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City of Toronto, 1925, part 13

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5272-25 Thomas Clarence ACTON, 24, clerk, Toronto, 387 Concord Ave., s/o Richard ACTON, b. Ireland & Mary Ann CAMERON, married Norah Kathleen AITKIN, 22, stenographer, Toronto, 54 Lindsay Ave., d/o William AITKIN, b. Ont & Catherine MALONEY, witn: W. AITKIN of 28 McKenzie Cres & Bernadette HOGAN of 54 Lindsay Ave., 24 Oct. 1925

2860-25 Harry Melbourne ADAMS, 30, clerk, St John New Brunswick, Toronto, s/o David Henry ADAMS & Elizabeth FOSTER, married Gladys Isabel BREWER, 30, Toronto, same, d/o Albert E. BREWER & Caroline WARREN, witn: Harry D. NEWTON & Audrey L. BREWER both of Toronto, 17 June 1925

2841-25 William Elmer ADAMS, 19, lather, Toronto, Long Branch, s/o William Elmer ADAMS (b. Toronto) & Mary JEFFERY, married Violet Lillian BOLSBY, 19, Montreal, Long Branch, d/o Irvine William BOLSBY (b. Montreal) & Elizabeth JOHNS, witn: Mrs H. SMITH of 176 Brunswick Ave & Gertrude E. St. JOHN of 72 Clinton St, 1 May 1925

2864-25 Paul ADAMS, 32, general blacksmith, Quebec, 224 Shaw St, s/o Joseph ADAMS & Bridget ZIOISKEY, married Annie TIERNEY, 20, Scotland, 51 Givens St, d/o blank & Susan TIERNEY, witn: Peter LEON of 20 Rusholme Rd & Madeline MANION of Rosary Hall Bloor St, 25 June 1925

2852-25 Frank Bolton ADAMSTONE, 28, instructor in zoology University of Illinois, Ontario, 802 West Park Ave Champaign Illinois, s/o William Murrell ADAMSTONE (b. Ontario) & Birdie Elizabeth SMITH, married Edith Margaret LAWSON, 23, Ontario, 34 Erskine Ave, d/o Albert Simpson LAWSON (b. England) & Mary Emma SPENCER, witn: William M. ARTHURS of 283 King St East Hamilton & Nancy ADAMS of 36 Davisville Ave, 30 June 1925 at St Clements Church

6258-25 Harry Hymen ADEL, 20, salesman, Toronto, 241 King St. East, s/o Nathan ADEL, b. Russia & C. NEESZARAT, married Ida Ruth ALBERT, 21, assistant forelady, Toronto, 261 King St. East, d/o Barnet? ALBERT, b. Poland & J. STEINER, witn: L. SHERMAN of 948 Queen East & Sigmund STEINRONTZEL? of 157 Ontario St., 20 Dec 1925

5273-25 Ellis Alexander AGNEW, 25, chemical engineer, Toronto, Niagara Falls, s/o John AGNEW, b. Canada & Daisy Edith STOCKS, married Gertrude Kathleen McCONNELL, 23, Toronto, same, d/o John McCONNELL, b. Canada & Gertrude TATTON, witn: Margaret R. THOMAS & Edward LITTLEJOHN, both of Toronto, 26 Oct 1925

5285-25 Trueman Harcourt Henry AITCHISON, 25, farmer, King twp., Tecumseth twp., s/o John H. AITCHISON, b. Ont & Hester A. WATTS, married Emily Mennetta WELLS, 21, clerk, Essa twp., Tecumseth twp., d/o John WELLS, b. Markham & Elizabeth McMURRAY, witn: Ella S. GREY of 112 Sorauren Ave & Isabel YOUNG of 109 Sorauren Ave., 21 Oct. 1925

5281-25 Archibald AITKEN, 29, butcher, Scotland, 20 Maitland Apts. in Kitchener, s/o Thomas AITKEN, b. Scotland & Marion LOGAN, married Louisa Alice Eugene HAMILTON, 20, Scotland, 275 Sherbourne St. in Toronto, d/o John Kerwin HAMILTON, b. Scotland & Ada Ballentyne BORET, witn: Mrs. Emily McILVEEN of 1993 Yonge St. & Mrs. A. M. MacKENZIE of 7 Glebe Rd., 9 Oct 1925

2847-25 Harold AKRIGG, 24, sailor, England, 33 McGill St, s/o Samuel AKRIGG (b. England) & Helen DICKINSON, married Iva Lillian EMBERLEY, 25, USA, 33 McGill St, d/o Emanuel EMBERLEY (b. Newfoundland) & Millie G. WHITE, witn: Edward P. WRATTEN & Barbara THOMSON both of 33 McGill St, 4 June 1925 at 24 Wellesley St

2851-25 Harold John ALDIS, 28, salesman, England, 148 Bellwoods Ave, s/o Frederick Charles ALDIS (b. England) & Frances KENDRICK, married Mary Margaret GRIFFIN, 30, Ontario, 76 First Ave, d/o John GRIFFIN (b. Ontario) & Harriett LAVIOLETTE, witn: Charles Bertram GIBSON of 2216 Queen St East & J. HAYES of 45 Winchester St, 20 June 1925 at St Simons

5279-25 Frederick ALDRED, 24, piano hammer maker, England, 530 Main St., s/o Robert Henry ALDRED, b. England & Rosamond STONES, married Reta May HARRIS, 21, Toronto, 843 Sammon Ave in York twp., d/o Creswick Augustus HARRIS, b. England & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: William ALDRED of 530 Main St. Toronto & Isabell MATTHEWS of 388 Coxwell Ave Toronto, 10 Oct 1925

6260-25 Charles Raymond ALEXANDER, 34, carpenter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Samuel ALEXANDER, b. Ont & Elizabeth CARSON, married Eva Bell EMERY, 30, Ontario, 222 Westmoreland Ave in Toronto, d/o Milton EMERY, b. Ont & Margaret Ellen MUNRO, witn: E.D. EMERY & Edith COCHRANE, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1925

6264-25 John ALLAN, 27, fitter, Darlington Durham England, 44 Heintzman Ave., s/o John ALLAN & Mary Ellen ALLAN, married Margaret Adeline STEWART, 22, domestic, London England, 503 Jane St., d/o William STEWART & Margaret MURRAY, witn: Joseph Lyal NICHOL of 16 Birch Ave & Mary A. BANFIELD of 71 Castleton Ave., 19 Dec 1925

6262-25 Robert ALLAN, 45, farmer, Hay twp., Tuckersmith twp., s/o Robert ALLAN, b. Scotland & Annie DRYSDALE, married Ann Isabella PETRIE, 38, teacher, McKillop twp., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o James PETRIE & Janet MUSTARD, witn: J. Andrew PETRIE of Brucefield & Violet PETRIE of Sault Ste. Marie, 30 Dec 1925

2862-25 John ALLAN, 21, civil servant, Elgin Scotland, 1297 Dundas St West, s/o James Alexander ALLAN & Elsie Jane MITCHELL, married Bessie Todd BEVERIDGE, 24, Arbroath Scotland, 14 Hiawatha Rd, d/o Joseph Todd BEVERIDGE & Margaret GILLON, witn: Rachel BEVERIDGE of 14 Hiawatha Rd & George John BLACK of 83 Hiltz Ave, 6 June 1925

6256-25 Cecil Charles ALLCOCK, 26, butcher, England, 103 Empress Cres., s/o James ALLCOCK b. England & Emily COOPER, married Ethel Marguerite HODGSON, 23, Ontario, 103 Empress Cres., d/o Edward B. HODGSON, b. England & Eliza Jane BUCK, witn: E. HODGSON & J.A. BUCK, both of 103 Empress Cres., 28 Dec 1925 at 390 Perth Ave

5284-25 Edwin Boswell ALLEN, 21, salesman, USA, 8 Butternut Ave., s/o E.W. ALLEN, b. USA & Mary A. WILLIAMS, married Jessie Muriel PHINNEMORE, 22, Toronto, 104 Oakwood Ave., d/o James PHINNEMORE, b. England & Mary Eleanor PEACOCK, witn: Barkley HULSE of 8 Buternut & Eileen Ruth LUTTON of 316 Shaw St., 14 Oct 1925

5278-25 Cyril ALLINSON, 27, waiter, England, 25 Furniss Ave., s/o Frederick ALLINSON, b. England & Maud THOMPSON, married Andrewina SCOBIE, 30, compositor, Scotland, 35 Edwin Ave., d/o Andrew SCOBIE, b. Scotland & Jessie TAYLOR, witn: C. Maude REID of 314 Indian RD & G. BURNS of 312 Indian Rd., 2 Oct 1925

2863-25 Basil Thompson ALLINSON, 23, electro-typer, England, 25 Furness Ave, s/o Frederick ALLINSON & Maud THOMPSON, married Evelyn BRUCE, 18, dressmaker, Scotland, La Plaza Apts Toronto, d/o James S. BRUCE & Jemima Hendly SIMPSON, witn: Cyril ALLINSON of Lambton Mills & Eva PARKER of 10 Willow Ave, 1 June 1925

2842-25 John Richard ALLISON, 26, dentist, USA, Thornhill, s/o P.J. ALLISON (b. Ontario) & Elsie OUGH, married Ruth Catherine DUNLOP, 23, private secretary, Quebec, 79 Glencarin Ave, d/o W.R. DUNLOP (b. Ireland) & Beatrice Catherine WILSON, witn: Samuel James ALLISON of 57 Griswald Ave & W.R. DUNLOP of 79 Glencairn Ave, 12 June 1925

2855-25 Max AMBROSE, 26, merchant, Austria, 446 Simcoe St Oshawa Ontario Co, s/o Samuel AMBROSE (b. Austria) & Esther PAPERNICK, married Hannah ENGEL, 22, clerk, Toronto, 44 Bond [St] East Oshawa, d/o Chaim ENGEL (b. Austria) & Yetta PAPERNICK, witn: Paul EDELL of 69 Major St & Salomon EISENBERG of 245 McCaul St, 4 June 1925 Jewish

5232-25 Albert Edward ANDERSON, 17, grocery clerk, Toronto, 9 Pape Ave., s/o Albert Edward ANDERSON, b. Ireland & Nora RUSSELL, married Irene Margaret LACOMBE, 16, Ontario, 3 Kerr Rd., d/o George LACOMBE, b. Ont & Emily WIGGINS, witn: Kathaleen CHRISTIE of 1 Bain Ave & Eleanor WILSON of 6 Bain Ave., 12 Oct 1925

5274-25 James Stuart ANDERSON, 37 (b. 30 June 1888), groom, Jamestown - Barhill Dunbartonshire Scotland, 137 Virginia Ave., s/o James S. ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Mary Jane FEE, married Mary McEACHERN, 26, Scotland, 30 Fairview Blvd., d/o Colin McEACHERN, b. Scotland & Mary CAMPBELL (married 18 March 1886 at Gavan), witn: Bertha M. MORDEN & Elizabeth ANDERSON, both of Toronto, 31 Oct 1925

5275-25 James MacPherson ANDERSON, 38, engineer, Scotland, 103 Ann St., s/o James ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Margaret McPHERSON, married Catherine McDonald BELL, 32, domestic, Scotland, 207 Balmoral Ave., d/o Robert BELL, b. Scotland & Catherine HENDERSON, witn: Bertha M. MORDEN & Marion A. LAIDLAW, both of Toronto, 14 Oct 1925

5277-25 Adam Alexander ANDERSON, 20, mechanic, Scotland, 1165 Broadview Ave., s/o Alex ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Betsy PERRY, married d Emily BRIGGS, 22, domestic, Ireland, 32 North Sherbourne St., d/o Joseph BRIGGS, b. Ireland & Jane WINTER, witn: Louise PICKFORD of 782 Logan Ave & Lily GREGORY of 160 Hampton Ave., Oct 1925

5270-25 Thomas James ANDERSON, 29, carpenter, Ireland, 845 Gladstone Ave., s/o Joseph ANDERSON, b. Ireland & Caroline RINGLAND, married Lizzie McROBERTS, 24, Ireland, 845 Gladstone Ave., d/o John McROBERTS, b. Ireland & Elizabeth DALZIEL, witn: John Wright HAMILTON of Detroit & Mrs. J. LEITCH of 845 Gladstone, 28 Oct 1925

2853-25 Matthew ANDREW, 25, electrician B.T. Co, Scotland, 212 Riverdale Ave, s/o John ANDREW (b. Scotland) & Barbara DONALDSON, married Hazel Victoria LIBERTY, 26, Ontario, 230 Davenport Rd, d/o Robert LIBERTY (b. Ontario) & Helen KEATING, witn: Alice WATERS of 189 Bolton Ave & W.P. MORRISS of Logan Ave, 27 June 1925

6259-25 Albert Christopher ANDREWS, 34, hair dresser, England, 153 Robert St., s/o "he did not know", married Sarah Annie May BROWN, 31, Ontario, 153 Robert St., d/o Hugh R. BROWN, b. Ont & Sarah Sennie? OSBORNE, witn: Herbert & Della BROWN of 153 Robert St., 14 Dec 1925

5280-25 Henry ANDREWS, 24, laborer, Ontario, 455 Lauder Ave in York twp., s/o Thomas ANDREWS, b. England & Mary Jane MAXWELL, married Janet Williamson CROWN, 21, Scotland, 118 Millicent St. in Toronto, d/o Thomas BROWN, b. Scotland & Catherine REID, witn: Mrs. Violet SANDERS of Dufferin St. & Wilfrid SANDERS of Fairbanks, 3 Oct 1925 at 90 Auburn

6266-25 George ANGELOFF, 35, electrician, Bulgaria, 18 Wilkins Ave., s/o Angel GEORGIEFF & Sevda NAUMAVA, married Ruska PARCHINOVA, 22, Bulgaria, 18 Wilkins, d/o Simeon PARCHINOFF & Evanka ELIEVA, witn: Pando GUGCHEFF of 402 King St. & B?, STEEFS of 463 King St. East, 20 Dec 1925 at Mac. Bolg. Church

6265-25 Frank John ANGUS, 34, laborer, England, 63 Coxwell Ave., s/o John ANGUS & Julia HIGGINS, married Edith Jane LAYCOCK, 37, domestic, England, Dentonia Park - Toronto environs, d/o John Edward LAYCOCK & Mary Jane JOHNSON, witn: Albert HARLAND of 30 Hiawatha Rd & Daisy CALLICK of Dentonia Park, 17 Dec 1925

5288-25 Trofem ANTONUK, 35, laborer, Russia, 512 Adelaide St., s/o Martin ANTONUK & Maria KLECHUK, married Sarafena MAYBRODA, 21, restaurant work, Austria, 124 Portland St., d/o Evan MAYBRODA & Fekla KAVALCHUK, witn: Alex GLEDENSKY & George KOSOBYRSIG?, both of 104 Portland, 10 Oct 1925

2845-25 Llewellyn John APPLEGATH, 23, clerk, Toronto, 20 Elm Ave, s/o Albert Walter APPLEGATH (b. Ontario) & Martha BUCHANAN, married Phyllis Marion WHITE, 19, Toronto, 47 Jackman Ave, d/o John Percival WHITE (b. Ontario) & Violet OLIPHANT, witn: Albert Walter APPLEGATH of 20 Elm Ave & Muriel WHITE of Toronto, 3 June 1925

2848-25 Frank Ernest ARMITAGE, 32, candy manufacturer, Ontario, 124 Clinton St, s/o Josiah ARMITAGE (b. Ontario) & Linnie SECORD, married Lenora Marguerite SHEPPARD, 17, Toronto, 124 Clinton St, d/o Joseph SHEPHERD (sic) (b. Ontario) & Florence WIGGINS, witn: Florence WEINBERGER & William WEINBERGER both of Toronto, 17 June 1925

2843-25 John Sidney ARMSTRONG, 34, widower, garage owner, Ontario, Port Hope RR#1, s/o John ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Harriett CROZIER, married Clara REYNOLDS, 48, operator B.T.Co, Ontario, Bethany, d/o Charles REYNOLDS (b. Ontario) & Katherine JOHNSTON, witn: Rev Dr.D. G. McQUEEN & Mrs Catherine McQUEEN both of The Manse 9906-100 St Edmonton Alberta, 15 June 1925

2844-25 Harold John ARMSTRONG, 29, manufacturer, Toronto, 18 Dalton Rd, s/o John Jackson ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Sophia E. KIRKPATRICK, married Reta Lorraine SANDERSON, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 28 Albany Ave, d/o John Thomas SANDERSON (b. Ontario) & Mary McCARTHY, witn: Elizabeth A. POWELL & A. Evangeline POWELL both of 105 Bernard Ave, 20 June 1925 at 105 Bernard Ave

2846-25 Fraser Samuel ARMSTRONG, 26, locomotive fireman, Ontario, 937 Ossington Ave, s/o Samuel ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Annie McCAULEY, married Irene Stella Eudora INGLEDEW, 19, dress operator, England, 3138A Dundas St West, d/o Frederick Johnston INGLEDEW (b. England) & Nellie GATES, witn: Marie DENTON & John DENTON both of 3138A Dundas St West, 2 June 1925

2850-25 William Thomas ARMSTRONG, 27, school teacher, Wawanosh twp, Almonte, s/o McGregor ARMSTRONG (b. Wawanosh twp - Huron Co) & Sarah Jane ALEXANDER, married Nora Eileen GRACEY, 26, nurse, Wingham - Huron Co, Toronto, d/o Samuel GRACEY (b. Tilbury Essex Co) & Catherine BUIE, witn: Kenneth A. CHRISTIE of Burwash Hall & Elizabeth M. ROQUE of 557 Jarvis St, 23 June 1925 at Knox College Chapel

5276-25 William John ARMSTRONG, 33, TTC motorman, Ireland, 33 Howard Park Ave., s/o Apertus ARMSTRONG, b. Ireland & Jane BARNEY, married Jane Hannah HOWSON, 30 (b. 22 Feb 1895), Scarborough Yorkshire England, Newmarket, d/o unknown (both parents died when she was an infant), witn: Margaret RAMAGE? of 357 Lansdowne Ave & A.J. MacEACHERN of 351 Lansdowne Ave., 30 Oct 1925

5289-25 Leonard ASHFORTH, 28, bank clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William ASHFORTH & Mary HULL, married Bertha Emily THOMSON, 27, Toronto, same, d/o James B. THOMSON & Augusta J. GOLDTHORP, witn: Harold E. ASHFORTH & Mossie GILLHAM, 31 Oct 1925

2849-25 John Nelson ASSELSTINE, 66, widower, labourer, Ontario, 179 River St, s/o Edward ASSELSTINE (b. Ontario) & Louisa WINDOVER, married Elizabeth Mary KNAPP, 63, widow, England, 29 Oak St, d/o Isaac GIBBS (b. England) & Amelia COX, witn: Cecelia A. BARSTON & Percy BARSTON both of 29 Oak St, 11 June 1925

6263-25 Arthur Edward ATKINSON, 26, fireman with TFD, Toronto, 1072 Bloor St. West, s/o Henry ATKINSON, b. Ont & Rebecca RICHARDSON, married Bertha Eleanor DUNLOP, 17, Toronto, 311 Euclid Ave., d/o Joseph DUNLOP, b. Ont & Elizabeth CAHILL, witn: Thomas CAHILL & Dorothy HODKINS, both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1925

5271-25 Wilfrid ATKINSON, 24, barber, Ontario, 487 Concord Ave., s/o William John ATKINSON, b. Ont & Alberta PADLEY (Radley?), married Vina Rose CATTLEY, 22, Ontario, 24 Monteith St., d/o William CATTLEY, b. England & Selina Isabel KENNEDY, witn: Edward & Mrs. Lillian WHALEN of 5772 Church St., 5 Oct. 1925 at St. Peters Church

5237-25 George Elliott AUSTIN, 21, lithographer, Toronto, 44 Carlaw Ave, s/o Henry AUSTIN, b. England & Lucy? WATSON, married Annie McGUIGAN, 22, Ireland, 105 Carlaw Ave., d/o John McGUIGAN, b. Ireland & Margaret SCOTT, witn: Walter AUSTIN of 44 Carlaw Ave & Sarah McGUIGAN of 105 Carlaw Ave., 23 Oct 1925

6261-25 Cecil AUSTIN, 38, farmer, England, Springbrook - Rawdon twp., s/o Harry AUSTIN, b. England & Mary SIMPSON, married Margaret COLLINS, 30 (b. 28 Sept 1895), Wolverhampton near Liverpool England, Springbrook, d/o John COLLINS, b. England & Margaret Ellen PROCTOR (Prosler?), witn: Frederick BAYNES of 2965 Dundas St. & Martha BURGESS of 833 Western Ave, both Toronto, 29 Dec 1925 [re bride: "... in the family bible that is in the possession of my eldest sister in England"]

2856-25 Murray Philip AUSTIN, 26, clerk, Lynn Valley, Windsor Essex Co, s/o Nelson AUSTIN (b. Ontario) & Josephine Edith WATTERSON, married Sarah Mildred GREEN, 23, stenographer, New Liskeard, Toronto, d/o George John GREEN (b. London England) & Mahala MOYNIHAN, witn: Hugh AUSTIN & Lenore AUSTIN both of Tillsonburg, 20 June 1925 at Carlton St United Church

2857-25 Clifford AUSTIN, 20, clerk, Haliburton, same, s/o Walter AUSTIN & Edith POTTS, married Isabella Marie BERTRAM, 20, operator, Toronto, Haliburton, d/o John BERTRAM & Mina CORNISH, witn: Nell GROOM of 20 Pauline St & Hilda BERTRAM of Toronto, 30 June 1925

6257-25 Nerses AVAKIAN, 24, laborer, Armenia, 2800 Queen St. West, s/o blank AVAKIAN b. Armenia & Normy MAKIAN, married Aghave DEECKERAN, 19, Armenia, 2800 Queen St. West, d/o Deechar KARYIAN, b. Armenia & Suntch SERKIAN, witn: K. Kor ANDONIAN of 2800 Queen & Helen ANDREWS of 267 Danforth, 11 Dec 1925

2861-25 Harold John AWDE, 25, druggist, Orono, Toronto, s/o Charles F. AWDE & Susannah D. HOOPER, married Kathleen Isobel McNEILLEY, 24, Warkworth Ontario, Toronto, d/o Francis H. McNEILLEY & Emma E. KELLY, witn: Cecil CARSCADDEN & Anna CARSCADDEN both of Toronto, 27 June 1925

5283-25 Abraham AXLER, 26, shoe merchant, Poland, 105 Maria St., s/o Solomon AXLER, b. Poland & Lina Golda MYZELA, married Augusta Gertrude LUBINSKY, 22, USA, 248 Simcoe St., d/o Joseph LUBINSKY, b. Poland & Dora COHEN, witn: N? PARNER of 24 Prospect St. & [illegible signature] of 83 Gore Vale Ave., 16 Oct 1925

2854-25 William John AXTEN, 24, boot & shoe worker, Toronto, 65 Earlsdale Ave, s/o William [AXTEN] (b. England) & Margaret ALLEN, married Marion Gwendolyn WOODBURN, 20, saleslady, Toronto, 71 Earlsdale Ave, d/o Jacob [WOODBURN] (b. Ontario) & Thomasine HARDY, witn: Theodore WOODBURN of 71 Earlsdale Ave & Mark N. WOODWARD of 65 Earlsdale Ave, 3 June 1925 at 71 Earlsdale Ave

2858-25 Charles Harold AYRES, 31, commercial artist, Toronto, 186 Sunnyside Ave, s/o James AYRES (b. Ontario) & Rose SEARS, married Mabel Elizabeth FOLEY, 27, commercial artist, Ontario, 198 Westminster Ave, d/o Henry Richard FOLEY (b. Ontario) & Hannah Louise NUNN, witn: Charles COMFORT & Isabel TURNBULL both of Toronto, 23 June 1925

2859-25 Futhallah AZIZ, 26, merchant, Syria, London Ontario, s/o Michael AZIZ & Nellie RIZTE, married Freda CHAMANDY, 22, Syria, Toronto, d/o Habib CHAMANDY & Tangar DABOUS, witn: Carl Aldill AZIZ of London Ontario & Mrs Agnes DABOUS of 35 Hazelwood Ave, 15 June 1925 at St Barnabas (Chester)

2867-25 John Irwin BAKER, 53, widower, caterer, Ontario, 42 Amelia St, s/o George BAKER (b. Ontario) & Mary WINDROSS, married Jennie BUCHAN, 54, widow, Ontario, 146 Boon Ave, d/o Henry SHANNON (b. Ontario) & Margaret WETHERSPOON, witn: E.A. BAKER & George W. BAKER both of 835 Pape Ave, 3 June 1925

2893-25 Frederick Edward BAKER, 28, medical student, Ontario, 23 Smith St, s/o Edward BAKER (b. Ontario) & Jane AXFORD, married Grace Smith TREVARROW, 30, England, 23 Smith St, d/o John TREVARROW (b. England) & Grace SMITH, witn: P.W. NEWMAN & G.E. NEWMAN both of 1 Park Ave, 6 June 1925

2877-25 John BEATTIE, 24, milk salesman, Scotland, 360 Dupont St, s/o Robert BEATTIE (b. Scotland) & Agnes PAUL, married Elizabeth RIBCHESTER, 21, operator, England, 220 Sterling Rd, d/o John James RIBCHESTER (b. England) & Mary WILDING, witn: Jhon [John?] RIBCHESTER of 43 Eldon Ave & E. RIBCHESTER of 220 Sterling Rd, 6 June 1925

2886-25 Clifford Gooderham BEATTY, 23, bond salesman, Toronto, 121 St George St, s/o Charles William BEATTY (b. Ontario) & Lilian May GOODERHAM, married Jean Gillespie BROWN, 21, Toronto, 181 Crescent Rd, d/o T. Albert BROWN (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane BICKELL, witn: G.B. BEATTY of 109 Dunvegan Rd & Mrs Helen CHIPMAN of 190 Inglewood Dr, 2 June 1925 at Sherbourne Street Methodist Church

2895-25 John Martin BEATTY, 33, telephone inspector, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o David BEATTY (b. Ontario) & Margaret NEWTON, married Edna Viola BRUCE, 25, ticket operator, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o Thomas BRUCE (b. Ontario) & Annie STRONG, witn: Joseph PUSLEY of 330 Montreal St & Anna BRUCE of 165 Sixth St New Toronto, 11 June 1925

2866-25 Bernard John BELTON, 29, carpenter, England, 1702 South Grand Ave Los Angeles California, s/o Joseph BELTON (b. England) & Emma ROE, married Maud Elizabeth THOMAS, 27, South Wales, 87 Gore Vale Ave, d/o John THOMAS (b. Wales) & Emma NICKLIN, witn: John KENT & Winnie THOMAS both of Toronto, 3 June 1925

2873-25 Oliver Selby BLACK, 24, salesman, England, 27 Iona Ave, s/o Joseph BLACK (b. England) & Margaret OLIVER, married Georgina LEE, 19, waitress, England, 27 Iona Ave, d/o George LEE (b. England) & Dora TEASDALE, witn: Charles J. WHEELER of 25 Strathmore Blvd & E. Stuart FRY of 1125 Woodbine Ave, 6 June 1925

2897-25 Cecil Alexander BLACK, 21, carpet weaver, Toronto, 292 Dufferin St, s/o Samuel BLACK (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth PENDREL, married Ivy May ELLIOTT, 22, stenographer, England, 589 St Clarens Ave, d/o Edward Albert ELLIOTT (b. England) & Maria WILSON, witn: Violet SMITH & Albert SMITH both of 3 Lakeview Ave, 23 June 1925 at 390 Perth Ave - divorced 11 Aug 1932

2874-25 George Ernest BLAND, 35, baker, England, 27 Oak St, s/o John BLAND (b. England) & Kate SIMPSON, married Louise WINTER, 40, Toronto, 12 Metcalfe St, s/o William WINTER (b. Ireland) & Jane RENNIE, witn: Robert Wilkes WINTER of 260 Logan Ave & Emily BUSTEED of 12 Metcalfe St, 6 June 1925

2876-25 George Henery BLYTH, 21, tile setter, England, 28 Bleecker St, s/o John BLYTH (b. Scotland) & Bessie GREENWOOD, married Laura May BONGARD, 22, saleslady, Ontario, 28 Bleecker St, d/o F. BONGARD (b. Ontario) & L. EMERY, witn: John MARRS & Gladys MARRS both of 28 Bleecker St, 6 June 1925

2894-25 Kenneth Herbert BROWN, 26yr 7mo, basket maker, Oakville, same, s/o Joseph BROWN (b. England) & Elizabeth RIBBLE, married Isabella PORTER, 18yr 5mo, basket maker, Banff Scotland, Oakville, d/o David Porter (b. Scotland) & Marjorie MUNROE, witn: Robert H. MEGSON & Mary PORTER both of Oakville, 12 June 1925

2879-25 Moses BROWN, 23, dealer, Austria, Wingham Huron Co, s/o Harry BROWN (b. Austria) & Anna BROWN, married Ethel CALLER, 24, hand embroiderer, Austria, 225 Markham St, d/o Samuel CALLER (b. Austria) & Sheindel SPRECHMAN, witn: Jacob SPRECHMAN of 261 Boon Ave & William SOBEL of 246 Simcoe [St], 9 June 1925 (Hebrew)

2880-25 Earl BROWN, 32, storage & brokerage, USA, 132 Balsam Ave, s/o Charles BROWN (b. USA) & Dean WHITE, married Ida Eva ARNOLD, 39, Ontario, 81 Duncan Rd Forest Hill, d/o Bridgewalis W. ARNOLD (b. Ontario) & Sarah C, SLOANE, witn: H.E. IRWIN of 332 Palmerston Blvd & R.H. ARNOLD of 117 Medland St, 3 June 1925 at Knox Church

2888-25 Meredith James BROWN, 30, carpenter, Ontario, Bowmanville, s/o James Henry BROWN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GREER, married Mabel Luella BURK, 29, stenographer, Ontario, 64 Wellesley St, d/o William George BURK (b. Ontario) & Esther BEAMISH, witn: Miss L. BURKITT of 64 Wellesley St & Mrs C.W. BISHOP of 115 Wellesley St, 6 June 1925 at 115 Wellesley St

2883-25 Thomas BURNS, 24, baker, Ireland, 34 Riverdale Ave, s/o Thomas BURNS (b. Ireland) & Ellen COOKE, married Elizabeth BLEVINGS, 21, waitress, Ireland, 423 Jarvis St, d/o John BLEVINGS (b. Ireland) & Eliza Jane WEBB, witn: Ellen BURNS & William MOOREHEAD both of 664 Gerrard St, 6 June 1925 at Cookes Church

2875-25 Gordon Albert BURNS, 24, electrician, Ontario, 28 Atkin Ave, s/o Robert BURNS (b. Ireland) & Jennie BEATTY, married Ivaleen Gladys ROSS, 22, Ireland, 136 Booth Ave, d/o James ROSS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth KENNEDY, witn: Gerald BURNS of 28 Atkin Ave & Florence HAGEN of 40 Eighth Ave, 3 June 1925

2983-25 Edward Stanford CALL, 43, sign painter, Armagh Ireland, Toronto, s/o Stillman John CALL, b. Armagh Ireland & Louisa SAMPSON, married Ethel Mary BURDEN, 37, nurse, Shrewsbury England, Muskoka twp., d/o Robert BURDEN, b. Chipping Norton Oxfordshire England, & Clara JONES, witn: Margaret Alice WOODWARD of Gravenhurst & Eugene McGILL of 6 Trinity Sq in Toronto, 20 June 1925 at Church of the Holy Trinity

5367-25 William Frederick CALVERT, 29, CNR trainman, Ontario, 31 Henry St. in Barrie, s/o John Frederick CALVERT, b. Ont & Mary Jane DYER, married Evelyn Mary Maud HAZEL, 30, embroiderer, England, 357 Osler Ave., d/o Henry HAZEL, b. England & Annie BELCHER, witn: Dr. B. SMITH of 16 Nairn Ave & Edna HILL of 357 Osler Ave., 1 Oct 1925

5371-25 Joseph Edward CAMPBELL, 20, truck driver, Ontario, 33 Barrington Ave., s/o John CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Nellie RODGERSON, married Charlotte Annie WILLIAMS, 19, milliner, Ontario, 7 Northern Place, d/o James WILLIAMS, b. Ont & Clara JONES, witn: J. LAMB of 7 Northern Place & J. BERRY of Stanley Barracks, 14 Oct 1925

2984-25 Alfred Thomas CANDY, 36, divorced, marble worker, England, 498 Lansdowne Ave, s/o Alfred Charles CANDY, b. Australia & Emma STEVENS, married Maggie Morrison DURRANT, 23, Toronto, 772 Windermere Ave., d/o Harry DURRANT, b. England & Elizabeth MOWAT, witn: Susan? BINGER of 2 Wood St & William DURRANT of 772 Windermere Ave., 19 June 1925 at 13 Thornhill Ave

5343-25 James Harold CAREY, 33, accountant, Toronto, Peterborough, s/o J. W. CAREY & Marion MacDONALD, married Clara Eleanor TYLER, 22, stenographer, Lambton Co Ont., 41 Craig Ave in Toronto, d/o John H. TYLER & Sarah FARMER, witn: Joseph W. BATTEN of Peterborough & Eva WAUGH of Toronto, 5 Oct 1925

5366-25 Kenneth Everton CARNAHAN, 26 (b. 21 Oct 1898), Flushing NY 788 Euclid Ave., s/o John Wesley CARNAHAN, b. Ont & Clara BURNUP b. Canada, married Annie Jane TIZZARD, 21, Newfoundland, 788 Euclid Ave., d/o Zehariah TIZZARD, b. Nfld & Martha YOUNG, witn: Herbert B. CARNAHAN of 788 Euclid Ave & Stella JONES of 82 Salem Ave., 7 Oct 1925

5364-25 James John Gordon CARNIE, 26, druggist, Scotland, Pembroke Apts - Pembroke St. in Toronto, s/o James CARNIE, b. Scotland & Margaret DONALD, married Minnie Rosina LLOYD, 30, switchboard operator, England, 181 Woodbine Ave., d/o James LLOYD, b. England & Agnes WRIGHT, witn: Thomas CARNIE of 87 Auldwych Ave & Edith May PHILLIPS of 181 Woodbine Ave., 20 Oct 1925 at St. Johns Norway

2969-25 Charles Ernest CARPENTER, 27, commercial traveller, Ontario, 1499 King St. West, s/o Ernest CARPENTER, b. England & Mary Jane DOWELL, married Ethel Isabel KIMBERLEY, 25, cashier, Ontario, 94 Jones Ave, d/o William KIMBERLEY, b. Ont & Eliza Ellen LEWIS, witn: Clifford Dawell CARPENTER of 1499 King St. West & Edith WESTOVER of 38 Gratton St., 24 June 1925

5345-25 William James CARSON, 37, laborer, Ireland, 34 Geneva Ave., s/o John CARSON, b. Ireland & Margaret Jane KNOX, married Annie ROBINSON, 31, enameller, Ireland, 45 Hiawatha Rd., d/o Alexander ROBINSON, b. Ireland & Nancy WATT, witn: Ellen ROBINSON of 45 Hiawatha & Samuel RAINEY, 7 Oct 1925

5360-25 Egerton Ryerson CASE, 49, patent solicitor, Ontario, 82 Balsam Ave., s/o Leon CASE, b. Ont & Annie DRURY, married Gwendolin Margaret Bastedo STAFFORD, 26, Toronto, 246 Jarvis St., d/o Ezra Hurlburt STAFFORD, b. Ont & Ella WITHROW, witn: J.P. McRAE & Ethel LINTON, both of Toronto, 17 Oct 1925

2954-25 John Joseph CAWTHRA, 45, gentleman, Ontario, 5 Elm Ave., s/o Joseph CAWTHRA, b. Ont & Charlotte Elizabeth BENTLEY, married Helen Hammond HALL, 22, Ontario, 109 Warren Rd., d/o Thomas H. HALL, b. Ont & Clarabel WEBB, witn: W.R. WEST & Isabel V. CAWTHRA, both of Toronto, 10 June 1925

5355-25 Oswald John CHADWICK, 35, mechanic, England, 73 Gwynne Ave., s/o James CHADWICK, b. England & Jessie POSTAING, married Annie Burns McNAIR, 25 (b. 13 April 1900), Lorne Terrace - Glasgow Scotland, 177 Gladstone Ave., d/o James McNAIR, b. Scotland & Elizabeth BURNS (married 29 Dec 1881 at Goran), witn: William H. WADE of 364 Dovercourt Rd & Mrs. Margaret WALKER of Beamsville, 17 Oct 1925

3002-25 Charles Harry CHAPMAN, 37, pressman, Indiana, Toronto, s/o Thomas CHAPMAN & Jane SMALL, married Violet May REYNOLDS, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Gwenn REYNOLDS & Elizabeth Evelin LEE, witn: A.J. LAVER & E. MENENDEZ, both of Toronto, 30 June 1925 3004-25 William Edward CHRISTIAN, 28, laborer, Toronto, Forest, s/o William CHRISTIAN & Sarah STACEY, married Florence Emily BENTLEY, 31, maid, England, Toronto, d/o Robert ANDREWS (sic) & Emily FEDDER (Tedder?), witn: Charles WOOD of 62 Alton Ave & Edith KEENAN of Wellesley Hospital, 27 June 1925 at St. Barnabas
2972-25 John CLEMENTS, 37, clerk, Toronto, 121 Doel Ave., s/o John CLEMENTS, b. Ireland & Lena STEPHENSON, married Minnie Elizabeth CLARK, 37, stenographer, Ontario, 378 Logan Ave in Toronto, d/o David CLARK, b. Scotland & Matilda LOUGH, witn: Helen CLARK of 278 Logan Ave & Mrs. W. Hardy ANDREWS of 561 Broadview Ave., 27 June 1925 2988-25 Charles Benjamin CLIFF, 27, shipper, England, 9206 Storpel? Ave in Detroit, s/o Thomas CLIFF, b. England & Elizabeth DREW, married Dorothy COCK, 23, B.T.Co operator, England, 1032 Shaw St. in Toronto, d/o Josiah COCK, b. England & Janie VIVIEN, witn: W. BENNETT & C. COCK, both of Toronto, 27 June 1925 at Bathurst Street United Church

5365-25 William Bryan CLIFTON, 62, widower, manager, England, 663 Ossington Ave., s/o Thomas Ingman CLIFTON, b. England & Letitia Ann DEFRIEZ, married Margaret RICHARDSON, 45, Scotland, 22 Taunton Rd, d/o David RICHARDSON, b. Scotland & Isabella WOOD, witn: Ruth W. RICHARDSON of 22 Taunton Rd & Edith EWING of 7 Spadina Rd., 20 Oct 1925

5349-25 Frederick CLINKENBOOMER, 31, farmer, widower, Toronto, Markham twp., s/o Thomas CLINKENBOOMER, b. Toronto & Fanny WRIGHT, married Margaret J. TIMSON, 17, Minnesota US, Markham twp., d/o Thomas TIMSON, b. England & Margaret NORRIS, witn: Mary HAIGH of Toronto & Horace TIMSON of Richmond Hill, 10 Oct 1925

5342-25 Roy Linden COATES, 33, farmer, North Dakota, Holt, s/o Joseph COATES, b. Whitchurch twp & Charlotte McLAUGHLIN, married May Lillian GULSTON, 26, teacher, Lefroy, Toronto, d/o Alfred GULSTON, b. Ireland & Mary McBRATNEY, witn: Harry F. GULSTON of 19 Victoria Ave & Marjorie BUCHANAN of 11 Winchester St., 31 Oct 1925

2978-25 Arthur William COCHRANE, 28, assistant funeral director, Ireland, 333 College St., s/o Arthur COCHRANE, b. Ireland & Mary Ann WELLS, married Olive Mary WORKMAN, 21, clerk, Toronto, 24 Cummings St., d/o William H. WORKMAN, b. Ont & Mary Ann WEBB, witn: James L. WEBB of 363 Woodfield Rd & Hazel A. WORKMAN of 24 Cummings St, 1 June 1925 at 24 Cummings St.

5368-25 Harvey Harris COLBY, 18, lather, Toronto, 24 Lovatt Place, s/o Fred COLBY, b Ont & Matilda HUFF, married Evelyn Viola LINTON, 16, packer, Ontario, 71 Ontario St., d/o Brian LINTON, b. Ont & Alice TITUS, witn: J. McKEOWN of 2 Milan & G.E. COLBY of 24 Lovatt Place, 232 Oct 1925

5348-25 William Robert COLLETT, 41, waiter, England 72 Scollard St., s/o John COLLETT, b. England & Thurza WILLIAMS, married Margaret COWAN, 34, pantry maid, Scotland, 72 Scollard St., d/o David COWAN, b. Scotland & Agnes YOUNG, witn: Eugene & Louisa McGILL of 6 Trinity Square, 13 Oct 1925 at Church of the Holy Trinity

5359-25 Cyril Albert COLLINS, 27, barber, Toronto, 792 Markham St., s/o William W. COLLINS, b. Ont & Jessie ROBERTS, married Martha Elizabeth CLAPHAM, 25, Ontario, 34 Benson Ave., d/o John CLAPHAM, b. England & Janet BERNARD, witn: W. Ralph ROBERTS of 1059 Bathurst St. & Mae R. HUNT of Richmond Hill, 20 Oct 1925

5369-25 Alexander COOCHER, 31, porter, Russia, 50 Vanauley St., s/o Willie COOCHER, b. Russia & Dora NAZIRO, married Vera DAUCHNIAKOVA, 23, Ukraine, 2 Andrew Ave., d/o Leopold DAUCHNIAKOVA, b. Ukraine & Mary SOMALINKA, witn: Mike TICHINSKY of 11 Soho St. & Nina VLASSOFF of 197 Palmerston Ave., 18 Oct 1925

2962-25 Claude Justice COON, 38, baker, Elgin Ont., Colborne, s/o Sherman COON, b. Elgin Ont & Lillian NOTT, married Josephine Will TULLY, 34, Peterborough Ont., Toronto, d/o Joseph TULLY, b. Peterborough Ont & Mary Euphemia BAPTIE, witn: Herbert WILEY of 271 Armadale Ave & Muriel G. BAPTIE of 455 Armadale Ave., 9 June 1925 at 455 Armadale Ave 2975-25 John Black COOPER, 26, engineer, Scotland, 2905 Clements Ave, s/o John COOPER, b. Scotland & Jean BLACK, married Annie Drummond McGREGOR, 22, photographer, Scotland, 683 Markham St., d/o William McGREGOR, b. Scotland & Ellen Scott THOMSON, witn: Elizabeth B. McGREGOR of Toronto & Walter Lyon STUART of Detroit, 25 June 1925

5352-25 Norman Hall COPELAND, 23, steam fitter & plumber, Ontario, 1406 Woodbridge St. in Jackson Mich., s/o A. COPELAND 9b. Ont & Minnie ANTHONY, married Jean BERKHOUT, 23, hair dresser, Holland, 10 Boustead Ave in Toronto, d/o James BERKHOUT, b. Holland & Jacoba VAN STOKROW, witn: Albert LEROY of 51 Parkway Ave in Toronto & Betsy BERKHOUT of 10 Boustead, 9 Oct 1925

5372-25 Harry Evan CORMAN, 27, chemist, Ontario, 100 Douglas Ave., s/o Isaac CORMAN, b. Ont & Eliza J. ANDREWS, married Marguerite Lauretta QUIBELL, 27, supervisor B.T.Co, Ontario, 225 Bathurst St., d/o William J. QUIBELL, b. Ont & Elizabeth J. ALEXANDER, witn: Malion? CHADWICK of 6 Castle Frank & Abram CORMAN of Caledonia Ont., 27 Oct 1925

5361-25 John Harold CORNER, 32, widower, accountant, Toronto, 43 Glenlake Ave., s/o Charles James CORNER, b. Ont & Mary Jane GRAHAM, married Ethel Adelaide ROBINSON, 28, music teacher, Ontario, 54 Bedford Park Ave., d/o Alexander Patrick ROBINSON, b. Ont & Matilda BROWNLOW, witn: Adelaide BROWNLOW & Mary ELPHICK, both of 54 Bedford Park Ave., 19 Oct 1925

5370-25 Michael COSENTINO, 28, commissioner, Ontario, 556 College St., s/o Ignatius, b. Italy & Mary (nee Cosentino?), married Grace CAMPAGNA, 19 (b. 6 June 1906), clerk, Chicago , 830 Yonge St., d/o Vincent, b. Italy & Jana (Jennie) nee CANNAZZARO, witn: Frank COSENTINO & Mary CAMPAGNA, both of 820 Yonge St. 27 Oct 1925

3012-25 William S. COSGROVE, 25, mechanic, Uxbridge Ont., Toronto, s/o Patrick COSGROVE & Catherine CARMODY, married Dorothy Mary REINEARD, 23, Muskegon Mich., Toronto, d/o Charles REINEARD & Thelma PIERSON, witn: Thomas COSGROVE & Edna REINEARD, both of Toronto, 8 June 1925

5344-25 David Lafayette COULTER, 23, telephone installer, USA, 16 Brunswick Ave., s/o David Wesley COULTER, b. Ont & Ida May SHORT, married Marjorie Grace HOILE, 21, Ontario, 16 Bodwin Ave, d/o John HOILE, b. Ont & Gertrude Lillian SCOTT, witn: Carl SNYDER of 72 Vernon St. & Dorothy HOILE of 16 Bodwin, 3 Oct. 1925

2955-25 Harold Creighton CRANE, 26, engineer, Toronto, 50 Simpson Ave., s/o Jeremiah D. CRANE, b. Ont & Margaret CREIGHTON, married Marion Louise WILLANS, 26, Toronto, 78 Dewson St., d/o Edward WILLANS, b. England & Lillian COLLIER, witn: C.W. MAITLAND of Fisherville & Ada WILLANS of 78 Dewson St., 3 June 1925 2952-25 Edward Sawyer CREASE, 33, insurance agent, Colombia, 53 Charles St., s/o Henry Herbert CREASE, b. England & Maria Joespha MONROY, married Mariettta Isabel GOODERHAM, 28, divorced, Toronto, "Deancroft" Rosedale, d/o Col. Alf E. GOODERHAM, b. Ont & Mary R. DUNCANSON, witn: Victor M. DYAS of 53 Charles St. & Col. Alfred E. GOODERHAM of Toronto, 2 June 1925

5363-25 William Joyce CRICHTON, 44, commercial artist, England, 198 Roxton Rd., s/o Thomas MacDougall CRICHTON, b. Scotland & Annie M. BELCHAMBER, married Annie Elizabeth PRATCHETT, 43, divorced, England, 198 Roxton Rd., d/o William Robert BRANCH, b. England & Elizabeth SPENCER, witn: Constance Lilian PRATCHETT of 198 Roxton Rd & Frank JOST of West United Church, 21 Oct 1925

2967-25 David Wallace CROCKETT, 60, widower, retired, Scotland, 8 "The Aberdeen" Bain Ave., s/o James W. CROCKETT, b. Scotland & Elizabeth WALLACE, married Louise Kate KELLEY, 50, clerk, Ontario, 83 Withrow Ave., d/o Robert KELLEY, b. England & Margaret C. CLEMENS, witn: Ethel WALTERS of Niagara Falls & Vivian Wray FAIRWEATHER of 8 Aberdeen Apts., 17 June 1925 at 83 Withrow Ave

5356-25 Ernest Ellis CRONE, 20, England, 1038 Pape Ave., s/o Thomas E. CRONE, b. England & Florence Ada REID, married May WATSON, 19, envelope operator, England, Ruth Ave in Newtonbrook, d/o Harry WATSON, b. England & Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: C. BRASSMAN of Ruth Ave in Newtonbrook & Ivy WATSON of 577 Coxwell Ave., 16 Oct. 1925

5358-25 Laurence CROOKS, 24 (b. 19 Sept 1901), bread salesman, Holbeck Lancs. England, 268 Davenport Rd., s/o Leonard CROOKS, b. England & Elizabeth Annie BOX, married Bertha Elvira CLANCY, 23, operator, Nova Scotia, 268 Davenport Rd., d/o James CLANCY, b. Nova Scotia & Anny SMALL, witn: Elizabeth Annie CROOKS of 268 Davenport & Elizabeth Annie POWELL of 100 Delaware Ave., 17 Oct 1925 at 100 Delaware Ave.

5350-25 Martin CROWE, 33, soldier, England, Stanley Barracks in Toronto, s/o Michael CROWE, b. England & Jane MORAN, married Theresa CHAPPELL, 32, widow, Ireland, 725 King St. West, d/o Joseph SLONE?, b. Ireland & Mary WILLANS, witn: Walter Thomas MERCER & Josephine RYAN, both of Toronto, 5 Oct. 1925

2971-25 Louis Mark CROWE, 26, teller, Toronto, 151 Beatrice St., s/o Francis William CROWE, b. Ireland & Mary ELLIS, married Kathleen NICHOL, 24, Toronto, 84 Victoria Park Ave., d/o John F. NICHOL, b. Ont & Allison ADAMS, witn: Jessie E. & James MURDOCH of Toronto, 27 June 1925

5353-25 Fred Victor CROZIER, 28, CNR issuer, Ontario, 8 Pretoria Ave., s/o Edward CROZIER, b. Ont & Mary ROBERTS, married Hazel Victoria SALTER, 24, Toronto, 25 Cavell Ave., d/o Logie SALTER, b. Ont & Annie LYONS, witn: Thomas CROZIER of 8 Pretoria & Jean SALTER of 25 Cavell Ave., 17 Oct 1925

3000-25 Arthur George CULL, 25, chauffeur, England, 56 Stafford St., s/o Arthur CULL, b. England & Florence PERRON, married Catherine Wilson Laing RODGER, 19, Scotland, 276 Sterling Rd, d/o William RODGER, b. Scotland & Jean GRANT, witn: Elizabeth RODGER of 276 Sterling Ave & Gertrude JUDD of 19 Fenning St., 27 June 1925

5346-25 Arthur Thomas CUNNEYWORTH, 23, sales clerk, Toronto, 78 Howard Park Ave., s/o Richard CUNNEYWORTH, b. Ont & Margaret KING, married Frances Mary BROWN, 20, England, 186 Langley Ave., d/o John BROWN, b. England & Margaret GREIVES, witn: George DEAN of 201 Indian Rd & Harvey SKEG of Toronto, 8 Oct 1925

3010-25 James Dannard? CURRAN, 25, motor mechanic, Toronto, 139 Rose Ave., s/o Joseph Alfred CURRAN & Jane HAGAN, married Helen Marguerite BAKER, 19, Trenton Ont., 258 Seaton St., d/o Henry Baptiste BAKER & Mary Ann COWAN, witn: John CURRAN of 139 Rose Ave & Lorena BAKER of 258 Seaton St., 17 June 1925

3030-25 Herbert DALE, 34, guard, England, New Toronto, s/o Thomas William DALE (b. England) & Clara CROWDER, married Catherine McELLISTRUM, 38, saleslady, widow, Ontario, 180 Bloor St. East Toronto, d/o Richard McELLISTRUM (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth KERR, witn: W. J. & S. CREED both of 231 ½ Waverley Rd Toronto on June 26, 1925

3021-25 Philip DALY, 53, engineer, widower, Newcastle Co. Down Ireland, 8 ½ John St. N. Hamilton, s/o James DALY (b. Ireland) & Mary DEVLIN, married Mona Priscilla CORKILL, 43, dressmaker, Gleaston Lancashire England, 57 Maberly Ave Toronto, d/o Robert CORKILL (b. Isle of Man) & Martha GELLING, witn: C. C. BAYNES REED of 156 Kingston Road & John GREER of 290 Kingston Road both of Toronto on June 6, 1925 at St. John's Church Norway

3039-25 Alexander DARGIE, 25, plumber, Scotland, 132 Hiawatha Road Toronto, s/o William DARGIE (b. Scotland) & Annie BRUCE, married Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 34, widow, silk knitter, widow, Scotland, 132 Hiawatha Road Toronto, d/o William SOUTAR (b. Scotland) & Ann HOUGHTIRE, witn: D. W. GRAY of 57 Harbord St. & Mrs. R. AIMER of 229 Sumach St. both of Toronto on June 5, 1925

3053-25 Alexey DARYCHUK, 27, labourer, Bukovina Austria, 249 7th St N. Toronto, s/o Wasily DARYCHUK & Ekaterina KERELCHUK, married Anna BORCHEVSKA, 18, Galicia Austria, 235 7th St N. Toronto, d/o Leon BORCHEVSKY & Maria KRASY, witn: John SANCZUK of 249 7TH St. N. Toronto & Nick FURNENITSKY of Preston on June 6, 1925 at Russian Res--? of Christ Church

3051-25 Joseph Frederick DAVEY, 39, manager, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o James DAVEY & Caroline Grace EVANS, married Hazel Archer CAREY, 31, Goderich, Toronto, d/o Johnston CAREY & Isabella ARCHER, witn: Donald J. McLEOD of 67 High Park Ave & Gladys J. MARSHALL of 68 Charles St. East both of Toronto on June 11, 1925 at St. Thomas' Church

3019-25 Percy DAVEY, 36, miner, England, Timmins, s/o James DAVEY (b. England) & Emily NORMINGTON, married Mary Alexandra LINSTEAD, 23, England, 72 Lake Front Kew Beach, d/o Alfred LINSTEAD (deceased) (b. Ireland) & Minnie DWYER (deceased), witn: Irene MYERS of 24 Brookmount Road & Jane MURRAY of 51 Bond St. both of Toronto on June 4, 1925 at Metropolitan Parsonage

3041-25 William Curwen DAVIDSON, 26, tanner, England, Oakville, s/o John DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Jane BROWN, married Christine McKenzie SUTHERLAND, 21, Scotland, c/o Major Eaton Oakville, d/o Alex SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Annie McKENZIE, witn: Ellen & Allister H. DENOON both of Toronto on June 24, 1925

3050-25 John Squair DAVIDSON, 25, contractor, Scotland, 439 Mt. Pleasant Road Toronto, s/o Robert DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Mary SQUAIR, married Margaret SPENCE, 21, Scotland, 63 Woodycrest Ave Toronto, d/o William SPENCE (b. Scotland) & Mina LAING, witn: Lily SPENCE of 63 Woodycrest Ave Toronto & Joseph DAVIDSON no residence given on June 27, 1925

3036-25 Robert DAVIS, 30, draughtsman, Scotland, 211 18th Ave in Lachine Quebec, s/o Robert DAVIS (b. Ireland) & Mary GENTILES, married Christina MacKENZIE, 27, Scotland, 158 Arundel Ave Toronto, d/o Duncan MacKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Helen MacLENNAN, witn: Margaret McKENZIE (sic) of 158 Arundel Ave & James McCOLL of Detroit, on June 30, 1925

3027-25 Archibald DAVIS, 27, C.P.R. trainman, Ontario, 184 Sorauren Ave. Toronto, s/o Alexander DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Margaret McCALLUM, married Vera May ALBRIGHT, 24, saleslady, Ontario, 35 Walker Ave Toronto, d/o Ernest ALBRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Jane WHITE, witn: H. S. McLEAN of 498 W. Marion & R. R. JOHNSTONE of 35 Walker Ave, on June 17, 1925


3040-25 George Arthur DAWSON, 27, auto mechanic, England, 37 Fielding Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph DAWSON (b. England) & Martha DAVIS, married Mae Victoria JONES, 23, operator, England, 80 Victoria Park Ave Toronto, d/o Robert Edward JONES & Ellen Caroline CROSBY, witn: Jean ELDER of 303 Ashdale Toronto & W. J. DENTON of 293 Ashdale Toronto on June 15, 1925

3037-25 Dennis DAY, 24, press operator, England, 23 Golden Ave Toronto, s/o Henry William DAY (b. England) & Annie COUGHLIN, married Isabella STEWART, 21, operator BTC, Scotland, 1660 Dufferin St. Toronto, d/o John STEWART (b. Scotland) & Isabella FARQUHAR, witn: Arthur DAY of 23 Golden Ave Mt. Dennis & Mrs. B. HODGES of 1660 Dufferin in Toronto on June 20, 1925

3048-25 Percy Kipling DAY, 24, stock clerk, England, 1259 Gerrard St. East Toronto, s/o Richard Kipling (b. England) & Alice Emily, married Marjory SELFE, 28, stenographer, England, 36 Geneva Ave Toronto, d/o Tom Eagles SELFE (b. England) & Amy Ann THOMAS, witn: Robert Fraser GORDON of 36 Geneva Ave & Elizabeth Mabel SMITH of 10 Raglan Ave both of Toronto on June 27, 1925 at St. Peter's Church

3020-25 William George DEAN, 25, solicitor, Scotland, 16 Rosedale Road Toronto, s/o John Reid DEAN (b. Scotland) & Anny Surtees MOFFAT, married Phyliss Amy OSLER, 23, Ontario, 16 Rosedale Road Toronto, d/o Francis Gordon OSLER (b. Ontario) & Margaret RAMSEY, witn: Margaret & F. G. OSLER both of 16 Rosedale Road Toronto on June 3, 1925 at St. Thomas' Church

3016-25 Joseph William DEARING, 35, freight man, England, 791 Woodbine Ave. Toronto, s/o George DEARING (b. England) & Mary Ann DONALDSON, married Martha SMITH, 39, Ireland, 791 Woodbine Ave. Toronto, d/o Richard SMITH (b. Ireland) & Jane IRETON, witn: J. G. & Rhoda DEARING both of 92 BURGESS Ave Toronto on June 9, 1925

3054-25 Francis Joseph DEBIART (Debieret?) 29, translator, Belgium, Toronto, s/o Joseph Martin DEBIART & Francesca PEHURNIGH, married Catherine Angela CUSACK, 28, Ireland, Toronto, James Joseph CUSACK & Mary GILLIAN, witn: Alice Jane MUIRHEAD of 15 Russett? Ave & David CARTER of 1050 Bloor St. West, on June 9, 1925

3055-25 John William DEE, 25, optometrist, Toronto, 32 Corley Ave same, s/o John DEE & Elizabeth CANON, married Winifred Gertrude ARTHUR, 23, London England, 310 Woodbine Ave Toronto, d/o Matthew ARTHUR & Gertrude WHITEHEAD, witn: Eleanor DEE of 32 Corley Ave & G. E. WALKER of 781 Gerrard St. East both of Toronto on June 6, 1925 at St. John's Church Norway

3046-25 John DELSMA, 36, hospital orderly, Holland, 44 ½ Gerard St. East Toronto, s/o John DELSMA (b. Holland) & Elizabeth ROBBIE, married Ann Robbie EVANS, 28, widow, Scotland, 450 Bathurst St. Toronto, d/o John ROSS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth ROBBIE, witn: William & Mrs. G. MILNE of 732 Bay St. Toronto on June 6, 1925

3034-25 James Mercer DENHOLM, 45, publisher, widower, London Ont., Blenheim, s/o Andrew DENHOLM (b. Ontario) & Martha Jane McCOY, married Alexina Elizabeth SHAW, 37, widow, Toronto, same, d/o Henry Simpson RAYMORE (b. Ontario) & Sarah Charlotte McGILL, witn: Nellie E. CHAMBERS of Blenheim & Kattie C. RAYMORE of Toronto on June 23, 1925 at Howard Park Church

3047-25 James Henry DENNISTON, 56, inspector, Ireland, 225 Sherbourne St. Toronto, s/o William DENNISTON (b. Ireland) & Emily COSTELLO, married Ann Houstin COWRIE, 40, cook, Scotland, 60 Gloucester St. Toronto, d/o William COWIE (b. Scotland) & Ann HOUSTIN, witn: George STEVENSON & Evelyn HAIGH both of 60 Gloucester St. Toronto on June 27, 1925 at St. Peter's Church

3056-25 Stefan DERBA, 24, labourer, Austria, 285 6th St. N. Toronto, s/o John DERBA & Erina BOYCHUK, married Antonina DEDUCH, 19, Austria, 285 6th St N. Toronto, d/o Yan DEDUCH & Maria ULIK, witn: Georgia LEFEBRE of 115 Spadina & Bill DYERBA of 189 Spadina both of Toronto on June 21, 1925 at Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church.

3022-25 Robert Tom Cooper DEVELLY (Dwelly ?) 25, clergyman, England, 103 Bond St. East Oshawa, s/o Tom DEVELLY (b. England) & Harriet Jane GENGE, married Alice Elizabeth BURBIDGE, 33, clerk, Ontario, 124 St. Clarens Ave Toronto, d/o Robert BURBIDGE (b. England) & Annie OSBORNE, witn: F. O. BURBIDGE of 124 St. Clarens Ave & Mrs. Jennie D. G. ARDEN of 790 Dovercourt Road both of Toronto on June 9, 1925 at St. Barnabas Church Halton St.

3018-25 Charles Edward DEWAR, 28, merchant, New Brunswick, St. George New Brunswick, s/o Henry Vaughan DEWAR (b. Ontario) & Grace Carey SHERRARD, married Mary Elizabeth PATTERSON, 29, bookkeeper, Ontario, Alliston, d/o James PATTERSON (b. Ontario) & Jessie WESLIE (Wirlie?), witn: Edith M. PATTERSON of Alliston & Harold S. RUSSELL of 456 Margueretta St. Toronto on June 10, 1925

3052-25 John Howard DEYLL, 27, Imperial Oil, Louis Manitoba, Apt #4 632 Church St. Toronto, s/o James Frederick DEYLL & Edith Elvira HOWARD, married Sylvia Blakeney LYON, 24, Toronto, 13 Dunbar St Toronto, d/o George Seymour LYON & Annette Mary MARTIN, witn: Marjorie Annetta WIGLE of Windsor & Stewart Laurence MACDONALD of 3 Inglewood Drive Hamilton on June 13, 1925 at St. Simons Church

3028-25 Arthur DILLABAUGH, 29, truck driver, Ontario, 9 Edwin Ave Toronto, s/o Philip DILLABAUGH (b. Ontario) & Jean BLAIR, married Grace Victoria POULTON, 17, Toronto, 62 Oakmount Road same, d/o George Frederick POULTON (b. England) Hannah FALTNER (Falkner?), witn: Mercie A. PATTERSON of 43 Atlas Ave & Jennie PEARSON of 2 Graham Gardens both of Toronto on June 5, 1925

3025-25 Alfred William DIXON, 24, Salvation Army Officer, England, Toronto, s/o George Henry DIXON (b. Wales GB) & Eliza GODDEN, married Grace Vivian PRITCHARD, 23, Salvation Army Officer, England, Toronto, d/o William PRITCHARD (b. England) & Caroline DENNIS, witn: Albert CHURCH of Toronto & Helen McGOWAN of Tweed on June 17, 1925

3038-25 Wasyl DMYTRYSZYN, 25, labourer, Galicia, 203 Franklin Ave Toronto, s/o Gryrey DMYTRYSZYN (b. Galicia) & Nosszleri BERKNOR?, married Kseni SAFIANA, 19, Galicia, 34 Uxbridge Ave Toronto, d/o Hrynko RAFRIANE (sic) (b. Galicia) & Malornko KOSCIEU, witn: J. BASDUR & Y. RAKUK both of 203 Franklin Ave Toronto on June 13, 1925 at 180 Pacific Ave

3024-25 Gordon McDonald DOBIE, 24, tie Inspector, Toronto, 6 Hepbourne St. Toronto, married James Irving DOBIE (b. Ontario) & Annie Elizabeth AKTIN, married Mary Kathleen THOMPSON, 24, Ontario, 349 Rusholme Rd Toronto, d/o Albert Richard THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann McCOY, witn: William Murray PHAIR of 523 Roxton Rd & Jean THOMPSON of 349 Rusholme Rd both of Toronto on June 17, 1925


3042-25 John Harold DODD, 25, chief clerk, Ontario, 94 Fairview Ave Toronto, s/o John DODD (b. England) & Edith ROWNTREE, married Mary Evelyn HESTON, 27, USA, 92 Fairview Ave Toronto, d/o Samuel Corban HESTON (b. USA) & Elizabeth FLETCHER, witn: Mildred HESTON & Willard R. DODD both of Toronto on June 30, 1925

3032-25 Charles Dickson DODDS, 24, engineer, Scotland, 376 Oakwood Ave Toronto, s/o William DODDS (b. Scotland) & Annie REILLY, married Annie Samuel Kinnear HUNTER, 20, Scotland, 376 Oakwood Ave Toronto, d/o John HUNTER (b. Scotland) & Annie KINNEAR, witn: William & Catharine DODDS both of 376 Oakwood Ave. Toronto on June 18, 1925

3017-25 Ralph Wallace DONALDSON, 35, draughtsman, widower, Ontario, 9 Methuen Ave Toronto, s/o William DONALDSON (b. Ontario) & Helen CHALMERS, married Hilda Daisy MORONE, 25, forelady, USA, 135 Gilmour Ave Toronto, d/o Herbert MORONE (b. England) & Ellen LEWIS, witn: Thomas McGAGE & Louise MORONE both of Toronto on June 10, 1925 at Runnymede Presbyterian Church

3045-25 Guido DONATELLA, 20, professional man, USA, 2836 Burling St. in Chicago, s/o Pietro DONATELLA (b. Italy) & Martha Rosa FARCINDA, married Helen EINSTEIN, 22, professional lady, France 2836 Burling St. Chicago Illinois USA, d/o Bernard ENSTEIN (b. Armenia) & Bertha DREYFUS, witn: Colombo & Romeo DONATELLA both of Chicago on June 12, 1925

3026-25 Charles Pettit DONNELLY, 49, threshing machine agency, Ontario, Indian Head Sask., s/o Thomas Edward DONNELLY (b. Ireland) & Sarah Ann MILLS, married Mary Ann MIDDLETON, 48, Ontario, Stanley Mills, d/o James MIDDLETON (b. Ontario) & Fanny PEARSON, witn: M. J. & Fanny MORRISON both of 677 Manning Ave Toronto on June 17, 1925

3031-25 William Warrington DOWDS, 27, inspector, Ireland, 94 Moore Ave Toronto, s/o Harry DOWDS (b. Ireland) & Caroline WARRINGTON, married Constance Vera BENNETT, 24, packer, Toronto, 529 Manning Ave. Toronto, d/o George BENNETT (b. Ontario) & Annie MANN, witn: Harry DOWDS of 94 Moore Park Ave & Hazel REYNOLDS of 460 Montrose Ave both of Toronto on June 10, 1925 at Trinity Church

3023-25 John Edgar DOWNEY, 22, locomotive fireman, Athens, Smith Falls, s/o John Edwin McDEVITT (sic) (b. Yonge twp.) & Ellen TANNER, married Mary Velma McDEVITT, 22, stenographer, King twp., Toronto, d/o Robert John McDEVITT (b. King Tp) & Fanny SIMPSON, witn: Florence McDEVITT of 493 Annette St. & Audrey ERVINE of 32 Ardagh Ave both of Toronto on June 5, 1925

3043-25 James DRUMMOND, 30, engineer, Scotland, 637 St. Clarens Ave Toronto, s/o James DRUMMOND (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McLEARN, married Edith BRIGGS, 23, Ireland, 290 Perth Ave Toronto, d/o John BRIGGS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, witn: Margaret JOHNSTON of 555 St. Clarens Ave & Joseph RANESSY of 1132 Ossington Ave both of Toronto on June 6, 1925

3035-25 Lancelot Alan DUNCAN, 22, bank clerk, Ontario, 218 Close Ave Toronto, s/o Walter Frank DUNCAN (b. Ontario) & Constance Maud FARRAR, married Marie Laura Louise BLANCHETTE, 25, stenographer, Quebec, 107 Jameson Ave Toronto, d/o Louis Alphonse BLANCHETTE (b. Quebec) & Marie LACROIX, witn: Dorothy ALLEN of 225 Dunn Ave & Constance WESTMORE of 25 Indian Road Crescent both of Toronto on June 18, 1925

3033-25 Edward Charles DUNFORD, 24, mechanic, England, 165 Coleman Ave. Toronto, s/o Edward Charles DUNFORD (b. England) & Caroline POTTER, married Elizabeth Bullions Jack MIDDLETON, 20, Scotland, 165 Coleman Ave. Toronto, d/o William MIDDLETON (b. Scotland) & Mary Jane MOWAT, witn: Arthur Sutherland REID of 2135 Queen St. East & Florence MIDDLETON of 165 Coleman Ave both of Toronto on June 3, 1925

3049-25 Harold Joseph DUNLOP, 32, performer, Toronto, Timmins, s/o Joseph DUNLOP (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth CAHILL, married Doris McMANUS, 21, performer, England, Timmins, d/o Joseph DUNLOP (sic) & Jane HANNAM, witn: Nellie McMANUS of 14 Manning Ave & William FRACENZ of 839 Bathurst St. both of Toronto on June 27, 1925

3015-25 Harold Lloyd DUNN, 26, farmer, Ontario, R. R. 1 Codrington, s/o Alexander DUNN (b. Ontario) & Mabel PALMER, married Rose Ann COWAN, 35, Ontario, R. R. 1 Codrington, d/o Michael COWAN (b. Ontario) & Maria GILBRIDE, witn: James F. & Irene ROSE both of 98 Parliament St. Toronto on June 8, 1925

3029-25 Samuel DUTTON, 27, machine helper, Scotland, 558 Larimer Ave. Turtle Creek Pennsylvania USA, s/o Thomas DUTTON (b. Scotland) & Margaret Peterson FAIRLEY, married May BAXTER, 26, Scotland, 117 Leslie St. Toronto, d/o Isaac BAXTER (b. Scotland) & Margaret OWLER, witn: Edith BAXTER & William OWLER both of 117 Leslie St. Toronto on June 9, 1925

3044-25 Arthur Morris DYSON, 26, plumber, England, 994 Pape Ave Toronto, s/o Edward DYSON (b. England) & Eva DAVIS, married Winifred BARRY, 20, operator BTC, South Africa, York twp., d/o John BARRY (b. England) & Nancy ALLISON, witn: Don BARRY of 441 Simmons Ave & Arthur BRIGGS OF 9 Muriel Ave both of Toronto on June 24, 1925

3060-25 Alfred Edward EARL, 26, tool supervisor, Rochester Kent England, 1519 York St Windsor, s/o Mark EARL (b. England) & Phoebe Jane WILLIAMS, married Edith Mary Elizabeth STANIFORD, 27, Rochester Kent England, (enroute from) England, d/o Sinbadd? (Sunladd?) STANIFORD (b. England) & Alice HAGGERTY, witn: S. EARL of 1513 York St Windsor & Irene RUDD 326 Waverley Road both of Toronto on June 16, 1925 at St. John's Church Norway

3057-25 Cecil Charles EDMONDS, 27, plumber, Toronto, 761 Ossington Ave. same, s/o William John EDMONDS (b. Ontario) & Katherine MARSHALL, married Ethel Mary MUSSELWHITE, 28, press feeder, England, 377 Ossington Ave Toronto, d/o Frederick William MUSSELWHITE (b. England) & Amy E. HANSCOMB, witn: Alice RAITT & Alice DRURY both of Toronto on June 5, 1925

3071-25 Oliver ELSOM, 25, machinist, Sunderland - Durham England, 78 Hook Ave, s/o Oliver ELSOM & Dorothy RICHARDSON, married Kathleen GODDARD, 21, Littlehampton Sussex England, 16 Rowntree Ave., d/o Frederick GODDARD & Ellen HOMES, witn: Thomas George STEVENS of 169 Margueretta St. & George William HOLMES of 16 Rowntree Ave, 20 June 1925

3058-25 Herbert ENTWISTLE, 37, labourer, widower, England, 125 Woodbine Ave Toronto, s/o Samuel ENTWISTLE (b. England) & Mary WOODBURN, married Catherine Florence CRANSTON, 32, Scotland, 183 Lyndhurst Ave Toronto, d/o James CRANSTON (b. Scotland) & Sarah C. HOOD, witn: D. HEDLEY of 24 Rushbrooke & Mrs. FARRELL of 277 Park Ave South both of Toronto on June 2, 1925

3059-25 William EWINGTON, 23, labourer, Scotland, 418 Wellesley St, Toronto, s/o William EWINGTON (b. Scotland) & Jeannie GHEDDIN?, married Jean NELSON, 21, battery box maker, Scotland, 135 Gough Ave Toronto, d/o Charles NELSON (b. Scotland) & Matilda DOHERTY, witn: William C. MARTIN of 713 Ontario St & Jean YOUNG of 33 Stephenson Ave both of Toronto on June 3, 1925

3079-25 James Cremaine FITZPATRICK, 31, clerk, Quebec, 39 King St. West, s/o William FITZPATRICK, b. Quebec & Elizabeth McKELVIE, married Jessie Isabel MAXWELL, 28, stenographer, Quebec, 17 Glenmount Park Rd., d/o Joseph MAXWELL, b. Quebec & Elizabeth ELLARD, witn: Irene E. PERRIN of 191 Clendenan Ave & Elizabeth JOHNSTON of 193 Clendenan Ave., 10 June 1925

3190-25 John Harold HERSHEY, 27, physician, Massey, Consecon, s/o John Andrew HERSHEY & Annie Mary Elsie JOHNSTON, married Louisa Isabel Beverley SMITH, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas Beverley SMITH & Isabel CALDECOTT, witn: James Melford HERSHEY of 577 Dovercourt Rd & Dorothy CALDECOTT of 247 Havelock St, 6 June 1925

3189-25 Foster William HEWITT, 22, reporter, Toronto, same, s/o William Arthur HEWITT & Flora Morrison FOSTER, married Elizabeth Kathleen HOW, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Alfred Deans HOW & Mabel Kathleen McVICAR, witn: G.O. CUMPSTON & M. Elizabeth McKENZIE both of Toronto, 9 June 1925

3186-25 John Joseph HILL, 29, express messenger, Hamilton, 189 Bleecker St, s/o John HILL & Elizabeth COYLE, married Ellen Elizabeth WILBER, 18, Toronto, 189 Bleecker St, d/o James WILBER & Catherine DUGGAN, witn: Francis CRONIN of Dundas & Rose HISLEN of 189 Bleecker St, 24 June 1925 RC

3191-25 James Worthington HILL, 25, salesman, Toronto, 2134 Queen St East, s/o James Hunter HILL & Elsie MILLIGAN, married Gwendolyn Irene HART, 25, Stamford Durham England, 4 Violet Ave, d/o Harry HART & Minnie TEASDALE, witn: George M. McDONALD of 20 Fuller Ave & Elsie TURNER of 1194 Dufferin St, 3 June 1925 at St John's Church Norway

3188-25 Patrick HOGAN, 31, policeman, Ireland, 54 Lindsay Ave, s/o Martin HOGAN & Annie COSTELLO, married Winifred Bernadette AITKIN, 29, clerk, Toronto, 54 Lindsay Ave, d/o William AITKIN & Kate MALONEY, witn: Norman SANDFORD of Lake Shore Rd New Toronto & Kathleen AITKIN of 54 Lindsay Ave, 1 June 1925 at St Helen's RC Church

3187-25 Albert Henry HOUNSELL, 40, merchant, Ottawa, 46 McMurray [Ave], s/o John HOUNSELL & Helen YOUNG, married Margaret Lillian BURKE, 35, Weston, 37 Hook Ave, d/o William BURKE & Marianne FITZPATRICK, witn: Joe BURKE & Irene BURKE both of 37 Hook Ave, 17 June 1925 RC

3193-25 Edward Rosevelt IRELAND, 22, lens grinder, Ontario, 19 Badgerow Ave, s/o Albert Ernest IRELAND (b. Ontario) & Amy Maretta BARKER, married Vera Alva Emelie MILLER, 17 (b. 3 Oct 1907), cream dipper, Penetanguishene Simcoe Co, 218 Pape Ave, d/o William MILLER (b. Ontario), laborer & Gladys Alberta DICKY, witn: William MILLER & Mary Egnon GRIFFETHIS both of 218 Pape Ave, 25 June 1925

3194-25 Cecil Wilfrid IRELAND, 25, labourer, Ontario, 192 George St, d/o Hugh A. IRELAND (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Florence Leona JOHNSTONE, 22, operator, Toronto, 353 George St, d/o Elias JOHNSTONE (b. Ontario) & Margaret SUTER, witn: Sidney JOHNSTONE of 691 Shaw St & Rena IRELAND of Mansfield, 29 June 1925 at [St] Luke's Church

3203-25 Charles JACKSON, 30, accountant, England, 6 Leuty Ave, s/o Robert J. JACKSON (b. England) & Elizabeth DALBY, married Margaret Victoria Chisholme STRACHAN, 28, stenographer, Scotland, 20B Balsam Ave, d/o John STRACHAN (b. Scotland) & Isabella Chisholme WILSON, witn: Adelaide STRACHAN of 20B Balsam Ave & Robert Henry GREEN of 151 Waverley Rd, 27 June 1925

3205-25 Charles Edgar JACKSON, 42, manufacturing jeweller, Ontario, 89 MacPherson Ave, s/o John JACKSON (b. England) & Isabel BROWN, married Florence Howells WARD, 32, accountant, USA, 77 Maitland St, d/o William WARD (b. Ontario) & Susan HOWELLS, witn: Nellie HOWELLS & Alice INKSTER, both of Toronto, 29 June 1925 at Knox Church

3195-25 William Percival JACKSON, 21, typewriter mechanic, Toronto, 123 Waverley Rd, s/o W.H. JACKSON (b. England) & Mary ADAMS, married Maud Elizabeth DICKINSON, 18, brush maker, Ontario, 628 Dundas St East, d/o William Charles DICKINSON (b. England) & Jane ADDINGTON, witn: L.B. MACMILLAN of 26 Frederica St & W.J. JACKSON of 123 Waverley Rd, 1 June 1925

4276-25 Max JACOBS, 41, widower, decorator, Poland, 2291 Dundas St. West, s/o Shlome JACOBS, b. Russia & Annie ESTHER, married Annie HIMELFARB, 24, Poland, 151 Baldwin St., d/o Abigdon HIMELFARB, b. Poland & Mary KRYSTALL, witn: Robb RISENMAN of 214 Parliament St. & Sigmund STEINROSTZER? of 157 Ontario St., 20 Aug 1925

3196-25 Edmund John JACQUES, 28, assistant treasurer Dominion Alloy & Steel Co, Malvern, 122 Forsyth St N. Sarnia Lambton Co, s/o Alfred Robinson JACQUES (b. Malvern Ontario) & Bertha WILLIS, married Katherine Mary NEWCOMBE, 25, Toronto, 54 Alvin Ave, d/o Octavius NEWCOMBE (b. England) & Bertha CARR, witn: Arthur C. BURT of 48 Cecil St & Hugh D. CAMERON of 65 Hilton Ave, 2 June 1925

4284-25 Robert Millar JAFFRAY, 67, widower, manager, Ontario, 623 Ouellette Ave in Windsor, s/o William JAFFRAY, b. England & Agnes JACKSON, married Janet ROBERTSON, 43, manageress, Ontario, 40 Bloor St. West, d/o John ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Isabella MEIKLE, witn: Eruna LEVELL of 554 Spadina Ave & Harriet GRANGE of 560 Spadina Ave., 29 Aug 1925

4283-25 George Thomas JAMES, 29, barber, England, Kirkland Lake, s/o Frederick JAMES, b. England & Jane SANGER (Sainger?), married Mabel Marion Victoria TESTER, 25 (b. 27 Dec 1899), Upper Kirkgate - Aberdeen Scotland, 19 Glenmount Park Rd in Toronto, d/o William TESTER, b. Scotland & Maria BREMNER (married 18 April 1884 at Ferresso?), witn: Henry CLARKE of 186 Langley Ave & Ethel LEFURE of 399 Dupont St., 26 Aug 1925 at 399 Dupont St., [re bride: mother's maiden name given as Brebner on birth reg'n]

4277-25 Joseph Earl JELLISON, 27, life insurance salesman, China, 148 Calbeck St., s/o Ernest R. JELLISON, b. USA & Rosa Belle RYDE, married Cecilia Throsby HUTCHISON, 23, nurse, Wales, Davidson Sask., d/o Frederick HUTCHISON, b. England & Cecilia RICHARDS, witn: O. M. YOUNG & Jessie K. PATTERSON, both of 155 Bernard Ave, 22 Aug 1925 at 155 Bernard Ave

4278-25 Albert JENNINGS, 28, shipping clerk, England, Buffalo NY, s/o Arthur JENNINGS, b. England & Annie Mariah LAWTON, married Ruth GAUNT, 27 (b. 18 Feb 1898), Halifax Yorks. England, 65 Argyle St. in Toronto, d/o John GAUNT, b. England & Emily COCKROFT, witn: Walter BOOTHMAN of 65 Edwin Ave & Clara GAUNT of 65 Argyle St., 22 Aug 1925

4281-25 Alfred William JENNINGS, 29, fire adjuster, New Brunswick, 110 Westminster Ave., s/o Alfred JENNINGS, b. England & Catherine CURRAN, married Lilian Edna BARNES, 27 (b. 22 Feb 1899), St. Louis Missouri, Teeterville, d/o Thomas Harrison BARNES, b. USA & Lillian Margaret LOFLAN, witn: Hazel BARNES of 41 McLean Ave & Mrs. R. S. MUIR of 27 Albany Ave., 26 Aug 1925

4280-25 Alfred Carl JENSEN, 39, cook, Denmark, 191 Church St., s/o John JENSEN, b. Denmark & Sine JENSEN, married Eva Florence DALEY, 26 (b. 1 Oct 1898) Aylmer Quebec, 558 Ontario St., d/o Matthias DALEY, b. Ireland & Harriet Agnes BAILEY, witn: Patrick J. McGINN of 159 St. Clarens Ave & Nora DALLARD of 11 Earl St., 25 Aug 1925 [re bride: she gives her residence as Aylmer Que on affidavit re birth date]

4272-26 Robert John JESS, 35, chauffeur, Ireland, 354 Jarvis St., s/o Andrew JESS, b. Ireland & Sarah Jane KILPATRICK, married Ethel STARKIE, 32, hosiery knitter, England, 34 Fuller Ave., d/o Legendre Peers STARKIE, b. England & Jane NADEN, witn: Joseph BUXTON & Mrs. Hannah BUXTON, both of 34 Fuller Ave., 8 Aug 1925 at Church of the Epiphany

4279-25 George Frederick JESSOP, 25 (b. 19 Jan 1900), truck driver, Lower Edmonton - Middlesex England, 100 Morse St., s/o George S. JESSOP, b. England & Georgina CORISON, married Florence TALBOT, 23, perfume finishing, Toronto, 30 Tiverton Ave., d/o Frank TALBOT, b. Quebec & Emily SEDGEWICK, witn: Bernard GATES of 272 Silverbirch Ave & Miss Margaret CORNEIL of 838 Ontario St., 20 Aug 1925

4274-25 Francis John JEWELL, 30, assistant manager, Gravenhurst, Owen Sound, s/o Richard JEWELL, b. Quebec & Margaret McDONALD, married Rachel Delilah MATTHEWS, 26 on 30 Aug 1925, stenographer, Caledon twp., 680 Crawford St. in Toronto, d/o Thomas MATTHEWS, b. Ont & Rachel Delilah VANWICK, witn: Ethel EVANS of 5A Havelock St. & Howard R. YOUNG of 31 Rusholme Rd., 15 Aug 1925

3207-25 James Paul JOBIN, 20, foreman in Bactrey? Light, Toronto, 143 Chestnut Ave, s/o Phileas JOBIN & Elizabeth Annie TEAL, married Francesca CAPUANA, 17, Toronto, same, d/o Francesco [CAPUANA] & Giuseppa PASSAFIUME, witn: Giuseppe CAPUANO of 73 Dagmar Ave & Phyllis JOBIN of 206 Sumach St, 16 June 1925 RC

3208-25 Oswald Samuel JOHNSON, 21, contractor, Toronto, 17 Fairmount Ave, s/o Oswald Arthur JOHNSON & Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Marjorie Eleanor VIRTUE, 20, Toronto, 31 Monarch Park Ave, d/o John Edward VIRTUE & Laura FREQUELLE, witn: Albert JOHNSON of 17 Fairmount Cres & Mary TREMMER of 106 Fulton Ave, 15 June 1925 at St John's Church Norway

3206-25 Isaac JOHNSON, 34, scale master, Birmingham England, 372 Parliament St, s/o Isaac JOHNSON & Amelia Rose PIDGEON, married Lena BROOK, 30, Toronto, 38 Albemarle Ave, d/o Arthur BROOK & Ada FRETWELL, witn: A. C. KNOX of 257 Monarch Park Ave & A.E.H. BULLOCK of 37 Ferrier Ave, 20 June 1925 at St Barnabas (Chester)

3199-25 Francis JOHNSON, 77, widower, clergyman, Co Cork Ireland, Lindsay Victoria Co, s/o Robert JOHNSON (b. blank) & Margaret SKUCE, married Eliza Jane McLEAN, 67, widow, housekeeper, blank, Lindsay, d/o James KERR (b. Ireland) & Jane COULTER, witn: Frances JOHNSON of Dundas St East Lindsay & Hector Laird McLEAN of Lindsay, 1 June 1925

4273-25 George Buchanan JOHNSTON, 23, truck driver, Ontario, 89 Seaton St., s/o Thomas JOHNSTON, b. Ont & Margaret BUCHANAN, married Daisy Evelyn SMITH, 21, domestic, Quebec, 116 Davenport Rd., d/o Albert SMITH, b. Quebec & Jane LOWE, witn: E.A. SMITH & S.J. SAVINAC, both of Toronto, 5 Aug 1925

3201-25 John Campbell JOHNSTON, 24, sheet metal worker, Scotland, 635 Coxwell Ave, s/o Alex JOHNSTON (b. Scotland) & Agnes CAMPBELL, married Jeanie McClure LECKIE, 29, domestic, Scotland, 635 Coxwell Ave, d/o James LECKIE (b. Scotland) & Janie McDONALD, witn: Elizabeth LOVE of 635 Coxwell Ave & Walter H. LOVE of 56 Rushbrook Ave, 6 June 1925

4282-25 Thomas Alexander JOHNSTON, 33, sales clerk, Ireland, 16 Cavell Ave., s/o Jarvis JOHNSTON, b. Ireland & Eleanor McMURRAY, married Elsie Louise ELFORD, 28, stenographer, Toronto, 80 Langley Ave., d/o William Henry ELFORD, b. England & Selena KENDALL, witn: Bradie? J. PILCHER of 4 Richardson Ave & Dorothy A. ELFORD of 80 Langley Ave., 29 Aug 1925

4275-25 John Baden-Powell JOHNSTONE, 25, stock broker, Scotland, 140 Carlton St., s/o John JOHNSTONE, b. Scotland & Mary O'DONALD, married Louise HAMMALL, 27, Ontario, 51 Indian Grove, d/o William John HAMMALL, b. Ont & Bridget CROWLEY, witn: F.A. & Gladys WATSON of Toronto, 15 Aug 1925

3198-25 Benjamin Irvine JOHNSTONE, 28, physician, Ontario, 1800 Seward Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o Thomas T. JOHNSTONE (b. Ontario) & Slora [Flora?] SCOTT, married Emily Doris Jane FISH, 27 (b. 5 Apr 1898), Oro Simcoe Co, 12 Auburn Ave, d/o Henry Albert FISH (b. England), Methodist clergyman & Nancy Lillian SMITH, witn: H.N. JENNINGS of Hagersville & C. Evelyn McFAUL of Owen Sound, 30 June 1925

3197-25 Stanley B. JONES, 37, widower, salesman, Ontario, Windsor Essex Co, s/o A.G. JONES (b. Ontario) & Margaret BRISBIN, married Lillian Regina TOBIN, 36, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John TOBIN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth KENYON, witn: J.H. YOUNG of 150 Warden Ave & Mary MILLS of 282 Margueretta St, 13 June 1925

3204-25 Edward JONES, 26, granite cutter, Ireland, 1193 Dufferin St, s/o James JONES (b. Ireland) & Annie GRAHAM, married Martha NELSON, 24, Ireland, 265 Brock Ave, d/o Albert H. NELSON (b. Ireland) & Jennie McCREADY, witn: Robert McCARTEN & Minnie NELSON both of Toronto, 27 June 1925

3202-25 John Patrick JONES, 28, labourer, England, 342 Caledonia Rd in York twp., s/o unknown & Ada JONES, married Annie Louisa STREET, 18 (b. 23 Dec 1906), machine operator, Woolwich - Kent England, 42 Corby Ave in York twp, d/o Charles Henry STREET (b. England) & Louisa Harriet HEARN, witn: Thomas James NICHOLAS & Florence Maud NICHOLAS both of 342 Caledonia Rd, 30 June 1925 at Calvary Church

4285-25 Ralph JONES, 26, stationary engineer, Hemsworth Yorkshire England, St. Catharines, s/o Randolph JONES & Susanna NETHESHIP?, married Louisa KELLY, 37, Birmingham England, 161 Rhodes Ave in Toronto, d/o Patrick KELLY & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: Joseph H. DANE? of 161 Rhodes Ave, Randolph JONES of 244 Vine St. in St. Catharines & Edith Maud PERRIN of 47 Ashwood Ave in Toronto, 3 Aug 1925 at St. Johns Norway

3200-25 Milton James JORY, 25, salesman, Ontario, 107 Christie St, s/o Edwin JORY (b. Ontario) & Eliza FAIRBAIRN, married Marjorie Florence Bowskill COULTER, 24, Toronto, 285 King St West, d/o William COULTER (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ann BOWSKILL, witn: Beatrice BOWSKILL of 2272 Gerrard St East & William Henry BELL of 531 College St, 27 June 1925

3230-25 Harry KALLES, 25, wholesale fruiterer, Poland, 103 Beatrice St, s/o Isack KALLES (b. Poland) & S. KALLES, married Bertha MARCUS, 19, milliner, Russia, 14 Denison Sq, d/o Yida MARCUS (b. Russia) & M. BITRACK, witn: Mr. W. STONE of 32 Cecil St & Harry HESIT of 123 Maria St, Sunday 21 June 1925 at 14 Denison Sq (Hebrew)

3224-25 Vanio KARI, 36, butcher, Finland, 51 Widmer St, s/o Antti KYLASANKARI (b. Finland) & Eisa KYLANPAA, married Mary FLINK, 36, tailoress, Finland, 51 Widmer St, d/o Juho FLINK (b. Finland) & Ventha HEIKKILA, witn: Isak OLLI & Mrs R.L.M. HIERONEN both of 70 Grange Ave, 13 June 1925

3218-25 Thomas KEALY, 25, cleaner CNR, Ireland, 260 Huron St, s/o Thomas KEALY (b. Ireland) & Margaret RAFFERTY, married Louisa Eleanor Christina CLARK, 20, saleslady, Ireland, 617 King St West, d/o John CLARK (b. Ireland) & Louisa TAYLOR, witn: Patrick D. SULLIVAN & Jean AGAR both of 370 Huron St, 12 June 1925 RC

3231-25 Jerome Laughlin KEHOE, 35, insurance inspector, Midland, Toronto, s/o James KEHOE & Margaret SULLIVAN, married Madeline Helen THOMSON, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Robert Hope THOMSON & Rebecca BOOTH, witn: H.J. WILSON & Mary WILSON (nee KEHOE) both of 246 Macpherson Ave, 24 June 1925 RC

3216-25 William KELLY, 33, watchman, Ireland, 156 Booth Ave, s/o James KELLY (b. Ireland) & Mary PATTERSON, married Elizabeth McMANUS, 22, housemaid, Ireland, 55 Glenholme Ave, d/o James McMANUS (b. Ireland) & Elen MAGILL, witn: Margetta Janetta KELLY of 216 St Clair Ave West & Thomas KANE of 40 Strathcona Ave, 8 June 1925

3213-25 William George KENNEDY, 29, bellboy, New Brunswick, 418 Sherbourne St, s/o Robert KENNEDY (b. New Brunswick) & Charlotte OLMSTEAD, married Mina MATHIESON, 24, Scotland, Parkview Hill Toronto, d/o Archibald MATHIESON (b. Scotland) & Mary THAIN, witn: Miss Alice MOCKFORD of 69 Shaw St & Harold D. KENNEDY of 418 Sherbourne St, 6 June 1925
3221-25 Frank KERNAN, 35, motor engineer, England, 35 Yorkville Ave, s/o William J. KERNAN (b. England) & Sophia KIMBER, married Gladys ORVES, 27, saleslady, England, Glenville - 42 St Mark's Rd - Mitchem Surrey England, d/o William ORVES (b. England) & Alice GREY, witn: James A. CASTOR of 111 Yorkville Ave & William A. KERNAN of 35 Yorkville Ave, 17 June 1925

3229-25 William Frank KERR, 27, carpenter, Ontario, 2852 Wolcott St - Ferndale Michigan, s/o William Burns KERR (b. Ontario) & Mary A. WEBBER, married Arlena May EDWARDS, 28, Ontario, 70 Winnifred Ave, d/o James EDWARDS (b. England) & Sophia E. WOOD, witn: Mrs F.A. GRAHAM of 70 Winnifred Ave & Mrs W.B. KERR of 76 Glendonwynne Rd, 27 June 1925

3223-25 Russell Gordon KERR, 19, clerk, Toronto, 223 Gilmour Ave, s/o James KERR (b. Ontario) & Christina ROBINSON, married Mary Alice NICOLL, 19, Scotland, 5 Warren Cres, d/o George NICOLL (b. Scotland) & Annie GASS, witn: Mrs Thomas DRAKE of 590 Windermere Ave & Marie G. HAMILTON of 592 Windermere Ave, 11 June 1925 at 592 Windermere Ave 3209-25 Robert KERR, 28, salesman, Scotland, 1065 Davenport Rd, s/o William KERR (b. Scotland) & Margaret NICOL, married Williamina McEwan GUNN, 32, Scotland, 1065 Davenport Rd, d/o John GUNN (b. Scotland) & Jane TAYLOR, witn: John FAIRLEY of 276 St Helens Ave & Jean BLACK of 118 Kenwood Ave, 5 June 1925

3212-25 Wilfred Earl KIERNAN, 21, painter, Toronto, 579 Durie St, s/o George KIERNAN (b. Ontario) & Annie GILBERT, married Mabel Margaret RAND, 18, bookbinder, Toronto, 159 Hallam St, d/o Herbert F. RAND (b. England) & Alexandrina YEATES, witn: Irene ALLEN & Thelma ALLEN both of 463 Roxton Rd, 6 June 1925

3214-25 Frederick William KIGHTLEY, 30, service station, Ontario, 131 Division St in Welland, s/o James A. KIGHTLEY (b. Ontario) & Annie MADDEN, married Lucinda May ROBINSON, 22, Ontario, 55 Harbord St, d/o John ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane McCOY, witn: Mary Irene FOY of 107 Concord Ave & Bernard Anthony O'DONNELL of 418A Margueretta, 8 June 1925 RC

3222-25 Robert Malcolm KING, 42, canner, New Carlow - Hastings Co, Frankford - Hastings Co, s/o John KING (b. Canada) & Alvira McCRAE, married Arlie Madeline CHESTNUT, 33, Toronto, same, d/o Frederick CHESTNUT (b. Ontario) & Ann Ruth ROBINSON, witn: William M. MAGEE of 57 Lappin Ave & Mary TUSTIN of 157 Boultbee Ave, 20 June 1925

3215-25 George Graeme Carter KING, 25, lumber manufacturer, New Brunswick, 1998 Hosmer Ave in Vancouver BC, s/o Malcolm B. KING (b. New Brunswick) & Grace Florence CARTER, married Margaret Aileen McCABE, 25, Toronto, 64 Forest Hill Rd, d/o James McCABE (b. Ontario) & Teresa CLARKE, witn: Joseph WEIMER of Nanton Ave Vancouver & Helen Mary McCABE of 64 Forest Hill Rd, 17 June 1925 at Holy Rosary Church

3228-25 Percy George KING, 37, Dominion Express foreman, England, Mabel Ave Sudbury District of Nipissing, s/o William George KING (b. England) & Eliza SIMMONDS, married Lily Sophie FORDHAM, 34, England, 93 Linsmore Cres, d/o Charles FORDHAM (b. England) & Helen TURNER, witn: Rose JERREAT of 814 Sammon [Ave] & William SHEPPARD of 38 Frankish [Ave], 1 June 1925 at St Barnabas Church

3232-25 Martin KINIAK, 30, laborer, Zawale-Kamenetz Pod[olsk] Ukraine, 16 Vanauley St, s/o Andrew KINIAK & Irene HOYEK, married Ludwika SHYMANSKY, 19, Czerniwci Bukovina, 105 Palmerston St, s/o John SHYMANSKY & Mary SHYMANSKY, witn: C. MELNYK of 163 Bellwoods Ave & A. HNITSKY of 2316 Bloor St, 23 May 1925

3227-25 Robert Acton KIRK, 23, clerk, Toronto, 337 Albany Ave, s/o John KIRK (b. Ontario) & Marion ACTON, married Agnes Amelia URQUHART, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 152 Yarmouth Rd, d/o Fred URQUHART (b. Ontario) & Mary CHRISTIE, witn: Glen REID of St Catharines & Lillie McMAHON of 259 Withrow Ave, 17 June 1925

3226-25 Irvine KIRK, 27, central office man B.T. Co, England, 462 Bloor St West, s/o William KIRK (b. England) & Emily DEACON, married Gertrude Annie HUNT, 24, operator B.T. Co, England, 9 Bernard Ave, d/o George Arthur HUNT (b. England) & Fanny Elizabeth COLES, witn: Harold J. HOPKINS of 107 Clinton St & Winnifred FRIER of 93 Patricia Rd, 27 June 1925 at 105 Bernard Ave

3211-25 Sidney KOSLEY, 26, operator, England, 198 Grace St, s/o Alec KOSLEY (b. Poland) & Leah ZIMMERMAN, married Toba STEIN, 23, Toronto, 994 Dundas St West, d/o Frank STEIN (b. Poland) & Rose RASMINSKY, witn: L. DUNKELMAN of 191 Grace St & Mr BRONFMAN of 4124 Western Ave Montreal, 7 June 1925 (Hebrew)

3210-25 Philip KOSSIN, 37, widower, wholesale drugs, Russia, 57 West 112th St New York NY, s/o Wolf KOSSIN (b. Russia) & Sarah FIKTIN, married Minnie LIEBERMAN, 31, bookkeeper, Toronto, 700 Queen St West, d/o Abraham H. LIEBERMAN (b. Russia) & Sarah SHAPIRO, witn: Mr LESSER of 41 Beech Ave & I. SEIGAL of 53 Lee Ave, 3 June 1925 (Hebrew)

3220-25 Norman Douglas KRIBS, 29, salesman, Ontario, 799 Euclid Ave, s/o Henry KRIBS (b. Ontario) & Mary BIRD, married Elizabeth Rita GINN, 24, stenographer, Toronto, Howland Apts Toronto, d/o Frank H. GINN (b. Toronto) & Eva Maud CUTHBERT, witn: Mary E.H. ADAMS & M.L. ADAMS both of 20 Pauline Ave, 8 June 1925

3219-25 Basil Waldo KYDD, 26, bread salesman, Ontario, 82 Coleman Ave, s/o William KYDD (b. Ontario) & Esther GRIFFIN, married Alberta May TAYLOR, 26, music teacher, Ontario, 51 Eldon Ave, d/o Henry TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Margaret McLEAN, witn: Elva TAYLOR of 51 Eldon Ave & Frank B. KYDD of Uxbridge, 3 June 1925

002207-25 Edgar Joseph LABELLE, 23, porter, Ontario, 211 Franklin Ave s/o Charles Henry LABELLE (b. Ontario) & Eglantine SOULIERE married Clementine Marie WHITE, 18, stenographer, Ontario, 201 Gerrard Ave in Toronto d/o Robert T. WHITE (b. Ontario) & Florence Ann PEARL wtn: J.N. GILLESPIE of 880a Bloor St & V.M. BENNETT of 565 Gladstone Ave, 22 April 1925 002199-25 Alvin Gerald LAMBERT, 23, medical student, Ontario, 70 Grenville St s/o William A. LAMBERT (b. Ontario) & Mary Ellen SCOTT married Jessie Leone DAVIDSON, 24, clerk, Ontario, 549 Euclid Ave in Toronto d/o John L. DAVIDSON (b. Ontario) & Augusta LUTES wtn: W.C. STEISE & Douglas E. SCOTT both of Toronto, 9 April 1925 at 127 Westminster Ave
002198-25 Albert Joseph LAMOUROUX, 29, tire beads curer, France, 139 Sixth St in New Toronto s/o Albert LAMOUROUX (b. France) & Lonni LUNDRY married Pearlie Adelaide GORTHY, 19, splicer, England, 37 Howard St in Toronto d/o George GORTHY (b. England) & Elizabeth BEAUMONT wtn: Ray PETRIE & Mrs Johann PETRIE both of 139 Sixth St in New Toronto & Rev Charles Pevenden HIRD? of 485 Richmond St in West Toronto, 8 April 1925 at 87 Howland Ave 002214-25 Milton Dean LANWAY, 29, mechanic, USA, 2972 Hillger St in Detroit s/o Jacob Milton LANWAY (b. USA) & Carrie Etta DE LONG married Mary Elizabeth SHIELDS, 25, bookkeeper, Ontario, 39 Highcroft Rd in Toronto d/o John SHIELDS (b. Ontario) & Janet Ann ROBSON wtn: T.A. SHIELDS of 803 College St W in Toronto & Jessie TAYLOR of 39 Highcroft Rd in Toronto, 27 April 1925
002202-25 Harold Joseph LAWSON, 26, salesman, Toronto, 451 West Moira St s/o Joseph LAWSON (b. Ontario) & Edith TRANON married Alice Irene MOORE, 23, Ontario, RR#1 Islington d/o Daniel MOORE (b. Ontario) & Charity SILVERTHORN wtn: J. WHITAKER & Mrs WHITAKER both of Toronto, 18 April 1925 002204-25 Reginald LAYZELL, 21, clerk, England, 39 Valhalla Blvd in Birch Cliff s/o Arthur James LAYZELL (b. England) & Emma WATSON married Nellie HORROX, 20, clerk, England, 38 Queensbury Ave in Birch Cliff d/o Harry HORROX (b. England) & Mary HINSLEY wtn: Fred Rich WHITE & Mrs Joan WHITE both of 21 Stephenson Ave E in Toronto, 18 April 1926

3235-25 Frederick LEARY, 25, labourer, England, 57 Sundel Ave, s/o Frederick LEARY (b. England) & Nellie PIXTON?, married Edith ROBINSON, 34, widow, Wales, 5[7?] Sundel Ave, d/o George HALL (b. Wales) & Annie OWENS, witn: William RICHARDSON & Jeannette Elizabeth RICHARDSON both of 57 Sundel Ave, 6 June 1925

3240-25 Walter LeCLAIR, 30, barber, Ontario, 151 Pape Ave, s/o John LeCLAIR (b. Ontario) & Victoria LALONDE, married Emma Ethel BASKERVILLE, 27, Ontario, 151 Pape Ave, d/o John BASKERVILLE (b. Ontario) & Matilda LIVINGSTONE, witn: John A. O'REILLY of 172 Leslie St & W.C. McGRATH of Kingston Rd, 10 June 1925 at St Joseph's [Church] RC

002213-25 Percy Albert LEDGER, 26, letter carrier, England, 3 Ossington Cres s/o Albert Edward LEDGER (b. England) & Mary Jane ANDREWS married Beatrice Maud Mary NEWCOMBE, 21, Toronto, 262 Ossington Ave in Toronto d/o Richard NEWCOMBE (b. England) & Mary MacDONALD wtn: F.H. HANCOCK & S. HANCOCK both of 706 Brock Ave in Toronto, 18 April 1925 at St Matthew's Church

3238-25 George LEE, 26, blacksmith, Tossorontio twp, Lisle Simcoe Co, s/o George LEE (b. Rosemont) & Emma GALLAGHER, married Gladys Theresa Lilian MILLS, 21, clerk, Toronto, Lisle, d/o Hector MILLS (b. Ontario) & Florence RODMAN, witn: Norman Wilson MILLS of Brantford & Lucy FOSTER of Toronto, 3 June 1925

002215-25 George Campbell LEIGHTON, 26, bread salesman, Ireland, 228 Langley Ave s/o James LEIGHTON (b. Ireland) & Mary (illegible, Dutton?) married Isabella BLACK, 23, finisher, Ireland, 228 Langley Ave in Toronto d/o Robert BLACK (b. Ireland) & Mary WEIR, wtn: Albert HANSHAW? of 220 Langley Ave in Toronto & Margaret MADDON of 95 St George St in Toronto, 23 April 1925

3239-25 John LEISHMAN, 24, dental mechanic, Scotland, 2328 Queen St East, s/o John Stevenson LEISHMAN (b. England) & Mary Jane Campbell GUNN, married Mary Duff DUNCANSON, 21, bookkeeper, Scotland, 1183 Bloor St West, d/o James DUNCANSON (b. Scotland) & Jessie DUFF, witn: Robert DUNCANSON of 1183 Bloor St West & Gertrude H. CANNON of 810 Gladstone Ave, 18 June 1925

002210-25 John Frederick Norman LEITH, 25, mechanic, Toronto, 38 Oxford St s/o John Frederick LEITH (b. Ontario) & Mariah MARRINER married Dorothy WILKINSON, 19, operator, USA, 109 Yarmouth Rd in Toronto d/o Irvin WILKINSON (b. USA) & Clara MYERS wtn: Edward William SANDERSON & Mrs Effie SANDERSON both of 149 Lippincott St in Toronto, 29 April 1925

3247-25 Allan Victor LEITH, 23, truck driver, Toronto, 38 Oxford St, s/o Fred LEITH (b. Ontario) & Maria LARMER, married Mildred McKENZIE, 23, operator USA, 56 O'Hara Ave, d/o Archie McKENZIE (b. Ontario) & Louisa ALLAN, witn: Edith TUTTLE & Fred TUTTLE both of Toronto, 20 June 1925

  002205-25 Alonzo Charles LEONARD, 23, mechanic, Ontario, 619 Brock Ave s/o Ross LEONARD (b. USA) & Martina CHRISTIANSEN married Maud Helen GRIST, 19, dressmaker, England, 619 Brock Ave in Toronto d/o Howard GRIST (b. England) & Kathleen JARVIS wtn: William ANDERSON of 1081 Dufferin St & Josephine SANFORD of 635 Brock Ave, 14 April 1925
002206-25 Joseph LE SHIEN, 33, widower, machinist, Toronto, 48 Gerrard St W s/o Joseph LE SHIEN (b. Ontario) & (unknown) married Edith JONES, 23, domestic, England, 48 Gerrard St W in Toronto d/o John JONES (b. England) & (unknown) wtn: Hugh R. CHAMBERS of 348 Logan Ave & Charles A. SPICER of 144 Booth Ave, 22 April 1925 at Trinity Church 002200-25 Frederick William LEUSCHNER, 25, labourer, Ontario, 57 Albertus Ave s/o William LEUSCHNER (b. Ontario) & Winnifred MATHERS married Elsie Ivy SMITH, 21, England, 63 Holly St in Toronto d/o Edward Williams SMITH (b. England) & Sarah Ann LOCKWOOD wtn: Walter LEUSCHNER & Elsie LEUSCHNER both of 57 Albertus Ave, 8 April 1925

3233-25 Philip Thomas LEWIS, 32, accountant, Wales, 17 Nairn Ave, s/o Mesach LEWIS & Sarah Jane GRIFFITH, married Bertha Noreen PRITCHARD, 25, stenographer, Ontario, 190 Wright Ave, d/o Joseph PRITCHARD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth HOBDEN, witn: Cyrie FULLER, 40 College St & Jennie LEWIS of 17 Nairn Ave, 19 June 1925

3237-25 Jacob LIBITZ, 23, salesman, Montreal, North Bay, s/o Zier LIBITZ (b. Roumania) & Chasie? YESEBORNTOV? ,married Lillian KLEIMAN, 23, saleslady, Kiev Russia, North Bay, d/o Seman KLEIMAN (b. Kiev Russia) & Sarah BRODMAN, witn: W. HARRIS & S. ROSENBLOOM both of Toronto, 7 June 1925 (Hebrew)

002212-25 Thomas LIGGETT, 27, garment worker, England, 718 Queen St E s/o Frederick LIGGETT (b. England) & Susan JOHNSTON married Alta Lola Elizabeth SHACKELTON, 21, Ontario, cor of Clendenan & Annette Sts in Toronto d/o Albert SHACKELTON (b. Ontario) & Nona PORTER wtn: Arthur W. BELL of 259 Clendenan & Nona SHACKELTON of 259 Annette, 25 April 1925 002209-25 Alfred Gerald LILLIE, 21, labourer, Saskatchewan, 124 Ferrier Ave in Toronto s/o John LILLIE (b. England) & Margaret FLETCHER married Constance Violet BOORMAN, 17, Ontario, 124 Ferrier Ave in Toronto d/o James BOORMAN (b. England) & Elena CAREY wtn: E. BOORMAN of 124 Ferrier Ave & A.T. BROWN of 11 Ravine Cres, 20 April 1925
002197-25 George Henry LITTLE, 19, student, Toronto, 845 Dovercourt Rd s/o George LITTLE (b. Ontario) & Lydia COOPER married Annie Evelyn TOMLINSON, 19, hairdresser, Toronto, 857 Dovercourt Rd in Toronto d/o Albert TOMLINSON (b. England) & Mary McDONALD wtn: Helen K. WATSON of 1072 St Clair Ave & Mrs J.A. MUSTARD of 265 Havelock St, 2 April 1925 002203-25 Albert LIVSEY, 26, city fireman, England, 139 Howie Ave s/o James LIVSEY (b. England) & Elizabeth BRIGGS married Ethel MARSH, 21, BT supervisor, USA, 43 Boon Ave in Toronto d/o William MARSH (b. England) & Annie GLANCY wtn: Miss E. MARSH of 43 Boon Ave & William BELL of 155 Sellers Ave, 18 April 1925

3245-25 Arthur James LLOYD, 30, machinist, Durham Grey Co, same, s/o James LLOYD & Emily Jane CLARKE, married Christina Irene SMITH, 24, clerk, Brechin, Toronto, d/o George SMITH & Sarah DONNELLY, witn: Mrs COGDALE of 24 Cosburn Ave & Mrs E. MONCRIEF of 526 Carlaw Ave, 29 June 1925

3243-25 Thomas Percy LOACH, 23, bookkeeper, Toronto, 554 Strathmore Blvd, s/o William [LOACH] (b. England) & Emma FORD, married Lillian Louise ARMSTRONG, 20, Toronto, 453 West Maria St, d/o William Henry [ARMSTRONG] (b. Ontario) & Mary ELLA, witn: H.G. OULTON (Dulhar?) of 74 Fern Ave & H.A. ARMSTRONG of Toronto, 2 June 1925

002211-25 Claude James LOCKWOOD, 21, top builder, Wales, 636 Brock Ave s/o Robert Wood LOCKWOOD (b. Wales) & Ester PUGSLEY married Mary Florence WELDON, 21, tie operator, Toronto, 759 King St W in Toronto d/o James Henry WELDON (b. Ontario) & Lucy GILCHRIST wtn: Mabel BAIRD & Joseph BAIRD both of 108 West Lodge Ave, 29 April 1925

3236-25 Christopher Earvin LONG, 21, painter, Ontario, 192 De Grassi St, s/o Barry LONG (b. Ontario) & Minnie McDONALD, married Gladys Marguerite McFARLAND, 20, glove operator, Toronto, 46 Garnock Ave, d/o Samuel McFarland (b. Ireland) & Mary ROULSTON, witn: William McFARLAND of 46 Garnock St & Agnes ADAIR of 49 Cummings St, 10 June 1925

002201-25 Gordon David LONG, 23, farmer, Ontario, RR#2 Holstein in Ontario s/o David LONG (b. Ontario) & Catharine GORDON married Irene Della McEACHERN, 18, Ontario, RR#3 Holstein d/o Peter McEACHERN (b. Ontario) & Christina McEACHNIE wtn: Ruth Robert MIX of St Nicholas St in Toronto & Suzanne BURNS of 30 Charles St E in Toronto, 16 April 1925 at St Luke's Church 002216-25 Albert Edward LONG, 26, motor mechanic, England, 60 Mulock Ave s/o James Walter LONG (b. England) & Kale Eleanor CHITTY married Edith Burnie BENTLEY, 26, stenographer, Scotland, 716 Lawrence Ave in Toronto d/o William BENTLEY (b. Scotland) & Janet SWAN wtn: Sydney James CHIDDENTON 93 Harvey Ave in Toronto & Daisy LONG of 60 Mulock Ave in Toronto, 18 April 1925

3241-25 George LOTHIAN, 20, clerk, Scotland, 143 Emerson Ave, s/o John LOTHIAN (b. Scotland) & Agnes TAYLOR, married Agnes Kerr McGREGOR, 20, borderer, Scotland, 291 Wallace Ave, d/o Peter McGREGOR (b. Scotland) & Janet WILSON, witn: Janet McGREGOR of 291 Wallace [Ave] & William SHEPPHERD of 82 Rowntree [Ave], 19 June 1925 at 390 Perth Ave

3242-25 Charles LOVE, 26, carpenter, Ontario, 71 Melbourne Ave, s/o Charles Henry LOVE (b. Ontario) & Hannah Lucilla WELLS, married Emily Louisa VERRALL, 25, rubber maker, Toronto, 27 Fenning[s] St, d/o Robert John VERRALL (b. Ontario) & Ellen Love ROSSITER, witn: Reginald WICKSEY of 486 Crawford St & Edith DEGNEY of 27 Fenning[s] St, 17 June 1925

002208-25 Percy LYNN, 28, meter reader, Toronto, 59 Raglan Ave s/o Percy James LYNN (b. England) & Jane Smith PEARCE married Elizabeth May McMASTER, 28, clerk, Ontario, 740 Brock Ave in Toronto d/o David McMASTER (b. Ontario) & Maria CRANE wtn: William LYNN of 4 Herman Ave in Toronto & Mrs AMACHER of 740 Brock Ave, 18 April 1925

3234-25 James LYNN, 60, widower, missionary, Ireland, Bancroft Hastings Co, s/o John LYNN (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann ANDERSON, married Florence Eveline Alice YONGE, 44, graduate nurse, Ontario, Campbelltown, d/o John YONGE (b. Ireland) & Helena KEMP, witn: Jean LEWIS of 7 Montague St & Alice M. IRVING of 7 Havelock St, 1 June 1925

002246-25 William Lloyd MANCHESTER, 27, real estate salesman, Ottawa, Cleveland in Ohio USA s/o William Edward MANCHESTER (b. Ottawa) & Elizabeth ROSS married Arline Mary WEBSTER, 21, civil servant, Toronto, 304 Cumberland St in Ottawa d/o James Edmund WEBSTER (b. Montreal) & Clara Eva SHRIMPTON wtn: Frederick J. ROY of 334 Palmerston Rd in Toronto & Clara Eva WEBSTER of Ottawa, 22 April 1925 002245-25 John Wyatt MANTELL, 27, widower, weigh man, Ontario, 620 Runnymede Rd s/o Amos MANTELL (b. Ontario) & Fanny WILLIAM married Mary Jane McKAY, 20, telephone operator, Toronto, 10 Thelma Ave in Toronto d/o Thomas McKAY (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane GRIER wtn: Charles M. BARNES of 194 Humberside Ave & Rita MILLSAP of 38½ Thelma Ave, 18 April 1925
002239-25 David Munro MARR, 23, electrician, Scotland, 266 Bathurst St s/o Henry MARR (b. Scotland) & Eleanor MUNRO married Margaret SIMPSON, 23, domestic, Scotland, 19 Wychwood Park in Toronto d/o John W. SIMPSON (b. Scotland) & Mary LYON wtn: George B. MARR & Margaret COYLE both of Toronto, 24 April 1925 002230-25 Stewart MARS, 35, stone mason, Scotland, 803 Pape Ave s/o David MARS (b. Scotland) & Mary SCOTT married Lillian Mae MacLEAN, 28, forelady, Ontario, 52 West Ave in Toronto d/o Albert James MacLEAN (b. Ontario) & Mary CAMPBELL wtn: Laura A. OKE of 20 Gerrard St East & Sidney JOHNSTONE of 353 George St, 8 April 1925
002228-25 Louis Frederick MARTIN, 50, labourer, Ontario, 212 Berkeley St s/o Constantine MARTIN (b. Ireland) & Catherine MARTIN married Harriet Annie BOGIE, 46, widow, England, 142 Brookside Ave in Toronto d/o Charles DAVIS (b. England) & Harriet BETTIS wtn: Frank LYNETT & Mrs A. LYNETT both of 3249 Dundas, 15 April 1925 at St Cecilia's 002221-25 Thomas James MARTIN, 24, tinsmith, Ireland, 38 Exeter St s/o Thomas MARTIN (b. Ireland) & Jane GRAHAM married Norah MOORE, 23, wrapper, England, 18 Harvie Ave in Toronto d/o Francis MOORE (b. England) & Florence BROWN wtn: Alfred HERMOKEIN of 84 Tyneworth Ave & Elsie ANDREWS of 156 (?) Road, 4 April 1925 at St Andrew's Church
002241-25 Domenico MARTINO, 25, cook. Italy, 197 Sumach St s/o Giacomo MARTINO (b. Italy) & Domenica TRENTEDNE married Guiseppina DI GINLIS, 22, dressmaker, Italy, 336 Manning Ave in Toronto d/o Rocco DI GINLIS (b. Italy) & Ningista COLAPINTO wtn: Francesco MARTINO of 192 Church & De JANNIRUPERTO of 340 Dundas St E, 23 April 1925 002217-25 Duncan MACAULAY, 31, cost accountant, Scotland, 230 Atlantic St in Warren s/o George MACAULAY (b. Scotland) & Christina MacLEOD married Henrietta MACLEAN, 28, manager, Scotland, 349 Delaware Ave in Toronto d/o John MACLEAN (b. Scotland) & Henrietta MORRISON wtn: Chrissie A. MacLEOD of 257 Brier Hill Ave in Toronto & Malcolm MACAULAY of 4211 Dorchester St W in Montreal, 21 April 1925 at Rosedale United Church
002244-25 Gordon Edward MEAD, 24, assistant surveyor, Toronto, 155 Audrey Ave in Birchcliff s/o William Robert MEAD (b. England) & Ethel TONGE married Nan Little HARKNESS, 20, domestic, Scotland, 155 Audrey Ave in Birchcliff d/o William HARKNESS (b. Scotland) & Margaret THOMPSON wtn: W.H. HYNES of 10 Harcourt Ave & John GREER of 290 Kingston Rd, 18 April 1925 at St John's Church Norway 002226-25 George Edward MEADES, 21, fruit vender, Toronto, Toronto s/o Ebenezer MEADES & Edith FOSTER married Violet Ruth FRANCIS, 22, England, Toronto d/o William FRANCIS & Alice ELDRIDGE wtn: Rosina FRANCIS of 40 Muriel Ave & Walter WHITEHOUSE Jr of 45 Cashmount Ave, 7 April 1925 at St Barnabas Church
002242-25 Joseph Gordon MELLWAY, 22, chauffeur, Toronto, 374 Sorauren Ave s/o James MELLWAY (b. Quebec) & Mary COLLINS married Vera Mary WAGNER, 19, stenographer, Toronto, 427 Crawford St in Toronto d/o Nicholas WAGNER (b. Ontario) & Mary SCHNITTKER wtn: Arthur Alphonsus CLEMENTS & Evelyn Gertrude Margaret CLEMENTS both of 903 Bathurst St in Toronto, 22 April 1925 002237-25 Peter MELNIK, 38, widower, machine operator, Ukrainia, 428½ Perth Ave in Toronto s/o Luka MELNIK (b. Ukrainia) & Domicella CUBULSKI married Dora WAIZIK, 36, domestic, Ukrainia, 449 Dundas St W in Toronto d/o Tony WAIZIK (b. Ukrainia) & Lena WELLEK wtn: Andrew LANDYZA of 307 Royce Ave & George MARKI OF 428½ Perth Ave, 14 April 1925
002220-25 Donald Robert MENZIES, 28, clerk, Scotland, Barrie in Ontario s/o John Forbes MENZIES (b. Scotland) & Charlotte McPHAIL married Minnie Louise BROWN, 23, graduate nurse, Ontario, 26 Strathcona Gardens in Toronto d/o John BROWN (b. Ontario) & Trophina BREWSTER wtn: W.K. McGREGOR & Eva L. DYKES both of Toronto, 17 April 1925 002227-25 Harold Frank MILES, 22, butcher, England, 499 Keele St s/o William J. MILES (b. England) & Rose ROSSITER married Marjorie Graham BAXTER, 21, nurse, Ireland, 138 Avenue Rd in Toronto d/o Arthur BAXTER (Ireland) & Edith MUNN wtn: Agnes McL VINING & Margaret McL VINING both of Toronto, 4 April 1925
002233-25 Elmer MILLER, 30, thresher, Erin twp, Erin twp s/o John H. MILLER (b. Ontario) & Minerva HAUFFER married Margaret McMartin INNES, 25, housekeeper, Scotland, Toronto d/o David INNES (b. Scotland) & Ellen CAMPBELL wtn: Martha McINTOSH of 110 Lindsay Ave & James H. GILCHRIST of 464 Gladstone Ave, 15 April 1925 002222-25 Peter Archer MOFFATT, 26, salesman, Toronto, 108 Crawford St s/o Robert MOFFATT (b. Ontario) & Ida SCHIEK married Florella Gertrude HOLDEN, 27, stenographer, USA, 439 Sherbourne St in Toronto d/o Jonathan Collins HOLDEN (b. New Brunswick) & Mary Louise BELL wtn: Harold Louis EAGLES of Humber Bay in Ontario & Evelyn Emma FIFE of Cannington, 4 April 1925
002218-25 Clifford James MONTGOMERY, 21, box maker, Toronto, 87 McGee St s/o John Thomas MONTGOMERY (b. Ontario) & Emma WEEKS married Kathleen Conway DOWNIE, 20, butter wrapper, Scotland, 22 Hamilton St in Toronto d/o Frank DOWNIE (b. Scotland) & Helen GRAY wtn: Thomas ADAMS & Elizabeth A. GLENN both of 104 Trinity St, 1 April 1925 at Trinity Church 002247-25 Joseph William MOORE, 28, truck driver, Ireland, 44 Warren Cres in Toronto s/o Joseph MOORE (b. Ireland) & Ellen HOBSON married Evelyn Mary WILLIAMS, 30, operator, North Wales, 329 Brock Ave d/o Griffith WILLIAMS (b. North Wales) & Lucy HOWARD wtn: George RASON & Muriel RASON both of 756 Dupont, 29 April 1925
002225-25 George Joseph MOORE, 34, builder, Ireland, Kingsbury Ave in Long Branch s/o Tom MOORE (b. Ireland) (deceased) & Marion BUTLER married Bessie Blanche BRADLEY, 34, telephone operator, USA, Kingsbury Ave in Long Branch d/o Thomas BRADLEY (b. USA)(deceased) & Elizabeth GASS (deceased) wtn: Edith STAFFORD & Jane MURRAY both of 51 Bond St in Toronto, 11 April 1925 at Metropolitan Parsonage 002224-25 William Robert Charles MOORE, 24, barber, Ontario, 1812 Gerrard St E in Toronto s/o Charles Henry MOORE (b. Ontario) & Annie REYNOLDS married Mary Yvonne Delia Laurie PAQUETTE, 24, saleslady, Ontario, 1812 Gerrard St E in Toronto d/o Adolph PAQUETTE (b. Quebec) & Delia LA BELLE wtn: H.L. BEER & I.J. BELL both of Toronto, 10 April 1925 at Bathurst St Methodist Church
002229-25 Harry MORGAN, 47, widower, farmer, North Norwich, same, s/o William MORGAN (b. N Norwich) & Minerva AMMERMAN, married Margaret Mabel TYNDELL, 46, stenographer, North Norwich, Toronto d/o George Loree TYNDELL (b. Trafalgar twp) & Mary Elizabeth MORTON wtn: G.H. TYNDELL of 80 Clifton Cres in Toronto & L.W. OVERLAND of 38 Pauline Ave in Toronto, 15 April 1925 002219-25 William Arthur MORRIS, 37, postal clerk, England, 205 Simcoe St s/o John MORRIS (b. Wales) & Annie WILLIAMS married Sarah O'NEILL, 32, Scotland, 35 Homewood Ave in Toronto d/o Michael O'NEILL (b. Scotland) & Sarah McNICHOL wtn: Honora DOLLARD & Anastasia DOLLARD both of 11 Earl St in Toronto, 3 April 1925
002223-25 John Alexander MORRISON, 32, auto mechanic, Ontario, 870 Dupont St s/o James MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Fanny READ married Maude Lucille YEOMAN, 29, widow, Ontario, 302 Indian Rd in Toronto d/o James YEOMAN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WALSH wtn: Hazel Irene McLAREN & Lyle P. McLAREN both of 1943 Dufferin St, 7 April 1925 002243-25 Reeve Wilson MORRISON, 28, dentist, Ontario, Morden Manitoba s/o Thomas James MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Carrie RANKIN married Jennie May RITCHIE, 25, Ontario, 234 Bloor St E in Toronto d/o John Forbes RITCHIE (b. Ontario) & Catherine Frances WOLFE wtn: Jessie Margarite RITCHIE of 234 Bloor St E & James Ross BLACK of 80 Balmoral Place in Winnipeg, 21 April 1925
002232-25 Herbert Hugo MUELLER, 27, chemical engineer, Toronto, Cincinnati s/o Paul H. MUELLER & Julia VOLLMERING married Irene LANGFIELD, 25, at home, Toronto, Cincinnati d/o Fred Val LANGFIELD & Elizabeth HOLTZE wtn: Emil J. MUELLER of 52 Warren Road in Toronto & Louise LANGFIELD of 46 Redford Ave in Toronto, 14 April 1925 002234-25 Charles Alexander MULLIGAN, 23, wholesale fruitier, Toronto, 51 Apcon Ave s/o Patrick MULLIGAN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth O'REILLY married Cecelia Elizabeth CLARKE, 18, coat checker, Toronto, 65 Oakcrest Ave in Toronto d/o Edward CLARKE (b. Ontario) & Cecelia LARNER wtn: Mr & Mrs James MULLIGAN of 27 Montreal St in Toronto, 20 April 1925
002236-25 Mark MUNDIER, 21, labourer, Toronto, Niagara Falls in Ontario s/o Mark MUNDIER (b. France) & Emma JENNINGS, married Gladys Irene LEIGH, 18, Toronto, Toronto d/o Edward LEIGH (b. England) & Alice TUCKER wtn: Harold WILLIAMS & C. WILLIAM both of 24 Mulock, 16 April 1925 002240-25 Ernest William MUNTON, 21, chair maker, Ontario, 13 Stanley Ave s/o Herbert MUNTON (b. England) & Esther BURKE married Elsie Mabel NICHOLSON, 18, mangle work, Saskatchewan, 6 Plymouth Ave in Toronto d/o Richard NICHOLSON (b. Ontario) & Mary OSBORNE wtn: Thomas WILLIAMS & Dorothy WILLIAMS both of Toronto, 23 April 1925
002238-25 Joseph Ambrose MURRAY, 25, machine operator, Ontario, 4 Fuller Ave s/o Albert MURRAY (b. Ireland) & Ethel VANCE married Nellie BURGESS, 18, England, 28 Givens St in Toronto d/o Frederick BURGESS (b. England) & Maria NEALD wtn: Michael ENRIGHT & Mrs W. WALKERLEY both of 1372 King St W, 24 April 1925 at Holy Family Church Rectory 002235-25 George MURRAY, 23, machine operator, Scotland, 4762 Williams Ave in Detroit s/o James MURRAY (b. Ireland) & Minnie SHORNER?, married Elizabeth Moore JUSTICE, 23, Scotland, 96 Berkshire Ave in Toronto d/o Alexander JUSTICE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth HARRIS wtn: Robert CRAWFORD & Annie Blair CRAWFORD both of 96 Berkshire Ave in Toronto, 17 April 1925
002231-25 James MURRAY, 32, widower, labourer, Ireland, 207 Dundas Cres s/o John George MURRAY (b. Ireland) & Ann (not known) married Mary Elizabeth HODGINS, 39, dressmaker, Ontario, 20 Gerrard S E in Toronto d/o Thomas HODGINS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth Jane MORRISH wtn: Ethel MURPHY of 67 Pembroke St & Clara CHUBB of 135 Gerrard St E, 15 April 1925