Fibro,CFIDS, & FMF Comparison Chart


March 02, 1999

The following list compares symptoms given for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome with the symptoms that I have had with Familial Mediterranean Fever.

The fibromyalgia symptoms and the Chronic Fatigue Symptoms were taken from the internet sites of both groups. I have taken the symptoms of FMF from the paper on the disease, sent to me from the National Organization of Rare Diseases.

I believe that the symptoms of FMF are erroneously diagnosed in many patients because I believe the heredity behind the disease is unknown by many people and is much more prevalent than previously thought. I BELIEVE THAT FIBROMYALGIA AND CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME ARE JUST A CONTINUUM OF THE SAME DISEASE.

I have starred the symptoms normally listed for FMF, and perhaps explained why some of the symptoms for FMF which are not listed may occur and why they may have been misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFIDS patients. I also had the symptoms w/o the stars. All the muscle pain, trigger spots and muscle soreness of my 'diagnosed,' fibromyalgia are gone. I have marked those symptoms that are improving with a plus (+). IF I HAD FIBROMYALGIA THEN I BELIEVE fibromyalgia is UNDIAGNOSED FMF. Is Chronic Fatigue also undiagnosed FMF? I believe that it is. Are these two diseases milder forms of FMF or just misdiagnosed? I believe that it is both.


fatigue + Pronounced fatigue fatigue, severe
widespread pain/GONE joint aches and pains widespread pain /muscles/joints
3 mos. duration 6 mos duration, recurrent *periodic/recurrent
fever not necessary low-grade fever *periodic fever 101-103 degrees
headache + headache headache
sleep disturbance + sleep disturbance sleep disturbance
morning stiffness ? morning stiffness
depression + depression *depression
anxiety + anxiety anxiety
? sore throat ?
? chills/night sweats *chills/night sweats (assoc. w/fever)
? swollen lymph nodes periodic swollen. lymph nodes
? muscles weakness muscles weakness
? skin rash *skin rash
? confusion/disorientation confusion/disorientation
? memory loss memory loss
? difficulty concentrating difficulty concentrating
? inability to exercise inability to exercise
? reduced sex drive reduced sex drive
? dizziness/light headedness dizziness/light headedness
? irritability irritability
? personality changes personality changes
? mood swings mood swings
poss. heredity? ? *hereditary
? ? *acute, short-lived painful, bouts of stomach pain, (may be followed by diarrhea)
? ? *pleuritis, inflammation of the lining of the body cavities, which in acute stage may produce stabbing pain in the side.
? ? *short, dry cough
*nephropathic ? amyloidosis which can lead to kidney failure.
? ? *Infertility and pregnancy loss more common

The stomach pain in my case has been mis-diagnosed as inflammation of the gallbladder, colitis, appendicitis, etc and usually had vomiting and diarrhea as well. Everyone has a cough from time to time, and flu-like symptoms.

This page was submitted by Nancy Sparks Morrison and the opinions in this page are strictly the author's, based upon her reading and research of various materials noted herein.

Nancy Sparks Morrison
Roanoke, Virginia 24015
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Nancy Sparks Morrison, 1999.


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