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John Berryman/Berreman, immigrant, came to Virginia, as a headright of Major Miles Carey of Westmoreland Co, VA by 1654.

John's first wife and the mother of his children died around 1677/78. The only surviving child of this marriage was:

  • 1. Benjamin, born 7 Dec 1670, died 1729, VA; married 1. Sarah, 2. Elizabeth NEWTON

John was a farmer and raised tabacco. He apparently owned and operated a mill located near the head of the Upper Machodoc Creek in Westmoreland County, VA.

He married Jane BUTLER, the widow of Thomas BUTLER, in 1678. There were no children by this marriage. Jane married John Harvey before Benjamin came of age.

Part of the inventory account of John's estate included burial charges for "Mr Berriman and two sons." John and his sons must have died about the same time in 1679/1680 in Westmoreland County, VA.



Benjamin BERRYMAN was born on 7 Dec 1670 at Westmoreland Co, VA. His father died while he was yet a boy. When his step-mother remarried, it was not a pleasant experience for Benjamin. He had lots of difficulties with John Harvey who did not want to give him the property he had inherited from his father. The matter stayed in the courts for several years and it was 1794 before the the dispute was settled and Benjamin received his estate.

He married Sarah BUTLER, daughter of John BUTLER and Anne BAYNHAM. Children of this marriage are:

  • 1. Benjamin Jr, born ca 1693, died 1748/49, married Sarah BUSHROD, daughter of John BUSHROD and Hannah KEENE.
  • 2. John #1, born ca 1690; married Behethland GILSON, daugher of Thomas GILSON..
  • 3. Anne, born ca 1698, died ca 1750; married 1. John BURCH ca 1714; 2. QUESENBERRY, July 1729; 3. BLACKWELL, 1732
  • 4. Elizabeth, born ca 1699, died 1734;married 1. William NEWTON, 2.Charnock Jr COX.

Benjamin married Elizabeth NEWTON, born about 1685 in VA, daughter of John NEWTON and Rose (--?--) TUCKER GERRARD, in 1707/8. Elizabeth was first married to Thomas GILSON - He had children but there were no proven children by Elizabeth .

Children of Benjamin BERRYMAN and Elizabeth NEWTON were as follows:

  • 1. Rose, born 1708; died 1763, Westmoreland Co, VA; married Richard TALIAFERRO, son of John TALIAFERRO and Sara SMITH, 19 June 1726, Caroline Co, VA
  • 2. Frances, circa born 1710, Washington Parish, VA; died before 28 Jun 1759; married George FOOTE, 3 Dec 1731, Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co, VA.
  • 3. Sarah, born about 1711, died 1763, married William DOUGLAS.
  • 4. William, born curca 1713; died 11 Mar 1784; married Rebecca VOWELS, daughter of Richard VOWLES and Ann WATERS, 10 Sep 1743.
  • 5. James, born 1716; died 1773; married Sarah DISHMAN, daughter of John DISHMAN and Francis SANDFORD.
  • 6. Cathrine, born circa 1714; married Richard Vowles, son of Richard Vowles and Ann Waters, 31 Dec 1731, Westmoreland Co, VA.
  • 7. Newton; born circa 1715. Died before he came of age.
  • 8. Henry; born circa 1718. Died before he came of age.
  • 9. John #2; born circa 1722. Died before he came of age.
  • 10. Maximilian, died June 1812, Fauquier Co, VA; married Mary TALIAFERRO, ca 1739, daughter of Robert TALIAFERRO and Elizabeth MATHEWS, 2. Hannah.

Rose BERRYMAN TALIAFERRO, the oldest child of Benjamin and Elizabeth, makes note that she was raised among 22 children which leads us to believe that several children died and some may have been from other families.

In 1714 Benjamin served as Justice of the Peace and Coroner in Westmoreland County, VA. He was a tobacco farmer and owned many slaves as evidenced in his will. He also operated a Water Grist Mill on Machodoc Creeek. A great deal of land was purchased as evidenced in the deeds and he was able to leave all of his children with good inheritances. He left the distribution of the Slaves to Elizabeth who, at her death, left instructions in her will to distribute them among the children.

It is believed that Benjamin and Elizabeth are buried at the Ivy Point/White Hall property which is now located in Kingl George County, Virginia.

Benjamin died in 1729. His wil was recorded 28th day of August 1729, Westmoreland Co, VA. James was given the Home Place, at "White Hall" in King George Co, VA, and the Water Grist Mill. Inventory

Elizabeth's will was proved 22 day of February 1763 in Westmoreland Co, VA.


Maximilian Berryman was born into the home of Benjamin BERRYMAN and Elizabeth NEWTON sometime before 1729 when Benjamin signed his will. It is believed that he was one of the youngest of the large family of children of Benjamin and Elizabeth. The Berrymans who lived in Westmoreland County, Virginia were quite wealthy in land and slaves as evidenced in Benjamin's will. The property that Maximilian inherited from his father was in King George County, Virginia at a "place called the Marsh." This land is located just southwest of the Warrenton-Fauquier Airport on Route 602. Although we do not know exactly when he went to Fauquier County, we believe it was quite early. The county was organized in 1759 and we feel sure that he was there at that time.

He married Mary TALIAFERRO, the daughter of Robert TALIAFERRO and Elizabeth MATHEWS and had at least one son old enough to serve in the Revolutionary War. Robert died in 1777 and his father was appointed administrator for his estate. In Maximilian's will he named one group of children who "has received their full part and proportion of my estate both real and personally".

I believe that this group of children were by his first wife Mary Taliferro.

  • 1. John, married Elizabeth Berryman
  • 2. Benjamin, married Anna BRYAN 1 April 1775
  • 3. Robert, died 1776
  • 4. Charles, died 1832, Madison Co, GA; married Nancy BRAGG
  • 5. Elizabeth, married Battaley BRYAN
  • 6. Mary, married John SMITH
  • 7. Sarah
  • 8. William, married Elizabeth KING, 28 Jun 1798, Fauquier County, VA
  • 9. James, married Susanna KENNY, 13 March 1812

The first time that we have evidence of Maximilian's marriage to Hannah is a deed conveying land to Fielding Battaley in1792. It is believed that the last five named children in his will were the children of this marriage.

  • 1. Daniel, married Rutha KENNY 24 Nov 1821
  • 2. Zachariah, died 1815, Fauquier Co, VA
  • 3. Catherine, married William FUGGITT 7 Jan 1824
  • 4. Agnes (Aggae)
  • 5 George

Maximilian was the appraiser for many of the estates in Fauquier County which makes us believe that he was a businessman with a good sense of value. Maximilian died sometime between 22 May 1812 when he signed his will and 22 June 1812 when it was proved. The executor for his will was his grandson William, obviously the son of one of Maximilian's older sons.

Zachariah died before 17 May when His brother filed administration for him. Hannah died before August 1815 when William Berryman filed administration for her estate.


Charles BERRYMAN was born in Fauquier Co, Virginia, about 1760, the son of Maximilian BERRYMAN and Mary TALIFERRO. Charles married Nancy TATE, 13 November 1787, Surry County, NC. Perhaps she is the mother of two of the children Charles named in his will:

  • 1. Maximilian Robertson SMITH.
  • 2. Mollie Taliaferro BERRYMAN, married George BRAGG, 1 January 1811, divorced , 1840.

Charles married Nancy Moore Settle BRAGG, born 8 Jun 1789 in Virginia, the daughter of William BRAGG (1755-1834) and Ruthy (1760-1844). We do not know when or where they were married.

In May 1804 Charles posted a notice that he was leaving Fauquier Co and that he would pay anyone what he owed them and expected anyone who owed him to pay him. This instrument and one of recommendation signed by many of the leading citizens of Fauquier Co, Virginia was filed in Elbert County, Georgia.

In 1807 Charles was a resident of Elbert Co and drew Lot No 198 in the 7th District of Wilkinson Co in the Land Lottery. He received land grants in Elbert Co and acquired a great deal of land in the Harrison District of Madison Co, Georgia.

Charles and Nancy Bragg Berryman were the parents of eight children:

  • 1. Charles Tabor, born 10 April 1812, died 16 August 1896, married Elizabeth RAY,14 October 1840
  • 2. Rutha T., married Alford McDUFF, 3 August 1830, Madison County, GA
  • 3. Frances (Frankey), married William THOMPSON,18 December 1830 - PICTURES
  • 4. Wilson Penn, born 12 March 1817, died June 1871, married 1. Nancy SMITH, 14 May 1840, 2. Susan GLORE, 2 February 1854, and 3. Elizabeth Jane DEAN.
  • 5. Nancy S., born 28 July 1818, died 7 May 1896, married William P. HENDRIX, 8 March 1838, Madison County, GA.
  • 6. Robert Washington, born 1824, died 1 Nov 1864 in Macon, Georgia, married Sarah C. BOWERS, 9 August 1849.
  • 7. Elizabeth (Betsey) Caroline, born 2 Jan 1824, died 5 October 1905, buried Vanna Methodist Church Cemetery, Hart Co, GA; married Joseph BALLINGER, 23 November 1843. PICTURES
  • 8. Anna Manning.

The will of Charles Berryman was recorded on the 25th of January 1832. Family tradition is that he is buried in the old Berryman Cemetery located on the Abercrombie Farm in Madison Co, Georgia, very close to the Mill Shoal Baptist Church where many of the family attended church. No marker is there for him but two of his sons, Charles Tabor and Wilson Penn, are buried in this cemetery.

After Charles died, Nancy married William Ballinger, the father-in-law of her daughter Betsy Caroline. Nancy died after 1860 but it is unknown exactly when she died or where she is buried.

Wilson Penn Berryman



Wilson Penn BERRYMAN was born 12 Mar 1817 in Madison County, GA to Charles BERRYMAN and Nancy Moore Settle BRAGG.

He was first married to Nancy SMITH, born 1818, on 14 May 1840. The children by this marriage are:

  • 1. Frances C., born 1841, married Oliver DEAN, 8 Nov 1858, Madison Co, GA, son of Jeptha DEAN and Melinda MERCER - Family Picture s
  • 2. Martha (Patti), born 1842, died 27 Sep 1924, married William D. GRAHAM, 30 Dec 1866, Madison Co, GA
  • 3. Sarah, born 1844
  • 4. Charles T., born 1846; married Susan Caledonia THORN - Pictures
  • 5. Nancy Ann, born 1849, married John Barton BURNETTE, 29 Dec 1870, Hart Co, FA - Pictures
  • 6. William, born Aug 1850
  • 7. Rutha, born 1853, married Joe QUEEN - Picture

The second marriage of Wilson Penn was to Susan GLORE, born 1825. They were married 2 Feb 1854 in Madison Co, GA and divorced 5 Sep 1862 in Madison Co, GA. Susan was the daughter of Abner GLORE. There was one child by this marriage.

  • 1. Joseph Lumpkin, born 8 Nov 1854, died 13 Dec 1924, married Rhoda C VAUGHN 15 Dec

Wilson Penn was married to Elizabeth Jane (Betty Jane) DEAN, born 14 Jul 1843, the daughter of Jeptha DEAN (1812-) and Melinda MERCER (1814-). The children of this marriage are:

  • 1. Robert Lee, born 4 May 1864, Madison Co, GA; died 20 Jan 1920, buried Mill Shoal Baptist Church, Madison Co, GA; married Ellen BOWERS.
  • 2. Maximillian Roberson Smith, born 21 Aug 1865, Madiosn Co, GA; died Oct 1944, buried Mill Shoal Baptist Church, Madison Co, GA; married 16 Feb 1890, Madison Co, GA, Fanny CHRISTIAN (1875-1964), daughter of John W CHRISTIAN and Lucy Ann MOORE.
  • 3. Jasper Lawyer, born 14 Jun 1868, Madison Co, GA; died 1 Oct 1909, Madison Springs, Madison Co, GA, buried Jones Chapel, Madison Co, GA; married 10 Dec 1893, Madison Co, GA, Alice Melinda Frances GUEST (1868-1939), the daughter of James GUEST and Mary M. BOND. PICTURES
  • 4. Doctor Newton, born 14 Jun 1868, Madison Co, GA; died 24 Jun 1944, buried Rohoboth Baptist Church, Elbert Co, GA; married Della GINN (1877-1955)
  • 5. Lemuel Wilson Berryman, born 18 May 1870, Madison Co, GA; married 1. Ella DEAN, 3 Oct 1891, 2. Fannie AARON

Family tradition is that Wilson Penn was a Bee Man. He was blind and one day went out to rob the beehives. The bees swarmed him and stung him to death. He died in June of 1871 and is buried in the Berryman-Bragg cemetery on the Abercrombie farm in Madison County, GA.

Two more children were born to Elizabeth Jane after Wilson Penn died.

  • 1. William Rufus, born 2 May 1874, Madison Co, GA; died 31 Jan 1942, buried Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Elbert Co, GA; married 27 May 1993, Dora DUDLEY
  • 2. Mary B (Molly), born Jul 1878, Madison Co, TX; died 194Tombstone5, buried Mill Shoal Baptist Church, Madison Co, GA; married Hosier P (Dock) MOON Tombstone

Elizabeth Jane Berryman died 8 Dec 1898 and is buried in the Mill Shoal Cemetery, Madison County, GA.






Jasper Lawyer BERRYMAN was born 14 June 1868 in Madison County, GA, The son of Wilson Penn BERRYMAN and Elizabeth Jane DEAN. He had a twin brother named Doctor Newton. He was married 10 December 1893 to Alice Melinda Frances GUEST in Madison County, GA. Fannie was born 8 April 1868 to James M. GUEST and Mary M. BOND in Elbert County, GA. Jasper was a farmer and they lived in Madison Springs, GA where he worked for the Honeycutts.

They were the parents of:

  • 1. Dupree, born 4 Dec 1894, Madison Co, GA; died 4 Dec 1895, Madison Co, GA; buried Jones Chapel Cemetery, Madison Co, GA
  • 2. Hoyt Newton, born 19 Dec 1895, Danielsville, Madison Co, GA; died 20 Aug 1973, Tyler, TX; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, TX; married 1. Josephine HOWELL, 4 Sep 1926, Hunt Co, TX, 2. Clara Mae White
  • 3. Clara Bell, born 31 Mar 1897, Madison Co, GA; died 9 Oct 1978, Anderson, SC; buried Salem Church, Franklin Co, GA; married General Gordan HILL
  • 4. Cleo Patra, born 23 Jun 1898, Madison Co, GA; died 10 Dec 1972; buried Moon's Grove Cemetery, Madison Co, GA; married Vester V. ALEWINE
  • 5. Eva Mae, born 18 Dec 1899, Madison Co, GA; died 21 Nov 1991, Athens, GA; buried Gordan's Chapel Cemetery, Madison Co, GA; married Turin FROST
  • 6. Theodore Roosevelt, born 12 Sep 1901, Madison Co, GA; died 1 Aug 1977, Madison Co, GA; buried Mill Shoal Baptist Church Cemetery; married Ellen COILE, 18 Feb 1923
  • 7. Olivia Carlton, born 5 Oct 1903, Madison Co, GA; died 18 Aug 1991; buried New Hope Holiness Cemetery, Madison Co., GA; married Ezra FOWLER
  • 8. Hervin Thomas, born 2 Mar 1905, Madison Co, GA; died 26 Nov 1989; buried New Hope Holiness Cemetery, Madison Co, GA; married 1. Georgia T. PHILIPPS, Aug 1930 2. Sue CHASTAIN
  • 9. William Tally, born 10 Jan 1907, Madison Co, GA; died 2 Nov 1908, Madison Co, GA; buried Jones Chapel Cemetery, Madison Co, GA
  • 10. Lawyer Taft, born 31 Mar 1909, Madison Co, GA; died 6 Jul 1970; buried Mill Shoal Baptist Church Cemetery, Madison Co, GA; married Annie Bell HOUSE

Jasper died of a heart attack 1 Oct 1909 while loading cotton. Cleo was helping her father when it happened. Gordon Hill was working with Jasper at the time he died - he later married the oldest daughter, Clara Bell. According to daughter Eva, the children went to Bond School while they were living in Madison Springs.

Life was very difficult for Fannie and the children after Jasper died. Fannie took in washing and made a living the best way she could. For a while the family lived in a little log house behind John A. Berryman's house in the Harrison District. After only a few years they moved back to Madison Springs and the area where Fannie's family lived. Many people helped her but none more than Uncle Rufus and Aunt Dora Berryman. Aunt Dora made clothes for the children and helped take care of them. The family has also mentioned that the Honeycutts were very good to Fannie and the children, too.

Fannie died 7 December 1939 in the Bluestone Community of Madison County, GA, where she was living with her son Taft. Both Fannie and Jasper are buried at Jones Chapel Cemetery, Madison Co, GA. The tombstone was erected several years after Jasper's death. Hervin, a son, said that the tombstone is wrong and the census records support this. We have given what we believe to be the correct dates here.

Jasper and Fannie had 43 grandchildren who with their children are scattered around the world. PICTURES


Special thanks to these who shared much information about the Berryman family with me. Also to the cousins in Georgia who answered my numerous questions about relationships.

Jeanne Arguelles, Rockwall, TX; Joe Berryman, Conroe, TX; Marvin Berryman, Denver, CO; Corrie Brown, Royston, GA; Rita Hand, Atlanta, GA, Richie Mae Jarrett, Richmond, Va; Ann Langford, Houston, TX - Web Page; Bob McAlear, CA; Judy Winn, Bowman, GA

Tombstone inscriptions copied and photographed by Mary Love Berryman


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