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Noah Purcell was born 29 Nov 1774 in Hampshire Co., Virginia (now West Virginia). He was the first son and oldest child of Jonathan PURCELL and Catherine DOUTHIT. Noah married Sarah DECKER on 16 Jul 1796 in Virginia.

To this marriage was born 6 children:

  1. John, b. 4 Mar 1797, d. 18 Dec 1862. (Married Eliza SKOMP).
  2. Andrew, b. 28 Jan 1799, d. 24 Oct 1863. (Married Elizabeth DOOLING).
  3. Catherine, b. 15 Jun 1801, d. 3 Aug 1889. (Married Archibald SCOTT).
  4. Isaac, b. 8 Sep 1803, d. 11 Jul 1878. (Married Jane HOGUE).
  5. George Washington, b. 10 Mar 1808, d. 27 Dec 1862. (Married (1) Phoebe Ann GREEN and (2) Nancy THOMPSON).

Noah served in the military and fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe with the Indiana Militia. This engagement led up to the declaration of the War of 1812. Noah served as a Major under Lt. Col. Luke Decker, his brother-in-law in the Field and Staff of the Fourth Regiment of the Infantry of the Indiana Militia. An account of the his involvement in the battle is as follows:

Noah Purcell in battle: "Between 4 and 5 o'clock in the morning of the 7th of November, 1811, a sentinel at the southeast angle discovered Indians crawling through the grass. He fired and fled toward the line pursued by hundreds of Indians."

Engaged in this battle were members of the U.S. Army from Kentucky, but apparently not all were regular army. "The battle had continued for some time when Col. Daviess observed to Gov. [William Henry] Harrison that the Indians were sheltering behind a log and some standing trees near the angle formed by the front line and the left flank and were annoying our line very much, and he asked permission to dislodge them. Permission being granted, he called on his first division, as he termed them, which consisted of not more than 20 picked men, to follow him, and rushed to the charge through the United States Infantry, who were formed in his front, followed by about 6 or 7 of his men, and of that number at least three, to-wit. White, Floyd, and Percil, were citizens of the Territory.." Daviess and White fell and were with difficulty borne into our lines….." It is believed "Percil" was Major Noah Purcell, Jonathan's oldest son. (Major Joseph H. Daveiss and Adjt. Davis Floyd were both serving in the Field and Staff of Major Parke's Dragoons of the Indiana Militia. Daveiss was killed in action on Nov. 7; White apparently survived his wounds.)

Though casualties were heavy, Noah survived the battle and raised his children.

Noah PURCELL died 29 Oct 1848 in Knox County, Indiana and he is buried in the Upper Indiana Church Cemetery just outside of Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana (headstone). Sarah followed him in death on 16 Jul 1851, also in Knox County, Indiana and is buried beside her husband (headstone).

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