Melungeon Genealogy

Melungeon Genealogy

Probably the most frequently asked question about Melungeons is, "Was my Mullins, Collins, Goins, etc. ancestor a Melungeon?" As someone who has been researching her Melungeon ancestry for several years, I can tell you that this is not an easy question to answer. Many factors have to be considered when determining whether or not any given person or family is or was of Melungeon heritage. Bill Fields recently added a great page entitled "Looking for Melungeon Roots" to the Under One Sky website which should provide helpful advice to anyone searching for their Melungeon roots.

The Melungeon Genealogy page was set up to document those families we are proud to call our Melungeon ancestors so that there is a starting point for Melungeon Genealogy on the web. If you would like to contribute information about your family, please e-mail me or one of our surname coordinators.


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Mystery People and Photos -- a section devoted to those "brickwall" ancestors who seem to appear out of nowhere and unlabled photos -- Check it out and see if you can solve a mystery!

Please read a recent article entitled, "OXYMORON: PRIVACY AND THE INTERNET" by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG if you have any questions about the importance of protecting the privacy of living persons when sharing genealogical information.

If you would like to add your family information to this page, please email Martha Short.

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