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NOTE from Jeff - Deaths to 1849 - I used the hit list and tried to look for spelling variants. In the (marriage record) book that was microfiched, an asterisk (*) designated a note on the bottom of the page, which reads: * - "intention also on file".

selected surnames

AVERBECK Lydia, and Joseph Crosby int. Apr. 27, 1834

BENDER John, and Martha Swan int. Mar. 3, 1839

BLANK Joseph, and Pauline E. Waldmire int. Dec. 29, 1844

DOR Abraham, and Susanna Winchester Nov. 5, 1747.
Moses, and Eloner Gerald Oct. 2, 1760.

DORE Jonathan, and Mary R. [A. int] Goldsmith Aug. 28, 1831*

DORR Abraham, and Rebecca Bill Sept. 10, 1786*
Charles, and Ann Morse May 20, 1821*
Clemence, and Edmund Weld July 8, 1725
Ebeneser, and Clarissa Badlam of Dorchester int. Oct 1, 1815
Ebenezer, and Mary Boardman of Cambridge, at Cambridge Feb. 16, 1709-10
Ebenezer, Capt., and Mary Bridge, at Boston Sept. 25, 1749
Edward, and Abigail Loring Apr. 25, 1734
Edward, and Abigail Ruggles Aug. 9, 1744
Edward, and Abigail Gridley Apr. 3, 1746-7
Eliza S., and Charles Davis jr Nov. 24, 1829
Elizabeth, and James Scott Feb. 18, 1719-20
Elizabeth, and Mark Keith of Easton, at Easton Feb. 17, 1762
Harbottle, and Dorothy Weld Apr. 8, 1725
Helen Augusta, a.31 y., d. A.C. and Charlotte, and Amos Cotting, Nov. 12, 1846* widr., of Brookline, a. 49y. s. Amos and Dinah
Jonathon, and Betsy Smith Aug. 30, 1802*
Joseph, and Nancy Ruggles Feb. 16, 1769
Lucretia, and Joseph Child Aug. 5, 1816*
Mary, and Jonathon [Josiah c.r.2] Pierce of Woburn Mar. 15, 1753
Mary, and Enoch Hide Apr. 29, 1772
Mary, and Benjamin Gates of Dorchester int. Dec.6, 1829
Moses, and Mrs. Catharine Weld Aug. 29, 1784*
Nancy, and Jeremiah P. Smith Feb. 17, 1805*
Nancy, and William Mayo [of Brighton, int] Mar. 18, 1827 c.r.2
Nathaniel, and Susan Lambert int. Nov. 29, 1807
Ralph Smith, of Buenos Ayres, and Nancy Williams Davis [Feb 24 int]1833*
Sarah, and James Pierpont May 8, 1744
Susan Ann, and John Philips of Newburyport Nov. 24, 1829*
William, and Jane Partridge Mar. 31, 1779
William B., and Mary Hickling Sep. 15, 1834*

ECKART Joseph, and Mary Ann King int. Nov. 26, 1847

FEX Joseph, and Geartant Coller int. Apr. 11, 1848

GERHARDSLEIN Joseph, and Louisa Miller int. May 18, 1848

HERR Francis A., and Cecilia Canck int. Jan. 27, 1849

KALBFUS John, and Elizabeth Clark int. Dec. 5, 1841

KELLY Patrick, and Catharine Downy int. Jan. 6, 1839
Patrick, and Catharine Kelley int. July 21, 1839
Patrick, and Mary Kilduff int. Nov. 11, 1839
Patrick, and Catharine Lee int. May 2, 1841
Patrick, and Elener Kelly Oct. 25, 1842

KNAPPE Lucinda, and Ameriah Hamden int. May 15, 1825

KOCH Barbara, of Milton, and John Vogelsang Jan. 8, 1837*

KRAFT Magdalena, of Dorchester, and George Fisher int. Nov. 3, 1833

KRAMER Matthew, and Polly Webber Mar. 20, 1831*
Sebastion, and Mary Ann Webber Feb. 4, 1832*

KRAUS Elizabeth, and Lewis Schwenn int. Aug. 5, 1838

KUEBLER Matthew F., and Louisa E. Pierce Feb. 3, 1842

KUHN Henrietta, and Anthone Hilbert Dec. 25, 1838*

LANG Charles E., a. 22y., painter, s. Edward and Eliza, and Nov. 23, 1848*
Sarah F. Sancy [] a. 18y., d. Francis and Elizabeth
Edward jr, a. 23y.,carpenter, s. Edward and Eliza, and Jan. 23, 1848*
Harriet Dodge, a. 20 y., d. Ebenezer and Mary
Edward C., and Eliza Godfrey int. Dec 14, 1823

LEHMAN Henry, and Elizabeth Bauer Oct 12, 1834*

LESTER Eliza, and Michael Killroy int. Jun. 29,1845

MANN Aaron, and Eliza Pratt int. Mar. 19, 1837

MILLER Ann, and George Hazelton - Nov. 25, 1848*
Elias P., and Hannah V. Gore - Oct. 28, 1821*
Frederick, and Margaret Lowdenbeck - int. Apr. 22, 1846
George, of Dorchester, and Hannah T. Todd - Oct. 30, 1846*
George, and Catherine Newenvings - int. Aug. 7, 1846
George H., and Caroline L. Shepard- int. Jun. 12,1847
Hannah, and Amassa Sessions of Pomfret - Oct. 25, 1744
Henry W., and Sarah A. Foot - int. Apr. 3, 1842
Henry W., and Mary E. Hutchins - Dec. 24, 1843*
Jacob, [], and Lydia Pierce - Oct. 6, 1811*
Jane, a. 21y, d. John, and William Burns, a. 25y., shoemaker, Nov. 5, 1846*, s. George and Martha of Ireland.
John F., and Harriet L. Smith - int. Sep. 4, 1842
Letita [] A., and Henry G. Rafley [] - Sep. 15, 1844*
Louisa, and Joseph Gerhardslein - int. May 18, 1848
Mary, of Charlestown, and John B. Butterfield - int. Sep. 1, 1811
Sophia, of Charlestown, and John Doggett - int. Feb. 26, 1804
Victoria, and Francis Bowmaster - int. Aug. 25, 1847
William, and Hannah Lothrop - Feb. 7, 1805*

RICH Benjamin [Capt.],resident, and Susanna Heath Mar. 31, 1800*
Henry, and Elizabeth Poor Oct. 1, 1705
Joshua G., and Mary R. [] Day Sept. 28, 1842*
Pamelia G., and Charles H. Haughton Aug. 8, 1844*
Philip, and Joanna Bugbee Oct. 4, 1710
Priscilla A.[Precilla A. int], and Rueben Rich Nov. 2, 1845*
Reuben, and Priscilla A. [Precilla A. int] Rich Nov. 2, 1845*
Tabitha, and George Reed of Newton July 3, 1842*

SCHWENN Lewis, and Elizabeth Kraus - int. Aug. 5, 1838

SMALL Betsey, and Hewett Tolman of Marshfield June 9, 1844*
Mary, of Dedham, and Caleb S. Farmer int. Dec. 1, 1839
Mary P., of Cornish Me., and Samuel Pearson jr int. Oct. 15, 1837
Thomas, of Dedham, and Hannah Wheat int. Nov. 20, 1842

SMALLEY Daniel S., and Lucy Pierce June 1, 1842*

STEFIN Jacob, and Catharine Realen - int. Sep. 23, 1838

STOWERS Susan, and John Ayers - int. May 4, 1845

WALTER Hanah, Mrs., and Rev. Caleb Trobridge of Groton Sept. 18, 1718
Mariah, and Joseph Otis, Esq. Feb. 22, 1770
Nathanaell, Rev., and Mrs. Rebecca Abbott Apr. 24, 1735
Rebeckah, Mrs., and Rev. Mather Bils [Byles c.r.2] of May 12, 1761 New London
Samuel, Rev., and Susanna Willis, at Boston Aug. 7, 1735
Sarah, Mrs., and John Walley Sept. 25, 1723
Thomas, and Mrs. Rebecca Belcher of Dedham, at Dedham Dec. 25, 1718

WEBBER Cushing, a. 24y., dentist, s. James H. and Rebecca, and Ellen L. Everett, a. 20y., d. Eliphalet and Eliza Jan. 1, 1849*
Eilen P., and William A. Knight of Providence, RI. Aug. 27, 1841*
Emeline, and Dr. Benjamin T. Prescott int. Dec. 30, 1838
Emeline, and James H. Ficket of Portland ME. Sept. 21, 1848*
George E., and Sophia J. Lovejoy int. Jan 9, 1849
Henrietta H., d. John, and Thomas M. Gridley of Westboro May 14, 1846*
James, and Susan F. Harvey Apr. 20, 1837 c.r.7
John A., and Hepzibath Spauldin of Pepperell int.Jan. 30, 1803
John jr, and Elizabeth Lewis int. May 8, 1836
John H., and Mary Breed int. Sept. 16, 1838
Mary Ann, and Sebastion Kramer Feb. 4, 1832*
Moses H., and Susan D. Burgess of Boston int. May 20, 1846
Polly, and Matthew Kramer Mar. 20, 1831*

WEBER George, and Pebebena Spring June 9, 1839*

selected surnames

ANNIS, Susan25 Mar 184967 yralms house dropsynonenonenone
APPEL, Caroline13 Dec 18461yr, 4monone croupdau/Henry, Caroline J.nonenone
APPEL, Henry 26 Oct 184811 mo nonebowel complaintson/Henry, Carolinenone none
APPEL, (male)14 Jan 18480nonestill bornson/Henrynone none
AVERBECK Catharine 9 Sep 183819 yrnone nonenonenonenone
BARNARD Alexandrina Fanning10 Sep 18252 yr, 1mo nonecholera infantumdau/Edwardnone none
BASWELL, Sybilla8 Dec 184838 yrnone consumptionnoneGermanynone
BERTLING, Ann2 Apr 184936 yrnone child bedwife/AnthonyGermanynone
BOWERS Lewis18 Aug 184937 yrnone cold waterhusb/?Germanynone
BRERN, Christiana3 Jul 184831 yrnone consumptionwife/?Germanynone
xx Jun 183180 yrnone nonewife/?nonenone
DORR, Julia Ann20 Nov 183522 yrnone typhus fevernonenonenone
DORR, Margaretxx Sep 1827nonenone drownednonenonenone
DORR, William13 Aug 184084 yrnone nonenonenonenone
GRAHAM Elisabeth7 Jun 1848nonenone nonenonenonenone
HAMMOND, Frederick16 Sep 184725 yralms houseship fevernoneGermanynone
HEMMEN, Amelia9 Aug 18494 yrnone scarlet feverdau/Charles, PhillipineGermanynone
HEMMER, Maria24 Aug 184977 yrnone old agewife/ChristopherGermanynone
HIDES, Mary20 May 184866 yrnone consumptionwid/?Germanynone
HILLMAN, Frederick6 Jun 18486 yrnone measlesson/Henry, CarolineGermanynone
HILLMAN, Henry10 Nov 18497 yralms house dropsynoneGermanynone
HILLMAN, Mary16 Aug 18489 monone dysenterydau/Henry, Charlottenonenone
HILLSMAN Charlotte27 Oct 184932 yrnone dysenterywife/?Germanynone
HOFFMAN, William20 Aug 18496 monone bowel complaintson/Barbarynonenone
HOFMAN, Andrew17 Jul 184773 yrnone gravelwid/?Germanylaborer
HOLT, Ruth Kxx Jan 183929 yrnone nonenonenonenone
HOMAN, Mary11 Nov 184736 yrnone lung complaintwife/?Germanynone
HOMANS, Henry20 Jul 18494 yrnone consumptionson/Frederick, MaryGermanynone
HOMANS, Mary3 Mar 1849*75 yrnone nonenonenone*burial date
HOMER, Josephine10 May 18491 yr, 2 mo nonelung feverdau/George, Francesnone none
HOUSEMAN, Elizabeth23 Jan 18491yr, 11 mo nonefitsdau/Frederick, Catherinenone none
HOUSEMAN, Sophis25 Jul 18491 yr, 2 mo nonescarlet feverdau Godfrey, Catherinenone none
KEIGLE, Joseph12 Mar 184840 yralms house ship fevernoneGermanynone
KOHLER, (none)29 May 18490none still bornch/Martin, Carolinenonenone
KRAMER, Sebastinexx Sep 18331 yrnone noneson/Sebastinenonenone
KUHN, Elizabeth22 Mar 1845nonenone nonewif/?nonenone
KUHN, (none)12 Jun 18490nonestill bornch/John, Ellennonenone
LADWIG, Mary E.23 Nov 184850 yrnone dropsywife/?Germanynone
LAIFFLER, William15 Oct 194932 yralms housenonenoneGermanynone
LANG, Susan8 Feb 18477 yrnone croupdau/Edward, Elizanonenone
LINDEMUTH, Christion19 Aug 184984 yrnone nonewid/?Germanynone
MAUZ, Christiana14 Aug 184848 yrnone palsywife/PhilipGermanynone
MILLER, Catharine1 Aug 184911mo, 16 danone bowel complaintdau/George, Catherinenonenone
MILLER, Charles9 Apr 182334 yrnone nonenonenonenone
MILLER, Charles12 Mar 18495 danone noneson/Frederick, Margaretnonenone
MILLER, Leven E.31 Aug 18471 mo, 21 danone bowel complaintdau/George, Carolinenonenone
MILLER, Menda23 Aug 184738 yralms house ship fevernoneGermanynone
MILLER, Rosa7 Aug 184737 yralms house ship fevernoneGermanynone
MINGRIEL, Catherine27 Aug 184838 yrnone consumptionwife/?Germanynone
MUTOCHLER, Michael6 Sep 184932 yrnone dysenteryhusb/?Germanycbnt maker
NELSON, Catherine27 Aug 184847 yrnone dysenterywife/CasperGermanynone
NUSZ, Anthony10 Dec 184841 yrnone brain feverhusb/?Germanylaborer
PLAFF, Walbarga20 Apr 184842 yrnone bowel complaintwife/?Germanynone
PREBEL, Adeline3 Dec 184869 yrnone dropsywid/?Germanynone
RIPLEY, Christiana2 Jun 184838 yrnone consumptionwife/?Germanynone
SCHNAPH, Antonia15 Oct 184838 yrnone typhus feverwife/?Germanynone
SCHNEIDER, John15 Oct 184656 yrnone accidentalhusb/?Germanycarpenter
SCHNIDER, Peter, JR.9 Sep 184912 yrnone scarlet feverson/Peter and CarolineGermanynone
SCHNINDER, Caroline6 Sep 18498 yrnone scarlet feverdau/Peter, Carolinenonenone
SHOEMAKER, Elizabeth9 Sep 184840 yrnone dysenterywife/HirmanGermanynone
SNIDER, Elizabeth13 Jul 18498 monone declinedau/Peter, Elizabethnonenone
SRADER, Andrew31 Oct 184740 yralms house consumptionnoneGermanynone
THANG, John A.1 Oct 184834 yrnone dysenteryhusb/?Germanycoppersmith
VICKLEY, Barny16 Mar 184963 yrnone palsynoneGermanylaborer
WEBBER, James F.3 Oct 18467 mo, 2 danone cholera infantumson/James and M.Mainenone
WEBBER, John, 3d28 Oct 18487 yr, 10 mo noneaccidental drowningson/John, JR, Elizabeth nonenone
WHOLETOWER, Bennet17 Dec 184730 yrnone lockjaw(unmarried)Germanynone
WILLINGER, Martin14 Jul 184750 yrnone consumptionhusb/?Germanynone
ZUMGRAULE, Joseph13 Dec 184946 yrnone varioloidhusb/?Germanynone

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