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John Purcell was born 4 Mar 1797 in Hampshire Co., Virginia (now West Virginia). He was the first son and oldest child of Noah PURCELL and Sarah DECKER. John married Eliza SKOMP on 19 Dec 1836 in Knox County, Indiana.

To this marriage was born 6 children:

  1. Frances Ann, b. 1838, d. ????. (Married Merrick ACKERLY).
  2. Mary Elizabeth, b. 10 Oct 1839, d. 11 Dec 1893. (Married Joseph STEFFY).
  3. Andrew A., b. 6 Aug 1841, d. 26 Feb 1924. (Married Elizabeth Handley McCLURE).
  4. Noah Dunlap, b. 10 Jun 1843, d. 14 Nov 1923 (Married Florenza BUCK).
  5. Docia Ann, b. 6 Dec 1844, d. 26 Sep 1846.
  6. Sarah Jane, b. 1847, d. 21 Jul 1859.

Eliza preceded John in death on 21 Dec 1848 in Knox County, Indiana. She is buried in Upper Indiana Church Cemetery. Her headstone reads, "age 24 yrs, 28 days". John died on 18 Dec 1862 in Knox County, Indiana. He too is buried in Upper Indiana Church Cemetery. His headstone reads, "aged 65 yrs, 3 mos, 14 days". If his age is figured from the age on his headstone, this gives a birth month of September, not March. This discrepancy has not been adequately addressed as yet.

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