Dr. Arthur Singleton LOVE was born 15 Nov 1871, near Florence, Texas, the son of Henry Dixon LOVE and Cornelia CHAPMAN. Mary Estelle MOORE was born 2 Nov 1870, Florence, Texas, the daughter of John Thomas MOORE and Martha Virginia MORRIS. Arthur and Estelle spent their early years in the Florence area of Williamson Co. While attending school in Florence, Dr. Love was employed as the school janitor to help in his quest for a higher education.

They were married on 23 Sep 1896 at the Baptist Church in Florence.

He graduated from the University of Texas Medical School, May 1897 and after a brief practice at Waldrop in McCulloch Co, he went to Ballinger where he and Dr. W. B. Halley formed a partnership. In 1905 they erected the Halley & Love Sanitarium. In pioneer days doctors were scarce and Dr. Love often covered the west Texas area with a horse and buggy in performing his work among the scattered ranch families. His success in surgery made him in demand not only for operations but for consultations with other doctors. He was the first surgeon in Texas to sucessfully perform a caesarian section where both mother and child lived. Dr. Love was elected the first president of the District Medical Association, an organization representing fourteen counties in West Texas.

Dr. Love became a member of the Baptist Church when a young man in 1895. He was faithful to his church and for thirty-seven years served as a deacon. Mrs Love was a homeaker and active in the Woman's Missionary Union of the Baptist Church. For many years she was an executive of the Baptist State Board of Mission.

In World War I he was appointed a Captain. He served in hospitals at Camp Logan, Houston, and Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio.

Dr. and Mrs Love had no children of their own but took into their home and raised three nephews and a neice who were the children of Mrs. Love's sister and her husband, Marinda May Moore and Howard C Preston. Herbert, Clarence, J. T., and Mamie Ray Preston were loved, cared for, and educated by the Loves.

A newspaper article relates that Dr. A. S. Love of Ballinger, came in on the first train to Florence and claims the honor of buying the first ticket ever sold to Florence which ticket the company allowed him to keep as a souvenir. In matter of civic work, Dr. and Mrs. Love were always ready to do their part and many times did for others, in a quiet way, things that others knew nothing about.

Theo Love Caskey, his neice, relates these stories:

"I used to like to hear him talk because he had a southern drawl that none of the others had. . .When he would come to Florence near his birthday he would always tell just how old he was and the date of his birth. When he did that Aunts Ada, Alice and Hattie would begin to squirm - they were so afraid he would tell their ages. I never knew whether he did it just to make them worry or not but I think he did as you know he liked jokes. "

"He said that he liked custard pie better than anything and grandma would make a number of them on Sunday. They had company one Sunday so he thought that was a good chance to get more. Grandmas sat at the end of the table and he sat next to her. He ate his piece of pie and asked for another. He thought that was so easy he would ask for another when he did that Grandma kicked him and he said, "What did you kick me for Ma?" When the company left he found out."

"There is a creek in the field on the Love farm, he and papa were not allowed to fish on Sunday. He and papa went down to catch a few perch, they were so happy about it they forgot it was Sunday and took them to the house to show them. Grandma made them sit on a chair and read the Bible the rest of the afternoon."

Dr. Love died 12 Oct 1943 in Ballinger, TX and Mrs. Love died 21 Jan 1948 in Tyler, TX. Both are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Ballinger, Runnels Co, TX.

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