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Victoria District Marriages, 1839-1845

transcribed from Archives of Ontario microfilm MS 248 Reel 4

Vol 23, Victoria District Marriages, 1839 - 1858

No residences given for any bride or groom.

  Victoria District encompassed the area that became the southern part of Hastings County and included the townships of Lake, Grimsthorpe, Marmora, Madoc, Elzevir, Rawdon, Huntingdon, Hungerford, Sidney, Thurlow and Tyendinaga


Page 4, by Rev. John Reynolds

Alphonzo HOWARD married Fanny PALMER, 19 Feb 1839, witn: Mary & Mary Ann REYNOLDS

William LOVE married Margaret McCARTHY, 17 March 1839, witn: Lenas DEFOE & George FRASER

Hulet MILLER married Mary KELLY, 21 April, witn: James REDICK & Samuel STEVENS

George LONG married Ann VANCOTE (Vancott?), 23 April 1839, witn: Mary REYNOLDS & Hannah BIRD

John Ditter McKOY (McKay?), married Matilda Augusta THOMPSON, 27 June 1839, witn: John HAIRFIELD & Philip LEVICK

Ira FRENCH married Martha RYAN, 29 June 1839, witn: William & Mary Ann REYNOLDS

Joshua CORNELIUS married Mary ATKINS, 28 June 1839, witn: Benson GATCHEL & Mary Ann REYNOLDS

Charles LOTT married Mary Jane GARDNER, 23 July 1839, witn: William FERGUSON & Hiram BARAGER

Jacob Miller BADGELY married Lorenna BADGELY, 23 Oct 1839, witn: George McKENSIE & Samuel BADGELY

William BROWN married Elizabeth COULTER, 18 Nov 1839, witn: James SMITH & Mary REYNOLDS

John SQUIRES married Malissa DENYES, 19 Nov 1839, witn: Edward SQUIRES & Jacob DENYES

Samuel S. PAKE married Sarah O’RILEY, 31 Dec 1839, witn: William HUFFMAN & Cornelius PAKE

John KELLY married Abigal CAVERLY, 23 Jan 1840, witn: Webster WHITE & David LOCKWOOD

Hugh McMULLEN married Tabitha GOLDSMITH, 6 Feb 1839 (could be 1840), witn: Thomas HAGERMAN & Henry GOLDSMITH

James JOHNSTON, married Jane ROBERTSON, 16 July 1839 (could be 1840), witn: Charles & James ROBERTSON


Pages 4 & 6, by George H. Playter

Robert HARDY married Durah SMITH, 6 Oct 1839, witn: Robert A. SPROULE & Kenneth McCASHELL

John SCARF married Mary SCARF, 2 Nov 1839, witn: Joseph SCARF & James McGEE

John O’HARE married Sally McCAFFREY, 18 Dec 1839, witn: John HADY? & William McGEE

John WING married Alice HILL, 7 Jan 1840, witn: Thomas CONN & Joseph HILL

John SLACK married Mary EADY, 4 Jan 1840, witn: Walton SLACK & George EADY

Robert FEATHERSTON, married Elizabeth WHITE, 26 Feb 1840, witn: Joseph BRADLEY & John GRAHAM

Andrew HARKER married Margaret LEARMAN, 13 March 1840, witn: Alexander McGEE & James HARKER

Samuel CALDWELL married Frances MAXWELL, 26 March 1840, witn: James CALDWELL & Johnson BROWN

John TWANLEY (Swanley?), married Rebecca McDONALD, 8 July 1840, witn: Thomas FRASER & Harrison POTTER


Page 6, by Rev. Joseph H. Leonard

William W. YOUNG married Eunice PITMAN, 30 Oct 1839, witn: John SQUIRE & Mariah PITMAN

David L. McCARTHY married Mary Ann THOMAS, 18 Nov 1839, witn: James GARDNER & Ellen WRIGHT

Nicholas PARKS married Erilla BADGELY, 19 Nov 1893, witn: Archibald PARKS & Emeline YAGER

Alpheus B. WOODRED married Elizabeth Ann McKAY, 21 Jan 1840, witn: James & Esther CHRISHOLM

Orren BALDWIN married Magdelin LOYD, 22 Jan 1840, witn: William & Harriet CADMAN

Joseph HOMES married Mary MARTIN, 26 Jan 1840, witn: Peter & Elizabeth HOMES

Archibald PARKS married Risetta BADGELY, 26 Jan 1840, witn: William HAIGHT & Jane ROSS

Jeremiah PARKS married Mary KELLER, 21 July 1840, witn: John KELLER & Rebecca THOMSON


Pages 6 & 8, by Rev. James Ketcham

John MILLER married Electa POTTEY, 15 Feb 1840, witn: Charles GORN & Robert NEILL

Robert DUNCAN married Isabella HALL, 24 Feb 1840, witn: George EASTON & James HUNTER

James BRADSHAW married Elizabeth CARTER, 12 March 1840, witn: Stephen MOLE? & Alexander MAGEE

William L. ROSS married Jane SIMPKINS, 7 April 1840, witn: Gilbert BADGELY & James OSBORN

Henry HEAGLE married Eliza SHARPE, 16? April 1840, witn: James HAR--H? & S. W. ADAM

Sandford SHEARMAN married Margaret SHARP, 16? April 1840, witn: James HAR--H? & S. W. ADAM

Elisha B. STRATTON married Elizabeth CRONK, 28 May 1840, witn: William NEAL & William PANKIN

John HEAGLE married Mary Ann KODE, 11 June 1840, witn: Aaron KODE & Samuel VANDERVOORT

Robert WOOD married Mary REED, 7 July 1840, witn: John WOOD & Nisbet REED

Alexander PLATTER? (ink blot, Retter?), married Elizabeth DEMILL, 14 Oct 1840, witn: Peter B. DEMILL & William REED

John GIBSON married Jane McBRIDE, 23 Oct 1840, witn: John McBRIDE & John MATHER,

Joel E. BRISTOL married Rachel DENYES, 28 Oct 1840, witn: Berry WELLGARD (Wellyard?) & Abraham STIMERS

George CANIFF married Margaret ARMSTRONG, 9 Nov 1840, witn: John CHAMPAIN & Peter MATHER

Aaron H. ROSE married Mary Jane SMITH, 19 Nov 1840, witn: Julius C. BAKER & George M. SMITH

John COULTER married Isabella KEITH, 26 Nov 1840, witn: John ODDIE & John ANDREWS

Caleb MAY married Matilda LA SAGE, 31 Dec 1840, witn: Job LENGHAM & James DOWNIE

John LOTT married Caroline ROSE, 31 Dec 1840, witn: Addi? STICKLE & William ORR


Page 8, by Rev. John Reynolds

Joseph LIBERTY married Mary NEIL, 2 May no year given (probably 1840), witn: Jeremiah REED & William REYNOLDS

Waddus CORNER married Sarah HALSTED, 30 June no year given (probably 1840) , witn: Samuel HALSTED & William CORNER

James BECKET married Matilda FREDERICK, 30 July no year given (probably 1840) , witn: Amos FRY & Warren WOOLEY

Warner SIMMONS married Hannah ALKENBRACK, 14 April no year given (probably 1840), witn: Philip ALKENBRACK & Robert SILL

Herald BRADSHAW married Jerusha KETCHPAW, 14 April no year given (probably 1840), witn: Archibald PARKS & Thomas BRADSHAW

Peter RIKELY married Abigail SHARP, 20 Aug 1840, witn: Francis HEAGLE & Gilbert L. SHARP

James GREENLEAF married Caroline MARSH, 27 Sept no year given (probably 1840), witn: George G. & Sally GREENLEAF

Shubal CLAPP married Mary MARSHALL, 30 Sept no year given (probably 1840), witn: Benjamin CLAPP & Alice McMULLEN

William McMULLEN married Caroline KENPERT?, 6 Oct no year given (probably 1840), witn: Philip LUKE & John POTTER

Samuel ALKENBRACK married Eliza GARRISON, 6 Oct no year given (probably 1840), witn: Garret GARRISON & Philip ALKENBRACK

Courtland S. COON married Catherine KNOWLIN, 15 (13?) Oct no year given (probably 1840), witn: Ballis ROSE & Cornelius KELLY

Andrew LOTT married Eliza MUNN, 21 Oct no year given (probably 1840), witn: John MUNN & Jacob LOTT

John MUNN married Mary Ann WESTFALL, 22 Oct no year given (probably 1840), witn: Jacob LOTT & Wells MUNN

Patrick LEAY married Amanda McTAGGART, 26 Oct no year given (probably 1840), witn: Charles DOWLAN & Philip LEVECK

William WEES married Elizabeth HOWELL, 5 Nov no year given (probably 1840), witn: Mary REYNOLDS & Robert HOWELL

William DARLING married Sarah REED, 19 Nov no year given (probably 1840), witn: William COURTNEY & John WHITE

John KELLY married Abigail CAVERLY, 22 Jan no year given (probably 1840), witn: Webster WHITE & David LOCKWOOD


Page 10, return by Rev. N.B. Howard,

John DURY married Phebe Ann REYNOLDS, July 1840, witn: Isaac BROCK & John McSHEE


Page 10, return by Rev. Joseph LEONARD

Alpheus B. WOODRED married Elizabeth Ann McCOY, 21 Jan 1840, witn: James & Hester CHISHOLM

Orran BALDWIN married Magdalene LOYD, 22 Jan 1840, witn: William & Harriet CADMAN

Joseph HOMES married Mary MARTIN, 26 March 1840, witn: Peter & Elizabeth HOMES

Archibald PARKS married Rosalia BADGELY, 26 May 1840, witn: William HAIGHT & Jane ROSS

Jeremiah PLACE married Mary KELLER, 20 July 1840, witn: John KELLER & Rebecca THOMSON

William HAZELTON married [blank] LAKE, 31 Nov 1840, witn: Silas HEIP (Hess?) & Cinderella REED

Elisha PHILIPS married Isabella PALMER, 29 Dec 1840, witn: John CRELLER & Barbara JONES

John FARNSWORTH married Margaret Ann BARKER, 29 Dec 1840, witn: Samuel OSTROM & Jane McKENSIE


Page 10, return by Rev. George F. Plater

Amos CURTIS married Catherine BRADSHAW, 6 Oct. 1840, witn: William C. SHOREY & Robert MADDEN

Dennis? Steward SOUTER married Ellen LAWRENCE, 10 July 1841, witn: George WILLIAMS & blank LAWRENCE

Harvey HOSKINS married Eliza Ann CARR, 6 Dec 1841, witn: George HOSKINS & John CLARK

Samuel ALLEN married Rachel ADAMS, 24 Dec 1841, wit: Jeremiah VANCHICK & John ALLEN


Page 10, return by Rev. Thomas Webster

blank THOMSON married Maria DYSAH?, 21 Oct. 1841. witn: George BONHAM & John COX

Oliver PETTIT married Sarah Elizabeth WRIGHT, 24 Nov 1841, witn: Frederick C. PICKLE & Alanson PETTIT

Thomas SHAPLEY married Ann SAMPLE, 30 Nov 1841, witn: William D. LLOYD & Thomas LLOYD

Gilbert SHARP married Sarah Ann BAKER, 20 Dec 1841, witn: Andrew SHARP & Henry MITTS

Elisha C. PHILIPS married Catherine McMULLEN, 21 Dec 1841, witn: Henry McMULLEN & Sarah MARSHALL


Page 12, return by Rev. Joseph H. Leonards

Anthon WINSOR married Dolla? LEARN, 3 Jan 1841, witn: Thomas HARRIS & Eliza STEVENS

Isaac MINACKER married Mary VANDEWATERS, 16 Jan 1841, witn: John VANDEWATERS & Phebe MINAKER

Caleb BARNUM married Agnes REID, 2 March 1841, witn: Silas LOUCKS & Loya McCREADY

William McCREY married Lucinda NICKERSON (Vickerson?), 8 March 1841, witn: George W. ROSEL & Mary Ann IRVING

Joel BRISTOL married Rachel DENYS, 17 May 1841, no witnesses given

John McCAULEY married Jane FRENCH, 17 May 1841, witn: Hugh McGENIRN? & Christopher LAFONTAINE

Jacob F. SALISBURY married Rachel MITTS, 13 July 1841, witn: John B. MITTS & Mary SALISBURY

James H. DAVIDSON married Emeline YAGER, 23 June 1841, witn: George W. S. MILLER & Sarah Ann YAGER

Abraham LEARN married Anna RIDER (Kider?), 1 Aug 1841, witn: Roger OLMSTED & Caroline LERON,

Silas HESS married Elizabeth DENTRA, 13 Sept 1841, witn: Wright SHEARMAN & Catherine DEFOE

John PARCELLS married Amarilla ANDERSON, 4 Oct. 1841, witn: George A. PARCLE & Angeline ANDERSON

Elias CHARD married Katherine Sophia WEAVER, 20 Oct. 1841, witn: Peter WEAVER & Mary Ann WEAVER


Page 12, return by Rev. John Reynolds

Allen SARGENT married Maria LANSING, 18 Jan 1841, witn: Peter LANSING & William CADMEN

John SMITH married Hilda BONNESTEEL, 19 Jan 1841, witn: Samuel BONNESTEEL & John VANDERVOORT

John H. THOMPSON married Lyathia MOTT, 20 Jan 1841, witn: James & Mary Ann REYNOLDS

Daniel SPENCER married Jeremiah (sic) McCONNEL, 15 Feb 1841, witn: Ennes SPENCER & Samuel MONONACKER

John C. AIKINS married Sarah CLOSSON, 11 March 1841, witn: James GEDDES & William WEESE

Stephen WASHTRIM (Ostrom?), married Margaret BURTIS, 16 March 1841, witn: Isaac MONOMOCKER & William WAY

Wellington NOBLE married Sida SRAINS, 22 March 1841, witn: witn: John REED & Malinda SIMMONS

Ezra MOLLOY (Mallory?) married Lydia MITCHELL, 26 April 1841, Charles JOHNSON & Mary Ann REYNOLDS

James C. KELLY married Elizabeth LILLIS, 12 May 1841, witn: Joshua SMITH & Jonathan McCARDY

Henry KINDLE married Maria HIND (Mind?), 17 June 1841, witn: Sam? STEVENS & Mary REYNOLDS

Jared J. HANNA married Mary Ann BELNAP, 23 June 1841, witn: Frances SAGER & Jared? CRELLER

Denis (Davis?) VANDERVOORT married Esther HARMAN, 8 Aug 1841, witn: George ROSS & John VANDERVOORT

John W. CANNIFF married Elizabeth GUY, 21 Sept 1841, witn: Jonas CANNIFF & Adam H. FAIRMAN


Page 14, Return by John Reynolds,

Francis HESS married Almira ROSE, 23 Sept 1841, witn: David VANDERVOORT & Frederick KEELER

Hugh McMILLAN married Catherine Ann RUPERT, 23 Sept 1841, witn: Jerome RUPERT & Richard HAIDER

John W. SAGER married Mary Ann HANNA, 13 Oct. 1841, witn: Ephram BARLEY & Ira SHIBLEY

Tobias W. VANDERVOORT married Julia Ann SHARP 4 Nov 1841, witn: James SHERMAN & Peter RIKELY

Preston VANMEAR married Hulda BARDES?, 2 Dec 1841, witn: Thomas SHEAMAN (Sherman?) & Nathaniel VANMEAR

Peter N. FAIRLY married Elizabeth CUNNIFF, 21 Dec 1841, witn: Jacob JONES & Philip CANNIFF


Page 14, return by Vincent Howard

Sidney BEEN married Cynthia HAGERMAN, Feb 1841, witn: Jacob SALISBURY & Matilda MITTS

James ELLIOTT married Lucinda BIRD, Jan 1841, witn: William & Ann BIRD


Page 14, return by Rev. Wellington Jeffers

Robert PAUL married Almira ACKERMAN, 7 Sept 1841, witn: Nelson VANCHEF & Nelson SHERMAN

Asahel HAWLEY married Elizabeth RAY, 13 Sept 1841, no witnesses given

Philip Flaglen CANNIFF married Sarah GILBERT, 7 Feb 1842, witn: John GILBERT & Horace YEOMANS

Robert CLARK married Jane VANCOTT, 17 Feb 1842, witn: Milton HERLIHAN? & Gilbert OSTROM

Oliver WATSON married Rhoda R. APPLEBY, 9 March 1842, witn: Richard JAGER & Nathaniel APPLEBY


Page 14, return by Rev John Black

Joseph HUTCHISON married Sarah Ann MARSH, 20 Jan 1841, witn: David L. DEMOREST & Joseph CUMMINGS


Page 14, return by Rev. Edwy K. Ryerson

(no witnesses, or year of marriage given)

James D. FARLEY married Maria WERDEN, 16 March

James BRANT married Mary Eliza DEMPSEY, 27 Jan

Christopher LA FONTAINE married Catherine ROY, 20 April


Page 16, return by Rev. Michael Davy

Dairs SIMMONS married Lucinda DENYES, 26 April 1842, witn: Daniel B. MITTS & Sabrina VANVOLKINBURG


Page 16, return by Rev. William McCullock (all are 1842)

John DAIRS married Priscilla McCONNELL, 21 Oct, witn: Nelson REDDICK & James McCONNELL

Merick SAWYER married Almyra LYON, 8 Nov, witn: Billa FLINT & Rufus HOLDEN

Nathaniel APPLEBY married Sarah LEWIS, 10 Nov, witn: Thomas D. APPLEBY & Richard SAYER

Daniel CHRYSDALE married Emily RYAN, 17 Nov, witn: Joshua CHRYSDALE & John CRYSDALE (sic)


Page 16, return by Rev. John Reynolds (all are 1842)

Cabra? M. TATTLE (Tuttle?) married Jane DAVIS, 10 Jan 1842, witn: John G. REYNOLDS & Ira SHIBLEY

Joseph HAGLE, married Mary Ann McMULLEN, 18 Jan 1842, witn: George VANDERVOORT & Ira SHIBLEY

John WOODCOCK married Sarah ACA, 27 Feb 1842, witn: Alexander LAPALM & John WOODCOCK Sr.

Isaac WANAMAKER married Mary ARNLTRY?, 24 Feb. 1842, witn: William WAY & Samuel J. CASEY

Israel BADGLEY (Badgely?) married Eliza TAYLOR, 9 May, witn: William G. REYNOLDS & Mary Ann SHEKLY,


Page 16, by Rev. Robert Earl (all are 1842)

Asahel PALMER married Almira FAIRMAN, 20 March, witn: Daniel FAIRMAN & Nelson FAIRMAN

Robert JONES married Caroline SOLMS, 23 July, witn: David & Reuben SOLMES

Jeremiah PRINCE married Sophia PALMER, 15 Sept, witn: Anthony SAMPLE & James WIGGINS

Thomas PAFFORD married Martha BONE, 24 Oct, witn: Daniel HILSON (Helsey?) & James PALMER

Duncan M. CHURCH married Margaret SHYERS, 13 Dec, witn: James NICKSONARD & John ROMBOUGH


Page 16, return by John Black

William EWING married Maria ROGERS, 29 Aug 1842 , witn: Robert K. PERRY & Simon McBRIAN


Page 18, return by Rev. Thomas Webster

Philip ALKENBRACK married Sophia HAIGHT, 11 Jan 1842, witn: Leonard ALKENBRACK & Alexander LANSING

Peter SHARP married Mary Jane BOULEY, 25 Jan 1842, witn: James & Hester CHISHOLM

Thomas M. BELL married Harriet Louisa TURNEY, 7 Feb 1842, witn: Philip ROBLIN & Elizabeth BARRAGER

William BRADSHAW married Diana CARTER, 24 Feb 1842, witn: Thomas & Edward CARTER

John J. SMITH married Mary WALKER, 25 April 1842, witn: Richard HARDEN & Deborah HARDEN

George Whitefield FRALICK married Rachel LOCKWOOD, 19 July 1842, witn: David LOCKWOOD & Caroline VANDEWATERS

Archibald PALMER married Elizabeth HARRISON, 31 July 1842, witn: Henry O’BRIEN & Lauren OLMSTED

John Wily WOOD married Eliza Jane SQUIRES, 2 Aug 1842, witn: Ambrose WOOD & Charles WOOD

Delos HAM married Mary CASEY, 20 Nov 1842, witn: Ira HAM & Phebe McTAGGERT

James Thomas FAIRMAN married Sarah Jane BAILEY, 1 Dec 1842, witn: George HULL & Elizabeth FAIRMAN


Page 18, return by Rev. Gideon Shepard [no year given, probably 1842]

Steven SPRAGUE married Patience THOMSON, 5 June, witn: William FOSTER & James GARDINER

Abram SCHOLARS married Caroline BADGELY, 28 April, witn: Shuhal CLAPP & Nicholas PARK

John A. RIDER married Elsy LENNOX, 29 Sept, witn: Abraham LERON & Hugh MORRISON (or Marrosin)

Jacob EATON married Fanny TRIPP, 2 Oct, witn: Samuel TRIPP & William LANSING

James GORDON married Elizabeth SCHISON, 5 Dec, witn: Elizabeth VANCE

George HAGERTY married Elizabeth MORGAN, 13 Dec, witn: William MORGAN, Mary Ann COGHLIN & John McTEER (Insteer?)


Page 18, return by Rev. George Playter [no year given, probably 1842]

William HAGERMAN married Gatrey KETCHESON, 5 Jan, witn: William KETCHESON & James JOHNSTON

John BACON married Susan RIMMINGTON, 23 Jan, witn: John KETCHESON & James JOHNSTON

James GARRISON married Julia Ann THRASHER, 8 March, witn: Asa PRINDALL & Calen GARRISON

Thomas BRYAN married Catherine HAGGARD, 20 March, witn: Richard HAGGERT (sic) & Ann CURTIS


Page 18, return by Rev. Wellington Jeffers [no year given, probably 1842]

John PATERSON married Jane CAVERLY, 22 Sept, witn: John & Peter KETCHESON

Solomon PARKS married Rika BADGELY, 27 Oct, witn: Robert & William BLAKELY

James ROBINSON married Elizabeth NICHOLL, 27 Oct, witn: James HAMILTON & James HOWE

John P. ELLIOTT married Emily FOX, 8 Nov, witn: Gilbert BLEECHER & William HARRISON

Henry OSTROM married Harriet FOSTER, 17 Nov, witn: Joseph C. FOSTER & Isaac R. OSTROM


Page 20, return by Rev. Benson Smith

Ira SHIBLEY married Mary Ann REYNOLDS, 25 May 1842, witn: Charles SHIBLEY & Ann FOWLER


Page 20, return by Rev. John Reynolds [no year given, probably 1842]

William C. WAY married Esther Ann HARRIS, 2 Oct, witn: George R. WAY & William G. REYNOLDS

Samuel H. McCOY married Nancy EASTMAN, 23 Oct, witn: Alpheus WOODARD & John WEEKS

Eli LEFSCANTES?, married Catherine FRENCH, 6 Nov, witn: Enos SPENCER & William BROMES?

Leonard ALKENBRAK married Nancy GARRISON, 8 March, witn: Warren SIMMONS & Philip ALKENBRACK (sic)

Daniel RIDDEN married Jane Ann DENEYS (Denyes?), 14 March, witn: John SQUIRES & Samuel HALET

Benjamin CLAPP married Catherine CAUGHT (Caight?), 4 March, witn: Manuel ROSS & John HUFFMAN

Walter M. TUTTLE married Mary Ann DAWES, 25 April, witn: George TUTTLE & Mrs. DAWES

Eliza CROSS married Martha JONES, 30 July, witn: David JONES & William G. REYNOLDS

David SMITH married Lavina CORNELL, 4 Sept, witn: Enos SPENCER & Richard A. WOODCOCK

Russel PITMAN married Martha BROWN, 27 Sept, witn: James VINCENT & William PAROW?


Page 20, return by Rev. William McCullogh [no year given, probably 1842]

George RODDICK married Nancy WAY, 5 Jan, witn: John MAYHER & Henry COLEMAN

John PALMER married Elizabeth WANAMAKER, 14 March, witn: B. WILLARD & Levi BRACKMAN

John COULTER married Lilly EMARD, 20 April, witn: C. V. BOGERT & Edward FIRNAND


Page 20, return by Rev. Michael Davy [no year given, probably 1842]

Nelson JERMAN (German?) married Emily Jane BUINK, 14 Feb, witn: Levi (Louis?) APPLEBY & Catherine PARKS


Page 20, return by Rev. Thomas Webster [no year given, probably 1842]

Peter ARKLES married Warneta BEADLE, 3 Jan, witn: Jacob BELL & Sarah Ann ARKLES

Joseph WATSON married Mary OUTWATERS, 26 Jan, witn: John WATSON & Magdala SHARP

Jerome REUPART (Rupert?), married Eliza Ann LENECK (Leveck?), 13 April, witn: William THOMSON & & James VANDERVOORT

Johnson MARSH married Lydia BROSELL, 9 May, witn: Ali R. SCATE & Minerva SCATE

Frederick C. ROHLE married Priscilla BELL, 23 May, witn: Mathew COON & Mary RICE


Page 22, return by ? (could be continuation of previous page)

Lyman DEFOE married Jane RICHARDSON, 1 June, witn: Albert HINDS & Fanny RICHARDSON

William SHARP married Susan FOLTER (Foster?), 1 June, witn: James SHARP & Tobias M. VANDERVOORT

James LAGO (Sago?) married Jane Ann GILKES (Gilbert?), 8 June, witn: Philip ROBLIN (Robbin?) & Clarissa M. GILBERT

John Jacob BELL married Sarah Ann ARKLES, 8 June, witn: Robert ARKLES & Catherine McTAGGERT


Page 22, return by Rev. Robert Earl

Jacob SILLS married Barbara JONES, 14 Feb, witn: John FREDERICK & Benjamin JONES


Page 22, return by Rev. John Douse [no year given]

Peter PRESTON married Eliza HALSTEED, 28 Feb, witn: James A. ARMSTRONG & Robert FANSWORTH

John H. HUGHS married Ellen MOORE, 17 March, witn: John JACKSON, Peter MOORE & Ann MOORE

James C. FAIRMAN married Caroline SMITH, 4 April, witn: Peter VANHORNG & Mary Ann SLEEPER,

Gilbert LATTA married Margaret O’DONNELL, 13 June, witn: Charles HARPER & Elizabeth HARPER

John FOSTER married Anna MAXWELL, 13 July, witn: John MAXWELL, Edward FOSTER & Isabella VANCE

John James SIAZDZAN? married Amanda SALIRUSH?, 24 July, witn: William & Jane BLEECKER

Samuel PETERSON married Barbara CAMPBELL, 9 Aug, witn: Walter POWERS, Sally REED & Peter WOODCOCK

William John GIBBONS married Martha WADDINGTON, 17 Aug, witn: John ANDREW & John KINGYES?

Robert EMMERSON married Margaret ROBINSON, 28 Aug, witn: Henry EMMERSON, Margaret ROBINSON & James NELSON

James PALMER married Ann WICKET, 26 Sept, witn: James WICKETT & Jane REYNOLDS

William GRAHAM married Susan BIRD, 31 Oct, witn: Hugh STUART & Jehiel OSBORNE

Christopher TRUILL married Margaret Ring DUNLOP?, 13 Nov, witn: William MORGAN, Elizabeth SIMPSON & Joseph KEITH


Page 22, return by Rev. Wellington Jeffers [no year given]

Abraham EAGER married Harriet O’HARA, 16 Feb, witn: John HOLMES & Martin RIGGS

George R. SMITH married Margaret BRADSHAW, 16 Feb, witn: Eliza ELIS & Jephtha BRADSHAW

Samuel BACON married Rika Ann REMINGTON, 17 March, witn: Joseph HUGGARD & Ben LLOYD

John WILKS married Mary WINTERS, 17 March, witn: Alexander FOSTER & Robert BLAKELY

Peter G. CAVERLY married Mary Ann TROME (Jerome?), 22 March, witn: Moses CAVERLY & Daniel WOODS,

John W. YOUMANS married Tabitha FARLEY, 25 May, witn: James G. FARLEY & Adleh? JOHNSON

Lanson BRAGGS married Miranda LENNOX, 31 Aug, witn: Nichol FAWCETT & John LOTHROP

James ALLEN married Rachel BROWN, 15 April, witn: Thomas ALLEN & Hugh COOPER

Jacob FINCH married Laura SMITH, 16 Sept, witn: Robert H. SHARP & Gilbert BONNISTEEL

James C. OSTROM married Mary G. BENNS, 15 Sept, witn: Trueman REDDINGTON & Gideon SPENCER,


Page 24, return by Rev. Thomas Webster,

Solomon CROSSLEY married Nancy JENINGS (Lenings?), 20 Aug 1843, witn: Johnson MARSH & Leyden MARSH

James MILES married Jane DIAMOND, 23 Aug 1843, witn: Daniel MILES & Sarah DIMOND (sic),

Thomas HALLGATE (Hollgate?) married Elenor WRIGHT, 23 Aug 1843, witn: Harriet LOCKWOOD & Margaret HALLGATE

Philo SMITH, married Mary Ann SIMMONS, 7 Nov 1843, witn: Oliver J. & Belinda RUGG

William THOMPSON married Catherine SMITH, 6 Nov 1843, witn: John S. DAVIDSON & Elizabeth THOMPSON

James JOHNSON married Rachel JONES, 19 Dec 1843, witn: Francis HAGLE & Elizabeth OUTWATERS

Peter McTAGGERT married Mary Ann HAIGHT, 15 Jan 1844, witn: Peter GORDON & Phoebe McTAGGERT

Andrew RIKELY, married Rabeckah (Mahalah?) HUYCK, 20 Feb 1844, witn: Isaac HUYCK & Mary RIKELY

Henry Gilbert ORSON (Orser?), married Asenath POST, 27 Feb 1844, witn: Jonathan MIRANT? & Catherine POST

Andrew LEDDIE married Eliza CLAPP, 2 April 1844, witn: Thomas & Emily CLAPP

Henry LISLE? (Lall?) married Maria ORR, 30 April 1844, witn: G.W. MEYERS & James NAISH (Marsh?)

Edward SPEERS married Charlotte FULLER, 4 June 1844, witn: Ira FULLER & Lydia CLARK

Archibald ROSS married Sarah MARSHALL, 7 June 1844, witn: George ROSS & James GILBERT

John McMULLEN married Martha BAILIE?, 4 Aug 1844, witn: Frederick PARKE & Zyecharia WHEELER


Page 24, return by Rev. Wellington Jeffers

Lanson BRIGGS (Braggs?) married Miranda LENNOX, 31 Aug 1843, witn: Rev. N. FAWCETT & John LATROPP

Jacob FINCH married Laura SMITH, 5 Sept 1843, witn: Robert H. SHARPE & Gilbert BONNESTEEL

James C. OSTROME married Mary Jane BENNS, 19 Sept 1843, witn: Trueman RUDDINGTON & Gideon SPENCER

James ALLEN married Rachel BROWN, 13 April 1843, witn: Thomas ALLEN & Hugh COOPER

William THRASHER, married Abigail QUINN, 5 Dec 1843, witn: Amos PARK & Charles GARRISON

Nelson SHARP married Catherine MERRITT, 13 Dec 1843, witn: Peter MERRITT & William RAY

John BROAD married Mary Ann HOBSON, 21 Dec 1843, witn: Joshua BRADSHAW & Thomas MURPHY

Benjamin HAGERMAN married Matilda RITCHISON, 6 Jan 1844, witn: William HAGGERMAN (sic) & Elias C. RITCHISON

John GORDONIER married Eleanor PHILIPS, 12 March 1844, witn: William B. PHILLPS & James J. PHILLIPS [surname spelled 3 different ways]


Page 24, return by Rev. Robert Earl,

Lyman GARRISON married Eliza MERRITT, 8 Sept 1843, witn: Archibald PARKS & William BADGLEY

Benjamin JONES married Jane McKENSIE, 26 March 1844, witn: Philip GLOVER & David JONES


Page 26, return by Rev. Michael Davy

Solomon CRONK married Hannah WESSELL, 3 Oct. 1843, witn: David C. WALDREN & Rebecca WESSELL

John ANDERSON married Elizabeth ABBOTT, 26 march 1844, witn: Ralph ABBOTT & Jerusha HUGHS

John WARNER married Harriet MARDEN, 30 April 1844, witn: Benjamin MARDEN & Elizabeth WARNER


Page 26, return by Rev. Thomas Webster

George V.M. RELYEA married Laura SELDEN, 15 Oct. 1844, witn: Sidney W. SOLES & Peter GARDEN

Peter GARDEN married Louisa SELDEN, 6 Nov 1844, witn: G.V.N. RELYA & F. SELDEN


Page 26, return by John Doudes?

James P. REEVES married Louisa SMITH, 5 Dec 1843, witn: Francis CLARK, Sarah Ann CLARK & R.M. CLARK

William BIRD married Mary ELLIOTT, 22 April 1844, witn: James BIRD, John BIRD & Stephen BIRD

Christopher BOWES married Jane ROSS, 12 May 1844, witn: Thomas DENNISON, Eliza ROSS & Nathan JONES

Charles S. GARNESS married Mary Ann VINE, 8 June 1844, witn: William WATE, Quill? DICKENS & Allen PETRIE

James REED married Mehannah BORNELL, 23 Nov 1844, witn: Robert FARNSWORTH & Mary Ann BORNELL (Bowell?)


Page 26, return by Rev. J. N. D. West

Archibald RUPERT married Malissa THOMAS, 18 Feb 1844, witn: James JACKSON & Alonza ELIS

Samuel SEEKER married Lucy Caroline DELINBACK, 3 Jan 1844, witn: John SEEKER & Philip H. DELINBACK

William Henry MITTS married Catherine MOON, 12 March 1844, witn: Levina WOOD & Lyman WOOD

David BARRET married Eri BROOKS, 13 March 1844, witn: Silas? MITTS & James HETT

James PHILIPS married Deborah YOUKER (Yonker?), 1 June 1844, witn: Daniel PHILIPS & Mary BLAKELY


Page 28, return by Rev. William McCullogh

Sidney WAY married Eliza Jane FAIRMAN, 13 Nov 1843, witn: John P. MARDEN & John WATSON

Henry LYON married Malisa Ann KETCHESON, 20 Nov 1843, witn: Menceh SAWYERS & Samuel LYON

George HACE? married Emily CHISHOLM, 25 Dec 1843, witn: William HACE? & Colin CHISHOLM

John SEXSMITH married Eliza ROBINSON, 4 Jan 1844, witn: James J. ROBINSON & David O. SEXSMITH

John COLLIER married Margaret PALEN, 12 Jan 1844, witn: John CANNIFF & W. SCOTT

David O. SEXSMITH married Eliza Ann McKENN, 23 Jan 1844, witn: Lewis BEEMAN & M. McKENN

Henry MAYNES married Eliza WEST, 12 Feb 1844, witn: William TRUMPER & William MAYNES

Allen CANNIFF married Laraince MAYNES, 12 Feb 1844, witn: Allen CATON & W. McAMMOND

James B. WHITE married Ann WATT (Wate?), 26 Feb 1844, witn: John P. MARDEN & Robert JONES

John THOMSON married Fanny A. POTTER, 13 May 1844, witn: John P. MORDEN & Philip CLAPP

Hannibal LUGG (Legg?) married Mary HARRY, 21 May 1844, witn: John HARRY & William JONES

Philip CLAPP married Ruth THOMSON, 22 May 1844, witn: John THOMSON & H.S. THOMPSON (sic)

Philip CLAUS married Emma POST, 28 may 1844, witn: John P. MAREN & P. POST

William REED married Eliza REED, 17 June 1844, witn: Gilbert BOGERT & Solomon REED


Page 30, return by E. (or M?) Ryerson

Elisha WESLEY married Margaret ATKINS, 18 July 1838

John CHRISHOLM (Chisholm?) married Ann HOPKINS, 29 July 1838

John KILGARE (Kilgore?) married Antha BANNEY, 27 Aug 1838

Samuel S. FARLEY married Esther JONES, 14 Jan 1840

Alexander M. MARGRACK married Margaret HORNE, 27 Aug 1839

John G. ROSS (Reaps?) married Elizabeth CANNIFF, 10 Jan 1840

Joseph LAX married Ann BIRD, 17 Jan 1840

George F. PLAYTER married Mary ROSS, 31 Jan 1840

John REED married Lydia OSTERHOUT, 8 March 1840

George FINKLE married Maria RAY, 12? March 1840

James NOSWORTHY married Harriet C. FURNIVAL, 17 March 1840

William HOPKINS married Eliza CARSCALLAN, 30 April 1840

Isaac KEERES? married Jane McBRIDE, 20 may 1840

Johnson MAYBE married Druevys? Mary Jane DEACON, 27 Aug 1840

William NEALS married Mary WATTS (Wates?), 6 Oct. 1840

Thomas PEAK married Mary REED, 7 Oct. 1840

Thomas HASSERMAN married Dorothy CLAPP, 15 Oct. 1840

Hiram VAN COTE married Catherine McBRIDE, 11 Nov 1840

Patrick BIRD married Catherine CRAGG, 18 Nov 1840

John W. WAGER married Louisa N. HILDUTTE, 16 March 1841

James D. FARLEY married Maria WARDEN, 16 March 1841

James BRIANT married Mary Elizabeth DEMPSEY, 27 Jan 1841

Christopher LA FONTAINE married Catherine ROY, 20 April 1841


Page 30, return by Rev. John Reynolds

Alexander NICHOLSON married Mary JOHNSON, 15 Dec 1844, witn: Daniel DAVIS & Daniel D. HONEYWELL

Andrew OLIVER married Electy NUGENT, 15 Dec 1844, witn: John GRAHAM & Hiram VAN COTE

Cornelius LAWRENCE married Caroline WHITE, 26 Feb 1845, witn: Franklin WHITE & William H. YAGER

Franklin WHITE married Joanna YATES, 26 Feb 1845, witn: Lewis DAVIS & Cornelius LAWRENCE

Lewis DAVIS married Eliza Ann YATES, 9 April 1845, witn: Benjamin JONES & Webster WHITE

Henry MILLER married Sarah Malissa VANDEWATERS, 23 April 1845, witn: Henry VANDEWATERS & Stephen G. CHISHOLM

Haram SIEZICKS? married Sarah VANDEWATERS, 23 April 1845, witn: George FAIRMAN & Sylvester FAULKNER

Joseph LA FONTAINE married Ellenor OUTWATER, 11 June 1845, witn: Samuel WARD & William LA FONTAINE

Alphonzo HOWARD married Mary Ann WESTON, 28 July 1845, witn: Samuel STEVENS & Stephen GOLDSMITH

Abraham? BOWAN married Mary DASY (Davy?), 8 Oct. 1845

William ROGERS married Sarah REED, 28 Oct. 1845, witn: William ROGERS & Ephraim ROGERS

George CARD married Samantha OSTROM, 24 Nov 1845, witn: John HARDEN & Garret SMITH


Page 32, return by John Sanderson

Benjamin REED married Mary ASHLEY, 7 July 1844, witn: Ketcheson REED & Caroline ASHLEY

Silvennius MacCONNELL married Hanna Loize LANNING, 18 Feb 1845, witn: Samuel LADOW & George SANDERSON


Page 32, return by Thomas Isaac Hodgson

Henry S. EGGLESTON married Elizabeth WASHBURN, 6 May 1845, witn: S.W. WASHBURN & W.R. BURNHAM

Archibald COOPER married Martha BROWN, 10 May 1845, witn: Russel HOLDEN & Francis McKOY

George Watson WRIGHT married Emeline A. TAYLOR, married 23 Dec 1845, witn: Thomas TAYLOR & Marshall R. ROBLIN


Page 32, return by Rev. Henry Lane

John FRY married Almira DIAMOND, 3 June 1845, witn: Jacob LOYD & Ashford DIAMOND

Peter SHARP married Mary Elizabeth FRY, 4 June 1845, witn: Frederick FRY & Lovina FRY

Samuel Allen WAY married Matilda PROVOST, 10 June 1845, witn: Jacob KIMMERLY & Henry FOX

Charles FURGISON (Ferguson?) married Orrenda REDDEN, 17 June 1845, witn: Amos KETCHESON & Sarah HUNTLEY

Jezekiel DEGROFF married Anna Dawson LOYNS, 12 Aug 1845, witn: George DEGROFF & George LOYNS

Samuel HARTON married Sally Maria DIAMOND, 27 Aug 1845, witn: George FRY & Elijah SEARLES

William BETTIS married Sarah Phebe FURGUSON (Ferguson?), 23 Sept 1845, witn: Uriah? STREETER & Richard SIMMONS

Edward BUSH married Adaline Faman? BAKER, 28 Jan 1846, witn: James RUTLEDGE & Gilbert SHARP

John BIRD married Almira HARTON, 1 April 1846, witn: George CASEY & Mary Ann SARLES

Samuel WOODCOCK married Anna LINDSAY, 22 April 1846, witn: William & Catherine CORNEL


Page 34, return by Rev. John Reynolds

John SHARP married Mary Ann KELLY, 13 Jan 1846, witn: William G. REYNOLDS & Thomas STEVENS

Benjamin PALMER married Margaret Ann THRASER, 19 Jan 1846, witn: William MARTIN & Andrew HYSLOP

John MARTIN married Rachel SIMKINS, 3 Feb. 1846, witn: Francis KIMERLY & John HARRIS

Joseph M. FLOWER married Sarah Ann SMITH, 4 Feb 1846, witn: E.C. BRUCEY & Albert L. SMITH

William P. COOK married Eliza CLARK, 17 Feb 1846, witn: Daniel TAYLOR & Robert CLARK

James PURDY married Mary STRONG, 7 March 1846, witn: Benjamin HAZELTON & Mary GILBERT

Joseph LANGDON married Martha WAY, 12 May 1846, witn: Richard PURDY & Mary GILBERT

Harmonius FOX married Agnes ROBERTSON, 24 March 1846, witn: George WAY & William. H. BURTIS

Henry VANDERWATERS married Margaret Ann MARSHALL, 21 April 1846, witn: John ROBERTSON & Stephen ROBERTSON

Denyes CLINCH married Catherine RUTTER, 11 Sept 1846, witn: Thomas JONES & Philip VANDERWATERS

Benjamin SIMONS married Harriet CANIHEL, 14 Sept 1846, witn: Mary REYNOLDS & Mary GILBERT

Stephen FITCH married Mary WELSH, 29 Sept 1846, witn: Joseph FITCH & Stephen HUMBOLD


Page 34, return by Rev William Ford

Julius Cesar BAKER married Lucinda SMITH, 9 Nov 1845, witn; Guy BAKER & Aaron ROSE

Daniel COURT married Ann Power (Powes?) DEGRAFF, 29 Dec 1845, witn: Wilson COMMONS & David SIMMONS

Charles VANKOUGHNET married Elizabeth Jane COLWELL, 17 Feb 1846, witn: Mathew COON & Sarah Ann ROSE

Silvester McKEE married Elizabeth THRASHER, 2 April 1846, witn: Norris PHILLIPS & Diana? RUPERT

Norris PHILLIPS married Diana RUPERT, 2 June 1846, witn: Lawrence SHARP & Reuben SCOTT

Henry J. OSTERHOUT married Mary ROBINSON, 13 July 1846, witn: William OSTERHOUT & Hannah RIGHT

John Alexander VANDEWATER married Margaret Melina BRADSHAW, 23 Sept 1846, witn: James HESS & Malisa PARKER

Israel D. HENDRICK married Margaret GORDON, 22 Dec 1846, witn: G.E. BULL & S.S. BONTER

John HAZLEP married Jane PATTERSON, 23 Dec 1846, witn: Moses NOTTRIP & Peter BARTLETT

Alexander IRENITT (Jennet?) married Mary NOLES (Nobes?), 24 Dec 1846, witn: Joseph LOCKWOOD & Hannah LOCKWOOD


Page 36, return by Rev. Henry Lanton

Thomas CLARK married Ruth COOK, 16 June 1845, witn: Benjamin PASHLEY & Anna LAYTON & Mary TOWNSEND

William TAYLOR married Abigail Ann CARSCALLAN, 19 June 1845, witn: James CARSCALLAN, Gilbert TAYLOR & Mary CARSCALLAN

Thomas GAY married Rebecca EGGLETON, 9 July 1845, witn: James GAY, David EGGLETON & William KINGSTON

David HOUSTON married Rhoda WILLIAMS, 5 Dec 1845, witn: Samuel WILLIAMS, Amos PROCTER & M. Ann COVERT

James BARNES married Anna Maria CANNIFF, 4 Jan 1846, witn: David CANNIFF, Catherine CANNIFF & Joseph CANNIFF

Charles WAIT married Mary DEMILL, 6 Feb 1846, witn: Isaac DEMILL, William H. BOHHN? & Harriet JONES

William Henry KETCHEPAW married Elizabeth Augusta CANNIFF, 15 Feb 1846, witn: James BARNES, Catherine SIMPSON & V. LANTON

Ketcheson REID married Elizabeth GEAR, 2 Feb 1846, witn: Hubbard FAULKNER, Phebe Jane Silvester FAULKNER & Mary FAULKNER

Carlton McCARTNEY married Elenor MARTIN, 18 March 1846, witn: Thomas MARTIN, Catherine Ann MARTIN & William SPOFFARD


Page 36 & 38, return by Cyrus R. Allison

James FOSTER married Hannah WOOD, 13 July 1845, witn: John FOSTER & John IRVINE

Joseph CARD married Catherine BOSE, 15 July 1845, witn: Elijah CAVERLY & Daniel ROSE

Caleb L. WILLIAMS married Mary A. AIKINS, 2 Oct. 1845, witn: Peter D. AIKINS & Jacob H. GORMAN?

Daniel WELSHIAN? married Elizabeth BATSTONE, 20 Oct. 1845, witn: Allen J. KETCHESON & David R. KETCHESON

Elias KETCHESON married Henrietta CHISHOLM, 28 Oct. 1845, witn: Allen J. KETCHESON & David R. KETCHESON

Walter KETCHESON married Sarah A. BLAKENY, 12 Jan 1846, witn: Eve ALLISON & Phebe J. ALLISON

William VERMILYEA married Hannah PRESTON, 21 Jan 1846, witn: Phebe J. ALLISON & David BENEDICT

James BIRD married Elizabeth GILKIN, 17 Feb 1846, witn: William WALLS & William BIRD

Joseph R. GRANT married Dorothea LOYD, 22 Feb 1846, witn: Adam LOYD & Samuel ALKENBRACK

James VANDERVOORT married Nancy A. CROUTER, 24 Feb 1846, witn: Jacob GERMIN & Henry HESS

Abraham TOMKINS married Margaret HARRIS, 24 Feb 1846, witn: Stephen HAMLIN & Phoebe HAMLIN

Henry ROBINSON married Elizabeth KETCHESON, 21 April 1846, witn: William H. MONTSPEL & Amos KETCHESON

William BROWNSON married Mary A. BADGLEY, 23 Nov 1846, witn; William d. FERGUSON & Comfort DELONG

William Dougall HARTE married Almira COMER, 30 Nov 1846, witn: James WEST & Noble ROSE

Daniel McHAGERMAN (Daniel M. HAGERMAN?) married Hester SHOREY, 24 Dec 1846, witn: Jacob E. VANDERVOORT & Henry HESS

Robert SHARP married Mary E. GAREY, 30 Dec 1846, witn: William GAREY & James SHARP

Mathew COONS married Sarah A. ROSE, 17 Feb 1847, witn: George FULTON & Henry ROSE

Henry FINKLE married Clarissa GILBERT, 24 Feb 1847, witn: Abel R. GILBERT & Caleb GILBERT

Robert JOHNSON married Mary J. JOHNSON, 11 March 1847, witn: Charles JOHNSON & John JOHNSON

Andrew GLASS married Anna HASKINS, 13 April 1847, witn: Nelson HASKINS & Caroline GLASS

John CARLTON married Dorothy WEST, 2 May 1847, witn: Miles CATON & James CARLTON

Peter PRESTON married Sarah COMSTOCK, 24 May 1847, witn: Benjamin PRESTON & Phoebe PRESTON


Page 38, return by Gideon Shepard

Peter SMITH married Mary Ann Elizabeth PELKEY, 12 June 1847, witn: Henry H. SMITH & Leonard BROWN


Page 38, return by Rev. John Williams

James ELLIS married Maria Jane JOHNSON, 4 Oct. 1845, witn: John JOHNSON & Samuel HUSTON?

James SMITH married Delilah PERRY, 28 Oct. 1845, witn: Caleb PERRY & Daniel McMULLEN

Orren BAXTER married Catherine BENN, 5 Nov 1845, witn: James BENN & William VAN TASSEL

James TYER married Mahala READ, 22 Nov 1845, witn: William READ & John PURDY

Robert ANDERSON married Diana OUDERIRK, 5 Jan 1846, witn: Charles ANDERSON & Richard SCOUTON

John NARGON? (Wargon?) married Jane KINGSTON, 7 Jan 1846, witn: William KINGSTON & James GAY


Page 38, return by Rev. J. Howard

James DANFORD married Mary Ann BARLOW, 2 Aug 1845, witn: Mary HOWARD & Mary DOLAN

William M. COOK married Susanna CLARK, 12 Sept 1845, witn: Abram FROST & Sarah CLARK

Thomas ARMSTRONG married Harriet Maria FRY, 7 Oct. 1845, witn: Samuel LYONS & John FRY


Page 40, return by Rev. J.B. Howard

William C. WALBRIDGE married Mary Ann VANDERVOORT, 15 Oct. 1845, witn: M. & William VANDERVOORT

Jacob HOWELL married Amarilla VANCATE, 3 Nov 1845, witn: Milton WILLIAMS & Perry COOK

James L. HILL married Phebe Ann ROBLIN, 2 Dec 1845, witn: John FAIRMAN & James LAZIER,

William McMASTER married Elizabeth FINKLE, 23 Dec 1845, witn: John FINKLE & Abel FINKLE

Amos E. PROCTOR married Mary Ann COVERT, 25 Jan 1846, witn: John COVER & Catherine COVERT

Robert SMITH married Eliza Sarah BLAKELY, 13 Feb. 1846, witn: Maria HOWARD & Alford FOSTER

George R. GERMAN married Polly STRANTON, 16 Feb 1846, witn: James R. SPENCER & Eliza STRANTON

William CROSS (Cruss?) married Cloe HALSTED, 24 Feb 1846, witn: Stephen HALSTED & Deborah MOTT

William H. ROBLIN married Sarah Ann SPRAGUE, 5 March 1846, witn: Jacob ROBLIN & Nancy SPRAGUE

John J. FINKLE married Mary Ann SHAW, 9 March 1846, witn: William McMASTER & Abel FINKLE

Josiah C. SMITH married Ann O. CANILLE, 11 March 1846, witn: King BARTON & John ELVIN

Gordon D. GERMAN married Amelia H. EARLE, 28 March 1846, witn: Mathew GERMAN & Ann GERMAN

George M. SMITH married Margaret ROSE, 7 May 1846, witn: Henry ROSE & Rachel VANDERVOORT


Page 40, return by Rev. Stephen Miles

Wilfred FOSTER married Ann Jane SMITH, 5 Oct. 1845, witn: Robert BLAKELY & James NICKLE

Thomas WILEY married Anna Maria BLAKELY, 31 Oct. 1845, witn: William BROWN & Robert BLAKELY

Robert BAKER married Caroline REYNOLDS, 29 Dec 1845, witn: Joseph LEGGETT & John DERRY

Richard HAGGERD married Rachel SMITH, 4 Jan 1846, witn: P.L. GUFFIN (Griffin?) & George JACKSON

Alexander McCOY married Ann IRVINE, 22 Jan 1846, witn: William McDALE & Em BLAIR

Levi VAN CLECK married Matilda HARRIS, 12 Jan? 1846, witn: Thomas HARRIS & Barnabas VAN CLECK

William BLAIR married Elizabeth Ann MILES (Hiles?), 9 June 1846, witn: James MAIRS & Alexander ALLEN

John BLAIR married Melisa BRADSHAW, 6 Aug 1846, witn: Charles H. DAVIS & Hugh COOPER

Cornelius LENOX (Lennox?) married Lilly Ann EMBURY, 2 Sept 1846, witn: James LENOX & F. BRAGG

Edward MARENCY married Eliza Jane SMITH, 24 Sept 1846, witn: David (Daniel?) BRADSHAW & A. Silas MILES


Page 42, return by Rev. J.N.D. West

Gabriel BROWN married Sarah BAILEY, 14 Jan 1846, witn: Samuel LUCUS & Warren WESLEY

David HARTIN married Mary Ann McDONALD, 10 Sept 1846, witn: Ralph P. ABBOTT & Elias SPENCER


Page 42, return by Rev. John Anderson

Rodney (Roderey?) ELMER married Mary Ann WALKER, 14 Sept 1846, witn: William & Maria CARLETON


Page 42, return by Rev. Henry LANE

Hiram TUTTLE? married Sarah DUFFIE, 8 June 1846, witn: Marquis D.L. AGER & Alford RIGGS

Philip GODPHREY (Godfrey?) married Sarah AKEY, 25 Aug 1846, witn: John WOODCOCK & George BECKWITH

David GORDONIER married Caroline CONLY, 1 Sept 1846, witn: Henry SIMMONS & John LUKE

John PROVOST married Maria MICHUM?, 30 Dec 1846, witn: Richard LYMAN & James SHEFFIELD

Henry ROSS married Maria SHEFFIELD, 7 April 1847, witn: James SHEFFIELD & Allen ROSS

William FOWLER (Foster?) married Zilpha JOHNSON, 20 April 1847, witn: James GILLET & Robert MULLIGAN


Page 42, return by Rev. Henry Lanton

James WICKETT married Eliza CHENERY, 24 Sept 1846, witn: James WOODLEY, Mary ALEXANDER & Annie LANTON

Peter HENDERSON married Jane KYRIE, 18 Sept 1846, witn: Robert BELL, Janet KYRIE & Samuel BARKER

Thomas EARLE married Phebe Jane REID, 4 Nov 1846, witn: Richard B. CARLY, Philander GLEASON & S. REID

John BAILEY married Ellen HOPKINS, 31 Dec 1846, witn: Hugh CAMPBELL, Thomas JACKSON & Annie LANTON

Henry MITCHELL married Johanna WICKETT, 21 Feb 1847, witn: Charles MITCHELL, Maranda BRADSHAW & Annie LANTON

John McCUTCHEON married Elizabeth E. DENIKE, 25 Feb 1847, witn: Isaac DENIKE & Andrew DENIKE


Page 44, return by Rev Isaac B. Howard

William BARTON married Margaret YOUNG, 4 Aug 1846, witn: Joseph FEELING (Freeling?) & William YOUNG

Henry JOHNSTON married Olivia YOUNG, 4 Aug 1846, witn: Joseph FEELING & William YOUNG,

Henry ELLIOTT married Margaret JOHNSTON, 9 Sept 1846, witn: John ELLIOTT & Eleanor JOHNSTON

John S. STONE married Emeline A. WILLIAMS, 29 Sept 1846, witn: Joseph CHILINER & Charles B. FLING

Peter YAGER married Maria FINKLE, 3 Nov 1846, witn: Nelson SIMMONS & George FINKLE

Robert FARNSWORTH married Elizabeth WILCOX, 10 Dec 1846, witn: Daniel BIDELL & Adaline LIDDELL

George C. HUFFMAN married Lavina BADGLEY, 22 Dec 1846, witn: Lyman PITMAN & Mary HOWARD

Charles N. SIMMONS married Jane FINKLE, 22 Dec 1846, witn: George FINKLE & Mary JONES

John WILSON married Jane LEGGETT, 30 Dec 1846, witn: George BROADWORTH & Joseph LEGGETT

Joseph PARKS married Lydia Ann KELLER, 24 Jan 1847, witn: James JOHNSTON & Elizabeth JOHNSON

James WEST married Elizabeth SISLEY, 25 Jan 1847, witn: George HART & Dorothy WEST

Charles A. LLOYD married Louisa Jane DENYES, 2 Feb 1847, witn: Simon DENYES & Sarah Ann SILLS

William FLOOD married Matilda BARNES, 25 March 1847, witn: Samuel NICHOLSON & James BARNES

Stephen HALSTED married Deborah MOTT, 17 May 1847, witn: Maria HOWARD & Mary J. GRAFTON

Hiram HOLDEN married Maria HOWARD, 20 May 1847, witn: Nathan JONES & Jane CLEMENT


Page 44, return by Rev. Robert Earl

James BAKER married Wrelia McDONALD, 12 Sept 1847, win: John GUNSOLUS & Zachariah WHEELER


Page 44, return by William Bird

Daniel McMULLEN married Sarah Ann RUPERT, 29 Dec 1846, witn: William McMULLEN & Caroline McMULLEN

Benjamin PICKLE married Elizabeth BELL (Bill?), 8 Feb 1847, witn: Luis PICKLE & Thomas SMITH (Thomas South?)

Daniel CAVERLY married Hester Ann BRADSHAW, 10 Feb 1847, witn: William S. IRVINE & John A. CHISHOLM

Benjamin CAO (Coe?) married Nancy HARLOW, 16 March 1847, witn: John WISS & William MACK

Lorenzo BRADLEY married Ruth Emeline HUBBELL, 23 March 1847, witn: Wesley BRADLEY & Thomas BUTLER (Bullen?)

Alexander McMULLEN married Mary LEGETT, 5 April 1847, witn: Samuel BAILEY & Allen BAILEY

Francis MURPHY married Angeline McLEAN, 1 June 1847, witn: John WESTFALL & Elizabeth CRAW

John GREEN married Sarah Amanda McMULLEN, 4 June 1847, witn: Ira? RUPERT & Elizabeth RUPERT


Page 46, return by Rev. Robert Earl

Richard JONES married Maria ARMSTRONG, 16 Dec 1845, witn: James CARR & Florence ARMSTRONG

James SILLS married Phebe McTAGGART, 10 Feb 1846, witn: Samuel McTAGGART & John GUNSOLUS

James? KELLOG married Mary JONES, 24 March, witn: John GUNSOLUS & Thomas VERMILYEA


Page 46, return by Rev. Harris

Daniel David TURNER married Mary HART, 8 Dec 1848, witn: Samuel SPRENTELL & Elizabeth GOODRICH

William B. BURNHAM married Eliza B. TAYLOR, 6 May 1848, with: Nicol TAYLOR & Celia TAYLOR

William GIBSON married Mary Ann SIMPSON, 31 Dec 1848, witn: Mary Ann HARRIS & Katherine CRAWFORD


Page 46, return by Rev. W. GRIGG

Thomas FAYLEY married Isabella MATHEW, 28 Oct. 1847

Andrew McNAUGHTON of Newcastle married Elspeth SANDERON, 5 Oct 1847

James G. McKINNEY married Sarah CAMPBELL, 21 Oct. 1847

James HARRINGTON married Frances SIMPSON, 18 Nov 1847

Michael MURPHY married Nancy STEWART, 23 Nov 1847


Page 46, return by Rev. Stephen Miles

Robert NELSON married Sarah POTTER, 16 Nov 1846, witn: Thomas POTTER & Samuel NELSON

Edwin BISSEL married Sally Ann LATHROP, 24 Nov 1846, witn: Abraham EAGER & E.M. EASTMAN

Leonard RUPERT married Harriet BRADSHAW, 3 March 1846 (c/b 1847), witn: Archibald RUPERT & Eliza M. RUPERT

Elijah LENNOX married Delilah HARMON, 11 April 1846 (c/b 1847), witn: John BENNS & John HARMON

Charles HAYNE married Sarah SMITH, 18 May 1846 (c/b 1847), witn: W.J. DEANE & William JEFFS

Joseph PARKER married Elizabeth O'BRIEN, 9 June 1846 (c/b 1847), witn: David SIMMONS & Hosea PURDY

John HARMON married Grace HEUSTON, 19 Oct 1846 (c/b 1847), witn: Caleb LATROP & Hiram O'BRIEN


Page 48, return by John Reynolds

Aaron VANMEER married Harriet HAIGHT, 28 Jan 1847, witn: James McDONALD & Samuel CLAPP

Norman N. FROTS married Alvia HARRIS, 24, Feb 1847, witn: David W. SMITH & Peter VANKUCH (Vankeech?)

William BRANDCOMB married Matilda H. VERMILYEA, 16 March 1847, witn: William & Henry VERMILYEA

Allen DANNING married Mary LOWRY, 5 Aprils 1847, witn: William JOHNSTON & Lewis DUNNING (sic)

Foster MARVIN married Amey CAVERLY, 7 Oct. 1847, witn: Henry CAVERLY & Isaac GARRISON

William EMERY married Margaret JOHNS, 9 Nov 1847, witn: Lemuel GOODWIN & William SHAW

Silvester THRASHER married Jane BOWEN, 9 Dec 1847, witn: William REYNOLDS & Mary REYNOLDS


Page 48, return by Rev William Norton

S. HARRISON married M. PHELPS, 19 Sept 1847, witn: S. LYDIAM & E. LYDIAM


Page 48, return by Rev. John Edwards

Joseph QUIN married Ann Peterson GARRISON, 2 Jan 1848, witn: Jonas GARRISON & Henry GARRISON

James O'HARA married Mary Ann LEAR, 3 Feb 1848, witn: James O'HEARN & Hugh MARSON,


Page 48, return by Rev. Gideon Sheppard

Octavius WEAVER married Melissa TURNER

Philip ROBLIN married Abigail GILBERT

Charles BROWN married Hester Ann LATE?

John B. FANNING married Susan ORR

John L.W. MEYERS married Charlotte KYNIHALL?