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Germans in the 1880 Census for Boston - includes a surname index

1880 census data sorted by "NATIVITY" - Baden, Bavaria, Elsass, Hanover, Hesse, Prussia, Wuerttemberg.

FAMILY GROUP SHEET COLLECTION - Add YOUR Boston German families to this collection!

FACT SHEET-GERMAN IMMIGRANTS statistics and tables of information about German immigrants in Boston


HOLY TRINITY CHURCH PAGE- 1895 Parish Census; contains over 1100 names and addresses; Holy Trinity Church members in the Civil War and World War I; HTC facts; HTC Researchers' surname list - and be sure to sign the HTC Guest Book!

BOSTON MARRIAGE RECORDS - selected surnames- 1857 and 1858; indexed

STREET to WARD FINDING AID - Boston streets in 1850

BOSTON DEATH RECORDS - selected surnames - 1849 through 1865; no index

SUFFOLK CO. PROBATE RECORDS - index to probate records; selected surnames

SUFFOLK CO. PROPERTY RECORDS - index to property records; selected surnames and institutions

ROXBURY BIRTH RECORDS - selected surnames; 1865 through 1867; indexed

BOSTON CITY DIRECTORIES - VERY selected surnames from the 1860 Boston City Directory

ON-LINE RESOURCES - obligatory "page-o-links" (not to be confused with "bobolinks") - "Cousin Ginny" has compiled this list for us. She's also included addresses for Boston cemeteries and a list of folks who will do "look-ups"..

INDEX to New England Naturalization Petitions - 1791 - 1906 List subscriber, "Cousin Jennifer", has gathered up data on German Naturalization records in Boston and other New England localities. "Cousin Ginny" has put this information on her web site.

HTC-BOSTON MAILING LIST - subscribe to this MOST EXCELLENT of ROOTSWEB mailing lists; join the fun - share information about YOUR Boston Germans!

1855 STATE CENSUS WARD 9 - a work in progress. Ward 9 only. Indexed.

RESEARCHERS' SURNAME LIST - the "Hit List" for the subscribers to HTC-BOSTON; updated 26 June 1998. See if YOU can find "a cousin" on this list!

ROXBURY - MISC RECORDS - Roxbury marriages and deaths before 1850; contributed by Jeff, a subscriber to HTC-BOSTON-L, and a candidate for "Nice Guy of the Year".

CIVIL WAR GERMANS - members of the 19th and 20th MASSACHUSETTS REGIMENTS (Civil War) who were "from Germany" (per the Adjutant General's Report)

1860 CLERGY A list of clergymen in Boston in 1860. This information will help you to determine the DENOMINATION of a minister when searching civil marriage records.

1850 CENSUS INDEX PROJECT Ward 10 (so far). An index to SURNAMES of German-born residents of Boston. Includes a FINDING AID.

1855 CENSUS INDEX Wards 4, 9 and 10 (so far). An index to SURNAMES of German-born residents of Boston. Not as much information as the Ward 9 page listed above.

NOTE!!! Do YOU have any "Germans in Boston" data files that you'd like to share with an Adoring and Grateful Public? I'd be most happy to add LOTS of new stuff to the RESOURCE CENTER PAGE!

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