from "HERE" to "THERE", but WHERE is "THERE"?

Poor Miss Marge Marple - THIS little mystery is a real "hum-dinger". Here's the information she's managed to gather...

In the early 1900's, the various shipping companies were engaging in a "fare war" (sounds like present-day airlines, eh?). Rob POHL, his brother , and his sister Annie, took their mother, Anna WOLKE, "back to Germany" for a visit. Poppa Anton POHL remained in Boston. The family returned to Boston, accompanied by a young girl, Clara KREIGER (who is the "star" of her OWN "Minute Mystery")

Now, Rob POHL was quite the amateur photographer; MANY photos were taken on that trip, photos which ended up in the POHL attic in Wellesley. Of course, none of those photos have names OR places - oh, no! that would make things MUCH too easy for Miss Marge!

"Logic" (Miss Marge admits that this is NOT her "strong suit") says that the destination in Germany would most likely be the "home town" of Anna WOLKE. Anna WOLKE, according to Rob POHL, was "born in Berlin". Yet, the background of most of those "archived" photographs shows a "rural" area, and NOT a typical "big city". In fact, there are NO pictures showing ANYTHING that could be called an "urban setting". Knowing Rob POHL, one could be fairly sure he'd have taken "tourist photos" if they'd been in Berlin.

Wherever it was that they went, they left that place with Klara KREIGER.

Miss Marge has saved her pennies and bought her very own scanner. Once she figures out how to USE the wretched thing, you can be sure that one or two of those "somewhere in Germany" photos will appear on this page. Someone, somewhere, will see one of those photos and say, "By Golly! I know where that picture was taken!".

One thing Miss Marge is, is OPTIMISTIC to a fault!!!

Any suggestions re: research strategies??? Drop Miss Marge a line...

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