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We all know about "Beta Testing" - a Smart Person writes a neat program or script, then gives it to equally Smart People to see how it works. Well, I am a believer in "Gramma Testing", the next step AFTER "Beta Testing" - will the neat new application be usable by Ordinary People (like GRAMMAS)?

The Smart People at RootsWeb have developed a Search Engine that can be used on "personal" web pages like mine. I "officially" registered my site with RW, and used the code that accesses the powerful search function. This means that YOU can search my site for occurrences of YOUR target surnames.

THIS is MOST COOL (or "KEWL" as my IRC buddies would say)!

Here's where YOU become a "Gramma Tester" - search this site for a surname, then, send me an email message letting me know what happened. Did you find the name(s) you were looking for? Use SSSE as the first part of your message header.

I'd also like to know how to improve the instructions for actually USING the form.

Enter a SURNAME only. Consider running a second (or third) search using any spelling variants. For now, you'll have to use your browser's "back button" to return to the page where you started.

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Many MANY thanks to the Smart People at RootsWeb for developing this neat new tool for searching personal web pages. Show your appreciation for this AND the many fine RW services by becoming a member of RootsWeb. VISIT the ROOTSWEB Main Page and learn about the incredible job that these fine folks are doing for the online research community! Become a member of the ROOTSWEB family; join your fellow genealogists in supporting this most worthwhile project!

Marge Reid--

This page was created 13 May 1999.

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