DOCKENDORFF-L is a ROOTSWEB mailing list for folks who are researching that surname and variant spellings. Traffic is expected to be light; the list is "closed" - only subscribers will be able to post messages. This will keep unwanted messages from cluttering up your email "in box".

If YOU would like to join our group, send an email message to:
         [email protected]

Leave the Subject: line empty.

The body of the message should be the single word -


(If you have an automatic "sig file", disable it for this subscription request)

Pretty easy, eh?

The ROOTSWEB "robot" will reply to your request, sending you a confirmation message AND a cheerful greeting from the Attractive and Talented ListOwner.

The usual drill for new subscribers to a list is to "lay low" for a while and THEN post a message. NOT the case for THIS list, however! If you researching the DOCKENDORFF surname in any part of the world, BE BRAVE! Jump right in and send a message to the list telling about your research interests.

One thing to remember about posting to DOCKENDORFF-L - your message should be sent to [email protected], and NOT to the address you used to subscribe! The RootsWeb robot sends such misdirected email to ME, the List Owner, and not to the list.

While we're on the subject of ROOTSWEB, DO consider joining that fine organization. Brian, Karen and their compatriots are doing an awesome job for the online research community. Mailing lists are just ONE of the services they provide. Upgrading the ROOTSWEB system (to better serve YOU!) has been a financial drain on their resources.

Visit the ROOTSWEB HOME PAGE for more information on how YOU can help!

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