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Welland Co., 1887

birth place is given before residence


12610-87 John Thomas ANDERSON, 22, mechanic, Port Colborne, same, s/o Harry & Harriet, married Jennie SMITH, 21, Dundas Ont., St. Catharines, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: F. S. & Alice HOUSTON of Niagara Falls, 15 June 1887 at Niagara Falls  
12497-87 Benjamin Franklin BARNHART, 22, mason, Welland Co., Stevensville, s/o Daniel & Matilda, married Mary REIST, 23, Waterloo Co., Niagara Falls, d/o Peter & Catherine, witn: Lizzie BIRCH & Mary REIST, both of Niagara Falls South, 20 July 1887 at Niagara Falls South 12604-87 Walter S. BARNUM, 52, widower, restaurant keeper, New York state, same, s/o Alanson L. & Bertha, married Gertrude W. HOWE, 45, New York state, same, d/o Perley? & Abigail, witn: Electa P. & Anna M. HOWE of Syracuse NY, 9 May 1887 at Niagara Falls
12577-87 David T. BAXTER, 25, dentist, Welland Co., Hamilton, s/o Peter & Susan, married Mary Blanch KER, 26, Stamford, same, d/o Walter & Maria, witn: John S. BAXTER of Chicago & Clara E. MERRIAM of Chippawa, 13 July 1887 at res of W. Ker, Stamford twp 12498-87 Sylvester Lynn BEATY, 28, widower, farmer, Dorset Ohio, same, s/o Jonathan & Hulda, married Fanny LEONARD, 21, Pennsylvania USA, Richmond Ohio, d/o Lewis & Jessie, witn: George Burland BULL of Stamford, 20 June 1887 at village of Niagara Falls
12619-87 George Edward BELLINGER, 28, clerk, USA, Niagara Falls, s/o William BELLINGER & Albago? SCOTT, married Rose Mary LYNCH, 23, Ireland, Niagara Falls, d/o Patrick LYNCH & Elizabeth COLE, witn: John & Mary DOLAN of Niagara Falls, 22 Sept 1887 at Niagara Falls  
012692-88 (Welland) John Henry BERG, 25, farmers son, Clinton Tp., Thorold, s/o G.S. & E. BERG, to Mary Anne JENKINS, 23, London, England, Thorold, d/o F. & E. JENKINS, wit: Mr. George BROWN & Miss Ella BROWN both of Fonthill, 9 November 1887, Fonthill 12639-87 Elijah BLANSHARD, 22, farmer, Pelham twp., Crowland twp., s/o Emanuel & Hannah, married Jennie SMITH, 22, Canboro twp., Crowland twp., d/o William Henry & Ann, witn: Laura H. ECKER of Port Robinson & Sarah A. FAIRCHILD of Chippawa, 5 Jan 1887 at Port Robinson
12651-87 Robert Henry BOWEN, 26, engineer, Brantford, Fort Erie, s/o Enoch & Esther, married Ida Victoria WHITE, 25, Bertie, same, adopted d/o Isaac & Mrs. WHITE, witn: Thomas WARREN of Buffalo & C. W. LEWIS of Bertie twp., 8 Feb 1887 at Bertie 12647-87 William H. BRAUND, 24, machinist, St. Catharines, same, s/o R.H. & Martha, married Bella UPPER, 24, Allanburgh, same, d/o Jacob & Charity, witn: Effa MUSSEN & Florence UPPER, both of Allanburgh, 3 May 1887 at Allanburgh
#012557-87 (Welland Co): Robert BRICK, 25, laborer, Hamilton, Merritton, s/o John BRICK & Julia REHABLY?, married Mary A. GILLESPIE, 21, Merritton, same, d/o Anthony GILLESPIE & Mary CORCORAN, witn: Anthony GILLESPIE & Ellen BRICK, both of Merritton, 19 Aug 1887 at Thorold (Rom Cath) 012651-88 (Welland) Henry John BRODERICK, 23, clerk in clothing house, Caledonia, St. Thomas, s/o David Edwin & Jane Mosier BRODERICK, married Eva Eulalie WILSON, 22, Simcoe, Niagara Falls, d/o Duncan McPherson & Laura L. WILSON, witn - Dr. & Mrs. James MCGARRY of Niagara Falls & the parents of the bride, 26 December 1887 at Niagara Falls
  12598-87 George William BROWN, 24, gentleman, Prince Albert Ont., Thorold, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Harriet Harrington HARTFOOT, 28, St. Catharines, Merriton, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: R. PRESTON & Annie WRIGHT, both of Niagara Falls, 16 Feb 1887 at Niagara Falls
12495-87 Theodore Adelbert BROWN, 23, carpenter, Prince Edward Co., Toronto, s/o Thomas & Phoebe Jane, married Fannie Ellen SHORT, 18, York Co., Toronto, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: John G. GILLEN of Niagara Falls, 12 July 1887 at village of Niagara Falls 12578-87 Arthur Irvin BROWN, 21, farmer, North Pelham, same, s/o Simeon BROWN & Charity METTER, married Ellen Theodisia JOHNSON, 20, Candasville?, North Pelham, d/o Jeremiah JOHNSON & Mary Jane DOUGHERTY, witn: George David METTER & Anna BROWN, both of N. Pelham, 2 Feb 1887 at North Pelham
12585-87 Cameron Alexis BUCK, 40, station agent, Canada, Chicago, s/o Alexis C. & Mary Ann, married Lucy Eliza ATKINS, 32, Canada, Fonthill, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: John H. & Liffie H. T. ATKINS, 19 Sept 1887 at Fonthill 12505-87 Frederick BURGER, 32, laborer, USA, Haldimand, s/o not known, married Harriet PETTIT, 26, Ontario, Haldimand, d/o Charles & not known, witn: Robert L. McFARLANE of Stamford & Ada TESKEY of Welland, 23 Feb 1887 at Welland
12673-87 Edward C. BURGESS?, 23, mechanic, Fort Erie, Buffalo, s/o not given, married Martha J. McCONACHIE, 19, Buffalo, same, d/o not given, witn: Mrs. WIDDIS & A. W. NAPPIN, 19 Aug 1887 at Suspension Bridge #012563-87 (Welland Co): George BURNISON, 31, farmer, Thorold twp., same, s/o William BURNISON & Martha CURRY, married Maggie May TAGGART, 18, Thorold, same, d/o James Leslie TAGGART & Jane Ann McINTOSH, witn: Anthony MACARTNEY & Annie PATTERSON, both of Thorold, 22 Dec 1887 at Thorold
#012554-87 (Welland Co): Thomas BURNS, 36, laborer, Canada, Thorold, s/o Thomas BURNS & Ann HEALY, married Ann FOSTER, 40, widow, Canada, Thorold, d/o William FOSTER & Rachel JACKSON, witn: Patrick STEVEN & Sarah CARTNELL, both of Thorold, 14 June 1887 at Thorold (Rom Cath) 12669-87 Jacob BUSHEY (Beeshey?), 33, watch maker, Waterloo Co., Ridgeway, s/o Lewis BUSHEY & Barbara WITMER, married Clara E. TEAL, 29, Ridgeway, same, d/o Zachariah TEAL & Agnes ALEXANDER, witn: William M. & Flora M. THOM of Ridgeway, 7 Sept 1887 at Ridgeway
12643-87 Robert CAMP, 43, widower, lock tender, Ireland, Port Robinson, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Susan SECORD, 33, widow, Stamford twp., Port Robinson, d/o James & Sarah MIDDLETON, witn: Isaac PEW & Laura H. ECKER, both of Port Robinson, 30 Jan 1887 at Port Robinson #012565-87 (Welland Co): Hugh CAMPBELL, 24, clerk, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Hugh CAMPBELL & Emma Caroline WILSON, married Laura R. CAMPBELL, 24, Canada, Thorold twp., d/o R.W. CAMPBELL & Christena METLER, witn: Bruce W (or M). & Ella W. CAMPBELL of Thorold twp., 17 Nov 1887 at Thorold
12576-87 Charles CAMPBELL, 26, quarry man, Greece, St. Davids, s/o Joseph & Rose, married Ella STEWART, 18, St. Davids, same, d/o Daniel & Alzira, witn: David & Mary STEWART of St. Davids, 8 Sept 1887 at Stamford 12609-87 Peter CARL, 70, widower, farmer, Carlyle - Tompkins Co NY, Crogan? Co NY, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Lydia W. BREARLY, 55, widow, Tomkins CO NY, Crogan? Co NY, d/o David SCOTT & Libbie, witn: F. S. HOUSTON & Frank KENNEY, both of Niagara Falls, 14 June 1887 at Niagara Falls
#012568-87 (Welland Co): Charles H. CARTER, 64, widower, farmer, New Jersey USA, Port Colbourn, s/o Levi CARTER & Harriet LEDGE, married Amy J (or I). THOMPSON, 50, Stamford twp., town of Welland, d/o Archibald THOMPSON & Jane FITCH, witn: A.G. HILL of Niagara Falls & A. Graham THOMPSON of Toronto, 13 April 1887 at Welland (duplicate reg # 12508-87) #012549-87 (Welland Co): William CAVE, 44, widower, merchant, York Co., Thorold, s/o William & Mary, married Annie EVANS, 33, England, Thorold, d/o John & Annie, witn: Carrie E. LANCELEY of Thorold & Eliza APPLEGATE of Hamilton, 25 May 1887 at Thorold
12507-87 Frank CHATTERSON, 21, farmer, Canada, Welland, s/o Ezekiel & Barbara, married Fanny BONE, 21, England, Welland, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Frances A. BOWMAN, 18 March [1887] at Welland 12654-87 George Anson CLARK, 31, teacher, Wentworth Co., Fort Erie, s/o Michael & Anna, married Maud Victoria EDEN, 18, Fort Erie, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: William & E. H. EDEN of Fort Erie, 28 Dec 1887 at res of bride's father,
12594-87 James Tyler COOK, 49, widower, book keeper, NY state, Syracuse NY, s/o Cornelius & Betsy, married Mary D. PAGE, 35, widow, NY state, Oswego NY, d/o Abram & Mary DUBOIS, witn: Maggie S. HAZELWOOD of Niagara Falls & Mary E. DRAPER of Lockport NY, 2 Feb 1887 at Niagara Falls 12587-87 William Barton COSBY, 21, farmer, Pelham twp., same, s/o George R. & Eliza, married Almeda HORTON, 20, Wainfleet twp., Pelham, d/o James & Annie, witn: George HAIST & Priscilla COSBY, 8 Dec 1887 at Pelham
12494-87 William COWAN, 65, widower, gentleman, Scotland, Galt, s/o Robert COWAN & Ellen ARMSTRONG, married Anna ROBSON, 52, England, Brantford, d/o Lionel ROBSON & Margaret SANDERSON, witn: Thomas & Annie YOUNG of Clifton, 1 July 1887 at Niagara Falls South 12605-87 Alfred CROCKFORD, 34, engineer, London England, same, s/o William & Mary, married Annie SUCH, 21, London England, same, d/o John & Selina, witn: Maggie S. HAZELWOOD & Mary DRAPER, both of Niagara Falls, 10 May 1887 at Niagara Falls
#012526-87 (Welland Co): William CUDNEY, 25, farmer, Niagara twp., Wainfleet twp., s/o John & Alma, married Precilla NEFF, 28, Wainfleet twp., same, d/o Martin & Esther, witn: Mrs. Margaret & Nettie DUFF of Humberstone, 19 Feb 1887 at Humberstone #012560-87 (Welland Co): James A. DABELL, 22, merchant, Pt. Robinson, Thorold, s/o Jacob & Nancy, married Alice Alidy BAMPTON, 20, Chippawa, Thorold, d/o William & Mary, witn: John COOPER & Lillie GOODWIN, both of Thorold, 18 July 1887 at Thorold
12586-87 Michael J. DALTON, 53, farmer, Beamsville, Smithville, s/o James & Susannah, married Magdalena HARE, 40, Clinton twp., Smithville, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: R. C. MURGATROYD of Smithville & Lara MUIR of London, 26 Oct 1887 at Fenwick  
012568-88 (Welland) Fletcher H. DAVIS, 24, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Benjamin & Mary J., married Minnie E. SPECK, 22, d/o George & Christina, witn - Raymond DAVIS & Annie SPECK, both of Wainfleet, 27 December 1887 at Welland 12596-87 James B. DAVISON, 55, widower, hotel keeper, Tomkins CO. NY, Clayton NY, s/o Warren & Hannah, married Mattie E. HILL, 43, widow, Chemung Co. NY, Baine NY, d/o Walter EGBERT & Anna, witn: William HOWARD of Erie PA & John BOWEN of Niagara Falls, 14 Feb 1887 at Niagara Falls
#012569-87 (Welland Co): Milner DELL, 36, farmer, Willoughby twp., Stamford twp., s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Isabella McCLIVE, 45, Stamford twp., same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Aden DELL of Willoughby & Maggie McCLIVE of Stamford, 7 April 1887 at Stamford 12482-87 Milton DELL, 22, farmer, Willoughby, same, s/o James & Mary, married Elizabeth PLYLEY, 22, Willoughby, same, d/o Nicholas & Mary, witn: George PLYLEY & Jessie TAYLOR, both of Willoughby, 12 April 1887 at Willoughby
12583-87 Hilliard DENNIS, 21, farmer, Gainsborough twp., Moulton twp., s/o Willoughby & E., married Eliza Jane CLARK, 20, Wainfleet twp., Moulton twp., d/o Ben & Anna, witn: Joseph DAWDY & Almeda EWERS, 6 Sept 1887 at Fenwick, Pelham twp 12656-87 William Miller DOUGALL, 27, clerk, Montreal, Amagari, s/o "deceased", married Maggie Gertrude SCHRYER, 21, Fort Erie, same, d/o Joseph & Maggie, witn: Ann WADDELL & John SHAW, both of Fort Erie, 7 Sept 1887 at Fort Erie
#012555-87 (Welland Co): John DOYLE, 27, laborer, States, Thorold, s/o John DOYLE & Mary CULLEN, married Julia FITZGERALD, 23, St. Catharines, Thorold, d/o Maurice FITZGERALD & Hannah DRISCOLL, witn: Jane COON (or Coan) & Annie FREAL, both of Thorold, 15 June 1887 at Thorold (Rom Cath) #012564-87 (Welland Co): Robert DUNDASS, 27, mechanic, Canada, Thorold, d/o John DUNDASS & Margaret WRIGHT, married Alfreda WALKER, 22, USA, Thorold, d/o James & Martha, witn: Walter CAVAN of Mersea & Mrs. C.D. McDONALD of Thorold, 19 Dec 1887 at Thorold
12618-87 John DUNN, 25, clerk, Canada, Niagara Falls, s/o James DUNN & Annie NOLAN (Welan?), married Lizzie CLEARY, 20, Ireland, Niagara Falls, d/o Adolphus CLEARY & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: Jennie? McHAMAND of New York & Minnie McANDREW of Niagara Falls Ont., 22 Aug 1887 at Niagara Falls 12491-87 Lewis L. DUNNING, 60, widower, farmer, Monroe Co. NY, Brockport NY, s/o Lewis & Zelptha, married Emma A. KNOWLES, 37, widow, Parma NY, Brockport NY, d/o Ruel & Olive E., witn: John A. ORCHARD & Hannah DOWNIE, both of Niagara Falls South, 18 May 1887 at village of Niagara Falls
12655-87 William Joseph EDWARDS, 22, manufacturing chemist, Ingersoll, Fort Erie, s/o John E. EDWARDS & Margaret CLE--?, married Susan Mary SCHRYER, 27, Fort Erie, same, d/o Peter SCHRYER & Margaret D. COGAN, witn: Jos?. REARDON & Julia SCHRYER, both of Fort Erie, 5 July 1887 at Fort Erie #012537-87 (Welland Co): Jacob F. FARR, 36, organ builder, Humberstone twp., same, s/o Aaron & Mary A., married Celestie E. WEAVER, 38, Humberstone twp., same, d/o Samuel & Sarah, witn: W.K. MINOR & Lottie C. WEAVER, both of Humberstone, 20 Dec 1887 at Humberstone
#012558-87 (Welland Co): Edward FOLEY, 23, laborer, St. Catharines, Thorold, s/o Thomas FOLEY & Margaret MALLOY, married Maria JORDAN, 20, Canada, Thorold, d/o Michael JORDAN & Margaret GORDON, witn: Maurice JORDAN of Thorold & Mary McLEAN of Rochester NY, 5 Oct 1887 at Thorold (Rom Cath) #012547-87 (Welland Co): Thomas FOLEY, 61, wid., laborer, Ireland, Thorold, s/o John FOLEY & Jane SHORE, married Bridget O’FLAHERTY, 60, wid., Ireland, Thorold, d/o Mathias O’FLAHERTY & Catherine STOKE, witn: John HEENAN & Bridget GILCHRIST, 30 April 1887 at Thorold (Rom Cath)
#012559-87 (Welland Co): Joseph FORD, 32, manufacturer, Port Neuf, same, s/o Joseph FORD & Isabella SMITH, married Mary Jersien DALGLEISH, 21, Port Neuf, Thorold, d/o William DALGLEISH & Catherine McDONALD, witn: D. McKENZIE of Ashfield & M.I. DALGLEISH, 28 June 1887 at Thorold 12632-87 Arthur Ed--? FRANKE (Franks?), 22, bookkeeper, Woodbridge Ont., Merriton?, s/o John & Mary, married Alice COUGER (Conger?), 22, Napanee, Thorold, d/o Edward & Jane, wtn: R. GARDINER of Hibbard & F. S. HOUSTON of Niagara Falls, 15 Aug 1887 at Niagara Falls
#012552-87 (Welland Co): Arthur Ed. FRANKS, 20, actuary, Woodbridge, Thorold, s/o John & Mary, married Alice CONGER, 22, Napanee, Thorold, d/o Enoch & Jane, witn: George A. PEAKER? of Toronto & Elizabeth MILLAR of Thorold, 26 Oct 1887 at Thorold #012561-87 (Welland Co): William John FRY, 56, widower, gentleman, Ahoghill Co Antrim Ireland, Queenstown Ireland, s/o John FRY & Sarah JOHNSON, married Sophia Shaw CARR, 40, widow, Guelph, Thorold, d/o Thomas FAWCETT & Margaret SHAW, witn: W.B. NICHOL of Toronto & Aimee E. BLACKSTOCK of Thorold, 3 Aug 1887 at Thorold
12496-87 William GILMOUR, 25, carpenter, Welland Co., same, s/o John & Charlotte, married Martha L. BOWEN, 27, Welland Co., same, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: Charles KIRK (Kick?) & Elizabeth YOUNG, both of Niagara Falls South, 20 July 1887 at Presbyterian Manse, Niagara Falls South #012528-87 (Welland Co): Christopher GOEHRINGER, 36, farmer, Humberstone twp., Wainfleet twp., s/o John & Mary, married Nellie MINOR, 19, Wainfleet twp., same, d/o Abraham & Nancy, witn: Nellie MORGAN of Humberstone, 15 March 1887 at Humberstone
#012546-87 (Welland Co): William H. GOLDEN, 27, widower, laborer, NY state, Thorold, s/o James & Catherine, married Mary SNIDER, 26, Potterville Pa., St. Catharines, d/o Adam SNIDER & Mary McDONAGH, witn: Patrick & Ann DONNELLY, 10 March 1887 at Thorold (Rom Cath) #012566-87 (Welland Co): William GOULD, 27, livery keeper, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls South, s/o Benjamin & Sarah, married Zena DURKIE, 24, Thorold, same, d/o Zenas & Elizabeth, witn: Freeman or Truman PRICE of Thorold & Mamie? or Minnie? KEARNS of Picton, 23 Nov 1887 at Thorold
12501-87 Robert L. GRACIE, 28, blacksmith, Dabny Scotland, village of Niagara Falls, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth H. CLARK, 28, Derby England, Glasgow Scotland, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: Mary GRACIE & Hiram MORSE, both of Niagara Falls South, 23 Nov 1887 at village of Niagara Falls 12483-87 - J. T. GRAVES, 25, teacher, Indiana USA, same, s/o Lewis & Martha, married Elizabeth MORRISON, 28, Willoughby, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas MORRISON of Willoughby & C. A. WADE of Stevensville, 6 July 1887 at Willoughby
12584-87 Elisah A. GRIFFITH, in 62nd yr, farmer, widower, Dareby? - Rutland Co NY?, Boston - Erie Co NY, s/o Allen & Mary, married Darinda WILLSON, in 50th yr, Thorold twp., Pelham twp., d/o Thomas & Esther, witn: Nathan, Esther, Amanda & Alfred WILLSON and Elizabeth S. , Daniel & Amelia PAGE, and Alpheus A. & Mercy LUNDY, 8 Sept 1887 at Pelham (Friends) #012529-87 (Welland Co): William HANNAH, 24, farmer, Bertie twp., Humberstone twp., s/o George & Jane, married Marie Augusta FALKENHAGEN, 23, Humberstone twp., same, d/o Charles & Fredericka, witn: Joseph HANNAH of Bertie and Maria ADEZMAN & Theodore & Attila FALKENHAGEN, all of Humberstone, 12 April 1887 at Humberstone twp
12660-87 John HARDISON, 36, laborer, Bertie twp., Ridgeway, s/o Andrew R. HARDISON & Charlotte WILSON, married Frances E. MIDDAUGH, 36, Norwich Ont., Ridgeway, d/o Joseph MIDDAUGH & Susannah JOHNSTON, witn: John J. & Nancy DIOHER? of Ridgeway, 19 Jan 1887 at Ridgeway 12644-87 Robert Henry HARDISON, 25, laborer, Bertie twp., same, s/o Andrew & Charlotte, married Ella RICHARDS, 26, Crowland twp., same, d/o Jacob & Charlotte, witn: Emanuel YOKOM of illegible & Lillian RICHARDS of Crowland, 16 Feb 1887 at Thorold twp
12588-87 Samuel Andrew HARRIS, 22, farmer, England, Pelham, s/o John & Susan, married Sarah GORDON, 16, Pelham, same, d/o Alfred & Amanda Catherine, witn: Alice GORDON & James H. ELSON, both of Pelham, 14 Dec 1887 at Pelham (Salv Army) 12602-87 John Charles HAYTER, 29, Pennsylvania USA, Bradford PA, s/o Charles & Frances, married Sarah WOODLEY, 28, London England, Bradford PA, d/o James Henry & Hannah, witn: F. S. HOUSTON & Lou COULTENECT?, both of Niagara Falls, 21 March 1887 at Niagara Falls
12617-87 Peter William HENDRICKS, 21, railway employee, Buffalo NY, Clifton Ont., s/o Herman HENDRICKS & Henrietta GRIERSON, married Annie Mary MAY, 18, St. Catharines, Suspension Bridge NY, d/o Peter MAY & Elizabeth WINTER, witn: James QUANCE of Suspn Bridge & Annie STENSON of Clifton, 2 June 1887 at Niagara Falls (Also 12608-87) #012556-87 (Welland Co): James Walker HENNESSY, 24, hotel keeper, Lindsay, Thorold, s/o James HENNESSY & Mary WALKER, married Agnes DE CANTILLION, 21, Dutton Ont., Toronto, d/o James DE CANTILLION & Mary LENNAN, witn: John LANGLEY & Tillie DE CANTILLION, both of Toronto, 29 June 1887 at Thorold (Rom Cath)
12616-87 Charles HERB, 41, medical doctor, Pennsylvania USA, Los Angeles Calif., s/o Charles HERB & Julius KLOCK, married Amelia S. HEPLER, 25, Penn. USA, Shamoken? PA, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Maggie S. INGLEWOOD & Alice MURRAY, both of Niagara Falls, 20 Dec 1887 at Niagara Falls 12502-87 David HERBOLD, 25, carpenter, Chippawa, same, s/o Adam & Elizabeth, married Florence A. BAXTER, 25, St. Davids Ont., Chippawa, d/o Rober & Phillis, witn: Joseph BAXTER & Annie HERBOLD, both of Chippawa, 22 March 1887 at Chippawa
#012527-87 (Welland Co): Thomas HERDMAN, 28, farmer, Allenburgh, Humberstone twp., s/o James & Sarah, married Celestine MITCHELL, 20, Harrisburgh, Humberstone, d/o Alexander & Sarah Ann, witn: James HERDMAN & Eliza MITCHELL, both of Humberstone, 23 Feb 1887 12657-87 William Henry HICKS, no age given, of Buffalo, s/o blank, married Agnes KNAPP, no age given, of Buffalo, d/o blank, witn: Amelia PIGOTT of Fort Erie, 1 Sept 1887 at Fort Erie
12599-87 Henry HORST, 22, shoe cutter, Cleveland Ohio, Rochester NY, s/o James & Amanda M., married Anna ALDER, 21, widow, Soden NY, Rochester NY, d/o John ALDER & Almira, witn: F. S. HOUSTON & E. BLANSHARD, both of Niagara Falls, 19 Feb 1887 at Niagara Falls 12591-87 William HUBBARD, 25 (28?), railway employee, USA, Niagara Falls, s/o Charles HUBBARD & Charlotte WILSON, married Mary MULLIGAN, 22, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Patrick MULLIGAN & Grace MALLOY, witn: William BURKE & Bridget MULLIGAN, both of Niagara Falls, 14 (17?) Nov 1887 at Niagara Falls
12484-87 Arthur HYDE, 24, farmer, Bertie, Willoughby, s/o Charles A. & Mary M., married Delia MORGAN, 17, Willoughby, same, d/o James & Salome, witn: Alice A. & Eva E. FAIRCHILDS, both of Chippawa, 3 Oct 1887 at Chippawa #012573-87 (Welland Co): John A. IVES, 24, farmer, Chippawa, same, s/o Alfred IVES & Christena WHIS--(off page), married Fanny MORRIS (or Morrison), 18, Willoughby twp., same, d/o William MORRIS (or Morrison) & Elizabeth O--(off page), witn: Thomas MORRIS or Morrison) & Christena IVES, 21 March 1887 at Willoughby twp
12684-87 Robert JAMES, 36, laborer, England, Wainfleet, s/o John & Mary, married Lucinda SMITH, 22, Scotland, Wainfleet, d/o Peter & Jane, witn: John POTTS & Mary JONES, both of Wainfleet, 2 May 1887 at Wainfleet 12641-87 Jacob JENTER, 27, farmer, Thorold twp., same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth DAMUDE, 26, Thorold twp., same, d/o Peter & Elmira, witn: Peter DAMUDE & John JENTER, both of Thorold twp., 16 Feb 1887 at Thorold twp
12492-87 Walter Robert JOHNSON, 25, farmer, Illinois USA, Caistor – Lincoln, s/o Harris & Jane, married Margaret Ann LYMBURNER, 22, Caistor, same, d/o George & Margaret, witn: John A. ORCHARD & Lida HOBBS, both of Niagara Falls South, 24 May 1887 at Niagara Falls South 12658-87 Henry JOHNSTON, 19, farmer, Bertie twp., same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Mary Eva HERSHEY, 19, Bertie twp., same, d/o John & Christian, wtn: John HERSHEY Jr. & Jennie VANALSTINE, both of Bertie twp., 4 July 1887 at Bertie twp
#012562-87 (Welland Co): William JONES, 25, farmer, Drummondsburg - Tompkins Co NY, Thorold, s/o William JONES & Centhea RAYMOND, married Annie McMILLEN, 21, Prescott Ont., Thorold, d/o John McMILLEN & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: Charles W. LEFFERTY & Rose HUNT, both of Thorold, 10 Dec 1887 at Thorold 12614-87 James JOYCE, 26, laborer, Ireland, Niagara Falls, s/o Patrick JOYCE & Margaret DOLAN, married Bridget CONNORS, 28, Ireland, Niagara Falls, d/o Thomas CONNORS & Mary McGEARY?, witn: John CONNORS & Mary LYONS, both of Niagara Falls, 21 Nov 1887 at Niagara Falls
  12601-87 John KALLBACH (Kaltbach?), 46, dealer in coal & wood, Germany, Tonawanda USA, s/o Adam & Margaret, married Mina COOK, 47, widow, Germany, Tonawanda USA, d/o Frederick COOK & Mina, witn: Maggie S. HAZELWOOD & Bertie A. CORSER?, 7 March 1887 at Niagara
12595-87 William KELLY, 33, blacksmith, Glasgow Scotland, Niagara Falls, s/o James KELLY & Marion YOUNG, married Myra FOUNTAIN, 26, Little Gaddston England, Niagara Falls, d/o Mark FOUNTAIN & Ann PANGBURN, witn: William & Myra E. CAMPBELL, 10 Feb 1887 at Niagara Falls #012545-87 (Welland Co): John W. KELLY, 25, police, NY state, Tonawanda NY, s/o Hugh KELLY & Winnifred DUFFY, married Teresa BEERHALTER, 22, St. Catharines, Thorold, d/o Joseph BEERHALTER & Mary SCHRENK, witn: Frank W. ROONEY & Kate KELLY, both of Tonawanda NY, 16 Feb 1887 at Thorold (Rom Cath)
12670-87 Thomas KENNEDY, 60, widower, farmer, Bertie twp., Ridgeway, s/o James KENNEDY & Mary GRAY, married Wilimina GRAHAM, 58, widow, Bertie twp., Ridgeway, d/o John RISDAY? & Catherine MILLER, witn: Charles & Sophia KRAFFT of Ridgeway, 11 Oct 1887 at Ridgeway 12672-87 Edward W. KENNEDY, 21, carpenter, Bertie twp., same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Susie M. BEAM, 19, Sherkston, Bertie twp., d/o Abram & Rebecca, witn: William H. BEAM & Almedia SHISLER, both of Bertie twp., 7 Nov 1887 at Bertie twp.
12500-87 Edner KIENER, 23, barber, NY state, village of Niagara Falls, s/o Richard & Barbara, married Isabella J. LOCKARD, 22, USA, Niagara Falls village, d/o Samuel & Nancy, witn: George H. COLLINS & Hattie KIENER, both of Stamford, 21 Nov 1887 at village of Niagara Falls #012533-87 (Welland Co): Fred Ed. Abest KRAEMER, 26, farmer, Humberstone twp., same, s/o David & Margaret, married Mary Eliza Sophia KLEINSMITH, 23, Humberstone twp., same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Frederick KLEINSMITH & Maria SAUER, both of Humberstone, 26 May 1887 at Humberstone (Lutheran)
12499-87 George LAW, 52, gardener, Scotland, Stamford twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Emily Jane LEMON, 42, Stamford, same, d/o Wilson & Abigail, witn: Lida HOBBS & Elvina DENNISTEDT, both of Niagara Falls South, 11 Aug 1887 at Niagara Falls South 12675-87 Mervin A. LEARN, 21, farmer, Bertie twp., same, s/o Jesse & Catherine, married Margaret J. SHERK, 18, Bertie twp., same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Daniel SHERK & Minnie TROUP, both of Bertie twp., 31 Aug 1887 at Bertie twp.
12636-87 Mathew LEICHTHENTHAL, 25, carpenter, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Nicholas & Mary nee SMIDTH (s/b Schmidt?), married Mary GANTER, 25, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Joseph GANTER & Mary KIPP, witn: Philip BEITER of Buffalo & Maggie GANTER of Niagara Falls, 28 June 1887 at Niagara Falls 12581-87 Dionus LEPPERT, 46, widower, farmer, Germany, Pelham, s/o Dionus LEPPERT & Caroline BURKHART, married Margaret MUNRO, 60, widow, Bertie twp., Pelham twp., d/o Peter TUTTLE & Charity CHURCH, witn: Caroline 7 Solomon LEPPERT of Pelham twp., 4 May 1887 at Pelham
12666-87 Mathew L. LEROHE?. 27. painter, Sittard Holland, Toronto, s/o Godfrey & Gertrude, married Barbara MANERMAN (Mauerman?), 28, widow, Stratford Ont., Buffalo, d/o William & Ann MANERMAN, witn: Mrs. T. G. BELL of Victoria, 21 May 1887 at Victoria 12653-87 George James LEWIS, 23, railroad hand, Brampton, Buffalo, s/o John Henry & Margaret, married Sarah Maria JACKSON, 21, near Brantford, Amagari, d/o William & Maria, witn: Thomas JACKSON of Amagari & William JACKSON of Stratford, 14 Dec? 1887 at res of bride's father
12489-87 John LOGAN, 19, farmer, Willoughby, Stamford, s/o Henry & Henrietta, married Annie HARRINGTON, 24, Clifton, same, d/o John & Annie, witn: Arthur T. HIRTZEL & Emily C. INGLES, both of Niagara Falls village, 22 Feb 1887 at Niagara Falls village 12620-87 James J. LYNCH, 35, clerk, Point Robinson, same, s/o James LYNCH & Margaret BOLAN, married Ellen CROTTY, 23, Falls View, same, d/o Patrick CROTTY & Margaret WIDDERMAN?, witn: Michael & Mary CROTTY of Falls View, 19 Oct 1887 at Falls View
12667-87 Evin MASTIN, 28, printer, Utica Michigan, Tilbury Centre, s/o M. R. & Amanda, married Mary A. SMITH, 27, Buffalo, same, d/o Elliott & Mary, witn: T. C. BELL of Suspension Bridge, 1 June 1887 at Suspension Bridge #012548-87 (Welland Co): George A. MATTHEWS, 22, laborer, Crowland twp., Port Robinson, s/o Matthias & Amelia, married Phoebe FRAZER, 25, widow, Crowland twp., Port Robinson, d/o James & Sarah COLLARD, witn: C.E. LANCELEY of Thorold, 12 May 1887 at Thorold
12630-88 (Welland Co); Daniel McCALL, 23, laborer, Kirkwall - Wentworth Co., Galt, s/o Duncan & Charlotte, married Ellen JONES, Flint Wales, same, d/o not given, witn: Alice M. HOUSTON & Annie WRIGHT, both of Niagara Falls, 14 Oct 1887 at Niagara Falls 12506-87 Thomas McCLENGHAN, 26, farmer, Ontario, North Cayuga, s/o Thomas & Minder?, married Sarah LEE, 20, Ontario, Wellandport, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Elizabeth LEE of Welland & John McCLENGHAN, 22 Feb 1887 at Welland
12626-87 (Welland Co); Walter McDONALD, 26, farmer, Guelph twp., same, s/o Walter & Margaret, married Ada Jane BRITTON, 21, Markham, Guelph twp., d/o Thomas & Susanna, witn: William BRITTON & Sarah E. NISBET, both of Marden, 1 Sept 1887 at Niagara Falls 12490-87 Luther Thomas McGRATH, 27, billiard manager, South Caroline USA, Niagara Falls NY, s/o Thomas & Jennie, married Lulu Hannah RICHIE, 22, Michigan USA, Niagara Falls South, d/o Appleton & Hannah, witn: Annie DOWNIE & Elvina DEMSTEDT, both of Niagara Falls South, 27 April 1887 at Niagara Falls South
12487-87 Samuel McKONKEY (s/b McConkey?), 48, blacksmith, Ireland, Scotsville NY, s/o William & unknown, married Ruth E. SMITH, 43, widow, USA, Rochester NY, d/o John SMITH & unknown, witn: Dr. James & Amelia McGARRY of Niagara Falls South, 19 Feb 1887 at Niagara Falls South 12597-87 Donald McLEAN, 55, widower, GTR employee, Oban? Scotland, Niagara Falls, s/o Donald & Janet, married Julia A. TAPLIN, 40, Bath England, Niagara Falls, d/o William James & Elizabeth, witn: John K--N? & Laura P--?, both of Niagara Falls, 14 Feb 1887 at Niagara Falls
12488-87 George E. MEADAR (Macdar?), 27, blacksmith, Buffalo NY, Suspension Bridge NY, s/o George & Louisa, married Irene LEACH, 27, Co. Cork Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Catherine, witn: Bessie & Maude SNOOKS of Niagara Falls village, 19 Feb 1887 at All Saints Church, Niagara Falls South 12580-87 George Alvin MERITHEW, 24, farmer, of Thorold twp., s/o James MERITHEW & Nancy Jane HAMER, married Christena Fredericka EGERTER (Egerton?), 24, of South Pelham, d/o Elias EGERTER & Christena HOUCK, witn: Augustus ROBINSON of Allanburgh & Matilda EGERTER of Pelham, 15 Feb 1887 at South Pelham
12579-87 John METTER, 36, farmer, St. Catharines, Louth twp., s/o George & Mary, married Sarah Jeannette MOORE, 38, Pelham, same, d/o Whitson? & Ann, witn: Edwin & Bella MOORE, 10 Feb 1887 at Pelham 12664-87 Cyprien MICHIN?, 21, farmer, Bertie twp., same, s/o David & Julia, married Lizzie FOREMAN, 21, Bertie twp., same, d/o George & Barbara, witn: George FOREMAN & Ida KILMAN, both of Bertie twp., 14 April 1887 at Snyder
12635-87 Charles MILLARD, 33, blacksmith, Watertown NY, same, s/o Ja--? & Lucinda, married Lizzie MURRAY, 25, widow, Springville NY, same, d/o Perry MATTHESON (s/b Matheson?) & Nellie, witn: John MILLARD of St. George Ont. & F. S. HOUSTON of Niagara Falls, 4 July 1887 at Niagara Falls  
12633-87 Henry MINNER, 2-?, laborer, Humberstone, same, s/o Matthew & Margaret, married Nellie? CONNORS, 19, Humberstone, same, d/o Mike & Mary, witn: Mathew MINNER & Grace WILSON, both of Niagara Falls, 2 Aug 1887 at Niagara Falls 012657-88 (Welland) Jacob I. MINOR, 25, farmer, Wainfleet, same, parents names not given, married Clara B. STEELE, 28, Humberstone, same, d/o David & Hannah STEELE, witn - William B. MINOR of Wainfleet & Clara STEELE of Humberstone, 17 November 1887 at Humberstone
#012553-87 (Welland Co): Frank MISENER, 24, farmer, Canada, Crowland twp., s/o E. MISENER & Louisa YOUNG, married Emma HORTON, 20, Canada, Thorold twp., d/o F. HORTON & Mary PHILLIPS, witn: Frank MATHEWS of Crowland & Alice HORTON of Thorold twp., 8 Nov 1887 at Thorold 12645-87 Charles MISENER, 33, railway employee, widower, Crowland twp., Stamford twp., s/o John M. C. & Jane, married Elmira HAPPELL, 29, Thorold, Thorold twp., d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: George HAPPEL (father) of Thorold twp and Charley GRAY, Harvey BAIN & Kirby MISENER, all of Stamford twp., 23 March 1887 at res of the bride's father, Thorold twp
12686-87 Leonard MISENER, 25, farmer, Wainfleet twp., same, s/o John MISENER & Caroline WILLSON, married Hattie WELLS, 21, Wainfleet twp., same, d/o George WELLS & Catherine DUNN, witn: William WELLS (Wills?) & Fannie MISENER, both of Wainfleet, 24 Aug 1887 at Wainfleet twp 12612-87 Dill Lyman MOSCHENCE?, 77, widower, gentleman, Quebec, Leroy Illinois, s/o Lyman & Eunice, married Lydia Ester HEMINGWAY, 48, Hartford NY, Springfield Mass., witn: Jacob & Lydia, witn: Byron & Mary WELLS of Buffalo NY, 16 June 1887 at Niagara Falls
12662-87 Henry NIGH, 24, farmer, Willoughby, same, s/o Peter & Elizabeth, married Melissa ZIMMERMAN, 21, Bertie twp., same, d/o Abraham & Lucinda, witn: Jonas ZIMMERMAN & Nellie BROWN, both of Bertie twp., 5 April 1887 at Bertie twp. 12650-87 John OLIVER, 31, farmer, Thorold twp., Willoughby twp., s/o Charles & Deborah, married Jennie BOUK, 22, Thorold twp., same, d/o George & Sarah Jane, witn: Bruce BOUK of Thorold twp & Mary RYSDALE of Niagara Falls South, 28 Dec 1887 at Thorold twp
12624-87 Peter ONAGLARIELLO?, 20, laborer, Italy, Falls View, s/o Joseph ONAGLARIELLO & Frances GIOLLARING?, married Rose ORCO, 18, Italy, Falls View, d/o John Lorenzo ORCO & Louise LORENZO, witn: Frank & Margaret LORENZO of Falls View, 25 April 1887 at RC Church, Falls View 12681-87 James O'NEIL, 24, clerk, Canada, Welland, s/o John & Sarah Jane, married Constance illegible DOAN, 20, USA, Crowland, d/o John G. & Annie, witn: John G. & Elijah DOAN, 20 Sept 1887 at Crowland
12590-87 Michael O’SHAUGHNESSY, 29, railway employee, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Denis O’SHAUGHNESSY & Ann POTTER?, married Catherine CONNELLY, 29, USA, Niagara Falls, d/o Thomas CONNELLY & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Mrs. McDONALD of Suspension Bridge NY & Mary J. CONNELLY of Niagara Falls, 19 Oct 1887 at Niagara Falls 12671-87 Wilson OTT, 23, farmer, Humberstone, Sherkston, s/o Cyprien & Rebecca, married Lucinda GRADY, 20, Humberstone, same, d/o Abraham & Elizabeth, witn: Elmon GRADY & Nancy OTT, 11 Oct 1887 at Bertie twp.
12606-87 Newell Jefferson PARMALEE, 45, widower, farmer, Ontario Co NY, Rochester NY, s/o Willoughby A. & Permilla, married Mary A. SMITH, 30, Monroe Co NY, Rochester NY, d/o Christian & Ann, witn: Dora BULL & F. S. HARRISON, both of Niagara Falls, 4 May 1887 at Niagara Falls #012530-87 (Welland Co): Lincoln PEW, 22, farmer, Moulton twp., same, s/o Richard & Mary, married Ada MINOR, 20, Wainfleet twp., same, d/o Henry & Barbara, witn: William K. MINOR of Humberstone, 24 April 1887 at Humberstone
12627-87 (Welland Co); John David PIGOTT, 34, gentleman, Westbury Bucking, London England, s/o John David & Sarah, married Catherine Sarah RENWICK, Toronto, London England, d/o William TURNBULL & Sarah RENWICK, witn: Helen C. CONOLLY & Anna Mary WILSON, both of London England, 13 Sept 1887 at Niagara Falls 12582-87 James POWELL, 25, cabinet maker, England, Pelham, s/o James & Martha, married Mary Alice KELSEY, 17, Pelham, same, d/o William & Eunice, witn: Samuel MILLER of Pelham & Agnes OFFSPRING of Port Robinson, 21 June 1887 at Pelham
12685-87 James W. PUTMAN, 19, laborer, Caistor twp., Wainfleet, s/o William PUTMAN & Phoebe J. OVERHOLT, married Clara LAMBERT, 16, Binbrook twp., Wainfleet twp., d/o Phillip LAMBERT & Abigal VANDEVER, witn: David & Martha TAYLOR of Wainfleet, 24 Aug 1887 at Wainfleet twp 12600-87 Charles H. REEVES, 36 (30?), Baltimore MD, W--ocket? RI, s/o Joseph Fountain REEVES & Sarah A., married Marie L. McMAHON, 20, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Maurice & Marie L., witn: Samuel & Ellen McMAHON of Niagara Falls, 9 Nov 1887 at Niagara Falls
12493-87 Henry Edward REID, 60, widower, Germany, Wainfleet, s/o Abraham & Sophia, married Salome MORGAN, 45, widow, Willoughby twp., Humberstone, d/o Benjamin & Margaret MORNINGSTAR, witn: Stephen & Margaret FULLBROOK of Marshville, 21 June 1887 at All Saints Church, Niagara Falls village 12592-87 William RICHARDSON, 23, hotel clerk, Canada, Niagara Falls, s/o Hugh RICHARDSON & Jane WRITE, married Sarah J. THOMPSON, 20, Canada, Niagara Falls, d/o George THOMPSON & Bridget COLLINS, witn: Joseph GUNTER & Mary REDFORD, both of Niagara Falls, 13 Jan 1887 at Niagara Falls
12589-87 Benjamin Edward RINKER, 24, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o Henry & Nancy, married Nellie JENNINGS, 21, Pelham, same, d/o Jeremiah W. & Elizabeth, witn: George Almer SWAYZE of Pelham & Maggie E. GRANT of Gainsboro, 19 Oct 1887 at Pelham 12676-87 John A. ROBERTSON, 32, widower, railway employee, Oakville Ont, Bertie, s/o Robert & Susan, married Emily JONES (James?), 22, England, Bertie, d/o John & Mary A., witn: Leonard DELL & Alice JONES, both of Susp. Bridge, 22 Jan 1887 at Susp. Bridge
12646-87 William ROGERS, 24, farmer, NY state, Gainsboro twp., s/o Benjamin & Jane, married Ida M. BROWN, 22, Thorold twp., same, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Henry E. ROGERS of Louth twp & Allie E. BROWN of Thorold twp., 13 April 1887 at Thorold twp 12637-87 Joseph Loughery ROSE, 25, bookkeeper, Pittsburgh Penn., Eaglewood Penn., s/o Hugh G. & Mary A., married Annie CANN, 24, Johnston Penn., Hallidaysburg Penn, d/o George? & Ann, witn: Bella BRAUN of Woodstock & Florence HOUSTON of Niagara Falls, 4 Aug 1887 at Niagara Falls
12679-87 Christian SCHROEDER, 45, widower, shoe maker, Canada, Humberstone, s/o Henry & Dorothea, married Lydia MILLER, 55, Crowland, same, d/o David & Eve, witn: George & Dorothea ELIES? of Welland, 31 May 1887 at Crowland #012534-87 (Welland Co): Christian William SCHROEDER, 45, widower, shoe maker, Humberstone twp., same, s/o Henry & Dorothea, married Lydia MILLER, 55, Crowland twp., same, d/o David & Eve, witn: George & Dorothea NEITZ of Humberstone, 31 May 1887 at Crowland
12674-87 John SHEPHARD, 34, car repairer, N--s?, Amagari, s/o Peter & Esther, married Jennie WHITE, 33, widow, England, Fort Erie, d/o Joseph & Mary (Nancy?) WELLS, witn: H. WELLS of Smithport USA & Mrs. J. WHITE of Buffalo, 12 Oct 1887 at Fort Erie  
012658-88 (Welland) Allen SHERK, 23, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Peter & Mary Jane SHERK, married Ella STEELE, 20, Humberstone, same, d/o Mathias & Mary STEELE, witn - Edward E. LEARN & Mary E. WHITEMAN of Humberstone, 27 December 1887 at Humberstone #012567-87 (Welland Co): Andrew A. SHERK, 26, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Andrew & Ellen, married Emily J. MABLE, 22, Thorold, same, d/o William & Johanna, witn: William J. BOOTH & Ellen MABLE, both of Thorold, 7 Dec 1887 at Thorold
#012544-87 (Welland Co): Hugh SMITH, 26, farmer, St. Johns Ont., same, s/o Hugh SMITH & Mary BETHEL, married Susan ROBINS, 25, Welland, St. Johns Ont., d/o Price ROBINS & Eva CLARKE, witn: Maurice JORDAN & Cass HYSET, 6 Jan 1887 at Thorold (Rom Cath) 12642-87 Wesley SMITH, 21, farmer, Michigan USA, Pelham twp., s/o John & Tryphena, married Mary BENSON, 18, Niagara, Pelham twp., d/o Michael & Ruth, witn: Amanda S. & Orpha JONES of Fonthill, 21 Feb 1887 at Thorold twp
12629-87 (Welland Co); Frank W. SMYTHE, 25, marble cutter, London Ont., Wingham, s/o John & Sarah N., married Emma MABEE, 20, Dorsetshire England, Wingham, d/o Thomas & Charlotte, witn: Maggie HIGHLAND & Agnes SKINNER, both of Niagara Falls, 12 Oct 1887 at Niagara Falls 12668-87 Robert R. SPENCER, 37, NY state, Geneva NY, s/o Charles A. SPENCER & Mary M. illegible, marrid Anna WHEELER, 25, NY state, Geneva NY, d/o Jacob WHEELER & Margaret FRICK?, witn: Adelia J. HEMMINGWAY & Ida GIRVEN, both of Ridgeway, 18 Sept 1887 at Ridgeway
12625-87 John Joseph STANFORD, 28, carpenter, Cleveland US, Niagara Falls NY, s/o John STANFORD & Bridget HOGAN, married Charlotte REILLY, 24, Chippawa, same, d/o Edward REILLY & Ann McVEY, witn: Patrick O’NEILL of Niagara Falls & Annie REILLY of Chippawa, 27 April 1887 at Falls View 12504-87 Charles STEELE, 22, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o David & Hannah, married Alice Emeretta ZAVITZ, 21, Wainfleet twp., Port Colborne, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: Amanda ZAVITZ & Henry STONE, both of Port Colborne, 14 Dec 1887 at Port Colborne
#012570-87 (Welland Co): Charles Robinson STEWART, 25, farmer, Grantham twp., same, s/o Charles STEWART & Margaret ROBINSON, married Margaret Rosetta HOOVER, 25?, Stamford twp., same, d/o George HOOVER & Elizabeth COLE, witn: James STEWART of Grantham twp & Frances C. HOOVER of Stamford twp., 25 May 1887 at Stamford 12611-87 Frank William STRICKLAND, 24?, Erie RR employee, Suspension Bridge NY, same, s/o Francis & Jane, married Lucy COULTHURST, 26, Suspension Bridge, Niagara Falls, d/o Alexander & Lucy, witn: A. A. OATMAN of Suspn Bridge & Sarah COULTHURST of Niagara Falls, 15 June 1887 at Niagara Falls
12503-87 Sanford H. STRINGER, 23, farmer, Crowland, same, s/o Aben STRONGER & Susan BRACKBILL, married Louisa FURRY, 23, Moulton, same, d/o William Henry FURRY & Naomi DODGE, witn: David A. FURRY & Ettie NEFF, both of Moulton, 21 Aug 1887 at Port Colborne #012531-87 (Welland Co): Michael SUESS, 21, house painter, Willoughby twp., Humberstone twp., s/o Henry & Salome, married Phedoria PERLET, 17, Wainfleet twp., Humberstone twp., d/o Louis & Mary Ann, witn: Fred WIDEMAN of Humberstone, 27 April 1887 at Humberstone (Lutheran)
#012535-87 (Welland Co): Ferdinand SUNDESBERG, 25, Polen Russia, Fonthill Pelham, s/o Charles & Charlotte, married Maria CADOW, 18, Buffalo NY, Humberstone twp., d/o Henry & Maria, witn: John FALKENHAGEN & Sophia CADOW, both of Humberstone, 2 Oct 1887 at res of the bride, Humberstone (Lutheran) 12680-87 Joseph TAYLOR, 55?, carpenter, widower, Canada, Port Colborne, s/o Joseph & Rebecca, married Susan M. CLOTHIER, 55, Canada, Crowland, d/o Andrew & Frances, witn: William & Addy HALDER of Crowland, 14 Sept 1887 at Crowland
12593-87 George TAYLOR, 41, artist, New York NY, Buffalo NY, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Matilda ROBINSON, 25, Buffalo, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Alice HOUSTON & Annie WRIGHT, both of Niagara Falls, 29 Jan 1887 at Niagara Falls 12628-87 (Welland Co); Edwin Pearsale THAYER, 22, real estate agent, Buffalo, same, s/o Edwin & Mary O., married Mary WHATTON, 34, Lockport USA, Buffalo, d/o Martin & Jane HERRON, witn: Fannie S. HOUSTON & Annie WRIGHT, both of Niagara Falls, 22 Sept 1887 at Niagara Falls
012713-88 (Welland) Henry John THOMAS, 23, stone cutter, England, Thorold, s/o George THOMAS & Caroline SAMUEL, married Catherine COMERFORD, 23, Thorold, same, d/o Richard COMERFORD & Mary CONNELL, witn - William COMERFORD & Sara Jane KELLY of Thorold, 22 November 1887 at Thorold #012532-87 (Welland Co): Charles THOMPSON, 44, schoolteacher, Humberstone twp., same, s/o John & Sarah, married Melissa Alice HAUN, 18, Humberstone twp., same, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Mrs. Sarah THOMPSON & Mrs. DUFF, both of Humberstone, 24 May 1887 at Humberstone
12613-87 Charlie Henry TIFTE, 39, merchant, Boston US, Stamford, s/o Charlie & Eunice, married Lois Gertrude MOORE, 30, Woodstock NB, Boston US, d/o William & Helen, witn: F. S. HOUSTON of Niagara Falls, 22 June 1887 at Niagara Falls #012536-87 (Welland Co): Adolph TOEGAL, 30, machinist, Germany Prussia, Buffalo NY, s/o William & Emilie TOGAL (sic), married Maria Louisa SCHNEIDER, 21, Humberstone twp., same, d/o George & Maria, witn: Matilda SNIDER, Sophia CRONMILLER, Fred WIDEMAN & Ernst REIDEL, all of Humberstone, 3 Nov 1887 at res of the bride, Humberstone (Lutheran)
12649-87 Sanford Palmer TOWNSEND, 20, farmer, Ridgeville, same, s/o George & Martha, married Clara Jane LINDSAY, 18, Ridgeville, same, d/o Reuben & Elizabeth, witn: Elizabeth FOWLER of Fonthill & Mrs. Wray SMITH of Thorold twp., 16 Nov 1887 at Fonthill 12574-87 John UPTON, 22, processing fruit, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph & Martha, married Annie ELLIS, 20, St. Davids, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Phelix SUND--? & Fanny ELLIS, both of St. Davids, 12 July? 1887 at Stamford
  12607-87 William WALKER, 22, spoke turner, Hamilton, same, s/o John & Agnes, married Mary PARINGTON, 20, England, Merritton, d/o William & Mary, witn: Thomas WARD & Annie E. BOYLE, both of Niagara Falls, 18 May 1887 at Niagara Falls
12622-87 William Samuel WALLACE, 28, grain merchant, Boston Mass., Alliston Ont., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Margaret E. RAYSON, 24, Alliston, same, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witn: Eleanor BINKLEY & Maggie S. HAZLEWOOD, both of Niagara Falls, 1 Dec 1887 at Niagara Falls 12485-87 Joseph WANKER, 21, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Lewis & Barbara, married Florence VANALSTINE, 16, Welland, Crowland, d/o Ozias & Margaret, witn: William W. & Mary Dell FAIRCHILDS of Chippawa, 1 Dec 1887 at Chippawa
012711-88 (Welland) Blanchard WARWICK, 22, electrician, Kensington England, Thorold Twp, s/o Edward WARWICK & Mary HARRISON, married Susan COOK, 25, Marshville, Thorold Twp, d/o Francis COOK & Livina MOTT, witn - William ENGLAND & Sarah E.E. SPENCER of Thorold, 28 December 1887 at Thorold  
#012550-87 (Welland Co): Josiah George WATES, 37, widower, roofer, Woolwich England, Buffalo NY, s/o Samuel WATES & Mary TIFFORD, married Charlotte Emily ROWLEY, 40, widow, Kent Co England, Buffalo NY, d/o John ARNOLD & Charlotte A. WOOLLY, witn: C.H. BRIDGEN & Georgia CLEVELAND, both of Thorold, 13 Aug 1887 at St. Johns Church, Thorold 12631-87 (Welland Co); Andrew WEBSTER, 23, stone cutter, Bredin Scotland, Buffalo, s/o Charles & Jean, married Anna PALMER, 21, Queenston, Niagara Falls, d/o William & Ann, witn: Gamaliel PALMER of Niagara Falls & Jane May MARCH of Buffalo, 27 Oct 1887 at Niagara Falls
#012551-87 (Welland Co): Daniel WEST, 33, farmer, Canada, Stamford, s/o John WEST & Mary BEER, married Jessie LONG, 24, Canada, Grantham twp, d/o Henry LONG & Edith FOSTER, witn: John E. HUGGINS of Stamford & Alice LONG of St. Catharines, 3 Oct 1887 at Thorold 12652-87 Thomas James WILBEE, no age given, clerk, of International Bridge Ont., s/o not given, married Kate WHITTAKER, no age given, of International Bridge Ont., d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Thomas WHITTAKER & William J. PATTERSON, 19 Oct 1887 at res of bride's father
12648-87 Harvey WILLIAMS, 25, railway employee, Wainfleet twp., Suspension Bridge NY, s/o A. E. & Margaret, married Clara ROBINSON, 21, Wainfleet twp., Thorold twp., d/o James & Hannah, witn: Vernon WILLIAMS of Hewitt & Ella WILLIAMS of Sus. Bridge NY, 28 Sept 1887 at Thorold twp 12615-87 Henry WILLICK, 22, carpenter, Willoughby, same, s/o John WILLICK & Mary SCHNEIDER, married Mary WEAVER, 22, Willoughby, same, d/o George WEAVER & Caroline KANGEL?, witn: Lucy & Lizzie GERBER of Willoughby, 14 Dec 1887 at Falls View
12677-87 Hampden D. WILLSON, 38, widower, carpenter & joiner, Welland, Buffalo, s/o Daniel & Derenda S., married Clara ZOELLER, 28, Millgrove, Buffalo, d/o Fred & Paulina, witn: Mrs. J. JAMES & Mrs. J. BECHNER?, both of International Bridge, 8 Dec 1887 at International Bridge 12634-87 Frank WILSON, 25, farmer, Thorold, Thorold twp., s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Florence UPPER, 18, Thorold, Thorold twp., d/o William & Jeanett, witn: Maggie S. HAZELWOOD of Niagara Falls & Hannah PURVIS of Toronto, 23 Aug 1887 at Niagara Falls
12661-87 George WINGER, 22, farmer, Bertie twp., same, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Ida LAPP, 20, Sherbrook, Bertie twp., d/o Peter & Sarah, witn: Melvin MICHAEL & Susanna WINGER, 2 Feb 1887 at Bertie twp. 12603-87 Henry W. WOODMAN, 23, electrician, state of Maine, St. Catharines, s/o John C. & Sarah B., married Mary FOSTER, 25, Michigan USA, St. Catharines, d/o Absalom & Elizabeth, 29 April 1887 at Niagara Falls
12621-87 Edward B. WRIGHT, 27, lumberman, Oswego NY, Chicago, s/o Edwin L. & Caroline, married Minnie CONGDON, 27, Grand Rapids Mich., Chicago, d/o James & Sarah Jane, witn: F. S. HOUSTON & Sarah STEWART, both of Niagara Falls, 21 Nov 1887 at Niagara Falls 12575-87 Eli Ephraim YORK, 21, farmer, Beamsville, Stamford twp., s/o David & Rachel, married Kittie LANGFORD, 24, Mimico, Stamford, d/o William & Annie, witn: Agnes CALDWELL of Gault & S. ACHESON of Stamford, 22 Aug 1887 at Stamford
12665-87 Jonas J. ZIMMERMAN, 31, farmer, Bertie twp., same, s/o Abraham & Sarah, married Nellie BOWEN, 33, Bertie twp., same, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: William GILMOUR & Martha BOWEN, both of Bertie twp., 28 April 1887 at Bertie twp 12659-87 Theodore ZINK, 35, carpenter, Germany, Buffalo, s/o Tobias & Maria, married Rebecca MORNINGSTAR, 20, Willoughby, same, d/o George & Rebecca, witn: Randolph CHRIST & Kate E. MORNINGSTAR, both of Willoughby, 27 July 1887 at Willoughby