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John Thomas TAYLOR

John Thomas TAYLOR was born on 2 Jan 1861 in Buena Vista, Marion County, Georgia. He was the 3rd son and 5th child of William Albert TAYLOR and Delilah Jane COLE.

He was married to Sarah Julia TYLER on 26 Jan 1886 in Marion County, Georgia and to this marriage was born 10 children:

  1. Alma Seretha "Labba", b. 12 Mar 1888, d. 5 Jan 1970. (Married Lucius Michael MURRAH).
  2. David Winlock, b. 12 Aug 1889, d. 9 Jul 1965. (Married Luna Belle STEPHENS).
  3. Arthur Thomas, b. 30 Jan 1892, d. 2 Apr 1955. (Married Helen Leona THOMAS).
  4. Nellie Elma, b. 3 Mar 1894, d. 18 Feb 1987. (Married Perry Loyd SHIVER). For more information on this line, please contact Mary Kathryn Kozy.
  5. Fletcher Lemuel, b. 14 Aug 1896, d 28 Jan 1988. Never married.
  6. Hilda Theresa "Stewart" or "Tut", b. 10 Feb 1898, d. 8 Dec 1986. (Married Frank Harvey GRIFFIN).
  7. Willie Green, b. 24 Nov 1901, d. 9 Feb 1985. (Married (1) Emma Lee SHEPPARD and (2) Mildred Pauline RAMEY).
  8. Clarence Blanchard, b. 21 Apr 1904, d. 10 Dec 1973. (Married Gertrude HARNAGE).
  9. Sarah Irene, b. 15 Dec 1907, d. 21 Nov 1972. (Married Chuck DIXON).
  10. Delila Risby "Lila", b. 12 May 1909, d. 13 Feb 1989. (Married Gordon Lomax HERLONG).
  11. Myrtice Louise "Boo", b. 1 Aug 1912, d. 1 Feb 1989. (Married Roy Robert WHIDDON).
John Thomas TAYLOR died on 4 Jul 1928 in Pelham, Mitchell County, Georgia. He is buried in the Pelham Cemetery in Mitchell County. His wife, Sarah Julia TYLER joined him in death on 2 Jan 1963, also dying in Pelham, Mitchell County, Georgia. She is buried beside him in the Pelham Cemetery.

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

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