before 1846

EGAN through LYONS

__SURNAME_ ______Given_______ __COUNTY___ _ LOCALITY _ EMIG _SOURCE __ _______OTHER_INFORMATION/NOTES_____________________
EGAN John Cork (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
EGAN Martin Tipperary (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
FEEHAN Anne Monaghan Donagh 1842 CEM-36 1800-1850; wife of Felix CONNOLLY
FEEHAN Ellen, Mrs. Tipperary (unknown) 1842 OBITS 1790-1872; wid of Felix; SavageHarbour, Lot 38
FERRIS Daniel Cork (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
FEURE William Kilkenny Loguettetown (ng) REP-Ch'town (Licketstown, Portnascully)
FINEGAN Patrick Armagh (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
FINLAY James (unknown) Belfast 1832 OBITS Ae 92; emig 1832; d 1875
FITZPATRICK J., Mrs. Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10 Mile-A (ng)
FITZPATRICK James Queens Portarlington 1843* REP-10 Mile-A (ng)
FITZPATRICK William (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10 Mile-B Ch'town; Chairman
FITZPATRICK William Wexford Ardamine (ng) REP-Ch'town Riverchapel
FLANNIGAN John Fermanagh (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
FLEMING Patrick Wexford (unknown) 1818 OBITS 1791-1881; Lot 28
FLEMMING Mary Tipperary (unknown) 1839 CEM-01 1809-1871; emig 1839; wife of John BRODERICK
FLINN James Fermanagh Rosslea (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
FLOOD John (unknown) (unknown) 1833 ATLAS-80 farmer, Cross Rds, Lot 48
FLOOD Martin Wexford Kiltealy (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
FLOOD Peter Wexford Stonepark (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
FLYNN Richard (unknown) (unknown) 1839 ATLAS-80 farmer, Fortune Rd, Lot 42
FLYNN Richard Tipperary (unknown) 1832 CEM-41 1817-1882; husb of Mary HUGHES
FOGARTY Ellen Tipperary Loughmore 1830 OBITS 1794-1864; wife of Patr. BERGEN; d Lot 31
FOGARTY Patrick Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
FOLEY Moses (unknown) CowenWorth 1816 CEM-01 1781-1855
FOLEY William (unknown) (unknown) 1820 ATLAS-80 farmer, South Shore Rd, Lot 65
FORAN Mark Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 St James Parish
FORRISTAL Edward Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1811-1846
FORRISTAL Michael (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
FORRISTAL Patrick Waterford Compile (ng) REP-Ch'town (Camphire, Lismore)
FOWLER Richard Cork Youghal (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
FRENCH John Wexford (unknown) 1816 CEM-61 1778-1863
FRIZZELL Thomas Antrim (unknown) 1830 CEM-67 1810-1884; husb of Mary N.
FUNEHAN James Kilkenny Callan (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
GAFFNEY Patrick Wexford Oulart (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
GARLAND John Armagh (unknown) 1842 OBITS 1813-1891; Fort Augustus
GARLAND Thomas Armagh (unknown) 1842 OBITS 1800-1886
GARRETT James Galway Ballinasloe 1812 OBITS 1781-1876; StPeters Bay
GAUL P. (unknown) (unknown) 1840 ATLAS-80 merchant, Montague Bridge, Lot 52
GIBBS Peter (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 2/IRE
GIBSON Robert Londonderry (unknown) 1819 OBITS 1778-1842
GILLIGAN John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son of Patrick GILLIGAN
GILLIGAN Patrick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 74; d 1854
GILLIGAN Patrick (unknown) Athlone (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
GILLIS John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
GOFF John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-12 2/IRE
GOODWIN James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1818-1842; Chatham
GORMAN Alice Tipperary Currahone 1833 OBITS 1798-1893; wid of Patrick KIRWIN; emig 60+ yrs ago
GORMLEY Jane, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) 1841 OBITS 1821-1888; wife of James; StMarys Road
GORMLEY Mary Monaghan (unknown) 1842 OBITS 1821-1894; wid of James COOGAN; St Theresa's
GOUGH Ellen, Mrs. Wexford (unknown) 1831 OBITS 1808-1886; wid of John; Lot 10
GRANT Richard Kilkenny (unknown) 1827 OBITS 1795-1867; Lot 50
GREENAN Bridget Monaghan (unknown) 1841 OBITS 1818-1885; wid of Thomas CURLEY; Freetown
GREENAN James Monaghan Kilmore 1840 OBITS 1798-1869; Lot 26
GREENAN John (unknown) (unknown) 1839 OBITS 1836-1905; emig w parents; Lot 9
GRIFFEN Morris (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 3/IRE
GRIFFEN Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
GRIFFIN Thomas Kilkenny (unknown) 1822 OBITS 1810-1893; Lot 65
GRINSELL Alice, Mrs. Kilkenny (unknown) 1840 OBITS 1819-1887; wife of Edward; Lot 45
GRINSON Andrew Wexford New Ross (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
GRUMBY Barnabas Armagh Tynan (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
GRUMLEY James, Jr. Armagh (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
GRUMLEY James, Sr. Armagh Dugary (ng) REP-Ch'town (Doogary, Tynan)
HABERLIN James Waterford (unknown) 1840 OBITS 1815-1887; Murray Harbour
HACKETT (female) Kings (unknown) 1821 OBITS 1816-1902; wife/John LANIGAN; sis/Edward; Murray Hrbr
HAGAN Andrew Monaghan Tyholland 1838 OBITS 1814-1891; Emyvale, Lot 65
HAGAN Francis Tyrone (unknown) 1845 OBITS 1817-1885; emig over 40 yrs ago; Ch'town
HAGAN Thomas Monaghan (unknown) 1830 OBITS 1820-1905; emig ca 1830; Kellys Cross
HAGAN William (unknown) (unknown) 1843 ATLAS-80 farmer, Millvale Rd, Lot 21
HALFPENNY Andrew (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 6/IRE
HALLERON Mathias C. Kerry (unknown) 1820 CEM-44 1805-1872
HANIFIN Patrick Kerry (unknown) 1832 CEM-?? 1787-1887
HARNEY Joanna, Mrs. (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1780-1840; wife of Michael
HARNEY Michael (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
HARRINGTON James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
HARRINGTON John (unknown) (unknown) 1829 ATLAS-80 farmer, Hope River, Lot 22
HARVEY Arthur (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 1/IRE; 3/ENG
HASLAM Thomas Queens (unknown) 1818 CEM-67 1783-1865
HASLAM William (unknown) (unknown) 1818 ATLAS-80 farmer, Ch'town Rd, Lot 67
HASLAM William (unknown) (unknown) 1817 OBITS 1811-1888; emig w father, Thomas to St Eleanors
HAYES Bridget, Miss (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
HAYES Richard, Esq. Waterford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 65; d 1863, Halifax; of Morell
HAYLEY John Kings (unknown) (ng) CEM-49 1760-1810
HEANEY Martin Tipperary (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (Nine Mile Huse)
HENNESSEY Patrick Wexford (unknown) 1815 CEM-36 1784-1868; husb of Mary, father of William
HENNESY John Cork Youghal (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
HERON James Donegal (unknown) 1830 OBITS 1800-1893; Glasgow Irish
HICKEY Patrick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 62; d 1897, Alberton
HICKEY Peter, Sr. Queens (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
HICKEY Thomas (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
HICKEY William (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
HOGAN Patrick Kilkenny (unknown) 1832 OBITS 1804-1887; Morell
HOGAN Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1837 OBITS husb of Sarah McFADDEN; Bedeque; North Cape
HOGAN Roderick Tipperary (unknown) 1835 OBITS 1819-1895; South Shore
HOLLORAND Morris (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
HOLLORAND Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
HOOPER Artemas (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 2/IRE
HOOPER Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 3/IRE
HOWARD Robin (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 2/IRE
HOWELL John Kilkenny (unknown) 1803 OBITS 1770-1849; Charlottetown
HOWLEN George (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son of the Widow HOWLEN
HOWLEN Widow Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
HOWLEN William Wexford (unknown) (ng) CEM-33 1809-1842
HUGHES Alice, Mrs. Monaghan Tyholland (ng) OBITS 1797-1887; wife/Patrick
HUGHES Andrew (unknown) (unknown) 1812 ATLAS-80 farmer, Old Malpeque Rd, Lot 25
HUGHES Andrew Monaghan (unknown) 1841 OBITS 1810-1880; d Lot 35
HUGHES Bernard (unknown) (unknown) 1835 OBITS Ae 72; emig 1835; d 1897, Avondale
HUGHES Daniel Monaghan Tyholland 1847 OBITS Ae 85; emig 1847; d 1887
HUGHES Edward Monaghan (unknown) 1840 OBITS Ae 78; emig 1840; d 1893, Ch'town
HUGHES Edward Armagh Middleton (ng) OBITS Ae 67; d 1867, Lot 27
HUGHES Ellen, Mrs. Armagh (unknown) 1842 OBITS 1813-1894; wid/James M.; St Marys Rd
HUGHES Francis Armagh (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
HUGHES James Monaghan Donagh (ng) OBITS Ae 66; d 1885
HUGHES James Monaghan Donagh (ng) OBITS Ae 66; d 1885, Ch'town
HUGHES James Monaghan Tehallan 1843* REP-10 Mile-A (ng)
HUGHES James M. (unknown) (unknown) 1842 OBITS d 1863; emig 1842 w wife Ellen, 3 ch
HUGHES John Kings Garryhinch 1820 OBITS Ae 77; emig bef 1820; d 1860, Lot 11
HUGHES John Armagh (unknown) 1841 OBITS Ae 86; emig 1841; d 1906
HUGHES Margaret, Mrs. Kings Garryhinch 1820 OBITS Ae 87; wid/John; emig 1820; d 1870, Lot 11
HUGHES Owen (unknown) (unknown) 1840 ATLAS-80 farmer, County Line, Lot 67
HUGHES Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1835 ATLAS-80 farmer, St Peters Rd, Lot 35
HUGHES Patrick Monaghan Aghnasedagh (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
HUGHES Patrick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-FtAgstus (ng)
HUGHES Phillip Armagh (unknown) 1834 OBITS Ae 94; emig 1834; d 1881, Hunter River
JOHNSON John (unknown) (unknown) 1831 ATLAS-80 farmer, Margate Rd, Lot 19
JOHNSON Richard Monaghan Tydavnet 1841 OBITS 1827-1908; Kinkora
JOHNSTON Richard (unknown) (unknown) 1828 ATLAS-80 farmer, Middleton Rd, Lot 26
JOHNSTON Richard Monaghan (unknown) 1841 CEM-27 1827-1908
KAVANAGH John Monaghan Aghabog (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KAVANAGH John Terence Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
KAVANAGH Michael Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KAVANAGH Terence Monaghan Aghnamullen (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KEARNEY John (unknown) (unknown) 1824 OBITS 1794-1876
KEATING John Wexford Adamstown (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KEEFE Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-25 1/IRE
KEENAN Ann Monaghan (unknown) 1839 CEM-22 1816-1884; wife of Owen McALEER
KEENAN Bridget Queens (unknown) 1819 OBITS 1798-1867; Ch'town
KEHOE Martin (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-Barratt's Bedeque Rd; Warden
KEIKHAM Edward Tipperary Fethard (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KEIKHAM John Tipperary Fethard (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KELLY Arthur, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) 1840 OBITS Ae 65; emig 1840; d 1884, Kellys Cross, Lot 29
KELLY Edward (unknown) (unknown) 1845 ATLAS-80 farmer, Lake Verd, Lot 49
KELLY Ellen, Mrs. Cork (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1822-1864; wife of Maurice KELLY; d Ch'town
KELLY Francis (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-FtAgstus Head Warden; agent of Rev John McDONALD
KELLY Henry (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son of John KELLY
KELLY James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-FtAgstus (ng)
KELLY John (unknown) (unknown) 1823 ATLAS-80 farmer; St Eleanors, Lot 17
KELLY John (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 cabinet maker, Kellys Cross, Lot 29
KELLY John Derry (unknown) 1830 OBITS 1804-1895; Ft Augustus
KELLY John Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 75; d 1898, Rustico; of Monaghan Rd, Lot 48
KELLY John Kilkenny Inistioge (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KELLY John Longford Ramlish (ng) REP-Ch'town (Drumlish, Killoe)
KELLY Lawrence (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KELLY Louis Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 71; d 1864, Souris
KELLY Patrick Westmeath Ballymore (ng) OBITS Ae 64; d 1862, Morell; shoemaker
KELLY Patrick Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 78; d 1874, Lot 51
KELLY Patrick Tyrone (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
KELLY Patrick Tipperary Carrick-on-Suir (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KELLY Thomas Kilkenny (unknown) 1824 OBITS emig with wife Mary GRACE
KELLY Thomas (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KELLY Walter (unknown) (unknown) 1829 ATLAS-80 farmer, Georgetown Rd, Lot 52
KENEFIC Mary, Mrs. Tipperary (unknown) 1832 OBITS 1805-1883; wife of Maurice; Peakes
KENNEDY John Tipperary Carrick-on-Suir (ng) OBITS Ae 84; d 1867, Ch'town
KENNEDY Philip Tipperary Carrick-on-Suir (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KENNY James Tipperary Mullinahone 1835 OBITS 1807-1887
KENT John Wexford Old Ross (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
KENT Nicholas Wexford Old Ross (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
KEOGHAN William (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KEOUGH James Wexford (unknown) 1825 OBITS 1790-1870; of Lot 17; Summerside
KICKHAM Edward Tipperary Fethard (ng) OBITS 1805-1890; emig very young ; Souris West
KICKHAM John Tipperary Fethard 1836 OBITS 1807-1889; Souris West
KIELY William Wexford (unknown) 1826 OBITS 1791-1869; Lot 35
KIERVAN Patrick Wexford Newbawn (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
KIERVAN Patrick Wexford Newbawn (ng) REP-Tryon (ng)
KILBRIDE John, Sr. Queens Stradbally 1823 OBITS 1777-1865; Lot 11
KING James Waterford Portlaw (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
KIRWIN Patrick Wexford Adamstown (ng) OBITS (ng)
LACE Mary Ann, Mrs. (unknown) (unknown) 1824 OBITS 1799-1864; wid of Joseph; Desable
LACEY Michael Wexford (unknown) 1835 OBITS 1799-1871; Tracadie
LACEY Michael Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
LACY William Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
LAHEY John Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
LAMBERT Martin Wexford Hewstown (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
LANDRAGAN John Tipperary (unknown) 1828 OBITS 1791-1863; Lot 34
LANE John, Esq. Queens Melick 1819 CEM-49 1750-1834; father of Samuel
LANE Margaret Kerry Capa Clough 1830 CEM-01 1810-1869; wife of John DORGAN
LANE Samuel (unknown) (unknown) 1819 ATLAS-80 farmer, Mt Mellick, Lot 49
LANNAN John (unknown) (unknown) 1837 ATLAS-80 farmer, South Shore Rd, Lot 65
LANNIGAN John Tipperary (unknown) 1830 OBITS 1803-1887; Lot 63
LAPPIN Bridget, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) 1839 OBITS Ae 64; emig 1839; wife of Jas. LAPPIN; d 1871
LAPPIN Peter (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
LAPPIN Terrence Armagh (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 54; d 1863, St Marys Rd, Lot 61
LARGE Elizabeth Queens (unknown) 1824 CEM-67 1807-1869; wife of Stephen WEEKS
LARGE Richard, Sr. (unknown) (unknown) 1806 ATLAS-80 farmer, Bedeque Rd, Lot 28
LARGE Robert (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 2/IRE
LARGE William (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 2/IRE
LARGE William Kilkenny (unknown) 1821 OBITS 1794-1861; Little York
LARKIN David Tipperary (unknown) 1840 OBITS 1803-1888; St Peters Bay
LARKIN Dennis (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, Bay Fortune Rd, Lot 41
LARRISSY John Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
LAUGHERN Francis Monaghan (unknown) 1835 OBITS 1811-1892; (LOUGHRAN?); Lot 36
LAVIN Michael Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1803-1888; emig young ; Glenfanning, Lot 53
LAWLESS John Wicklow (unknown) 1811 OBITS 1791-1871; Lot 56
LEARD Samuel (unknown) (unknown) 1767 CEM-28 17??-1792; from Kilmunny husb/Margaret ROGERS
LECKERY Henry (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-25 1/IRE
LEONARD Richard (unknown) (unknown) 1819 ATLAS-80 farmer, Tryon Rd, Lot 32
LEONARD William Queens (unknown) 1819 OBITS ????-bef 1862; emig with family
LESTER Joyce Queens MountMelick (ng) CEM-49 1759-1843; wife/John LANE; mother/Samuel LANE
LITTLE John, Esq. (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
LITTLE Philip, Esq. (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
LOUGHLIN Thomas Waterford (unknown) 1825 OBITS 1775-1871; Lot 16
LUTTRELL Simon Queens (unknown) 1824 CEM-02 1797-1883; to Chatham; to PEI in 1825
LYNCH Thomas Wexford New Ross (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
LYNN Thomas Armagh Middleton (ng) CEM-36 1819-1842; husb of Susan
LYONS Michael Kilkenny Freshford (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)



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