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City of Toronto, 1925, part 4

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1996-25 George Walter ADAMS, 29, salesman, London England, Toronto, s/o Walter ADAMS & Emily MANNING, married Mildred Phyllis HUTCHINS, 27, Toronto, same, d/o William HUTCHINS & Mary Jane WOOD, witn: William HUTCHINS & Emily ADAMS both of Toronto on April 24, 1925  
1988-25 Ernest George ALDRIDGE, 21, over printer, England, 21, Eversfield Road Fairbank Ont., s/o Jabez ALDRIDGE (b. England) & Annie EVES, married Hazel Louise VENNING, 20, operator, Ontario, 185 Douglas Ave. Toronto, d/o Howard VENNING (b. England) & Louise LEWIS, witn: Florence VENNING of 185 Douglas Avenue & Allan RALPH of 53 Reid Street both of Toronto on April 23, 1925 1995-25 Alexander William ALLDER, 22, electrician, Essex England, 2374 Gerrard Street East Toronto, s/o George Allan ALLDER & Emily Charlotte GURDON, married Doris May CURTIS, 18, Dorsetshire England, 2374 Gerrard Street East Toronto, d/o William Frederick CURTIS & Ellen CHRISTOPHER, witn: Harry WALKER of Malton & Viola CURTIS of 2515 Danforth Avenue Toronto on April 11, 1925
1993-25 Edward John ANDERSON, 39, confectioner, USA, Box 303 Vesta Minnesota USA, s/o John ANDERSON (b. Sweden) & Sarah GILBERTSON, married Emily HENSHALL, 38, England, 150 Langley Ave. Toronto, d/o John HENSHALL (b. England) & Eliza WOODALL, witn: Florence BARNES & Kathleen DAVIES both of Toronto on April 4, 1925 1991-25 William McJanet ANDERSON, 36, labourer, Scotland, Cheltenham, s/o Robert ANDERSON & Amy ROLLO, married Ada BOOTH, 37, school teacher, England, 396 Main Street East Toronto, d/o John William BOOTH (b. England) & Jane DENT, witn: Margaret BOISTON of 16 Governor St. Victoria B.C. & John G. BOOTH of Cheltenham on April 30, 1925 at 396 Main St. East
1989-25 Charles ANDREWS, 32, confectioner, London England, 1323 Queen St. East Toronto, s/o Thomas ANDREWS (b. England) & Emily FULLER, married Agnes ALLEN, 34, clerk, widow, Manchester England, 1323 Queen Street East Toronto, d/o John GARDINER (b. England) & Mary MAGEE, witn: Collyer MEED of 156 Kingston Road & John GREER of 290 Kingston Road both of Toronto on April 22, 1925 at ST. John's Church Norway 1985-25 Charles Francis ARCHER, 32, forester, USA, South House University of Toronto, s/o Frederick E. ARCHER (b. Ontario) & Jean DRYBOROUGH, married Elizabeth ROBINSON, 36, school teacher, Toronto, 113 Brunswick Ave. Toronto, d/o Arthur ROBINSON (b. England) & Arabella BAGGS, witn: N. N. BAGGS & Verall ROBINSON both of Toronto on April 16, 1925 at Bathurst St. Methodist Church
1990-25 Victor Conybeare ARLIDGE, 27, musician, Toronto, 39 Keewatin Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph (b. England) & Olivia Mary, married Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT, 21, Ontario, 30 Pinewood Ave. Toronto, d/o Leslie J. WRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Minnie LEWIS, witn: Percy HAM & Theresa ALDRIDGE (sic) both of Toronto on April 29, 1925 1992-25 Frank Andrew ARMSTRONG, 38, salesman, Scotland, 32 Oxford St. Toronto, s/o Alexander ARMSTRONG (b. Scotland) & Kathleen HALLIDAY, married Frances Minnie May NIBLETT, 37, Ontario, 17 Palmerston Gardens Toronto, d/o James NIBLETT (b. England) & Ellen LAWRENCE, witn: L. A. & Clara NIBLETT both of Toronto on April 27, 1925
1987-25 James Henry ARNOTT, 26, painter, Ontario, Bracebridge, s/o James Henry ARNOTT (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann RUTHERFORD, married Edna May SPIERS, 18, waitress, Ontario, 567 Church St. Toronto, d/o Joseph SPIERS (b. Ontario) & Mary C. FETTERLY, witn: A. M. McKENZIE of 7 Glebe Road East & Lillian HEDDLESTON of 625 Church Street both of Toronto on April 6, 1925 1994-25 John ATTFIELD, 54, forester, Brixton England, Orono Ontario, s/o John ATTFIELD (b. England) & Mercy BARNES, married Rose MARTIN, 40, East Croydon England, Toronto, d/o John MARTIN (b. England) & Harriett HAZLEGROVE, witn: Julia CLARK of 19 Perth Ave. & A. M. MACKENZIE of 7 Glebe Road East both of Toronto on April 28, 1925
2021-25 Robert Silas BAILEY, 42, real estate clerk, Ontario, 256 Milverton Blvd. Toronto, s/o Richard BAILEY (b. England) & Mary CLEAVE, married Constance Mary STEWART, 27, Scotland, 308 Roxton Road Toronto, d/o David STEWART (b. Scotland) & Isabella Dawson GRANT, witn: Helen & William EMBLETON both of 21 Langford Ave. Toronto on April 29, 1925 5853-25 Ray Orland BAILEY, 24, civil servant, Ontario, 132 Yorkville Ave., s/o John BAILEY, b. Ont & Jessie HOWITT, married Florence Emily Ellenett BROWN, 21, milliner, Ontario, 132 Yorkville Ave., d/o Walter Franklin BROWN, b. USA & Josephine BARBEAU, witn: H.G. BARBER of 64 Arlington Ave & Mildred THOMPSON of 16 Inglewood Dr., 11 Nov 1925 at 132 Yorkville Ave
  2025-25 John George BAIN, 19, auto mechanic, Ontario, 94 Stafford St. Toronto, s/o John George BAIN (b. Quebec) & Clara BARTON, married Eleanor May THORNTON, 20, dress essentials, Toronto, 42 Pendrith St. Toronto, d/o Walter THORNTON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth TYE, witn: Alice & Patricia MAYHEW both of Toronto on April 21, 1925
2009-25 Harry BAKER, 31, machine hand, Toronto, 754 Kingston Road same, s/o Charles BAKER (b. Ontario) & Caroline REID, married Mabel Gertrude FULLER, 36, clerk, widow, Ontario, 186 Waverley Road Toronto, d/o Arthur James MILLS (b. England) & Catherine MAYBEE, witn: Annie BAKER, 754 Kingston Road & Walter RUSSELL of 563 Bathurst Street both of Toronto on April 14, 1925 2014-25 Stanley Thomas BAKER, 20, wood pedlar, England, 228 River Street Toronto, s/o Thomas BAKER (b. England) & Alice M. HALLIDAY, married Dorothy CURRELL, 19, clerk, England, 227 Sumach Street Toronto, d/o James CURRELL (b. England) & Eliza SKINNER, witn: Samuel TILLETT & Alice BAKER both of 69 Barker Avenue Toronto on April 22, 1925 at Trinity Church
5830-25 Harry BALDWIN, 30 (b. 2 May 1895), steam fitter, Shrewsbury - Shropshire England, 68 Brooklyn Ave., s/o Thomas R. BALDWIN, b. England & Ada TYLDESLY?, married Ethel RYAN, 34, widow, operator, England, 68 Brooklyn Ave., d/o John MISHALL, b. England & Priscilla MILLARD, witn: Robert & Doris LEARY of 64 Munro St., 27 Nov 1925 2016-25 Frederick James BALL, 28, auto mechanic, England, 159 Harbord St. Toronto, s/o Gilbert BALL (b. England) & Elizabeth WHITE, married Sarah Wylie WATT, 22, milliner, Scotland, 65 Henry St. Toronto, d/o Thomas WATT (b. Scotland) & Mary LAMONT, witn: Gilbert N. BALL of 10 Albany Ave. & Lillian MITCHELL of 916 Bloor Street both of Toronto on April 18, 1925
2003-25 John Randolph BARBER, 23, commercial artist, Cornwall Ontario, 69 Douglas Drive Toronto, s/o Charles Herbert BARBER (b. Georgetown) & Laura Ethel WEAGANT, married Frances Audrey FRAYER, 18, Caesarea Ontario, 484 Jones Avenue Toronto, d/o William FRAYER (b. Caesarea) & Martha AVERY, witn: Fred Allan RUSSELL of 91 Jarvis Street & Dora Margaret BARRETT of 14 Chester Avenue both of Toronto on April 10, 1925 5850-25 George Harris BARCLAY, 22, telephone installer, Ireland, 290 Willow Ave., s/o James BARCLAY, b. Ireland & Martha HAMMALA?, married Georgia Moneta WEAKLEY, 19, Ontario, 263 Willow Ave., d/o George WEAKLEY, b. Ont & Edith POTTS, witn: W.D. BARCLAY of 290 Willow Ave & Ina Marjorie COOLEY of 89 Iverton? Ave., 4 Nov 1925
2023-25 Henry Roy BARTON, 23, steel & copper plate engraver, Ontario, 10 Sarnia Ave. Toronto, s/o Henry R. BARTON (b. England) & Matilda WESTON, married Hazel Adeline KIRKWOOD, 22, chocolate packer, Toronto, 183 Argyle St. Toronto, d/o William KIRKWOOD (b. Toronto) & Caroline KNOX, witn: G. & F. KIRKWOOD both of 10 Sarnia Ave. Toronto on April 25, 1925 2000-25 William Albert BASSINGTHWAITE, 24, automotive electrician, Ontario, 324 Shaw St. Toronto, d/o Herschel BASSINGTHWAITE (b. Ontario) & Minnie RUMBLE, married Nancy Phyllis Minerva WOOD, 22, Ontario, 324 Shaw St. Toronto, d/o Robert WOOD (b. Ontario) & Henrietta ADAMS, witn: John WOOD of Newton Robinson Ontario & Mrs. Arthur THOMPSON of Thornton Ontario on April 8, 1925
2004-25 Alfred BATSON, 27, labourer, Newfoundland, 273 Concord Avenue Toronto, s/o Richard BATSON (b. Newfoundland) & Emma Jane IVANY, married Sarah Ann MORGAN, 25, stenographer, Newfoundland, 183 Concord Avenue Toronto, d/o William John (b. Newfoundland) & Deborah, witn: Ivan L. & Mary I. CULLEN both of 183 Concord Avenue Toronto on April 16, 1925 2022-25 Robert Martin BEATON, 29, electrician, Scotland, 197 Gladstone Ave. Toronto, s/o Peter BEATON (b. Scotland) & Margaret MARTIN, married Williamina BANKIER, 28, Scotland, 97 Lindsay Ave. Toronto, d/o James BANKIER (b. Scotland) & Hannah SHARKEY, witn: David BEATON of 197 Gladstone Ave. & Mary RODGERS of 97 Lindsay Avenue both of Toronto on April 29, 1925
5854-25 William Benjamin BEATTY, 30, Ontario, 1501 Queen St. West, s/o Benjamin BEATTY, b. Ireland & Martha CRAWFORD, married Evelyn Ethel MORRISON, 22, Frankford Ont., 218 Close Ave in Toronto, d/o John MORRISON, b. Ont & Hulda SMITH, witn: George BEATTY of 241 Brock & Margaret McPHERSON of 77 Victor Ave., 4 Nov 1925 5846-25 Richard BELL, 60, widower, carpenter, Ireland, 11 Cowan Ave., s/o George BELL, b. Ireland & Sarah Elizabeth ALLISON, married Sarah Jane MULHOLLAND, 54, widow, Ontario, 800A Bloor St. West, d/o Robert KING, b. Ireland & Margaret DAVIDSON, witn: George & Florence NANCARROW of 410 Northcliffe Blvd., 7 Nov 1925 at Church of St. Mary the Virgin,
2012-25 Frederick Henry BENNETT, 38, farmer, Ontario, Box 415 Bowmanville, s/o William BENNETT (b. England) & Matilda PRIOR, married Marie McADAM, 34, Ontario, 665 Pape Avenue Toronto, d/o Thomas McADAM (b. Ontario) & Katharine CANTY, witn: Mrs Alex BOYD & Mrs Julia ALLIN both of Toronto on April 22, 1925 2019-25 Arthur Francis BICKFORD, 26, driver, England, 202 Christie Street Toronto, s/o Albert BICKFORD (b. England) & Emma PERRY, married Isabel GROUCHY, 29, goods sorter, Newfoundland, 992 Ossington Ave. Toronto, d/o Frank (b. Newfoundland) & Martha, witn: Herbert SHELLY & Amy COOPER both of Toronto on April 21, 1925
1999-25 Francis William BIRD, 28, concessioner, Toronto, 188 Franklin Avenue Toronto, s/o William Ellis BIRD (b. England) & Fannie Louisa PEATE, married Mary Elizabeth MILNE, 32, divorcee, USA, 62 McMurray Ave. Toronto, d/o Jesse DODGE (b. England) & Mary NEWTON, witn: Margaret & John BLAIR both of Toronto on April 7, 1925 2011-25 David Merrill BLACK, 33, motor mechanic, Toronto, 245 Sheldrake Blvd. Toronto, s/o George A. BLACK (b. Ontario) & Marion CARSTAIRS, married Mary Stella BURNS, 24, fur trimmer, Ontario, 104 Helena Avenue Toronto, d/o Joseph BURNS (b. Ontario) & Stella HUGHEY, witn: J. W. WILKSHIRE of 462 Blythmore Road & Isabella PICKARD of 59 Sherwood Avenue both of Toronto on April 2, 1925
2008-25 James Goudie BLACKWOOD, 23, storekeeper, Scotland, New Toronto, s/o James BLACKWOOD (b. Scotland) & Isabell SKOUSE, married Agnes Archibald McQUEEN, 23, Scotland, New Toronto, d/o James McQUEEN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: Margaret & John REID both of 49 22nd Street Toronto on April 14, 1925 2006-25 Horace BLAKE, 27, varnish maker, England, 12 Gloucester Street Toronto, s/o James Charles BLAKE (b. England) & Amelia PALMER, married Nora AUTROBUS (Antrobus?), 21, maid, England, Prince George Hotel Toronto, d/o Sam AUTROBUS (b. England) & Annie CLARK, witn: George AUTROBUS of 25 Connaught Avenue & Elizabeth GLENDAY of Prince George Hotel both of Toronto on April 18, 1925
5840-25 Joseph BLEIBERG, 25, dress cutter, Galicia, 102 Brunswick Ave., s/o Louise BLEIBERG, b. Galicia & Marie JUPITER, married Vera AXSMITH, 22, typist, Russia, 478 Richmond St., d/o Isaac AXSMITH, b. Russia, & Marie LEVINE, witn: Samuel FRANKEL of 11 Henry St. & Sam SHERMAN of 476 Richmond St., 1 Nov 1925 5835-25 Laurie BLUMBERGH, 33, widower, salesman, Toronto, 100 Lippincott Ave., s/o Nathan BLUMBERGH, b. England & Rafia PHILIPS, married Diana Oberlauder THALER, 30 (b. 21 Sept 1895), widow, music teacher, London England, 5 Crang? Ave., d/o Susi THALER, b. Russia & Hilda GREEN, witn: H. HARRIS of College St. in Toronto & J. KURLAND of 5 Troy St. in Buffalo, 29 Nov 1925
5836-25 George John Stanley BOAKS, 33, photographer, England, 352 Glebeholme Blvd., s/o George John BOAKS, b. England & Alice ROGERS, married Jessie ARTHUR, 35 (b. 1 Jan 1890), cook, Pitsligo Aberdeenshire Scotland, 12 Edgar Ave in Toronto, d/o John ARTHUR, b. Scotland & Isabella DAVIDSON (married 16 June 1877 in Pitsligo), witn: Charlotte & Marion SILLS? of 27 Park Rd., 16 Nov 1925 5845-25 Charles Roy BOLES, 34, teacher, Ontario, 478 Glenlake Ave., s/o William BOLES, b. Ont & Sarah MADDOCK, married Winnifred Margaret BAKER, 25 (b. 4 Nov 1900), teacher, Delaware twp Ontario, 121 Mavety St., d/o Albert BAKER, b. Ont & Jenny GURNEY, witn: Norman BAKER of 121 Mavety St. & Grace DAVY? of 563 Annette St., 23 Nov 1925
5852-25 Charles Thomas BOLTON, 33 (b. 3 Jan 1891), divorced, steam fitter, Baildon Yorkshire England, Elverston Ave in Weston, s/o Ramsden BOLTON, b. England & Ellen PICKLES, married Irene Clayton BOOTY, 31, dress maker, Toronto, 20 Frankish Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert Henry BOOTY, b. Ont & Catherine O'CONNER, witn: Mary LAING of 38 Rolyat & Thomas B. SPENCE of 36 Rolyat, 9 Nov 1925 2010-25 Abraham BOMZA, 47, coat presser, Austria, 245 ½ Markham Street Toronto, s/o Louis BOMZA (b. Austria) & Gettel YEGER, married Annie SHOCKMAN, 45, widow, England, 120 Nassau Street Toronto, d/o Wolfe MOSSES (b. Russia) & Sarah TARLOR, witn: L. BERK & J. KAPLAN both of Toronto on April 4, 1925
5831-25 Richard Henry BOND, 27, clerk, Ontario, 81 Parkway Ave., s/o Richard Still BOND, b. Ont & Charlotte Eliz. PERRY, married Mary Jane CAMERON, 28, Ontario, Queen St. West in New Toronto, d/o John James CAMERON, b. Ont & Elizabeth WALKER, witn: Elizabeth CAMERON of RR1 Islington & Charlotte E. BOND of 81 Parkway, 27 Nov 1925 5832-25 Henry John Leonard BOND, 25, clerk, England, 298 Ossington Ave., s/o Leonard BOND, b. England & Elizabeth CARTER, married Florrie HARTLEY, 23 (b. 9 Sept 1902), operator, Pretoria Rd - Bradford England, 428 Bathurst St., d/o Albert HARTLEY, b. England & Mary Ann DORAN, witn: L. & Cyril A. BOND of Toronto, 27 Nov 1925
5838-25 Joseph Edward Alexander BOND, 22, barber, Ontario, Woodbridge, s/o Charles BOND, b. Ont & Ella REILLY, married Lydia Evelyn STEWART, 21, Ontario, Woodbridge, d/o Andrew STEWART, b. Ireland & Mary SUTTON, witn: Miss Annie M. STEWART of Woodbridge & Charles A. BOND of Aurora, 23 Nov 1925 5834-25 Harry BORKOFSKY, 48, Poland, 113 Baldwin St., s/o Solomon BORKOFSKY, b. Poland & Minnie CLAMER, married Gertrude YOROVITCH, 40, widow, Poland, 913 Queen St. East, d/o Jacob YOROVITCH, b. Poland & Taube CARFE, witn: Y. SLAC? of 249 Grace St. & Louis SOBEL of 225 University Ave., 21 Nov 1925
5843-25 Arthur Harold BOWYER, 34, engineer, England, 79 Asquith Ave., s/o Charles H. BOWYER, b. England & Ellen Louisa SPOON? (Speers?), married Marie Adele LA TOUR, 25, Ontario, 171 Collier St.., d/o Joseph O.B. LA TOUR, b. Ont & Emma FORTIN, witn: J.O.B. & Irene LA TOUR of 171 Collier St., 3 Nov 1925 2015-25 Robert BOYD, 27, wholesale grocer, Ireland, 7 Silver Avenue Toronto, s/o John BOYD (b. Ireland) & Jean HENDERSON, married Margaret KISSICK, 26, shoe operator, Ireland, 7 Silver Avenue Toronto, d/o Robert KISSICK (b. Ireland) & Margaret LENNOX, witn: William KISSICK of 181 Sheridan Avenue & Evelyn HAYES of 85 Beaty Avenue both of Toronto on April 25, 1925
1998-25 Harry Melville BRADLEY, 26, dentist, Ops Tp. Victoria Co., Wheatley Ontario, s/o Joseph BRADLEY (b. Victoria Co) & Minnie BLOXOM, married Jean Gertrude Victoria ATKINSON, 23, nurse, Red Deer Alberta, Toronto, d/o Wilson L. ATKINSON (b. Victoria Co) & Letitia MARTIN, witn: Dr. W. M. MONTGOMERY & Mary Edith Frances ATKINSON both of Toronto on April 7, 1925 2007-25 Richard Seary BRAGAN, 22, picker operator, England, 215 Oak Street Toronto, s/o Robert BRAGAN (b. England) & Mary Ann SEARY, married Florence DEVERS, 19, assembler, Ireland, 794 Woodbine Avenue Toronto, d/o Robert DEVERS (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann NEVILLE, witn: Erma BEAUVAIS of 150 Carlaw Ave. & Thomas MERRIMAN of 74 River Street both of Toronto on April 18, 1925
2018-25 Wilfred BRIDGES, 37, black smith, England, West Hamilton Ontario, s/o Robert BRIDGES (b. England) & Lisa GARRETT, married Bethina HASTIE, 29, Scotland, 79 Foxley St. Toronto, d/o Thomas Mitchell HASTIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth DEWAR, witn: Mary LINDON & Leonard Charles WALKER both of 1188 Davenport Rd. Toronto on April 29, 1925 2020-25 Robert Horn Stirling BRITTON, 34, engineer, Scotland, 3 Blakely Ave. York Twp., s/o James D. BRITTON (b. Scotland) & Annie Horn STIRLING, married Isabella McCAFFER, 25, Scotland, 14 Norval Avenue York Tp., d/o Donald McCAFFER (b. Scotland) & Isabella CUMMING, witn: Alexander & Pearl BRITTON both of 4 Blakely Ave. Toronto on April 30, 1925 at 508 Annette St.
5844-25 Francis Redvers BROMFIELD, 25, yeoman, England, RR1 Middleport - Onondaga twp Brant Co., s/o John BROMFIELD, b. England & Mary Annie HOWLETT, married Winnifred Alice BANKS, 26 (b. 2 Dec 1899), Howberhayne - Colyton Devon England, RR1 Middleport, d/o John Robert BANKS, b. England & Alice BISHOP, witn: Annie Lillian & Archie Cecil TRUSTIAN of Middleport, 1 Nov 1925 5839-25 William Rupert BROMFIELD, 33, chauffeur, England, 76 Rowanwood Ave., s/o Frank Arthur BROMFIELD, b. England & Mary Allen KILPATRICK, married Ivy Saffrona TAYLOR, 21, Ontario, 219 Bolton Ave., d/o George TAYLOR, b. Ont & Saffrona Esther TAYLOR, witn: Millie TAYLOR of 219 Bolton Ave & David NEWBERRY of 438 Logan Ave., 21 Nov 1925
2001-25 Ardagh Selbourne BROWN, 22, printer, Toronto, 8 Starr Avenue Toronto, s/o J. Lloyd BROWN (b. Ontario) & Teresa May ANDERSON, married Iva May HOWATT, 18, Toronto, Whitby, d/o Alexander HOWATT (b. Ontario) & Beatrice Adelaide WHALEN, witn: Albert POGUE of 31 Grenadier Road & Marjorie BIRD of 374 St. Clarens Avenue both of Toronto on April 11, 1925 2024-25 William BROWN, 49, salesman, Ontario, 581 Shaw Street Toronto, s/o Robert BROWN (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann JAKES, married Annie WALSH, 45, widow, Ontario, 220 Grosvenor Ave. Hamilton, d/o Joseph REEVES (b. Ontario) & Agnes SMITH, witn: Florence SEIGLE & Mercie A. PATTERSON both of 43 Atlas Ave. Toronto on April 18, 1925
5848-25 Edgar Sinclair BROWNE, 28, vet. surgeon, Bermuda, 877 Yonge St., s/o Richard Webb BROWNE, b. Bermuda & Cecelia STONE, married Hilda Rose GREEN, 19, England, 34 Aberdeen Ave., d/o Henry E. GREEN, b. England & Rose GRANT, witn: Phoebe L. SIMPSON of 391 Gerrard St. & W.H. CROFT of 216 Melita Ave., 7 Nov 1925 2026-25 Harry Samuel BRYANS, 26, dentist, Toronto, 2076 Dundas St. West, same, s/o William Noble BRYANS (b. Ontario) & Catherine Jane DRIVER, married Helen SUTTON, 23, Toronto, 14 Wyatt Avenue same, d/o Thomas SUTTON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth DUFFY, witn: Wilbur & Mrs Mary MURPHY both of 63 Harvie Toronto on April 29, 1925 at 63 Harvie
2002-25 James Frank BUCKLEY, 25, draughtsman, England, 570 Jarvis Street Toronto, s/o Amos BUCKLEY (b. England) & Sarah Ellen VARLEY, married Bessie WILDING, 22, stenographer, England, 42 Gibson Avenue Toronto, d/o John Lever WILDING (b. England) & Margaret Alice TAYLOR, witn: Ida WILDING of 42 Gibson Avenue & Thomas MARSDEN of 570 Jarvis Street both of Toronto on April 9, 1925 [divorced 20 Sept 1933] 2013-25 Thomas William BULLOCK, 24, labourer, England, 137 Dundas Crescent Toronto, s/o John Edgar BULLOCK (b. England) & Matilda COOK, married Florence Mildred BENNETT, 20, operator, Ontario, 30 Cosburn Avenue Todmorden, d/o William BENNETT (b. Ontario) & Jenny DAVIS, witn: Harry Charles BULLOCK & Elsie HARVEY both of 313 Coxwell Avenue Toronto on April 25, 1925
5833-25 John BURGESS, 37, carpenter, Ireland, 114 Emerson Ave., s/o John BURGESS, b. Ireland & Susan WINTERS, married Maria SIMS, 35 (b. 11 June 1890), Railway St. in Belfast Ireland, enroute from Ireland, d/o Thomas SIMS, b. Ireland & Eliza HENDERSON, witn: G.W. & Susan HARRIS of 114 Emerson, 30 Nov 1925 5849-25 Orville BURTON, 38, farmer, Pickering twp., same, s/o John BURTON, b. Ont & Elizabeth CARLETON, married Nora Estella BLUEMAN, 42, Uxbridge twp., same, d/o T. Abner BLUEMAN, b. Ont & Etta GIBSON, witn: Ella L. CUTTS & Ellen R. WATCH, both of 72 Hogarth Ave., 11 Nov 1915 at 72 Hogarth Ave
1997-25 John Alvin BUSHBY, 33, tinsmith, Ontario, Claremont, s/o John BUSHBY (b. Ontario) & June ALBRIGHT, married Annie Sophia DAY, 29, book keeper, Ontario, 97 Northcote Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert DAY & Hannah FLINT, witn: Jessie M. DAY & Russell O. ORWIN both of Toronto on April 22, 1925 2017-25 William George BUSSELL, 51, manager, Ireland, 25 Beaty Avenue Toronto, s/o Edward BUSSELL (b. Ireland) & Ann Jane HARE, married Nellie Gertrude McBRIDE, 42, clerk, Ontario, Willowdale, d/o Robert McBRIDE (b. Ontario) & Sarah LIVINGSTONE, witn: Clara THOMAS of 2192 Staffard Ave. & Mabel CARTER of 56 Balmoral Avenue both of Toronto on April 22, 1925 at 25 Beaty Ave
2005-25 William Durant BUTLER, 20, labourer, England, 38 Foxley Street Toronto, s/o William Durant BUTLER (b. England) & Edith JUDD, married Evelyn Edith DONAGHY, 20, laundry sorter, Ontario, 21 Seaforth Avenue Toronto, d/o James DONAGHY (b. Ontario) & Annie LEWIS, witn: Ernest Frederick SIMMONS of 188 Lisgar Street Toronto & Alice R. FIPPS of 168 Schell Avenue Fairbank on April 17, 1925 5907-25 Francis CAMILIERI, 28, fruit store, Malta, Toronto, s/o Samuel CAMILIERI & Liberata DE LEONARDO, married Laura Elizabeth SUTTON, 22, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o James SUTTON & Helen FERGUSON, witn: Nicolas & Mrs. N. CAMILIERI of 425 Danforth Ave., 23 Nov 1925
2035-25 Cecil Victor CANHAM, 21, shipper, Toronto, 546 Merton St., s/o Alfred E. CANHAM (b. Ont) & Martha Jane ARMSTRONG, married Olive May SLINGERLAND, 17, Ontario, 19 Oakcrest Ave., d/o L. SLINGERLAND (b. Ont) & Hellen MARTIN, witn: Clifford HENRICKS of 26 Mt. Stephen St. & Myrtle SLINGERLAND of 19 Oakcrest Ave., 18 April 1925 5893-25 Harry Ronald CERESINA, 24, clerk, Poland, 119 Edward St., s/o Jacob CERESINA, b. Poland & Patricia SHAFFER, married Annie Lillian CUTLER, 18, London England, 7 Major St., d/o Israel CUTLER, b. Russia & Janeta AGUS, witn: S. FRUNSTEIN of 7 Major St. & Elias GREEN of 85 Lipincott, 8 Nov 1925
5894-25 Alfred Le Roy CHOWN, 24, presser, Toronto, 62 Simpson Ave., s/o Thomas Ed CHOWN, b. Ont & Harriet THURSTON, married Sadie Elizabeth HOAR, 26, operator, Ontario, 87 Roehampton Ave., d/o William James HOAR, b. Ont & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn: W.J. CRAIG of Barrie & Olive HOAR of Guelph, 9 Nov 1925 5906-25 David CORMACK, 28, laborer, Scotland, Port Colborne, s/o George CORMACK & Anna BRUCE, married Elizabeth CUMMINGS, 25, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Jeremiah CUMMINGS & Elizabeth CLEMENT, witn: Alex LESLIE of Detroit & Annie CUMMINGS of 238 Weston Rd., 7 Nov 1925 at St. Cecilias
2033-25 Earl Cecil CRATCHLEY, 26, clerk, Toronto, 132 Macdonell Ave., s/o Thomas CRATCHLEY (b. England) & Emma BIRDSALL, married Gladys Susanna MARSH, 28, stenographer, Ontario, 8 Silver Ave., d/o Sidney MARSH (b. England) & Rachel BROWN, witn: Thomas CRATCHLEY & Abner G. MITCHELL, both of Toronto, 7 April 1925 5905-25 Stanley Dixon CREIGHTON, 32, salesman, Schomberg, Toronto, s/o Robert John CREIGHTON & Christena CAMERON, married Ethel Grace ARMSTRONG, 25, Toronto, same, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth, witn: E.C. CREIGHTON of Schomberg & Eva E. ARMSTRONG of 85 Stibbard Ave in Toronto, 18 Nov 1925
2034-25 Alfred Thomas CUTLER, 54, widower, foreman, England, 1434 Queen St. East, s/o Thomas CUTLER (b. England) & Sarah ROBINSON, married Nellie MICKLETHWAITE, 47, widow, England, 36 Lillian St., d/o Joseph GARSIDE (b. England) & Ellen MATLEY, witn: Frank G. MICKLETHWAITE of 36 Lillian St. & Clarence George CUTLER of 1434 Queen St. East, 8 April 1925 5908-25 Nathan DACKS, 25, telegraph operator, England, 503 Wyandotte St. in Windsor, s/o David DACKS, b. Austria & Dora SHIMERA, married Ruth GOLD, 20 (b. 24 Sept 1905), Uravitz Minsk Russia, 208 Palmerston Ave., d/o Esser GOLD, b. Russia & Bella Reva KATZMAN, witn: S. WILSON & S. SHERMAN, both of Toronto, 8 Nov 1925
5910-25 William martin DEVITT, 27, clerk, USA, 2342 1/2 Queen St. East in Toronto, s/o John DEVITT, b. Ireland & Helen HICKEY, married Rose BIRD, 27 (b. 1 Dec), widow, Brighton England, 2342 1/2 Queen East, d/o Arthur ETCHES, b. England & not known, witn: Edward MORGAN of Forken NY & Susan LAWRIE of Gladstone Apts. in Toronto, 4 Nov 1925 5926-25 Gabriole DI FRANCESCO, 28, laborer, Aprigtrans Italy, 21 Clinton St., s/o Pasquale & Maria nee ORLANDO, married Virginia FEDERICO, 32, Aprigtrans Italy, 21 Clinton St., d/o Francesco & Consetta nee LEPESA, witn: Frank & Maria FILICE of 17 Henderson Ave., 19 Nov 1925
5925-25 Spas DIMITROFF, 29, barber, widower, Morastir Jugoslavia, 398 King St. East, s/o Dimitry TEMELKOFF & Taveta GEORGIEVA, married Elena TAKEVA, 21, Florine Macedonia Greece, 39 Empire St., d/o Taky TASHKO & Tinka VANE, witn: George NAKEBT of 9 Wilkins Ave & Pardo DIMITROFF of 122 Parliament, 29 Nov 1925 at Macedonia Bolgarian Church 5929-25 George DIMITROFF, 37, widower, granite cutter, Macedonia, 372 King St. East, s/o Dimitar BATSUROFF & Maria GRACHKOVA, married Elena Stavros MARKOS, 25, domestic, Macedonia Greece, 372 King St. East, d/o Stavros MARKOS & Magda TOMEVA, witn: Lazo STASROFF of 290 King St. & Giro ZOLUMOFF of 440 Queen St. East, 15 Nov 1925 at Macedonian Orthodox Church
5924-25 Angelo DIMITRION, 35, restaurant proprietor, Greece, 58 Euston Ave., s/o James, b. Greece, and Anna, married Athanasia ALKIBIADON, 19 (b. 4 March 1906), Parsa - Smyrna Greece, 58 Euston Ave., d/o Alkonsay, b. Greece & Helen, witn: Louk? BEFFAY & Louk CHRYSTOPOULOS, both of 214 Sherbourne St., 28 Nov 1925 5928-25 William Roy DIMMA, 30, widower, banker, Guelph, Toronto, s/o Andrew T. DIMMA & Helen COXWORTH, married Lillian Norine MILLER, 23, St. Thomas Ont., Toronto, d/o William MILLER & Margaret POULETTE, witn: Fred W. & Mary Irene MILLER of 100 Dunn Ave., 7 Nov 1925 at Holy Family Church
5930-25 Daniel DINEEN, 22, musician, Toronto, 215 Delaware Ave., s/o Daniel DINEEN & Maud FANNING, married Catherine McINTYRE, 24, book folder, Lanark Scotland, 144 Bloor St. East, d/o Hugh McINTYRE & Jean McDONALD, witn: Norbert BROWN of 1845 Danforth Ave & Margaret MALONE of 450 Sherbourne St., 11 Nov 1925 5927-25 Charles Wrenshall DOUGHTY, 26, manager, Toronto, Montreal, s/o Charles John DOUGHTY & Ida Frances WRENSHALL, married Dorothy Alexandra MARSHALL, 23, Toronto, same, d/o William MARSHALL & Elizabeth BLUNT, witn: Francis Edmund DOUGHTY of 44 Erindale Ave & Maude MARSHALL of 382 Wellesley St., 8 Nov 1925 at St. Simons
5931-25 Peter Harry DUNN, 27, automobile trimmer, Detroit, 42 Hillsdale Ave, s/o Peter Harry DUNN & Helen NAWGORISHAN?, married Grace Elizabeth GWYNN, 18, operator, Toronto, 618 Merton St., d/o Harold Edgar GWYNN & Olive Mabel NORTON, witn: Charles BURR of 267 Caledonia Rd & Patricia GWYNN of 618 Merton St., 11 Nov 1925 at 618 Merton St. 5923-25 Charles Egbert DURAND, 21, financial advertising, USA, 290 Evelyn Ave., s/o Charles F. DURAND, b. Ont & Helen H. SMITH, married Virginia HORTON, 19 (b. 9 Jan 1906), Buffalo NY, Winterwood - Rochester NY, d/o Gordon HORTON, b. USA & Helen GEIGER, witn: Elsie CREICH (Creick?) of 73 Indian Trail & Douglas REBURN of 531 Brunswick Ave., both Toronto, 27 Nov 1925
4735-25 Otis Derwood EATON, 32, salesman, USA, 244 Silverthorn Ave in Toronto, s/o Delett A. EATON 9b. USA) & Elsie Mabel WILLIAMS, married Dorothy Evelyn Elizabeth EADY, 19, Quebec, 2 Alco Ave in Mt. Dennis, d/o George EADY, b. England & Evelyn Maud Mary HILLS, witn: Ernest George & Evelyn Maud Mary EADY of Toronto, 2 Sept 1925 4744-25 Henry John EBERT, 25, salesman, Toronto, 94 Merrick St. in Toronto, s/o George Henry EBERT, b. USA & Julia Marie KANNOFSKY, married Ida Lillian Jean PIDGEON, 22, stenographer, Toronto, 41 Nairn Ave., d/o William PIDGEON, b. Newfoundland, & Fannie MABEE, witn: Edward Roy EBERT of 94 Merrick & Eva HOUSTON of 200 Boon Ave., 16 Sept 1925 at Earlscourt United church
4750-25 Charles Sheppard EDDIS, 37, chartered accountant, Kemprey - NS Wales Australia, Toronto, s/o Wilton Clement EDDIS & Florence Isabella WYNDHAM, married Margaret Campbell MEYERS, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Donald Campbell MEYERS & Edith A. BENSON (Burson?), witn: Maurice NAIRS & E.A.S. MEYERS, both of Toronto, 19 Sept 1925 at St. James Cathedral 4745-25 Leonard EDGECOMBE, 23, steel worker, Wesleon? Bay Nfld, Toronto, s/o Edward EDGECOMBE, b. Newfoundland, & Jeanet HISCOCK, married Greta POGSON, 25, clerk, Whitby Ont., Toronto, d/o Joseph POGSON, b. England & Rachel FITCHETT, witn: Frank & Sadie POGSON of 13 Burnfield Ave., 18 Sept 1925
4749-25 Luke EFTINOFF, 32, waiter, Macedonia, Windsor Ont., s/o Christoff ETINOFF, b. Macedonia, & Shauna MARCOVA, married Mary ZAICHUK, 20, Russia, Windsor Ont., d/o Kerell ZAICHUK, b. Russia & Feodora BAHKURENCO, witn: Dorothy & Olga ZAICHUK of 362 King St., 22 Sept 1925 4752-25 Charles Robert Borland EISENHOFER, 26, purchasing agent, London England, 168 Isabella St. in Toronto, s/o Anthony EISENHOFER & Mary EBBETTS, married Frances Irene HAYWARD, 25, clerk, Jarvis Ont., 38 Dalton Rd in Toronto, d/o Albert Ed HAYWARD & Eleanor YOCOM, witn: Stanley Ly--? EISENHOFER of 168 Isabella & Evelyn McLACHLAN of 641 Bathurst St., 23 Sept 1925 at St. Albans Church
4740-25 Frank Wallace ELLIOTT, 28, electrical engineer, Ontario, 210 Pine Ave in St. Lambert Que., s/o Fred C. ELLIOTT, b. Ont & Effie WIXSON, married Margaret IRVING, 29, clerk, England, 80 Chester Ave in Toronto, d/o William IRVING, b. England & Ann ARCHER, witn: Roy L. BROWN & Violet MANE?, both of Toronto, 30 Sept 1925 5932-25 George ELLIOTT, 33, machinist, Quebec, 368 Delaware Ave in Buffalo, s/o George John ELLIOTT, b. USA & Sarah Jane SMITH, married Annie Elizabeth FISH, 33 (b. 5 March 1891), Hull Yorkshire England, 34 Walton St. in Toronto, d/o William FISH, b. England & Mary GUY, witn: Mrs. & Kathleen MacKAY of 704 Crawford St., 20 Nov 1925 at 704 Crawford St.
4736-25 Ernest Winstanley ELLIS, 32, physician, British Columbia, 665 Annette St. in Toronto, s/o John ELLIS, b. England & Mary Ann BATES, married Eliza May Doris ARNOTT, 23, dental nurse, Toronto, 797 Winderemere Ave in Toronto, d/o George Christopher ARNOTT, b. Ont & Hannah Emily BENNET, witn: John Platt ELLIS of 665 Annette & Jean M. COLLINS of 249 Milverton Blvd, 26 Sept 1925 4739-25 Monty Eric ELO, 21, mechanic, Toronto, 316 Bain Ave., s/o William J. ELO, b. USA & "do not know", married Edna Mae SQUIRES, 18, B.T. Co. operator, Toronto, 251 Sammon Ave in York twp., d/o William SQUIRES, b. England & Emily REWELL, witn: Bertha M. MORDEN & Lillian B. TRAVERS, both of Toronto, 28 Sept 1925
4737-25 John Edward ELPHICK, 24, upholsterer, Hastings England, Windsor Ont., s/o Arthur John ELPHICK, b. England & Jessie M. PARKER, married Winifred Victoria CROSS, 28, East Leigh - Hampshire England, Toronto, d/o John CROSS, b. England & Grace BREED, witn: S.W. JACKSON & Mabel HODGSON, both of Toronto, 26 Sept 1925 4738-25 Albert Edward ELTON, 33, laborer, England, 180 Weston Rd South, s/o William ELTON, b. England & Emma SILVERS, married Charlotte Ruby GIBBS, 37, widow, Folkestone - Kent England, 180 Weston Rd South, d/o William Alfred SWAIN, b. England & Elizabeth BLANES, witn: Frederick Charles & Emma SIMMONS of 268 Weston Rd., 4 Sept 1925 at Calvary Church
4747-25 David EMER, 22, presser, Russia, 42 Sullivan St., s/o Daniel EMER, b. Russia & Clara REIZMAN, married Helen COHEN, 19, cap finisher, Molef Russia, 42 Sullivan St., d/o Leon COHEN, b. Russia & Sarah LIBERMAN, witn: H. HARRIS of 279 College St. & L. BRUSS of 36 Leonard Ave., 15 Sept 1925 5934-25 Nelson Franklin EPWORTH, 25, barber, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Charles EPWORTH & Mary Jane HUSSEY, married Harriet Eliza DAVIS, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o David DAVIS & Sarah BENNETT, witn: Helen Mary Eliza HUNTER of Toronto & Thomas Walter WILKINSON of Todmorden, 28 Nov 1925
4742-25 Erik ERIKSEN, 41, CNR construction draughtsman, Norway, 49 Melrose Ave., s/o Martin ERIKSEN, b. Norway & Martha GUDBRANDSEN, married Mabel Georgina SKELTON, 37, stenographer, Ontario, 84 Gloucester St. in Toronto, d/o Joseph SKELTON, b. Ont & Mary THACKER, witn: Mr. Jacob C. & Mrs. Anna E. KRUM of 52 Glen Manor Ave., 2 Sept 1925 at 115 Wellesley St. 4746-25 Arthur Clarence ERZ, 30, electrician, Toronto, 193 1/2 First Ave in Toronto, s/o Samuel ERZ, b. Ont & Rebecca COOK, married Winnifred May BALL, 20, clerk, Toronto, 84 Woburn Ave in Toronto, d/o Albert BALL, b. England & Annie WELLER, witn: Mrs. R. ERZ of 193 1/2 First Ave & Mrs. A. BALL of RR1 Richmond Hill, 16 Sept 1925 at 45 Bedford Park Ave.
4748-25 Michael Leo ESCH, 37, elevator operator, Greenwich - Kent England, 270 Greenwood Ave in Toronto, s/o Anthony Barnard ESCH, b. England & Martha Agnes NELSON, married Annie KELLOW, 32, stenographer, Belfast Ireland, 270 Greenwood Ave., d/o William John KELLOW, b. Ireland & Barbara CRAWFORD, witn: John & Mary WRIGHT of 270 Greenwood, 5 Sept 1925 at St. Johns Church, Norway 4751-25 Wilfred Lawrence ESSON, 28, insurance inspector, Port Sydney Ont., 453 Gladstone Ave in Toronto, s/o Thomas ESSON & Fanny KERR, married Edith Marion GILMORE, 24, Toronto, 32 Havelock St., d/o Alfred GILMORE & Edith YEAXLEE, witn: Marjorie K. JONES of 2 Moore Ave & Edith NICOLL of 32 Havelock, 9 Sept 1925 at St. Thomas Church,
4741-25 Wilfred Clare EVERIST, 27, Toronto, 105 Maitland St. in Toronto, s/o Alfred H. EVERIST, b. England & Mary SHARER, married Iva Marguerite DE LA HAYE, 25, book keeper, Toronto, 21 Millbrook Cres in Toronto, d/o John DE LA HAYE, b. Ont & Catherine SMITH, witn: R. DOWNARD of Islington & A. EVERIST of Toronto, 23 Sept 1925 5933-25 Thomas Sylvester Robert EVERSFIELD, 23, poultry farmer, Toronto, Horace Ave in Long Branch, s/o Henry EVERSFIELD, b. Ont & Margaret KERR, married Mary Agnes McDONALD, 23, Toronto, 281 St. Clarens Ave in Toronto, d/o Duncan Joseph McDONALD, b. Ont & Bridget GRIFFIN, witn: Mrs. Ada HEFFRON of 13 Atkin Ave & Helen Isabel RYAN of 263 Gladstone Ave., 23 Nov 1925
4743-25 Allen Albert EVIS, 30, broker, Toronto, 315 Grace St., s/o Alfred EVIS, b. England & Adeline NIXON, married Edith Alice BRADY, 27, Toronto, 26 Fermanagh Ave in Toronto, d/o William James, b. Ontario & Alice Lo--?, witn: Cecil B. SAUNDERS of 15 Milyard Rd & Jean C. FRASER of 79 Pearson Ave., 12 Sept 1925 5945-24 James Emerson FEATHERSTONE, 35, widower, Ontario, 1150 Kingston Rd., s/o John FEATHERSTONE, b. Ont & Muriel DEFOREST, married Mary Edna BLACK, 22, Ontario, Orangeville, d/o James BLACK, b. Ont & Sarah SHAW, witn: Clarence WATSON of Caledon & Clara BLACK of Orangeville, 28 Nov 1925
5941-25 Angus Gillies FERGUSON, 24, brass finisher, Scotland, 228 Lisgar St., s/o Robert FERGUSON, b. Scotland & Flora CAMERON, married Cecilina May Buchanan BROOKMYRE, 23 (b. 31 July 1902), clerk, Barrhead Renfrewshire Scotland, 228 Lisgar St., d/o John BROOKMYRE, b. Scotland & Christine CARBERRY (both res of Scotland), witn: F. B--? VALE & Mrs. L. B. VALE, both of 94 Lindsay Ave., 16 Nov 1925 5940-25 Thomas Henry FERGUSON, 26, laborer, Ireland, 21 Lamb Ave in Toronto, s/o Henry FERGUSON, b. Ireland & Mary McATEE, married Margaret PAUL, 27 (b. 26 July 1898), Magherfelt Mullaghoy Ireland, 21 Lamb Ave., d/o Joseph PAUL, b. Ireland & Kathleen REDFERN, witn: Annie E. McCONNELL of 690 Shaw St & David P. MEICKLE of 275 Woolverleigh Ave., 11 Nov 1925 at Tabernacle, Christie St.
4754-25 Colin FERGUSON, 27, clerk, Scotland, 198 Cowan Ave, s/o John George F. FERGUSON, b. Scotland & Annie McCULLOCK, married Ethel Mildred OULTON, 27, teacher, Ontario, 74 Fern Ave in Toronto, d/o George Henry OULTON, b. Ont & Nancy Ellen YOUNG, witn: William McCullock FERGUSON of 198 Cowan Ave. & Helen Gladys OULTON of 74 Fern Ave., 15 Sept 1925 4759-25 Percy Lawrence FISHER, 22, auto mechanic, England, 109 Victoria Park Ave., s/o Albert FISHER, b. Nottingham England & Myra WOODWARD, married Margaret Pratt CAIRNS, 22, domestic, Scotland, 109 Victoria Park Ave., d/o Thomas CAIRNS, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Cecilia TAYLOR, witn: Sam STRASBIN of 1028 Kingston Rd & Georgina BINNEY of 315 Sackville, 28 Sept 1925
4757-25 Richard Joseph FLEMING, 28, inquiry clerk, Ontario, 192 Dowling Ave, s/o John FLEMING, b. Ireland & Kate CUNNINGHAM, married Catherine Blackie RICHARDS, 32 (b. 9 Nov 1892), printer, Causewayside Edinburgh Scotland, d/o James RICHARDS, b. Scotland & Jane SHERSINGER, witn: Gertrude REWALL of 44 Spruce St. & Charles Emerson CALARDEAN of 112 Sumach St., 18 Sept 1925 at Trinity Church 4755-25 Edward Reginald FLEMING, 22, driving instructor, Ontario, 130 Monarch Park Ave., s/o James FLEMING, b. Ont & Emma MILLER, married Edna Trissie DUNN, 19 (b. 22 April 1906), 98 Ivanhoe St. in Dudley England, 106 Pearson Ave in Toronto, d/o William DUNN, b. England & Beatrice GOODYEAR, witn: F. A. & Hazel LAW of 45 Earnscliff Rd., 9 Sept 1925
4756-25 Samuel McKay FOLSTER, 28, train dispatcher, Toronto, Hornepayne Ont., s/o George FOLSTER, b. Orkney Islands NB, & Isabella IRWIN, married Averil Marguerite Bernice BROWN, 24, Shiawassee Co. in Michigan, 901 College St. in Toronto, d/o Jonathan BROWN, b. Ont & Amelia McKILLOP, witn: Elizabeth JOHNSTON & Nellie KIRKPATRICK, both of 193 Clendenan Ave., 19 Sept 1925 5947-25 Gordon Alexander FORD, 33, trainer, Ontario, 195 Willow Ave., s/o Alexander FORD, b. Ont & Isabella STITT?, married Isabella Mary WALKER, 25, England, 4 Kingswood Rd., d/o John Allen WALKER, b. Scotland & Jemima ALEXANDER, witn: T.H. WALKER of 165 Lippincott Ave & Lucy Ma--? BOOTHE (Boathe?) of 293 Silverbirch Ave., 28 Nov 1925
5935-25 Wilfred Hamilton FORSYTH, 34, contractor, Ontario, York Mills, s/o John FORSYTH, b. Ont & Minnie MERCER, married Jessie BIRRELL, 33, Ontario, 4 Carey Rd in Toronto, d/o David BIRRELL, b. Scotland & Grace BAYLOR, witn: Ettna May BIRRELL of 51 Robina Ave & George BIRRELL of 4 Carey Rd, 11 Nov 1925 4758-25 Clayton John FOSTER, 48, widower, carder, Ontario, 70 Haddington St., s/o John FOSTER, b. Ont & Agnes MITCHELL, married Kate ROBINSON, 37, widow, Halstead - East Essex England, 31 Kippendale Ave, d/o Christopher NORMAN, b. England & Laveretta SHELLEY, witn: Ethel NORMAN of 112 Bartlett Ave & Charles NORMAN of 736 Kingston Rd., 19 Sept 1925
5944-25 Norman Percy FOX, 30, assembler, Ontario, 202 Sumach St., s/o Alexander FOX, b. Ont & Elizabeth ROBLIN, married Lillie Louisa CLARK, 28, chocolate dipper, Ontario, 301 Seaton St., d/o George CLARKE (sic) b. England & Jane WRIGHT, witn: Mrs. W. R. & Kathleen MacKAY of 704 Crawford St., 21 Nov 1925 at 704 Crawford St. 5937-25 Alex McIntosh FOX, 25, druggist, Ontario, 2585 Yonge St., s/o James FOX, b. Scotland & Mary Louise STUART, married Eliza JOHNSTON, 26, graduate nurse, Ontario, 29 Isabella St., d/o William JOHNSTON, b. Ont & Minnie Jane FARROW, witn: Sarah COLE of 1200 Queen West & Jean Louise FOX of Grace Hospital residence, 7 Nov 1925
4753-25 Frederick Roy FREY, 38, jeweller, Ontario, 10 Main St. in Weston, s/o Jacob FREY, b. Ont & Josephine SMITH, married Catherine SPARROW, 33, stenographer, Ontario, 329 Huron St. in Toronto, d/o Michael SPARROW, b. Ont & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Mrs? Congdon McNAUGHTON of 79 Asquith Ave & C.A. DAVIES of Glen Road, 16 Sept 1925 5948-25 John FRYZINK, 30, laborer, Horodnycia Horodenka Galicia, 332 Adelaide St., s/o Demetrius FRYZINK & Helene KUCZENCY, married Basilina DUDLA, 18, Horodnycia Horodenka Galician, 332 Adelaide St., d/o Auxentius DUDLA & Mary ZABOYSKY, witn: N. WLAYKO & A. DUDLA, both of 332 Adelaide St., 14 Nov 1925
5939-25 John Blackford FURNISH, 26 (b. 3 June 1899), Canadian Air Force, Augusta St. - St. Marys Cardiff Wales, Camp Borden, s/o David FURNISH, b. Wales & Elizabeth Agnes TAYLOR, married Elsie Susan ELLERSON, 27 , England, 66 Brock Ave. in Toronto, d/o William ELLERSON, b. England & Alice SMITH, witn: George & Jessie ELLERSON of 66 Brock Ave., 14 Nov 1925 5943-25 Albert William FURNISS, 20, shipper, England, 23 Glenfern Ave., s/o Arthur E. FURNISS, b. England & Eliza Jane PRITCHARD, married Helen FOOTE, 19, Toronto, 69 Broadview Ave., d/o Arthur FOOTE, b. Ont & Emma PICKERING, witn: Clarence FURNISS of 23 Glenfern & Annie CAMERON of 477 Woodbine Ave., 24 Nov 1925
5970-25 Wilfred Elmo GAGNON, 18, Toronto, 624 Logan Ave.., s/o Ormand GAGNON, b. Ont & Bernice RAMSAY, married Margaret Louise MITCHELL, 18, Toronto, 600 Pape Ave., d/o Robert MITCHELL, b. Ont & Mary HARDY, witn: James Frederick & Florence Kathleen BAMFORD of 248 Harvie Ave., 28 Nov 1925 5959-25 William GARNETT, 29, cook, England, Refractory restaurant in farmer, s/o John GARNETT, b. England & Jane QUIRK, married Frances SCARFFE, 25, waitress, Belfast Ireland, Baltimore Hotel in Chippewa Ont., d/o Charles SCARFFE, b. Ireland & France OGELVIE, witn: Robert GAIN of 91 Dayman Dr. in Toronto & Sarah GARNETT of 91 Dayman Dr., 4 Nov 1925
5972-25 Manoly GAVRILITZA, 32, laborer, Bukovina Austria, 293 7th St. in New Toronto, s/o Evan GAVRILITZA & Zanchira NOLOSHIN, married Dominica OBERTENSKY, 19, Bukovina Austria, 249 7th St. in New Toronto, d/o Evan OBERTENSKY & Maria EVASUK, witn: Petra DION of 293 7th St. & Jaohn? GAWCZUK of 249 7th St., 21 Nov 1925 at Russian Church 5968- 25 James William Simpson GIBBS, 25, civil engineer, Ontario, 263 Spadina Rd., s/o James GIBBS, b. England & Elizabeth SIMPSON, married Catherine Couzens HOLLISTER, 23, teacher, Ontario, 104 Ferrier Ave., d/o Charles KING (sic) & Sarah Ann H--? (Hostens?), witn: Jessie & John DAVIDSON of 338 Albany, 28 Nov 1925 at 104 Ferrier
5954-25 John Thomas GILBERT, 22, milk salesman, Toronto, 152 Ennerdale Rd in Fairbank, s/o John GILBERT, b. Ont & Annie McQUARRIE, married Lilian Ruth MILLER, 21 (b. 19 Oct 1904), operator for B.T. Co., Isle of Wight England, 415 Lauder Ave., d/o Charles MILLER, b. England & Emma BURTON, witn: Ernest Albert KEMP & Isabel Emma MILLER, both of Toronto, 8 Nov 1925 5963-25 Wallace Leighton GILBERT, 45, widower, physician, Ontario, 130 Carlton St., s/o Nehemiah GILBERT, b. Ont & Debora COOK, married Kathleen Martha GERSTIER, 27, saleslady, Waterloo Ont., 4 Mondon St. in Toronto, d/o Charles GERSTIER, b. Ont & Magdalena HAMBRECHT, witn: Elizabeth McCAFFREY of 4 London St. & Mrs. M. HUNTER of 24 Wellesley St., 23 Nov 1925
5964-25 John Krause GILLESPIE, 34, insurance broker, Toronto, 43 Warren Rd., s/o John GILLESPIE, b. Ont & Jule HOWLAND, married Mary OAKLEY, 39, divorced, Ontario, 116 Farnham Ave., d/o R.M. SIMPSON, b. Ont & Frances LALOR, witn: Laura GILLESPIE of 43 Warren Rd & E.T.H. MINNS of 47 Dinon Ave., 25 Nov 1925 at 116 Farnham Ave 5959-25 John Allister GILLESPIE, 20, shipper, Toronto, 880 Bloor St. West, s/o Robert GILLESPIE, b. Scotland & Mary DUNBAR, married Violet May BENNETT, 17, Ontario, 798 Bloor St. West, d/o Harry BENNETT, b. Ont & Ethel SINCLAIR, witn: William HAYES & Hazel GLAVIN, both of Toronto, 18 Nov 1925 at St. Patricks Rectory [divorced 1 March 1932 at Toronto]
5951-25 Samuel GOLD, 32, manufacturer, Russia Poland, 1 Henry St., s/o Judah GOLD, b. Russia Poland, married Minnie GOLDMAN, 22 (b. 16 April 1903), saleslady, Skvira (Skoera?) Russia, 22 Carlyle St., d/o Solomon GOLDMAN, b. Russia, & Annie TZARINKER, witn: L. GOLDMAN of 7 Clinton & J. SEIGEL of 233 Lauder, 8 Nov 1925 5965-25 Albert GOLD, 28, Russia, 157 Denison Ave., s/o Herch, b. Russia & Chasta Gitta nee WOLOBICKY, married Sarah LOFTOWITZ, 19, Poland, 158 Augusta Ave., d/o Samuel, b. Poland & Reisha nee KNOP, witn: A. LIPOWITZ of 343 Markham St . & Hyman [no other name given] of 4 Denison Sq., 30 Nov 1925
5966-25 James GOODLAD, 20, student in telegraphy, Ontario, 517 Markham St., s/o Thomas GOODLAD, b. Scotland & Henrietta TAYLOR, married Ednez Cora DUNCAN, 23, switchboard operator, Ontario, 517 Markham St., d/o John DUNCAN, b. Ont & Rose BOISVERT, witn: Nessie R. MITCHELL & Mary LAING, both of Roylat St., 21 Nov 1925 5957-25 Alexander GRAHAM, 35, confectioner, Greece, 1136A Bloor St. West, s/o Photy GRAHAM, b. Greece & Demetro, married Olga DIMSON, 24, Greece, 934 College St., d/o Photy DIMSON, b. Greece & Panagiota, witn: John BERRAS (Betlas?) & John CHRISTOPOULOS, both of 214 Sherbourne St., 15 Nov 1924
5962-25 Henry Boan GRAY, 26 (b. 22 March 1899), labourer, Stoney Kirk - Wigtown Scotland, 3768 Newport Ave in Detroit, s/o Hugh GRAY, b. Ireland & Maggie Scott BOAN (married 20 Jan 1899 at Stoney Kirk), married Sarah Margueretta BARNHART, 23, Ontario, 1328 Lansdowne Ave., d/o Edwin Bruce BARNHART, b. Ont & Annie Maria McKINLEY, witn: Pearl & McKinley BARNHART of 1328 Lansdowne, 26 Nov 1925 at 77 Boon Ave. 5969-25 Albert Edward GREEN, 24, England, 758 Danforth Ave., s/o Edward Henry GREEN, b. England & Mary Jane WAY, married Lily Matilda BRAYBROOKE, 18, typist, England, 758 Danforth Ave., d/o Alfred Charles BRAYBROOKE, b. England & Matilda SCRIVLY?, witn: Ena Gladys MORTON of 562 Dufferin & Kenneth COLES of 1490 Queen West
5967-25 Samuel GREENBERG, 28, Roumania, 72 Baldwin St., s/o M. GREENBERG, b. Roumania & H. GOTMAN, married Molly FLUXGOLD, 26, New York City USA, 72 Baldwin St. (or of Detroit), d/o T. FLUXGOLD, b. Austrio-Hungary, & S. LEVY, witn: H. SOLITER of 165 Baldwin & M. TIZENE of 1 Huron St., 29 Nov 1925 5955-25 Allan Victor GREENLEY, 29, bank clerk, Ontario, Verona Ont., s/o Alexander GREENLEY, b. Ont & Annie WHITE, married Florence BAILEY, 25, England, 20 Rowland Ave, d/o William BAILEY, b. British West Indies, & Mary GREEN, witn: William BAILEY of 20 Rowland Ave & Annie GREENLEY of 263 Dundas Cres in Toronto, 7 Nov 1925 at 20 Rowland Ave.,
5971-25 William Charles GRENSTED, 24, rubber worker, London England, 1141 Dufferin St., s/o William James GRENSTED & Caroline GILES, married Esther KELLY, 19, Toronto, 40 Asquith Ave., d/o George Frederick KELLY & Esther SHEPHARD, witn: George Frederick KELLY of 40 Asquith & Olive SMITH of 776 Yonge St., 28 Nov 1925 at St. Simons 5952-25 Harry Ford GULSTON, 31, teacher, Ontario, 19 Victor Ave., s/o Alfred George GULSTON, b. Ireland & Mary McBRATNEY, married Mary Marjorie BUCHANAN, 18, Toronto, 88 Winchester St., d/o James BUCHANAN, b. Ont & Jessie ANDERSON, witn: Mrs. E. T. GRAHAM & Penelope GAGE, both of Toronto, 6 Nov 1925
2593-25 James John Matthew HALLIDAY, 25, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Fenelon Falls, s/o James HALLIDAY, b. Scotland & Isabella POTTS, married Mary Edith LEWIS, 21, Ontario, 542 St. Clarens Ave in Toronto, d/o Thomas Beatty LEWIS, b. Ont & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, witn: Mary B. & F.G. ISBISTER of 325 Scarboro Rd in Toronto, 2 May 1925 2586-25 Albert Alfred HAM, 29, fireman TFD, Toronto, 241 St. Helens Ave., s/o Charles Henry HAM, b. England & Jane POWIN?, married Edna Frances DEMPSTER, 21, switchboard operator, Scotland, Islington, d/o William John DEMPSTER, b. Ireland & Isabella DEMPSTER, witn: Hazel & Gladys DEMPSTER of Wood Ave in Islington, 30 May 1925 at 390 Perth Ave
2594-25 Alexander Ray HAMILTON, 20, butcher, Ontario, 45 Melville Ave in Toronto, s/o William HAMILTON, b. Ont & Florence KIMBALL, married Gertrude GALLAUGHER, 23, domestic, Ontario, 116 Hepburn St. in Toronto, d/o William John GALLAUGHER, b. Ireland & Elizabeth KING, witn: Myrtle GALLAUGHER of Collingwood & William Edward MARLEY (Darley?) of 98 Barton Ave in Toronto, 6 May 1925 2585-25 John Edward HARDING, 27, working jeweller, England, 422 Church St. in Toronto, s/o Henry HARDING, b. England & Catherine JONES, married Evelyn May CATERER, 17, domestic, England, Port Credit, d/o William Alfred CATERER, b. England & Kate ALFORD, witn: Arthur HARDING of 422 Church St. & Jennie LOWDEN of 94 Winchester St., 30 May 1925
2599-25 Leo Francis HARRINGTON, 18, truck salesman, Toronto, 247 Havelock St. in Toronto, s/o John HARRINGTON, b. Ireland & Bridget HICKEY, married Elsie Mary GALVIN, 18, Toronto, 9 Newsham St. in Toronto, d/o Patrick Joseph GALVIN, b. Ireland & Elsie WEISER, witn: F.J. BENNETT of 1680 Dundas St. West & Ellen THORNTON of 183 Langley Ave., 1 May 1925 2597-25 Albert William HARRIS, 30, rancher, England, Weyburn Sask., s/o Ernest HARRIS, b. England & Elizabeth KELLY, married Margaret JOHNSON, 20, Ontario, 56 Empire Ave in Toronto, d/o Leonard JOHNSON, b. Ont & Catherine COCKERILL, witn: Mazie ROBINSON of 221 Clenoch? St in Mimico & Emily JOHNSON of 383 Huron St. in Toronto, 2 May 1925
2595-25 George Alfred HARROP, 29, cost clerk, Toronto, 591 Carlaw Ave., s/o George Alfred HARROP, b. England & Annie Day ANKCORN, married Evelyn Winnifred TOLHURST, 31, teacher, Toronto, 63 Withrow Ave in Toronto, d/o Thomas TOLHURST, b. England & Elizabeth CUDMORE, witn: Fanny Elizabeth TOLHURST & George Llewellyn HOLMES, both of Toronto, 2 May 1925 2585-25 Henry Richard HARVEY, 23, operator, England, 54 Givens St. in Toronto, s/o Richard Thomas HARVEY, b. England & Florence TAYLOR, married Gladys May CHILDS, 23, England, 54 Givens St., d/o Edward George CHILDS, b. England & Harriet BARNES, witn: H.B. JENSEN of 31 Melbourne Ave & Mary McCUTCHEON of 309 Gerrard St., 30 May 1925 at St. Barnabas Church
2587-25 John Alexander HASSARD, 30, teamster, Ontario, 279 Sherbourne St., s/o Thomas H. HASSARD, b. Ont & Lydia Emma SHAW, married Josephine Rita FAIRLES, 28, private secretary, Ontario, 112 Arundel Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert Newton FAIRLES, b. Ont & Adeline WATSON, witn: Eldon FAIRLES of Stouffville & M.G. HASSARD of Tavistock, 30 may 1925 2592-25 Ellis Brown HENNING, 22, salesman, Toronto, 5 Linden St. in Toronto, s/o Jack HENNING, b. Ont & Josephine BROWN, married Mildred Jane TUPLING, 19, Ontario, 177 Oakwod Ave., d/o James Edward TUPLING, b. Ont, & Florence Jane CALHOUN, witn: William & Mrs. William McCAUL of 283 Victoria St., 6 May 1925
2602-25 John Joseph HICKEY, 26, painter, Toronto, 334 Bathurst St., s/o Thomas John HICKEY, b. Ont & Mary E. BRENNEN, married Eleanor May EMMETT, 21, Toronto, 80 Concord Ave., d/o Charles Lister EMMETT, b. Ont & Sarah Ann WESTMORE, witn: Harold A. HALL & J. Jean SMITH, both of Toronto, 9 May 1925 at 581 Markham St. 2588-25 Joseph HILL, 22, mechanic, England, 1 Cedar Ave in Toronto, s/o Joseph HILL, b. England & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Dorothy Henrietta AIKINS, 21, Toronto, 83 Beech Ave in Toronto, d/o Samuel C. AIKINS, b. Ont & Mary DAVIS, witn: Horace T. HILL of 1 Cedar Ave & Violet M. AIKINS of 83 Beech, 23 May 1925
2590-25 James McCullough HOEY, 21, farmer, Ireland, RR1 Oakville, s/o Samuel HOEY, b. Ireland & Jane Sloan LOGAN, married Annie SMITH, 21, Ireland, Baclymena Ireland, d/o Wilson SMITH, b. Ireland & Mary Jane ADDIS, witn: Andrew Huston HOEY of 107 River St. & Annie BRYANS of 127 Boston Ave., 2 May 1925 2598-25 George Buller HOLLAND, 25, operator, Toronto, 362 Concord Ave., s/o William HOLLAND, b. England & Emma Maud COFFIN, married Carrie GRAY, 18, clerk, USA, 640 Bathurst St., d/o Charles Robertson GRAY, b. Scotland & Alice WINN, witn: Ernest RANKIN & Alice GRAY, both of Toronto, 2 May 1925
2596-25 Arthur Pettibone HOLMES, 20, farmer, Saskatchewan, 88 Seaton St. in Toronto, s/o John HOLMES, b. Ont & Bessie PETTIBONE, married Lena Mae McCLOUD, 22, waitress, Ontario, 768 Bathurst St. in Toronto, d/o John McCLOUD, b. Ont & Rachel HILL, witn: Mrs. A. CRAWFORD of 88 Seaton St. & Mrs. J.H. HARRIS of 925 Logan Ave., 4 May 1925 2591-25 Frederick Edward HOPE, 28, conductor H.E. railway, Ontario, 70 Goodwood Ave in Toronto, s/o William Arthur HOPE, b. Ont & Mary Jane PEARSON, married Eva Corah Maude VARCOE, 21, band builder, Ontario, Thirteenth St. in New t, d/o James Thomas VARCOE, b. Ont & Mary Louise LONDON, witn: Mary Louise VARCOE of New Toronto & Jessie WILSON of 423 Gladstone Ave., 6 May 1925
2600-25 Fred HOWE, 24, laborer, England, 879 Palmerston Ave., s/o Alfred Frederick HOWE, b. England & Mary Catherine DEATH, married Isabel JAMESON, 24, operator, England, 139 Bathurst St., d/o George JAMESON, b. England & Martha POCOCKE, witn: Frank BROWN of 879 Palmerston & Eugene McGILL of 6 Trinity Sq., 2 May 1925 2601-25 Andrew Wesley HUNTER, 27, truck driver, Ontario, Norval Ont., s/o Herbert HUNTER, b. England & Phoebe OSTRANDER, married Violet France MARCHMONT, 18, Ontario, Georgetown, d/o William H. MARCHMONT, b. Ont & Bertha J. YOUNG, witn: Francis TAYLOR & Sarah SMITH, both of Toronto, 1 May 1925
2589-25 Thomas HURL, 33, packer, Ireland, 666 Sammon Ave in Toronto, s/o William HURL, b. Ireland & Mary BELL, married Margaret Allen OTTAWAY, 29, clerk, England, 7 Helena Ave in Toronto, d/o A.K. OTTAWAY, b. England & Caroline BRAY, witn: Allen B. OXLEY & Olive A. OTTAWAY, both of Toronto, 28 May 1925 5982-25 Daniel HYNDMAN, 43, cabinet maker, Ireland, 21 Breadalbane St., s/o David HYNDMAN, b. Ireland & Margaret THOMPSON, married Mary Greenwood ARMSTRONG, 34 (b. 25 June 1891), Crumkill Ballymena Ireland, 307 Wallace Ave in Toronto, d/o Wilson ARMSTRONG & Joice (or Joy) GREENWOOD, witn: A.L. TRIMM of 36 Coade Ave & James HYNDMAN of 21 Breadalbane, 6 Nov 1925 at 390 Perth Ave
6006-25 Lawrence Edward JOINER, 24, riding instructor, England, 160 Vaughan Rd., s/o Joseph JOINER, b. England & Lucy FOX, married Dorothy Constance COOPER, 21, Hastings - Sussex England, 608 Wellington St. in Toronto, d/o Sidney COOPER, b. England & Caroline HARDING, witn: Ernest Richard HUSBAND & Hilda Maria JOINER, both of Toronto, 30 Nov 1925 6013-25 Alfred Ernest JUBB, 24, contracting painter, England, 410 Duplex Ave in Toronto, s/o Arthur Adcock JUBB, b. England & Hannah RICHARDSON, married Helen Theresa LAROCHE, 22 (b. 29 April 1903), Chalk River Ont., 227 Bingham Ave in Toronto, d/o Solomon Joseph LAROCHE, b. Ont & Rose LARONDE, witn: William JUBB of 151 Vaughan Rd & Edith JUBB of 410 Duplex Ave., 19 Nov 1925 at St. Clements Church
6021-25 Hugh KANE, 27 (b. 7 June 1898), laborer, Greenock - Renfrewshire Scotland, 497 Quebec Ave in Toronto, s/o William KANE, b. Scotland & Margaret FOSTER, married Jean FRASER, 32, silk winder, Scotland, 226 Sumach St., d/o John White FRASER, b. Scotland & Margaret LAIDLAW, witn: John WHYTE of 13 Ozark Cres & Elizabeth FRASER of 226 Sumach St., 6 Nov 1925 6017-25 John Carl KARN, 36, butcher, Ontario, 293 Church St. in Toronto, s/o John KARN, b. USA & Wilhelmina FEICK, married Edith May SMITH, 31, widow, South Wales, 293 Church St., d/o Allen NORRIS b. England & Emily JONES, witn: Lillian RUSSELL & M. K. PRITCHARD, both of Toronto, 14 Nov 1925
6020-25 Sam KATZ, 23 (b. 15 Dec 1901), ladies hats, Chiemieniec - Prov. Wolynak Poland, 236 Markham St., s/o Simon KATZ, b. Poland & Sarah BAKLAND, married Ray CHELIK, 22, shirt maker, Russia, 236 Markham St., d/o Moses CHELIK, b. Russia & Mazie VAIS, witn: Loue SIDOWSKI of 34 Lippincott St & J. ALT of 236 Markham, 8 Nov 1925 at 236 Markham St. 6022-25 Morris KESHEN, 23, repair shop prop., Russia, 27 Darcy St., s/o Jacob KESHEN, b. Russia, & Molly SHAMES, married Sadie GELLER, 19 (b. 25 Dec 1905), Philadelphia PA, 237 Manning Ave., d/o Israel GELLER, b. Russia & Gessie GROSSMAN, witn: M. MUSCOVITCH of 43 Grace St. & J. GRAN--? of 476 Palmeto, 7 Nov 1925
6023-25 John Bevan KING, 28, dentist, Mount Forest, Penetanguishene, s/o Charles KING, b. Ont & Sarah HOLSER?, married Dorothy Elizabeth HOLLISTER, 25, Wingham On., Toronto, d/o Charles HOLLISTER, b. Ont, & Catherine HALL, witn: Dora Emily KING of Kincardine & Wilfred Gordon DAVIDSON of 338 Albany Ave., 28 Nov 1925 6024-25 William Howard KITCHEN, 28, builder, Ontario, 209 Humberside Ave., s/o Charles KITCHEN, b. Ont & Mary CALDWELL, married Gertrude Mina ALLEN, 27, Toronto, 142 Harriston St. in Toronto, d/o John ALLEN, b. Ireland & Annie THOMPSON, witn: Gordon KINGSBOROUGH of 245 Pacific Ave in Toronto & Ella KITCHEN of 209 Humberside, 21 Nov 1925
6026-25 Carl KLUG, 28, clerk, Penetanguishene, Toronto, s/o Joseph KLUG & Elizabeth HOGAN, married Mary THOMAS, 27, Toronto, same, d/o Alfred THOMAS & Mary SULLIVAN, witn: Arnold CALLAN & Gertrude THOMAS, both of Toronto, 4 Nov 1925 6098-25 Mitro KOIOS, 23, laborer, Greece, 388 Queen St. East in Toronto, s/o Dono KOIOS, b. Greece & Sophie NICHOLS, married Dina GROZDANON, 21, Sanrdesh - Prov. Kastoria Greece, 388 Queen St. East, d/o Evani GROZDANON & Mitra JUTAG, witn: Christo & Mrs. Christo VOCILEFF of 15 Tracy St., 22 Nov 1925
6019-25 Langton Astor Wilks KRAFT, 22, warehouse manager, Ontario, 710 Dovercourt Rd., s/o Ezra KRAFT, b. Ont & Elouise YOCOM, married Margaret DICKIE, 19, clerk, Ontario, 96 Dupont St. in Toronto, d/o William DICKIE, b. Ireland & Emily TAYLOR, witn: Robert T. BEST of 710 Davenport & Gertrude Leona STUEBING of Irvin St. in Kitchener, 7 Nov 1925 at 710 Dovercourt Rd 6025-25 George KUPCHANKO, 29, laborer, Bukovina Romania, 38 Riding Ave., s/o Evan KUPCHANKO & Vaselka PROKIPETZ, married Dominica LUKIAN, 19, Bukovina Romania, 38 Riding Ave., d/o Elia LUKIAN & Domna BELTZEK, witn: John UNOKOLITNEY? of 338 Donald Ave & Wasyl SAUCHUK of 38 Riding, 22 Nov 1925 at Russian Orthodox Church
6033-25 George Ritchie LANE, 28 (b. 29 Dec 1896), student, Fortuna - Humboldt Co. in California, 59 Grosvenor St. in Toronto, s/o George LANE, b. Ont & Margaret Elizabeth RITCHIE, married Cora May SCOTT, 23, teacher, Ontario, 59 Grosvenor St., d/o John SCOTT, b. Ont & Caroline COLLAN, witn: Laura Ethel & Albert Ralston SCOTT of 242 Dundas Cres., 28 Nov 1925 [affidavit for birth of George Lane signed by his mother, Margaret E. Lane of Guelph] 6030-25 John Peter LASKARIS, 37, merchant, Greece, Deseronto, s/o Peter LASKARIS, b. Greece & Amelise LASKARIS, married Katherine COTSI, 28 (b. 18 April 1925), tailoress, Halkis Greece, 427 Danforth Ave in Toronto, d/o John COTSI, b. Greece & Mary COTSI, witn: John BEFFAS & John CHRYSOBOLIS?, both of 214 Sherbourne St., 1 Nov 1925
6029-25 George LATTIEF, 35, baker, Syria, 906 Bloor St. West, s/o Elias LATTIEF, b. Syria, & Habubah BARA, married Roxenah Elizabeth Jane JAMES, 32 (b. 10 Nov 1893), saleslady, Pefferlaw Ont, 247 Concord Ave in Toronto, d/o James JAMES, b. Ont & Charlotte HENDERSON, witn: Edith Alicia WILSON of 825 College St. & Thelma ALLEN of 463 Roxton Rd., 16 Nov 1925 6027-25 Charles Kenneth LAWTON, 32 (b. 2 Feb 1893), divorced, foreman, Torrrington Connecticut US, 1501 Queen St. West in Toronto, s/o Charles H. LAWTON b. Northfield Conn. & Maude MILLER b. Torrington Conn., married Ethel Ann HAHNDORF, 24, stenographer, Toronto, 194 Jamieson Ave in Toronto, d/o John HAHNDORF, b. Ont & Theresa LIPPERT, witn: Marjorie HAHNDORF of 42 Pauline Ave & Vincent W. ALLEN of 24 Oakmount, 17 Nov 1925
6036-25 Kriste LAZAROFF, 26, dyer, Greece, 15 Tracy St., s/o Lazar, b. Greece & Menka, married Matty TAKIS, 19 (b. July 1906), Greece, 15 Tracy St. d/o Taki, b. Flonin? Macedonia Greece & Maria, witn: Tomy MILEFF of 32 White Ave & Bogsya ATTANSEFF of 25 Sackville St., 29 Nov 1925 at Macedonian Belg. Church 6031-25 James LEIBOVITZ, 28 (b. 15 May 1897), tailor, Goroski Russia, 27 Manning Ave., s/o Nathan LEIBOVITZ, b. Russia, & Feiza DUCHTER (both deceased), married Lilly WARREN, 23, operator, Russia, 124 Major St. in Toronto, d/o Daniel WARREN, b. Russia & Anna GOSMAN, witn: M. APPEL of 108 Grange Ave & S. KROKOFSKY of 327 Spadina Ave., 22 Nov 1925
6035-25 Louis LENCHNER, 24 (b. 29 Dec 1900), butcher, Sztecotzin - Keltz Poland, 48 Huron St. in Toronto, s/o Chaim David, b. Poland & Lea nee ROSIAN, married Lily WAGNER, 24, milliner, Poland, 23 Ross St. in Toronto, d/o Samuel, b. Poland & Golda nee TENENBOM, witn: J. BRODT & T. NEWMAN, 29 Nov 1925 6032-25 Edward Charles LEONARD, 17, laborer, England, 5 Dunraven Rd., s/o William LEONARD, b. England & Harriet BISHOP, married Edith Annie BUTLER, 17, England, 15 Cameron Ave in Toronto, d/o George Sands BUTLER, b. England & Annie SPENDEFF, witn: Frederick William PHIPPS of 168 Shell Ave & Amelia Hilda WARD of 25 Cameron Ave., 21 Nov 1925
6040-25 Harry LEPKIN, 21, tailor, Poland, 158 Beverley St., s/o Isaak LEPKIN, b. Poland & Clara BAIM, married Toby GULA, 20 (b. 10 Sept 1905), sweater finisher, Bogrij Radam Poland, 129 Markham St., d/o Samuel GULA, b. Poland & Nesha LUSACK, witn: H. HARRIS of 279 College & M. LESSER of 435 Euclid, 3 Nov 1925 6037-25 Forbes LESLIE, 31, stockman, Scotland, Grass Range Montana, s/o Charles LESLIE, b. Scotland & Martha RIACH, married Annie WATT, 27 (b. 26 Dec 1898), Drumbulg Gartly Aberdeenshire Scotland, 343 Blackthorn Ave., d/o Alexander WATT, b. Scotland & Mary ANDERSON (married in Leslie 13 Jan 1883), witn: Annie & Martin L. BIDDIE of 896 Dovercourt Rd., 4 Nov 1925 at 343 Blackthorn
6028-25 Henry Joseph LIGHTFOOT, 25, sailor, Toronto, 100 Caroline Ave in Toronto, s/o Joseph LIGHTFOOT, b. Scotland & Emma KENNEDY, married Jessie Wright AITKEN, 22 (b. 27 June), operator, 43 St. Leonards Hill - Edinburgh Scotland, 100 Caroline Ave in Toronto, d/o George Vallance AITKEN, b. Ont & Eliza WILSON, witn: R. JASPER of 78 Simpson & G. AITKEN of 100 Caroline, 7 Nov 1925 6034-25 William Charles LIND, 21 (b. 21 Sept 1904), printer, Leicester England, 64 Dovercourt Rd in Toronto, s/o Charley LIND, b. England & Katherine KENT, married Violet CURR, 18, domestic, Scotland, 64 Dovercourt Rd., d/o John CURR, b. Scotland & Annie ROBERTSON, witn: Doris ATKINS of 58B Dovercourt & Charles BIGGART of 64 Dovercourt, 28 Nov 1925 [groom has no close relatives in Ontario]
6039-25 William Edward LOGAN, 40, salesman, Ontario, 647 Logan Ave., s/o Edward LOGAN, b. Quebec & Fannie LOGAN, married Annie Louisa SHANE, 31 (b. 9 March 1894), designer, Belfast Ireland, 30 Millbrook Cres in Toronto, d/o Charles SHANE & blank, witn: Mrs. F. & F. LONGSTAFF of 30 Millbrook, 24 Nov 1925 at 752 Logan Ave 6041-25 William Johnstone LOUTTIT, 25, chauffeur, Orkney Islands Scotland, 45 Wood St., s/o Fred LOUTTIT, b. Orkney Islands & Jenetta JOHNSTONE, married Ada MacDONALD, 26 (b. 27 May 1899), domestic, Sandwick - Orkney Islands, Selby Hotel in Toronto, d/o William MacDONALD, b. Orkney Islands & Margaret COOPER, witn: Alice G. & Elizabeth INKSTER of Toronto, 5 Nov 1925
6042-25 Fedor LUKCHUK, 35, laborer, Poland, Toronto, s/o William LUTCHUK, b. Poland & Annie TOMAK, married Marie MOTZCHUK, 19, Poland, Toronto, d/o John MATYCHUK (sic) & Katie UCHACH, witn: Alex GREGOIDS of 158 York St. & Sophia CHAATKA of 24 Uxbridge, 8 Nov 1925 6038-25 William LYNESS, 21 (b. 3 Sept 1904), shoe maker, Gilsford - Co. Down Ireland, 103 West Marion St., s/o Thomas LYNESS, b. Ireland & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Kathleen Alice PARKES, 18, box packer, Toronto, 42 Fisher St. in Toronto, d/o Thomas PARKES, b. Ont & Alice MOODY, witn: Thomas LYNESS of 103 Marion St. & Ethel HENDERSON of 11 Seaforth Ave., 7 Nov 1925
3884-25 Arthur David MANNING, 22, steward, Ontario, 157 Browning Ave., s/o Arthur MANNING, b. Ont & Margaret ROBSON, married Minerva Maleia Edna DOWLING, 18, shoe operator, Ontario, 97 Metcalfe St., d/o Herbert DOWLING, b. Ont & Sarah CAIN, witn: Mrs. A. & William ROBSON of 30 Cambridge Ave., 29 July 1925

001187-25 (Toronto) Constantine MARKEWICZ, 35, Woruraky Zoloczow Galicia; no place given, s/o Peter MARKEWICZ & Eva DOROSZEZAK; married Mary RUDNITZKY, 27, Stry Galicia, no place given, d/o John RUDNITZKY & Anna DERZKO; wit W. DERZKO & Dim BILONS, both no place given, 31 Jan 1925

001188-25 (Toronto) Ivan Everard MARTIN, 61, Gentleman, Wid, Hastings, Picton, s/o George MARTIN & Mahala ROBLIN; married Louisa Eleanor STANDISH, 55, Wid, Picton, Toronto, d/o Charles Stewart WILSON & Louise Maria COLLEY; wit H.H. GILDERSLEEVE, Sarnia & Edith A. ANNING, Toronto, 21 Jan 1925

001189-25 (Toronto) Wilbert Cecil MARTIN, 20, Shipper, Toronto, none given, s/o John Frederick MARTIN (b. Ontario) & Jean GAMMOND; married Mary Edith LILLEY, 20, Cashier, New Brunswick, Toronto, d/o William LILLY (b. England) & Jean CODNER; wit John Frederick MARTIN, Toronto & Alice M. LAVERTY, no place given, 15 Jan 1925

001190-25 (Toronto) Stanley MARSHALL, 33, Stationary Engineer, Ontario, none given, s/o James MARSHALL (b. Ontario) & Jane LEAR; married Edith ELLIOTT, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George ELLIOTT (b. Scotland) & Esther HERRINGTON; wit Elsie A. WHEATON & Sarah HEATON, both Toronto, 21 Jan 1925

001191-25 (Toronto) Pietro MATTINSSI, 31, Labourer, Italy, Cooksville, s/o J.B. MATTINSSI (b. Italy) & Teras SEBASTIANI; married Eloira MODESTO, 20, Italy, Cooksville, d/o Giacinto (b. Italy) & Maria MODESTO; wit Corina PELLEGRINI & Florio PELLEGRINI, both Cooksville, 3 Jan 1925

001205-25 (Toronto) Stafford Church McCARTNEY, 23, Electrician, Ireland, none given, s/o John H. McCARTNEY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BAIRD; married Margaret CALDWELL, 23, Dressmaker, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John CALDWELL (b. Ireland) & Charlotte J. DEVINNEY; wit William J. McCARTNEY & Lizzie CAMPBELL, both Toronto, 30 Jan 1925

001206-25 (Toronto) Ivie Samuel McCLURE, 26, Yeoman, Carluke Wentworth Co., Paris, s/o John McCLURE & Jane MORTON; married Edna KEITH, 30, School Teacher, Marsville Dufferin Co., Toronto, d/o Washington KEITH & Susan McGOWAN; H. KEITH & D. KEITH, both no place given, 28 Jan 1925

001207-25 (Toronto) James McCOOL, 27, Clerk, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James McCOOL & Mary CLARKE; married Alice Louisa MURPHY, 18, Cashier, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William MURPHY & Ellen FINNEGAN; wit Francis MORRISSAY & May FINNEGAN, both Toronto, 17 Jan 1925

001208-25 (Toronto) Samuel Carl McCRACKEN, 28, Bookkeeper, Elma, Windsor, s/o Joseph McCRACKEN (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane HYMERS; married Jennie Elaine KESTER, 22, Ontario, Zephyr, d/o William James KESTER (b. Ontario) & Mary RAMSDEN; wit John William McCRACKEN & Jennie B. KESTER, both no place given, 24 Jan 1925

001209-25 (Toronto) James Edward McCURRY, 18, Assembling Rollers, Toronto, none given, s/o John McCURRY (b. Ontario) & Mary DALY; married Irva Anna PATTERSON, 21, Chocolate Box Tier, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Walter PATTERSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth NOLAN; wit Marie CROAKE & Lily DALE, both no place given, 20 Jan 1925

001210-25 (Toronto) Charles MACDONALD, 34, Painter, Scotland, none given, s/o Alexander MACDONALD (b. Scotland) & Flora MATHESON; married Mary MACGILLIVRAY, 28, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John MAGILLIVRAY (sic) (b. Scotland) & Christine MACINNES; wit Sadie TINSMITH? & Alexander ANDERSON, both no place given, 26 Jan 1925

001211-25 (Toronto) Thomas McDONALD, 24, Machine Operator, Scotland, none given, s/o Patrick McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Barbara ROBINSON; married Edith Emily LOUD, 23, England, Huttonville, d/o George LOUD (b. England) & Esther MILLS; wit A.B. CAIRNS, no place given & Emily N. BELL, Toronto, 24 Jan 1925

001212-25 (Toronto) William Howard McDONALD, 21, Clerk, Sudbury, Port Colborne, s/o John McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Jeanette MONTGOMERY; married Erie Irene WEGERICH, 21, House girl, Port Colborne, Port Colborne, d/o Otto WEGERICH (b. Germany) & Cora GRAYBIEL; wit W.T. GREEN, Hamilton & Eleanor MOLSER, Port Colborne, 27 Jan 1925,

001213-25 (Toronto) M.M. McLANAN, 30, Office Work, Beaverton, Timmons, s/o Michael McLANAN & Margaret NEALON; married Marie Alice BEAUDOIN, 30, Office Work, Perkins Field, Toronto, d/o Louis BEAUDOIN & Caroline BELCOURT; wit J.M. McRAE, Beaverton & Albama BEAUDOIN, 15 Jan 1925

001214-25 (Toronto) Douglas Doyle MACKAY, 24, Journalist, Woodstock, Ottawa, s/o J.F. MACKAY (b. Canada) & Mary DOYLE; married Alice Ruth HIGGINS, 26, Mountain, Ottawa, d/o Rev. J.H. HIGGINS (b. Canada) & Mattie CLARK; wit J. Ewart MACKAY & Helen MACKAY, both Oshawa, 10 Jan 1925

001215-25 (Toronto) Kenneth Alexander MACKINNON, 28, Hatter, Ontario, none given, s/o Daniel MACKINNON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MACDOUGELL; married Annie Elizabeth CLUCAS, 21, Operator, England, Toronto, d/o Frank Charles CLUCAS (b. England) & Elizabeth LEGGETT; wit L.J. HODGINS & G. McGARRY, both no place given, 28 Jan 1925

001216-25 (Toronto) Patrick Bowden McLAUGHLIN, 22, Butcher, Ontario, none given, s/o James McLAUGHLIN (b. Scotland) & Sarah JAMES; married Beatrice Ann FOX, 19, Toronto, Toronto, d/o James FOX (b. England) & Mabel Alice WILKINS; wit Mabel FOX & Patricia MACLEAN, both Toronto, 16 Jan 1925

001217-25 (Toronto) Hugh McLENACHAN, 21, Assembling Transformers, Scotland, none given, s/o Hugh McLENACHAN (b. Scotland) & Jean CARRICK; married Gladys CRANE, 20, Operator Telephone, England, Toronto, d/o Albert CRANE (b. England) & Emma WARNER; wit J. FORD & D. FORD, both no place given, 20 Jan 1925

001218-25 (Toronto) James L. McMAHON, 25, Clerk, Peterboro, Toronto, s/o John McMAHON & Mary DONOVAN; married Mary Glenna COLMAN, 23, Georgetown, Toronto, d/o Edwin COLMAN & Susan CROFFMAN; wit William MAHER & Edna DORIS, both Toronto, 8 Jan 1925

001219-25 (Toronto) John Thomas McMANUS, 21, Machine Sole Cutter, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John A. McMANUS (b. Ireland) & Mary MASSON; married Isabella Fisher McBRIDE, 18, Jewelly Enameller, Scotland, none given, d/o Robert McBRIDE (b. Scotland) & Annie ORENS; wit N.H. MACDONALD & W.J. MACDONALD, both no place given, 5 Jan 1925

001220-25 (Toronto) Harry Ashton McMASTER, 41, Traveller, Divorced, Ontario, none given, s/o Henry McMASTER (b. Ontario) & Emeline SPEER; married Elsie McKAY, 37, Wid, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert FAIRWEATHER (b. Scotland) & Margaret BAXTER; wit Mrs Ethel HANYARD & Mrs Bertram NELLES, both no place given, 10 Jan 1925

001221-25 (Toronto) William Hawthorn McMENAMIE, 30, Box maker, Scotland, none given, s/o Daniel (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth nee HAWTHORN; married Janet MILLER, 21, Domestic, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James (b. Scotland) & Mary nee WOODS; wit Rory STEWART & Mary STEWART, both no place given, 28 Jan 1925

001222-25 (Toronto) George Donald MACNAB, 22, Hardware Merchant, Ontario, Orillia, s/o Donald A. MACNAB (b. Ontario) & Jemima EDWARDS; married Kathleen Wolverton BRUNDELL, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o J.H. BRUNDELL (b. Ontario) & Helen WOLVERTON; wit Gwen FERGUSON & Marion GRANT, both Toronto, 19 Jan 1925

001192-25 (Toronto) Morris George MENDOZA, 27, Salesman, England, none given, s/o Mark C. MENDOZA (b. England) & Hannah TABLEPORTER; married Margaret Jane WINDRIM, 23, Stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Alexander WINDRIM (b. Ontario) & Sarah CURTIS; wit Ethel TODD & Mrs. R.H. ABRAHAM, both no place given, 10 Jan 1925

001193-25 (Toronto) Victor Edward MIDDLETON, 19, Butcher, England, Toronto, s/o Alexander A. MIDDLETON (b. England) & Charlotte J. WILLIS; married Leila May GOSLING, 19, Toronto, none given, d/o Thomas GOSLING (b. England) & Rachel WILSON; wit Robert TURNER & Margaret WILLIAMSON, both no place given, 28 Jan 1925, Toronto (divorced Aug 1950)

001194-25 (Toronto) John Gerald MILLS, 59, USA, Fairfield Conn, s/o Henry Lewis MILLS, (b. USA) & Mary S. GLOVER; married Lillian Hamilton RUSH, 43, Kindergarten director, Ontario, Peterboro, d/o Thomas RUSH (b. England) & Belle URE? (Urn?); wit S.U. RUSH, no place given & Sara Gloria HARTHORN, Peterboro, 24 Jan 1925

001195-25 (Toronto) Norman John MILLS, 23, Printer, England, none given, s/o Donald E. MILLS (b. England) & Beatrice BUSTIN; married Jean Livingston McDOWALL, 22, Bookkeeper, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Archibald McDOWALL (b. Scotland) & Agnes FERGUSON; wit Catherine McDOWALL & William McDOWALL, both no place given, 31 Jan 1925

001196-25 (Toronto) Edward MITCHELL, 27, Lather, Toronto, none given, s/o Charles MITCHELL (b. England) & Georgina HAWES; married May Gwendoline COBURN, 21, Chocolate Dipper, England, Toronto, d/o William COBURN (b. England) & Jane HOWE; wit Violas MITCHELL & Victoria M. WILLIAMS, both Toronto, 10 Jan 1925

001197-25 (Toronto) Morris MOLDOFSKY, 22, Tailor, Russia, none given, s/o J. MOLDOFSKY (b. Russia) & E. SPIGELMAN; married Clara SNIDER, 23, Romania, Toronto, d/o M. SNIDER (b. Romania) & B. KARANAN, wit U. HABERMAN & T. SNIDERMAN, both no place given, 25 Jan 1925

001198-25 (Toronto) Elgin Hughes Day MONTGOMERY, 26, Warehouseman, Ontario, none given, s/o William C. MONTGOMERY (b. Ontario) & Annie WILLIAMSON; married Elsie Dickinson COWLEY, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Alfred COWLEY (b. England) & Edith DICKINSON; wit Gladys A. WHITE & Ralph S. ALBERT, both no place given, 24 Jan 1925

001199-25 (Toronto) John McQueen MONTGOMERY, 34, Mechanic, Scotland, none given, s/o William MONTGOMERY (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann McANSEN; married Edith May THOM, 31, Waitress, Scotland, Toronto, d/o George THOM (b. Scotland) & June WILLIAMS; witn William MONTGOMERY & Catherine GLADSTONE, both Toronto, 14 Jan 1925

001200-25 (Toronto) Robert Thompson MOORE, 27, Fireman, Ireland, Buffalo NY, s/o William Henry MOORE (b. Ireland) & Mary ALLEN; married Mildred Mae BUFFUM, 23, Stenographer, USA, Buffalo NY, d/o Wesley BUFFUM (b. USA) & Mary COLF; wit Eugene MCGILL & Louise MCGILL, both no place given, 22 Jan 1925


001201-25 (Toronto) Alvin Benjamin MOREAU, 20, Baker, Ontario, York Twp, s/o Ben MOREAU (b. Ontario) & Annie CRANE; married Violet COOK, 20, Cake Wrapper, England, Toronto, d/o George William COOK (b. England) & Delia CAVANAGH; wit Walter James HOSKEN, Toronto & Annie Matilda EDWARDS, Islington, 21 Jan 1925

001202-25 (Toronto) Thomas MORING, 40, Butcher & Grocer, England, none given, s/o Thomas MORING (b. England) & Ellen LANGUAGE; married Mary Louisa BOUGHNER, 52, Wid, Ontario, Simcoe, d/o Alexander LONG (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth LONG; wit Annie L. COOPER & Eugene MCGILL, both no place given, 8 Jan 1925

001203-25 (Toronto) Charles Edward MURRAY, 24, Manufacturers Agent, Ontario, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Donald J. MURRAY (b. Ontario) & Hannah Marie MAPLETOFT; married Margaret Victoria BARBOUR, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William BARBOUR (b. Toronto) & Carrie FENETTE; wit Mrs. BARBOUR & Edythe MCCUAIG, both no place given, 5 Jan 1925,

001204-25 (Toronto) Thomas Scott MURRAY, 22, Stock keeper, England, Toronto, s/o William MURRAY (b. Scotland) & Mary A. THORNELAY; married Jessie Morrison CLARK, 19, Scotland, none given, d/o James CLARK (b. Scotland) & Jane A. KNOX; wit Alex MCWILLIAM & Marjorie REYNOLDS, both Toronto, 24 Jan 1925


001223-25 (Toronto) Frederick William NICHAUS, 51, Traveller, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Charles NICHAUS (b. Germany) & Margaret CAMPBELL; married Mabel Eliza Bennett BURNETT, 51, Graduate Nurse, Toronto, none given, d/o Samuel BURNETT (b. Ireland) & Eliza DOW; wit Mamie GOLLAN & Anna E. MACLACHAN, both no place given, 29 Jan 1925

001224-25 (Toronto) John Ritchie NICHOL, 32, Farmer, Scotland, Glenside Saskatchewan, s/o James NICHOL (b. Scotland) & Bella LYLE; married Maud RAMAGE, 28, Domestic, England, Toronto, d/o John RAMAGE (b. Scotland) & Mary Isabella RICHARDSON; wit Mary & Hilary BURROUGHS of Toronto, 9 Jan 1925

001225-25 (Toronto) Walter Leslie NICHOLS, 22, Electrician, England, none given, s/o Arthur NICHOLLS (sic) (b. England) & Rose Hannah MEDLOCK; married Thelma Alice JACKSON, 22, Operator, Toronto, Toronto, d/o George JACKSON (b. England) & Annie JONES; wit Arthur NICHOLLS & C.B. FISH, both no place given, 20 Jan 1925

001226-25 (Toronto) Iesdor NIDELUOFF, 31, Labourer, Bolgaria, Toronto, s/o Nidelus NIDELUOFF (sic) & Maria DONA; married Helen BAGURSKY, 24, Austria, none given, d/o Michael BAGURSKY & Sabina POPIL; witn Vosie STAICOFF & Stayno EVANOFF, both no place given, 11 Jan 1925

001227-25 (Toronto) William Richard NIMMO, 30, Toronto, Seaport, s/o Robert Davidson NIMMO (b. Ontario) & Margaret Elizabeth SMITHSON; married Alice Francis VODDEN, 25, Stenographer, Ontario, Londesboro, d/o John VODDEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WAITE; wit: illegible & Thomas Victor NIMMO, both Toronto, 21 Jan 1925

001228-25 (Toronto) William James O'BRYAN, 34, conductor T.T.C., England, none given, s/o Charles O'BRYAN (b. England) & Agnes CARR; married Edna VANCE, 21, Operative, Toronto, none given, d/o James VANCE (b. Ontario) & Ida FISHER; wit O.H.M. SMITH & Mrs. O.H.M. SMITH, both no place given 24 Jan 1925

001229-25 (Toronto) Onufry OLEKSYN, 30, Labourer, Austria, none given, s/o Michael OLEKSYN (b. Austria) & Margaret FEDOROW; married Anastasia TUKENIW (Lukeniw?), 21, Paper Factory, Austria, Toronto, d/o Stephen TUKENIW (b. Austria) & Annie BLEVIN?; wit Nellie TIRSKY & Emily WERURSKI, both Toronto, 14 Jan 1925

001230-25 (Toronto) William Francis O'ROURKE, 24, Teamster, USA, Oakville, s/o William O'ROURKE & Mary O'CONNELL; married Margaret JAMES, 20, England, Oakville, d/o Edmund JAMES (b. England) & Bessie NICHOLSON; wit Frank FIXTER, Bronte & Christina SMITH, Oakville, 24 Jan 1925

001231-25 (Toronto) Roy James ORVIS, 19, Mechanic, Ontario, none given, s/o Nathaniel James ORVIS (b. Ontario) & Mary Rosetta STEPHENS; married Paulet Adeline VAN DUSEN, 20, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Norman Isaac VAN DUSEN (b. Ontario) & Emma May WOODS; wit J.B. STRANGWAY & N.N. STRANGWAY, both Toronto, ? Jan 1925

001232-25 (Toronto) Norman John OSBORNE, 29, Tinsmith & Plumber, Ontario, Newmarket, s/o Richard OSBORNE (b. Ontario) & Mary GUTHRIE, married Rose Ellen GRAHAM, 19, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o William GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Sarah MULLIGAN; wit Mrs. J.H. LUFF & Mrs. Bertram NELLES, 30 Jan 1925

001233-25 (Toronto) Reuben PADDLE, 22, Contractor, Newfoundland, none given, s/o Samuel PADDLE (b. Newfoundland) & Annie HOLLETT (Vollett?); married Molly GALBRAITH, 20, Dressmaker, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James GALBRAITH (b. Ireland) & Mary ELSON; wit Charles I. HANN & Priscilla HANN, both no place given, 28 Jan 1925

001234-25 (Toronto) Malcolm Earl PALMER, 22, Secretary, Newfoundland, Montreal, s/o Israel PALMER (b. Newfoundland) & Cassie ROSS; married Annie SWANN, 20, England, Toronto, d/o Christopher SWANN (b. England) & Ada SUTTON; wit James MONTGOMERY, Kitchener & Violet ROWE, no place given, 31 Jan

001235-25 (Toronto) Albert Linton PAPE, 25, Driver, England, Toronto, s/o Joseph PAPE & Ann BROWN; married Maria BARNES, 22, England, Toronto, d/o Isaac BARNES & Grace BRITT; wit Alex ORR & Isobella THOMPSON, both Toronto, 1 Jan 1925

001236-25 (Toronto) Albert William PARKER, 27, Mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James PARKER (b. England) & Margaret Jane McFARLANE; married Rita JACKMAN, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William JACKMAN (b. Ontario) & Lucinda CORBETT; wit Robert Russell BRUSH & Hazel BRUSH, both no place given, 22 Jan 1925

001237-25 (Toronto) William Walter PEARCE, 20, Clerk, Toronto, none given, s/o William PEARCE (b. England) & Ina Alexander JAMIESON; wit Grace Winnifred MOORE, 17, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William Alexander MOORE (b. England) & Alice Brown LYON; wit Ivy May MOORE & John Duncan BROWN, both no place given, 11 Jan 1925

001238-25 (Toronto) Charles Edward PERRYMAN, 24, Butler, England, Toronto, s/o William Alfred PERRYMAN (b. England) & Helen SMITH; married Sarah CAMPBELL, 26, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alexander CAMPBELL (b. Ireland) & Sarah WILSON; wit Elizabeth BYRON, Toronto & Margaret C. MACLEOD, no place given, 17 Jan 1925

001239-25 (Toronto) John Edward PICKERING, 20, driver, England, Toronto, s/o George PICKERING (b. England) & Alice (unknown); married Mary Vivian STAPLEY, 17, Butter making, Ontario, none given, d/o William George STAPLEY (b. England) & Ella Louise BRADFORD; wit John William FERGUSON & Dorothy BARNARD, both no place given, 14 Jan 1925

001240-25 (Toronto) William Gordon PIM, 22, Steam Fitter, Toronto, none given, s/o James Edward PIM (b. Ontario) & Lucy WRIGHT; married Maude Lillian THATCHER, 20, Leather Goods Worker, England, Toronto, d/o Richard THATCHER (b. England) & Annie MABBERLY; wit Edith L. WARNER & Mary A. MORGAN, both no place given, 24 Jan 1925,

001241-25 (Toronto) Walter Herbert PRESS, 31, Toronto, Bicycle Business, none given, Toronto, none given, s/o Frederick PRESS (b. England) & Mary BUTCHER; married Ruby Alexandra DUNNE, 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John DUNNE (b. Ireland) & Ida CHAP; wit Belle SPENCER & L. Spencer, both Toronto, 6 Jan 1925

001242-25 (Toronto) Arthur Blake PROCTOR, 25, Accountant, Scotland, none given, s/o Edward D. PROCTOR (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BLAKE; married Reita Jacqueline LUDLOW, 23, Stenographer, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Edward J. LUDLOW (b. Newfoundland) & Alma ROSS; wit Ross LUDLOW & Betty PROCTOR, both Toronto, 28 Jan 1925

001243-25 (Toronto) Melville Clarence PUTNAM, 34, Manager for Coal Duties, North Bay, North Bay, s/o Clarence PUTNAM (b. Ontario) & Annie SOMMERVILLE; married Eva May POLLEY, 30, School Teacher, Shelborne, North Bay, d/o William POLLY (sic) (b. Ontario) & Dinnah BELLS; wit Ray S. PUTNAM, North Bay & Edith POLLY, 12 Jan 1925

001244-25 (Toronto) Thomas Harvey QUIRT, 78, Retired Farmer, Wid, Ontario, Burks Falls, s/o John QUIRT (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth CHURCH; married Susan SMELTZER, 74, Wid, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William FINLAY (b. Ireland) & Mary LOGAN; wit Barbara BELL & Madeline BELL, both none given, 23 Jan 1925

001245-25 (Toronto) Edgar Albert RAE, 30, Clerk, Toronto, Ontario, s/o Albert Calaif RAE (b. Ontario) & Margaret LINDSAY; married Ivy Edith BOYLETT, 25, England, Ottawa, d/o Harry James BOYLETT (b. England) & Alice? Mary SHERLOCK; wit Eugene McGEE & Laura McGEE, both no place given, 16 Jan 1925

001246-25 (Toronto) Cyril Paul RANDALL, 33, Office Manager, England, none given, s/o Frank RANDALL (b. England) & Annie PEARS; married Ethel Emma RICHARDSON, 34, Saleslady, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas RICHARDSON (b. England) & Emma WOODFORD; wit R.L. DERBYSHIRE & N.M. GRANT?, both no place given, 14 Jan 1925

1925-25 Esaias Vilja RANTALA, 26, laborer, Finland, 3 Widmer St., s/o Jackko RANTALA (b. Finland) & Liisa NIKULA, married Alma Elizabeth RINTA, 27, domestic, Finland, 44 Binscarth Rd., d/o Juha RINTA (b. Finland) & Maria RITAN, witn: John RANTA of 267 Benson Ave & Tyyne HOLPAINEN of 9 Highland Cres., 4 March 1925

001247-25 (Toronto) Albert James READ, 22, Chauffeur, England, Weston, s/o Charles W. READ (b. England) & Florence LAVIN; married Kathleen Amelia PARTRICK, 18, England, Weston, d/o William PARTRICK (b. England) & Hellen M.P. CONNER; wit Charles PARTRICK & Florence BARTLETT, both no place given, 10 Jan 1925

001248-25 (Toronto) Lorne Hart REID, 26, Circulation Promotor, Toronto, Sandwich, s/o James William REID (b. Canada) & Martha Ann HART; married Irene GREEN, 27, Ontario, Woodville, d/o Frederick James GREEN (b. Ontario) & Euennia COPPS; wit Ellen Eva ANDREWS & John James ANDREWS, both Toronto, 1 Jan 1925

001249-25 (Toronto) Jack REITMAN, 22, Pharmacist, Russia, Detroit Mich, s/o Marx (b. Russia) & Brandel REITMAN; married Jean SHERMAN, 18, Bookkeeper, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Louis SHERMAN (b. Russia Poland) & Rue NEIZSANBERG; wit Harry T--MAN? & J. C--T?, both no place given, 6 Jan 1925

001250-25 (Toronto) Arthur RICE, 55, Broker, Wid, Ireland, New York NY, s/o Bernard RICE (b. Ireland) & Ann McGUINS; married Alice Mary NEWLAND, 49, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William George NEWLAND (b. England) & Elizabeth Mary DOLLIN; wit Miram Jean MORRIS & Eugene McGILL, both no place given, 5 Jan 1925

001251-25 (Toronto) Abraham Oscar RICHTIGER, 21, Clothing Cutter, Poland, none given, s/o Henry (b. Poland) & Janie (Fanie?) nee SHMULEWITZ; married Sarah BLACKSTONE, 20, Finisher, England, Toronto, d/o Efram (b. Poland)& Golda nee MANSDORF, wit S. BRODT & T. NEIMAN, both no place given, 11 Jan 1925

5661-25 Edward Alfred ROLPH, 25, engineer, Toronto, 26 Chestnut Park, s/o Alfred Joseph ROLPH, b. Ont & Christabell Edith GOAD, married Kathryn Stratton SCHORMAN, 25 (b. 30 July 1900), Depew - Erie Co. NY, 51 Douglas Dr., d/o W.A. SCHORMAN, engineer, b. Germany & Etta TILLMAN, witn: Dan MacKENDRICK of Oakville & Louise BLACK of Oil City Penn., 3 Oct. 1925

6157-25 Albert Edward SCOTT, 39, garage manager, Quebec, 565 Ontario St., s/o James SCOTT, b. Scotland & Mary WINKS, married Edith MacGREGOR, 33 (b. 28 Sept 1892), shoe operator, 13 Elliott St. in Arlworth Scotland, 93 Pembroke St. in Toronto, d/o Alfred MacGREGOR, b. Scotland & Elizabeth GREER, witn: Jack C. NICOLL & Mary A. GLEN, both of 565 Ontario St., 27 Nov 1925 6158-25 Cecil Raymond SCOTT, 33, civil engineer, Ontario, 447 Jarvis St. s/o Samuel SCOTT, b. Ont & Ellen Matilda LEACH, married Erane Pauline Campbell MOWAT, 38, commercial artist, Ontario, 15 Humewood Court, d/o John A. MOWAT, b. Ont & Amy CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. R. J. GODFREY of 5 Humewood & W.S. WICKENS of 158 Lytton Blvd., 28 Nov 1925
6159-25 Erb Wilfred Harris SCOTT, 21, farmer, Ontario, Nashville Ont., s/o Jonathan Edward SCOTT, b. Ont & Frances Maria PARR, married Maggie Bella JOHNSTON, 24, Ontario, 104 Parkmount Rd in Toronto, d/o William JOHNSTON, b. Ont & Mary BAXTER, witn: Albert James JOHNSTON of 104 Parkhurst & Zella Roberta SCOTT of Nashville, 4 Nov 1925 6160-25 Kenneth Allen Duke SCOTT, 23, representative for Finance Co., England, 21 Washington Ave in Toronto, s/o Henry John SCOTT, b. England & Bertha DUKE, married Sarah Elizabeth NOONAN, 33, clerk, Ontario, 21 Washington Ave., d/o Daniel NOONAN, b. Ont & Marie FLEMING, witn: Erie Waters ARMSTRONG? & Walter WOODWARD, both of Toronto, 21 Nov 1925

6161-25 Walter SCOTT, 26 (b. 4 April 1899), carpenter, Kemback Saw Mills - Kemback Fife Scotland, 33 Cloverdale Rd in Toronto, s/o William SCOTT, b. Scotland & Jessie DEMPSTER, married Annie Hannah CAIRNS, 20, clerk, Scotland, 1931 Davenport Rd in Toronto, d/o James CAIRNS, b. Scotland & Sarah HANNAH, witn: M. GILMORE of 313 Weston Rd & James CAIRNS of 1931 Davenport, 4 Nov 1925

1950-25 Lloyd Alexander John SECOR, 20, type-writer mechanic, Toronto, 584 Logan Ave., s/o John SECOR (b. Ont) & Charlotte GRAY, married Florence Margaret MILLER, 21, packer, Scotland, 87 Wroxeter Ave., d/o Hugh MILLER (b. Scotland) & Flora MILLER, witn: Barbara CHRISTIE of 81 Highcroft Rd & Charles SMALLEY (Smilley?) of 73 Highcroft Rd., 24 March 1925
1940-25 Gordon SHERLOCK, 28, plumber, Toronto, 245 Gerrard St. East, s/o Robert SHERLOCK (b. Ont) & Agnes BERESFORD, married Mary Cora LAWLESS, 29, Channel Islands, 329 Jarvis St., d/o Nicholas LAWLESS (b. Channel Islands) & Cora YABSLEY, witn: Cecil & Florence N. NORMAN of Toronto, 18 march 1925 1951-25 William Frederick SLY, 38, baker, London England, Toronto, s/o Frederick William SLY & Marie FINNEMORE, married Jean FOXCROFT, 25, Manchester England, Toronto, d/o Walter FOXCROFT & Elizabeth BREWER, witn: Fred APPLEGATE & Evelyn POLLOCK, both of Toronto, 4 March 1925 at St. James Cathedral
1593-25 Paul James SMITH, of Buffalo NY, s/o James S. SMITH (b. USA) & Donna STRONG, married Edith Monica FAHEY of Winnipeg, d/o Simon FAHEY (b. Ont) & Emma MANERY [other info is either too faded or is obscured by other papers], licence issued 7 Feb 1925 6164-25 Sydney Claude SPEARES, 26, fireman for TFD, Ireland, 22 Shudell Ave in Toronto, s/o William SPEARES, b. Ireland & Isabella Jane LAFFARE, married Hazel Viola MARSHALL, 24, stenographer, Ontario, 98 Earl Grey Rd., s/o Benjamin MARSHALL, b. Ont & Helen RETTIE, witn: Harold Beatty BLAKEY of 139 Strathmore Blvd & Florence Edith BOUGHTON of 191 Strathmore Blvd., 6 Nov 1925
1944-25 Arnold SPRING, 21, salesman, Poland, 228 Markham St., s/o Louis SPRING (b. Poland) & Sarah SERESHNOK? (Scherhenck?), married Rachel BLACK, 19, stenographer, Toronto, 1098 Queen St. West, d/o Max BLACK (b. Poland) & Leah WISHNEFSKY, witn: H. CEPLAR? & J. WILNER, both of Toronto, 22 March 1925 1933-25 Alexander STEPHEN, 26, sheet metal worker, Scotland, 615 Euclid Ave., s/o Samuel STEPHEN (b. Scotland) & Margaret SIMPSON, married Annie Deborah KNOTT, 24, B.T. operator, Toronto, 400 Delaware Ave., d/o Thomas KNOTT (b. England) & Mary GRIMSBY, witn: Alice KNOTT of 400 Delaware & Andrew STEPHEN of 615 Euclid, 10 March 1925
6162-25 Robert STEVENSON, 70, retired, widower, Ireland, 79 Hounslow Heath Rd in Toronto, s/o Thomas STEVENSON, b. Ireland & Jane McCLEMENS, married Charlotte WHITE, 66, widow, England, 102 Helena Ave in Toronto, d/o Thomas FISHER, b. England & Anne, witn: Richard & Ellen WHITE of 100 Helena Ave., 31 Nov 1925 6163-25 John Wilfred SUTHERLAND, 31, civil servant, Ontario, Sudbury (c/o Ontario Forestry Branch), s/o Robert Alexander SUTHERLAND, b. Ont & Jenny Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Marjorie Jessie Ann Frances FRASER, 34, civil servant, Toronto, 67 Woodlawn Ave in Toronto, d/o Alexander FRASER, b. Scotland & Christena RAMSAY, witn: James Vernon LUDGATE of Pakesley Ont & Mairi FRASER of 67 Woodlawn, 7 Nov 1925

1959-25 (Toronto) Giuseppe TARACILINO, 28, labourer, S. Marco in Lamis Foggia Italy, 78 Walton St, s/o Matteo [ TARACILINO] & Emmanuela MEMMA, married Angelina PETTI, 17, Toronto, same, d/o Angelo [PETTI] & Celeste De CICCO, witn: Frank MICOLE of 129 Manning Ave & Connie SARDELLA of 440 South Main [St] WELLAND, 7 Mar 1925 RC

1953-25 (Toronto) Bennie Joseph TAYLOR, 23, steam fitter, USA, 272 Adelaide St W, s/o Frank TAYLOR (b. USA) & Bessie KRAUSS, married Annie Elizabeth MARSHALL, 22, Ontario, 272 Adelaide St W, d/o Thomas MARSHALL (b. Ontario) & Ester Ellen BOOTH, witn: Gertrude MARSHALL & Mildred MARSHALL both of 272 Adelaide St W, 4 Mar 1925

1952-25 (Toronto) Clarence Ernest THOMPSON, 29, electrician, Milton North Dakota, New Liskeard District of Temiskaming, s/o Henry THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Charlotte FEATHERSTONE, married Gladys Viola MORTON, 23, teacher, St Ola, same, d/o John MORTON (b. St Ola) & Margaret GOTHARD, witn: Cora W. EGGLETON & W. EGGLETON both of Sterling Ontario, 3 Mar 1925 at 24 Wellesley St

1958-25 (Toronto) William Daniel THOMPSON, 29, lineman H.E., Ontario, 2186 Dundas St W, s/o Andrew W. THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Matilda COOK, married Anna Nan SCOTT, 24, Scotland, 178 Galley Ave, d/o James SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Louisa MILNE, witn: R.W. CARLTON of 2952 Dundas St W. & A.L. MACKENZIE of 7 Glebe Rd E, 26 Mar 1925

1957-25 (Toronto) Arthur THORPE, 36, widower, carpenter, England, 74 Prescott Ave, s/o Arthur THORPE (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth INGLE, married Velma TAYLOR, 23, knitter, Ontario, 1223 Bathurst St, d/o William TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann DODD, witn: Margaret Baterease BROWN of Niagara-on-the-Lake & Robert Lowell HEWITT of Newmarket, 27 Mar 1925

1955-25 (Toronto) Harry Mark TOOLEY, 54, widower, receiver, Ireland, 1 Kent Rd, s/o John Mark TOOLEY deceased (b. Ireland) & Minnie EDWARD, married Florence Annie SMITH, 46, divorced, England, 1 Kent Rd, d/o Alfred SMITH (b. England) & Mary Ann JAGGS deceased, witn: Alfred G. SMITH of 20 Davenport Rd & Jane MURRAY of 51 Bond St, 25 Mar 1925 at The Metropolitan Parsonage

1954-25 (Toronto) Arthur Edwin TOPHAM, 24, salesman, Toronto, 56 Maher Ave, s/o William TOPHAM (b. Ontario) & Jennie DUNN, married Mildred Alberta MATTENLEY, 24, Ontario, 115 Boon Ave, d/o Herman MATTENLEY (b. Ontario) & Georgina DOOLITTLE, witn: Sarah BAKER & Thomas S. BAKER both of 78 Hatherley Rd, 4 Mar 1925 at 78 Hatherley Rd

1956-25 (Toronto) Clarence Ross TOWNSEND, 18, apprentice carpenter, Ontario, 90 Fuller Ave, s/o William O. TOWNSEND (b. Ontario) & Amy E. ROSS, married Vera Evelyn CRAWFORD, 16, Toronto, 129 Sixth St New Toronto, d/o Frank Alexander CRAWFORD (b. Ontario) & Clara E. WAGER, witn: Hollie H. McKINNON of 421 Mt Pleasant Rd & Ruth Roberts Mix of Toronto, 28 Mar 1925

1960-25 (Toronto) Norman Wesley URQUHART, 25, chauffeur, Toronto, 56 Winnifred Ave, s/o George URQUHART (b. Ontario) & Agatha LITTLETON, married Mabel HEWLETT, 21, England, 465 Pape Ave, d/o Charles HEWLETT (b. England) & Hannah BRADLEY, witn: George JACKSON of 59 Borden St & Beatrice HEWLETT of 465 Pape Ave, 18 Mar 1925


1962-25 (Toronto) Kenneth VAUGHAN, 33, farmer, Ontario, Durham RR#1 Grey Co, s/o Hugh VAUGHAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret MCKENZIE, married Bessie Hortense SMITH, 28, Ontario, Markdale RR#1, d/o Thomas SMITH (b. Ontario) & Martha BANKS, witn: J. Victoria GERNER of 38 At Ann's Rd & Benjamin BROWN of 194 Howland Ave, 18 Mar 1925

1964-25 (Toronto) Arthur Henry VERRALL, 22, bookbinder, Toronto, 439 Roxton Rd, s/o Robert J. VERRALL (b. Ontario) & Ellen L. ROSSITER, married Evelyn SNEDDEN, 20, rubber worker, Toronto, 539 Roxton Rd, d/o Robert SNEDDEN (b. Ontario) & Rose STEWART, witn: Norman H. VERRALL of 49 Delaney Cres. & Mildred FISHER of 2106 Dundas St, 26 Mar 1925

1961-25 (Toronto) Frederick Watson VINCENT, 21, labourer, Toronto, 461 Craven Rd, s/o Thomas W. VINCENT (b. England) & Annie HEWLETT, married Myrtle Eveline ALEXANDER, 19, Ontario, 578 Rhodes Ave, d/o James ALEXANDER (b. Ontario) & Bella PATTERSON, witn: Thomas W. VINCENT of Toronto & Ruth Roberts MIX of 21 St Mary St, 5 Mar 1925 at The Church of [St] Monica

1963-25 (Toronto) John Henry Jean VOELLMY, 25, farmer, Switzerland, Simcoe Norfolk Co, s/o Jack VOELLMY (b. Switzerland) & Theodora GROSS, married Minnie PARKES, 19, domestic, England, 538 Jarvis St, d/o ward of Dr Barnado Home names not known, witn: Winnifred CHARLEWOOD & John STANNERS both of Toronto, 26 Mar 1925

1972-25 (Toronto) Robert Henry WALKER, 19, electrician helper, England, 66 West Ave, s/o Rich A. WALKER (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth DUDLEY, married Mary (May) Catherine STRAIN, 20, saleslady, Toronto, 5 Badgerow Ave, d/o Thomas STRAIN (b. Ireland) & Rachel JOHNSTON, witn: Elsie M. HARTLEY of 12 Eden Place & Christopher WALKER of 24 Munroe St, 14 Mar 1925

1974-25 (Toronto) Alexander WANDS, 24, chauffeur, Scotland, 169 Clinton St, s/o John WANDS (b. Scotland) & Mary KECHINS, married May CARTER, 20, England, 689 Richmond St W, d/o Daniel CARTER (b. England) & Mary Ann GREENWOOD, witn: Stratton BAKER & Margaret BAKER both of 542 Front St W, 23 Mar 1925

1978-25 (Toronto) Day Coleman WARNICA, 25, salesman, Ontario, Bowmanville, s/o Ashton WARNICA deceased (b. Ontario) & Bertha May WASHINGTON, married Alice Mary ALLIN, 23, school teacher, Quebec, 142 Celina St Oshawa, d/o Philip ALLIN deceased (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MAUNDER deceased, witn: Edith STAFFORD & Jane MURRY both of 51 Bond St, 28 Mar 1925 at The Metropolitan Church Parsonage

5805-25 Walter Henry WATSON, 28, music teacher, England, 11 Mountnoch? Ave in Toronto, s/o Harry WATSON, b. England & Laura MITCHELL, married Olga CRANE, 19 (b. 13 Aug 1906), clerk, England, 1038 Pape Ave., d/o Thomas CRANE, b. England & Florence REID, witn: Mrs. CRANE of Ruth Ave in Newtonbrook & Mrs. REID of 608 Yonge St., 28 Oct 1925 at 579 Strathmore Blvd

1968-25 (Toronto) Hector Cowan WATT, 33, salesman, Scotland, 140 Ascot Ave, s/o Hugh WATT (b. Scotland) & Jessie Burns COWAN, married Ethel Laura TODD, 37, Scotland, 140 Ascot Ave, d/o George TODD (b. Scotland) & Laurenza COCHRANE, witn: Edith L. TAYLOR, 217 Lauder Ave & Winnifred HELLIKER of 219 Lauder Ave, 4 Mar 1925 5800-25 Herbert Henry WEEDEN, 32, salesman, Ontario, 40 College St., s/o W.E. WEEDEN, b. England & Annie M. BULL, married Annie Kathleen JONES, 23, teacher, Manitoba, 139 Gledhill Ave in Toronto, d/o Thomas JONES, b. Nova Scotia & Annie FRASER, witn: Bernard TAYLOR of 73 Geoffrey & Mrs? J. JONES of 139 Gledhill Ave, both Toronto, 27 Oct 1925

1977-25 (Toronto) Ben WEIS, 27, knitter, Ukrainia, 50 Beverley St, s/o Tobias WEIS (b. Ukrainia) & Dora ZASLAWSKY, married Rose SHOLSTICK, 21, dressmaker, Poland, 81 McCaul St, d/o Morris J. SHOLSTICK (b. Poland) & Bella BAKER, witn: Jake NARODESKY of 50 Beverley St & Joe ROMBERG of 81 McCaul St, 20 Mar 1925 Hebrew

1982-25 (Toronto) Aaron WEISS, 30, furrier, Hungary, 48 Grange Ave, s/o Simeon B. WEISS (b. Hungary) & Betty SIMKOVITCH, married Lillie KURTZ, 24, Austria, 48 Grange Ave, d/o Philip KURTZ (b. Austria) & Malke SILBER, witn: H. STEINHAUSE of 63 Elm St & Eli BOHNEN of 251 Shaw St, 27 Mar 1925 Hebrew

1980-25 (Toronto) James WELLS, 26, drug clerk, Toronto, 40 Afton Ave, s/o James WELLS (b. Ireland) & Mary MULHOLLAND, married Helen Harley COOPER, 22, Scotland, 37 Argyle St, d/o John Alexander COOPER (b. Scotland) & Jane Drysdale McINTOSH, witn: Norman LEAGER of 86 Grace St & Eva A. MACLEAN of Portland St, 31 Mar 1925 at St John's Rectory

1965-25 (Toronto) Jack Fraser WESTON, 28, labourer, England, 51 Shuter St, s/o Harry WESTON (b. England) & Maria FRASER, married Ada OAKMAN, 21, England, 51 Shuter St, d/o William OAKMAN (b. England) & Ada Ellen BARNARD, witn: Eugene McGill & Louisa McGILL both of 6 Trinity Square, 3 Mar 1925

1969-25 (Toronto) Walter Gladstone WHITE, 32, farmer, Ontario, Pickering Box 20 Ontario Co, s/o James WHITE (b. England) & Mary Ann MITCHELL, married Williamina FOWLER, 24, maid, Scotland, 20 Marjory Ave, d/o William FOWLER (b. Scotland) & Marion GILESPY, witn: Norman BANKS of Pickering & Isabella Fowler TAYLOR of Toronto, 14 Mar 1925

1970-25 (Toronto) William Henry WHITE, 27, baker, Toronto, 12 Genoa St, s/o Henry WHITE (b. England) & Emma BECK, married Estella Rebecca BRADLEY, 19, Ontario, 16 Genoa St, d/o Matthew L. BRADLEY (b. England) & Christina E. JAMES, witn: Bert MONTGOMERY & Eva AMBROSE both of Toronto, 14 Mar 1925

1967-25 (Toronto) Arthur Frank WHITE, 40, banker, Ontario, 5 Hawthorn Gardens, s/o Moses WHITE (b. Ontario) & Alice HOOK, married Florence Lillian STARK, 38, widow, Ontario, Port Colborne, d/o Leonard McGLASHAN (b. Scotland) & Mary Ella LEE, witn: Leonard Lee McGLASHAN of Niagara Falls Ontario & Harold Frederick MARRIOTT of Toronto, 7 Mar 1925 at St James Cathedral

1975-25 (Toronto) Percy WHITEHEAD, 23, clerk, England, 32 Smith St, s/o Frederick WHITEHEAD (b. England) & Annetta CASBORN, married Rhoda Nellie EDWARDS, 21, clerk, England, 169 Westmount Ave, d/o Daniel EDWARDS (b. England) & Rhoda CLARK, witn: H. GREEN of Toronto & E.M. EDWARDS of 169 Westmount Ave, 25 Mar 1925

1966-25 (Toronto) Alex Sterling WHYTE, 28, widower, Farmer, Ontario, Priceville RR#3 Grey Co, s/o Daniel WHYTE (b. Ontario) & Mary Adelaide BENNETT, married Rachel Colwell CRAMB, 19, Scotland, 115 Lisgar St, d/o John James CRAMB (b. Scotland) & Mary COLWELL, witn: W.H. WHITE of 117 Lisgar St & Alice WHYTE of 115 Lisgar St, 2 Mar 1925

5802-25 Edgar WILLIAMS, 20 (b. 13 April 1905), shipper, Bristol England, 40 Cumberland St. in Toronto, s/o Henry WILLIAMS, b. England & Mabel BULLEN, married Gladys Lena TABB, 21, switchboard operator, Toronto, 42 Melville Ave., d/o Charles TABB, b. Ont & Annie DAVIS, witn: Annie TABB & Gordon HICKS, both of 42 Melville, 27 Oct 1925

5801-25 James Henry WILSON, 25, furrier, Toronto, 1219 Kingston Rd., s/o Frederick WILSON, b. Ireland & Agnes McILVEEN, married Phyllis Sarah MacKAY, 22, Ontario, 465 Delaware Ave, d/o Frederick C. MacKAY, b. Ont & Agnes SMITH, witn: Ella MacKAY of 465 Delaware & Mrs. WILSON, 24 Oct 1925 at 1269 Kingston Rd., 1971-25 (Toronto) Henry WILSON, 28, labourer, England, 45 Spadina Ave, s/o Thomas WILSON (b. England) & Harriet MORTEBOY, married Margaret ANDERSON, 30, domestic, Scotland, 31 Church St, d/o William ANDERSON (b. Scotland) & Mary SMITH, witn: Eugene McGill & Louisa McGILL both of Toronto, 13 Mar 1925

1984-25 (Toronto) Francis (Frank) Bromwell WILSON, 35, secretary, Ontario, 24 St Mathew St Montreal Quebec, s/o Bromwell Stinson WILSON (b. Eastern Canada) & Esther M. BAKER, married Juanita Alice HOPKINGS, 31, Toronto, 83 Strathmore Blvd, d/o Edward Jackson HOPKINGS (b. Ontario) & Agnes Isabel WHITTAKER, witn: Leslie COLLINS of Montreal Quebec & V.K. HOPKINGS of Toronto, 14 Mar 1925

1981-25 (Toronto) Lorne Albert WILSON, 18, labourer, Toronto, 113 Wallace Ave, s/o George Albert WILSON (b. Ontario) & Edna Dell MATTHEWS, married Marie FLANAGAN, 19, Kodak paper & packing, Toronto, 4 Staines Rd, d/o David Emanuel FLANAGAN (b. Ontario) & Leah SCOTT, witn: Edward C. BLACK of 299 Margueretta St & Mrs J.A. MUSTARD of 265 Havelock St, 25 Mar 1925, divorced 27 Sept 1934

1979-25 (Toronto) Morris WOLDMAN, 32, jeweller Russia, 119 Major St, s/o Isaac WOLDMAN (b. Russia) & Polly LIATZ, married Zena OSHER, 26, finisher, Russia, 148 Manning Ave, d/o Nathan OSHER (b. Russia) & Rebecca NOLIN, witn: Harry SHOCHET of 281 Augusta [Ave] & Isaac GALITZRY of 41 D'Arcy [St], 29 Mar 1925 Hebrew

1973-25 (Toronto) Harry William WOLVERSON, 19, shoemaker, England, 9 Miller Ave [St?], s/o William WOLVERSON (b. England) & Phoebe HOLLOWAY, married Eleanor Mary FEGARTY, 19, telephone operator, England, 575 Perth Ave, d/o Thomas Patrick FEGARTY (b. Ireland) & Mary Taylor, witn: Alfred JOLLY of 356 Bartlett Ave & Burley TAYLOR of 119 Bernice Cres, 21 Mar 1925

1976-25 (Toronto) Frederick George WOODROW, 17, clerk, Toronto, 40 DeGrassi St, s/o William Henry WOODROW (b. Ontario) & Charlotte Ann PULLMAN, married Ruth Margaret EASON, 17, clerk, Toronto, 250 St Clarens Ave, d/o Ernest Edgar EASON (b. Ontario) & Margaret Frances ADAMS, witn: Carson Bert WEIR of 805 Queen St E & Mrs Irene Maude ROBERTS of 250 St Clarens Ave, 27 Mar 1925 at St John's Rectory

5803-25 Lavern WRIGHT, 28, barber, Ontario, 61 Davisville Ave., s/o James A. WRIGHT, b. Ont & Annetta HALL, married Laura Willetta THOMAS, 20, saleslady, Ontario, 61 Davisville Ave., d/o Reuben W. THOMAS, b. Ont & Ethel HAGERMAN, witn: Margaret M. DEWEY & Elsie C. BAIN, both of Toronto General Hospital, 29 Oct 1925

1985-25 (Toronto) Alfred Edgar YOUNGHUSBAND, 42, salesman, Ontario, 614 Church St, s/o Ashburn YOUNGHUSBAND (b. Ontario) & Christina BRADLEY, married Ada JUNKIN, 36, domestic, Ontario, 149 South Drive, d/o Thomas JUNKIN (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane PATTERSON, witn: Mary YOUNGHUSBAND of 55 Grenadier Rd & E.B. YOUNGHUSBAND of 129 John St, 4 Mar 1925 1986-25 John ZAHRA, 44, labourer, widower, Malta, 473 Keele St. Toronto, s/o Michael ZAHRA & Camilla SAMMUT, married Antonia CENI, 30, widow, Malta, 80 Annette Street Toronto, d/o Joseph SAMMUT & Maria VILLA, witn: Massimo CASSAR of 201 Vine Ave. & Louisa USHER of 98 Annette Street both of Toronto on April 30, 1925 at St. Cecilia's Church