before 1846


__SURNAME_ ______Given_______ __COUNTY___ _ LOCALITY _ EMIG _SOURCE __ _______OTHER_INFORMATION/NOTES_____________________
MacDONALD James (Sandy) (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-FtAgstus of Glenfinnan
MacDONALD James, Jr. (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B Portage; Warden
MacKAY James Wexford Newbawn (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
MacKAY James Wexford Newbawn (ng) REP-Tryon (ng)
MADDOX Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
MAGHER William Tipperary (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1783-1863
MAHAR Edmond Tipperary Mullinahone (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MAHAR Thomas Tipperary Mullinahone (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MAHER Dennis Tipperary Mullinahone (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MALONEY James Limerick (unknown) 1820 OBITS 1783-1862;
MARTIN John Monaghan (unknown) 1839 OBITS 1823-1895; Summerside
MAYBOLE William (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 1/IRE; 7/SCO
McADAM James Armagh Derramuse 1841 OBITS 1817-1880; Lot 48
McADAM Peter (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, Donah, Lot 48
McALEER Ann, Mrs. Monaghan Tyholland 1839 OBITS 1816-1884; wife of Owen; Hope River
McALEER Owen Monaghan (unknown) 1839 CEM-22 1812-1895; husb of Ann KEENAN
McALISTER John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
McAREE Bernard Monaghan Tyholland 1835 OBITS 1764-1839; emig in Spring
McARTY John Down (unknown) (ng) CEM-33 1792-1829
McCAHY Michael (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McCARDILL John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McCARDLE John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 5/IRE
McCARDLE Rose, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) 1836 OBITS 1807-1871; wife of Michael; Lot 30
McCARRON Barnabas Monaghan Knockaturly (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McCARRON Catherine, Mrs. Monaghan Tydavnet (ng) OBITS 1792-1862; wife of Jas. McCARRON; d Ch'town
McCARRON James Monaghan Puilford (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McCARRON James Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McCARRON John Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
McCARRON John (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B Frenchfort; Warden
McCARRON Patrick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 75; d 1873
McCARTHY Catherine (Miss) (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McCARTHY Daniel Limerick (unknown) 1832 OBITS Ae 97; emig 1832; d 1863, Cablehead
McCARTHY Daniel Limerick (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 78; d 1893, Morell
McCARTHY Denis Limerick Cappamore (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McCARTHY Jane, Mrs Queens (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 72; wid/ Michael McCARTHY; d 1890, Ch'town
McCARTHY Jeremiah Cork Queenstown (ng) OBITS Ae 63; d 1886, Souris
McCARTHY Johanna, Mrs. Cork Everary (ng) OBITS Ae 77; d 1880
McCARTHY Patrick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 76; emig as youth; d 1888, Ch'town
McCARTHY Thomas Kerry (unknown) 1832 OBITS Ae 85; emig 1832; d 1883, Johnstons River
McCARVILE Francis (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-25 8/IRE
McCARVILL Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, Anderson Rd, Lot 26
McCLEARY James (unknown) (unknown) 1839 ATLAS-80 farmer, Lake Verd, Lot 48
McCLEARY Patrick Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 87; d 1897, Ch'town
McCLEARY Peter (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-FtAgstus (ng)
McCOURT Constantine Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McCOURT Margaret, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) 1840 OBITS 1812-1899; wid of Bernard; Kinkora
McCOURT Peter (unknown) (unknown) 1838 ATLAS-80 farmer, Emyvale Corner, Lot 65
McCULLA Michael Louth Dundalk 1844 OBITS 1809-1900; Greenvale
McDADE Margaret, Miss Armagh (unknown) 1841 OBITS 1817-1863; emig with mother, sister
McDONALD Alice, Mrs. (unknown) (unknown) 1833 ATLAS-80 wife of Allen; Anderson Rd, Lot 26
McDONALD Donald (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
McDONALD Donald, Jr. (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
McDONALD James (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
McDONALD Roderick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
McDONALD Thomas Tyrone (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 75; d 1860, Georgetown Road
McDONNELL Mary (Miss) Monaghan Tehallen (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McDOUGALD Roderick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
McELROY Peter Monaghan Tedavnet (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McENALLY John Carlow (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
McEWEN John Armagh (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McGARY Terrance Monaghan (unknown) 1841 CEM-58 1807-1884
McGEE Ann Armagh (unknown) 1843 OBITS 1821-1903; wife/Francis HUGHES; emig w husb; Tignish
McGILL Arthur Antrim (unknown) 1830 OBITS 1794-1891; Lot 19
McGILL Arthur Antrim (unknown) 1830 REP-Bedeque (ng)
McGINN Margaret Monaghan (unknown) 1836 OBITS Ae 74; wife/Angus MacINNIS; d 1892, CentreLine Rd
McGINNIS James Monaghan Donagh (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McGOODWIN Felix (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McGRATH James (unknown) CowenWorth 1819 CEM-01 1782-1850
McGRATH Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1825 ATLAS-80 farmer, Covehead Rd, Lot 34
McGUIGAN Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1841 ATLAS-80 farmer, New London Rd, Lot 22
McGUIGAN Michael Armagh Armagh 1840 OBITS 1821-1896
McGUIRK Patrick Cavan (unknown) 1839 CEM-36 1821-1896; husb of Alice
McHALE James (unknown) (unknown) 1843 ATLAS-80 merchant
McINNIS Ellen Monaghan (unknown) 1840 CEM-58 1824-1902; wife of Owen McKENNA
McINTYRE John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McINTYRE Roderick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McINTYRE William Fermanagh (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 74; d 1876
McKANA James (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 6/IRE
McKAY Michael Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McKENNA Ann (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 64; d 1883
McKENNA Anne, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McKENNA Bernard Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
McKENNA Bernard (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McKENNA Bridget, Miss Monaghan Donagh (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McKENNA Catherine Monaghan (unknown) 1840 OBITS 1823-1901; wife/Peter CONNOLLY; emig/parents; Emyvale
McKENNA Charles Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1818-1840
McKENNA Ferdinand Monaghan (unknown) 1840 OBITS Ae 78; emig 1840; d 1889, St Marys Rd
McKENNA Hugh Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McKENNA James Monaghan (unknown) 1841 CEM-36 1789-1869; husb of Margaret
McKENNA James Monaghan (unknown) 1812 CEM-58 ????-1860
McKENNA James Monaghan (unknown) 1838 OBITS Ae 57; emig 1838; d 1868, Ch'town
McKENNA James Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town brother of James
McKENNA John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 56; d 1889, Ch'town
McKENNA John Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McKENNA Owen (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, Vernon River Rd, Lot 50
McKENNA Owen Monaghan (unknown) 1840 CEM-58 1821-1903; husb of Ellen McINNIS
McKENNA Patrick Fermanagh (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 90; d 1890, Monaghan Rd
McKENNA Patrick Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McKENNA Patrick Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McKENNA Peter Monaghan Donagh (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McKENNA Rose Ann, Mrs. Monaghan Donagh (ng) OBITS 1818; wife of John A. McKENNA
McKENZIE John (unknown) (unknown) 1844 ATLAS-80 farmer, Rose Valley, Lot 67
McKIERNEY William Monaghan Kilmore (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McKINNON Alexander (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McKOAN Patrick Monaghan (unknown) 1835 OBITS 1797-1865; Montague
McLARAN Peter (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
McLAUGHLAN James, Jr. Donegal Donegal Town (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
McLAUGHLAN James, Sr. Donegal Donegal Town (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
McLAUGHLIN James Fermanagh Cookstown 1830 OBITS 1799-1888; Peakes
McLEER Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1839 ATLAS-80 farmer, St Patricks Rd, Lot 22
McLELLAN Alexander (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McLELLAN Angus (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McLELLAN Angus (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McLELLAN Donald (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McLELLAN James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McLELLAN John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McLENNAN Alexander (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
McLENNAN Angus (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
McLENNAN Donald, Jr. (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
McMAHON Ann Monaghan (unknown) 1844 OBITS 1833-1901; wid of John CASH; emig with parents
McMAHON Syon Clare (unknown) 1828 OBITS 1802-1864
McMANUS Owen Monaghan Kilmore 1841 CEM-36 1809-1868; husb of Catherine
McMANUS Owen Monaghan Kilmore 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
McMULLEN Donald (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McMURRY Arthur Monaghan Glaslough (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McNABE Margaret, Miss Armagh (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McNALLY John Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 83; d 1884, Ch'town
McNALLY Peter Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 73; d 1864, Desable
McNAUGHTON Francis (unknown) (unknown) 1837 ATLAS-80 blacksmith, Cornwall, Lot 32
McNAUGHTON Francis Monaghan Ballybay (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McNEIL Hector (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McNEIL Hugh (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McNIEL Malcolm (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
McNORTON Francis Monaghan Ballybay (ng) REP-Ch'town ( McNAUGHTON ?)
McNUTT James (unknown) Londonderry 1781 OBITS 1759-1835
McNUTT James, J.P. (unknown) Derrymore 1781 CEM-18 1780-1855; husb of Penelope
McPHEDY John Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
McPHEE Andrew (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
McPHEE Andrew (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B Black River; Warden
McPHEE John Monaghan Rockcorry 1843* REP-10Mile-A John PHEE
McPHEE Peter Monaghan Rockcorry 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
McPHILIPS Owen (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McQUADE Francis (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B St Peters Rd; Warden
McQUADE John Monaghan Donagh (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
McQUAID Elizabeth, Miss Monaghan (unknown) 1830 OBITS Ae 82; emig 1830; sister of Francis; d 1888, Souris East
McQUAID Francis Monaghan Carnahoe 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
McQUAID James Monaghan Carnahoe 1843* REP-10Mile-A Carnowen, parish of Killeevan
McQUAID John Monaghan Carnahoe 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
McQUAID Mary Monaghan (unknown) 1830 OBITS Ae 73; emig 1830; wife of Jas. Moynagh; d 1888, Souris
McQUAID Michael Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 77; d 1892, Ch'town
McQUAID Sarah Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 65; d 1866, Desable
McTAGUE James (unknown) (unknown) 1845 ATLAS-80 RR station agent, Morell, Lot 39
McWADE Henry (unknown) (unknown) 1798 ATLAS-80 farmer, Johnsons River, Lot 35
McWADE John Monaghan Tedavnet 1841 OBITS Ae 95; emig 1841; d 1892
McWEID John Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MEAGHER Michael Tipperary (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MEIKLE James (unknown) (unknown) 1843 ATLAS-80 farmer, Malpeque Rd, Lot 32
MEIKLE John (unknown) (unknown) 1843 ATLAS-80 farmer, Malpeque Rd, Lot 23
MILLIGAN Dennis (unknown) (unknown) 1841 ATLAS-80 farmer, Cardigan Rd, Lot 51
MIRRIGAN Maurice Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MITCHELL Mary, Mrs. Queens Stradbelly 1825 OBITS ????-1865; wife of William
MONAGHAN Catherine, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) 1838 OBITS 1789-1884; wid of Patrick; Lot 29
MONAGHAN John (unknown) (unknown) 1810 ATLAS-80 farmer, Georgetown Rd, Lot 48
MONAGHAN Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, St Marys Rd, Lot 61
MONAGHAN Patrick Monaghan (unknown) 1839 OBITS 1814-1892; Lot 29
MONAGHAN Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1834 ATLAS-80 saw mill, New Zealand, Lot 44
MOONEY Daniel Antrim (unknown) 1821 CEM-45 1806-1873
MOONEY Daniel Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 95; d 1893
MOONEY Harry, Sr. (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B (age 74)
MOONEY Henry Monaghan (unknown) 1830 CEM-36 1769-1848; husb of Mary
MOONEY Henry Monaghan Donagh (ng) OBITS Ae 78; d 1848
MOONEY Henry, Jr. Monaghan (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MOONEY John Monaghan Donagh 1830 OBITS Ae 73; emig 1830-32; d 1888, 10 Mile Hse, Lot 35
MOONEY John Monaghan Doangh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MOONEY L., Mrs. Monaghan Doangh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MOONEY Patrick Monaghan (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MOONEY Robert Monaghan Donagh 1831 OBITS Ae 84; emig 1831; d 1886
MOONEY Robert Monaghan (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MOONEY Robert Monaghan (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MOONEY Robert (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B Mill Cove; Warden
MOONEY Ross (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1793-1873
MOONEY Susan (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1806-1876
MORAN James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1818-1900; emig young ; Lot 11
MORNEY Henry Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MORRIS John Carlow (unknown) 1819 CEM-33 1794-1881; husb of Annabella McNUTT
MORRISEY Thomas Kilkenny (unknown) 1830 CEM-58 1810-1896; husb of Elizabeth
MORRISON Johanna Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1800-1893; wid/Peter; emig yr of BigMiramichi Fire; Lot 18
MORRISON Mrs. Kerry Tralee (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MORRISON Niel (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MORRISON Patrick Monaghan Tehallan (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
MOYNAGH Edward Monaghan Donagh (ng) OBITS Ae 54; d 1868, No. Bedeque
MOYNAGH Elizabeth (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1773-1892; to Nfd; to PEI in18?4
MOYNAGH James Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MOYNAGH John Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
MOYNAGH John (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B (ng)
MOYNAGH John Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MUIRHEAD Lelitia, Mrs. Wicklow (unknown) 1842 OBITS 1787-1870; Lot 16
MULLALLY Lawrence (unknown) (unknown) 1840 ATLAS-80 farmer, Kensington, Lot 19
MULLALLY Lawrence Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MULLALLY Mary, Mrs. Tipperary (unknown) 1830 OBITS 1783-1863; wife/James; Lot 31
MULLALLY Michael Tipperary (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 78; d 1883, Ch'town
MULLIGAN Felix (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-Barratt's Southwest; Warden
MULLIGAN Luttrell Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MULLIGAN Owen Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MULLIGAN Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1831 ATLAS-80 farmer, Middleton Rd, Lot 26
MULLIN Edward (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MULLIN Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1835 ATLAS-80 farmer, Kensington, Lot 19
MULLIN Michael Tyrone (unknown) 1835 OBITS Ae 86; emig 1835; d 1884, Lot 19
MULLIN Michael Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MULLIN Peter Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MULLIN Peter T. (unknown) (unknown) 1835 ATLAS-80 farmer, Kensington, Lot 19
MURNAGHAN John Monaghan (unknown) 1842 OBITS 1813-1893; Johnstons River
MURPHY Patrick Carlow (unknown) 1835 OBITS Ae 82; emig bef 1836; d 1861, Covehead Rd
MURPHY Andrew (unknown) (unknown) 1834 ATLAS-80 farmer, Georgetown Rd, Lot 66
MURPHY Andrew Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1803-1884
MURPHY Catherine Wexford (unknown) 1836 OBITS 1813-1891; wid/Michael WHITE; emig w husb; Lot 20
MURPHY Catherine, Mrs Kilkenny (unknown) 1819 OBITS Ae 79; wife of Richard MURPHY; emig 1819; d 1867, Lot 51
MURPHY Catherine, Mrs Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 79; wife of Jos. MURPHY; d 1893, Morelll
MURPHY Dennis Cork (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MURPHY Ellen Monaghan (unknown) 1842 CEM-67 1812-1886; wife of John CROKEN
MURPHY Felix Monaghan Kileevin 1842 OBITS Ae 68; emig 1842; d 1884
MURPHY Francis Monaghan Aghaboy (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MURPHY James Waterford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 84; d 1860
MURPHY John Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MURPHY John T. (unknown) (unknown) 1838 ATLAS-80 farmer, Newton Rd, Lot 26
MURPHY Joseph Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 86; d 1895, Morell
MURPHY Lawrence (unknown) (unknown) 1822 ATLAS-80 farmer, South Shore Rd, Lot 65
MURPHY Mary, Mrs. Carlow (unknown) 1823 CEM-65 1770-1866; wife of Matthew MURPHY
MURPHY Mathew Wexford Clonard (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MURPHY Matthew (unknown) (unknown) 1832 ATLAS-80 farmer, China Point Rd, Lot 50
MURPHY Matthew Carlow (unknown) 1823 CEM-65 1782-1872; husb of Mary
MURPHY Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-25 5/IRE
MURPHY Patrick Monaghan (unknown) 1840 OBITS Ae 67; emig 1840; d 1867
MURPHY Patrick Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
MURPHY Patrick Wexford Ballymurphy (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MURPHY Peter Carlow (unknown) 1829 CEM-65 1815-1877
MURPHY Peter Wexford (unknown) 1811 OBITS Ae 82; emig 1811 w parents to Lot 18; d 1890, Millvale
MURPHY William Wexford Clonard (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
MURRAY John Kings (unknown) 1818 OBITS 1786-1868; Lot 67
MURRAY Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1816 ATLAS-80 farmer, Middleton Rd, Lot 26
MURRAY Thomas Fermanagh (unknown) 1842 CEM-36 1804-1891; emig 1842; husb of Mgt CROKEN
MURTAGH James Armagh (unknown) 1840 OBITS 1793-1884; Lot 26
MUTCH Mary (unknown) (unknown) 1827 ATLAS-80 Mermaid Farm, Lot 48
NADDY Honor Kilkenny (unknown) 1830 CEM-49 1799-1859
NEALE Edward Kilkenny Ballincurra (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
NEALE James Kilkenny Ballincurra (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
NEILL Richard Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 75; d 1860
NOLAN Edward, Cap'n Wexford New Ross (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
NOONAN Davy (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-25 3/IRE
NOONAN Jeremiah Tipperary (unknown) 1816 CEM-27 1795-1884; husb of Ellen SPAIN
NOONAN Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1823 ATLAS-80 farmer, Searletown Rd, Lot 26
NORTH Thomas Wexford New Ross (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
O'BAINE Gregory Kilkenny (unknown) 1828 CEM-49 1783-1843; husb of Catherine
O'BRIAN Bryan (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 85; d 1885
O'BRIEN Dennis Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 86; d 1891
O'BRIEN James Waterford Clashmore (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
O'BRIEN Martin (unknown) (unknown) 1836 ATLAS-80 farmer, Alma, Lot 3
O'CALLAGHAN Margaret P. (unknown) (unknown) 1830 ATLAS-80 Montague Cross, Lot 58
O'CALLAGHAN Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1825 ATLAS-80 farmer, Montague Cross, Lot 58
O'CONNEL James Waterford Waterford City (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
O'CONNOR Daniel Cork (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 68; d 1856
O'CONNOR Edward Wexford (unknown) 182? CEM-01 1806-1871
O'CONNOR James (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B Sandhills; Warden
O'CONNOR James (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-Barratt's Wilmot Creek; Warden
O'CONNOR John Morgann (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-FtAgstus (ng)
O'CONNORS James Kilkenny Graiguenamanagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
O'DOINNELL Patrick Mayo (unknown) 1831 OBITS 1796-1880; husb of Jane; Pisquid, Lot 49
O'DONNELL Ellen K. (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 Pisquid Rd, Lot 49
O'HALLORAN Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1818 ATLAS-80 farmer, Lot 7
O'KANE Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B pres, St Andrews College
O'LARY Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
O'MARA Rebecca, Mrs. Kings (unknown) 1818 OBITS 1778-1861; wid of M. O'MARA; Cascumpec
O'MEARA Bridget, Mrs. (unknown) (unknown) 1830 OBITS 1812-1890; wife of William; Newtown Cross
O'NEIL Arthur Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 72; d 1882, Ch'town
O'NEIL Arthur Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
O'NEIL James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
O'NEILL Mary Monaghan ??ryholland (ng) CEM-36 1885-1841; wife of John McQUAID
O'ROURKE James (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, Kildare, Lot 3
O'SHEA Francis Tipperary (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 86; d 1897, Indian River
O'SHEA Mathew Tipperary (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
OWENS Violet Tyrone (unknown) 1812 OBITS 1781-1872; wife of John SMALLWOOD; St Andrews
PAW (?) Joseph (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-12 1/IRE
PENDERGAST John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-10 4/IRE
PENDERGAST John Kilkenny (unknown) 1833 OBITS 1777-1845
PERKINS James (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-Barratt's Southwest; Warden
PERKINS John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
PERRY Paul (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
PHAIR Ann (unknown) (unknown) 1822 ATLAS-80 wife of ??? ROSS, Pinette Rd, Lot 58
PHALEN Mary Kilkenny (unknown) 1832 OBITS 1825-1892; wife/Daniel SINNOTT; emig 1832; MorellRear
PHELAN John Wexford Houistown (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
PHELAN Martin Waterford Carrickbeg (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
PHELAN Thomas (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 79; d 1866, Tracadie
PHELAN Walter Waterford Carrickbeg (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
PHELAN William, REV (unknown) (unknown) 1837 ATLAS-80 priest, RC, Montague Bridge, Lot 59
PIGEON John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
POLLARD Catherine W. (unknown) (unknown) 1843 ATLAS-80 Albany Plain, Lot 49
POLLARD Mary, Mrs. Kilkenny (unknown) 1837 CEM-34 1802-1880; wife of Joseph POLLARD
POLLARD William (unknown) (unknown) 1843 ATLAS-80 farmer, Albany Plain, Lot 49
POLLARD William Tipperary (unknown) 1844 OBITS 1822-1885; Lot 49
POPE Joseph (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 3/IRE
POWER Edward Tipperary Mullinglock (ng) OBITS 1798-1901
POWER James Wexford (unknown) 1818 OBITS Ae 76; emig 1818; d 1864
POWER James Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
POWER John Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
POWER Mary, Mrs Tipperary Carrick-on-Suir 1818 OBITS Ae 79; wid of Jas. POWER; emig 1818; d 1867, Irishtown
POWER Mary, Mrs. Waterford (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1798-1843; wife of Pierce POWER
POWER Mrs. Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
POWER Patrick Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
POWER Pierce Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
POWER Simon (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 2/IRE
POWER Thomas Waterford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 69; d 1855
POWER William Waterford Stradbally (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
POWERS Martin (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, Mermaid Cove, Lot 48
PRAUGHT Martin (unknown) (unknown) 1837 ATLAS-80 carpenter, Albany Plain, Lot 49
PRICE Richard Kilkenny Callan (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)



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