McCan(d)less in the Confederacy
McCan(d)less Men Who Served in the Confederacy

This may not be complete and we welcome any additions or corrections.  We have endeavored to record the names here as they are found on the records in NARA.  Many of these men could not spell or write their own names and whoever enlisted them into the service did the best they could with the name.  Some of the names were included because they were close to McCanless/McCandless and seemed to be names that we have in other records.  Many of these men are listed more than once because they served in different units due to field consolidation of their regiments and other reasons.

This page is not a memorial to the Southern cause but a remembrance of the courage of these few men who were called to service and did so.  Hardly any of these men owned slaves nor cared about the slavery issue.  They fought for their own reasons, it was a different time and a different world, one we do not need to revisit to appreciate the courage of men on both sides.  Indeed, there were McCandless men on both sides of the lines.  We can only pray that the tragedy of brother against brother and cousin against cousin shall never again visit this nation.

"The pipes, the pipes are calling.."

McCandless, Alex Co. K 1 Ark. Mtd. Rifles PvtjPvt AR
McCandless,  Alexander Co. A 25 Ark. mt. Pvt/Pvt AR
McCandless,  C. W. F. Co. K 1 Ark. Mtd. Rifles Pvt/Pvt AR
McCandless,  Conrad W. Co. A 25 Ark. Inf. Pvt/Pvt AR
McCandless,  G. W. Co. A 25 Ark. Inf. Pvt/Pvt AR
McCandless,  James Co. C 30 Ark. Inf. Pvt/Pvt AR
McCaneless,  William B. Co. F 37 Ark. Inf. Pvt/Pvt AR
McCanlas,  G. W. Co. B 4 Ark. Inf. Pvt/Pvt  AR
McCanler,  Arid Co. A 17 (Griffith's) Ark.Inf. Pvt/Pvt AR
McCanles,  Green Co. Simington's 1 Ark. Vol. (30 days, 1861) Pvt/Pvt AR
McCanlis,  Alexander Co. A 16 Ark. Inf. Pvt/Cpl AR
McCanlis,  John Co. A 16 Ark. Inf. Pvt/Pvt  AR
McCaneless,  William B.  Co.F 37th Inf.    AR 
McCaner,  Isaac A.  Co.A  31st Inf.  Sgt. AL 
McCanla,  Benjamin  Co.A Cav. 2nd Bn.St.Guard    MO 
McCanlas,  G.W.  Co.B 4th Inf.    AR 
McCanlass,  A.L.  Co.H 57th Inf.    NC 
McCanlass.  Andrew  Co.H 41st ml.    TN 
McCanlass.  D.P.  Co.B  35th (Brown's) Cav. 2nd    TX 
McCanlass.  John  Co.B  Cherokee Lgn (St.Guards)   GA 
McCanlass,  J.T.  Co.B 20th Inf.    MS 
McCanlass,  Marshall A.  Co.D 53rd Inf.    TN 
McCanlass,  Stephen S.  Co.B  32nd Inf.  Sgt. TN 
McCanles.  And.  Co.A 17th (Griftith's) Inf.    AR 
McCanles.  G.A.  Co.B 10th Cav.    MS 
McCanles.  George S.  Co.C 58th Inf.   NC 
McCanles,  Green  Simington's Co. 1st Vol.    AR 
McCanles,  Henry  Ives' Co. 54th Inf.    TN 
McCanless,  B.W.G.  Co.D,E  42nd Inf.  Cpl. GA 
McCanless,  D.A.  Co.K  4th Inf.  CpI. NC 
McCanless,  David A.  Co.C 49th Inf.    NC 
McCanless,  Henry  Co.I  48th (Nixon's) Inf.    TN 
McCanless.  J.A.  Co.A,D 38th Inf.    GA 
McCanless.  J.A.  Co.A 18th Cav.    MS 
McCanless.  James E.  Co.C 58th Inf.   NC 
McCanless.  James M.  Co H 1st (Yager's) Cav.    TX 
McCanless.  James M.  Co.E Cav. 8th (Taylor's) Bn.    TX 
McCanless.  J.B.  Co.H  3rd (Clack's) Inf.  1st Lt. TN 
McCanless.  J.M.  Co.C 1st (McCulloch's) Cav.    TX 
McCanless.  John D.  Co.C 49th Inf.    NC 
McCanless.  Nathan L.  Co.D  53rd Inf.  1st Lt. TN 
McCanless.  S.H.  Co.H 3rd (Clack's) Inf.    TN 
McCanless.  S.S. Co.K  6th (Wheeler's) Cav.   TN 
McCanless.  Thomas  2nd Co.D 35th Inf.   TN 
McCanless.  Thomas S.  Co.D 53rd Inf.    TN 
McCanless.  W.A.  Co.B  52nd Inf.  2nd Lt. TN 
McCanless.  W.O.  Co.F 21st Inf.  Sgt. NC 
McCanley,  Charles  Co.A 26th Cav.    TX 
McCanlis.  Alexander  Co.A  16th Inf.  Cpl. AR 
McCandlass,  Calvin  Co.A 50th Inf.    AL 
McCandlass,  Gideon B.  Co.G 1st (Field's) Inf.    TN 
McCandlass,  Thomas  Co.D 12th Cav.    GA 
McCandlass,  William  Co.D  12th Cav.  Cpl. GA 
McCandless,  Alex  Co.K 1st Mtd.Rifles    AR 
McCandless,  Alexander  Co.A 25th Inf.    AR 
McCandless,  Carter  Co.K 9th lnf.    AL 
McCandless,  C.K.  Co.F 6th Mtd.Inf.    KY 
McCandless,  Clarey  Co.G 21st Cav. 2nd    VA 
McCandless,  Conrad W.F.  Co.A 25th Inf.    AR 
McCandless,  C.W.F.  Co.K 1st Mtd.Rifles    AR 
McCandless,  F.D.    Gen. & Staff Capt., AQM  
McCandless,  G.B.  2nd Co.G 1st Conf. Cav.     
McCandless,  G.W.  Co.A 25th Inf.    AR 
McCandless,  James  Co.D  11th Inf.  1st Sgt. LA 
McCandless,  James  Co.B  14th (Austin's) Bn.S.S.  1st Sgt. LA 
McCandless,  James    4th lnf.   TN 
McCandless,  James E.  Raum's Co. Conf.Cav.     
McCandless,  James M.  Co.D 4th Cav.    KY 
McCandless,  J.B.G.  Co.E 11th (Holman's) Cav.   TN 
McCandless,  John W.  Co.G 21st Cav. 2nd    VA 
McCandless,  J.S.  Co.E 11th (Holman's) Cav.    TN 
McCandless,  R.M.  Co.F 8th Cav.    KY 
McCandless,  Robert Co.E 11th (Holman's) Cav.    TN 
McCandless,  Samuel  Co.G 15th Inf.    MS 
McCandless,  Thomas B.  Co.B  Cav. 9th Bn. (Gantt's)  Sgt. TN 
McCandless,  Thomas D.  Co.G  2nd Inf.  Jr.2nd Lt. LA 
McCandless,  Thomas H.B. Co.F 34th Inf.    TN 
McCandless,  Tos. J.  Co.C 5th (McKenzie's) Cav.    TN 
McCandiess,  W.A.  Co.A  21st (Wilson's) Cav.  1st Lt. TN 
McCandless,  W.A.  2nd Co.G 1st Conf.Cav.     
McCandless,  William A.  Co.G 1st (Field's) Inf.    TN 
McCandless,  William A.  1st Co.D  1st Cherokee Mtd.Vol.  Ch.Bugler  
McCandless,  William H.    Conscr.   MS 
McCandless,  William L.  Co.F 34th Inf.    TN 
McCandless,  William S.  Co.B Cav. 9th Bn. (Gantt's)    TN 
McCandless,  William W.  Co.H  18th Cav.  1st Lt. TX 
McCandless,  W.O.  2nd Co.G  21st Cav.  Cpl. VA 
McCandless,  W.W.  Co.D Cav. Morgan's Regt.    TX 
McCandliess, A.  1st Co.I 1st Cherokee Mtd.Vol.     
McCandlish,  Howard S.  Co.C 32nd Inf.    VA 
McCandlish,  J.M.  Co.B Mil.Conf.Guards RegI.    LA 
McCandlish,  John  Co.H 89th Mil.    VA 
McCandlish,  Robert  Anderson's Co. Lt.Arty. R.M.    VA 
McCandlish,  Robert  Co.B 3rd (Archer's) Bn.Res.    VA 
McCandlish,  Robert  Wolff's Co. Second Class Mil.    VA 
McCandllsh,  Robert M.  Co.A 12th lnf.    VA 
McCandlish,  Ro M.  Co.B 13th Cav.    VA 
McCandlish,  Thomas P.  1st Co.I  32nd Inf.  QM VA 
McCandlish,  Tho. P.    Courser's Brig. Capt. ,AQM     
McCandlish,  William T.  Co.B 3rd (Arclter's) Bn.Res.    VA 
McCandlish, W.T.  WoIff's Co. Second Class Md.    VA 
McCandliss,  David N.    Morgan's, CSA    
McCandliss,  James  Co.G 30th Inf.    AR 

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