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York Co., 1923, part 2

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025145/23 Andrew Ross ARMITAGE, 31, night patrol, Newmarket, Newmarket, s/o Lewis ARMITAGE & Isabella FINLAY, married Leslie Irene COLLINS, 30, stenographer, Newmarket, Newmarket, d/o William N. COLLINS (b. East Gwillimbury) & Mary BARLEY, witn: Walter HAIGHT & Verlia HAIGHT both of Adanac Sask., 11 December 1923, Newmarket


025193/23 Luke Elmer BERRY, 21, paper mfg., Ontario, 80 West Ave., s/o William BERRY (b. Ontario) & Charlotte BASSON, married Ivy Kate WHITE, 25, England, 80 West Ave., d/o William Harmond WHITE (b. England) & Leah Martha HOPGOOD, witn: Gordon F. BURTON of 613 Logan Ave. Toronto & Eleanor BERRY of 80 West Ave. Toronto, 6 June 1923, Church of Epiphany Scarboro Jct.

025195/23 Robert Melville BURNFIELD, 19, laborer, Medonte Twp. Simcoe Co., King Twp., s/o George BURNFIELD (b. Medonte Twp.) & Almira BUCHANAN, married Hazil Pearl ATKINSON, 19, King Twp., King Twp., d/o Solomon George ATKINSON (b. Etobicoke) & Isabel Catherine SHEARDOWN, witn: Mrs. G.R. KITCHING & Mrs. Ruth KITCHING both of Schomberg, 19 May 1923, Schomberg

025250/23 Robert William George CABLE, 22, mechanic, England, Birchcliff Ont., s/o Robert William CABLE (b. England) & Florence Beatrice WILSON, married Louisa GILL, 22, tailoress, England, Birchcliff St., d/o Joseph GILL (b. England) & Lily BRADFORD, witn: Miss Florence GILL of 110 Ellington Ave. Birchcliff & Mr? C.P. DRUMMOND of 384 Woodbine Ave., 23 March 1923, Birch Cliff

025242/23 James CAIN, 33, laborer, Hamilton Ont., Long Branch Ont., s/o Thomas CAIN (b. Ireland) & Eliza SMITH, married Elsie FRANKLIN, 18, Hull England, Long Branch Ont., d/o Gordon FRANKLIN (b. England) & Alice AGER, witn: William CAIN & Mrs. William CAIN both of New Toronto, 20 June 1923, New Toronto

025226/23 David Clifford CATION, 19, compositor, Ontario, 45 Humberside Ave., s/o Robert H. CASTIN (b. Ontario) & Agnes L. WALKER, married Minnie Josephine HOPPER, 18, stenographer, Toronto Ont., McIntosh Ave. Humber Bay, d/o Harry M. HOPPER (b. Ontario) & Caroline HARE, witn: Louis CATION of 45 Humberside Ave. & Constance W. HOPPER of Humber Bay Ont., 27 August 1923, Humber Bay

025221/23 Frederick Clarence CAUSTON, 23, motor mechanic, Ontario, 149 Wheeler Ave., s/o Arthur Eckle (b. England) & Mary Ellen nee LITTLE, married Annie Elizabeth LISCOUMB, 22, grocery clerk, Toronto Ont., 83 Cornell Ave., d/o Jonathan (b. Ontario) & Violella nee INGERHAM, witn: Esther DAVIS of 93 Pinegrove Birch Cliff & Cecil CHURCHILL of St. Catherine Ont., 28 September 1923, Birch Cliff

025227/23 Louis CELLINI, 26, labourer, Italy, Schomberg Junction, s/o Frank CELLINI (b. Turin Italy) & Mary Joe, married Elizabeth TIPPLE, 18 next birthday Feb. 23, at home, London England, Schomberg Junction, d/o Henry TIPPLE (b. Bethel Green England) & Alice WALKER, witn: James PARSONS & Mrs. Alice PARSONS both of Oak Ridges, 3 August 1923, Richmond Hill

025225/23 Frederick CHALMERS, 20, contractor, Scotland, 322 Melrose St. Mimico Ont., s/o S. CHALMERS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth LIVINGSTONE, married Beatrice PARRINGTON, 19, knitter, Ontario, 116 Victor Ave., d/o W. PARRINGTON (b. Ontario) & Clara GRAHAM, witn: Jessie FERGUSON of 210 Oxford St. Twp. Etobicoke & Margaret CHALMERS of 322 Melrose St. Twp. Etobicoke, 1 September 1923, Mimico

025244/23 Stanley Earl CHAPMAN, 29, salesman, Ontario, 143 Main St. in Weston Ont., s/o John CHAPMAN (b. Ontario) & Annie BOYNTON, married Daisie Aileen SMITHSON, 23, school teacher, Ontario, 112 King St. Weston, d/o Edward SMITHSON (b. Ontario) & Minnie MAXWELL, witn: F.A.R. MacFADDEN of 253 Wellesley St. Toronto & Marguerite V. SMITHSON of Weston, 6 June 1923, Weston

025243/23 Alfred Charles CHEESMAN, 22, piano worker, Toronto, 76 Greenwood Ave., s/o A.C. CHEESMAN (b. England) & Emma COOPER, married Mildred Agnes McCONNELL, 18 6/12, clerk, Toronto, Stop 34 Lake Shore Rd., s/o John McCONNELL (b. Ontario) & Ina McFADDEN, witn: Uhra? L. TUSHINGHAM of 273 Palmerston Ave. & William McCONNELL of 166 Lisgar St., 5 June 1923, Mimico

025230/23 Murray John CHISAMORE, 20, bricklayer, Ontario, 336 Lake Promenade Long Branch, s/o Hector S. CHISAMORE (b. Ontario) & Christina FERGUSON, married Ida Rhea WILKIE, 23, saleslady, Ontario, 336 Lake Promenade Long Branch, d/o Alexander WILKIE (b. Ontario) & Rebecca MITCHELL, witn: Dorian WILKIE of 436 Brock Ave. Toronto & Hector T. CHISAMORE of 336 Lake Promenade, 8 August 1923, 336 Lake Promenade, Long Branch

025237/23 Walter CHRISTY, 42, widower, moulder, Bloomfield Ont., Belleville Ont., s/o John CHRISTY & Hannah CREEPER, married Beatrice POWELL, 44, widow, housewife, Lindsay Ont., Belleville Ont., d/o James WATSON & Agnes WATSON, witn: J.C. BURKTON & Mrs. J.C. WATSON both of Toronto, 14 July 1923, Markham

025216/23 William Henry CLAPHAM, 24, farmer, Ontario, Thornhill Ont., s/o John CLAPHAM (b. England) & Janet BARNARD, married Helen BAILLIE, 19, Scotland, Thornhill Ont., d/o Alexander BAILLIE (b. Scotland) & Jeannie DAVIDSON, witn: John T. SQUIRE of York Mills & Dorothy Leigh BENNETT of Toronto, 19 October 1923, St. John's Church York Mills

025246/23 Guy Douglas CLAYTON, 28, butcher, Toronto Ont., 984 Bathurst St., s/o Joshua CLAYTON (b. Ontario) & Ophelia JOHNSTON, married Annie Hilda WEBB, 20, stenographer, England, 5 Gloucester Grove, d/o David WEBB (b. England) & Frances NEWMAN, witn: Charles E. LONG of 2 Wheeler Ave. & Maud JOSSA of Lyon Ave. Fairbank, 24 September 1923, 5 Gloucester Grove

025254/23 Frederick Harold CLINKINBOOMER, 28, farmer, Ontario, Unionville Ont., s/o Thomas CLINKINBOOMER (b. Ontario) & Anne WRIGHT, married Ethel Rosina RUSHBROOK, 22, England, Markham Ont., d/o Cornelius RUSHBROOK (b. England) & Rosina Ellen PITMAN, witn: Cornelius RUSHBROOK & Rosina RUSHBROOK both of Markham, 22 January 1923, Markham

025219/23 Howard CLUBINE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Twp. Whitchurch, s/o James CLUBINE (b. Canada) & Amelia SHAW, married Miriam EZARD, 19, Ontario, Whitchurch, d/o William EZARD (b. Canada) & Mary WOOD, witn: Mrs. E.L. CLUBINE of Oakridge & A.M. DANIEL of Jefferson Ont., 15 October 1923, Jefferson

025251/23 Kenneth Douglas Valentine COLVILLE, 27, shipper, Ontario, 528 Gladstone Ave., s/o David I. COLVILLE (b. Scotland) & Mary ROBERTSON, married Rhoda Mary WALKER, 25, supervisor, England, 120 Ennerdale Rd., d/o C.E. WALKER (b. England) & Mary JEFFERSON, witn: Alex. J. COLVILLE of 528 Gladstone Ave. & Ida WALKER of 120 Ennerdale Rd., 14 February 1923, Fairbank N. Earlscourt Methodist Church

025253/23 Ivan COMER, 18, farmer, Mount Albert, Mt. Albert, s/o Chesley COMER (b. Sutton) & Elizabeth LEITCH, married Pearl JORDAN, 17, housekeeper, Whitchurch, Mt. Albert, d/o Albert JORDAN (b. Queensville) & Charlotte KING, witn: Frank KIRTON & Mrs. F. KIRTON both of Mt. Albert, 24 January 1923, Newmarket

025217/23 Harry CONSITT, 26, Engineer, England, 55 Queensbury Ave., s/o Frederick William CONSITT (b. England) & Annie HEMMINGWAY, married Phyllis Mary HILL, 20, England, Wellington St. Aurora, d/o John James HILL (b. England) & Mary BROOM, witn: William Francis HILL & Jean COPSON both of Aurora, 27 October 1923, Aurora  

025245/23 Alfred COOK, 30, surveyor, England, New Toronto, s/o John COOK (b. England) & Sophia CANNON, married Elizabeth Fox EDMUND, 30, Scotland, New Toronto, d/o Daniel EDMUND (b. Scotland) & Agnes FOX, witn: Arthur W. RIGBY of 26 North St. New Toronto & Agnes ROWAN of Humberside, 12 Mary 1923, New Toronto

025252/23 Sidney Hector COOKE, 21, farmer, England, 14 Nichol Ave. Mt. Dennis, s/o Frank COOKE (b. England) & Edith DUNKLEY, married Gwendoline Grace EASTON, 24, clerk, England, Allanburg Ont., d/o Joseph EASTON (b. England) & Grace WILLIS, witn: Mrs. Ida WAGG of 1313 Jane St. Mt. Dennis & Mrs. Ruth GOWANS of 1311 Jane St. Mt. Dennis, 29 January 1923, Mount Dennis

025231/23 Wilfred Clarence Cumming CORISTINE, 27, Dentist, Manitoba, 1348 Kingston Rd., s/o Rowland CORISTINE (b. Ontario) & Sarah CUMMING, married Alice Selby WELLS, 22, stenographer, Toronto Ont., 327 Durie St., d/o Robert Sidney WELLS (b. New Brunswick) & Bertha Emily Augusta HAGEN, witn: F. & Annabelle S. EDWARDS of 363 Parkside Drive, 25 July 1923, Morningside Presbyterian Church, Swansea

025218/23 Wesley CORLESS, 28, farmer, Albion Twp., Albion Twp., s/o Edward CORLESS (b. Albion Ont.) & Margaret SNELL, married Edna Mable HUSON, 20, Vaughan Twp., King Twp., d/o Peter HUSON (b. Ont.) & Laura WALLIS, witn: W. HEWITT & Mrs. William HEWITT both of 352 Clendenan Ave. Toronto, 24 October 1923, King Twp.

025222/23 Robert Walter CORNISH, 29, office manager, Whitchurch England, Chicago, s/o Walter F. CORNISH (b. England) & Mary Anne WATSON, married Ida Mae SISMAN, 31, milliner, Toronto, Aurora, d/o George SISMAN (b. Ireland) & Jane Anne REID, witn: Fred J. CORNISH of 13 Deacon Rd. Toronto & Mrs. Bond of Aurora, 6 September 1923, Aurora

025235/23 Edward Charles COSBURN, 20, gardener, Ontario, 1161 Leslie St., s/o Charles COSBURN (b. Ontario) & Ada MOORS, married Alice BROWN, 19, clerk, Scotland, 741 Pape Ave., d/o Arthur BROWN (b. Scotland) & Christian WALLACE, witn: A.W. BROWN of 741 Pape Ave. & Mabel COSBURN of 1161 Leslie St., 7 July 1923, Todmorden

025213/23 Sidney Edgar CROWLEY, 23, carpenter, Toronto Ont., 96 Queensbury Ave., s/o Richard CROWLEY (b. England) & Emily TEMPERMAN, married Alice WILSON, 19, stenographer, England, 7 Blandford Rd., d/o Charles H. WILSON (b. England) & Blanche STEELE, witn: H. THORN of 406 Spadina Rd. Toronto & Rose H. CAMERON of York Mills Ont., 27 October 1923, York Mills

025212/23 Alexander Will CRUICKSHANK, 27, cartage, Vandorf, Richmond Hill, s/o James CRUICKSHANK & Barbara WILLS, married Ethel May ATKINSON, 21, dressmaker, Alberta, Richmond Hill, d/o Ralph Wellington ATKINSON & Margaret Ann MORLEY, witn: David M. EMPRINGHAM & Annie EMPRINGHAM both of Gormley, 14 November 1923, Richmond Hill

025255/23 Walker CUMING (Cumming?), 27, painter, England, Mimico, s/o Henry N. CUMING & Mary Annie CLAYTON, married Elsie Gertrude Ellen WIGGINS, 23, Ireland, Mimico, d/o Jas. WIGGINS & Ellen SMITH, witn: Grace Elizabeth SULLIVAN of 127 Bloor St. W. Toronto & George Alfred WIGGINS of 20 Victoria St. Mimico Beach, 11 September 1923, Mimico

025239/23 Albert CUNLIFFE, 23, bus driver, England, 458 Oakwood Ave., s/o George CUNLIFFE (b. England) & Nancy PILKINGTON, married Hazel May MARKS, 18, Toronto Ont., 540 Harvie Ave., d/o Reuben MARKS (b. U.S.A.) & Maude, witn: Alice CUNLIFFE of R.R. #3 Stayner Ont. & Percy MARKS of 540 Harvie Ave., 5 July 1923, North Earlscourt Methodist Church, Fairbank

025240/23 Edward Ferris CUNNINGHAM, 21, mechanic, Toronto Ont., Mimico Beach Ont., s/o Ed CUNNINGHAM (b. Ontario) & Jane HARMER, married Hannah Charlotte Goldby COXHEAD, 21, Mimico Ont., Mimico Beach Ont., d/o Cartar COXHEAD (b. Ontario) & Eliza GOLBY, witn: Lewis R. PERKS of 22 Park St. Peterboro & Alyes? CUNNINGHAM of Mimico, 3 June 1923, Mimico

025208/23 Donald CURRIE, 67, widower, builder, Victoria Co., Lindsay, s/o Archie CURRIE (b. Argyleshire Scotland) & Barbara McMILLAN, married Janet HEPBURN, 65, widow, Victoria Co., Lindsay, d/o Charles McGREGOR (b. Victoria Co. Canada) & Sarah FOUNTAIN, witn: Harold WRIGHT of 290 Robert St. Toronto & Margaret I. ELLISON of Sutton West Ont., 25 December 1923, Sutton West

025248/23 William Alexander CUTTING, 22, farmer, King, King Twp., s/o William CUTTING (b. Ontario) & Alberta TERRY, married Winnifred JENKINS, 19, machine operator, England, Aurora, d/o William JENKINS (b. England) & Ann MARCH, witn: Clifford TERRY of King Ont. & Ethel JENKINS of Aurora Ont., 11 April 1923, Aurora

025257/23 Leslie Douglas Morris DANIELS, 29, guard, Australia, New Toronto, s/o Geer Herbert DANIELS (b. Australia) & Janet Eleanor MORRIS, married Jean Howard LOWE, 21, England, New Toronto, d/o James LOWE (b. England) & Alice HOWARD, witn: Marjorie ROBINSON & Kathleen ROBINSON both of New Toronto, 3 December 1923, New Toronto

025258/23 Roy DICKEY, 29, laborer, Deseronto, Lansing, s/o Adam DICKEY & Eliza LUFFMAN, married Lydia ROBITAILLE, 22, at home, Lafontaine, Lansing, d/o Alfred ROBITAILLE (b. Flos Twp.) & Mary JONES, witn: Charles CORCORAN & Helen COLE both of Lansing, 29 November 1923, Lansing

025261/23 Joseph Percy DIKE, 33, farmer, Uxbridge Twp., Markham Twp., s/o Harmon DIKE (b. Uxbridge Twp.) & Charlotte WILLIAMSON, married Annie BROWNSBERGER, 27, housewife, Markham Twp., Markham Twp., d/o John BROWNSBERGER (b. Whitchurch Twp.) & Elizabeth HOOVER, witn: Oscar DIKE of Mt. Albert & Sarah MEYER of Markham, 1 November 1923, Stouffville

025269/23 Ellis Lyon DILLMAN, 28, telephone inspector, Newmarket, Newmarket, s/o Peter DILLMAN (b. Whitchurch Twp.) & Sarah C. ENGLISH, married Edith Pearle WATTS, 27, telephone operator, Mount Albert, Newmarket, d/o John E. WATTS (b. England) & Hannah CRITTENDEN, witn: Melna Irene WATTS & James HANNA both of Newmarket Ont., 7 July 1923, Newmarket

025274/23 William Andrew DOLSON, 22, farmer, Georgetown Ont., King, s/o John DOLSON (b. Brampton) & Edith SABIN, married Geraldine Elizabeth CUTTING, 22, house keeper, King, King, d/o Joseph CUTTING (b. King Twp.) & Ellen S. RUBY, witn: Bert DOLSON & Erma L. CUTTING both of Kettleby, 4 April 1923, Kettleby

025280/23 Albert Henry EDNEY, 26, labourer, Ontario, 133 Caledonia Rd., s/o Charles EDNEY (b. England) & Hannah HOUNSOME, married Marion Sibyl ARDILL, 23, school teacher, Ontario, Bellhaven Ont., d/o Jas. Henry ARDILL (b. Ontario) & Ellen CURTIS, witn: Walter EDNEY of Bradford & Eva M. ARDILL of Bellhaven, 26 December 1923, Bellhaven

025281/23 Albert Victor EPWORTH, 30, leather worker, Newmarket, Sharon, s/o Charles EPWORTH (b. London England) & Jane HUSSEY, married Marjory Alice JOHNSON, 24, stenographer, Uxbridge Ont., Sharon East Gwillimbury, d/o Gordon JOHNSON (b. Uxbridge Twp. Ontario) & Sarah Ann FEASBY, witn: William Bayard EPWORTH & Leila Mae BELFREY both of Newmarket, 19 December 1923, Sharon

25320-23 Harry GALBRAITH, 39, farmer, Ireland, Mount Albert, s/o Samuel GALBRAITH (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth Jane NORRIS, married Mary HAYWARD, 35, Ontario, Mount Albert, d/o Tobias HAYWARD (b. Ont) & Ella LEE, witn: Roy HAYWARD & Mrs. Maude A. DYER, both of Mt. Albert, 19 March 1923 at Manse, Mount Albert 25317-23 Harold Ernest GARBUTT, 32, farmer, Ontario, Burnhamthorpe, s/o William GARBUTT (b. Ont) & Sarah Jane TINDALE, married Alberta May PELLETT, 24, Ontario, Burnhamthorpe, d/o Mark B. PELLETT (b. Ont) & Florence Maria DORSEY, witn: Annie M. GARBUTT of Mimico & Norman PELLETT of Burnhamthorpe, 31 March 1923 at Islington
25303-23 Ralph Garfield GARRETT, 30, carpenter, Ontario, 34 Hillsboro Ave. in Toronto, s/o Thomas GARRETT (b. Ont) & Jessie FERGUSON, married Agnes Stark COWAN, 32, Scotland, 59 Dyerens? Rd., d/o William COWAN (b. Scotland) & Janet COWAN, witn: John COWAN of 59 Dyervens? Rd & Jessie GARRAT (sic) of 63 Hillsdale Ave., 10 Nov 1923 at Fairbank 25322-23 Russel GENDRON, 31, CPR trainman, Kennebec twp., Smith Falls, s/o John J. GENDRON (b. Arden Ont) & Rachel GEE, married Isabel Melissa POST, 24, Arden, same, d/o John POST (b. Napanee) & Melissa EMERSON, witn: Margaret & Roy BROWN of Agincourt, 1 Jan 1923 at Agincourt

025314/23 Burton Dean GILBERT, 27, salesman, U.S.A., Hamilton, s/o Edward W. GILBERT (b. Belleville Ont.) & Ellen Elizabeeth WILSON, married Clara Adella DOANE, 26, Canada, Newmarket, d/o Charles F. DOANE (b. Newmarket) & Esther N. JONES, witn: Edward W. GILBERT of Hamilton & Esther J. DOANE of Newmarket, 2 June 1923, Newmarket

25308-23 George Cyril GILBERT, 22, truck driver, England, 20 Bernice Cres in Toronto, s/o George Johnson GILBERT (b. England) & Annie Elaine FOREST, married Clara Dorothy VAUGHAN, 22, Toronto, 43 French Ave., d/o Frederick VAUGHAN (b. England) & Ellen AUSTEN, witn: Norman James GILBERT of 43 French Ave & Winnifred Aneta EVANS, 19 Sept 1923 at Scarlett Plains, Methodist Church, York twp
25309-23 Stanley William Hatton GILBEY, 25, clerk, England, 33 Beaty Ave., s/o William GILBEY (b. England) & Carry HOBBS, married Florence Myrtle WILKINS, 26, Ontario, Humber Bay, d/o Robert WILKINS (b. Ont) & Annie PIKE, witn: Jack L. GILBEY of Montreal & Edith WILKINS of Humber Bay, 4 Sept 1923 at Humber Bay 25306-23 Arthur Ernest GILES, 23, driver, England, 343 Salisbury Ave in Humber Bay, s/o George GILES (b. England) & Lavina Annie MORE, married Ella Elizabeth SMITH, 21, Ontario, 343 Salisbury Ave., d/o Henry A. SMITH (b. England) & Ada BLACKMORE, witn: A. J. SCANAH? of 160 Hillside Ave in Mimico & Mary HODKINSON of Humber Bay, 25 Sept 1923 at Humber Bay

025307/23 Herman Ellrie GILROY, 28, clerk, Ontario, Aurora Ont., s/o Freeman E. GILROY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth ROSE, married Rhena Jean MUIR, 26, school teacher, Ontario, Newmarket Ont., d/o John George MUIR (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth OUGH, witn: A. B. ROBERTSON of 36 Bain Ave. Toronto & Margaret BOLES of Brantford Ont., 19 September 1923, Newmarket

25315-23 William Edward GORRIE, 33, painter, Scotland, 551 Beresford Ave., s/o Thomas GORRIE (b. Scotland) & Sarah CHATFIELD, married Edith Catherine SMITH, 22, stenographer, England, 2 Priscilla Ave., d/o Edwin SMITH (b. England) & Catherine SMITHYMAN, witn: Charles WEBBER of 68 Hayden St. in Toronto & Annie F. SMITH of 2 Priscilla Ave in Toronto, 17 may 1923 at Salvation Army Hall, Scarlett Plains

025321/23 Jonathan Earl GOWLAND, 28, chiropractor, Ontario, Newmarket Ont., s/o John GOWLAND (b. Ontario) & Margaret HEASKE (Haacke?), married Florence Emily POSTILL, 24, Ontario, Stouffville Ont., d/o John POSTILL (b. Ontario) & Rachel HARE, witn: L. Gladys GOWLAND & Helena GOWLAND both of Markham Ont., 14 February 1923, Markham

25313-23 Wilbur Edward GRAHAM, 31, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o James GRAHAM (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HORSLEY, married Edna Mildred KETCH, 22, Whitchurch or East Gwillimbury (both given), Whitchurch, d/o James KEETCH (sic) (b. Canada) & Frances PHOENIX, witn: Elsie W. SMITH & Russell H. GRAHAM, both of Gormley, 9 June 1923 at Whitchurch twp 25304-23 James Burnside GRAHAM, 26, farmer, Canada, Copetown, s/o John GRAHAM (b. Ont) & Jean Miller BURNSIDE, married Mary Deans WHITSON, 27, Canada, Markham, d/o James WHITSON (b. Ont) & Jennie DEANS, witn: Olive CAMPBELL & Mrs. Catherine THOMAS, both of Markham, 24 Oct. 1923 at Markham
25311-23 Joseph James GUILLETTE, 48, supervisor, West Warren Mass., s/o Charles GUILLETTE (b. St. Hyacinthe Que) & Mary Louise, married Marjory Ruth WOODCOCK, 26, stenographer, Buffalo NY, Toronto, d/o Charles Andrew WOODCOCK (b. Montreal) & Elizabeth Annie CLARKE, witn: Mrs. Jessie Bell HARDIE & Alexander Miller HARDIE, both of RR2 Weston, 22 June 1923 at Woodbridge

025351/23 Donald Bertrand HARTLE, 29, broker, Minden Ont., 418 Sherbourne St. Toronto, s/o Donald John HARTLE & Alice CLARKE married Mary Ellen CRONYN, 28, lady, Toronto, 54 Galley Ave. Toronto, d/o John CRONYN & Mary BARRY, witn: S. MANN & C.E. MANN both of 964 Bathurst St. Toronto, 24 March 1923, The Rectory Weston

25357-23 Edward Albert HEADON, 28, laborer, Bristol England, Mimico, s/o Thomas Samuel W. HEADON (b. Bristol England) & Caroline RAIKER, married Ethel WHYBROW, 22, factory work, Hammersmith England, Mimico, d/o Richard Thomas WHYBROW (b. London England) & Elen Ellvina COOPER, wtn: Dailey COOPER of 454 Delaware Ave in Toronto & Hilda M. HADON of 96 McDonald St., 10 Feb 1923 at Manitoba St. in Mimico 25355-23 Ernest Edward HICKS, 26, laborer, England, 69 Wanstead Ave in Toronto, s/o Herbert Jeremiah HICKS (b. England) & Annie Frances FINN, married Catherine RIZZA, 21, operator, Scotland, 3197 Danforth Ave., d/o Michael RIZZA (b. Italy) & Mary SAVENCI, witn: Leonard John JEFFERY & Herbert Charles HICKS, both of 69 Wanstead Ave., 24 Feb 1923 at Birch Cliff

025353/23 Harris HILLIARD, 34, thresher, Ontario, King Twp., s/o James HILLIARD (b. Canada) & Sarah E. BARTLETT, married Bessie Arillia KIRKPATRICK, 18, New Brunswick, King Twp., d/o Leonard KIRKPATRICK (b. Canada) & Annie GRAY, witn: Robert CARLISLE & Mrs. Robert CARLISLE both of Gormley Ont., 14 March 1923, Whitchurch

25329-23 Walter Daniel HISCOTT, 21, sheepskin tacker, Ontario, 157 Seventh St. in New Toronto, s/o Frederick James HISCOTT (b. England) & Sarah PAGE, married Mary Helen EMPEY, 18, rubber worker, Ontario, 214 Sixth St. in New Toronto, d/o Charles EMPEY (b. England) & Maud GROVES (Graves?), witn: Leonard N. & Dorothea Leota PATRICK of 214 Sixth St. in New Toronto, 20 Oct. 1923 at Long Branch

025346/23 Robert Maynard HOECKER, 29, bank clerk teller, Ozone Park Long Island, Toronto, s/o Robert HOECKER (b. Brooklyn N.Y.) & Mary Katherine WIGGINS, married Lillian W. JOHNSTON, 33, bank clerk, Mt. Albert, Newmarket Ont., d/o Samuel JOHNSON (b. Mt. Albert Ont.) & Frances Mary ATKINSON, witn: J.H. GRACEY & George WRIGHT both of Toronto, 11 June 1923, Newmarket

25337-23 William Henry HOILES, 27, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Maple, s/o Noah HOILES (b. Ont) & Laura M. BAXTER, married Mary Margaret KEFFER, 21, Ontario, Edgley, d/o Thomas A. KEFFER (b. Ont) & Amelia SHUNK, witn: Douglas LOCKHART of King & Hazel SHUNK of Toronto, 22 Sept 1923 at Maple
25330-23 Daniel Eugene HOLMES, 28, commercial traveller, Ontario, 152 Mavety St. in Toronto, s/o Daniel HOLMES (b. Ont) & Margaret STACEY, married Wilhelmina LANGDON, 31, clerk, Toronto, 29 Victoria Blvd in Mt. Dennis, d/o Joseph LANGDON (b. Ont) & Lena HEFFERAN, witn: Olive May LANGDON of 29 Victoria Blvd & Reginald James THOMSON of Detroit, 6 Oct. 1923 at Mount Dennis

025327/23 Ross HOWLETT, 22, carpenter, Sharon East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, s/o George HOWLETT (b. East Gwillimbury Ont.) & Mary EVES, married Gladys MILLER, 23, clerk, Whitchurch Twp., Newmarket, d/o Emmanuel MILLER (b. Markham Twp.) & Sarah TOPPER, witn: Stanley MILLER & Pearl HOWLETT both of Newmarket, 30 October 1923, Newmarket

25344-23 George Lloyd HUNT, 17, gardener, England, Humber Bay, s/o Herbert George HUNT (b. England) & Rosa Elizabeth STEVENS, married Naomi Lilian REDDING, 19, England, Mimico, d/o William REDDING (b. England) & Lilian Rebecca LAYTON, witn: David & Elizabeth THOMSON of 166 Church St., 20 June 1923 at Mimico

025326/23 Orvan HUNTLEY, 31, farmer, N. Gwillimbury, Keswick, s/o Thomas HUNTLEY (b. East Gwillimbury) & Jennie ROSE, married Verla Aleta ROBERTSON, 24, house keeper, N. Gwillimbury, Keswick, d/o James ROBERTSON (b. Georgina Twp.) & Elizabeth KING, witn: Jennie HUNTLEY & Raymond HUNTLEY both of Gormley, 12 November 1923, Keswick

25328-23 Leon Edward HUSON, 33, teamster, USA, Long Branch, s/o John Edward HUDSON (b. USA) & Sarah Ellen GRIMES, married Alice Maud HIGGINBOTTOM, 40, house keeper, England, Long Branch, d/o George HIGGINBOTTOM (b. England) & Mary GRIMES, witn: Ethel & Percy ALLPERT of Long Branch, 1 Nov 1923 at St. Agnes Church, Long Branch 25333-23 William HUSON, 35, farmer, Ontario, Woodbridge, s/o James HUSON (b. Ont) & Sarah McCORMACK, married Eva May MAINPRIZE, 28, Ontario, Woodbridge, d/o David MAINPRIZE (b. Ont) & Rebecca RICHARDSON, witn: Oscar F. KELLAM of Weston & Mary C. MAINPRIZE of Woodbridge, 12 Sept 1923 at Vaughan twp
  25341-23 Gordon Alfred HUTCHESON, 24, commercial artist, Quebec, Box 56 in Weston, s/o James Ernest HUTCHESON (b. Scotland) & Estelle FARRELL, married Maxine Etherage WISNER, 20, USA, Box 157 in Weston, d/o Abraham C. WISNER (b. USA) & Josephine BLANEK (Blauek?), witn: William Farrell HUTCHESON & Ruth WISNER, both of Weston, 19 July 1923 at Weston

25368-23 Henry George INGRAM, 29, barber, England, Mimico, s/o William INGRAM & Elizabeth SHIRLEY, married Phyllis ALLEN, 32, England, Mimico, d/o Herbert ALLEN & Mary J. HARRISON, witn: William EARNSHAW & Mary BAILLIE both of Mimico, 1 Sept 1923 at Mimico

25367-23 Charles Emerson IRELAND, 21, thresher, Ontario, Woodbridge, s/o Robert IRELAND (b. Ontario) & Fanny RANNIE, married Dorothy COOK, 18 ½, operator, Ontario, 191 Sumach St, d/o W.J. COOK (b. Ontario) & Phoebe Jane KING, witn: Mrs Josephine RYAN of 50 St Lawrence St Toronto & Norman HUGILL of Woodbridge, 4 Apr 1923 at Maple

25371-23 Cecil Raymond JACKLIN, 24, signalman CNR, USA, 112 Silverbirch Ave Toronto, s/o William M. JACKLIN (b. USA) & Alice SMITH, married Helen Norine BOTTRELL, 22, operator, Ontario, 55 Woodville Ave, d/o John J. BOTTRELL (b. Ontario) & Emma J. WILSON, witn: Mrs Ettie Wentworth of Todmorden & Howard JACKLIN of Toronto, 3 Nov 1923 at Todmorden

025382/23 Joseph Lyman JACKSON, 25, student, Ontario, Aurora, s/o Joseph S. JACKSON (b. York Twp. Ont.) & Susannah WALLACE, married Wilda Ruth DIBBLE, 25, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Richard A. DIBBLE (b. King Twp. Ont.) & Rosalina BRINN, witn: Elizabeth DIBBLE & Andrew JACKSON both of Aurora Ont., 8 August 1923, Aurora

25381-23 George Campbell JACKSON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Elia Ontario, s/o John JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Alberta SNIDER, married Anne Emily Florence ROWNTREE, 26, school teacher, Ontario, Weston, d/o William H. ROWNTREE (b. Ontario) & Emily V. BROWN, witn: William Henry JACKSON of Elia & Gertrude I. ROWNTREE of Weston, 18 Apr 1923 at Weston

25380-23 Reginald Mills JACKSON, 32, miller, Mono twp Dufferin Co, same, s/o William JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Rachel Ann MILLS, married Thomsina ATKINSON, 32, Liverpool England, Caledon twp, d/o David George ATKINSON (b. Galway Ireland) & Elizabeth Jane BLEVINS, witn: John ATKINSON of Wycliffe College Toronto & E.S. HOLDSWORTH of Islington, 16 May 1923 at Islington

25379-23 Frank James JACKSON, 40, salesman, London Ontario, 1 Trinity Square Toronto, s/o George JACKSON (b. London Ontario) & Annie LUCAS, married Jessie Fern NEWTON, 26, stenographer, Ontario, 68 Barrington Ave, d/o Thomas NEWTON (b. Ontario) & Frances SANDERSON, witn: Miss Bertha SMITH & Mr George L. JACKSON both of 960A St Clair Ave, 24 Jan 1923 at Birch Cliff

25390-23 George Nathaniel JACKSON, 33, rubber worker, London England, Mt. Dennis, s/o George William Allen JACKSON & Frances Sarah JACKSON, married Alice Elsie POLWORTH, 25, London England, Mt. Dennis, d/o David POLWORTH & Alice Maria JACKSON, witn: William POLWORTH of 9 Bayliss Ave Mt. Dennis & Arthur J. NESBITT of 152 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, 29 Dec 1923 at Mt.Dennis

25373-23 David JAMES, 22, lumberman, South Wales England, Craighurst Simcoe Co, s/o John JARVIS (b. South Wales) & Mary OWEN, married Irene COWIE, 21, domestic, London England, Newmarket, d/o Alfred COWIE (b. London England) & Maude KING, witn: Alfred E. STARR & Florence E. STARR both of Newmarket, 11 Oct 1923 at the home of A.E. STARR Newmarket

025376/23 Alexander JAMISON, 46, widower, farmer, Grey Co., Chaffey twp, s/o David JAMISON (b. Belfast Ireland) & Margaret CAMERON, married Annie Isabella PORTER, 46, school teacher, King twp., Schomberg, d/o William PORTER (b. Vaughan Ont.) & Annie ARMSTRONG, witn: A.J. PORTER & Mrs. A. J. PORTER both of Schomberg, 27 June 1923, Schomberg

25372-23 George Robert JARVIS, 21, checker, England, Long Branch, s/o Fred JARVIS (b. England) & Annie MOORE, married Mary Elizabeth MOFFETT, 18, telephone operator, Minnesota USA, Long Branch, d/o Alfred R. MOFFETT (b. England) & Mary E. YOUNG, witn: John Lewis JARVIS of Mimico Beach & Gertrude Ruby BENNETT of 312 Sorauren Ave Toronto, 13 Oct 1923 at Mimico

25377-23 Harry JENKINS, 24, tire finisher, England, 48 Third St New Toronto, s/o George JENKINS (b. England) & does not know, married Mary Agnes JONES, 23, threaded, England, 17 MacDonald St Mimico, d/o William Joseph JONES (b. England) & Susannah LOMAX, witn: Fred VAUGHAN & Elizabeth JONES both of Mimico, 4 June 1923

25375-23 William Joseph JOHNSON, 25, watchman, Ontario, 40 Bolton Ave Toronto, s/o J.C. JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & M.J. McCOMBE, married Beatrice Maud BAILEY, 19, housekeeper, England, 218 Inglewood Dr, d/o Frederick BAILEY (b. England) & E.A. EMERTON, witn: Alice L. BAILEY & John W. TAIT both of Sutton West, 26 July 1923 at Sutton West

25385-23 William Blaney JOHNSTON, 36, farmer, Artemesia Grey Co, same, s/o Arthur JOHNSTON & Isabella SINCLAIR, married Annie Olive WILEY, 27, Euphemia, same, d/o James WILEY & Adeline LAWSON, witn: Eleanor L. WILEY of Markdale RR#2 & K.I. WALLACE of 49 Belvedere Ave, 23 Jan 1923 at York twp

025370/23 Bert JOHNSON, 22, farmer, Markham Twp., Kettleby, s/o George JOHNSON (b. Whitchurch Twp. Ont.) & Lottie HORNER, married Edith SPRAGG, 21, house keeper, King Twp., Kettleby King Twp., d/o Joseph SPRAGG (b. England) & Luetta BISHOP, witn: Mrs. RAE & Frank SPRAGG both of King R.R. 1, 12 December 1923, King

25383-23 Charles (Charlie) Kennedy JOHNSTON, 22, farmer, Albion twp, Vaughan, s/o Robert Kennedy JOHNSTON (b. Albion twp) & Margaret Ann BOWMAN, married Lillian Mae HEWGILL, 28, Toronto Gore, same, d/o Samuel HEWGILL (b. Toronto Gore) & Margaret DALE, witn: Myrtle HEWGILL of Malta RR# 3 & Thomas D. MOUNSEY of Woodbridge , 7 Mar 1923 at Woodbridge

25384-23 William JOHNSTON, 26, pipe fitter, Scotland, Church St Mimico, s/o Warden JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Nellie LAWSON, married Doris Amelia ROWLEY, 20, maid, England, 202 Smith St New Toronto, d/o James ROWLEY (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth HEATH, witn: F. Williams of Mimico & M. ROWLEY of 202 6th St New Toronto, 15 Aug 1923 at Mimico 25369-23 Everson Taylor JOLLY, 23, farm laborer, Halton Co, Markham twp, s/o Isaac JOLLY (b. Wortham Suffolk England) & Sarah Ann TAYLOR, married Flossie TRIPP, 27, widow, Pickering twp, Markham twp, d/o William Henry SMITH (b. Pickering twp) & Allice WIDEMAN, witn: George WEST & Dorothy PAYNE both of RR#2 Pickering, 14 Dec 1923 at St Margaret's Church West Hill

025388/23 Walter William JONES, 22, farmer, Midland Ont., Newmarket, s/o Levi JONES & Jane DOLTON, married Olive Viola BARKER, 23, school teacher, Sharon Ont., Newmarket Sharon, d/o Marvin Wilmot BARKER (b. East Gwillimbury) & Susan WILSON, witn: Mrs. D. PROSSER & Rebea GIBNER both of Newmarket, 10 January 1923, Newmarket

25387-23 Leonard Stanley JONES, 23, pattern Maker, England, Stop 24 - Kingston Rd Toronto, s/o William Henry C. JONES (b. England) & Annie BLACKMORE, married Mildred PEGG, 19, Stop 28 Kingston Rd, d/o Charles PEGG (b. Ontario) & Lottie SMART, witn: Essa PEGG of Scarboro Bluffs & Sidney A. JONES of McNab St Lansdowne Park, 6 July 1923 at 2 Maxwell Ave Birch Cliff Scarboro

25389-23 James Murray JONES, 30, mechanic, Florida, Scarboro, s/o George Blackburn [JONES] & Ada E. ASHTON, married Marg Mary PEGG, 22, Toronto, Scarboro, d/o Charley Henry [PEGG] & Charlotte SMART, witn: Joseph DOUGLAS & May WILSON both of Scarboro, 23 Oct 1923 at Highland Creek (RC)

25386-23 John George JONES Jr, salesman, Wales, 21 Cornell Ave Toronto, s/o John George JONES (b. Wales) & Minnie WASHER, married Edith Ivy PAYNE, 22, stenographer, England, 89 Eastwood Ave, d/o Lewis George PAYNE (b. England) & Elizabeth MASTERS, witn: John AMOS of 89 Eastwood Ave Birch Cliff & John G. JONES of 21 Cornell Ave Birch Cliff, 14 Apr 1923 at St Nicholas Church Birch Cliff

25374-23 Earl JORDAN, 31, electrician, USA, 2459 Van Dyke Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o Thomas JORDAN (b. England) & Ruth BROADHEAD, married Mary Winifred AKERS, 24, South Wales, 405 Pine Grove Ave Birchcliff, d/o William AKERS (b. England) & Mary Annie BAKER, witn: Martha LEAR of 25 Springbank Ave Birchcliff & William T. AKERS of 72 Pine Grove Ave Birchcliff, 25 Aug 1923 at 2 Maxwell Ave Birchcliff

25391-23 Arthur Thomas JORDAN, 21, electrician, Wales, Mt. Dennis, s/o Harry JORDAN & Mary Ann MORRIS, married Edith Ellen PIERCE, 20, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Alfred PIERCE & Edith JONES, witn: Violet SLIPPER of 76 Gray Ave Mt. Dennis & W.A. PIERCE of 8 Craydon Ave Mt. Dennis, 6 June 1923 at Mt. Dennis

25393-23 Clarence KAGAN, 49, advertising agent, England, 56 Jackson St Hamilton Wentworth Co, s/o John KAGAN (b. Alsace) & Freda LALONDE, married Grace Stewart BOOTH, 48, widow, Ontario, 10 Barrie Ave, d/o William H. MULKINS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth FERO, witn: Alice M. BRIGGS & Marion WALWYN both of Weston, 29 Oct 1923 at Weston

25405-23 George Albert William KAIN, 24, pail maker, Penetang, Newmarket, s/o Frederick KAIN & Anne Wilhemina KASHIER, married Florence Mary HASKETT, 20, housekeeper, Newmarket, same, d/o Richard HASKETT & Lucy FARDY, witn: Basil McNEALE & Marjorie HASKETT both of Newmarket, 30 Apr 1923 at Newmarket

25400-23 Joseph Byron KAY, 39, widower, brass worker, Mount Albert, New Toronto, s/o Richard KAY (b. Sutton) & Matilda TRAVISS, married Birdie Irene Estell COATES, 28, Mount Albert, New Toronto, d/o Joseph COATES (b. Newmarket) & Charlotte McLAUGHLIN, witn: David THOMSON & Elizabeth THOMSON both of Mimico, 18 Aug 1923 at Mimico

25396-23 John Alfred KENNEDY, 39, plasterer, England, Albion Park, s/o John KENNEDY (b. England) & Annie LEE, married Florence KEYMER, 24, England, Albion Park, d/o Joseph Sands KEYMER (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann KIRKUP, witn: John Edward POLTER & Lizzie POLTER both of Albion Park, 29 Aug 1923 at Albion Park Weston

25402-23 Albert William KING, 30, farmer, Ontario, Agincourt, s/o Samuel KING (b. Ontario) & Hannah DWINNELL, married Mary Pearl SHADLOCK, 25, clerk, Ontario, Agincourt, d/o John SHADLOCK (b. Ontario) & Mary A. STEERS, witn: Clifford KING of 208 Lansdowne Ave Toronto & Violet SHADLOCK of Agincourt, 6 June 1923 at Agincourt

25398-23 John Thomas KING, 31, farmer, East Gwillimbury, same, s/o George KING (b. England) & Elizabeth CROUCH, married Helen CROFT, 28, housekeeper, Uxbridge, same, d/o John CROFT (b. England) & blank, witn: Addie HOOVER of Holt & Ada KING of Ravenshoe, 29 Aug 1923 at Holt

25401-23 Wilmot Percy KING, 20, farmer, Queensville, Belhaven North Gwillimbury, s/o William KING (b. Ravenshoe) & Elizabeth SEDORE, married Florence May HUNTLEY, 19, housekeeper, North Gwillimbury, Sutton, d/o George A. HUNTLEY (b. Queensville) & Alice Elizabeth LEBARR, witn: William KING of Belhaven & Mrs G. HUNTLEY of Sutton West, 27 June 1923 at Belhaven

25394-23 Richard KIRKHAM, 26, machine operator, England, 106 George St Mimico, s/o Arthur KIRKHAM (b. England) & Mary KIRKHAM, married Nelly Edith GREEN, 22, saleslady, England, 33 Boultbee Ave, d/o Thomas GREEN (b. England) & Lilly GREEN witn: Lily Elizabeth GREEN of 33 Boultbee Ave & William KEDNEY of 167 King Edward Ave, 27 Oct 1923 at Mimico

25395-23 Herbert KITCHENER, 23, farmer, England, Mt. Albert, s/o (b. England) -no knowledge of parents, married May BRAIN, 22, domestic, England, Mt. Albert, d/o Thomas BRAIN (b. England) & Harriett MARSH, witn: Mrs C.E. DYER & Dr. W.L. CARRUTHERS both of Mt. Albert, 20 Oct 1923 at Mount Albert

25399-23 Max KLEIN, 25, tailor, Russia, Detroit Michigan, s/o S. KLEIN (b. Poland) & A. BORKOVITCH, married Anna GELLER, 19, Russia Poland, Vaughan twp, d/o Aaron GELLER (b. Poland) & Rachel A. FLUNTSBAUM, witn: M. DEBROW of Bolton & M. CRYSTOL of Queen St, 5 Aug 1923 at Nashville, (Hebrew)

25397-23 John Vernon KNOX, 30, jeweller, Toronto, 71 Spadina Rd, s/o John KNOX (b. Ontario) & Harriet TURNBULL, married Mary Evelyn MACKAY, 24, nurse, Ontario, 15 Victor Ave Mimico, d/o George John MACKAY (b. Scotland) & Evelyn MORTON, witn: Edna I. CONNER of 241 Light St Woodstock & Fred APPLEGATH of 588 Avenue Rd, 5 Sept 1923 at Mimico - divorced 25 July 1934

25403-23 Dan KRIVOY, 26, laborer, Russia, New Toronto, s/o Paul KRIVOY (b. Russia) & Eriva KRIVOY, married Annie HARRISON, 16 yr 11 mo, Manitoba, New Toronto, d/o Joseph HARRISON (b. Russia) & Pauline HARRISON, witn: Mike DUBICK of 101 18th St New Toronto & Anny BROWN of 88 16th St New Toronto, 12 Apr 1923 at New Toronto, (Greek Catholic)

25404-23 Petro KROCHTON, 28, laborer, Poland, Toronto, s/o Antonie KROCHTON & Anna TOCINTIYKO, married Tallyj NINNIA, 19, housemaid, Poland, Cedar Valley, d/o Michael NINNIA & Maria NOUVODYER, witn: Hurray PODLOP of Toronto & Annie LISOPERTAM of Toronto, 12 Aug 1923 at Newmarket (RC)



25419-23 Fred LABONTE, 28, [illegible] maker, Newmarket, same, s/o Joe LABONTE (b. Ont) & Jane MALLONE, married Leila Gertrude LEIGH, 22, widow, Bogarton - Whitchurch twp., Newmarket, d/o William John LUNDY (b. Ont) & Mary Eliza ODLIN, witn: Annie KNOWLES & Mildred V. LAWRENCE, both of Newmarket, 15 June 1923 at Newmarket 25421-23 George Aubrey LAPP, 21, manufacturer, Ontario, RR1 Markham, s/o William Henry LAPP (b. Ont) & Margaret PAISLEY (Powley?), married Mildred Isabell WALKER, 22, Ontario, RR1 Markham, d/o William Henry WALKER (b. Ont) & Ellen ANTHONY, witn: Miss E. PHELPS & Miss Florence CLODD, both of Markham, 17 May 1923 at Markham
25411-23 Harry Irwin (Irvin?) LAROSE, 22, rubber worker, Ontario, 5 14th St. in New Toronto, s/o Ninevah LAROSE (b. Ont) & Isabel MONTGOMERY, married Clara Adelaide Edith KELUSKY, 20, operator, Ontario, Daisy Ave in Long Branch, d/o Charles KELUSKY (b. Ont) & Mary SCOTT, witn: Susie KELUSKY of Daisy Ave & Charles MAVETY of 86 Lincoln Ave., 29 Sept 1925 at New Toronto 25423-23 William LAROSE, 27, tinsmith, Ontario, 71 Cotter Ave in Weston, s/o Alex LAROSE (b. Ont) & Dorcas WILLER, married Celia WESTPHAL, 23, forelady, Ontario, 74 Cotter Ave in Weston, d/o Valentine WESTPHAL (b. Buffalo NY) & Elizabeth WILCOX, witn: Leslie COLEBOURNE of 433 Station St. in Weston & Laura WESTPHAL of Weston, 28 march 1923 at Weston
25412-23 Albert Frederick LEEK, 48, widower, farmer, Ontario, RR2 Gormley, s/o Jonah LEEK (b. Ont) & Henrietta QUANTZ, married Elsie Irene HOOVER, 31, Ontario, RR2 Gormley, d/o David HOOVER (b. Ont) & Selena STECKLEY, witn: James Herbert LEEK of Mount Albert & Ella HOOVER of Gormley, 26 Sept 1923 at Markham 25426-23 William LEITH, 25, salesman, Scotland, 28 Lyall Ave. in Toronto, s/o William Walker LEITH (b. Scotland) & Agnes Mary NICHOL, married Frances Lilian Rosa WEBSTER, 20, clerk, England, 46 Agincourt Rd in Birchcliff, d/o Frank Evans WEBSTER (b. England) & Alice Lillian FOY, witn: Miss R. KESTER of 33 Breadalbane St in Toronto & Mr. D. C. LEITH of 28 Lyall Ave, 24 Jan 1923 at St. Nicholas Church, Birchcliff
25407-23 Gordon Chase LENNOX, 27, farmer, Ontario, West Hill, s/o John LENNOX (b. Ont) & Stella MOSHER, married Mabel May HALL, 22, Toronto, Agincourt, d/o James HALL (b. Ireland) & Mary J. KELLS, witn: Robert C. QUIGLEY of 42 Langford Ave & Vina GORDON of 18 Harcourt Ave (both Toronto), 7 Nov 1923 at Agincourt 25415-23 Harold James LEVER, 25, Ontario, Markdale, s/o James Henry LEVER (b. Ont) & Martha LITTLEJOHN, married Edna Christena LOVE, 25, Ontario, 842 King St. West, foster d/o Jacob HOLLEY & Jeanett SPEARS, witn: Gordon ROBINSON of Markdale & Olive HOLLEY of 152 Pritchard Ave in West Toronto, 11 Sept 1923 at 152 Pritchard Ave., West Toronto
25420-23 Arthur Stanley LEVITT, 18 4/12, England, 87 La--? Ave in Todmorden, s/o George Edward LEVITT (b. England) & Ada SIMMONS, married Sadie Helen CLARKE, 18 3/12, England, 25 Oak St., d/o Frederick CLARKE (b. England) & Sarah BROWN, witn: Walter Albert JEFFRIES? of 12 Lipton Ave & Elizabeth CLARKE of 25 Oak St. (both Toronto), 16 March 1923 at St. Andrews Church, Todmorden 25416-23 Allin Ross LEWIS, 24, farmer, Altona, Markham twp., s/o Ambrose John LEWIS (b. Vaughan twp) & Avelina M. ALLIN, married Hellen Irene PAINTER, 19, Agincourt, Scarboro twp., d/o James PAINTER (b. Newcastle England) & Margaret DAVIDSON, witn: Earle T. PETCH of Markham & Edythe M. PAINTER of Agincourt, 5 Sept 1923 at Agincourt
25414-23 George Henry LINK (Lisk?), 24, farmer, North Gwillimbury, Keswick, s/o James Henry LINK (b. North Gwillimbury twp) & Clara SEDORE, married Arline WILLOUGHBY, 19, nurse, Bloor St. in Toronto, Toronto, d/o John Wesley WILLOUGHBY (b. Toronto) & Maud Olive LEE?, witn: Mrs. D. PROSSER & Murry McBRIDE, both of Newmarket, 15 Sept 1923 at Newmarket 25413-23 William Wellington LISCOUMBE, 34, farmer, Coboconk, Brougham, s/o Jesse R. LISCOUMBE (b. Ont) & Olivine BRADIMORE, married Luella LISCOMB, 22, Lindsay, Oshawa, d/o Elijah LISCOMB (b. Ont) & Mary BERRY, witn: Mrs. Minnie ROBINSON & Mrs. Mary AULD, both of Markham, 19 Sept 1923 at Markham
25418-23 Albert Edward LIVINGS, 21, market gardener, Ontario, Weston, s/o William LIVINGS (b. England) & Annie CATES, married Annie THOMPSON, 23, Ontario, Weston, d/o William THOMPSON (b. Ont) & Mary Elizabeth SIMPSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William THOMPSON of Weston, 23 June 1923 at Weston 25409-23 Francis Everton LOCKE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Edgely, s/o William LOCKE (b. Ont) & Lena McDOUGAL, married Ruby May McKINNON, 22, clerk, Ontario, Woodbridge, d/o David McKINNON (b. Ont) & Mary LANDER, witn: Gordon AITCHESON & Ella McKINNON, both of Woodbridge, 6 Oct. 1923 at Woodbridge
25417-23 Howard Blake LONGFIELD, 26, widower, farmer, Reach twp., Goodwood, s/o George LONGFIELD (b. Reach twp) & Eliza CHASE, married Nellie COOK, 22, Whitchurch twp., Goodwood, d/o Isaac COOK (b. Whitchurch twp) & Lydia JONES, witn: Roy & Florence STRONG of Stouffville, 11 July 1923 at Stouffville 25410-23 Frederick William LONGNEY, 43, widower, supervisor, England, Palmerston, s/o Fred J. LONGNEY (b. England) & E. PIPER, married Ellen SARGENT, 43, widow, England, 532 Birchmount Rd in Birchcliff, d/o Miles DIXON (b. England) & Isabella WALMSLEY, witn: H.W. HINTON of Harston? Ave in West Toronto & Martha LEAR of Springbank Ave in Birchcliff, 24 Oct. 1923 at Maxwell Ave., Birchcliff
25408-23 Edward Douglas LOWE, 30, carpenter, England, Cotton Ave in Scarboro Junction, s/o David LOWE (b. England) & Margaret WILLIAMS, married Beatrice Nana REA, 21, teacher, Ontario, RR3 Stouffville, d/o James Edward (Newton) RAE (sic) (b. Ont) & Eunice WARD, witn: Vera MILLER of Scarboro Bluffs & Ellen V.M. DAVIS of Birchcliff, 29 Oct. 1923 at 180 Kennedy Rd 25424-25 Norman Harold Marshall LUNDY, 22, paper cutter, Bogarton - Whitchurch twp., Newmarket, s/o William John LUNDY (b. Ont) & Mary Eliza ODLIN, married Beatrice Muriel LEWIS, 19, King twp., Kettleby, d/o Herbert A. LEWIS (b. Ont) & Lottie McGILL, witn: Mrs. Lotty & Mr. Albert PRATT of Newmarket, 3 March 1923 at Newmarket
25425-23 Frederick John LYLE, 25, student, Ontario, North Residence - Hoskins Ave in Toronto, s/o Thomas Lowrie LYLE (b. Ont) & Geneva Hortense KNOWLTON, married Mabel STOUT, 22, stenographer, British Columbia, 28 Isabella St., d/o John Pierce STOUT (b. Illinois USA) & Rose TURNER, witn: G.M. CUNNINGTON of 598 Huron St. in Toronto & W.J. BULL of 88 King St. in Weston, 5 Feb 1923 at 141 John St. in Weston 25422-23 Albert Edward LYONS, 42, widower, TTC motorman, Ontario, 247 Withrow Ave., so John M. LYONS (b. Ont) & Margaret Jane HESLIP, married Annie Louise EDWARDS, 40, clerk, Ontario, Schomberg, d/o Joel EDWARDS (b. Ont) & Jane HUGHES, witn: Mrs. DUKE & Miss Margaret LENARD, both of Schomberg, 25 April 1923 at Schomberg
25453-23 William W. MACKIE, 23, conductor, Queensville, East Gwillimbury, s/o William MACKIE (b. East Gwillimbury) & Anna McNEIL, married Ethel May FOUNTAIN, 22, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, d/o Wilfrid FOUNTAIN (b. East Gwillimbury) & Ella TAIT, witn: Mrs. D. PROSSER of Newmarket & Mrs. T. WILSON of Brantford, 22 Aug 1923 at Newmarket 25446-23 Marshall MACKIE, 30, merchant, Ontario, 415 Parliament St. in Toronto, s/o Robert MACKIE (b. Scotland) & Phronia SMITH, married Florence May ALLISON, 24, stenographer, Ontario, Richmond Hill, d/o Fred ALLISON (b. Ont) & Sarah TUDFORD (Ludford?), witn: Thomas William & Hughena ALLISON of Richmond Hill, 25 Sept 1923 at Richmond Hill
25435-23 Francis John MAJOR, 35, car washer, England, 289 Mulberry Ave., s/o James MAJOR (b. England) & Kate WILCOX, married Ellen Elizabeth Derocher YEOMANS, 27, England, 159 Ennerdale Rd., d/o Frederick YEOMANS (b. England) & Ann Marie BRELEY, witn: Ernest Edward YEOMANS of 441 Avon Rd in Toronto & Thomas R. WILCOX of 158 Gloucester Grove, 25 Dec 1923 at Fairbanks 25458-23 Percival Rupert MAJOR, 27, clerk, Ontario, Humber Bay, s/o R.K. MAJOR (b. England) & Annie TODD, married Janet Gibson BURNS, 23, Scotland, Mimico, d/o George T. BURNS (b. Scotland) & Janet Gibson JOHNSTON, witn: George BURNS of Mimico & M?E. HAMMOND of Hamilton, 27 June 1923 at Presbyterian Church, Mimico
25448-23 Robert MAKEPEACE, 23, farmer, Scotland, East Gwillimbury, s/o Robert MAKEPEACE (b. Scotland) & Ellen PATTERSON, married Mary Eliza SEDORE, 21, Brown Hill Canada, East Gwillimbury, d/o Miles? SEDORE (b. East Gwillimbury twp) & Emma WILLIS, witn: Mrs. D. PROSSER & Mrs. G. McBRIDE, both of Newmarket, 19 Sept 1923 at Newmarket  
25437-23 Howard Andrew MANNING, 22, miller, Maple, same, s/o Joshua Andrew MANNING (b. Aurora Ont) & Mary Edith COOPER, married Elva Grace WELDRICK, 23, Vaughan twp., same, d/o Thomas Barwick WELDRICK (b. Vaughan twp) & Benellah Beatrice BOYNTON, witn: Ina Mae WELDRICK of 68 Dawlish Ave in Toronto & George MANNING of Maple, 21 Nov 1923 at Maple 25457-23 Joseph Alexander MANNING, 27, contractor, England, Weston, s/o Joseph Alexander MANNING (b. England) & Annie SMITH, married Mary Elizabeth GRAHAM, 19, Ontario, 3rd Ave in Westmount, d/o Eber GRAHAM (b. Ont) & Nellie COUCH, witn: Eber GRAHAM of Westmount & William KENNEDY of Scarlett Rd., 20 June 1924 at St. Matthias Church, Scarlett Rd.
25441-23 Arthur Allen MARCH, 22, machinist, Ontario, 1126 Merrick Ave in Detroit, s/o William Oscar MARCH (b. Ont) & Georgina ALLEN, married Florence Stephen WATTS, 19, England, 37 Bartonville Ave in Mt. Dennis, d/o Francis Albert WATTS (b. England) & Emma ROGERS, witn: Marjorie M. RAE of 32 Classie? Ave in Toronto & Melville J. MARCH of Aurora, 24 Oct 1923 at Mt. Dennis [divorced 30/4/58] 25444-23 Paul MARK, 37, farmer, Ontario, 8 Hawthorn Rd in Todmorden, s/o Gideon Philip MARK (b. Ont) & Sarah ARMITAGE, married Helen Winnifred KIME, 30, USA, Whitby Ont., d/o Kinnell (Kinwell?) KIME (b. USA) & Helen WILLIAMS, witn: Howard MARK of Todmorden & Helena W. KIME of Whitby, 3 Oct. 1923 at Todmorden
25450-23 Orris MARLES, 21, farmer, East Gwillimbury, Queensville, s/o Albert MARLES & Nancy SEDORE?, married Rebecca FOSTER, 21, East Gwillimbury, Queensville, d/o William FOSTER (b. East Gwillimbury twp) & Elizabeth WEST, witn: Mrs. D. PROSSER of Newmarket & Mrs. F. WATSON of Banford?, 5 Sept 1923 at Newmarket 25434-23 Charles James MARLOW, 29, butcher, England, 164 Euclid Ave in Toronto, s/o Charles James MARLOW (b. England) & Kate BIRCH, married Elizabeth ASQUITH, 30, clerk, England, 178 Eileen Ave. in Toronto, d/o Charles ASQUITH (b. England) & Frances GOSNEY, witn: William Thomas BIRCH of 164 Eileen Ave & Mabel ASQUITH of 178 Eileen Ave., 29 Dec 1923 at St. Georges Church, Islington
25472-23 James Charles MARSH, 23, shipper, England, North York twp., s/o Thomas MARSH & Eliza COMBER, married Grace Elizabeth MIDDLETON, 21, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Charles MIDDLETON & Mabel Sarah SWINDELLS, witn: Maurice James TURLAND & Dorothy Mary JEFFERY, both of 1 Pape Ave in Toronto, 15 Aug 1923 at Mt. Dennis 25443-23 William Harold MARSHALL, 23, electrician, Ontario, Islington, s/o William H. MARSHALL (b. England) & Alice Evelyn CULHAM, married Marjorie Edith TIER, 23, Ontario, Islington, d/o Thomas Arthur Case TIER (b. England) & Edith Mary JOHNSON, witn: Reginald T. MARSHALL of Islington & Jean TIER of Western Hospital in Toronto, 24 Oct. 1923 at St. Georges Church, Islington
25452-23 Frank MARTIN, 32, finisher, England, 133 Annette St., s/o Frank MARTIN (b. England) & Ellen JENNINGS, married Nellie BINNS, 24, domestic, England, 5 Foxwell St., d/o Alfred BINNS (b. England) & Caroline Jane COATES, witn: Ida M. MAGG of 1313 Jane St. & Ruth GOWANS of 1311 Jane St., 25 Aug 1923 at 1311 Jane St. in Mount Dennis 25463-23 Thomas MARTIN, 32, motor mechanic, England, Rose Ave in Long Branch, s/o William Thomas MARTIN (b. England) & Henrietta (Harrietta?) RICHARDSON, married Kate Emma DUNN, 33, England, Rose Ave in Long Branch, d/o Richard DUNN (b. England) & Cordelia BATH, witn: Minnie Mary Ann & Albert CUNNINGTON of Rose Ave., 2 Aug 1923 at St. Agnes Church, Long Branch
25466-23 Arthur John MARTIN, 27, mechanic, Leskard Ont., Markham twp., s/o Thomas MARTIN (b. Canada) & Ida HARRIS, married Lillian Isabel RUDKIN, 19, Unionville, same, d/o William RUDKIN (b. England) & May Isabel MacPERSON, witn: W?. & Mable RUDKIN of Unionville, 14 March 1923 at Unionville 25438-23 Carl MARX, 40, widower, market gardener, Germany, Lambton Mills, s/o Carl MARX (b. Germany) & Mary VOIGHT, married Alice BACON, 39, England, Lambton Mills, d/o Thomas BACON (b. England) & Henrietta LAMB, witn: Nelson HYLAND of Toronto & Betty GREEN? (Greave?) of Islington, 20 Nov 1923 at Islington
25469-23 John MATHISON, 26, buffer, Toronto, Weston, s/o John MATHISON & Emily PARSONS, married Beatrice HIBBERT, 25, inspector, England, Mount Dennis, d/o William Edmond HIBBERT & Ada BROWN, witn: Dora ARTHUR of 70 Guestville Ave in Mt. Dennis & Samuel Gordon HARRIS of Weston, 27 Jan 1923 at Mt. Dennis 25442-23 Seward Courtland MAW, 25, farmer, Ontario, Mono Road, s/o Frederick MAW (b. Ont) & Margaret SPEIRS, married Annie May AGAR, 20, Ontario, Nashville Ont., d/o Richard AGAR (b. Ont) & Mary HEMPHILL, witn: William B. ARMSTRONG of RR1 Inglewood & Laura AGAR of Nashville, 24 Oct. 1923 at Woodbridge
25460-23 George Everett MAYNE, 23, telegrapher, Ontario, Havelock, s/o George MAYNE (b. Ont) & Edith GRAY, married Eva Jane HARRIS, 24, Ontario, Agincourt, d/o William HARRIS (b. England) & Thurza MAJOR, witn: William Garfeld MAYNE of Picton & Majorie HARRIS of Agincourt, 12 June 1923 at St. Timothys Church, Agincourt 25481-23 Sperry Smith McCARTY, 29, farmer, Tecumseth twp., same, s/o William Henry McCARTY (b. Bond Head) & Annie CRAIG, married Lottie REYNOLDS, 23, clerk, Essa twp., Tecumseth twp., d/o Jacob REYNOLDS (b. Beeton) & Henrietta GILROY, witn: Edna M. & Elsie M. CONN of Aurora, 2 Aug 1923 at Aurora
25486-23 Wesley Bernard McCLINTOCK, 30, farmer, California US, St. Andrews East, s/o George P. McCLINTOCK (b. Pointe Fortune Ont) & Caroline WILLIAMSON, married Floretta L.R. BUSSWELL, 27, teacher, England, St. Andrews East, d/o Arthur R. BUSSWELL (b. England) & Margaret GOODALL, witn: D?. COOK of 4013 Dundas West in Toronto & Sarah MORRISON of Sutton West, 9 June 1923 at Sutton West 25483-23 Wallace Burnett McCLURE, 27, doctor, Brampton, 21 Ridley Gardens in Toronto, s/o George C. McCLURE (b. Ont) & Margaret BURNETT, married Lavina Marguerite BERNATH, 27, Nashville Ont., same, d/o James BERNATH (b. Ont) & Mary DEVINS, witn: M.C. SHARP of Toronto & Verna BERNATH of Nashville, 23 June 1923 at Nashville
25485-23 Henry McCUTCHEON, 45, builder, Ireland, Mount Dennis, s/o Henry McCUTCHEON (b. Ireland) & Isabella CAMPBELL, married Rose EDWARDS, 23, maid, England, Mount Dennis, d/o Joseph EDWARDS (b. England) & Florence HERD, witn: Edward & Lily RONALD of 32 Buttonwood Ave in Mt. Dennis, 9 June 1923 at Weston 25480-23 Edward Stanley Hill MacDONALD, 30, carpenter, Ontario, Stouffville, s/o John MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Jane HILL, married Lena Caroline GEORGE, 31, telephone operator, Ontario, 11 Victor Ave in Mimico, d/o Henry GEORGE (b. at sea on H.M.S. Germania) & Roenlint TROWERN?, witn: A.J. COOK of Sinders St. in Oshawa & Alice H. SCHOFIELD of 11 Victor Ave., 9 Aug 1923 at Mimico Beach
25476-23 Cecil Kenneth McDOUGALL, 27, mechanic, Ontario, Milton, s/o John Frederick McDOUGALL (b. Trafalgar twp) & Mary Ellen DALBY, married Ada Gertrude SPALDING, 25, nurse, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Thomas J. SPALDING (b. Scarboro twp) & Elizabeth HORTOP, witn: Augusta Miriam LANG of Sundridge & Weldon Edward BOTHWELL of 213 Oakmount? Rd., 17 Oct. 1923 at Aurora 25489-23 Jacob Milford McDOWELL, 30, farmer, Ontario, Gormley, s/o George Alford McDOWELL (b. Ont) & Anice Maud LUNAU, married Cora Evelyn ROBINSON, 23, Ontario, Gormley, d/o Frank ROBINSON (b. Ont) & Martha SIMPKINS, witn: Florence M. LUNAU & Elizabeth TINLINE, both of King City, 28 Feb 1923 at King City
25491-23 Kenneth McINNIS, 28, mechanic, Sutton Ontario., Newmarket, s/o Miles (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth nee WIGHT, married Lottie SHEPPARD, 24, North Gwillimbury, Roches Point, d/o Walter SHEPPARD (b. North Gwillimbury) & Martha PARKS, witn: Laura MANN & W. R. EWING, both of Newmarket, 25 Jan 1923 at Newmarket 25477-23 James Emmett McINTOSH, 23, farmer, North Gwillimbury, Ravenshoe, s/o Duncan McINTOSH & Bertha A. BRECKON, married Delina MARLES, 25, East Gwillimbury, Holt, d/o William MARLES & Caterine BRECKON, witn: Mrs. D. PROSSER of Newmarket & Mrs. J. WILSON of Brantford, 6 Sept 1923 at Newmarket
25475-23 David McINTYRE, 22, laborer, Toronto, 36 Leicster Ave in Toronto, s/o William McINTYRE (b. USA) & Sarah SHEPHERD, married Daisy Constance GOLDSTEIN, 40, widow, dressmaker, England, 1412 Eglinton Ave., d/o Frederick George REYNOLDS (b. England) & Annie Harriet Sarah BEAUMONT, witn: Daisy Isabel GOLDSTEIN of 1412 Eglinton Ave & Sarah Emma ALDRIDGE of 38 Rowntree Ave in Toronto, 24 Oct. 1923 at Silverthorne 25482-23 Alexander George MacKAY, 21, driver, Toronto, Newton Brook, s/o William Edward MacKAY (b. Ont) & Marion L. BURBRIDGE, married Rose Lillian KEEN, 19, Toronto, Newton Brook, d/o Edward M. KEEN (b. England) & Ruth CARTER, witn: W.M. & K. WALLACE of 49 Bolander Ave., 5 July 1923 at York twp
25473-23 Edward Robert McLEAN, 21, laborer, Toronto, 14 Kennedy Ave in Swansea, s/o William George McLEAN (b. Ireland) & Frances BOYLE, married Jean DOUGHERTY, 20, England, 110 Lakeshore Rd., d/o Hugh DOUGHERTY (b. England) & Ann SINGLETON, witn: E.T. & Mrs. E.T. HARRISON of 27 Superior Ave in Mimico, 6 Dec 1923 at Manse, 38 Kennedy Ave in Swansea 25479-23 William Frederick McMAHON, 25, barrister, Port Hope, same, s/o Joshua McMAHON (b. Canton Ont) & Margaret Ann McMAHON, married Mary Jean BULL, 28, Newton Brook, Weston, d/o Robert J. BULL (b. York Ont) & Ellen LEES, witn: F.L. & Jessie BULL of King St. in Weston, 15 (18?) Sept 1923 at King St. in Weston
25474-23 Gordon McMINN, 39, chauffeur, Scotland, 107 Pritchard Ave in Toronto, s/o William Gordon McMINN (b. Scotland) & Margaret McGILL, married Margaret McLEOD, 35, maid, Scotland, 142 Pritchard Ave., d/o Roderick McLEOD (b. Scotland) & Christena FORBES, witn: John DUFF of 122 Pritchard Ave & Alberta Craig CLARK of 70 Roxborough Dr., 2 Nov 1923 at York twp 25490-23 John Gilbert MacNABB, 45, tailor, Scotland, 3 Nelles Ave. in Toronto, s/o James MacNABB (b. Scotland) & Isabella MacARTHUR, married Mary Florence McKIBBON, 34, widow, stenographer, Ontario, 741 Shaw St., d/o John McCLELLAND (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann MacDONALD, witn: Frank Herbert YOUNG of 741 Shaw St. & John McCLELLAND of Milton West, 3 Feb 1923 at Morningside Church, Swansea
25492-23 Michael Francis McNERNEY, 29, electric worker, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael McNERNEY & Mary BERNE, married Mrs. Edith MUNSINGER, 31, widow, London England, Newmarket, d/o William C. JAMES & Edith BLAKEBOROUGH, witn: William HODGINS & Mrs. Hugh FLANAGAN, both of Newmarket, 2 Oct 1923 at Newmarket 25487-23 Alexander Ferguson McPHAIL, 23, machinist, Scotland, Second St. in Canton Ohio, s/o Alex McPHAIL (b. Scotland) & Christena BLAIKIE, married Mary Humphrey BOYLE, 23, operator, Scotland, 196 Campbell Ave., d/o John BOYLE (b. Scotland) & Margery LAWSON, witn: Robert WALTERS of Weston & Grace H. BOYLE of 196 Campbell Ave in Toronto, 27 April 1923 at Westminster Church, Weston
25484-23 Hubert MacPHERSON, 22, carpenter, Ontario, Agincourt, s/o John (b. Ont) & Jennie nee CROSS, married Ethel Muriel THOMSON, 24, Ontario, Agincourt, d/o James Andrew (b. Ont) & Isabelle nee SANDERSON, witn: Cora MacPHERSON of Markham & George A. THOMSON of Agincourt, 6 June 1923 at Agincourt 25478-23 Isaac Cullen McQUARRIE, 24, Maple, same, s/o Archie McQUARRIE (b. Maple) & Edith A. McBRIDE, married Myrtle Irene AUCKLAND, 19, Vaughan twp., King twp., d/o Luke AUCKLAND (b. West Flamboro) & Florence BANKS, witn: M. Hadwin McQUARRIE of Maple & Annie E. PORTER of King City, 15 Sept 1923 at King City
25488-23 Hector William McTAVISH, 68, clergyman, Ontario, 14 Halton St. in Toronto, s/o Peter M. McTAVISH (b. Scotland) & Mary Ellen FALLS, married Theresa Alberta INGERSOLL, 66, widow, on, 121 Pembroke St., d/o Levi SIMMONS (b. Ont) & Rebecca BECKER, witn: H.W. McTAVISH Jr. & Louise R. RORKE, both of Toronto, 7 March 1923 at Newtonbrook 25459-23 William Neil MELLOW, 22, salesman, Ontario, 131 Pearson Ave in Toronto, s/o George MELLOW (b. Ont) & Christena McTAGGART, married Beatrice Orma FAREWELL, 20, Ontario, 87 Birmingham Ave in New Toronto, d/o Moody John FAREWELL (b. Ont) & Clara SANDS, witn: Earl COURTNEY of 169 Shaw St. in Toronto & Wretha? VICKERY of 59 Fifteenth St., 20 June 1923 at New Toronto
25447-23 William Charles MENEAR, 19, elevator operator, England, 66 Wood St. in Toronto, s/o Samson MENEAR (b. England) & Bessie ANGOVE, married Myrtle Elizabeth EZARD, 20, Ontario, 7 Northlands Ave., d/o William Robert EZARD (b. Ont) & Mary Elizabeth WOOD, witn: Samuel GLEN & Florence MENEAR, both of 66 Wood St., 1 Sept 1923 at Mount Dennis 25440-23 George William METCALF, 34, farmer, Leeds Yorkshire England, North Gwillimbury, s/o William METCALF (b. Leeds England) & Mary Ann WILSON, married Alice Alberta STONEHOUSE, 30, North Gwillimbury, same, d/o Herbert STONEHOUSE (b. North Gwillimbury twp) & Georgina MATH, witn: Robert & Amy A. FAIRBAIRN of Keswick, 14 Nov 1923 at Queensville
25439-23 Lionel MIDDLETON, 31, farmer, Whitchurch twp., Markham twp., s/o Albert MIDDLETON & Martha MOORE, married Inez SUMMERFELDT, 21, Markham twp., same, d/o Howard SUMMERFELDT & Sarah BOND, witn: Gladys E. PHELPS & Dorothy R. MORRISON, both of Markham, 7 Nov 1923 at Markham 25470-23 Andrew Malcolm MILLER, 25, cartage agent, England, Mount Dennis, s/o Andrew MILLER & Margaret NESS (Near?), married Louisa Esther MARGERSON, 24, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Christopher Alfred MARGERSON & Esther CARTER, witn: Ellen MERRALL of 130 Watson Ave in Toronto & David MILLER of 1283 Weston Rd in Mt. Dennis, 24 Feb 1923 at Mt. Dennis
25432-23 Simon Rae MILLER, 26, accountant, Ontario, 287 Jarvis St. in Toronto, s/o Henry MILLER (b. Ont) & Harriet HAGERMAN, married Elva Main DENNY, 21, Ontario, Unionville, d/o James DENNY (b. Ont) & Jennie MAIN, witn: Cecil M. DENNY & Amelia E. MILLER, both of Unionville, 8 Aug 1923 at Unionville 25431-23 Percy McPherson MILLER, 27, Ontario, Islington, s/o Robert James MILLER (b. Ont) & Mary Malinda SINCLAIR, married Helen Elizabeth SMITH, 23, England, Islington, d/o William Mathew SMITH (b. England) & Elizabeth Mary HUGGETT, witn: George WINER? of Lambton Mills & Edith Mary SMITH of Islington, 6 June 19123 at res of bride's parents, Islington
25427-23 Emanuel MILLER, 53, widower, brick layer, Markham twp., Newmarket, s/o John MILLER (b. Markham twp) & Matilda KAYSER, married Ida BAKER, 47, Whitchurch, Bloomington, d/o Seneca BAKER (b. Whitchurch twp) & Esther Ann MILLIKEN, witn: Eugene Arnold & Alma BAKER of Stouffville, 30 June 1923 at Stouffville 25428-23 Frederick John MILLER, 22, brick layer, Ontario, RR2 Bradford, s/o Andrew MILLER (b. Ont) & Margaret QUANTZ, married Pearl Gertrude Elizabeth GAMBELL, 20, Ontario, 24 Dennis Ave in Mt. Dennis, d/o Albert GAMBELL (b. England) & Margaret WATSON, witn: Mary Matilda KENT of 55 Brownville Ave & Mrs. Harold McKECHNIE of 47 Humber Blvd (both Mt. Dennis), 10 Oct. 1923 at Mt. Dennis
25430-23 Joseph Walter MILLER, 26, laborer, Markham twp., Ringwood, s/o Samuel MILLER (b. Markham twp) & Charlotte SIZE, married Laura BURKHOLDER, 18, Stouffville, same, d/o Aaron BURKHOLDER (b. Pickering twp) & Agnes WOOD, witn: Ira BURKHOLDER & Marjorie WHITE, both of Stouffville, 15 Aug 1923 at Stouffville 25429-23 Henry MILLER, 28, farmer, Markham twp., same, s/o John K. MILLER (b. Ont) & Susanna GARROD, married Flossie L. MacARTHUR, 24, Newmarket, same, d/o Donald McARTHUR (sic) (b. Ont) & Ethel May NOBLE, witn: Archie H. MacARTHUR of Newmarket & Maisie E. MILLER of Markham, 3 June 1923 at Newmarket
25471-23 William MILTON, 26, machinist, London England, 222 Gladstone Ave in Windsor Ont., s/o William MILTON & Martha ALBERTS, married Matilda NORTON, 26, operator, London England, 18 Beresford Ave in Swansea, d/o Frederick R. NORTON & Matilda BIDDELL, witn: Henry NORTON of 1986 Dundas West & Winnifred NORTON of 18 Beresford Ave., 28 July 1923 at Swansea 25468-23 Isaac Wesley MINNICK, 46, supervisor, Missouri USA, 621 Beatrice St. in Toronto, s/o William T. MINNICK (b. Missouri US) & Sarah FRENCH, married Lillian Ethel HARRISON, 34, milliner, Ontario, 121 Beatrice St., d/o Joseph HARRISON (b. Ont) & Frances MURPHY, witn: John & Mary SNEDDON of 23 Bartonville Ave in Mt. Dennis, 10 Feb 1923 at Mt. Dennis
25451-23 Fred John MINTON, 28, blacksmith, Browns Corners, Concord, s/o William MINTON (b. England) & Amelia JANES (Jones?), married Mary Elizabeth MARSHALL, 17, Ontario, Fisherville, d/o Robert MARSHALL (b. Ont) & Jane McMILLAN, witn: Stanley A. LITTLE of RR1 Downsview & Emily N. FLANAGAN of 396 Sussex Ave in Toronto, 5 Sept 1924 at Fisherville 25455-23 Willis MITCHELL, 35, laborer, Toronto, Frejema? Ave in Mt. Dennis, s/o Charles MITCHELL (b. England) & Georgina HAWSE, married Dorothy Elizabeth Alice CHAPELL, 18, England, Frejama Ave in Mt. Dennis, d/o John CHAPELL (b. England) & Emma Jane LILLIE, witn: George & Ethel Lily CHAPELL of Mt. Dennis, 7 July 1923 at Mount Dennis
25436-23 Alexander Lennox MOFFATT, 21, bookkeeper, Newmarket, same, s/o Charles E. MOFFATT (b. Newmarket) & Margaret LENNOX, married Agnes Leona CAIN, 18, Lindsay, Newmarket, d/o William CAIN & Lydia CLAUDE, witn: Margaret L. & Nona G. WARREN of Richmond Hill, 15 Dec 1923 at Richmond Hill 25461-23 Henry MONTGOMERY, 39, widower, watch maker, Ireland, 55 Ferrier Ave., s/o James MONTGOMERY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth HUSTON, married Minnie McKEOWN, 27, operator, Ireland, 18 Cavell Ave., d/o Thomas McKEOWN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BALL (Bell?), wit: Arthur & Nellie SPOFFORD of Thornhill, 30 May 1923 at Thornhill
25449-23 Harold Charles MORRIS, 27, druggist, Ontario, 95 Brunswick Ave., s/o James MORRIS (b. Ont) & Sarah ROWAN, married Bertha Victoria CORBET, 27, book keeper, Ontario, 41 Buttonwood Ave in Mt. Dennis, d/o William James CORBET (b. Ont) & Margaret Euphemia CONLEY, witn: Alice Bernice BURNETT of 1962 Queen St. East & Sherman? August TIDEMANN of 24 Westminster Ave (both Toronto), 28 Aug 1923 at Mount Dennis 25445-23 Robert Edgar MORRISH, 31, builder, Ontario, Highland Creek, s/o John Charles MORRISH (b. Ont) & Julia A. STOTTS, married Barbara Grace BRODERICK, 22, stenographer, Ontario, Birchcliff, d/o Nicholas BRODERICK (b. Ont) & Agnes E. EVEREST, witn: Russell DAVIDSON of Sherbourne St. & Miss Violet EVEREST of 29 Vernon Ave (both Toronto), 26 Sept 1923 at St. Nicholas Church, Birchcliff
25465-23 George MORRISON, 49, laborer, Scotland, Thornhill, s/o George MORRISON (b. Scotland) & Mary ORMOND, married Annie WATSON, 43, domestic, Ireland, 98 Madison Ave., d/o Charles WATSON (b. Ireland) & Grace BISHOP, witn: Saidie STEPHENSON of 98 Madison Ave in Toronto & Alex COOPER of Thornhill, 11 April 1923 at Thornhill 25433-23 Angus Wellington MORRISON, 21, lineman, Crown Hill, Newmarket, s/o Charles MORRISON (b. Craighurst) & Annie GRAHAM, married Edna Elma SMITH, 19, clerk, Keswick, Newmarket, d/o George E. SMITH (b. Ravenshoe Ont) & Matilda GREENWOOD, witn: Mrs. J. C. & Jean COCHRANE of Newmarket, 7 Nov 1923 at Newmarket
25454-23 Clarence Melville MORTLEY, 29, salesman, Toronto, 18 Ascot Ave in Toronto, s/o Henry E. MORTLEY (b. Ont) & Eliza EDWARDS, married Sadie May BURNS, 29, Ontario, 119 Coady Ave., d/o John BURNS (b. Scotland?) & Jane KINCADE, witn: Hazel M. & BURNS of 119 Coady Ave & Robert BURNS of Trenton, 18 Aug 1923 at Scarboro Bluffs Presbyterian Church 25456-23 Bruce William MORTON, 27, missionary, North Gwillimbury, Newmarket, s/o Neil MORTON (b. Belhaven Ont) & Isabella WILLSON, married Esther Oletha BROWNSBERGER, 29, Markham twp., same, d/o David BROWNSBERGER (b. Ringwood Ont) & Emma Marion BURKHOLDER, witn: Samuel BROWNSBERGER of Stouffville & Ruth F. WANNBOLD? of Markham, 10 July 1923 at Ringwood
25464-23 Peter Alexander MUIRHEAD, 29, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Todmorden, s/o James MUIRHEAD (b. Ont) & Catherine HYNDMAN, married Effie Leila PARSELL, 29, Ontario, Wexford, d/o John PARSELL (b. Ont) & Eliza ATKINSON, witn: Charles CAMPBELL of RR1 Islington & Mrs. M. J. SMITH of 11 Garnet? Ave in Toronto, 19 May 1923 at Wexford 25462-23 Donald Gordon MUIRHEAD, 25, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Todmorden, s/o James MUIRHEAD (b. Ont) & Katherine HYMAN (Wyman?), married Mabel Elizabeth MARTIN, 23, Ontario, RR1 Scarboro Junction, d/o Samuel MARTIN (b. Ont) & Emma Amelia HUNTER, witn: E. F. MUIRHEAD of RR1 Todmorden & Hazel Emma ARMSTRONG of Wexford, 23 May 1923 at St. Judes Church, Wexford
25467-23 William Harold MURPHY, 29, manager, Whitchurch twp., Richmond Hill, s/o James MURPHY (b. Canada) & Rebecca CLARKSON, married Georgie Gladys GOULDING, 26, Newtonbrook, same, d/o G. R. GOULDING (b. Canada) & Laura BOLES (Bales?), witn: G.M. BEYNON of Jefferson & Fannie CHARLTON of Toronto, 21 Feb 1923 at Newtonbrook 25495-23 Cecil Walter Franz NEALE, 34, market gardener, England, RR1 Weston, s/o George King NEALE (b. England) & Helen BUSHY?, married Lucy CHAPMAN, 31, England, RR1 Weston, d/o John Henry Stanley CHAPMAN (b. England) & Mary Ann Irwin CLARKE, witn: John Edley CREIGHTON & Cecil Ira DEBORTH?, both of Scarlett Road, 28 June 1923 at St. Matthias Church, Scarlett Road
25494-23 Ernest William NICHOLSON, 32, widower, letter carrier, England, 47 Coleridge Ave. in York twp., s/o Albert Harris NICHOLSON (b. England) & Annie MEDHURST, married Ethel Sylvia COSHAM, 28, England, enroute from England, d/o Arthur COSHAM (b. England) & Esther FUNNEL, witn: H. NICHOLSON of 73 Meagher Ave & G.A. NICHOLSON of 47 Coleridge Ave (both Toronto), 11 Sept 1923 at York twp 25493-23 Arthur Cecil NUTLEY, 22, laborer, England, 533 Birchmount Rd., s/o Edward Lawrence NUTLEY (b. England) & Eliza Jane DOUST, married Alice Irene WILSON, 24, book binder, England, 533 Birchmout Rd., d/o John WILSON (b. England) & Louisa REDDAWAY, witn: Mrs. L. S. HOWARD of Birchcliff & Mrs. K. TAYLOR of The Rectory in Birchcliff, 1 Sept 1923 at St. Nicholas Rectory, Birchcliff
25497-23 James Albert OLIVER, 26, book keeper, England, 58 Westmount Ave in Toronto, s/o James OLIVER (b. England) & Emily DURSTON, married Marjorie TRITTON, 22, England, enroute from England, d/o Edward TRITTON (b. England) & Kathleen LOUDER, witn: Ernest & Hilda SQUIRE of 511 Westmount Ave., 6 Feb 1923 at Fairbank 25498-23 Geoffrey Charles OVERTON, 30, enameler, England, Mt. Dennis, s/o John OVERTON & Jane DAVIS, married Ruth Isabel WALTON, 21, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Herbert James WALTON & Maud Isabel SELWOOD, witn: Maud WALTON of 23 Bexley Cres in Mt. Dennis & Em OVERTON of 396 De Mari Court in Montreal, 30 June 1923 at Mt. Dennis
25496-23 Walter Leonard OWEN, 20, photo engraver, England, 539 Gordon St. in Reading Penn. USA, s/o Thomas OWEN (b. England) & Edith CHADWICK, married Florence Lillian WATKINS, 18, England, 769 Windermere Ave., d/o John WATKINS (b. England) & Florence FELLOWS, witn: Mary HARTLEY of 769 Windermere Rd & Margaret C. PARKER of 573 4th St in Owen Sound, 27 July 1923 at Thistletown 25504-23 Alfred Charles PACKER, 20, driver, Toronto, 529 Brock Ave in Toronto, s/o Alfred J. PACKER (b. Ont) & Helen WILLIAMSON, married Margaret Thompson HANEY (Henry?), 20, Scotland, 47 Dinebar Rd in Fairbank, d/o David HANEY (b. Scotland) & Agnes KIRKLAND, witn: Mrs. John ENGLAND? of 521 Brock Ave & Nancy HANEY of 47 Dinebar, 8 Oct. 1923 at Fairbank
25502-23 David Wellington PAGE, 25, mechanic, Ontario, 384 Roncesvalles Ave., s/o Ed. William PAGE (b. Ont) & Margaret J. McKINSTARY?, married Mabel Grace GILSON, 20, photographer, Toronto, 28 Victoria St. in Mimico, d/o Frederick H. GILSON (b. England) & Elizabeth DUCKWORTH, witn: F. H. GILSON of 28 Victoria St. && M. E. BUCKLEY of 431 Caledonia Rd in Toronto, 3 Nov 1923 at Mimico 25513-23 Frank Wiseman PALMATEER, 22, butcher, Hungerford - Hastings Co., Newmarket, s/o Harvey PALMATEER (b. Ont) & Agnes Elizabeth WISEMAN, married Georgie Eveline TRIVETT, 20, Newmarket, same, d/o Albert TRIVETT (b. Ont) & Ida MITCHELL, witn: Etta NEILLY of Gilford & Arthur Edward PALMATEER of 111 Browning Ave in Toronto, 7 July 1923 at Newmarket
25519-23 George PARSONS, 50, widower, broker, Dublin Ireland, Toronto, s/o George PARSONS (b. Bath England) & Eliz. TREVOR (Secoor?), married Louise MacPherson BARNETT, 39, widow, Lancaster Ont., Toronto, d/o David MacPHERSON (b. Lancaster Ont) & Margaret MacBEAN, witn: W. J. & M.M. McWHINNEY of Toronto, 12 May 1923 at Newmarket 25524-23 Harry PARTINGTON, 26, machinist, Lancashire England, 77 York St. in Toronto, s/o John PARTINGTON & Annie DUCKWORTH, married Gladys RACE, 23, stenographer, Yorkshire England, 120 Windermere Ave in Swansea, d/o Harry RACE & Annie SMITH, witn: John SMITH of 164 Windermere & Mrs. Edith HASLAM of 176 Windermere, 12 Sept 1923 at St. Olaves Church, Swansea
25523-23 William PARTRICK, 27, electrician, England, 5 Windale Ave in Weston, s/o William PARTRICK & blank O'CONNER, married Sarah Elizabeth WESTOVER, 21, Weston, 30 Gratton St. in Weston, d/o Edwin Champion WESTOVER & blank BURKITT, witn: Edith WESTOVER of 30 Gratton & Charles PARTRICK of 5 Windale, 21 June 1923 at Weston 25508-23 Meki PATALKO, 33, laborer, Russia, New Toronto, s/o Harry PATALKO (b. Russia) & Donnikis LOLAX?, married Mary MASTER?, 30, Kent England, New Toronto, d/o Harry MANTER? (b. England) & Charlotte CLEARY, witn: Madeline REID of 38 Gerrard St. & Charlotte Sarah MANTEN of King Edward Hotel (both Toronto), 18 Aug 1923 at Long Branch
25506-23 George Roscoe? PATERSON, 24, student of agriculture, Ontario, Scarboro, s/o Archibald PATERSON (b. Ont) & Mary CHESTER, married Helen Temple KENNEDY, 24, clerk, Ontario, Scarboro, d/o William A. KENNEDY (b. Ont) & Helen PARKER, witn: Miss K.L. KENNEDY of Scarboro & McKellar McARTHUR of Appin, 12 Sept 1923 at Scarboro 25515-23 Hector Robert PATERSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, RR2 Gormley, s/o Hector PATERSON (b. Ont) & Jessie DUNCAN, married Rachel Keith WALKER, 25, Ontario, RR2 Gormley, d/o James WALKER (b. Ont) & Rachel STONEHOUSE, witn: Margaret L. & Nona WARREN of Richmond Hill, 20 June 1923 at Richmond Hill
25499-23 George PATTENDEN, 25, machinist, Brighton England, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph PATTENDEN (b. England) & unknown, married Clara Maud SANDERS, 19, Cannington, Richmond Hill, d/o William John SANDERS (b. England) & Eva M. CULVERWELL, witn: Eva Maud SANDERS & M. L. WARREN, both of Richmond Hill, 21 Dec 1923 at Richmond Hill 25501-23 George PAUL, 23, clerk, Scotland, 473 Silverthorn Ave., s/o William PAUL (b. Scotland) & Jean (Jess?) DRYBURGH, married Robina Moodie MORRIS, 23, teacher, Scotland, 218 Chambers Ave., d/o William MORRIS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BAYNE?, witn: Agnes PAUL of 463 Silverthorn Ave & illegible of 781 Dufferin St., 14 Nov 1923 at Fairbank Presbyterian Church
25505-23 Lorne Frank PECK, 23, box maker, Ontario, 90 Lambton Ave in Mt. Dennis, s/o Fred William PECK (b. Ont) & Nellie May KNOX, married Margaret McLarty ARMSTRONG, 20, labeller, Scotland, 5 Tission Rd in Mt. Dennis, d/o Irving ARMSTRONG (b. Scotland) & Jean ALLAN, witn: George William CASH of 39 Dawe? Cres in Toronto & James ARMSTRONG of Hardy Ave in Mt. Dennis, 10 Sept 1923 at Mt. Dennis Presbyterian Church 25514-23 Everard F. PEEL, 31, carpenter, Brantford Ont., 60 Hillside Ave in Mimico, s/o Frederick PEEL & Alice HEANEL, married Evelyn BEAMISH, 24, operator, Toronto, 60 Hillside Ave., d/o Thomas BEAMISH & Annie SWANTON, witn: Alice PEEL of 60 Hillside & Helen M. PEEL of 99 Howard Pk Ave., 23 June 1923 at St. Johns Norway
25512-23 Cyrus Vigore Edway PEER, 35, fruit grower, Clarkson - Toronto twp., same, s/o Cyrus E. PEER (b. Clarkson) & Mary J. PEER, married Florence Edith BOWLES, 21, Cooksville, Clarkson, d/o Lacy BOWLES (farmer, b. England) & Florence E.V. AMOS, witn: O. PARLIN of Clarkson & V. BOWLES of Highland Creek, 30 June 1923 at Highland Creek 25522-23 Howard PEGG, 30, farmer, East Gwillimbury, same, s/o George PEGG (b. East Gwillimbury) & Harriet HOGG, married Bella Maudie GRAVES, 26, East Gwillimbury, Holt, d/o Robert GRAVES & Olivia PROSSER, witn: George FULLER & Alma CUNNINGHAM, both of Toronto, 14 March 1923 at Newmarket
25511-23 William PHILLIPS, 27, machinist, Scotland, 878 Runnymede Rd. in York twp., s/o William PHILLIPS (b. Ireland) & Mary BLACK, married Jean NESBITT, 26, sales clerk, Scotland, 28 Royal Ave., d/o James NISBET (b. Scotland) & Jean McBlain SHANKS, witn: James & Agnes NISBET of 28 Royal Ave in Toronto, 20 July 1923 at York twp 25500-23 Robert PIERCE, 27, farmer, Ireland, Mount Albert, s/o Joseph PIERCE (b. Ireland) & Susan BARRY, married Carrie May MITCHELL, 25, Mt. Albert, same, d/o William MITCHELL (b. Mt. Albert Ont) & Susan STALEY, witn: Rachel MITCHELL of Mt. Albert & Rose HOLSTOCK of Brownhill, 5 Dec 1923 at Newmarket
25507-23 William Louis PIKE, 22, cutter, USA, 829 Broadway in Boston Mass., s/o William John PIKE (b. Newfoundland) & Elizabeth BAILEY, married Violet May EARLE, 21, shoe maker, Nova Scotia, 10 Spencer Ave in Boston, d/o Lot Thomas EARLE (b. Newfoundland) & Elizabeth ORMOND, witn: Dorothy MUNDAY of 146 Morrison Ave & Walter P. EARLE of 1284 St. Clair Ave., 23 Aug 1923 at Fairbank 25503-23 Clifford Miles PLAYTER, 28, farmer, Whitchurch twp., same, s/o John Franklin PLAYTER (b. Whitchurch twp) & Elizabeth CLARKE, married Gladys Grace HODGINSON, 19, Chicago Illinois, Whitchurch, d/o Clarence HODGINSON (b. Canada) & Alice LLOYD, witn: M.L. & Nona WARREN of Richmond Hill, 31 Oct. 1923 at Richmond Hill
25520-23 Albert Neil PLUMMER, 25, tire finisher, Emo - Northern Ontario, Kitchener, s/o William Ralph PLUMMER (b. Ont) & Sarah RISEBOROUGH, married Selma Violet BROWN, 19, Newmarket, same, d/o John BROWN (b. Ont) & Sophia WEBSTER, witn: Mrs. Mary & Mildred PLUMMER of Newmarket, 21 April 1923 at Newmarket 25521-23 Joseph POIRIER, 21, plumber, St. Margarets Bay NS, 15 Wellington St. in St. Catharines, s/o Amedee POIRIER & Mary SHEHION?, married Miss Hilda SHELLEY, 20, England, 118 Elden Ave in Oshawa, d/o Albert SHELLEY & Florence COLTMAN, witn: William John POIRIER of 28 Cecil St. in Toronto & Joseph WESTON of Rectory in Weston, 14 April 1923 at Rectory, Weston
25518-23 Allan Kenneth POOLE, 21, engineer, Concord, Niagara Falls, s/o Thomas POOLE (b. England) & Annie MICHLER, married Violet DONER, 26, Stayner Richmond Hill, d/o Lewis DONER (b. Canada) & Lydia BAKER, witn: George POOLE of Edgely & Verdilla DONER of Richmond Hill, 19 May 1923 at Richmond Hill 25517-23 Jack Ingram POWER, 26, boiler maker, Surrey England, New Toronto, s/o George POWER (b. Surrey England) & Ada INGRAM, married Florence Adelaide VYSE, 26, Norwich England, New Toronto, d/o Charles VYSE (b. Cheshire England) & Sarah Ann BLANKS (Blands?), witn: Alice & Abel Tinkins? INGRAM of 286 Lakeshore Rd in New Toronto, 9 June 1923 at New Toronto
25516-23 Cecil L. PRATT, 32, farmer, Ontario, Laskay, s/o Charles PRATT (b. Ont) & Mary Ella HUGHES, married Myrtle Winifred WATSON, 29, Ontario, RR2 Woodbridge, d/o William George WATSON (b. Ont) & Louisa Josephine CLUBINE, witn: Agnes K. CRAW of King & Hugh O'BRIEN of Laskay, 12 June 1923 at Manse, King 25510-23 Andrew PREMDAS, 34, druggist, British Guiana, Mimico, s/o R. PREMDAS (b. India) & Laura? BLOLA, married Iva Loraine SHOWERS, 22, widow, drug clerk, Ontario, 162 Queen St. in Humber Bay, d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG (b. Ont) & Ellen STIRK, witn: T. RICE of 384 Church St. & H. S. DINNICK of 562 Sherbourne St., 27 July 1923 at Mimico
25525-23 Ernest PROSSER, 24, electrician, Sutton West, same, s/o Leslie PROSSER & Susanna LEITCH, married Olive CHARPENTIER, 21, Sutton West, same, d/o Edward CHARPENTIER & Minnie MATT, witn: Charles CHARPENTIER of Gloster St. & Mary CHARPENTIER of 279 Jarvis St. (both Toronto), 12 Nov 1923 at Georgina 25509-23 Thornton PROSSER, 30, teacher, USA, 1072 Shaw St. in Toronto, s/o Charles F. PROSSER (b. Ont) & Hattie PURDY, married Jennie Isabel MAINPRIZE, 24, teacher, Ontario, Mount Albert, d/o Edgar MAINPRIZE (b. Ont) & Janet ROSS, witn: W. Earl PROSSER of Ravenshoe & Annie MAINPRIZE of Mount Albert, 15 Aug 1923 at Chalmers Church, Mt. Albert
25526-23 George Harvey QUANTZ, 35, farmer, Markham twp., same, s/o Albert QUANTZ (b. Markham twp) & Jane GANTON, married Harriett May BRODIE, 27, Georgina twp., Markham twp., d/o Charles T. BRODIE (b. York Co) & Mary DOAN, witn: Maud QUANTZ & Norman BRODIE, both of Headford, 6 June 1923 at Headford 25527-23 Frederick Donald QUINN, 24, butcher, England, 18 Barker Ave., s/o Frederick James QUINN & Elizabeth SMITH, married Frances Emma BONNER, 28, widow, England, 18 Barker Ave., d/o William TAILBY? (Tailley?) & Frances Emma TITCOMB, witn: Thomas Frederick QUINN, Eliza Rebecca SMITH, William TAILBY & Frances TITCOMBE, 25 Dec 1923 at 18 Barker Ave., York twp
25533-23 Robert Barbour RAE, 25, clerk, Scotland, Unionville, s/o Frank RAE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth A. BARBOUR, married Jean Maria DAVISON, 22, clerk, Toronto, Mimico, d/o George A. M. DAVISON (b. Ont) & Nancy Matilda CANNING, witn: George CAMERON of Toronto & Eleanor MacKAY of Unionville, 14 Sept 1923 at Unionville 25541-23 Charles Wesley RAMSBOTTOM, 24, clerk, Ontario, 11 Ray Ave in Mt. Dennis, s/o James RAMSBOTTOM (b. Ont) & Minnie ARMITAGE, married Gladys Elizabeth GUNN, 24, Ontario, Concord, d/o William M. GUNN (b. Ont) & Janet WITHERSPOON, wtn: William SHAW & Mabel IRELAND, both of Kleinburg, 16 May 1923 at Concord
25539-23 Robert Harvey REID, 20, factory hand, Ontario, 338 Logan Ave., s/o John REID (b. Ont) & Annie McFARLANE, married Ellen Amelia MILLS, 27, factory hand, England, 109 Eastwood Ave., d/o George Thomas MILLS (b. England) & Ellen Beatrice ELLIOTT, witn: Violet Maud SMITH of Danforth Ave & A? QUICK of 111 Eastwood Ave., 30 June 1923 at Birchcliff Heights, Scarboro 25540-23 William Harold REID, 23, druggist, Ontario, 178 Hampton Ave., s/o William REID (b. Ont) & Margaret E. MORRISON, married Ethel Adell FOSTER, 24, Ontario, Shelburne, d/o Joseph THOMPSON (sic) (b. Ont) & Sarah GRAHAM, witn: illegible & Winnifred ROWAN of 2068A Danforth Ave., 19 June 1923 at York twp
25530-23 Victor Roy REYNOLDS, 25, teamster, Pine Orchard, Newmarket, s/o Albert REYNOLDS (b. Whitchurch ) & Lydia DAVIS, married Verna Pearl PRESTON, 19, Whitchurch twp., Newmarket, d/o Wesley PRESTON (b. Whitchurch ) & Ethel FOSTER, witn: Mrs. Jack HOPPER & Mrs. Alonzo ROSE, both of Newmarket, 14 Nov 1923 at Newmarket 25542-23 Austin Dudley RICHARDSON, 40, farmer, Whitchurch twp., Queensville, s/o Charles RICHARDSON (b. Canada) & Clara Jane COATES, married Ethel Grace WILLIS, 26, widow, Markham twp., Aurora, d/o Ebenezer MADILL (b. Canada) & Martha CAMPBELL, witn: Bertha J. & Muriel M. FOX of Aurora, 4 April 1923 at Aurora
25544-23 Frederick RIDDLE, 22, farmer, Pickering twp., same, s/o James G. RIDDLE (b. Markham twp) & Mary Ellen WOLF, married Laura ELSON, 19, Pickering twp., same, d/o John ELSON (b. Pickering twp) & Matilda Louise LINTON, witn: George & Mrs. George DOWSWELL of Stouffville, 21 March 1923 at Stouffville  
25532-23 Stanley Victor ROBBINS, 24, mechanic, England, 18 Kingsberry Ave in Long Branch, s/o Albert Edmund ROBBINS (b. England) & Emily STEPHENS, married Elizabeth Stephen SUTHERLAND, 23, Scotland, 17 Kingsberry Ave in Long Branch, d/o Robert James SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Agnes McLEOD, witn: Lily Sutherland LARIVEY? of Long Branch & Sydney Bertram DAY of 252 Roehampton Ave in Toronto, 1 Sept 1923 at Long Branch 25538-23 Clarence Melville ROBBINS, 20, shipper, Toronto, same, s/o F. C. ROBBINS (b. England) & Mary LEADER, married Minnie SINCLAIR, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Duncan SINCLAIR (b. Canada) & Hannah BAMFIELD, witn: C. SINCLAIR & C?. ROBBINS, both of Concord Ave., 10 July 1923 at Richmond Hill
25531-23 Frank Hugh ROBERTS, 27, farmer, England, Markham, s/o Donald? James ROBERTS (b. England) & Minnie CROSSLEY, married Mabel Sophia JARVIS, 24, Ontario, Markham, d/o Edward James JARVIS (b. Ont) & Esther Edith REESOR, witn: Vera Eileen JARVIS & Fred C. SHADLOCK, both of Markham, 26 Sept 1923 at Markham 25536-23 James ROBERTSON, 27, milkman, Scotland, 48 Bude St. in Fairbank, s/o James ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Sarah ADAMS, married Mary Alexander LEADBETTER, 25, case maker, Scotland, 48 Bude St.., d/o George LEADBETTER (b. Scotland) & Agnes KNOX, witn: Catherine LEADBETTER of 48 Bude St. & W. Stanley illegible of 193 Gibson Ave in Hamilton, 28 July 1923 at Fairbank Church
25546-23 Joseph Theodore ROBICHAUD, 22, laborer, New Brunswick, New Toronto, s/o Maxime ROBICHAUD (b. New Brunswick) & Helen ROBICHAUD, married Laura Mary HENSHAW, 16, St. Marys, New Toronto, d/o John Wesley HENSHAW (b. Muskoka) & Agnes HAMILTON, witn: James C. JOHNSTON of 63 Eighth St. in New Toronto & Hedley PADGETT of 78 Eighth St., 12 Feb. 1923 at New Toronto 25543-23 Norman Dennis ROGERS, 40, farmer, Ontario, RR2 Huron St. in Newmarket, s/o Obadiah ROGERS (b. Ont) & Sarah Amelia ROGERS, married Agnes Isabel INGRAM, 33, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o James INGRAM (b. Ont) & Isabel MILLER, witn: Isabel INGRAM of Newmarket & Ellen J. MILLER of Barrie, 28 march 1923 at Newmarket
25534-23 Vernand Bertrand ROLLS, 33, commercial traveller, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph Walker ROLLS (b. Hamilton Ont) & Agnes BIRDSALL, married Minnie Gardner MITCHELL, 27, stenographer, Scotland, New Toronto, d/o James P. MITCHELL (b. Forfar Scotland) & Mary Davidson ALLAN, witn: Robert & Mary Davidson LENNOX of 39 3rd St. in New Toronto, 20 Aug 1923 at Mimico 25528-23 Herbert ROSE, 23, laborer, Queensville, Newmarket, s/o Elijah ROSE (b. Uxbridge) & Annie MITCHELL, married Jean O'HEARN, 21, Newmarket, same, d/o Thomas O'HEARN (b. Elgin Mills) & Isabel M.E. NEIL, witn: George & Annie McCOMB of Newmarket, 5 Dec 1923 at Newmarket
25545-23 Roderick ROSS, 24, machinist, Scotland, Fairbank, s/o James ROSS (b. Scotland) & Jeanette McGILLIVRAY, married May Elizabeth DUCK, 20, packer, Ontario, Fourth St. in Fairbank, d/o John DUCK (b. Ont) & Silas DARBY, witn: Edith GILLAM & William ROSS, both of Dyneson Rd in Fairbank, 24 Feb 1923 at Fairbank 25529-23 John ROSS, 27, rubber worker, Scotland, Olive Ave in Willowdale, s/o Richard ROSS (b. Scotland) & Isabella WESTWATER, married Margaret Robertson Sandeman MacGREGOR, 22, printer, Scotland, Olive Ave in Willowdale, d/o David MacGREGOR (b. Scotland) & Margaret ROBERTSON, witn: N. & Miss J. WADSWORTH of Willowdale, 27 Sept 1923 at Willowdale
25547-23 Roy Elliott ROWNTREE, 32, widower, farmer, York twp., Vaughan twp., s/o James ROWNTREE & Deborah ELLIOTT, married Norma Eleanor SNELL, 24, Vaughan twp., same, d/o John SNELL & Mary DALE, witn: Victor SNELL of Nashville & Mary CODLIN of Lloydtown, 3 Jan 1923 at Nashville 25537-23 Arthur James RUSSELL, 42, baker, England, 34 Preston Rd in Toronto, s/o Augustin RUSSELL & Emily Selena LANE, married Laner? May CRAIG, 42, widow, England, 34 Preston Rd., d/o Francis PETIT & Selena PELADES?, witn: Frederick John RUSSELL of Maitland St. & Leda GINGRA of Glen illegible St. (both Toronto), 28 July 1923 at Fairbank
25535-23 John RUTLEDGE, 39, gardener, Toronto twp., Dixie, s/o Thomas RUTLEDGE (b. Canada) & Jane NEWMAN, married Clara LYONS, 36, widow, Toronto, Dixie, d/o Ernest CLOSE (b. Germany) & Mata BAIRNER?, witn: Thomson MAXTED of 33 Lambton Ave in Mt. Dennis & Elizabeth LYONS of 44 Hart Ave in Toronto, 15 Aug 1923 at Mt. Dennis 25548-23 William Edward RYTHER, 34, farmer, Phelpston, same, s/o James RYTHER & Agnes MARLEY, married Alma Gertrude CHROUSE, 36, Islington, Drummond Ave in Mimico, d/o George CHROUSE & Margaret McGILLION, witn: Harold RYTHER of Phelpston & Adeline CHROUSE of Drummond Ave., 31 Jan 1923 at Mimico
25674-23 Alfred Wilshaw WAINWRIGHT, 28, chauffeur, England, Mt. Dennis, s/o Philip WAINWRIGHT & Annie WILSHAW, married Kathleen Caroline WILSON, 27, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o John WILSON & Rose (died many years ago), witn: Caroline Kathleen WILSON of 10 Ray Ave in Mt. Dennis & John LOWERY of 10 Dennis Ave in Mt. Dennis, 27 Oct 1923 at Mt. Dennis  
25663-23 Major Benson WALKER, 30, fruit farmer, Minneapolis, 281 Park St. in Hamilton, s/o William WALKER (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth BENSON, married Celia Maud GOODENOUGH, 23, London England, B--? Hurst in Ancaster, d/o Harry (Henry?) GOODENOUGH (b. Winchester England) & Annie BRICKNELL, witn: Mabel BALDOCK & Alma CHAPMAN, both of Weston, 14 April 1923 at Weston 25661-23 William Frederick WALKER, 48, decorator, widower, Ontario, 45 Cobalt Ave in Mt. Dennis, s/o Jacob WALKER (b. Ont) & Mary Ann BAILEY, married Lily may WISE, 48, widow, domestic, Ontario, 45 Cobalt Ave., d/o James SMITH (b. Scotland) & Jane LIVINGSTONE, witn: John H. & Edith M. WALKER of RR2 Weston, 1 May 1923 at Mt. Dennis
25669-23 William Henry WATSON, 30, farmer, King twp., Vaughan twp., s/o William George WATSON (b. Laskay Ont) & Josephine CLUBINE, married Dorothy Beatrice WILLIAMS, 18, King twp., same, d/o William WILLIAMS (b. England) & Matilda CROOK, witn: O. V. WILLIAMS of Schomberg & Winnie WATSON of Woodbridge, 31 Jan 1923 at King City 25664-23 Gordon WATTS, 30, rubber worker, Ontario, Lambton Mills, s/o Frederick WATTS (b. England) & Paradise CHANDLER, married Edna May CANNING, 26, saleslady, Ontario, 60 Humbercrest Blvd., d/o John CANNING (b. Ont) & Fannie LAREE? (Larce?), witn: Douglas FOX of Lambton Mills & Rheta CANNING of 60 Humbercrest Blvd., 11 April 1923 at St. Georges Church, Islington
25673-23 Percy WESSON, 27, machinist, England, Islington, s/o Walter James WESSON & Annie Selina GORE, married Irene Isabel GURNEY, 26, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Edwin Harry GURNEY & Elizabeth DOW, witn: Clara E. BARNES & Frederick George BARNES, both of Islington, 11 Aug 1923 at Islington