Solomon Sturges(s) Horn


Catherine Hibbs


Solomon Sturges(s) Horn often known as S.S. was born on May 27, 1830 in Zanesville, Muskingum Co, Ohio. He died on November 09, 1910 at the age of 80 in Cambridge, Furnas Co, Nebraska.

He was the third Child of Daniel Horn and Jane Mariah Bush. He moved to Appanoose County, Iowa in 1853. Married Catherine Hibbs June 3, 1855 at Hibbsville, Iowa. She was born July 22, 1835 in Putnam County, Indiana. She moved to Appanoose County, Iowa, with her mother Elizabeth Hibbs in 1854. Both Solomon and Catherine buried in the Fairview Cemetery at Cambridge, Nebraska.

Children of Solomon Horn and Catherine Hibbs are:

i. Elizabeth Jane Horn, born March 08, 1856 in Hibbsville, IA, USA; died August 11, 1937 in Cambridge Furnas, Nebraska; married David Franklin Corder August 21, 1880 in Livingston, Appanoose, Iowa.

ii. Mary Catherine Horn, born March 30, 1858 in Hibbsville, IA, USA; died April 16, 1924; married William Henry Yutzy February 21, 1888 in Hibbsville, Appanoose, Iowa.

iii. Amelia Adeline Horn, born November 03, 1860 in Hibbsville, IA, USA; died July 21, 1915; married Albert Lansing Parker December 25, 1881 in Livingston, Appanoose, Iowa.

iv. Lucretia Caroline Horn, born November 03, 1860 in Hibbsville, IA, USA; died January 25, 1939 in Bonanza, Klamath Co, Oregon; married Daniel Gilbert Horn August 10, 1884 in Livingston, Appanoose, Iowa.

Notes for Daniel Gilbert Horn:

Daniel Gilbert Horn is a son of John Horn a brother of Solomon Sturgess Horn.

v. Jesse Seymour Horn, born February 08, 1863 in Hibbsville, IA, USA; died May 13, 1945; married (1) Margaret Eda Corder December 03, 1883; married (2) Martha Della Dykes February 28, 1904 in Sulpulpa, OK.

vi. Amos Albert Horn, born December 15, 1865 in Hibbsville, IA, USA; died April 30, 1950; married Minnie Imogene Bigelow March 20, 1901 in Grand Junction, CO, USA.

vii. Rachel Angeline Horn, born June 21, 1868 in Hibbsville, IA, USA; died August 19, 1941; married Charles Frank Morgan April 04, 1893 in Cambridge, Ne.

viii. Rosa Eveline Horn, born November 04, 1870 in Hibbsville, IA, USA; died March 07, 1872 in Hibbsville, IA, USA.

Notes for Rosa Eveline Horn:

Felkner Cemetery, Centerville, Appanoose Co, Ia

(same cemetery that has Pleasant and Elizabeth Hibbs & family)

Rosa E. Horn dau of S.S. and C. Horn

d. 7-Mar-1872 aged 1yr 4mo 3d


ix. Minnie Olive Horn, born September 19, 1873; died December 23, 1925; married Charles Urias Weibling November 07, 1900.

x. William Allen Horn, born August 30, 1876 in Hibbsville, Appanoose Co., IA, USA; died July 20, 1954 in Montana; married Ethel Vera Thompson March 25, 1902 in Grand Junction, CO, USA.



I have had the fortune of encountering many wonderful people while working on our family history research, One of the benefits of those contacts is that I have received some wonderful family pictures, including the one's I have of Solomon Sturges Horn and his family.

This picture shows Solomon with his wife Catherine and 7 of their 10 children, Missing are Rosa Eveline who died in infancy, Jesse Seymour Horn one of the three boys of 10 children and Rachel Angeline Horn Morgan.



Back row: (L-R) Minnie Olive (Horn) Weibling, Amelia Adaline (Horn) Parker,
Amos Albert Horn, Mary Catherine (Horn) Yutzy, Lucretia Caroline (Horn) Horn.

Front row: (L-R) Elizabeth Jane (Horn) Corder, Solomon Sturgis Horn, Catherine
(Hibbs) Horn, William Allen Horn.

Among other pieces of information of a genealogical and family nature that I have received from others is this great article on the 50th wedding anniversay of Solomon and Catherine in Nebraska.

A social event in Cambridge , Nebraska.

"Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Horn celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at their home June 03, 1905, by a family gathering of their children and grand children. There were 46 present: four daughters who live in Frontier and Furnas Counties, one daughter and family from Culbertson, Nebraska, two sons and families from Grand Junction, Colorado. Seven children and 28 grandchildren and a great grand child with others passed the day in pleasant and social converse. A bountiful dinner was served about 1’oclock, the table being decorated with roses representing gold. One unique feature was a cake silvered over and decorated by gold letters with the names Horn and Hibbs. Also the dates 1855-1905, designed by their oldest grandchild. The oldest daughter presented them with a golden dollar for every year of their married life. This was a present from their children. After a day spent together, the children repaired to their homes feeling that they enjoyed a privilege enjoyed by few.

S.S. Horn was born near Zanesville, Ohio on May 27, 1830. Grew to manhood and was educated in the same county. Came to Appanoose, Iowa in 1853, and lived on government land in a log cabin where he taught school in 1854. Mrs. Horn whose maiden name was Catherine Hibbs, was born near Terra Haute, Indiana, July 22, 1835. She came with her mother who was a widow to Appanoose County , Iowa, in 1854. She went to school to Mr. Horn in the same log cabin on his claim which afterwards became their home. Here perhaps was the beginning of the romance which terminated in marriage on June 3, 1855. They lived on this same farm over 20 years; here all of their children were born except the youngest boy. They are the parents of ten children, showing, that as a family they don’t believe in race suicide, at least there seems to be no immediate danger of the extinction of the race. They probably passed through the same experiences of other early day settlers who made a home on the western frontiers. Mr. Horn followed teaching, farming, carpentering, railroading, was at one time assessor of his county and also surveyor of the same county. After their children were grow, they sold their farm and moved to Seymour, Iowa, where they lived several years, giving up active labour and taking a much need rest. They came to Cambridge nearly 5 years ago, and have since resided here. Their lives, of course have not been all sunshine, but on the whole they have been greatly blessed. Of such a host of children, only one child and two grandchildren know dead is an unusual record. We think we voice the sentiment of all present when we say that may they live to enjoy many more years of life.


I think this is my favorite picture of Solomon and Catherine - pleasantly retired in Cambridge Nebraska, rocking on their porch.



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