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Surname-----------------------------Time Frame--------------------------Submitter

ABBOTT -------------------------- abt. 1800 ----------------------

ABBOTT ------------------------------ 1800's


ADAMS ------------------------------------------------------------

AFFOLTER ------------------------------ Town of Lee, 1850 and on

AIKEN ------------------------------ In Floyd

ALLEN -------------------- 1790 to 1840---------------------------

ALLEN ------------------- 1800 to Present OriskanyFalls ----------

ALLEN --------- Remsen, Trenton, Oriskany, Whitestown, Verona, Westmoreland, Utica, Dix, Boonville (mostly in the first 6 towns)1800's 1900's

ANNA ------------------------------- Boonville 1850's onward

ANNSVILLE and Camden/Taberg -
       Ezekiel Cady - son of Charles and Jane Helmer Cady of Montgomery Co.
       David Studdert (Stoddard) Cady - "
       Margaretha Rickert Cady  - wo David Studdert
       Phillip Helmer Cady - so Charles and Jane Cady
       Fanny Edgerton - wo Phillip
       Mary Eber Rice - wo Phillip
       Adeline Carley Cady- daughter of Albert A. and Hannah Covey Carley, wife of Ezekiel
       William Carley - son of Albert and Hannah Carley
       Delaney Cady Carley - daughter of Charles and Jane Cady, wife of William, sister of                       Ezekiel
       John Carley - son of Albert and Hannah Carley, wife unknown
       George Carley - " ho Margaret Elizabeth Wilkes
       Abraham Carley - " - ho Catherine Jefferson
       Rhoda Carley Quackenbush - " - wo Cornelius
       Hannah Carley Wiard - " - wo Jeremy
       Cyrus Carley (later of Clay) - " - spouse unknown
       Malissa Carley Scott - " - wo Benjamin   
       James Carley - " - ho Chestina Tremain
       Samantha Carley Scoville -" - wo Harry

Ezekie had a stove works in Camden in @ 1818-1821. His brother-in-law William Carley operated it with him.  After it was sold to Barker Cobb, they both farmed, as did other members of the family.  Albert died in Camden in 1821 but we can not find a place of burial for him.  To our knowledge, the only family left in Oneida is the Scoville family, others moving on to Constantia, Florence, Hector and/or the Midwest in/by 1835

ARMSTRONG. Ebenezer 

AUCHARD ------------------------- 1700's to 1900's



BABCOCK, Jessie -- Married Caroline Owen daughter of Albe Owen and Amy Stetson

BABCOCK, John- wife________, -------------------- father of Sarah Babcock born 1794-Whitestown,NY,

BAEL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BAILEY, Abraham Loomis ----------- abt. 1800, Paris

BAKER, Chauncey, wife Anna W. Pratt, --------------------------------------- children Dwight, Hannah, Lucy Pratt Baker all of Bridgewater 1799-1830 ---------------------------------


BAKER, Ezekiel and son, Hosea.----------------------------------------

BARKER ---------------------------------- 1810 to 1850 Vernon


BARRETT, Michael and Patrick, ----------------------- Remsen, 1860 - ?

BARRETT, Patrick, ------------------------------ born about 1904 in New York City, brother of George, died about 1975-1977 in Rome, NY. ------



BEAMAN --------------------------- Early to 1820 --------------------------------------

BECK ------------------------------- See UNSEL/UNSELL/UNSELD

BEEKMAN -------------------------- Early to 1820 -------------------------------------

BELLINGER. ------------------------ 1793-1863 Maria Parents ? ----------------------

BELLOSA, Jake ------------------------------ 1840's to 1900? possibly lived on Leed Street in Utica, Religion: German Lutheran. Need information on his wife - no ides of her name, and their children: William Bellosa married Alice Matt in 1897 at St. Joseph's Church in Utica. He ran a butcher shop. Carrie possibly married a Bowers, Mary possibly married a Metzger, Hank, Guss

BENEDICT, Love ------------------------------- See STEVENS, Isreal

BENNETT ------------------------------------------- Utica area

BENNETT ------------------- Somewhere in County before 1815 -----------------------

BERNET -------------------------- 1850 ------------------------------------------------

BEST ----------------------------- Abt 1900 Onward; Utica -----------------------------

BETSINGER ------------------------------ The last named people I have are Jacob and Sarah Mower Betsinger.  Born in Stueben (Jacob) 1810, died Rome, 1869.  Buried Carmichael Hill Cemetery, Rome, Ny.  Sarah born Steuben, 1818, died 1884.  Their sons were John, Edward, and

BETTIS ----------------------------- 1810 to 1850 ---------------------------------------

BEVAN --------------------------- 1880 to 1960 Utica ----------------------------------

BILLINGS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


BIRD ---------------------------- 1910 Onward; Clayville, Sauguoit ---------------------


BURGE -----------------------------in Clinton, New Hartford, Oriskany (Especially connections or recollections re: Birge Bros. Grocers)

BISHOP --------------------1790's New Hartford -Whitstown-Utica

BISHOP -------------------------- 1790's -----------------------------------------------

BLAKE, John 1844 to present. Married Emily Elvira Dunn in 1869 had 8 Children both are buried in Verona Cemetery -----------------------------------------------------------------

BLANKSCHEN ----------------- 1866 On In Rome ---------------------------

BONNER -------------------------- 1800's -------------------------

BOSS ---------------------------- 1785 to 1850 or Later

BOTSFORD John, Jr., -------------------and his wife, Lois   McEwen. They are reported to have lived in the Vernon area
in the early 1800's. Their first child, Louisa Jane, would have been b. abt. 1812/14, and their 2nd child, Julina (Gelina), abt. 1816. Thanks very much.




BOWMAN ------------------------------------------- Utica area 


BOWNE ------------------------ 1600 to present, epecially Clayville, Oneida County, N.Y. (near Paris, N.Y.)--


BRADLEY, George Frederick ------------------------------ Whitesboro, NY --------------

BRANAGEN ------------------------ See MAONAGAHAN

BRENNAN ------------------------------------------- Utica area

BREWSTER ----------------------------------- Primarily interested in Westmoreland, Westernville, Annsville, early 1800s and before

BRIGGS --------------------------Rome, Oneida County New York. In particular 1822 looking for the parents of David Dixon Briggs

BRISSON ---------------------- 1880 to 1960 Utica -----------------------------------

BROCKETT --------------------------- Westmoreland 1800 forward ------------------ --------

BROCKWAY ------------------- ca. 1865 to 1925 ------------------------------------

BROWER ----------------------- Prior to 1830 also in Saratoga -----------------------

BROWER -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

BROWN -----------------------------------------------------------------

BROWN ------------------------ In Rome, Camden, Verona, Westmoreland --

BROWN ------------------ 1850 to 1880 And 1880 to 1960 Utica -------------------

BROWNELL -------------------------------------------- Verona area ---------------------

BUCKLEY, John Lt. ----------------------------------------------140th NY Vol. & Mayor of Utica 1879 & shop owner. B. Rochester, Monroe NY 1842 d. Utica, Oneida Co.

BUDD: Esp. -------------------- looking for family of Leonard BUDD (1802/3-1836), who married Delia Matthews of Camden, Oneida, in


BURLEY, Ernest E. son of Leander Burley And Helen Melissa King. B 1876 married Mary Blake 1873 Verona. Had 3 boys Albert Lester, Emerson John, Lyle Robert all born in Utica -----------------------

BURCH --------------------------------------- Town of Western, 1830 and on ---- ---------------------------

BURRITT, Charles, ---------------------------------------------b CT abt 1746, d 1825 Paris, Oneida; wife Hannah b abt 1758 CT d 1845 Paris. They evidently had no children according to Charles' Revolutionary War pension record, but there were connections to other Burritts in Oneida which I found in Hannah's will. She mentions her nephew, Charles Burritt, Artmesa Hinman (no relation given, but she m Hamlet Hinman), Amy Williams, Charles Webster Burritt, Widow Polly Burritt, Mary Burritt, and my great-grandmother Evelina Stuart (also Stewart) and her mother, Harriet Stuart. Hannah bequeathed Evelina and Harriet lots of goodies, including money (it's a delightful will!) but I wonder, since Hannah and Charles had no children, how this Stewart connection came about. One clue is from the 1840 Oneida Census, where Revolutionary Pensioner, Hannah Burritt, 82 years old, is listed with my gr-gr-grandfather, George Hulse Stewart. So evidently, the Stewarts took care of her, but could there have been a blood connection? I haven't found one

BURROWS -------------------- Boonville -------------------------------------------

BURROWS --------------------------- 1800's -------------------------


BUSH ----------------------------- 1820 to 1850 Sangerfield ----------

BUSH ------------------------------------- 1800's -------------------------

BUTLER, Hiram Erastus ------------- B July 29, 1841 Lee Center Seeking Parents of -----------

BUTTON ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

CADY --------------------------- 1804 to 1850 Vernon and Rome ------------------

CAMPBELL ------------------------------------------------------------------------

CANFIELD, SARAH -------------------------------- See JANES, Joseph

CAPRON ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


CARMAN ---------------------- 1834 ---------------------------------------------

CARMICHAEL -----------------------------New Hartford/Utica/Oriskany 1800s to present

CARMICHAEL ------------------ Boonville ----------------------------------------

CARPENTER ----------------------- Westernville and Boonville 1840's - ------------ or

CARPENTER ------------------------ Floyd Rome 1800 to Now

CARRIER --------------------------- In Westmoreland and Paris -----------

CARRIER --------------------- 1790> Rome, Floyd -------------------------------

CARTER, Robert Steven/Stephen CARTER ------------- born in Utica, NY Aug 1849. He married Ella Whitcomb in Houston,TX and the first three children were born in Houston and died young. The first being Robert. My Grandfather, Chas. Culberson Carter was born in Palestine, TX in Jan 1892 as were the rest of the siblings born and died in Palestine. Robert Steven died in 1912 in Palestine ----------------------------

CARTON ----------------------------- Utica, immigrated from ireland 1861. -------------

CASE ------------------------ 1750 to 1850 ---------------------------------------



CHAMBERLIN/CHAMBERLAIN ------------------------------------------ Oneida Co 1800 census and 1820 to 1830's in Town of Verona Son was there at least untill 1860.

CHWAZIK ----------------------------------------------Utica around 1915 ---------

CHEEVER --------------------- Mid 1800's ----------------------------------------

CHENEY ----------------------- Lived in the town of Vienna from abt 1830 to 1860 before moving west to Iowa. -----

CHESEBRO ------------------------- 1800's 1900's --------------------

CHESEBRO -------------- Augusta, Floyd, Rome 1890 to 1920

CHISOLL ---------------------------- Oneida County 1800s -------------------LAMCELRO@AOL.COM

CHRISTOPHERSON ------------- Abt 1860; Clinton


CLARK ------------------- Left from Oneida Co for Wisconsin in the early 1850's

CLARK ----------------------- Married into Mayhew Family

CLARK, Blanche Florence ---------------- born in 1951

CLOUTE -------------Oriskany/Deansboro/Utica/New Hartford 1910 to present

COE, Simeon ------------------------------------------------------  (1755-1838) m- Eunice Strong(1752-1828) daug of Thomas and Phebe(Seward)Strong and they had 10 children. Simeon came to Paris,NY in 1792 from Durham,Ct. 6th child John Calvin was my GG Grandfather, he moved to Livonia,Livingston, NY wife Anna

COFFIN, Decatur Harrison -------------------------- Born about 1841

COLEGROVE, DeForest and Beatrice ------------------ Seeking kin of DeForest & Beatrice Colegrove (sibs) (Oriskany), Glenn & Aubrey (sibs), Dawes (Oneida County), SPRIGGS (New Hartford) and Elmer Austin (Oneida County) to connect to Reuben S. Birge (1823-1888)

COLWELL --------------------- Dix 1800's -------------------------

CONFREY ---------------------------------- Utica, NY 1840 to 1870 -----------LAMCELRO@AOL.COM

CONFROY ---------------------------------- Utica, NY 1840 to 1870 -----------LAMCELRO@AOL.COM


COOK ------------------------ In Rome, Camden, Verona, Westmoreland

COOK -------------------------- Married into Mayhew Family

COON -------------------------- Verona area

CORDELL ----------------------- Cordell 1800's


COWAN, Nathaniel -------------- 1820 to 1840 Verona

COWLES ------------------------ Abt 1820 Onward; Sangerfield, Winfield

COX, Charles

CRAMER, Oresta ---------------- B Jan, 6, 1860 Married Mary Agnes Palmer 1864 ------

CRINION -------------------------------- Mary Crinion who was supposed to have been born somewhere near Rome, NY in 1842

CROCKER --------------------------------------------------------------------------

CRULLER ----------------------------------------Rufus Cruller came on a ship to Geograph Bay, Perth Australia - He then came to Whangaroa, Northland, New Zealand - He married Rachel Bowyer, they had about 10 children, they lived, worked, brought up a family and died in the district - Edith, a daughter, is my greatgrandmother. Rufus' father was James Cruller - Rufus had a brother called Reuben - It is believed that Rufus mother was a native American women from Oneida County. Does James' name appear in the 1840 US

CUMMINGS ------------------------------------------------------------------------

CULTER ----------------------- See SAUNDERS, Silas

CUTTS ------------------------- Abt 1875 Onward; Sangerfield, Winfield -----------

DAILEY --------------- Somewhere in Oneida & Madison Co 1808? to 1837 -------

DARBY ------------------------------------- Utica, immigrated from Ireland 1861 -----------

DART (Selah M.) ----------------------------------------- 1840


DELAHUNT -------------------------------------------------------------------

DEMPSEY --------------------------- Settled in the "Irish Ridge" area of Verona Township (Dunbarton) near Durhamville in the 1850's ------------




DENNISS ------------------------ From Utica and the surrounding towns of Whitestown and NY Mills ------

DENSLOW -------------------------------------------------------------------------

DEVOE ----------------------------------------------------------------------

DIETZ ------------------------- 1857 to 1919 ---------------------------------------

DILLMAN ---------------------- 1850 To Verona ----------------------------------

DIMMOCK, Diantha ------------- Abt 1795 ----------------------------------------

DINGMAN - Anna Stella Dingman was born in So. Trenton, NY on May 3, 1891; died in Earlville, NY on May 31, 1944. Father's name: Arthur Charles Dingman, born in october 1863 in Pennsylvania. Mother's name: Fredrika Schneider, born on June 14, 1870 in Germany.

DONAHUE ------------------------------------------- Utica area

DONOVAN ------------------------------------------- Utica area

DORN ------------------------- Rome, Boonville and Vernon Center --------------- 

DORRANCE --------------------- From 1800 Utica Area --------------------------

DOWNS ----------------------------------------------------------------

DOWLING ----------------------- 1861 to 1999 -----------------------------------


DRESHER ---------------------- 1880 to 1960 -------------------------------------

DUMKA ------------------------ Abt 1895 Sangerfield and Utica ------------------

DUNN, Emily Elvira -- 4/1/1853-1925 Married John BLAKE in 1869 --------------

DURHAM ----------------------- Abt 1850 Onward; Sangerfield ------------------

DURRENBECK ------------------- 1850 ------------------------------------------

DWYER ------------------------------------------- Utica area

DYE -------------------------------- RI to Madison City to Jefferson Cty to Oneida Cty from 1654 to present

DYGERT ------------------------------- Verona, Oneida area --------

EARING ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

EARL,Julia Ann ----------------------------------- daughter of John earl , she was born in Oneida county New York Nov.5,1821 she married Charles Francis Grant in 1842 in ??? he was reportedly born July 28 1820 in --? New Hampshire

EDDY ----------------------------- Paris

EDWARDS, Ralph -----------------------------------------------born CT, arrived in Paris, Oneida County between 1790 and 1800 with wife Anna Coy or Cory.  Died  1854, Paris. Oneida County.

ELISON --------------------------- Particulary Verona Township --------------


ELMER ------------------------------------------ family from Oneida County, probably town of Western or Rome. Also, does anyone know where Elmer Hill was located and who resided there?

EMERSON ---------------------- Abt 1900 Onward; Utica ------------------------

EMERY  ------------------------------------------- Utica area

EVANS -------------------------- Abt 1840 Onward; Whitetown Area -------------


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