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    "Charles Dockendorf, who recently served as mayor of Stanwood, is the genial proprietor of the Rex Hotel and is also well known as a traveling salesman. He was born February 14, 1880, and is a native of Chicago, Illinois. His parents were Peter and Elizabeth (Dummermuth) Dockendorf, the former of whom was also engaged in the hotel business, and both have passed away. Charles Dockendorf attended the public schools of Chicago and after his education was completed entered the employ of the Rothschilds Company of that city. He soon proved his worth and was placed in charge of the sporting goods department. He was next associated with the Du Pont Powder Company and traveled for eleven years for that well known firm. In 1913 he came to Stanwood and in November of that year opened the Rex Hotel, which he has since conducted. He is a popular host and makes every effort to promote the comfort and well being of those who are his guests, maintaining very efficient service, and he has secured a liberal patronage. He also represents the Western Cartridge Company of East Alton, Illinois, traveling six months of the year.

    "In politics, Mr. Dockendorf maintains that independent attitude which is one of the hopeful signs of the times, indicating that men are standing for principle and for good government, refusing to follow the dictates of party leaders. He has always taken a deep interest in public affairs and while in the middle west was clerk of one of the small towns in Illinois, filling the position for four years. In 1923 he was elected mayor of Stanwood and served for four yrars, making a fine record in that office. Mr. Dockendorf is an ardent sportsman and belongs to several hunting and shooting clubs. He does professional shooting each year and for two years was in charge of all American trap shooting on the Pacific coast. He is one of the best marksmen in the northwest and has won many trophies. By nature he is frank, modest and unassuming, caring little for the artificialities of life, and his many friends entertain for him the highest regard."

In 1926, the Pioneer Historical Publishing Company published the two volume History of Snohomish County, Washington. Volume II contains over 600 biographical entries for the "leading citizens of the area".

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