before 1846


__SURNAME_ ______Given_______ __COUNTY___ _ LOCALITY _ EMIG _SOURCE __ _______OTHER_INFORMATION/NOTES_____________________
AFFLECK Joseph (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-A St Peters Rd; Warden
ANDERSON Alexander (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-26 1/IRE
ARNOLD John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBIT-HER 1801-1883
ASKIN William Monaghan Donagh 1839 OBIT-SSJ 1807-1889
AYERS Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1812 ATLAS-80 farmer, Wellington, Lot 14
AYLWARD James Kilkenny (unknown) 1849 OBIT-HER 1799-1884
AYLWARD Mary, Mrs. Kilkenny Kilmanara (ng) OBIT-HER 1778-1867; wife/James; Lot 40
AYLWARD Nicholas Kilkenny Callan (ng) OBIT-ISL d 1866
BALDWIN Thomas Tipperary (unknown) 1830 OBIT-PAT 1795-1877
BAMBRICK Patrick Kilkenny Gowran 1818 OBIT-ISL 1782-1862; St Andrews, Lot 37
BARRATT John Queens (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
BARRATT Thomas, Mrs. Carlow (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
BARRON Pierce (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BARRY John Waterford Fallow 1812 OBIT-HER to NFD, 1815 to Egmont Bay
BARRY John Waterford Waterford City (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
BASSETT Margaret, Mrs. Kilkenny (unknown) 1816 OBIT-ISL Ae 35(?); wid/Edward; emig 1816; d 1863, HopeRiver
BEARNEY Patrick Carlow (unknown) 1840 OBIT-SSD Ae 78; emig 1840; d 1887
BEATON John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-10 7/IRE
BEGAN Patrick Cavan (unknown) (ng) OBIT-HER Ae 62; d 1887 at Donagh
BEGAN Patrick Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BEGAN Philip Monaghan Annaghbeg (ng) REP-Tryon parish of Donagh
BELL Joseph, Mrs. Kilkenny (unknown) 1821 OBIT-EXM Ae 95; wid of Joseph; emig 1821; d 1868
BELL Samuel (unknown) (unknown) 1830 ATLAS-80 farmer, Cornwall Rd, Lot 32
BELL Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1833 ATLAS-80 blacksmith, Ch'town Rd, Lot 67
BERRIGAN Margaret Queens Kilmannon 1819 OBIT-HER 1791-1865; wife of Thos. O'DONNELL; Souris
BERRIGAN Patrick Kilkenny (unknown) 1833 OBIT-HAZ 1813-1855
BERRIGAN Patrick Tipperary (unknown) 1829 OBIT-SSD 1790-1892; East Royalty
BIRCH Dennis Wicklow (unknown) 1817 OBITS fa/Thomas; settled Birch Hill, Lot 13
BIRCH Edward Wicklow (unknown) 1828 OBITS Ae ?; emig 1828; d 1894, Lot 16
BIRCH Susannah, Mrs Wicklow (unknown) 1817 OBITS Ae 88; emig 1817; d 1855
BIRCH Thomas Wicklow (unknown) 1817 OBITS Ae 79; hus/Agnes ELLIS; emig 1817; d 1894, Port Hill
BLAKE John Tipperary Thurles (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BOLLISTON Benjamin (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 3/IRE
BOURKE J. R. Sr. (unknown) (unknown) 1822 ATLAS-80 farmer, Mill View, Lot 49
BOWERS John Tipperary Carrick-on-Suir (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BOYLE John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 2/IRE
BOYLE John Kilkenny Castlecomer (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BOYLE Richard Kilkenny (unknown) 1822 OBITS Ae 85; emig abt 1822; d 1892; of Crapaud
BOYLEN Matthew (unknown) (unknown) 1842 OBITS Ae 79; emig 1842; d 1896, West River
BRADLEY D., Mrs. Donegal Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
BRADLEY Daniel Donegal Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
BRADLEY Mary, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) 1841 OBITS wid of Pat'k; emig 1841; d 1891
BRADY Ann Down Downpatrick 1830 OBITS Ae 81; wid/ John FLYNN; emig 1830; d 1891
BRADY James (unknown) (unknown) 1843 ATLAS-80 farmer, Ch'town Royalty
BRADY James, REV (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town priest, St Andrew's
BRADY Thomas REV Cavan Lapinbaun 1837 CEM-49 1796-1862; ord 1838; Lot 49, Vernon Rov
BRAZEL Matthew (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
BREEN Bridget, Mrs (unknown) (unknown) 1824 OBITS Ae 99; wid of John; emig 1824; d 1874
BREEN John Queens (unknown) 1825 CEM-01 1771-1873
BRENNAN Aner, Mrs. (unknown) (unknown) 1813 CEM-01 1800-1860; emig 1813; Lot 1, Tignish
BRENNAN Bridget (unknown) (unknown) (ng) CEM-18 1804-1880; wife/Matthew CONNICK; Lot 18, Indian River
BRENNAN Daniel Queens (unknown) (ng) CEM-33 1796-1876; Lot 33, Longworth RC
BRENNAN Edmond Wexford Newtonberry (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BRENNAN John (unknown) (unknown) 1829 ATLAS-80 farmer, Darnley, Lot 18
BRENNAN John Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
BRENNAN John Kings Geashill (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
BRENNAN John Kings Geashill (ng) REP-Tryon (ng)
BRENNAN Martin Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
BRENNAN Martin Wexford Adamstown (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BRENNAN Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1813 CEM-01 1784-1854; emig 1813; Lot 1, Tignish
BRENNAN Patrick Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 83; d 1857
BRENNAN Peter Wexford Newtonberry (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BRENNAN Thomas Dublin Dublin (ng) OBITS Ae 87; d 1901; emig young
BRENNAN William (unknown) (unknown) 1828 ATLAS-80 farmer, Kensington, Lot 19
BRENNICK Bridget, Mrs Waterford (unknown) 1828 CEM-58 1815-1868; wife of Patrick
BRODERICK James Waterford (unknown) (ng) CEM-07 1807-1889; husb of Ellen CAHILL; Lot 7, St Marks
BRODERICK James Waterford Dungarvan 1839 OBITS Ae 82; emig abt 1839; d 1889, Lot 4
BRODERICK John Tipperary (unknown) 1839 CEM-01 1797-1888; emig 1839; husb of Mary FLEMMING
BROOKS Roger (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-12 1/IRE
BROPHY Thomas Kilkenny (unknown) 1828 OBITS Ae 61; emig abt 1828; d 1863, Murray Harbour No
BROTHERS James Wexford (unknown) 1842 CEM-49 1796-1878
BROWN James Tipperary Mullinahone (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BROWN John (unknown) (unknown) 1839 ATLAS-80 farmer, St Marys Rd, Lot 61
BROWN John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 64; d 1863
BROWN Margaret (Miss) Tipperary Mullinahone (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BROWN Thomas Tipperary Mullinahone (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BROYDERICK Thomas Kilkenny Freshford (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BROYDERICK William Cork Youghal (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BULGER John Queens Ballyadame 1823 OBITS 1788-1860; Lot 11
BURKE John (unknown) Michean 1815 CEM-18 1783-1873; Lot 18, Indian River
BURKE John Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
BURKE Michael (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 77; d 1897 in Georgetown
BURKE Patrick Mayo (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1814-1894
BURNES James Louth (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BURNETTE Jane Armagh (unknown) 1829 CEM-18 1807-1887; wife of John CROZIER
BURNS Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, Forgans Hill, Lot 48
BUTLER Elizabeth, Mrs. Wexford Gorey (ng) OBITS Ae 84; d 1856, Rustico
BUTLER John Wexford New Ross (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
BUTLER Lawrence (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 2/IRE
BUTLER Martin (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS d Ch'town, 1871
BUTLER Thomas Waterford (unknown) (ng) CEM-55 1790-1833; Lot 55, Launching
BYRNE Bridget Agnes, Mrs Kilkenny (unknown) 1837 OBITS 1811-1888; wid of Martin. Emig Halifax, 1837
BYRNE John Carlow (unknown) (ng) CEM-58 1785-1872; Lot 58, Fodhla
BYRNES John Kildare Monasterevin 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
CAHILL Ellen Wexford (unknown) (ng) CEM-07 1813-1885; wife/James BRODERICK; Lot 7, St Marks
CAHILL Ellen Wexford Barrow (ng) OBITS Ae 72; d 1885, Lot 4; wife/Jas. BRODERICK; emig w parents
CAHILL James Tipperary New Inn 1829 CEM-33 1806-1871; emig 1829; Lot 33, St Peters
CAHILL James Tipperary (unknown) 1828 OBITS Ae 65; emig 1828; d 1871
CAHILL John Tipperary Castletown (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CAHILL Patrick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) CEM-01 1773-1866; husb of Catherine CODY
CAHILL Patrick Wexford Bannow 1816 OBITS Ae 98; emig 1816; d 1866 at Lot 4
CAHILL Patrick Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 53; d 1870 at Lot 3
CAHILL Philip Tipperary New Inn 1833 OBITS 1743-1833
CAHILL Thomas Tipperary (unknown) 1837 OBITS 1812-1892; Rollo Bay
CALDWELL John (unknown) (unknown) 1840 ATLAS-80 carpenter, Summerside
CALLAGHAN Mary, Mrs. Queens (unknown) 1818 OBITS 1800-1867; wife of Michael; emig w parents; Lot 11
CALLAGHAN Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1845 OBITS 1834-1900; Emyvale
CAMPBELL John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
CAMPBELL Joseph (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Grant#12 (ng)
CAMPBELL Thomas Tyrone (unknown) 1841 CEM-33 1818-1893; emig 1841; Lot 33, Ch'town RC
CAMPBELL Thomas, Sr. Tyrone (unknown) 1841 OBITS Ae 85; emig 1841; d 1893
CAMPION John Kilkenny Gowran 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
CANNING Patrick Wexford (unknown) 1822 OBITS 1798-1885; Hope River
CANTWELL Patrick Kilkenny Dunamagh 1821 OBITS 1797-1886
CARMICHAEL Archibald (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B (ng)
CARR Patrick Monaghan (unknown) 1845 OBITS 1814-1877; Lot 21
CARRIGAN John Tipperary Mullinahone (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CARRIGAN Patrick Monaghan Ae 57; d 1848 (ng) OBITS (ng)
CARROLL Ann, Mrs Waterford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 63; wife/James; wid/Wm HOWLAN; d 1874, Alberton
CARROLL James Waterford Stradballagh (ng) CEM-01 1805-1877; husb (2) of Ann
CARROLL John Tipperary (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1787-1857
CARROLL John Tipperary Thurles (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CARROLL Joseph (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CARROLL Patrick Kerry (unknown) 1828 OBITS ????-bef 1888; husb of Mary RICE; emig w wife
CARROLL Thomas Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CARTER John Kilkenny Gowran (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CARTER William Kilkenny Gowran (ng) OBITS 1809-1869; d Tignish
CARVELL Mary Tipperary (unknown) 1820 CEM-01 1826-1888; wife of Martin GAVIN; emig 1820/26
CASSEDY Terence Monaghan Ballybay (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CHAMPION James Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1817-1862; d St Andrews
CHURLTON Thomas (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CLARK James (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-25 1/IRE
CLARKIN John Monaghan MonaghanTown 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
CLARKIN Patrick Monaghan Tydnavet (ng) CEM-65 1814-1859; Lot 65, Emyvale St Anns
CLERKIN Ann (unknown) (unknown) 1839 ATLAS-80 wife of ??? KELLY, Lake Verd, Lot 49
CLOHISSEY Anastasia Kilkenny Ballinamara 1843 OBITS 1805-1883; wife of Martin KOUGHAN; Avondale
COADY Laurence Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) CEM-58 1815-1897; husb of Annie; Lot 58, Fodhla
COADY Lawrence (unknown) (unknown) 1833 ATLAS-80 farmer, NewTown Rd, Lot 57
CODY Andrew, Sr. (unknown) (unknown) 1830 ATLAS-80 farmer, West River, Lot 31
CODY Catherine (unknown) (unknown) (ng) CEM-01 1794-1870; wife/Patr. CAHILL; Lot 1, Sts Simon/Jude
CODY James Kilkenny Inistioge (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CODY Tobias Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
COGHLAN Patrick (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
COLFORD Martin Wexford Scullaboge (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
COLLINGS William Cork Youghal (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
COLLINS Hanora, Mrs. Cork Kilbolane (ng) OBITS Ae 87; wid of Wm Collins; d 1869
COLLINS Thomas, MRS Wexford New Ross (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CONDON Edward O'Mahon (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town son of Thos CONDON
CONDON John (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, Green Rd, Lot 30
CONDON Patrick Fermanagh (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CONDON Thomas Cork Mitchellstown (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CONLEY Owen Monaghan (unknown) 1840 OBITS 1780-1867; Hope River
CONNERS James Kerry (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
CONNICK John, Sr. Kildare/Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
CONNOLLY James (unknown) (unknown) 1842 ATLAS-80 farmer, Forgans Hill, Lot 48
CONNOLLY Michael Monaghan (unknown) 1839 OBITS ????-1904; husb of Catherine GREENAN; Middleton
CONNOLLY Owen Monaghan Donagh 1839 CEM-36 1820-1887; husb of Ann HUGHES
CONNOLLY Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1791 OBITS 1791-1872
CONNORS Daniel Kerry (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
CONNORS Hugh Wexford (unknown) 1832 OBITS 1800-1890; Everston Rd
CONNRICK James Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
CONNRICK Margaret Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
CONROY Nicholas Wexford Rathdowney 1835 OBITS ????-1879; Tignish
CONROY Thomas Wexford Rathdowney (ng) OBITS 1781-1843; Tignish
COOK Henry (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
COOK Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
COOK William (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 3/IRE
CORCORAN Thomas Kilkenny Mooncoin 1840 OBITS 1817-1901; Lot 52
CORE Patrick Monaghan Tedavnet (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CORLEY Henry Monaghan Aragal (ng) CEM-36 1798-1876; Lot 36; Fort Augustus
CORLEY Patrick Monaghan Tedavnet (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CORMACK Richard Tipperary (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
CORMICK Moses, Mrs. (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
CORR Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1840 OBITS Ae 93; emig 1840; d 1904, Lot 26
CORR Peter Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 89; d 1895, Lot 26
CORRICK Matthew Kilkenny The Rower (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
COSTELLO John Longford (unknown) 1830 OBITS ????-bef 1890; husb of Ann SCULLY
COSTELLO John Kilkenny Windgap (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
COSTIN John Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
COUGAN James, Sr. Monaghan Tyholland 1842 OBITS 1802-1888
COYLE John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1814-1890; emig young ; Ch'town
COYLE John (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 78; d 1890
COYLE Philip Monaghan Drumsnat 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
CREEHAN John Monaghan (unknown) 1844 OBITS 1811-1899; 10 Mile House
CRIEAN Margaret Kerry Killgabben 1832 OBITS 1808-1884; wife of Patrick HANIFIN
CROAKEN Francis (unknown) (unknown) 1802 ATLAS-80 farmer, Middleton Rd, Lot 26
CROAKLIN Bernard Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
CROKEN Bernard Monaghan (unknown) 1843 CEM-76 1802-1875; husb of Ann; Lot 67, Summerfield
CROKEN Margaret Fermanagh (unknown) 1941 CEM-36 1806-1879; emig 1841; wife of Thos. MURRAY
CROZIER James (unknown) (unknown) 1830 ATLAS-80 grocer, Summerside
CROZIER John Armagh (unknown) 1825 CEM-18 1790-1877; husb of Jane BURNETTE
CROZIER John (unknown) (unknown) 1826 OBITS 1790-1877; Malpeque
CROZIER William (unknown) (unknown) 1830 OBITS 1798-1863; Princetown; Northern Ireland
CULLATON John Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
CULLEN Andrew Wexford (unknown) 1830 CEM-22 1820-1901; husb of Ellen HARRINGTON; Hope River
CULLEN Clement Wexford (unknown) 1828 CEM-22 1798-1868
CULLEN Thomas Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 75; d 1883
CURRAN Catherine Monaghan (unknown) 1842 OBITS Ae 93; wid of Patr. CAIRNS; emig 1842; d 1887
CURRAN Francis Monaghan (unknown) 1841 OBITS Ae 81; emig 1841; d 1900, Baldwins Rd
CURRAN James Wexford New Ross 1824 OBITS Ae 82; emig 1824; d 1892, Farmington
CURRAN Maurice Waterford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DALTON Anastasia (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 90; d 1882
DALTON James (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 4/Ire; 1/PEI
DALTON James Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 89; d 1905, Georgetown
DALTON Jeremiah (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 2/IRE
DALTON John (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 1/IRE
DALTON John Armagh (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DALTON Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 2/IRE
DALTON Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 2/IRE
DARBY Ellen Wexford (unknown) 1831 CEM-18 ????-1862; wife of Thomas Murphy
DAWSON Richard (unknown) (unknown) 1802 ATLAS-80 farmer; Tignish
DEACON George (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-34 2/IRE
DEACON George (unknown) (unknown) 1824 OBITS Ae 82; emig 1824; d 1884, No Wiltshire
DEAGAN John Kings Willan (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
DEAGAN Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-Barratt's Tryon; Warden
DEEGAN Michael Queens (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DEEGAN Michael Queens Rathdowney (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
DEEGAN Michael Queens Rathdowney (ng) REP-Tryon (ng)
DEEGAN William (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DEGAN Daniel (unknown) (unknown) 1828 ATLAS-80 farmer, Cape Traverse, Lot 28
DEIGHAN James Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DELANEY Arthur (unknown) (unknown) 1844 ATLAS-80 farmer, Pisquid Rd, Lot 49
DELANEY Edmund Kilkenny (unknown) 1828 CEM-18 1797-1879; husb of Judith
DELANEY Edward Kilkenny Callan (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DELANEY Edward, Mrs. Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DELANEY John Queens (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DELANEY Judith, Mrs Kilkenny (unknown) 1828 CEM-18 1801-1884; wife of Edmund
DELANEY Judith, Mrs. Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 83; wid of Edmund DELANEY; d 1884
DELANEY Michael Kilkenny (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DELANEY Simon Kilkenny (unknown) 1828 OBITS 1827-1908; Malpeque
DELANEY Simon Kilkenny (unknown) 1828 REP-Bedeque (ng)
DEMPSEY Garrett Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DEVEREAUX Michael Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1822-1908; emig young ; husb/Mary COSTELLO; NewHaven
DILLON Joseph Wexford (unknown) 1819 CEM-18 1819-1876
DILLON William Tipperary (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1815-1896; to Halifax-1835; to PEI later ; Kildare Cps
DOBBIN James Armagh Tynan (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DOBBIN John Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DODD Susan (unknown) (unknown) 1844 ATLAS-80 wife of ??? LANE; Hermitage, Lot 49
DONAHOE John Carlow (unknown) 1825 OBITS 1800-1885; Kensington
DONAHUE Thomas Kildare (unknown) 1825 CEM-18 (ng)
DONAHY Daniel Cork Doneraile (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DONNELLY James Tyrone Mullybrannon 1843* REP-10Mile-A (parish of Clonfeacle)
DONNELLY James (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B (ng)
DONNELLY Patrick (unknown) (unknown) 1839 OBITS Ae 88; emig 1839; d 1901
DONOGHUE Julia, Miss Queens Portarlington (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DOOLING Dennis Kilkenny Crumlam (?) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DORGAN John Kerry Capa Clough 1830 CEM-01 1797-1874; husb of Margaret LANE
DOUGAN Anthony (unknown) (unknown) 1822 OBITS Ae 59; emig 1822; d 1846; Lot 35
DOUGAN Anthony Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
DOUGAN James (unknown) (unknown) 1822 ATLAS-80 shoemaker, Dougan Rd, Lot 35
DOUGAN James Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
DOUGAN Thomas Monaghan Donagh 1843* REP-10Mile-A (ng)
DOWLING Patrick, Sr. (unknown) (unknown) 1822 ATLAS-80 farmer, South Shore Rd, Lot 65
DOWN John Waterford Dungarvan (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DOWN Michael Waterford Dungarvan (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DOYLE ??? (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town oldest son of P.F. DOYLE
DOYLE Alice Waterford (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1823-1883; wife of Michael KELLY
DOYLE Francis Wexford (unknown) 1836 OBITS 1796-1900; Gallas Point
DOYLE James Wexford Adamstown 1816 OBITS Ae 67; emig 1816; d 1863, Lot 48
DOYLE James Dublin (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 74; d 1856
DOYLE James Wexford Adamstown (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DOYLE James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DOYLE James Wexford Bannow (ng) REP-NewLndn (ng)
DOYLE James Wexford Bannow (ng) REP-Tryon (ng)
DOYLE John Wexford Oulert 1832 CEM-33 1783-1833;
DOYLE Joseph (unknown) (unknown) 1840 ATLAS-80 farmer, St Ann's, Lot 22
DOYLE Margaret Kilkenny Craig 1840 CEM-07 1818-1863; wife of ??? O'BRIAN; sister of Richard
DOYLE Michael Monaghan (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DOYLE P. B. Wexford (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DOYLE P. F. Wexford New Ross (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DOYLE Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1841* CEN-41-07 2/IRE
DOYLE Thomas Kilkenny (unknown) 1832 OBITS Ae 53; emig 1832; d 1864, Lot 37
DOYLE Thomas Wexford (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 67; d 1863, Lot 7
DRAIN John (unknown) (unknown) 1843 ATLAS-80 farmer, Baldwins Rd, Lot 51
DRISCOLL John Cork (unknown) 1831 OBITS 1818-1888; to NB 1831; to PEI 1843
DRISCOLL John, Esq. (unknown) (unknown) 1837 ATLAS-80 farmer, Cape Traverse, Lot 28
DRISCOLL Timothy Cork Drumbeg (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DUFFY Catharine, Mrs. (unknown) (unknown) 1834 ATLAS-80 wife of Thos. DUFFY, Anderson Rd, Lot 26
DUFFY George Monaghan (unknown) 1840 OBITS Ae 72; emig 1840; d 1870
DUFFY James Monaghan Aghareagh (ng) REP-Ch'town ( Aghabog )
DUFFY James Kings Geashill (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DUFFY Mary Monaghan (unknown) (ng) OBITS 1823-1870; wife of Jn. McKENNA; d Lot 65
DUFFY Mary, Mrs. Monaghan (unknown) 1811 CEM-27 1795-1861; wife of George
DUFFY Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1830 ATLAS-80 farmer, Anderson Rd, Lot 26
DUFFY William (unknown) (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DUGGAN Anthony (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B Mill Cove; Sec'y
DUGGAN James (unknown) (unknown) 1843* REP-10Mile-B Mill Cove; Warden
DUGGAN John Queens (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DUNN Anne Queens (unknown) (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DUNN Felix (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 86; d 1872
DUNN Henry (unknown) (unknown) 1819 ATLAS-80 farmer, Murray Harbour No, Lot 63
DUNN James (unknown) (unknown) (ng) OBITS Ae 65; d 1846, Murray Harbour
DUNN John Waterford Kilmacthomas (ng) REP-Bedeque (ng)
DUNN Michael (unknown) (unknown) 1839 ATLAS-80 farmer, Albany Plain, Lot 49
DUNN Robert Sligo (unknown) (ng) REP-Ch'town (ng)
DUNPHY Thomas (unknown) (unknown) 1835 ATLAS-80 farmer, Margate Rd, Lot 19
DUNPHY Thomas Kilkenny (unknown) 1824 CEM-18 1809-1891
DUNPHY Thomas Kilkenny (unknown) 1824 REP-Bedeque (ng)
DWAN Mary, Mrs. Kilkenny (unknown) 1845 OBITS 1804-1887; wife of Richard; Lot 41
DWAN Richard (unknown) (unknown) 1845 ATLAS-80 farmer, Bay Fortune Rd, Lot 41
DWAN Richard Kilkenny (unknown) 1845 OBITS 1808-1897; StPeters Bay



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