Hayley Family


James HALEY married Mary (--?--).

Children of James HALEY I and Mary (--?--) were:

  • 1. James II

He died in 1739.

The Hayley Family, Miriam (Hayley) Dougherty, 1984, Quitman, TX, sefl published, Chapter 2.- James Haley/Hayley i


James HALEY II son of James HALEY I and Mary died in 1793.

Children of James HALEY II and an unknown spouse were as follows:

  • 1. Henry, married Rodicey (--?--); married Letitia HYDE.
  • 2. Holliday, born circa 1748, Greenville County, VA; married 1. Elizabeth (--?--), 2. Lucy Burt, daughter of William Burt, before 1769.
  • 3. Dolly, married Benjamin RIVES, Jr, son, of Benjamin Rives Sr, 21 Oct 1780, Brunswick County, VA; Marriage Bond shows that her father, James Haley, gave consent only.

Mary and her son James jointly gave to his son Holliday Haley of Northampton, NC, a Negro, Tim,on 23 July 1769. Mary died sometime after that. James died in 1793 and he has a will recorded Sepember 1795 at Greenville Co, VA.

The Hayley Family, Miriam (Hayley) Dougherty, 1984, Quitman, TX, sefl published, Chapter 3 - James Haley/Hayley ii, Chapter 4 - Holiday Haley/Hayley i, Chapter 5 - Dolly Haley/Hayley


Henry HAYLEY, son of James HALEY II, married Letitia HYDE, daughter of Richard HYDE IV and Mildred (--?--), on 28 May 1770, Brunswick County, VA. Letitia was born 1748 in NC.

Children of Henry HAYLEY and Letitia HYDE were as follows:

  • 2. Richard Hyde, married Mary WOOD.
  • 3. Jensy; married Jesse JORDAN, son of Thomas JORDAN, 7 April 1791 at Greenville County, VA.
  • 4. Lettisha, died 1820, Washington County, GA; buried after 1820, Francis Family Cemetery, Davisboro, Washington Co, GA, married Cordall Francis, 10 March 1796, Greenville County, VA, Rev. Wm. Andrews, Methodist , performed the ceremony and said the bride's name was Letitia.

After Letitia's death Henry married Rodicey

Children of Henry HAYLEY and Rodicey (--?--) were:

  • 1. Henry, born after 1780; married Sarah W. Moore, 27 August 1814, Southhampton, VA.

Henry died in 1801, Greenville County, VA, leaving a will July 1801, Greenville County, VA, Will Book No 1, p 427.

The Hayley Family, Miriam (Hayley) Dougherty, 1984, Quitman, TX, sefl published, Chapter 6 - Henry Haley/Hayley i


Richard Hyde HAYLEY, son of Henry HAYLEY and Letitia HYDE married Mary WOOD. Mary was born in 1791.

Children of Richard Hyde HAYLEY and Mary WOOD were as follows:

  • 1. James Henry, born 1800 at VA; married Mary Ann MOORING.
  • 2. William F.
  • 3. Lutisha, married Samuel HARRIS 4 February 1824, Wake County, NC.
  • 4. Mary (Polly), married Nathaniel DUNN.

Richard Hyde died before 24 November 1806. Mary was married to Edward DORAM 20 February 1810 in Wake County, NC.

The Hayley Family, Miriam (Hayley) Dougherty, 1984, Quitman, TX, sefl published, Chapter 7 - Richard Hyde Hayley


James Henry HAYLEY, son of Richard Hyde HAYLEY and Mary WOOD, was born in 1800 at VA. He married Mary Ann MOORING, daughter of Henry MOORING and Betsy Loftin FORT, on 28 Apr 1819 at Wake Co, NC. He was Farmer.

Children of James Henry HAYLEY and Mary Ann MOORING were as follows:

  • 1. Sarah Letitia (Susan), born 25 Sep 1820; buried 1 September 1891; married Joseph GILPIN.
  • 2. Richard Henry, born 3 April 1821, Wake County, NC; married Prenetta TULL, 1840
  • 3. Jacob William, born 7 Nov 1824 at Wake County, NC; married Geneva A H PERRY.
  • 4. Valenia Elizabeth, born circa 1827, NC; married 1. Joshua Clark WILBORN, 17 December 1846, Marshall County, MS, 2. Felix HARRIS before 1860.
  • 5. Arthilia M (Ophelia), born 30 November 1829, NC; died 17 May 1921; married Matthew S CATHEY, 12 Sep 1849, Marshall County, MS.
  • 6. Lucy Frances, born circa 1833, NC; died 1923, Pride, TX; buried Gail, TX; married Thomas Dick CATHEY 7 August 1849, Marshall County, MS.
  • 7. Haseltine Johnson; born 1835, NC; married Jesse F DAVIS 16 December 1851 at Marshall Co, MS.
  • 8. Sarah P (Sallie); born 1836, NC; married Henry H HARRIS, son of Samuel HARRIS and Lutisha HAYLEY, 6 November 1855, Marshall County, MS.
  • 9. Ann Eliza, born between 1839 and 1840, TN; died 1911; married Alexander CATHEY, March 1869.
  • 10. Augusta Sallie (Gus), born between 1842 and 1843, TN; married George W PERRY, September 1860, Marshall County, MS..

James Henry bought a tract of land "lying on the North side of Powells Creek, beginning at a oak; thence South one Hundred and Eighty six poles, to a Hickory in Frederick Creek Ezells mill pond on Powels Creek, thence up the various courses of said Five acres and three-fourths be the same more or less, it being the land formerly belonging to Jacob Rogers dec'd."

He died circa 1855 at MS.

The Hayley Family, Miriam (Hayley) Dougherty, 1984, Quitman, TX, sefl published, Chapter 8 - James Henry Hayley


Jacob William HAYLEY, son of James Henry HAYLEY and Mary Ann MOORING was born on 7 November 1824 at Wake County, NC. He married Geneva A H PERRY, daughter of Rixy PERRY and Martha E FORT, on 25 February 1847 at Marshall County, MS.

Before the Civil War, my grandfather owned a plantation and worked it with slaves. He also ran a cotton gin. He lost everything in the war. He was a plantation Overseer for other men after the war. They never seemed able to readjust themselves to the new life after the shock of the Civil War, and while they had to live in a small home with no comforts, yet what house she had, she kept it shining like new money, and whatever,she had to eat was so well prepared and served with such taste and grace that you would never forget it, if you ever partook of her hospitality. She was kind and generous to everyone, but she never at one time forgot the blood of the aristocracy of the Old South coursed through her veins. William Larkin Hayley, Autobiography

Children of Jacob William HAYLEY and Geneva A H PERRY were as follows:

  • 1. Holiday Hyde, born 14 June 1848 at Marshall County, MS; married Elizabeth Jane BAILEY.
  • 2. Robert Janadious, born 24 March 1850 at MS; died 24 November 1923, Seymour, TX; married Maggie EASTER 1 Aug 1878, Hill County, TX.
  • 3. William Cornelius, born 26 June 1852, MS; died August 1901, Scurry County, TX; buried, Snyder, TX; married Virginia PURYEAR, 14 May 1871.
  • 4. Laura E; born 8 September 1854, MS; died 8 Sepember 1919; buried Roswell, NM; married Hailey WALLS, 9 March 1873, Marshall Co, MS.
  • 5. Judson Ann; born between 18 December 1856 and 1857 at MS; died 30 March 1939 at Vanceville, Bossier Parish, LA; buried Hillcrest Mem Park, Texarkana, TX; married James C McCURREY, 23 October 1877, Marshall County, MS;
  • 6. Jacob A Died young.
  • 7. Larkin Alta, born 19 December 1861, Wall Hill, Marshall County, MS; died on 16 April 1917, Crosbyton, TX; buried Cemetery, Moran, TX; married Josie Ann THOMPSON, 23 Sepember 1888, Robertson Peak, Coleman County, TX.
  • 8. Geneva (Neva) Ann; born 18 September 1864 at MS; died 10 July 1944; married William SMITH, 16 July 1882, Hill County, TX; .
  • 9. Martha (Mitha) Helen, born 14 February 1867 at MS; died 27 December 1962, Portales, NM; married William Fleming CATHEY son of Thomas Dick CATHEY and Lucy Frances HAYLEY, 8 August 1885, TX.

My grandfather had moved into Robert Lee when the town was located and built a little two room house, and lived in it with grandmother until he died in 1898. He made a living by running little confectionery store, handled applest, oranges, candy, and things like that, and lemonade. There was no soda fountain in town, and as I remember it, they were not handling carbonated drinks in bottles until about 1900; neither did they handle manufactured ice cream in small towns nor make any milk drinks.

My grandfather had a cancer on his hand that ate all the flesh off the back of his hand. He had Dr. Magruder from San Angelo to come out and take off his hand just about half way to his elbow. The only pain-killer the doctor gave him for the surgery was whisky. The operation took place in their kitchen. He soon had to have more of his arm removed and once again they gave him only whisky to dull the pain. He bore it stoically. He had suffered so long, and they had given him so much morphine that he couldn't quit at once. He took a quart bottle, filled it with water, and put in enough morphine that when he took a teaspoonful, he would get his regular dose, but when he took a teaspoonful dose, he would put the same amount of water into the bottle, keeping it full all of the time. So eventually, he cured himself that way, because the morphine gradually disappeared. Another cancer came out on his face a few years later, from which he died in 1898 at 78 years of age.

My grandfather and grandmother were very lovely people. They had been living in a small two-room house in Robert Lee for eight years when he died. He was buried in the Robert Lee Cemetery, and his wife died a few years later in Dawson County. My brother brought her body back to Robert Lee in a hack. It took him several days; he camped out at night. We placed her by my grandfather's side.

Jacob died on 3 June 1898, Robert Lee, Coke County, TX. Geneva died 2 April 1910, Dawson County, TX.

The descendants of this family met regularly for Family Reunions. Picture of the 1941 Reunion, Crisco, TX ( left & right).

Narrative about Jacob and Geneva come from William Larkin Hayley, Autobiography .

The Hayley Family, Miriam (Hayley) Dougherty, 1984, Quitman, TX, sefl published, Chapter 9 - Jacob William Hayley


Holiday Hyde HAYLEY, son of Jacob William HAYLEY and Geneva Ann Hanks PERRY, was born on 14 June 1848 at Marshall Co, MS. Holiday relates some of his childhood in his Memoirs.

His young years were spent on the family plantation with

Three months after Holiday's fifteenth birthday he entered the Confederate Army. In his memoirs he says, "I was soon on the battle line and was wounded in the first round. I lost a lot of blood but no hide so I kept going". According to his memoirs, he fought in several battles and many skirmishes. He wrote: "We fought the battle of River Cross Road. We took Fort Piller, finally we took Memphis, then we drifted down to Harrisburg." He tells of the Battle of Harrisburg with some gory details. This must have been a harrowing experience for a sixteen year old boy. He wrote that before the war was over he was made Sargeant-Major of his regiment. He told that after the war was over, he speni six days walking home, with very little to eat, and wearing shoes so worn they had to be tied on with rag strings.

In 1867, Holiday met Eliza Bailey at a party. He decided, before the evening was over that she was the woman he wanted to marry. He married Elizabeth Jane BAILEY, daughter of Ephraim BAILEY and Amanda Melvina Fitzalan RAY, on 2 Jul 1867 at Greenleaf Church, MS. Eliza was born 18 September 1844 in Macon, Bibb County, GA.

Children of Holiday Hyde HAYLEY and Elizabeth Jane BAILEY were as follows:

  • 1. Annie Jenevia, born 9 May 1869, Coldwater, MS; died 23 May 1964, Lubbock, TX; married John Tazewell PARKER, 10 March1892, Coke County, TX; Marriage performed by Geo F Fair, Minister
  • 2. Albion Robert, born 19 January 1871 at Byhalia, MS; died 14 February 1935, Hayrick, Coke County, TX; married Leila Bell TAYLOR, 5 September 1905, Hayrick, Coke County, TX.
  • 3. William Larkin
  • , born 31 October 1875, Byhalia, Marshall Co, MS; married Ethel Anna PEARCE.
  • 4. Lottie Douglas, born 1 January 1882, Oceola, Hill County, TX; TX; died on 19 July 1977, Midland, Midland Co, TX; married Jeremiah Patrick Henry McMULLAN,18 October 1908, Hayrick, Coke Co,
  • 5. Lula Viola, born 15 February 1885, Coleman, TX; died 29 Aug 1972, Lubbock, TX; married Jacob Boone PEELER, 10 August 1910

In 1879, the Holiday Hayleys moved to Texas. They lived awhile in Hill County and then in Coleman County before moving on to Coke County in 1887. Holiday bought land and started farming. But he also did various things to supplement the farm income. He and his sons built many miles of fence for ranchers. He also surveyed many miles of land in the new county. Later on he traveled over a large area of West Texas selling glasses (spectaoles or specks they were called). He traveled in a hack going through Snyder, Post, Larnesa, Lubbock and other towns, stopping at houses along the way to fit people with spectacles.

Most people called Holiday "Colonel Hayley," but the title "Colonel" was an honorary title. From 1890 to 1906 Holiday was one of the biggest boosters of Confederate Reunions in Coke County.

Holiday was interested in politics. At his death his congressman wrote a letter to Holiday's son. Larkin. Here is part of his letter. "In the death of Colonel Hayley, the State of Texas has lost one of its most valuable citizens, and the West, which he was a pioneer in developing, has sustained a great loss. His record of achievement in advane ing his country and establishing law and order, will live after him for all time. Friends like Colonel Hayley cannot be replaced. Sincerely, C. B. Hudspeth, MC."

Eliza was a tiny wisp of a woman and Holiday was a large strong man. Her faith in God made her a tower of strength on which the family leaned in times of hardship. Holiday wrote of her, "She held on to God with one hand and on to me with the other."

Holiday died in Clyde, Texas where he is buried. Elizabeth died 1930, at the home of her daugher, Lula Peeler, in Clyde, TX where she is buried.

Much more can be learned about the Holiday Hyde Hayley family at the following websites:

The Col. H. H. Hayley Family Coke County, Texas by Ethel Pearce Hayley

Holiday Hyde Hayley Memoirs - Autobiography

Much of the above narrative was written by Zelma Hayley Strom, grandaughter of Holiday and Eliza, and published in the Coke County 1984, Coke County Book Committee, Specialty Printing Co, Lubbock,TX, 1984


William Larkin HAYLEY, son of Holiday Hyde HAYLEY and Elizabeth Jane BAILEY, was born on 31 October 1875 at Byhalia, Marshall Co, MS. He came to Texas with his parents when he was four years old, first stopping in Hill and Coleman Counties, then moving to Coke County in 1887.

He married Ethel Anna PEARCE, daughter of Henry Davis PEARCE and Sara Elizabeth PRIDE, on 28 June 1899 at the Pearce Hotel, Ballinger, Runnels Co, TX. Ethel was born 2 March 1880 in Runnels County, TX. She was the first white child born after it became a county. She lived on Valley Creek, then Old Runnels before moving to Ballinger. She worked for her brother H. H. Pearce who was editor of the Coke County Observer, helping him edit the paper.

In October, Larkin opened a drug store Bronte. First he built a building 36' x 18' and partitioned off a room for living quarters in the back.

The front part was used for his drug business. In a few months he was appointed postmaster at Bronte. He served as postmaster there until 1925.

Their first child, Hubert was born March 31, 1900 in the room back of the drugstore and post office. As Larkin's business grew he expanded his store space. He soon added a small room for an office for Dr. Key and another one for a barber shop for Bob Hayley. In 1901 he bought a small home in town.

In 1906, due to Railroad transactions, all businesses of oid Bronte were moved to new Bronte, including Larkin's Drugstore with post office. Larkin sold his house in town and bought a large two-story house one mile north of town. There their children grew up and romped and piayed with the Bob Hayley children, their neighbors. They also had their friends in to visit often.

Larkin and Ethel were civic-minded. They took part in nearly everything that happened in Bronte. Larkin was superintendent of the Methodist Sunday School for eighteen years. Also he served as steward of the Methodist Church the twenty five years they lived there. He was called upon to speak at all kinds of rallies. In younger days he was asked to make a speech at every Coniederate Reunion. At home he always raised a garden and milked a cow. Ethel was president of the Women's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church severel years. She helped
run the post office and was correspondent for the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the San Angelo Standard from Bronte. She raised lots of flowers and she spent a lot of time helping out with the sick, or with someone in need.

Children of William Larkin HAYLEY and Ethel Anna PEARCE were as follows:

  • 1. Hubert Albion, born 31 Mar 1900 at Bronte, Coke Co, TX; died on 3 Jul 1983, Lufkin, Angelina, TX; buried Garden of Mem. Lufkin, TX; married 1. Retha HENSLEY, 20 May 1923, Bronte, Coke Co, TX, 2. Myrtle WOOTEN, 12 Jul 1924, Bronte, Coke Co, TX, 3. Margaret Elizabeth JONES, 9 Dec 1977, First Baptist Church, Tyler, TX. He was Rural Mail Carrier.
    2. Zelma Elizabeth, born 28 Jun 1903, Bronte, Coke Co, TX; died 19 Oct 1993, Menard, TX; married Frank Theodore STROM, son of Frank Edward STROM and Carrie Josephine SUNDBERG, 27 May 1925, Ballinger, Runnels Co, TX.
  • 3. Holiday Henry, born 14 Dec 1905 at Bronte, Coke Co, TX; died on 1 Jun 1980 at Tyler, Smith, TX; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, Smith Co, TX; married Mamie Ray PRESTON, daughter of Howard Centennial PRESTON and Marinda May MOORE, 24 Aug 1930, Ballinger, Runnels Co, TX. He was Secretary-Treasurer of Arcadia Refining Company, Tyler, TX.

Larkin died on 1 June 1949 at Snyder, Scurry County, TX, at age 73. Ethel died 8 October 1856 in Snyder. They are both buried in the Snyder Cemetery at Snider, Scurry County, TX.

The descendants of William and Ethel Hayley still meet each year for a weekend - usually in July or August. This is a picture from the 1999 Reunion which was held at Timberline Baptist Camp, Lindale, Texas.

Larkin wrote a narrative of his life, which is an interesting portrayal of life in fhe early days of Coke County. Copies of this book, 'Memoirs of William Larkin Hayley", have been placed in the Robert Lee Library and the Bronte Library for the benefit of those who wish to read it.


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Haley Web Page - Section III - Brunswick-Greenville VA, Northampton NC.

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