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City of Toronto, 1925, part 9

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003747-25 James William EDDIE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Carstairs Alberta s/o George Solomon EDDIE (b. Ontario) & Floria HULL married Mildred Arnot SMITH, 28, Toronto, 79 Huntley St in Toronto d/o Herbert SMITH (b. Ontario) & May ARNOT wtn: Elizabeth SMITH & Sidney SMITH both of 32 Douglas Drive, 29 July 1925 003745-25 Joseph EISENSTAT, 29, barber, Russia, 464 Spadina Ave s/o Hymie EISENSTAT (b. Russia) & Larha MATEN, married Gertie GROSS, 22, Poland, 7 Wolsey St in Toronto d/o Israel GROSS (b. Poland) & Larha PINKELSWITZ wtn: G. KRAKOPSKY of 327 Spadina Ave & Jacob FINE of 23 Dennison Ave, 5 July 1925
003748-25 James ELLIOTT, 29, CNR yardman, Ontario, 87 McDONALD St in Mimico in Ontario s/o George ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Mary H. GARBUTT married Muriel Eldereen JOHNSON, 25, Toronto, 195 Sorauren Ave in Toronto d/o Alfred W. JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & Ellen McMANN wtn: Ida E.M. JOHNSON of 195 Sorauren Ave & A.J. DUNN of 390 Perk Ave, 28 July 1925 390 Perth Ave 003746-25 Harry Walter ERICKSON, 32, grain inspector, Manitoba, 370 Emslie St in Buffalo in NY s/o Oliver ERIKSON (b. Sweden) & Elizabeth NELSON married Laura POLLARD, 32, saleslady, Ontario, 431 Pape Ave in Toronto d/o Richard POLLARD (b. Ontario) & Martha VIPOND wtn: Anna F. POLLARD of 159 Sorauren Ave & Anna E. PAUL of 2536 Danforth Ave, 15 July 1925
003760-25 William Blackadder FAIRLEY, 32, labourer, Scotland, 10203 Foster Ave in Cleveland in Ohio s/o William Blackadder FAIRLEY (b. Scotland) & Jessie GRAHAM married Elizabeth Dunbar BALBIRNIE, 25, domestic, Scotland, 8 Edgar Ave in Toronto d/o Peter BALBIRNIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret Milne DUNBAR wtn: Oliver? C. McEACHREN of 8 Edgar Ave in Toronto & Louise B. NEIL of 141 Lawson Blvd, 6 July 1926 003766-25 Robert John Innes FARQUHARSON, 30, mining engineer, Ontario, 182 Bloor St E s/o Robert FARQUHARSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth INNES married Julia Catherine CURREY, 37, physical culture director, New Brunswick, Morrisdale in New Brunswick d/o Samuel Allan CURREY (b. New Brunswick) & Mary E. CHILD wtn: A. ENGERS of Yonge St in Toronto & Margaret BACK of 23 Glengrove Ave in Toronto, 13 July 1925
003764-25 Thomas Lorne FEATHERSTONE, 27, clerk, Ontario, 11 Bellefair Ave s/o William FEATHERSTONE (b. Ontario) & Arlotta EDWARDS married Letitia Rebecca Beatrice ELLIS, 27, clerk, Toronto, 74 Kippendare Ave in Toronto d/o Christopher James ELLIS (b. Ontario) & Jessie BALL wtn: George ELLIS & Florence ELLIS both of 74 Kippendare Ave in Toronto, 4 July 1925 003768-25 Gabriel FENIUK, 50, widower, labourer, Hozsdnycia Horsdeuka Galicia, 16 Quebec St., s/o John FENIUK & Eudocia PEREDERTO married Eudocia CHORTIW, 50, widow, Resniate Dolyna Galicia, 16 Quebec St., d/o Joseph SWERDAN & Magda JWASIW wtn: Stephen SWERDAN of 16 Phoebe St & A. WLAYKO of 332 Adelaide St W, 25 July 1925
003751-25 James Chalmers FINDLAY, 44, widower, plasterer, Scotland, 298 Salem Ave s/o John FINDLAY (b. Scotland) & Annie CHALMERS married Fannie Bell GRAVES, 31, USA, 295 Salem Ave in Toronto d/o Edward James GRAVES (b. USA) & Louise DEXTER wtn: David S TELFER & Anna Louise TELFER of both 267 Salem Ave, 30 July 1925 at 255 Westmoreland Ave 003761-25 Franklin Marsden FIRTH, 32, electrician, England, Willowdale in Ontario s/o Linton FIRTH (b. England) & Alice MARSDEN married Lybiat Alberta RICHARDSON, 26, Toronto, 98 Hope St in Toronto d/o Thomas R. RICHARDSON (b. England) & Florence L.S. CHICK wtn: Mrs N.J. PARDY of 77 Boon Ave in Toronto & Mrs Emma CHALK of 75 Boon St in Toronto, 14 July 1925 at 77 Boon Ave
003756-25 Clarence FITZGERALD, 38, merchant, Ontario, 2090 Dundas St W s/o Daniel FITZGERALD (b. Ontario) & Annie CONDAN married Annie May ENGLISH, 43, clerk, Ontario, 367 Parliament St in Toronto d/o William ENGLISH (b. Ontario) & Annie Maria MOON wtn: Francis P LOWRY & Mrs Emma LOWRY both of 80 Howard St in Toronto, 26 July 1925 at 80 Howard St 003769-25 Andrew Gilchrist FLEMING, 28, presser, Scotland, 67 Campbell Ave in Toronto s/o Robert FLEMING & Jessie REID married Catherine Murphy McEVOY, 24, Scotland, 27 Gilbert Ave in Toronto s/o Hugh McEVOY & Mary Jane QUINN wtn: Charlie FLEMING of 111 Rockwell Ave in Toronto & Jean McEVOY of Toronto, 15 July 1925 at St Mathews Church
003753-25 Russell FLEURY, 21, labourer, Aurora, Aurora s/o Alfred FLEURY & Margaret PRESTON, married Irene PILSON, 18, Maple, Aurora d/o William PILSON & Mary McMANN wtn: Elsie GUESS & Jean ARMY both of Toronto, 29 July 1925 003762-25 Frank FLINT, 22, surveyor, Toronto, 1988 Buena Vista Ave in Detroit in Mich s/o Frank FLINT (b. Ontario) & Maria ILIFF, married Mary Catherine ELLIOTT, 19, stenographer, Toronto, 112 Malvern Ave in Toronto d/o Henry Edward ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Mabel Beatrice Den HEWLETT wtn: Lionel FLINT of 26 Silverbirch Ave & Bessie HEWLETT of 11 Wheeler Ave, 4 July 1925 at St John's Church Norway
003758-25 William Eugene FOGG, 23, mechanic, Toronto, 151 Woodbine Ave s/o William George FOGG (b. Ontario) & Mary Ellen SARGENT married Mary YORK, 23, operator, England, 241 Craven Rd in Toronto d/o Andrew YORK (b. England) & Ann WALVIN wtn: Charles ROBINSON of 182 Moss St & Mabel HEYDON of 22 Devon? Rd, 15 July 1925 at St John's Church Norway 003763-25 Frederick Luke FORD, 26, engineer, England, 189 Gillard Ave s/o Frederick George FORD (b. England) & Elizabeth Emily JONES married Elizabeth HARPER, 25, waitress, Scotland, 41 Pembroke St in Toronto d/o Robert HARPER (b. Ireland) & Maria LUSK wtn: W.L. & Edith TURTON of 189 Gillard Ave, 4 July 1925
003754-25 Alfred William FORSTER, 26, shoe worker, England, 52 Grove Ave in Toronto s/o Alfred E. FORSTER (b. England) & Fanny SERTON married Sarah VANDERBERG, 19, shoe operator, Holland, 52 Grove Ave d/o John VANDERBERG (b. Holland) & Wilhelmina GROSVERICT?, wtn: Mrs Fanny FORSTER of 52 Grove Ave & Mrs Amy BUTCHER of 131 Van Horne St, 28 July 1925 003752-25 Abram FRAIBY, 28, electrician, USA, 433 East Palmer Ave in Detroit in Mich s/o Samuel FRAILICH (b. Russia) & Sarah RILSNER married Lillian Esther RUBIN, 24, stenographer, Russia, 175 Queen St W in Toronto d/o Morris RUBIN (b. Russia) & Annie ADLER wtn: Mr. WISEMAN of 47 Beatrice St & Mr RASMINSKY of 212 Augusta Ave, 1 July 1925
003759-25 George Andrew Crawford FRALICK, 24, druggist, Ontario, 131 Silverbirch Ave in Toronto s/o Allan M FRALICK Jr (b. Ontario) & Mary Eleanor CRAWFORD married Elva Elizabeth JOHNSON, 24, England, 50 Oakcrest Ave in Toronto d/o James JOHNSON (b. England) & Elizabeth HUNTINGDON wtn: Eve Alwyn E. WITHROW of 29 Alma Ave & Mrs A BOOKER of 16 Cherrynack Gardens, 20 July 1925 003767-25 Cecil Richard FRANKLIN, 32, policeman, Toronto, Toronto s/o Richard FRANKLIN & Julia Ann COYELL married Norma Whitney SCOTT, 28, Toronto, Toronto d/o William SCOTT & Elizabeth WHITNEY wtn: Alexander E. McCAULEY & Julia R. FRANKLIN both of Toronto, 20 July 1925
003765-25 Hector Noel FRASER, 34, clerk, Toronto, 578 St Clarens Ave s/o Andrew FRASER (b. Ontario) & Catherine McFEE married Catharine McKillop Dunn McDOWALL, 30, clerk, Scotland, 7 Baird Ave in Toronto d/o Alexander McNeill McDOWALL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth DUNN wtn: Miss E. M. McDOWALL of 7 Baird Ave & Mr Gordon SCOTT of 5 Minto St, 15 July 1925 003750-25 Wilfred Lawrence FRY, 24, electrician, England, 92 Rushbrook Ave s/o Joseph FRY (b. England) & Lavina BANOR (Barron?), married Mary Elvira MOWER, 19, saleslady, Rich Hill in Ontario, 7 West Lyon Ave in Toronto d/o Alfred MOWER (b. England) & Sarah ACHESON wtn: Nelson C.H. McARTHUR & Eleanor McARTHUR both of 102 (?) St, 27 July 1925 at St John's Church Norway
003757-25 Jesse Clair FULLERTON, 28, dentist, Nova Scotia, 252 Carleton St s/o Jesse Hulbert FULLERTON (b. Nova Scotia) & Clara Eunice DICKENSON married Della Florence Isabel McFADDEN, 27, school teacher, Ontario, 127 Concord Ave in Toronto d/o William McFADDEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Sarah McFADDEN wtn: J.A. HILLIER of 2 Pauline Ave in Toronto & N. McFADDEN of 127 Concord Ave in Toronto, 18 July 1925 003749-25 Cyril Earl FULTON, 21, clerk, Ontario, 46 Woolfrey Ave s/o Jay Harold FULTON (b. Ontario) & Lillian BUTTON married Ruby Irene MAGEE, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 37 Victor Ave in Toronto d/o James MAGEE (b. Ontario) & Mary JERMYN wtn: Nellie SUTCLIFFE & Bruce Albert SUTCLIFFE both of 396 Danforth Ave, 25 July 1925 at St Barnabas Church
003755-25 Allen FUSEE, 52, widower, CNR stores, Ontario, 180 Franklin Ave s/o Robert FUSEE (b. Ontario) & Abigail Sophia GALLINGER married Celia Pearl VINCENT, 32, domestic, Ontario, 583 Crawford St in Toronto d/o Joseph VINCENT (b. Ontario) & Margaret MARTIN wtn: Elma HIGGINS of 39 Ann St in Toronto & Wesley SUTCLIFFE of 120 Park St N in Hamilton, 25 July 1925 003787-25 Clarence Russell GAY, 32, tire builder, Ontario, 287 St Helens Ave s/o William Henry GAY (b. Ontario) & Ann M. REYNOLDS married Edna May WESTPHAL, 26, widow, K&S Rubber, Ontario, 34 Lambton Ave in Toronto d/o George Albert WILLEY (b. England) & Emily BARKER wtn: Vera Gladys WILLEY of 34 Lambton Ave in Mt Dennis & Everett Charles BENO of 24 Rushbrook Ave in Toronto, 11 July 1925 at 13 Muir Ave
003785-25 Sherman GIFFORD, 44, widower, mechanic, Hope twp, Port Hope s/o Charles Henry GIFFORD (b. Canada) & Eliza BLOWERS married Florence Ethel May GRIMISON, 40, Port Hope, Toronto d/o Francis GRIMISON (b. Canada) & Catherine WINTERS wtn: Mary FRITH of 439 Sherbourne St & Mr E.W. FISHER of 551 Dufferin St, 4 July 1925 003790-25 Kire N. GIGEROFF, 37, widower, labourer, Macedonia, 4 Ashby Pl s/o Naum GIGEROFF & Todora TRAYKOVA married Velika CHRISTON, widow, Macedonia, 4 Ashley Pl d/o Christo CONSTANTINOFF & Mara RISTOVA wtn: Pinait CONSTANTINOFF of 2966 Lombard St & Evan Janasoff RADE of 141 Niagara St, 23 July 1925 at the Bulgaria Church
003791-25 George Howard GILCHRIST, 27, clerk, Buffalo in New York, 28 Sparkhall Ave in Toronto s/o George Joseph GILCHRIST & Josephine LEARY married Mary Estelle MANION, 30, stenographer, Camden East in Ontario, 451 Delaware Ave in Toronto d/o James MANION & Teresa MOHAN wtn: William GILCHRIST of 28 Sparkhall Ave in Toronto & Agnes MANION of 461 Delaware Ave in Toronto, 8 July 1925 003783-25 Albert GODDEN, 24, grocery clerk, England, Windsor s/o Alfred GODDEN (b. England) & Sarah ANDERSON married Rose Ann HAMILTON, 24, Toronto, Toronto d/o George HAMILTON (b. Ireland) & Annie OSBORN wtn: George HAMILTON & Mrs Ann HAMILTON both of 28 Benson Ave, 4 July 1925
003770-25 George GOOD, 22, foreman, Toronto, 363 Munroe Ave s/o James GOOD (b. England) & Mary PAGE married Margaret Jean HART, 22, clerk, Toronto, 81 Pendrith St in Toronto d/o Charles C. HART (b. England) & Agnes Scott WALKER wtn: James J. HANNON & Gladys V. HANNON both of 43 Blandford Ave, 31 July 1925 at 704 Crawford St 003782-25 Arthur Carman GORDON, 28, physician, Ontario, 70 Bartlett Ave s/o George Arthur GORDON (b. Ontario) & Annie BARRETT married Marjorie MacGOWAN, 29, private secretary, Tweed in Ontario, 68 Bartlett Ave in Toronto d/o John Finlay MacGOWAN (b. Ontario) & Kathleen ARCHER wtn: J.A. MacGOWAN of 68 Bartlett Ave & David E. THOMLINSON of 153 Sherwood Ave, 4 July 1925 at St Anne’s Church
003776-25 John Sydney GRAHAM, 31, auto mechanic, Ontario, 68 Uxbridge Ave s/o Joseph GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Emeline WEBBER married Winnifred Joy ANDERSON, 22, stenographer, Ontario, 116 Millwood Rd in Toronto d/o Paren ANDERSON (b. Ontario) & Mary BUCK wtn: Elsie GUESS & Alice M. JOLLY both of Toronto, 22 July 1925 003772-25 John Gibson GRAY, 20 (b. 22 June 1905), labourer, Ardgowan St. in Glasgow Scotland, 19 Otter Ave in Toronto s/o Robert GRAY (b. Scotland) & Annie GIBSON (m. 12 Dec 1892 at Glasgow), married Annie CONWAY, 20, waitress, Scotland, General Hospital in Toronto d/o John CONWAY (b. Scotland) & Martha McSHANE wtn: Charles GRAY & Mrs Charles GRAY both of 279 Wellesley St, 25 July 1925
003774-25 Elmore Arthur GRAY, 21, machinist, Toronto, 14 Rosethorn Ave s/o Thomas GRAY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GOODCHILD married Edith May HILL, 18, operator, Ontario, 141 Prescott Ave in Toronto d/o Henry Pritchard HILL (b. Ontario) & Jane HAINES wtn: Dorothy Kathleen LOCKETT of Fishers Rd in Lambton Mills & Clarence Thomas GRAY of 14 Rosethorn Ave, 29 July 1925 003775-25 John Bashford GRAY, 23, tool maker, Scotland, 171½ Spadina Ave s/o John GRAY (b. Scotland) & Jean HENRY married Maggie Thelma RUSK, 17, Manitoba, 171½ Spadina Ave in Toronto d/o Walter Elmer RUSK (b. Ontario) & Florence PUFFER wtn: J.F. DRISCOLL of 171½ Spadina Ave & Peter SHRURE of 44 Gloucester St, 27 July 1925 at 1 Withrow Ave
003777-25 Ernest William GREGORY, 21, draughtsman, England, 393 Queen St W s/o Harry GREGORY (b. England) & Edith HINDE married Florence WILLIAMS, 22, stenographer, England, 225 Atlas Ave in Toronto d/o Charles WILLIAMS (b. England) & Ellen Ann BULL wtn: Victor Jack JENKINSON & Gertrude Lillian FOSS both of Toronto, 25 July 1925 003786-25 Harry Frederick GRIER, 26, widower, metal dumper, Tweed in Hastings Co, 318 King St in Peterborough in Ontario s/o Archibald GRIER (b. Ireland) & Eliza Jane CARSON married Beulah Maud PAYTON, 26, stenographer, Peterborough, 320 King St in Peterborough d/o William Edward PAYTON (b. England) & Sarah CLARKE wtn: Emma FERGUSON of 588 Clinton N in Toronto & Edith (Bobby) ROBINSON of 328 Huron St in Toronto, 11 July 1925 at 588 Clinton N
003778-25 Ernest Edwin GROVE, 23, foil maker, Toronto, 187 Margueretta St s/o George Albert GROVE (b. England) & Christina DURIE married Helen Louise OWERS, 30, BTCo operator, Toronto, 32 Haverson Blvd in Silverthorn, d/o George OWERS (b. England) & Caroline Matilda CHADWELL wtn: Charles Nelson GROVE of 187 Margueretta St & Violet BIRD of 58 Lacey Ave, 23 July 1925 003771-25 William Philip GROVES, 34, grocer, Ontario, 205 Sherbourne St s/o George GROVES (b. England) & Elizabeth SMITH married Pansy LUCY, 28, bookbinder, Toronto, 104 Oak St in Toronto d/o John LUCY (b. Ireland) & Isabella MILLER wtn: Jane L. RAWSON of 528 Sherbourne St & Annie E. BLACK of 526 Sherbourne St, 29 July 1925
003795-25 Irving J. HANCE, 29, dentist, Atwood, St Mary’s s/o Edwin HANCE (b. Canada) & Sarah A. LOVE married Ina F. EDMONDS, 29, Toronto, Toronto d/o William Lewis EDMONDS (b. England) & Ida E. GALLEY wtn: A.E. WILLMOT of Detroit in USA & Constance WILLMOT of Toronto, 4 July 1925 at 22 Walmer Rd 3806-25 Harry Alfred HARDING, 22, travelling salesman, England, 16 ½ Battenberg Ave., s/o Alfred J. HARDING, b. England & Ellen HOLMES, married Margaret Ann KYLE, 22, B.T.Co. operator, Ireland, 1186 College St., d/o David HARDING (sic), b. Ireland & Charlotte RUTLEDGE, witn: Mrs. Ellen HARDING of 16 ½ Battenburg Ave & David HARDING of 1186 College St., 27 July 1925
3812-25 William McKenzie HARRIS, 26, salesman, Toronto, 391 Glenlake Ave., s/o George HARRIS, b. Scotland & Charlotte, married Florence Mildred GERVAIS, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 98 Shanly St., d/o Frederick GERVAIS, b. Ont & Allice, witn: John LEARMOUTH of 61 Beaconsfield Ave & Marie GERVAIS of 91 Shanley St., 30 July 1925 3809-25 John Henry HARRIS, 20, printer, Toronto, 55 Lynd Ave., s/o Frederick HARRIS, b. Ont & Margaret KERWIN, married Rosie Sadie LYONS, 19, Toronto, 45 Dovercourt Rd., d/o William LYONS, b. Ont & Mary BYERS, witn: Ida L.M. LYONS of 45 Dovercourt & Robert Charles HARRIS of 29 Afton Ave., 25 July 1925 at 245 Wolverleigh Blvd.
3805-25 Edward Irwin Augustus HARRIS, 23, auto trimmer, Toronto, 843 Sammon Ave., s/o Augustus HARRIS, b. England & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Annie FEARNS, 23 (b. 27 June 1902), domestic, Whitelaw St. in Glasgow Scotland, 29 Colin Ave., d/o Daniel FEARNS, b. Scotland & Sarah HUNTER (m. 12 April 1898 at Anderston Dist. - Glasgow), witn: C.A. SCARBOROUGH of 2526 Danforth Ave & Frederick ALDRED of 590 Queen? St., 28 July 1925 3800-25 Robert Crowe HASTIE, 47, salesman, Scotland, 615 Parliament St., s/o Robert HASTIE, b. Scotland & Mary CROWE, married Sophia ROUSELLE (or Rousselle), 32, Ontario, 615 Parliament St., d/o Frank ROUSSELLE, b. Ont & Angelique QUESNEL, witn: Patrick McGINN of 159 St. Clarens Ave & Rose BRUNSDON of 235 Wellesley St., 11 July 1925
3815-25 Harold Stanley HIGGINS, 26, plumber, England, 422 Arlington Ave in York twp., s/o Arthur HIGGINS, b. England & Annie RICKETTS, married Winifred May MEACHER, 22 (b. 10 July 1903), stenographer, 625 St. Michaels St. in Folkestone England, 30 St. Clair Gdns in Toronto, d/o George MEACHER, b. England & Alice MAY, witn: Ethel M.H. BALSOM of 229 K--? Ave & Frank B. BRIMACOMBE of 252 Rushton Rd.,. 18 July 1925 3799-25 William McCarroll Smythe HILL, 25, electrician, Ireland, 48 Glebeholme Blvd., s/o Phares HILL, b. Ireland & Martha SMITH, married Mary HALLIDAY, 26, stenographer, Scotland, 68 De Grassi St., d/o William HALLIDAY, b. Scotland & Jane McQUAID, witn: Hugh BROWN of 303 Glen Rd & Susan ROSS of 702 Pape Ave., 11 July 1925 at Cookes Church
003796-25 Richard HILL, 33, salesman, Toronto, 349½ Broadview Ave in Toronto s/o Richard J. HILL (b. Ontario) & Anna ROBERTSON married Mary Teresa CRAWFORD, 27, stenographer, Ontario, 46 Galley Ave in Toronto d/o Samuel CRAWFORD (B. Ontario) & Mary BRADY wtn: C.R. CAPPS of 1084 Danforth Ave & Miriam M. JACKMAN of 132 Galley Ave, 9 July 1925 at Holy Family Church Rectory 3804-25 Frank HILL, 38, widower, cartage agent, England, 181 Carlton St., s/o Edward HILL, b. England & Annie GRIFFITHS, married Susan Elizabeth BUCHANAN, 31, Quebec, 253 Jarvis St., d/o Samuel John BUCHANAN, b. Quebec & Susan Mary SILK, witn: S.J. BUCHANAN of 253 Jarvis St. & Mrs. M.N. HODGSON of 181 Carlton St., 30 July 1925
3798-25 James Douglas Wilmot HINDSON, 26, dentist, Ontario, Lambton Mills, s/o James HINDSON, b. England & Margaret S. HASTINGS, married Gladys Viola ELRICK, 25, stenographer, Ontario, 101 Ashburnham Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert ELRICK, b. Scotland & Emily McDONALD, witn: J. CRABTREE of 76 Ellerbeck St. & Violet M. BROAD of 617 Markham St., both Toronto, 7 July 1925 at Trinity United Church 003792-25 Wilbert HINKS, 26, farmer, Ontario, 53½ Mutual St in Toronto s/o Charles HINKS (b. Ontario) & Rose TURNEY married Martha Murray MacDONALD, 26, domestic, Scotland, 163 Jarvis St d/o James MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Agnes MURRAY wtn: Herman K BRAD & Gertrude BRAD both of 172 George St, 1 July 1925
3808-25 Walter Henry HOLDEN, 29 clerk, England, 12 Fenning St., s/o John HOLDEN, b. England & Alice GOSLAND, married Margaret HUNTER, 27, saleslady, Toronto, 12 Fenning St., d/o Frederick HUNTER, b. Ont & Elizabeth WILKINSON, witn: Gordon BRINTNELL of 54 Harshaw Ave & Mrs. Winnifred LUBY of 12 Fenning St., 24 July 1925 at 12 Fenning St. 3801-25 Stuart Nelson HOLLAND, 24, salesman, Toronto, 18 Millbrooks Cres, s/o Terence HOLLAND, b. Ont & Annie PINK, married Mary Irene HUGHES, 27, stenographer, Toronto, 277 Beatrice St., d/o Thomas B. HUGHES, b. Ont & Caroline BURRY, witn: Mrs. C. N. & C.N. JOHNSTON of 2 Kingston Rd., 11 July 1925
3802-25 Max Rifrod HOLMAN, 28, electrician, USA, Central St. in Randolph Vermont, s/o Herbert HOLMAN, b. USA & Mary THOMPSON, married Margaret Isabella MacCALLUM, 20, stenographer, Toronto, 224 Havelock St. in Toronto, d/o John MacCALLUM, b. Scotland & Frances POLLARD, witn: Jessie & Ruth Marion WILSON of 423 Gladstone Ave., 10 July 1925 3819-25 Adam Bell HOPE, 24, teamster, Toronto, 6 Oxley St., s/o George Bell HOPE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth FRAZER, married Catherine Mary LODGE, 22, saleslady, Toronto, 235 MacPherson Ave., d/o James LODGE, b. Ont & Ida ORVIS, witn: Kathleen CRADDOCK of 442 Roxton Rd & Percy LODGE of 235 MacPherson Ave., 14 July 1925
3803-25 Ernest Julian HOWARD, 38, draughtsman, England, 7 Montyr St. in York twp., s/o Robert HOWARD, b. England & Elizabeth FLINT, married Doris Kate LEE, 29, clerk, England, 602 Chesterfield Rd in Sheffield England, d/o Walter John LEE, b. England & Kate CLAYTON, witn: H.L. & Matilda HOWARD of 7 Montyr Ave., 27 July 1925 3811-25 Joseph Earl HOWES, 34, barrister, Ontario, 9 Elgin Ave., s/o Joshua HOWES, b. England & Agnes McLACHEN, married Gertrude Leoni McFARLAND, 29, Ontario, 108 Avenue Rd., d/o Andrew McFARLAND, b. Ont & Mary McPHERSON, witn: Harold M. SWABEY of 61 Admiral Rd & Margaret Caroline JOHNSTON of 108 Avenue Rd., 31 July 1925
003794-25 Edward Archibald HUESTIS, 27, cashier, Toronto, 128 Ray St South in Hamilton s/o Arthur Edward HUESTIS (b. Nova Scotia) & Amy Douglas BROWN married Marion Joy KNIVETON, 27, student, Ontario, 72 Admiral Rd in Toronto d/o Francis KNIVETON (b. USA) (deceased) & Eliza Stevens BROOKES wtn: Mrs B. GOLDER of 109 Sherwood Ave in Toronto & Mrs E.S. KNIVETON of 72 Admiral Rd in Toronto, 7 July 1925 at Knox College Chapel 3818-25 Arthur James HUNTINGFORD, 22, engineer, England, 19 Middleton St., s/o James HUNTINGFORD, b. England & Mary PURDY, married Winifred Rose BATTEN, 22, stenographer, England, 19 Middleton St., d/o Charles BATTEN, b. England & Florence BENDING, witn: P.E. BULLEY of 19 Middleton & J. BULLEY of 139 Sackville St., 19 July 1925
3814-25 Joseph Henry HUTCHINSON, 27, civic employee, England, 78 Salem Ave., s/o William HUTCHINSON, b. England & Mary WATSON, married Tryphena Elizabeth BONSTEAD, 24, England, 78 Salem Rd., d/o John BONSTEAD, b. England & Amy HODGSON, witn: May BONSTEAD of 78 Salem Ave & J. CANTRELL? of 80 Salem Ave., 18 July 1925 3816-25 Hugh Waldon HUTCHINSON, 48, yachtsman, Ontario, 178 Hampton Ave., s/o John HUTCHINSON, b. Ont & Elizabeth RENNICK, married Edna Ellen SIPES, 52, widow, Ontario, 178 Hampton Ave., d/o Isaiah MARCELLUS, b. Ont & Ellen BOUCK, witn: Mrs. B.E. BELL of Jackman Ave & Mrs. John J. COULTER of 49 Jackman Ave., 18 July 1925
3831-25 Sydney Arthur JACKSON, 29, cost accountant, England, 16 Park Ave, s/o James JACKSON (b. England) & Alice A. CLARK, married Mona Euphemia HUBBARD, 22, private secretary, England, 17 Maple St. Manchester England, d/o Charles Edward HUBBARD (b. England) & Mary J. COOK, witn: Frank DUDLEY & Doris DUDLEY both of 386 Lake Front, 11 July 1925 3838-25 William Walter JACKSON, 30, chauffeur, Toronto, 82 River St. Toronto, s/o George Thomas JACKSON & Louise Ann O'HEARN, married Gladys Irene CORNELL, 25, operator, Toronto, 7 Sumach St. Toronto, d/o Frederick George CORNELL & Louisa BALGNE, witn: Thomas Gordon JACKSON of 250 Boston Ave Toronto & Margaret May CORNELL of 7 Sumach St. Toronto, 10 July 1925 at St. Bartholomew's
3345-25 Robert Victor KENNEDY, 29 (24 May 1896), carpenter, West Luther - Wellington Co, 170 Grand Ave Highland Park Detroit Michigan, s/o John B. KENNEDY (b. Scotland) farmer & Jean TAIT, married Terreda Olena KOCH, 26, Ontario, Corbetton RR#4 Ontario, d/o Nicholas KOCH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth SCHEAFER, witn: Alberta FERGUSON of Little Current Ontario & W.T. HARRIS J.P. of Caledon Ontario, 8 July 1925 3347-25 Harold Casimer KENNEY, 29 (19 Feb 1896), tea taster, Dunkirk New York USA, 597 Palmerston Ave Toronto, s/o Robert J. KENNEY (b. USA) & Anna O'DONNELL, married Clara Winnifred BALL, 23, Toronto, 564 Brock Ave Toronto, d/o John Wesley BALL (b. Ontario) & Clara Winifred DORITTY, witn: Charles KENNEY of 597 Palmerston Ave & Dorothy COLLARD of 56 Earlscourt Ave, 9 July 1925 RC
3851-25 Augustine Neuman KERR, 30, agent, Toronto, same, s/o Andrew KERR & Mary BOOTH, married Marjorie Louise CHAPELLE, 30, Newmarket, Toronto, d/o John CHAPELLE & Margaret KANE, witn: Vincent KERR & Sarah CHAPELLE both of Toronto, 14 July 1925 RC 3346-25 Sidney Edgar Russell KINNELL, 24, tea taster, England, 118 Mackay Ave Toronto, s/o Edgar KINNELL (b. England) & Janett HEWETT, married Dorothy Margaret BAXTER, 23, clerk, England, 118 Mackay Ave Toronto, d/o Douglas BAXTER (b. England) & Rosana DAVIES, witn: Dudley GREEN of 20 Oak St. Toronto & Irene Rosa PETERS of 129 Summerhill Ave, 4 July 1925 at 704 Crawford St.
3839-25 Frederick Swebert KIRKWOOD, 29, clerk, Toronto, 130 Annette St., s/o John Swebert KIRKWOOD (b. Ontario) & Margaret Charlesetta STEPHENS, married Ruby Alexandria WHILLIER, 21, stenographer, England, 646 Coxwell St. Toronto, d/o William WHILLIER (b. England) & Sarah Emily BLANDFORD, witn: Albert O. WILSON & Kathryn WILSON both of 63 Pine Crest Rd, 4 July 1925 3843-25 Louis KLOTZ, 25, merchant, USA, 325 Queen St. East, s/o Miachel KLOTZ (b. Poland) & Jennie LEFKOWITZ, married Bessie GORDON, 18, saleslady, England, 119 Lisgar St. Toronto, d/o Joseph GORDON (b. Russia) & Ziva GLICKMAN, witn: Mark KITSAN of 218 Dupont St. & Hyman GREENBERG of 2011/2 Beverley St., 5 July 1925 at 119 Lisgar St. Hebrew
3840-25 Robert Donald Stewart KNOX, 31, salesman, Ontario, 399 Shaw St., s/o John Donaldson KNOX (b. Ontario) & Olive MOSLEY, married Ethel Olive RYMAL, 34 (20 May 1891), widow, Barton twp - Wentworth Co, 399 Shaw St. Toronto, d/o Bold JARVIS (b. England) clerk & Julia Sarah REID, witn: Elsie A. GOW & Mary J. GOW both of Toronto, 29 July 1925  
3872-25 Morris Schreiber LAMBE, 25, travelling salesman, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Lawrence Morris LAMBE & Mabel Maude SCHREIBER, married Helen Beatrice BROUGH, 20, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o James Simpson BROUGH & Margaret Beatrice CHURCH, witn: Pittman Alexander LETT of 333 Davenport Rd Toronto & Catherine Lucy DRUMMOND of 1 Deer Park Crescent Toronto, 18 July 1925 at Christ Church Deer Park 3856-25 Harold Anson LAMBERT, 32, widower, driver, Ontario, 3 Battenberg Ave, s/o John LAMBERT (b. England) & Nellie Maria STEWART, married Annie Irene BAMFORD, 31, widow, Toronto, 3 Battenberg Ave Toronto, d/o John BARRETT (b. USA) & Fannie JOHNSTON, witn: George THOMPSON of 146 Sorauren Ave & Mary JOHNSTON of 99 Leslie St., 25 July 1925 at St. John's Church Norway
3866-25 Harold Woodward LANG, 28, clergyman, Ontario, 17 Oaklands Ave East, s/o E.D. LANG (b. Ontario) & Sarah SHEPPERSON, married Helen Winnifred MALLAGH, 22, Ontario, 32 Rowanwood Ave Toronto, d/o W.F.J. MALLAGH (b. England) & Elizabeth SALMOND, witn: Elizabeth O. MALLAGH of Toronto & Sarah W. LANG of Kitchener, 15 July 1925 3865-25 Thomas LANNIN, 56, widower, section foreman CPR, Ontario, Leaside PO, s/o Thomas LANNIN (b. Ireland) & Annie JOHNSON, married Margaret DUNCAN, 39, Toronto, 64 Simpson Ave Toronto, d/o John DUNCAN (b. Scotland) & Mary CRAIG, witn: Alice F. LEARY & William DUNCAN both of Toronto 1 July 1925
3873-25 Eric Charles LAURENCE, 33, clerk, Hove England, Toronto, s/o Harry Briggs LAURENCE & Emily PARRY, married Eva Janet WRIGHT, 27, Hove England, Toronto, d/o William WRIGHT & Mary THRESHER, witn: Harry B. LAURENCE of 110 Gooch Ave Toronto & Ellen L. THRESHER of Toronto, 18 July 1925 3864-25 Douglas Vincent LEADBEATER, 20, driver, Toronto, 1249 Davenport Rd, s/o Nelson LEADBEATER (b. Ontario) & Alice EATON, married Rosabelle FORSEY, 20 (26 Aug 1904), operator, Fortune Newfoundland, 1243 Davenport Rd Toronto, d/o John Arron FORSEY (b. Newfoundland) fisherman & Lucy Ellis SNOOK, witn: George Booth McKINNON of 85 Hounslow Heath Rd & Sadie Letitia VAUGHAN of 77 Hounslow Heath Rd, 6 July 1925
3855-25 William LENAGHAN, 41, painter, Ireland, 1101/2 Queen St. East, s/o William L. LENAGHAN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BENNETT, married Mary DONACHEY, 31, waitress, Scotland, 1101/2 Queen St. E, d/o Paul DONACHEY (b. Scotland) & Katharine TRODDAM, witn: Mr Ralph McCAUGHERTY & Mrs McCAUGHERTY both of Toronto, 27 July 1925 RC 3860-25 Jack LER, 29, presser, Russia, 70 Markham St. Toronto, s/o Wolf LER (b. Russia) & Rose RABINOWICH, married Minnie HOROWITZ, 29, finisher, Russia, 139 Strachan Ave Toronto, d/o Samuel HOROWITZ (b. Russia) & Rose ZAZELINSKY, witn: H. MORRIS of 297 College St. & S. ROOM of 50 St. Patrick St., 8 July 1925 Hebrew
3862-25 David William Henry LESLIE, 19, labourer, Toronto, 22 Hiawatha Ave Hanlons Point, s/o James Robert LESLIE (b. Ontario) & Sarah HAMILTON, married Nellie Rose BAILEY, 18, envelope operator, England, 24 Thompson St. Toronto, d/o William BAILEY (b. England) & Rose COOPER, witn: Richard George BAILEY of 24 Thompson St. & Violet H. WALLIN of 193 Major St., 7 July 1925 at St. Matthews 3861-25 Benjamin LEVIN, 24, salesman mechanic, USA, 328 Beekman Ave New York NY, s/o Jacob LEVIN (b. Russia) & Minnie WECHSLER, married Annabelle GLASSMAN, 21, Toronto, 351 Markham St. Toronto, d/o Jacob GLASSMAN (b. Russia) & Jennie KADRINSKI, witn: Mr B. LEVIN of 1605 Walton Ave Bronx NY & B. SWARTZ of 336 Dundas St. West Toronto, 7 July 1925 Hebrew
3863-25 Thomas Alfred LEWIS, 23, farmer, Ontario, Newmarket RR# 2 East Gwillimbury twp, s/o John Garbutt LEWIS (b. Ontario) & Jeannie LAMBIE, married Ruth Christina THORNBURN, 23, school teacher, Ontario, 1028 Dovercourt Rd Toronto, d/o James THORNBURN (b. Ontario) & Janet WATSON, witn: Warren B. BANKS of Toronto & Edgar STURGEON of Churchill Ontario, 4 July 1925 3868-25 Walter Roderick LEWIS, 45, divorcee, clerk, Ontario, 542A Spadina Ave, s/o James Roderick LEWIS (b. Ontario) & Julia POWER, married Christine NEILSON, 46, Toronto, 295 Carlton St. Toronto, d/o Hugh NEILSON (b. Scotland) & Katherine CARMICHAEL, witn: Sheila Florence DUFF of 295 Carlton St. & Harold McCUAIG of 542A Spadina Ave, 11 July 1925 at St. Enochs Church
  3871-25 Tory LINDGREEN, 25, blacksmith, Sweden, Huntsville Ontario, s/o Frederick William LINDGREEN (b. Sweden) & Carrie HUENSON, married Mabeth TRACEY, 23, linen maid, Ontario, 776 Shaw St. Toronto, d/o Oliver TRACEY (b. USA) & Mary Elizabeth TRACEY, witn: Nelson SCHAFER & Tom PARSONS both of 97 Gerrard St. East, 17 July 1925 at St. Alban's Cathedral
3867-25 John LINDSAY, 23, mechanic, Scotland, 629 Davenport Rd Toronto, s/o Joseph G. LINDSAY (b. Scotland) & Jane CAMPBELL, married Mary Pollie PETRIE, 19, Scotland, 63 Rushbrook[e] Ave, d/o Robert PETRIE (b. Scotland) & Sarah STARK, witn: John MORRISON & Mrs Margaret MORRISON both of 63 Rushbrook[e] Ave, 1 July 1925 3857-25 Clarence Clifford LINDSEY, 28, insurance broker, Ontario, 48 Parkway Ave, s/o James LINDSEY (b. Ontario) & Charlotte CEASAR, married Margaret May GOODYEAR, 24, Ontario, 36 Boswell Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas GOODYEAR (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann CROWLEY, witn: Blanche I. HARDING of 504 Jarvis St. & Annie E. BLACK of 526 Sherbourne St., 28 July 1925
3858-25 Herbert John LITTLE, 22, tinsmith, Toronto, 75 Victor Ave, s/o Herbert Lorne LITTLE (b. Ontario) & Emma REYNOLDS, married Margaret SUTHERLAND, 20, cashier, Scotland, 1711/2 Bleecker St., d/o George SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Jessie MELLIS, witn: Charles SINCLAIR of 236 Gerrard St. East Toronto & Carrie SUTHERLAND of 1711/2 Bleecker St. Toronto, 24 July 1925 3870-25 Roy James LOMAS, 31, leather cutter, Toronto, 72 Coady Ave, s/o George LOMAS (b. England) & Mary Anne COCKING, married Isabella Sidey Catherine JOHNSTONE, 21 (31 Mar 1904), 121 Rose St. Edinburgh Scotland, 32 Minto St. Toronto, d/o Archibald Bell JOHNSTONE (b. Scotland) printer's warehouseman & Jessie SIDEY, witn: A. JOHNSTONE Jr of 32 Minto St. & Isabella GARDEN of 1271 Queen [St] East, 9 July 1925
3855-25 James Murray LONG, 30, polisher, Ontario, 29 Madison Ave Hamilton Ontario, s/o George Wilson LONG (b. Ontario) & Phoebe BOOTH, married Bessie SEIP, 29, Ontario, 79 King St. West Kitchener, d/o Jacob SEIP (b. Ontario) & Louise SEIP, witn: Hedley Holman DAVEY of London Ontario & Freda Ball McINTOSH of Toronto, 23 July 1925 3859-25 Norman Douglas LOVE, 25, cashier, Toronto, 449 Lansdowne Ave, s/o Archibald LOVE (b. Ontario) & Jessie GUTHRIE, married Queenie Victoria May WARREN, 22, forelady, England, 236 Blackthorn Ave Toronto, d/o Walker WARREN (b. England) & Florence Kate GILES, witn: W.G. LOVE 0f 449 Lansdowne Ave & Daisy Winifred BAXTER of 195 Laughton Ave, 20 July 1925 at Calvary Church
3869-25 Edward LOWDEN, 24, labourer, England, 115 Beaconsfield Ave, s/o Edward LOWDEN (b. England) & Hannah STORY, married Margaret Jane Chivas THOM, 19 (14 Jan 1906), 30 Wallfield Crescent Aberdeen Scotland, 14 Blandford Ave York twp, d/o Robert Alexander THOM (b. Scotland) joiner journeyman & Jean (Jane Lemon) COPELAND, witn: William James BEATTY of 111 Beaconsfield Ave & Dorothy CODLING of 115 Beaconsfield [Ave], 10 July 1925 3302-25 John MAZUR, 26, laborer, Swydewa Galicia, 287 Maria St., s/o Gregory MAZUR & Anna YEZEROSKY, married Anna IWASYSZYN, 19, Dzuryn Galicia, 93 Candle Ave, d/o Dmytro IWASYSZYN & Parasccoria MALANINK, witn: Gregory IWASZSZYN of 382 O'Donnell Ave & D. IWASYSZYN of 287 Maria St., 13 June 1925 Rutherian Greek Catholic

6520-25 William McADAM, 38, salesman, Scotland, 131 Ranleigh Ave Toronto, s/o John McADAM (b. Scotland) & Jessie BAXTER, married Jane MARTIN, 34 (b. 1 April 1891, birth reg'd by her grandmother, Mary PELLOW), Lanarkshire Scotland, Elsinais? Manchester Mass. USA, d/o John MARTIN (b. Scotland) & Eliza RUSSELL (m. 31 Dec 1886 at Maryhill Dist. - Lanarkshire), witn: Robert & Janet McADAM both of Toronto on Dec. 5, 1925

3355-25 James Peter McCARRON, 24, salesman, Toronto, 710 Manning Ave, s/o Joseph McCARRON & Margaret KENNEDY, married Rose Evelyn CAMPBELL, 25, Toronto, 247 Claremont St., d/o James CAMPBELL & Emma RYDER, witn: Frank McCARRON of 710 Manning Ave & Mrs Joseph WOODHOUSE of 680 Queen St. East, 4 June 1925 RC

6524-25 Arthur William McCARTNEY, 25, music teacher, Woodstock, Walkerton, s/o Arthur McCARTNEY (b. Brantford) & Mary COLEMAN, married Marjorie Isabel DOUGLAS, 18 on 13 Dec 1925, Lucknow, Toronto, d/o Robert DOUGLAS (b. Lucknow) & Mary MacDONALD, witn: Edward W. KRAMPP of Walkerton & Ernest CARTWRIGHT of Toronto on Dec. 14, 1925 at St. Stephen's Church

6531-25 Robert McCLYMONT, 24, switch adjuster, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William McCLYMONT & Mary BECK, married Jeannie Naomi LENNIE, 24, operator, Sandwich Ont., Toronto, d/o Charles Edward LENNIE & Elizabeth Isabel LAIDLAW, witn: David S. MONCRIEFF of 282 Jones Ave. & Phyllis FORD of 110 Kingswood Road both of Toronto on Dec. 12, 1925

6512-25 Thomas McCONNELL, 29, clerk, Scotland, 511 Markham St. Toronto, s/o unknown, married Viola Pearl Fletcher IRWIN, 26, leather worker, Ontario, 119 Hallam St. Toronto, d/o John J. IRWIN (b. Ontario) & Elsie Ann FLETCHER, witn: Elsie A. IRWIN & Frederick FLETCHER both of 119 Hallam St. Toronto on Dec. 28, 1925

6516 Roy Alexander McCREIGHT, 22, salesman, Ontario, 802 Pape Ave. Toronto, s/o Alex McCREIGHT (b. Ontario) & Helen GRIMSHAW, married Mary Wilhelmina AUSTIN, 20, saleslady, Toronto, 31 Palmerston Square same, d/o Fred R. (b. Ontario) & Annie, witn: Ethel BROWN 519 Annette St. & Sidney AUSTIN of 31 Palmerston Square both of Toronto on Dec. 8, 1925

6530-25 Francis Gerard Joseph McDONAGH, 29, lawyer, Toronto, 37 Prince Arthur Ave. same, s/o Andrew J. McDONAGH & Margaret E. O'BYRNE, married Monica Agnes WRIGHT, 30, school teacher, Grenfell Sask., 205 Cottage Grove Rockford Illinois, s/o Charles E. WRIGHT & Catherine L. HARRISON, witn: J. Aileen McDONAGH of 37 Prince Arthur Ave & James K. LATCHFORD of 151 St. George St. both of Toronto on Dec. 26, 1925

6509-25 Hugh Florence McDONALD, 34, leather cutter, Toronto, 28 McMurrich St. same, s/o James (b. Scotland) & Isabella Florence, married Wilda Marion FULKERSON, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Richmond Hill, d/o William FULKERSON (b. Ontario) & Susan WOODROW, witn: A. G. & M. CRUICKSHANK both of 11 Norton Ave. Toronto on Dec. 25, 1925

6510-25 Neil MacDONALD, 29, physician & surgeon, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Malcolm MacDONALD (b. Ontario) & Annie JOHNSTON, married Elma Olive POWELL, 25, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George H. POWELL (b. Vandorf Ontario) & Mary Eliza PETCH, witn: Margaret MacDONALD of Orillia & J. T. FAWCETT of 1062 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto on Dec. 12, 1925

6507-25 Donald MacDONALD, 24, piano worker, Scotland, 31 Aziel St. Toronto, s/o Donald MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth Lyle SMITH, married Viola Helena MAW, 24, clerk, Toronto, 114 Annette St Toronto, d/o James MAW (b. Ontario) & Margaret RUTHERFORD, witn: Edward SMILLIE? & Mrs Mary C. McKERROLL both of 19 Lawrence St Toronto on Dec. 5, 1925

6509-25 Hugh Florence McDONALD, 34, leather cutter, Toronto, 28 McMurrich St. Toronto, s/o James McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Isabella FLORENCE, married Wilda Marion FULKERSON, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Richmond Hill, d/o William FULKERSON (b. Ontario) & Susan WOODROW, witn: Alf & M CRUICKSHANK both of 11 Norton Ave. Toronto on Dec. 25, 1925

6508-25 Harvey Kelso McDONALD, 23, brakeman C.P.R., Toronto, Powassan, s/o Edward McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Charlotte CHILDERHOUSE, married Agnes Ann BARRETT, 24, operator, Ontario, 1303 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, d/o Donald BARRETT (b. Ontario) & Rose KELLY, witn: Eugene & Mrs E. Brunette both of Toronto on Dec. 7, 1925

6527-25 James McEACHERN, 28, woodworker, Ontario, 759 King St. W Toronto, s/o John McEACHERN (b. Ontario) & Agnes CAMERON, married Dorothy Edith HARVEY, 24, operator, England, 48 Palmerston Garden Toronto, d/o Alfred HARVEY (b. England) & Matilda WATSON, witn: Joseph R. CHANTLER of Newton Robinson Ont. & Gladys W. CHANTLER of 581 Markham St Toronto on Dec. 26, 1925 at 581 Markham St.

3353-25 Clayton P. McENTEER, 26, salesman, Leamington Ontario, Toronto, s/o Alfred McENTEER & Jane McMURREN, married Mary Ethel WALLACE, 27, Orangeville, Toronto, d/o Joseph WALLACE & Mary TODD, witn: Edward H. WOOD & Maudie E. WOOD both of 22 Macklem Ave, 1 June 1925


6519-25 John McFARLAND, 18, truck driver, Toronto, 47 Duchess Street same, s/o Daniel James McFARLAND (b. Ontario) & Olive FALCONBRIDGE, married Gretta Iona SCRIVER, 17, Ontario, 114 Bond St. Toronto, d/o William George SCRIVER (b. Ontario) & Addie LANDON, witn: Doris WATSON of 208 Alton Ave. & Jack GOUCHIE of 40 Power St both of Toronto on Dec. 4, 1925 at Metropolitan Church

6511-25 Wallace Ross MacFARLANE, 42, salesman, Quebec, Timmins, s/o John Dater MacFARLANE & Agnes ROSS, married May WILLS, 41, school teacher, Ontario, Mitchell, d/o William George WILLS (b. England) & Mary MURCH, witn: Eugene & Louisa McGILL of 6 Trinity Square Toronto on Dec. 26, 1925 at Church of the Holy Trinity

6513-25 William McFARLANE, 33, bench fitter, Scotland, 2081 Davenport Road Toronto, s/o Alexander (b. Scotland) & Jane, married Margaret HAZLETT, 22, saleslady, Motherwell Scotland, 2081 Davenport Road Toronto, d/o Stewart HAZLETT (b. Scotland) & Margaret HARVEY (m. 12 July 1899 at Glasgow), witn: Robert & Hannah McFARLANE both of 2087 Davenport Road Toronto on Dec. 23, 1925 at 90 Auburn Ave

6521-25 Donald Malcolm McGEE, 24, bank clerk, Ontario, 173 Mavety Street Toronto, s/o John M. McGEE (b. Ontario) & Agnes TULLOCK, married Elizabeth Annie HINRICHE, 21, B. T. Co operator, Ontario, 192 Campbell Ave. Toronto, d/o Louis HINRICHE (b. Scotland) & Annie WILSON, witn: Lillian Caroline & & Lewis? Robert Alexander HINRICHE both of 9 Hallam St. Toronto on Dec. 9, 1925

6525-25 Joseph Patrick McGINNIS, 24, sign painter, Ontario, 22 Scarlet Road Toronto, s/o Michael McGINNIS (b. Ontario) & Ellen McKENNA, married Mabel Margaret CLANCY, 24 packer, Ontario, 1339 Weston Rd Mount Dennis same, d/o Thomas CLANCY (b. Ontario) & Margaret O'HARA, witn: Mr & Mrs Stanley STARRETT both of 22 Scarlet Road Toronto on Dec. 7, 1925

6529-25 John Joseph McGUIRE, 25, labourer, Ireland, 9 St. Paul St. Toronto, s/o James McGUIRE (b. Ireland) & Mary NOLAN, married Isabella JARVIE, 18, Falkirk Scotland, Box 606 Milton, d/o James JARVIE (b. Scotland) & Ellen HILL (n. 25 June 1897? in Falkirk), witn: William & Mary Anne ROCK both of Box 606 Milton Ontario on Dec. 23, 1925

6532-25 Charles McGUIRE, 22, barber, Toronto, 898 College Street same, s/o Charles McGUIRE & Amelia Ann KNIGHT, married Kathaleen Dorothy HUNTER, 18, Bell Telephone operator, Ontario, 66 Westmoreland Ave. Toronto, d/o John James HUNTER & Ida Margaret BRETT, witn: Eileen STEWART of 75 Margueretta St. & Lloyd JONES of 898 College St. both of Toronto on Dec. 9, 1925 at The Church of St. Mary the Virgin [divorced 27/12/50].

6515-25 William Alexander McINNES, 25, mechanic, Toronto, 386 Rusholme Road same, s/o father unknown & Jessie McINNES, married Kathleen Isabel CAMERON, 20, Saskatchewan, McIntyre Ont., d/o Laughlin CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Mrs. W. PLEWMAN of 385 Rusholme Rd. & Mrs. E. C. HUNTER of 24 Wellesley Street both of Toronto on Dec. 29, 1925

6522-25 Gilbert McINNIS, 37, labourer, Scotland, 217 George St. Toronto, s/o Alexander McINNIS deceased (b. Scotland) & Mary SMITH, married Maud DAVENPORT, 29, kitchen maid, England, Toronto Free Hospital Weston Rd Toronto, d/o John William DAVENPORT deceased (b. England) & Elinor Gertrude FIDLER deceased, witn: Jane MURRAY of 51 Bond St & George WILLIAMS of 29 Olive Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 12, 1925 at Metropolitan Parsonage

6518-25 Archie MacIVER, 22, attendant, Isle of Lewis Scotland, Toronto, s/o William MacIVER & Jessie SMITH, married Marjorie BELFORD, 23, Clearwater Manitoba, Toronto, d/o James BELFORD & Eleanor McCRACKEN, witn: Bud SWARTMAN of 76 Wroxeter & A. J. DUNN of 390 Perth Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 26, 1925

6523-25 Alexander MacKAY, 29, brewery worker, Scotland, 149 Withrow Ave Toronto, s/o Alexander MacKAY (b. Scotland) & Isabella SUTHERLAND, married Caroline Watts CAMPBELL, 28 (b. 23 Aug 1897), designer, widow, Gairbraid St. in Glasgow Scotland, 220 Riverdale Ave Toronto, d/o William Edward ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Eliza JACKSON, witn: Alex MacLEOD of 35 Patricia Rd & Jenny ROBERTSON of 22 Riverdale Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 31, 1925 at Rosedale United Church

6517-25 William James Dawson McKINLEY, 30, plumber, Toronto, 340 Weston Ave East same, s/o James C. McKINLEY (b. Ontario) & Sarah Alice KENNEDY (Kimady?), married Catherine Imogene SAMPSON, 30, operator, Kingston Jamaica, 303 Runnymede Road Toronto, d/o John SAMPSON & Alice LARSONS, witn: W. J. CURTIS of 89 Richie Ave & M. SAMPSON of 303 Runnymede Road both of Toronto on Dec. 26, 1925

3347-25 George Edward McKINNON, 39, express company, Whitby, Toronto, s/o John McKINNON & Mary ENGLISH, married Alice CONWAY, 35, Toronto, same, d/o John CONWAY & Catherine LANNIGAN, witn: William COMARTEN & Mrs William COMARTEN both of 134 Woodmount Ave Toronto, 20 June 1925 at St. Brigid's Church RC

6528-25 Herbert James McMILLAN (McMullan?) 37, boot maker, Ireland, Orangeville, s/o John McMILLAN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McLURG, married Violet Mary BOREHAM, 30, tailoress, England, 358 Lippincott St. Toronto, d/o Thomas BOREHAM (b. England) & Jane DE FRATES, witn: Eugene McGILL of 10 Trinity Square Toronto & Lillian COOKE of 1200 Weston Rd Mount Dennis on Dec. 25, 1925 at The Church of Holy Trinity

3308-25 David McMURTRIE, 33, sawyer, Scotland, 28 Fuller Ave, s/o James McMURTRIE (b. Scotland) & Mary MARWOOD, married Ellen Greenway TAYLOR, 30, domestic, Scotland, 24 Atlas Ave Toronto, d/o William TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Margaret STEELE, witn; Mary E. FERGUSON & James BROWN both of 28 Fuller Ave Toronto, 6 June 1925 at 28 Fuller Ave 3316-25 Malcolm McNIVEN, 27, steam fitter, Scotland, 3682 Theodore Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o Malcolm McNIVEN (b. Scotland) & Margaret COWAN, married Susan Menzies THOMSON, 26, cook, Scotland, 131 Greenwood Ave Toronto, d/o George THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Annie RUSSELL, witn: James M. SEMPLE of 2 Chicora Ave & Mrs E. DOWNIE of 1063 St. Clarens Ave, 12 June 1925

6514-25 Albert Sidney McPHERSON, 40, steamfitter, divorcee, Toronto, 175 Kenilworth Avenue same, s/o Albert McPHERSON (b. Scotland) & Isabel FERGUSON, married Janet JOHNSTONE, 30, widow, Scotland, 175 Kenilworth Avenue Toronto, d/o John JOHNSTON (b. Scotland) & Mary McKENZIE, witn: Bertha HAYWARD & James McGIBBON both of 23 Grafton Ave Toronto on Dec. 31, 1925

6526-25 James Douglas McPHERSON, 28, driver, Tay Tp., Orillia, s/o James Seddon McPHERSON (b. Ontario) & Hannah Sarah SMITH, married Elsie LOWNDES, 19, saleslady, Toronto, same, d/o James Henry LOWNDES (b. England) & Etta WALLACE, witn: Edward & Annie VALE both of 665 Crawford St. Toronto on Dec. 19, 1925 at 100 Delaware Ave. [divorced 25/6/54]

3309-25 Charles Campbell MACTAGGART, 25, salesman, Ontario, 112 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, s/o John A. MACTAGGART (b. Scotland) & Catherine Jane McISAAK ?, married Elizabeth Wright SHAW, 25 bookkeeper, Scotland, 470 Roncesvalles Ave, d/o Hugh SHAW (b. Scotland) & Mary WRIGHT, witn: M.C. McKERROLL of 19 Law St. Toronto & Dorothy LAW of 16 Law St. Toronto, 6 June 1925 3303-25 Thomas MIDDLETON, 30, driver, England, 306 Wroxter Rd , s/o Alfred MIDDLETON & Ann Winter MUSSON, married Mary Florence REYNOLDS, 24, operator, Toronto, 40 Hiawatha Rd Toronto, d/o William REYNOLDS & Katharine WREN, witn: James Victor REYNOLDS & Eloise REYNOLDS both of 45B Hiawatha Rd, 18 June 1925 at St. Clements Church

6506-25 Wilford Dillon MILLER, 19, mechanic, Ontario, 109 King St. East Oshawa, s/o Thomas MILLER (b. Ontario) & Anna W. SCOTT, married Hazel Isobel HALL (Hale?), 20, milliner, Ontario, 16 Gloucester St. Toronto, d/o John J. HALL (b. Ontario) & Sarah ARCHER, witn: Eric MASON of 41 Drew St. Oshawa & Mabel CHAPMAN of Toronto on Dec. 24, 1925

6502-25 Simon MINCOVITCH, 29, operator, England, 395 Manning Ave. Toronto, s/o Max MINCOVITCH (b. Russia) & Hanna KATZ, married Yetta EISNER, 23, USA, 23 Norfolk St. Toronto, d/o Joseph (b. Austria) & Celia, witn: Mr. Lions of 698 ½ Manning Ave. & Mr. EISNER of 212 Brunswick Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 23, 1925

6505-25 Albert Edward MISSEN, 19, cutter, Ontario, 336 Harvie Ave. Toronto, s/o William Henry MISSEN & Evelyn Charlotte LORD, married Annie LEE, 18, tasseler, Ireland, 1386 ½ Ossington Ave. Toronto, d/o James LEE (b. Ireland) & Annie IRVINE, witn: Irene LANE of 267 Havelock St. & Henry MISSEN of 336 Harvie Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 24, 1925

6504-25 David MORANTZ, 23, tailor, Russia, 81 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, s/o Harry MORANTZ (b. Russia) & Masha VALTMAN, married Rose KRAVCHICK, 21, tailor, Russia, 113 Sherbourne St. Toronto, d/o Philip KRAVCHICK (b. Russia) & Rose VINER, witn: L. SHERMAN of 948 Queen St. East & B. WATE of 240 Sackville St both of Toronto on Dec. 27, 1925

6503-25 Ernest Austin MOSES, 22, plumber, Ontario, 56 Gowan Ave. Todmorden, s/o James MOSES (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth PEDLAR, married Hephzibah PAY, 23, England, 27 Lamb Ave. Toronto, d/o T?. W. PAY & E. M. BARNS (Baine?), witn: Elenor J. HORSELY of 56 Gowan Ave. & Margaret McKAY of 645 Rhodes Ave. both of Toronto on Dec. 19, 1925 at 27 Lamb Ave

3300-25 J.J. MURPHY, 32, engineer, Barrie, Timmins, s/o Martin MURPHY & Ellen O'KEEFE, married Catherine BYRNE, 30, stenographer, Toronto, 28 Dagmar Ave Toronto, d/o Michael BYRNE & Catherine LYNCH, witn: E.G. MURPHY & Margaret KENNY both of Barrie, 20 June 1925 RC

6536-25 Edgar Hardy NICHOL, 20, labourer, Toronto, 437 East Utica St. Buffalo New York USA, s/o Robert J. NICHOL (b. Ontario) & Matilda HORTON, married Barbara MACDONALD, 18, clerk, Scotland, 114 Ashdale Ave. Toronto, d/o Ewan MACDONALD (b. Scotland) & Alexandra MacLEOD, witn: Kate HERRON & Mildred NORRIS both of 2 Millbrook Crescent Toronto on Dec. 24, 1925

6537-25 Harold Edward NICHOLLS, 23, paper box maker, England, 53 Teignmouth Ave. York Tp., s/o Arthur NICHOLLS (b. England) & Kate BAKER, married Elsie May SMALE, 20, chocolate dipper, England, 119 Paton Road Toronto, d/o Charles SMALE (b. England) & Catherine MICHELMORE, witn: William G. NICHOLLS of 53 Teignmouth Ave. & Florence SMALE of 119 Paton Road both of Toronto on Dec. 30, 1925 at St. Chads Church

6533-25 Ewart Joseph NOONAN, 22, clerk, Toronto, 345 Glenlake Ave same, s/o William Joseph NOONAN (b. Ontario) & Rosa HOBBS, married Olive Bell STOTHERS, 22, clerk, Toronto, 15 Rusholme Park Crescent same, d/o William STOTHERS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth COOK, witn: C. G. CARMICHAEL of 134 Geneva St. in St. Catherines & Marguerite GIFFORD of 404 Delaware Ave. Toronto on Dec. 5, 1925

6535-25 Joseph NORRIS, 32, cement finisher, Ireland, 140 Boon Ave. Toronto, s/o William NORRIS (b. Ireland) & Margaret ANDERSON, married Elizabeth ANDERSON, 21, dressmaker, Ireland, 328 Bain Ave. Toronto, d/o James ANDERSON (b. Ireland) & Minnie WATSON, witn: Pearl V. SMALL of 43 Chester Hill Rd & Maisie ANDERSON of 37 Triller Avenue both of Toronto on Dec. 19, 1925

6534-25 George Henry NOYES, 46, marine engineer, England, 224 Munro Ave. Peterboro, s/o John NOYES (b. England) & Mary GOODWIN, married Martha BOETTGER, 32, waitress, Ontario, 109 Pembroke St. Toronto, d/o Conrad BOETTGER (b. Germany) & Florence YOUNGE, witn: W. H. CLARK of 52 Goose St. & Effie CHADDER of 109 Pembroke St. both of Toronto on Dec. 5, 1925 at 704 Crawford St

6539-25 William Arthur O'CONNOR, 41, painter, England, 247 Davenport Road Toronto, s/o William O'CONNOR (b. Ireland) & Jane PIDDINGTON, married Margaret Mary CLARK, 38, dressmaker, England, 133 Yorkville Ave. Toronto, d/o John H. CLARK (b. England) & Mary GREGORY, witn: William O'CONNOR & Dorothy BROOKS both of Toronto on Dec. 29, 1925

6538-25 Daniel OCOPNICK, 25, clothing furrier, widower, Russia, 188 Colonnade Ave. Montreal Que., s/o Ycik OCOPNICK (b. Russia) & Cypa VALOMUSK, married Lilly ROSENBERG, 27, finisher, Poland, 4 D'Arcy St. Toronto, d/o Moshe Aron ROSENBERG (b. Poland) & Ester Gitla TELINGER, witn: Sam RUBINSTEIN of 31 Glasgow Street & F. ZERNICKY of 20 Oxford Street both of Toronto on Dec. 29, 1925

6540-25 William Alexander Leo Joseph O'REILLY, 22, bank teller, Ontario, 1109 Beach St. Flint Michigan USA, s/o George A. O'REILLY (b. Ontario) & Edith E. LEE, married Florence Adeline BELLINGER, 19 (b. 11 Oct 1906), nurse, USA, 201 Peer Ave. Flint Michigan USA, d/o James V. BELLINGER (b. USA) & Jennie RICH, witn: Harve E. McDONALD of 1302 Queen St. West & Kathleen O'REILLY of 383 Lansdowne Ave. both of Toronto on Dec. 31, 1925 at St. Helen's Church

6541-25 James Alfred OVERY, 29, labourer, England, 19 Mutual St. Toronto, s/o Henry OVERY (b. England) & Mary Ann FERWELL, married Rose BALLARD, 25, England, 240 George St. Toronto, d/o William BALLARD (b. England) & Agnes BROWN, witn: Mrs. PEARSOLL?, Edith ECKELS both of 299 Berkeley & Mrs ROBERTSON of 300 Berkeley St. all of Toronto on Dec. 21, 1925

003413-25 George Henry PACKMAN, 25, Pressman, England, 575 Coxwell Ave, s/o John PACKMAN (b. England) & Mary COTTINGTON; married Amelia Waters GARRATT, 22, Glove Operator, Toronto, 374 Bathurst St. in Toronto, d/o James GARRATT (b. Ontario) & Annie BELMORE; wit Walter John GARRATT & May GARRATT, both Toronto, 27 Jun 1925
003408-25 Robert Harold PARR, 28, Divinity Student, Ontario, 149 Mavety St. in Toronto, s/o Robert PARR (b. Ontario) & Susan Amelia COLBORNE; married Carrie Merle McCARTNEY, 26, School Teacher, Ontario, 149 Mavety St., d/o William McCARTNEY (b. Ontario) & Eliza GRIFFITH; wit Lila McCARTNEY, Toronto & Floyd PARR, West Lorne, 23 Jun 1925

6542-25 Walter Francis Cuthbert PARRY, 30, mechanic, England, 23, Coolmine Rd. Toronto, s/o Walter Francis PARRY (b. England) & Ivemond WHELAN, married Grace Elizabeth WHELAN , 27, England, 15 Balmuto St. Toronto, d/o Thomas WHELAN & Mary LAMBERT, witn: A. F. MAXWELL of 15 Balmuto St. & Mabel ARMSTRONG of 27 Irwin Ave. both of Toronto on Dec. 5, 1925

003416-25 Basil PARSWINCHZAK, 21, Labourer, Stinawa Wyznak Galicia, 412 Perth Ave, s/o Max PAROWINCZAK & Eudoria WASYLYK; married Anna SAWCZUK, 16, Poworiany Galicia, 2718 Danforth Ave, d/o Joachim SAWCZUK & Mary FRYDYNK; wit P. WOLOSZYNSKY of 2718 Danforth Ave & P. WASYLYK of 412 Perth Ave, 25 Jun 1925 003405-25 Anthony PASSAFINNI, 24, Fruitier, Toronto, 2020 Queen St. East in Toronto, s/o Francis PASSAFINNI (b. Italy) & Mary VINCE; married Filamous FARETTA, 17, Ontario, 2064 Danforth Ave in Toronto, d/o Pasquale FIRETTA (sic) (b. Italy) & Elizabeth PEGARELLO; wit Frederick PASSAFINNI & Mrs. F. PASSAFINNI, both Toronto, 22 Jun 1925

6563-25 Henry John Love PAYNE, 45, dairyman, England, 48 Markham St Toronto, s/o James William PAYNE (b. England) & Alice SIMPSON, married Jane BARR, 45, widow, Scotland, 48 Malcolm St Toronto, d/o John ANDERSON (b. Scotland) & Jean FERGUSON, witn: Annie ROSE of 48 Markham St & William PRITCHARD of 6 Robinson Place both of Toronto on Dec. 31, 1925

6552-25 Cecil Pretoria PAYNE, 25, order clerk, England, 44 McGee St Toronto, s/o George Thomas PAYNE (b. England) & Edith Harriet TWOST, married Lydia COLVILLE, 27, operator, England, 37 Condor Ave Toronto, d/o William COLVILLE (b. England) & Lydia BOULTER, witn: George Robert PAYNE of 386 Jones Ave & Lydia COLVILLE of 37 Condor Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 24, 1925

6558-25 Charles Cuthbert PEARSON, 43, farmer, widower, North Norwich, same, s/o William George PEARSON (b. Canada) & Eliza Jane CUTHBERT, married Bessie Campbell McLEOD, 43, school teacher, East Zorra, Westlock Alberta, d/o William Campbell McLEOD (b. Canada) & Mary McKAY, witn: Ethel ROSS & Margaret MUTCH both of Toronto on Dec. 30, 1925

6543-25 Aubrey Tom PEARSON, 22, labourer, England, 41 Gwynne Ave. Toronto, s/o Tom PEARSON (England) & Florence COOK, married Evelyn Mary WAGNER, 18, Ontario, 41 Gwynne Ave. Toronto, d/o Adolph WAGNER (b. Germany) & Mary PHILIPPI, witn: George BRUCE & Miss Hilda WAGNER both of Gwynne Ave Toronto on Dec. 5, 1925

6546-25 George Elmer PEDLAR, 25, clerk, Todmorden, Niagara Falls, s/o Philip PEDLAR (b. Ontario) & Kate RILEY, married Jane Robertina Jemima DUFFIE, 25, Scotland, Todmorden, d/o John A. DUFFIE (b. Scotland) & Eliza Ann MOORE, witn: Ada L. & C. Adella MOORE both of 16 Fulton Ave. Toronto on Dec. 5, 1925

6564-25 John William Edmund PEIRSON, 35, silverer, London England, 1235 Queen St W Toronto, s/o Robert PEIRSON & Emily Lucy CURRIE, married Olive Medill WATT, 27, Kingston, 1235 Queen St West Toronto, d/o Robert WATT & Maria Medill COOKE, witn: Ada OLDFIELD of 23 ½ Winnifred Ave & Wilfred George BALL of 30 Stainer St East both of Toronto on Dec. 29, 1925

6566-25 Emilio A PEROTTE, 25, labourer, Meana di Lusa Italy, 21 Henry St Toronto, s/o Vittorio Agostino PEROTTE & Maria PEYROLO, married Maria BOLLEY, 20, Meana di Lusa Italy, Toronto, d/o Domenico BOLLEY & Barbara Maria PELISSERO, witn: Maria ENRICO of 125 Edward St., Pevina MORELLO of 21 Henry St, Olpuro DUJANY of 15 Henry St and Umberto CHIGISUSSO of 11 Elm St. all of Toronto on Dec. 24, 1925

6557-25 William Samuel PERRY, 22, farmer, Ontario, Milton R. R. 1, s/o Richard PERRY (b. Ontario) & Bertha Beatrice SHOOSTER married Mable Irene Doris HALE, 17, chocolate wrapper, Ontario, 718 Jane St. Toronto, d/o Charles HALE (b. Ontario) & Mary LABBOTT, witn: Maudie HALE of 718 Jane St Toronto & Kenneth James PERRY of Milton on Dec. 23, 1925

003417-25 Cyril Henry Gilbert PETO, 25, Motor Mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Charles Henry PETO & Priscilla Violet ELDRIDGE; married Florence Mirle Aberdar WARNE, 26, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William John WARNE & Eliza HALL; wit Ronald Leonard Eli PETO, 16 Antwerp St. in St. Catharines & Daisy FOX of 71 Clarendon Ave, 26 Jun 1925

6550-25 Wilbert Charles PICKARD, 23, sailor, Toronto, Chesley, s/o Joseph Archibald PICKARD (b. Ontario) & Agnes A. McNAUGHTON, married Myrtle Irene McCONKEY, 22, model, Ontario, 9 Westminster Ave Toronto, d/o Duncan Crawford McCONKEY & Beatrice CHASE, witn: R. H. & M. GARDINER both of 9 Westminster Ave Toronto on Dec. 21, 1925 at 72A Hogarth Ave

003412-25 Clarence John Henry PIERCE, 23, Truck Driver, Toronto, 182 Gough Ave in Toronto, s/o John Henry PIERCE (b. Ontario) & Louise Mary GARDENER; married Florence May FOWLER, 29, Cigar Examiner, England, 66 Cambridge Ave in Toronto, d/o George E. FOWLER (b. England) & Priscilla SHIPLAND; wit Harold PIERCE of 182 Gough Ave & Alice FARLINE? of 2 Dingwall, 23 Jun 1925

6560-25 Harry Franklin PILLSWORTH, 41, contractor, Ontario, 199 King St. West Oshawa, s/o James Frederick PILLSWORTH (b. Ontario) & Annie M. WALKER, married Marjorie Adelaide O'NEILL, 31, linotype operator, widow, Ontario, 578 Ontario St. Toronto, d/o Hugh FINLAYSON (b. Ontario) & Ada WATSON, witn: Mrs J. L. & Helen M. GILMOUR both of 29 Albany Ave. Toronto on Dec. 30, 1925 at 29 Albany Ave

003419-25 George Stanley PIMM, 29, Moulder, England, Toronto, s/o George Henry PIMM & Helen WESTON; married Charlotte Sophia ENGLEFIELD, 25, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas ENGLEFIELD & Elizabeth DAWSON; wit Thomas ENGLEFIELD & W.T.E. ENGLEFIELD, both Toronto, 20 Jun 1925 003415-25 George William PINCHER, 24, Shipping Clerk, London England, 237 Woodmount Ave, s/o Charles Joseph PINCHER & Eliza MULLIGAN; married Florence Mary GOLDSMITH, London England, 201 Gledhill Ave, d/o Charles Oliver GOLDSMITH & Frances LEWIS; wit Violet Edith PINCHER & Ivy Constance PINCHER, both of 237 Woodmount, 6 Jun 1925

6553-25 Arthur PODNOS, 30, physician, Russia, 119 Grange Ave. Toronto, s/o Benjamin PODNOS (b. Russia) & Raissa FINE, married Lena ROTSTEIN, 23, Toronto, 85 Brunswick Ave. Toronto, d/o Louis ROTSTEIN (b. Poland) & Ida SCHWARTZ, witn: Bernard SHAFFER & Solomon NAVER both of 85 Brunswick Ave Toronto on Dec. 27, 1925

003414-25 Richard Frederick POLLARD, 31, Fireman, Toronto, Montreal, s/o Richard Franklin POLLARD (b. Ontario) & Salena Beatrice BANNISTER; married Tena Dorothy BENNETT, 30, Operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John BENNETT (b. Ontario) & Mary BROWN; wit Robert Austin WILSON of 72 Ellen Ave in Swansea & Julia Mabel BEVERIDGE of 32 Empress Ave in Toronto, 25 Jun 1925

6556-25 William POLLOCK, 35, carpenter, Scotland, 120 Hastings Ave Toronto, s/o Alexander POLLOCK (b. Scotland) & Janet SMITH, married Grace EWING, 26, cook, Scotland, 10 Powell Ave Toronto, d/o John EWING (b. Scotland) & Grace MUIR, witn: Elizabeth Cowan RUSSELL of 107 Spadina Road & Dugald FERGUSON of 9 Prestholm Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 28, 1925

003407-25 William White Macaulay POPE, 36, Ontario, 117 Bedford Rd., s/o William W. POPE (b. Ontario) & Myra WHITE; married Alice Marie STEWART, 31, Ontario, 429 Grace St. in Toronto, d/o George STEWART (b. Ontario) & Helen MADDEN; wit Harold A.C. BRENLA of 190 University Ave in Toronto & Helen Rae STEWART of 429 Grace St., 25 Jun 1925

6562-25 Andrew PORTER, 33, office manager, Ireland, 62 Close Ave Toronto, s/o Thomas PORTER (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane SPROULE, married Eleanor May GOODWAY, 32, bookkeeper, Ontario, 108 Ossington Ave Toronto, d/o Charles Henry GOODWAY (b. Ireland) & Rhoda Maud WATSON, witn: Gladys E. GOODWAY of 108 Ossington Ave. & Edward CROSS of 112 Kingsmount Park Rd both of Toronto on Dec. 30, 1925

6561-25 Harry PORTER, 33, telephone installer, Ontario, 436 Concord Ave Toronto, s/o Richard PORTER (b. Ontario) & Hannah MILLSOP, married May PENGELLY, 24, saleslady, England, 132 Courcelette Rd Toronto, d/o Samuel PENGELLY (b. England) & Mary NEAME, witn: Mrs. H. & Mary PORTER both of Toronto on Dec. 31, 1925

003421-25 John Emslie PORTER, 25, Collection Corespondent, Orangeville, 40 Victor Ave, s/o John & Emma nee EMSLIE; married Margaret Isobel BROMLEY, 24, Toronto, 205 Brunswick, d/o John & Elizabeth nee MACBRIEN; wit Gordon D. PORTER of 40 Victor Ave & Edith M. BROMLEY of 205 Brunswick, 11 Jun 1925

6544-25 Walter Thomas PRATCHETT, 55, plumber, divorcee, England, 261 Weston Road Toronto, s/o Thomas PRATCHETT (b. England) & Elizabeth ROWLAND, married Bessie TAVENDER, 43, widow, England, 1980 Davenport Rd Toronto, d/o John TREWISICK (b. England) & Florence HEARD, witn: Eva MACGILLIVRAY of 550 Dovercourt Rd & Angus GILLIES of 548 Dovercourt Rd both of Toronto on Dec. 9, 1925

6555-25 William John PRESTON, 31, butcher, widower, Toronto, 15 Maple Grove Ave. Toronto, s/o Charles H. PRESTON (b. England) & Emily Maud HARDY, married Flossie Louisa RAYMER, 20, operator Bell Tel Co., Ontario, 91 Sheridan Ave Toronto, d/o Levi RAYMER (b. Ontario) & Susannah WOOD, witn: Mr & Mrs Hugh L. Wesley ABRAM both of 91 Sheridan Ave. Toronto on Dec. 25, 1925

6547-25 Kenneth Roger PRESTON, 19, stock keeper, Toronto, 273 Main St. Toronto, s/o Roger PRESTON (b. Ontario) & Ida SLEETH, married May Edna PEARCE, 18, stenographer, England, 11 Currie Ave Toronto, d/o F. William (b. England) & Mary Lavinia, witn: A. S. DRUMMOND of 61 Kimberly St. & C. NEWTON of 141 Beresford Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 12, 1925


6559-25 Harold PRIDMORE, 30, painter & glazier, Ontario, 16261 Hamilton Blvd Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Thomas PRIDMORE (b. England) & Mary WILLIAMS, married Eva May CONLEY, 25, sales clerk, Ontario, 89 Bowood Ave Toronto, d/o John CONLEY (b. Ontario) & Emily EASTON, witn: Mrs W. R. & Louse MACKAY both of 704 Crawford St. Toronto on Dec. 23, 1925 at 704 Crawford St

003420-25 Vincenzo PRIMAVERA, 33, Contractor, Francaville Mare Italy, 145 Lappin Ave, s/o Domenic PRIMAVERA & Concetta CONTI; married Carmina DI PIERO, 17, Housekeeper, Rocca Ten Giovanni Italy, 145 Lappin Ave, d/o Camillo DI PIERO & Teresa MAROCCA; wit Salvetore BONCERDO & Elena BONCERDO, 12 Jun 1925

6567-25 Antonino PRINCI, 43, worker, Italy, 59 B Blain? Ave Toronto, s/o Domenico PRINCI & Vincenza SCARPELLI, married Maria Carmela MACRI, Italy, 59 B Blain? St. Toronto, d/o Nicola MACRI & Carolina SORBARA, witn: Guiseppina SORBARA of 43 Henderson Ave Toronto on Dec. 2, 1925

6549-25 Harold Floyd PRINGLE, 37, foreman, Ontario, 220 Ontario St. Toronto, s/o W. J. PRINGLE & Catherine STONEBERG, married Mary Campbell WATERS, 19, Scotland, 37 Delisle Ave. Toronto, d/o John WATERS (b. Scotland) & Catherine SHERRA, witn: Mrs CRANE of 18 Millwood Cresc & Mrs W. H. ANDREWS of 566 Broadview Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 16, 1925

6545-25 Andrew PRINGLE, 31, farmer, widower, Ontario, Wingham, s/o John PRINGLE (b. Ontario) & Annie STAPLETON, married Margaret PELAN, 31, waitress, Ireland, 195 Howard Park Ave. Toronto, d/o William PELAN (b. Ireland) & Rose TONER, witn: Thomas Edward & Hilda DOAN both of 195 Howard Park Ave Toronto on Dec. 10, 1925

003411-25 Wilfred Edward PRIOR, 18, Bookbinder, Toronto, 703 Carlaw Ave in Toronto, s/o Edward PRIOR (b. England) & Kathleen FOZENBY; married Caroline Mary HUMPHREYS, 22, Bookbinder, England, 274 Boston Ave in Toronto, d/o William Henry HUMPHRIES (sic) (b. England) & Mary HILL; wit Edward PRIOR of 703 Carlaw & Mary HUMPHRIES of 274 Boston Ave, 24 Jun 1925, St. Barnabas Church 003410-25 James PUDGE, 49, Fireman, Wid, England, Welland, s/o John PUDGE & Mary WEAVER; married Annie HALL, 46, Wid, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick HALL & Fanny ROWBOTHAM; wit Frederick PIERCE of 32 Cavell Ave & Mary E. ETHERINGTON of 407 Carlton St., 27 Jun 1925 at St. Barnabas Church
003418-25 Edward PURCHASE, 30, Salesman, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James PURCHASE & Martha NOREL (Novel?); married Mayme MITCHENER, 32, Clerk, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John MITCHENER & Elizabeth SKINNER, wit Thomas PALMER of 32 Beck Ave & Jessie MITCHENER of 88 Chester Ave, 27 Jun 1925 003404-25 Edson Russell PURVIS, 30, Electrical Eng. Dept H., USA, 931 College St., s/o Egbert R. PURVIS (b. Ontario) & Mary M. SANDERSON; married Louise Jewell PEARSON, 28, Ontario, 65 Langley Ave. Toronto, d/o John PEARSON (b. England) & Emma L. WILKINSON; wit G.G.E. RALEY, Walkerville & Virginia PURVIS, Toronto, 10 Jul 1925
003422-25 Frederick Gordon QUEBEC, 31, Brakeman CNR, Ontario, Parry Sound, s/o Calvin QUEBEC (b. Ontario) & Susanna ST. JOHN; married Ella Marguerites GROVES, 21, Stenographer, Ontario, Parry Sound, d/o George GROVES (b. Ontario) & Ellen WILSON; wit Mary G. FEE & Bertha M. MORDEN, both of 493 Sherbourne St., 31 Jun 1925

6583-25 Albert Harry RAMSDEN, 27, labourer, England, 98 Dagmar Ave Toronto, s/o John RAMSDEN (b. England) & Ester WHEELER, married Evelina may MOUI (Moni?), 18, Toronto, 99 Dagmar Ave Toronto, d/o John MOUI (b. Italy) & Margarette BROOMES, witn: Bertha O'BRIEN of 105 Degrassi & Arthur RAMSDEN of 98 Dagmar both of Toronto on Dec. 16, 1925 at St. Barnabas Church

6574-25 Russell Verne RAMSAY, 26, shipper, Ontario, 237 Bartlett Ave Toronto, s/o Allan RAMSAY (b. Scotland) & Sarah Ann SANTINI, married Mary Lillian LATIMER, 24, stenographer, Toronto, 163 Delaware Ave same, d/o George LATIMER (b. Ontario) & Jean HEWIE, witn: Jack McLeod PARKER of Orillia & Mearl WARNER of Toronto on Dec. 8, 1925

003434-25 John RANKIN, 62, Agent, Wid, Tiny twp - Simcoe Co, Midland, s/o Charles RANKIN (b Scotland) & Margaret VENT; married Nettie RANKIN (nee WOOD), 48, Wid, Tay Twp - Simcoe Co, Presently of Elmvale Ontario but formerly of Hanley Saskatchewan, d/o William WOOD (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane GARDINER; wit T.J. MARSHALL of, Killain Alberta & Martha EGAN, 9 Jun 1925

6573-25 Garfield RAWSON, 29, timekeeper, Ontario, Orillia, s/o George Samuel RAWSON (b. Ontario) & Mary LAUGHLIN, married Gladys Verna BAKER, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 61 Fenning St Toronto, d/o Daniel BAKER (b. England) & Lavina BALL, witn: Mrs Anna GLOVER of 69 Claremont St. & William Bertram NELLES of 1378 King St West both of Toronto on Dec. 7, 1925

003448-25 Harry READSHAW, 23, Printer, England, 64 Power St., s/o William READSHAW (b. England) & May Wood ANNISON; married Helen Pringle Sutherland DALBY, 23, Scotland, 64 Power St. in Toronto, d/o James DALBY (b. Scotland) & Margaret DAY; wit Margaret LACHANCE of 64 Power St. & Ruby STRANGWAYS of 5 Oak St, 27 Jun 1925 003445-25 Daniel REARDON, 23, Driver, England, 110 Melville Ave, s/o John Tuckwell REARDON (b. England) & Ada LEE; married Eva Hannah WALSH, 18, Saleslady, Ontario, 181 Bleecker St. in Toronto, d/o Harry WALSH (b. England) & Nellie WILSON; wit David S. & Mrs. Mary WALSH of 422 Dundas St. East, 29 Jun 1925
003437-25 Newton William REED, 27, Carpenter, Ontario, 185 Olive St. in Buffalo NY, s/o William Rufus REED (b. Ontario) & Christina FROYER; married Mary Ruth HOPCRAFT, 20, Saleslady, Ontario, 621 Glebeholme Blvd in Toronto, d/o Edward John HOPCRAFT (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann QUINN; wit Harold Rufus REED, Georgetown & Charlotte M. HOPCRAFT of 621 Glebeholme Blvd., 17 Jun 1925

6571-25 George REEVES, 27, hospital orderly, England, 103 Sydenham St Toronto, s/o Lewis REEVES (b. England) & Sarah Jane PRICE, married Elizabeth HOLLINGSWORTH, 37, waitress, widow, Ireland, Toronto General Hospital Toronto, d/o William LEMON (b. Ireland) & Lizzie LAIRD, witn: Sadie F. WRIGHT of 845 Danforth Ave & David James KERR of 128 McGill St. both of Toronto on Dec. 8, 1925 at 845 Danforth Ave

003447-25 Herbert Levi REHILL, 26, Police Constable, Ontario, 96 Charles St., s/o John Henry REHILL (b. Ontario) & Sarah Matilda SIMPSON; married Edith Irene JOHNSON, 24, School Teacher, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o Alexander JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & Mary AITKEN; wit William DUNCAN of Fort William & Mrs. Alex J. BOND of RR3 Ayr, 27 Jun 1925 003439-25 James Buchanan REID, 49, Farmer, Innisfil Twp, Innisfil Twp, s/o Dixon REID (b. Ireland) & Jane REID; married Laura HEUL, 48, Whitchurch Twp, Toronto, d/o Samuel HEUL (b. Ireland) & Margaret Ann CORBETT; wit Clarence MACLEAN & Marion REID, both Toronto, 11 Jun 1925

6580-25 John Clifford REYNOLDS, 28, barrister, Verona, Kingston, s/o W. Howard REYNOLDS & Mary Elizabeth BUCHANAN, married Hester Margaret SHIBLEY, 29, Harrowsmith, Toronto, d/o Wellington J. SHIBLEY & Margaret GRANT, witn: Sarah Delina JOHNSTON of 137 Dowling Ave & Egerton Howard REYNOLDS of 246 Lauder Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 21, 1925

003451-25 Eric Godfrey REYNOLDS, 27, Advertising, Ontario, 158 Cowan Ave, s/o Henry REYNOLDS (b. Ontario) & Fannie SCOTT; married Marion Marjorie VETTER, 27, Toronto, 22 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto, d/o Charles Herbert VETTER (b. England) & Emma PURDIE; wit George Rudolph REYNOLDS, Port Hope & Frances Ada VETTER of 22 Lansdowne, 30 Jun 1925
003433-25 William Murdock RICE, 25, Tire Maker, Scotland, 204 Clendenan Ave, s/o James RICE (b. Scotland) & Jessie MURDOCK; married Barbara Ann Lord TOUGH, 25, Domestic, Scotland, 478 Carlaw Ave in Toronto, d/o Alexander TOUGH (b. Scotland) & Barbara Ann LORD; wit James RICE of 204 Clendenan & Annabel TROUP of 478 Carlaw, 13 Jun 1925 003443-25 Gale Huntington RICE, 32, Accountant, USA, 301 Symington Ave, s/o George W. RICE (b. USA) & Rose UNDERHILL; married Janet SLOAN, 22, Scotland, 235 Symington Ave in Toronto, d/o Matthew SLOAN (b. Scotland) & Sarah SIMPSON; wit Hilda F. JACKSON & P. Ellis SUTTON, both of Essex Ave in Toronto, 20 Jun 1925
003436-25 John RICHARDSON, 31, Mining Engineer, Scotland, 74 Hazelton Ave in Toronto, s/o William E. RICHARDSON (b. Scotland) & Sarah RAMSAY; married Annie PATRICK, 30, Domestic, Scotland, 21 Saulter St. in Toronto, d/o William PATRICK (b. Scotland) & Jessie CURRAN? (Cowan?) wit Francis CONNELL & Kathleen CONNELL, both Toronto, 4 Jun 1925

6572-25 Almond Keith RICHARDSON, 26, dentist, Ontario, 133 Brunswick Ave Toronto, s/o Albert W. RICHARDSON (b. Ontario) & Eliza Jane ALMOND, married Dorothy Edith Frances AGAR, 25, school teacher, Toronto, 131 Wychwood Ave same, d/o Edward Archer AGAR (b. Ontario) & Harriet Maude LANGTON, witn: G. L. AGAR of 131 Wychwood Ave Toronto & Florence M. LANGTON of 12 Glengrove Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 9, 1925 at The Church of Holy Trinity

003444-25 Stanley Price RIDGE, 25, Fireman, England, Toronto, s/o George RIDGE (b. England) & Alice PRICE; married Grace Paynter PERCY, 27, Clerk, Ontario, 207 Brunswick Ave in Toronto, d/o William PERCY (b. Ontario) & Maria PAYNTER; wit A.D. PAYNTER & H.G. MORTEMORE, both Toronto, 27 Jun 1925 003442-25 William Henry RIGGS, 29, Painter, Ontario, 146 Tecumseth St., s/o James RIGGS (b. USA) & Nellie WARD; married Lillian May SOLOMON, 17, Toronto, 146 Tecumseth St. in Toronto, d/o John McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Lelia SOLOMON; wit Herbert MAKEPEACE of 195 Prescott Ave & Lelia PALMER of 146 Tecumseth, 13 Jun 1925

6576-25 Andrew George RILEY, 23, farmer, Ontario, R. R. Hillier Ontario, s/o Isaac RILEY (b. Ontario) & Mary TOWER?, married Annie Marguerite CHAMBERS, 25, Ontario, R. R. 7 Picton, d/o Alex CHAMBERS (b. Ireland) & Margaret BROWNE, witn: Joseph GREGORY of 50 Euston Ave Toronto & B. H. McNALLEY of Markham on Dec. 15, 1925

6581-25 William Ralph RISEBROUGH, 25, labourer, Ontario, 346 Hillsdale Ave Toronto, s/o William RISEBROUGH (b. Ontario) & Annie Eliza WOODS, married May Winnifred COOMBES, 22, England, 113 Snowdon Ave Toronto, d/o Henry Edward Richard COOMBES (b. England) & Minnie MORGAN, witn: Charles RISEBROUGH of Newtonbrook & Constance Millicent COOMBES of 113 Snowdon Ave Toronto on Dec. 26, 1925 at 113 Snowden Ave

003430-25 Arthur Dredge RIVERS, 28, Lather, England, 836 Woodbine Ave, s/o Tom RIVERS (b. England) & Mary LANGLEY; married Eva Betsy BROWN, 19, England, 80 King Edward Ave in Toronto, d/o Charles BROWN (b. England) & Florence THACKER; wit Eleanor May illegible of 836 Woodbine Ave & Harold Lionel BROWN of 80 King Edward Ave, 10 Jun 1925, Toronto (NOTE: Divorced 24/7/57 #002941)

6587-25 Samuel James ROBB, 50, caretaker, widower, Shakespeare Ont., Stratford Ont., s/o Samuel ROBB (b. Ireland) & Jane TODD, married Mary Jane Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 49, widow, Ontario, Stratford?, d/o John Crown GALRAITH (b. Brock Tp) and Charlotte SCOTT, witn: Alfred McCLOCKLIN & Mabel NEALE both of Toronto on Dec. 28, 1925

003449-25 John James ROBBINS, 37, Clergyman, Wid, England, Markham, s/o John James ROBBINS (b. England) & Oliva? CUE; married Agnes Beatrice BALLARD, 26, School Teacher, British Columbia, 98 Kendal Ave in Toronto, d/o Charles BALLARD (b. Quebec) & Clara FISKEN; wit Archibald Hall BALLARD, Toronto & Mary Adelaide PICKFORD, Brighton, 20 Jun 1925  

6584-25 Jonathan ROBERTS, 54, shoemaker, widower, England, 1066 Queen St. West Toronto, s/o John ROBERTS (b. England) & Martha KNOWLES, married Beatrice HILBORN, 37, dressmaker, Ontario, 11 Fenning St. Toronto, d/o Joseph George HILBORN (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane REID, witn: George A. & Alice REID both of Toronto on Dec. 26, 1925

003431-25 James Russell ROBERTSON, 31, Salesman, Ontario, 259 Western Ave, s/o David M. ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BAST; married Grace Louise NORRIS, 24, Stenographer, Toronto, 62 Hillsdale Ave in Toronto, d/o John NORRIS (b. England) & Mary DAYMENT; witn David ROBERTSON of 259 Western Ave & Marjorie A. NORRIS of 62 Hillsdale Ave, 10 Jun 1925

6568-25 William Ernest ROBERTSON, 36, yardman C.P.R., Toronto, 134 Dovercourt Road same, s/o William ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Henrietta WOOD, married Mary Jane COLLYER, 51, widow, Ontario, 134 Dovercourt Road Toronto, d/o John ROWDEN (b. England) & Mary Jane CALACHAN, witn: Elizabeth MacLEAN of 972 College St. & F. SMITH of 335 Albany Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 30, 1925

6586-25 Arthur Moffat ROBERTSON, 30, office manager, England, 17 Lorne Ave St. Lambert Que., s/o Adam ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MORRISON, married Alice Isabella GRIFFIN, 29, Ontario, 790 Logan Ave Toronto, d/o John GRIFFIN (b. Ontario) & Isabella WHEALEY, witn: Alan ROBERTSON of 122 West Bridge St Belleville & Arthur GRIFFIN of 790 Logan Ave Toronto on Dec. 28, 1925

6589-25 Sam Harry ROEBUCK, 23, house furnishing, Ontario, 479 Euclid Ave Toronto, s/o David ROEBUCK (b. Austria) Sarah SOBOL, married Rose HORNFIELD, 19, milliner, Poland, 87 Walton St Toronto, d/o Morris HORNFIELD (b. Poland) & Chaga RIEHMAN, witn: V. BRADT of 8 Sullivan St. & T. NORMAN of 68 D'Arcy St. both of Toronto on Dec. 27, 1925

6569-25 Alfred Edmund ROEBUCK, 26, farmer, England, R.R.3 St. Catharines Ontario, s/o Edmund ROEBUCK (b. England) & Eliza WATSON, married Janet ARTHURS, 26, shipper, Scotland, 20 Greenside Ave Toronto, d/o William ARTHURS (b. Scotland) & Catharine GIBBES, witn: Charles W. BLUNDELL of St. Catharines & Florence ARTHUR (sic) of 20 Greenside Ave Toronto on Dec. 5, 1925

003452-25 Morris ROBINSON, 45, Manufacturer, Wid, Poland, Montreal Quebec, s/o Daniel (David?) ROBINSON (b. Poland) & Etta LAPEDES; married Esther GITSON, 35, Russia, 331 Dundas East in Toronto, d/o Morris M. GITSON (b. Russia) & Rebecca BRONDO; wit Percy DOLGOFF of 95 Denison Ave & Joseph BADNITSKY of 338? Alger Ave in Detroit, 28 Jun 1925 003425-25 Christopher ROBINSON, 49, Cashier Dept BTA, Ontario, 36 Helendale Ave, s/o Robert ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Eliza Jane ARMSTRONG; married Mary GIBSON, 37, Clerk, Wid, Ireland, 1115 College St. in Toronto, d/o John BRYAN (b. Ireland) & Ellen CAREY; wit Helen BRYAN of 987 Dundas West & Emma KELLOGG of Toronto, 3 Jun 1925,

6570-25 Harold Robert Leonard ROGERS, 22, insurance agent, Toronto, 441 Euclid Avenue same, s/o Percy William ROGERS (b. England) & Ida BATHS married Audrey Iola MARSHALL, 22, Ontario, 97 Close Ave. Toronto, d/o Athole MARSHALL (b. Ontario) & Mabel Edith DOLLERY, witn: Leslie W. EVANS of Toronto & Anne P. RYAN of Buffalo New York USA on Dec. 5, 1925

003453-25 Clarence Jewell ROSE, 28, Mechanic, Richmond Twp, Tamworth, s/o Anson Parrol ROSE (b. Richmond Twp) & Fanny Maria JEWELL; married Jean COOMBS, 22, Nurse, Toronto, 281 Waverly Ave in Toronto, d/o George COOMBS (b. England) & Mary Ann EARL; wit George Edward? COOMBS of 281 Waverly Ave & Margaret M. CORDINER of 117 Winchester St., 27 Jun 1925
003432-25 Joseph ROSENBERG, 24, Merchant, Shumsko Russia, North Bay, s/o Morris ROSENBERG (b. Shumsko Russia) & Gitel STEIN; married Pearl BROWN, 22, Stenographer, Toronto, North Bay, d/o Eli BROWN (b. Russia) & Esther MANACEVITH; wit J.N. MANACEVITH of 9 Rosemont Ave & E. CLAVER of 60 High view Cr., 9 Jun 1925 003426-25 Sam ROSENBERG, 21, Cloak Operator, Russian Poland, 18 Centre Ave, s/o David ROSENBERG (b. Russian Poland) & Sylvia BLUESTEIN, married Freda ROTH, 21, Optical Assembler, Russian Poland, 114 McCaul St. in Toronto, d/o Hillel ROTH (b. Russian Poland) & Rachel GARTLER; wit Hillel ROTH of 114 McCaul St. & Jake ROSENBERG of 155 Centre Ave, 7 Jun 1925
003428-25 Jack ROSLOFSKY, 21, Baker, Russian Poland, 75 Grange Ave, s/o Calmen ROSLOFSKY (b. Russian Poland) & Channa KURDALES; married Jennie COHEN, 19, Russia, 75 Grange Ave. d/o Max COHEN (b. Russia) & Riva KEYFETZ; wit P. KEYFETZ of 6 Major St. & Mr. BURKEN of 75 Grange Ave, 4 Jun 1925 003440-25 George Robert ROSS, 22, Still Man, Scotland, 979 St. Clarens Ave., s/o George ROSS (b. Scotland) & Christina MACDONALD; married Isabell Campbell DUNN, 24, Nurse, Scotland, 100 Glen Rd in Toronto, d/o Robert DUNN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL; wit John DAWSON of 142 Broadview Ave & Minnie TODD of 43 Lang Ave, 20 Jun 1925

6590-25 William Bannister ROWE, 32, tool maker, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas ROWE & Mary Ellen WALKER, married Gladys Janet RAYNOR, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Charles & Margaret, witn: Clarise C. BOYD of Acton & Jim Bannister ROWE of 912 Woodbine Ave Toronto on Dec. 24, 1925 at St. Clements Church

003424-25 Theophilus Morris Norman ROWSELL, 19, Salesman, Toronto, 37 Wolverleigh Blvd, s/o Charles ROWSELL (b. England) & Selena TOWELS; married Otta May WALKER, 19, stenographer, Toronto, 112 Gally Ave in Toronto, d/o Wesley WALKER (b. Ontario) & Margaret CRUIKSHANK; wit J. ROWSELL & Mrs. J. ROWSELL of 40 Fielding Ave, 1 Jun 1925, Toronto (NOTE: Divorce granted 7 Jul 1932, Toronto)

6579-25 David ROY, 38, T.T.C. motorman, Scotland, 60 Hamilton St. Toronto, s/o George ROY (b. Scotland) & Jane ROBINSON, married Elizabeth BARBER, 26, linen maid, Scotland, 27 Carlton St Toronto, d/o John BARBER (Scotland) & Mary COWIE, witn: Jessie & R. A. McEACHERN both of 550 Parliament on Dec. 19, 1925

6578-25 Allan ROY, 35, shipper, Scotland, 128 Brunswick Ave Toronto, s/o Allan (b. Scotland) & Cornelia McK. , married Martha Millar BELL, 30, factory worker, Scotland, 643 Logan Ave Toronto, d/o father not known (sic) & Margaret BELL, witn: John WILSON of Mill Ave. & Isabel BALL of 52 Heath St East both of Toronto on Dec. 19, 1925

6575-25 George Cooper ROYCE, 60, president, widower, Toronto, 602 Avenue Road same, s/o Allan ROYCE (b. England) & Sarah Jane GILBERT, married Edna Lavera WALTON, 33, graduate nurse, Ontario, 22 Oakmount Road Toronto, d/o John W. W. WALTON (b. USA) & Ann ASHBRIDGE, witn: Sidney W. & Lillian BAND both of Toronto on Dec. 15, 1925

003441-25 Sollie RUBINOFF, 22, Tailor, Russia, 60 Defoe St in Toronto, s/o Louis RUBINOFF (b. Russia) & Bessie CUTTER; married Shirley ZARETINE, 19, Russia, 176 Huron St. in Toronto, d/o Adolph ZARETINE (b. Russia) & Esther (no surname given); wit D. GOLDSTEIN of 1109 Dundas West & S. GOLD of 58 Brunswick Ave., 19 Jun 1925

6588-25 Joszep RUDAKOWSKI, 33, mechanic, Russia, St. Catharines, s/o Hyman RUDAKOWSKI (b. Russia) & Rachel SHOUB, married Visni CAKAMOVITZ, 23, Russia, Toronto, d/o Solomon CAKAMOVITZ (b. Russia) & Miriam BUFF, witn: S. TURKAN of 32 Cameron St & B. SALKIN of 84 Baldwin St. both of Toronto on Dec. 17, 1925

6582-25 Albert Arthur RUDKIN, 26, labourer, Ontario, 1958 Davenport Rd Toronto, s/o William RUDKIN (b. England) & May McPHERSON, married Irene Vivian KERFORD, 20, Quebec, 1958 Davenport Rd. Toronto, d/o George KERFORD (b. Ontario) & Violet WALKER, witn: Mabel Irene RUDKIN & Harvey Milton LATIMER both of Unionville on Dec. 24, 1925

6585-26 Arthur George RUDMAN, 21, operator, England, 1229 Gerrard St. East Toronto, s/o Arthur Henry RUDMAN (b. England) & Lauretta WEST, married Clara Lilian LOCK, 22, England, 1229 Gerrard St. East Toronto, d/o Ernest LOCK (b. England) & Alice Kate COVEY, witn: Sidney Harold LOCK of R.R. 1 Blenheim & Alice Ethel WILKINS of Lorne Park Toronto on Dec. 25, 1925 at St. Clements Church

6577-25 William Alexander RUSLAND, 20, rubber worker, Ontario, 690 Crawford St Toronto, s/o George RUSLAND (b. Ontario) & Maud THORNDYKE, married Sylvia Louise EVANS, 18, B.T.C. operator, England, 690 Crawford St Toronto, d/o Thomas EVANS (b. Wales) & Clara Louise HYETTE, witn: Marjorie Jean RUSLAND of 690 Crawford St & J. W. BALMER of 69 Pape Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 5, 1925 at 690 Crawford Street

003446-25 John Gray RUSSELL, 33, Carpenter, Scotland, 84 University Ave, s/o James RUSSELL (b. Scotland) & Mary SCOTT; married Louise DAVIES, 20, England, 75 McGill St in Toronto, d/o Robert John DAVIES (b. England) & Louise WHEELER; wit R.M. PATERSON of Toronto & W.J. WARNE of 145 MacPherson in Toronto, 22 Jun 1925 003438-25 Nelson Herbert RUSSELL, 24, Ship Chandler, England, 745 West Broadway In Vancouver BC, s/o Herbert RUSSELL (b. England) & Helen SMITH; married May BRYANT, 20, England, 206 Holiday St. in Birmingham England, d/o William BRYANT (b. England) & Elizabeth HUTCHINS; wit M. Constance PAYNE & Blanche ROBBINS, both Toronto, 20 Jun 1925
003450-25 Maxwell Rowland RUSSELL, 23, School Teacher, Ontario, 18 Sherwood Ave, s/o John William RUSSELL (b. Ontario) & Ethel Margaret CLARKE; married Mildred Lena KINDY, 23, USA, Niagara Falls Ont, d/o Mahlon KINDY (b. USA) & Bertha May BURNAP; wit J. Carleton MABEE, Gananoque & Ethel L. KINDY, Niagara Falls, 27 Jun 1925 003435-25 Allen RUTTER, 23, Clerk, Port Hope, Oshawa, s/o William RUTTER (b. Port Hope) & Elizabeth Jane WELLS; married Estella Victoria PAGE, 28, Nurse, York Twp, Oshawa, d/o Thomas J. PAGE (b. Toronto) & Henrietta Victoria URQUHART; wit Dorothy R. PAGE of 941 Bathurst St. & L.J. CONNOLLY, Oshawa, 19 Jun 1925
003427-25 Donald Ray RUTTLE, 31, Agent, Ontario, 2 Normandy Blvd, s/o Christopher RUTTLE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth THOMSON; married Jean Armour MORRISON, 27, Ontario, 68 Kingsmount Pk Rd in Toronto, d/o John MORRISON (b. Quebec) & Agnes PELTON; wit Mina I. MORRISON of 68 Kingsmount Pk & Clark RUTTLE of 2 Normandy , 10 Jun 1925

6592-25 Max SILVERBERG, 27, operator, Poland, 219 McCaul St. Toronto, s/o Solomon SILVERBERG (b. Poland) & Elis TAPPER, married Bessie KELMAN, 22, Russia, 131 Palmerston Ave Toronto, d/o Josia KELMAN (b. Russia) & Esther TEKER, witn: Zalie BLOOM of 14 Centre Ave. & P. KRUGER of 84 Dundas St West both of Toronto on Dec. 20, 1925

6591-25 Alexander STEWART, 51, engineer, Scotland, 117 River Street Toronto, s/o John STEWART (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth COLLIS, married Margaret SHARKEY, 48, widow, Scotland, 117 River St. Toronto, d/o Michael SHARKEY (b. Ireland) & Margaret KILCOYNE, witn: John MITCHELL of 117 River St. & Catherine L. FLETT of Stop 35 Lakeshore Road Toronto on Dec. 24, 1925

003620-25 (York Co) Harry WAINES, 22, cabinet maker, England, 85 Chester Ave., s/o Henry WAINES & Ellen TAYLOR married Marjorie JOHNSON, 23, England, 83 Arundel Ave., d/o Samuel JOHNSON & Phoebe BROOKES, witn: Edna GARLICK of 105 Woodville Ave. & Donald C. HOWARD of 62 Shudell Ave., 9 June 1925 at St. Barnabas
003616-25 (York Co) James Wilfred WALDEN, 25, salesman, Ontario, 9 Hogarth Ave. Toronto, s/o John WALDEN (b. England) & Della WALKER married Adelaide Victoria EAGLESON, 23, bookkeeper, U.S.A., 9 Hogarth Ave. Toronto, d/o William Henry EAGLESON (b. Ireland) & Sarah INGHAM?, witn: Della WALDEN of Cobourg & William Henry EAGLESON of 9 Hogarth Ave. Toronto, 24 June 1925 at Holy Trinity Church 003613-25 (York Co) William Robertson WALKER, 26, bank manager, Scotland, 84 Prescott Ave. Toronto, s/o William R. WALKER (b. Scotland) & Helen CAMPBELL married Ina PORTER, 24, Scotland, en route from Scotland, d/o Alexander PORTER (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann CHRISTIE, witn: Donald GARDEN of 23 Hayden St Toronto & Doris BRINKWORTH of 35 Endean (?) Ave. Toronto, 17 June 1925 at 105 Bernard Ave
6681-25 James Harris WALLACE, 41, traveller, Ontario, 872A College, s/o Patrick WALLACE & Mary Ann O'NEIL, married Amelia Wilhemina FRAMPTON, 24, Ontario, Lelox Hotel in Detroit, d/o James FRAMPTON & Mary Ann HILSON, witn: Michael KENNEDY & Lillian PLUNKETT, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1925 6678-25 Edward Albert WALSH, 22 (b. 9 Aug 1903), mechanic, Stratford Ontario, 1641 Glendale in Detroit, s/o Edward Joseph WALSH, b. Ireland & Grace REBER, married Annie HELLEWELL, 21, England, 46 Firstbrook Rd in Toronto, d/o Wright HELLEWELL, b. England & Annie JOHNSTON, witn: Bessie HELLEWELL of 46 Firstbrook & Charles Eugene PILATE (Rilate?) of Detroit, 26 Dec 1925
003625-25 (York Co) Bernard Patrick WALSH, 34, cook, England, 181 Crawford St. Toronto, s/o Michael WALSH (b. Ireland) & Ellen SHEAN married Winifred Ethel GROOME, 28, dressmaker, England, Y.W.C.A. Dundas St. W. Toronto, d/o Walter GROOME (b. England) & Mary SIMS, witn: Mary & Rosa M. LINTON both of 138 Strachan Ave., 26 June 1925 003637-25 (York Co) Major Peers WALSH, 48, stock keeper, England, 210 Westbourne Ave. Regents Park Scarboro, widower, s/o James Anthony WALSH (b. England) & Jane PEERS married Elizabeth Alice YOUNG, 50, grocery packer, England, 20 Magnum St. Liverpool England, widow, d/o James WRIGHT (b. England) & Dorothy SPEED, witn: John Stanley WALSH & Dorothy Jane YOUNG both of 210 Westbourne Ave. Regent Park Scarboro Twp, 29 June 1925 at 210 Westbourne Ave. Regents Park
6679-25 John Griffiths WALTON, 34, milk salesman, Ontario, 241 Wychwood Ave in York twp., s/o James WALTON, b. England & Martha GRIFFITHS, married Ada Susan LAMONT, 33, Ontario, 312 Durie St. in Toronto, d/o Duncan LAMONT, b. Ireland & Elizabeth McCUTCHEON, witn: Catherine G. PERDUE of 5 Marchmount Rd & Harry HOWE of 94 Benson Ave., 16 Dec 1925 at 390 Perth Ave  
003604-25 (York Co) Chil WARGA, 21, vest maker, Poland, 6 Baldwin St. Toronto, s/o Joseph WARGA (b. Poland) & Rosa WEIZLECREZ (?) married Sara BIRKAN, 20, Poland, 172 Baldwin St. Toronto, d/o Jacob BIRKAN (b. Poland) & Perl SHNEIDERMAN, witn: S. BRODT of 8 Sullivan St. & T. NEIMAN of 68 D'Arcy, 12 June 1925 003608-25 (York Co) Clifford Milton WARNER, 24, clerk, Quebec, 1 Rose Ave. Toronto, s/o Frederick WARNER (b. Ontario) & Margaret MUNSHAW, married Ivy Leone TRICKEY, 17, Toronto, 534 Manning Ave. Toronto, d/o Alfred R. TRICKEY (b. Ontario) & Mary LINDSAY, witn: Earl F. WARNER of 1 Rose Ave. Toronto & Ethel TRICKEY of 534 Manning Ave. Toronto, 12 June 1925
003618-25 (York Co) Percy Richard WARNEFORD, 25, salesman, Scotland, 235 Clendenan Ave. Toronto, s/o Percy WARNEFORD (b. Scotland) & Margaret Jane WATSON married Martha Marguerite EGGLETON, 23, Ontario, Keene Ont., d/o Herbert EGGLETON (b. Ontario) & Margaret HARRIS?, witn: Anna ROUNDELL & S.L. ANDERSON both of Toronto, 20 June 1925 003626-25 (York Co) Edgar WATERS, 39, clerk, England, 113 Walpole Ave. Toronto, s/o Fred Martin (?) WATERS (b. England) & Jessie ROWE, married Gertrude Mary KNIGHT, 41, sales clerk, England, 113 Walpole Ave. Toronto, widow, d/o Joseph BOYD (b. England) & Jane CAMERON, witn: Hugh & Mary JONES both of 15 Highfield Rd., 28 June 1925
003643-25 (York Co) William WATSON, 68, carpenter, England, Lakefield Ont., widower, s/o Isaac WATSON & Rebecca COULTARD married Emily Ada COOK, 54, England, Toronto, widow, d/o Thomas Herbert COOK & Emily STOREY, witn: Gladys COOK of 17 Barton Ave. Toronto & J. COOKSON of 821 Gerrard St. E., 1 June 1925 at St. Matthews 003609-25 (York Co) Wilfred Alexander Ross WATSON, 29, police constable, Ontario, 487 St. Clarens Ave. Toronto, s/o James WATSON (b. Ontario) & Esther Ann HARPER married Lillian Jean THORNBURN, 25, Ontario, 1028 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, d/o James Bonnar (?) THORNBURN (b. Ontario) & Janet Isabel WATSON, witn: Ruth C. THORNBURN & Alfred LEWIS both of Toronto, 10 June 1925
003606-25 (York Co) James Alexander WATT, 25, clerk, Scotland, 18 Edgewood Ave. Toronto, s/o John WATT (b. Scotland) & Christina FRASER married Erla Loretta RAMSAY, 21, bookkeeper, Toronto, 890 Dundas St. E. Toronto, d/o Alex RAMSAY (b. Scotland) & Lena BRONSON, witn: Lillian HURLEY of 128 Ulster St. Toronto & Daniel CLEMENT of 135 Neville Pk. Blvd., 13 June 1925 at Trinity Church 003633-25 (York Co) Matthias Ebenezer WATTLEY, 49, cook, British West Indies, 1318 East Fayette St. Baltimore Maryland U.S.A., s/o Ebenezer WATTLEY (b. British West Indies) & Philian (Lillian?) PAYNE married Victoria Eliza CAESAR, 43, domestic, British West Indies, 42 Walton St. Toronto, spinster, d/o Moses CAESAR (b. British West Indies) & Elizabeth CANES, witn: Dudley MARSHALL of 148 Division Ave. & Winnifred BROWNE of 13 Madison Ave, 23 June 1925
003627-25 (York Co) Albert Richard WEDEKAMM, 26, steam fitter, Ontario, 80 Birch Ave. Toronto, s/o Albert WEDEKAMM (b. U.S.A.) & Sarah SHILL married Annie Elizabeth GAY, 26, Ontario, 164 Ashdale Ave. Toronto, d/o Alfred GAY (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth WEST, witn: Robert Louis SHILL of 78 Birch Ave. & Ethel KIRKLAND of 336 Concord Ave., 27 June 1925 at Century Baptist Church 003605-25 (York Co) John Alfred WEDGEWOOD, 37, farmer, Toronto Twp, Chinguacousy Twp, s/o David WEDGEWOOD (b. Peel Co) & Margaret MOORE married Gladys Evelyn SHERWOOD, 26, Toronto Twp, Toronto Twp, d/o Robert SHERWOOD (b. Milton) & Minnie GAGE, witn: Henrietta G. TYERS of RR#1 Cooksville & Gordon E. BUNT of Streetsville, 13 June 1925
003630-25 (York Co) Robert WEIR, 19, piano action maker, Ireland, 30 St. Clarens Ave. E. Toronto, s/o Joseph WEIR (b. Ireland) & Mary A. SKIDMORE married Edith Beatrice WILTON, 18, rubber worker, England, 26 Florence St. Toronto, d/o Herbert WILTON (b. England) & Amelia UNSWORTH, witn: William WATERFIELD of Toronto & Annie EDGAR of 497 Ossington Ave. Toronto, 27 June 1925  
6677-25 Cloy Edward WEISHUHN, 25, garage owner, USA, 1200 North Madison Ave in Bay City Michigan, s/o Richard N. WEISHUHN, b. Ont & Carrie ROBERTS, married Thelma Frances MELDRUM, 23, Ontario, 11 Orchard Park Blvd., d/o James MELDRUM, b. Ont & Pearl BILLINGS, witn: Archie D.S. & Margaret SIMPSON of Toronto, 25 Dec 1925 003611-25 (York Co) Harry Brown WELSH, 31, manager, Ontario, 276 Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o Thomas WELSH (b. Scotland) & Melissa WARDEN married Mary Marjorie McCONNELL, 25, bookkeeper, Ontario, 47 Marmaduke St. Toronto, d/o Alfred McCONNELL (b. Ontario) & Emma WEBB, witn: Donalda McCARROLL of 47 Marmaduke St. Toronto & William V. WELSH of 276 Jarvis St. Toronto, 10 June 1925 at 47 Marmaduke St
003622-25 (York Co) Casper Joseph WENINGER, 26, cap cutter, U.S.A., 64 Somerset Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph WENINGER (b. U.S.A.) & Elizabeth GEIER married Salina Margaret WOODS, 22, wool weaver, Ontario, 86 Greenlaw Ave. Toronto, d/o John WOODS (b. Ontario) & Margaret BOYD, witn: Frank WOODS of 175 Van Horne St. & Edith WILSON of 1504 Dufferin St., 29 June 1925 003619-25 (York Co) John Howard WHILLANS, 21, merchant, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William Howard WHILLANS (b. Ottawa) & Ella Jessie WHITTON married Doris McCLEARY, 20, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William John McCLEARY (b. Toronto) & Sara Anne McGOLPHIN (McGOLPIN ?), witn: Mrs. Florence LANGSKILL of 228 Geoffrey St. Toronto & Allan Richard McCLEARY of 59 Ostend Ave. Toronto, 22 June 1925 at Bloor St. United Church
003621-25 (York Co) Wilbert Harold WHITE, 26, carpenter, Ontario, 70 Afton Ave. Toronto, s/o James WHITE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth LANG married Alice Beatrice WHYTE, 17, Ontario, 19 Bodwin Ave. Toronto, d/o Daniel WHYTE (b. Ontario) & Mary Adelaide BENNET, witn: Fred WHYTE of 19 Bodwin Ave. & Elizabeth IRELAND of 584 Indian Grove, 30 June 1925 6676-25 Orley Wilfred WHITE, 20, salesman, Ontario, 206 Symington Ave., s/o Charles Starten WHITE, b. Ont & Helena BADGLEY, married Edith KNOWLES, 18, biscuit packer, England, 64 McMurray Ave., d/o Ralph KNOWLES, b. England & Sarah BRISCOE, witn: Frank KNOWLES of 64 McMurray & Ethel CHOWN of 9 Brooke Ave., 26 Dec 1925
  003636-25 (York Co) John WHITTON, 45, miner, Scotland, Tisdale Twp, s/o Thomas WHITTON (b. Scotland) & Douglas ANDERSON married Mary Mitchell WILKIE, 30, Scotland, Toronto, spinster, d/o William WILKIE (b. Scotland) & Georgina MILNE, witn: Arthur F. WEBSTER & Annie WILKIE both of 560 Delaware Ave. Toronto, 26 June 1925
003634-25 (York Co) Louis Abraham WILDER, 26, merchant, Toronto, 93 Chestnut St. Toronto, s/o Chester Sam WILDER (b. Austria) & Esther COMINSKY married Ettie ROSENSTEIN, 22, Latvija, 459 Queen St. W. Toronto, d/o Max ROSENSTEIN (b. Latvija) & Sarah BLUMBERG, witn: Joseph WILDES of 195 Shaw St. Toronto & S. LIVINTER of 420 Palmerston Blvd. 25 (28?) June 1925 003632-25 (York Co) James William WILLETT, 32, carpenter, England, 20 Glebe Rd. W. Toronto, s/o James WILLETT (b. England) & Elizabeth GORDON married Annie Charlotte CHAPMAN, 35, clerk, England, 114 Roslin Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o Charles CHAPMAN (b. England) & Rhoda HARRIS, witn: William Percy George HAYTER & Lelia Frances Jane CHAPMAN both of 114 Roslin Ave. Toronto, 27 June 1925
003623-25 (York Co) Matt WILSON, 41, paper hanger, Scotland, 196 Dundas St. E. Toronto, s/o Robert WILSON (b. Scotland) & Minnie CALDWELL married Elizabeth Jane Jones GALLIVAN, 29, domestic, Scotland, 196 Dundas St. E. Toronto, d/o John Jones GALLIVAIN (sic) (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth LAWRIE, witn: A. NOKES of 196 Dundas St. E. Toronto & Mary McGUIRE SCOTT of 15 Oakmount Rd. Toronto, 8 June 1925 at Bond St. Church 003610-25 (York Co) Manton Anderson WILSON, 32, barrister, Ontario, 22 Summerhill Gardens Toronto, s/o Thomas WILSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah DODGSON married Gladys CHARLES, 29, Ontario, 20 Alexandra Blvd. Toronto, d/o Joseph Henry CHARLES (b. Ontario) & Anna Louisa BEAVIS, witn: Harold J. WESLEY of 51 McFarland Ave. Toronto & Glenna CHARLES of 20 Alexandra Blvd. Toronto, 10 June 1925
003641-25 (York Co) David WILSON, 29, tailor, Leith Scotland, 1128 Dovercourt Road, s/o Robert WILSON & Isabel CLARKE married Ethel WALMSLEY, 26, Manchester England, 259 Van Horne St., d/o John WALMSLEY & Caroline JOHNSON, witn: Harry WALMSLEY of 259 Van Horne St. & Priscilla WOODLEY of 1385 Dufferin St., 3 June 1925 at St. Edmund's Church 003642-25 (York Co) Harry WILSON, 22, electrician, England, York Twp, s/o Thomas Henry WILSON & Lizzie TURNER married Quninella May CROSS, 23, England, York Twp, d/o Henry CROSS & May SAVAGE, witn: William WILSON of 273 Silverthorn Ave. & Constance CROSS of 58 Dunraven Drive?, 1 June 1925 at Calvary Church
003628-25 (York Co) Francis WILSON, 28, laborer, Scotland, 213 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, s/o Harry WILSON (b. England) & Catherine HAWSON married Elsie LAYCOCK, 26, saleslady, England, 599 Bloor St. W. Toronto, d/o Charles LAYCOCK (b. England) & Rosa WILSON, witn: Christine JOHNSON & Edward STEVENS both of 213 Palmerston Ave., 30 June 1925 at St. Albans Cathedral 003631-25 (York Co) Alan George WILSON, 21, clerk, Ontario, 108 Macdonell Ave. Toronto, s/o George T. WILSON (b. Ontario) & Martina PAUL married Phyllis Muriel McDONALD, 19, Quebec, 169 Colbeck Ave. Toronto, d/o William A. McDONALD (b. Quebec) & Sadie SCULLION, witn: Henry E. STEEN & Merle H. SQUIRRELL both of Toronto, 27 June 1925
003615-25 (York Co) Harry Rusland WILSON, 28, insurance broker, Toronto, 142 Gillard Ave. Toronto, s/o James WILSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret RUSLAND married Edith Margaret McGOLPIN, 27, stenographer, Toronto, 213 Glebeholme Blvd Toronto, d/o William J. McGOLPIN (b. Ontario) & Susan WILSON, witn: T. Jackson PRESTWICK of 276 Waverley Rd. Toronto & Jane McGOLPIN of 213 Glebeholme Blvd Toronto, 16 June 1925 003617-25 (York Co) Clemeth William John WILSON, 24, hardware clerk, Toronto, 44 Munro St. Toronto, s/o William Bell WILSON (b. England) & Nellie BRAINHAM, married Gladys Maud LEE, 22, England, 71 McGill St. Toronto, d/o Thomas LEE (b. Ireland) & Maud BUCHAN, witn: Ruth Marion TALBOT of 346 Ontario St. Toronto & John G. SMITH of 33 Cambridge Ave. Toronto, 27 June 1925 at Holy Trinity Church
003638-25 (York Co) Joseph Raoul WISEMAN, 27, butcher, Sorel T. Q., Toronto, s/o Alfred WISEMAN & Marie Louise HOGUE married Georgette LECOURS, 21, St. Antoine de Bienville, Toronto, d/o Napoleon LECOURS & Marie LEMIEUX, witn: Arthur HOGUE of 113 River St. Toronto & Rene WISEMAN of 1081 Spadina Rd., 24 June 1925  
6680-25 John WOOD, 35, widower, clerk, Eaglesfield Scotland, 69 Marchmount Rd in Toronto, s/o John WOOD & Elizabeth REDDICK, married Florence Mary HOWE, 27, nurse, Homeschurch? Suffolk England, 316 Gilbert Ave in Toronto, d/o Herbert HOWE & Susannah MUMFORD, witn: S. & Margaret HEATHFIELD of 216 Gilbert Ave., 25 Dec 1925 003635-25 (York Co) Robert Rennie WOOD, 31, laborer, Scotland, 57 Aldridge Ave. Toronto, s/o William WOOD (b. Scotland) & Ann LEIPER married May DONALD, 25, Scotland, 57 Aldridge Ave. Toronto, d/o Alexander DONALD (b. Scotland) & Mary MEARNS, witn: Milles ANDERSON of 84 Bristol Ave. & Margarite WOOD of 57 Aldridge Ave., 27 June 1925
003640-25 (York Co) Cyril WOODHEAD, 29, clerk, Liverpool England, 245 Winnett Ave. s/o James DAVIS (step father Thomas WOODHEAD) & Henrietta EWENS married Florence Margaret REID, 25, clerk, Toronto, 178 Gilbert Ave. Toronto, d/o James M. REID & Ida RUTHVEN, witn: Gordon GLANVILLE of 18 Cumberland St. & James M. REID of 178 Gilbert Ave. 24 June 1925 003614-25 (York Co) Leonard WOODLEY, 25, house miner, England, 1385 Dufferin St. Toronto, s/o Benjamin WOODLEY (b. England) & Priscilla WATKINS married Muriel Grace STEEL, 18, England, 250 Nairn Ave. Toronto, d/o Ernest STEEL (b. England) & Mary ALLSOP, witn: Harry WALMSLEY of 259 Van Horne St. Toronto & Priscilla WOODLEY of 1385 Dufferin St. Toronto, 20 June 1925 at St. Chads
003612-25 (York Co) Charles Louis William WORSLEY, 52, bank clerk, Lachine Quebec, 550 Driveway Ottawa, widower, s/o Perryman White WORSLEY (b. Canada) & Albina SICOTTE, married Amelia Pauline SNIDER, 49, Hamilton, Toronto, widow, d/o Jacob Martin SCHENK (b. Canada) & Marie Margaret FAHRNER, witn: G. S. WORSLEY of Ottawa & J. M. SCHENK of Toronto, 23 June 1925 003629-25 (York Co) Robert Livingstone WRIGHT, 26, laborer, Scotland, 189 University Ave. Toronto, s/o John WRIGHT (b. Scotland) & Sarah COOPER (Hooper?), married Julia Rose SOREN, 23, domestic, Ontario, 29 Oakmount Rd. Toronto, d/o Jean SOREN (b. Poland) & Kate SOREN, witn: Ernest & Sarah PAYIR both of Toronto, 27 June 1925 at Howard Park Church
003607-25 (York Co) Charles William WRIGHT, 24, tire finisher, England, 360 Delaware St. Tonawanda N.Y., s/o Charles Frederick WRIGHT (b. England) & Bertha HOWELL married Violet Caroline McGREGOR, 19, operator, Toronto, 91 Ashdale Ave. Toronto, d/o Jack McGREGOR (b. Ontario) & Edith MORRISON, witn: E. WOODHOUSE of 622 Greenwood & Miss Dorothy McGREGOR of 91 Ashdale Ave., 13 June 1925 at 224 Margueretta St 003624-25 (York Co) Arthur Fleming WRIGHT, 23, carpenter, England, 455 Church St. Toronto, s/o Arthur Charles WRIGHT (b. England) & Sarah Jane FLEMING married Mabel MORRISON, 25, bookkeeper, Scotland, 100 Wolverleigh Blvd. Toronto, d/o Andrew MORRISON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann TAYLOR, witn: S (illeg) HODGSON of 66 Springhurst Ave. Toronto & Beatrice Amy WAKEFIELD of 219 Dundas Crescent Toronto, 20 June 1925 at St. Peter's Church
003639-25 (York Co) William Frederick WU???HIS, 30, salesman, Toronto, 211 Hanson St. Toronto, s/o William Frederick (blank) & Elizabeth WHITE married Annabell COWIE, 26, stenographer, Aberdeen Scotland, 31 Albemarle Ave. Toronto, d/o James COWIE & Ann ROWELL, witn: Richard WHITE of 64 Park St. S. Hamilton & Frances COWIE of 31 Albemarle Ave. Toronto, 24 June 1925 at St. Barnabas  
6684-25 Wasily YANEFF, 26, butcher, Macedonia, 11 Dagmar St., s/o Yabe & Christa nee ASPRO, married Trendafila LAZAROVA, 20, Macedonia, 202 Queen St. East, d/o Lazar & Vasilka nee STOYAN, witn: Vane NAUNICHEFF of 735 Richmond St. West & Bozin PANDO of 218 Queen East, 6 Dec 1925 at Macedonia Balgar Orthodox Church 6682-25 Anthony YATES, 20, laborer, Italy, 17 Mansfield Ave., s/o Sabbatino (b. Italy) & Ezia nee COLETTI, married Evelyn Jeannet Georgina McBAIN, 18, Ontario, 6 Grace St., d/o Hector (b. Scotland) & Wilhelmina nee BUCHHOLTZ, witn: Frank & Celestine DEMARCO of 278 Claremont Ave., 21 Dec 1925
6683-25 George YOUNG, 39, foreman, Marlbank Ont., 37 Livingstone Ave in Kingston, s/o James YOUNG, b. Ont & Mary Ann WATERS, married Marie Elizabeth BYRNE, 30, governess, Birmingham England, 798 Kingston Rd in Toronto, d/o William John BYRNE, b. England & Elizabeth YATES, witn: A.J. & Margaret WALL of 798 Kingston Rd., 21 Dec 1925 at St. Johns Norway 003644-25 (York Co) Howell Preston YOUNG, 39, mechanical engineer, New Zealand (West Port), Toronto, s/o Robert Austen YOUNG & Elizabeth REED, married Joyhurst C. SHORE, 31, Hornell N.Y., Toronto, d/o Richard A. SHORE & Alberta CRITTALL, witn: Thomas A. SASS & Richard A. SHORE both of Toronto, 17 June 1925 at St. James Cathedral
6685-25 Sam ZASK, 24, merchant, Russia, 461 Danforth Ave., s/o Shabath ZASK, b. Russia & Bessie ROKITA, married Annette WAINSTAIN, 21, clerk, France, 178 Baldwin St., d/o Alter WAINSTAIN, b. Roumania & Bella HOFFMAN, witn: Max EICKLER of 399 Palmerston Blvd & Sam BERGER of 461 Danforth Ave., 27 Dec 1925 6686-25 Harry ZEIT, 28, clerk, Poland, 96 McCaul St., s/o Josef ZEIT, b. Poland & Laura Blyma LYMAN (Saura Blyma Symon?), married Annie WEINBERG, 24, finisher, Poland, 96 McCaul St., d/o Aria CHASKIEL (sic) & Rywka GRUPOSTEIN, witn: Maer HALSBUCH of 10 St. Andrew? St. & J.L. WOHLGELERUTER of 36 Cannington Ave., 29 Dec 1925