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Victoria Co.,  1926

birth place is given before residence


45536-26 Henry AKISTER, 52, farmer, widower, Verulam Tp., same, s/o James AKISTER (b. England) & Jean WALKER, married Annie Elizabeth STEAD, 59, widow, Yorkshire England, Somerville Tp., d/o Thomas SMITH (b. England) & Ruth ENDERSBY, witn: Lena & John M. FLATT Jr. both of Fenelon Falls on June 11, 1926 at R. R. 2 Fenelon Falls. 45537-26 Howard Edward AKISTER, 22, farmer, Verulam Tp., Somerville Tp., s/o Thomas AKISTER (b. Verulam Tp.) & Mary Frances COULTER, married Hazel Luella JORDAN, 24, Mariposa Tp., Fenelon Tp., d/o Thomas JORDAN (b. Mariposa Tp.) & Mary Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: William R. A. & Velma Leota BURLEY both of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 18, 1926 at Fenelon Tp.
45538-26 John Alfred ALLAN, 43, widower, advertisement manager on newspaper, Eckhart Indiana USA, Battle Creek Michigan USA, s/o William A. ALLAN (b. Sudbury?) & Caroline PRESTON, married Annie Marion ARNOLD, 28, registered nurse, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o James Lewis ARNOLD (b. Aylmer Ont.) & Etta EDWARDS, witn: Ina B. & A. C. GRAHAM both of Fenelon Falls on Feb. 6, 1926 at Fenelon Falls. 45539-26 Frank ALLISON, 24, labourer, England, Cartwright, s/o James Henry (b. England) & Mary, married Martha May DAVIES, 19, Medonte Tp., Cartwright, d/o Francis DAVIES (b. Canada) & Matilda SWAIN, witn: William W. & Florence Evelyn CARRON both of Janetville on July 12, 1926 at Lindsay
45540-26 Joseph ALLORE, 24, farmer, Stoco, same, s/o Edward ALLORE & Mary COURNEYA, married Rose DOWNEY, 27, school teacher, Emily, same, d/o Charles DOWNEY & Isabella SCULLY, witn: Nellie DOWNEY of Downeyville & Charles GOULAH of Stoco on Aug. 24, 1926 at Downeyville. 45541-26 Edward Creswell ANDERSON, 29, school teacher, Warwick, Bobcaygeon, s/o Selborn ANDERSON (b. Sarnia Tp) & Annie CARRICK, married Doris Ethel EDGAR, 19, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o William Thomas EDGAR (b. Bobcaygeon) & Lulu E. CLEMENTS, witn: Charles M. & Mary DRAPER both of Bobcaygeon on Nov. 3, 1926 at Christ Church Bobcaygeon
45542-26 Norman AUSTIN, 22, cooper, Norwood, Peterboro, s/o Alexander AUSTIN & Julia WHITE, married Clara BURKE, 19, Douro Tp., Peterboro, d/o Thomas BURKE & Helen O'BRIEN, witn: Mrs. Maude ROSS of Hawkesbury & Mrs. E. C. CURRIE of Lindsay on Sept. 18, 1926 at The Manse Lindsay. 45543-26 William Francis BARBER, 23, farmer, Waubaushene, Fenelon Tp., s/o George BARBER & Ruth BORROW, married Amelia Grace NICHOLLS, 22, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o Hart NICHOLLS & Mary CLARKE, witn: Margaret BARRY & Hart NICHOLLS both of Fenelon Falls on June 18, 1926 at Fenelon Falls.
45544-26 Robert Francis BARTLEY, 24, labourer, Galway Tp., Donald Ont., s/o Amos BARTLEY (b. Que.) & Sarah MAPES, married Annie Gertrude BURNS, 19, Minden Tp., Donald Ont., d/o Joseph Henry BURNS & Victoria DAGG, witn: John Bernard YOUNGE of 553 Romaine St. Peterboro & Elizabeth B. SHERMAN of 84 William St. North Lindsay on Oct. 13, 1926 at Lindsay 45545-26 George Arthur BATES, 27, brass worker, Lindsay, same, s/o George Arthur BATES (b. Canada) & Jane Ann BUDD, married Hattie May LEE, 26, stenographer, Lindsay, same, d/o William G. LEE (b. Canada) & Margaret H. FITZPATRICK, witn: Harry G. & Elizabeth Minerva PUFFER both of 9 Sussex St. North Lindsay on Aug. 11, 1926 at Lindsay
45546-26 Norman Joseph BEAMISH, 25, weaver, Lindsay, Peterboro, s/o Francis BEAMISH, (b. Canada) & Jean MINTY, married Florence Marie GRIFFIN, 20, weaver, New Hamburg, Stratford, d/o Philo GRIFFIN (b. Canada) & Minnie ROCHO, witn: Robert A. TROTTER of 226 Kent St. N. & Eva M. TROTTER both of Lindsay on Aug. 12, 1926 at Lindsay.  
45547-26 Lance BELL, 32, thresher, Emily Tp., Lindsay, s/o Thomas John BELL (b. York Tp.) & Frances JACKSON, married Clara Margaret JACKETT, 23, Ops Tp., same, d/o William Henry JACKETT (b. Ontario) & Rebecca SHOULDICE, witn: Emily C. MARSH of 41 Russell St. West & Hazel SILVER both of Lindsay on Feb. 12, 1926 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay 45548-26 Wellington Coleman BELL, 26, machinist, Lindsay, same, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Evelyn Mabel EBERTS, 23, weaver, Midland, Lindsay, d/o Frederick EBERTS & Ida FENTON, witn: Charles G. & Mildred Godwin CURRIE both of Lindsay on Nov. 4, 1926 at Lindsay.
45549-26 Floyd BENTLEY, 25, barber, Dungannon Tp., Lindsay, s/o George BENTLEY (b. USA) & Victoria PELCHER, married Gladys Iva ABERCROMBIE, 20, weaver, Lindsay, same, d/o Albert J. ABERCROMBIE (b. Emily Tp.) & Ada MIDDLETON, witn: Annie DUNOON of Lindsay & Lillie LOCKWOOD of 72 Russell St. Lindsay on May 16, 1926 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay. 45550-26 Louis BERENBAUM, 28, merchant, Russia, Lindsay, s/o Moses BERENBAUM (b. Poland) & Taube SCHWEITZER, married Ida Ruth ALBERT, 18, Toronto, Victoria Road, d/o Abraham L. ALBERT (b. Poland) & Esther Pearl STERENBUCH, witn: Leib WOLFRAH of 29 Borden St. & Henry SHIDLOWSKY of 81 Chestnut St. both of Toronto on Aug. 1, 1926 at Lindsay.
45551-26 William Jeff Xavier BLACKBURN, 24, dentist, Manitoba, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Alfred BLACKBURN (b. Scotland) & Edith Evelyn JEFFS, married Lucille Mae LESSARD, 21, Kirkfield, same, d/o Oliver LESSARD (b. Quebec) & Susan FLYNN, witn: Charles J. MERRY & Rose LESSARD both of Kirkfield on June 10, 1926 at Victoria Road. 45552-26 Trefle Jules BRADIMORE, 26, farm hand, Bexley, Coboconk, s/o John Trefle BRADIMORE & Mary Jane MIDDLETON, married Mary Irene BOWINS, 21, Lindsay, Cambray Station Fenelon Tp., d/o Isaac Delfonse BOWINS & Christina MUIR, witn: Maria FOLEY of Victoria Road & Isaac Delfonse BOWINS of Cambray Station on Jan. 12, 1926 at Victoria Road
  45553-26 Thomas Wesley BRADSHAW, 30, farmer, South Monaghan, same, s/o Thomas BRADSHAW (b. South Monaghan) & Rachael Ann FAIR, married Edith Pauline HICKSON, 19, Manvers Tp., Lindsay, d/o Joseph HICKSON (b. Manvers) & Martha PORTER, witn: Arnold & Anna M. HICKSON both of Janetville on Nov. 10, 1926 at Janetville
45554-26 Harold John BRENTNELL, 25, garage proprietor, Bexley Tp., same, s/o John J. BRENTWELL (b. Bexley Tp.) & Mary McCOMB, married Henrietta THOMAS, 20, Lindsay, same, s/o parent's names not known, witn: Evelyn & Gladys T. HOLLING both of Lindsay on July 23, 1926 at Lindsay 45555-26 Elwyn Cleveland BRINTNELL, 30, farmer, Bexley Tp., Mariposa Tp., s/o Harvey BRINTNELL (Fenelon Tp.) & Louisa Jane ALTON, married Florence Olive GILSON, 22, Fenelon Tp., Mariposa Tp., d/o George E. GILSON (b. Mariposa Tp.) & Emma E. WARE, witn: Ella Louise BRINTNELL of Woodville & Percy Willett BRENTNELL of Stouffville on June 2, 1926 at Oakwood
45556-26 Hartman Crook BROCK, 22, farmer, Harvey Tp., same, s/o Perry BROCK & Eva Eliza LEE, married Mary Margreta McILMOYLE, 27, Harvey Tp., same, d/o Nathan McILMOYLE & Margaret J. NORTHEY, witn: Mrs. P. W. CURRIE of Niagara FALLS & Mrs. E. C. CURRIE of Lindsay on Feb. 24, 1926 at the Manse Lindsay 45557-26 Russell Thomas BROHM, 24, farmer, Somerville Tp., Norland, s/o Edward BROHM (Perth Co.) & Christina PORTER, married Isabelle Grace ARCHER, 21, school teacher, Lutterworth, Norland, d/o Robert ARCHER (Monaghan Tp.) & Sarah Ann COX, witn: Charles Percival BROHM of Norland & Lillian Alberta ARCHER of Minden on July 14, 1926 at Norland
45558-26 Harry Hilton BROWN, 29, salesman, Lindsay, same, s/o Samuel Henry BROWN (b. Lindsay) & Mary HADLEY, married Naomi Alice Isabella FEE, 27, teacher, Lindsay, same, d/o Andrew FEE (b. Ireland) & Mary WILSON, witn: Joseph H. BROWN of 229 Kent St. West Lindsay & Myrtle CLEMETT of 49 Mina Ave. Toronto on July 14, 1926 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay 45559-26 Reginald Charles BROWN, 23, tanner, Farmboro England, Omemee, s/o Frederick BROWN (b. England) & no mother's name given, married Della LLOYD, 20, Omemee, same, d/o Ellis LLOYD (b. Omemee) & Della CUNNINGHAM, witn: Ila A. ROWLAND & Mrs G. MUSGROVE both of Omemee on June 12, 1926 at Omemee
45560-26 Rexford Arthur BROWN, 24, famer, Cameron, same, s/o John BROWN (b. Medora Tp.) & Maud PERRIN, married Lillian Helen NAYLOR, 21, Fenelon Tp., Cameron, d/o Richard NAYLOR (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Lillian COOK, witn: Hector & Arzilla NAYLOR both of Cameron on Jan 20, 1926 at Fenelon Tp 45561-26 Gilbert James BROWNE, 46, printer, widower, Peterboro, same, s/o John BROWNE (b. Co. Tyrone Ireland) & Margaret BRADSHAW, married Edith May CORRAN, 38, telephone supervisor, Colborne, Lindsay, d/o John George CORRAN (b. Dublin Ireland) & Emma Lucretia COXALL, witn: J. G. & Emma Lucretia CORRAN both of Kent St. West Lindsay on Sept. 22, 1926 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay.
45562-26 William Roderick Alexander BURLEY, 25, farmer, Verulam Tp., same, s/o George Ezra BURLEY (b. Verulam Tp.) & Mabel Elizabeth Alberta EASSON, married Velma Lesta JORDAN, 20, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Thomas JORDAN (b. Mariposa Tp.) & Mary Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: Hazel Luella JORDAN of Cambray & Howard Edward AKISTER of Fenelon Falls on Nov. 17, 1926 at Lindsay 45563-26 Robert Graham BURNETT, 22, farmer, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o Alexander BURNETT & Spourer? GRAHAM married Milly PEARN, 25, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Harry PEARN & Mary ROBY, witn: Louise M. ARCHER & William H. PEARN both of Fenelon Falls on April 5, 1926 at Fenelon Falls
45564-26 James Henry Hurley BUTLER, 32, farmer, Somerville Tp., Eldon Tp., s/o Robert BUTLER (b. Hamilton Tp.) & Mary Ann CLEMENS, married Carrie Leona CUNDAY, 20, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o John CUNDAY (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Elizabeth GRIFFIN, witn: George E. & Nellie GOODHAND both of R.R.2 Cameron on April 14, 1926 at Fenelon Tp. 45565 Victor Thomas Allen CALVERT, 22, driver, Ops Tp., Lindsay, s/o Silas CALVERT (b. Canada) & Mary Ann BULLICK, married Thelma Mary SMITH, 23, Ops Tp., same, d/o Richard B. SMITH (b. Canada) & Ella HERBERT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Elwood SMITH both of Reaboro on Dec. 18, 1926 at Ops Tp.
45566-26 Martin CARROLL, 32, farmer, Emily Tp., same, s/o James CARROLL & Mary HARRINGTON, married Gertrude O'NEILL, 24, teacher, Emily Tp., same, d/o William O'NEILL & Ella BRICK, witn: Phillip CARROLL of Rochester New York USA & Mayme O'NEILL of Downeyville on Sept. 8, 1926 at Downeyville. 45567-26 Fulton John CARTER, 23, clerk, Lindsay, same, s/o William John CARTER (b. Colborne) & Christina Gaudel STEVENSON, married Estella Carol PARRISH, 21, stenographer, Lindsay, same, d/o Alfred Bates PARRISH (b. Victoria Co) & Theodora LA MATTHIE, witn: Orvill PARRISH of R.R.2 Cameron & Marion LYTLE of Lindsay on June 29, 1926 at Lindsay.
45568-26 Francis CAVANAGH, 26, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Thomas CAVANAGH & Ellen SHANAHAN, married Pearl HERLIHEY, 26, Emily, Downeyville, d/o Edmund HERLIHEY & Margaret CARROLL, witn: Teresa MURTHA of Lindsay & John CAVANAGH on Ennismore on Feb. 9, 1926 at Downeyville. 45569-26 George Arthur CHAMBERS, 38, grain buyer, Woodville, Fairfax Manitoba, s/o Samuel CHAMBERS (b. Ontario) & Janet IMRIE, married Ellen Caroline GEACH, 39, clerk, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, d/o John Hocken GEACH (b. Ontario) & Eliza CHAMBERS, witn: Stewart G. WILKINSON of 42 Streeter Ave. Toronto & Alice F. GEACH of 40 Caroline St. Lindsay on July 31, 1926 at Lindsay
45570-26 Harold Joseph CHYNOWETH, 21, Somerville Tp., Norland, s/o Joseph CHYNOWETH (b. Scotland) & Mary QUINN, married Hilda BRYANT, 19, Norland, same, d/o Samuel John BRYANT (b. Lutterworth Tp.) & Isabella SOUTARE, witn: H.H. GRAHAM M.D. & Mrs Olive B. CAREW both of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 27, 1926 at Fenelon Falls Village. 45571-26 Carwin Ambrose CONNER, 26, farmer, Pickering Tp., same, s/o Isaac CONNER (b. Whitchurch Tp.) & Sarah LEE, married Florence May DAWSON, 24, Carden Tp., Fenelon Tp., d/o Richard DAWSON (b. Thorah Tp.) & Susan Maria BARKER, witn: Maurice Basil & Lena Carson CONNER both of Whitby on Oct. 13, 1926 at Fenelon Tp.
45572-26 Edwin Lorne CONWAY, 28, clerk, Peterboro, 396 Downie St. same, s/o William E. CONWAY (b. Canada) & Eliza CLARINGBOLD, married Jean Isabel FISHER, 27, Lindsay, 137 William St. same, d/o Thomas A. FISHER (b. Canada) & Mary BRADEN, witn: Harold J. CONWAY of Peterboro & Alice M. FISHER of Lindsay on June 16, 1926 at Lindsay. 45573-26 Austin Percival CULLEN, 21, die maker, Lindsay, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Alexander F. CULLEN (b. Canada) & Clara E. DUFTY, married Hannah Margaret Jean MARTIN, 20, stenographer, Waubaushene, Lindsay, d/o George MARTIN (b. Ireland) & Lillian JACKSON, witn: Melville SMITH & Jessie MARTIN both of Lindsay on June 3, 1926 at Lindsay
45574-26 Mossom Alex DAVIES, 35, mechanic, Haliburton, same, s/o John Thomas DAVIES (b. England) & Catherine GILMORE? (Gilveson?), married Ida Mary RUSSELL, 23, Toronto, Haliburton, d/o William RUSSELL (b. Ireland) & Barbara Park SINCLAIR, witn: M. Etta J. & Evelyn G. HOLLING both of Lindsay on July 22, 1926 at Lindsay 45575-26 William Albert DAVIS, 58, postmaster, widower, Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, s/o John Parker DAVIS (b. Canada) & Margaret LANG, married Emma WARREN, 35, assistant postmaster, Emily Tp., Bobcaygeon, d/o William John WARREN (b. Canada) & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Mrs Anna & Walter JERMYN both of 71 Peel St. Lindsay on Dec. 15, 1926 at Lindsay
45576-26 Thomas Lloyd DAWSON, 20, farmer, Carden Tp., Fenelon Tp., s/o Richard DAWSON (b. Thorough (Thorah?) Tp.) & Susan BAKER married Cora Pearl CHRISTIAN, 20, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Thomas CHRISTIAN (b. Mariposa) & Anne MOSS, witn: Harold & Florence SAVILLE both of Lindsay on June 30, 1926 at Lindsay 45577-26 William EGGLETON, 24, farmer, Spalden England, Lindsay, s/o James EGGLETON (b. England) & Martha CHAPPELL married Catherine Vera OAK, 20, Bethany, same, d/o Fred OAK (b. Canada) & Ella May SHAW, witn: William ALLEBY & Richard HARRY both of Lindsay on Aug. 27, 1926 at Lindsay
45578-26 Samuel Clayton ELLIOTT, 28, baker, St. Mary's, Stratford, s/o John F. ELLIOTT (b. Ireland) & Sarah PATTERSON, married Violet May METCALFE, 23, stenographer, Valentia, same, d/o Walter METCALFE (b. Canada) & Ann Jane LITTLEJOHN (Littleton?), witn: Alice M. FISHER & Wilma F. CLARKE both of Lindsay on June 14, 1926 at Lindsay 45579-26 William Ralph ELLIOTT, 28, accountant, Madoc, Cleveland, s/o William ELLIOTT (b. Dumfries Scotland) & Elizabeth CLARKE, married Margaret Glenn LYONS, 28, bookkeeper, Lindsay, same, d/o John Wesley LYONS (b. Ontario) & Blanche L. WALTERS, witn: John & Elaine Walters LYONS of 77 Peel St. Lindsay on April 28, 1926 at Lindsay.
45580-26 Albert Sinclair EMMERSON, 24, police constable, Toronto, 23 Verral Ave. same, s/o James Henry EMMERSON (b. Ireland) & Mary BECKER, married Dora May MOORE, 24, teacher, Ontario, Kinmount, d/o Alexander (b. Ontario) & Maria, witn: Eric MORRISON & Eva MOORE both of Kinmount on March 2, 1926 at Kinmount 45581-26 Glen Gardner EMMERSON, 30, barber, Mariposa Tp., Buffalo New York USA, s/o John Gardner EMMERSON (b. Mariposa) & Frances Adeline WELDON, married Maud Gladys BOVAIR, 23, cashier, Sutton West Ontario, same, d/o Michael BOVAIR (b. Orillia) & Lydia HORNE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James V. WILSON both of Lindsay on Jan. 21, 1926 at 63 Cambridge St. North Lindsay.
45582-26 Clayton John ENGLISH, 26, farmer, Verulam Tp., Ops Tp., s/o James ENGLISH (b. Emily Tp.) & Sarah Ann BRYAN, married Pearl Louise HARDY, 22, stenographer, Ops Tp., same, d/o Frederick John HARDY (b. Ops Tp.) & Louise Ellen HIGGS, witn: J. Harry ENGLISH of P.M.D #4 Lindsay & Eloise Marie HARDY of R. R. #2 Lindsay on April 8, 1926 at Lindsay 45583-26 Phillip Joseph FARRELLY, 28, farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o Daniel FARRELLY & Rose GREENAN, married Anna Mabel CUMMERFORD, 23, Victoria Road, Lindsay, d/o Phillip CUMMERFORD & Mary FOLEY, witn: Nellie CUMMERFORD & James FARRELLY both of Lindsay on June 22, !926 at Lindsay.
45584-26 Gordon Delmer FIELDER, 28, cook, Huntsville, Lindsay, s/o George Delmer FIELDER (b. East Flamboro) & Mary D .WASHINGTON, married Evelyn Viola BOWHEY, 19, Norland, same, d/o James Henry BOWHEY (b. Bexley Tp) & Margaret Ellen GUNN, witn: Roland QUIBELL of 112 Queen St. & Zelma FIELDER of 64 Cambridge St. both of Lindsay on Jan. 18, 1926 at Lindsay 45585-26 Sandford FINNEY, 28, farmer, Lindsay, Oakwood, s/o John James FINNEY (b. Ontario) & Emma YOUNG, married Florence Olive GORRILL, 34, Oakwood, same, d/o William Jesse GORRILL (b. Ontario) & Edna Elizabeth SHORT, witn: Beatrice BROWN of Woodville & Walter S. GORRILL of Oakwood on Sept. 22, 1926 at Oakwood.
45586-26 William James FITZGERALD, 27, farmer, Carden Tp., Bexley Tp., s/o Patrick FITZGERALD & Catherine McNULTY, married Elizabeth Mary MILLER, 27, clerk, Buffalo New York USA, Victoria Road, d/o Charles MILLER & Catherine McALLISTER, witn: Katherine Ann & John Patrick McNANEY both of Victoria Road on June 14, 1926 at Victoria Road. 45587-26 Harold Llewelyn FOWLER, 26, farmer, Mariposa Tp., Lot 22 Concs 9 Mariposa, s/o William FOWLER (b. Victoria Road) & Margaret WEBSTER, married Sarah Alberta BOWES, 33, Mariposa Tp., Lot 19 Concs 10 Mariposa, d/o Henry Samuel BOWES & Elizabeth Ann GORRILL, witn: Mabel W. BOWES & Lloyd B. W. FOWLER both of Oakwood on July 7, 1926 at Mariposa Tp
45588-26 John Francis FOX, 23, farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o James FOX & Mary CUMMERFORD, married Mary Elizabeth HENNESSEY, 21, Lindsay, same, d/o Patrick HENNESSEY & Agnes CALLAGHAN, witn: Kathleen HUTTON of Lindsay & Thomas Laurence FOX of Detroit Michigan USA on April 12, 1926 at Lindsay. 45589-26 Leslie Miscampbell FROST, 30, barrister, Orillia, Lindsay, s/o William Sword FROST (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Margaret Jane BARKER, married Gertrude Jane CAREW, 31, Lindsay, same, d/o John CAREW (b. Emily) & Margaret Ann KELLY, witn: Cecil & Robert FROST both of Lindsay on June 2, 1926 at Lindsay.
45590-26 Charles Ernest GAME, 23, labourer, Hertford England, Oshawa, s/o Stephen GAME (b. England) & mothers name not known, married Ellen Clarissa SHAW, 22, Ops Tp., same, d/o James SHAW (b. Canada) & Charlotte HOUGHTON, witn: Horace HILL & Eleanor WEIR both of Omemee on July 17, 1926 at Christ Church Omemee. 45591-26 Frances Edward GIBBONS, 34, fisherman, Gilford, same, s/o Thomas L. GIBBONS & Ellen Jane KEARNEY, married Mary Teresa WALSH, 37, Carden Tp., same, d/o John WALSH & Mary Adela ONEILL, witn: Elizabeth A. WALSH of Kirkfield & Leo GIBBONS of Gilford on Aug. 26, 1926 at Victoria Road
45592-26 Leslie George GILSON, 27, railway trackman, Mariposa Tp., Cresswell, s/o John GILSON (b. Mariposa Tp.) & Jane SMITH, married Myrtle Illma Beatrice BRINTNELL, 33, Bexley Tp., Mariposa Tp., d/o Harvey BRINTNELL (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Louisa ALTON, witn: Jean MOORE of 35 St. Paul St. & Mrs A. L. BROWN of 37 St. Paul St. both of Lindsay on Feb. 3, 1926 at Lindsay 45593-26 Samuel George GORRILL, 24, farmer, Oakwood, same, s/o John Wesley GORRILL (b. Canada) & Charlotte THORNBURY, married Doris Annie STONEBRIDGE, 20, clerk, Biggleswade Patton (?) England, Oakwood, d/o William STONEBRIDGE (b. England) & Annie SHORT, witn: Ada M. GORRILL of R. R. 1 & William E. WELDON both of Oakwood on June 16, 1926 at Oakwood
45594-26 Cecil Rensillier GOSTLIN, 25, steelworker, Laxton Tp., Newtonbrook, s/o Walter? GOSTLIN (b. Laxton Tp.) & Edith Louisa HALLIDAY, married Huldah Irene FOUNTAIN, 24, Somerville Tp., same, d/o William FOUNTAIN (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Ella Gertrude McBRIDE, witn: Evelyn & Floyd FOUNTAIN both of Dongola on Sept. 1, 1926 at Dongola. 45595-26 George Henry GRAHAM, 26, farmer, Fenelon Tp., Ops Tp., s/o Robert GRAHAM (b. Fenelon) & Annie Florence illegible, married Elsie Aileen CORBETT, 21, Minden Tp., Ops Tp., d/o William CORBETT (b. Minden) & Elsie WELKE (Walke?), witn: R. GRAHAM & B. CORBETT both of Ops Tp. on Feb. 23, 1926 at St. Mark's Church Lindsay.
45596-26 Orril W. GRANDY, 23, farmer, Manvers Tp., same, s/o William J. GRANDY (b. Manvers Tp.) & Barbara MOORE, married Marjorie CONNELL, 22, Emily, Ontario, d/o William CONNELL (b. Cavan Tp.) & Emma BALFOUR, witn: Mrs. P. E. BALFOUR & Mrs M.B. MILLING both of Lindsay on July 28, 1926 at Lindsay. 45597-26 Norris GREEN, 26, pattern maker, Woodville, Chicago Illinois USA, s/o Frederick James GREEN (b. Canada) & Emma COPP, married Leona Ayres WILKINSON, 25, druggist, Lindsay, same, d/o Thomas WILKINSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth AYRES, witn: L.R.V. STAPLES of 183 Yonge St. & Miss Ruth MILLER of 99 Woodcrest Ave. both of Toronto on June 2, 1926 at Lindsay
45598-26 Garnet George HADLEY, 21, labourer, Glamorgan Tp., same, s/o Solomon HADLEY (b. Ontario) & Mabel E. WAITE, married Anabel McLAY, 34, Ripley, same, d/o Malcolm McLAY (b. Ripley) & Sarah McDONALD, witn: illegible & Margaret McINTOSH both of 8 Russel St. East Lindsay on March 17, 1926 at Lindsay. 45603-26 Leonard Francis HADWIN, 23, farmer, Fenelon Tp., Mariposa Tp., s/o Richard HADWIN & Mary Agnes LAMB, married Vera Winnifred GOODHAND, 23, Fenelon Tp., Mariposa Tp., d/o Ezra GOODHAND (b. Fenelon) & Mary Ann HARRIS, witn: James Innes & Ella E. WOOD both of Lindsay on March 31, 1926 at Lindsay
45999-26 Clare HARRINGTON, 20, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Patrick HARRINGTON & Laura DONAHUE, married Agnes MURRAY, 20, Emily, same, d/o Neil MURRAY & Honorah McAULIFFE, witn: Frank HARRINGTON & Ida MURRAY both of Downeyville on June 2, 1926 at Downeyville 45600-26 Elmer Ruel HERRON, 27, farmer, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o Mitchell HERRON (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Susan PERRIN, married Iva Margaret PATTERSON, 23, Verulam Tp., same, d/o William PATTERSON (b. Verulam Tp.) & Alice ELLIS, witn: Bason & Lula COOK both of 12 Colborne East Lindsay on Aug. 4, 1926 at Lindsay
45601-26 John Arnold HICKSON, 25, farmer, Manvers Tp., same, s/o Joseph HICKSON (b. Manvers) & Martha PORTER, married Anna Margareta GRAHAM, 25, Ops Tp., same, d/o William M. GRAHAM (b. Ops Tp.) & Elesha BRADEN, witn: Dean W. M. GRAHAM of Ops Tp. & E. Pauline HICKSON of Janetville on June 23, 1926 at home of W. M. Graham at Ops Tp. 45602-26 Richard Pyne HILL, 71, farmer, widower, England, Woodville, s/o James Hill (deceased) (b. England) & Mary Ann PYNE, married Ida Jane WELLINGTON, 51, Ontario, Woodville, d/o James WELLINGTON (deceased) (b. Ontario) & Emma Ann RICH, witn: Mrs. F. WALTERS & Mrs H. WELLINGTON both of Woodville on June 29, 1926 at Woodville
045584-26 Norman Stansberry HOLDER, 27, farmer, Carden twp, Eldon twp s/o John Walling HOLDER, b. Ont, Anna Bell McCRACKEN married Clara Belle TRETHEWEY, 24, drug clerk, Woodville, same d/o William Joseph TRETHEWEY, b. Ont, and Ann Elizabeth FLEMING. witn: Harold Leslie McBRYEN of Lindsay and Verna Margaret Naomi H illegiblex of Woodville, November 24, 1926, Woodville 045605-26 Floyd HOPKINS, 25, accountant, Midland, same s/o William HOPKINS, b. Vaughan twp., and Ellen COATES, married Ida Madeline METCALFE, 23, nurse, Fenelon Falls, same d/o Frederick A. METCALFE, b. Ont, and Ida ROBE, witn: M. Louise ARCHER of Fenelon Falls and Alice Mary PRICE of Queen Mary Hospital in Peterboro, January 14, 1926, Fenelon Falls
045606-26 John Wilkinson HORN, 52, farmer, Reach twp, Mariposa twp. s/o John W. HORN and Sarah Ann SCOTT, married Euphemia McCANDLESS, 26, house keeper, Ireland, Mariposa d/o Samuel McCANDLESS, b. Ireland, & Mary J. McLUGHAN, witn: Edith PALMER of Cresswell and Miss Mildred CURRIE of Lindsay, April 1, 1926, Lindsay 045607-26 Ray HOWELL, 24, farmer, Minden twp, Mariposa twp. s/o Henry HOWELL, b. Minden, and Ada LEWIS married Verna Evelyn MAUNDER, 24, domestic, Clearwater Manitoba, Fenelon twp d/o Byron MAUNDER, b. Mariposa Ont, and Ethel REASIN?, witn: D. McCARRELL and Mrs. David McCARRELL, both of Lindsay, December 31, 1926, Lindsay
045608-26 Bertie Harold HOWLETT, 26, farmer, England, Valentia s/o Benjamin HOWLETT, b. England, and Hannah EWELS married Lillian Elspeth JOBLIN, 23, Cartwright twp, Valentia d/o Henry George JOBLIN, b. Ont, and Mary Elizabeth SWAIN witn: Mrs. J.R. POGUE and Joseph R. POGUE both of Valentia, June 12, 1926, Valentia 045610-26 Norman Hicks JACOBS, 26, farmer, Huntsville, Lot 12, Conc 2, Mariposa s/o John Leslie JACOBS and Julia Lily MORGAN married Annie Elizabeth STOKES, 21, Mariposa, Lot 14, Conc 1, Mariposa d/o William John STOKES, b. Sonya, and Francis Sophia Mabel DOWNER witn: Mary J. GILCHRIST of RR3 Woodville and Francis N. STOKES of RR1 Sonya, June 14, 1926, Mariposa twp
045609-26 Thomas Leonard JENKINSON, 22, farmer, Fenelon Falls, same s/o Thomas Joseph JENKINSON and Jennie POWER married Birdie Mary SMITH, 23, domestic, Verulam, Fenelon Falls d/o Thomas SMITH and Mary Ettie CAMPBELL, witn: Thomas COOK of Fenelon Falls and Margaret Anne JENKINSON of Bobcaygeon, July 5, 1926, Fenelon Falls 045611-26 Charles Harvey JOHNSTON, 29, farmer, Brock twp, Mariposa twp s/o Irvine Henry JOHNSTON and Sabria M. PLUMB married Mina Maud WOODWARD, 21, Mara twp, Mariposa twp d/o Wilmot S. WOODWARD and Maude M. RICHARDSON witn: Carrie J. JOHNSTON and Lorna E. WOODWARD both of Cresswell, June 12, 1926, Manilla
045612-26 George Henry KEMP, 26, clerk, Burton-on-Trent England, Lindsay s/o George Arthur KEMP, b. Birmingham England, and Ada BAGNALL married Mae Mildred HOWE, 20, factory worker, Minden, Lindsay d/o Ted HOWE, b. Madoc, and Mildred FETTERLY witn: Gertrude BROWN 37 St. Anne St., and Frederick J. PETHICK of Cameron, June 2, 1926, Lindsay 045613-26 Edward John KING, 59, widower, lawyer, Springfield Massachusetts, Galesburg Illinois s/o John Albert KING, b. Suffield Conn. US, and Alice HOUGHTON married Marguerita May HODGSON, 26, nurse, Ontario, 4 Colbourne St., Lindsay Ont. d/o Thomas HODGSON, b. Ont, and Cora M. GARDINER witn: Thomas HODGSON and Mrs. Thomas HODGSON both of Lindsay, December 1, 1926, Lindsay
045614-26 Roderic John KNOX, 21, farmer, Ontario, Lutterworth s/o Robert John KNOX, b. Scotland, and Jennie McFADYEN, married Mary Catharine ELLIS, 18, Ontario, Lutterworth d/o Arthur Alex ELLIS, b. Lutterworth, and Mary Kathleen PORTER witn: (Mrs. J.J.) Agnes DAVID and James J. DAVID Jr., both of Kinmount, May 4, 1926, Kinmount 045615-26 John LEVELY, 32, engineer, widower, Fenelon twp, Lindsay s/o Sanford LEVELY, b. Fenelon twp, and Mary PACAN (Pocan?) married Mura Irene JOHNSTON, 23, Fenelon Falls, same d/o John JOHNSTON, b. Ireland, and Alice MOFFAT witn: Mira JOHNSTON of Fenelon Falls and Joseph L. VINTEN of 101 Lindsay St. S., Lindsay, January 16, 1926, Lindsay
045616-26 Henry Franklin LEWIS, 37, farmer, Grimsby Ont, Brighton s/o William F. LEWIS, b. Welland?, and Jessie Alice COYNE married Eleanor Myrtle BALDWIN, 30, Lindsay, same d/o James BALDWIN, b. Lindsay, and Eleanor Ann CROFTON witn: John GILLESPIE and Myrtle GILLESPIE both of 237 Athol St., Oshawa, September 15, 1926, Lindsay 045617-26 William George LIGHTHEART, 24, blacksmith, City of Hamilton, City of Peterboro s/o William LIGHTHEART, b. Canada, and Birdie GILLESPIE married Frances GUTHRIE, 20, house keeper, Emily twp, Peterboro d/o Jonah? GUTHRIE and Ida MATHIS witn: Herbert HOWDEN and Pearl HOWDEN both of Omemee, August 19, 1926, Omemee
045618-26 Robert Percival LOWERY, 30, dentist, Ontario, 284 Kennedy Ave. in Toronto s/o John LOWERY, b. Ont, and Malinda ELLIOTT married Garnet Mildred THURSTON, 27, teacher, Ontario, Dunsford d/o Silas THURSTON, b. Ont, and Mary Ann LOWERY witn: Joseph Alexander ARTHUR (Aitken?) of 28 Howard St., Toronto and Liota (Viola?) LOWERY of 284 Kennedy Ave., Toronto, September 1, 1926, Dunsford 045619-26 Walter LUFF, 36, labourer, Coboconk, same s/o Samuel LUFF, b. England, and Delilah FOUNTAIN married Ruby Etta PERRYMAN, 19, domestic, Coboconk, same d/o John PERRYMAN, b. England, and Amy (Anny?) BARRETT witn: E.C. FOUNTAIN and M. FOUNTAIN both of RR#1 Coboconk, December 22, 1926, Somerville twp.
045620-26 Iver Gladstone LYTE, 21, barber, Mariposa twp, Lindsay s/o John LYTE and Rhoda HARRIS married Ruth Clara LYTLE, 21, clerk, Lindsay, same d/o Robert LYTLE and Florence STINSON witn: H.J. REID and Mrs. B. HART, August 31, 1926, Lindsay 045621-26 Joseph Albert MACKIN, 21, farmer, Eldon twp, Fenelon twp s/o Joseph MACKIN, b. Canada, and Christena McLEAN married Thelma May WAGSTAFF, 18, Muskoka Falls, Cannington d/o Charles WAGSTAFF, b. Canada, and Bertha E. COLAS (COLES?) witn: John J. HARTLE and Vera E. HARTLE both of Cameron, November 22, 1926, Lindsay
045622-26 Ralph Vrooman MARK, 27, barrister, Lindsay, same s/o James C. MARK, b. Canada, and Laura Edith KELLS married Ruby Alberta JOHNSON, 28, secretary, Deseronto, Lindsay d/o Samuel A. JOHNSON, b. Canada, and Clarissa J. HANDLEY witn: C.W. LYONS 77 Peel St., Lindsay and Stella M. JOHNSON 56 Albert St. S., Lindsay, August 24, 1926, Lindsay 045629-26 James Roy McCREA, 25, farmer, Essonville, same s/o Alex McCREA, b. Canada, and Louisa DUNFORD married Mary Nevada ROBINSON, 24, Essonville, same d/o Peter ROBINSON, b. Canada, and Elizabeth J. SIBLEY witn: J. Lloyd ROBINSON of Peterboro and Margaret LILLICRAP of Cannington, November 26, 1926, Lindsay
045630-26 Sidney Roy McDONALD, 34, farmer, Bowmanville, Manilla s/o John Richard McDONALD, b. Ont, and Ida Maud BERRY, married Myrtle Viola JOHNSTON, 24, Manilla, same d/o Benjamin JOHNSTON, b. Ont, and Allie LUKE witn: Roy JOHNSTON and Mrs. JOHNSTON both of Oakwood, May 26, 1926, Manilla 045631-26 Donald Alexander McDOUGALL, 29, stock man, Acton Ont., Pontiac Michigan s/o Malcolm McDOUGALL, b. Ont, and Jennie B. McMILLAN married Anna Mary Kathleen ELLIOTT, 19, factory worker, Lindsay, same d/o Edward J. ELLIOTT, b. Ont., and Mabel MILLS witn: Herbert E. ELLIOTT of 35 Queen St., Lindsay and Ellen MARTIN of 50 Huron St., LINDSAY, November 25, 1926, Lindsay
045632-26 Walter McDUFF, 22, labourer, Gooderham, same s/o James McDUFF, b. Toronto, and Emily ADAMS married Mirl McCOLL, 14, Gooderham, same d/o Arthur McCOLL, b. Gooderham, and Purcella MADILL witn: Robert P. CHRISTIE and James J. DAVID jr., both of Kinmount, July 1, 1926, Kinmount 045633-26 Harry Livingstone McELWAIN, 50, farmer, Emily twp, same s/o Robert McELWAIN and Sarah RUSK married Mary Eveline LANG, 42, Emily twp, same d/o William R. LANG and Elizabeth GRAHAM witn: Mrs. E.C. CURRIE and Charles G. CURRIE both of Lindsay, November 3, 1926, Lindsay
045634-26 Alexander McGEE, 64, gentleman, widower, Ireland, Fenelon Falls, s/o Samuel McGEE, b. Ireland, and Helen STRONG married Maria Evelyn TERRILL, 51, Blairton - Northumberland Co., d/o James N. TERRILL, b. Wooler Ont., and Emma CORNEIL witn: Mrs. L.E. ROBSON and Mrs. A.A. TERRILL both of Fenelon Falls, October 5, 1926, Fenelon Falls 045635-26 Herschell McGILL, 22, chauffeur, Lindsay, same s/o Robert McGILL, b . Janetville Ont., and Mary HALL (HALE?) married Lena Marguerite MOREY, 17, clerk, Sidney twp, Lindsay d/o William MOREY, b. Orono Ont., and Lena PATRICK witn: Mary Jane McGILL and ? Ellen McGILL both of 198 William St. S., Lindsay, August 10, 1926, Lindsay
045636-26 Vincent McINTYRE, 35, CNR employee, Lindsay, same s/o John McINTYRE and Mary BURKE married Mary HARGROVE, 30, Lindsay, same d/o William HARGROVE and Catharine DARNEY witn: Joseph McINTYRE of Oshawa and Lena HARGROVE of Lindsay, November 17, 1926, Lindsay 045637-26 Fulton Garfield McKAGUE, 22, merchant, Bexley twp, same s/o Joseph McKAGUE, b. Bexley twp., and Emily WARD married Iva Mabel JAMES, 17, telephone operator, Fenelon twp, same d/o Wilson F. JAMES, b. Fenelon twp., and Clara BRYANT witn: Pearl BLATCHFORD and Roxella M. GLOVER both of Cambray, February 23, 1926, Fenelon twp, Cambray
045638-26 Thomas Henry McKEE, 51, farmer, Cartwright twp, Laxton twp s/o James J. McKEE, b. Ont., and Sarah GOSTLIN married Florence Mary MOORE, 39, Mariposa twp, Bexley twp d/o James MOORE, b. Ont., and Caroline MARK witn: William J.E. SEYMOUR of Fenelon Falls and Mrs. H.P.L. SEYMOUR of Shannonville, July 16, 1926, Fenelon Falls 045639-26 Arthur Whittier McKENZIE, 28, agricultural representative, Elmsdale NS, Oxford NS s/o Benjamin McKENZIE, b. Canada, and Mary Maria SCOTT married Alice Margaret FISHER, 25, Lindsay, same d/o Thomas A. FISHER, b. Canada, and Mary Ann BRADEN witn: Helen A. FISHER of 137 William St. N., Lindsay and Jack A. FISHER of Lindsay, September 15, 1926, Lindsay
045640-26 Robert Samuel McKINLEY, 30, labourer, Kinmount, same s/o John McKINLEY, b. Kent Co., and Louise DETMAN married Mary Ellen GARDNER, 22, widow, Kinmount, same d/o Alman FERREN, b. Bexley twp., and Catharine FLAHERTY witn: G.T. HOLLING and Evelyn G. HOLLING both of Lindsay, September 22, 1926, Lindsay 045641-26 John McKINNON, 28, tailor, Peter Head Scotland, Somerville twp s/o Lochlan McKINNON, b. Scotland, and Mary Ann PERRY married Florence LEVELY, 21, Somerville twp, same d/o Sandford LEVELY, b. Port Perry Ont., and Mary POCAN witn: Mura LEVELY and Alida TAYLOR both of Lindsay, May 10, 1926, St. Paul's Church, Lindsay
045643-26 John Edmond McLEAN, 33, farm labourer, Bexley twp, Cannington s/o Archie McLEAN, b. Scotland, and Mary McMILLAN married Hazel Irene BARKER, 22, Carden twp, Bexley d/o George BARKER, b. Fenelon twp., and Sarah MITCHELL witn: Mrs. Gertrude JORDAN and Henry Ethelbert JORDAN both of Cambray, December 7, 1926, Lindsay 045642-26 John Donald McLEAN, 22, farmer, Ops twp, same s/o Donald McLEAN, b. Scotland, and Sarah Lillian NIXON married Della May ALGER, 21, Mariposa, same d/o Gordon ALGER, b. Fenelon twp., and Sarah Jane JORDAN witn: Mandie Gertrude ALGER and Dorothy Elizabeth GILLIES both of Woodville, April 9, 1926, Mariposa twp
045644-26 Charles Patrick McNAMARA, 21, labourer, Somerville twp, Oshawa s/o David McNAMARA, b. Minden twp., and Mary Teresa BOWRON (Bowson?) married Ethel May POGUE, 19, domestic, Somerville twp, Oshawa d/o Andrew POGUE, b. Lutterworth twp., and Florence REDMAN witn: Ernest Ottaway GALLAGHER of Lindsay and Stella Beatrice GRAHAM of Russell St., Lindsay, September 7, 1926, St. Paul's Church, Lindsay 045645-26 David Anthony McNAMARA, 26, labourer, Somerville twp, Kinmount s/o David McNAMARA, b. Minden, and Teresa BOWRON, married Irene Helen HARDING, 19, domestic, Galway twp, Kinmount d/o Thomas HARDING, b. Galway twp., and Maud E. DUNBAR, witn: Mrs. E. C. CURRIE and E. C. CURRIE, Esq. both of Lindsay, May 5, 1926, Lindsay
045646-26 Anthony McPHERSON, 40, farmer, Mariposa twp, same s/o Archibald McPHERSON, b. Mariposa, and Mary MacKINNON married Mabel Rosenna OSBORNE, 35, Mariposa twp, same d/o Henry OSBORNE, b. Mariposa, and Grace COLLACOT witn: Annie C. MacINTOSH and Margaret MacINTOSH both of Lindsay, December 29, 1926, Lindsay  
045623-26 Kenneth Alexander MILES, 28, bank clerk, Toronto, Lindsay s/o George G. MILES, b. Melrose Scotland, and Annie Jane PRICE, married Olive Adelaide KENNEDY, 24, bookkeeper, Emily twp, res n/g d/o George KENNEDY, b. Emily twp., and Annie Eliza COURTNEY witn: Clarence W. ORR of 252 Ossington Ave., Toronto and Crystal G. COURTNEY of 41 Cambridge St., Lindsay, September 8, 1926, 41 Cambridge St., Lindsay 045624-26 Ernest Otto MILLER, 27, harness maker, Wicklow, Haliburton s/o Herman MILLER, b. Germany, and Lena NIEMANN married Elizabeth LOGAN, 35, widow, Harburn, Haliburton d/o William GREGORY, b. Canada, and Annie BATESON witn: Eva McLENNAN and Annie McINTOSH both of Lindsay, March 1, 1926, Lindsay
045626-26 Ray Marshall MOYNES, 27, barber, Fenelon twp, Little Britain s/o William Marshall MOYNES, b. Fenelon twp., and Traphyna Grace CORY, married Alma Luretta OSBORNE, 32, Mariposa twp, Oakwood d/o Richard Henry OSBORNE, b. Darlington twp., and Druscilla Althea TRETHEWEY witn: Eva E. GORRILL and Rose C. MOYNES both of Oakwood, February 24, 1926, Oakwood 045625-26 Mackenzie MOYNES, 29, farmer, Fenelon twp, same s/o George MOYNES, b. Fenelon twp., and Mary BROWN (deceased) married Nellie Irene MacMILLAN, 24, Eldon twp, same d/o Duncan J. MacMILLAN, b. Eldon twp., and Ellen CAMPBELL (deceased) witn: John D. MacMILLAN of Eldon twp, Lorneville and Sophia MOYNES of Lindsay, June 30, 1926, Glenarm
045627-26 Hugh MURDOCH, 25, labourer, Harvey twp, Lindsay s/o James MURDOCH, b. Scotch Line Ont., and Liesa WARD married Angel Mary Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, 20, Ops twp, same d/o Robert HUTCHINSON, b. Emily twp., and Lavinia BRADY witn: Harold WALLACE and W.G.J. GOLDING, both of Lindsay, July 2, 1926, Lindsay 045628-26 John Mingay MUSSON, 26, auditor, Islington England, Toronto s/o Thomas W. MUSSON and Lucy MINGAY married Kathleen Beryl ALLEN, 17, hair dresser, Chipping Norton, Oxford England, Lindsay d/o John ALLEN and Clara Helen WEBB witn: Edward BOOLS of 68 Adelaide St. Lindsay and Elva TAVERNER of 124 Durham St., Lindsay, April 29, 1926, St. Paul's Church, Lindsay
  045647-26 Albert Ernest NELSON, 45, widower, school inspector, Otonabee twp, Stratford s/o William NELSON, b. Otonabee twp., and Sarah MONCRIEF married Lillian Grace MITCHELL, 34, school teacher, Lindsay, same d/o Charles MITCHELL, b. England, and Jane KELLETT witn: J. ?--AHELL of 355 Brunswick Ave., Toronto and Mrs. J.G. PLUNKETT of 237 Prince St., Peterboro, September 1, 1926, 85 William St. S., Lindsay
045648-26 Chester Raymond NICHOLLS, 22, salesman, London Ont., Lindsay s/o Frederick NICHOLLS (b. England) and Annie CLARE, married Kathleen Marguerite FINLEY, 21, bookkeeper, Lindsay, same d/o Charles Cameron FINLEY (b. Ont) and Eliza Ann DANSON witn: Jack Randolph CONLEY and Florence Frances BYRD, both of Lindsay, April 1, 1926, Lindsay 045649-26 William Albert NICHOLLS, 42, farmer, Verulam twp, same s/o Hugh NICHOLLS, b. Canada, and Elizabeth OLIVER married Emma SLADE, 27, Fenelon twp, same d/o Alfred SLADE, b. Canada, and Esther HILYER, witn: Emma L. SANDY and Eleanor HOLMES both of Lindsay, July 14, 1926, Lindsay
045650-26 Clayton Ellsworth NICHOLS, 21, painter, Bobcaygeon, same s/o Matthew Bell NICHOLS, b. Smithtown Ont., and Alberta HILL married Agnes Gladys McLAUGHLIN, 18, housekeeper, Emily twp, Bobcaygeon d/o Hugh McLAUGHLIN, b. Ireland, and Elizabeth RICHARDSON witn: Alfred NICHOLS of Bobcaygeon and Mrs. Annie NICHOLS of Cobalt, June 3, 1926, Lindsay 045651-26 James Cecil NICHOLS, 23, farming, Fenelon twp, Sunderland s/o John NICHOLS and Mary Jane COLWELL married Mabel Irene LYWOOD, 18, domestic, Lindsay, same d/o Samuel W. LYWOOD and Eliza J. ORR witn: George HOCKEY and Mrs. Mary LYWOOD both of Lindsay, December 16, 1926, Lindsay
045652-26 Bert John NORTH, 23, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o James NORTH, b. Yorkshire England, and Annie DEAKIN, 19, domestic, England, Lindsay d/o Edward DEAKIN, b. Worcestershire England, and Mary PAYNE witn: James and Winnifred GROWDEN of Lindsay, July 26, 1926, St. Paul's Church, Lindsay 045653-26 Thomas Henry O'REILLY, 28, farmer, Ops twp, same s/o James O'REILLY and Agnes BURNS married Mary MURPHY, 25, Ops twp, same d/o Daniel MURPHY and Catharine MEAGHER witn: Joseph O'REILLY and Frances MURPHY both of Lindsay, June 9, 1926, Lindsay
045654-26 Thomas William OSBORNE, 31, tanner, Banbury England, Omemee s/o Joseph OSBORNE. b. Banbury England, and Florence HARRIS married Verna Priscilla WILLIAMSON, 26, house keeper, Omemee, same d/o Arthur WILLIAMSON, b. Omemee, and Isabel WILLIAMS witn: M. E.J. HOLLING and Evelyn HOLLING, both of Lindsay, December 22, 1926, United Church, Lindsay 045655-26 Stanley Martin PALFREY, 32, engineer, Lindsay, same s/o Martin PALFREY (b. England) and Emma JONES married Pearl Edith HUGHAN, 24, stenographer, Lindsay, same d/o Clowes William Miles HUGHAN (b. Brantford Ont) and Amelia Ida SUMMERS, witn: Frank PALFREY of Lindsay and Marjorie HORNER of Toronto, September 27, 1926, 280 Kent St., Lindsay
045656-26 Harry Alonzo PARKER, 35, farmer, Durham - Grey Co, Uno Park, s/o Edward PARKER (b. Barrie Ont) and Rachael MARTIN married Martha Adeline BUTCHER, 24, Beaverton, Woodville d/o Albert BUTCHER (b. Brechin Ont) and Mary McNABB, witn: Miss Ella R. SMITH of Lindsay and William C. BUTCHER RR#4, Woodville, June 23, 1926, RR#4, Woodville 045657-26 Leslie Arthur PARKER, 31, clerk, Manvers twp, Omemee s/o William H. PARKER (b. Manvers) and Lavina Jane MAGILL married Mary Emily WAGSTAFF, 22, Muskoka, n/g d/o Arthur WAGSTAFF (b. England) and Jane COLES witn: M. WAGSTAFF and Adeline PARKER both of Omemee, June 30, 1926, St. Paul's Church, Lindsay
045658-26 James Alexander PATTERSON, 71, widower, builder, Sunderland, Mariposa twp s/o William PATTERSON (b. Edinburgh Scotland) and Isabella VALENTINE married Sarah Jane EMMERSON, 54, widow, Mariposa twp, same d/o Steven WASHINGTON (b. Solina Ont) and Grace HAZELWOOD witn: Lottie WASHINGTON and H.J. WASHINGTON both of 16 Simpson Ave., Toronto, June 24, 1926, Oakwood  
045659-26 Harold Rudolph PEARN, 24, farmer, Somerville twp, Fenelon twp s/o Joseph PEARN (b. Mariposa twp) and Fanny GALE married Marion Aileen RUTHERFORD, 26, Fenelon twp, same d/o John RUTHERFORD (b. Verulam twp) and Elizabeth GILLIS witn: [illegible signature] and Gladys M. GREENE, both of Whitby, November 17, 1926, home of Brides Parents, Fenelon twp 045660-26 William Henry PEARN, 23, farmer, Fenelon twp, same s/o Harry PEARN (b. Mariposa twp) and Mary RABY married Daisey Edith TAYLOR, 30, Simcoe Co, Fenelon Falls d/o Frederick E. TAYLOR (b. Woodstock Ont) and Jane Ann HOPKINS witn: Charlotte HOPKINS and Eliza R. SYMONS both of Fenelon Falls, December 22, 1926, Fenelon Falls
045661-26 Thomas Herbert PERRY, 28, farmer, Digby twp, same s/o Henry PERRY (b. England) and Adeline PORTER married Lena May PORTER, 19, domestic, Digby twp, Somerville twp d/o William PORTER (b. Manilla) and Adeline PORTER witness - Miss H.B. FRASER and Miss Mae E. POTTS both of Fenelon Falls, September 15, 1926, Fenelon Falls 045662-26 Charles William POGUE, 21, auto mechanic, Somerville twp, Fenelon Falls s/o Samuel Wesley POGUE (b. Verulam twp) and Mary Ada WINDRIM, married Loretta Catharine DEWELL (Duvell?), 19, Fenelon twp, same d/o Vincent DEWELL (b. Fenelon twp) and Jessie NICHOLSON witn: Annie Marie DEWELL of Cameron and Clifford MARTIN of Fenelon Falls, July 3, 1926, Fenelon Falls
045663-26 Albert Vernon POWERS, 24, delivery man, Lindsay, same s/o Albert Edward POWERS (b. Fenelon Falls) and Maggie Jane ELLIS married Margaret Elizabeth Olive GORRILL, 24, Mariposa twp, same d/o Samuel John GORRILL (b. Eldon twp) and Elizabeth Lillian LEAK witn: Gerald Clinton POWERS of Lindsay and Annie Mildred GORRILL of Woodville, October 6, 1926, Mariposa twp 045664-26 Charles Ivor PROVERBS, 28, insurance agent, Barbadoes BWI, 155 Mavety St., Toronto s/o William Francis PROVERBS (b. Barbadoes) and Rhoda ROGERS married Marguerite Frances WOODS, 22, clerk, Ontario, 35 Francis St., Lindsay d/o William George WOODS (b. Ont) and Sarah CAMERON witn: W.H. WOODS and M.M. WOODS both of Lindsay, October 30, 1926, Lindsay
045671-26 Robert Harding REEDS, 29, clerk, Lindsay, same s/o Robert REEDS and Mary HARDING married Mary Philomena DWYER, 27, milliner, Lindsay, same d/o James DWYER and Mary CORKERY witn: Vincent DWYER and Elizabeth DWYER both of Lindsay, September 21, 1926, Lindsay 045672-26 Earl Wilbert REEDS, 36, widower, mail carrier, Ops twp, Lindsay s/o William REEDS, b. Canada, and Eliza MOIR married Viola Priscilla PARRINGTON, 19, factory worker, Emily twp, Lindsay d/o Miles G. PARRINGTON, b. Canada, and Ella Maud TINNEY witn: Mrs. J.E. GRAHAM of Fenelon Falls and Eleanor I. HOLMES of Lindsay, December 15, 1926, Lindsay
045670-26 Archibald Norman REID, 22, farmer, Scott twp, Mariposa twp s/o Arthur Wellesley REID, b. Leaskdale Ont., and Lilian HARRISON married Elsie Dorothy LAMB, 21, domestic, Leahman England, Mariposa twp d/o Thomas LAMB, b. England, and Jean BURTON witn: Doris JOHNSON of Lindsay and Samuel Earl SMITHERAM of Little Britain, March 17, 1926, Lindsay 045669-26 Wilford George Henry ROBERTS, 26, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o George ROBERTS, b. Ops twp., and Sarah ROBINSON married Margaret Jean SHARPE, 21, domestic, Liverpool England, Cannington d/o Joshua SHARPE, b. Liverpool England, witn: Charles A. DAVIES and Mary A. ROBERTS both of Woodville, December 25, 1926, Mariposa twp
045668-26 Thomas Stanley ROBINSON, 36, widower, labourer, Manvers twp, Lindsay s/o James ROBINSON, b. Manvers twp, and Elizabeth Margaret WEST married Leah Ethel SIDDLE, 43, seamstress, Stratford, Ops twp d/o William SIDDLE, b. Stratford Ont., and Eliza DART witn: S.W. SIDDLE and Sadie SIDDLE both of RR#3, Omemee, July 8, 1926, Omemee 045667-26 Frederick RODGERS, 26, labourer, England, Cartwright s/o Alexander RODGERS (b. Bristol England) and Annie, married Elsie Jane SAMELLS (Sannells?), 22, Cartwright, same d/o James SAMELLS, b. Nestleton? - Cartwright twp) and Mary Matilda NICHOLSON, witn: W.E.J. HOLLING and G.T. HOLLING both of 63 Cambridge St., Lindsay, April 28, 1926, 63 Cambridge St., Lindsay
045666-26 Joseph Harold RUMNEY, 22, farmer, Somerville twp, same s/o Joseph Linderham? RUMNEY (b. Laxton Co Ont - sic) and Charlotte WINDRIM, married Berla Auldene CREGO, 26, Mariposa twp, Somerville twp d/o Alexander Richmond CREGO (b. Victoria Co Ont) and Alberta TRETHEWEY witn: Robert Oscar RUMNEY of Coboconk and Caroline Bell TRETHEWEY of Woodville, March 31, 1926, Woodville 045665-26 Norman Melville RYCKMAN, 27, salesman, Bexley twp., Flint Michigan s/o Albert RYCKMAN and Cora L. LYTLE married Josephine Belle ROBINSON, 26, school teacher, Lindsay, same d/o Isaac ROBINSON and Rachel MAHOOD witn: Bernice HOLMES of St. Catharines and G.A. RYCKMAN of Coboconk, September 18, 1926, Lindsay
045673-26 Frederick SALTER, 26, farmer, Great Misedon? England, Emily twp s/o not known married Alice EGGLETON, 19, Spalding England, Emily twp., d/o James EGGLETON, b. England, and Martha CHAPPLE witn: Thomas PERCIVAL of Omemee and Alice EGGLETON of 80 King St., Lindsay, May 20, 1926, Lindsay 045674-26 Francis John SANDERSON, 25, farmer, Ops twp, same s/o Francis SANDERSON, b. Ireland, and Louise ASHURST, married Meta Irene GRAHAM, 26, teacher, Ops twp, same d/o Howard GRAHAM, b. Ops twp., and Maria BROCK (BROOK?) witn: Gladys SANDERSON and Leslie GRAHAM both of Lindsay, November 24, 1926, Ops twp
045675-26 Clifton Paul SAUNDERS, 21, clerk, Ottawa, North Monaghan s/o Albert Edward SAUNDERS, b. Ottawa, and Bertha May GREEN married Thelma Maud VASS, 18, metre tester, North Monaghan, same d/o Albert VASS, b. England, and Hannah Maude HOOEY witn: Ila A. ROWLAND of Omemee and Mrs. G. MUSGROVE of Toronto, November 2, 1926, Omemee [divorced 13/12/50] 045676-26 George Wesley SCHELL, 30, farmer, Somerville twp, same s/o John SCHELL, b. Port Perry Ont., and Christina CRAIG married Dora Christina CAVANA, 18, Somerville twp, same d/o Richard CAVANA, b. Ireland, and Matilda HUGHES witn: James Roy UMPHREY and Agnes DAVID both of Kinmount, December 20, 1926, Kinmount
045677-26 James Thomas SHARPE, 36, engineer, Liverpool England, Lindsay s/o John SHARPE, b. Liverpool England, and Alice BRUNSKILL, married Sarah GROZELLE, 32, widow, Carden twp, Lindsay d/o Stephen O'CONNOR and Annie O'NEILL witn: George HANNAVAN and Mrs. Charles GROZELLE both of Lindsay, October 14, 1926, Lindsay 045678-26 John Gordon SHAW, 26, railway clerk, Lindsay, same s/o James J. SHAW and Salina PINKHAM married Frances Margaret BRADEN, 25, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay d/o James D. BRADEN and Emma J. ALSOP witn: Mildred B. CURRIE and Charles G. CURRIE both of Lindsay, August 23, 1926, Lindsay
045679-26 Heywood Charles Richard SHORT, 19, farmer, Mariposa twp, Lot 1 Con. B (R) Mariposa s/o John SHORT, b. Ontario Co, and Georgina MILLS married Luella May MARTIN, 21, Mariposa twp, same d/o Richard MARTIN, b. Devonshire England, and Matilda Isabella BROAD witn: Robert CHANDLER of Lindsay and Esther Lilian THOMPSON of Toronto, September 15, 1926, Mariposa twp 045680-26 John Jordan SINCLAIR, 44, widower, farmer, Fenelon twp, same s/o Donald SINCLAIR, b. Ont, and Rachel JORDAN married Alice ALTON, 26, teacher, Carden twp, Eldon twp d/o John ALTON, b. Ont., and Fanny Louise IRWIN? witn: Mary ALTON and John ALTON both of Eldon twp, October 20, 1926, Eldon twp
045681-26 Sidney SLADE, 33, farmer, Fenelon twp, same s/o Alfred SLADE, b. Canada, and Esther HILYER married Mary Edith CURTIS, 27, clerk, Verulam twp, Fenelon Falls d/o Harry CURTIS, b. Canada, and Sarah W. TINDLE, witn: William A. NICHOLLS and Emma NICHOLLS both of Bobcaygeon, November 24, 1926, Bobcaygeon 045682-26 Norman SMITH, 47, farmer, Mariposa, Lot 8 Conc 2 Mariposa s/o George SMITH, b. Mariposa twp., and Elizabeth HOEYE, married Ruby Elmhurst SMITH, Verulam twp, Lot 8 Con 2 Mariposa d/o Wellington SMITH, b. Somerville twp., and Elizabeth CONNELL, witn: Annie C. MacINTOSH of London and Margaret C. MacINTOSH of Lindsay, June 30, 1926, Lindsay
045683-26 Paul Lewis Ray STEPHENS, 21, lumberman, Bexley, Dongola s/o Thomas James STEPHENS, b. Laxton, and Nellie WRIGHT married Effie Lucinda PORTER, 19, Somerville, Dongola d/o William James PORTER, b. Lutterworth, and Adeline BOWMAN witness - Edith ADYE and W. MARK both of Kinmount, November 27, 1926, St. James Parsonage, Kinmount 045684-26 William Willoughby STINSON, 50, farmer, widower, Manvers twp, same s/o William STINSON (b. Ont) and May WILSON married Nellie May PHILP, 44, teacher, village of Heckstone village, Lindsay d/o William PHILP (b. Ont) and Hannah M. LAIDLEY witn: Norton WILLIAMS of Vancouver B.C. and J.H. PHILP of Sackville NB, June 9, 1926, Lindsay
045685-26 Charles Edward SUGGITT, 23, agent, Somerville twp, same s/o William SUGGITT, b. Canada, and Mary EADES married Margaret CUNDILL, 21, Somerville twp, same d/o William CUNDILL, b. Canada, and Margaret EASON witn: James A. SUGGITT of McMaster Hall in Toronto and Ivy CUNDILL of Fenelon Falls, November 24, 1926, Lindsay 045686-26 Milford Edwin SWEETMAN, 28, automobile mechanic, Scugog twp, Lindsay s/o Charles Edwin SWEETMAN, b. Ont, and Clara GERROW married Marion Isobel TAYLOR, 23, Hastings England, Mariposa twp d/o James TAYLOR, b. England, and Ellen Maud DAVIDSON witn: Ethel W. DAVIDSON of RR#2 Oakwood and Owen L. SWEETMAN of Sonya, June 23, 1926, Oakwood
045687-26 Herbert TAYLOR, 51, farmer, Cartwright, same s/o Anson TAYLOR, b. Cartwright, and Margaret MONTGOMERY married Ida May MALCOLM, 36, Cartwright, Lindsay d/o David MALCOLM, b. Cartwright, and Mary Ann WILLIAMS witn: Stanley MALCOLM of Nestleton and Eliza J. JOHNSON of Lindsay, December 11, 1926, Lindsay 045688-26 Robert Gordon Roscoe TOMPKINS, 24, gardener, Lindsay, same s/o William G. TOMPKINS, b. Fenelon, and Lovedy TAMBLIN married Myrtle Elizabeth SILVER, 19, factory worker, Lutterworth twp, same d/o Egbert SILVER, b. Lutterworth, and Nellie COOPER witn: Emily MARSH and Mary SMITH, both of Lindsay, March 24, 1926, St. Paul's Church, Lindsay
045689-26 Levi VANNEST, 65, retired farmer, widower, Carden twp, Bobcaygeon s/o John VANNEST, b. Ont., and Mary BROW, married Mary Jane SELBY, 63, widow, Bobcaygeon, same d/o William JACKSON, b. Smith twp., and Frances FLETCHER witn: Mrs. Martha SELBY and G. HOLLING both of Lindsay, September 8, 1926, 63 Cambridge St. N., Lindsay 045690-26 Lester Nelson WAGSTAFF, 27, brick maker, Toronto, Lindsay s/o Charles WAGSTAFF, b. Toronto, and Laura Jessie BILLINGS married Violet Lillian HILL, 21, registered nurse, illegible twp. - Prince Edward Co., Little Britain d/o John S. HILL, b. Picton, and Mary VINCENT witn: Ruby WAGSTAFF of RR#4, Lindsay and Harold H. HILL, June 16, 1926, Little Britain
045691-26 Bruce WALKER, 34, brakeman, Ontario, Lindsay s/o John J. WALKER, b. Ont., and Margaret J. DOWNEY? married Ida GRAHAM, 28, Ontario, Lindsay d/o William John GRAHAM, b. Ont., and Mary Jane McCONNELL witn: G. and E. HOLLING of Lindsay, September 9, 1926, 63 Cambridge St. N., Lindsay 045692-26 William Franklin WALSH, 19, teamster, Irondale, Harburn s/o Frederick WALSH, b. Ont., and Florence CURRY married Irene May McDONALD, 17, Harburn, same d/o William Wesley McDONALD, b. Harburn Ont., and Ethel DAVIES witn: George WORKMAN of Ridout St., Lindsay and Annie C. McINTOSH of 8 Russell St. E., LINDSAY, March 12, 1926, Lindsay
045693-26 Frederick William WATSON, 28, R.R. trackman, Snowden twp, Tory Hill s/o John Wesley WATSON, b. Myrtle Ont., and Louisa Dorothy SCHARFESBURY, married Kathleen Marion McCREA, 21, Monmouth twp, Tory Hill d/o Matthew Archie McCREA, b. Maynooth Ont., and Emily ROLLINS witn: Annie C. McINTOSH and Margaret C. McINTOSH both of Lindsay, June 30, 1926, Lindsay 045694-26 John Christopher WATSON, 22, farmer, Somerville twp, Laxton twp s/o Joseph WATSON, b. Somerville twp., and Ada SWANTON married Annie Elizabeth HUGILL, 31, Somerville twp, same d/o James HUGILL, b. Fenelon twp., and Margaret LUFF witn: Mr. and Mrs. Fred RUMNEY of Coboconk, December 8, 1926, Fenelon Falls
045695-26 John Walkerton WATSON, 23, teacher, Melancthon twp, Hornings Mills s/o Ed WATSON, b. Melancthon twp., and Margaret WILKINSON married Margaret Ann WRIGHT, 19, clerk, Victoria Road, Hornings Mills d/o William John WRIGHT, b. Eldon twp., and Therza JONES, witn: Douglas E. WATSON of Hornings Mills and Velma WRIGHT of Kirkfield, August 4, 1926, home of bride's family, Kirkfield 045696-26 William George WATSON, 67, widower, farmer, Frontenac Co, Lot 18 Con 15, Mariposa s/o George WATSON, and Elizabeth WATSON married Catherine BEATON, 70, working on farm and nursing, Bruce twp, Lot 18, Con 15, Mariposa d/o Donald BEATON and Flora McGILLIVRAY witn: Mrs. E.C. CURRIE and Mildred B. CURRIE both of Lindsay, June 16, 1926, Lindsay
045697-26 Milson Stewart WHYTE, 33, farmer, Verulam twp, same s/o Samuel WHYTE, b. Quebec, and Margaret DYKES, married Edith Beatrice STAPLES, 30, Verulam twp, same d/o John STAPLES, b. Cavan twp., and Margaret HETHERINGTON witn: John S. STYLES of Bobcaygeon and Lillie WHYTE of RR#5, Fenelon Falls, November 11, 1926, Verulam twp 045698-26 John Neil WILKINSON, 29, farmer, Sonya, same s/o Alexander WILKINSON, b. Victoria Co., and Catharine McKINLEY, married Myrtle Irene RODMAN, 22, Little Britain, same d/o Russell RODMAN, b. Victoria Co., and Frances COOPER witn: Garnet McTAGGART and Hazel PARLIAMENT both of Cresswell, May 29, 1926, Sonya
045699-26 Albert Augustus WILLIAMS, 22, machinist, Lutterworth twp, Lindsay s/o Lewyllen WILLIAMS, b. Lutterworth, and Sarah Carson ADAMS married Mary Beatrice LOUCKS, 20, domestic, Minden, same d/o George LOUCKS, b. Minden, and Flora LOUCKS witness - Proclle? Stanley BOARD of 10 St. Peter St., Lindsay and Margaret Ellen WILLIAMS of 173 Queen St., Lindsay, March 24, 1926, Lindsay 045700-26 Andrew WILSON, 29, labourer, Northumberland England, Harvey twp s/o Andrew WILSON, b. Northumberland England, and Elizabeth A. NEIL married Violet IRWIN, 18, Harvey twp, same d/o Allan IRWIN, b. Harvey twp., and Edith E. RENOUF witn: Orval and Vera KIMBLE of Bobcaygeon, April 10, 1926, Bobcaygeon
045701-26 Robert Alexander WOOD, 28, butcher, West Huntingdon, Burnt River s/o Robert WOOD, b. Hastings Co., and Margaret Susan OSBORNE married Alma Audrey SHEEHEY, 19, post mistress, Somerville twp, Burnt River d/o George SHEEHEY, b. Somerville twp., and Melinda ARMSTRONG witn: Gertrude BROWN of 37 St. Paul St., Lindsay and Jean MOORE of Lindsay, March 8, 1926, Lindsay 045702-26 Reginald Arthur WOODWARD, 21, farmer, England, Hope twp s/o Charles WOODWARD, b. England, and Edith LUCKER, married Gladys May BRYAN, 18, Hope twp, same d/o William Charles BRYAN, b. Canada, and Letitia M. DAVIS witn: F. SANDY and Eleanor HOLMES, both of Lindsay, July 12, 1926, Lindsay
045703-26 Frederick William WORRELL, 21, baker, London England, Fenelon Falls s/o Alfred WORRELL, b. London England, and Anne CATE married Mary Ann TRUDEL (TRUDELL shown both spellings) , 18, Fenelon Falls, same d/o Archie Isidore TRUDEL, b. Quebec Que., and Mary Alice O'CONNOR witn: Mrs. Annie DEYMAN and Dr. E.A. WHITE both of Fenelon Falls, April 7, 1926, Fenelon Falls 045704-26 Elmer Norman WORSLEY, 23, farmer, Fenelon twp, same s/o Amos J. WORSLEY and Edith ARKSEY married Violet PEARN, 19, Fenelon Falls, Fenelon twp d/o Harry PEARN and Mary ROBY, witn: Melville WORSLEY and Louise M. ARCHER both of Fenelon Falls, February 24, 1926, Fenelon Falls
045705-26 Alvin Clare WRIGHT, 20, farmer, Ops twp, same s/o Thomas Edward WRIGHT, b. Ont., and Margaret Amelia SMITH married Ellie Jean LOVETT, 16, Eldon twp, same d/o Sam John LOVETT, b. Ont., and Lorissie? KINGHORN, witn: Ross WRIGHT of Oakwood and Elsie LOVETT, June 30, 1926, Eldon twp 045706-26 Arthur Wesley Leonard WRIGHT, 28, farmer, Manvers twp, same s/o Alfred WRIGHT, b. Ont., and Eliza McLEAN married Isabel PORTER, 24, Ops twp, same d/o William Harvey PORTER, b. Ont., and Margaret KERR witn: George WRIGHT of RR#2 Janetville and Grace PORTER of RR#1 Reaboro, February 3, 1926, Ops twp
045707-26 Harold Grey YEADON, 34, steam fitter, Halifax, same s/o John G. YEADON and Isabel F. UMLAH married Martha Irene JONES, 30, Ops twp, same d/o William JONES and Alicia HERBERT witn: Lavern) J. JONES of Linton Trail Alberta and Gertrude DEYELL of Reaboro, June 30, 1926, Lindsay 045708-26 Joseph ZACHARCHUK, 40, cement finisher, Russia, Fenelon twp s/o Philip ZACHARCHUK, b. Russia, and Anna MOUNGK?, married Annie Maude PATTON, 45, nurse, Verulam twp, Fenelon twp d/o Samuel PATTON, b. Otonabee, and Rachael KILLABY witn: Mrs. H.W. CHAMPAGNE of 49 Spencer Ave., Toronto and Thomas J. PATTON of Fenelon Falls, November 1, 1926, Fenelon twp