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Do you know this sett?

My mother inherited this plaidie from her father, who said it was brought with them when they came to America. This was early 1800's. It was his grandmother's mother's side, he believed. They held it in great reverence. This was Susan BLACK Anderson (his grannie). Susan's mother was Mary MARTIN Black. Her mother was Barbara FORRESTER Martin. Mary and her husband John Martin were the immigrating ancestors. It appears that Mary Forrester's mother was a CARRICK. No idea what sett if any this is. If you know, email me!

It's big, so click here to view.


We've traced them back to England and visited the hometown. We've had a beer with the homeboys. But where oh where are my grandfather's siblings? They would be children of Peter Mason and his wife Mary Gardiner who immigrated to Ohio about 1875 and settled in Ohio. Their children:

Name Birth Where Born Married Death
Ralph Jan 25, 1871 England    
Peter 1871 England    
John 1875 England    
Dora 1879 Michigan Albert Spencer 24 September 1961
Lillian 1882 Ohio ??  
William Edward Jan 29,1889 Ohio Ellen Dalrymple 31 October 1963 in Pennsylvania
Peter March 4 1886     March 1963 in Pennsylvania

Who did Lillian marry and where is she? (Slowly searching Ohio counties for her marriage and Michigan counties for births).

My grandfather was William. According to him, one brother moved to Texas to get rich. Ralph? Peter? John?

One brother stole the profits to the pub the family had in Ohio. Which of the three was he?

One brother committed suicide in the 1930's.

Come home! All is forgiven. We hope you forgive my grandpa for marrying that gal of Scottish extraction.


JOHN ANDERSON and SUSAN BLACK had the following children:

Name Birth Married Death
WALTER RUSSELL 17 June 1884   Dec 29 1969
FRANK R Dec 6 1885 Dora Reffer  
RICHARD F 24 Dec 24 1886   January 3,1921
JAMES W Sep 8, 1888 Margaret Meyers August 23,1980
JOHN W Jan 11,1890 Hazel Pritt  
RALPH V May 24, 1894 Zelma Richardson  
BERT Apr 8, 1895 Sarah Horn Sept 1980
MARGARY M June 26,1898 Lattimer Murrie  
SARAH AGNES Nov 11,1900 Fetty July 20, 1967
ROBERT L Nov 11, 1900   29 Sep 29, 1956
MARY GRACE Nov 11, 1900   April 8, 1901
WILLIAM PAUL March 22, 1902   October 18, 1993
ARTHUR H Aug 11, 1904 Aug 11, 1904
EUGENE C Nov 26,1905 March 30, 1907

LOVE to contact descendents of the ungrayed ones. The gray ones died too young to leave anyone. Walter is my grandfather, so I have his children.






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