before 1846

QUINN through WYNN

__SURNAME_ ______Given_______ __COUNTY___ _ LOCALITY _ EMIG _SOURCE __ _______OTHER_INFORMATION/NOTES_____________________
QUINN Anastatia, Miss Kilkenny Ballygriffin (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
QUINN John Monaghan Coolskeagh (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
QUINN Michael (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 85; d 1884, Lot 22
QUINN Robert Wexford New Ross (ng) OBITS 1841-1886; d Cardigan
READE James Kilkenny Thomastown (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
READE John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son of James READE
READY Michael Waterford (unknown) 1814  CEM-18 1793-1863; husb of Mary
REARDON Catherine (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 3/IRE
REARDON Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 2/IRE
REDDIN Denis Queens (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
REDDIN James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son of Denis REDDIN
REGAN Bridget Sligo (unknown) 1844  OBITS 1825-1900; wid of John BUTLER; Ch'town
REID Daniel Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1811-1871; d Ch'town
REID James Kilkenny Flagmount (ng) OBITS Ae 66; d 1866, Cascumpec
REID John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1804-1874; d Ch'town
REID John A. Kilkenny (unknown) 1839  OBITS Ae 71; emig 1839 w parents; d 1900
REILLY Catherine, Mrs. Kilkenny Thomaston 1827  CEM-34 1801-1875; wife of Patrick
REILLY Catherine, Mrs. Kilkenny Thomastown 1829  OBITS Ae 75; emig 1829 w husb Patrick; d 1875
REILLY Gerard (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
REILLY James (unknown) Mt. Meath (ng) CEM-33 1793-1824
REILLY Patrick Kilkenny Thomaston 1827  CEM-34 1789-1854; husb of Catherine
REILLY Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
REILLY Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 5/IRE; 4/PEI
REILLY Widow Tipperary (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
REYNOLDS Malachi, REV Longford Rumlish (ng) REP-Ch'town priest, Ch'town; Drumlish, Killoe 
RICE Mary Kilkenny (unknown) 1828  OBITS 1804-1888; wid of Patrick CARROLL; emig w husb
ROACH James Kilkenny Thomastown 1835  OBITS 1802-1881; Marsh Road
ROACH Moses Carlow (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
ROBERTSON Jane Derry (unknown) 1836  OBITS 1807-1891; wife of Thomas BEER; Bannockburn
ROCHE Mary Maria Clare Ennis (ng) OBITS 1770-1845; wid of James MASON; Lot 49
ROCHFORD Patrick Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1788-1846
ROGERS John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 2/IRE
ROGERS Margaret (unknown) (unknown) 1767  CEM-28 1745-1826; from Kilmunny ; wife of Samuel LEARD
ROGERS Patrick D. Roscommon (unknown) 1841  OBITS 1792-1869; Sgt, 48 Rgmt (1814); Lot 61
RONAYNE Maurice Cork Midleton (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
ROONEY Patrick Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
ROONEY Phillip Fermanagh (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 79; d 1884, Lot 58
RUTH Ellen, Mrs. Limerick (unknown) 1818  OBITS 1812-1886; wid of Henry RUTH; Souris
RYAN Elizabeth Queens (unknown) 1825  CEM-07 1800-1862; wife of Simon LUTTRELL
RYAN John, Sr. Kilkenny (unknown) 1815  OBITS 1783-1865
RYAN Margaret, Mrs. Kilkenny Glesshouse 1825  OBITS 1798-1860; wife of Moses RYAN; Lot 18
RYAN Martin Carlow Borris (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
RYAN Mary, Mrs. Tipperary Thurles 1834  OBITS 1797-1867; wife of Dennis TYAN; Johnstons River
RYAN Mary, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) 1837  OBITS Ae 83; wid of Matthew; emig 1837; d 1899, Marsh Rd
RYAN Matthew Tipperary (unknown) 1827  OBITS Ae 95; emig 1827; d 1893, Marsh Rd
RYAN Matthew Tipperary (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 65; d 1864, Lot 42
RYAN Patrick Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
RYAN Richard Tipperary Cashel (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
SANPHY John Kilkenny (unknown) 1845  CEM-49 1783-1864
SANPHY John Kilkenny (unknown) 1845  OBITS 1780-1864; Lot 51
SCOTT Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1843  ATLAS-80 farmer, South Shore Rd, Lot 65
SCULLY Ann Longford (unknown) 1830  OBITS 1796-1890; wid of John COSTELLO; Bear River
SCULLY Patrick, Esq. Tipperary (unknown) 1822  OBITS 1792-1862; Souris
SELAKAR (?) John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 1/IRE
SHARKEY Patrick Monaghan (unknown) 1842  OBITS 1835-1902; emig w parents
SHARKEY Peter Monaghan (unknown) 1843  OBITS 1833-1901; Corraville
SHEA Francis Tipperary (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1811-1897; emig young ; Indian River
SHEA Jeremiah, Mrs. (unknown) (unknown) 1832  ATLAS-80 Montague Rd, Lot 57
SHEEHAN John Kilkenny New Church (ng) OBITS Ae 82; d 1884, Ch'town
SHEEHAN John Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
SHEEHAN Nora (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-25 4/IRE
SHEEHAN Thomas Monaghan Tedavnet (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
SHEHAN Margaret Cork Midleton (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
SHEHAN Michael Cork Midleton (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
SHEHAN Norah Cork Midleton (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
SHEHAN Patrick Cork (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
SHREENAN John Monaghan Puilford (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
SHREENAN Owen Monaghan (unknown) 1839  OBITS Ae 98; emig 1839; d 1884, Lot 27
SINNOT Peter Wexford (unknown) 1817  OBITS 1790-1877; Morell
SLATTERY George (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son of lt Rob't. Tralee, Kerry
SLATTERY James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son of lt Rob't. Tralee, Kerry
SLATTERY John (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B (ng)
SLATTERY John (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-Barratt's Chairman
SLATTERY John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town neph of lt Rob't; St Andrews College
SLATTERY John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-FtAgstus Ch'town; Chairman
SLATTERY Patrick Tipperary Clonmel (ng) OBITS Ae 57; d 1853
SLUCK Nicholas Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
SMALLMAN Thomas Queens Garryhinch 1825  OBITS 1798-1865; Lot 11
SMITH Ann, Mrs Monaghan (unknown) 1840  OBITS 1810-1888; wife of John SMITH; Lot 26
SMITH Francis Monaghan (unknown) 1841  OBITS 1825-1891; Lot 29
SMITH James (unknown) (unknown) 1835  ATLAS-80 farmer, Anderson Rd, Lot 26
SMITH James (unknown) (unknown) 1839  ATLAS-80 storekeeper, Fort Augustus, Lot 35
SMITH James Monaghan (unknown) 1845  OBITS 1814-1889; 10 Mile House
SMITH John Monaghan (unknown) 1840  OBITS 1809-1893; emig with wife
SPAIN Ellen Tipperary (unknown) 1816  CEM-27 1808-1886; wife of Jeremiah NOONAN
STAGMAN Francis, Mrs. Cavan Coot Hill 1801  OBITS 1761-1849; York River
STANLEY James (unknown) (unknown) 1834  ATLAS-80 shoemaker, Ch'town
STEVENSON Robert (unknown) (unknown) 1842  OBITS 1809-1901; Wheatley River
STEWART James (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-08 1/IRE
SULLIVAN Ellen Waterford Waterford 1816  OBITS 1789-1885; wid/John LAWLESS; emig w husb; Lot 56
SULLIVAN Thomas Antrim Belfast 1818  OBITS (ng)
SWEENY Patrick Tipperary (unknown) 1840  CEM-33 1813-1891
TATE Andrew Wexford New Ross (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TIERNEY James Monaghan Tedavnet (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TOBIN Philip Wexford Curraghduff (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TOBIN Thomas (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 53; d 1848
TOBIN Thomas Wexford Curraghduff (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TOOLE Garret Wexford New Ross (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TOOLE James Wexford Woodbrook (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TOOLE Patrick, Jr. Waterford Kilmacthomas (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TOOLE Patrick, Sr. Waterford Kilmacthomas (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TOOLE William (unknown) Dublin (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TOY Patrick Waterford Carrickbeg (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TRAINER James Monaghan Stramore 1835  OBITS 1787-1867; Lot 36
TRAINER John Monaghan Donagh 1839  OBITS Ae 82; emig 1839; d 1884, Lot 22
TRAINER John (unknown) (unknown) 1839  OBITS Ae 67; emig 1839; d 1883, Johnstons River
TRAINER Michael Monaghan (unknown) 1840  OBITS Ae 87; emig 1840; d 1888
TRAINER Michael Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 76; d 1897
TRAINER Owen Monaghan Rawrutha 1839  OBITS Ae 95; emig 1839; d 1883, Johnstons River
TRAINER Patrick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 73; d 1873
TRAINER Thomas Monaghan (unknown) 1838  OBITS 1808-1898; Emerald
TRAINOR Edward (unknown) (unknown) 1839  ATLAS-80 farmer, Johnsons River, Lot 35
TRAINOR James Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1810-1903; emig young ; Grand River
TRAINOR John (unknown) (unknown) 1840  ATLAS-80 farmer, Donah, Lot 48
TRAINOR Owen Monaghan (unknown) 1840  OBITS 1795-1895; Lot 29
TRAINOR Peter (unknown) (unknown) 1839  ATLAS-80 farmer, Johnsons River, Lot 35
TRAYNER Patrick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 78; d 1873
TRAYNOR James Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
TREANOR Elizabeth, Mrs. Monaghan Tyholland 1840  OBITS Ae 54; wife of John; emig 1840; d 1871
TREANOR Michael Monaghan Scotstown 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
TREANOR Patrick Monaghan Donagh (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TREANOR Patrick Monaghan Tehallen (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TREANOR Peter Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TREANOR Sarah, Mrs. Monaghan Donagh 1839  OBITS 1813-1867; wife/Owen; wid/Peter McNALLY; Hope Riv
TRENOR Miles Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
TROY Thomas Carlow Drumphae/Myshall 1842  OBITS 1806-1863; Lot 66
TROY Thomas Carlow (unknown) 1842  REP-Ch'town (ng)
TUERNEY Mr. Carlow (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
TYNAN Thomas Cork (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1801-1837
WADE John Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
WADE Thomas Galway (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 58; d 1873, St Eleanors
WADE Thomas Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 78; d 1886, Kildare
WALSH Bridget, Mrs. Kilkenny (unknown) 1830  CEM-49 1800-1875; wife of William WALSH
WALSH Bridget, Mrs. Wexford New Ross 1820  OBITS Ae 79; wid/Michael; emig 1820; d 1891, Farmington
WALSH Edward Tipperary (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1816-1859; d Ch'town
WALSH Edward Tipperary Kilvellane (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
WALSH James Waterford (unknown) 1820  OBITS (no age); d 1887
WALSH James Tipperary Nenagh (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
WALSH James Tipperary (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
WALSH John Westmeath Mullingar (ng) OBITS 1813-1840; St Peters Bay
WALSH John Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 53; d 1849, Ch'town
WALSH John Waterford (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1815-1885
WALSH John Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
WALSH Michael Waterford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 67; of Nfd; d 1873, Ch'town
WALSH Michael Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 84; d 1888
WALSH Richard (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B (ng)
WALSH Richard Tipperary Clonmel (ng) REP-Ch'town carpenter 
WALSH Richard Kilkenny Mountneill (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
WALSH Thomas Queens Ballinaskill (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
WALSH Wiliam Kilkenny (unknown) 1830  CEM-49 1805-1891; husb/Bridget
WEEKS Robert Cork (unknown) 1823  OBITS 1792-1863
WEEKS Stephen Queens (unknown) 1824  CEM-67 1795-1869; husb/Elizabeth LARGE
WELSH Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 2/IRE
WELSH Michael Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
WHALEN William (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-25 2/IRE
WHELAN Andrew Kilkenny (unknown) 1822  OBITS Ae 75; emig 1822 w wife, 7 sons, 7 dau; d 1892, Souris
WHELAN John Wexford (unknown) 1829  CEM-34 1778-1860; husb/ Mary
WHELAN John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-25 5/IRE
WHELAN John Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
WHELAN Margaret, Mrs. Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1794-1874; Lot 34; wid/John
WHELAN Mary, Mrs. Wexford (unknown) 1829  CEM-34 1789-1862; wife/John WHELAN
WHELAN Thomas Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 62; d 1876
WHELAN William Monaghan Drumsnat (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
WHITE Edward Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 67; d 1842
WHITE James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-FtAgstus (ng)
WISE James Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
WOOD Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1840  OBITS 1823-1900; emig w parents; Lake Verd, Lot 48
WOODS John W. (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Barratt's Miscouche; Warden
WRIGHT Jessey (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 1/IRE
WYNN James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son/Wm. WYNN
WYNN John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son/Wm. WYNN
WYNN Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1840  ATLAS-80 farmer, Emyvale Corner, Lot 65
WYNN Patrick Monaghan Tydavnet 1842  OBITS 1809-1869; d Lot 31
WYNN Patrick Monaghan Puilford (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
WYNN Thomas Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
WYNN William Monaghan Puilford (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)



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