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City of Toronto, 1925, part 16

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005328-25 William George BAILEY, 25, marble setter, Toronto, 31 Kingsmount Pk Rd s/o Eli BAILEY (b. England) & Maria BROWN married Merle Maud PEARSALL, 19, hairdresser, Ontario, 31 Winchester St in Toronto d/o Burton PEARSALL (b. Ontario) & Leah Belle DOXSEE wtn: R.H. BAILEY & Evelyn S. BAILEY both of 192 Kingston Rd, 31 October 1925 at St John's Church Norway 4604-25 John Urie BAIN, 31, widower, laborer, Ontario, 78 O'Hara Ave., s/o John Urie BAIN, b. England & Eleanor STOTHART, married Isobel Campbell McGREGOR, 29, domestic, Scotland, 206 Russell Hill Rd.., d/o Thomas McGREGOR, b. Scotland & Annie CAMPBELL, witn: Margaret CAMPBELL of 206 Russell Hill Rd & Charles BAYNES of 25 Seaforth Ave., 26 Sept 1925
005307-25 Harold Joseph BALDWIN, 32, accountant, Ontario, 33 Prescott Ave s/o Silas BALDWIN (b. Ontario) & Mary FLEMING married Lena GRAYSTONE, 31 (b. 14 May 1894), clerk, Southwick England, 100 High Park Ave in Toronto d/o Arthur GRAYSTONE (b. England) & Margaret LAWS wtn: Arthur GRAYSTONE of 100 High Park Ave in Toronto & S.C. BALDWIN of 33 Prescott Ave in Toronto, 14 October 1925 at St Cyprian's Church 005330-25 Anthony BARAN, 50, widower, labourer, Poland, 60 Niagara St s/o John BARAN & Anna KASSTOLOWICZ married Anastasia KONRAD, 45, widow, labourer, Poland, 45 Manning, d/o Dymitri & Mary JAKIMOWA wtn: Jusko POICIWY of 127 Niagara & Anna KOLSON of 47 Mitchell Ave, 24 October 1925
005334-25 Arthur G. BARBERY, 35, salesman, St John NB, Toronto s/o John BARBERY & Eliza FOX married Kathleen A. O'MALLEY, 35, cashier, Montreal, St John NB d/o John O'MALLEY & Catherine WILLIAMS wtn: Mr & Mrs F. POUGNET of 74 Browning Ave, 19 October 1925 005335-25 Charles BARTELLO, 24, worker, Toronto, 943 Dundas W s/o Raphael BARTELLO & Rachel LATCHIN married Frances OSCAR, 26, housekeeper, Poland, 943 Dundas St W d/o Paul OSCAR & Octavia MIROWSKA wtn: Ralph BARTELLO of 943 Dundas St W & Mary GYLBERT of 38 Runnimead Rd, 14 October 1925
005311-25 Peter BAS, 33, widower, Galicia, 7265 Sheehan Ave in Detroit s/o John BAS (b. Galicia) & Anna DOBISZAY married Parasceva MELESZKO, 22, waitress, Galicia, 53 Edwin Ave in Toronto d/o Gregory MELESZKO (b. Galicia) & Pelagra KOZPEGRO wtn: J. KABEN of 53 (?) Ave & J. LUMBER of 148 Cawthra Ave, 17 October 1925 005318-25 Harold James BAYLEY, 32, RCMP constable, England, RCMP Ottawa s/o Joseph James BAYLEY (b. England) & Emily Lillian WILLIAMS married Grace Eugenia MORTIMER, 29, stenographer, England, 17 Redpath Ave in Toronto d/o James Laing MORTIMER (b. England) & Margaret Ann BENZIES (Menzies?), wtn: Bruce George MORTIMER of 617 Millwood Rd & Jessie Agnes MORTIMER of 17 Redpath Ave, 31 October 1925
005310-25 William Hugh BEATON, 30, salesman, Toronto, Toronto Canoe Club s/o Colin Campbell BEATON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McBETH married Annie Corrie WILSON, 24, Toronto, 40 High Park Blvd d/o John WILSON (b. Ontario) & Annie TINNING wtn: Richard T.F. COWIE of Toronto Canoe Club & Emma E.M. WILSON of 785 Many St in Toronto, 17 October 1925 4611-25 Joseph Nathaniel BECKLES, 32, CPR porter, British West Indies, 51 Denison Ave., s/o Simeon BECKLES, b. BWI & Keturah ARMSTRONG, married Althea Wilhelmina BROWNE, 26, domestic, British West Indies, 51 Denison Ave., d/o Walter BROWN, b. BWI & Georgina TAYLOR, witn: Dudley MARSHALL of 51 Denison Ave & Winnifred BROWNE of 13 Madison Ave., 24 Sept 1925
005302-25 Joseph Ashley BEDLINGTON, 20, clerk, Toronto, 227 Edelyn Ave s/o Henry Charles BEDLINGTON (b. Ontario) & Eleanor DENNIS married Ellen WOODWARD, 19, operator BTC, England, 77 Holmesdale Ave in York twp d/o Frank WOODWARD (b. England) & Annie WAKE wtn: Mrs A.M. CHYNOWETH & S. Margarita CHYNOWETH both of 817 Yonge St in Toronto, 3 October 1925 005325-25 Leslie Thomas BEECH, 21, steam fitter CNR, England, 281 Avenue Road s/o Thomas BEECH (b. England) & Ann WILLIAMS married Lillian Frances STUCKEY, 20, domestic, England, 211 Bolton Ave in Toronto d/o George STUCKEY (b. England) & Frances ROBERTS wtn: Robert T. BARRON & Annie B. BARRON both of 9 Greensides Ave in Toronto, 1 October 1925 at the Church of Mary the Virgin
4613-25 Norman Alfred BELL, 23, electrical work, England, 1455 Davenport Rd., s/o John BELL, b. England & Henrietta HOLMES, married Isabella Butchart ROSIE, 17, chocolate maker, Toronto, 635 Weston Rd., d/o Murdoch ROSIE, b. Scotland & Isabella Butchart ROSIE, witn: Jessie Milne GREIG of 78 Grenville St. & James Arthur ROBERTSON of 416 Montrose Ave., 19 Sept 1925 at 635 Weston Rd 4602-25 William West BELL, 33, railway shop helper, Nova Scotia, Winnipeg, s/o Martin J. BELL, b. Nova Scotia & Letitia WENTZEL, married Margaret Kerr MILLAR, 40 (b. 11 Sep 1885), widow, Dundee Scotland, Winnipeg, d/o James HOWIE, b. Scotland & Mary KERR, witn: Barbara CHRISTIE of 113 Hiawatha Ave & Mary Rea WELLERMAN of Trout Creek, 17 Sept 1925 [re bride: both parents deceased]
4608-25 Silas Arthur BELL, 42, travelling salesman, Ontario, 57 Jackman Ave., s/o Bowen Edward BELL, b. Ont & Adaliza LAKE, married Elizabeth Lee MacKAY, 34, milliner, Ontario, 598 Bloor St., d/o Edward MacKAY, b. Ont & Elizabeth LEE, witn: Edward MacKAY of Creemore Ont & Marie Beatrice HUNTER of 680 Crawford St., 2 Sept 1925 at Walmer Rd Baptist Church 005320-25 Arthur Reginald BELL, 37, widower, teamster, Toronto, 9 Bradd St s/o Robert BELL (b. Ireland) & Martha TORQUE married Margaret KELLY, 28, switchboard operator, Toronto, 95 Argyle St in Toronto d/o Charles KELLY (b. Ireland) & Anne LIVINGSTON wtn: Thomas James WRIGHT of 462 Montrose Ave & Sarah McMULLAN of 536 Dufferin St, 10 October 1925 at the United Church of the Epiphany
005312-25 Charles Edward BENDER, 20, stores assistant, Wallace twp, Stratford in Ontario s/o Jacob BENDER (b. Canada) & Barbara DURST married Florence May ROOME, 23, stenographer, Stratford d/o Thomas Frederick ROOME (b. Canada) & Jane CROSIER wtn: Anna Mae ROOME & Dorothy Avril ROOME both of 79 Robert St in Toronto, 19 October 1925 at The Church of The Holy Trinity 005316-25 Thomas Bertram BENNETT, 25, cartage agent, Toronto, 486 Danforth Ave s/o Thomas BENNETT (b. Ontario) & Christine SHEADY married Florence Alice Eleanor HARRIS-JONES, 21, operator, England, 192 Heward Ave in Toronto d/o Walter HARRIS (b. England) & Alice Maud ANDREWS wtn: G.H.F. INGRAM of 119 Howard Ave & Mrs W.H. ANDREWS of 561 Broadview Ave, 26 October 1925
005319-25 George Ernest BENNS, 31, presser, Toronto, 80 Normandy Blvd in Toronto s/o Emerson James BENNS (b. Ontario) & Eliza Ann WORLEY married Constance May HASLOP, 28, England, 111 Parkmount Rd d/o Harry Robert HASLOP (b. England) & Susannah BLACKWELL wtn: Herbert Vincent ELLIS of 80 Normandy Blvd in Toronto & Mary HANNEY of 206 St John's Rd in Toronto, 24 October 1925 at 111 Parkmount Rd 005306-25 Robert Thomas BEST, 70, widower, real estate, Ireland, 34 Hover Ave in Kitchener in Ontario s/o Arthur BEST (b. Ireland) & Jane LONSDALE married Elouise Maud KRAFT, 52, widow, Ontario, 228 High St in Toronto d/o John YOCOM (b. Ontario) & Maria GRANT wtn: Alice ROWLAND of 759 Leslie Ave in Toronto & Frederick COOPER of Toronto, 16 October 1925 at Tabernacle Church
005331-25 Lionel Garnet BERTRAND, 24, railway clerk, Montreal, Toronto s/o Joseph Achille BERTRAND & Clerina CYR married Annie Rita HICKEY, 23, office, England, Toronto d/o Thomas Francis HICKEY & Mary Jane GRINDRED wtn: Louis J. ROUSSEAU & Aime ROUSSEAU both of 105 Caithness Ave in Toronto, 28 October 1925 4616-25 Thomas William BIRD, 44, farmer, Seneca twp., same, s/o Thomas BIRD, b. Ont & Eliza JOHNSTON, married Ruby Mary Christena HARRISON, 27, Willesden, Seneca twp., d/o James William HARRISON, b. England & Henrietta S. STEVENS, witn: James & Margaret PARNELL of 134 Coxwell Ave., 23 Sept 1925
005324-25 James William BISHOP, 28, ruler, England, 512 Dupont St s/o Sidney H. BISHOP (b. England) & Kate FRANKLYN married Sylvia Susie Holley WILKINSON, 21, typist, Toronto, 546 Dupont St in Toronto d/o Charles WILKINSON (b. England) & Susan DAVIS wtn: George GILLIES & Beula TROUTEN both of Toronto, 7 October 1925 4605-25 George BLACK, 27, porter, Scotland, 176 Kingsmount Park Rd., s/o George BLACK, b. Scotland & Eliza HARRICK, married Margaret Stephen MITCHELL, 23 (b. 12 Dec 1901), Aberdeen Scotland, 765 Lansdowne Ave., d/o Joseph Clark MITCHELL, b. Scotland & Helen FRASER (married 23 Oct 1891 at St. Nicholas), witn: James A. MITCHELL & Alexina Bruce KIRTON, both of 765 Lansdowne Ave., 26 Sept 1925
005309-25 Cleveland Victor BLAIR, 33, salesman, British West Indies, 42½ Ann St s/o John Dyer BLAIR (b. British West Indies) & Caroline GREAVES married Beatrice MARSHALL, 27, hairdresser, England, 292 Berkley St in Toronto d/o David MARSHALL (b. England) & Emma SISSONS wtn: Eugene McGILL & Louisa McGILL both of 6 Trinity Square in Toronto, 17 October 1925 at the Church of the Holy Trinity 005304-25 Albert BLANTON, 25, assembler, England, 224 First Ave s/o James BLANTON (b. England) & Clara HOOD married Irene Blanche TOUZELL, 25, operator, Channel Islands, 68 Tiverton Ave in Toronto d/o Philip Edward TOUZELL (b. Channel Islands) & Alice Mary RONDELL wtn: Fred BLANTON & Ida BLANTON both of 224 First Ave, 8 October 1925 at St Johns Church Norway
005321-25 Robert Henry BLAYNEY, 31, die setter, Oshawa, Hamilton s/o Robert Cunningham BLAYNEY & Elizabeth BRENT married Lillian Ethel DAINTY, 26, stenographer, Toronto, Hamilton d/o Arthur Thomas DAINTY & Annie Elizabeth SHEPHERD, wtn: Daniel Edward IRWIN of 231 Marguerite St in Toronto & Evelyn DAINTY of 842 Manning Ave in Toronto, 10 October 1925 0052996-25 William BOHAYCHUK, 30, barber, Romania, 2½ Palmerston Ave s/o Demitro BOHAYCHUK (b. Romania) & Fatima ORLUCKA married Annie ORELECKA, 21, factory hand, Romania, 21 Denison Ave in Toronto d/o William ORELECKA (b. Romania) & Lenovia BOHAYCHUK wtn: John TYCHYSKI & Dora STUPARYK both of Toronto, 9 October 1925 at Toronto [Divorced – 8 February 1956]
005338-25 Cyril Charles BONE, 25, grocer, Stafford in England, 195 Avenue Road s/o Samuel BONE & Mary Elizabeth CLARKE married Beatrice May PARTON, 24, Manchester in England, 30 Ramsford Rd d/o Charles PARTON & Hannah JEFFCOTT wtn: Philip Sheldon BEDFORD of 102 Admiral Road & Doreen M. HILLARY of 39 Columbine Ave, 14 October 1925 at St John's Church Norway 005317-25 Thomas BOOTH, 30, painter, England, 625 Bathurst St s/o John Thomas BOOTH (b. England) & Nina POWELL married Agnes TAYLOR, 18, Scotland, 625 Bathurst St in Toronto d/o Robert TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Jane ROCK wtn: John BOOTH & Jean JOHNSTON both of Toronto, 31 October 1925 at Knox Church House
005300-25 John Alexander BOSTHWICK, 25, clerk, Brockville, Brockville s/o John BOSTHWICK (b. Canada) & Margaret CARR married Mary Helen BOWMAN, 25, stenographer, Brockville, Oshawa d/o George BOWMAN (b. Canada) & Mary SHANE wtn: Kathleen SKINNER & Evelyn BURKELL both of Toronto, 3 October 1925 005315-25 Clive Stuart BOUCHER, 33 (b. 17 Oct 1892), traffic superintendent BT Co, Cote St. Antoine - Montreal Quebec, 286 Stanley St in Montreal, s/o Charles R. BOUCHER (b. England) & Helen A. GORDON (both deceased), married Florence Isabel DRURY, 28, New Brunswick, 14 Binscarth Rd in Toronto d/o Charles L. DRURY (b. New Brunswick) & Dora FERGUSON wtn: E. M. HAND of 14 Anderson Ave & Beatrice A. DRURY of 14 Binscarth Rd, 28 October 1925
005305-25 Arthur Ernest BOURNE, 21, photographer, England, 85 Harbour St s/o George BOURNE (b. England) & Mary COOKE married Myrtle Evelyn POLLARD, 20, domestic, Toronto, 93 Spencer Ave in Toronto d/o Arthur Frankland POLLARD (b. Ontario) & Adella REID wtn: Edith ANTHONY & Ott LOUCER both of Toronto, 12 October 1925 005308-25 Harold Frederick BOWDEN, 25, iron worker, England, 577 Dundas St E s/o Henry BOWDEN (b. England) & Amelia REED married Alexina HEWITT, 24, housemaid, Scotland, 146 Beaconsfield Ave d/o James HEWITT (b. Scotland) & Barbara BLAIR wtn: Mrs Elsie AITKIN of 146 Beaconsfield Ave & John ASHMAN of 577 Dundas St E, 10 October 1925
4603-25 Irving BOWER, 24 (b. 27 Sept 1900), salesman, Akron NY, Niagara Falls NY, s/o Albert BOWER, b. USA & Cora Belle CADY, married Esther MURDOCH, 25, Ontario, 120 Shuter St. in Toronto, d/o James MURDOCH, b. Ont & Lusha Jane WARD, witn: Charles? E. TRAUTER of Niagara Falls NY & Priscilla TRAUTER of 120 Shuter St., 15 Sept 1925 005329-25 Francis Robert BOWGER, 18, tinsmith, Toronto, 247 Donlands Ave s/o Frederick George BOWGER & Ellen DAINTY married Jemima Anderson SMITH, 18, Aberdeen Scotland, 88 Strathcona Ave d/o William SMITH & Jesse CHISHOLM wtn: Richard H. FREWING of 101 Wheeler Ave & Dorothy Joini TRYERT of 30 Howie Ave, 26 October 1925 at St John's Church Norway
005313-25 Stuart Thomas Davidson BOYER. 25, printer, Toronto, 482 Driving Park Ave in Rochester NY s/o Thomas BOYER b. England) & Katherine DAVIDSON married Margaret Esther COX, 22, clerk, Toronto, 60 Golden Ave in Toronto d/o William COX (b. Ontario) & Esther ACTON wtn: E.A. BROWN of 100 Galt Ave in Toronto & Ella COX of 60 Golden Ave, 24 October 1925 4606-25 William Abraham BRANNING, 24, clerk, Ontario, 425 Quebec Ave., s/o John BRANNING, b. Ont & Margaret BAIRD, married Mildred Matilda Augusta JACOBI, 23, clerk, Ontario, 72 Pacific Ave., d/o Albert William JACOBI, b. Ont & Alma PERKINS, witn: Samuel BRANNING of 425 Quebec Ave & Helen HERBERT of 18 Taylor St., 19 Sept 1925
005299-25 Harry Stanislaus BRATSON, 40, automotive finisher, Ontario, 107 Paquette St in Detroit, s/o Henry BRATSON (b. Ireland) & Dorothy CUNNINGHAM married Eva Jane VENTON, 30, milliner, Ontario, 115 Pembroke St in Toronto d/o George Henry VENTON (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth BAKER wtn: Lincoln MOORE & Dorothy MOORE both of 534 Ontario St, 5 October 1925 4607-25 Archibald BRECHIN, 25, accountant, Scotland, 123 Craighurst Ave., s/o William BRECHIN, b. Scotland & Mary HAMILTON, married Ruby Eleanor FRY, 25, Ontario, 52 Castlefield Ave., d/o Richard Irwin FRY, b. Ont & Victoria Helena BRITTON, witn: Evelyn L. CONNOR of 50 Castlefield Ave & Edward M. STEELE of 72 Gowan Ave., 2 Sept 1925
005327-25 Nelson BREMNER, 22, elevator operator, Toronto, 36 McGill St s/o Freeman BREMNER (b. not known) & (not known) married Clara Margaret GODFREY, 24, operator, Ontario, 280 Dundas St E in Toronto d/o Lemuel GODFREY (b. Ontario) & Bertha McILMOYLE wtn: Ellen GARDINER of 201 Carleton St & Eliza M. PARKER of 42 Admiral Rd, 3 October 1925 005337-25 Horace George BRISTOW, 31, barrister, England, 264 Roxton Rd in Toronto s/o Horace BRISTOW & Georgina C. KNOWLES married Elizabeth BOURNE, 30, Alberta, 213 Roxton Rd in Toronto d/o Henry Toller BOURNE & Janey HALLOWELL wtn: H. Stephen BOURNE of Toronto & Frances DERNIE? of Hamilton, 10 October 1925
005295-25 Robert Henry BROWN, 26, wholesale fruiterer, England, 6 Clarence Sq s/o Charles Gibbons BROWN (b. England) & Hannah DUNCAN married Mary Ann KYLE, 23, operator, Ireland, 6 Clarence Sq in Toronto d/o Thomas KYLE (b. Ireland) & Mary LYONS wtn: Wright Charles FOX of Toronto & Lillian BROWN of York, 27 October 1925 005294-25 Russell BROWN, 23, sheet metal worker, Ontario, 292 Berkley St s/o Alexander BROWN (b. Ontario) & Lorrie LONG married Winifred Dorothy BROWN, 18, England, 985 Queen St E in Toronto d/o Leonard William BROWN (b. England) & Fanny Elizabeth COLE wtn: Mrs Mabel WHEAT of 200 Logan Ave in Toronto & Ben JONES Jr of 107 Booth Ave in Toronto, 17 October 1925
005293-25 Robert BROWN, 25, auto mechanic, England, 90 College St in Toronto s/o William J. BROWN (b. England) & Elizabeth A. MELLOR married Margaret Archibald CLARK, 27, rubber worker, Scotland, 1166 St Clair Ave in Toronto d/o William CLARK (b. Scotland) & Margaret McLEOD wtn: Herbert C. BROWN & Florence C. BROWN both of 90 College St in Toronto, 24 October 1925 at St Charles Church 005292-25 Herbert Frank BROWN, 35, postal clerk, England, 55 Marchmount Rd s/o Ebenezer BROWN (b. England) & Alice CHENERY married Minnie Lillian ANKCORN, 22, Toronto, 1249 Dufferin St in Toronto d/o William George ANKCORN (b. Ontario) & Margaret Matilda J. WRIGHT wtn: Mary Janet RADBURN of 45 Roslin Ave & Ernest BROWN of 54 Eversfield Rd, 24 October 1925
005291-25 David James BROWN, 20, chauffeur, Scotland, 34 Camden St s/o David BROWN (b. Scotland) & Mary RICE married Grace DALGLEISH, 19, book binder, Scotland, 5½ Sword St in Toronto d/o James DALGLEISH (b. Scotland) & Mary GRAY wtn: Margaret FAULKNER & Alfred FAULKNER both of 5½ Sword St in Toronto, 3 October 1925 005290-25 Alfred Edgar BROWN, 37, widower, painter, England, 83 Coady Ave s/o Joseph William BROWN (b. England) & Susan REPWORTH married Katie Isabel SALE, 28, operator, England, 83 Coady Ave in Toronto d/o Harry SALE & Esther WRIGHT wtn: N.D. BROWN & Clara M. BROWN both of 298 Stornaway St in Toronto, 3 October 1925
4610-25 Franklin Oscar BROWN, 33, printer, Ontario, 677 Pape Ave., s/o Oscar Gerrard BROWN, b. Ont & Wilhelmina SPEIGHT, married Margaret Sarah SCOTT, 25, stenographer, Toronto, 50 Gillespie Ave., d/o Samuel SCOTT, b. Ireland & Charlotte ACTON, witn: Walter C. GREEN of 5 Columbine Ave & Nellie M. THOMSON of Sudbury, 5 Sept 1925 005297-25 Wilfred Wilson BROWN, 26, truck driver, Toronto, 78 Day Ave s/o William BROWN (b. Ontario) & Annie COULTER married Gladys PICKERING, 25, Ontario, 36 Brandon Ave in Toronto d/o William PICKERING (b. Ontario) & Jane GIBSON wtn: Ivy PICKERING of 36 Brandon Ave & Earl Scott BROWN of 78 Day Ave, 7 October 1925
005298-25 George Rae BROWNE, 34, insurance broker, Toronto, 223 Jameson Ave s/o Gavin BROWNE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth RAE married Jessie MILNE, 31, Toronto, 252 Bloor St W in Toronto d/o William S. MILNE (b. Ontario) & Christine WILLING wtn: Louise BRYAN of 86 Downie St in Toronto & Charles R. BROWN of 223 Jameson Ave in Toronto, 17 October 1925 4615-25 Albert Charles BRYANT, 22, refreshment caterer, Ontario, 853 Dupont St., s/o Albert Charles BRYANT, b. Ont & Louise Maud BIRD, married Jane MAYOR, 20, England, 174 Crawford St., d/o William MAYOR, b. England & Ellen WILKINSON, witn: Ellen MAYOR & Charles Richard WEST, both of 174 Crawford St., 23 Sept 1925
4614-25 Arthur Stanley BRYCE, 25, accountant, Ontario, 58 Donlands Ave., s/o Charles A. BRYCE, b. England & Clara ELLIKER, married Marion Frances KLAGES, 25, Toronto, 56 Lansdowne Ave., d/o Frederick J. KLAGES, b. Manitoba & Elizabeth WHITTEN, witn: Ormand BARRETT of Hamilton & Hilda HAINES of 16 Withrow Ave., 22 Sept 1925 at Parkdale Presbyterian Church 005340-25 Francesco BUCRERI, 23, musician, Tunisi in Africa, 322 Clinton St s/o Ignazio BUCRERI & Vincerzina SCORANE married Rosa GENTILE, 21, at home, Toronto, Toronto d/o Francesco GENTILE & Giovanna SPIRATA wtn: Gietro COLAPINTO of 336 Manning Ave & Louise PONESSE of 70 Robert St, 27 October 1925
005326-25 William Benjamin BUCHANAN, 40, widower, electrical engineer, Ontario, 832 Windermere Ave s/o William BUCHANAN (b. Ontario) & Rosanna FERRIS married Alma Florence HENDERSON, 33, graduate nurse, Ontario, 128 Barton Ave in Toronto d/o Thomas M. HENDERSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Mary TAYLOR wtn: H. HENDERSON of 267½ Glenholme Ave & S.M. ANNIS of RR#2 Pickering, 1 October 1925 005333-25 Harold Stuart BUCHANAN, 32, clerk, Lethbridge in Alberta, 772 Coxwell Ave s/o Alexander William BUCHANAN & Martha Ada SIMPSON married Marjorie Irene WADHAM, 22, Toronto, 11 Columbine Ave d/o Joseph WADHAM & Elizabeth MITCHELL wtn: E.A. DAVIS of 772 Coxwell Ave & Elva J. BUCHANAN of 75 Bowman Road, 22 October 1925 at St John's Church Norway
005314-25 Leslie Gordon BUCK, 22, engineer, Ontario, 8 Markham St s/o Edward BUCK (b. Ontario) & Lottie L. MEAD married Marion Grace CRAWFORD, 24 graduate nurse, Ontario, 108 Dundas St in Brantford in Ontario d/o John CRAWFORD (b. Ontario) & Susan WILLIS wtn: Elizabeth A. BREED & Margaret HANCOCK both of Toronto, 27 October 1925 at Knox Church 4609-25 Clinton Maxwell BUNSTON, 25, builder & real estate, Ontario, 38 Geoffrey St., s/o Thomas BUNSTON, b. Ont & Mary MENERY, married Jean May CRESS, 25, Ontario, Clinton Ont., d/o John CRESS, b. Ont & Agnes SWAN, witn: A. & Donalda McFADYEN of 6 Edna Ave., 390 Perth Ave., 5 Sept 1925
4612-25 Frederick Herbert Winston BURGESS, 25, manufacturer, Toronto, 2 Glen Manor Dr., s/o Herbert BURGESS, b. Ont & Amy FERGUSON, married Mary Helen CARLING - KELLY, 19, Ontario, 425 Walmer Rd., d/o John CARLING - KELLY, b. Ont & Mary Helen BAYNE, witn: John F. G. BURGESS & Florence KELLY, 23 Sept 1925 005322-25 William Maurice BURNS, 23, clerk, Toronto, 565 Wellington St W s/o Maurice BURNS (b. Ireland) & Susie WILSON married Otta Muriel Gertrude BAYLER, 20, operator BT Co, Ontario, 172 Montrose Ave in Toronto d/o Harry BAYLER (b. Ontario) & Gertrude RANDS wtn: Helen M. McCABE of 1192½ Bloor W in Toronto & John G. SNEATH of 82 Stafford St in Toronto, 10 October 1925 at 65 Pacific Ave
005303-25 Arthur Holmes BUTLER, 30, insurance, Toronto, 215 Cottingham St s/o Robert James BUTLER (b. Ontario) & Emily Beaumont HOLMES married Marjorie Wescott CONNER, 21, Toronto, 258 Brunswick Ave in Toronto d/o Carleton W. CONNER (b. USA) & Hannah GINLY wtn: Mrs Hannah CONNER of 269 Brunswick Ave in Toronto & Mrs Emily B. BUTLER of 215 Cottingham St, 10 October 1925 005301-25 William Henry BUTLER, 26, shipper, Ontario, 61 Westminster Ave s/o Joseph BUTLER (b. England) & Charlotte SMITH married Ivy Evelyn MORGAN, 18, nutter, England, stop 34 Lakeshore Rd d/o Francis MORGAN (b. England) & Nellie TURNER wtn: Ernest C.D. BUTLER of 61 Westminster Ave in Toronto & Viola MORGAN of stop 38 Lakeshore Rd in Toronto, 3 October 1925 at 61 Westminster Ave
005375-25 John Orval CAMERON, 28, fireman TFD, Toronto, 30 Verral Ave s/o John CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Rachel Dorothy HAILS married Wilhelmina Jane Pettigrew McBURNIE, 29 (b. 12 April 1896), Maxwelltown Scotland. 112 Fermanagh in Toronto d/o William McBURNIE (b. Scotland) & Jean BUNTIN (married 12 July 1895 at Dumfries), wtn: Wilma & M.A. TOLL of Toronto, 22 October 1925 005384-25 Frank CAUSLEY, 25, with American News Company, Parry Sound, 104 Maitland St in Toronto s/o Andrew CAUSLEY & Josephine GRAY married Catherine Estelle EISAN, 28, waitress, Sheet Harbour in Halifax N.S., 104 Maitland St in Toronto d/o Levi EISAN & Mary CURRY wtn: James Vincent NASH & Mary Amy HORN both of 104 Maitland St in Toronto, 12 October 1925
005383-25 Frederick CLEMENTS, 28, shipper, Birmingham England, 413 Gilbert Ave s/o Joseph CLEMENTS & Elizabeth NEWMAN married Eva HUMPHREYS, 24, England, 39 Madison Ave d/o Robert HUMPHREYS & Robina FRENCH wtn: Archie SHAW & Nellie GODDARD both of Toronto, 7 October 1925 005377-25 William Edward CLIFTON, 47, shipping clerk, England, 43 Doncaster Ave in York twp s/o William CLIFTON (b. England) & Jane M. WOOTTON married Ellen HARDY, 33, callender padder, England, 19 Osborne Ave in Toronto d/o Thomas HARDY (b. England) & Mary E. STENT wtn: Margaret CLIFTON & Catherine CLIFTON both of 22 St Joseph St in Toronto, 29 October 1925
005374-25 Samuel Joseph Henry COCKSHOTT, 23, asst cloth percher, England, 515 Eastern Ave s/o William COCKSHOTT (b. England) & Sarah Ann LONG, married Edith BERRY, 21, radio headphone answerer, England 515 Eastern Ave., d/o Jack BERRY, b. England & Mary Ann GILL, wtn: John Henry ROBINSON of 138 Lansdowne Ave & Miss COCKSHOTT of 515 Eastern Ave, 31 October 1925 005386-25 Alfred CONKLIN, 23, chemist, Ottawa, Welland s/o James CONKLIN & Laura BROWN married Eileen McGUANE, 23, teacher, Toronto, Toronto d/o Francis McGUANE & Agnes KANEEN wtn: Francis G. CUSHING of Belleville in Ontario & Nora McGUANE of 64 Snowden Ave in Toronto, 22 October 1925 at St Monica Church
005376-25  Richard CONNELLY, 37, clerk, Ontario, 76 Shanly St s/o Richard CONNOLLY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth DRYDEN married Eliza May DRYDEN, 36, Ontario, 2 Muir Ave in Toronto d/o Andrew DRYDEN (b. Ontario) & Annie GRESS wtn: Mrs Margaret H. AMOS & Miss Helen AMOS both of 475 Grace St in Toronto, 28 October 1925 005378-25  Hugh Gore Wagner CONNOLLY, 27, tinsmith, Ireland, 611 Logan Ave in Toronto s/o Robert CONNOLLY (b. Ireland) & Alice WALLACE married Margaret Davison McFALL, 33, domestic, Ireland, 600 Rhodes Ave in Toronto d/o John McFALL (b. Ireland) & Isabella HOWITT wtn: George HURL of 54 Dagmar Ave in Toronto & Margaret DOWDS of 76 Pembroke St, 31 October 1925
005379-25  Frank COOK, 60, widower, police magistrate, England, Fourth St in Midland Ontario s/o George COOK (b. England) & Eliza GREEN married Esther MARSHALL, 44, widow, Ontario, 216 Pape Ave in Toronto d/o Charles E. PARKETY? (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GRIGG wtn: Walter C. COOK of 942 Muir NW in Toronto & Mary YOUNG of 216 Pape Ave in Toronto, 31 October 1925 005380-25  Thomas COOK, 20, asst. head waiter, England, Rosedale Golf Club in Toronto s/o Albert COOK (b. England, deceased) & Helen EMSLEY married Mabel Emma HENKEL, 29, lady's maid, England, Rosedale Golf Club in Toronto d/o Frederick HENKEL (b. England)(deceased) & Emma CHAPMAN (deceased) wtn: Mabel Winifred BROWNLEY of Riverdale Golf Club & Thomas CLARK of 208 Montrose Ave, 13 October 1925 at St Michael & All Angel's Church
005381-25 William Thomas COOK, 25, chauffeur, Ontario, 515 Main St s/o Samuel COOK (b. Ontario) & Eliza Jane MAW married Ellen Isabella CARUTH, 21, sales clerk, Ireland, 515 Main St in Toronto d/o William CARUTH (b. Ireland) & Mary JORDAN wtn: Clarence Edward COOK of Sandhill in Ontario & Nellie Jordan STEELE of 515 Main St, 28 October 1925 005373-25 Alfred CORKILL, 35, butter cutter, England, 641 Lansdowne Ave s/o James CORKILL (b. Isle of Man) & Margaret CLARKE married Eileen O'DRISCOLL, 27 (b. 7 Dec 1897), Bridgend - Glamorgan Wales, 4 Wellesley Pl in Toronto d/o James Lawrence O'DRISCOLL (b. Wales) & Mary EVERLEIGH wtn: M. ELLASON & Enid CURRY both of Toronto, 31 October 1925
005385-25 David Harvey CROMAR, 38, accountant, Toronto, Toronto s/o Alexander CROMAR & Barbara SMITH married Pauline Bevott WILSON, 26, Wardsville, Wardsville d/o Henry A. SMITH & Alice E. GHENT wtn: Donald DOUGLAS & Lillian M. WILSON both of Toronto, 14 October 1925 005387-25 Stephen Lawrence CRUMBY, 24, miller, Liverpool England, Toronto s/o Stephen CRUMBY & Rebecca KELLY married Eva May STREETER, 17, Toronto, Toronto d/o Walter STREETER & Agnes DAVIDSON wtn: James W. FINN & Margaret FINN both of Toronto, 28 October 1925 at St James Cathedral
005382-25 William Thomas CUBITT, 37, fire ranger, England, Orrville s/o William James CUBITT (b. England) & Amy Frances EWING married Lily Sophia BAKER, 32, saleslady, Ontario, 790 Windermere Ave in York twp d/o Henry BAKER (b. England) & Sophia Isobel REED wtn: F.C. BARBER of 98 Glenlake Ave & Mrs Rose KEMP of 3 Millwood Ave, 28 October 1925 005388-25 William Basil DAVIDSON, 26, clerk, Toronto, 481 Bloor St W s/o William J. DAVIDSON (b. Ireland) & Katheline CRITTALL married Adelina PAOLINI, 21, Toronto, 1327 Bay St in Toronto d/o Rapheal PAOLINI (b. Italy) & Blanche FLAVELLE wtn: Florence ARMSTRONG & Marion SANSONE both of Toronto, 3 October 1925
005394-25 Ivor DAVIES, 33, machinist, Wales, Detroit, s/o John DAVIES (b. Wales) & Catherine GRIFFITHS married Ethel May ROBERTS, 33, clerk, Wales, 509 Westmount Ave in Toronto d/o John ROBERTS (b. Wales) & Mary FOULKS wtn: Joseph CHARLES of Detroit in Michigan & Laura HEWGILL of 42 Lynd Ave in Toronto, 7 October 1925 at St Chads Church 005398-25 Redvers Dundonald DAVIES, 25, driver, Ontario, 85 Rosevear Ave s/o George D. DAVIES (b. Wales) & Rose McCLUNE married Edna Maude WATSON, 21, stenographer, Toronto, 42 Malvern Ave in Toronto d/o John WATSON (b. Ontario) & Annie E.P. SHELLEY wtn: F. SEDEN of 55 Gibley & Alice WATSON of 42 Malvern, 20 October 1925
005389-25 Gordon Reginald MacLaurin DINGLE, 30, accountant, Ontario, 447 Armadale Ave s/o Bartholomew DINGLE (b. England) & Elizabeth MacLAURIN married Adeline ARDAGH, 26, Toronto, 47 Bernard Ave in Toronto d/o Charles Oscar ARDAGH (b. Ontario) & Sarah BURTWHISTLE wtn: C. Muriel DINGLE of 447 Armadale Ave in Toronto & Stewart W. GRAHAM of 91 Dunn Ave in Toronto, 8 October 1925 005397-25 John DIXON, 28, monotype caster, Scotland, 64 Cambridge Ave s/o John DIXON (b. Scotland) & Mildred CUMMINGS married Mary Ann CALLIGAN, 27, yarn winder, Scotland, 64 Cambridge Ave in Toronto d/o Thomas CALLIGAN (b. Scotland) & Agnes KERMATH wtn: Joseph McCONNACHIE of 64 Cambridge & Salina JONES of 117 Cambridge Ave, 17 October 1925
005391-25 Emil DONOVAL, 26, butcher, Czecho Slovakia, 328 Adelaide St W in Toronto s/o Lewis DONOVAL (b. Czecho Slovakia) & Katherina YASESNSKI married Anna Maria KORDIK, 25, domestic, Czecho Slovakia, 328 Adelaide St W d/o Joseph KORDIK (b. Czecho Slovakia) & Albina FODOR, wtn: Louis KUAZOVICKY & Ernest VOJODA both of Toronto, 5 October 1925 005390-25 Harry Clifton DOUGHTY, 24, real estate broker, Toronto, 44 Erindale Ave in Toronto s/o Harry Clifton DOUGHTY (b. Ontario) & Ida Frances WRENSHELL married Lillie Louisa DAVISON, 24, Manitoba, 332 Margueretta St in Toronto d/o Thomas R. DAVISON (b. Ontario) & Mary CLARK wtn: Essie May BLACK & Charles W. DOUGHTY both of Toronto, 8 October 1925
005395-25 Albert DOWEY, 28, letter carrier, Ireland, 103 Howard St s/o Thomas DOWEY (b. Ireland) & Sarah MALLON married Winnie CURTIS, 18, chocolate dipper, England, 150 Amelia St in Toronto d/o Walter Henry CURTIS (b. England) & Susie RUSSELL wtn: Winnifred Olive KING of Brownsburg Que. & John REOCH of 8 Spruce St in Toronto, 10 October 1925 at St Augustine's Rectory 005396-25 Wolsey DOWNEY, 28, rubber worker, Ireland, 585 Shaw St s/o Hugh Robert DOWNEY (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann BELL married Mary Frances CORDNER, 28, camera worker, Ireland, 585 Shaw St in Toronto d/o Joshua CORDNER (b. Ireland) & Mary Frances KELLY wtn: E. DICKSON & Alice STINSON both of 1288 Woodbine Ave, 17 October 1925
005399-25 Andrew Webster DOWNIE, 26, electric welder, Ireland, 1506 Davenport Rd in Toronto s/o Andrew DOWNIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WEBSTER married Agnes McGrath HUNTER, 24, Ireland, 154 Bloor Ave in Toronto d/o Duncan HUNTER (b. England) & Mary DOBSON wtn: Elizabeth J. HUNTER of 32 Mortimer Ave & Thomas John DOBSON of 526 Pape Ave, 17 October 1925 005392-25 Alexander Howard DRUMMOND, 29, shipper, Ontario, 27 Salisbury Ave s/o James DRUMMOND (b. Ontario) & Mary HEMIGAR married Marion Shirra GRAY, 25 (b. 31 July 1900), Glasgow Scotland, 9 Hunter St in Toronto d/o David GRAY (b. Scotland) & Jane SHIRRA (married 15 July 1880 at Glasgow), wtn: Miss J. GRAY & Harry S. GRAY both of 9 Hunter St in Toronto, 4 October 1925 at 561 Broadview Ave
005393-25 John Francis DUGGAN, 56, labourer, Ireland, 30 Ryerson Ave s/o Michael DUGGAN (b. Ireland) & Bridget CLARY married Winnifred RUBERTO, 60, widow, Ireland, 36 Ryerson Ave in Toronto d/o James DALEY (b. Ireland) & Catherine LONG wtn: Mrs F.R. APPLETON of 2 Millbrook Cres & Mrs W. Hardy ANDREWS of 561 Broadview Ave, 12 October 1925 at 561 Broadview 005400-25 Frederick Wilfred DUNTON, 28, mechanical engineer, Ontario, 11 Rusholme Rd s/o Peter G. DUNTON (b. Ontario) & Ellen STEWART married Marjorie Beatrice HUTCHINSON, 27, bank clerk, Ontario, 704 Indian Rd in Toronto d/o Alfred HUTCHINSON (b. Ontario) & Ella GREER wtn: H.C. GRAHAM of 11 Rusholme Rd & Miss G.J. MORRIS of Oshawa, 28 October 1925 at Sherbourne Street United Church
003084-25 John Hampden FIELD, 75, bookkeeper, Ontario, 418 Merton St. Toronto, widower, s/o John Hampden FIELD (b. England) & Eliza NEWTON married Catherine CAMERON, 60, Ontario, 418 Merton St. Toronto, widow, d/o Charles BROCK (b. Ireland) & Catherine WATT, witn: William G. TAYLOR of 150 James Ave. Toronto & Nellie WORSDELL of 70 Alma Ave. Toronto, 20 June 1925 5435-25 Andrew Croker FISHER, 38, widower, hardware salesman, Nova Scotia, Toronto, s/o Adam FISHER, b. Nova Scotia & Alice KENNEDY, married Margaret Shirriffs MCMILLAN, 32 (b. 3 Aug? 1893), nursemaid, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, d/o John MCMILLAN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth SHIRRIFFS (married 27 June 1890 at Aberdeen), witn: Elsie GREEN, & Arthur GREEN, both of Toronto, 31 Oct 1925
003095-25 William FLETT, 22, clerk, Scotland, 117 River St. Toronto, s/o James FLETT (b. Scotland) & Ina LESLIE married Ada Florence LLOYD, 21, operator, England, 63 Harcourt Ave. Toronto, d/o Arthur LLOYD (b. England) & Elizabeth LACEY, witn: Florence LLOYD of 63 Harcourt & John MITCHELL of 117 River St., 1 June 1925 at 63 Harcourt St. 003085-25 Magnus Linklater FLETT, 45, purchasing agent, Manitoba, 792 Dorchester St. W. Montreal Quebec, s/o David FLETT (b. Manitoba) & Katherine MacLEOD, married Marjory Helen DUNN, 29, secretary, Ontario, 9 Linden St. Toronto, d/o W. K. DUNN (b. Ontario) & Ella FRANCES, witn: Roderick MacLeod FLETT of Montreal & Eva HAMILTON of Listowel, 15 June 1925
5436-25 Jacob FRIEDLAND, 27, millinery wholesaler, Russia, Toronto, s/o Ashur FRIEDLAND, b. Russia & Ethel SOLWAY, married Mina ROGUL, 23 (b. 20 Feb 1902), Odessa Russia Toronto, d/o Samuel ROGUL (merchant, of Toronto), b. Russia & Annie CORNFELD, witn: S. PRAICK & H. SOLWAY, both of Toronto, 27 Oct 1925 at Toronto (Jewish) 003098-25 Frederick William FROST, 37, clerk, Lewisham England, 2495 Dundas St. Toronto, widower, s/o John FROST & Harriett THROGOOD married Rosamond STEWART, 37, Aberdeen Scotland, 757 Ossington Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o John MacDonald STEWART & Jane HARRIS, witn: James YOUNG & Annie MacDonald STEWART both of Toronto, 30 June 1925
003082-25 William Charles FRYER, 33, merchant, Collingwood, Bracebridge, widower, s/o W. H. FRYER (b. Canada) & S. A. BROWN married Emma Estelle HAYUNGA, 43, bookkeeper, Morrisburg, Brampton, spinster, d/o B. H. HAYUNGA (b. Canada) & Olive WHITTAKER, witn: G. N. HAYUNGA (M.D.) of 504 Cause St. New York City & Alice FRYER of Bracebridge, 9 June 1925 003092-25 Thomas Clifford FRYER, 26, clerk, Toronto, 53 Victoria Pk. Ave. York Twp, s/o Thomas FRYER (b. Ontario) & Jessie ADAMS married Nellie Susan NORTON, 25, stenographer, England, 49 Cambridge Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas William NORTON (b. England) & Elizabeth TURNER, witn: William Henry & Edna May WATSON both of 101 Riverdale Ave. Toronto, 30 June 1925 at St. Simon's
003086-25 Charles Thomas FRYERS, 20, lathing, Toronto, 382 Clinton St. Toronto, s/o James FRYERS (b. England) & Sarah Ann CURRIE married Hilda Edna ELLISON, 20, Toronto, 247 Clinton St. Toronto, d/o William ELLISON (b. Ontario) & Edna Merle IRWIN, witn: Hannah GOODE of 110 Beverly St. Toronto & Elsie GOODE of Newmarket, 8 June 1925 5434-25 Daniel Elias FULLER, 23, porter, Nova Scotia, Toronto, s/o William FULLER, b. Ireland & Ellen MCLEAN, married Marjorie Irene HAMILTON, 22, factory worker, Toronto, same, d/o J.J. HAMILTON, b. USA & Elizabeth HAMILTON, witn: Lulu McP. MASON & G.E. HAMILTON, both of Toronto, 17 Oct 1925
5438-25 Chesley Arnold GABRIEL, 22, brass roller, Nova Scotia, Buffalo NY, s/o Thomas GABRIEL, b. Nova Scotia & Laura SHEREA, married Elsie Irene THOMAS, 22, waitress, Toronto, same, d/o William THOMAS, b. Ontario & Sophie FLETCHER, witn: Mrs. C.H. CARTER & Sophia GAGAWAY, both of Toronto, 11 Oct 1925 5459-25 John Allen Sydney GADD, 18, sheet steel operator, England, Toronto, s/o Henry E. GADD, b. England & Emily CODE, married Phyllis May COOK, 19, England, Toronto, d/o Arthur L. COOK, b. England & Bertha A. COOKE, witn: Mrs. William GREATREX & Mrs. S. CLARK, both of Toronto, 30 Oct 1926
5463-25 Luther Boyd GADDIS, 42, salesman, Moncton NB, Toronto, s/o Richard Howard GADDIS, b. St. John NB & Hester Jane BOYD, married Edna May MARSHALL, 30, b. 22 Feb 1895, accountant, Oshkosh Wisconsin, Toronto, d/o Richard H. MARSHALL, b. England & Nellie BATKIN, b. USA, witn: Myrtle A. COULTER of Toronto & H.J. BOGGIS of Leaside, 8 Oct 1925 [re bride: the names of her older siblings is given on her birth reg'n: William & James] 5454-25 Edward Allen GAINS, 36, labourer, Toronto, same, s/o John B. GAINS, b. USA & Martha Annie ROBINSON, married Luella ALLIGOOD, 35 (b. 6 Feb 1890), widow, domestic, St. Catharines Ont, Toronto, d/o Charles EDWARDS, b. USA & Harriet WELLINGTON, witn: Irene MORTON & Dorothea FLETCHER, both of Toronto, 24 Oct 1925
003111-25 Clifford Reeve GALBRAITH, 39, night chief operator, Orangeville Ontario, 549 Indian Rd. Toronto, s/o George Howes GALBRAITH (b. Ontario) & Myra HEWSON married Caroline Jennie WILSON, 22, Toronto, 95 Alton Ave. Toronto, d/o Samuel WILSON (b. Ontario) & Julia GIRARD, witn: S. WILSON of 95 Alton Rd. & E. P. D?ON? of 549 Indian Rd., 4 June 1925 at St. John Ch. Norway 003120-25 Samuel GALITSKY, 40, butcher, Russia, 18 Wolseley St. Toronto, s/o John GALITSKY (b. Russia) & Mary ZIEMIETZKY married Eugenia Jennie CICHANOWSKY, 18, Poland, 18 Wolseley St. Toronto, d/o Frank CICHANOWSKY (b. Poland) & Anna SANDETZKY, witn: John ROHACZEWSKY of 87 Markham St. Toronto & Basil LYSENKO of 74 Augusta, 7 June 1925
5460-25 Charles Lucas GAMBLE, 20, truck driver, England, Toronto, s/o John GAMBLE, b. England & Evelyn HEATON, married Edna May HARRIS, 18, tasseller, England, Toronto, d/o Richard William HARRIS, b. England & Rose Annie FRENCH, witn: Charles ELLMES & Rose Dorothy DADSWELL, both of Toronto, 31 Oct 1925 5448-25 Rayner GAMBLE, 29, telephone central office man, England, Toronto, s/o Arthur Ernest GAMBLE, b. England & Edith HALLAS, married Eva Grace MILLS, 26, telephone supervisor, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George MILLS, b. England & Ann Selena HICKS, witn: E.S. BRAMPTON & V.M. HAMILTON, both of Toronto, 15 Oct 1925
5439-25 George Frank GARAMONE, 22, chauffeur, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph GARAMONE, b. Italy & Mary AMBROSE, married Viola Matilda MCCLOCKLIN, 23 (b. 17 Dec 1901), saleslady, Durham - Grey Co., Toronto, d/o Alfred W. MCCLOCKLIN, b. Ontario & Carrie SUDHEN, witn: Rebecca HOSSACK & Charles E. BURLEIGH, both of Toronto, 13 Oct 1925 5441-25 Howard Henderson GARDEN, 20, painter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alexander GARDEN, b. Scotland & Isabella HENDERSON, married Cecilia Dewar GILLESPIE, 19 (b. 26 Jun 1906), soda dispenser, Kirkaldy - Fifeshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert Baird GILLESPIE, b. Scotland & Jessie White TRAILL, witn: Catherine Baird GILLESPIE & Frank GARDEN, both of Toronto, 3 Oct 1925
5456-25 Benjamin David GARFIELD, 25, dentist, Russia, Toronto, s/o Louis GARFIELD, b. Russia & Esther PAIZNER, married Sarah Ann JOLOFSKY, 22 (b. 29 Sep 1903), stenographer, Chersterchoff Petrokoff Poland, Toronto, d/o Sam JOLOFSKY, b. Poland & Leah LEFKOVITZ, witn: S. BLEVAS & M. BARRETT, both of Toronto, 25 Oct 1925 at Toronto (Jewish) 5446-25 Ernest Wilfred GARRETT, 29, fireman, England, Toronto, s/o William GARRETT, b. England & Elizabeth LUCAS, married Irene Isabelle THOMPSON, 33 (b. 17 Oct 1892), clerk, McKellar Ont., Toronto, d/o John Reynolds THOMPSON, b. Ireland & Elizabeth Jane IRWIN, witn: Ann DANIELS of Guelph & Gertrude E. BARKER of Toronto, 16 Oct 1925
5452-25 Arthur Blaine GASH, 26, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o Noran B. GASH, b. Ontario & Annie E. ROSS, married Katherine Murray Ormsby MILLER, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John O. MILLER, b. Ontario & Catharine ALEXANDER, witn: J.O. MILLER & Gordon TICE, both of Toronto, 23 Oct 1925 at Toronto [Divorced 14 Dec 1933 at Whitby] 003113-25 Alexander Russell GAY, 28, credit manager, U.S.A., 555 Markham St. Toronto, s/o Alexander A. GAY (b. Scotland) & Josephine HAGGERTY married Edna May RICKETTS, 26, Toronto, 28 Sussex Ave. Toronto, d/o Charles RICKETTS (b. Quebec) & Ada MOORE, witn: John W. MOORE of 298 Windermere Ave. Toronto & Hazel RICKETTS of 28 Sussex Ave. Toronto, 5 June 1925
003125-25 William GEAR, 25, laborer, Alberta, Kingsbury Ave. Long Branch Ont., s/o John GEAR (b. Scotland) & Janet MORREN married Eva Daisy GODDARD, 23, box maker, Toronto, 108 Gilbert Ave. Toronto, d/o Stephen GODDARD (b. Ontario) & Emily M. PRICE, witn: Thomas P. GODDARD of 108 Gilbert Ave. & Lizzie SHANKS of 215 Chambers Ave., 24 June 1925 at St. Chads 5449-25 Robert Gordon GIBBONS, 20, mattress operator, Toronto, same, s/o George GIBBONS, b. Newfoundland & Jean MURDOCH, married Jane Pearl MCKENDRICK, 19, chocolate dipper, Toronto, same, d/o Andrew MCKENDRICK, b. Scotland & Agnes MCINTOSH, witn: Arthur GIBBONS & Lily MASSINGHAM, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1925
5451-25 William Alfred Munro GIBSON, 24, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William Robert GIBSON, b. Ontario & Jean LEARMONT, married Olga Jean MACKIE, 20, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o Alexander G. MACKIE, b. Scotland & Mary CALDER, witn: D.L. GIBSON & R.N. GIBSON, both of Toronto, 17 Oct 1925 003105-25 James GIBSON, 27, accountant, Scotland, 165 Wellesley Cres. Toronto, s/o William GIBSON (b. Scotland) & Mary COLLIE married Nellie Mortimer WILSON, 30, Toronto, 20 Breadalbane St. Toronto, spinster, d/o John Turner WILSON (b. Scotland) & Helen Mortimer WILSON, witn: John C. GIBSON of 65 Burwick Ave. Toronto & Mabel WILSON of 20 Breadalbane St., 3 June 1925
5450-25 Ernest Irving GILL, 33, lumberman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Jacob Charles GILL, b. Ontario & Sophia NELSON, married Dorothy Blanche SHAVER, 33, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William N. SHAVER, b. Ontario & Ida Blanche UPTON, witn: Daniel Gordon GILL of Montgomery Alabama & Gladys BURNS of Toronto, 21 Oct 1925 5468-25 Harry John GIRDLER?, 22, electrician, England, Toronto, s/o Henry John GIRDLER & Alice RANDALL, married Alice HUMPHREYS, 23, telephone operator, England, Toronto, d/o Henry HUMPHREYS & Ada WALKER, witn: Grace SOMERVILLE & Arthur COOPER, both of Toronto, 24 Oct 1925
5458-26 Charles GLASS, 37, widower, boot maker, England, Toronto, s/o James GLASS, b. England & Elizabeth A. JOHNSTON, married Margaret HORGAN, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Timothy HORGAN, b. Ireland & Bridget SULLIVAN, witn: Paul LEWELLEN & Esther MCGRAIB, both of Toronto, 26 Oct 1925 003116-25 Louis GLICKSMAN, 27, shoe manufacturer, Poland, 58 Huron St. Toronto, s/o Harry (b. Poland) & Gila KORMUTH, married Freda WENGLE, 26, cap operator, Poland, 44 Robert St. Toronto, d/o Louis (b. Poland) & Reisa FINKELSTEIN, witn: S. BRODT of 8 Sullivan & T. NEIMAN of 68 D'Arcy St., 16 June 1925
003110-25 Richardson GLOVER, 22, truck driver, Toronto, 37 Allen Ave., s/o Richardson GLOVER (b. England) & Maggie HAMILTON married Elsie Violet HILL, 17, operator B.T. Co., Toronto, 75 Allen Ave. Toronto, d/o Henry Samuel HILL (b. England) & Helen Isabel DENYES, witn: Robert CLEMENT of 54 Strange St. & Frances GLOVER of 37 Allen Ave., 6 June 1925 5442-25 William Wilfred GLOVER, 27, plasterer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William Daniel GLOVER, b. Ontario & Maryette WILSON, married Jean LOWE, 27, housemaid, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert LOWE, b. Scotland & Mary HAMILTON, witn: Margaret BRYER & W.G. WIGHT, both of Toronto, 14 Oct 1925
5440-25 Leonard Morse GODDARD, 43 (b. 12 Aug 1882), divorced, ship's chief officer, Acton Green - Middlesex England, Vancouver BC, s/o Ernest GODDARD, b. England & Mary Tresillian BROWN, married Frances Anson CARTWRIGHT, 30, Ontario, Toronto, d/o High CARTWRIGHT, b. England & Mary DRAKE, witn: R.V. EARL & Mrs. James LOBB, both of Toronto, 7 Oct 1925 5444-25 Frank Walter GODWIN, 27, structural draughtsman, England, Toronto, s/o Walter Frank GODWIN, b. England & Marie Cecilia HALL, married Alice Bertha JENNER, 21, secretary, England, Toronto, d/o George Thomas JENNER, b. England & Alice E. PICKARD, witn: Murray HARRIS & Ethel PICKARD, both of Toronto, 14 Oct 1925
003100-25 Abraham GOODMAN, 24, cartage & express, Toronto, 173 Manning Ave. Toronto, s/o Benjamin GOODMAN (b. Austria) & Rosa WALMAN married Anna CHOPCHICK, 19, Russia, 47 Bellevue Pl. Toronto, d/o Solomon CHOPCHICK (b. Russia) & Mary FIREBERG, witn: Abraham PEAREL of 105 Lippincott St. & Abraham SAMAWITZ of 159 Lippincott St., 7 June 1925 003115-25 Benjamin GOODMAN, 55, laborer, Russia, 29 Ontario Pl. Toronto, widower, s/o Chaim GOODMAN (b. Russia) & Esther married Rosie GOFFMAN, 57, Russia, 1116 College St. Toronto, widow, d/o Abraham H. GOFFMAN (b. Russia) & Molly, witn: F. REZENMAN of 214 Parliament Toronto & L. SHERMAN of 948 Queen St. East, 16 June 1925
5453-25 Izzie Ambrose GOODMAN, 24, peddler, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Moses GOODMAN, b. Russia & Lea KAMSKIN, married Churria Fege BRAVERMAN (Brauerman?), 23, tailoress, Poland, Hamilton, d/o David BRAVERMAN, b. Russia & Lotie PETRUSHKIN, witn: J. SUREFF & Abe GOODMAN, both of Toronto, 26 Oct 1925 at Toronto (Jewish) 003127-25 Frederick George GOODWIN, 50, switchboard operator, Aldwick Lincolnshire England, Long Branch, widower, s/o Thomas GOODWIN (b. England) & Marion CHILDS married Mary Agnes Coure LINDSAY, 50, nurse, Girvan Scotland, 39 Frizzell Ave. Toronto, widow, d/o Thomas ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Mary McKNIGHT, witn: Walter & Margaret WHETHAM both of 107 Frizzell Ave., 25 June 1925 at St. John Ch. Norway
003119-25 Frederick GORDON, 25, printer, Toronto, 376 Bathurst St. Toronto, s/o Peter GORDON (b. Ontario) & Minnie WOOD married Dollie Gladys HORNETT, 19, kodak spooler, Ontario, 26 Boustead Ave. Toronto, d/o William HORNETT (b. England) & Martha THOMPSON, witn: Charles & Patricia MACLEAN both of Toronto, 24 June 1925 5443-25 James Henry GORDON, 28, barber, Ontario, Grafton, s/o Charles GORDON, b. Ontario & Theodoria PROUT, married Lucy Sophia MOORE, 28, telephone operator, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas MOORE, b. England & Susette CHANCE, witn: Edna WHYTE & John BROWN, both of Toronto, 14 Oct 1925
5437-25 Roy David GRAHAM, 21, machine operator, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Robert GRAHAM, b. Ontario & Johanna MCCABE, married Nellie Georgina DESORMIA, 21, woolen weaver, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Patrick DESORMIA, b. Ontario & Ellen CHARBONEAU, witn: Philias TURCOT & Helen DESORMIA, both of Toronto, 3 Oct 1925 5165-25 Charles William GRAHAM, 35, farmer, Ontario, Sutton West, s/o Jeremiah GRAHAM, b. Ontario & Phoebe Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Lova AINLEY, 35, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Norman AINLEY, b. England & Clara SYKES, witn: Mrs. H.W. PURSE & Mrs. William HORNE, both of Toronto, 1 Oct 1925
003107-25 Alfred GRAHAM, 26, carpenter, England, 66 Woodington Ave. Toronto, s/o Alfred GRAHAM (b. England) & Helen E. DAVIS married Muriel McCAMLEY, 22, stenographer, Ireland, 66 Woodington Ave. Toronto, d/o Alfred McCAMLEY (b. Ireland) & Rebecca BOYCE, witn: Mabel COWELL of 66 Woodington Ave. & Alfred H. McCAMLEY of 31 Ridley Ave. Norwood Pa., 4 June 1925 003104-25 Frederick William GREEN, 54, painter, Ontario, 133 Strachan Ave. Toronto, widower, s/o William John GREEN (b. Ontario) & Charlotte WRIGHT married Flora Louise JOYCEY, 46, seamstress, England, 2 Pembroke St. Toronto, spinster, d/o James John JOYCEY (b. England) & Susannah NORTH, witn: Walter D. JOYCEY of 601 Indian Rd. Toronto & Charlotte J. GREEN of 133 Strachan Ave. Toronto, 3 June 1925 at St. Matthias Church
5464-25 Douglas Edward GREEN, 21, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o Archibald GREEN, b. Newfoundland & May FRANKISH, married Ileen Mabel WALKER, 22, Toronto, same, d/o John S. WALKER, b. Ontario & Elisa INGLE, witn: Margaret Helen GREEN & Thomas BRUCE, both of Toronto, 7 Oct 1925 5455-25 Leslie Thompson GREEN, 32, structural engineer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Charles GREEN, b. Ontario & Elizabeth MCCULLOUGH, married Isobel Thompson MCCRANEY, 25, school teacher, Toronto, same, d/o Franklin George MCCRANEY, b. Ontario & Grace GREEN, witn: Myra W. MOSES & S. MCCRANEY, both of Toronto, 27 Oct 1925
5466-25 George Charles GREENSLADE, 19, tamping (at Dominion Battery), England, Toronto, s/o George Edward GREENSLADE, b. England & Mary CRANE, married Elizabeth Priscilla LEE, 19, b. 3 Sep 1906, operator, South Croydon England, Toronto, d/o Robert Lee, b. England & Caroline Mary TOMKINS, witn: Leonard WALKER & Ruth GREENSLADE, both of Toronto, 3 Oct 1925 5461-25 Harry Whitfield GRIERSON, 25, manufacturer's agent, Scotland, Toronto, s/o David GRIERSON, b. Scotland & Mary WHITFIELD, married Gladys Evelyn Ruth BROWN, 24, Toronto, same, d/o John Thomas BROWN, b. Ontario & Alice Amelia ARNOLD, witn: Mr & Mrs. John Thomas BROWN & Mr. & Mrs. David GRIERSON, all of Toronto, 10 Oct 1925
5447-25 David GRINTON, 29, CPR craneman, Scotland, Chapleau, s/o Robert GRINTON, b. Scotland & Mary L. BLACKWOOD, married Marion Louise STEPHENSON, 18, bookkeeper, Toronto, same, d/o George William STEPHENSON, b. Ontario & Alice Louise DIXON, witn: John M.D. GRINTON of Chapleau & Jane Aubrey TILSON of Toronto, 17 Oct 1925 5462-25 Robert Clarence GROFF, 24, labourer, Beamsville, Buffalo NY, s/o Herbert GROFF & Nora ZIMMERMAN, married Lula Beatrice HILLIARD, 20, Carleton Twp., Toronto, d/o James HILLIARD & Jane DAWSON, witn: W.H. BROOK & Alicia McKERRALL, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1925
5445-25 Robert Winfield GROOM, 23, bookkeeper, Toronto, same, s/o John GROOM, b. England & Lydia Elisa EDGERS, married Annie MCLARNON, 20, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o James MCLARNON, b. Ireland & Susan BERLING, witn: Phyllis MCKAY & Charles MORTON, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1925 5457-25 Albert Alexander GROVE, 31, lithographer, Toronto, same, s/o George A. GROVE, b. England & Christina DURIE, married Mabel FETTERLY, 25, widow, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o Daniel MACDONALD, b. Scotland & Sarah BEASLEY, witn: Charles GROVE & Emmie KELLOGG, both of Toronto, 31 Oct 1925
003112-25 Alfred GUEST, 23, laborer, England, 1428 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, s/o Daniel GUEST (b. England) & Ruth Harriet HILL married Lillian Olive Gwendolyne JONES, 21, waitress, England, 1428 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, d/o Alfred Thomas JONES (b. England) & Amy MILLINGTON, witn: Lillian W. M.& Clifford WILMOTT both of 1421 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, 10 June 1925 at St. Monica's Church [Divorced 29/6/53] 003123-25 Arthur Russell GUNN, 25, bookkeeper, Ontario, 146 Church St. Weston, s/o Arthur GUNN (b. Ontario) & Florence M. VAIR married Maytie McBride POLLOCK, 20, student, Ontario, 389 Dundas St. E. Toronto, d/o David POLLOCK (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth E. PARSILLE, witn: Mrs Francis E. TRIVETT of 15 Maitland St. & Mrs. C. W. BISHOP of 115 Wellesley St., 20 June 1925 at 115 Wellesley St
5467-25 Joseph Leo GUYETT, 24, ticket clerk, Campbellville, Toronto, s/o Joseph GUYETT & Mary HALEY, married Bernadette Mary L. SCANLON, 24, office clerk, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick Joseph SCANLON & Mary SMITH, witn: George HARRISON & Veronica SCANLON, both of Toronto, 5 Oct 1925 at Toronto (RC) 003156-25 Max HABER, 22, cutter, Galicia, 104 Major St., s/o Fishel HABER, b. Galicia, & Sara GELBER, married Rose PASTERNAK, 19, Russia, 162 Borden St. Toronto, d/o Samuel PASTERNAK, b. Russia, & Pheba RUZONIK, witn: Edward E. GELBER of 483 Huron St. & Lionel M. GELBER of 133 Lowther Ave., 7 June 1925
5504-25 Henry Lionel HAGGER, 33, truck driver, England, Toronto, s/o Sydney HAGGER, b. England & Rosalie HAGGER, married Gertrude Clara GILDERS, 23, b. 2 Aug 1902, soap packer, London England, Peterborough, d/o Charles GILDERS, b. England & Gertrude GILDERS, witn: Doris DORICOTT & Clifford MALLORY, both of Toronto, 3 Oct 1925 5510-25 George Frederick HALL 22, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o William Alexander HALL & Emma THOMAS, married Edna Dorothy CLARK, 23, bank clerk, Toronto, same, d/o Edgar McNaughton CLARK & & Catherine HIBBART, witn: Douglas Henry WARD & Gwyneth S. HITCHMAN, both of Toronto, 24 Oct 1925
003155-25 Clarence Peter HALLIDAY, 30, clergyman, Ontario, Gobles, s/o William HALLIDAY, b. Ontario, & Janet FINDLAYSON, married Edith Victoria PHILLIPS, 34, school teacher, Ontario, 67 Albany Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert PHILLIPS, b. Ireland, & Sarah HUNTER, witn: L. Marion STAPLEFORD of Gananoque & J.G. KENNEDY of Georgetown, 4 June 1925 003140-25 Ernest Elwood HAMBLEY, 28, postal clerk, Toronto, 5 Rose Ave., s/o Lewis E. HAMBLEY, b. Ontario, & Julia SPEERS, married Adeline Violet SHAW, 28, telephone operator, Ontario, 574 St. Clarens Ave. Toronto, d/o James SHAW, b. England, & Harriett MARCHANT, witn: Lewis HAMBLEY & Margaret EVERSFIELD, both of Toronto, 3 June 1925
5471-25 Harry Norman HAMILTON, 22, b. 22 Jan 1903, shipper, Kelso - Roxburghshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert HAMILTON, b. Scotland & Roberta RANKIN, married Mary Avon JONES, 22, pattern folder, England, Toronto, d/o Richard JONES, b. England & Annie WINN, witn: Leslie HAMILTON & Jannet HAMILTON, both of Toronto, 3 Oct 1925 5470-25 Miles Beresford HAMILTON, 29, commercial engineer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Robert Miles HAMILTON, b. Hudson Bay & Alice Mary BARKER, married Isabel Roger FAIRBAIRN, 26, b. 8 Nov 1899, Greenwood BC, Montreal, d/o John M.R. FAIRBAIRN, b. Ontario & Hannah MACFARLANE, witn: Rose B. HAMILTON & Margaret STEVENSON, both of Peterborough, 3 Oct 1925
003157-25 Clarence Gordon HANEY, 19, audit clerk, Toronto, 9 Seaton St., Toronto, s/o Walter BELBOW (by adoption), b . Ontario, & Mary KIRBY, married Violet THOMPSON, 20, stenographer, Scotland, 178 Borden St., Toronto, d/o Robert THOMPSON, b. Scotland, & Margaret RENNIE, witn: R. WALTON & Rita MILLS, both of Willowdale, 13 June 1925 003146-25 Julian Dean HANMER, 21, student, Ontario, Lansdowne Hill Toronto, s/o Alvin Davidson Grant HANMER, b. Ontario, & Mary Ann MOORE, married Emma Jean MCLEAN, 18, England, 44 Vernon St. Toronto, d/o George William MCLEAN, b. England, & Sarah Ann CONNELLY, witn: Walter & Marian HOLLAND of 473 Symington Ave., 20 June 1925
  003154-25 George St. Clair HANNAH, 58, carpenter, widower, Ontario, 411 Delaware Ave., s/o John HANNAH, b. Ontario, & Elizabeth MABEE, married Martha Norma WATERHOUSE, 44, clerk, Ontario, 4 Grenadier Rd. Toronto, d/o Henry K. WATERHOUSE, b. Ireland, & Katherine MCLAREN, witn: Edmund & Florence CARLTON of Toronto, 3 June
003182-25 Boniface J. HARMAN, 27, liveryman?, Toronto, 1405 Gerrard St. Toronto, s/o Albert James HARMAN & Ellen HOWARD, married Mary Marjorie DOYLE, 25, Montreal, 912 Eastern Ave., d/o Peter DOYLE & Florence BOWEN, witn: James F. MCQUAID of 26 Salem Ave. & Helen T. DOYLE of 912 Eastern Ave., 17 June 1925 003153-25 Stanley Alfred HARPER, 24, salesman, Ontario, 23 Luttrell Ave., s/o John HARPER, b. Ontario, & Minnie COOK, married Willetta Diana HEISEY, 22, Ontario, 256 Milverton Blvd. Toronto, d/o Jacob HEISEY, b. Ontario, & Ida LEHMAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Orval HEISEY of Markham, 10 June 1925
003138-25 Horace Archibald HARRIES, 28, yard foreman CNR, Wales, 53 Greenlaw Ave., s/o William HARRIES, b. Wales, & Margaret JONES, married Edith Hilda SANDERS, 25, stenographer, England, 1040 St. Clarence Ave. Toronto, d/o George Isaac SANDERS, b. England, & Fannie PRESTLAND, witn: William Ewart? HARRIES & Vera PARSONS, both of Toronto, 6 June 1925 003142-25 Alexander HARSSAR, 31, cook, Russia, 149 Seaton St., s/o Israel HARSSAR, b. Russia, & Lena OCHTMAN (Achtman?), married Leah CASS, 25, Ontario, 199 Ashworth Ave., Toronto, d/o David CASS, b. Russia, & Annie KLEINMAN, witn: Louis LENNY? (Terry?) of 178 Clinton St. & G. SMITH of 204 Balsam Ave., 6 June 1925
5472-25 Robert Bruce HART, 29, druggist, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Robert HART, b. Ontario & Susan Jane GRANDY, married Muriel CLAYTON, 18, operator, Toronto, same, d/o John CLAYTON, b. Ontario & Elizabeth WARD, witn: Louise PICKFORD & Lily GREGORY, both of Toronto, 3 Oct 1925  
003141-25 William Henry HARVEY, 23, warehouse man, England, 533 Queen St. E., Toronto, s/o Philemon HARVEY, b. England, & Ceclia COCHRANE, married Lillian Hilda JESSUP, 32, widow, England, 533 Queen St. E., Toronto, d/o Septimus SLATTER & mother's name not known, witn: James AIKEN of 35 River St., & Mary WINDSOR of 533 Queen St., 6 June 1925 003172-25 Thomas William HASLAM, 28, motor man, Ireland, 70 Lansdown Ave., s/o James HASLAM, b. Ireland, & Mary HAYES, married Laura E. BARBER, 24, Ontario, 96 Wellesley Ave. Toronto, d/o Nathan BARBER, b. Ontario, & Janet MCFADYEN, witn: Hannah & Mary M. BARBER of 404 Lansdown Ave., 10 June 1925
003179-25 Robert Henry HAYHURST, 33, wood worker, Whittington Lancashire England, Avelon Ave. Birchcliff, s/o Henry HAYHURST & Adelaide SHEPHERD, married Ada Laura HALL, 32, Yorkshire England, Toronto, d/o Benjamin HALL & Francis Alice MOORE, witn: Lawrence M. MURGATROYD of 710 Woodbine Ave., & Gladys HALL of Refectory Niagara Falls, 17 June 1925 003170-25 Independence Liberty Washington HAYWARD, 36, truck driver, U.S.A., 552 Dupont St., s/o Tom HAYWARD, b. England, & Mary BESSY, married Frances Rosetta PAYNE, 30, widow, England, 816 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, d/o Richard HUNT, b. England, & Mary Ann JESSUP, witn: Annie HAYWARD of 303 Craven Rd. & John HAYWARD of 193 Claremont St., 8 June 1925
003148-25 Francis George HELSTROP, 41, printer, Ontario, 1645 Queen St.W. Toronto, s/o George William HELSTROP, b. Ontario, & Flora BOTTEN, married Grace Georgina MCLEAN, 32, graduate nurse, U.S.A., 1645 Queen St. W. Toronto, d/o John William MCLEAN (mother's name unknown, died during bride's infancy), witn: Eleanor A. DAWSON of 118 Dowling Ave. Toronto & Mabel W. SWICKER?of 77 Maynard Ave. Toronto, 4 June 1925 5507-25 Harry Rich HERBERT, 21, bank teller, England, Toronto, s/o Harry Augustine HERBERT & Florence Mary RICH, married Queenie Olive HUBBARD, 23, d/o Wilfrid HUBBARD & Edith MILLHAM, witn: Douglas CUNNINGHAM & Lily HUBBARD, 10 Oct 1925
  003162-25 William Walter HERN, 23, fruit dealer, Toronto, 1005 Logan Ave., s/o Edmund HERN & Bessie WOOD, married Olive Lillian WALES, 22, Toronto, 76 Langley Ave., d/o Alexander WALES & Eva PRETTY, witn: Allan H. WALES of 76 Langley Ave., & Mildred HERN of 1005 Logan Ave., 1 June 1925
003137-25 Charlie HERSHCOFF, 23, blocker, Poland, 52 Henry St., s/o Samuel HERSHCOFF, b. Poland, & Lina BRINZEL, married Anna SPRING, 19, Poland, 528 Dundas St. W., Toronto, d/o Abraham SPRING & Tobie SIRNER?, witn: I. KATZ of 46 Brunswick Ave. & A. SARAN of 61 Brunswick Ave., 2 June 1925 5511-25 Frank HIGGINS, 20, plumber, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Arthur John HIGGINS & Hester O'FLAHERTY, married Annie GAMBLE, 18, woolen mills operator, England, York Twp., d/o John GAMBLE & Lillian WATTS, witn: Cecil GAMBLE & Lillian WALTERS, both of Toronto, 17 Oct 1925
003180-25 Silas HILL, 23, motor mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o William HILL & Ellen GILLIES, married Grace Lillian May HAWK, 23, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o Robert HAWK & Jane Amelia DARBY, witn: Robert S. HAWK of 93 Corley, Toronto, & Charlotte C. MORRISON of Michigan?, 27 June 1925 003160-25 James HILL, 22, teamster, Scotland, 201 Caledonia Rd., Toronto, s/o Henry HILL, b. Scotland, & Christine MENZIES, married Agnes ANDERSON, 22, domestic, Scotland, Amnesty Hall, Toronto, d/o George ANDERSON, b. Scotland, & Sophie DOUGLAS, witn: John HILL of 201 Caledonia Rd., Toronto, & Bella LAWSON of 200 Wellesley St., Toronto, 10 June 1925
003152-25 Gerald HOFFMAN, 25, cutter, Toronto, 307 Spadina Ave., s/o Samuel HOFFMAN, b. Russia, & Annie ARENSON, married Anne MELOFSKY, 22, operator, Russia, 13 Defoe St. Toronto, d/o Nathan, b. Russia, & Sarah, witn: M. COWENT & L. LEVITS, both of Toronto, 9 June 1925 003134-25 William HOGG, 19, stock man, Scotland, 11 Warsaw St. Mimico, s/o J.A. HOGG, b. Scotland, & Isabella SHEARER, married Nellie Violet PHIPP, 18, sales lady, England, 2980 Danforth Ave. Toronto, d/o Frederick T. PHIPP, b. England, & Ellen BRADLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Gordon ORR of Humber Bay, 1 June 1925
003181-25 Cecil Franklin HOLLINS, 21, upholsterer, Belleville, 66 Shannon St. Toronto, s/o Thomas HOLLINS & Jenny A. BOWEN, married Florence Mercy WILMSHURST, 21, Brighton England, 567 Brock Ave. Toronto, d/o Henry WILMSHURST & Florence DUNK, witn: Roy S. BOVELL of Montreal & Irene CRONEY of Toronto, 27 June 1925 5506-25 Roy Chislet HONEY, 29, railway mail clerk, Port Hope, same, s/o John Cornelius HONEY, b. Hope Twp. & Annie Bertha CHISLET, married Olive Bernice MORGAN, 24, Montreal, Midland, d/o Thomas Matthew MORGAN, b. Rawdon Quebec & Maud Alexander BIGGS, witn: Mrs. B. THOMPSON & Charlotte Mary CADE, both of Toronto, 8 Oct 1925
003177-25 Garland Gibson HOOPER, 23, office manager, Toronto, 97 Mary St. Orillia, s/o Samuel HOOPER, b. Ontario, & Maude Helen GIBSON, married Edwina Janette BACON, 20, telephone operator, Toronto, 871 Carlaw Ave. Toronto, d/o Edward BACON, b. England, & Janet Gilmour NEELE, witn: Garnet Wodesley SAUNDERS of 126 Sherwood Ave. Toronto & May Arniel BACON of 871 Carlaw Ave. Toronto, 24 June 1925 003150-25 Albin Argar HOOPER, 25, dispatcher, Toronto, 535 Clinton St., s/o Frederick HOOPER, b. Ontario, & Minnie ALBIN, married Emma ABBS, 26, cashier, Toronto, 853 Manning Ave. Toronto, d/o James ABBS, b. Ontario, & Sue Jane DONNELLY, witn: Eliza ABBS of 853 Manning Ave. & Tommy MITCHELL of 235 Clinton, 1 June 1925
003183-25 James HORAN, 27, auto worker, Perth, Detroit, s/o Timothy HORAN & Catherine LACEY, married Agnes COUSINS, 25, Dundalk, Toronto, d/o Henry COUSINS & Agnes DOWD, witn: Daniel HORAN of Perth & Agatha COUSINS of Toronto, 22 June 1925 003144-25 John William Alexander HOSSICK, 48, labourer, England, 167 Elm St., s/o James HOSSICK, b. England, & Jane GINNETT, married Emma Elizabeth BROWN, 49, domestic, widow, England, 46 Alice St., d/o Harry David PICKERING, b. England, & Lucy Ann WATSON, witn: Eugene & Louisa MCGILL of 6 Trinity Square, Toronto, 8 June 1925
003178-25 Arthur Edward HOUGH, 28, storekeeper, England, 86 Earlscourt Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas HOUGH & Alice NIXON, married Ruthie Winefride MORGAN, 36, England, 86 Earlscourt Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas MORGAN & Georgina COOK, witn: Georgeana & Tom MORGAN of Toronto, 28 June 1925 5503-25 William HOWIESON, 34, iron worker, Scotland, Toronto, s/o David HOWIESON, b. Scotland & Jessie CLASS, married Florence May BARNES, 30, England, Toronto, d/o Alfred BARNES, b. England & Alice BLACK, witn: Thomas Richard BARNES & Winnie BARNES, both of Toronto, 24 Oct 1925
5509-25 G. HOWORTH, 30, printer, Toronto, same, s/o John HOWORTH & May STEWART, married Eulalie MCGUIRE, 29, teacher, Pickering, Toronto, d/o Michael MCGUIRE & Elizabeth POWER, witn: J.P. DOLAN & Clara MCGUIRE, both of Toronto, 27 Oct 1925 (RC) 5508-25 John HOYLAND, 23, labourer, England, Toronto, s/o Benjamin HOYLAND & Annie Elizabeth BELLHOUSE, married May Beatrice JACKSON, 20, England, Toronto, d/o Edward JACKSON & Mary Elizabeth HOWLETT, witn: Percy RETTER & Amelia GIBSON, both of Toronto, 25 Oct 1925
003143-25 Charles William HUCKLEBRIDGE, 22, embosser, England, 159 Withrow Ave., s/o George HUCKLEBRIDGE, b. England, & Emily BARKER, married Ellen HILTON, 23, operator BTC, Toronto, 83 Victor Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas HILTON, b. England, & Margaret BEDLEY, witn: Nelson HILTON of 192 Gillard Ave. Toronto & Bernice MORRIS of 736 Logan Ave. Toronto, 3 June 1925 003176-25 James Ellerby HUGHES, 34, barber, widower, Ontario, 145 Simcoe St., s/o William HUGHES, b. Ontario, & Mary CLARKE, married Rilla May CONNORS, 23, BTC operator, Ontario, 21 Homewood Ave. Toronto, d/o George CONNORS, b. Ontario, & Alberta BISHOP, witn: Violet PALMATIER of 16 Indian Road Ave. & Bert BEATTY of 89 Close Ave., 29 June 1925
003175-25 Albert Thomas HUMMEL, 38, cashier, Toronto, 6 Seaforth Ave., s/o John HUMMEL, b. Ontario, & Mary TRAVERS, married Clara Helen JARVIS, 33, Ontario, 115 Glendale Ave. Toronto, d/o James JARVIS, b. England, & Elizabeth HUFF, witn: Harold P. JARVIS of 115 Glendale Ave. & Irene HUMMEL of 6 Seaforth Ave., 26 June 1925 003171-25 Charles Edward HUMPHREY, 50, boiler maker, Ontario, 97 Sheridan Ave., s/o Thomas George HUMPHREY, b. Ireland, & Annie CASEY, married Jessie MALLOY, 32? Or 41?, Nova Scotia, 97 Sheridan Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas Francis MALL0Y, b. Nova Scotia, & Margaret CARVER, witn: Nessie R. MITCHEL of 38 Rolyet & E. Cameron HALL of 271 Lisgar St., 30 June 1925
003158-25 Cyril George Victor HUNT, 21, auto mechanic, England, 197 Boon Ave., s/o John HUNT, b. England, & Charlotte HOLMAN, married Francis Leah SHROLL, 20, stenographer, England, 1991 Dufferin St., Toronto, d/o Richard W. SHROLL, b. England, & Leah A. SHOOTER, witn: Ivy SHOOTER (Shorter?) & Charles MAYNARD, both of Toronto, 5 June 1925 003145-25 Harry HUNT, 26, carpenter, Ontario, 235 Fulton St. York Twp, s/o Thomas England HUNT, b . England, & Mary Jane SYTHES, married Josephine Eleanor DEVLIN, 23, Ireland, 235 Fulton St. York Twp, d/o Joseph DEVLIN, b. Ireland, & Kathleen GORDON, witn: Kathleen MCCORMICK of 235 Fulton Ave. & George LAWRENCE of 2972 Danforth, 10 June 1925
003136-25 William HUTCHEON, 46, barber, widower, Scotland, 25 Darling Ave., s/o William HUTCHEON, b. Scotland, & Jane CAMMIE, married Rose Elizabeth BENNETT, 34, domestic, England, 124 Bleeker St. Toronto, d/o John Marson Edny BENNETT, b. England, & Rose CHILTON, witn: Eugene & Louisa MCGILL of 6 Trinity Square, 2 June 1925 003139-25 Charles Forester HUTCHINGS, 31, construction supervisor, widower, Toronto, 25 Balsam Ave., s/o Charles H. HUTCHINGS, b. U.S.A., & Rosina WILLIAMS, married Eleanor Jessie GILBEY, 22, stenographer, England, 12 Newman Ave., Toronto, d/o George GILBEY, b. England, & Eleanor MCKEAN, witn: George GILBEY of 12 Newman Ave. & Eleanor GILBEY of 2526 Danforth Ave., 5 June 1925
003184-25 Harvey Clinch HUTCHINSON, 31, painter & decorator, Dundee Scotland, Newmarket, s/o David HUTCHINSON & Florence Rosa CLINCH, married Dorothy Eileen JONES, 24, Wales, Toronto, d/o Edward JONES & Mary WALKER, witn: James HUTCHINSON of 1540 Church St. Toronto & Hilary M. WALES of 91 (illegible) Rd., Toronto, 6 June 1925 003185-25 Allen Edward HUTCHINSON, 23, accountant, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, s/o Benjamin HUTCHINSON & Charlotte PARKINSON, married Ninan Louise PHILIBERT, 23, phone operator, Toronto, same, d/o John Joseph & Emma, witn: A.J. HUNT of 15 Keele St. Toronto & Frances M. PHILIBERT of 19 Doel Ave. Toronto, 28 June 1925
003159-25 Paul HUTZULAK, 30, student, Ukrainia, 591 Markham Dr., s/o Stefan HUTZULAK, b. Ukrainia, & Maria WOLIANSKY, married Dorothy RURYK, 21, domestic, Ukrainia, 257 Niagara St., Toronto, d/o Nicholas RURYK, b. Ukrainia, & Olene TRIOTA, witn: Trodan & Mary HUMERIUK of 591 Markham St., Toronto, 12 June 1925 5469-25 Frank George HUYCKE, 45, mining engineer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Nelson E. HUYCKE, b. Ontario & Maria BIRDSALL, married Helen FINN, 25, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William J. FINN, b. Ontario & Sarah M. CAVANAGH, witn: Michael GLEASON & Ida DESCHAMPS, both of Toronto, 1 Oct 1925
003147-25 James HYND, 25, crane operator, Scotland, 22 Elsie Place Buffalo NY, s/o John HYND, b. Scotland, & Ellen DONALDSON, married Jean MCKAY, 22, Scotland, Wishaw Scotland, d/o James MCKAY, b. Scotland, & Catherine PLENDERLEITH, witn: Kate E. CUNNINGHAM of 1201 Broadview Ave. & Alexander HYND of 22 Elsie Place Buffalo NY, 6 June 1925 5505-25 George Joseph HYNES, 40, widower, painting contractor, USA, Toronto, s/o John HYNES, b. USA & Ellen GEORGE, married Lillian TRIMBLE, 45, b. 6 May 1880, widow, operator, Tibertown - Clare Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas FAGAN, b. Ireland & Elizabeth BAILEY (both deceased), witn: Elfrida CARPENTER & Wilbur COWAN, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1925
  5514-25 Herman August JOEDICKE, 26, press assistant, Toronto, same, s/o Carl JOEDICKE, b. Germany & Minnie ORTLAPP, married Adeline Elsmie Fowler MCGREGOR, 27, b. 12 May 1898, operator, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, d/o Colin MCGREGOR, b. Scotland & Mary CLARK, witn: Charles Reginald HART & Minnie Marie HART, both of Toronto, 9 Oct 1925
5513-25 Herbert Elwood JOHNSTON, 48, tire vulcanizing, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Isaiah JOHNSTON, b. Ontario & Mary A. DAVIS, married Elizabeth Emily ROWNTREE, 44, widow, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas WHITESIDES, b. Ontario & Elizabeth SIGGERS, witn: A.M. MABY & Lillian SHERMAN, both of Toronto, 6 Oct 1925 5516-25 William Henry JOHNSTON, 23, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o Frederick JOHNSTON, b. Ireland & Mary ARNOTT, married Mary Isobel POLLOCK, 19, box maker, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William John POLLOCK, b. Ireland & Mary STRAIN, witn: Catherine INNES & Herbert SMYTH, both of Toronto, 4 Oct 1925
5512-25 Enos JONES, 31, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Enos JONES, b. England & Mary PEARCE, married Winnifred DOWLE, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Harry DOWLE, b. England & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Ralph FAIRMAN & Florence FAIRMAN, both of Toronto, 9 Oct 1925 5515-25 William Henry JONES, 21, b. 24 Jun 1904, welder, North Kensington England, Toronto, s/o William Henry JONES, b. England & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Kathleen Lillian GARFIELD, 20, widow, inspector, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Frank INCH, b. Ontario & Sadie MACDONALD, witn: Jean JONES & Chris JONES, both of Toronto, 19 Oct 1925
2729-25 Thomas Bernard O'CONNOR, 25, railway agent, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas Joseph O'CONNOR & Amelia M. MANHLE, married Mary Elizabeth CONDON, 30, England, Toronto, d/o James CONDON & Elizabeth BENGERFIELD, witn: James Norman FISHER of Detroit & Mary Jane HUGHES of 334 Seaton St., 16 May 1925 2723-25 Patrick O'CONNOR, 55, laborer, Ireland, 2 Bears Ave., s/o Daniel O'CONNOR, b. Ireland & Joanna BUTLER, married Grace LAMBERT, 57, widow, Ontario, 1309 St. Clair Ave., d/o Thomas GOODMAN, b. England & Annie COWLING, witn: L.R. GIBSON & P?.L, GOODE, both of Toronto, 6 May 1925
2724-25 John Francis O'CONNOR, 21, scorer, Toronto, 558 Perth Ave., s/o John Francis O'CONNOR, b. Ont & Clara FOGARTY, married Florence Nora Magdalene LEACH, 22, Ontario, 68 Campbell Ave., d/o James LEACH, b. Ont & Mary Jane MARTIN, witn: John PICKETT of 354 Brock Ave & Mrs. Mary Jane LEACH of 68 Campbell Ave., 2 May 1925 at St. Helens Church 2727-25 Maurice Joseph O'CONNOR, 29, physician, USA, 88 Westminster Ave., s/o John Joseph O'CONNOR, b. USA & Esther REYNOLDS, married Margaret Marie LEVICK, 28, Toronto, 197 Langley Ave., d/o Patrick LEVICK, b. Ont & Teresa McCAULIFFE, witn: G. McGARRY & Mrs. M. HILAND, both of 120 First Ave., 30 May 1925
2726-25 Daniel O'HARA, 38, fish peddler, England, 1050 Queen St. West, s/o Daniel O'HARA, b. England & Elizabeth NASH, married Beatrice Ellanor PERRY, 25, England, 1195 Dundas St. West, d/o William PERRY, b. England & Ada HARDING, witn: Percy & Doris STRUTT of 452 Euclid Ave., 26 May 1925 at St. Barnabas Church 2725-25 Reginald Lawrence Sylvester OLIMER, 36, orderly, Ontario, Gravenhurst, s/o Loew OLIMER, b. England & Jane RYDER, married Lily Rose BRAY, 30, England, 290 Avenue Rd in Toronto, d/o Thomas BRAY, b. England & Eliza SIMMONS, witn: R.G. HUNTER of 38 Glen Rose Ave & Mina KILMER of 1165 Bay St., 16 May 1925
2728-25 Orville John William ORTON, 25, lineman, Ontario, 788 Windermere Ave., s/o Stephen ORTON, b. Ont & Margaret BALL, married May Elizabeth HUNTER, 21, clerk, Toronto, 788 Windermere Ave., d/o Thomas HUNTER, b. Ont & Catherine WHITEHEAD, witn: Stewart DEAN & Lillian HUNTER, both of 788 Windermere Ave., 30 May 1925 2730-25 Charles James Frederick PYKE, 18, laborer, Ontario, 141 Mulock Ave., s/o Fred PYKE, b. Ont & Mary GUSTAFSON, married Amelia Alice CROCKER, 18, inspector, Newfoundland, 38 Asquith Ave., d/o William CROCKER, b. Nfld & Caroline RALPH, witn: Miss R.C. PYKE of 131 Mulock Ave & Elburne ZERON of 76 Howick Ave., 2 May 1925 at Silverthorn Ave Baptist Church

6200-25 Sebastiano SALVATOR, 26, labourer, Tear Italy, 132 Curson St. Toronto, s/o Francesco & Regina nee MAURO, married Evelina PERISON, 20, Codroipe? Italy, 132 Curson St. Toronto, d/o Girolamo & Teresa nee BALDOSA, witn: Guinvitta & Marcello RIGA both of Grassies Ontario on Nov. 7, 1925

6199 John SARNECKI, 28, labourer, Poland, Toronto, s/o Adam SARNECKI & Sophie CRECHOWSKA, married Leocodia KOSSTOWNIAK (?), 18, Poland, Toronto, d/o Leo KOSSTOWNIAK & Sitarr APOLOMA, witn: Emilia JACHNICKA of 148 Borden St & Joseph MASTERNAK of 685 Queen St. West both of Toronto on Nov. 11, 1925

6196-25 Edward SHEA, 22, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o John SHEA & Mary Anne KEARNS, married Josephine O'NEILL, 22, Toronto, same, d/o John O'NEILL & Mary FRAZELLE, witn: Alfretta O'NEILL & Basil CHRISTIE no residences given on Nov. 4, 1925

6201-25 George Edgar SPEAR, 31, labourer, Cardiff Wales, Long Branch, s/o Thomas SPEAR & Carrie MORRISON, married Doris JONES, 27, Swinton England, Toronto, d/o James E. JONES & Mary Ann HURST, witn: Lily MILLETT & Norman JONES both of Toronto on Nov. 7, 1925

6198-25 Hector Henry SUTHERLAND, 24, salesman, Toronto, Point Pleasant Post Office New York USA, s/o Hector SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Adelaide HATHWAY, married Sarah Winifred MARTIN, 28, stenographer, England, 541 Runnymede Rd. Toronto, d/o William MARTIN (b. Scotland) & Janet SMITH, witn: William MARTIN of 541 Runnymede Rd & Margaret SUTHERLAND of 168 Roxton Rd both of Toronto on Nov. 26, 1925 at 541 Runnymede Rd

6197-25 William John SWAN, 50, gas worker, widower, Ireland, 175 Logan Ave Toronto, s/o William SWAN & Elizabeth CANE, married Ellen McKeynse McCANN, 43, widow, Scotland, 33 Davies St Toronto, d/o John McCANN & Ellen McCAFFERY, witn: Mrs Margaret & Hyla Fred ARCHER both of 86 Caroline Ave Toronto on Nov. 12, 1925


4489-25 Wilfred Donald TARLTON, 26, clerk, Toronto, 479 Kingston Road Toronto, s/o David Luther TARLTON (b. England) & Mary Alice BARLOW, married Florence May JACQUES, 22, Ontario, West Hill, d/o Thomas Walter JACQUES (b. Ontario) & Margaret Millicent RICHARDSON, witn: Harold Edwin TARLTON of 479 Kingston Rd Toronto & Margaret Millicent JACQUES of West Hill on Aug. 1, 1925 at St. Bartholomew's Church

4476-25 Ralph Bassang TARRANT, 32, chauffeur, USA, 561 Parliament St Toronto, s/o Robert Darragh TARRANT (b. USA) & Elizabeth BASSANG, married Margaret Angeline DUNN, 22, Toronto, 450 ½ Ontario St Toronto, d/o Joseph Michael DUNN (b. Ontario) & Minnie Jane NELSON, witn: Helen E. DUNN of 29 Elm Grove Ave & Arthur L. M. N. TURNER of 561 Parliament St. both of Toronto on Aug. 11, 1925 at St. Simons Church

6211-25 John William TASSAKER, 26, plasterer, widower, England, 17 Dentonia Park Ave Toronto, s/o Leonard TASSAKER (b. England) & Elizabeth EDWARDS, married Lizzie MacDOUGALL, 24 (b. 25 July 1901), Dundee Scotland, 17 Dentonia Park Ave Toronto, d/o James MacDOUGALL (b. Scotland) & Jane ANDERSON, witn: Mrs. Edith & G. CLARKE both of 17 Dentonia Park Ave Toronto on Nov. 16, 1925

4487-25 Henry Ernest TAYLOR, 20, dental mechanic, Toronto, 50 Coxwell Ave same, s/o Frederick TAYLOR (Ontario) & Frances A. GRAHAM, married Margaret Viola Edna DEMPSTER, 17, clerk, Toronto, 574 Woodbine Ave same, d/o James DEMPSTER (b. Scotland) & Mary SCOBIE, witn: Marie MIGHTON 538 Church St. & Mrs W. HUGHES of 579 Strathmore Blvd both of Toronto on Aug. 31, 1925 at 579 Strathmore Blvd

4485-25 James Grimshaw TAYLOR, 27, labourer, England, 202 John St Toronto, s/o John William TAYLOR (b. England) & Elizabeth BOOTH, married Winifred Frances COE, 19 (b. 10 Dec 1905), Liverpool Lancashire England, Clarkson, d/o Ernest Preston COE (b. England) & Lillian Elizabeth McLEAN, witn: Norman GRAHAM & Lilian E. COE both of Toronto on Aug. 30, 1925

4488-25 Sidney Alfred TAYLOR, 27, bookkeeper, England, 23 Kent Rd Toronto, s/o Edward S. TAYLOR (b. England) & Clara E. BUCKLAND, married Elva June REID, 25, Toronto, 148 Heward Ave same, d/o Alex C. REID (b. Ontario) Mary E. HURST, witn: C. H. FROST of 33 Prospect St Toronto & Miss Ruth DODD of Brampton on Aug. 29, 1925

4491-25 Stanley Robert TAYLOR, 33, male nurse, England, 3 Yarmouth Rd. Toronto, s/o Robert TAYLOR (b. England) & Mary Ann RAPLEY, married Agnes CONNATY, 20 (b. 29 Jan 1905), operator, Glasgow Scotland, 745 Indian Road Toronto, d/o James CONNATY (b. Scotland) & Janet GRAY (married 29 Sept 1883 at Glasgow), witn: James CONNATY 267 Bartlett Ave & James Ellen Stanley CONNATY of 745 Indian Road both of Toronto on Aug. 1, 1925

4477-25 Stanley William TAYLOR, 22, butcher, Ontario, 144 Margueretta St. Toronto, s/o Edward TAYLOR (b. England) & Agnes OWEN, married Cora Isabell JOHNSTON, 18, Ontario, Orillia, d/o John JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Annie DRAPER, witn: Martha Ellen PAYNE of 106 Airdrie Rd Leaside & Samuel Vance BALL of 57 Rowntree Ave Toronto on Aug. 14, 1925

4492-25 Variel TEECE, 21, photo engraver, Ontario, 43 Havelock St. Toronto, s/o W. C. H. TEECE (b. Ontario) & Laura RIDDLE, married Comfort SNAPE, 21, bookbinder, England, 51 Somerset Ave Toronto, d/o William SNAPE (b. England) & Emilyne FAULKNER, witn: Ralph HENRY of 143 Edna Ave & Isabel WILKINSON of 213 Clinton St. Toronto on Aug. 4, 1925 at 53 Brunswick Ave

4495-25 Francis Ball TEMPERTON, 28, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o Charles R. TEMPERTON & Eva LEGOTT, married Ida Belle WILSON, 23, operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Charles W. WILSON & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: Gertrude WILSON of 38 Bloomfield Ave & Fletcher EUSWEINGER? of 196 Indian Grove both of Toronto on Aug. 15, 1925 at St. Clements Church

6214-25 Gilbert George Gilmour TEMPLETON, 28, manager, Alberta, 295 Russell Hill Rd Toronto, s/o James Gilmour TEMPLETON (b. Ontario) & Edith Helen BEATY, married Christina Charlton COOPER, 30 (b. 14 March 1895), Durham England, 15 Avenue Rd Toronto, d/o William Barnett COOPER (Scotland) & Alice M. CHARLTON, witn: Helen TEMPLETON of 295 Russell Hill Rd & John Moyle DUNCAN of 34 Dundas Rd both of Toronto on Nov. 21, 1925 at Knox College Chapel

4494-25 Peter TERLETZKY, 28, mechanic, Runovina Rumania, 2 ½ Palmerston Ave Toronto, s/o Michael TERLETZKY & Magdalina CHRICHIK, married Anna ROMASK, 19, Galicia Austria, 261 Franklin Ave Toronto, d/o Evan ROMASK & Maria GORIUK, witn: Nik JERLECKI of 95 Mirleve? Ave & Minnie KONDRET of 2 ½ Palmerston Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 9, 1925

6206-25 Thomas Alexander THOMAS, 44, fruit farmer, widower, Cooksville, same, s/o Frank THOMAS (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann CODLING, married Gertrude Alberta May GRAHAM, 24, Toronto, Cooksville, d/o Joseph Henry GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Laura Louise CAMPBELL, witn: Adele H. KUBUSKA & J. A. SMITH both of Toronto on Nov. 7, 1925

6207-25 James Cochrane THOMPSON, 26 (b. 18 June 1899), salesman, Ballymena - Co. Antrim Ireland, 190 Rosemount Ave Toronto, s/o Andrew THOMPSON (b. Ireland) & Amelia COCHRANE, married Isabella SIMPSON, 25, tailoress, Scotland, 190 Rosemount Ave Toronto, d/o John SIMPSON (b. Ireland) & Maria McLAUGHLIN, witn: Olive LOCHEAD of 31 Meagher Ave & Melrose MALTBY of 774 St. Clair Ave West both of Toronto on Nov. 9, 1925

6216-25 James Gilmour THOMPSON, 19, machinist, Dundee Scotland, Toronto, s/o Edward D. THOMPSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth CUMMING, married Jessie Walker RAE, 16, confectioner, Owen Sound, Toronto, d/o George M. RAE (b. Scotland) & Jennie BUNYON, witn: Edward THOMPSON of 24 Florence St & Gladys P. HARRISON of 74 Argyle St both of Toronto on Nov. 30, 1925

4493-25 Frederick George THORN, 26, chauffeur, England, 4 Trafalgar Ave Toronto, s/o Richard James THORN (b. England) & Alice PULMAN, married Doris LONG, 22, box maker, England, 46 Darrell Ave Toronto, d/o Benjamin LONG (b. England) & Mary Annie HOLDSWORTH, witn: Edith Emma THORN of 4 Trafalgar Ave & Joseph Arnold LONG of 809 Craven Rd both of Toronto on Aug. 8, 1925

4478-25 Charles William Arthur THORNE, 24, mechanic, England, 43 Caledonia Rd Toronto, s/o John THORNE (b. England) & Maud LE FEAUXE, married Bessie Evelyn WILSON, 24, dictaphone operator, Ontario, 198 Brock Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas WILSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth COOPER, witn: George Stewart McBRIDE of 79 Ellsworth Ave & Marguerite E. WILSON of 198 Brock Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 15, 1925

4490-25 Henry Sutherland THORNTON, 26, printer, Toronto, Oakville, s/o Thomas Patrick THORNTON (b. England) & Alice MacLEOD, married Laura Lagriff GIBSON, 23, Toronto, Oakville, d/o James Robertson GIBSON (b. Ontario) & Melissa LAGRIFF, witn: Ross & Emily May GIBSON both of Oakville on Aug. 7, 1925

6205-25 Ben THORPE, 31, riveter, England, 169 McRoberts Ave Toronto, s/o Samuel THORPE (b. England) & Sarah HAYES, married Florence Mary POVEY, 28, England, 369 McRoberts Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas A. POVEY (b. England) & Mary E. WATSON, witn: Thomas Alfred & Mary Elizabeth POVEY both of Toronto on Nov. 5, 1925

6210-25 Harold Gould THURSTON, 23, salesman, Ontario, 22 Muir Ave Toronto, s/o Gould Nash THURSTON (b. Ontario) & Margaret S. GUTHRIE, married Alice Lenora PENROSE, 22, stenographer, Ontario, 22 Muir Ave Toronto, d/o John Nelson PENROSE (b. Ontario) & Sarah McDOUGALL, witn: Robert James HAMILTON & Gladys Elizabeth ZINGG both of Toronto on Nov. 7, 1925 at 15 Appleton Ave

4482-25 Ernest Oliver TINSON, 27, none (sic), England, 47 Delta St. Long Branch, s/o William TINSON (b. England) & Rachel (surname unknown sic), married Maude Rose JOHNSON, 47, music teacher, England, 47 Delta St Long Branch, d/o Charles JOHNSON (b. England) & Sarah SOLLOWAY, witn: E. H. RUDGE of 74 Bathurst St & George ROE of 6 Trinity Square both of Toronto on Aug. 25, 1925 at Church of the Holy Trinity

6212-25 Edward Clark Hodgkinson TISDALE, 50, fox rancher, widower, Ontario, Beaverton, s/o Edward TISDALE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McKENZIE, married Ethel HAMILTON, 49, Ontario, Beaverton, d/o Alexander HAMILTON (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann FLEMING, witn: A. W. HAMILTON of Prince George Hotel & Buda Ethel WHELER of 69 Delaware Ave both of Toronto on Nov. 19, 1925 at Prince George Hotel

6208-25 Saul TIZZARD, 25, cooper, Newfoundland, 257 Bartlett Ave Toronto, s/o Caleb TIZZARD (b. Newfoundland) & Harriet MILES, married Eliza Ellen FLYNN, 26, waitress, Newfoundland, 69 Prestholme Ave Toronto, d/o James FLYNN (b. Newfoundland) & Mary Ann GILLARD, witn: John CARPENTER of 19 Niagara St. & Stella JANES of 82 Salem Ave both of Toronto on Nov. 7, 1925

6215-25 John Henderson TODD, 47, carpenter, widower, Scotland, 153 North Pearl St Buffalo New York USA, s/o John TODD (b. Scotland) & Mabel HENDERSON, married Marion Gillies Steel MORRISON, 37, Scotland, 731 St. Clarens Ave Toronto, d/o George MORRISON (b. Scotland) & Jacobina STEEL, witn: George MORRISON of 1105 Stanley Ave Detroit Michigan USA & Sarah Park NICOL of 93 Elm Ave Toronto on Nov. 21, 1925 at 731 St. Clarens Ave

6218-25 Thomas Alfred TOMLINSON, 26, plumbing/heating engineer, Nottingham England, Toronto, s/o Thomas TOMLINSON & Betsy MARSON, married Florence Dora BURTT, 24, office accountant, Peckham England, Toronto, d/o George William BURTT & Annie Elizabeth CRADDOCK, witn: Albert Edward TOMLINSON of 397 Hillsdale Ave East Toronto & Gladys HALL of 1211 Trumball Ave Detroit Michigan USA on Nov. 7, 1925

4486-25 Alfred TOOTELL, 31, production supervisor, England, 544 Leith St Flint Michigan, s/o Alfred TOOTELL (b. England) & Sarah SENVILLE?, married Catherine Mary Spencer WOOD, 24 (b. 24 March 1908), Leicester England, 309 Strathmore Blvd Toronto, d/o Francis WOOD (b. England) & Edith BALL, witn: Minnie TOOTELL of 595 Indian Road & Leon HIPWELL of 95 Danforth Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 28, 1925 at St. Barnabas Church

4484-25 Reginald John TOPP, 27, clerk, Toronto, 122 Marchmount Rd same, s/o Frederick George TOPP (b. England) & Flora Alice McDONAGH, married Mary Elizabeth Lillie McKAY, 24, operator, Toronto, 101 Gore Vale Ave same, d/o John Edward McKAY (b. England) & Elizabeth Ellen ATKINSON, witn: Charles CULROSS of Clandeboye Ave - Centre Island & Ethel WINTER of 105 Queen St. East both of Toronto on Aug. 29, 1925 at St. Michael & All Angels Church

4480-25 Archibald TORRANCE, 21, labourer, Glasgow Scotland, Collingwood, s/o Archibald TORRANCE (b. Ayrshire Scotland) & Agnes LINDSAY, married Veronica HORTON, 18, Collingwood, same, d/o James HORTON (b. Collingwood) & Annie Elizabeth CRONIN, witn: Emma J. GRIMSHAW & L. M. EDY both of 65 Pacific Ave Toronto on Aug. 17, 1925 at 65 Pacific Ave

6202-25 Charles John TOSSELL, 27, cartage agent, Toronto, 167 Heward Ave same, s/o Charles TOSSELL (b. Ontario) & Edith TAYLOR, married Elizabeth ROBSON, 24, operator, England, 167 Heward Ave Toronto, d/o Mathew ROBSON (b. England) & Sarah BALDWIN, witn: C. H. VENNELS of 3 Millbrook Cresc & Mrs. W. Hardy ANDREWS of 561 Broadview Ave both of Toronto on Nov. 2, 1925

4481-25 James TOUGH, 33, police constable, Scotland, 123 Parkmount Rd Toronto, s/o John TOUGH (b. Scotland) & Christina PIRIE, married Helen McCURRACH, 29 (b. 8 Dec 1895), Huntley Aberdeenshire Scotland, 123 Parkmount Rd. Toronto, d/o Alexander McCURRACH (b. Scotland) & Margaret PETRIE (married 23 Nov 1895 at Huntley), witn: Mr. & Mrs. John TOUGH both of 123 Parkmount Rd Toronto on Aug. 14, 1925

4479-25 Valentine TOWNSEND, 35, carpenter, Ontario, 19 Hazelwood Ave Toronto, s/o Elijah TOWNSEND (b. England) & Sarah FISHER, married Eveline Mary SCOTT, 30, England, 61 Condor Ave Toronto, d/o Albert SCOTT (b. England) & Jemima SMITH, witn: Harold BODEN of 4 Baltic Ave & Hilda DODGE of 282 Torrens Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 15, 1925

6204-25 Franklyn Bruce TRELFORD, 21, salesman, Markdale, 14 Homewood Drive Toronto, s/o John Edward TRELFORD (b. Ontario) & Teresa Christina LYONS, married Myrtle Leone NESBITT, 25, Moulton Post Office, Dunnville, d/o Oscar Leon NESBITT (b. Ontario) & Ellen Isabel WESTOVER, witn: W. D. FITZPATRICK of London & Agnes E. FITZPATRICK of Toronto on Nov. 7, 1925

6213-25 Jared Douglas Eric TROOP, 28, banker, Toronto, 25 Melrose Ave same, s/o Jared Grassi Carter TROOP (b. Nova Scotia) & Minnie Plenderleath TEMPLE, married Marjorie Helen MORTON, 23, England, 25 Melrose Ave Toronto, d/o Albert Prince MORTON (b. England) & Martha Ellen CARTWRIGHT, witn: A. M. TEMPLE of 175 Spadina Rd & Marjorie TROOP of 25 Melrose Ave both of Toronto on Nov. 21, 1925 at St. Leonard's Church [divorced 1 Oct 1934].

4483-25 Manus William TRUDELLE, 22, automobile agent, Toronto, 80 Balford Ave same, s/o Philip Samuel TRUDELLE (b. Ontario) & Edith THOMPSON, married Lois Mary MILNE, 19, Toronto, 113 Coleman Ave same, d/o Edward MILNER (b. England) & Emma GREER, witn: S. A. ROGERS of Toronto & Evelyn MILNER of 113 Coleman, on Aug. 21, 1925 [divorced 6/12/48]

6203-25 Arthur Cecil TRUSTRAIN, 23, yeoman, England, R. R. 1 Middleport, s/o Joseph TRUSTRAIN (b. England) & Alice White ARCHER, married Annie Lilian BROMFIELD, 23, England, R. R. 1 Middleport, d/o John BROMFIELD (b. England) & Mary Anne HOWLETT, witn: Francis R. & Winifred Alice BROMFIELD both of Middleport on Nov. 1, 1925

4475-25 Charlie Grendon TUCKER, 33, car man CPR, England, 213 Silverthorne Ave Toronto, s/o Archibald (b. England) & Elizabeth Thurza, married Violet Rosina Alice MATTHEWS, 26, secretary, England, St. Phillips - Bristol England, d/o Thomas Colston MATTHEWS & Annie EDWORTHY, witn: Sarah & Frank RADFORD both of 213 Silverthorne Ave Toronto on Aug. 11, 1925

6217-25 Arthur Kingsford TUMBER, 35, laborer, England, 21 Foxwell St. Toronto, s/o Alfred TUMBER (b. England) & Mary HOPKINS, married Doris Maud TARRANT, 22, England, 2408 St. Clair Ave West Toronto, d/o Samuel George TARRANT (b. England) & Helen Elizabeth SNOOK, witn: Eli TUMBER of 21 Foxwell Ave & Helen TARRANT of 2408 St. Clair Ave West both of Toronto on Nov. 28, 1925

4496-25 Vladimir TURCZYVIEWICZ (?), 31, labourer, Yanow Terepowla Galicia, 62 Niagara St Toronto, s/o Sophron TURCZYVIEWICZ & Tekla MILZWA, married Josepha FEDYNA, 25, Yanow Terepowla Galicia, 62 Niagara St. Toronto, d/o Ludwick FEDYNA & Anna PEJS, witn: J. BIGANSWSKY of 28 Augusta Ave & Frank KOTINSKI of 67 Tecumseh St. both of Toronto on Aug. 29, 1925

6209-25 George Ernest TURNER, 26, taxi driver, England, 460 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, s/o George TURNER (b. England) & Jessie BOYER, married Edna HERRINGTON, 26, Ontario, 174 Grenadier Rd Toronto, d/o Charles HERRINGTON (b. Ontario) & Grace DUNCAN, witn: Abraham ECKER of 234 Havelock St Toronto & Gertrude Ellen HAMMOND of Allanburg on Nov. 10, 1925 at 460 Lansdowne Ave

4497-25 Lee Frank UNDERHILL, 40, painter, USA, Grafton New Hampshire, s/o Albert A. UNDERHILL (b. USA) & Addie J. YOUNG, married Marion Maud EDWARDS, 33, England, 25 Foxbar Road Toronto, d/o Edward EDWARDS (b. England) & Jerusha BARNARD, witn: Charles M. & Annie FLECK both of 91 Wembley Road both of Toronto on Aug. 15, 1925

4500-25 Andrew George VALENTY, 30, painter decorator, England, 105 Bellwood Ave Toronto, s/o Thomas VALENTY (b. England) & Samuel CAHOON, married Margaret CAHOON, 27, knitter, Ireland, 105 Bellwood Ave, s/o Samuel CAHOON (b. Ireland) & Mary GIBSON, witn: F. H. & R. PIKE both of 1083 Bloor St. West both of Toronto on Aug. 30, 1925

6219-25 John Byron VANDUZEN, 33, fruit grower, Ontario, Winona, s/o Ira Elston VANDUZEN (b. Ontario) & Eleanor Jane LONGMIRE, married Gladys Helena BISHOP, 31, Toronto, 185 Roxborough St. East same, d/o Charles Hartnoll BISHOP (b. England) & Mary Ann HAWKE, witn: Roy H. BISHOP of 76 Sherwood Ave & Florence E. BISHOP & 185 Roxborough St. East both of Toronto on Nov. 4, 1925 at 185 Roxborough St

6220-25 John Charles VARNEY, 18, truck driver, England, 10 Pendrith St Toronto, s/o George VARNEY (b. England) & Frances Elizabeth CLEAVER, married Magdalene Strang MacFARLANE, 18, operator BTC, Scotland, 405 Coxwell Ave Toronto, d/o John McFARLANE, (b. England) & Jessie CORMACK, witn: George VARNEY of 10 Pendrith Ave & Agnes Cormack MacFARLANE of 405 Coxwell Ave both of Toronto on Nov. 10, 1925 [divorced 4 Feb 52]

4501-25 Burt VARTY, 28, merchant, England, 640 Yonge St Toronto, s/o William VARTY (b. England) & Emily WHITMAN, married Minnie May WEBB, 27 (b. 7 May 1898), private secretary, England, 11 Gloucester St Toronto, d/o George WEBB (b. England) & Mary SMITH, witn: W. B. SANDERS of 1005 Dufferin St & J. V. CONROY of 78 Dixon Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 26, 1925 [re bride: "my father & mother died during my infancy and my sister died in 1914..."].

4502-25 William Alexander VAUGHAN, 17, corrugated box maker, Toronto, 10 Somerset Ave same, s/o John Frances VAUGHAN (b. England) & Mary EVANS, married Mildred TYLER, 17, corrugated box maker, Toronto, 229 Emerson Ave same, d/o Albert Edward TYLER (b. England) & Ann Bertha SMITH, witn: Rose FROST of 68 Lightbourne Ave & William SMALLRIDGE of 3 Millicent St both of Toronto on Aug. 26, 1925 at 10 Somerset Ave

4499-25 Norman Joseph VERNEY, 27, sign writer, Toronto, 564 Manning Ave same, s/o James Burgess VERNEY (b. England) & Elizabeth GILLESPIE, married Lillian Elizabeth GLIDDON, 26, milliner, Ontario, 341 Greenwood Ave Toronto, d/o William GLIDDON (b. Ontario) & Annie DAWE, witn: A. Maurice STEVENS of 22 Haslett Ave & Gladys DICKIE of 370 Woodbine Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 11, 1925

4498-25 Cyril William VERRALL, 24 (b. 11 Oct 1900), baker, Ramsgate Kent England, 44 Peterborough Ave Toronto, s/o Albert VERRALL (b. England) & Esther Susan LEITH, married Isabella Brown SHARP, 20, baker, Scotland, 473 Bathurst St Toronto, d/o James SHARP (b. Scotland) & Margaret STOBBIE, witn: Alexander M. BRUCE of Ulster Apts Grange Ave & Helen TANNAHILL of 473 Bathurst St both of Toronto on Aug. 1, 1925

6225-25 Clifford Morgan WAGAR, 24, banker, Enterprise, Norwood, s/o Daniel B. WAGAR (b. Enterprise Ont.) & Lefrona JACKSON, married Vera Ellen McDONALD, 25, stenographer, Mallory Town, Toronto, d/o Charles D. McDONALD (b. Mallory Town Ont.) & Mary MULLIN, witn: A. G. FRICKAY & Charlotte E. PEDLEY both of Toronto on Nov. 2, 1925

005256-25 Louis WAGMAN, 27, merchant, Russia, 34 Gerrard St. W. Toronto, s/o Israel WAGMAN (b. Russia) & Sarah TANZER (PANZER?) married Amelia COHEN, 21 (b. 20 September 1903), bookkeeper, 1 Bedford Place Bristol England, 361 Grace St. Toronto, d/o Nathan Myers COHEN (b. Poland) & Hilda LEFCOVITCH, witn: S. TURSOFF of 6 Ellis St. & N. BRASS of 35 Huron St. 6 September 1925 005259-25 Rossell Kennedy WAITES, 22, carpenter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Alexander WAITES & Annie HARRIS married Ethel ROBERTS, 21, stenographer, England, Toronto, d/o John ROBERTS & Margaret APPLETON, witn: Jack F. WAITES of. New Toronto & Donald FODEN of 661 Brock Ave. Toronto, 5 September 1925 at St. Clements Church
005266-25 Leo WALKE, 31, mechanic, Toronto, 526 Greenwood Ave. Toronto, s/o Philip WALKE & Bridget BYRNE married Olive Margaret ASHWELL, 30, Richmond Hill, 253 Hastings Ave., spinster, d/o Zachary ASHWELL & Margaret SHARKEY, witn: Gordon WALKE of 526 Greenwood Ave. & Siguria? SMITH of 253 Hastings Ave., 16 September 1925 005253-25 Harvey WALKER, 52, carpenter, Ontario, 13 Rusholme Rd. Toronto, widower, s/o William M. WALKER (b. Ontario) & Sarah HOLLINGSHEAD married Mary McLAREN, 38, housekeeper, Ontario, 7 Grove Ave., spinster, d/o James McLAREN (b. Ontario) & Catherine SEYMOUR, witn: Walter & Olga FIELD both of 7 Grove Ave. Toronto, 22 September 1925

6233-25 Harry Frederick WALKER, 30, chief clerk, Ontario, 31 Peter St. Toronto, s/o Harry WALKER (b. Ontario) & Rebecca BLOSS, married Helen Beatrice HARRIS, 27, stenographer, Ontario, 232 Salem Ave Toronto, d/o Anson HARRIS (b. Ontario) & Sarah Louise McCANN, witn: Marion HARRIS of 232 Salem Ave & John R. KIRBY of 169 Glendale Ave both of Toronto on Nov. 18, 1925

6234-25 Malcolm McDonald WALKER, 22, soldier, Toronto, Stanley Barracks same, s/o William WALKER (b. Scotland) & Margaret McDONALD, married Florence BRAYBROOK, 17, Toronto, 524 ½ Adelaide St. West same, d/o Arthur BRAYBROOK (b. England) & Rose EVERETT, witn: George F. DOBSON & Carrie MERCER both of Toronto on Nov. 9, 1925

005254-25 James Egan WALSH, 31, plumber, Toronto, 308 Kenilworth Ave. Toronto, s/o Samuel WALSH (b. Ontario) & Priscilla DARBY married Christina May CHAMBERS, 25, nurse in training, Ontario, 999 Queen St. W. Toronto, d/o Samuel CHAMBERS (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane EVANS, witn: Frederick James HARRIS of 313 Dundas St. W. Toronto & Helene E. McTAGUE of 999 Queen St. W. Toronto, 24 September 1925 at St. Barnabas Church 005252-25 Ernest WALSOM, 23, decorator, England, 13 Audley Ave. Toronto, s/o William WALSOM (b. England) & Elizabeth MEDHURST married Lucy O'BRIEN, 25, switchboard operator, Quebec, 256 Pape Ave. Toronto, d/o Patrick O'BRIEN (b. Ireland) & Mary JONES, witn: William WALLACE of 14 Caithness Ave. & Minnie IRURN? (Triern?) of 49 Fielding Ave., 22 September 1925

6230-25 Burnett Alexander WARD, 28, lumberman, Ontario, Church St. Weston, s/o John George WARD (b. Scotland) & Amelia DAWSON, married Ruth Ellen KINSEY, 31, divorcee, Ontario, 55 East Lynn Ave Toronto, d/o Walter W. KINSEY & Ellen LAUDER, witn: Jessie A. & Ernest SHEPHARD both of 408 Coxwell Ave Toronto on Nov. 7, 1925

6227-25 Harry Ewart WARD, 27, clerk, Wolverhampton England, North Bay, s/o Charles John Thomas WARD (b. Worcester England) & Sarah HARPER, married Doris Winstanley MOLINEUX, 23, stenographer, Tarleton England, North Bay, d/o Alfred Edwin MOLINEUX (b. Southport England) & Harriet HINDE, witn: George TURNER of 29 Kintyre & Marjorie MOLINEUX of Sudbury on Nov. 8, 1925

005257-25 James Francis WARE, 28, buyer for T. Eaton Co., Quebec, Montreal, s/o Charles WARE (b. England) & Ruth Elizabeth ALGUIRE married Nellie Sherlock EVANS, 26, Toronto, 34 Highview Cres. Toronto, d/o Joseph J. EVANS (b. Ontario) & Florence A. SHERLOCK, witn: Frances K. EVANS of 34 Highview Cres. Toronto & Samuel G. SKINNER of 427 Crawford St. Toronto, 1 September 1925

6231-25 Frank Lloyd WASS, 27, production foreman, Ontario, 5625 15th St Detroit Ontario, s/o William John WASS (b. Ontario) & Mandane DOWN, married Letitia BATTERS, 29, clerk, Ontario, 386 Indian Grove Toronto, d/o Edward BATTERS (b. Ontario) & Priscilla BAXENDALE, witn: Joseph G. WATSON of 386 Indian Grove of Toronto & Mrs. Lynda M. PARSONS of St. Mary's on Nov. 14, 1925

6221-25 Osias WASSERMAN, 24, merchant, Radautz Rumania, North Bay, s/o Israel WASSERMAN (b. Radautz Rumania) & Freda ROPEL, married Sara ROSENBERG, 21, Czumsky Poland, North Bay, d/o Moses ROSENBERG (b. Czumsky Poland) & Gitel STERN, witn: J. SHECHTER of North Bay & Louis ROSENBERG & 93 Markham St of Toronto on Nov. 17, 1925

6229-25 John Jenkins WATSON, 28 (b. 29 Oct 1897), plumber, Co. Down Ireland, 1067 Craven Rd Toronto, s/o Henry WATSON (b. Ireland) & Sarah HAMILTON (both deceased), married Lillias Wilson DUFF, 29, Scotland, 50 Rosemount Ave Toronto, d/o Peter DUFF (b. Scotland) & Ann Jane SMITH, witn: Ann Jane DUFF of 11 Ashley Place & Alfred MASON of 64 Cambridge Ave both of Toronto on Nov. 14, 1925

4508-26 Joseph Graham WATSON, 29, builder, Ontario, 75 Snowden Ave Toronto, s/o John WATSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret GRAHAM, married Susan BATTERS, 27 (b. 16 Oct 1897), school teacher, Luther twp - Dufferin Co, 386 Indian Grove Toronto, d/o Edward BATTERS (b. Ontario) & Priscilla BAXENDALE, witn: James Alexander WATSON 74 Cloverlawn Ave & Letitia BATTERS of 386 Indian Grove both of Toronto on Aug. 19, 1925 at High Park United Church

6235-25 Thomas Wilfrid WATSON, 31, manager, Toronto, 182 Jarvis St. same, s/o Thomas WATSON (b. Ireland) & Louise SMITH, married Charlotte Edith Grace APPLEGATH, 22, Toronto, 85 Yonge St. same, d/o Jess APPLEGATH (b. England) & Florence JACKMAN, witn: C.M. HUMPHREY & Hilda COOK both of Toronto on Nov. 12, 1925

005251-25 Robert James WATTON, 32 (b. 28 October 1892), blacksmith, Carnglass - Co. Antrim Ireland, 352 King St. W. Toronto, s/o W. William WATTON (b. Ireland) & Margaret McMULLAN married Bessie Elizabeth Teresa Monica STEWART, 25, operator, Scotland, 27 Mercer St. Toronto, d/o William STEWART (b. Scotland) & Jessie BOOTH, witn: William A. ALVES of 4 Millbrook Cres. & Mrs. W. H. ANDREWS of 561 Broadview Ave., 12 September 1925 005264-25 John Lawrence WEATHERALL, 21, clerk, Nottingham England, 89 Day Ave., s/o John Lawrence WEATHERALL & Annie L. SMEDLEY married Iris Maud HUNTER, 20, office clerk, Canada, 67 West Lodge Ave., d/o William David HUNTER & Iva Maud TYRRELL, witn: E. S. DAGLISH of 47 Goodwood Ave. & Hazel WRIGHT of 121 Harcourt Ave., 5 September 1925

4509-25 Edward Adair WELLS, 49, traveller, Carrick Tp., Neustadt, s/o Adam (Adair?) WELLS & Elizabeth FILSINGER, married Wilhelmina Margaret ALBRECHT, 39, nurse, Howick Tp., same, d/o Michael ALBRECHT & Wilhelmina SHERK, witn: Mattie L. & Jean M. GRAHAM both of Toronto on Aug. 27, 1925

6223-25 Joseph WHITE, 35, labourer, Ireland, 459 Wellesley St Toronto, s/o William WHITE (b. Ireland) & Agnes LENNOX, married Susie Irene LEE, 25, Ontario, 106 Bond St. Toronto, d/o Thomas LEE (b. Ontario) & Verna CRIPPS, witn: Joseph WHITE of 16 Highfield Ave & Phyllis LEE of 106 Bond St both of Toronto on Nov. 28, 1925

005263-25 Fred WHITE, 31, hairdresser, Germany, Toronto, s/o George WEEKS & Anna WOLFE married Violet Florence ROSE, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Frank Fergus ROSE & Inez ARNOLD, witn: William Dinely ANDERTON of 219 Annandale Ave. Toronto & Remi GRANDON of 803 Queen St. W., 15 September 1925

4504-25 Wilfred Wood WHITNEY, 38, traveller, Ontario, 276 Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o William Anthony WHITNEY (b. Ontario) & Amelia Eveline VANCAMP, married Dolena Mackenzie INGLIS, 37, widow, Ontario, 369 Rusholme Road Toronto, d/o Duncan MacKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Jessie BAIN, witn: Mrs. R. G. & Mr. Robert G. RICE both of 369 Rusholme Road Toronto on Aug. 19, 1925

6224-25 Charles Howard WIDDIFIELD, 66, county judge, widower, Ontario, 209 Spadina Rd Toronto, s/o John C. WIDDIFIELD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth STONENBERG, married Ann Christina MacDONALD, 55, widow, Ontario, Chatsworth, d/o Archibald CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Ann MacDONALD, witn: Eric Allan ARMSTRONG & Mary WATT both of Toronto on Nov. 4, 1925

005258-25 Roy Freeman WILCOX, 37, farmer, Camden Twp, Chatham Twp, s/o William John WILCOX (b. Canada) & Susan MEREDITH, married Edith Christie Alvira RICH, 24, domestic, Zone Twp, Camden Twp, d/o James RICH (b. Canada) & Emily LILLY, witn: Mrs. WICKWARE of 19 Beaty Ave. & Clara HALL of Brigden, 3 September 1925

4505-25 George WILL, 22, school teacher, Ontario, Beaverton, s/o George WILL (b. Scotland) & Elspeth THOMPSON, married Lillian Isabel ORR, 21, Ontario, 15 Hillsdale Ave West Toronto, d/o William ORR (b. Ontario) & Janet I. ELLIOTT, witn: N. L. POLLARD & D. M. DUNHAM both of Toronto on Aug. 19, 1925

005255-25 John Armstrong WILLIAMS, 23, inspector, Toronto, 46 Henrietta Ave. Buffalo N.Y., s/o Richard WILLIAMS (b. Ontario) & Annie MURRAY married Martha Matilda MITCHELL, 18, Newfoundland, 431 Clinton St. Toronto, d/o Eric MITCHELL (b. Newfoundland) & Levina JOYCE, witn: Wilmot H. DAWSON of 585 Markham St. & Eleanor M. WOODS of 48 Clovelly Ave., 3 September 1925

4503-25 Charles WILLIAMSON, 34, leather worker, England, 22 Ashburnham Rd Toronto, s/o Charles Williams WILLIAMSON (b. England) & Eliza EVANS, married Irene Helen FROOD, 21, battery assembling, England, 51 Ashburnham Rd Toronto, d/o John FROOD (b. England) & Elizabeth MURPHY, witn: John & John Arthur FROOD of 51 Ashburnham Rd both of Toronto on Aug. 15, 1925 at St. Chad's Church

6228-25 George Everett WILLISCROFT, 24, taxi driver, Ontario, 356 Ontario St. Toronto, s/o Nathaniel WILLISCROFT (b. USA) & Annie MURRAY, married Ethel Gertrude HALSTEAD, 19, Ontario, 356 Ontario St. Toronto, d/o Warner James HALSTEAD (b. Ontario) & Charlotte Louisa CANHAN, witn: Stuart & Mrs. S. D. MURRAY both of 356 Ontario ST. Toronto on Nov. 9, 1925

005265-25 Ronald Edward WILLIS, 24, cable tester, Nova Scotia, 243 Major St. Toronto, s/o Charles Roi WILLIS (b. England) & Mary McGIBBON married Florence Harriet LUXMORE, 22, Nova Scotia, 40 Ulster St. Toronto, d/o William LUXMORE (b. England) & Florence Emily HIPSLEY, witn: Walter NAYLOR & Esther LUXMORE both of Toronto, 30 September 1925

6226-25 Morley Albert Edward WILSON, 23, sheet metal worker, Ontario, 462 Glebeholme Blvd Toronto, s/o William C. WILSON (b. Ontario) & Eva HODGES, married Gertrude Alice CHEVERY, 18, Ontario, 99 Sheridan Ave Toronto, d/o George CHEVERY (b. England) & Emily GOODWIN, witn: Mrs. Eva McGILLIVRAY of 550 Dovercourt Rd Toronto & W. St. H. SMITH of St. Thomas on Nov. 7, 1925

005260-25 Thomas Richard WILSON, 22, skilled laborer, England, 21 Delaney Cres. Toronto, s/o George WILSON & Hannah PARKER married Elizabeth Agnes Sharp DURHAM, 19, Scotland, 291 Dunn Ave. Toronto, d/o George DURHAM & Mary PATON, witn: Laurence TOMLINSON of 14 Brock Cres. & Marjorie Frances ROCK of 271 Dunn Ave., 22 September 1925
005262-25 Edward WINTER, 23, chauffeur, Toronto, 269 Ossington, s/o Albert WINTER & Sarah McLELLAN married Louie YATES, 23, England, 34 Golden Ave., d/o Albert YATES & Alice IVINGS, witn: Victor WINTER & Edith JEFFREY both of Toronto, 19 September 1925

6232-25 Jules Sidney WOLFE, 22, salesman, Poland, 73 Hilton Ave Toronto, d/o father deceased & Mary WOLFE, married Zelda BLOOM, 19 (b. 10 April 1906), NY state, 40 Grove Ave Toronto, d/o Samuel BLOOM (b. USA) & Maud KUIRLAND (b. Russia), witn: Jacob Maine STUCHEN of 40 Sussex St & Ruth INVERMAN? of 20 Strathearn Blvd both of Trenton on Nov. 5, 1925

4506-25 Solomon Jacob WOOLFSON, 24, physician, England, 20 ½ Cameron St. Toronto, s/o Isaac WOOLFSON (b. Russia) & Ethel LEVERANT, married Kathlyn Natalie LANGER, 18 (b. 28 July 1907), Vladimir Valinsky Russia, 76 Henry St. Toronto, d/o Donald LANGER (b. Russia) & Feiga TREGER, witn: Jacob FINE of 23 Dennison Ave & J. CUTTLER of 28 Robert St both of Toronto on Aug. 9, 1925

005261-25 Norman James Frederick WRAY, 27, hardware clerk, Toronto, 326 Delaware Ave., s/o Frederic WRAY & Lillian PRAIN married Evelyn Jane BENNETT, 23, printer, England, 24 Manchester Ave., d/o Alfred BENNETT & Edith EVANS, witn: Aubrey H. WRAY of 326 Delaware Ave. Toronto & Mrs. Elizabeth BURROWS of 438 Millwood Rd Toronto, 19 September 1925 at The Church of St. Mary The Virgin

4507-25 William Waugh WRIGHT, 30, hotel proprietor, Scotland, Queen's Hotel Streetsville, s/o David WRIGHT (b. Scotland) & Agnes PURVIS, married Olive Selena KEMP, 35 (b. 22 Nov 1889), widow, Brighton England, 74 Lindsay Ave Toronto, d/o Fred W. NEWTON (b. England) & Verena WALTON, witn: Sydney John HULBERT of 1124 Queen St West & Gertrude HOLDEN of 230 Brock Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 19, 1925 at 12 Maple Ave [re bride: "parents both at Windemere Muskoka"].

6222-25 Robert Henderson WYLIE, 21, labourer, Scotland, 116 Woodfield Rd Toronto, s/o James WYLIE (b. Scotland) & Ann Holland CADENHEAD, married Jane CUMMING, 19, England, 46 Wardell St Toronto, d/o William CUMMING (b. England) & Jane QUINN, witn: James WYLIE of 116 Woodfield Rd & Helen CUMMING of 46 Wardell St both of Toronto on Nov. 11, 1925

005267-25 Jack YOUNG, 25, dairyman, England, 276 Euclid Ave. Toronto, s/o Walter YOUNG (b. England) & Charity Louisa HICK (HICKS ?) married Ivy Gwendoline SIMMONDS, 25, white wear examiner, England, 257 Glebemount Ave., d/o Joseph HENRY (b. England) & Jane GROSVENOR, witn: Douglas Howard SIMMONDS of 257 Glebemount Ave. & Mrs. Doris TRELFORD of 248 Glebemount Ave., 5 September 1925 005268-25 Henry Stoddart YOUNG, 37, ships officer, Scotland, 81 Hounslow Heath Rd. Toronto, s/o Thomas YOUNG (b. Scotland) & Annie ROSS married Mary CARDEN, 21, Scotland, 37 Bishop St. Toronto, d/o Michael CARDEN (b. Scotland) & Mary GLEASON, witn: Margaret VICKERY of 37 Bishop St. Toronto & Robert YOUNG of 95 Humber Blvd. Toronto, 4 September 1925
005269-25 Leonard H. ZEMAN, 32, civil engineer, New York, Chicago, s/o Isaac D. ZEMAN (b. New York City) & Nellie LEVI married Rosetta G. COHEN, 29, nurse, Toronto, Chicago, d/o Moses M. COHEN (b. New York City) & Anna GOSLAR, witn: Mark G. & Evelyn L. COHEN both of 99 Madison Ave. Toronto, 30 September 1925