Richard Dickson
9: David Jones
10: Jesse Jones

Mounted: 1 June 1999
Updated:Sunday, 17-Nov-2002 09:20:22 MST