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Toronto 1927, part 9

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birthplace is given before residence


4861-27 Harry ABBOTT, 22, customs officer, Walsall Staffordshire England, 10 Corley Ave, s/o Frank ABBOTT & Martha PEARSON, married Mary Isabel HOLDSWORTH, 24, Bradford Yorkshire England, 285 Beach Ave, d/o Walter Stead HOLDSWORTH & May Alice BLAMIRES, witn: Leslie BURNHAM of 89 Parkwood Ave Kenmore NY & Olive ABBOTT of 10 Corley Ave Toronto, 1 Sept 1927 at St John's Norway

5676-27 Frederick Gordon ABBS, 28, auditor, Toronto, same, s/o Frederick William ABBS, b. Canada & Ettie Alice SMITH, married Marguerite Ann HENDERSON, 22, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o Robert John HENDERSON, b. Canada & Georgina APPLEYARD, witn: Douglas & Thelma McVICAR of 51 Rushton Rd., 3 Oct. 1927
5677-27 Demitry ABRAM, 23, laborer, Austria, 67 Niagara St., s/o Michael ABRAM & Donia MECHAYLOVA, married Paraseka ANDRUS, 19, Austria, 61 Augusta Ave., d/o Nikola ANDRUS & Maria ELCHESKEN, witn: M. YANSVESHAN of 61 Augusta Ave & G. KLODNITZY of 67 Niagara St., 29 Oct 1927 4862-27 Herman William ACKERMAN, 21, clerk, Buffalo NY, 7251 Bailey Ave Buffalo NY, s/o Herman ACKERMAN (b. Batavia NY) & Anna STAFFORD, married Florence Irene LITTLE, 22, Ontario, 220 Hastings Ave Toronto, d/o William James LITTLE (b. Ireland) & Mary REED, witn: James W. LITTLE of 220 Hastings Ave & Bella WALSH of Toronto, 10 Sept 1927

5678-27 William David Hoggan ADAMS, 21, salesman, Ontario, 60 Binscarth Rd., s/o John ADAMS, b. Ont & Ida HOGGAN, married Edna May HAHN, 25, saleslady, Ontario, 18 Albany Ave., d/o William HAHN, b. Ont & Jennie HENRY, witn: William & Mrs. William DUKE of 596 Christy? St., 22 Oct. 1927

4863-27 Herbert James ADDISON, 18, inspector, Ontario, 60 Ferrier Ave, s/o Thomas P. ADDISON (b. England) & Florence PILLENGER, married May PAXTON, 23, operator, Ireland, 7 Otter Ave, d/o William PAXTON (b. Ireland) & Martha BENNETT, witn: James Edward HALL of Toronto & Nora SLACK of 138 Murdock Ave, 10 Sept 1927

5679-27 George ADDYMAN, 23, fitter, England, 16 Campbell, s/o George ADDYMAN & Elizabeth TRENEMAN, married Ada HUGGENS, 23, England, 161 Campbell, d/o Walter E. HUGGENS & Anna M. CROWLEY, witn: Horace AIMSCOLEGH? & Phyllis HUGGENS of 133 Craighurst Ave, 15 Oct. 1927 4864-27 Albert Edward ALDRIDGE, 26, machinist, Ontario, 1A Temple Ave, s/o George ALDRIDGE (b. England) & Charlotte COOKE, married Alice Hannah HAVILL, 33, operator, England, 1A Temple Ave, d/o William HAVILL (b. England) & Alice FRENCH, witn: John W. GRACE & Archie F. WHITMARSH both of 1A Temple Ave, 3 Sept 1927

5680-27 Roy Erwood ALLEN, 27, construction supt., Ontario, Montreal, s/o James ALLEN, b. Ont & Charlotte WALTON, married Lois Evelyn SIBBALD, 24, teacher, Ontario, 261 Rusholme Rd., d/o Henry SIBBALD, b. Ont & Maria BURNS, witn: Walter GILLESPIE of 357 Harwood Ave & L.E. GARDNER of 1144 Essex Rd., 23 Oct 1927

4865-27 Franklin ALLIN, 60, widower, retired, Ontario, Newcastle Durham Co Ontario, s/o William ALLIN (b. England) & Jane BLACKBURN, married Evelyn BIETTE, 58, Ontario, 59 Hepbourne St, d/o James Roy BIETTE (b. Ontario) & Annie THORNTON, witn: A. BIETTE of Oakville & Jean B. NICHOLSON of 59 Hepbourne St, 14 Sept 1927

4866-27 Earl Frederick ALLINGHAM, 29, fireman, Toronto, 73 Rhodes Ave, s/o Frank ALLINGHAM & Mary GRANT, married Jessie JOHNSTON, 24, Toronto, 73 Rhodes Ave, d/o William JOHNSTON & Anna BYRANT, witn: A.H. HOPE of 70 Fuller Ave & M. ALLINGHAM of 289 Waller Ave, 3 Sept 1927 at St John's Church Norway

5683-27 Matthew ANDREW, 23, machinist, Scotland, 1318 Woodbine Ave., s/o Peter B. ANDREW, b. Scotland & Janet Douglas ANDREW, married Sarah Busby LOVE, 21, operator, Scotland, 635 Coxwell Ave., d/o William LOVE, b. Scotland & Janet HUTCHINSON, witn: Isabella LOVE of 635 Coxwell & John ANDREW of 1318 Woodbine, 14 Oct. 1927

4869-27 Archibald ANDREW, 34, produce merchant, Scotland, 144 Glenholme Ave, s/o Robert ANDREW (b. Scotland) & Ellen LAW, married Eadie PORTER, 24, saleslady, Scotland, 204 Spadina Rd, d/o James PORTER (b. Scotland) & Jean MACMILLAN, witn: Jean M. PORTER of 204 Spadina Rd & William SIMPSON of 225 Van Horne St [s/b Ave?], 24 Sept 1927 5682-27 Hugh Duffin ANDREW, 26, railway clerk, Ontario, 104 Emerson Ave., s/o Charles E. ANDREW, b. Ont & Ann DUFFIN, married Mildred Lavina DRUMMOND, 26, stenographer, Ontario, 797 Euclid Ave., d/o John DRUMMOND, b. Ont & Esther McKAY, witn: Percy ELLIOTT of 29 Wood St. & Marion ANDREW of 104 Emerson Ave., 17 Oct 1927

4871-27 John Edgar ANGUS, 29, manufacturer, Ontario, 5 Maple Ave, s/o Francis ANGUS (b. Ontario) & Ella HAMILTON, married Dellwyn WARREN, 19, stenographer, Ontario, 5 Maple Ave, d/o William A. WARREN (b. Ontario) & Harriet CROSS, witn: J.H.C. WARREN & H.C. WARREN both of Toronto, 24 Sept 1927

4870-27 John ANGUS, 34, railway fireman, Ireland, Biggar Saskatchewan, s/o John Cowan ANGUS (b. Ireland) & Sarah Jane HARPER, married Georgina THOMPSON, 30, bookkeeper, Ireland, 248 Dufferin St, d/o John THOMPSON (b. Ireland) & Agnes JOHNSTON, witn: Annie May ALLEN of 1 Sheridan Ave & William T. DUSTAN of 47 Glenview Ave, 19 Sept 1927

5684-27 Frank ANSTRY, 22, carpenter, Newfoundland, 180 Earlsdale Ave., s/o Joseph ANSTRY, b. Nfld & Elizabeth HILLIER, married Phoebe BURTON, 20, domestic, Newfoundland, 70 Chambers Ave., d/o Alfred BURTON, b. Nfld & Lucy GILLIARD, witn: Ralph ANSTRY of 180 Earlsdale Ave & Ettie ELLIOTT of 263 Blackthorn Ave., 26 Oct 1927

5685-27 Donald Alexander APPLEGATH, 25, hat business, Toronto, same, s/o Frederick c. APPLEGATH & Lily JACKMAN, married Rachel Elizabeth HANBRIDGE, 27, Toronto, same, d/o John HANBRIDGE & Elizabeth DALE, wit: Richard Henry HANBRIDGE of 13 Ferndale Ave & Mae E. HANBRIDGE of 35 Banford Ave., 10 Oct. 1927 at St. Aidans Church

4872-27 William Duncan ARBUTHNOT, 25, printer, Ontario, 9 Hayden St, s/o Duncan Archibald ARBUTHNOT (b. Ontario) & Susan GREY, married Ethel BRADLEY, 23, packer, England, 40 McMurrich St, d/o George BRADLEY (b. England) & Mary Ann HARTSHORE, witn: John J. MARK & Bessie THOMSON both of Toronto, 29 Sept 1927

4873-27 Maurice Richard ARGALL, 20, multigrapher, England, 8 Burley Ave, s/o Edwin ARGALL (b. England) & Edith PROUT, married Kathleen ALLCOCK, 19, clerk, England, 25 Floyd Ave, d/o William ALLCOCK (b. England) & Mary Ann MULLINS, witn: Dorothy HOWE of 205 Bolton & Mr A. SKIPPON of 21 Manchester Ave, 13 Sept 1927

4874-27 David Ralph ARGUE, 27, voucher clerk, Ontario, 39 Harbord St, s/o W.H. ARGUE (b. Ontario) & Hattie BERNIE, married Jean Elizabeth FINNIE, 28, nurse, Ontario, Grace Hospital Toronto, d/o Walter FINNIE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth TRUSCOTT, witn: Isabel CREIGHTON of 32 Hewitt Ave & Mathew P. McINDOO of Toronto, 14 Sept 1927

4877-27 Norville St Aubin ARNALL, 21, clerk, Ontario, 96 Roseheath Ave, s/o Thomas Edward ARNALL (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BIFFIN, married Luella May SAWYER, 20, hairdresser, Ontario, 10 Bain Ave, d/o Jack SAWYER (b. Ontario) & Mary REYNOLDS, witn: Ivy Lillian POOLE of 774 Palmerston Ave & McGregor Anderson CURRIE of 96 Roseheath Ave, 17 Sept 1927

4878-27 Walter James ARNOLD, 28, bank clerk, Ontario, 241 Wellesley St, s/o John Bunyan ARNOLD (b Ohio USA) & Margaret McLAUGHLIN, married Dorothy May JEMMETT, 30, clerk, Ontario, 53 The Maples Bain Ave, d/o Reginald Jackson JEMMETT (b. West Indies) & Edith Emily JEMMETT, witn: Harry Wilfrid BURCH of 15 Summerhill Gdns & L. M. ARNOLD of 241 Wellesley St, 14 Sept 1927

5687-27 Albert Ellsworth Clarence ARNOLD, 24, postal clerk, Ivy Ont., 33 Coulson Ave in Forest Hill, s/o George Albert ARNOLD & Alberta COULTER, married Hilda Jane SMITH, 18, Forest Hill, 60 Montclair Ave in Forest Hill, d/o Robert Burn SMITH & Sarah BROAD, witn: Charles ARNOLD of 61 Alhambra Ave & Sarah SMITH of 60 Montclair Ave, 29 Oct. 1927

4879-27 Thomas William ARNOTT, 23, commercial traveller, Ontario, 40 Davisville Ave, s/o Albert William ARNOTT (b. Ontario) & Fannie F. JENKINS, married Catherine Rose MITCHELL, 23, Ontario, 87 Howard St, d/o John MITCHELL (b. Ontario) & Janet R. HALL, witn: Albert John ARNOTT of 40 Davisville Ave & Jennie Hall MITCHELL of 87 Howard St, 30 Sept 1927 5688-27 George Orr ARNOTT, 29, engineer, Scotland, 3 Ashbridge Ave., s/o Robert McCallum ARNOTT & Barbara CAMPBELL, married Ethel CRAWFORD, 23, Scotland, 3 Ashbridge Ave., d/o George Blackie CRAWFORD & Annie HOPE, witn: George THOMSON of 137 Ashdale Ave & Margaret ARNOTT of 3 Ashbridge, 14 Oct 1927
5689-27 William ASHFORD, 40, widower, England, 871 Davenport Ave., s/o Samuel ASHFORD, b. England & Mary Ann SPARKS, married Jean ASHTON, 32, divorced, Scotland, 871 Davenport Ave., d/o Alexander MASSIE?, b. Scotland & Margaret GRAY, witn: N?. MILLER of 557 Shaw St. & Bernie WALTERS of 557 Shaw St., 25 Oct 1927 5690-27 Richard Hugh ASHTON, 27, lithographer, Ontario, 662 Spadina Ave., s/o Hugh Edwin ASHTON, b. Ont & Katherine SHILLINGTON, married Evelyn EVANS, 26, domestic, England, 662 Spadina Ave., d/o John Henry EVANS, b. England & Olive BENNETT, witn: Kathleen BARKER of 662 Spadina & Charles LESTER of 732 Logan Ave., 3 Oct. 1927

4880-27 Harry Francis Mercer ATKINS, 27, dept manager, England, 4 Glendale Ave Hamilton, s/o Francis William ATKINS (b. England) & Alma DIXON, married Grace BROCK, 27, cashier, Ontario, 70 Woodside Ave Toronto, d/o William Arthur BROCK (b. Ontario) & Leah TOMLINSON, witn: W.A. BROCK of 70 Woodside Ave & Francis William ATKINS of 236 Concord Ave, 24 Sept 1927

4881-27 Frank Lewis AUSTIN, 33, printer, England, 190 Lisgar St, s/o failed to obtain, married Nellie SMITH, 28, forelady, England, 1295 Dundas St West, d/o George SMITH (b. England) & Sarah NORTH, witn: Charles AUSTIN of RR#3 Scotland Ontario & Winnie SMITH of 1295 Dundas St West, 24 Sept 1927

4882-27 Lloyd Henry BAARS, 19, butcher, Ontario, 39 Bain Ave, s/o Daniel BAARS (b. England) & Mary Ellen WEAVER, married Helen Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 18, stenographer, Ontario, 44 Beaconsfield Ave, d/o John D.S. JOHNSTON (b. Scotland) & Sella FORD, witn: M.A. MERCER & Olive TAYLOR both of 275 Gerrard St East, 22 Sept 1927

4883-27 Otto Cornwall BAILEY, 25, clerk, Ontario, 385 Carlton St, s/o George BAILEY (b. Ontario) & Catherine FLINT, married Helene CONSAUL, 19, Ontario, 22 Selby St, d/o John Allen CONSAUL (b. Ontario) & Emma WOODHOUSE, witn: J.A. CONSAUL & Frank ROW both of Toronto, 3 Sept 1927

4884-27 Robert Harry BAILEY, 20, air force, Richmond England, Camp Borden, s/o William Henry BAILEY (b. England) & Evelyn MILNE, married Cecelia Kerr SINCLAIR, 19, Glasgow Scotland, Camp Borden, d/o David Glass SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Jean GRANT, witn: Larry McKINNON of Camp Borden & William Kennedy of 608 Ontario St Toronto, 15 Sept 1927

4885-27 Thomas John BAILEY, 28, machinist, Australia, 347 Western Ave, s/o John BAILEY (b. England) & Nora HERRON, married Mabel CULVER, 28, packer, England, 164 Caledonia Rd, d/o Thomas Saxby CULVER (b. England) & Mary RUSSELL, witn: C.C. MASSIE of 26 Applegrove Ave & T.S. CULVER of 164 Caledonia Ave [s/b Rd], 3 Sept 1927

4886-27 Norman Alexander BAKER, 21, undertaker, Toronto, 2197 Bloor St West, s/o Albert BAKER (b. England) & Jenny GURNEY, married Grace Elizabeth DAVEY, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 563 Annette St, d/o Albert Thomas DAVEY (b. England) & Nellie WENSLEY, witn: Walter DAVEY of 563 Annette St & Alice CONSTABLE of 1028 Bloor St West, 20 Sept 1927

4887-27 Ralph Frederick BAKER, 21, mechanic, Ontario, 197 Sheldrake Blvd, s/o Herbert John BAKER (b. Ontario) & Melvema McCARTHY, married Kathleen Annie MARGERISON, 22, bookkeeper, England, 69 Wolverleigh Blvd, d/o Charles MARGERISON (b. England) & Kate FLETCHER, witn: James Dean HUTCHESON of 27 Dearbourne Ave & Emily Louisa SHEW of 221 Victoria St, 22 Sept 1927

4888-27 Wesley Ralph Raby BAKER, 24, service station attendant, Ontario, 254 Roxton Rd, s/o William BAKER (b. Ontario) & Mary RABY, married Elsie Sutherland TAYLOR, 31, stenographer, Ontario, 235 Rushton Rd, d/o George TAYLOR (b. England) & Elsie SUTHERLAND, witn: Dorothy W. GOODING & Charlotte E. PEDLEY both of Toronto, 29 Sept 1927

4889-27 Francis BALL, clerk, Ireland, 135 Lauder Ave, s/o Joseph G.B. BALL (b. Ireland) & Sarah SOMMERVILLE, married Elizabeth Anne McVITTY, 30, stenographer, Ireland, 464 Concord Ave, d/o James McVITTY (b. Ireland) & Mary Anne CRAWFORD, witn: Arthur A. ELLIS & Elizabeth ELLIS both of 35 Langford Ave, 17 Sept 1927

4890-27 Bristow Guy BALLARD, 25, electrical Engineer, Hastings Co, Williamsburg Pennsylvania, s/o Charles Edward BALLARD (b. Madoc Ontario) & Etta MOFFATT, married Irene FOREMAN, 24, social service worker, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, d/o Leonard FOREMAN (b. Collingwood) & Ada NEWTON, witn: Mrs L.B. GIBSON & John D. GIBSON both of 208 Cottingham St Toronto, 1 Sept 1927

4891-27 George BARBER, 64, widower, shipper, Ontario, 30 Laughton Ave, s/o William BARBER (b. England) & Ellen MUNROE, married Mary SAUNDERS, 49, widow, housemaid, Ontario, 48 Carlton St, d/o John KLIPPERT (b. Germany) & Marie E. GIMBELL, witn: Frederick GRANT & (Mrs) Jessie GRANT both of 156 Hampton Ave Toronto, 14 Sept 1927

4892-27 Norman John BARKER, 26, physician, Toronto, Connaught - District of Cochrane, s/o Alexander John BARKER (b. Toronto) & Rena Deborah WILLIS, married Margaret Aileen ISBELL, 22, dietitian, Toronto, same, d/o John Thomas ISBELL (b. Toronto) & Aileen Margaret SAUNDERS, witn: Frederick CLARKE & Bessie CLARKE both of 6 Trinity Square Toronto, 30 Sept 1927

4893-27 Simon Young BARNES, 23, fish merchant, Scotland, 4 Winnifred Ave, s/o William BARNES (b. Scotland) & Catherine YOUNG, married Christine Gibson HAMILTON, 23, stenographer, Scotland, 111 Humberside Ave, d/o James HAMILTON (b. Scotland) & Jean ALEXANDER, witn: Mary McCALL of 24 Hamilton St Toronto & Robert ROBB of 97 Simpson Ave, 9 Sept 1927

4894-27 Clayton Thomas BARR, 24, freight agent, Ontario, Hearst - District of Cochrane, s/o Carson BARR (b. Ontario) & Margaret BERTRIM, married Dorothea May HARRIS, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 432 Willard Ave Toronto, d/o Stuart HARRIS (b. England) & Nellie RUMBLE, witn: Georgina Naomi WRIGHT of 307 Harbord St & Ralph HARRIS of 432 Willard Ave, 21 Sept 1927

4895-27 Sydney Alderson BARRON, 23, driver, Ontario, 94 Pembroke St, s/o Frank BARRON (b. England) & Isabella SMITH, married Martha Lameta GILLESPIE, 22, clerk, Ireland, 56 Euston Ave, d/o William GILLESPIE (b. Ireland) & Sarah GILLINGTON, witn: George Alton BARRON of 11 Thorncliffe Ave & Elizabeth GILLESPIE of 56 Euston Ave, 1 Sept 1927

4896-27 John William BARTLETT, 22, labourer, England, Toronto, s/o Edward John BARTLETT & Mary Ann ROGERS, married Alice LOWE, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Robert LOWE & Elizabeth Ann LOWE, witn: Eva May DILL of 241 Boulton Ave & George M. NICKLE of 102 King Edward Ave, 17 Sept 1927 at St Barnabas (Chester)

4897-27 Robert Coulter BARTON, 29, bread salesman, Ireland, 33 Martin Rd, s/o John BARTON (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann COULTER, married Ruby MONTGOMERY, 25, stenographer, Ireland, 33 Martin Rd, d/o John MONTGOMERY (b. Ireland) & Ellen MAGEE, witn: Robert STILLIE of 107½ Scollard Ave & Mrs Marie PAPE of 828 Manning Ave, 12 Sept 1927

4898-27 Ralph BAXTER, 26, salesman, England, 287 Delaware Ave, s/o E. DAY (b. England) & Mary RICHARDS, married Olive Adeline DAY, 28, operator, Ontario, 74 Vermont St, d/o James DAY (b. England) & Jennie FERRIER, witn: Herbert RADFORD of 213 Silverthorn Ave & Martha CUMMINGS of 66 Carrick Ave, 27 Sept 1927

4899-27 Roy Emerson BAYLIS, 25, T. Eaton Co, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas H. BAYLIS & Meda MARK, married Bessie ROOTHAM, 25, Bedford England, Toronto, d/o Horace ROOTHAM & Edith J. GLEAVE, witn: Stanley Ross BAYLIS of 304 Dovercourt Rd & Mary CRUISE of 101 Duke St, 17 Sept 1927

4900-27 Kenneth James BAYS, 27, grocery clerk, Ontario, 32, McKenzie Ave, s/o Samuel James BAYS (b. Ontario) & Maud COLLINS, married Mary Beatrice BRANNING, 24, clerk, Ontario, 425 Quebec Ave, d/o John F. BRANNING (b. Ontario) & Margaret BAIRD, witn: John Edward BAYS of 32 McKenzie Ave & Winnifred GIBSON of 329 St George St, 10 Sept 1927

4901-27 John Lewis BEATON, 35, creamery manager, Blackwater, Orillia Simcoe Co, s/o John L. BEATON & Helen S. LEASK, married Margaret Grace PRATT, 30, school teacher, Penetanguishene Simcoe Co, Sault Ste Marie, d/o William PRATT & Jessie JOHNSTONE, witn: James H. BEATON of Orillia & Margaret JOHNSTON of Toronto, 14 Sept 1927

4902-27 Frank Charles BEAZER, 45, clergyman, Chippenham Wiltshire England, Kapuskasing District of Cochrane, s/o William BEAZER (b. Pickwick Corsham England) & Fanny HOBBS, married Anna Gertrude HUDSON, 36, stenographer, Grenada BWI, Toronto, d/o Horace HUDSON (b. Grenada BWI) & Mary Scott CROUCHER, witn: H. MARSH & Leslie HUDSON both of Toronto, 28 Sept 1927

4903-27 John Vernon BEBBINGTON, 32, divorcee, engineer, Scotland, 34 Earl St Toronto, s/o Peter BEBBINGTON (b. England) & Edith Annie HOWARD, married Agnes Muir CAMERON, 25, saleslady, England, 155 Wolfrey Ave, d/o Arthur CAMERON (b. England) & Ann Neilson GIBB, witn: Elizabeth ALLEN & M.H. PRITCHARD both of Toronto, 10 Sept 1927

4904-27 Harold Murray BEEMER, 22, artist, Ontario, 246 Glenholme Ave, s/o Guy Murray BEEMER (b. Ontario) & Ada SYMONS, married Marjorie Cleora PHILLIPS, 19, Manitoba, 136 Geoffrey St, d/o Wilson PHILLIPS (b. Ontario) & Ada DORLAND, witn: Dorothy Ruth Evelyn WATT of 155 Fern Ave & Mary V. LAIDLAW of 220 Wright Ave, 19 Sept 1927

4905-27 John BELL, 22, iron moulder, Belfast Ireland, 146 Berkeley St, s/o Robert BELL & Annie COBURN, married Annie KIRKPATRICK, 22, ironer, Belfast Ireland of 146 Berkeley St, d/o Thomas KIRKPATRICK & Martha BRODEY, witn: Winnie CRAWFORD of 386 Jones Ave & Benjamin WAUGH of 130 Booth Ave, 23 Sept 1927

4906-27 Joseph BELLMORE, 30, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph BELLMORE & Louisa BREEN, married Mary Margaret FLEMING, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Maurice FLEMING & Alice LANGDON, witn: Harold CURRIE of Toronto & Madeline FLEMING, 6 Sept 1927

4907-27 George Dalton BENDER, 25, casket trimmer, Kincardine Ontario, 423 Ossington Ave, s/o George Andrew BENDER & Laurenda WATERHOUSE, married Ethel Alexander BLAIR, 30, Toronto, 418 Ossington Ave, d/o William BLAIR & Ellen CHANDLER, witn: Lewis R. BENDER of Owen Sound & Mrs H. DAVIDSON of Toronto, 5 Sept 1927

4908-27 William Joseph BENSON, 29, shipper, Toronto, same, s/o William BENSON & Ellen SUTTON, married Gladys Evelyn Jones YOUNG, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Edwin Jones YOUNG & Elizabeth TENNANT, witn: William JOHNSTON of 12 Dillworth Cres & Frances BOWERING of 111 Strachan Ave, 19 Sept 1927

4908-27 Horace James BENTON, 28, auto mechanic, Kent England, 10 Trafalgar Ave, s/o Arthur BENTON & Esther PURCELL, married Kathleen Annie WALSH, 20, Blackburn England, 48 Goodwood Ave, d/o William WALSH & Eva JAQUISS, witn: Hilda Irene BENTON of 10 Trafalgar Ave & John Philip WALSH of 48 Goodwood Ave, 21 Sept 1927 at St Chad's [Church]

4910-27 Volf BERSHADSKI, 27, carpenter, Russia, 211 Palmerston Ave, s/o Mager (b. Russia) & Feiga HETUSMAN, married Zetta WISE, 21, embroidery, Russia, 211 Palmerston Ave, d/o Chaim (b. Russia) & Foyba SCUBIEN, witn: J. GRANER of 476 Parliament? Ave? & B. BERSHEWSKY of 114 Chestnut St, 4 Sept 1927

4911-27 Max BERJANSKY, 25, salesman, Russia, 609 Bay St, s/o Isaiah BERJANSKY (b. Russia) & Sprenia MIDWED, married Rosa KAPLAN, 25, saleslady, Poland, 474 Richmond St, d/o Joseph KAPLAN (b. Poland) & Sarah Bessie DARK, witn: Mr S. SILVERMAN of 82 Beverley St & Mrs GARR of 108 Brunswick Ave, 11 Sept 1927

4912-27 Robert Earl BERNARD, 26, pipe fitter, Prince Edward Island, Toronto, s/o William BERNARD (b. PEI ) & Margaret MACKENZIE, married Violet May NIXON, 27, Halifax, 124, Duncan St Halifax, d/o Joseph NIXON (b. Halifax) & Mary CULL, witn: Harry John COOK of 380 Beresford Ave & Ellen F. CARTER of 713 Dufferin St, 17 Sept 1927

4913-27 Hyman BIDNER, 25, merchant, Russia, 2 Nelson St Penetang Ontario, s/o S. BIDNER (b. Russia) & M. GESMAN, married Molly GOLDBLOOM, 20, leather worker, Poland, 545 Dundas St West, d/o D. GOLDBLOOM (b. Poland) & A. EISER, witn: A. SIGERMAN of 155 Palmerston & S. LEPOFSKY of 52 Palmerston, 16 Sept 1927

4914-27 George Henry BIRCHALL, 21, plumber, Toronto, Ashdale Ave, s/o John BIRCHALL & Lilian DOYLE, married Doris Roslind MEACHIN, 21, England, Virginia, d/o Frank MEACHIN & Lilian DAY, witn: Ted HUTSON of Toronto & Marguerite BIRCHALL of 15 Ashdale Ave, 24 Sept 1927

4915-27 Harry BIRD, 20, driver, Toronto, 12 Westbrook Ave Todmorden, s/o Alfred BIRD (b. England) & Alice ELLWELL, married Janet DICKSON, 19, clerk, Scotland, 75 Victor Ave, d/o William DICKSON (b. Scotland) & Isabel MOFFATT, witn: Stanley BIRD of 12 Westbrook Ave & Isabelle DICKSON of 75 Victor Ave, 2 Sept 1927

4916-27 Edwin George BLACK, 35, chef, Denmark, 63 McCaul St, s/o Edward J. BLACK (b. Scotland) & Annie LILLJENGREN, married Charlotte KELLY, 30, housekeeper, Ireland, 63 McCaul St, d/o Joseph KELLY (b. Ireland) & Charlotte HOLLAND, witn: Geraldine MALONEY of 15 Harper St & Daniel HARRINGTON of 141 McCaul, 10 Sept 1927

4917-27 John BLACK, 23, telephone installer, Scotland, 1009 Ossington Ave, s/o John BLACK (b. Scotland) & Isabella COCHRANE, married Marion Brown Dinwoodie HILLIS, 22, domestic, Scotland, 110 Garnet Ave, d/o William HILLIS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth COUTTS, witn: Hugh HILLIS of 110 Garnet Ave & Amelia Elizabeth WILSON of 269 Bain Ave, 10 Sept 1927

4918-27 John Arthur BLACKBURN, 29, rubber worker, England, 1425 Queen St West, s/o Albert Edward BLACKBURN (b. England) & Melissa BROADBENT, married Irene GRUMMETT, 33, widow, housekeeper, Toronto, 1425 Queen St West, d/o William John DICK (b. Ontario) & Melissa Priscilla SRIGLEY, witn: Elizabeth BURNHAM of 861 Lothrope Ave Detroit Michigan & Graydon C. CARLEY of 155 Fifth Ave New Toronto, 10 Sept 1927

5724-27 Frederick BLACKHAM, 23, porter, England, 218 Bathurst St., s/o Thomas BLACKHAM, b. England & Helen SOUTHERN, married Lilian Clara HYLAND, 20, domestic, England, 321 Bathurst St., d/o James HYLAND, b. England & Emily GOODWIN, witn: Grace BROUGH of 410 Dovercourt Rd & Robert STUBBS of 103 Bellevue Ave., 29 Oct. 1927

5725-27 Maurice BLACKMAN, 29, salesman, England, 56 Monarch Park Ave., s/o Percy BLACKMAN, b. England & Charlotte Mary BRYANT, married Dell BRICKENDEN, 28, stenographer, Ontario, 99 Bellhaven Rd., d/o Arthur John BRICKENDEN, b. Ont & Sophia Ann RITCHIE, witn: Roy Harold CHAMBERS of 377 Woodbine Ave & Annie Edith ANDERSON of 185 Walmer Rd., 22 Oct. 1927 4919-27 Leslie Edgerton BLACKWELL, 29, solicitor, Ontario, 37 Indian Trail, s/o Thomas BLACKWELL (b. Ontario) & Sarah Elizabeth BRADEN, married Jacqueline Helen SINCLAIR, 26, school teacher, New York City NY, 86 Roxborough St West, d/o James SINCLAIR (b. Ontario) & Maria BARRY, witn: Maria B. SINCLAIR & Sarah E. BLACKWELL both of Toronto, 3 Sept 1927

4920-17 George Benjamin BLACKWOOD, 34, carman CPR, Jamaica BWI, 77 Sullivan St, s/o George BLACKWOOD (b. Jamaica BWI) & Isabel ROWE, married Lilla Elfreda BRANMER, 28, domestic, Jamaica BWI, 124 Grenadier Rd, d/o James E. JONES (b. Jamaica BWI) & Jane JONES, witn: Neal S. JONES & Albert E. FORBES both of Toronto, 29 Sept 1927

5726-27 Arthur James BLACKWOOD, 29, porter, British West Indies, Montreal, s/o Isaac BLACKWOOD, b. BWI & Mary BROWN, married Queenie May JONES, 24, domestic, British West Indies, 354 Spadina, d/o Jacob JONES, b. BWI & Mary WILLIAMS, witn: George McKENZIE of 77 Sullivan St. & E.J. JEHION of 59 Oriole Rd., 9 Oct. 1927

4921-27 Daniel BLUCHER, 47, widower, presser, Russia, 92 Augusta Ave, s/o David BLUCHER (b. Russia) & Feiga unknown, married Bessie GOLDSTEIN, 48, widow, Russia, 18 Draper St, d/o Elias B. KOFLER (b. Russia) & Jessie Bella, witn: J. KLING of 589 Dundas West & S. BERNSTEIN of 297 Euclid Ave, 22 Sept 1927 4922-27 Christo Philip BOGOEFF, 33, cook, Macedonia, 29 First Ave, s/o Philip BOGOEFF (b. Macedonia) & Sophia JADSSON, married Elna Petr SECULOFF, 21, Macedonia, 157 De Grassi St, d/o Peter J. SECULOFF (b. Macedonia) & Malina SEKULAVA, witn: Wasily LAZAROFF of 992 Queen [St] West & Peter KOSTAS of 122 Woolzey {Wolseley?], 25 Sept 1927

5729-27 Leslie B. BOND, 26, solicitor, Aurora, same, s/o John BOND, b. Ont & Lydia MASLER?, married Marjorie Catherine HULL, 23, Owen Sound, Toronto, d/o George S. HULL, b. Ont & Ida Mae MICHIE, witn: W.J. SISMAN of Aurora & Margaret PARKER of Stratford, 18 Oct. 1927

4923-27 William Simpson BOOTH, 28, box maker, Scotland, 533 Lansdowne Ave, s/o Robert BOOTH (b. Scotland) & Margaret J. DAVIDSON, married Alice Elizabeth LAWR, 27, divorcee, shipper, Ontario, 146 Harrison St, d/o Seneca George LAWR (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann MOTH, witn: Robert REID & Gladys OGILTREE both of Toronto, 17 Sept 1927

4924-27 Ralph William BORLAND, 26, draftsman, Ontario, 701 King St West, s/o Edward BORLAND (b. Ontario) & Ella SMALE, married Vera Elsie LESTER, 22, operator, Ontario, 62 Ravina Cres, d/o William Henry LESTER (b. Ireland) & Isabella CAMPBELL, witn: Robert Thomas McNERNY of 691 King St West & Anna Gertrude BRUCE of Toronto, 15 Sept 19[27]

4925-27 Harry BORSTEIN, 24, traveller, Russia, 85 Baldwin St, s/o Isaac BORSTEIN (b. Russia) & Chippa FAGERSON, married Dorothy VERNER, 19, saleslady, England, Brechin Ontario, d/o Joseph VERNER (b. Russia) & Rachel BERNSTEIN, witn: C.A. LEVI of 223 Huron St & Frank DAVIES of 85 Baldwin St, 11 Sept 1927

4926-27 Harold Emerson BOSTON, 25, barrister, Toronto, 280 Perth Ave, s/o Thomas BOSTON & Emily DAVIS, married Madeline SPANNER, 25, Toronto, 26 Lake Front, d/o William SPANNER & Louise Sarah HOEFNER, witn: Melville DAVIS of 266 Robina Ave & Dorothy SPANNER of 26 Lake Front, 3 Sept 1927 at St John's Church Norway

4927-27 Charles William BOULTER, 28, driver, Mimico, same, s/o William Alfred BOULTER & Maria A. MARSH, married Lillian GAULT, 20, Toronto, same, d/o George GAULT & Annie HORAN, witn: Malcolm CRUX of Mimico & Kathleen GAULT of Toronto, 21 Sept 1927

4928-27 Harold Harry BOWLES, 22, bookkeeper, Ontario, 1341 Lansdowne Ave, s/o William BOWLES (b. England) & Fanny Ann WOODS, married Emily OWEN, 24, operator, England, 461 Symington Ave, d/o Peter OWEN (b. England) & Ann Eliza PEEL, witn: Ada Alice BOWLES of 1341 Lansdowne Ave & Albert Edward BOWLES of 38 Fairbanks Ave, 24 Sept 1927

4929-29 Donald Frederick Strong BOYTON, 27, machinist, England, Toronto, s/o Arthur W. BOYTON & Charlotte HICKMAN, married Edna Madeline CUNNINGTON, 22, stenographer, England, Toronto, d/o George E. CUNNINGTON & Annie GINNIS, witn: Sarah SAUNDERS of 6 Myrtle Ave & Ellena BISSET of 15 Shudell Ave, 3 Sept 1927 at St Clement's Church

4930-27 William James BRADFIELD, 26, electrician, England, 56 Eileen Ave, s/o William BRADFIELD (b. England) & Ada JEFFREY, married Alice Louise STANLEY, 20, Detroit USA, 179 Emerson Ave, d/o Robert D. STANLEY (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth VERRAL, witn: Thomas STANLEY of 179 Emerson Ave & Georgina PATERSON of 951 Lansdowne Ave, 3 Sept 1927

4931-27 Edward Homer BRAGG, 31, steel merchant, New York City, 316 Loring Ave Pelham NY, s/o Albert Homer BRAGG (b. New York) & Etta Marie COLLINS, married Hilda Marjorie BROWN, 25, Ontario, 200 St Clair Ave West, d/o Harry Abbott BROWN (b. England) & Angeline Lillian SANDERS, witn: Albert J. BRAGG of Pelham NY & Coral A. BRAYLEY of Hamilton Ontario, 3 Sept 1927

4932-27 William BRAUNSTEIN, 26, café proprietor, Roumania, 17 Maple Grove Ave, s/o Mr E. BROWN (b. Roumania) & Lili STINBERG, married Annie KLEIN, 19, stenographer, Poland, 37 Bellevue Ave, d/o Mr C. KLEIN (b. Poland) & Mrs BLUSTEIN, witn: Mrs ANTFLECK & Mr W. WEINSTEIN both of 39 Bellevue Ave, 11 Sept 1927

4933-27 Wilfrid BRAZEAU, 29, farmer, Papineauville Quebec, same, s/o Camille BRAZEAU & Anna BERTRAND, married Julia LEVEILLEE, 21, New York, Toronto, d/o Antoine LEVEILLEE & Rose Anna MONETTE, witn: Donat LEVEILLEE & Antoine LEVEILLEE both of Toronto, 20 Sept 1927

4934-27 Frederick George BRAZIER, 23, electrician, England, 63 Ward St, s/o John Thomas BRAZIER (b. England) & Edith F. GOODE, married May BACON, 22, operator, England, 384 Lauder Ave, d/o Fred BACON (b. England) & Charlotte A. SMITH, witn: John Thomas BRAZIER of 63 Ward St & Gladys BACON of 384 Lauder Ave, 3 Sept 1927

4935-27 Edward George BREEN, 19, printer, Ontario, 272 Rhodes Ave, s/o William Edward BREEN (b. Ontario) & Grace Ellen JACKSON, married Clara Minnie THOMPSON, 20, bookbinder, Ontario, 81 St John's Rd, d/o John THOMPSON (b. Ireland) & Clara SMITH, witn: Hazel May THOMPSON of 81 St John's Rd & Ian Lawrence MUNRO of 212 Coxwell Ave, 2 Sept 1927

005017-27 Arthur Edward CORBET, 25, laborer, London England, Chippawa Ontario, s/o Arthur CORBET & Martha Ann PRICE married Marguerite Laura MANAHAN, 21, Chippawa Ontario, Chippawa, d/o Charles Andrew MANAHAN & Laura L. LENNOX, witn: Miss Mildred ROBERTS of 93 Simpson Ave. & Mrs. W. Hardy ANDREWS of 83 Simpson Ave., 5 September 1927 005018-27 Albert Victor CORMACK, 23, clerk, Ontario, 279 Concord Ave. Toronto, s/o Henry A. CORMACK (b. Ontario) & Lottie Ida TOVELL married Reta Ottalin VARCOE, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 57 Alexander St.. Toronto, d/o James A. VARCOE (b. Ontario) & Edith Grace SPARKS, witn: Andrew Lloyd VARCOE of 57 Alexander St.. Toronto & Irene Ada CORMACK of Arthur, 3 September 1927
005019-27 Pietro CORTESI, 27, laborer, Chicago U.S.A., Chicago, s/o Paulo (no surname given) & Maddortina? SAMANTRA?, married Kathleen COSENTINO, 21, Toronto, no residence given, d/o Giovanni (no surname given) & Angeline TORZILLO, witn: Antoni BATTAGLIA & Margaret ARMATO?, both of 312 College St., 28 September 1927 005020-27 George Frederick COSSAR, 23, accountant, London England, 9 Hocken Ave., s/o John COSSAR & Elizabeth J. GIBSON married Dorothy Irene GREEN, 22, Toronto, 40 Appleton Ave., d/o John GREEN & Edith L. PRICE, witn: John COSSAR of 9 Hocken Ave. & Elizabeth BALSAM? of 20 Ashbury Ave., 3 September 1927
005021-27 Ernest B. COURTNEY, 37, milkman, Toronto, Toronto, widower, s/o John (no surname given) & Mary BRETHAR, married Mary Beatrice PREST, 21, stenographer, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John Alex (no surname given) & Henrietta CHAMBERS, witn: Harold R. CUNDALL of 171 Christie St. & Catherine WRIGHT of 9 (not given), 28 September 1927  
005022-27 Edward Alexander COWIE, 26, teamster, Scotland, 38 Robinson St. Toronto, s/o John COWIE (b. Scotland) & Elsie Jane GRANT, married Jane BARCLAY, 31, operator, Scotland, 75 Euclid Ave., spinster, d/o John BARCLAY (b. Scotland) & Ruth JOHNSTONE, witn: Mary I & William BATES both of 152 Strachan St. Toronto, 15 September 1927 005023-27 William COWIE, 30, trimmer, Ireland, 977 Dufferin St. Toronto, s/o David COWIE (b. Ireland) & Christena DRUMMOND married Winnie BARNES, 24, box maker, England, 1017 Dufferin St., d/o Alfred BARNES (b. England) & Alice BLACK, witn: A. BARNES of 1017 Dufferin St. & Annie GARNER of 584 Concord Ave., 8 September 1927
005024-2 Edward Collin COWLING, 24, electrician, England, 13 Doncaster Ave. Toronto, s/o Fred COWLING (b. England) & Lilian ANDREWS married Edith Marguerite MULLEN, 22, art needle work, Ontario, 25 Doel Ave., d/o Lorne William MULLEN (b. Ontario) & Ida Jane OLMSTEAD, witn: Miss Violet I. WEST of 105 Chisholm Ave. Toronto & H. O. MULLEN of 25 Doel Ave. Toronto, 10 September 1927 005025-27 Albert Edward COX, 21, lather, Ontario, 114 Givens St. Toronto, s/o James William COX (b. England) & Alice FRENCH married Elizabeth Muriel STORK, 18, box maker, Ontario, 226 Dovercourt Rd., d/o Henry STORK (b. Ontario) & Annie HAMILTON, witn: Alan & Alice TEASDALE both of 226 Dovercourt Rd., 28 September 1927 [divorce 28/2?/50]
005026-27 Harold Edward CRATE, 25, chartered accountant, Toronto, 330 St. Clements Ave. Toronto, s/o Arthur E. CRATE (b. Ontario) & Susan REID married Leila Wilmot PLEWES, 20, Toronto, 193 Parkside Dr. Toronto, d/o David PLEWES (b. Ontario) & Mary WILMOT, witn: Franklin PLEWES M.D. of 193 Parkside Drive & Arthur E. CRATE of Toronto, 5 September 1927 005027-27 Clarence Rennie CRAWFORD, 26, collector, Ontario, 369 Parkside Drive Toronto, s/o John CRAWFORD (b. Scotland) & Maud ROBERTSON married Alberta Noel MUSGROVE, 24, supervisor, Quebec, 44 Alton Ave. Toronto, d/o William MUSGROVE (b. Ontario) & Jessie CLARK, witn: Lorne G. CRAWFORD of Toronto & Audrey J. MUSGROVE of 44 Alton Ave. Toronto, 17 September 1927
005028-27 Osborne George McIntyre CRAWFORD, 23, clerk, Ontario, 278 Lakeside Rd. Mimico, s/o George CRAWFORD (b. Ontario) & Louella May MAUNDER married Louella Sophia SMITH, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Louisa St. Mimico, d/o Frank SMITH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: Audrey MEADE of 248 Margueretta St. Toronto & Howard PRESTON of 132 Northcote Ave. Toronto, 6 September 1927 005029-27 Ronald James CRAWFORD, 30, automobile business, Ontario, Nobel Ontario, s/o David CRAWFORD & Hannah Elizabeth HURD married Elsie Jane BILTON, 23, forelady chemical mfg., Toronto, 1081 Bloor St. Toronto, d/o Frederick Hall BILTON & Louise Eliza RICKETTS, witn: H. Gordon & Violet BILTON both of 1081 Bloor St. W. Toronto, 19 September 1927
005030-27 Ronald Reeve CRAWFORD, 30, dentist, Ontario, 315 St. Clair Ave. E. Toronto, s/o George W. CRAWFORD (b. Ontario) & Sophia Emily REEVE married Grace STANLEY, 27, secretary, Ontario, 212 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto, d/o Frank STANLEY (b. Ontario) & Maud AYERST, witn: Marian STANLEY of illegible & S. BAKER of Toronto, 20 September 1927 005031-27 Romeo A. CRESSWELL, 27, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o James CRESSWELL & Emma TULL, married Agnes COATES, 32, dressmaker, England, Toronto, spinster, d/o James COATES & Mary Jane MILLS, witn: Bernard COATES of 347 Jones & Pauline COATES of 30 Condor, 26 September 1927
005032 James Mervin CRICHTON, 34, clerk, Ontario, 98 Geoffrey St. Toronto, s/o James CRICHTON (b. Scotland) & Anne Troupe McLEAN married Ida May MANSON, 32, stenographer, Saskatchewan, 170 Close Ave., spinster, d/o Alexander Percy MANSON (b. Ontario) & Annie TAYLOR, witn: Clarence APPLETON of 18 Golden Ave. Toronto & Ruby Annie McLARTY of 74 Indian Grove Toronto, 28 September 1927 005033-27 William Paton CRICHTON, 28, telegraph operator, Parry Sound, Burwash Ontario, s/o John A. CRICHTON & Ann ANDERSON married Mary Clara Adelaide NAULT, 25, stenographer, Calumet Twp - Michigan U.S.A., Burwash Ontario, d/o Arthur NAULT & Olympe LeMARCHE, witn: C. M. WATTIE of Midhurst & Laura FORBES of 1215 King St. W. Toronto, 19 September 1927
005034-27 Leslie Ronald CRIDLAW, 25, news pressman, Bristol England, 228 Windermere Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas Francis CRIDLAW & Anna Elizabeth BRIGHT, married Lily Marion RUSSELL, 23, London England, 148 Golfview Ave. Toronto, d/o Francis Henry RUSSELL & Lily Sarah MORGAN, witn: Thomas Francis CRIDLA? of Perth Ave. Toronto & Lilian S. RUSSELL of 148 Golfview Ave. Toronto, 3 September 1927 005035-27 Daniel Frederick CRITTALL, 31, engineer, Braintree Essex England, Manors Se--? End - Witham England, s/o Francis Henry CRITTALL (b. England) & Ellen CARTER married Hilda Florence JACOB, 21, Braintree Essex England, 56 Columbine Ave. Toronto, d/o Ernest Robert Sammons JACOB (b. England) & Jessie Louisa GARDINER, witn: H. H. WRATE of Witham Essex England & Hilda OSBORNE of 51 Eastwood Rd., 21 September 1927
005036-27 William Henry CROFT, 25, sales correspondent, Toronto, 25, Toronto, 226 Melita Ave. Toronto, s/o Arthur Wesley CROFT (b. England) & Ada Mary TOMS married Edith Wilhelmina ROBSON, 25, clerk, Pittsburg U.S.A., 698 Markham St. Toronto, d/o Norman Hilliary ROBSON (b. England) & May CAMIGE (c/b CAMIDGE ?), witn: Alice ROBSON & L. H. SHEPPARD both of Toronto, 22 September 1927 005037-27 Joseph Brentnall CROOKS, 28, decorator, England, 1202 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, s/o Henry CROOKS (b. England) & Mabel Agnes Brentnall PEARSON, married Dora Jeannette MILLER, 28, operator, Ontario, 1969 Dufferin St. Toronto, d/o Bernard William MILLER (b. England) & Jennie HANNA, witn: Howard & Marion Alice MILLER both of 1969 Dufferin St., 27 September 1927
005038-27 John CRUICKSHANK, 25, conductor, Scotland, 286 Lee Ave. Toronto, s/o Alexander CRUICKSHANK (b. Scotland) & Mary PHILIP married Elsie MILROY, 22, Ontario, 286 Lee Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert MILROY (b. Ontario) & Josephine LEE, witn: Annie & Frank MILROY both of 286 Lee Ave., 15 September 1927  
005039-27 Francesco CUCCIA, 34, bolt machine operator, Termine Merese, 1616 Dufferin St., s/o Francesco CUCCIA & Margarita AMODEO married Josephine ROSS, 24, housework, Toronto, 6 Chandos, d/o Gioseppe Sicurato ROSS & Elisabeth APPELLA, witn: Anthony FRASCA of 68 Lightbourn Toronto & Rose FRASCA of 286 Glary Ave. Toronto, 7 September 1927 005040-27 Archie Edward CUNNINGHAM, 25, musician, Ontario, Gladstone Hotel - Queen & Gladstone Ave. Toronto, s/o Perry CUNNINGHAM (b. England) & Mary McKAY married Hilda BARTHOLOMEW, 21, stenographer, England, Port Stanley, d/o Frederick BARTHOLOMEW (b. England) & Bessie ROBINSON, witn: (illeg) Hartley UPSHALL of 240 Tecumseth Ave. & Louise McIlroy [illegible] of St. Thomas, 28 September 1927 at the Church of The Epiphany
005041-27 Gilbert MacKenzie CUNNINGTON, 32, bond salesman, Belleville, Belleville, s/o William Henson CUNNINGTON & Annie ROBINSON married Edith Mary de Cougalton? McCUAIG, 32, Belleville, Toronto, spinster, d/o Augustus Finlay McCUAIG & Matilda HEPBURN, witn: F. J. FYLE of Acton & Oyla? M. HEPBURN of Picton, 10 September 1927 005042-27 Matthew CURR, 39, boiler maker, Ireland, 251 Bathurst St. Toronto, s/o Matthew CURR (b. Ireland) & Margaret McCORD married Jeanette JARROLD, 30, waitress, England, 137 D'Arcy St. Toronto, widow, d/o Robert HEFFERD (Heffen?) (b. England) & Elizabeth EVANS, witn: Frank LYNN & Herbert T. BABCOCK both of Toronto, 3 September 1927
005043-27 William David CURRY, 20, laborer, Ireland, 214 Ronan Ave. Toronto, s/o David William CURRY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth G. GILLESPIE married Isobel WASSON, 23, trimmer, Ireland, 605 Rhodes Ave., d/o Robert WASSON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: John William HILGER of 40 Marigold Ave. & Sarah CURRY of 214 Ronan Ave., 26 September 1927 005044-27 Orville Neil DAILEY, 27, farmer, Warwick Twp, Warwick Twp, s/o George DAILEY (b. Forest) & Lucy COREY married Laura Mabel CHALK, 24, nurse, Warwick Twp, Warwick Twp, d/o Dr. Findley CHALK (b. Toronto) & Lucy B. CORE, witn: Clayton WHITE & Gladys SHEPHARD both of Forest, 20 September 1927
005045-27 Otto Lionel DALGLEISH, 30, salesman, Ontario, 198 Humberside Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas Johnston DALGLEISH (b. Ontario) & Minnie DUNN married Isabel McDOUGALL, 28, clerk, Ontario, 94 Deloraine Ave. Toronto, d/o Peter McDOUGALL (b. Ontario) & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Margaret McDOUGALL of 94 Deloraine Ave. Toronto & Minnie DALGLEISH of 198 Humberside Ave., 28 September 1927 005046-27 William Frank DAMP, 24, salesman, Ontario, 515 Rushton Rd. Toronto, s/o William John DAMP (b. Ontario) & Eleanor Louisa ROURKE married Hazel Maude CLARK, 24, stenographer, Ontario, 74 Margueretta St., d/o Joseph John CLARK (b. Ontario) & Agnes Annie WELLER, witn: George Alexander BAIRD of Toronto & Edith Evelyn BAKER of 40 Gordon St. Toronto, 10 September 1927
005047-27 Edward Victor DAVEY, 24, waiter, England, 369 Concord Ave. Toronto, s/o William DAVEY (b. England) & Sarah JUDD married Violet Maud BARNES, 21, packer, England, 46 Stewart St. Toronto, d/o Frederick BARNES (b. England) & Ada LADDER, witn: Fred. T. & Miller Ada DUVALL both of 46 Stewart St. Toronto, 3 September 1927 005048-27 Edgar Vincent DAVID, 25, clerk, Wales, 113 Cranbrook Ave. Toronto, s/o James J. DAVID (b. Wales) & Elizabeth MARSH married Clara Elizabeth BARNES, 22, stenographer, Ontario, 367 Strathmore Blvd. Toronto, d/o Thomas BARNES (b. Ontario) & Mary McFADGEN, witn: T.? R. LEWIS of 255 Scarboro Rd. & Mrs. COUTRE of 182 Lee Ave., 21 September 1927
005049-27 James DAVIDSON, 19, plasterer, Toronto, York Twp, s/o Ralph DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Helen BAYER (Boyce?), married Margaret Mann PEARSON, 22, soap wrapper, Monifieth Scotland, Weston, d/o David PEARSON (b. Scotland) & Mary STEWART, witn: John DAVIDSON of East Drive Mt. Dennis & Margaret Lippie EARSMAN (Evans?) of Humber Blvd. Mt. Dennis, 24 September 1927 005050-27 James Sutherland DAVIDSON, 27, rivetter, Scotland, 15 Martin Cres. Toronto, s/o James DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Helen SUTHERLAND married Georgina KERR, 23, fur finisher, Scotland, 191 Ranleigh Ave., d/o George KERR (b. Scotland) & Janet MATHESON, witn: Alex DAVIDSON of 15 Martin Cres. Toronto & Ethel Mary ARNOTT of 183 Ranleigh Ave. Toronto, 21 September 1927
005053-27 John Wardin DEAN, 23, clerk, Ontario, 81 Melville Ave. Toronto, s/o Samuel A. DEAN (b. Ontario) & Martha PAGE married Lillian Estelle ROBERTSON, 22, clerk, Ontario, 41 Ashburnham Rd. Toronto, d/o Frederick ROBERTSON (b. England) & Laura Estella BRAITHWAITE, witn: George Earl KELLS of 91 Salem Ave. & Evelyn M. BOTT (Batt?) of 966 Dovercourt Rd., 27 September 1927 005052-27 John Calvert Lloyd DEAN, 30, clerk, Ontario, 92 Sorauren Ave. Toronto, s/o Enoch DEAN (b. England) & Annie CALVERT married Sarah Ann IRVING, 26, operator, Scotland, 49 Ellsworth Ave., d/o John IRVING (b. Ireland) & Margaret BOAL (Toal?), witn: E. G. P. DEAN of 92 Sorauren Ave. Toronto & J. IRVING of 49 Ellsworth Ave. Toronto, 7 September 1927
005055-27 Louis Joseph Karl Wilhelm DEBY, 42, chef, Holland, 157 Mutual St. Toronto, s/o Gustaaf DEBY (b. Holland) & Augusta STUMPFF married Lily Emilie GRISOT, 26, stenographer, England, 157 Mutual St., d/o Emil GRISOT (b. France) & Harriett Phoebe RAYNER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Clarence SMITH of 157 Mutual St., 14 September 1927 005056-27 Benjamin DEDECIUS, 23, electrician, Germany, 336B Bathurst St. Toronto, s/o Joseph DEDECIUS (b. Poland) & Mary TUCZUK married Emily Meta SIMMAT, 21, typist, Germany, 255 Magnolia Ave. Elizabeth N. J. U.S.A., d/o August SIMMAT (b. Germany) & Wilhelmina LUDWIG, witn: Otto DEDECIUS of 67 South St. Elizabeth N. J. & Mrs. Otto SIMMAT of 215 South St. Elizabeth N. J., 15 September 1927
005057-27 Milford George DEDMAN, 35, tire builder, Ontario, 44 McRoberts Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert DEDMAN (b. Ontario) & Jane VARNEY married Ethel May CRAWFORD, 25, operator, Ontario, 85 Hook Ave. Toronto, d/o John CRAWFORD (b. Ireland) & Margaret HUTCHINSON, witn: John VAUGHAN of 7 Marilyn St. Toronto & Mabel CRAWFORD of 85 Hook Ave. Toronto, 24 September 1927 005058-27 Ivan DENSMORE, 30, mechanic, Ontario, 2347 Dundas St. W. Toronto, s/o David DENSMORE (b. Ontario) & Sarah OWENS married Cora Lena SHAW, 29, matron, Ontario, RR#2 Arthur, d/o Edgar SHAW (b. Ontario) & Mary NEEB, witn: Wilhelm John DENSMORE of Toronto & Rennie E. SHAW of Guelph, 28 September 1927
005059-27 John James Simpson DEVINEY (DEVENEY ?), 23, electrician, Ontario, 492 Indian Grove Toronto, s/o Charles Wesley DEVENEY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Irene SIMPSON married Ellen ALDRIDGE, 21, operator, Ontario, 291 Maria St. Toronto, d/o James Edward ALDRIDGE (b. England) & Mary Ellen BUGG (BAGG?), witn: Albert Edgar DEVINEY of 492 Indian Grove Toronto & Pearl ALDRIDGE of 291 Maria St. Toronto, 24 September 1927 005060-27 Albert DeVOLDER, 27, florist, New York U.S.A., 21 Hillsdale Ave. E. Toronto, s/o Peter DeVOLDER (b. Holland) & Catherine BELL married Lillian May TOMLIN, 25, bookkeeper, Toronto, 25 Thorncliffe Ave. Toronto, d/o Ernest Albert TOMLIN (b. Ontario) & Emily Elizabeth BARRETT, witn: H. (illegible surname) of Woodstock & Greta A. HALL of Toronto, 14 September 1927
005062-27 John DEWAR, 22, fireman, England, 569 Spadina Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas DEWAR (b. Scotland) & Susan LAWRANCE married Euphemia Munro COLQUHOUN, 20, maid, Scotland, 569 Spadina Ave., d/o Robert COLQUHOUN (b. Scotland) & Euphemia MUNRO, witn: John Wilson DOUGLAS of 569 Spadina Ave. & Betty JONES of 21 Roxborough Dr., 30 September 1927 005061-27 Anson Clifford DEWAR, 26, accountant, Alberta, 118½ Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, s/o Malcolm LeRoy DEWAR (b. Ontario) & Jean Reid BROWN married Marjorie Iris WILLIAMS, 23, England, 169 Westminster Ave., d/o Cecil Grosvenor WILLIAMS (b. England) & Harriet HEAD, witn: Cecil G. WILLIAMS of 169 Westminster Ave. Toronto & Malcolm L. DEWAR of 118½ Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, 10 September 1927
005063-27 Charles Joseph DIAMOND, 42, accountant, Upperlands Co. Derry Ireland, 18 Bleecker St. Toronto, s/o John & Sarah married Hilda Marie LYNES, 27, cashier, Orillia, 723 Bloor Toronto, d/o James LYNES & Sarah Ann HEAVENER, witn: John MALONE of 22 Margueretta St. Toronto & Fidella HEAVER of 1362 King St. W. Toronto, 19 September 1927 005066-27 William John DICKINSON, 22, laborer, England, 440 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, s/o William DICKINSON (b. England) & Jane ADDINGTON married Alma Mary ROACH, 21, domestic, Ontario, 194 Sumach St. Toronto, d/o James ROACH (b. Pennsylvania U.S.A.) & Ellen TOLLEY, witn: Howard B. ROACH of 194 Sumach St. Toronto & Allison ROBINSON of 18 Defries St. Toronto, 10 September 1927 [divorce 15/4/57]
005067-27 Daniele DiMARCO, 25, tailor, Italy, 1992 Dufferin St. Toronto, s/o Peter DiMARCO (b. Italy) & Oliverio SERAFINA married Fortunata CHIOFARO, 18, Ontario, 2143 Dufferin St., d/o Mariaro CHIOFARO (b. Italy) & Nancy FIORELLI, witn: Luca DiMARCO of 9 Henderson Ave. & Peppino CASCONE of 2131 Dufferin St., 2 September 1927 005068-27 Reginald Alfred DIMOND, 35, clerk, Toronto, 136 Victor Ave. Toronto, s/o Arthur DIMOND & Marion HOATH married Doris Irene WHYLE, 24, Leicester England, 39 Brookmount Rd. Toronto, d/o William Cyril WHYLE & Margaret Davis DOWELL, witn: Frank M. HELSTON of 20 Browning Ave. & Constance WHYLE of 39 Brookmount Rd., 3 September 1927 at St. John's Church Norway
005069-27 Russell Walter DIXON, 34, sales manager, Detroit U.S.A., Detroit, s/o Edward Melvin DIXON (b. Detroit) & Valeria KIRSCHNER married Muriel Evelyn WHITE, 25, Toronto, 47 Jackman Ave. Toronto, d/o John Percival WHITE (b. Ontario) & Viola Evelyn OLIPHANT, witn: Fred W. SAUNDERS of 1937 W. Boston Blvd. Detroit & Audrey Isobel PHIN of Cedarcrest Kingston Rd Ontario, 10 September 1927 005070-27 Walter Elwood Graydon DONNELL, 37, cost accountant, Ontario, 821 Pape Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph DONNELL (b. Ontario) & Jane BLACK married Luella Spray LOWERY, 31, receiving teller, Ontario, 132 Wright Ave. Toronto, d/o Andrew LOWERY (b. Ontario) & Jean MACKLEY, witn: J. Russell DONNELL of 821 Pape Ave. Toronto & Effie HYDE of 86 Harvard, 3 September 1927
005071-27 William Henry John DONOGHUE, 23, brush hand, Channel Islands, 265 Soudan Ave. Toronto, s/o William George DONOGHUE (b. Channel Islands) & Matilda LEMEIR ?, married Glendiane M. JACKSON, 20, braider, Ontario, 265 Soudan Ave. Toronto, d/o Irvin JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Charlotte POWELL, witn: George JACKSON of Toronto & Helen TRASK of 304 Soudan Ave., 3 September 1927 005072-27 Robert DORAN, 35, fireman, Ontario, 92 Gladstone Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert DORAN (b. Ireland) & Annie SHAW married Julia Isobel FRY, 29, bookkeeper, Ontario, 46 Dundonald St. Toronto, d/o Richard FRY (b. England) & Mildred CRAIG, witn: Mrs. C. HARRISON of Carnarvon & William J. DEVINS of Woodbridge, 17 September 1927
005073-27 Albert Sydney DOWLE, 31, automobile mechanic, England, 331 Davenport Road, s/o William Robert DOWLE & Mary Ann COLE married Marjorie CRAUCH (Crouch?), 27, England, 787 Gerrard St. E., d/o Leonard Langley CRAUCH & Alice Agnes LOMAS, witn: Douglas Henry & Edith Annie BATEMAN both of 123 Coady Ave. Toronto, 17 September 1927 at St. James Cathedral 005074-27 Edward Patrick DOYLE, 26, wholesale fruit, Ontario, 17 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas DOYLE (b. Ontario) & Ann FITZGERALD married Ethel Regina LYNN, 27, box maker, 23 Euclid Ave. Toronto, d/o William Edgar LYNN (b. Ontario) & Esther Ann HARDIE, witn: Lydia WEST of 63 Bellwoods Ave. Toronto & Esther A. WAINES of 23 Euclid Ave. Toronto, 1 September 1927
005075-27 Albert Benjamin DRAKE, 41, salesman, Harrisburg Pa., Toronto, widower, s/o Benjamin Franklin DRAKE & Sophia MYERS married Kathleen Marjorie SAWDON, 26, secretary, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Robert SAWDON & Emma Jane RUTSAY, witn: Mr. Paul DRAKE of 960 St. Clair Ave. Toronto & Mrs. John WARBURTON of 22 Hogarth Ave. Toronto, 17 September 1927 at St. Anne's Church 005076-27 Egbert DUMOUCHELLE, 25, clerk, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Tancride DUMOUCHELLE & Diliane BAYER ( BOYER?) married Ellen (Helen ?) PICHETTE, 19, Massey Ontario, Toronto, d/o Alphonse PICHETTE (b. Ontario) & Faustine MORISOU?, witn: James CURRIE of Toronto & Azilda PICHETTE of Massey, 5 September 1927
005077-27 Charles William DUNCAN, 24, accountant, Scotland, 130 Jameson Ave. Toronto, s/o Charles DUNCAN (b. Scotland) & Mary Georgina DUNCAN married Helen Audrey BERNARD, 21, clerk, Ontario, 27 Jameson Ave., d/o Clarence Arthur BERNARD (b. Ontario) & Martha Elizabeth DIAMOND, witn: A. THOMPSON of 182 Evelyn Ave. & Mrs. (minister's surname) of 2 Abbott Ave. Toronto, 20 September 1927 005078-27 Eric McLeod DUNCAN, 26, broker, England, 24 Summerhill Gardens. Toronto, s/o Daniel DUNCAN (b. Scotland) & Olive STANIFORTH married Jean MANNING, 22, Ontario, 88 Walmsley Blvd. Toronto, d /o Thomas MANNING (b. Ontario) & Jean McGREGOR, witn: Robert Barney BRETT & Margaret MORGAN both of Toronto, 15 September 1927
005079-27 William Henry DUNN, 25, truck driver, Ontario, 79 Woodrow Ave. Toronto, s/o William John DUNN (b. Ontario) & Susan THOMPSON married Irene HANNAH, 25, saleslady, Ontario, 21 Salisbury Ave., d/o Jacob HANNAH (b. Ontario) & Martha STEPHENSON, witn: T. Harry ANDERSON of 13 Woodfield Road & Myrtle Dorothy HANNAH of 44 Alton Ave., 21 September 1927 005080-27 Harold DYMENT, 29, secretary-treasurer, Ontario, 263 Inglewood Drive Toronto, s/o John (no surname given) (b. Ontario) & Barbara WILSON married Bertha WILKINSON, 32, Ontario, 29 Cuthbert Cres. Toronto, spinster, d/o John (no surname given) (b. Ontario) & Annie McLEOD, witn: Ann I. MacNALLY of Strathroy & Philip A. DYMENT of 81 Sighthill Ave. Toronto, 2 September 1927
005081-27 Henry Boardman EATON (2nd), 25, lumber business, Maine U.S.A., New York City, s/o Charles E. EATON (b. New Brunswick) & Alice M. MURCHIE married Jean Webb GANONG, 22, New Brunswick, 57 Glen Rd. Toronto, d/o James Edward GANONG (b. Boston Mass U.S.A.) & Anna WEBB, witn: J. M. EATON of Boston U.S.A. & J. E. GANONG of Toronto, 20 September 1927 005082-27 Arthur Errol EDMONDSON, 22, salesman, Ontario, 15 Boustead Ave. Toronto, s/o William Arthur EDMONDSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret Edna DRUMMOND married Muriel Henrietta LEADBETTER, 19, saleslady, Ontario, 97 Emerson Ave. Toronto, d/o Henry LEADBETTER (b. England) & Beatrice BLEEKLEY (Blakeley?), witn: George A. COOKE of 44 Ritchie Ave. & John A. EDMONDSON of 15 Boustead Ave., 17 September 1927 [divorced 6/10/49]
003189-27 John Harvey GAMBLE, 19, farmer, Ontario, Waldemar Ont., s/o George GAMBLE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth TATE married Hazel Blanche JONES, 18, Ontario, Caledon East, d/o Robert JONES (b. Ontario) & Meda CLARK wtn: Russell GIBSON of Palgrave Ont., & Estella JONES of Caledon East, 29 June 1927 003190-27 Charles Robert GARNETT, 20, printer, Ontario, 73 Foxley St s/o William GARNETT (b. England) & Margaret BARCHARD married Mary Ann RICHER, 19, book binder, Ontario, 134 Dovercourt Rd d/o Frederick RICHER (b. Ontario) & Bellezmere DE LA PLANTE wtn: Joseph Frederick RICHER of 234 Dovercourt Rd in Toronto & Ethel May DUFFY of 73 Foxley St in Toronto, 30 June 1927
003191-27 Curtis GARTSHORE, 28, mechanic, Ontario, 131 Pearson Ave s/o William GARTSHORE (b. Ontario) & Clara MAYBE married Zella Evelyn BOSWORTH, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 75 Salem Ave d/o Samuel BOSWORTH (b. England) & Edith SMITH wtn: Elsie JOYSEY of 601 Indian Rd & David John LERCH of 29 Royce Ave, 1 June 1927 003192-27 John Graham GATEHOUSE, 24, clerk, Quebec, 637 Belgium Ave in Westmount Quebec s/o John Edgar GATEHOUSE (b. Ontario) & Isabel SCOTT married Jean Alexandra PASHLY, 20, Ontario, 31 Kendal Ave in Toronto d/o Richard PASHLY (b. Quebec) & Janet DONALDSON wtn: C. Douglas FRASER of Quebec City & Helen A. SCHOLEY of Toronto, 6 June 1927
003193-27 Arthur Alexander GAYDER, 32, clerk, St Catharines, St Catharines s/o James GAYDER married Thelma Eileen GODSON, 20, Toronto, 455 Euclid Ave in Toronto d/o William GODSON & Clara HUTCHINGS wtn: Harry EDMONSTONE of St Catharines & Jean KING of Toronto, 15 June 1927 003194-27 Edmund Thomas GEE, 25, commercial artist, Ontario, 39 Mount Royal Ave in Toronto s/o Walter Beckett GEE (b. England & Margaret RIDDELL married Ester Louise O'HARA, 20, hairdresser, Ontario, 221 Oakwood Ave in Toronto d/o James O'HARA (b. Ontario) & Elsie FOX wtn: F.W. TAYLOR of 38 Keith Ave in Toronto & M.G.E. ROBERTS of 221 Oakwood Ave in Toronto, 1 June 1927
003195-27 William Beattie GIBB, 22, labourer, Scotland, 27 Mercer St s/o William B. GIBB (b. Scotland) & Ann Rankin DUG--?, married Lena ANDERSON, 20, silk binder, England, 124 Wallace Ave d/o James ANDERSON (b. England) & Agnes A. BURNS wtn: Aileen L. MITCHELL of 365 Albany St in Toronto & George H. JEFFREY of 10 St Clarens Ave, 29 June 1927 003196-27 Edward Lyle GIBSON, 33, teacher, Ontario, 155 Heath St E in Toronto s/o Joseph GIBSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret GARTLEY married Catharine Edith SLADE, 22, Ontario, 1490 Bathurst St in Toronto d/o James Arthur SLADE (b. Ontario) & Clara PEDWELL wtn: W.H. CURLISS of 336 St Clarens Ave & C.M. PEDWELL of 165 Maplewood Ave, 29 June 1927
003197-27 Henry Lane GIBSON, 27, clerk, Quebec, 228 Dovercourt Rd s/o Henry GIBSON (b. Quebec) & Rosean MacEWAN, married Doris GERMAN, 20, operator, England, 226 Shaw St d/o Henry William GERMAN (b. England) & Eugene TAYLOR wtn: Rose GIBSON of 228 Dovercourt Rd & W.G. COLGATE of 1057 St Clarens, 29 June 1927 003198-27 William Hewitt GIBSON, 23, book binder, Scotland, 419 Ashdale Ave s/o James Thompson GIBSON & Annie McKAY married Nellie McMANUS, 19, Leeds England, 923 Bathurst St d/o Joseph McMANUS & Jennie HANNAM wtn: Frank WILLIAMS of 358 Ashdale Ave & Mrs D. DUNLOP of 923 Bathurst St, 25 June 1927
003199-27 Charles Edgar GILBERT, 22, store manager, England, 34 Priest Ave s/o John GILBERT (b. England) & (not known) married Mary Anne MARTIN, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 34 Priest Ave d/o Henry MARTIN (b. Ontario) & Louise June ROME wtn: Maisie JENKINS of 403 Ashdale Ave & William GIBSON of 419 Ashdale Ave, 10 June 1927 003200-27 Charles Louis GILES, 24, furrier, England, 52 Brownlow Ave s/o Frederick GILES (b. England) & Florence Ann FULLER married Kathleen Ellen COTTLE, 23, clerk, England, 60 Dunfield Ave d/o Herbert John COTTLE (b. England) & Kate HANHAM wtn: Harton Ernest DIXON of 88 Broadway & Hilda Georgina GILES of 52 Brownlow Ave, 4 June 1927
003209-27 Robert Stuart GOODWIN, 27, mechanic, New Brunswick, 70 Argyle St s/o James Moor GOODWIN (b. New Brunswick) & Amy CAMBLE married Pearl Victoria McALLISTER, 25, sales lady, Ontario, 70 Argyle St d/o John McALLISTER (b. Ontario) & Ann MARTINEAU wtn: Lillian B. CARLTON of 618 Willard Ave., & Hazen GOODWIN of New York, 14 June 1927 003210-27 Robert Watson GOUINLOCK, 34, bond dealer, Ontario, 37 Walmer Rd s/o George W. GOUINLOCK (b. Ontario) & Georgina WATSON married Margaret Elma WALSH, 25, Ontario, 88 Lowther Ave., d/o J.W.B. WALSH (b. Ontario) & Elma W.B. WOOD wtn: George Roper GOUINLOCK & Margaret King ROLPH both of Toronto, 4 June 1927
003246-27 Robert John HAMILTON, 35, fireman, Scotland, 1238 Davenport Rd s/o Robert Adam HAMILTON (b. Scotland) & Janet ERSKINE married Mary Louise BOSTON, 31, saleslady, Buffalo NY, 905 Bloor St W d/o Albert BOSTON (b. Ontario) & Ella BRAYMAN wtn: Daisy BRAYMAN of 11 Danforth St & Charles J. HAMILTON of 1238 Davenport Rd, 22 June 1927 003245-27 James George Robert HAMILTON, 39, cutter, Ontario, 21 Middleton St s/o George HAMILTON (b. Ontario) & Emily PAINE married Frances Mary ANDREWS, 35, stenographer, Ontario, 664 Indian Rd d/o Charles H. ANDREWS (b. England) & Frances C. MATTHEWS wtn: Arthur H. EADIE of 12 Shirley St & Muriel D. YUILL of 664 Indian Rd, 25 June 1927
4019-27 Harry HYDE, 22, engineer, Russia, 124 Dundas St. West, s/o Ralph HYDE, b. Russia & Sarah ZARMINK?, married Eleanor Lillian ORLOFF, 23, stenographer, England, 164 Major St., d/o Charles ORLOFF, b. Russia & Anna TETENBAUM, witn: N. SEAMAN of 191? Baldwin St. & J? L. POSCK of Robert St., 3 July 1927 4025-27 Joseph Francois JACQUES, 20, painter, Toronto, same, s/o Lois JACQUES, b. France & Josephine TRUDELL, married Helen Wilhelmina MAYNARD, 18, Oshawa, Toronto, d/o Alfred MAYNARD, b. England & Wilhelmina VAN LUVEN, witn: William George VAN LUVEN of 179 Bolton Ave & E.L. BRIGGS of Tottenham Ont., 13 July 1927
003312-27 Francis Joseph JEFFERIES, 20, clerk, Ontario, 17 The Oaks Barn Ave s/o William Edward JEFFERIES (b. Ontario) & Ethel SUMMERBY, married Audrey Grace SMITH, 19, forelady, Ontario, 31 Eastmount Ave d/o James SMITH (b. Ontario) & Alma DAVIS wtn: Jackson Robert ALDRIDGE of 1 Withrow Ave & Ella GORDON of 288 Balliol Ave, 3 June 1927 003318-27 George Ilmari JOKINEN, 27, barker, Finland, 46 Widmer St s/o Edward JOKINEN (b. Finland) & Eldriiken WALMAN married Eli Edna TALONEN, 27, domestic, Finland, 336 Richmond St W d/o Hiskia TALONEN (b. Finland) & Fretriika NIKULAINEN wtn: Oskar KUMPU of 204 Ontario St & Aina LEEMAN of 24 McLean Ave, 25 June 1927
003325-27 Thomas Allen KENNEDY, 31, broker, Ontario, 59 Springmount Ave s/o Alfred Edwin KENNEDY (b. Ontario) & Margaret FULLER married Ruby CAMERON, 33, nurse, Ontario, 412 Jarvis St d/o John James CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WALKER wtn: J.J. CAMERON of RR#2 Islington & H.B. KENNEDY of 59 Queen St W in Toronto, 3 June 1927 003328-27 Edmund George KERR, 36, traveller, Ireland, Toronto s/o Robert KERR & Martha CLARKE married Jane CORKEN, 22, Ireland, Toronto d/o Joseph CORKEN & Minnie LEDATHEAN wtn: Robert KERR of 54 Fenwick Ave & Mabel BURNS of 60 Rainsford Rd, 7 June 1927 at St Barnabas Church
4044-27 William John KERR, 47, Ireland, 47 Stafford St., s/o Samuel KERR & Margaret THOMPSON, married Mary Ann JOHNSTON, 35, Ireland, 168 Hastings Ave., d/o Francis JOHNSTON & Isabella JOHNSTON, witn: Lizzie HAWKINS of 63 Condor Ave & Robert Thompson HALL of 177 Monarch Park Rd., 8 July 1927 4043-27 Arthur Isaac KERR, 28, laborer, Ontario, 26 Byng Ave in Willowdale, s/o Robert KERR, b. Scotland & Margaret ELLIS, married Helen Connell BARR, 20, leather worker, Scotland, 65 Hounslow Heath Rd., d/o Richard Norman BARR, b. Scotland & Margaret Johnstone CRAIG, witn: Ernest & Ruby KERR of 26 Byng Ave., 30 July 1927
003341-27 Michael KRYWETZKY, 29, labourer, Nykolaycw - Zydaczew - Galacia, 140 Cawthra Ave s/o Gregory KRYWETZKY & Catherine PIOCYKEWICZ married Olga SAWKA, 20, Nykolaycw - Zydaczew - Galacia, 140 Cawthra Ave d/o Anthony SAWKA & Theodosia WANCZUR wtn: J. RUSZCZAK of 245 Franklin Ave & B. JABOWSKY of 180 Osler Ave, 18 June 1927

5283-27 William Howard LEATHAM, 31, carpenter, Ireland, Broadview Ave YMCA in Toronto, s/o George LEATHAM, b. Ireland & Mary CAHOON, married Thomasina RINGLAND, 36, press feeder, Ireland, 135 Withrow Ave., d/o John RINGLAND, b. Ireland & Mary BOYD, witn: Hugh RINGLAND of 597? Logan Ave & Thomasina GILLESPIE of 65 Hampshire, 16 Sept 1927

5284-27 Ernest Randolph LEE, 50, widower, butcher, England, 53 Charles St., s/o Alfred LEE, b. England & Nora HARRIS, married Mary Ellen MILLINER, 27, clerk, Ontario, 200 Concord Ave., d/o William MILLINER, b. England & Ellen Maud BURELL, witn: Roy Grant SMITH of 9 Ferris Ave & Minnie Louise MILLINER of 137 Queensdale Ave., 7 Sept 1927

5285-27 Lorne Cecil LEE, 30, barrister, Ontario, 143 Markham Ave., s/o George LEE, b. Ontario & Sarah CLAVERDON (Cleverdon?), married Frances Ward EVANS, 24, editor, Ontario, 34 Highview Cres., d/o Joseph EVANS, b. England & Florence SHERLOCK, witn: Edgar D. WHITE of 289 Euclid Ave & Margaret O. BIDDY of 192 Oakwood Ave., 24 Sept 1927

5286-27 Wilhelm Edward LEHTO, 29, tailor, Finland, 45 Widmer St., s/o Henrik LEHTO, b. Finland & Maria LEHTO, married Elina Maria LAINE, 38, domestic, Finland, 45 Widmer, d/o Fredrik LAINE, b. Finland & Wilhelmina LILJENPAAT, witn: F. HEINONEN of 30 Scarborough Rd & Aino LEEMOW of 24 McLean Ave., 24 Sept 1927

5287-27 Norman Graham LEISHMAN, 32, insurance clerk, Ontario, 303 Kendal Ave., s/o John Henry LEISHMAN, b. Quebec & Harriett Jane GRAHAM, married Isobel Lonsdale CLEMES, 28, Ontario, 9 Hawthorne Ave., d/o Albert Eddwy CLEMES, b. Ontario & Sarah Elizabeth CLELAND, witn: John WILSON of 25 Castle Frank Cres & Jane Ashley HAMILTON of 6 Burnside Ave., 14 Sept 1927 at Rosedale Presbyterian Church

5288-27 Charles Oswell LENNOX, 25, dentist, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o James A. LENNOX, b. Ontario & Edith Ann SIMPSON, married Marguerite Elizabeth EDGERTON, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 34 Carlton St., d/o William EDGERTON, b. Ontario & Laura Catherine McLEAN, witn: J.F. LENNOX of New Toronto & L. EDGERTON of Toronto, 3 Sept 1927

5289-27 Roy Campbell LESLIE, 25, civil engineer, Mount Forest, Windsor, s/o Albert LESLIE, b. Dromore Ontario & Isabella McINNES, married Mabel Ruth McLEAN, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Archibald F. McLEAN, b. Ontario & Allice CLARK, witn: C.A. McLEAN D.D.S & Faye Gould McLEAN, both of 50 Fern Ave., 6 Sept 1927

5290-27 Peter LESSELLS, 28, draftsman, Dunfermline Scotland, Brantford, s/o Thomas LESSELLS & Isabella THOMPSON, married Catherine Chalmers WISHART, 26, Dunfermline Scotland, same, d/o John WISHART & Catherine CHALMERS, witn: Robert PENDERGAST & Jean McCARTON, both of 13 Dingwall Ave., 6 Sept 1927

5291-27 Mike LEURCKE (Lewicke?), 28, furrier, Poland, 294 Bathurst St., s/o Pawel LEURCKE, b. Poland & Maria CHRINOWSKA, married Karoline KAMARANSKA, 22, furrier, Poland, 52 Sullivan St., d/o Joe KAMARANSKA, b. Poland & blank JURKOWSKA, witn: Andrew? OLESKIW of 70 Grange Ave & J. MITCSKI of 87 Gore Vale Ave., 3 Sept 1927

5292-27 Garnet Lloyd LEWIS, 23, barber, Ontario, 67 Alexander St., s/o Robert LEWIS, b. Ontario & Annie LEWIS, married Gladys Elizabeth GOODMAN, 21, marceller, Ontario, 67 Alexander St., d/o Ernest GOODMAN, b. England & Alma Irene CLARK, witn: Lillian Jane GOODMAN of 61 High Park Ave & John WALLACE of 415 Jarvis St., 29 Sept 1927

5293-27 Harry LEWIS, 31, salesman, England, 1175 Bloor St. West, s/o H. LEWIS, b. Russia & B. TAUBE, married Anna MALSON, 23, operator, England, 1175 Bloor St West, d/o C. MALSON, b. Russia & K. COHN, witn: R. SIGERMAN of 155 Palmerston & M. STREISFELD of 254 Palmerston, 2 Sept 1927

5294-27 George LIBERTY, 24, taxi driver, Ontario, 9 Brant Place, s/o Frank LIBERTY, b. Ontario & Mina PARRY, married Catherine DONNELLY, 21, domestic, Ontario, 196 Indian Rd., d/o Pat DONNELLY, b. Ontario & Mary MORAN, witn: S. & Ellen BASKERVILLE of 1527 Queen St. West, 13 Sept 1927

5295-27 Gordon LIGHTFOOT, 28, bank accountant, Beeton Ontario, Bothwell, s/o James Edward LIGHTFOOT, b. Brooke twp & Hulda STEPHENS, married Florence Maud DICKINSON, 22, secretary, Napanee, Toronto, d/o Alfred Sidney DICKINSON, b. Kemptville & Florence Louise PLANT, witn: Archibald R. MUNRO & Dorothy SOADY, both of Toronto, 12 Sept 1927

005380-27 Donald McDONNEL, 31, construction superintendent, Glengarry Ont., 202 Sorauren Ave., s/o John McDONNEL & Christina KENNEDY married Kathleen O'CONNOR, 33, teacher, Pickering Ont., 111 Browning Ave., d/o George O'CONNOR & Anne CONLON wtn: Leonard McDONNEL of 202 Sorauren Ave. & Rose O'CONNOR of 111 Browning Ave., 15 September 1927 005381-27 James Roy McDONNELL, 21, wood worker, Ontario, 69 Gwynne Ave., s/o James Wilbur McDONNELL (b. Ireland) & Mary Ellen CALLAGHAN married Eleanor Daisy ROBINSON, 21, packer, England, 78a Westmoreland Ave., d/o Tom ROBINSON (b. England) & Hannah Elizabeth MARCH wtn: Maude Stella IRWIN of 17 Grafton Ave., & Charles Frederick CROMPTON of 765 Crawford St, 17 September 1927
005385-27 Peter McINTOSH, 31, TTC motorman, Scotland, 43 Caledonia Road s/o Peter McINTOSH & Maggie NORRIS married Violet PARKER, 26, saleslady, Ireland, 1604 Danforth d/o Francis William PARKER & Fanny BUTLER wtn: Maude BRIDGES of 270 Gainsborough Road & Reginald PARKER of 1604 Danforth Ave., 27 September 1927 at St Barnabas Church 005386-27 David Wilson MacKAY, 25, shoemaker, Greenock Scotland, York twp s/o William MacKAY & Elizabeth WILSON married Irene Violet Mary FAULKNER, 24, England, York twp d/o Ernest FAULKNER & Ada BARRETT wtn: Victor FOUNTAIN of 43 Donald Ave. & Agnes BARRETT of 555 Blackthorn Ave., 24 September 1927 at Calvary Church
005387-27 Donald MacKAY, 24, farmer, Scotland, 108 Fern Ave., s/o Donald MacKAY (b. Scotland) & Georgina MUNROE married Elizabeth MacDONALD, 19, domestic, Scotland, 162 Dowling Ave., d/o John MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth CHISHOLM wtn: George MURRAY of 168 Fern Ave & Anne MURRAY of 303 Wright Ave.,, 2 September 1927 [divorced 19 July 1950] 005388-27 Douglas Havelock MacKAY, 29, bond dealer, York Co, Toronto s/o John MacKAY & Elizabeth DOUGLAS married Elizabeth Frances Mary HADLEY, 21, Port Arthur Ont., Toronto d/o Chester Wilkinson HADLEY & Frances True MacKENZIE wtn: J.W. TOWNSEND & Helen Mary DEAN, 13 September 1927
005389-27 Robert Samuel McKAY, 25, florist, Ontario, 507 Cosburn Ave., s/o Robert S. McKAY (b. Ontario) & Frances Mary SEGRIFF married Muriel Lillian LANG, 19, Ontario, 2130 Queen St E d/o Norman LANG (b. Ontario) & Viola PRICE wtn: E. SEGRIFF of 958 Greenwood Ave., & Thelma FRAZER of 46 Gledhill Ave.,, 7 September 1927 005390-27 Thomas White MACKAY, 28, butcher, Scotland, 89 Silverbirch Ave.,, s/o William MACKAY & Catherine SINCLAIR married Edith Eleanor Audrey BAXTER, 19, England, 89 Silverbirch Ave.,, d/o Leonard Henry BAXTER & Emily NICHOLSON wtn: Francis WILLOCK of 301 Glebeholme Blvd & George Henry BAXTER of 89 Silverbirch Ave.,, 19 September 1927
005399-27 Carroll Walter McLEOD, 26, publisher, Ontario, 124 Close Ave s/o Edward D. McLEOD (b. Manitoba) & Elizabeth EAKINS married Margaret Winnifred CURRY, 21, Singapore - British East Indies, 37 Oakmount Rd d/o Emerson G. CURRY (b. Ontario) & M. Winnifred SELBY wtn: Joan Grant CURRY of Toronto & W. Calvin PATTERSON of Detroit, 24 September 1927 005405-27 John McVEIGH, 25, motor driver, Ireland, 67 Glendale Ave s/o John McVEIGH (b. Ireland) & Mary Anne ROGERS married Annie GILMORE, 24, domestic, Ireland, 67 Glendale Ave d/o James GILMORE (b. Ireland) & Mary ROONEY wtn: Daniel RICE of Dorland Road in Toronto & Ellen GILMORE of 24 High Park Gardens, 24 September 1927 at St Vincent de Paul Church
005361-27 Henry Gratten MULHERN, 33, accountant, Warkworth Ont.,, Huntsville s/o Henry MULHERN & Elizabeth GRATTEN married Ada Banfield KITCHENER, 25, Toronto, Huntsville d/o James KITCHENER & Ada Rebecca BANFIELD wtn: R.E. MULHERN & Mabel H. VALE both of Toronto, 8 September 1927 005362-27 Albert Ensley MUNRO, 24, truck driver, Ontario, 46 Harcourt Ave, s/o Ensley Charles MUNRO & Alice ELLIOT married Ethel Maud LANGRIDGE, 19, England, 122 Ivy Ave, d/o Walter LANGRIDGE & Louise SHORT wtn: W. BROWNSBERGER of 108 Woodbine & Isabel LANGRIDGE of 122 Ivy Ave, 24 September 1927
005371-27 Henry Rolls MYERS, 44, electrician, British West Indies, 598 St Clair Ave W s/o Henry MYERS (b. British West Indies) & Georgina STOBB married Marion Gertrude McGREGOR, 28, dressmaker, Ontario, 536 Spadina Ave d/o Blue McGREGOR (b. Ontario) & Mary STINSON, wtn: W.E. WIDMER & Daisy WIDMER both of Toronto, 3 September 1927 005411-27 Arthur Addis NEWELL, 27, bookkeeper, Muncie Indiana USA, 237 McRoberts Ave., s/o Arthur NEWELL & Daisy GILES married Adela Peggy FORSTER, 19, London England, 83 Elm Grove Ave, d/o William FORSTER & Adelaide Martin SHORTT wtn: B.R. SHORTT of 83 Elm Grove Ave, & Thelma SHORTT of 15 Normandy Blvd, 24 September 1927
5492-27 John Joseph Sylvester RODDEN, 38, salesman, Mattawa, 2804 Yonge St Toronto, s/o Bernard RODDEN & Margaret DOWSDEL, married Agnes Lillian SULLIVAN, 31, stenographer, Toronto, 88 Awde St same, d/o Michael & Ellen, witn: Aileen SULLIVAN of 61 Appleton Ave & Edmund RODDEN of 141 Pearson Ave both of Toronto on Sept. 20, 1927 5506-27 Adam RUNGE, 28, labourer, Germany, Milwaukee Wisconsin, s/o Leo RUNGE (b. Germany) & Therese SHERMANN, married Helene VOHS, 26, cook, Germany, 48 Earlscourt Ave Toronto, d/o Julius VOHS (b. Germany) & Pauline SIELOFF, witn: G. L. & Mrs Helen SATHER both of 182 Blackthorn Ave Toronto on Sept. 15, 1927
5541-27 Nicola G. SLAPCHE, 29, labourer, Macedonia Greece, 194 Parliament St. Toronto, s/o George SLAPCHE & Yana JONTEVA, married S. Elizabeth COLLIER, 19, England, 109 Shumach St Toronto, d/o William WRIGHT (sic) & Evelyn DARWOOD, witn: Stoyche DASHOPER & D. M. NASHO both of 448 King St East Toronto on Sept. 25 1927 005550-27 Forrest Thompson SMITH, 38, contractor, Quebec, 549 Gladstone Ave s/o John SMITH (b. Quebec) & Mary WYNNESS married Bessie ST. JAMES, 36, Ohio USA, 349 Gladstone Ave d/o Arthur ST. JOHN (b. Quebec) & Olive MILLER wtn: Margaret STEVENSON & Elmer STEVENSON both of 124 First Ave in Toronto, 9 September 1927
005551-27 Frederick Homer SMITH, 24, gas inspector, Toronto, 358 Coxwell Ave in Toronto s/o John Eugene SMITH & Mary Ann BELL married Gladys BURBRIDGE, 22, Hastings Kent England, stop 13 Kingston Road d/o Charles BURBRIDGE & Emily HUMPHREY wtn: Gilbert SMITH of 358 Coxwell Ave & Stella BURBRIDGE of 54 Haslett Ave, 18 September 1927 at St.. John's Church Norway 005554-27 Roy SMITH, 26, mechanic, Ontario, Thistletown Ont., s/o Ralph Edward SMITH (b. Ontario) & Louisa CAPPELL married Lola Margaret COOK, 21, inspector, Ontario, 275 Silverthorne Ave in Toronto d/o James Stuart COOK (b. Ontario) & Ida STAUFFER wtn: Percy Simpson of 6 Victoria Ave in Weston & Elsie PHILLIPS of 144 Lansdowne Ave, 17 September 1927
005552-27 Joseph Squire SMITH, 33, pullman service, Virginia USA, 45 Grange Ave in Toronto s/o C.R. SMITH (b. Virginia USA) & Sallie TUCK married Violet May ARCHIBALD, 21, Scotland, 444 Adelaide St. W in Toronto d/o William H. ARCHIBALD (b. Scotland) & Agnes GREGG wtn: Reginald L. MORRIS & Alice J. MORRIS both of 217 Augusta Ave, 1 September 1927 005553-27 Richard Granville SMITH, 35, waiter, England, 316 Davenport Rd s/o Frederick SMITH (b. England) & Lucy BARTLETT married Susan GAW, 31, milliner, England, 51 Welland Ave d/o John GAW (b. Ireland) & Susan McCORMICK wtn: Roy A. WATSON of Detroit & Winnie MORSE of 51 Welland Ave in Toronto, 24 September 1927
005555-27 William Henry SMITHEN, 26, operator, England, 290 Forman Ave s/o William SMITHEN (b. England) & Edith Florence BAKER married Catherine McLachlan GIBSON, 20, operator, Scotland, 349 Davisville Ave d/o Alexander GIBSON (b. Scotland) & Janet McLACHLAN wtn: Norman Charles PHILLIP of 639 Soudan Ave & Jean GIBSON of 399 Davisville, 30 September 1927 [divorced 17 April 1957] 005556-27 Albert Edward SMYTH, 23, clerk, Oshawa Ont., same, s/o Robert Steven SMYTH (b. Ontario) & Catherine CALY married Lillian Gertrude Rose THOMPSON, 23, clerk, Belleville Ont., Oshawa d/o Frederick Daniel THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Marion PIERCE wtn: William Charles MARSHALL & Ethel Madeline MARSHALL both of Oshawa, 1 September 1927
005557-27 Otto Larsen SOMMER, 40, artist, Denmark, 185 John St. s/o Frederick SOMMER (b. Denmark) & Christine JENSEN married Phebe Doris CLARK, 17, book binder, Ontario, 1 Taylor St. d/o John CLARK (b. Ontario) & Marie STALKCUPP wtn: Mrs Marie CLARK of 1 Taylor St. & Mrs Margaret E. CLARKE of 106 Shutter St., 17 September 1927 005558-27 Elias SOSKIN, 45, widower, tailor, Russia, 132 Nassau in Toronto s/o Solomon SOSKIN (b. Russia) & Rachel GARELIEN married Rachel DIVORSKY, 35, widow, dressmaker, England, 10 Huron St. in Toronto d/o Israel COFMAN (b. Russia) & Lea SWARTZMAN wtn: N. WATSIE? of 12 Brunswick Ave & S. SAGRO of 69 Borden St., 10 September 1927 [Hebrew]
005559-27 Bertie Ambrose SOUTHGATE, 32, millwright, England, 124 Sherbourne St. s/o John W. SOUTHGATE (b. England) & Alice ABBOT married Frances Victoria SOUTHGATE (sic), 36, domestic, England, 124 Sherbourne St. d/o Edward H. THOMPSON (b. England) & Lilian? REED wtn: William HEPPERNAN & Gladys Mary HEPPERNAN both of 14 Sherbourne St. in Toronto, 1 September 1927 005560-27 Septmius SOUTHWARD, 51, widower, shedman, England, 48 Harvie Ave s/o John SOUTHWARD (b. England) & Sarah NICHOLSON married Annie STEVENSON, 42, ward maid, Scotland, 373 Roncesvalles Ave d/o Robert STEVENSON (b. Scotland) & Jennie FERGUSON wtn: Arthur JENSON of 229 Robert St. & Elizabeth CRAIG of 1935 Davenport Rd, 3 September 1927
005561-27 Roland Herbert SPENCER, 22, carpenter, England, 130 River St. s/o Herbert SPENCER (b. England) & Alice Elizabeth THOMAS married Elizabeth Rose HARRIS, 22, stenographer, England, 118 Hamilton St. d/o Charles HARRIS (b. England) & Elizabeth [blank] wtn: Howard Robert SPENCER & Winnifred Mary TAPP both of Toronto, 14 September 1927 005562-27 Rupert Ernest SPICER, 22, salesman, Ontario, 557 Indian Rd s/o Albert SPICER (b. England) & Mildred IZZARD married Marjorie Florence TEDFORD, 21, Ontario, 14 Mountview Ave d/o George TEDFORD (b. Ontario) & Florence CRAIG wtn: R.W. DICKSON & Evelyn G. DICKSON both of 137 Hillsdale Ave in Toronto, 21 September 1927
005563-27 Lawrence Theodore SPRING, 23, carpenter, Ontario, 40 Cambrai Ave s/o George Edwin SPRING (b. Ontario) & Caroline Joanna DAVIS married Ann Dora McGILLVRAY, 18, paper rose maker, Scotland, 21a Barrington Ave d/o John McGILLVRAY (b. Scotland) & Annie GAYLOR wtn: Betty McGILLVRAY of 21a Barrington & James PRESS of 362 Dundas, 20 September 1927 005564-27 Henry Thomas STANTON, 26, decorator, England, 315 Concord Ave in Toronto s/o Harry STANTON & Jane JOHNSTONE married Francis Hilda HARRIS, 20, clerk, England, 315 Concord Ave in Toronto d/o Felix Leonard HARRIS & Ethel Gertrude PHILPOT wtn: Lorne PRESS of 315 Concord Ave in Toronto & Phyllis COTE of 109 Bristol Ave in Toronto, 17 September 1927
005565-27 Harold Reginald STEEN, 26, heating engineer, Toronto, 9 Grimthorpe Rd s/o Robert STEEN & Gertrude Harries HOLDITCH married Enid Helen MEMBURY, 25, Toronto, 1019 Shaw St. d/o Edward MEMBURY & Elizabeth McKNIGHT wtn: Donald M. HENDERSON & Vera B. WAGHORNE both of Toronto, 21 September 1927 005566-27 Louis STEINBERG, 20, driver, Russia, 12½ Kensington Ave s/o N. STEINBERG (b. Russia) & P. RESNIG married Susan SHANOFF, 24, Russia, 159 Euclid Ave d/o A. SHANOFF (b. Russia) & A. RUDMAN wtn: A. SOLDER of 83 Nassau St. & A. SIGERMAN of 155 Palmerston, 11 September 1927
005567-27 Edward Carlyle STEVENS, 19, lather, Ontario, 314 St. Johns Rd in Toronto s/o Herbert STEVENS (b. Ontario) & Mabel WHITE married Ivy Laura PRISKE, 17, England, Schreiber Ont., d/o Sydney PRISKE (b. England) & Alice Kate WHEATLEY wtn: I. SHAW of 172 St. Johns Rd & Mary THOMPSON of 244 Gladstone Ave, 5 September 1927 005568-27 Harry John STEVENSON, 26, mechanical engineer, Ontario, New York NY s/o John STEVENSON (b. Ontario) & Evelyn UNSWORTH married Marjorie Stephenson COCKBURN, 27, stenographer, Ontario, 326 Sunnyside Ave in Toronto d/o William J. COCKBURN (b. Ontario) & Charlotte M.E. STEPHENSON wtn: Max M. EVANS of Oshawa, & Joyce S. COCKBURN of 326 Sunnyside Ave in Toronto, 24 September 1927
005569-27 John STEWART 23, moulder, Ireland, 46 McMichael Ave in Toronto s/o Frederick STEWART (b. Ireland) & Jane McBRIDE married Sydney Beatrice MASON, 19, clerk, Ireland, 46 McMichael Ave in Toronto d/o Thomas MASON (b. Ireland) & Mary HATTON wtn: W. GALLOWAY & Nellie GALLOWAY both of 46 McMichael St. in Toronto, 19 September 1927 005570-27 Thomas John STEWART, 34, widower, printer, Ontario, 122 Jones Ave s/o Adam STEWART (b. Ontario) & Mary HAWKE married Annie Minnostale SPELLEN, 33, stenographer, Ontario, 115 Pacific Ave d/o Timothy SPELLEN (b. Ireland) & Catherine ROESGEN wtn: John Ernest BUILDER of Park St. in DUNDAS Ont., & Audrey Louise ROESGEN of Dundas Ont., 14 September 1927
005571-27 Joseph Gordon STOCKDALE, 30, electrician, Ontario, 255 Annette St. s/o Joseph Simson STOCKDALE (b. Ontario) & Fanny JACOT married Violet Elizabeth McKNIGHT, 38, secretary, Ontario, 106 Beverley St. d/o Robert McKNIGHT (b. Ontario) & Annie WINTERS wtn: Emma STOCKDALE of 255 Annette St. & Herbert W. KNOTT? of 1530 Bathurst St., 24 September 1927  
005572-27 Nikolas STOLARSKY, 24, fire builder, Austria, 244 7th St. in New Toronto s/o Michael STOLARSKY & Anna NIKOLOVO married Katie ROMANOVICH, 23, lather work factory, Austria, May Ave in New Toronto d/o Demetro ROMANOVICH & Anna CHECHOVSKY wtn: W. NACKACHUK of 225 7th St. in New Toronto & Katerina NICKA of New Toronto, 3 September 1927 005573-27 Archie STONE, 22, musician, England, 463 Euclid Ave s/o Abraham STONE (b. Russia) & Gitel? CAPLAN married Yetta JACOBS, 23, England, 162 Beverley St. d/o Shamon JACOBS (b. Poland) & Lea SWARTZ wtn: D. CHARLION? of 176 McDonald St. & S. FINE of 58 Dundas St. W, 5 September 1927 [Hebrew]
005574-27 Harry Irving STRANDHAGEN, 23, physical director, New Haven Conn USA, Hartford Conn, s/o Edward STRANDHAGEN (b. Norway) & Margaret COWAN married Grace Miriam MOFFATT, 18, student, Ontario, Weston Ont., d/o Alfred MOFFATT (b. Scotland) & Emily F. WARDLAW wtn: Harold D. MOFFAT of Weston & Harold I. MOFFATT of 138 Alberfinch in Toronto, 18 September 1927 005575-27 Denis Francis SULLIVAN, 30, lawyer, Sault Ste Marie Ont., Toronto s/o Charles SULLIVAN & Elizabeth McCARTHY married Marion Margaret GOUGH, 27, Toronto, Toronto d/o Richard P. GOUGH & Alphonsine LEMAY wtn: Arthur KELLY of 33 Maple Ave in Toronto & Marcella O'NEIL of 96 Roxboro Dr in Toronto, 28 September 1927
005576-27 Charles Absalom SUMNER, 29, letter carrier, England, 138 Beaconsfield Ave in Toronto s/o Samuel SUMNER (b. England) & Elizabeth PERKINS married Gladys Viola SMITH, 29, stenographer, Toronto, 98 Argyle St. in Toronto d/o Joseph Louis SMITH (b. New York USA) & Harriet Anne GRAY wtn: Frederick J. GRAY of 86 Argyle St. & Beatrice FITZPATRICK of 30 Lightburn, 17 September 1927 005577-27 Douglas SUMNER, 19, clerk, Hamilton Ont., Toronto s/o John Murray SUMNER (b. England) & Florence LYMIN married Doreen WRIGHT, 17, Toronto, Toronto d/o Ernest WRIGHT (b. England) & Marian ANDREWS wtn: Ernest WRIGHT & Marian WRIGHT both of 24 Withrow Ave in Toronto, 13 September 1927
005579-27 Roy Hector SUTHERLAND, 32, auto mechanic, Ontario, 98 Kenilworth Ave s/o William Hector SUTHERLAND (b. Ontario) & Agnes CRAVEN married Julia May WEAVER, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 9 Leroy Ave d/o Thomas WEAVER (b. England) & Elizabeth ELLIOTT wtn: Albert Edward COOK of 38 Lenty Ave & Irene THOMPSON of Richmond Hill, 10 September 1927 005578-27 Robert Douglas SUTHERLAND, 32, labourer, Ontario, 2252 Dundas St. W s/o James David SUTHERLAND (b. Ontario) & Sarah STONE married Thomasina McKENZIE, 26, clerk, Scotland, 219 Symington Ave d/o McIntosh Sutherland McKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Catherine McCLELLAND wtn: Annie G. McKENZIE of 219 Symington Ave & E.K. MacLEAN of 413 Strathmore Blvd, 14 September 1927
005580-27 Harold Merthins SWALEY, 25, bond salesman, Ontario, 61 Admiral Rd s/o Charles SWALEY (b. Prince Edward Island) & Florence BRIGHT married Margaret Caroline JOHNSTON, 23, student, Illinois USA, 108 Avenue Rd d/o Samuel JOHNSTON (b. Illinois USA) & Mina RIGHTEN? wtn: Ross C. TAYLOR & Margaret S. SAUL both of Toronto, 17 September 1927 3718-27 Albert TALBOT, 39, iron fitter, widower, England, 716 Jay St Rochester New York USA, s/o William TALBOT (b. England) & Harriett BILLINGTON, married Sarah YEATES, 43, widow, England, 31 Kelvin Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas McMULLEN (b. England) & Ellen LAUDLESS (Landless?), witn: John & Ellen McMULLEN both of 31 Kelvin St Toronto on June 18, 1927
005581-27 Waino TALONEN, 24, labourer, Finland, 5 Widmer St. s/o Joseph TALONEN (b. Finland) & Maria STARK married Impi Helena ERONEN, 33, widow, domestic, Finland, 5 Widmer St. d/o Kvarl JULAVA (b. Finland) & Kristena SALNOR wtn: C. LIMBERY of 5 Widmer St. & A. LEEMAN of 24 McLean Ave, 17 September 1927 005582-27 James Cowan TANNAHILL, 32, carpenter, Ireland, 100 Riverdale Ave in Toronto s/o David Johnston TANNAHILL (b. Ireland) & Sarah Jane GRAHAM married Constance Evelyn COELS, 23, stenographer, England, 30 West Lynn Ave in Toronto d/o Robert John COELS (b. England) & Jayne Alma GLIDDON wtn: Jane Alma COELS & Julia G. COELS both of Toronto, 7 September 1927

005583-27 George Alexander TASSIE, 23, plumber, Toronto, Weston s/o Harry Alexander (b. Toronto) & Emma A. ROBINSON married Maud Annie SOUTHORN, 18, Coldwater Ont., Toronto d/o George SOUTHORN (b. London England) & Barbara JACKSON wtn: George LEY of 652 Annette St. in Toronto & Gertrude Ruby SOUTHORN of 483 Dune St. in Toronto, 28 September 1927

3719-27 Emerson Russell TAYLOR, 27, sales manager, Ontario, 1594 King St West Toronto, s/o Colin W. TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Emily WOODRUFF, married Olive KENNEDY, 23, bookkeeper, Ontario, 708 Kingston Rd Toronto, d/o Sydney KENNEDY (b. Ontario) & Josephine PRINGLE, witn: Dan & Nan CLEMENT both of Hotel Manitou on Centre Island on June 18, 1927

3720-27 Henry Norman TAYLOR, 28, clerk in Holy Orders, St Catherines, 118 St George St Toronto, s/o Henry James TAYLOR & Agnes Henrietta BUTE, married Marion Hope MOORE, 22, Toronto, Cherry Drive Toronto, d/o William Henry & Mabel, witn: Maude Eustace SMITH of 14 Clarendon Ave Toronto & W. A. PHILIP of Galt on June 18, 1927 at St Simons Church

3721-27 Ronald Charles TAYLOR, 20, compositor, England, 360 Bathurst St Toronto, s/o John Leonard TAYLOR (b. England) & Susan Florence Matilda PATTON, married Edith Annie Amelia HAMMOND, 17, operator, Ontario, 41 Peterborough Ave Toronto, d/o George William Albert HAMMOND (b. England) & Beatrice Mary HART, witn: J. JOON & Gladys BENNETT both of Toronto on June 11, 1927

3722-27 Thomas Beverley Lloyd TAYLOR, 31, foreman, Ontario, Eastwood Ave Long Branch, s/o Richard H. TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Annie Louise ROBINSON, married Mabel Louisa OLIVER, 25, saleslady, England, 1825 Davenport Rd Toronto, d/o Joseph Charles OLIVER (b. England) & Alice HALL, witn: Alice BANNISTER of 1825 Davenport Rd & G. BANNISTER of 469 Dovercourt Rd both of Toronto on June 30, 1927

3723-27 William Darling TAYLOR, 24, accountant, Ontario, 78 Albany Ave Toronto, s/o Harold Edward TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Caroline LOUNTY (Laverty?), married Jane Ellen DEEGAN, 27, Ontario, 433 Sackville St Toronto, d/o John DEEGAN (b. Ontario) & Mary KEATING, witn: Harold E. TAYLOR & Charlotte E. PEDLEY both of Toronto on June 4, 1927

005584-27 Arthur Edgar TAYLOR, 23, clerk, Ontario, 109 Hazelton Ave s/o Edgar TAYLOR (b. England) & Emma TEAL married Ella Annie MITCHELL, 22, operator Scotland, 56 The Oaks Barn Ave d/o William MITCHELL (b. Scotland) & Isabel WILSON wtn: Edward M. CLANCY, Doris MITCHELL & Edgar TAYLOR all of Toronto, 3 September 1927 005587-27 Gordon TAYLOR, 26, lineman, Ontario, 323 Salem Ave s/o James TAYLOR (b. Ireland) & Margaret NOSEWORTHY married Edna Victoria FEAST, 26, operator, Ontario, 296 Salena Ave d/o Rowland FEAST (b. Ontario) & Emily DALLIMORE, wtn: Mrs James TAYLOR & Mrs Emily FEAST both of Toronto, 17 September 1927
005588-27 Stanley Arnot TAYLOR, 34, shoe buyer, Ontario, 767 Markham St. s/o Jeremiah TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Mary SWORD married Grace Darling McARTHUR, 30, stenographer, Ontario, 496 Montrose Ave d/o William Arthur McARTHUR (b. Ontario) & Martha NICHOLSON wtn: Olive McARTHUR of Toronto & William W. TAYLOR of 94 Walker Ave in Toronto, 7 September 1927 005586-27 Ernest Randall TAYLOR, 27, presser, Scotland, 713 Balloil St. s/o James TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Gordon CRUDEN married Raye Alexandria OSMOND, 25, typist, England, 72 Carlton St. d/o Walter OSMOND (b. England) & Elizabeth PRUET wtn: George CRUDEN of the Marlborough Hotel in Toronto & Christina TAYLOR of 332 East 95th St. in New York USA, 19 September 1927
005585-27 Charles Lloyd TAYLOR, 20, inspector, Ontario, 66 Roncesvalles Ave s/o Charles TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Cecelia FERN married Elizabeth Marie STOKES, 20, box maker, Toronto, 44 Mayfield Ave in Swansea Ont., d/o William STOKES (b. Ontario) & Della COOK wtn: John MANGAN of 66 Roncesvalles Ave & Mabel S. STOKES of 44 Mayfield Ave, 10 September 1927 005589-27 William Pierce TAYLOR, 30, physician, Buffalo in NY, Buffalo in NY s/o William G. TAYLOR (b. Cambria NY) & Ophelia F. PIERCE married Jean Luella HOBSON, 25, nurse, Palmerston, Palmerston d/o Alexander HOBSON (b. Belfast in Ireland) & Margaret PATTERSON wtn: Margaret Patterson HOBSON of Palmerston & Ophelia F. TAYLOR of Buffalo, 1 September 1927
005590-27 Arthur George TEER, 32, designer, Toronto, 42 Fenwick Ave s/o William John TEER (b. England) & Lucy BROOME married Hilda Maisie BECKLEY, 22, secretary, England, 52 Woolfrey Ave d/o Walter BECKLEY (b. England) & Edith Annie CLEMENTS wtn: Vera & William E. McDERMOTT of Detroit, 13 September 005591-27 Charles TELFER, 27, mechanic, Scotland, 270 Pape Ave in Toronto s/o David TEFLER (b. Scotland) & Margaret YOUNG married Marion Ida WILSON, 18, Manitoba, Scarborough Junction d/o Edgar WILSON (b. Ontario) & Jean BELL wtn: D. UNNELL? & M. TEFLER both of Toronto, 16 September 1927
005592-27 Thomas George TEMPLE, 24, truck driver, Ontario, 344 Wellesley St. s/o Thomas Edward TEMPLE (b. England) & Mary Ethel JUDGE married Elsie Alice MOOREHOUSE, 21, typist, Ontario, 398 Wellesley St. d/o Thomas MOOREHOUSE (b. England) & Rosina Maud CAROLYNE wtn: H. Beryl FLATT & M. Lois FLATT both of 405 Carleton St. in Toronto, 17 September 1927 005593-27 Arthur Gordon THEXTON, 37, printer, Ontario, 19 Dundonald in Toronto s/o George W. THEXTON (b. Scotland) & Isabel Marion ROSS married Christian Mona ROBERTSON, 34, clerk, Ontario, 1 Rowanwood Ave in Toronto d/o John ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Isabella MacDONALD wtn: Percy Harvey RADFORD of 395 Jones Ave & Florence Rosa HARRINGTON of 72 Indian Rd, 10 September 1927
005596-27 Nelson Arnold THOMPSON, 24, Bell telephone, Toronto, Toronto s/o Robert J. THOMPSON & Catherine ANDERSON married Isabel Lillian MILLWOOD, 23, Toronto, Toronto d/o Benjamin MILLWOOD & Annie HASLAM wtn: Robert EVES & Dorothy COOMBS both of Toronto, 24 September 1927 005594-27 Alan Frederick Warn THOMPSON, 32, dye chemist, Old Charlton in Kent England, 423 Sherbourne St. s/o William THOMPSON & Minnie WALKER married Ernestine Isabel HOOD, 239, Tunbridge Wells in Kent England, 72 Herbert Ave in Toronto d/o Samuel HOOD & Lucy BENSON wtn: N.J. THOMAS of O.A. College in Guelph & Vera Elizabeth TART of 49 Fenwood Park Ave, 17 September 1927 at St. John's Church Norway

3724-27 William THOMPSON, 25, laborer, Ballypasboro Co. Down Ireland, 90 Silverthorn Ave Toronto, s/o William THOMPSON & Sarah Jane PALMER, married Christina MacPHERSON, 25, Motherwell Lanarkshire Scotland, 55, Belmont St Toronto, d/o William Jordan MacPHERSON & Margaret MANN, witn: Janet MacPHERSON of 33 Balliol Street & Samuel G. H. THOMPSON of 77 Vine Ave both of Toronto on June 15, 1927

005595-27 Harry Leigh Edward THOMPSON, 25, clerk, Toronto, 17 Conda Ave s/o John Ernest? THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WELLS married Grace Violet LIVERMORE (Livernois?) 19, operator, Toronto, 12 Melville Ave d/o Alexander LIVERMORE & Annie GODDING wtn: Arthur PARKER of 100 Jones Ave in Toronto & George BONTER? of 303 Greenwood Ave in Toronto, 9 September 1927

005597-27 Clifford Alexander THOMSON, 22, salesman, Ontario, 1364 St. Clair Ave W s/o William M.L. THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Grace MURDOCH married Winnifred Cecilia Margaret TISSEMAN, 18, Ontario, Burdock Cottage on Old Fort Rd in Toronto d/o William John TISSEMAN (b. England) & Florence M. WHITBREAD wtn: William G. McKINNON of 29 Mackay St. in Toronto & Ivy L. BAILL of 33 Hocken Ave in Toronto, 22 September 1927 3725-27 Allan Goldthorp THOMSON, 37, contractor, widower, Canada, Toronto, s/o James B. THOMSON (b. Ontario) & Augusta J. GOLDTHORP, married Winnifred Stephanie MAITLAND, 28, clerk, Canada, Toronto, d/o James MAITLAND (b. Ontario) & Rebecca WHALEN, witn: Josephine MAITLAND of 534 Palmerston Blvd & K.D. HALL of 144 Erskine Ave both of Toronto on June 7, 1927

3726-27 Clive Athelstan THOMSON, 37, barrister, Ontario, 111 Woodlawn Ave West Toronto, s/o Thomas C. THOMSON (b. Quebec) & Mary E. B. BURNS, married Helen Margaret Jean TEMPLETON, 26, Alberta, 295 Russell Hill Road Toronto, d/o James Gilmour TEMPLETON (b. Ontario) & Edith Helen BEATY, witn: Lesslie Rielle THOMSON of 621 Sherbrooke St West Montreal Que. & James Gilmour TEMPLETON of 295 Russell Hill Rd Toronto on June 11, 1927

3727-27 James Mitchell THOMSON, 27, manager, Scotland, 64 Gillespie Ave Toronto, d/o Stewart THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Mary MITCHELL, married Annie Murdoch BURGESS 23, operator, Scotland, 58 Redwood Ave Toronto, d/o David BURGESS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth KNOX, witn: Alice BURGESS of 58 Redwood Ave & Kathleen DUFF of 652 Northcliffe Blvd both of Toronto on June 30, 1927

005598-27 Albert Edwin THORNE, 21, pressman, St. Johns Newfoundland, 1216 Shaw St. in Toronto s/o William Edwin THORNE & Elizabeth NOSEWORTHY married Katherine ADAMSON, 19, saleslady, Cape Breton NS, 734 Dupont St. d/o William Henry ADAMSON & Rosanna WYATT wtn: Mazel Irene SMITH of 31 Eastmount Ave & Albert E. FOOTE of 53 St. Clarence Ave, 28 September 1927 005599-27 Milburn Silas THURSTON, 33, grain merchant, Verulam twp, Verulam twp s/o Silas THURSTON (b. Verulam twp) & Velary IRWIN married Myrtle Irene COLE, 24, nurse, Maryborough twp, Toronto d/o Jacob COLE (b. Weston) & Elizabeth McCOLGAN wtn: [illegible signature] & Freda M. HORNER both of Toronto, 1 September 1927

3728-27 Ernest Arthur TICE, 26, bookkeeper, Ontario, 105 Galley Ave Toronto, s/o James Henry TICE (b. Ontario) & Jemima GEE, married Jennie Victoria CAMP, 27, stenographer, Ontario, 191a Dowling Ave Toronto, d/o Robert CAMP (b. Ontario) & Ada TIDY, witn: William HARNETT of 7 Butternut St & Florence E. CAMP of 191 Dowling Ave both of Toronto on June 16, 1927

3729-27 Norman William TODD, 25, toolmaker, England, 25 Silver Ave Toronto, s/o George Watson TODD (b. England) & Susan Alice HOUSE, married Agnes Smith KING, 23, Scotland, 373 Delaware Ave Toronto, d/o Robert KING (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth HOWEY, witn: Alexander HASTON of 1247 A Dundas West & Elizabeth KING of 373 Delaware Ave both of Toronto on June 1, 1927

005600-27 Arnold TOMKINSON, 22, buffer, England, 734 Dupont St. s/o Herbert TOMKINSON (b. England) & Martha STOTT married Mary Evelyn HOBECK, 19, packer, Quebec, 356 Ossington Ave d/o Albert HOBECK (b. Virginia USA) & Lucy ALBERT wtn: William HALTHBAIN & Violet HOBECK both of Toronto, 22 September 1927 3730-27 James TOPLEY, 36, rubber worker, Gifford Ireland, 365 Delaware Ave Toronto, s/o James TOPLEY & Isabella CORDNER, married Mary Heddleston THOMSON, 27, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert THOMSON & Jeanie HOLMES, witn: Robina THOMSON & George LAIRD both of Toronto on June 3, 1927

005601-27 James TORRENS, 26, baker, Ireland, 295A Roncesvalles Ave s/o Robert TORRENS (b. Ireland) & Jean MAWHINNY married Eveline Edith McKITTRICK, 21, clerk, Ireland, 31 O'Hara Ave d/o Irwin McKITTRICK (b. Scotland) & Jennie BRYANS wtn: F.E. McCORT of 62 Galley Ave in Toronto & R. TORRENS of 295A Roncesvalles Ave, 17 September 1927

3731-27 Joseph Atkinson TORRENS, 27, factory manager, Bushmills Ireland, 107 Davisville Ave Toronto, s/o James TORRENS & Annie ATKINSON, married Edna Phyllis OSMOND, 26, stenographer, Twickenham England, 41 Bayview Ave Leaside, d/o John OSMOND & Alice STANLEY, witn: John OSMOND of Leaside & David Hector HALDANE of 132 Erskine Ave Toronto on June 29, 1927 at Leaside

3732-27 John Stewart Donald TORY, 23, barrister-at-law, Michigan USA, 17 Elm Ave Toronto, s/o John Alexander TORY (b. Nova Scotia) & Abigail G. BUCKLEY, married Kathreen Jean ARNOLD, 21, Ontario, 1036 Bathurst St Toronto, d/o Dr. Ernest Franklin ARNOLD (b. Ontario) & Katherine DAVIDSON, witn: James M. TORY of 17 Elm Ave & Dorothy F. BURTON of 57 Binscarth Road both of Toronto on June 23, 1927 [divorced 30 Sept 1957].


005602-27 Clifford James TOVEY, 21, bell boy, Ontario, 1076 College St. s/o James TOVEY (b. Wales) & Mary W. JONES married Ruby MUNSON, 18, clerk, England, 1131 Craven Rd d/o Albert MUNSON (b. England) & Emily ALLEN wtn: Harold R. QUESNEL of Montreal & Mabel Violet CHAPMAN of 111 Craven Rd in Toronto, 17 September 1927 005603-27 Harry Ernest TOWNSEND, 26½, garment cleaner, Toronto, Toronto s/o George Frederick TOWNSEND & Mary MacDONALD married Cecily Betty TAYLOR, 23, Montreal, Toronto d/o Matthew C. TAYLOR & Mary Ann McISAAC wtn: William G. & Agnes HEBRON and Lilian MACLEAN all of Toronto, 17 September 1927 at St. Judes Church
005604-27 Earl James TRACE, 24, labourer, Ontario, 91 Minette St. in New Toronto s/o William TRACE (b. Ontario) & Mary Agnes CAMERON married Dorothy Blanche BELL, 23, social worker, Ontario, Elmvale Ont., d/o Robert BELL (b. Ontario) & Gertrude WALLACE wtn: Bertha R. GRAHAM of 120 Gough Ave in Toronto & Jack C. TRACE of Elmvale, 26 September 1927 3733-27 Harry TUGENDHOFT, 35, salesman, Ontario, 479 Ossington Ave Toronto, s/o Nightslie? TUGENDHOFT (b. Austria) & Esther MOFER (Moher?), married Anna GOLDHAMER, 29, Czecho-slovakia, 1 Starr Ave Toronto, d/o Albert A. GOLDHAMER (b. Czecho-slovakia) & Margaret GOLDHAMER, witn: Dinah JAMES of 6 Carling Ave & Charles GOLDHAMER of 1 Starr Ave both of Toronto on June 10, 1927

3734-27 Robert Wellington TURNBULL, 20, labourer, Ontario, 17 Locust Ave Mt Dennis, s/o John TURNBULL (b. Scotland) & Edith Maud VANWYCK, married Kathleen Mary MARSH, 19, operator, Ontario, 83 Dynevor Rd Toronto, d/o Frederick MARSH (b. England) & Margaret Gilmour TAYLOR, witn: Cecil John TURNBULL of 17 Locust Ave Mt. Dennis & Dorothy Florence WICKS of 2 Branstone Rd Toronto on June 30, 1927

3735-27 James Douglas TYRRELL, 31, physician, Canada, Fisherville Ont., s/o James William TYRRELL (b. Canada) & Isabel Charlton MacDONALD, married Mabel Gertrude ALEXANDER, 31, Canada, Toronto, d/o John ALEXANDER (b. Scotland) & Matilda MURDOCH, witn: Hugh F. BROOM of Hamilton & Lillias ALEXANDER of Toronto on June 18, 1927

3737-27 Raymond Harry UNDERWOOD, 24, accountant, England, 6602 Sherbrooke St West Montreal Que., s/o Arthur Reginald UNDERWOOD (b. England) & Maria Priscilla HARVEY, married Ruby Mae BAYLIS, 23, adjuster, Ontario, 304 Dovercourt Rd Toronto, d/o Thomas BAYLIS (b. Wales) & Meda MARKS, witn: Roy E. BAYLIS of 304 Dovercourt Rd Toronto & William H. PELLATT of Montreal on June 30, 1927

3736-27 Isaac USPRICH, 27, plumber, Russia, 108 Maria St Toronto, s/o Jehoshuka USPRICH (b. Russia) & Naomi GLAUBERMAN, married Ray SHAIMAN, 24, dressmaker, Russia, 18 Dennison Ave Toronto, d/o Yunkov SHAIMAN (b. Russia) & Rachael SIMON, witn: Freuam KUPSON of 3152 Dundas St West & Isaac Yunkov REUBEN of 553 Clendennan Ave both of Toronto on June 19, 1927 [Hebrew]

3738-27 William VAHEY, 34, mailer/Toronto Star, Toronto, 343 Grace St same, s/o William VAHEY & Mary GARRITY, married Catherine HARRINGTON, 32, clerk, Toronto, 189 Gladstone Ave same, d/o Daniel HARRINGTON & Mary FOLEY, witn: Rita GARRITY of 45 Chelsea Ave & Gordon RYAN of 202 Chatham Ave both of Toronto on June 30, 1927

3739-27 Edmund Curtis VAIL, 25, salesman, Brooklyn NY USA, 145 Seaton St Toronto, s/o James VAIL (b. Ontario) & May WELLS, married Ethelene Isobel WADDELL, 22, model, Ontario, 191 Gerrard St East Toronto, d/o Rev. John WADDELL (b. Ontario) & Ella HAYNES, witn: Ella WADDELL of 191 Gerrard St & James Albert DODDS of 795 Dundas St West both of Toronto on June 16, 1927

3740-27 James VEITCH, 23, compositor, Edinburgh Scotland, 350 Riverdale Ave Toronto, s/o James VEITCH & Christina McANDREW, married Minnie Alice KILLEY, 22, Stratford London East England, 42 Fowler Rd Toronto, d/o John ALEXANDER (sic) & Minnie Alice BENTLEY, witn: George VEITCH of 350 Riverdale Ave and Beatrice Vicary E. KILLEY of 42 Fowler Rd Toronto on June 22, 1927 at St. Barnabas Church

3741-27 Albert Clarke Burgess VERNEY, 26, secretary, Ontario, 53 Manor Rd Toronto, s/o Edwin VERNEY (b. Ontario) & Alison SHILLINGDON, married Dorothy Evelyn ROGERS, 28, secretary, Ontario, 42 Victor Ave Toronto, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Howard S. RUPERT of 53 Manor Rd East & Madeline E. WORKMAN of 344 Glebeholme Blvd both of Toronto on June 1, 1927

3742-27 William Henry VERRAL, 24, milk salesman, Ontario, 1 Neepawa Ave Toronto, s/o William Henry VERRAL Sr. (b. Ontario) & Margaret MORRISON, married Violet Elenor PAIGE, 25, Quebec, 469 Roncesvalles Ave Toronto, d/o Stephen PAIGE (b. Quebec) & Eleanor BEATTIE, witn: John E. VERRAL & Olive CARTER both of Toronto on June 11, 1927.

3743-27 Lawrence Emmanuel VOIGHT, 38, operator, Ontario, 723 5th St New Toronto, s/o William W. VOIGHT (b. Buffalo New York USA) & Eva REYNOLDS, married Anne WALKER, 32, housekeeper, Ontario, 71 Parkway Ave Toronto, d/o Sid WALKER (b. Ontario) & Isabelle GREENAWAY, witn: Adeline I. WALKER of 71 Parkway Ave & William G. McMILLAN? of 26 Pryor Ave both of Toronto on June 23, 1927

3744-27 John Nedelcoff VRANCHE, 23, waiter, Macedonia, 3066 Dundas St West Toronto s/o Nedelko VRANCHE (b. Macedonia) & Maria TODOR, married Mary Vassil STOYAN, 19, waitress, Macedonia, 3066 Dundas St West Toronto, d/o Vasily STOYNEFF (sic) (b. Macedonia) & Petra EVANSKA, witn: Mike LAMBRO of 3066 Dundas St West & Kosta EVANOFF of 18 Wilkens Ave both of Toronto on June 11, 1927 [divorced 23 Jan 1935?]

3745-27 George Nicholas VRETAKIS, 36, florist, Peleta Greece, Jersey City N. J., s/o Nicholas VRETAKIS (b. Peleta Greece) & Catherine ERIARDOS, married Fafi GEORGAS, 26, clerk, Aggelino Greece, Newmarket, d/o George GEORGAS (b. Angelina Greece) & Elen PRICHAYOS, witn: Christos CALLES of 656 Nostrand Ave New York USA & William P. GEORGAS of 32 King St Chatham on June 2, 1927


3746-27 Wilfred Stanley WADLOW, 23, traveller, England, 459 Logan Ave Toronto, s/o George WADLOW (b. England) & Lizzie HOUGH, married Lilian Craig FRENCH, 24, typist, Ireland, 245 Rhodes Ave Toronto, d/o James FRENCH (b. Ireland) & Agnes HANEY, witn: Ralph FINDLEY of 48 Aberdeen Ave & Winnifred FRENCH of 148 Woodmount Ave both of Toronto on June 4, 1927

3747-27 Geoffrey William WALKER, 24, counterman, England, 246 Sherbourne St Toronto, s/o Alfred WALKER (b. England) & Bessie RALES (Roles?), married Theresa LEWIS, 21, waitress, Wales, 224 Sherbourne Ave Toronto, d/o Walter W. LEWIS (b. Wales) & Sarah J. CONNICK, witn: Nettie Ellen LEWIS of 224 Sherbourne & Ross GREAVES of 833 Leslie St both of Toronto on June 18, 1927

3748-27 Cyril Edward WALL, 24, accountant, England, 71 Keppendavie Ave Toronto, s/o Robert Tom WALL (b. England) & Emily Hannah LITTLEMORE, married Mary Agnes CHRISTIE, 21, Ireland, 32 Fairview Blvd Toronto, d/o Thomas James CHRISTIE (b. Ireland) & Leah DOUGLAS, witn: Robert & May BLOOD both of Silver Birch Apts. #2 Silver Birch Ave Toronto, on June 21, 1927

3749-27 Charles Cecil WALTON, 30, salesman, Ontario, 276 Jarvis St Toronto, s/o James Edward WALTON (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane BROOKES, married Mary Elizabeth Merle HORTON, 22, stenographer, Ontario, 114 Glendale Ave Toronto, d/o Archibald HORTON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GLIDDON, witn: Annie & Kathleen M. DAVIES both of 255 Russell Hill Rd Toronto on June 4, 1927

3750-27 Edward William WARD, 24, salesman, Toronto, Detroit USA, s/o George WARD & Rachael MORRELL, married Frances Lillian BERTRAM, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Henry BERTRAM & Lillian LEVASSEUR, witn: Helen BERTRAM & Clarence WARD both of Toronto on June 8, 1927

3751-27 Frank WARDELL, 42, Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor Royal Canadian Dragoons, St Helen's Lancashire England, Stanley Barracks Toronto, s/o Frank WARDELL & Elizabeth D'HORSAY, married Vida Vista DANIELS, 33, Toronto, 231 Bathurst St same, d/o John DANIELS & Mary Ann CARTER, witn: John Weir & Gertrude Alice TRAVERS both of 46 Brock Ave Toronto on June 18, 1927

3752-27 George Fletcher WARREN, 53, widower, Evangelist, Ontario, Elgin Ontario, s/o Fletcher WARREN (b. Ontario) & Jane HALLIDAY?, married Laura Mabel PIERCE, 45, bookkeeper, Ontario, 372 Maybourne Ave Toronto, d/o John PIERCE (b. Ontario) & Lucinda A. SINGLETON, witn: Harold W. PIERCE of 272 Maybourne Ave Toronto & Lucinda A. PIERCE of Newboro? Ontario on June 15, 1927

3754-27 Arthur Eastwood WATERS, 23, garage operator, Ontario, 35 Manor Rd West Toronto, s/o Alfred WATERS (b. England) & Ada GRANNER, married Albina Maud DUSSEAU, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 35 Manor Rd West Toronto, d/o Henry DUSSEAU (b. Toledo Ohio USA) & Maud GIROUX, witn: Signor Joseph DUSSEAU of Chicago & Mrs. Leslie McMANN of Thorold on June 25, 1927

3753-27 Alfred Edward WATERS, 26, dairyman, widower, England, 264 Dupont St Toronto, s/o Fred. W. WATERS (b. England) & Minnie ENGLAND, married Helfrid Madeline LARSSON, 25, nurse maid, Sweden, 155 Summer St Buffalo New York USA, d/o Helmer LARSSON (b. Sweden) & Matilda CHRISTENSON, witn: Bruce PALMER of 415 Eglinton Ave E & Ella GORDON of 288 Balliol St both of Toronto on June 24, 1927

3755-27 Benjamin Craig WATSON, 33, salesman, Ontario, Buffalo NY, s/o Wesley Fletcher WATSON (b. British West Indies) & Mary Elizabeth CRAIG, married Martha SIKORSKI, 33, milliner, Ontario, 21 Copeland Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas SIKORSKI (b. Poland) & Victoria SAMKROWSKI, witn: James & Elsie H. COPELAND both of Toronto on June 11, 1927

3756-27 Stanley Alvin WATSON, 33, teacher, Ontario, 40 Willcocks St Toronto, s/o Alexander F. WATSON (b. Ontario) & Addie C. WRIGHT, married Lucy Lovell BATE, 28, teacher, Saskatchewan, 397 Huron St Toronto, d/o Harry BATE (b. Ontario) & Clare LOVELL, witn: Myrtal HIFT & Kenneth B. JACKSON both of Toronto on June 2, 1927

3757-27 Wesley Livingston WATSON, 36, warehouse man, Toronto, Windsor, s/o Andrew Livingston WATSON (b. Scotland) & Henrietta Whitten ELLIOT, married Georgina Smith MacDONALD, 28, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Donald MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth Lyle SMITH, witn: Archibald & Elizabeth Lyle MacDONALD both of 156 Fairview Ave Toronto on June 30, 1927

3758-27 Joseph WATT, 25, plumber, Scotland, 194 Rhodes Ave Toronto, s/o Joseph Gilmore WATT & Elizabeth MAIN, married Gladys WAKELIN, 21, England, 160 Woodfield Rd Toronto, d/o William WAKELIN & Mary BROOKS, witn: Anne WAKELIN of 160 Woodfield Rd & J. E. BULGER of 603 Shaw St both of Toronto on June 25, 1927

3759-27 Albert Leonard WEATHERBY, 32, salesman, Kent England, 30 Ellsworth Ave Toronto, s/o James WEATHERBY & Elizabeth KITCHINGHAM, married Laura Alexandra McKEE, 24, stenographer, Toronto, 297 Wychwood Ave same, d/o Alexander McKEE & Laura NEALL, witn: Phyllis STEVENSON of 141 Shuter St Toronto & Percy WEATHERBY of Hamilton on June 1, 1927 at St. Albans Cathedral

3760-27 Wilbert Lawrence WEBSTER, 30, draughtsman & installer, Lanark Co., 26 King St E Dundas, s/o William James WEBSTER (b. Ontario) & Ida Caroline MASON, married Gwendolyne SIMPSON, 24, school teacher, Lakefield, same, d/o William Albert SIMPSON (b. Ontario) & Julia LYLE, witn: Denton LEARD of 169 McPherson Ave & Thomas BALL of 58 West Ave both of Toronto on June 21, 1927

3761-27 Winfred William WEEKS, 30, chauffeur, England, 614 Dovercourt Rd Toronto, s/o Henry WEEKS (b. England) & Julia Kate SMITH, married Katherine May MORRISON, 22, fur operator, England, 559 Ontario St Toronto, s/o Henry MORRISON (b. England) & Emma TYRREL, witn: John HENDRY of 265 Withrow Ave & Nellie WEEKS of 616 Dovercourt Rd both of Toronto on June 1, 1927

3762-27 David WEINBERG, 23, furrier, Russia, 248 Markham St Toronto, s/o M. WEINBERG (b. Russia) & S. SEGEL, married Clara STRIESFIELD, 22, Ontario, 248 Palmerston Ave Toronto, d/o M. STRIESFIELD (b. Austria) & T. BANER, witn: A. SIGERMAN of 152 Palmerston Ave & T. CLYDMAN of 279 Palmerston Ave both of Toronto on June 12, 1927

3763-27 Maurice WEINSTOCK, 25, merchant, Poland, 122 Grange Ave Toronto, s/o Symsha? WEINSTOCK (b. Poland) & Lea RUNDHORN, married Sylvia NEWMAN, 25, operator, Poland, 112 Brunswick Ave Toronto, d/o Joseph NEWMAN (b. Poland) & Gitle REICH, witn: S. BRADT of 8 Sullivan St & T. NEWMAN of 112 Brunswick Ave both of Toronto on June 19, 1927 [Hebrew]

3764-27 James WEIR, 28, locomotive driver, Scotland, 1864 Davenport Rd Toronto, s/o Charles WEIR (b. Scotland) & Jesse ELDER, married Jane Park BALMAIN, 21, Scotland, 1864 Davenport Rd Toronto, d/o Peter BALMAIN (b. Scotland) & Jane PARK, witn: Robert R. & Mrs. May KERR both of 1864 Davenport Rd Toronto on June 30, 1927

3765-27 Robert Stanley WESSELS, 28, buyer, Montana USA, Apt. 42 6603 Sherbrooke St W Montreal, s/o N.R. WESSELS (b. Ontario) & Mary J. McKAY, married Blanche Evelyn BURTON, 25, Ontario, 52 Binscarth Rd Toronto, d/o C.L. BURTON & Ella Maud LEARY, witn: Dorothy Frances BURTON of 52 Binscarth Rd & Gordon McCalla GRAHAM of 186 St George St both of Toronto on June 15, 1927

3766-27 William John WEST, 25, yardman, Ontario, 645 Ossington Ave Toronto, s/o William Henry WEST (b. Ontario) & Lillian FOLEY, married Phyllis Ellen MacDONALD, 19, stenographer, Nova Scotia, 6 Humberview Blvd Toronto, d/o Albert Edward MacDONALD (b. Nova Scotia) & Jennie Louisa MAXWELL, witn: Ada Mae & Edward T. McGRATH both of Toronto on June 1, 1927

3767-27 Cecil Alfred WESTON, 24, assistant superintendent, Ontario, 362 Delaware Ave Toronto, s/o Alfred WESTON (b. England) & Elizabeth RAYSON, married Ethel Edith GRASS, 24, clerk, 226 Dufferin St Toronto, d/o Charles GRASS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BLAKE, witn: G. H. WESTON of 362 Delaware Ave Toronto & Lillian C. REID of 236 Earl St Kingston on June 25, 1927

3768-27 John Thomas WHITE, 28, shipper, Ontario, 455 Whitmore Ave in Fairbank, s/o Charles Herbert WHITE (b. England) & Mary BRANIFF, married Clara Doreen MARTIN, 27, operator, Ontario, 143 Dowling Ave Toronto, d/o "died too soon to know the name of father or mother", witn: Edith Alice WALTON of 129 Ulster St & Edmund W. BEATTY of 1 Haywood Ave both of Toronto on June 11, 1927

3769-27 Nash Edward WILD, 26, merchant, Orangeville, same, s/o G. W. WILD (b. England) & Lutitia NASH, married Wilma Victoria WALLACE, 20, clerk, Kimberley, Orangeville, d/o Andrew WALLACE (b. Ontario) & Edna THURSTON, witn: Elizabeth BROWN of 88 Woodside Ave & Elizabeth WELSH of 102 Greenlaw Ave both of Toronto on June 6, 1927

3770-27 Wallace WILKIN, 22, rubber worker, Calgary Alberta, 94 Hanover St Toronto, s/o Alexander WILKIN & Margaret Fife HAMILTON, married Alice Annie STAPLES, 22, Kent England, 189 Gerrard St East Toronto, d/o George STAPLES & Edith DAY (or GOLDEN sic) witn: Daisy Carmen McGARVIE of 91 Wroxeter Ave & Thomas Milligan MIGHTON of 108 Harcourt Ave both of Toronto on June 11, 1927

3771-27 Aubrey Elms WILLIAMS, 27, adjuster, Ontario, 91 Glencairn Ave Toronto, s/o A. J. WILLIAMS (b. Ohio USA) & Mary Louise AMMOND, married Audrey Alice HASTINGS, 24, Social Services, Ontario, 252 Russell Hill Rd Toronto, d/o C. J. C.O. HASTINGS (b. Ontario) & Allie HATCH, witn: Clarence E. HASTINGS of 65 Colin Ave Toronto & Violet Francesca HEISE of Buffalo NY on June 18, 1927

3772-27 John Herbert WILLIAMS, 40, harness maker, Toronto, 144 Coxwell Ave Toronto, s/o John WILLIAMS & Sarah McPHERSON, married Mary Louise GRAY, 37, Toronto, 144 Coxwell Ave same, d/o George Robert GRAY & Ella Jane ASTLEY, witn: May WILSON of 216 Albany Ave & W. H. POOLER of 9998 St Clarens Ave both of Toronto on June 29, 1927 at St. John's Church Norway

3773-27 Reginald Thomas Harry WILLIAMS, 24, motor driver, England, 503 Jones Ave Toronto, s/o Richard Hart WILLIAMS (b. England) & Nellie HARRY, married Muriel Margaret ALLISON, 20, saleslady, Ontario, 78 Grosvenor St Apt B7 Toronto, d/o George W. ALLISON (b. Ontario) & Mabel GREGG, witn: J. E. B. RICHARDS of 523 Jones Ave & Gregg ALLISON of 78 Grosvenor St both of Toronto on June 6, 1927

3774-27 Thomas Roderick WILLIAMS, 21, plumber, Plymouth Devon England, 1956 Gerrard St E Toronto, s/o Thomas Theodore WILLIAMS & Ellen Eliza TURNER, married Mary Eleanor Alice ENGLEFIELD, 20, Clapham England, 5 Battenberg Ave Toronto, d/o Charles Thomas ENGLEFIELD & Emma Ellen COPPEN, witn: T. MATTHEWS of 433 Queen St E & C. WILLIAMS of 1956 Gerrard St E both of Toronto on June 25, 1927 at St John's Church Norway

3775-27 Walter WILLIAMSON, 24, gardener, England, 37 Arlington Ave Toronto, s/o George WILLIAMSON (b. England) & Elizabeth SMITH, married Elli HIRVELA, 25, Finland, 15 Boston Ave Toronto, d/o John HIRVELA (b. Finland) & Ida RYNEN, witn: James GANNER of 71 Golfview Ave & Mrs. Anna FLINT of 15 Boston Ave both of Toronto on June 11, 1927

3776-27 George Allan WILLIS, 38, switchman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William T. WILLIS (b. Canada) & Sarah LEGALTE (Legatte?), married Olive Charlotte Jane SEDGEWICK, 38, saleslady, Canada, Toronto, d/o Oliver C. SEDGEWICK (b. Canada) & Marjory CURRIE, witn: A. R. GIBSON & J. C. CURRIE both of Toronto on June 14, 1927

3777-27 Charles Edwin, WILLMORE, 28, chauffeur, England, 237 Major St Toronto, s/o James WILLMORE (b. England) & Louise CARVELL (Cawell?), married Beryl Evelyn Ruth WICKINS, 21, waitress, England, 237 Major St Toronto, d/o Thomas William WICKINS (b. England) & Lillian Ann GRIER, witn: T. WICKINS & B. RIGG both of Toronto on June 18, 1927

3778-27 Alexander William WILSON, 23, mechanic, Toronto, 139 Riverdale Ave Toronto, s/o Alexander WILSON & Josephine ETHIER, married Annandale MILLS, 21, telephone operator, divorcee, Scotland, 812 Samson Ave Toronto, d/o William MILLS & Whilamena GRANT, witn: Miss C. WILSON & W. G. McPHERSON both of 139 Riverdale Ave Toronto on June 11, 1927

3779-27 Archibald George WILSON, 25, traveller, Woolwich England, Toronto, s/o George WILSON & Ada HARRIS, married Thelma Mary STEPHENSON, 21, Northumberland England, 90 Runnymede Rd Toronto, d/o Thomas STEPHENSON & Mary HAW, witn: Lillian COLE & John CAMPBELL both of Toronto on June 8, 1927 [divorced 2/5/62]

3780-27 George Albert Edward WILSON, 25, truck driver, England, 269 Bain Ave Toronto, s/o Edward Samuel WILSON (b. England) & Florence Elizabeth CRABB, married Amelia Elizabeth NORMAN, 26, operator, Ontario, 122 Essex Ave Toronto, d/o Albert NORMAN (b. Newfoundland) & Mary Elizabeth HUDSON, witn: Leslie James WILSON of 269 Bain Ave & Marion Dinswoody HILLIS of 110 Garnet Ave both of Toronto on June 15, 1927

3781-27 John Edward WILSON, 33, plumber, Ontario, 4564 Allendale Ave Detroit Michigan USA, s/o David Campbell WILSON (b. Ontario) & Mary Eliza ROTHWELL, married Viola May HILTZ, 33, teacher, Ontario, 180 Wolfrey Ave Toronto, d/o Joseph HILTZ (b. Ontario) & Ada HADDOCK, witn: Muriel Dorcan HILTZ of 180 Wolfrey Ave & Alex WILSON of 4564 Allendale Ave Detroit Michigan USA on June 28, 1927

3782-27 Norman Cecil WILSON, 37, labourer, Ontario, 97 Massey St Toronto, s/o John WILSON (b. Ontario) & Matilda MURRAY, married Mina Gertrude DOWZER, 41, widow, England, 132 Lippincott St Toronto, d/o Carl LILIENFEIN (b. England) & Agnes WILKIE, witn: Evelyn G. MacKAY of 599 Euclid Ave & Peggy PORTER of 305 Delaware Ave both of Toronto on June 4, 1927

3783-27 Robert WILSON, 46, barber, Ontario, 380 Keele St Toronto, s/o William WILSON (b. Ontario) & Mary McCARTER, married Winnifred Annie BRAILSFORD, 34, widow, England, 32 Emerson Ave Toronto, d/o George CORBET (b. England) & Eliza CARRIE, witn: Irene CORBET of 32 Emerson Ave & Thomas A. SHAW of 80 East Lynn Ave both of Toronto on June 14, 1927

3784-27 William Cruden WILSON, 20, chauffeur, Scotland, 345 Bain Ave Toronto, s/o William James WILSON (b. Scotland) & Isabelle Diversy WILSON, married Betsy WILSON, 23, Scotland, 345 Bain Ave Toronto, d/o William D. WILSON (b. Scotland) & Isabella SORRIE, witn: Harry Oliver WILSON of 345 Bain Ave & Agnes WILSON of 17 Harriett St both of Toronto on June 18, 1927


3785-27 Matthew WINDSOR, 22, truck driver, England, 10 Watt Ave Toronto, s/o Stephen WINDSOR (b. England) & Ada HARVEY, married Gladys Pearl LYNCH, 21, Rochester New York USA, 14 Peel Ave Toronto, d/o Reuben LYNCH (b. New York USA) & May SHERMAN, witn: Mrs. Annie & Mr. H. WILSON both of 24 Scott Ave Toronto on June 30, 1927

3786-27 Harry WINKLER, 27, manufacturer, Poland, 391 Dundas St West Toronto, s/o Toderl? WINKLER (b. Poland) & Rachael TINDLER married Doris GASTMAN, 20, Poland, 66 Gerrard St West Toronto, d/o Beril (b. Poland) & Ruchci GASTMAN, witn: L. ALTMAN of 102 St Patrick St & Moses HABOR of 41 St Patrick St both of Toronto on June 17, 1927

3787-27 Raymond WITTKAMP, 27, electrician, Ohio USA, Cincinnati Ohio, s/o Frank WITTKAMP (b. Ohio USA) & Magdalene MOHR, married Rose CONLON, 28, Ireland, 53A Bristol Ave Toronto, d/o Terence CONLON (b. Ireland) & Sarah GRIFFIN, witn: Patrick McSHERRY of 52 Bristol Ave & Annie CANAVAN of 21 Crown Park Rd both of Toronto on June 14, 1927

3788-27 Arthur Charles George WOOD, 22, clerk, Toronto, York twp., s/o George James WOOD & Annie Elizabeth SCOTT, married Marjorie GOULD, 21, Bath England, Toronto, d/o James GOULD & Fannie RICHMOND, witn: Ethel GOULD of 96 Caledonia Ave & Clarence BELL of 116 Pembrooke St both of Toronto on June 14, 1927 at Calvary Church

3789-27 Edward James WOOD, 20, printer, Ontario, 156 Osler Ave Toronto, s/o George William WOOD (b. Ontario) & Jane HOOK, married Sarah Ellen WYVILLE, 20, box maker, England, 164 Osler Ave Toronto, d/o William WYVILLE (b. England) & Sarah Ann COOPER, witn: Robert BRIGGS of 166 Osler Ave & Lucy WYVILLE of 164 Osler Ave both of Toronto on June 29, 1927

3790-27 Frederick Frank WOODLAND, 24, garment cutter, England, 10 Keystone Ave Toronto, s/o Frederick William WOODLAND (b. England) & Ada BARRETT, married Dorothy Florence Kate HAMPTON, 29, dressmaker, England, 7 Waterloo Ave Toronto, d/o Percival HAMPTON (b. England) & Lora Kate COGGINS, witn: Percival HAMPTON of 7 Waterloo Ave & Ada WOODLAND of 10 Keystone Ave both of Toronto on June 25, 1927

3791-27 James Henry WOODLEY, 36, truck driver, England, 130 Boultbee Ave Toronto, s/o Samuel WOODLEY (b. England) & Elizabeth Jane CHAPMAN, married Rhoda Ellen SELBY, 29, waitress, England, 42 Pembroke St Toronto, d/o parents names not given (father b. England), witn: William TOMKINSON of 42 Pembroke St and Isabell McCORMICK of 102A Mutual St both of Toronto on June 30, 1927

3792-27 Alfred WOODROFFE, 26, lineman, Ontario, 79 Hayden St Toronto, d/o Edward John WOODROFFE (b. Ontario) & Helen GOSTICK, married Christine Gibson Stuart ANDERSON, 23, Scotland, Footes Bay Ontario, d/o father not known (sic) (b. Scotland) & Christina Gibson Stuart ANDERSON, witn: William H. HATHERLY of 634 Church St & Emily B. BRYSON of 284 Rea Ave both of Toronto on June 22, 1927

3793-27 James Alexander Bruce WOODSIDE, 24, salesman, widower, Ireland, 599 Pharmacy Ave Toronto, s/o John Parker WOODSIDE (b. Ireland) & Agnes PAISLEY, married Annie Grace DEWDNEY, 25, saleslady, Ontario, 599 Pharmacy Ave Toronto, d/o Athelstane A. J. DEWDNEY (b. Ontario) & Annie Isabelle ELLIOTT, witn: Elizabeth Helen & Robert Elliott DEWDNEY both of Pharmacy Ave Scarboro on June 30, 1927

3794-27 George Washington WOODWARD, 25, cutter, Ontario, 788 Broadview Ave Toronto, s/o Charles Albert WOODWARD (b. Ontario) & Emma DEIHL, married Thelma May HEARTS, 23, operator, Ontario, 111 Westmount Ave Toronto, d/o George Cameron HEARTS (b. Ontario) & Emma Maud BRADLEY, witn: Mildred & Gladys EDMONDSON of 24 Hurndale Ave Toronto on June 24, 1927

3795-27 John Henry WORTH, 24, shoe hand, England, 14 Symington Ave Toronto, s/o Leonard WORTH (b. England) & Ann SANDOVER, married Jane Margaret Green ROSS, 22, soda dispenser, Scotland, 81 Campbell Ave Toronto, d/o James ROSS (b. Scotland) & Isabel ANDERSON, witn: Nancy CHISLETT of 165 Langford Ave & John GAIR of 258 Lippincott St both of Toronto on June 30, 1927

3797-27 Henry George WREN, 26, wood finisher, England, 217 Booth Ave Toronto, s/o Henry James WREN (b. England) & Elizabeth BROCKINGTON, married Jean Marguerite TAYLOR, 19, drug clerk, Ontario, 60 McGee St Toronto, d/o James TAYLOR (b. Ireland) & Margaret WHITE, witn: Edna BURGESS of 59 Givens St & Wilma TOLL both of Toronto on June 25, 1927

3796-27 Drummond WREN, 29, clerk, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Richard WREN & Elizabeth DRUMMOND, married Nellie RATCLIFFE, 27, operator, England, Toronto, d/o Alfred & Florence, witn: Edith RATCLIFFE of 79 Hastings St & William WREN of 81 Hastings St both of Toronto on June 28, 1927 at St. Clements Church

3799-27 Harold Everett WRIGHT, 26, minister, Salina Kansas, Baysville, s/o Mark Everett WRIGHT (b. New York Sate USA) & Emma Jane TOYE, married Thelma Margaret FORD, 26, Exeter, same, d/o William James FORD (b. Huron Co.) & Catherine Margaret WALKER, witn: Fred J. FORD of 266 Bartlett Ave Toronto & Mae FORD of Oshawa on June 25, 1927

3798-27 Gordon Lawnder WRIGHT, 26, farmer, Toronto, York Mills, s/o George WRIGHT & Emma LAWNDER, married Vera Edith BRITTON, 21, Toronto, same, d/o William BRITTON & Henrietta Mary STOCKER, witn: Marjorie Florence BRITTON of 150 Bowood Ave Toronto & George WRIGHT of York Mills on June 1, 1927

3800-27 James Ballantyne WYLIE, 26, teacher, Ontario, 32 Dundonald St Toronto, s/o John WYLIE (b. Ontario) & Laura McKEE, married Mildred Margaret BADGLEY, 21, teacher, Ontario, 95 Strathmore Blvd Toronto, d/o Murney BADGLEY (b. Ontario) & Jennie FOSTER, witn: William J. BELL of 24 Dundonald St & Helen BADGLEY of 95 Strathmore Blvd both of Toronto on June 29, 1927

3801-27 Benjamin YAFFE, 30, furrier, Ontario, 19 Aberdeen Ave Toronto, s/o J. YAFFE (b. Russia) & Mary DEICHOFSKY, married Elsie PAPERNICK, 25, record clerk, Ontario, 362 Crawford St. Toronto, d/o N, William PAPERNICK (b. Austria) & Gastha SHULMAN, witn: Philip YAFFE of 19 Aberdeen Ave & Lillian PAPERNICK of 362 Crawford St both of Toronto on June 14, 1927 [Hebrew]

3802-27 Stephen YANKO, 23, laborer, Poland, 93 Palmerston Ave Toronto, s/o Basil [no surname given] & Paulina KOMAR, married Mary ROBACZEWSKA, 17, Poland, 87 Markham St Toronto, d/o John [no surname given] & Theda POCKATA, witn: Katharine CARMEN of 112 Augusta Street & John SOLAMCZUK of 115 Bellwood Ave both of Toronto on June 25, 1927

3803-27 John YAVORSKY, 23, labourer, Austria, 573 Wellington St West Toronto, s/o Peter YAVORSKY & Franka KRAEVSKA, married Yanina YANACHOVSKY, 19, fur factory, Canada, 573 Wellington St West Toronto, d/o Anton YANACHOVSKY & Maria TEMSPHY, witn: John HOREN of 111 Palmerston Ave & John WASYLUK of 51 Robinson St both of Toronto on June 11, 1927

3804-27 Basil YURIYCZUK, 29, labourer, Dobrawlaxy Zaliszczyky Galicia, 110 Eastern Ave Toronto, s/o Elias YURIYCZUK & Anna WIYTIUK, married Mary MALANCZUK, 17, Laszkiwis Czerniwis Russia, 110 Eastern Ave Toronto, d/o Nicholas MALANCZUK & Anna WOLOSZCZUK, witn: J. DOLYNIUK of 33 Sumach St & Theo PALAMAR of 116 Eastern Ave both of Toronto on June 4, 1927

3805-27 Israel ZARSTZKY, 25, tailor/presser, Russia, Port Colborne, s/o Jacob ZARETSKY (b. Russia) & Sarah ZASTDIRON, married Stisa ZARECKA, 25, tailoress, Poland, Port Colborne, d/o Morris ZARECKA (b. Russia) & Anna BRESTMAN? witn: L. BROWN? of 54 Cecil St Toronto & Albert CRUKIN of Albany New York USA on June 12, 1927