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Civil marriage records give the name of the "officiating person"; many times the church affiliation of that individual is NOT included. Use this information from the 1860 Boston City Directory to ascertain the denomination of an individual clergyman; then the actual church can be determined and that church's records searched for other "valuable stuff".

ADAMS N. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 4 Boylston
ALDEN Edmund K. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 341 Broadway
ALGER William R. Congregationalist-Unitarian 38 Temple
BARNARD Charles F. Congregationalist-Unitarian 6 Warren
BARRETT Samuel Congregationalist-Unitarian 40 Chambers
BARTOL Cyrus A. Congregationalist-Unitarian 17 Chestnut
BAURY A. L. Episcopalian 2 Waverly pl
BECKWITH G. C. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 33 Chauncy
BELCHER James Baptist 31 Sheafe
BELL William Universalist 85 Beach
BIGELOW Andrew Congregationalist-Unitarian 2 School
BLACKMAR Joseph Congregationalist-Unitarian 142 Harrison Av
BLAGDEN G. W. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 40 Bowdoin
BLAIKIE Alex Presbyterian 5 Newburn Pl
BOLLES E. C. Universalist 209 Springfield
BOVDEN L. Evangelical Union 16 Tremont Temple
BRIGGS Charles Congregationalist-Unitarian 245 Washington
BROWN William L. Baptist? 2 Hydson
BURROUGHS Henry, Jr. Episcopalian 82 Waltham
BURRRILL John T. Episcopalian 67 G, SoB
BYRNE Francis Episcopalian 57 E. Chester Park
CANNEY P. J. Roman Catholic Maverick, EB
CASWELL Lewis E. Baptist 36 Leverett
CLARKE J. Freeman Congregationalist-Unitarian 245 Washington
CLEVERLY A. P. Universalist 6 Park Sq.
CLINCH Joseph H. Episcopalian 15 G.
COBB Sylvanus Universalist 45 Cornhill
COX G. F. Methodist Episcopal 137 Princeton, EB
CRANE D. M. Baptist 89 Leverett
CRUFT S. B. Congregationalist-Unitarian 2 School & 201 Shawmut
CUDWORTH W. H. Congregationalist-Unitarian 1 Meridian
DADMUR J. W. Methodist Episcopal 67 Brighton
DAWES Thomas Congregationalist-Unitarian 52 G, nr Fourth
DAY William Baptist 14 Central Sq, EB
DEWEY O. Congregationalist-Unitarian 1 Otis Pl.
DEXTER H. M. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 15 Cornhill
DONAHOE J. W. Roman Catholic 2 North Sq
DUNCAN John Baptist 255 Fourth, nr F
DUNN Ransom Freewill Baptist 1 Bennet Pl.
EASTBURN Manton Episcopalian 180 Tremont
EDDY Daniel C. Baptist 23 Decatur
EDMUNDS Edward Christian 82 W. Orange
ELLIS S. J. Episcopalian 197 Webster, EB
FARNHAM Luther Congregationalist-Trinitarian 5 Tremont
FELT J. B. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 15 Warren
FIELD George W. Congregationalist-Trinitarian N. Bennet, cor Salem
FITTON James Roman Catholic Maverick, EB
FITZPATRICK J. B. Roman Catholic 9 South
FLATLEIGH J. Roman Catholic 35 Broadway
FOLJAMBE Samuel W. Baptist 23 Princeton, EB
FOX Thomas B. Congregationalist-Unitarian 245 Washington
FOXCROFT F. A. Episcopalian 14 Oxford
FREEMAN T. Methodist Episcopal 86 Southac
GANNETT E. S. Congregationalist-Unitarian 10 Boylston Pl
GAYLORD N. M. Universalist 136 Salem
GERRY (?) E. J. Congregationalist-Unitarian 2 School &14 Hull
GOULD George H. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 50 Essex
GRANT Miles Second Advent 167 Hanover
GRAVES John L. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 71 Rutland
GRIMES L. A. Baptist 28 Grove
HALE Ed. E. Congregationalist-Unitarian 67 Worcester
HASKELL T. N. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 123 Webster, EB
HASKINS George F. Roman Catholic 2 North Sq.
HASKINS D. G. Episcopalian 3 W. Concord
HAVEN E. O. Methodist Episcopal 36 Washington
HEALY James A. Roman Catholic 9 South
HEPWORTH G. H. Congregationalist-Unitarian Savin Hill
HIGH William C. Methodist Episcopal 3 Unity
HIMES J. V. Second Advent 20 Washington
JACOBS Benjamin Jewish 10 Kirkland
JENKS William Congregationalist-Trinitarian 1 Crescent Pl
JOHNSON H. H. Presbyterian. 234 Meridian, EB
JOHNSON E. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 60 Charles
KALLOCH I. S. Baptist 47 Dwight
KELLOGG E. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 99 Purchase
KIRK Edward N. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 5 Staniford
LOTHROP S. K. Congregationalist-Unitarian 12 Chestnut
LOWELL C. Christian 10 Staniford
LYNCH T. Roman Catholic 28 Chester Park
LYNDON P. F. Roman Catholic 36 Broadway
MAGILL David Presbyterian. 637 Tremont
MANNING J. M. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 9 Boylston Pl
MARTIN J. C. Baptist 170 Cambridge
MASON Perez Methodist Episcopal 18 Dover Pl
MASON Charles Episcopalian 6 Louisburg Sq
McCARTHY John Roman Catholic 59 Albany
McELROY J. E. Roman Catholic Harrison Av
McNULTY T. Roman Catholic 35 Broadway
MINER A. A. Universalist 28 Green
MORAN M. Roman Catholic 9 South
MOSELEY W. O. Congregationalist-Unitarian 33 Bedford
MOTTE (?) M. I. Congregationalist-Unitarian 2 East Castle
MURDOCK J. N. Baptist 19 Allen
NEALE Rollin H. Baptist 6 Crescent Pl
NICHOLSON W. R. Episcopalian 18 Louisburg Sq
PALMER E. B. (ng) 18 Poplar
PARKER Joseph W. Baptist Shawmut Av
PERKINS H. K. W. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 6 Vernon Pl
PONS Thomas H. Congregationalist-Unitarian 245 Washington
PORTER Charles S. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 301 Broadway
RANDALL George M. Episcopalian 6 East Brookline
RANONIE Charles Roman Catholic 2 North Sq
REED J. New Jerusalem 7 Louisburg Sq
REITER Ernst Roman Catholic 32 Middlesex
ROBBINS C. Congregationalist-Unitarian 80 Mt Vernon
ROBINSON J. P. Episcopalian 67 Bedford
ROCCOFORT L. Roman Catholic 118 Endicott
SARGENT J. T. Congregationalist-Unitarian 70 Dover
SCHONINGER J. Jewish 9 Madison Pl
SCHWARZ LB German Protestant 14 Charles
SLATER E. F. Episcopalian 39 Mt Vernon
SPEAR Charles (ng) over Boylston Market
SQUIRE Edmund (ng) Dorchester & Quincy
STEINBACHER N. Roman Catholic 118 Endicott
STICKNEY M. P. Episcopalian 40 Pinckney
STOCKBRIDGE John C. Baptist 42 Charles
STONE Andrew L. Congregationalist-Trinitarian Park St Church
STOW Baron Baptist 20 Harrison Ave.
STOWE Phineas Baptist 8 Baldwin Pl
STRAIGHT F. W. Freewill Baptist Marginal, EB
STREETER S. Universalist 14 No Bennett
TALBOT J. W. Universalist 86 Princeton, EB
TARLETON Joseph W. Congregationalist-Trinitarian Montgomery Pl
TAYLOR Edward T. Methodist Episcopal 1 Prince
THAYER Thomas R. Universalist 25 E. Canton
TODD John E. Congregationalist-Trinitarian Adams House
TORRICELLI J. B. (ng) 26 N. Russell
TRACY J. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 26 Joy's Building
TUCKER H. Roman Catholic 9 South
TUPPER Samuel Methodist Episcopal 114 Meridian, EB
UEBELACKER A. German Lutheran 5 Camden
VINTON J. A. Congregationalist-Trinitarian 81 Broadway
WARE L. G. (ng) 31 Poplar
WARREN H. W. Methodist Episcopal 22 E. Brookline
WARREN William F. Methodist Episcopal 34 Bowdoin
WATERSTON R. C. Congregationalist-Unitarian 71 Chester Sq.
WEBSTER Amos Baptist 20 Tremont Temple
WELLS E. M. P. Episcopalian 37 Purchase
WHITE John S. (ng) 156 Chelsea, EB
WIGET B. F. Roman Catholic 118 Endicott
WILLIAMS J. J. Roman Catholic 59 Albany
WINKLEY S. H. Congregationalist-Unitarian 7 Bulfinch
WORCESTER T. New Jerusalem 9 Louisburg Sq


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