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It is believed that Enoch SHIVER was born in Georgia about 1799. His parents are unknown at this time, but there is a possibility that he might be the son of Jacob and Darcus SHIVER.

Based on his children's ages, he would have married Dedemiah (or Dedimyra) LOVE (or NETTLES?) abt. 1826, probably in Dooly County, Georgia. Enoch and Dedemiah were the parents of 9 children. There is one daughter who appears in both the 1830 and 1840 census records that is evidently married, living away from home, or deceased by the time of the 1850 census (please see Dedemiah's page for this record). All of the following children were most likely born in Dooly Co., Georgia.

  1. Sarah Ann Elizabeth, b. 7 May 1826, d. 20 Nov 1905. (Married John Wesley WINGATE Jr.).
  2. John W., b. abt. 1828, d. 23 Jun 1864. (Married Sarah Deliabell SIMMONS).
  3. Rebecca, b. Mar 1833, d. 19 Jan 1911. (Married Jacob J. SHIVER).
  4. Martha Ann, b. 23 Jul 1834, d. 30 Sep 1925. (Married Rozier WINGATE). For more information on this line, please contact Jerry Heard, a descendant.
  5. Ransom, b. 28 Jan 1836, d. 1909. (Married Lydia SULLIVAN).
  6. James Allen, b. 28 Jan 1838, d. 28 Oct 1912. (Married Mary Frances SULLIVAN).
  7. Mary A. "Polly", b. 6 Jul 1839, d. 14 Oct 1916. (Married John R. BOZEMAN).
  8. Eliza, b. 10 May 1843, d. 6 Jul 1900. (Married Darius RAMSEY).
  9. Marion Harmon, b. 14 Dec 1844, d. Aug 1906. (Married Mary "Polly" GUNTER).

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The information found in the official records regarding Enoch SHIVER is fairly sketchy.
Listed below are the entries found in the 1830 and 1840 Dooly County, Georgia Census records:

1830 Federal Census for Dooly County, Georgia
M19, Roll #17, Page #81
Head of Household: Enoch SHIVER
Free White Males: 1 - Under 5; 1 - 20-30;
Free White Females: 1 - Under 5; 1 - 20-30; 1 - 50-60.
(QUESTION: Who is the 50-60-year-old woman living with Enoch and Dedimyra? His mother or hers?)

1840 Federal Census for Dooly County, Georgia
M704, Roll #40, Page #109
Head of Household: Enoch SHIVER
Free White Males: 1 - Under 5; 1 - 5-10; 1 - 10-15; 1 - 40-50;
Free White Females: 1 - Under 5; 3 - 5-10; 1 - 10-15; 1 - 30-40; 1 - 50-60.
(Again, who is the 50-60-year-old woman?)

I believe that Enoch also shows up in the 1845 Baker County Tax List, but I need to verify that.

It is suspected that Enoch, Manning, Ransom and Fleming SHIVER were all brothers. A cousin, Lyrice Shiver McCranie, and I have been searching for some time to link positively Enoch, Ransom, Manning, and Fleming as brothers. Proof is, as of yet, elusive.

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

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