The Family History section of this web site is dedicated to my parents, William Joseph REID (1907-1997) and Marguerite Marie ("Rita") POHL (1909-1997).

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My GERMAN HeritageFrom Lingen in Hanover, from Berlin, from Rhein-pfalz, from Burbach in Baden, these ancestors came, settling in Boston and belonging to Holy Trinity Church, known then and now as "The German Church". Primary surnames in my maternal line are POHL, WOLKE, WESSLING, DORR, GRATZ, KUNZ, WEILAND and AXTMANN.
My IRISH-CANADIAN Heritage. These ancestors left Ireland before 1835 and settled in Prince Edward Island. In 1896, my paternal grandparents, John Henry REID and Emma Catherine CURRAN came to South Boston as newly-weds. Other surnames in my paternal line are FURLONG, DOYLE, CULLEN, BUTLER, McNALLY and DOUGAN.
DAN IRVING'S GENEALOGY Often referred to as "The Daniel", Dan is my Domestic Associate. Primary surnames in his Family History include ERVINE, DUFFY, MUNRO, YATES, McFARLAND and DOCKENDORFF. He has TWO direct line Revolutionary War ancestors, and FOUR direct line Mayflower ancestors. When told of this enviable (quite an understatement, eh?) heritage, The Daniel asked, "Will it get me an extra discount at the lumber yard???"
MY CHILDREN'S FRENCH-CANADIAN Heritage. Through their father, Anne-Marie, Vincent and Stephanie enjoy ties to French-Canadian and Acadian Family History. I've researched ROUSSEAU, StPIERRE, BEAUDOIN, MORIN, and many other surnames.
DEANN ROUSSEAU'S HERITAGE. Dee is my wonderful daughter-in-law; she is one of the best things that's ever happened to our family! Some surnames in her Family Tree are BULLOCK, GOSVENER, POE, BAYS, PIXLEY and HOLMES
A tribute to David William POHL , a member of Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders. Includes an Ahnentafel.
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