Ancestors of Daniel Horn

Daniel Horn and Susannah Croy


1. Daniel Horn, born February 24, 1774 in Uniontown, PA, USA; died March 22, 1828 in Muskingum CO, OH, USA. He was the son of 2. Johann Valentine Horn and 3. Christiana Albright. He married (1) Susannah Croy 1795. She was the daughter of Matthias Croy and ??.

Notes for Daniel Horn:

"Daniel died in 1828 without a will and instead relied upon the normal equal distribution of his estate to his children. By law, Susannah had dower rights to the farm and apparently lived there for the rest of her full life. Daniel asked his son Jacob and Jacob's father-in-law, Benjamin Rutter, to witness his deathbed wish: Daniel said, " was his will and intention that his two daughters, Christena and Susannah should each of them have the following property, viz, one young horse beast, a cow and a bed and that this property should be taken out before the appraisers to make them equal to his other childlren that he had given property to...." "Susannah and son Jacob were the adminmistrators of the estate; after the property was appraised, Susannah set aside her few needs, the balance of the estate, excluding the farm land and buildings, was sold at auction. "The widow was allowed to take with her those items deemed to be necessary for her support and the support of the children, for one year. The appra isers stated she could have items with a value up to $165.56 and one-fourth cent; she also set aside other items at appriased value, before the public auction. "The sale was held May 27, 1828, a beautiful spring day [how do they know?], but a very sad day for the family. In-laws and family were there, along with neighbors. Everyone found something. Henry Lenhart purchased a quilt, sheet and barrel of dried apples. Lenhart's GGgranddaughter married Daniel Horn's GGgrandson, John Clark. These families were all inerlocked together by religion and common needs..." etc., etc., they sent the results of the sale, including this:


Cash on hand 900.25

The sale net (9 months to pay) 399.53

Susannah's items 160.04

Cash rec'd of Andrew Crooks note 40.00

" " " " " " 15.00

" " " I. J. Wallace " 16.00

" " " J Grapes, in full 9.50



Some other Horn Information from the Muskingum County Probate Court

Guardian Book A - 1816-1848

Case no 860 - August 14, 1829

NANCY HORN, aged 19 years and HANNAH, aged 17 years, heirs of DANIEL HORN, come into Court and choose Benjamin Moore as their give separate bonds of $500 each. James Moore, JOHN ROBERTS and Elijah Moore are accepted as securities.

Case No 861 - August 14, 1829

James Moore appointed guardian to Rebecca Horn, aged 10 years and Elijah Horn, aged 7 years, heirs of DANIEL HORN, dec. To give separate bonds of $300 each: Benjamin Moore, John Roberts, Elijah Moore.

April 24, 1830

JOHN HORN, a minor age 14 years, an heir of DANIEL HORN, dec'd., appeared in open court and choose Elijah Moore as his guardian, whom court appointed to give $200 bond. Benj. Moore accepted security.





Notes for Susannah Croy:

Name could be listed as Croix

Children of Daniel Horn and Susannah Croy are:

i. Catherine Horn, born May 07, 1797 in PA, USA; married John Roberts April 10, 1817 in Ohio.

ii. Mary Horn, born March 13, 1799; married Adam Planck in 1822.

iii. Christena Horn, born April 02, 1801 in Ohio; married Robert Moore June 02, 1829.

iv. Jacob Horn, born January 26, 1803; married Elizabeth Rutter 1831.

v. Daniel Horn, born September 07, 1805 in St. Clairesville OH, USA; died June 02, 1881 in Muskingum CO, OH, USA; married Jane Mariah Bush March 18, 1824.

Notes for Daniel Horn:

Daniel: d. 6-2-1881 (75y8m25d)

and wife Jane d. 10-3-1883 (77y5m17d

vi. Susannah Horn, born December 13, 1807; married Leonard Reddick February 12, 1829.

vii. Nancy Horn, born April 15, 1810; married Phillip Coleman April 12, 1832.

viii. Hannah Horn, born June 27, 1812 in Muskingum Co, Ohio; died 1840 in Muskingum Co, Ohio; married John Miller.

ix. John Horn, born September 27, 1815.

x. Rebecca Horn, born September 29, 1818 in Muskingum Co, Ohio; died 1834 in Muskingum Co, Ohio.

xi. Elijah Horn, born September 12, 1822; married Harriet Moore September 28, 1842.


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