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Waterloo Co., 1897

birth place is  given before residence


014536-97 (Waterloo Co) Nicholas ADAMS, 23, baker, Ontario, Woodstock, s/o Nicholas ADAMS & Ella McCARTER married Minnie WALROND (Waldron?), 23, Ontario, Ayr, laborer, d/o James WALROND & Ellen BLACKMORE, witn: Edward OSEWORTHY of Woodstock & Alice WALROND of Ayr, 21 July 1897 in North Dumfries. 014458-97 (Waterloo Co) Daniel W. ALBRIGHT, 23, no occupation given, Lincoln Co., Berlin, s/o Frank ALBRIGHT & Catherine HIGH married Elizabeth KERR, 19, Simcoe Co., Simcoe Co., d/o John KERR & Phoebe SHIELDS, witn: Walter ZIEGLER of Berlin & Minnie KERR of Detroit, 8 June 1897 in Berlin.
014588-97 (Waterloo Co) John Henry ALRIDGE, 24, workman, no birth place given, Galt, s/o Caleb & Mary married Louise Margaret STEVENS, 20, no birth place given, Galt, d/o Alfred J. & Naomi, witn: Mrs. LUGDEN & M.M. SMITH both of Galt, 28 April 1897 in Galt. 014515-97 (Waterloo Co) Francis Charles ALLWARD, 24, fireman, London, Waterloo, s/o George & Mary married Louisa LIPPERT, 22, Petersburg, Berlin, d/o (no parent's names given), witn: George ALWARD of Waterloo & Mary LIPPERT of Berlin, 26 October 1897 in Berlin
014724-97 (Waterloo Co) Joseph AMLINGER, 27, laborer, Germany, Brantford, s/o Jacob AMLINGER & Antonie GEST married Mary BOISSON, 27, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o William BOISSON & Josephine WAGNER, witn: Louis & Josephine BOISSON both of Wilmot, 11 October 1897 in St. Agatha 14671-97 August ANDERSON, 28, farmer, Sweden, Berlin, s/o Joseph & Lizzie, married Levina SNEIDER, 23, Waterloo, Berlin, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Harvey SNEIDER & Clara BINK (Bork?), both of Waterloo, 29 Oct 1897 at Berlin (Salv Army)
014493-97 (Waterloo Co) J. Frank ANTHES, 27, manufacturer, Berlin, Berlin, s/o John S. & Lydia C. married Cyrena SIMONDS, 20, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Leonard & Rosetta, witn: J.C. BREITHAUPT of Berlin & Fannie W. THOMPSON of Utica New York, 10 November 1897 in Berlin. 014682-97 (Waterloo Co) William ARNOLD, 25, farmer, North Easthope, Wellesley Twp, s/o Joseph & Louisa married Mathilda BRENNER, 19, Wellesley Twp, St. Clements, d/o John & Magdalena, witn Henry ARNOLD & Theresia BRENNER both of Wellesley, 2 March 1897 in St. Clements.
  014718-97 (Waterloo Co) William BACHERT, 27, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Samuel BACHERT & Cath. P??PER married Elvina BAER, 25, Waterloo Twp, Wilmot, d/o Henry BAER & Leah BOWMAN, witn: Henry BACHERT & Henry BAER both of Wilmot, 24 (?) February 1897 in Wilmot
14664-97 Leopold BACHMANN, 39, widower, mechanic, Germany, Bloomingdale, s/o Henry & Susanna, married Maggie RELLINGER, 24, Woolwich twp., Bloomingdale, d/o Philip & Mary, witn: George RELLINGER & Magdalena BROHMANN, both of Bloomingdale, 19 Oct 1897 at New Germany 014540-97 (Waterloo Co) George BAETZ, 65, laborer, Germany, Elmira, widower, s/o (not given) married Annie M. BAMBERGER, 62, Germany, Elmira, widow, d/o (not given), witn: Moses BURKHOLDER & Sophia C. DIPPEL both of Elmira, 3 January 1897 in Elmira
014512-97 (Waterloo Co) George BAETZ, 32, farmer, German Mills, German Mills, s/o George & Margaret married Catharine FEICK, 26, Germany, German Mills, d/o Philip & Elizabeth, witn: Mrs. J.B. BOWMAN & Mrs. A.O. BOWMAN both of Berlin, 20 October 1897 in Berlin. 014578-97 (Waterloo Co) George C. BAIDEN, 21, wood carver, Hamilton, Berlin, s/o George & Mary Ann married Gertrude BOWMAN, 23, Berlin, Berlin, d/o William & Allice, witn: Carrie A. RIDLEY & James WOODS both of Galt, 20 October 1897 in Galt
014424-97 (Waterloo Co) Norman BALKWILL, 21, farmer, Blenheim, Blenheim, s/o James BALKWILL & Ruth HERBERT married Ella KENNEDY, 21, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o Lee KENNEDY & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: Emma SHANNON of Wolverton & Janet WILSON of Ayr, 9 June 1897 in Ayr  
014509-97 (Waterloo Co) George BALTZER, 27, insurance clerk, Hespeler, Berlin, s/o Jacob & Lena married Mary L. PENFOLD, 32, Paris, Berlin, d/o Edward & Jane PENFOLD, witn: J.P. & Evelyn FENNEL both of Berlin, 25 August 1897 in Berlin 014470-97 (Waterloo Co) Ernst BASS, 22, laborer, no birth place given, Hespeler, s/o Frederick BASS & Elsa KNACK (?) married Rosa BARTELS, 21, no birth place given, Hespeler, d/o Will (?) BARTELS & Caroline ROTH, witn: Mrs. R. VON PIRCH & Minnie BECKNER (no residence given), 7 April 1897 in Berlin
014756-97 (Waterloo Co) Josiah BAUMAN, 25, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Martin H. & Rebecca married Susannah SITTLER, 19, Brant, Woolwich, d/o Isaac & Hannah, witn: Isaac SITTLER of Woolwich & Martin H. BAUMAN of Waterloo Twp, 19 January 1897 in Woolwich 014711-97 (Waterloo Co) Abraham BAUMAN, 23, carpenter, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Levi & Barbara married Catherine BRUBACHER, 23, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Henry & Magdalena, witn Henry BRUBACHER of Baden & Levi BAUMAN of Woolwich, 23 February 1897 in Baden.
014594-97 (Waterloo Co) Henry BAUMGARTNER, 22, laborer, Waterloo Twp, Hespeler, s/o John & Christina married Rosa KANNAMACHER, 27, Preston, Preston, d/o Frederick & Catherine, witn: George EITEL Jr. & Mrs. George EITEL Jr. both of Preston, 13 January 1897 in Hespeler 014473-97 (Waterloo Co) Gideon BEAM, 28, mechanic, no birth place given, Waterloo, widower, s/o John A. BEAM & Amanda HAMACHER married Louisa NIERGARTH, 24, no birth place given, Waterloo, d/o Christ NIERGARTH & Susana HAUS, witn: Alfred ROESCH & Jacob NIERGARTH (no residence given), 20 May 1897 in Berlin.
014617-97 (Waterloo Co) Benaiah BEAR, 21, blacksmith, Doon, Waterloo Twp, s/o Benjamin & Jemima married Katie SEIBEL, 23, Baden, Doon, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John SIEBEL & Millie WILBEE both of Doon, 22 June 1897 in Preston 014563-97 (Waterloo Co) Archibald BEATTIE, 33, farmer, no birth place given, Beverly Twp, s/o John BEATTIE & Agnes HALL married Martha HOBSON, 25, no birth place given, Beverly Twp, d/o William HOBSON & Isabella GINY (ZINY), witn: Ethel & Jennie DICKSON both of Galt, 19 July 1897 in Galt
 014504-97 (Waterloo Co) Frederick BECHLER, 43, mechanic, Germany, Berlin, widower, s/o Christian & C. married Mathilda WIESE, 29, New Hamburg, Berlin, widow, d/o John & Marie ROECKLE, witn: John & Mary WIESE both of Berlin, 6 July 1897 in Berlin 14649-97 Noah BECHTEL, 31, farmer, Waterloo twp., Hespeler, s/o Solomon & Esther, married Hannah WOOLNER, 31, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Jacob & Hannah, witn: Menno & Mary SCHIEDEL of Waterloo twp., 16 March 1897 at Waterloo twp (Mennonite)
014442-97 (Waterloo Co) John BECK, 40, laborer, Guelph Twp, (Guelph Twp) Berlin, widower, s/o Bronk? BECK & Elizabeth VON HATTEN married Theresa ROTH, 35, St. Clements, Berlin, spinster, Henry ROTH & Barbara MOCK (MACK), witn: John & Maggie BRANIFF both of Berlin, 1 March 1897 in Berlin. 14676-97 Allen BECKER, 24, farmer, Waterloo Co., same, s/o John & Barbara, married Maria DEDELS, 25, Waterloo Co., same, d/o Frederick & Sophia, witn: C. E. & Mrs. Mary LAIDLAW of Michigan, 29 Dec 1897 at res of bride's parents [reg’d in Waterloo twp]
014579-97 (Waterloo Co) Richard F. BENNETT, 22, grinder, no birth place given, Galt, s/o Jesse BENNETT & Susan WILSON married Margaret NICHOL, 22, no birth place given, Galt, d/o Walter NICHOL & Margaret FLEMING, witn: Frank & Ida LANGFORD both of Galt, 3 November 1897 in Galt 014575-97 (Waterloo Co) Benjamin Ford BENNETT, 29, plumber, no birth place given, Galt, s/o Adam Clark BENNETT & Mary FORD married Florence Esther GREEN, 26, no birth place given, Galt, d/o Joseph GREEN & Priscilla SIPES, witn: Ed. GREEN & Maggie CONOCHIE (no residence given), 29 September 1897 in Galt
014559-97 (Waterloo Co) William BERWICK, 24, machinist, Elora, Galt, s/o Thomas BERWICK & Harriet A. ROWDEN married Sarah ANDERSON, 26, Scotland, Galt, d/o John ANDERSON & Jane BALLANTYNE, witn: Harry TAYLOR & Mary ANDERSON both of Galt, 21 June 1897 in Galt 014487-97 (Waterloo Co) Conrad BLUHM, 21, carpenter, Berlin, Berlin, s/o Carl BLUHM & Anna HEIN married Elizabeth RAU, 22, Berlin, Waterloo Twp, d/o Louis RAU & Marie GRISCHOW, witn: Conrad TULITZKI of Waterloo & Louisa RAU of Waterloo Twp, 18 November 1897 in Berlin 
014464-97 (Waterloo Co) Ephraim BOCK, 21, no occupation given, New Dundee, Berlin, s/o David BOCK & Catharine JONES married Mary Ann FIGURES, 18, New Dundee, Berlin, d/o Cornelius FIGURES & Emma HERTEL, witn: Minnie BECKNER & Catharine CORNELL both of Berlin, 6 July 1897 in Berlin 014544-97 (Waterloo Co) Philip BONN, 24, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Herman BONN & Julia KAUFMAN married Margaret WILLIE, 20, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Frederick WILLIE & Mary AXT, witn: Jacob CHRISTMAN & William PFAFF both of Elmira, 14 February 1897 in Elmira.
14668-97 Adolf BORNHOLDT (Barnholdt?), 26, mechanic, Waterloo twp., Bloomingdale, s/o Adolf & Augusta, married Mary MASSEL, 22, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Michael & Mary, witn: August BORNHOLDT & Caroline MASSEL, both of Waterloo twp., 1 Dec 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 014505-97 (Waterloo Co) John A. BORTH, 23, moulder, Neustadt, Berlin, s/o Andrew & Fannie married Mathilda ROHR, 24, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Robert & M., witn: Carrie & Emma ROHR both of Berlin, 9 September 1897 in Berlin
 014451-97 (Waterloo Co) David BOWMAN, 23, clerk, Berlin, Berlin, s/o Israel D. BOWMAN & Angeline L. TYSON married Marie Maud COWLEY, 21, England, (England) Berlin, d/o John P. COWLEY & Mary K. STEPHENS, witn: Mrs. J. A. BOWMAN of Berlin & Mrs. A. J. THIBAUDEAU of Niagara, 20 April 1897 in Berlin. 14640-97 Martin BOYER, 47, carpenter, widower, Pennsylvania, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann GINGRICH, 39, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn: Norman & Lizzie GINGRICH of Waterloo twp., 14 Jan 1897 at Waterloo twp (Mennonite)
014449-97 (Waterloo Co) Robert J. BOYNTON, 24, barber, Simcoe Co., Alliston, s/o Wesley BOYNTON & Sarah WISE married Margaret E. SINCLAIR, 21, Simcoe Co., Alliston, d/o David SINCLAIR & Eliza MONTGOMERY, witn: Andrew McKAY & Jennie BOYNTON both of Berlin, 15 April 1897 in Berlin  
014621-97 (Waterloo Co) Jacob BRANDT, 30, barber, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Joseph BRANDT & Annie MORGAN married Rosa BECKER, 21, Bamburg, Waterloo, d/o Martin BECKER & Mary GADSHINE (?), witn: Felix CROWLY & Aggie BECKER both of Waterloo, 26 January 1897 in Waterloo 014627-97 (Waterloo Co) Emil E.F. BRAUN, 33, painter, Gotha Germany, Waterloo, widower, s/o Baldwin BRAUN & Louise KNELSEN married Lucinda BRYAN, 23, Bamberg, Waterloo, widow, d/o Henry NIERGARDT & Maria BRODRECHT, witn Henry LIPHARDT & Melinda ZIMMERMANN both of Waterloo, 17 July 1897 in Waterloo.
014678-97 (Waterloo Co) Samuel BRENNEMAN, 22, carpenter, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Jacob & Nancy married Mary ERB, 32, Wilmot, Wellesley Twp, d/o John & Bina, witn Christian ZEHR of Wellesley & Jacob LICHTY of Wilmot, 4 February 1897 in Wellesley Twp. 014687-97 (Waterloo Co) Jacob K. BRENNER, 24, blacksmith, Wellesley Twp, St. Clements, s/o George & Mary married Agnes MEYER, 24, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Joseph S. & Mary Catharina, witn Albert J. MEYER & Louisa BRENNER both of Wellesley Twp, 18 May 1897 in St. Clements.
014618-97 (Waterloo Co) Henry Arthur BRICKER, 23, clerk, Thedford, Lions Head, s/o Menno & Lydia married Elizabeth HAYES, 21, Holland Centre, Lions Head, d/o John HAYES & Fanny SEELEY, witn: Menno & Anna BRICKER both of Berlin, 27 September 1897 in Preston (also 14721-98) 014619-97 (Waterloo Co) John BRILL, 27, cooper, New Hamburg, Preston, s/o Peter & Margaret married Anna Wilhelmina Barbara KEEL (Kiel?), 26, Preston, Preston, d/o Frederick & Anna, witn: John LIVERGOOD of Preston & Susanna BUCHOLZ of Stratford, 29 September 1897 in Preston.
14661-97 Frank BROHMANN, 30, laborer, Waterloo twp., Guelph, s/o Jacob & Magdalene, married Odilia HAUS, 25, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Andrew & Regina, witn: Albert LEHAMN of Woolwich & Mary BROHMANN of Guelph, 13 Oct 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 014468-97 (Waterloo Co) John BROHMAN, 56, farmer, no residence given, New Germany, s/o Joseph BROHMAN & Magdalena SCHUHMAN married Margaret ROTH, 45, no birth place given, New Germany, single, d/o Henry ROTH & Barbara MOCK (?), witn: John & Maggie BRANIFF (no residence given), 15 June 1897 in Berlin.
014531-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles Jacob BROWN, 24, clerk, Branchton, Berlin, s/o August W. BROWN & Freda GRANTZ married Georgina HENDERSHOTT, 26, Windham Twp, Berlin, d/o David HENDERSHOTT & Alice MCDONALD, witn: Elgy HENDERSHOTT of Walsh & Alice SNOWDON of Berlin, 8 September 1897 in Berlin 14644-97 Elias BRUBACHER, 25, manufacturer, Waterloo twp., Wilmot twp., s/o Henry & Magdalena, married Susannah WEBER, 22, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Henry WEBER of Waterloo twp & Henry BRUBACHER of Wilmot twp., 26 Jan 1897 at Waterloo twp (Mennonite)
014757-97 (Waterloo Co) David BRUBACHER, 26, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o John & Barbara married Susanna GINGRICH, 22, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Moses GINGRICH & Susanna BRUBACHER, witn: John BRUBACHER of Wellesley Twp & Moses GINGRICH of Woolwich, 2 January 1897 in Woolwich 014764-97 (Waterloo Co) Michael BRUBACHER, 21, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Michael BRUBACHER & Veronica MARTIN married Malinda FREY, 21, Wellesley Twp Woolwich Twp, d/o Christian FREY & Liva STAUFFER, witn: Michael BRUBACHER of Woolwich Twp & Christian FREY of Wellesley Twp, 26 October 1897 in Woolwich Twp
014582-97 (Waterloo Co) Henry (no surname), 20, chair maker, Guelph, Guelph, s/o John & Kate BRUDER married Clara BILLINGS, 20, Guelph, Guelph, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: M. MCCOLL & M. MCLAURIN both of Galt, 2 August 1897 in Galt. 014635-97 (Waterloo Co) John BRUEGEMAN, 29, tailor, Hanover, Waterloo, s/o Frederick BRUEGEMAN & Nancy WISSLER married Sarah Ann SNYDER, 23, Peel Twp, Waterloo, d/o Henry K. SNYDER & Mary SITTLER, witn Bernard URSTADT & Maggie BRUEGEMAN both of Waterloo, 27 October 1897 in Waterloo.
014568-97 (Waterloo Co) Daniel BUCHANAN, 28, physician, Blenheim Twp, Galt, s/o William & Catherine married Jemima PAUL, 26, Manchester England, Galt, d/o Andrew & Lavinia, witn: Washington BUCHANAN & Lovinia REID both of Galt, 1 September 1897 in Galt 014763-97 (Waterloo Co) Arthur BUCKLEY, 26, laborer, London England, Woolwich Twp, s/o (not known both dead, left England when quite a boy) married Tilly HAHN, 17, Heidelberg, Heidelberg, d/o William HAHN & Louisa METZ, witn: William & Louisa HAHN both of Heidelberg, 9 November 1897 in Heidelberg.
  014454-97 (Waterloo Co) George BULMER, 29, motorman, Wallenstein, Elmira, s/o William & Caroline married Caroline SLEEMAN, 32, Guelph, Guelph, spinster, d/o George & Sarah SLEEMAN, witn: Rachel WEAVER & Martin SIMPSON (SAMPSON) both of Berlin, 1 June 1897 in Berlin
014574-97 (Waterloo Co) William BURNETT, 29, dental surgeon, no birth place given, Ingersoll, s/o Walter BURNETT & Frances CRAWFORD married Elizabeth WILLARD, 27, no birth place given, Galt, d/o William WILLARD & Mary HAMBLEY, witn: L.M. MAYBEE & Abbie WILLARD (no residence given), 18 August 1897 in Galt 014550-97 (Waterloo Co) James G. CAMPBELL, 39, farmer, Garafraxa, Belwood, s/o William CAMPBELL & Amy CASSIDY (?) married Agnes BLACK, 37, domestic, Eramosa, Galt, d/o William BLACK & Margaret KENNEDY, witn: William WEIR & James MCQUEEN both of Galt, 2 March 1897 in Galt
014429-97 (Waterloo Co) Emil CASTORF, 27, carpenter, Waterloo, Berlin, s/o Fred CASTORF & Dora SCHERER married Mary DIETRICH, 22, Germany, Berlin, d/o George DIETRICH & A. M. HELDORFER?, witn: Frederick KREMER of Berlin, Mary LUNZ of Bamberg, Louis & Emilia MUELLER both of Berlin, 12 January 1897 in Berlin 014446-97 (Waterloo Co) Reuben CLARK, 28, no occupation given, England, Waterloo, s/o George & Rachel married Clara SASS, 22, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Frederick & Lizzie, witn: Alfred HOARE & Louisa SASS both of Waterloo, 31 March 1897 in Berlin.
014739-97 (Waterloo Co) John Thomas CLEGHORN, 29, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Woolwich, s/o Thomas CLEGHORN & Ellen BUCHAN married Isabella QUARRY, 28, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o William QUARRY & Jane ACHESON, witn: George CLEGHORN & Elsie QUARRY both of Woolwich, 7 April 1897 in Woolwich 014632-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles CONRAD, 26, clerk, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Jacob CONRAD & Wilhelmina KRIEZEL married Louisa SEYLER, 22, Conestogo, Waterloo, d/o John SEYLER & Elizabeth REIBER, witn Louis KRAFFT of Waterloo & Kate RUIGLE of Berlin, 18 August 1897 in Waterloo.
014681-97 (Waterloo Co) John Thomas COOPER, 37, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Thomas & Tilpha married Jannet Stewart ADAM, 33, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Alexander & Jannet, witn E.A. COOPER of Galt & Susanna ADAM of Macton, 17 February 1897 in Wellesley Twp. 014858-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles Edward COOPER, 30, machinist, England, Galt, s/o John COOPER & Martha DARBY married Agnes Elizabeth WEBB, 31, England, Galt, d/o William WEBB & Sarah BRYNG (?), witn: James & Margaret WEBB both of Galt, 22 May 1897 in Galt.
014528-97 (Waterloo Co) Richard D. COUTTS, 28, high school teacher, Tilbury, Georgetown, s/o John COUTTS & Rachael YOUNG married Sylvia BINGEMAN, 23, Plattsville, Berlin, d/o Joseph BINGEMAN & Leah HALLMAN, witn: Edgar W. COUTTS of Claude & Melissa BINGEMAN of Berlin, 11 August 1897 in Berlin 014554-97 (Waterloo Co) Robert George COWAN, 21, farmer, North Dumfries Twp, South Dumfries Twp, s/o George COWAN & Agnes BLAIR, married Isabella Jane SCOTT, 19, Galt, Galt, d/o Walter SCOTT & Isabella SUDDEN, witn: William COWAN of South Dumfries Twp & Bella SCOTT of North Dumfries Twp, 15 April 1897 in Galt.
014601-97 ( Waterloo Co.) Charles DEARLING, 25, painter, Springfield Ont., Hespeler, s/o John DEARLING & Elizabeth THATCHER, married Ada Charlotte JOHNSON, 24, Chambley Que., Hespeler, d/o Alexander JOHNSON & Mary E STRICKLAND, wtn: William JOHNSON & Carrie DEARLING both of Hespeler, on Sept 1, 1897, at Hespeler 014461-97 (Waterloo Co) George DETWEILER, 24, no occupation given, Wallace Twp, Gowanstown, s/o Daniel (David ?) & Elizabeth married Mary SHAFFER, 23, Howick Twp, Berlin, d/o Frederick & Mary, witn: John PLAYFORD of Wellesley Twp & Annie SHAFFER of Berlin, 15 June 1897 in Berlin
  014483-97 (Waterloo Co) Ezra DEVITT, 26, laborer, Waterloo Co., Manheim, s/o Amos DEVITT & Car. SCHWEITZER married Margaret BECKER, 19, Waterloo Co., Manheim, d/o Philip BECKER & Margaret RAUCH, witn: Mrs. R. VON PIRCH & Mrs. Lucy WAGNER both of Berlin, 13 October 1897 in Berlin.
014744-97 (Waterloo Co) Albert W. DEVITT, 31, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Woolwich, s/o Moses DEVITT & Mary WEBER married Lovina PEPPLER, 23, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o George PEPPLER & Catharine SCHAEFER, witn: Edwin DEVITT of Woolwich & Selina PEPPLER of Listowel, 9 June 1897 in Woolwich. 014611-97 George DINES, 23, laborer, England, North Easthope, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Catherine BECKER, 24, North Easthope, same, d/o Hy P. & Mary, witn: Maggie EILER & George A. CAPLING both of Shakespeare on Dec. 22, 1897 at New Hamburg
014704-97 (Waterloo Co) Andrew DITNER, 31, farmer, Wilmot, Mornington, s/o Andrew DITNER & Franssisso SCHULER married Caroline STRAUS, 24, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Michael STRAUS & Caroline DIETRICH, witn Simon STRAUS & Louis RUMIG both of Bamberg, 17 November 1897 in St. Agatha. 014482-97 (Waterloo Co) Allan DONNEWORTH, 26, laborer, Doon, Berlin, s/o Henry DONNEWORTH & Susannah GINGERICH married Mathilda DREWES (DRAVES?), 22, Waterloo Co., Breslau, d/o August DREWES & Freda HELLER (?), witn: Wellington DONNEWORTH of Doon & Lydia DREWES of Breslau, 12 October 1897 in Berlin
014726-97 (Waterloo Co) Peter DORSCHT, 24, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Joseph DORSCHT & Agatha TSCHIRHART married Mary STEFFLER, 21, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o John STEFFLER & Carolina B….ER (illeg), witn: Lander MONTAG of Wilmot & Magdal DORSCHT of Wellesley, 4 November 1897 in St. Agatha 014476-97 (Waterloo Co) Frederick DREGER, 22, button maker, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o Henry DREGER & Minnie MITTELSTEADT (?) married Martha PLATH, 21, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Carl PLATH & Christine KRUSE, witn: William SEEBUSH & Rosina PLATH (no residence given), 16 June 1897 in Berlin. 
014551-97 (Waterloo Co) James M. DYKEMAN, 37, teamster, Sheffield, Galt, widower, s/o Joseph & Matilda married Rosena MIEHLHAUSEN (MILHAUSEN), 33, domestic, Bruce Co., Galt, d/o John & Annie Catrina, witn: R.G. MCDONALD & Ada C. KING both of Galt, 14 April 1897 in Galt 014761-97 (Waterloo Co) Henry EBEL, 25, harness maker, St. Clements, Conestogo, s/o Henry EBEL & Mary WENDEL married Frieda EULER, 19, Conestogo, Conestogo, d/o Henry EULER & Catharine DAMM, witn: William & Jennie EULER both of Berlin, 7 September 1897 in Conestogo
014430-97 (Waterloo Co) Alexander EBY, 34, glove cutter, Berlin, Berlin, widower, s/o Menno EBY & Eliza BECKER married Ada CAIRNES, 29, North Easthope, Berlin, d/o John CAIRNES & Jane CAHLING, witn: John CAIRNES of Berlin & Lavina STEIN of London, 2 January 1897 in Berlin 014447-97 (Waterloo Co) Alvin EBY, 22, farmer, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., s/o Jeruch (Josiah ?) & Marion married Jennie BRUBACHER, 21, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Chris & Jennet, witn: Albert M. SCHNEIDER & Maggie BRUBACHER both of Berlin, 10 March 1897 in Berlin
014448-97 (Waterloo Co) Thomas ELLIS, 55, farmer, England, Oxford Co., widower, s/o James Elizabeth married Sarah GATEMAN, 34, Blair, Berlin, spinster, d/o John & Rebecca GATEMAN, witn: J. B. & Mrs. J. B. GATEMAN both of Berlin, 31 March 1897 in Berlin. 014562-97 (Waterloo Co) Horace ELLIS, 23, farmer, no birth place given, North Dumfries Twp, s/o Jonah & Eliza E. married Nellie E. SIPES, 23, no birth place given, Galt, d/o Jacob & Ellen, witn: Charles W. ELLIS & Mina WALLACE both of Galt, 14 July 1897 in Galt
014612-96 John ENGEL 27, veterinary surgeon, Poole, Milverton, s/o John ENGEL & Wilhelmina HANIFELD, married Emilia HEPPLER, 22, Wilmot, New Hamburg, d/o Norton HEPPLER & Elizabeth SCHAGE, witn: Norton & Amanda HEPPLER both of New Hamburg on Dec. 22, 1897 at New Hamburg. (Luth) 014481-97 (Waterloo Co) George H. FABER, 28, merchant, Ayton, Berlin, s/o Bernhardt FABER & Annie E. GUNDE married Minnie SHINGECK, 27, Germany, Berlin, d/o Carl SHINGECK & Wilhelmina STRAUBE, witn: William FABER of Berlin & Christina HALSWORTH of Waterloo, 8 September 1897 in Berlin.
014486-97 (Waterloo Co) Jacob FENNER, 25, carpenter, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Conrad FENNER & Elizabeth BECKER married Carrie RANK, 21, St. Clements, Berlin, d/o Christopher RANK & Catherine FEICK, witn: Henry BECKER & Sophia RANK both of Berlin, 4 November 1897 in Berlin. 014534-97 (Waterloo Co) Walter James FERGUSON, 27, farmer, Ontario, North Dumfries, s/o Arch. FERGUSON & Janet ELLIOT married Aggie Hastie BURNETT, 29, Ontario, North Dumfries, d/o Arthur BURNETT & Mary AITKINS, witn: David MILROY of Galt & Celia J. BURNETT of North Dumfries, 10 March 1897 in North Dumfries Twp.
014436-97 (Waterloo Co) William J. FISCHER, 20, no occupation given, Berlin, Berlin, s/o Joseph FISCHER & Josephine HEINTZ married Mary LUDWIG, 21, Hawkesville, Berlin, d/o Charles LUDWIG & Josephine SCHNIDE? (Scheride?), witn: John L. EIDE & Frank H. PRUSS both of Berlin, 16 February 1897 in Berlin 014552-97 (Waterloo Co) George N. FLATT, 52, laborer, London England, Galt, widower, s/o William FLATT & Ellen HILL married Rebecca JOHNSTON, 55, North Dumfries Twp, Galt, widow, d/o John ROBINSON & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Alex P. & M.R. MANN both of Galt, 6 April 1897 in Galt
014591-97 (Waterloo Co) William FLATT, 23, farmer, no birth place given, Puslinch Twp, s/o John & Mary married Georgina MUNRO, 24, no birth place given, Puslinch, d/o Robert & Catharine, witn: Adam & Bertha FLATT both of Beverly Twp, 23 November 1897 in Galt 014677-97 (Waterloo Co) Richard FLEET, 22, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley Twp, s/o George & Christina married Mary Allan FLEET, 28, Peel Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o John & Emily, witn George FLEET of Wellesley Twp & Elisabeth FLEET of Hawksville, 14 January 1897 in Wellesley Twp.
014692-97 (Waterloo Co) William J. FORLER, 24, laborer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Jacob K. & Maria married Carline MEYER, 18, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o William & Carlina, witn Henry MEYER, Henry FORLER, Annie MEYER all of Wellesley & Tillia GABEL of Baden, 23 June 1897 in Wellesley. 14658-97 John Michael FORNES (Tornes?), 22, merchant, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Michael & Blondina, married Mary HALTER, 26, Waterloo twp., New Germany, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: Clement HALTER of New Germany & Josephine STEPHEN of Buffalo, 7 Sept 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath)
  014523-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles FRANK, 21, tanner, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o Martin FRANK & Augusta KISURKE married Emma KURCHINSKI, 23, no birth place given, Kossuth, d/o August KURCHINSKI & Caroline BUCHHOLTZ, witn: Frederick HAISER of Berlin & Katie KURCHINSKI of Kossuth, 14 July 1897 in Berlin
014572-97 (Waterloo Co) Hugh Burns FRASER, 32, physician, Westmeath, Montreal Quebec, s/o Thomas FRASER & Margaret MATHESON married Alice R. YOUNG, 27, Galt, Galt, d/o William YOUNG & Grace ROSS, witn: Charles FINDLAY of Hamilton & Roxie YOUNG of Galt, 15 September 1897 in Galt 15534-99, (Waterloo Co.), Martin H. FREY, 26, farmer, Wellesley Twp, of Woolwich, s/o Henry MARTIN & Christina FREY, married Ida BEATTY, 20, Woolwich, of Woolwich, d/o Simon BEATY & Julian BASCOM?, witn: Albert E. SCHULZ & Louisa SCHULZ, both of Elmira, on 1 Nov 1897, at Elmira
014760-97 (Waterloo Co) Martin GAEHLER, 34, cooper, Bridgeport, Bridgeport, s/o Conrad GAEHLER & Maggie BEREK (?) married Annie DIETZ, 19, Rummel, Bridgeport, d/o Henry DIETZ & Maggie MOH?, witn: Frederick & Mary RAU both of Berlin, 19 September 1897 in Conestogo. 014597-97 (Waterloo Co) Edgar GARLAND, 29, weaver, England, Hespeler, s/o Albert & Emily married Edith Agnes WARREN, 24, Canada, Hespeler, d/o John & Rachel, witn: F.L. MACGACHEN & Maggie N. WARREN both of Hespeler, 1 June 1897 in Hespeler
014488-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles E. GEHL, 23, woodworker, Carrick, St. Clements, s/o Reinhardt GEHL & Mary Ann TRUSSLER married Lizzie LUDWIG, 20, Hawkesville, Hawkesville, single, d/o Albert GEHL & Lizzie AMENT, witn: Mrs. R. VON PIRCH & Minnie BECKNER both of Berlin, 21 November 1897 in Berlin 14642-97 Anton L. GEHL, 29, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Frank & Mary Ann, married Isabella BITCHY, 19, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Wendel & Teresa, witn: John GEHL & Ludwina BITCHY, both of Waterloo twp., 25 Jan 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath)
14659-97 Frank GEHL, 33, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Anthony & Caroline, married Agnes Josephine REITER, 23, Woolwich, Woolwich twp., d/o Mathias & Mary Ann, witn: John VOGT of Waterloo twp & Margaret REITER of Woolwich twp., 16 Sept 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath)  
014421-97 (Waterloo Co) Richard GEMMEL, 24, barber, Woodstock, Ayr, s/o James GEMMEL & Mary Ann FLYER married Maggie D. WILSON, 25, Ayr, Ayr, d/o Adam WILSON & Bessie DAVIDSON, witn: William J. McALLAN of Woodstock & Crissy M. WILSON of Ayr, 27 January 1897 in Ayr. 014684-97 (Waterloo Co) John GERBER, 25, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Christian & Anna married Catharina WAGLER, 25, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Jacob & Barbara, witn Jacob WAGLER & Christian ZEHR both of Wellesley, 9 (?) March 1897 in Wellesley Twp.
014690-97 (Waterloo Co) Albert GIBB, 23, farmer, Elma, Elma, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane married Mary MCGORMAN, 18, Mornington, Wellesley, d/o James & Amelia, witn John & Annie NICHOLL both of Wellesley, 22 June 1897 in Wellesley. 014530-97 (Waterloo Co) Jacob GILLER, 27, laborer, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o Jacob & Elisa married Anna Maria SHEERER, 26, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Echard & Catherine, witn: Dietrich SHEERER & Helen OBENBACH (no residence given), 29 August 1897 in Berlin.
014583-97 (Waterloo Co) Joseph S. GILMOUR, 34, laborer, Gananoque, Galt, widower, s/o William & Ann married Martha Jane SERNEE? (faint), 23, Preston, Galt, d/o Frederick & Isabella, witn: Isaiah & Mrs. MEAD both of Galt, 7 August 1897 in Galt. 014485-97 (Waterloo Co) Heinrich GLADY, 27, upholsterer, Berlin, Berlin, s/o John GLADY & Sophia BEHREND married Minnie KOESSIG, 26, Germany, Berlin, d/o Ludwig KOESSIG & Anna HOFFMAN, witn: Jacob EBEL & Annie KOESSIG both of Berlin, 3 November 1897 in Berlin.
014742-97 (Waterloo Co) August H. GLOESS, 41, baker, Germany, Berlin, s/o John Carl & Regina married Rosina SCHNEIDER, 45, Dundas, St. Jacobs, d/o Mathias & Christina SCHNEIDER, witn: William & Mary Ann REICHERT both of Wellesley, 29 May 1897 in St. Jacobs. 14653-97 Alexander B. GOLDIE, 23, manufacturer, Galt, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Nora GIBSON, 24, near Berlin, Spring Valley, d/o James & Mary, witn: H. F. PEARSON of Berlin Ont. & G. E. GOLDIE of Ayr, 31 May 1897 at near Berlin
014517-97 (Waterloo Co) Josiah A. GOOD, 29, salesman, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o Jacob GOOD & Rosina FRANK married Elizabeth GERTH (?), 24, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Henry BOEHMER & Margaret SCHWENDENER, witn: Ed. DUNKE & Estella BOEHMER both of Berlin, 6 October 1897 in Berlin 014737-97 (Waterloo Co) Isaac GOOD, 27, butcher, Waterloo, Durham, widower, s/o Daniel GOOD & Mary GRAFF married Julian HAUCK, 29, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Fred HAUCK & Paulina REITZEL, witn: William WEBER of Berlin & Clara HAUCK of Woolwich, 9 March 1897 in St. Jacobs.
  014526-97 (Waterloo Co) Philip GRAHAM, 23, farmer, Milverton, Wellesley, s/o Henry GRAHAM & Elizabeth WAGNER married Mary E. MCDERMICK (McDermott?), 25, Hampstead, Wellesley, d/o Elijah & Emma, witn: Rosetta WETTLAUFER of Wellesley, 29 July 1897 in Berlin
014607-97 James GREIVE, 31, plasterer, Washington Ontario, Plattsville, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Charlotte SNYDER, 22, Plattsville, same, d/o Isaac & Rhoda, witn: Mrs J. CULP & Mrs John BUNOUS both of Plattsville on Aug. 9, 1897 at New Hamburg. (Meth) 014571-97 (Waterloo Co) Edwin Mitchell GROVE, 24, merchant, no birth place given, Galt, s/o Edwin H. GROVE & Hannah MITCHELL married Margaret R. FRASER, 22, no birth place given, Galt, d/o William FRASER & Annie REAY, witn: J.H. HANCOCK & Kate L. BRAUN (blurry) both of Galt, 23 September 1897 in Galt
014689-97 (Waterloo Co) James GUISE, 27, farmer, Mornington, Peel Twp, s/o James & Mary Annie married Susana HENDERSON, 24, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Samuel & Catharine, witn Samuel G. HENDERSON of Wellesley Twp & Emma J. GUISE of Mornington Twp, 9 June 1897 in Wellesley Twp.  
014732-97 (Waterloo Co) Conrad HABEL, 28, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Dietrich HABEL & Catherine WAGNER married Maggie SHANTZ, 19, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Solomon SHANTZ & Marian HOFSTETLER (illeg), witn: Dietrich HABEL of North Easthope & Solomon SHANTZ of Wilmot, 8 December 1897 in Wilmot 014422-97 (Waterloo Co) William GUTHRIE, 35, farmer, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, s/o David GUTHRIE & Catharine MORTON married Janet HENDERSON, 18, North Dumfries, Washington, d/o Robert HENDERSON & Joanne MILLER, witn: James H. THOMSON & Janet WILSON both of Ayr, 23 March 1897 in Ayr.
014596-97 (Waterloo Co) Abraham HABERMEHL, 20, carder, Baden, Hespeler, s/o William HABERMEHL & Barbara RINGLER married Katie SWANCE, 20, Wellesley, Hespeler, d/o Paul SWANCE & Eliza GRODY, witn: Fanny STREMPEL of Hespeler & Albert HABERMEHL of Baden, 18 May 1897 in Hespeler 014527-97 (Waterloo Co) Carl HAGEN, 26, shoemaker, Mecklenberg Germany, Berlin, s/o John HAGEN & Louisa AHREND married Caroline REHMAN, 23, Berlin, Berlin, d/o John REHMAN & Louisa DUNKE, witn: Herman GRUHN & Katie COLQUHOUN both of Berlin, 10 August 1897 in Berlin
014609-97 John HAHN, 28, laborer, Woolwich, New Hamburg, s/o Hy HAHN & Katie PEPPLER, married Maggie HOFFERD, 20, Howick, New Hamburg, d/o William HOFFERD & Sophia BERNBACH, witn: George HOFFERD of Milverton Mornington Tp. & Louisa MOSSER of Berlin on Oct. 28, 1897 at New Hamburg. (Luth) 14651-97 Andrew HAHN, 25, farmer, Wellesley twp., Haysville, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Elma SCHWEITZER, 20, Mainheim, Waterloo twp., d/o Jacob & Dora, witn: Eusebius MEYERS of Baden & Susanna SCHWEITZER of Petersburg, 7 April 1897 at res of bride, near Petersburg
014740-97 (Waterloo Co) Henry HAHN, 69, cattle buyer, Germany near Erf??t, Heidelberg, widower, s/o Henry HAHN & Ann Elizabeth KAPPES married Mary Ann GEHL, 60, Prussia Germany, Rush City Minn U.S., widow, d/o Adam WANT & Doretha MEYER, witn: Andrew NEUBER of Erbsville & Regina HAHN of Heidelberg, 11 April 1897 in Heidelberg  
014445-97 (Waterloo Co) Addison E. HALLMAN, 25, florist, Oxford Co., Berlin, s/o Benjamin L. HALLMAN & Lucy Ann EBY married Annie FOSTER, 22, England, Berlin, d/o Arthur FOSTER & Sarah SPENCER, witn: Titus HALLMAN & Nellie FOSTER both of Berlin, 25 March 1897 in Berlin 014494-97 (Waterloo Co) Israel HALLMAN, 28, gardener & florist, Blenheim, Berlin, s/o Benjamin & Lucy married Paulina THOMPSON, 21, Bridgeport, Berlin, d/o Sam & Judith, witn: Titus HALLMAN & Ellen THOMPSON (no residence given), 20 October 1897 in Berlin
014712-97 (Waterloo Co) Israel H. HALLMAN, 29, farmer, Roseville, Roseville, s/o Benjamin & Catherine married Alice COPLEY, 22, New Dundee, New Dundee, d/o John & Clara, witn Wallace HALLMAN of Howich & Ellen S. COPLEY of New Dundee, 3 February 1897 in New Dundee. 14673-97 Irvin C. HALLMAN, 23, farmer, Waterloo twp., New Dundee, s/o John S. & Mary, married Elsie M. STAUFFER, 23, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Levi & Esther, witn: H. J. LACKNER of New Dundee & Mary STAUFFER of Waterloo twp., 22 Dec 1897 at New Dundee
014698-97 (Waterloo Co) William HAMMER, 26, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Adam & Elizabeth married Catherine KOEHLER, 20, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Henry & Maria, witn Jacob KOEHLER, Joseph MOSSER, Barbara KOEHLER & Annie KOEHLER (no residence given), 15 December 1897 in Wellesley. 014614-97 (Waterloo Co) Isaac HARMON, 23, mechanic, Plattsville, Plattsville, s/o James & Sarah married Lottie M. PARTRIDGE, 20, Plattsville, Plattsville, d/o William & Emma, witn: A. J. WILKINSTON & L.J. HASS both of Preston, 12 May 1897 in Preston
  014728-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles HARTMAN, 26, hotel keeper, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, s/o Joseph HARTMAN & Anna LEBIG married Magdalena HOLOCHER, 27, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, d/o Joseph HOLOCHER & Crescentia BAUER, witn: Joseph F. RAU & Mollie HOLOCHER both of New Hamburg, 23 November 1897 in St. Agatha.
014478-97 (Waterloo Co) Richard E. HARTMAN, 25, no occupation given, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o (father not known) & A. HARTMAN married Wilhlemina GODGLUECK (s/b GODGLICK), 21, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Johann GODGLUECK & Wilhelmine KRUES (?), witn: Friedrich HELLER & Julius DREGER (no residence given), 23 June 1897 in Berlin 014556-97 (Waterloo Co) Eddie Oliver HARVIE, 28, farmer, North Dumfries Twp, North Dumfries Twp, s/o David HARVIE & Mary Ann OLIVER married Maggie TOLMIE (?), 26, domestic, Lynden, Galt, d/o David TELMIE & Melinda BISHOP, witn: Robert CUNNINGHAM & Emily HANNAM both of Galt, 5 May 1897 in Galt
014592-97 (Waterloo Co) Alex HARVIE, 30, farmer, no birth place given, North Dumfries Twp, s/o John & Nancy married Ida MCBRIDE, 25, no birth place given, Galt, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: J.N. CULHAM of Sheffield & L.M.B. MCBRIDE of Galt, 22 December 1897 in Galt 014624-97 (Waterloo Co) Philip Henry HASENPFLUG, 23, clerk, Woolwich Twp, Berlin, s/o Johann G. HASENPFLUG & Elizabeth HOFFNER married Anna ROESCH, 22, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Thomas ROESCH & Catharine KOCH, witn: George A. & Fanny ROESCH both of Waterloo, 26 April 1897 in Waterloo.
14662-97 William HAUCK, 29, farmer, Pilkington twp., same, s/o Andrew & Mary Ann, married Margareth REITER, 25, Woolwich twp., same, d/o Mathias & Mary, witn: Joseph FREIDMANN & Teresa REITER, both of Woolwich twp., 16 Oct 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 14669-97 Solomon HAUG, 18, baker, Meraborough (sic), Berlin, s/o Michael & Phoebe, married Emma MARTZ, 26, Detroit, Breslau, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Henry & Carrie MARTZ of Breslau, 15 Feb 1897 at Breslau
014565-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles R. HEAD, 33, agent, no birth place given, Galt, s/o William & Jane married Florence S. MORRISH, 22, no birth place given, Galt, d/o Edwin & Sophia, witn: M. MCLAURIN & Mrs. J.H. WILLARD both of Galt, 24 July 1897 in Galt 014495-97 (Waterloo Co) George Eli HEHN, 22, tailor, no birth place given, Elmira, s/o Henry & Maggie married Louisa HAMMEL, 24, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Henry HAMMEL & Sophia HENNING, witn: W.A. HEHN & Emma HAMMEL (no residence given), 8 December 1897 in Berlin
014626-97 (Waterloo Co) William HEINRICH, 56, mason, Germany, Waterloo, widower, s/o Christian HEINRICH & Anna Marie ADAM married Anna C. MOTSCHMANN, 42, Germany, Waterloo, widow, d/o Gottleib LORENZ & Barbara BAUER, witn: Ernst & Henry LORENZ both of Waterloo, 24 June 1897 in Waterloo 014685-97 (Waterloo Co) Christian HERFORD, 25, laborer, Wilmot, Wellesley, s/o Andrew & Barbara married Barbara ALBRECHT, 17, Mornington, Mornington Twp, d/o Henry & Mary, witn Christian ALBRECHT of Mornington Twp & Annie HERFORD of Wellesley Twp, 18 March 1897 in Wellesley.
014710-97 (Waterloo Co) Louis HERGOTT, 30, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Martin HERGOTT & Barbara SCHNEIDER married Marianna BISCH, 23, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Joseph BISH (?) & Catherine FREIBURGER, witn Martin HERGOTT & Helena BISCH both of Waterloo Twp, 16 February 1897 in St. Agatha. 014573-97 (Waterloo Co) John HOBSON, 38, farmer, no birth place given, Beverly Twp, s/o William & Isabella married Eliza JOHNSON, 29, no birth place given, Beverly Twp, d/o John & Agnes, witn: George GALT & Maggie KING both of Galt, 29 September 1897 in Galt.
014733-97 (Waterloo Co) Edward HOFFMAN, 23, farmer, Brunner, Philipsburg, s/o (father's name not given) & Elizabeth HOFFMAN married Christina WIEDERHOLD, 21, Philipsburg, Philipsburg, d/o Jacob & Caroline, witn: H. WIEDERHOLD of Wilmot & Alice HYDE of North Easthope, 14 December 1897 in Philipsburg. 014516-97 (Waterloo Co) Anthony HOLT, 24, laborer, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o Sam & Arabella married Mary SEIBERT, 22, no birth place given, Wilmot Centre, d/o Charles A. & Mary, witn: Charles A. SEIBERT & Susie HOLT (no residence given), 26 (faint) October 1897 in Berlin.
014741-97 (Waterloo Co) Samuel HORST, 29, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o David HORST & Susanna WEBER married Lucinda BAUMAN, 28, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Daniel & Magdalena, witn: David BRUBACHER of Woolwich & Daniel MARTIN of Waterloo Twp, 4 April 1897 in Woolwich 014521-97 (Waterloo Co) Frank HOUSMANN, 34, upholsterer, Germany, Brantford, s/o F.K. & Agnes married Maggie WALTER, 36, Waterloo Co., Galt, d/o Andrew & Mary WALTER, witn: Mrs. J.B. BOWMAN & Mrs. A.O. BOWMAN both of Berlin, 24 June 1897 in Berlin
014629-97 (Waterloo Co) Jacob HUETHER, 23, brewer, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Christof HUETHER & Martha KLEEBERGER married Sarah KLEIN, 23, West Montrose, Berlin, d/o John KLEIN & Caroline ZINGER, witn H. ZICK & Delphine FROEHLICH both of Waterloo, 28 July 1897 in Waterloo. 14648-947 Thomas A. HUFFMAN, 47, widower, druggist, Addington Ont., Napanee, s/o James & Alvina, married Emma GOWDY, 26, Waterloo twp., same, d/o John & Mary, witn: A. E. BOOTH of Toronto & Minnie F. GOWDY of Bloomingdale, 3 March 1897 at res of George McAllister [reg’d in Waterloo twp]
014567-97 (Waterloo Co) Edward E. HUMPHRY, 35, carpenter, Caradoc Twp, St. George, s/o William Henry & Elizabeth married Rosetta MAIN, 24, Sheffield, Sheffield, d/o Joseph H. & Cathy, witn: Robert & Mrs. Janet A. ARNOLD both of St. George, 1 September 1897 in Galt  
014720-97 (Waterloo Co) George HUNT, 25, laborer, Doon, Berlin, s/o August HUNT & Mary LETTNER married Josephine KIPPER, 26, Wilmot, St. Agatha, d/o Joseph KIPPER & Josephine ELMLINGER (?), witn: William HUNT of Berlin & Maggie KITTEL of Wilmot, 7 September 1897 in St. Agatha. 14645-97 Philip JAEG (?), 31, laborer, Pilkington, Waterloo twp., s/o Philip & Mary Ann, married Hellen ROTH, 30, Pilkington, same, d/o Wendel & Catherine, witn: Joseph MEYER of Waterloo twp & Mary ROTH of Guelph twp., 1 Feb 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath)
14554-98 Charles W. JACKSON, 34, mechanic, Michigan, Crosswell Mich., s/o James & Anna, married Mary McCOLL, 32, Scotland, Baden Ont., d/o James & Jean, witn: H. P. & Peter LIVINGSTONE of Baden, 7 July 1897 at Berlin (also 14719-97, at Baden) 014519-97 (Waterloo Co) James JOHNSON, 28, farmer, no birth place given, Peel Twp Wellington Co., s/o Jacob & Jane married Robina WILLIAMSON, 29, no birth place given, Galt, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: Mrs. George KING & George KING (no residence given), 6 July 1897 in Berlin
014598-97 ( Waterloo Co.) John Hugh JOHNSTON, 22, machinist, Belfast Ireland, Hespeler, s/o John JOHNSTON & Eliza JOHNSTON, married Rachel Ellen MCLEAN, 26, Michigan, Hespeler, d/o John MCLEAN & Mary MCLEAN, wtn:David PANEBAKER of Hespeler & Annie SMITH of Mt Forest, on July 14, 1897, at Hespeler 014477-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles KIENBERGER (s/b KINBERGER), 24, no occupation given, no birth place given, Waterloo, s/o Franz & Magdal married Minnie MORGENROTH, 24, no birth place given, Doon, d/o Gottfried MORGENROTH & Eliza MUELLER, witn: John KRUEGER & Johanna GOERTZ (?) (no residence given), 16 June 1897 in Berlin.
014616-97 (Waterloo Co) William KENSPEER, 24, farmer, Puslinch Twp, Puslinch Twp, s/o William & Mary Ann married Mary BRYANT, 20, Preston, Preston, d/o William H. & Eliza, witn: Charles Edward BRYANT of Preston & Emma KENSPEER of Hespeler, 25 May 1897 in Preston. 014707-97 (Waterloo Co) Heinrich KILLER, 25, farmer, Philipsburg, Wellesley, s/o Johannes & Barbara married Margaretha SCHMIDT, 25, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o George R. SCHMIDT & Catherina FORLER (?), witn Henry KRAELING & V.R. SCHMIDT both of Wilmot, 9 February 1897 in Philipsburg.
014514-97 (Waterloo Co) Isaiah W. KINZIE, 25, farmer, Berlin, Natchez, s/o Jacob & Veronica married Anna Catherine GREMM, 19, Natchez, Natchez, d/o Conrad & Helena, witn: H.W. BROWN of Natchez & Jessie May GRIBBLE of Berlin, 26 October 1897 in Berlin  
14643-97 Stephen KLEIN, 27, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Joseph & Frances, married Mary ROTH, 18, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Michael & Regina, witn: Frank KLEIN & Josephine ROTH, both of Waterloo twp., 26 Jan 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 14666-97 Adolf KLOEPFER, 29, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Nicholas & Caroline, married Emily WADEL, 29, Waterloo twp., Berlin, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witn: Jacob KLOEPFER & Jessie HESS, both of Waterloo twp., 26 Oct 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath)
14546-98 Ferdinand KNECHTEL, 26, wood carver, Berlin, same, s/o Mich KNECHTEL & Agnes BLANCHARD, married Jennie BELL, 28, Acton, Berlin, d/o James BELL & Mary WALKER, witn: Morris KNECHTEL & Maggie BELL, both of Berlin, 23 Dec 1897 at Berlin 014702-97 (Waterloo Co) William KNECHTEL, 20, carpenter, Manheim, Manheim, s/o Daniel KNECHTEL & Susanna TOMAN married Sarah SEEGMILLER, 21, Petersburg, Petersburg, d/o George SEEGMILLER & Jemima (?) SCHNEIDER, witn J.G. KNECHTEL of Manheim, K. SEEGMILLER of Petersburg, Dan SEEGMILLER & Annie SCHUMACHER (?) both of New Hamburg, 6 January 1897 in Petersburg.
014503-97 (Waterloo Co) Herman KRAFFT, 21, cigar maker, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Philip KRAFFT & Amelia HEDERICH married Marie D. KROHN, 19, Germany, Berlin, d/o Karl KROHN & Pauline LEISKE, witn: Emma KROHN, Louisa SEYLER & William ROTH all of Berlin & Charles CONRAD of Waterloo, 23 February 1897 in Berlin 14641-97 August Alfred KREIGER, 22, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o August & Wilhelmina, married Ida Caroline KRAMP, 18, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Jacob & Wilhelmina, witn: Fred SCHNERSINGER & Katie SCHAFER, both of Waterloo twp., 12 Jan 1897 at Waterloo twp (Lutheran)
014502-97 (Waterloo Co) Frederick KRUSE, 56, laborer, Germany, Berlin, widower, s/o John KRUSE & Louisa BUCKLEMAN married Sophia DRAEGER, 46, Germany, Berlin, widow, d/o Karl KLAEHN & (no mother's name given), witn: Ernst & Caroline STECHO both of Berlin, 10 February 1897 in Berlin  
014511-97 (Waterloo Co) Frederick KUDOB, 21, painter, Germany, Berlin, s/o John & Caroline married Elena M. HOFFMAN, 21, Wilmot Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o J.G. & Mary, witn: E.J. SHANTZ & Lizzie D. JACOBS both of Berlin, 5 October 1897 in Berlin. 15447-99 (Waterloo Co): Carl KUHN, 43, widower, musician, Buffalo, same, s/o F.A. & Catherine M., married Louisa HAILER, 40, widow, Berlin, same, d/o Henry KNELL & Henrietta KRANZ, witn: Henry & Anna KNELL of Berlin, 24 Nov 1897 at Berlin (also 14489-97)
014699-97 (Waterloo Co) George KUNTZ, 50, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, widower, s/o John & Maria married Catherine HAID, 44, Wellesley, Wellesley, single, d/o Anthony & Maria, witn Edward HECKLER of St. Clements & Magdalena HAID of Hawksville, 9 October 1897 in St. Clements. 014625-97 (Waterloo Co) John LACKENBAUER, 22, blacksmith, Wellesley Twp, Waterloo, s/o George LACKENBAUER & Eliza HUEHNERGARDT married Emma BORNOWSKI, 20, Cleveland Ohio, Berlin, d/o Johannes BORNOWSKI & Wilhelmine OLEBENSKI, witn: Oscar J. STEISS of Heidelberg & Barbara LACKENBAUER of Waterloo, 8 June 1897 in Waterloo
14654-97 John LANG, 30, mechanic, Scotland, Guelph twp., s/o William & Margaret, married Frances WEISZNEWSKI, 21, Prussia, Guelph twp., d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: James McINTYRE & Agnes AUGUSTINSKSA, both of New Germany, 18 June 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 14675-97 George W. LATCH, 24, farmer, Waterloo twp., Strasburg, s/o George & Kate, married Bertha M. WEBER, 19, Strasbourg, same, d/o Noah & Elizabeth, witn: Orphan A. LATCH & Louis SHOEMAKER, both of Waterloo twp., 29 Dec 1897 at Strasbourg
14656-97 Albert LAUBER, 27, mechanic, Woolwich twp., same, s/o Mathias & Madgalena, married Mary SCHELL, 17, Waterloo twp., Woolwich twp., d/o Joseph & Francisca, witn: Joseph SCHELL of Woolwich twp & Anna LAUBER of Waterloo twp., 18 May 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 014686-97 (Waterloo Co) Solomon LEIS, 20, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o Joseph & Catharina married Maria LICHTI, 18, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Joseph & Catharina, witn Christian S. ZEHR & Christian ZEHR both of Wellesley Twp, 30 March 1897 in Wellesley Twp.
014615-97 (Waterloo Co) William Frederick LEMBKE, 30, mill hand, Kossuth, Hespeler, s/o Christian & Dorothea married Mary YUST (Yost?), 31, Germany, Hespeler, d/o Louis & Sophia YUST, witn: Henry & Magdalene LEMBKE both of Kossuth, 24 May 1897 in Preston. 014603-97 ( Waterloo Co.) Otto August LENING, 24, workman, Berlin Ont, Breslau, s/o Gottlieb LENING & Justine A MITTELSTEDT, married Ida SCHAEFER, 20, Breslau, same, d/o Friedrich SCHAEFER & Catherine SERTH, wtn: William SCHAEFER & Lizzie LENING, both of Breslau, on Oct 19, 1897, at Hespeler
 014736-97 (Waterloo Co) Rhodes LETSON, 29, farmer, West Montrose, West Montrose, s/o Jeremiah & Matilda married Lydia REICHERT, 26, West Montrose, West Montrose, d/o Philip & Elizabeth, witn: Byron LETSON of West Montrose & Louisa May ROUSE (?) of Berlin, 17 February 1897 in West Montrose 14650-97 Orville LEWIS, 26, farmer, Lobo twp., Waterloo twp., s/o William & Eliza, married Linda? TUCK, 19, Eramosa twp., Waterloo twp., d/o John & Caroline, witn: Leonard DICKSON of Guelph twp & Lottie TUCK of Waterloo twp., 20 March 1897 at res of J. Tuck
014441-97 (Waterloo Co) Ephraim LICHTY, 25, farmer, Waterloo Co., Michigan, s/o Daniel & Margaret married Katie KNAPP, 23, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., d/o Charles & Barbara, witn: Henry ELLIS of Michigan & Lizzie KNAPP of Waterloo Co., 2 February 1897 in Berlin. 014547-97 (Waterloo Co) David LICHTY, 34, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, widower, s/o David LICHTY & Rebecca GINGRICH married Mary Ann PEPPLER, 30, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Jacob A. PEPPLER & Catherine RUHL (KUHL), witn: George HAHN & Edith PEPPLER both of Elmira, 22 September 1897 in Elmira
014561-97 (Waterloo Co) Norman LIPHARD, 26, farmer, Beverly Twp, North Dumfries Twp, s/o Justus & Matilda married Rosa SAGER, 18, Beverly Twp, Beverly Twp, d/o Reanzia & Alice, witn: Mrs. C.C. MCLAURIN & Nellie G. WILSON both of Galt, 22 March 1897 in Galt. 014716-97 (Waterloo Co) George LORENTZ, 22, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o John B. LORENTZ & Barbara MOSBURGER married Emeline BECKER, 23, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o John F. BECKER & Barbara REICHERT, witn: Egidious LORENTZ & Cath. HAUCK both of Wilmot, 14 May 1897 in St. Agatha
014721-97 (Waterloo Co) John LOVE, 21, laborer, Wilmot, Haysville, s/o Robert & Elizabeth married Lottie HAWES, 24, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witn: William HAWES & Ellen BARCLAY both of Wilmot, 2 July 1897 in Wilmot 014553-97 (Waterloo Co) Wilson LOWES, 28, farmer, Durham England, Burford, s/o Thomas LOWES & Margaret FAIRLESS married Mary A.E. FLEMING, 27, Oxford Co., Galt, d/o Charles FLEMING & Lydia COUPE, witn: John LOWES of Burford & L.L. FLEMING of Galt, 7 April 1897 in Galt
014570-97 (Waterloo Co) James Henry LOWNDES, 23, painter, no birth place given, Hespeler, s/o Henry & Eliza married Rosetta WALLIS, 19, no birth place given, Hespeler, d/o Robert & Martha, witn: C.A. & Edith M. RIDLEY both of Galt, 15 September 1897 in Galt 014484-97 (Waterloo Co) Albert Edward LUDWIG, 25, cabinet maker, Hawkesville, Berlin, widower, s/o Albert LUDWIG & Catherine ALLWARD married Anna FROMM, 18, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Albert & Sophia, witn: William LUDWIG & Bella STARR both of Berlin, 26 October 1897 in Berlin.
014752-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles M. LUNDY, 23, farmer, Winterbourne, Winterbourne, s/o Charles M. LUNDY & Eliza J. REID married Mary A. MACKIE, 34, Elmira, Winterbourne, d/o William MACKIE & Mary A. HENNING (?), witn: Herbert W. LUNDY & Helen MACKIE both of Winterbourne, 2 December 1897 in Winterbourne 014557-97 (Waterloo Co) Richard F. MACDONALD, 25, painter, Ailsa Craig, Galt, s/o James & Eleanor married Mary Vivian OLIVER, 23, Galt, Galt, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth, witn: Scott BLACKWOOD & Sarah A. FOWLER both of Galt, 2 June 1897 in Galt
014564-97 (Waterloo Co) James MACKENDRICK, 60, plasterer, Scotland, Galt, widower, s/o Peter MACKENDRICK & Saplino? NOBLE married Alma Jane PRINGLE, 38, Pictou N.S., Galt, d/o George & Nancy PRINGLE, witn: Adam & Mrs. CROZIER both of Galt, 12 August 1897 in Galt  
014492-97 (Waterloo Co) John MADDEN, 24, commercial traveller, Meaford, Armuda (?) Michigan, s/o C.E. MADDEN & Ellen GREENSWORD married Florence MESSEH, 20, Seaforth, Berlin, d/o Henry MESSEH & Marion SHUN, witn: Harry & Marion MESSEH both of Berlin, 3 November 1897 in Berlin 14670-97 Menno MADER, 28, farmer, Breslau, same, s/o Peter & Mary Ann, married Anna GEIGER, 26, Huron Co., Breslau, d/o Andrew & Sarah, witn: Allan BECKER & Malisa DEVITT, both of Breslau, 22 April 1897 at Breslau
014577-97 (Waterloo Co) Elgin MAIN, 22, farmer, no birth place given, Beverly Twp, s/o Joseph & Polly married Margaret R. MCMILLAN, 21, no birth place given, Beverly Twp, d/o Archibald & Janet, witn: Mrs. E.R. & Miss M.J. KING both of Galt, 13 October 1897 in Galt 014585-97 (Waterloo Co) Freeman MAIN, 27, farmer, no birth place given, Beverly Twp, s/o Stephen MAIN & Rosetta CALHAM (Culham?) married Jennie HAMMOND, 20, no birth place given, Beverly Twp, d/o John HAMMOND & Susanna HALL, witn: Sylvester MAIN & Annie HAMMOND (no residence given), 22 December 1897 in Galt.
014543-97 (Waterloo Co) Ezra MARTIN, 24, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Henry MARTIN & Christina FREY married Blandina MARTIN, 20, Peel Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Noah & Catherine, witn: Amos MARTIN of Peel Twp & Henry F. MARTIN of Wellesley Twp, 24 January 1897 in Elmira 014634-97 (Waterloo Co) Noah MARTIN, 26, school teacher, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo, s/o Jacob MARTIN & Catharine BACKERT married Lydia Ann BINGEMAN, 22, Peel Twp, Waterloo, d/o John BINGEMAN & Catharine SNYDER, witn Jacob MARTIN & Emma SNYDER both of Waterloo, 29 September 1897 in Waterloo.
014518-97 (Waterloo Co) Hilkial MARTIN, 23, cabinet maker, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o Hyram & Salome married Lydia O. TRUSSLER, 23, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: Diana TRUSSLER & Elizabeth JOHANNES (no residence given), 27 October 1897 in Berlin  
014599-97 ( Waterloo Co.) Herman Carl MATTHIES, 24, tinsmith, Germany, Hespeler, s/o August MATTHIES & Margaretha UMLAUF, married Emma Margaretha GUENTHER, 24, Hespeler, same, d/o George GUENTHER & Maria SACHS, wtn: Wm HALL & Jessie L HARVEY both of Hespeler, on June 30, 1897, at Hespeler 14646-97 Joseph MAY, 28, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann, married Clara BROHMAN, 20, Woolwich twp., same, d/o Joseph & Magdalena, witn: Anthony MAY of Waterloo twp & Lena BROHMAN of Woolwich twp., 16 Feb 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath)
14657-97 Anthony MAY, 27, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Catherine KIRCHNER, 24, Waterloo twp., same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Anthony KIRCHNER & Josephine MAY, both of Waterloo twp., 1 June 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 014700-97 (Waterloo Co) John MAYER, 22, laborer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Phillip & Christina married Matilda FORWELL, 21, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn Louis ESBAUGH & Annie FORWELL both of St. Clements, 9 November 1897 in St. Clements.
014636-97 (Waterloo Co) William Albert MCBRIDE, 31, farmer, Eglinton, Maryborough Twp, s/o Charles MCBRIDE & Isabella RUTHERFORD married Julia YOUNG, 25, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o William YOUNG & Mary BELL, witn James B. & Mamie YOUNG both of Waterloo, 23 December 1897 in Waterloo. 014533-97 (Waterloo Co) Laughlin McDONALD, 32, farmer, Ontario, South Dumfries, s/o Kenneth McDONALD & Elizabeth McCRAE married Jennie Isabella REID, 26, Ontario, North Dumfries, d/o Alexander REID & Bessie TURNBULL, witn: John REID of North Dumfries & Mary McDONALD of South Dumfries, 31 March 1897 in Branchton
14555-98 Sam Lindsay McEWEN, 23?, miller, of Bannockburn Ont., s/o Sam & Ann, married Sarah KAEMPF, 25, of Berlin, d/o John & Agnes, witn: William McEWEN of Bannockburn & W. G. CLEGHORN of Berlin, 29 Dec 1897 at Berlin 014539-97 (Waterloo Co) Thomas W. MCFARLAND, 37, confectioner, Walpole, London, s/o William & Catherine married Victoria LASCHINGER, 34, New Hamburg, London, d/o Joseph LASCHINGER & Mary HESSNER (?), witn: F.W. MCFARLAND of Winnipeg Manitoba & Martha LASCHINGER of Detroit U.S., 25 December 1897 in Elmira
014434-97 (Waterloo Co) William H. McKEEL, 20, laborer, Campbellford, Hespeler, s/o William McKEEL & Mary married Annie GIBSON, 24, no birth place given, Hespeler, d/o Rob GIBSON & Mary, witn: Tillie McKEEL of Hespeler & Rachel WEAVER of Berlin, 13 February 1897 in Berlin. 014569-97 (Waterloo Co) Alexander MCNABB, 40, minister, Simcoe Oro, Newmarket, s/o John & Mary married Elizabeth DYCE, 37, Wellington Co., Galt, d/o Alexander DYCE & Elizabeth STRACHAN, witn: Anna MILLICAN & Gay E. FORSTER both of Galt, 25 August 1897 in Galt.
014605-97 (Waterloo Co) Josiah MERNER, 23, carpenter, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Levi & Rachael married Mary HESSE, 26, Wilmot Twp, East Zorra Twp, d/o Henry HESSE & Anne FRUTZLE (?), witn: Erwin HATMAN of Wilmot Twp & Lissy HESSE of East Zorra Twp, 27 January 1897 in New Hamburg  
014469-97 (Waterloo Co) Louis D. MERRICK, 34, agent, no birth place given, Galt, s/o Jeremiah MERRICK & Sarah PATTERSON married Francis KRANZ, 31, no birth place given, Berlin, single, d/o Hugo KRANZ & Catherine SEIP, witn: Domenic A. MERRICK & Minnie JACOBI (no residence given), 16 June 1897 in Berlin 014735-97 (Waterloo Co) Christian MESSNER, 62, farmer, Germany, Rainham, widower, s/o Jacob MESSNER & Susannah MUELLER married Mary HANS, 56, Germany, Wellesley Twp, widow, d/o Carl BRAUN & Maria KLUMP, witn: John L. WIDEMAN & W.H. WINKLER both of St. Jacobs, 24 February 1897 in St. Jacobs
014714-97 (Waterloo Co) William MILL (HILL?), 29, hotel keeper, Perth Co., Baden, s/o Christian MILL (?) & Mary LANHRICH (?) married Maria FORLER, 20, Philipsburg, Baden, d/o Henry FORLER & Amelia (?) LANTZ, witn John HAHN & William FORLER both of Baden 15 April 1897 in Baden. 014743-97 (Waterloo Co) William MITCHELL, 28, farmer, Waterloo Twp Waterloo Twp, s/o William MITCHELL & Elizabeth BURNETT married Alice PIRIE, 22, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Edward MITCHELL of Waterloo Twp & Annie PIRIE of Woolwich, 2 June 1897 in Woolwich
014723-97 (Waterloo Co) Peter MOSSER, 25, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o John MOSSER & Mary STRAUS married Caroline DIETRICH, 26, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Morand K. & Francisca, witn: John GREYERBEHL & Helena DIETRICH both of Wilmot, 5 October 1897 in St. Agatha 014731-97 (Waterloo Co) John MOSSER, 25, tailor, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Charles MOSSER & Fredericka NAUER (?) married Clara KREH, 22, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Christian KREH & Mary ANKERMAN, witn: John & Matilda SCHMIDT both of Wilmot, 10 November 1897 in Wilmot
014696-97 (Waterloo Co) Karl MOSSER, 35, famer, Germany, St. Jacobs, s/o Carlo & Louisa married Carlina BAUMANN, 28, Germany, Heidelberg, d/o William & Johanna, witn Bernhard BAUMANN of Heidelberg & William MOSSER (MOESER) of St. Jacobs, 1 December 1897 in Heidelberg. 014734-97 (Waterloo Co) Henry MUELLER, 27, farmer, Germany, Wilmot, s/o Peter MUELLER & Elizabeth KIRBECKER married Elizabeth SHANTZ, 28, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Christian SHANTZ & Anna SLEINER (faint), witn: Ira & Barbara SHANTZ both of Wilmot, 21 October 1897 in Wilmot.
014576-97 (Waterloo Co) William Ezra MULHOLLAND, 29, laundry man, no birth place given, Chatham, s/o George MULHOLLAND & Hannah VANSICKLE married Eliza SHIPMAN, 27, no birth place given, Beverly Twp, d/o Isaac SHIPMAN & Margaret J. CORNELL, witn: Amos DALE & Mary SWARTZ (no residence given), 7 October 1897 in Galt 014467-97 (Waterloo Co) Michael MULLIN, 24, pattern maker, no birth place given, Galt, s/o John MULLIN & Margaret BURKE married Susan McDONALD, 24, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Philip MCDONALD & Susan NORTON, witn: William MULLIN & Johanna MCDONALD (no residence given), 21 June 1897 in Berlin.
014542-97 (Waterloo Co) Menno MUSSELMANN, 23, carpenter, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Joseph MUSSELMANN & Catherine ISRAEL married Louisa LUDWIG, 28, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o John LUDWIG & Caroline DOER (?), witn: William LUDWIG of Peel Twp & Caroline SCHLUETER of Wellesley Twp, 6 January 1897 in Elmira 014758-97 (Waterloo Co) Emanuel MUSSELMAN, 23, no profession given, Woolwich, Elmira, s/o Moses MUSSELMAN & Catharine MARTIN married Caroline WEBER, 22, St. Jacobs, St. Jacobs, d/o Joseph L. WEBER & Mary GEORGE, witn: Edwin REITZEL of Woolwich & Lovina CANN of Berlin, 10 February 1897 in St. Jacobs.
014452-97 (Waterloo Co) Isaac MUSSELMAN, 27, painter, Elmira, Berlin, s/o Isaac MUSSELMAN & Susan WINGER, married Catherine BAESLER, 25, Perth Co., Buffalo, d/o George BAESLER & Catherine LETZKUS, witn: James SCHIEBEL of Berlin & Minnie MUSSELMAN of Elmira, 18 May 1897 in Berlin 014532-97 (Waterloo Co) Eusebius MYERS, 24, farmer, Baden, Baden, s/o Abraham & Catharine married Susannah SCHWEITZER, 24, Manheim, Petersburg, d/o Jacob & Dora, witn: Andrew & Elma HAHN both of Linwood, 7 September 1897 in Berlin
014460-97 (Waterloo Co) Otto MYLIUS, 30, agent, Berlin, Berlin, s/o Rudolph MYLIUS & Dorothea KLOTZ married Bertha BRAUN, 28, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Barthol BRAUN & Mary DOPP, witn: Victor H. ZAREK & Augusta C. BRAUN both of Berlin, 11 June 1897 in Berlin. 014480-97 (Waterloo Co) August NAHLS, 26, laborer, Germany, Berlin, widower, s/o Johann NAHLS & Freda HAASE married Jemina SALLE, 21, Winterbourne, Berlin, widow, d/o John SALLE & Rosina ROSSBACH, witn: William & Annie NEHLS both of Berlin, 31 August 1897 in Berlin.
014703-97 (Waterloo Co) Samuel NAFZIGER, 33 farmer, Perth Co., Perth Co., widower, s/o Samuel & Anna married Leah STEINMAN, 27, Wilmot, Perth Co., d/o Christian & Mary, witn Christian & Daniel STEINMAN both of Wilmot, 8 January 1897 in Wilmot. 014759-97 (Waterloo Co) Aaron W. PANNABAKER, 45, merchant, Waterloo Twp, Hespeler, widower, s/o David PANNABAKER & Catharine WANNER married Elizabeth VEITCH, 35, Waterloo Twp, Hespeler, widow, d/o James HAMILTON & Jane POLLOCK, witn: Hamilton VEITCH of Hespeler & Mrs. Jan (blurry) HAMILTON of Winterbourne, 29 September 1897 at the Manse in Winterbourne.
014593-97 (Waterloo Co) Samuel PARSONS, 24, farmer, Rochester, Rochester N.Y., s/o Louis A. & Miriam married Jennie WILKINSON, 32, Scotland, Galt, d/o James & Jean, witn: James J. & Rebecca CAVERS both of Galt, 25 December 1897 in Galt 014706-97 (Waterloo Co) Peter PERINS, 36, farmer, Carrick, Dakota, s/o Nicholas PERINS & Anna SCHMIDT married Lizzie KARGES, 25, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Henry KARGES & Lizzie STEFFLER, witn Joseph KARGES & Helena BUSHERT both of Wilmot, 9 February 1897 in St. Agatha.
014693-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles A. PETERSON, 32, farmer, Woolwich, Wellesley, s/o Henry William & Fannie married Jennie MCCOLOCH (McCulloch?), 30, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Robert & Jean, witn Dr. George MORE & Jessie MCCOLOCH both of Hawksville, 20 August 1897 in Hawksville. 014600-97 ( Waterloo Co.) Harry PICKEN, 24, labourer, Hespeler, same, s/o Peter PICKEN & Kate PICKEN, married Mary RINGLER, 18, Petersburg Ont., Hespeler, d/o Daniel RINGLER & Nancy RINGLER, wtn: Andrew TENNANT & Sarah DUCKWORTH both of Hespeler, on Aug 14, 1897, at Hespeler
014566-97 (Waterloo Co) William PINDER, 27, farmer, no birth place given, Guelph Twp, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth married Nellie WATSON, 20, no birth place given, Guelph Twp, d/o David & Mary Helen, witn: Charles WATSON & Gertie DANIELS both of Galt, 1 Sept 1897 in Galt 014472-97 (Waterloo Co) William PLATE, 22, carver, no birth place given, Bridgeport, s/o Henry PLATE & Margareth RODENBURG married Amanda FRIES, 21, no birth place given, Waterloo Twp, d/o Daniel FRIES & Martha DOERR, witn: Henry PLATE & Susanna LACKNER (no residence given), 11 May 1897 in Berlin.
014475-97 (Waterloo Co) Herman E. PODONN, 28, laborer, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o August PODONN & Caroline MOERS married Emma HERCHENROEDER, 18, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o August HERCHENROEDER & Elisabeth EULER, witn: Anna SCHUHMACHER, Gustav PODANN & William SEEBUSH (no residence given), 15 June 1897 in Berlin. 014679-97 (Waterloo Co) William REICHERT, 28, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o Wilhelm & Catharina married Mary SCHNEIDER, 27, Mornington Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Henry & Maria, witn Jacob REICHERT & Margaretha SCHNEIDER both of Wellesley, 26 January 1897 in Wellesley Twp.
 014524-97 (Waterloo Co) William J. REICK, 25, painter, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o William REICK & Mary ADIS married Caroline WELHEISER, 19, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Jacob WELHEISER & Margaret STRUB, witn: William MIEHM & Katie WELHEISER both of Berlin, 27 July 1897 in Berlin 014433-97 (Waterloo Co) George REINHART, 29, laborer, Waterloo Twp, Breslau, s/o Martin REINHART & Theresa WOLBERT married Eva HARNOCK, 19, Breslau, Breslau, d/o Chris HARNOCK & Eva KIERSNOWSKA, witn: Englert SCHMALTZ of New Germany & Mary HARNOCK of Breslau, 2 February 1897 in Berlin.
014507-97 (Waterloo Co) Herman REISCH, 20, clerk, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o Isaac REISCH & Lea WILDFONG married Johanna HAUSER, 20, no birth place given, Waterloo Twp, d/o Joseph HAUSER & Magdalena, witn: Edward BAUMANN & Elizabeth HAUSER (no residence given), 12 October 1897 in Berlin 014754-97 (Waterloo Co) Noah W. REIST, 26, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o John REIST & Mary WANNER married Margaretha GEISEL, 21, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o John GEISEL & Elizabeth SCHWEITZER, witn: H. GEISEL & Angeline SNYDER both of Woolwich, 21 January 1897 in Woolwich
014555-97 (Waterloo Co) John RICE, 33, mechanic, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, s/o John P. RICE & Sarah HARRIS married Anetta A. WILSON, 26, Port Perry, Galt, d/o Cornelius WILSON & Mary Ann LOBB, witn: Harry RICE of Bowmanville & (?ena) CORNISH of Niagara, 21 April 1897 in Galt. 014725-97 (Waterloo Co) Albert RINGLER, 72, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Wilmot Twp, widower, s/o John RINGLER & Elizabeth WILDFONG married Sophia ERNST, 59, Germania, Wellesley Twp, widow, d/o Louis RANK & Catherina BITTLE, witn: William HABERMEHL & C. WILHELM both of Wilmot, 24 October 1897 in Wilmot.
014762-97 (Waterloo Co) Jacob RITTER, 27, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Philip RITTER & Elizabeth KNECHTEL married Catharine BEISEL, 22, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Louis BEISEL & Adeline EIX, witn: William BEISEL of Woolwich Twp & Ida MILLER of Elmira, 5 October 1897 in Woolwich Twp. 014490-97 (Waterloo Co) Wilhelm RITTINGER, 24, laborer, Easthope, Baden, s/o Frederick & Catherine married Marie PIELLUSCH, 25, Germany, Berlin, d/o Frederick & Rosalie, witn: Herman KUSS & Minnie PIELLUSCH both of Berlin, 8 December 1897 in Berlin.
014535-97 (Waterloo Co) Lewellyn ROBERTS, 23, baker, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o William K. ROBERTS & Margaret Ann LEE married Agnes S. HENDERSON, 26, laborer, Ontario, North Dumfries, d/o James HENDERSON & Catherine REID, witn: Barney MURDOCK & Bella SCOTT both of North Dumfries, 16 June 1897 in North Dumfries.  
014510-97 (Waterloo Co) Albert J. ROOS, 23, druggist, Waterloo, Berlin, s/o John & Catharine married Estella L. BOWMAN, 25, Berlin, Berlin, d/o William & Jane, witn: Henry W. ROOS of Waterloo & Gert BOWMAN of Berlin 12 October 1897 in Berlin 014729-97 (Waterloo Co) John K. ROTH, 23, laborer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Christian B. & Anna married Katy GINGERICH, 26, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Rudolph & Mary, witn: Abraham & Mary GINGERICH both of Waterloo, 28 November 1897 in Wilmot
 014545-97 (Waterloo Co) Robert James RUMBLE, 28, yeoman, Peel Twp, Peel Twp, s/o Edward & Elizabeth married Mary BENDER, 21, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Frederick & Margaret, witn: Solomon BENDER of Woolwich Twp & Ida RIEDER of Elmira, 3 March 1897 in Elmira 014444-97 (Waterloo Co) William RUPPERT, 27, farmer, Perth Co., Perth Co., s/o John & Catharine married Catherine HEER, 19, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., d/o Jacob & Catherine, witn: Albert & Lizzie HABERMEHL both of St. Agatha, 21 March 1897 in Berlin.
014691-97 (Waterloo Co) Frederick SASS, 46, mail driver, Germany, Waterloo, widower, s/o Wilhelm & Frederika married Margareth SCHNARR, 32, Waterloo, Waterloo, spinster, d/o Hartman & Elizabeth, witn Abraham K. & Amelia SCHNARR both of Waterloo, 26 August 1897 in Erbsville. 014584-97 (Waterloo Co) Arthur Henry SAUL, 27, knitter, Arkona (?), Galt, s/o Henry & Elizabeth married Jane Hardcastle MURRAY, 25, Galt, Galt, d/o James MURRAY & Janet KING, witn: Volney W. RAY of Galt & Jennie BALLANTINE of Preston, 9 December 1897 in Galt.
014695-97 (Waterloo Co) John C. SCHAEFER, 28, farmer, Erbsville, Erbsville, s/o Adam & Susanna married Ida BIERMANN, 21, Erbsville, Erbsville, d/o Conrad & Maria, witn J.W. & Emma LUDWIG both of Heidelberg, 28 November 1897 in Heidelberg.  
014525-97 (Waterloo Co) Carl Ludwig SCHALLHORN, 52, tanner, Danzy Germany, Berlin, widower, s/o John SCHALLHORN & Anna RICHTER married Wilhelmina RODTKE, 37, Germany, Berlin, widow, d/o (no parent's names given), witn: M.E. & B. FABER both of Berlin, 27 July 1897 in Berlin 014683-97 (Waterloo Co) Abraham SCHALLHORN, 22, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o Gottlieb & Elisabeth married Elisabeth HEER, 20, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Jacob & Catharina, witn Gottlieb SCHALLHORN & Mary PETSCHKE both of Wellesley, 8 March 1897 in Heidelberg.
14663-97 Michael SCHELL, 28, farmer, widower, Woolwich twp., same, s/o George & Magdalene, married Barbara REITER, 27, Woolwich twp., same, d/o Mathias & Mary, witn: John BROHMANN & Maggie REITER, both of Woolwich twp., 18 Oct 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 14667-97 Bernhard SCHERER, 29, butcher, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Joseph & Frances, married Anna BERBERICH, 31, New Germany, same, d/o Charles & Barbara, witn: Frances KORMAN & Teresa BERBERICH, both of New Germany, 15 Nov 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath)
14660-97 Isaac B. SCHIEDEL, 23, farmer, Breslau, same, s/o Jacob & Magdalena, married Emma GIMBEL, 23, Freeport, same, d/o Henry Charles & Sarah Catherine, witn: Edward SHANTZ of Bloomingdale & Maryetta GIMBEL of Freeport, 3 Nov 1897 at Freeport 014633-97 (Waterloo Co) Martin SCHIEL, 26, laborer, Lisbon, Waterloo, s/o Frederick SCHIEL & Catherine HOFFMAN married Matilda OETZEL, 20, New Hamburg, Waterloo, d/o Jacob OETZEL & Augusta GEHRING, witn George SCHIEL of Erbsville & Mary OETZEL of Waterloo, 9 September 1897 in Waterloo.
 014443-97 (Waterloo Co) Noah SCHLABACH, 27, farmer, Ohio, Michigan, s/o L. & Dena married Mattie SCHWARTZENTRUBER, 27, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., d/o Joseph & Maria, witn: Maria HALLMAN & Sarah CLARE both of Berlin, 18 March 1897 in Berlin. 014730-97 (Waterloo Co) John SCHMIDT, 26, farmer, Wilmot, Lisbon Wilmot, s/o Conrad SCHMIDT & Elizabeth PAFF married Matilda KOCH, 23, Wilmot, Lisbon Wilmot, d/o John KOCH & Gertrude KREH, witn: John MOSSER & Clara KREH both of Wilmot, 10 November 1897 in Wilmot
014628-97 (Waterloo Co) Valentine M. SCHMIDT, 26, merchant, Wilmot Twp, Waterloo, s/o John R. SCHMIDT & Maria KNECHTEL married Margaret PFLUG, 23, Bayfield, Waterloo, d/o George PFLUG & Salome SCHATZ, witn Frederick A. PFLUG & Elizabeth WEBER both of Waterloo, 28 July 1897 in Waterloo. 014610-97 George SCHMIDT, 52, widower, farmer, Wilmot, same, s/o John SCHMIDT & Margaret ROTH, married Ellen SCHAFER, 31, widow, Wilmot, New Hamburg, d/o Edward HARDY & Jane FORHARD, witn: Jacob & Florence SCHMIDT both of New Hamburg on Nov. 29, 1897 at New Hamburg
014688-97 (Waterloo Co) Martin F. SCHMIDT, 44, farmer, Germany, Waterloo Twp, widower, s/o Peter & Henriette married Barbara HOLZWARTH, 33, Woolwich Twp, Waterloo Twp, single, d/o George & Barbara, witn Israel ERNST & Mary PETSCHKE both of Heidelberg, 23 May 1897 in Heidelberg. 014623-97 (Waterloo Co) Otto SCHMIDT, 21, carver, Kreis Germany, Berlin, s/o August SCHMIDT & Augusta DOBRIGLE married Margaret ROTHAERMEL, 22, Poole, Waterloo, d/o Peter ROTHAERMEL & Margaret MUNTH (?), witn: Charles ROTHAERMEL of Waterloo & Lillie BOROCH (?) of New Hamburg, 21 April 1897 in Waterloo
014697-97 (Waterloo Co) Cyons (Cyrus?) SCHMITT, 26, farmer, Erbsville, Erbsville, s/o Martin & Elizabeth married Lucinda HOLST, 20, Erbsville, Erbsville, d/o John & Christina, witn Henry HOLST of Erbsville & Israel ERNST of Heidelberg, 12 December 1897 in Heidelberg. 014708-97 (Waterloo Co) Simon SCHNEIDER, 24, farmer, Wilmot, (?) Dakota, s/o Louis SCHNEIDER & Catherine SCHWARTZ married Cecilia HINSCHBERGER, 20, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Daniel HINSCHBERGER & Magdalena LEYES, witn Joseph SCHNEIDER & Catherine HINSCHBERGER both of Wilmot, 23 February 1897 in St. Agatha.
014496-97 (Waterloo Co) Henry C.R. SCHNEIDER, 25, carpenter, Muskoka, Berlin, s/o David & K (?) married Minnie O'NEIL, 24, Kanesville (?), Arthur, d/o Tim & Mary, witn: Mrs. W.C. BOESE & Mrs. H. ALBRECHT both of Berlin, 10 December 1897 in Berlin 014453-97 (Waterloo Co) Edwin SCHNEIDER, 25, manufacturer, Waterloo Co., Buffalo, s/o Ezra & Lucinda married Louisa EBY, 28 (23?), Waterloo Co., Berlin, d/o Amos & Ester, witn: Lillie EBY of Toronto & Milton SHANTZ of Berlin, 25 May 1897 in Berlin.
014589-97 (Waterloo Co) George SCHONFELDT, 20, mill hand, no birth place given, Hespeler, s/o Charles & Sophie married Bella DAWSON, 19, no birth place given, Hespeler, d/o John & Lillie, witn: T.C. PEARCE & Maggie DICKSON both of Galt, 27 October 1897 in Galt  
014501-97 (Waterloo Co) Carl SCHULTKE, 35, laborer, Germany, Berlin, widower, s/o Christian SCHULTKE & Johanna PAUL married Ernestina DRAEGER, 28, Germany, Berlin, d/o Daniel DRAEGER & Johanna HOEWES, witn: William & Minnie BAMBURG both of Waterloo, 23 February 1897 in Berlin 014604-97 (Waterloo Co) Christopher SCHUMM, 23, laborer, Baden, Baden, s/o (not given) married Mary KUMPF, 22, Baden, Baden, d/o Ernst KUMPF & Elizabeth BLAETGER, witn: Gottfired FRANKE & (blank) KUMPF both of New Hamburg, 22 May 1897 in New Hamburg.
14672-97 Herman SCHWARS, 25, farmer, Waterloo twp., Saugeen twp., s/o John & Sarah, married Lydia Ann KESSELRING, 25, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Daniel & Hannah, witn: William WEBER of Woolwich twp & Mary Ann KESSELRING of Waterloo twp., 1 Dec 1897 at Waterloo twp 014520-97 (Waterloo Co) Byron SCHWARTZ, 24, miller, Luther Twp, New Dundee, s/o John & Mary M. married Elizabeth LEDERMAN, 22, Roseville, New Dundee, d/o George & Hannah, witn: William LEDERMAN of New Dundee & Miss Belle MONTGOMERY of Walkerton, 1 July 1897 in Berlin.
014727-97 (Waterloo Co) Jacob SEIBEL, 24, no occupation given, Baden, Baden, s/o George & Elizabeth married Louisa SEIP, 21, Petersburg, Petersburg, d/o Jacob & Fredericka, witn: Henry SEIBEL of Berlin & Mary SEIBEL of New Dundee, 19 October 1897 in New Dundee 014437-97 (Waterloo Co) Daniel SEIBERT, 28, farmer, St. Jacobs, Bridgeport, s/o Henry & Albertina married Isabella M. HALL, 17, Sheffield, Bloomingdale, d/o Rich & Jennie E., witn: Fanny & Mary Jane SEIBERT both of Bridgeport, 16 February 1897 in Berlin.
014440-97 (Waterloo Co) Ananias SHANTZ, 23, farmer, Maryborough Twp, Maryborough Twp, s/o Jacob & Magdalena married Anna STECKLE, 24, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Henry & Lydia, witn: A. O. & Mrs. J. B. BOWMAN both of Berlin, 16 February 1897 in Berlin. 014713-97 (Waterloo Co) Jermiah SHANTZ, 26, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o A. (blurry) & E. married Ellen KRAMPIEN, 28, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Frederick & Freda, witn Malinda KRAMPIEN & Theda GRUETZNER both of New Dundee, 18 March 1897 in New Dundee.
014717-97 (Waterloo Co) Reuben H. SHIRK, 57, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, widower, s/o Daniel SHERK & Susannah HERNER married Leah ESHLEMAN, 51, Wilmot, Wilmot, widow, d/o David ESHELMAN & Ester SHANTZ, witn: Daniel ESHELMAN & Daniel WILHELM both of Wilmot, 20 June 1897 in Wilmot 014471-97 (Waterloo Co) George C. SIEGLER (ZIEGLER?), 25, tinsmith, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o George E. ZIEGLER & Mary SINGER (?) married Franziska SCHULTZ, 19, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Friedrich SCHULTZ & Augusta MOHLZAHN, witn: Friedrich & Augusta SCHULTZ (no residence given), 26 April 1897 in Berlin.
014474-97 (Waterloo Co) George SMITH, 25, farmer, no birth place given, Heidelberg, s/o Henry & Julie married Clara DOERING, 24, no birth place given, Erbsville, d/o Henry DOERING & (no mother's name given), witn: Mrs. R. VON PIRCH & Martha SMITH (no residence given), 30 May 1897 in Berlin. 014537-97 (Waterloo Co) John SMITH, 35, coachman, Scotland, Buffalo N.Y., s/o John SMITH & Jessie HARROLD married Jessie Matilda DOUGLAS, 27, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o James E. DOUGLAS & Martha CONNORS, witn: Andrew PATRICK of Buffalo N.Y. & Mary DOUGLAS of North Dumfries, 24 November 1897 in North Dumfries
014546-97 (Waterloo Co) Albert B. SNIDER, 28, well driller, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o Sydney B. SNIDER & Esther BRICKER married Magdalena ISRAEL, 27, Woolwich Twp, Elmira, d/o John ISRAEL & Catherine SLOCKOPF (?), witn: Louis PFAFF & Margaret ISRAEL both of Elmira, 7 April 1897 in Elmira 014457-97 (Waterloo Co) Leander SNYDER, 29, no occupation given, Germany Mills, German Mills, s/o Isaac & Nancy married Mary GRISHOW (c/b GRISCHOW), 20, Wilmot Twp, Berlin, d/o Frederick & Lydia, witn: Mrs. J. B. & Mrs. A. O. BOWMAN both of Berlin, 8 June 1897 in Berlin.
014506-97 (Waterloo Co) William Alfred SNYDER, 26, minister, Wellesley, Reading Pa., s/o Dr. T. & Louisa married Emma L. SPECKER, 26, Elmira, Berlin, d/o Conrad & Mary, witn: Otto SPECKER of Berlin & Louisa STAHLSCHMIDT of Preston, 6 October 1897 in Berlin 014722-97 (Waterloo Co) Solomon SNYDER, 51, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, widower, s/o David S. & Leah married Susanna SHANTZ, 51, Waterloo Co., Wilmot, single, d/o Simon SHANTZ & Judith STAUFFER, witn: Jacob B. SMITH (?) & Simon S. SHANTZ both of Wilmot, 26 September 1897 in Wilmot.
014438-97 (Waterloo Co) William A. SPALDING, 21, carter, Ottawa, Hespeler, s/o Alex SPALDING & Frances BLOOM married Magdalena SOEDER, 22, Preston, Preston, d/o John SOEDER & Mary SCHMIDT, witn: Harriet EBY, Margaret O’NEIL & Charles SPALDING all of Preston & Mabel GRESS of Galt, 17 February 1897 in Berlin 014459-97 (Waterloo Co) Valentine STACHOWIAK, 53, laborer, Germany, (Germany) Berlin, widower, s/o Martin STACHOWIAK & Mary A. KOROBSKA married Rosalia WATH, 37, Germany, (Germany) Berlin, widow, d/o Mathias KRYZANOWSKI & Catherine KINNOCH (c/b KUMOCH), witn: Joseph & Catherine NOWAK both of Berlin, 8 June 1897 in Berlin.
014580-97 (Waterloo Co) George STARK, 24, moulder, Hespeler, Hespeler, s/o Charles STARK & May HOMEWOOD married Theresa DANDEND, 24, Guelph, Hespeler, d/o Felix (?) DANDEND & Bridget BROWN, witn: Herbert EATEN & Mary DANDEND both of Hespeler, 13 October 1897 in Galt 014701-97 (Waterloo Co) Alverda (?) N. STARK, no age given, farmer, no birth place given, Peel, s/o John & Agnes married Fannie S. ANDERSON, no age given, no birth place given, Hawksville, d/o Dunken & Emma, witn Josia HILBORN & Catie E. ANDERSON both of Wellesley, 6 October 1897 in Hawksville.
014680-97 (Waterloo Co) Ambrose STARR, 75, gentleman, Germany, Wellesley Twp, widower, s/o Clemens & Mary married Catharina REEF (Reeb?), 62, Germany, Wellesley Twp, single, d/o Vincent & Josephina, witn John HUBER & John RAU both of Wellesley, 16 February 1897 in St. Clements. 014541-97 (Waterloo Co) William STEFFLER, 26, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Lorenz STEFFLER & Elizabeth BROWN married Catherine MUSSELMANN, 21, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Dillman MUSSELMANN & Elizabeth WILLIE, witn: George & Elizabeth ALLEMANG both of Elmira, 6 January 1897 in Elmira
014479-97 (Waterloo Co) Heinrich STEPPLER, 24, bartender, Berlin, Berlin, s/o Jacob STEPPLER & Marie MITTELSTALL (?) married Emily Anna MENGES, 24, Baden, Berlin, d/o Conrad MENGES & Annie GIES, witn: Harry RAU & Ida REICK both of Berlin, 3 August 1897 in Berlin 14652-97 John F. STEVENS, 22, laborer, London England, Hespeler, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Maggie M. ANDERSON, 21, Wawanosh, Waterloo twp., d/o Duncan & Martha, witn: James ROSE of Hespeler & Linda ANDERSON of Wawanosh, 28 April 1897 at Waterloo twp
014581-97 (Waterloo Co) William R. STEWART, 31, rancher, Guelph, Ford McLeod Alta, s/o John STEWART & Jane DIXON married Margaret J. MCKELLAR, 27, nurse, Puslinch Twp, Galt, d/o Alexander MCKELLAR & Elizabeth SCOTT, witn: W.A. MCMASTER of Guelph & Margaret J. SCOTT of (blurry), 6 December 1897 in Galt. 014513-97 (Waterloo Co) Adam STIELER, 28, tailor, Ahlsfeldt Germany, Berlin, s/o John & Elizabeth married Anna MAY, 25, Cleveland Ohio, Berlin, d/o John & (no mother's name given), witn: Henry & Lizzie MAY both of Berlin, 20 October 1897 in Berlin
014508-97 (Waterloo Co) William STRAUSS, 29, railroad hand, no birth place given, Lansing Michigan, s/o Christian & Theresa married Latwina HELD, 30, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Peter HELD & Ida WURTZ, witn: Louis HELD, Mary STRAUSS, Sophia RAUTE & Barney HELD all of Berlin, 12 October 1897 in Berlin 014548-97 (Waterloo Co) Albert STROH, 24, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Jacob STROH & Maria STEFFLER married Margaretha SCHEDEWITZ, 18, Peel Twp, Peel Twp, d/o John SCHEDEWITZ & Barbara LACKENBAUER, witn: Albert SCHEDEWITZ of Peel Twp & Clara STROH of Woolwich Twp, 29 September 1897 in Elmira.
014608-97 Philip STRUCK, 28, saddler, Conestoga, Elmira, s/o Frank STRUCK mother’s name not given, married Lizzie SMITH, 27, Woolwich, Elmira, d/o Peter J. & Henrietta, witn: Mrs J. CULP & Mrs William FISCHER, both of New Hamburg on Oct. 10, 1897 at New Hamburg. (Luth) 014427-97 (Waterloo Co) Herman STUCKART (c/b STUCKHARDT), 24, laborer, Berlin, Waterloo Twp, s/o John STUCKART & Eva WENDEL married Magdalena MOSSER, 22, St. Clements, St. Clements, d/o Ludwig MOSSER & Catherine PRATT, witn: Anthony MOSSER of St. Clements, Emma BOMINGER (BENNINGER ?) of New Germany, William STUCKART of Berlin & Mathilda MOSSER of St. Clements, 7 January 1897 in Berlin
014590-97 (Waterloo Co) Donald W. SUTHERLAND, 29, druggist, no birth place given, London, s/o Eben & Helen married Maud Isabella MACGREGOR, 29, no birth place given, Galt, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: W.E. SUTHERLAND of Listowell & W. Edith MACGREGOR of Galt, 17 November 1897 in Galt 014602-97 ( Waterloo Co.) Albert SUTHERLAND, 25, spinner, Galt, Hespeler, s/o Edward SUTHERLAND & Catherine SUTHERLAND, married Elsie GROOMAN, 25, Garafraxa Twp, Hespeler, d/o Schuyler GROOMAN & Elizabeth GROOMAN, wtn: Charles FULTON of Streetsville & Maria GROOMAN of Hespeler, on Sept 29, 1897, at Hespeler
  014595-97 (Waterloo Co) John TAYLOR, 48, laborer, Canada, Galt, s/o Thomas & Isabella married Sophia WILKINSON, 29, Canada, Galt, d/o James & Isabella, witn: David WITMER & Mrs. STRACHAN both of Hespeler, 29 March 1897 in Hespeler
014522-97 (Waterloo Co) Frank C. TOWELL, 21, baker, New York City, Berlin, s/o Edward TOWELL & Hester STARKWEATHER married Emma KNECHTEL, 20, Elmira, Berlin, d/o Michael KNECHTEL & Agnes BLANCHASEL, witn: Caroline DECHARD & Agnes KNECHTEL both of Berlin, 21 June 1897 in Berlin 014456-97 (Waterloo Co) Leslie Ward VAN LOON, 20, plumber, Hartford, Berlin, s/o Joseph & Lucinda married Annie Mina FLESHER, 19, Toronto, Berlin, d/o John & Euphemia, witn: John HAINSWORTH & Albert H. KLEIN both of Berlin, 7 June 1897 in Berlin
014694-97 (Waterloo Co) Reginald VERNON, 22, farmer, London England, Waterloo, s/o Thomas & Hanna married Elizabeth SCHAEFER, 22, Erbsville, Heidelberg, d/o John & Mary, witn Henry SCHAEFER & Louisa HEINRICH both of Heidelberg, 17 November 1897 in Hawksville. 014709-97 (Waterloo Co) Isaac WAGLER, 25, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Christian & Magdalene married Catharine LITWILLER, 20, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o John & Catherina, witn Aaron WAGLER & Michael JANTZI both of Wilmot, 9 February 1897 in Wilmot.
014705-97 (Waterloo Co) John Z. WAGNER, 29, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o John WAGNER & Katherina ZULAUF married Maria Louise KRAUTHER, 33, Woolwich (?), St. Jacobs, d/o William KRAUTHER & Sophia SCHORNER, witn Valentine WAGNER of Wilmot & Adam WAGNER of Hamilton, 31 January 1897 in Wilmot. 014432-97 (Waterloo Co) George WAHL, 33, cigar maker, Waterloo Twp, Berlin, s/o Christ WAHL & Mary RAUSCH married Maria Amelia SCHAEFER, 30, Germany, Berlin, widow, d/o Aug KREUTZER & Henrietta HENSE (Kense?), witn: John KREUTZER & Cecilia WAHL both of Berlin, 2 February 1897 in Berlin
014620-97 (Waterloo Co) Norman McLeod WALKER, 23, tinsmith, Smithville, Preston, s/o Thomas & Grace married Helen Isabel GREIG, 19, Preston, Preston, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: Arthur Henry GLOVER & Jessie J.C. GREIG of Preston, 22 December 1897 in Preston.(also 14674-97)  014549-97 (Waterloo Co) Charles L. WALMSLEY, 28, salesman, Elmira, Chicago U.S., s/o D.L. & Grace married Edith WEBER, 26, Elmira, Elmira, d/o Solomon & Emma E., witn: R.M. WINGER & W.M. REHUME (?) both of Elmira, 29 December 1897 in Elmira.
014715-97 (Waterloo Co) George WANDEL, 36, baker, Germany, Buffalo, s/o Michael & Catherine married Emelie HALLING, 20, Germany, Wellesley, d/o Christian & Fredericka, witn Willie HALLING & Will (?) FORLER both of Wellesley, 25 April 1897 in Wilmot. 014428-97 (Waterloo Co) William WANKLIN (Wonklin?), 38, teamster, Waterloo, Berlin, widower, s/o Carl & Minnie married Pauline P. WAMBOLD, 41, Hespeler, Berlin, spinster, d/o Abraham & Hannah WAMBOLD, witn: Allen P. SHOEMAKER of Berlin & Lizzie R. WAMBOLD of Breslau, 11 January 1897 in Berlin
014465-97 (Waterloo Co) Roland WEBER, 20, upholsterer, New Hamburg, Bridgeport, s/o Solomon WEBER & Judith MANN? married Anna ALBERT, 20, Bridgeport, Bridgeport, d/o John A. ALBERT & Elizabeth KORMAN?, witn: Henry GLADY & Emilie ALBERT (no residence given), 22 July 1897 in Berlin 014450-97 (Waterloo Co) Jacob Talod WEBER, 33, carpenter, Germany, Berlin, widower, s/o Adam & Maria married Leone Margaret MUELLER, 33, Conestogo, Berlin, spinster, d/o (blank) MUELLER, witn: Jacob SCHNEIDER of Berlin & M. WEINHOLD of (illeg) Co., 1 April 1897 in Berlin
  014491-97 (Waterloo Co) Henry WEENHING, 27, mason, no birth place given, Preston, s/o Charles WEENHING & Mary SCHUITZER married Rosa BRISTLE, 20, no birth place given, Preston, d/o John G. BRISTLE & Christina ARMBUSTER, witn: Frank HAMMEL & Clara HENNING (no residence given), 4 November 1897 in Berlin
14655-97 Ignace WEILER, 23, blacksmith, New Germany, same, s/o Martin & Appolina, married Helen ZETTLE, 22, Waterloo twp., same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Henry ZETTLE & Catherine WEILER, both of New Germany, 29 June 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 14665-97 Clement WEILER, 22, laborer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Valentine & Helene, married Johanna WEILER, 21, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Joseph & Teresa, witn: Charles WEILER & Emma BROHMANN, both of Waterloo twp., 19 Oct 1897 at New Germany (Rom Cath)
014466-97 (Waterloo Co) Johann WENDEL, 26, fireman, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Louis WENDEL & Caroline STOCKFISH married Augusta HAACK, 23, Germany, Waterloo, d/o Julian HAACK & Wilhelmina KIRBEIL, witn: William KUTT & Annie KIRBEIL (Kirbick?), 25 July 1897 in Berlin 014622-97 (Waterloo Co) Heinrich Herman WENDELL, 24, butcher, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Louis WENDELL & Caroline STOCKFISH married Margaretta BINKLE, 20, Baden, Waterloo, d/o Jacob BINKLE & Maria KOEHLER, witn: Walter STOCKFISH & Edith WENDELL both of Waterloo, 20 April 1897 in Waterloo
  014613-97 (Waterloo Co) Joseph WHERSTEIN (s/b WEHRSTEIN), 22, wood worker, Preston, Doon, s/o John & Johanna married Jacobina BLEILER, 21, Preston, Preston, d/o Jacob & Caroline, witn: Gustav BLEILER & Lena WHERSTEIN both of Preston, 2 March 1897 in Preston
014529-97 (Waterloo Co) Ward M. WHITE, 27, yeoman, Leamington, Leamington, s/o John & Susan married Etta SHANTZ, 29, no birth place given, Berlin, d/o Titus & Mary, witn: Austin & Sophia SHANTZ both of Berlin, 1 September 1897 in Berlin 014738-97 (Waterloo Co) Henry W. WIEGAND, 23, farmer, Hullet Twp, Dashwood, s/o Lorenz & Margaret married Lovina WEBER, 23, Heidelberg, Woolwich, d/o John S. WEBER & Lydia ALLENDORF, witn: Aaron & Clara WEBER both of Elmira, 10 March 1897 in Woolwich.
014423-97 (Waterloo Co) Lewis J. WILBUR, 29, painter, St. George, St. George, s/o Charles WILBUR & Rachel WILSON married Elisabeth BATEMAN, 19, South Dumfries, Ayr, d/o John BATEMAN & Hanna BLUMSTONE, witn: Lewis BATEMAN of Blenheim & Martha BATEMAN of Paris Ont., 14 April 1897 in Ayr  
014560-97 (Waterloo Co) Richard WILCOX, 21, gentleman, Beverly Twp, North Dumfries Twp, s/o Rufus (blurry) WILCOX & Roxy WAIT married Edna Bella HUNT, 19, Preston, North Dumfries Twp, d/o George HUNT & Susan SCOTT, witn: Arthur RONALD of Branchton & David CHARLTON of Galt, 22 June 1897 in Galt. 014606-97 Henry WING, 35, merchant, Hay Tp., Shipka Huron Co., s/o William WING & Catherine ROTHERMEL, married Lydia RATZ, 30, Wilmot Tp., New Hamburg, d/o Jacob RATZ & Mary OPFER, witn: Charles SWICKER of Crediton & Emma RATZ of Khiva Huron Co., on June 3, 1897 at New Hamburg. (Evang)
14647-97 John Hewitt? WISMER, 24, blacksmith, Woolwich twp., Blue? - Waterloo twp., s/o Joseph & Charlotte, married Edith KRENPRIEHN, 26, Waterloo twp., Freeport, d/o Charles & Eassie, witn: Lincoln HAGEY & Maria KRAMPIEN (sic), both of Waterloo twp., 17 Feb 1897 at Freeport, Waterloo twp., 14639-97 Isaiah WISMER, 26, farmer, Perth Co., Waterloo twp., s/o John & Nancy, married Ida M. WAMBOLD, 20, Bruce Co., Waterloo twp., d/o Tobias W. & Sarah Ann, witn: James A. WAMBOLD & Mary WEBER, both of Waterloo twp., 12 Jan 1897 at Waterloo twp (Mennonite)
014455-97 (Waterloo Co) John WRAY, 34, carpenter, England, Stratford, s/o George & Sarah married Lydia Ann EBY, 28, Breslau, Berlin, d/o Christian & Catherine, witn: J. W. WIEDERHOLD & Ada P. CLEMENS both of Berlin, 2 June 1897 in Berlin. 014426-97 (Waterloo Co) Michael WUNDER, 27, bricklayer, Petersburg, St. Louis Mo., s/o Michael WUNDER & Mary FRENZEL married Mary MOROWSKI (c/b MURAWSKY), 19, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Paul MOROWSKI & Anne BOJONOWSKI, witn: Jacob WUNDER of Petersburg, Mary DORSCHEL, Martin MURAWSKI & Rose STRAUSS all of Berlin, 7 January 1897 in Berlin
014435-97 (Waterloo Co) Andrew YOUNG, 24, baker, Germany, Berlin, s/o Anthony YOUNG & Louisa UHRICH married Catharine HICKEY, 23, Tavistock, Berlin, d/o Thomas HICKEY & Mary FREY, witn: Thomas HICKEY of Wellesley, Katie LENHART, Charles SCHILL & Josephine HINSCHBERGER all of Berlin, 16 February 1897 in Berlin 014439-97 (Waterloo Co) Edward ZIEGLER, 22, farmer, Heidelberg, Bridgeport, s/o William & Caroline married Ida L. GRESS, 19, Roseville, Roseville, d/o Jacob & Lizzie, witn: Amos & Rachel WEAVER both of Berlin, 24 February 1897 in Berlin.