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The recent discovery of Marie Müller Hesse's baptism record has taken us back two more generations to her grandparents and great grandparents. This document lists her parents,Rudolf Müller and Wilhelmina Sachse, their places of birth, and their parents. Rudolf was born to Carl Müller and Auguste Pauline Menzer in Münsterberg, Silesia - now Ziebice, Wroclaw, Poland; Wilhelmina was born to Carl Friedrich Sachse and Bertha Auguste Rudowsky in Glauchau, Saxony.

This enabled us to look up the microfilmed Evangelical Church records for Münsterberg, where the marriage record of Carl Müller and Auguste Menzer is recorded, on June 10, 1856. This record gives the occupation and fathers' names for both the bride and groom. Carl Müller was a cavalry officer, and his father was also Carl Müller, from Gross Glogau.  Auguste's father was Johann Menzer, a school master. The Münsterberg Kirchenbuch (churchbook) also contains a baptism record for a sister of Rudolf, Anna Agnes Selma Müller, born October 23, 1856.

In the Evangelische Kirchenbuch for Glogau, we found a baptism record for a Carl Rudolph Müller, born in April 1826 to Carl Christian Müller and Phillipino Dombras[?]. This is probably Rudolf's father, given the date, the location, the middle name Rudolph, and the father's name.

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