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City of Toronto, 1925, part 11

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2131-25  Ferdinand Joseph GARDEN, 36, traveller, British Columbia, 89 Charles St East, s/o Joseph GARDEN (b. British Columbia) & Emma FRANKLIN, married Dorothy Welch HOUSTON, 31, governess, Scotland, 89 Charles St East, d/o Crawford HOUSTON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WELCH, witn: Mrs J.E. INKSTER & Elizabeth INKSTER both of Toronto, 29 Apr 1925 at 407 Brunswick Ave

2134-25  John Morren GEAR, 27, rubber worker, Scotland, 197 Sorauren Ave, s/o John GEAR (b. Scotland) & Janet Forbes MORREN, married Margaret Kinghorn PAGE, 33, bookkeeper, Scotland, 55 Prescott Ave, d/o James PAGE (b. Scotland) & Isabella MACKINTOSH, witn: Jane Ruth NICHOLSON of 374 Spadina & William GEAR of Long Beach, 24 Apr 1925 at St David's

2130-25  Lawrence Joseph GENTLE, 19, butcher, Toronto, 204 Cowan Ave, s/o Joseph GENTLE (b. Ontario) & Lena E. GUEST, married Ivy Evelyn CHURCHILL, 21, operator, Toronto, 59 Gwynne Ave, d/o Charles W. CHURCHILL (b. Newfoundland) & Hilda M. CARTER, witn: Harold GRIMSHAW of 1273 Queen [St] West & Nora HAMILTON of 120 Munro, 29 Apr 1925

2136-25  William GILBERT, 32, secretary, Ontario, 50 Manor Rd West, s/o Samuel GILBERT (b. Ontario) & Mina PATERSON, married Jeannette Elizabeth STEVENSON, 30, bookkeeper, Toronto, 640 Hillsdale Ave West, d/o David STEVENSON (b. Scotland) & Louisa MILES, witn: Marion PRATT of 998 St Clair Ave East & Robert H. GILBERT of 41 North St Galt, 25 Apr 1925 at United Church Rosedale

2128-25  Ernest George Victor GINGELL, 24, labourer England, 30 Warren Cres Lambton, s/o William John GINGELL (b. England) & Eva JEFFREY, married Margaret Patton Simpson GRAY, 20, soap wrapper, Scotland, 1000 Dundas St West, d/o George GRAY (b. Scotland) & Margaret GREIG, witn: William JEFFREY of 32 Warren Cres & Hilda GRAY of 1000 Dundas St West, 30 Apr 1925

2122-25  Lewis Julius GLEISER, 20, clerk, Toronto, 2003 Davenport Rd, s/o Charles H. GLEISER (b. Ontario) & Laira MILLARD, married Christina BROWN, 18, carpet setter, Scotland, 2087 Davenport Rd, d/o John BROWN (b. Scotland) & Annie HARPER, witn: Walter O'HARA of 406 Nairn Ave & Helen BROWN of 2087 Davenport Rd, 12 Apr 1925

2132-25  Alexander Cameron GLENDINNING, 24, labourer, Scotland, 31 Dentonia Park Ave, s/o John GLENDINNING (b. Scotland) & Catherine CAMERON, married Jeanie WEBSTER, 23, operator, Scotland, 121 Jones Ave, d/o George WEBSTER (b. Scotland) & Jane BRYMER, witn: Angus Falconer ADAMSON of 506 Jones Ave & Agnes GLENDINNING of 31 Dentonia Park Ave, 25 Apr 1925 at 245 Wolverleigh Blvd

2125-25  Robert Fraser GORDON, 24, electrician, Scotland, 24 Eastmount Ave, s/o Alexander GORDON (b. Scotland) & Georgina BARROW, married Edith SELFE, 30, England, 36 Geneva Ave, d/o Thomas SELFE (b. England) & Amy Anne THOMAS, witn: Percy W. DAY of 43 Geneva Ave & Susie BROOKES of 367 GREENWOOD Ave, 23 Apr 1925 at St Peter's Church

2129-25  Edward GORDON, 57, widower, foreman, Los Angeles, Syracuse R.F.D.I. NY, s/o Charles Frederick GORDON (b. Scotland) & Fanny BOWEN, married Eliza RUDDY, 54, widow, housekeeper, Toronto, 34 Barrington Ave, d/o George Charles SHEARD (b. England) & Elizabeth BAXTER, witn: Kenneth E. GORDON of North Syracuse NY & Laura A. DUFF of 296 Western Ave, 29 Apr 1925 at St John's Church Norway

2138-25  James Norman GORDON, 24, machinist, Scotland, 197A Hallam St, s/o William GORDON & Margaret HOSSACK, married Mary Ruth PRATT, 20, Scotland, 418 Bartlett Ave, d/o David PRATT & Isabella McDONALD, witn: William Keith O'NEIL of 416 Bartlett & Nellie CAMERON of 87 Laughton Ave, 24 Apr 1925

2123-25  Alfred Joseph GRAINGER, 40, bricklayer, England, 122 East High St Detroit Michigan, s/o William GRAINGER (b. England) & Annie WELLSMAN, married Violet Dahlia May REEVES, 32, stenographer, Newfoundland, 415 Bartlett Ave, d/o William REEVES (b. France) & Emma RODWAY, witn: Amy PARSONS & Dorothy ROBB both of Toronto, 18 Apr 1925

2135-25  George GRANT, 30, city fireman, Nova Scotia, 91 Withrow Ave, s/o Robert GRANT (b. Scotland) & Mary FIFE, married Reba Matilda SMITH, 30, operator, Toronto, 91 Withrow Ave, d/o Edward T. SMITH (b. England) & Jane J. HASTIE, witn: Harry BROWN of 68 Ellerbeck Ave & Annie M. SMITH of 91 Withrow Ave, 25 Apr 1925

2127-25  Thomas GRAY, 31, tax collector, Toronto, 274 Havelock St, s/o Thomas James GRAY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth HARE, married Florence Verna BROOKS, 29, stenographer, Ontario, 323 Brock Ave, d/o Florence Verna BROOKS (b. Ontario) & Mary J. FLEMING, witn: Mary GRAY & R.C. LATIMER both of Toronto, 21 Apr 1925

2124-25  Richard Ferguson GREEN, 25, letter carrier, Toronto, 319 Davisville Ave, s/o Harry GREEN (b. England) & Rachel Louise LYE, married Ethel Maud DALE, 22, operator, England, 213 Westmoreland Ave, d/o Henry John DALE (b. England) & Lillie NYE, witn: Frank DALE of 213 Westmoreland Ave & H. Ernest GREEN of 23 Linden St, 18 Apr 1925

2137-25  Howard Vincent GREENSIDES, 26, mechanic, Toronto, 1352 Ossington Ave, s/o Henry GREENSIDES & Elizabeth HENDRICK, married Eva Florence CRIMES, 24, stenographer, England, 1354 Ossington, d/o James CRIMES & Louise BASHFORD, witn: Gordon GREENSIDES of 2 Hendrick Ave & May GREENSIDES of 1352 Ossington, 29 Apr 1925 (RC)

2126-25  Patrick Albert Francis GUERIN, 21, fruit peddler, Ontario, 230 Ontario St, s/o Noel GUERIN (b. Ontario) & Mary Anne BURNS, married Nora Catharine FITZPATRICK, 22, Ireland, 230 Ontario St, d/o Patrick FITZPATRICK (b. Ireland) & Catharine O'FLAHERTY, witn: Cecil MULLIN of 291 Ontario St & Mary O'BRIEN of 59 Regent St, 18 Apr 1925 at St Paul's Church (RC)

2133-25  Ovila Wilfred GUERTIN, 23, barber, Quebec, Rouyn Quebec, s/o Existe GUERTIN (b. Quebec) & Ameeda LARIVEE, married Leda LACHANCE, 22, domestic, Ontario, 17 Denison Ave, d/o Adelard LACHANCE (b. Ontario) & Albertine ALBERT, witn: Joseph Albert VIGNEAULT of Macamick [Macamic?] Quebec & Theodule LAMARCHE of Toronto, 27 Apr 1925 (RC)

2613-25 John Harold HALL, 32, clerk, Toronto, 38 Marion St. same, d/o John Thomas HALL (b. England) & Ada BARKER, married Marjorie Maud WILSON, 32, graduate nurse, Toronto, 24 Pearson Ave. same, d/o Allan WILSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret CHISHOLM, witn: Lydia L. GRIFFITHS of 38 Sorauren Ave. & Edna A. WILSON of 628 Queen St. West both of Toronto on May 21, 1925

2617-25 Stanley Montague HALLAM, 34, mechanic, England, 303 King St. West Toronto, s/o Albert George HALLAM (b. England) & Millie FISHER, married Lillian May WILLIAMS, 36, widow, Ontario, 303 ½ King St. West Toronto, d/o John CARNEY (b. Ontario) & Jennie LEADER, witn: Dorothea COX of 18 Arundel Ave. & E. W. McELERNEY? of 27 Lakeview Avenue both of Toronto on May 12, 1925

2144-25 Alexander HAMILTON, 29, cartage, Ireland, 219 Westlake Ave, s/o William HAMILTON (b. Ireland) & Martha WALKER, married Helen FRENCH, 28, weaver, Scotland, 148 Westlake Ave, d/o Benjamin FRENCH (b. Ireland) & Martha HENDERSON, witn: William TAPLEY & Minnie TAPLEY both of 148 Westlake Ave, 8 Apr 1925

2158-25 George Christopher HARDIE, 26, physician, British Columbia, 1724 Euclid Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o George Henry HARDIE (b. Scotland) & Ethel Mary PHILLIPS, married Janet Alison Fyfe GEGGIE, 27, stenographer, Nova Scotia, 141 Glendale Ave, d/o Andrew Logan GEGGIE (b. Scotland) & Janet MILLER, witn: Nathalie B. SMITH of 38 Glenholme Ave & Philip HARDIE of Canteen Rd Esquimalt BC, 23 Apr 1925

2155-25 William Duffield HARDING, 35, wholesale dry goods, Ontario, 28 Algonquin Ave, s/o John Murray HARDING (b. Ontario) & Sarah STRICKLAND, married Annie Gladys HODGE, 26, stenographer, Ireland, 105 Parkside Drive, d/o George HODGE (b. Scotland) & Margaret Smeaton Morrison FENWICK, witn: Margaret Smeaton Morrison HODGE of 105 Parkside Drive & Sarah HARDING of 28 Algonquin Ave, 18 Apr 1925 at St Martin-in-the-Fields

2619-25 John Smith HARVEY, 28, electrician, Dunbarton Scotland, 160 Yarmouth Road Toronto, s/o John HARVEY & Mary BRADLEY, married Helen Mary POOLE, 24, Nanticoke Ont., 160 Yarmouth Rd. Toronto, d/o Michael POOLE & Catherine McCARTHY, witn: Rose WYLER of 6 London St. & Charles William HARVEY of 22 Lola Road both of Toronto on May 12, 1925

2143-25  James Arthur HARVEY, 23, photo engraver, Toronto, 133 Cliff Ave Boston Massachusetts, s/o William Henry H. HARVEY (b. Ontario) & Edith MARSHALL, married Alexandrina FERGUSON, 21, Scotland, 10 ½ Glencairn Ave, d/o James B. FERGUSON (b. Scotland) & Polson J. SIMPSON, witn: Alan HARVEY of 637 Christie St Forest & Gwynne MEREDITH of Toronto, 7 Apr 1925

2153-25  Charles Franklin HAWKINS, 22, artist, Toronto, Huntington Apts Carnegie Blvd - Cleveland Ohio, s/o George HAWKINS (b. Ontario) & Mary B. BLACK, married Lillian Emmie BAMBER, 21, stenographer, Toronto, 114 Glenlake Ave, d/o Joseph BAMBER (b. England) & Mary Ann SOMERTON, witn: Joseph BAMBER & G.C. HAWKINS both of Toronto, 18 Apr 1925 at Howard Park Church

2606-25 George Frederick HAWKINS, 22, farmer, England, Markham twp., s/o John Richard HAWKINS (b. England) & mother unknown (sic), married Florence SHAWYER, 21, Alverstoke England, Richmond Hill, d/o Harry SHAWYER (b. England) & Lucy unknown (ward of Dr. Barnardo Home), witn: Charlotte F. STOKES & Rhoda BARKER both of Toronto on May 14, 1925

2609-25 Richard William Henry HAYDEN, 55, decorator, widower, Montreal Que., 9 Golden Ave. Toronto, s/o Richard HAYDEN (b. Ireland) & Jane LANCELEY, married Elizabeth Cecilia POST, 49, milliner, Ontario, 9 Golden Ave. Toronto, d/o Abram POST (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth ORSER, witn: John Wesley & Helen BEAVER both of 9 Howard Park Toronto on May 23, 1925 at 9 Golden Ave

2616-25 Walter HEINTZMAN, 25, bookkeeper, Ontario, 204 Gerrard Street East Toronto, s/o Michael HEINTZMAN (b. Germany) & Katherine LAUBER, married Pauline EBERT, 22, dressmaker, Germany, 462 Euclid Avenue Toronto, d/o Frederick (b. Germany) & May, witn: Ralph PARSONS of 9 Orchard Park Blvd. & C. R. MORRISON of 188 Lee Avenue both of Toronto on May 4, 1925 at Gerrard St. at Broadview

2614-25 John Cave HENDERSON, 24, B.T.C. installer, Ireland, 187 Withrow Avenue Toronto, s/o William John HENDERSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret ELY, married Margaret Butler PHILLIPS, 25, clerk, Ireland, 13, Woolfrey Ave. Toronto, d/o James PHILLIPS (b. Ireland) & Isabel BUTLER, witn: P. H. WILLCOCKS of 66 Hastings Ave., Margaret HENDERSON of 187 Withrow Ave. & Jean PHILLIPS of 13 Woolfrey Ave. all of Toronto on May 21, 1925

2604-25 Dugald HEPBURN, 27, electrical engineer, Toronto, 49 Granby Avenue same, s/o John M. HEPBURN (b. Ontario) & Ida CARD, married Frances Louise MERRETT, 24, bookkeeper, England, Milton, d/o Joseph MERRETT (b. England) & Laura MARSHMAN, witn: John W. & Ida HEPBURN both of Georgetown on May 12, 1925

2603-25 Leslie Felton HERN, 20, electrician, Toronto, 837 Lafayette St. in Jamestown NY, s/o Frank F. HERN (b. Ontario) & Mabel MONTGOMERY, married Zoe Rella COOK, 19, USA, 837 Lafayette St. Jamestown New York, d/o William McClellan COOK (b. USA) & Ella Rose ISHMAN, witn: Sydney A. HOWELL 2066A Dundas St. West & Jemima HERN of 7 Millicent St. both of Toronto on May 9, 1925

2145-25 Percy Roy HERN, 20, truck driver, Toronto, 1005 Logan Ave, s/o Edward HERN (b. England) & Bessie WOODS, married Christina DOUGLAS, 19, Scotland, 48 Cummings St, d/o James DOUGLAS (b. Scotland) & Catherine BEATON, witn: Catherine B. DOUGLAS of 48 Cummings St & Gladys T. BARROW of 222 Coxwell Ave, 9 Apr 1925

2607-26 Thomas William HICKS, 21, painter, Ontario, 19 Regent St. Toronto, s/o William HICKS (b. Ontario) & Sarah BLAKELEY, married Susanna GREENWOOD, 18, stock leveller, England, 19 Regent St. Toronto, d/o William GREENWOOD (b. England) & Margaret SHUTTLEWORTH, witn: Arthur BOETTGER of 585 Markham & Violet Le FEUVRE of 21 Pickering St. both of Toronto on May 23, 1925 at [divorced 21/9/55].

2166-25 John William HILL, 27, machinist, Stratford England, 191 Perth Ave, s/o Francis George HILL & Martha MACE, married Alice Mabel COLES, 20, Stratford England, 15 McGregor Ave, d/o Frederick COLES & Margaret E. DENNY, witn: Herbert F. COLES of Mt Dennis, Clara B. COLES & Lillian COLES both of Toronto, 18 Apr 1925

2612-25 George Henry HILL, 43, gardener, Favisham Kent England, 1483 Kingston Road Toronto, s/o George Henry HILL (b. England) & mother unknown, married Mary Elizabeth SMITH, 43, Withell? Rutlandshire England, Canadian Women's Hotel Toronto, d/o Jeremiah SMITH (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann WIGGINGTON, witn: John KIDD? of 290 Kingston Road Toronto on May 26, 1925 at St. John's Church Norway

2620-25 Keppel Wigmore HILL, 26, religious minister, Napanee, Port Arthur, s/o Dudley Leicester HILL (deceased) & Edith Mary Tiffing WIGMORE, married Wilma Forster SCOTT, 27, Brampton, 116 Briar Hill Ave. Toronto, d/o William Forster SCOTT & Mabel McCULLOUGH, witn: Edith M. T. HILL of 359 Clinton St. & Mabel SCOTT of 341 Sherbourne St. both of Toronto on May 2, 1925 at Trinity College Chapel

2611-25 Horace Richard HOCKING, 27, butcher/grocer, England, 241 ½ Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o William HOCKING (b. England) & Grace COATHAM, married Ethel Maud DOWNES, 26, England, 77 Wheeler Ave. Toronto, d/o Charles Colmond DOWNES (b. England) & Ada BELLIE, witn: Thomas FLOYD of 33 Millbrook Road & John GREER of 290 Kingston Road both of Toronto on May 24, 1925 at St. John's Church Norway

2621-25 James Joseph HOLLERHEAD, 31, machinist, England, 63 Crawford Ave. Windsor, s/o Thomas HOLLERHEAD & Jane STEWART, married Annie BRENNAN, 33, England, 29 Heintzman Ave. Toronto, d/o William BRENNAN & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Rose & A. THOMAS no residences given on May 30, 1925

2142-25 Henry HOUSER, 22, merchant, Toronto, 123 Spadina Rd, s/o Jacob HOUSER (b. Poland) & Fannie GREISMAN, married Gladys FOGG, 20, hairdresser, England, 45 ½ Kent St Lindsay, d/o John Willoughby FOGG (b. England) & Henrietta TAYLOR, witn: Robert HALLIWELL & Henrietta HALLIWELL both of 45 ½ Kent St Lindsay, 2 Apr 1925

2148-25 Grenville Richard HOUSTON, 21, B.T. Co installer, Toronto, 44 Deloraine Ave, s/o Richard HOUSTON (b. Ontario) & Maud Jane Adelaide KENNY, married Mary Rose WATSON, 22, stenographer, England, 22 Berryman St, d/o Henry James WATSON (b. England) & Edith CHANNAN (Charman?), witn: Clarence Lawson HOUSTON of 75 LeRoy Ave & Grace Alice AUSTIN of Richmond Hill, 16 Apr 1925

2608-25 Francis Hamilton HOWE, 30, accountant, Listowel, Dunnville, s/o Frederick HOWE & Mary Ann COLLIE, married Mildred Olivyn GILPIN, 23, nurse, Belhaven, Toronto, d/o Isaac M. GILPIN & Samuel BUCHANAN, witn: M.L. WHITMORE of Dunnville & A. R. FIRSTBROOK of Toronto on May 23, 1925

2149-25 Robert Bingham HOWE, 26, druggist, Ontario, 561 Gilmour St Ottawa, s/o John S. HOWE (b. Ontario) & Maria MacLAREN, married Brenda Muriel DIFFEY, 21, England, 802 Carlaw Ave, d/o James DIFFEY (b. England) & Julia SMITH, witn: Miss Jean HOWE of 42 Sussex Ave & Mrs Howard ROBERTSON of Victoria College, 15 Apr 1925 at St Erastus Church

2605-25 Archibald Leslie HUETHER, 33, surgeon, Ontario, Belvedere Apartments Salt Lake City Utah USA, s/o Jacob HUETHER (b. Ontario) & Merila TODD, married Gladys Lyle LAWRENCE, 35, graduate nurse, Ontario, 58 Howland Ave. Toronto, d/o Joseph L. LAWRENCE (b. Ontario) & Emma WALMSLEY, witn: A. C. LEWIS of 107 Macpherson Ave. & Hazel A. LAWRENCE of 39 Christie St. both of Toronto on May 11, 1925 2610-25 Emory Robert HUGHES, 22, engineer, USA, 1220 Racine St. in Racine Wisconsin, s/o Richard Robert HUGHES (b. Wales) & Sarah Elizabeth DUNHAM, married Irmgard Theresa GOTTHARDT, 18, secretary, Toronto, 7 Irene Ave. same, d/o Leroy Waldemar GOTTHARDT (b. Germany) & Ida Alvina COHRS, witn: R. & Mrs. Emma FEHLHABER both of 265 Westmoreland Ave. Toronto on May 20, 1925

2140-25 George Henry HUNTER, 20, labourer, Ontario, Alton Peel CO, s/o William HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Ellen Jane STREET, married Alice MARTIN, 23, Ontario, Alton, d/o John Henry MARTIN (b. England) & Anna MANSFIELD, witn: Mrs Winnie WILSON of 130 Hogarth Ave & Mrs John J. COULTER of 49 Jackman Ave, 1 Apr 1925

2615-25 Clifford Watson HUNTER, 21, labourer, Toronto, 101 Lyon Avenue Fairbank Ont., s/o James W. HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Minnie BUNKER, married Dorothy Rose ANDREWS, 23, operator, England, 453 Symington Ave. Toronto, d/o Charles ANDREWS (b. England) & Elizabeth WARD, witn: Mabel C. BATTON of Elgin Mills & William T. CHARLES of Richmond Hill on May 23, 1925 at 390 Perth Ave

2152-25 Walter Wilbur HURD, 23, builder, Ontario, 74 Brandon Ave, s/o John Wilbur HURD (b. Ontario) & Margaret GILLESPIE, married Helen Jacqueline REID, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 80 Mountview Ave, d/o Henry A. REID (b. Ontario) & Helen D. ANKCORN, witn: M.G. HURD of 74 Brandon Ave & T. REID of 80 Mountview Ave, 18 Apr 1925

2161-25 John HURST, 42, widower, accountant, Ireland, 276 Glenholme Ave, s/o Richard HURST (b. Ireland) & Margaret McCLEAN, married Esther Collins BAMFORD, 32, cashier, Ireland, 334 Brunswick Ave, d/o Charles BAMFORD (b. Ireland) & Eliza Jane COLLINS, witn: John Ernest CROZIER of 276 Glenholme Ave & Ena LINN of 29 Rainsford Rd, 18 Apr 1925

2618-25 Richard Ivor HYNDMAN, 20, chauffeur, England, 14 Wardell St. Toronto, s/o James Darby HYNDMAN (b. England) & Jane Ann Elizabeth BURTON (deceased), married Florence Ellen DOOLEY, 19, England, 50 Inglewood Drive Toronto, d/o Paul DOOLEY, deceased (b. England) & Jeane WAIN, witn: Fred RUSSELL of 28 Natalie St. Toronto & Hannah DAVISON of 25 Cornish Road both of Toronto on May 21, 1925 at Metropolitan Parsonage

2631-25 Benjamin Daniel JACKSON, 21, B. T. C. line man, England, 44 Dagmar Ave. Toronto, s/o John JACKSON (b. England) & Isabella WINTHORP, married Edna Alice GRIMES, 17, operator, England, 44 Dagmar Ave. Toronto, d/o William GRIMES (b. England) & Elizabeth ILLSON, witn: Thomas & Lillie JACKSON both of 44 Barker Ave. Toronto on May 23, 1925

2180-25 John Charles JACKSON, 25, textile worker, England, 641 Ontario St, s/o Charles Ernest JACKSON (b. England) & Alice Maud CRUM, married Alice Gertrude WOOLACOTT, 25, Ontario, 174 Sheridan Ave, d/o Wesley James WOOLACOTT (b. England) & Minnie CORY, witn: Allen Stewart McKINNON & Florence ELSON both of Toronto, 11 Apr 1925

2179-25 Frank Alfred JACKSON, 40, coach dept TTC, England, 223 Humberside Ave, s/o Thomas JACKSON (b. England) & Caroline HARDING, married Edith Anne SUCKLING, 35, clerk, England, 1085 Bathurst St, d/o Herbert Harry SUCKLING (b. England) & Annie STEELE, witn: Mrs Susie SMITH & George SMITH both of Toronto, 30 Apr 1925

2640-25 Henry George JAMES, 32, clerk, England, 35 Fernwood Park Toronto, s/o Francis JAMES & Emily NORRIS, married Doris Gascoine TAYLOR, 22, operator, England, 133 Carlaw West Toronto, d/o John TAYLOR & Annie WATSON, witn: Beatrice CLARKE of 120 Bathurst St. & George TAYLOR of 133 Carlaw both of Toronto on May 23, 1925 at St. Clements Church

2639-25 John Christo JAMESON, 27, restaurant keeper, Macedonia, 1742 Dundas St. West Toronto, s/o Christo GAMOFF (sic) (b. Macedonia) & Krestine KOTEVA, married Zvezda MICHAILOVA, 18, Macedonia, 203 Berkeley St. Toronto, d/o Michail CHRISTOFF (sic) (b. Macedonia) & Slene CIKOVA, witn: Elia SOTIVOFF & Kuge CHRISTIE both of 2036 St. Clair Ave. West Toronto on May 24, 1925

2623-25 Donald Thompson JAMIESON, 30, checker, Manitoba, 79 Wilkinson Ave. Oshawa, s/o Andrew JAMIESON (b. Ireland) & Jennie THOMPSON, married Edith Grace WILDMAN, 18, Reach twp. Ont. Co., 79 Wilkinson Ave. Oshawa, d/o Edward WILDMAN (b. Reach twp.) & Edith Selina BARKLEY, witn: Elizabeth TOWNSLEY of Toronto & Edward WILDMAN of Oshawa on May 9, 1925

2174-25 George William JAMIESON, 30, saw filer, Ontario, Orillia - Simcoe Co, s/o Thomas James JAMIESON (b. Ontario) & Kate GILKE, married Mary ROBINSON, 28, widow, salesclerk, Ontario, 43 Murray St, d/o Thomas George JACKETT (b. Ontario) & Alma NORTHEY, witn: Ina JACKETT of 910 Queen St East & William Walter PEARCE of 6 Buchanan St, 15 Apr 1925

2625-25 Walter Charles JARMAN, 28, weaver, England, 1188 College St. Toronto, s/o Walter Charles JARMAN (b. England) & Sarah WOORLEY (Worsley?), d/o Frances Isabel WILSON, 34, widow, Toronto, 47 Buttonwood Ave. Mt. Dennis, d/o John DARBY (b. USA) & Mary McALLISTER, witn: George Clarke HACKER & Grace HACKER both of 1188 College St. Toronto on May 2, 1925 at 950 Dufferin St  

2627-25 John JARVIE, 24, biscuit packer, Scotland, 53 Peter St. Toronto, s/o John JARVIE (b. Scotland) & Jemima BAXTER, married Christina Fleming BAXTER, 24, Scotland, 45 Peter St. Toronto, d/o John BAXTER (b. Scotland) & Ellen FLEMMING, witn: John BROWN of 56 Herbert Ave. & Agnes BLYTHE of 30 Madelane Ave. both of Toronto on May 8, 1925

2184-25 Robert JARVIE, 23, accountant, Scotland, 125 Northcliffe Blvd, s/o Andrew JARVIE (b. Scotland) & Janet BURT, married Mildred Eveleen WILBUR, 22, stenographer, Toronto, 197 Hamilton St, d/o William WILBUR (b. England) & Emily PORSEY, witn: Mary JARVIE & H.R. MORRIS both of Toronto, 25 Apr 1925

2634-25 David Imrie JARVIS, 26, police constable, Ontario, 134 Pendrith St. Toronto, s/o Sylvanus JARVIS (b. Ontario) & Florence RUMBLE, married Edith Joan WELLS, 24, clerk, Ontario, 646 Manning Ave. Toronto, d/o Parnham WELLS (b. Ontario) & Alice SNIDER, witn: Marjorie WELLS of 646 Manning Ave. & Miss. Hilda SCARTH of 557a Bloor St. West both of Toronto on May 30, 1925

2633-25 John Campbell JEFFREY, 24, furrier, Scotland, 40 Ascot Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert JEFFREY (b. Scotland) & Mary RUMSBY, married Ellen McCARTNEY, 26, nursemaid, Scotland, 66 Rosepark Drive Toronto, d/o Michael McCARTNEY (b. Scotland) & Annie DOLAN, witn: David & Madge SPRINGATE of 453 Grace Street Toronto on May 30, 1925

2630-25 Samuel Rose JOHNSON, 69, machinist, widower, Ontario, 17 Rusholme Park Cresc. Toronto, s/o Samuel JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & Henrietta GROOM, married Alberta JOHNSTON, 45, book stitcher, Toronto, 73 Rhodes Ave. same, d/o William JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Emma J. SHEPPARD, witn: Thomas Henry & Clara Mae BROCK both of Toronto on May 21, 1925

2629-25 Frederick Charles JOHNSON, 34, yard foreman C. N. R., Ontario, 263 Osler Ave. Toronto, s/o John T. JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & Jenny WILSON, married Rose Jean ATCHISON, 27, Ontario, 263 Osler Ave. Toronto, d/o James ATCHISON (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann CAMERON, witn: Mrs. Bertram NELLES & Robert T. NELLES both of 1328 King St. West Toronto on May 20, 1925

2636-25 Harold Albert JOHNSTON, 27, stock salesman, Ontario, 520 George St. Toronto, s/o Albert Edward JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Mary O'CONNOR, married Mary Victoria SPEIRS, 25, telephone operator, Ontario, 428 Beverly Street Toronto, d/o Fulton Thompson SPEIRS (b. Ontario) & Jessie McINTYRE, witn: J. & E. E. JOHNSTON both of 221 Sherbourne Street Toronto on May 26, 1925

2637-25 Joseph Lloyd JOHNSTON, 31, insurance broker, Toronto, 94 Duplex Avenue same, s/o Joseph JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Sarah MacARTHUR, married Gladys Annie CULVER, 24, stenographer, Ontario, 31 Manor Td. West Toronto, d/o Harvey CULVER (b. Ontario) & Hope FORD, witn: Lena May CULVER of Simcoe Ontario, & Edith May JOHNSTON of 94 Duplex Avenue Toronto on May 27, 1925

2175-25 James Murray JOHNSTON, 69, divorced, clergyman, Ontario, 6 Washington Ave East, s/o James JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Agnes McBRATNEY, married Edith EMPEY, 28, widow, housekeeper, Ontario, 6 Washington Ave, d/o Albert NICHOLS (b. Ontario) & Henrietta BOND, witn: Mary J. WAUGH & Helen J. WAUGH both of 1904 Davenport Rd, 4 Apr 1925

2181-25 George JOHNSTONE, 24, painter, Scotland, 75 Broadview Ave, s/o George JOHNSON (sic) (b. Scotland) & Magdalene BROWN, married Martha Jane McGHEE, 21, silk winder, Scotland, 238 First Ave, d/o John McGHEE (b. Scotland) & Mary SMITH, witn: Alexander RAMSAY of 420 Ossington Ave & Jean FRASER of 226 Sumach St, 24 Apr 1925

2176-25 William Francis JOHNSTONE, 23, bookkeeper, Toronto, 8 Bird Ave, s/o William C. JOHNSTONE (b. England) & Mary POTTER, married Florence Helen WATSON, 23, stenographer, England, 209 Caledonia Rd, d/o John M. WATSON (b. England) & Alice L. DONOUGHUE, witn: Frank GODFRED of 89 Kent Rd & Miss Muriel MORRIS of 90 Kingswood Rd, 9 Apr 1925


2628-25 Herbert JONES, 25, salesman, England, 610 Spadina Ave. Toronto, s/o William JONES (b. England) & Julia PAYNE, married Evelyn Selina PETTIT, 22, England, 610 Spadina Ave. Toronto, d/o Walter Henry PETTIT (b. England) & Selina BALL, witn: Mrs. Lucy STENSON & Charles WOOD both of 610 Spadina Ave. Toronto on May 2, 1925

2632-25 Jim JONES, 23, engineer, Wales, 22 Applegrove Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert JONES (b. Wales) & Helen E. ROGERS, married Agnes Maud JONES, 23, operator, Wales, 32 Applegrove Ave. Toronto, d/o Edward (b. Wales) & Charlotte, witn: Stanley LIDFORD 23 Badgerow Ave. & Violet WEALE of 934 Carlow Ave. both of Toronto on May 25, 1925

2635-25 Percy Samuel JONES, 24, service station salesman, Toronto, 897 Bathurst Street same, s/o George F. JONES (b. Ontario) & Maude McCOMBE, married Edith Mary RIDOUT, 23, operator, Toronto, 56 Bartlett Avenue same, d/o Charles RIDOUT (b. Newfoundland) & Lydia YOUNG, witn: Max RIDOUT & Mrs. R. HOWARD both of Toronto on May 30, 1925

2183-25 Alfred Richard JONES, 31, machinist, Toronto, 199 Broadway Ave, s/o Jesse JONES (b. England) & Elizabeth JACKSON, married Margaret OWEN, 28, graduate nurse, England, Dentonia Park [Ave], d/o Herbert OWEN (b. England) & Annie blank, witn: Evelyn McNAMARA of 222 Major St & Arnold JONES of Toronto, 30 Apr 1925

2178-25 James Stanley JORDAN, 30, railway clerk, Ontario, 140 Wells St, s/o James S. JORDAN (b. Ontario) & Sarah GRAHAM, married Edith Alice NOKE, 25, designer, England, 39 Pembroke St, d/o John NOKE (b. England) & Alice BROWN, witn: Anna E. WARINGHAM of apt 3 309 Gladstone Ave Ottawa & Clarence E. MARK of 127 Glengrove Ave, 11 Apr 1925 at Trinity Methodist Church

2622-25 Thomas Harrison Everett JORDAN, 28, clerk, USA, 37 Hazelton Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert JORDAN (b. Ontario) & Ellen HARRISON, married Mary Louise PARR, 21, clerk, USA, 25 Fairmount Cresc. Toronto, d/o William PARR (b. Ontario) & Arrana MORRIS, witn: Ellen Eva & James J. ANDREWS both of Toronto on May 2, 1925

2626-25 Robert Cyril JOSELYN, 25, seaman, England, "Fairtree" Lewis Road - Sutton London England, s/o Robert JOSELYN (b. England) & Cissie SMITH, married Charlotte Mary ORMONDE, 23, Ireland, Cashel Rd. - Tipperary Ireland, d/o James ORMONDE (b. Ireland) & Johanna O'BRIEN, witn: Mr. GALLIVAN of 321 Wolverleigh Blvd. & Mrs. THOMPSON of 643 Glebeholm Blvd both of Toronto on May 11, 1925

2624-25 John JOYCE, 25, mechanic, England, 82 Donlands Avenue Toronto, s/o J. F. JOYCE (b. England) & Jenett WALKER, married Grace Evelyn GULSTON, 24, school teacher, Ontario, 19 Victor Ave. Toronto, d/o A. G. GULSTON (b. Ireland) & Mary McBRATNEY, witn: Albert W. JOYCE of 82 Donlands Ave. & May L. GULSTON of 19 Victor Ave. both of Toronto on May 11, 1925

2638-25 Albert Edward JUKES, 24, vaudeville artist, England, 17 Gladstone Avenue Toronto, s/o Sydney JUKES (b. England) & Beatrice MORFIT, married Emmie MELLORS, 19, vaudeville artist, England, 17 Gladstone Avenue Toronto, d/o Charles MELLORS (b. England) & Jean DARBYSHIRE, witn: George Frederick & Amanda JUKES both of 17 Gladstone Ave. Toronto on May 27, 1925

2195-25 Lauri KATAINEN, 25, farmer, Finland, 127 Simcoe St. in Toronto, s/o Matti KATAINEN, b. Finland & Anna Lydia HEISKANEN, married Agneta Peninna NALKKI, 26, cook, Finland, 1 Scholfield Ave in Toronto, d/o Isack NALKKI, b. Finland & Maria STARI, witn: Katie & Jaako HAAPALA of 8 Widner St., 30 April 1925
2194-25 James Leo KEARNS, 24, driver, Toronto, 98 Garnet Ave in Toronto, s/o William KEARNS, b. Ireland & Elizabeth COLLINS, married Florence Marion ELLACOTT, 20, box maker, Toronto, 1528 Dundas St. West, d/o John ELLACOTT, b. Ont & Barbara DANDIE, witn: John H. & Rose ELLACOTT of Toronto, 29 April 1925 2192-25 John Joseph Patrick KELLY, 20, waggon helper, USA, 258 Markham St., s/o Martin KELLY, b. USA & Margaret RIORDAN, married Pearl Matilda ADAMS, 19, operator, Toronto, 29 Robinson St. in Toronto, d/o Albert ADAMS, b. Ont & Matilda TAYLOR, witn: Clarence & Mrs. C. BOYD of 68 Argyle St., 22 April 1925
2196-25 William George KEMPFFER, 25, driver, Ontario, 183 Perth Ave., s/o John KEMPFFER, b. Ont & Anna Charlotte CLEMO, married Irene Elizabeth BABCOCK, 29, dress maker, Ontario, 595 Palmerston Ave., d/o Nickle BABCOCK, b. Ont & Anna McCABE, witn: Dora Annie DARBY & Frederick KEMPFFER, both of Toronto, 25 April 1925 2191-25 Glenn Ray KERBY, 26, CN Telegraph inspector, Ontario, 51 Dunfield Ave in Toronto, s/o Aaron KERBY, b. Ont & Mary BEDFORD, married Mary Lena SLEEP, 21, Ontario, 51 Dunfield Ave., d/o William SLEEP, b. Ont & Mary STEDMAN, witn: Thomas B. & Mrs. Isabella THERTELL of 51 Dunfield Ave., 20 April 1925 at 54 Millwood Rd

2648-25 Peter KERHOULAS, 46, can maker, Greece, 110 Broadview Ave. Toronto, s/o George & Alexandra, married Demetronea PECHIOS, 29, Greece, 110 Broadview Ave. Toronto, d/o Konstantin & Freda, witn: Josepa WHITE of 165 Jarvis St. & Annie GUDWAY of 160 Jarvis St. both of Toronto on May 24, 1925

2645-25 Hugh David KERNAGHAN, 31, postal clerk, Ireland, 108 Bellwood Avenue Toronto, s/o Hugh KERNAGHAN (b. Ireland) & Ellen PEDEN, married Gertrude May CAMERON, 32, Ontario, 18 St. Albans St. Toronto, d/o John CAMERON & Robina Viana BROWN, witn: Miss PAIGE of 835 Bay St. and William J. KERNAGHAN of 8 Ninth St. New Toronto on May 18, 1925

2185-25 John Robert KERR, 24, hide merchant, Ontario, 231 Lauder Ave., s/o Robert KERR, b. Ont & Margaret McKINNON, married Doris Margaret SHIER, 18, Toronto, 1040 St. Clair Ave., d/o James SHIER, b. Ont & Margaret SUFFRIN, witn: Ruth KERR of 231 Lauder Ave & Harry BERNSTEIN of 85 Earlsdale, 2 April 1925 2188-25 George Thomas KERR, 30, clerk, Ontario, 162 Spruce St., s/o George A. KERR, b. Ont & Margaret SHARP, married Dorothy Olive TOMLIN, 26, clerk, Toronto, 31 De Grassi St in Toronto, d/o John W. TOMLIN, b. England & Emma SLACK, witn: Edwin W. TOMLIN of 31 De Grassi & Louise M. GALLOWAY of 8 Sackville Place, 14 April 1925
2186-25 James Arthur KERR, 31, auditor, Quebec, 753 Markham St., s/o Matthew KERR, b. Quebec & Mary Elizabeth TICKLE, married Bertha Maria BOYD, 28, book keeper, Ontario, 87 Barton Ave in Toronto, d/o William BOYD, b. Ont & Rebecca Ann FREE, witn: F. Maud HEISE & H.W. HEISE, both of Toronto, 4 April 1925 2187-25 James Edwin Weekes KERR, 23, restaurateur, England, 14 Maitland St., s/o William Matthew KNILL, b England & Elizabeth WEEKES, married Hetty BANKS, 18, waitress, England, 15 Maitland St., d/o Mark BANKS, b. England & Ada KIRK, witn: W. KNILL of 156 Mutual St. & m. TROTTER of !7 Oakville Ave., 9 April 1925 at St. Simons
2193-25 Andrew Leith KILOH, 32, salesman, Scotland, 21 Ranleigh Ave., s/o George KILOH, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MUNRO, married Elsie Jane Lilias BURNETT, 27, stenographer, Scotland, 19 Ranleigh Ave., d/o James Robertson BURNETT, b. Scotland & Elsie Jane Laird RENNIE, witn: Reta STEIN of Richmond Hill & John MUNNELL of Toronto, 22 April 1925 2189-25 Robert KINDRED, 60, widower, brick layer, England, 615 Weston Rd in Toronto, s/o Thomas KINDRED, b. England & Jane SNOWDEN, married Rachel CRYER, 55, widow, England, 615 Weston Rd., d/o John WHITEHEAD, b. England & Betty STOTT, witn: Harold & Ann WOODHEAD of 615 Weston Rd., 11 April 1925

2642-25 Frank William KING, 60, real estate, widower, USA, 12 Sandwich Street Windsor, s/o William Stanley KING (b. USA) & Mary BROWNING, married Elizabeth KING, 58, widow, Ontario, 37 Tyndall Avenue Toronto, d/o Judson MOORE (b. Ontario) Elizabeth PAYNE, witn: Eugene & Louisa McGILL of 6 Trinity Square Toronto on May 2, 1925

2644-25 Wilfrid Ramsay KINSMAN, 27, dairy inspector, Nova Scotia, Truro Nova Scotia, s/o David McLean KINSMAN (b. Nova Scotia) & Elizabeth COLLINS, married Beatrice Mary WORTHY, 23, graduate nurse, Alberta, 91 Cumberland St. Toronto, d/o George Lailing WORTHY (b. Ontario) & Annie Ethel HUGHSON, witn: M. D. WORTHY of Brampton & Franklin WORTHY of 91 Cumberland St. Toronto on May 14, 1925

2190-25 Frederick William KIRK, 21, chauffeur, England, 51 Howard St. in Toronto, s/o Thomas KIRK, b. England & Rose ELLINGFORD, married Florence Hazel LIVINGSTON, 21, Toronto, 51 Howard St., d/o Isburn Richard LIVINGSTON, b. Ont & Addie HERBERT, witn: Addie LIVINGSTON of 51 Howard & H.A. THOMAS of 108 Charles St., 17 April 1925

2647-25 Ernest George KIRKBY, 27, pork packer, England, 342 Rhodes Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas Cross KIRKBY (b. England) & Emma Jane COLE married Elizabeth Amelia POPPELWELL, 25, nurse, England, en route from England (sic), d/o Edwin James POPPELWELL (b. England) & Mary Jane WHITFIELD, witn: J. M. & J. MUSGROVE both of 370 Woodfield Road Toronto on May 24, 1925 at Metropolitan Parsonage

2643-25 Joseph KITCHEN, 38, weaver, widower, Ontario, 25 Northcote Ave. Toronto, s/o Jonathon KITCHEN (b. England) & Nelly HOWE, married Edith May MORLEY, 32, Ontario, Milton, d/o John MORLEY (b. Ontario) & Jenny MAY, witn: Mrs. Maud FORD of 3 Verral Ave. & Mrs. Beatrice NELLES of 1378 King St. West both of Toronto on May 6, 1925

2641-25 Charles KLEINSTEUBER, 69, shoemaker, widower, Ontario, 1221 Kingston Road Birchcliff Ont., s/o Charles KLEINSTENBER (b. Saxony Germany) & Elizabeth HARTLEIB, married Annie SWIFT, 53, widow, England, 2288 Danforth Avenue Toronto, d/o Jonathon HOWELL (b. England) & Sarah HEWITT, witn: Mary E. BOYD & Holly GRIFFITHS both of Toronto on May 5, 1925 at 1860 Queen St. East

2649-25 William KNIKYNICKY, 28, labourer, Galicia, 7 Elm St. Toronto, s/o D'Mitro KNIKYNICKY (b. Galicia) & Grady TABACHAK, married Annie MATWIOW, 27, waitress, Galicia, 7 Elm St. Toronto, d/o Tymko MATWIOW (b. Galicia) & Kiady ZUW, witn: Ewan RYAN of 16 Gerrard St. West & Annie KOBRA of 52 Bathurst St. both of Toronto on May 23, 1925 at Trinity Church

2646-25 Edwin W. KOEBERLE, 33, chauffeur, USA, 25 Forester St. Rochester New York USA, s/o Frank H. KOEBERLE (b. Germany) & Mary LUTZ, married Jane Ann McKENNA, 28, Ireland, 35 Miller Ave. Toronto, d/o Patrick McKENNA (b. Ireland) & Mary McGRIGAN, witn: Thomas Henry William GRICE of 209 Osler Ave. & Alice GREAVES of 35 Miller Ave. both of Toronto on May 18, 1925

2653-25 Henry Newell LAMONT, 26, civil engineer, Ireland, 5 Oakdene Crescent Toronto, s/o Hugh Johnston LAMONT (b. Ireland) & Henrietta NEWELL, married Margaret Eileen Campbell AIKEN, 21, Ireland, 63 Scotch Street Dungannon Ireland, d/o Thomas John AIKEN (b. Ireland) & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: Harry McMANUS of Birchcliff & Mary MOODY of 144 Parkmount Ave. both of Toronto on May 11, 1925

2652-25 Roderick Joseph LEGRIS, 26, accountant, Winnipeg Manitoba, Cobalt, s/o Charles LEGRIS (b. Manitoba) & Catherine BOIVIN?, married Dorothy Lillian TAYLOR, 22, London Ontario, New Liskeard, d/o James TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Lillian STEWART, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James TAYLOR both of New Liskeard on May 12, 1925

2655-25 Joseph LINSKY, 44, painter, Poland, Christie Street Hospital Toronto, s/o Anthony LINSKY (b. Poland) & Tekla BERNICKA, married Kathleen Maud REYNOLDS, 40, graduate nurse, England, 621 James Street Toronto, d/o Albert (b. England) & Louise, witn: V. WARWICK of 502 Strathmore Blvd. & Alma LAWSON of 33 Christie St. Apt. 91 Toronto on May 16, 1925

2651-25 James Mervyn LITTLE, 18, shoemaker, Manitoba, 193 University Avenue Toronto, s/o James Ernest LITTLE (b. Ontario) & Gertrude SHEPHERD, married Dorothy Ethel YOUNG, 18, domestic, Ontario, 348 Crawford Street Toronto, d/o Ernest YOUNG (b. England) & Dorothy STONEHOUSE, witn: Joseph H. & Margaret HILLS both of Toronto on May 2, 1925

2650-25 Gordon Lloyd LONSLEY (Lousley?), 25, claims clerk, Ontario, 6 Newsham St. Toronto, s/o Ezra Grimshaw LONSLEY (b. Quebec) & Mary Ann LAYLAND, married Marjorie Elizabeth STUBBS, 19, Toronto, 171 Avon St. Stratford Ontario, d/o Samuel James STUBBS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WALTON, witn: Grace LONSLEY of 152 Indian Grove & William STUBBS of 238 Gladstone Ave. both of Toronto on May 2, 1925 at 13 Muir Ave. [divorced 6 June 1935 at Toronto]

2657-25 Sam LULCHAK, 32, labourer, Galicia, 514 Adelaide St. West Toronto, s/o Michael LULCHAK (b. Galicia) & Catherine LENKO, married Magdalena KRAWSE, 19, laundress, Galicia, 518 Adelaide St. West Toronto, d/o Wasil KRAWSE (b. Galicia) & Catherine SOROHAUSER, witn: Elias RANICK & Mary LIETYCH both of Toronto on May 16, 1925

2656-25 John LUNDY, 45, cook, Ontario, Elk Lake, s/o Patrick LUNDY (b. Ireland) & Sarah Ann NOLAN, married Ellen Agnes McKEE, 38, nurse, Ontario, Elk Lake, d/o William McKEE (b. Ontario) & Mary THOMAS, witn: Eugene & Louise McKEE both of 6 Trinity Square Toronto on May 18, 1925

2654-25 Alfred Henry Roy LUXTON, 24, chauffeur, England, 24 Dundonald Street Toronto, s/o Herbert LUXTON (b. England) & Alice IMLY, married Hilda McGRATH, 18, Ontario, Port Credit, d/o Sanford McGRATH (b. Scotland) & Annie BARKLAND, witn: Russel & Elizabeth ROBSON both of 778 Pape Avenue Toronto on May 11, 1925 at 24 Larchmont Avenue

2250-25 Robert Francis MANNING, 44, clerk, Ireland, 355 George St., s/o Robert MANNING, b. Ireland & Mary Jane BROWN, married Dora Winnifred PHILLPOT, 39, photography, England, 355 George St., d/o Francis William PHILLPOT, b. England & Grace Mary CHAMBERS, witn: Kate RADLEY of 355 George St. & Mrs. W. R. MacKAY of 704 Crawford St., 30 April 1925 2249-25 James Alva MILLING, 26, ledger keeper, Ontario, 445 Bathurst St., s/o James MILLING, b. Ireland & Emily MARTIN, married Gladys Iola May URRY, 21, Toronto, 304 Roxton Rd., d/o William Henry URRY, b. England & Sarah Ann CHAPMAN, witn: T.M. & Stanley BAKER of Toronto, 29 April 1925
2248-25 Stewart McDonald MILNE, 33, widower, baker, Scotland, 110 Scollard St. in Toronto, s/o William MILNE, b. Scotland & Ellen McDONNEL (McDowel?), married Ida Mary PARK, 28, Scotland, 110 Scollard St., d/o Robert PARK, b. Scotland & Mary Ann SUTHERLAND, witn: Hector McDONALD of 1142 La Salle Ave & A.G. PARK of 110 Scollard St., 29 April 1925 at Avenue Road Church 2255-25 Joseph Cameron MILNER, 28, boat builder, Port Carling, same, s/o Joseph MILNER, b. Ont & Jessie CAMERON, married Onida Wilhelmina GRAY, 25, nurse, Orillia, same, d/o Frederick GRAY, b. Ont & Margaret DUFFIE, witn: Rose GREGORY of 752 Logan Ave & Leah HANNER? of 84 Muriel Ave., 4 April 1925
2252-25 William MORROW, 25, Ireland, 217 Perth Ave., s/o James MORROW, b. Ireland & Matilda POOLE, married Elizabeth Fairley FERGUSON, 22, rivetter, Scotland, 72 Millicent St., d/o William FERGUSON, b. Ireland & Elizabeth FAIRLEY, witn: Alfreda POWELL of 26 Shirley St. & James MORROW of 49 Wyndham, 28 April 1925 2251-25 Walter MULHOLLAND, 24, clerk, Toronto, 1221 Bloor St. West, s/o Isaac MULHOLLAND, b. Ireland & Sarah KING, married Gertrude Amelia BROMELL, 25, Toronto, 380 Montrose Ave., d/o William BROMELL, b. England & Mary ARNOLD, witn: George SNIDER of 1832 St. Clair West & Gladys FAHEY of 306 Salem Ave., 30 April 1925
2254-25 William Howard MUNRO, 21, bank clerk, Ontario, 148 Gamble Ave in Todmorden, s/o William Reid MUNRO, b. Ont & Emily Anna BELLAMY, married Vera Irene HENRY, 18, bank clerk, Toronto, 313 Clinton St. in Toronto, d/o George Joseph HENRY, b. Ont & Hannah CAVAN (Cavers?), witn: Hannah & George Joseph HENRY of 313 Clinton St., 29 April 1925 2253-25 Albert Anthony MYERS, 22, machinist, British West Indies, 316 Kenilworth Ave., s/o Edward MYERS, b. British West Indies & Elmira FORD, married Margaret SHARP, 24, domestic, Scotland, 145 St. George St., d/o Robert SHARP, b. Scotland & Margaret FORBES, witn: C. MYERS of 316 Kenilworth Ave & Annie CRANSTON of Toronto, 22 April 1925
  2721-25 George NASH, 22, painter, England, 186 Lippincott St., s/o George NASH, b. England & Martha STOKES, married Leona EMOND, 16, Ontario, 186 Lippincott St., d/o Joseph EMOND, b. Quebec & Clerina GUIMOND, witn: William GAGNON & Diane EMOND, both of Toronto, 11 May 1925
2716-25 William Thomas NEAL, 22, printer, Toronto, 34 St. Albans Rd., s/o Edward J. NEAL, b. England & Mary CHAPMAN, married Annie MASLIN (Mastin?), 26, telephone operator, England, 39 Gloucester St. in Toronto, d/o William MASTIN b. England & Grace DAWES, witn: Wilbert CLAYTON of 57 Rawlinson Ave & Margaret McARDLE of 13 Coady Ave., both Toronto, 20 May 1925 2720-25 Robert George NEELY, 22, sales clerk, Ireland, 482 Pape Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert Walter NEELY, b. Ireland & Elizabeth SHERMAN, married Rena Fraser LOGAN, 20, Scotland, 61 Yorkville Ave, d/o John LOGAN, b. Scotland & Sally MacRAE, witn: Ken SCOTT of 61 Yorkville Ave & Edward HALLUM (Hannon?) of 340 George St., 23 May 1925
2715-25 Robert Aitken NEILSON, 42, clerk, USA, 1109 Reddour St. in Pittsburgh PA, s/o David M. NEILSON, b. Scotland & Annie AITKEN, married Rose Anny CHISLETT, 42, domestic, England, 165 Lambert Ave in Toronto, d/o William CHISLETT, b. England & Martha WATERS, witn: Clarence INGLES & Violet BROADFOOT, both of Toronto, 25 May 1925 2714-25 Daniel Julius NELSON, 39, laborer, Sweden, 36 Gilbert Ave., s/o Kall NELSON, b. Sweden & Anna HANSON, married Anna Maria CHANDELIER, 39, widow, real estate, Finland, 71 MacKay Ave in Toronto, d/o Oskar STALKONIMOR, b. Finland & "did not know", witn: Charles KING & Al T. CHANDELIER, both of Toronto, 2 May 1925 [divorced 23 June 1930 at Toronto]
2722025 Thomas Clive NEWCOME, 31, machinist, Canada, Toronto, s/o Thomas Sidney NEWCOME & Emily KILMINSTER, married Sarah WILLIAMS, 27, in service, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Albert WILLIAMS & Mary McCLUNG, witn: Norman GILBERT of 17 Bernice Cres. & Isabel WILLIAMS of Toronto, 23 May 1925 2719-25 Samuel John NEWHALL, 51, chief of police, England, Peterborough, s/o James NEWHALL, b. England & Mary Caroline KERRIGAN, married Mary HOLMES, 52, widow, Ontario, Peterborough, d/o John NEWHALL (sic), b. England & Annie Dora CLARK, witn: Lyonel Harold BOYD of 590 Huron St. & Alice Mary PRICE of Queen Mary Hospital, 30 May 1925
2708-25 Frank Ernest NEWLAND, 31, salesman, Toronto, 186 Fern Ave in Toronto, s/o Arthur NEWLAND, b. England & Teresa GIBB, married Eldred Lawson McTEAR, 25, stenographer, Toronto, 482 Markham St. in Toronto, d/o Ernest William McTEAR, b. Ireland & Sarah MITCHELL, witn: May SARGENT of 119 Galley Ave & S.R. NEWLAND of 2 Birch Ave., 6 May 1925 2711-25 Harold Victor George NEWMAN, 23, switch adjustor, England, 422 Sackville St., s/o George NEWMAN, b. England & Martha REBANS, married Elizabeth GLENDAY, 27, house maid, Scotland, Prince George Hotel in Toronto, d/o Robert GLENDAY, b. Scotland & Betsy DAVIDSON, witn: Horace & Nora BLAKE of 12 Gloucester St., 8 May 1925
2717-25 Howard John NICHOLAS, 21, laborer, Ontario, 49 Boston Ave in Toronto, s/o John NICHOLAS, b. Ont & Elizabeth PEELING, married Irene MITCHELL, 19, Ontario, 99 Morse St. in Toronto, d/o William MITCHELL, b. England & Elizabeth ROBERTS, witn: Mrs. H.J. WILLIAMS of 49 Boston & Mrs. W. A. ANDREWS of 561 Broadview Ave., 23 May 1925 2713-25 Ross Alvin NODDLE, 22, teamster, Ontario, 413 Leslie St. in Toronto, s/o Richard NODDLE, b. Ont & Forbes Caroline McKAY, married Lucy DART, 18, Ontario, 8 Plains Rd in Toronto, d/o John DART, b. Ont & Lucy WYATT, witn: Earnest DART of 8 Plains Rd & Edith REDHEAD of 413 Leslie St., 12 May 1925
2709-25 Frank Herbert Campbell NORTH, 27, letter carrier, Toronto, 134 Paton Rd in Toronto, s/o Joseph NORTH, b. England & Isabel M. CAMPBELL, married Gwendolyn Beatrice FIFIELD, 24, cashier, England, 1597 Dufferin St., d/o William FIFIELD, b. England & Louise WITTS, witn: Joseph A. NORTH of 124 Paton Rd & Hettie CHURCH of 16 Auburn Ave., 4 May 1925 2710-25 William John Bessy NOSWORTHY, 22, shingler, Newfoundland, 504 Silverthorn Ave., s/o Jonathan NOSWORTHY, b. Nfld & Julia LIDSTONE, married Mabel GILLESPIE, 20, Ireland, 11 Talbot St. in Toronto, d/o Joseph GILLESPIE, b. Ireland & Alice GILLINGTON, witn: Mrs. R. NOSWORTHY of 504 Silverthorn Ave & Joseph GILLESPIE of 11 Talbot St., 6 May 1925 at 504 Silverthorn Ave
2712-25 Henry NOVELL, 41, leather worker, Toronto, 374 Logan Ave., s/o James NOVELL, b. England & Jennie HILL, married Edith NICHOLS, 38, Toronto, 374 Logan Ave., d/o Daniel NICHOLS, b. England & Alice ARMSTRONG, witn: Florence KNIGHT of 17 Hunter & Arthur STRADER of 921 Dundas East, 6 May 1925 at Trinity Church 2718-25 William Arnold NUGENT, 27, clerk, Toronto, 1975 Queen St. East, s/o William E.J. NUGENT, b. Scotland & Elizabeth COLLETTE, married Edythe Irene CASE, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 24 Thorne St. in Toronto, d/o Roland J. CASE, b. England & Catherine Amy MARTIN, witn: Martin & A.M. NUGENT of Toronto, 29 May 1925

1901-25 Burnett Keith PADGET, 20, labourer, Ontario, Buttonville, s/o John PADGET (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Louise WALKER, married Maud Emma BARNSDALE, 17, Ontario, 160 Main St. Weston, d/o George Amos BARNSDALE (b. England) & Mary STEPHEN, witn: Sidney James & Ivy BARNSDALE both of 328 St. John's Rd Toronto on March 25, 1925 at 454 St. John's Rd

1905-25 Herbert John PARKMAN, 25, machine operator, England, 57 Regent St. Toronto, s/o Tom PARKMAN (b. England) & Annie BROWN, married Nettie Lillian VEAUDRY, 21, biscuit packer, Ontario, 378 Sackville St. Toronto, d/o Joseph VEAUDRY (b. Quebec) & Alma Elizabeth LE BAR, witn: Everett N. & Elizabeth L. F. McDONALD both of 378 Sackville St. Toronto on March 25, 1925

2313-25 Percy Ross PARLIAMENT, 30, clerk, Ontario, 6 Lark St. Toronto, s/o William PARLIAMENT (b. Ontario) & Caroline FOUNTAIN, married Margaret Helen MOORE, 21, Toronto, 617 Dundas St. East same, d/o Arthur MOORE (b. Ontario) Jessie DIXON, witn: Violet & Joseph J. MOORE both of 25 Blackburn Ave Toronto on April 29, 1925

2314-25 Andrew PATON, 19, press feeder, Edinburgh Scotland, 42 Stephenson Ave. Toronto, s/o Andrew PATON (b. Scotland) & Jane CLELAND, married Edythe May LIVINGSTONE, 17, operator, Toronto, 36 Herbert Ave. same, d/o John LIVINGSTONE (b. Ontario) & Jennie TANNER, witn: John LYNN of 213 Howland Ave. & Ethel DUNCAN of 632 Pape Avenue both of Toronto on April 30, 1925 at St. John's Church Norway

1907-25 Pretoria Victor PEARSON, 24, butcher, Toronto, Newmarket, s/o William N. PEARSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth KINSLEY, married Rose Jean TANSLEY, 19, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o John E. TANSLEY (b. Ontario) & Claudia McNAIR, witn: Roy & Ethel PEARSON both of 37 St. Clarens Toronto, March 30, 1925

1904-25 Lewis Bertrand PEDLAR, 43, ass't manager, Ontario, 405 Willard Ave. Toronto, s/o John PEDLAR (b. Ontario) & Sarah PERKINS, married Jessie TILL, 31, clerk, widow, Toronto, 8 Pretoria Ave. same, d/o Edward COZIER (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann ROBERT, witn: Edward COZIER of 8 Pretoria Ave & William PARKER of 16 Keystone both of Toronto on March 31, 1925

2318-25 Vladimir PEETALEIFF, 36, engineer, divorced, Russia, 596 Spadina Avenue Toronto, s/o Michael PEETALIEFF & Matridia PENNOVSKA, married Lubov PAVLO, 33, divorced, Russia, 596 Spadina Avenue Toronto, d/o Wasily PAVLO & Warvara CHODAKOVSKA, witn: Vladimier DAVIS & A. SHKURENKO both of 53 Spadina Avenue Toronto on April 22, 1925 at Russian Orthodox Church

2317-25 Alexander Edward PENNELLS, 24, piano key maker, Woolwich England, 47 Palmer Avenue Toronto, s/o Thomas Henry PENNELLS & Caroline BURLEY, married Doris Edna GOULD, 23, Birmingham England, 166 Drayton Avenue Toronto, d/o Edwin GOULD & Minnie FRANKLIN, witn: Jean CL--? of 529 Delaware Avenue & Thomas Henry PENNELLS of 16 Frankland Avenue both of Toronto on April 18, 1925 at St. John's Church Norway

1906-25 Joe PERRING, 36, labourer, Ukraine, Standard Theatre Spadina Ave Toronto, s/o Joseph PERRING (b. Ukraine) & Eudoria FEDER, married Alice Adelaide BATTEN, 23, England, 79 Denison Ave. Toronto, d/o William BATTEN (b. England) & Alice illegible, witn: BODNAROSKY of Standard Theatre & Mrs. J. POKOFF of 79 Dennison Dr. Windsor on May 31, 1925 at Russian Orthodox Church

1900-25 Frederick PETERS, 21, merchant, England, 35 Amherst Ave. Toronto, s/o Frederick A. PETERS (England) & Jean SKINNER, married Florence Norma WILLIAMS, 18, Toronto, 52 Amherst Avenue same, d/o Norman WILLIAMS (b. Ontario) & Jean SKINNER, witn: Joseph & Gladys HENDRICK of 286 Atlas Ave. Toronto on March 19, 1925

1908-25 Lester PILSON, 20, painter, Maple, Aurora, s/o William PILSON (b. Ontario) & Mary McMAHON, married Pauline OBEE, 18, Aurora, same, d/o John OBEE (b. Ontario) & Margaret BURCH, witn: F. & A.M. MacKENZIE both of 7 Glebe Rd. East Toronto on March 30, 1925

2315-25 Thomas Earnest PREECE, 22, boiler maker apprentice, England, 109 ½ St. Lawrence Ave. Niagara Falls, s/o Charles PREECE (b. England) & Alice HAZELDINE, married Ruby BAYES, 20, England, 52 Sproatt Ave. Toronto, d/o James William BAYES (b. England) & John BASHELL, witn: Albert MUTCH of 47 ½ Bellefair St. & Jessie MITCHELL of 168 Woodfield, both of Toronto on April 29, 1925 at St. Clements Church

1902-25 Harry Roy PRICE, 23, farmer, Ontario, Markham, s/o George H. (b. Ontario) & Martha, married Ettie Willicky STOVER, 23, Ontario, 459 Broadview Ave., d/o John STOVER (b. Ontario) & Bridget CONNOLLY, witn: Gladys IRISH of 14 Lucy St. & Clinton KINCAIDE of 150 Stephenson St. both of Toronto on March 25, 1925

2316-25 William Earle PROSSER, 26, labourer, Saginaw Michigan, Holt, s/o Charles F. PROSSER (b. Keswick) & Hattie PURDY, married Caroline Martha BANKS, 18, Toronto, Holt, d/o Edwin D. BANKS (b. Scarboro) & Ella Minnette CASTATOR, witn: Edith CAMPBELL & Gertrude H. GRAHAM both of Toronto on April 27, 1925

1903-25 Lorne Benson PURCELL, 23, salesman, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Thomas Henry PURCELL & Jane HILL, married Kathleen Emily FARR, 20, Guelph, Toronto, d/o Arthur John FARR & Elizabeth ROSS, witn: A.M. & A.L. MacKENZIE both of 7 Glebe Rd. East Toronto on March 18, 1925

2331-25 John Creighton RAMSBOTTOM, 26, merchant, Lanark Tp., Merrickville, s/o Robert RAMSBOTTOM (b. Lanark Tp.) & Marion CREIGHTON, married Hazel Jane LASHLEY, 26, teacher, Dalhousie Tp., Smith's Falls, d/o George Floyd LASHLEY (b. Dalhousie Tp.) & Esther Helena CALDWELL, witn: Grace L. DAWSON of Merrickville & Edith W. TAYLOR of 217 Lauder Ave. of Toronto on April 11, 1925

2332-25 Percival RAPLEY, 27, labourer, Ontario, 780 Jane St. Toronto, s/o Frederick RAPLEY (b. England) & Jane COULTER, married Beatrice Blanche WHITE, 24, ivory assembler, Ontario, 2486 St. Claire Ave. Toronto, d/o Richard William WHITE (b. England) & Hannah A. THOMPSON, witn: Lawrence & Amy RAPLEY both of 780 Jane St. Toronto on April 10, 1925

2321-25 Abraham RAPP, 29, manufacturer, USA, Outremont Montreal, s/o Moses Hyman RAPP (b. Russia) & Esther DIAMOND, married Minnie Minerva SMITH, 26, Toronto, 124 St. George Street Toronto, d/o Nathan SMITH (b. Russia) & Sarah LOSTCKE witn: Benjamin GOLDFIELD of Ottawa & Rev. Abraham BARKIN of Toronto on April 5, 1925

2319-25 Gustavius Adolphus RAYMOND, 31, hospital attendant, widower, England, 16 Suffolk Street Toronto, s/o Mert Adolphus RAYMOND (b. Ireland) & Alice Mary MITCHELL, married Alice Mary ELLIOTT, 41, hat operator, widow, England, 16 Suffolk Street Toronto, d/o Thomas PHILPOTS (b. England) & Annie Lavinia HARDY, witn: Tim MITCHELL & Hugh GAIGER both of Toronto on April 4, 1925 at St. James' Cathedral

2333-25 John Cornelius READ, 77, ass't commissioner, widower, Ontario, 836 Fourth Ave. East Owen Sound, s/o Cornelius READ (b. Ontario) & Ellen COLBY, married Katherine SCHULTZ, 54, widow, Ontario, 1232 Third Ave. East Owen Sound, d/o Frederick SCHULTZ (sic) (b. Germany) & Louisa MILLER, witn: Sarah M. CAIRNS of 99 Strathmore Blvd & Lilla C. FLEWELLING of 323 Kennedy Ave. both of Toronto on April 24, 1925

2326-25 Harry REEDER, 35, president, divorcee, England, 88 Teddington Park Blvd Toronto, s/o Henry REEDER (b. England) & Agnes HOPE, married Madeleine Alice NORTHCOTT, 21, Toronto, 25 Kenneth Avenue same, d/o William B. NORTHCOTT (b. Ontario) & Alice Elizabeth MURRAY, witn: Mrs. Alice E. NORTHCOTT of 25 Kenneth Avenue & C. ROBSON of 708 Coxwell Avenue both of Toronto on April 9, 1925

2339-25 Ernest Alfred REEVE-NEWSON, 24, lawyer, Ontario, 137 Westmoreland Ave. Toronto, s/o John Storey REEVE-NEWSON & Rose May RENDLE, married Josephine Rachel May WAGG, 23, Ontario, 411 East Eglinton Ave. Toronto, d/o Albert WAGG & Isabella MILLER, witn: Joseph SIBLEY of 123 Sunnyside Ave. & Mary Lydia Edith REEVE-NEWSOM of 137 Westmoreland Ave. both of Toronto on April 29, 1925 at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin

1919-25 George Irwin REEVES, 21, counter man, Ontario, 36 Gladstone Avenue Toronto, s/o John REEVE (b. Ontario) & Agnes BOYD, married Isabella ANDERSON, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 213 Midland Street Toronto, d/o Absalom ANDERSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane BIELBY, witn: Miss B. ANDERSON of 90 Beaconsfield Ave. & Le Maughe D. CAHOON of 370 King St. West both of Toronto on Mach 28, 1925

2338-25 Melvin Joseph REGAN, 21, drug clerk, Toronto, 366 Lippincott Street same, s/o Albert REGAN (b. Ontario) & Helena HIGGINS, married Jessie Lucille McGUIRE, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 1049 Gerrard St. East Toronto, d/o Charles M. MCGUIRE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Robert KERR of 1065 Davenport Road & Flo C. MAHON of 370 Brunswick Ave. both of Toronto on April 21, 1925

1917-25 Howard Sloan REIVE, 41, merchant, Ontario, Markham, s/o Thomas B. REIVE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth SLOAN, married Jessie SUTHERLAND, 36, kindergarten teacher, Ontario, 21 Rose Ave. Toronto, d/o William SUTHERLAND (b. Ontario) & Jessie JOHNSTON, witn: G. & Davison SUTHERLAND of Rose Ave Toronto on March 11, 1925

1912-25 Izzy REVICH, 32, peddler, Romania, 28 Mitchell Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph REVICH (b. Romania) & Ita GITELMEICHER, married Minnie LEVINE, 28, Russia, 563 Richmond St. West Toronto, d/o Louis LEVINE (b. Russia) & Sara RYBIZKA, witn: Reuben LEVY of 428 Crawford St. & Ita SCHROT? of 563 Richmond St. both of Toronto on March 15, 1925

1920-25 Robert RICE, 45, furniture dealer, Ireland, 1335 Bay Street Toronto, s/o James RICE (b. Ireland) & Anne GRAY, married Ethel COOK, 48, England, 24 Pears Ave. Toronto, d/o Edmund COOK (b. England) & Frances KEMP, witn: Joseph A. E. LEAMAN of 13 Luttrell Avenue & Ethel BORMAN of 37 Marmot Street Toronto on March 25, 1925

 2324-25 John Henry RIDDLE, 34, labourer, widower, England, 94 Laughton Avenue Toronto, s/o James RIDDLE (b. England) & Caroline IRNASEN, married Violet Mary McMillan KEEN, 34, Scotland, 344 Dovercourt Road Toronto, d/o William KEEN (b. England) & Violet McMILLAN, witn: Elizabeth BADGER of 307 Sherbourne St. & James RIDDLE of 94 Laughton Avenue both of Toronto on April 9, 1925 at Presbyterian Church

1911-25 Thomas Henry RIGG, 20, textile worker, England, 341 Ossington Ave. Toronto, s/o William RIGG (b. England) & Priscilla SIMPSON, married Martha Helen Gertrude FILDEY, 18, textile worker, Ontario, 19 Montrose Ave. Toronto, d/o James H. FILDEY (b. Ontario) & Clementine McFADDEN, witn: Harold RIGG of 341 Ossington Ave. & Lottie FILDEY of 19 Montrose both of Toronto on March 7, 1925

2330-25 John RITCHIE, 23, farmer, Ireland, c/o L. Shaver - Dixie Ontario, s/o Samuel RITCHIE (b. Ireland) & Joan PAIGE, married Clara MILLS, 23, machine operator, Ontario, 294 Poulton Avenue Toronto, d/o John MILLS (b. Ontario) & Siza TEMPERG, witn: Dorothy PALMER of 82 Alton Avenue & N. G. HANNER of 609 Milverton Blvd both of Toronto on April 10, 1925

2325-25 Garfield ROBERTS, 23, carpenter, Newfoundland, 4403 Franklin Avenue Cleveland Ohio, s/o George ROBERTS (b. Newfoundland) & Lydia GAY, married Annie Beatrice YOUNG, 23, Newfoundland, 66 Ascot Avenue Toronto, d/o Henry George YOUNG (b. Newfoundland) & Selina RICE, witn: Norman ROBERTS & Hattie BLACKBURN both of Toronto on April 11, 1925

2334-25 William Edward ROBERTS, 22, peddler, Toronto, 37 Bristol Avenue same, s/o Amos ROBERTS (b. Ontario) & Maud PINKHAM, married Mary Jane PENTLAND, 18, B.T.C. operator, Ireland, 1049 Ossington Avenue Toronto, d/o George PENTLAND (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane HAUGHEY, witn: Joseph ROBERTS of 37 Bristol Ave. & Lucy PENTLAND of 1049 Ossington Ave. both of Toronto on April 29, 1925

2322-25 Frederick ROBERTS, 32, manager, Ontario, 23 McGill Street Toronto, s/o George ROBERTS deceased (b. Wales) & Sarah Anne HAWLEY, married Myrtle Jessie LINDSEY, 25, stenographer, Scotland, 344 Ashdale Avenue Toronto, d/o James LINDSAY (b. Scotland) & Mary WOOD, witn: William & Marion OSTLER of 334 Ashdale Avenue Toronto on April 4, 1925 at St. Augustus Church

2323-25 John Laing ROBERTSON, 21, clerk, Scotland, 21 South View Avenue Toronto, s/o Francis John ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Mary LAING, married Frances Lydia Florence CROWE, 26, B. T. C. supervisor, Ontario, 21 South View Avenue Toronto, d/o Frances CROWE (Ontario) & Margaret WILSON, witn: Eva Grant CROWE 1550 Dufferin St. & E. A. HUNTER of 923 Logan Avenue both of Toronto on April 11, 1925

1922-25 Donald ROBINSON, 25, salesman, Ontario, 165 Monarch Park Avenue Toronto, s/o Levi ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Zerida BROWN, married Olive Alice VARCOE, 26, stenographer, Toronto, 639 Huron Street same, d/o John Edwin VARCOE (b. Ontario) & Annie LUNNEY, witn: Gordon MURLESS of 924 Manning Ave & Aileen ROBINSON of 165 Monarch Park Avenue both of Toronto on March 28, 1925

1913-25 William ROBSON, 23, cashier, England, Summit Road Islington, s/o Joseph ROBSON (b. England) & Margaret Ellen WRIGHT, married Ruby Winnifred TAYLOR, 21, teacher, Ontario, 1 McFarland Ave Toronto, d/o William Herbert TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Rose Mabel KINE (King?), witn: Eugene & Louisa McGILL both of 6 Trinity Square Toronto on March 16, 1925 [divorced 25/1/50].

2335-25 Samuel Paul RODDA, 22, clerk, England, 19 Hallam St. Toronto, s/o John RODDA (b. England) & Ellen PAULL, married Ethel SKIPPON, 19, photography, Toronto, 1002 Shaw St. same, d/o Edward SKIPPON (b. Ontario) & Ethel ASHLEE, witn: J. & E. RODDA both of 19 Hallam Street Toronto on April 27, 1925

2327-25 Thomas RODEN, 28, labourer, Ireland, 365 Boon Avenue Toronto, s/o David RODEN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth DARAUGH, married Rose NESBITT, 27, stenographer, England, 365 Boon Avenue Toronto, d/o Robert NESBITT (b. England) & Nellie NELLEA, witn: Isabella GRACIE of 201 Nairn Ave. & William HUNTER of 194 Nairn Avenue both of Toronto on April 13, 1925

2320-25 Andrew RODGER, 22, paper packer, Scotland, 1154 Dufferin Street Toronto, s/o John RODGER (b. Scotland) & Janet HART, married Beatrice Helen SWAN, 18, England, 4 Wellesley Place Toronto, d/o George SWAN & Helen MOUNCEY, witn: Robert THOMPSON of 3 Ross Park Place & Josephine McDIARMID of 4 Wellesley Place both of Toronto on April 4, 1925

2337-25 Wylie Alexander RODMAN, 20, banker, Little Britain, Stouffville, s/o Lawrence L. RODMAN (b. Little Britain) & Flora Jane THORBURN, married Hazel Louisa O'NEILL, 22, stenographer, Pefferlaw, Toronto, d/o David Francis O'NEILL & Charlotte L. UNDERDOWN, witn: Clara WRAY of Langstaff & Harold McQUEEN of 671 Windermere Toronto on April 10, 1925

1910-25 Thomas Samuel ROGERS, 22, labourer, Toronto, 433 Flint Street Rochester New York State USA, s/o William ROGERS (b. Ireland) & Kathleen SPOTTESWOOD, married Elizabeth PERT, 20, operator, England, 53 Allen Ave. Toronto, d/o William PERT (b. England) & Rose WINGFIELD, witn: John Bernard WHITE of 92 Swanwick Ave & Kathleen Jane ROGERS of 18 Pape St. both of Toronto on March 12, 1925

1915-25 John ROSBOROUGH, 32, auto mechanic, Ireland, Melbourne House Philadelphia PA USA, s/o Joseph ROSBOROUGH (b. Ireland) & Matilda McCREADY, married Fern Beatrice TAYLOR, 31, widow, Ontario, Midland, d/o Richard BOYD (b. Ontario) & Rachael BAKER, witn: Velma W. B. KING of 38 Concord Ave. Toronto on March 18, 1925

1921-25 Harry ROSENBAUM, 28, presser, Poland, 54 Huron Street Toronto, d/o Joseph ROSENBAUM (b. Poland) & Male POHICHOTZKY, married Bessie NEWMAN, 22, Russia, 141 Augusta Avenue Toronto, d/o Abraham NEWMAN (b. Russia) & Nezy NEWMARASKY, witn: David CONSHIN of 195 Augusta Avenue Toronto & Hariy ESCOVITZ of 69 Baldwin Street both of Toronto on March 29, 1925

1924-25 David ROSENBERG, 27, tailor, Poland, 88 Baldwin Street Toronto, s/o Willie ROSENBERG (b. Poland) & Hinda KOCHEN, married Sarah SAFER, 21, Galicia, 34 D'Arcy Street Toronto, d/o Sindel SAFER (b. Galicia) & Molly SHAPIRO, witn: M. SAFER of 514 Manning Ave & B. ROSENBERG of 40 Baldwin St both of Toronto on March 31, 1925

1923-25 Louis ROSENTHAL, 19, printer, Romania, 246 Palmerston Avenue Toronto, s/o Israel ROSENTHAL (b. Romania) & Freda FISHER, married Fanny ISENBERG, 17, England, 151 Major Street Toronto, d/o Isaac ISENBERG (b. Poland) & Rebecca WILCHUR, witn: Mr. DANIELS of 492 Euclid Avenue & Mr. B. ISENBERG of 151 Major St. both of Toronto on March 31, 1925 at Toronto. [divorced 15/8/51]


2329-25 Joe ROSS, 34, labourer, Italy, 45 Walton St. Toronto, s/o Frank ROSS (b. Italy) & Margaret MATTIE, married Kate BEAUMONT, 29, waitress, England, 4 Sullivan Street Toronto, d/o parents unknown, raised by Annie McPHERSON of Belleville, witn: Olive M. RANKIN of 451 Gladstone Avenue & F. BOND of 81 Parkway Avenue both of Toronto on April 4, 1925

1916-25 Donald ROSS, 66, retired locomotive engineer, widower, Scotland, 239 Front Street Stratford Ontario s/o Donald ROSS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, married Minnie Isabel MOWAT, 62, widow, Ontario, 286 Beach Avenue Toronto, d/o Angus JOHNSON (b. Scotland) & Christina FRASER, witn: Mowat H. ROSS of 286 Beech Avenue & Mrs. James EDGEWORTH of 80 Westmount Avenue both of Toronto on March 21, 1925

1909-25 Frank Tennant ROSTANCE, 23, clerk, England, 805 Ossington Ave. Toronto, s/o Alfred James ROSTANCE (b. England) & Frances CROSS, married Margaret KNAPP, 20, clerk, USA, 59 Withrow Ave. Toronto, d/o Delbert KNAPP (b. USA) & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn: A. E. SMALLEY of 77 Leuty Ave & P. MASTERS of 55 Elmer Ave both of Toronto on March 13, 1925

2340-25 Stafford Ellery ROYAL, 23, salesman, Bath England, 17 Maclean Ave. Toronto, s/o William John ROYAL & Maud Mary ELLERY, married Mildred Alice MATTHEWS, 21, Jamaica British West Indies 17 Maclean Ave. Toronto, d/o Charles Daniel MATTHEWS & Fanny Mary SCARLETT, witn: Elsie MATTHEWS & C. W. SCARLETT both of 17 Maclean Ave. Toronto on April 1, 1925 at St. John's Church Manse

1918-26 Alex RUMIANIK, 22, cap operator, Poland, 31 Kensington Ave. Toronto, s/o Moses Meloch RUMIANIK (b. Poland) & Golda ZIMMERMAN, married Yetta WEISBLUM, 20, dress finisher, Poland, 129 Baldwin St. Toronto, d/o Joseph WEISBLUM (b. Poland) & Sysel SHTROCH, witn: S. BRADS of 8 Sullivan St. & G. NEIMAN of 68 Grey St. both of Toronto on March 22, 1925

2328-26 Fred Allan RUSSELL, 21, student, Toronto, 92 Jarvis Street same, s/o John Edward RUSSELL (b. Toronto) & Martha Elizabeth MORRISON, married Dora BARRETT, 19, Toronto, 64 Chester Street same, d/o Edward John BARRETT (b. England) & Mary BEATY, witn: John Randolph BARKER of 69 Douglas Drive & Frances Audrey FRAYNE of 484 Jones Avenue both of Toronto on April 10, 1925 [divorced 21 Dec 1932].

2336-25 Cyril Burkitt RUTHERFORD, 26, showman, Toronto, 134 Westmoreland Avenue same, s/o Wilber Richard RUTHERFORD (b. Ontario) & Hannah May KENNY, married Susie Mildred IMRIE, 19, stenographer, Toronto, 67 Mavety Street same, d/o Ebenezer IMRIE (b. Ontario) & Mary MITCHELL, witn: Olive IMRIE of 67 Mavety St. & Albert McFARLANE of 152 Westmoreland St. both of Toronto on April 2, 1925

1914-25 James Albert RYDER, 25, labourer, Ontario, 22 Ninth Street New Toronto, s/o George RYDER (b. Ireland) & Margaret CADDON, married Kathleen CHAPMAN, 19, Ontario, 130 Dovercourt Road Toronto, d/o Joseph CHAPMAN (b. Ireland) & Ellen PEARCE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Garnet MOORE of 393 Ossington Avenue Toronto on March 14, 1925

2379-25 Robert SANDERSON, 23, fireman, England, Weston, s/o Stephen SANDERSON, b. England & Jane Ann JOHNSON, married Alice WATSON, 29, England, 36 Drummond Ave in Toronto, d/o Nicholas WATSON, b. England & Isabella Ann DETCHON, witn: Janet LINDSAY & Robert STUBBS, both of Toronto, 25 Apr 1925

2343-25 William SAUNDERS, 55, caretaker, England, Wycliffe College Toronto, s/o Isaac SAUNDERS (b. England) & Mary TROWE, married Georgina GRIMES, 42, domestic, England, 193 Sackville St. Toronto, d/o parents unknown (sic) (b. England), witn: J. & Catharine GOULD both of Wycliffe College Toronto on April 8, 1925

2372-25 Mervyn Trevail SAUNDERS, 30, druggist, Oshawa, Kingston, s/o Harry Arthur SAUNDERS, b. Isle of Wight & Grace TREVAIL, married Charlotte Maude BUTT, 29, Toronto, same, d/o Frederick George BUTT, b. Bristol - England & Charlotte E. GIBBONS, witn: Jessie BUTT of Toronto & R.E. SAUNDERS of Oshawa, 29 Apr 1925

2374-25 Harold SAUNDERS, 22, painter, England, 78 St. Clarens Ave in Toronto, s/o Joseph D. SAUNDERS, b. England & Florence LAKE, married Edith TROWBRIDGE, 22, Wales, 78 St. Clarens Ave in Toronto, d/o George TROWBRIDGE, b. Wales & Mary JAMES, witn: George LAKE & Ethel LAKE, both of 78 St. Clarens Ave, 27 Apr 1925

2378-25 Henry Earl SCOTT, 42, police constable, Ontario, 316 Garden Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert SCOTT, b. Ontario & Ann KENNEDY, married May HESSON, 42, widow, Toronto, 1868 Bloor St. West, d/o William CAMPBELL, b. Ontario & Eliza BOYD, witn: William CAMPBELL of 1868 Bloor West & Ann SCOTT of 316 Garden Ave, 11 Apr 1925

2362-25 Roy Leonard SCYTHES, 34, sales manager, Toronto, National Club - Bay St. in Toronto, s/o George SCYTHES, b. Ireland & Sarah ROOKE, married Anne DOUGLAS, 31, Ontario, 60 St. Clair Ave West in Toronto, d/o George B. DOUGLAS, b. Ontario & Anne FANLEY, witn: E.C. SCYTHES of Toronto & John S. DOUGLAS of North Bay, 24 Apr 1925

2366-25 Edward Ernest SEDGWICK, 26, police constable, Ontario, 451 Millwood Rd in Toronto, s/o Joseph Isaac SEDGWICK, b. Ontario & Elizabeth PEACOCK, married Edith Victoria Margaret HORNELL, 24, Toronto, 90 Woodycrest Ave in Toronto, d/o David HORNELL, b. England & Margaret MOORE, witn: Jean HORNELL & W. SEDGWICK, both of Toronto, 16 Apr 1925

2380-25 Nick SENTILLI, 28, farmer, Paglietta Italy, Vineland, s/o Camillo SENTILLI & Maria SACCIA, married Anna Maria CONFORZI, 17, dressmaker, Nesola Italy, Vineland, d/o Guiseppe CONFORZI & Antonia D'ASTI, witn: Rocco COFFINO & Teresa MICELI, 30 Apr 1925 (RC)

2346-25 Robert Cedric Elliott SHAW, 26, bank clerk, Quebec, 89 Neville Park Blvd. Toronto, s/o James Lang SHAW (b. Quebec) & Margaret Ann ELLIOTT, married Marguerite Adelaide HEBERT, 23, Ontario, 94 Neville Park Blvd. Toronto, d/o Frank G. HEBERT (b. Ontario) & Helen V. WASTELL, witn: A. P. HEBERT of 94 Neville Park Blvd Toronto & Dorothy HERRON of 3 Church St. Brantford on April 9, 1925

2361-25 Christopher Raymond SHERIDAN, 21, painter, Toronto, same, s/o Edward SHERIDAN, b. Ireland & Olive Martha WHITE, married Norma Evelyn BUTLER, 16, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Wellington BUTLER, b. Ontario & Marigold DAVIDSON, witn: William FAWCETT of Buffalo & Dorothy BUTLER of Toronto, 14 Apr 1925

2347-25 George Ross SHIER, 24, clerk, Ontario, 231 Carlton St. Toronto, s/o George F. SHIER (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann MERRICK, married Alma Irene HAMILTON, 20, hand embroiderer, Ontario, 201 Carlton St. Toronto, d/o George HAMILTON (b. Ontario) & Henrietta RANEY, witn: Mary Brown ALBRIGHT & Lillian NEWSON both of 30 Rose Ave. Toronto on April 8, 1925

2376-25 Wilfred George SHIBLEY, 23, salesman, Ontario, 6 Grafton Ave in Toronto, s/o Wellington J. SIBLEY, b. Ontario & Frances Mabel GRANT, married Emily Helen BRIDGETT, 21, switchboard operator, Ontario, 25 Fern Ave in Toronto, d/o Raymond BRIDGETT, b. Ontario & Carrie Mary EDMUNDS, witn: James Edward HURST of Toronto & Mrs. D.W. FERGUSON of New Toronto, 25 Apr 1925

2349-25 Willard Douglas SHRINER, 25, traveler, Ontario, 100 Beverly St. Apt. B. Toronto, s/o Richard SHRINER (b. Ontario) & Euphemia HIGGINS, married Hazel Jean McFADDEN, 26, stenographer, Ontario, 128 Spadina Road Toronto, d/o John McFADDEN (b. Ontario) & Sarah FINNEY, witn: Mary E. WARD & M. J. ALDRED both of 183 Rushton Road Toronto on April 9, 1925


2365-25 Stuart Archie SIMPSON, 22, clerk, USA, 437 Kingston Rd in Toronto, s/o James SIMPSON, c. Scotland & Elizabeth STUART, married Margaret Eugenia HEARSNEP, 19, model, England, 43 Orchard Pk Blvd in Toronto, d/o Tom HEARSNEP, b. England & Dorothy HELEWOOD?, witn: Gordon H. TRAIN & Ruth FEAVER, both of Toronto, 14 Apr 1926

2382-25 Joseph Thomas SIMPSON, 33, oxy-acetylene welder, Duluth Minn., 49 St. Albans, s/o George SIMPSON & Jennie GIBBONS, married Sadie Blanche WASHBURN, 27, Sudbury, 736A St. Clair West, d/o Benjamin WASHBURN & Margaret THURESON, witn: Walter WHEELER & Winnifred WASHBURN, both of Toronto, 21 Apr 1925

2369-25 Cecil Robert Joseph SIZE, 22, piano actionist, 457 Delaware Ave in Toronto, same, s/o Samuel SIZE, b. Ontario & Clara TATTERELL, married Dorothy Catherine Rolls SYMONS, 22, stenographer, Toronto, 1220 Bloor St. West in Toronto, d/o John SYMONS, b. Ontario & Carrie BOUTER (Bonter?) witn: M. Belle LE DREW of 26 Hallam St. & Mrs. J. SYMONS of 1220 Bloor West, both of Toronto, 23 Apr 1925

2363-25 Roy John SLATTERY, 29, rubber shoe maker, USA, Toronto, s/o John SLATTERY, b. England & Clara DUNSFORD, married Ada May MERKLEY, 24, operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Henry MERKLEY, b. Ontario & Mary REDMAN, witn: Mildred MCKENZIE & Allan LEITH, both of Toronto, 25 Apr 1925

2350-25 Frederick SMITH, 38, teamster, England, 166 Seaton St. Toronto, s/o Henry SMITH (b. England) & Angeline COUSINS, married Jessie Elizabeth BRERETON, 45, tailoress, widow, England, 166 Seaton St. Toronto, d/o Charles GODFREY (b. England) & Jessie Eliza GILLSMORE, witn: Albert & Mrs. Lillian GAGNE both of 335 Wellesley St. Toronto on April 11, 1925

2341-25 Frank SMITH, 28, accountant, England, 4 Endean Ave. Toronto, s/o George Samuel SMITH (b. England) & Sarah Jane DAWSON, married Ada Jane SWITZER, 21, ledger keeper, Ontario, 63 Bloomfield Ave. Toronto, d/o William SWITZER (b. Ontario) & Mary Matilda WHALEY, witn: W. H. Gibson SMITH of 9 Endean Ave. & Mildred S .SWITZER of 63 Bloomfield Ave. both of Toronto on April 4, 1925 at Riverdale Methodist Church

2342-25 John SMITH, 38, furnace man, Scotland, 530 Ontario St. Toronto, s/o John SMITH (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MORRISON, married Charlotte Cameron WARRACK, 37, operator, widow, Scotland, 530 Ontario St. Toronto, d/o Robert GALL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth Jane CAMERON, witn: Williamina Cameron GALL of 530 Ontario St. & Thomas HYND of 494 Whitmore Ave. both of Toronto on April 8, 1925

2351-25 Joseph Alexander SMITH, 28, farmer, Toronto, Larchmere Farm - Oak Ridge, s/o Gordon SMITH (b. Scotland) & Margaret EMSLIE, married Lillian Edith COOK, 23, clerk, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Samuel COOK (b. Ontario) & Sarah ELLIS, witn: Mrs. Margaret H. AMOS of 475 Grace St. Toronto & Miss Margaret G. LITSTER of Burks Falls on April 8, 1925

2357-25 Allan SMITH, 24, sawyer, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o Elijah SMITH, b. Newfoundland & Eliza NEWMAN, married Edith Lily May KELLOWAY, 24, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o Simon KELLOWAY, b. Newfoundland & Clara JANES, witn: Fred DAWE & Alfreda LINFIELD, both of Toronto, 15 April 1925

2368-25 Alfred SMITH, 26, fireman, England, 80 Seaton St in Toronto, s/o Alfred SMITH, b. England & Sarah LE ROY, married Annie Catherine SEARLE, 20, cake icer, Quebec, 86 Berkeley St. in Toronto, d/o William SEARLE, b. England & Emma WILLIAMS, witn: Gordon SEARLE & Alice CARTER, both of Toronto, 21 Apr 1925

2377-25 Charles Hogg SMITH, 28, meat salesman, Scotland, 524 Bathurst St. in Toronto, s/o John SMITH, b. Scotland & Sarah ROBINSON, married Alison Maria ALLAN, 23, stenographer, England, 524 Bathurst St. in Toronto, d/o John ALLAN, b. England & May Ann PATCHETT, witn: W.T. PATTERSON of Hamilton & A. Ruby BROWN of Toronto, 28 Apr 1925

2345-25 Roy Leslie SOMERVILLE, 21, teamster, Ontario, 2318 Gerrard St. East Toronto, s/o William Percy SOMERVILLE (b. Ontario) & Mary MILNE, married Lily WARD, 23, operator, England, 238 Gerrard St. East Toronto, d/o James John WARD (b. England) & Sarah TRUMAN, witn: Margaret & S. A. ROBERTS both of R--mond? Street Toronto on April 9, 1925

2359-25 Lawrence STANSBURY, 19, chauffeur, Oakville, same, s/o Edward STANSBURY, b. England & Martha Ann ASQUITH, married Mary COPP, 18 Burlington, Oakville, d/o William COPP, b. England & Alice NIXON, witn: Mrs. C.R. PRESCOTT of Burlington & Mrs. E. STANSBURY of Oakville, 20 Apr 1925 2355-25 Andrew Herbert STANELAND, 55, widower, retired, Toronto, same, s/o Samuel STANELAND, b. England & Agnes SHAW, married Grace TURNER, 29, stenographer, England, Toronto, d/o Owen Samuel TURNER, b. England & Sarah Louise EASTWELL, witn: Rose B. MA??LE & T.H. STANELAND, both of Toronto, 18 Apr 1925


2373-25 Norman Robert STENER, 30, repairman, Ontario, 6 Williams Place in Toronto, s/o John STENER, b. Ontario & Emma SMITH, married Gertrude May BOOTH, 29, domestic, Ontario, 101 Elmer Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert Henry BOOTH, b. Ontario & Mary Elizabeth RYDER, witn: Rachel SUTHERLAND of Bradford & Gertrude WILSON of Toronto, 21 Apr 1925

2348-25 John STEWART, 23, driver, Ireland, 32 Glenora Ave. York Tp., s/o William STEWART (b. Ireland) & Sarah BLACK, married Annie Lillian Catherine BRADEN, 29, dressmaker, England, 32 Jesmond Ave. York Tp., d/o Daniel BRADEN (b. England) & Lizzie HUDSON, witn: Florence May BRADEN of 32 Jesmond Ave. & W. C. CARSON of 410 Silverthorn Ave. both of Toronto on April 10, 1925

2352-25 William James STEWART, 38, sales manager, widower, Ontario, 133 Pearson Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas James STEWART (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane MACKIE, married Marie Rosalind Dorothea SCHULER, 24, stenographer, British Guyana, 133 Pearson Ave. Toronto, d/o Hubert SCHULER (b. British Guyana) & Ellen Marie ASHTON, witn: A. Marion GRAHAM of 165 Glendonwynne Ave. & E. S. GRAHAM of 45 Glendonwynne Ave. both of Toronto on April 9, 1925 at Parkdale Presbyterian Church

2354-25 William Ralph STEWART, 22, bookkeeper, Toronto, same, s/o William STEWART, b. Ontario & Adeline HOBLITZEL, married Jean COULTER, 22, labeller, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James COULTER, b. Ireland & Marguerite NICKOLL, witn: Harold LANE & Rose LANE, both of Toronto, 15 Apr 1925

2364-25 Frank Alfred STEWART, 24, express driver, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Edward STEWART, b. Ontario & Louise ROLLS, married Doris Kathleen PEARSON, 24, elevator operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas PEARSON, b. England & Florence COOKE, witn: Florence PEARSON & A.R. WORGAG?, both of Hamilton, 25 Apr 1925

2356-25 Cecil Barnett STONE, 22, electrician, England, Toronto, s/o John STONE, b. England & Ada GIBSON, married Lillian Maude GIBSON, 19, Toronto, same, d/o Sidney Joseph GIBSON, b. England & Charlotte Maude Mary MUNDY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Cecil George HILL, both of Toronto, 11 Apr 1925


2375-25 Harold James STRONG, 28, advertising, Ontario, 672 Huron St. in Toronto, s/o William STRONG, b. Ireland & Elizabeth MANE, married Mary Redford BREBNER, 28, Toronto, 67 Howland Ave, d/o James BREBNER, b. Ontario & Frances BARTLETT, witn: Ruth STRONG & J.B. HELME, both of Toronto, 16 Apr 1925 [divorced 16 Sept 1935 at Toronto]

2360-25 Samuel Robert STRONG, 51, widower, labourer, Ontario, 28 Metcalfe St. in Toronto, s/o John STRONG, b. Ontario & Emily COMFORT, married Alice FYSON, 50, widow, England, 28 Metcalfe St. in Toronto, d/o Robert HUBBELL, b. England & Martha SHEUTON, witn: Robert F. WILLIAMS & Robert ROBINSON, both of 25 Metcalfe St. in Toronto, 18 Apr 1925

2353-25 William John SULLIVAN, 32, tile laying, Toronto, 240 Brock Ave. same, s/o James SULLIVAN (b. Ireland) & Hannah McCARTHY, married Clara Howes BLOOMFIELD, 32, hairdresser, England, 110 Westlake Ave. Toronto, d/o Frederick BLOOMFIELD (b. England) & Rose MOSELEY, witn: John CRAVEN of 645 Main St. & Olive Daisy MONTGOMERY of 110 Westlake Avenue both of Toronto on April 9, 1925 at Church of the Resurrection Woodbine Ave

2381-25 Frank Gerald SULLIVAN, 26, advertising agent, Toronto, 13 Deer Park Cres, s/o Edward SULLIVAN & Essie TAYLOR, married Ursula Beatrice COLLERAN, 22, Toronto, 118 Crescent Road, d/o John Joseph COLLERAN & Catherine CALLAGHAN, witn: Joseph SULLIVAN of 13 Deer Park Cres & Edna MCCARRON of 16 Shorncliffe Ave, 30 Apr 1925 (RC)


2344-25 Walter Frederick SUMMERHILL, 18, chauffeur, England, 6 Edwin Ave. Toronto, s/o Walter James SUMMERHILL (b. England) & Alice LOVELL, married Stella May BOWERS, 22, Ontario, 296 Weston Road South Toronto, d/o Samuel BOWERS (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane MOFFATT, witn: Enid BOWERS, 296 Weston Road & E. C. McAULEY of 691 William St. London on April 8, 1925 at 296 Weston Road

2367-25 Robert James SUTHERLAND, 29, printer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert James SUTHERLAND, b. Scotland & Agnes MCLEAN, married Mary Helen MCDONNELL, 23, operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James Wilbert MCDONNELL, b. Ireland & Mary Helen CALAHAN, witn: Alice Evelyn PEARCY & Edward William WOODHOUSE, both of Toronto, 20 Apr 1925

2358-25 William SUTHERLAND, 41, attendant, Ireland, Grosvenor Hotel in Toronto, s/o William SUTHERLAND, b. Scotland & Ellen JOHNSON, married Hannah PLANT, 29, domestic, England, 23 Bedford Road in Toronto, d/o William PLANT, b. England & Mary HOLLINS, witn: Barbara MORGAN & Llewelyn JONES, both of Toronto, 16 Apr 1925

2371-25 Andrew SWEGUN, 27, furrier, Russia, 42 Vanauley St. in Toronto, s/o Philip SWEGUN, b. Russia & Nelly KURSCHNER, married Maggie MASZEBRKA, 28, widow, sorter, Ukrainia, 7 Manning Ave in Toronto, d/o Nicolai (not known) & Katerine PAWUK, witn: Kusyou RORUM???KIEWICH & Annie MAXIJIUIW--?, 24 Apr 1925 (Greek RC)


6642-25 Samuel THOMPSON, 39, labourer, England, Cooksville Peel Co, s/o Richard THOMPSON (b. England) & Annie E. WOODHEAD, married Ada CURTIS, 36, widow, England, Cooksville, d/o John KIRBY (b. England) & Alice KIRBY, witn: Mrs F.M. BELLSMITH Sr & Mrs F.M. BELLSMITH Jr both of 336 Jarvis St, 26 Dec 1925

6637-25 William Edward THOMPSON, 21, fisherman, Hallowell twp, Wellington Prince Edward Co, s/o Robert THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Mahala DAINERD, married Mary Reta BROOKS, 18, Athol twp [Prince Edward Co], same, d/o Stanley BROOKS (b. Canada) & Esther DULMAGE, witn: John WELCH & Edith WELCH both of 187 Sheridan [Ave] Toronto, 15 Dec 1925

6640-25 Melville William THOMPSON, 22, drover, Melancthon twp, Dundalk Grey Co, s/o William Henry THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Henrietta NEITHERCUT, married Elva Ida May BROWN, 21, teacher, Osprey twp, Melancthon twp, d/o Robert BROWN (b. Canada) & Ida May AITCHESON, witn: E.G. Ardith NEFF of 32 Rowland Ave & Margaret HULL of 2 Abbott [Ave}, 24 Dec 1925

2383-25 Henry Ernest THORN, 40, driver, England, 115 Maitland St, s/o George Thomas THORN, b. England & Emma Elizabeth METCALF (both deceased), married Grace Thomson LLOYD, 32, Scotland, 58 Winchester St, d/o Edward LLOYD & Catherine CAMPBELL MCBRIDE (deceased), witn: H.C. MCCULLOUGH & M. MCCULLOUGH, both of 58 Winchester St., 2 Apr 1925

6635-25 John Earl THURSTON, 26, trainman, Palmerston twp Frontenac Co, Smith Falls Lanark Co, s/o John Wesley THURSTON (b. Ontario) & Katherine Agnes HANNAH, married Gladys May STILLMAN, 21, telephone operator, Havelock Peterborough Co, same, d/o James W. STILLMAN (b. Ontario) & Letha COOPER, witn: John F. STILLMAN & Mrs John F. STILLMAN both of 84 Harvard Ave Toronto, 12 Dec 1925

6633-25 Harold TOMKINSON, 24, photo engraver, England, Fifth Ave Weston Ontario, s/o Samuel TOMKINSON (b. England) & Annie LEES, married Grace Bertha HOLDSWORTH, 22, stenographer, Toronto, Fifth Ave Weston, d/o Harry A. HOLDSWORTH (b. Ontario) & Bertha STRICKLAND, witn: Harry A. HOLDSWORTH & G. Walker WILSON both of Weston, 5 Dec 1925

6644-25 Gordon Frederick TRACY, 29, school teacher, Toronto, 1404 West Washington Ave Madison Wisconsin, s/o Fred TRACY (b. Ontario) & Charlotte HAINES, married Jean Winnifred SWORD, 32, Toronto, 220 Rusholme Rd, d/o James A. SWORD (b. Ontario) & Julia A. DITMARS, witn: L. Elmo FILMORE of 110 Kendal Ave & Ruth SWORD of 220 Rusholme Rd, 30 Dec 1925

6639-25 William Martin TREANOR, 52, farmer, Toronto twp Peel Co, same, s/o Edy TREANOR (b. Peel Co?) & Elizabeth PEGG, married Lydia Anna WHITFIELD, 28, school teacher, England, Toronto twp, d/o Francis WHITFIELD (b. England) & Priscilla SHEPPHERD, witn: Harry SCOTT of Georgetown & Alicia WHITFIELD of Acton, 23 Dec 1925 at 349 Indian Grove

6641-25 Frederick TURNER, 34, widower, salesman, England, 154 Campbell Ave, s/o Arthur TURNER (b. England) & Ellen MARSH, married Mary SHEWAN, 34, waitress, Ontario, 36 Sheridan Ave, d/o John SHEWAN (b. Scotland) & Mary J. BENT, witn: Helen PATTERSON of 355 Lansdowne Ave & Anna L. MacEACHEN of 351 Lansdowne Ave, 24 Dec 1925

6643-25 Clinton Henry TURRELL, 31, inspector, USA, 17 Salina St Rochester New York, s/o Henry TURRELL (b. USA) & Mary LOCKHART, married Jean ALLEN, 21, drug clerk, Toronto, 237 Bathurst St, d/o Alexander ALLEN (b. Ontario) & Josephine EDEAN, witn: Elizabeth JONES of 19 Defoe St & Arthur ROCHE of 92 Mutual St, 30 Dec 1925 at 237 Bathurst St

6699-25 Charles Edward VALLIERE, 24, widower, electrical repairs, Toronto, 67 Rhodes Ave, s/o George Albert VALLIERE (b. Ontario) & Emmeline LEVEL, married May LANHAM, 20, Ontario, 67 Rhodes Ave, d/o William LANHAM (b. England) & May CORN, witn: George VALLIERE & Emma VALLIERE both of 18 Watt Ave, 26 Dec 1925 at St John's Church Norway - divorced 22 June 1941

6648-25 Theo Edward Bernard VALLOTTON, 48, widower, mechanic, England, 106 King St W. s/o Theo VALLOTTON (b. England) & Mary THOMPSON, married Edith Kathleen FRAMPTON, 35, stenographer, England, 73 Gilbert Ave, d/o John Thomas FRAMPTON (b. England) & Edith HOW, witn: Ethel MURPHY & Clara BUNKER both of 67 Pembroke St, 23 Dec 1925

6647-25 Clarence Percival David VAN NORMAN, 37, civil engineer, Toronto, Walsingham Hotel Toronto, s/o Charles VAN NORMAN (b. Ontario) & Isabella CARMICHAEL, married Helen Jean ROBINSON, 27, Ontario, 402 Huron St, d/o William ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Nellie Maud FRASER, witn: William R. KERR & Margaret ROBINSON both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1925

6645-25 John Marsh VEITCH, 34, stock keeper, Scotland, 271 St Helen's Ave, s/o James VEITCH (b. Scotland) & Sarah BAKER, married Elsie Elizabeth GURMAN, 29, domestic, England, 113A St Clair Ave West, d/o Arthur William GURMAN (b. England) & Mary Claudina LUSH, witn: Christina Honor INNES of 43 Westmoreland Ave & Alexander Fairley VEITCH of 271 St Helen's Ave, 31 Dec 1925

6646-25 Thomas VENNARD, 52, weaver, Ireland, Langstaff - York Co, s/o Thomas VENNARD (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann RAINEY, married Margaret Ann McLEOD, 29, domestic, Scotland, 80 Greengrove Ave [Cres?], d/o William McLeod (b. Scotland) & Madina McLEAN, witn: Reg E.A. DENNY & Mrs Mabel CURRIE both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1925 at Knox Church


6663-25 Samuel WALLACE, 33, truck driver, USA, 24 Foxley St, s/o William [WALLACE] (b. Ireland) & Mary A. PHILLIPS, married Mary ATKINSON, 28, button hole operator, Ireland, 193 Craighurst Ave, d/o John [ATKINSON] (b. Ireland) & Mary J. PAUL, witn: William M. HENDERSON & Mary WALLACE both of 24 Foxley St, 18 Dec 1925

6667-25 Martti WALLIN, 30, labourer, Finland, 204 Seaton Ave, s/o Kustaa WALLIN (b. Finland) & Ida MANTYLA, married Ida Maria HYVONEN, 35, domestic, Finland, 341 Jarvis St, d/o Kapsid HYVONEN (b. Finland) & Saverina WEISANEN, witn: Annis J. GAWLEY & Catherine GRAY both of 341 Jarvis St, 26 Dec 1925

6668-25 William Norman WALSH, 27, auto mechanic, Ireland, 642 Pape Ave, s/o James WALSH (b. Ireland) & Minnie SCOTT, married Evangeline St Clare SCOTT, 25, interior decorator, Ireland, 32 Ashland Ave, d/o John SCOTT (b. Ireland) & Matilda COUSIN, witn: Mrs George PHILLIPS of 46 Bloomfield Ave & Martha SCOTT of 32 Ashland Ave, 25 Dec 1925

6657-25 Edward James WARREN, 29, iron worker, Newfoundland, 18 Hallam St, s/o Albert Edward WARREN (b. Newfoundland) & Lucy Jane OXFORD, married Mary Jane MILLEY, 23, domestic, Newfoundland, 637 Rhodes Ave, d/o Robert MILLEY (b. Newfoundland) & Lucinda MANUEL, witn: Keywood YOUNG of 637 Rhodes [Ave] & Nellie MANUEL of 40 Heath St West, 5 Dec 1925

6659-25 Freddie Harold WATSON, 27, farmer, Ontario, Agincourt Scarborough twp, s/o Charles WATSON (b. Ontario) & Charlotte SMITHSON, married Hilda Olive HALL, 22, private secretary, England, 289 Belsize Dr, d/o George HALL (b. England) & Mary STURGES, witn: Charles Clifford WATSON of Agincourt & Elsie HALL of 289 Belsize Dr, 5 Dec 1925

6671-25 Ernest Charles WATSON, 22, musician, Hamilton Ontario, Burlington Wentworth Co, s/o Frederick William WATSON (b. England) & Margaret McBRIDE, married Grace PEEBLES, 21, Hamilton, 20 Undermount Ave Hamilton, d/o John PEEBLES (b. Canada) & Jean MARR, witn: Arthur S. WILSON of 68 Victoria Ave West Hamilton & Nettie WATSON of 11 Torrance St Burlington, 31 Dec 1925 at 100 Delaware Ave

6670-25 Horace Frances WATTS, 23, labourer, Ontario, 1872 St Clair Ave West, s/o Abram WATTS (b. England) & Julie ALPHICK, married Isabella Irene YAKE, 21, lard runner, Toronto, 3241 Dundas St West, d/o John N. YAKE (b. Ontario) & Emily MARLING, witn: Arthur S. GODDARD of 69 Lavender Rd & Ruby YAKE of 3241 Dundas St [West], 23 Dec 1925

6650-25 Robert Henry WAYGOOD, 22, mechanic England, 22 Condor Ave, s/o Robert Henry WAYGOOD (b. England) & Eva FOWLER, married Ora May BOTTERAL, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 16 Ossington Cres, d/o Herbert BOTTERAL (b. Ontario) & Emily MAYNARD, witn: Hilda BOTTRELL (sic) of 16 Ossington Ave & Mr F. WAYGOOD of 22 Condor Ave, 26 Dec 1925

6656-25 Walter WEATHERLEY, 23, checker Canada SS Lines, England, 69 Gladstone Ave, s/o George WEATHERLEY (b. England) & Alice BROWN, married Amy Blanche MURPHY, 26, operator, England, 141 Gladstone Ave, d/o Charles MURPHY (b. England ) & Emily CARTER, witn: Harry GRANT & Rosa GRANT both of Toronto, 18 Nov 1925

6654-25 George Edward WEIDNER, 35, secretary, England, 151 Dupont St, s/o Henry Thomas WEIDNER (b. England) & Esther Elizabeth GIBSON, married Lina Bettsey Maude HAYES, 27, Ontario, 27 Cornish Rd, d/o John Henry HAYES (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth Hamilton OVERILL, witn: Frank George McDONALD of 151 Dupont St & Mary J. Deans BUCHAN of 27 Cornish Rd, 1 Dec 1925


6664-25 Samuel WEISS, 27, tailor, Russian Poland, 217 Lippincott St, s/o Joseph WEISS (b. Russian Poland) & Nellie ORNSTEIN, married Lillian Reva RUMAC, 19, painter, Russian Poland, 11 Oxford St, d/o Harry RUMAC (b. Russian Poland) & Lieba LIFF, witn: Max MANDEL of 90 Baldwin St & Abe HABER of 52 Ulster St, 20 Dec 1925, Hebrew

6651-25 Philip Frank WELCH, 26, Ontario, 251 Sherbourne St, s/o Arthur WELCH (b. USA) & Nora HENRY, married Marjorie Pearl ROBINSON, 23, saleslady, Ontario, 251 Sherbourne St, d/o Moses ROBINSON (b. Ireland) & Mary DYER, witn: James HARRISON of 518 Euclid Ave & Mary I. SPROULE of 463 Manning Ave, 26 Dec 1925

6660-25 John WELSH, 21, steel worker, Scotland, 196 Darling St Brantford Brant Co, s/o James WELSH (b. Scotland) & Mary CONNER, married Phoebe FROST, 17, domestic, England, 538 Jarvis St, d/o Alfred FROST (b. England) & Louisa M. LAWRENCE, witn: John STANNERS of Barnardo Home & Mrs Louisa WOOD (sister) of 48 Ashland Ave, 8 Dec 1925

6653-25 William Alfred WESTBEARE, 31, shoemaker, England, 445 Wellesley St, s/o Alfred WESTBEARE (b. England) & Selina NEWBURY, married Louisa Wright FRASER, 21, Scotland, 445 Wellesley St, d/o Alexander FRASER (b. Scotland) & Joan SINCLAIR, witn: Frederick A. FRASER of 445 Wellesley St & Agnes Aitken MORRISON of 600 St Clarens Ave, 24 Dec 1925 at 445 Wellesley St

6665-25 James WHITEHOUSE, 25, lumberman, England, 6 Hatherley Rd, s/o James WHITEHOUSE (b. England) & Hannah FISHER, married Grace Muir RUSSELL, 19, butter wrapper, Scotland, 23 Woodcroft Cres, d/o Thomas RUSSELL (b. Scotland) & Jane MUIR, witn: Elsie L. CASH of 406 Northcliffe Blvd & Isaac WHITEHOUSE of 130 Hatherley Rd, 25 Dec 1925 at St Chad's [Church]

6652-25 Robert Alexander WILBUR, 28, engineer, USA, 606 West Clinton St Elmira N.Y., s/o Robert A. WILBUR (b. USA) & Caroline Jordon McCLAIR, married Marjorie Barrie BEAMAN, 24, secretary, France, 412 Huron St, d/o William Arthur BEAMAN (b. Ontario) & Josephine BAIRER, witn: James R. NEFF & E.G. Ardith NEFF both of 32 Rowland [St], 17 Dec 1925

6655-25 Nelson WILDFONG, 48, widower, builder, Bruce Co, Kitchener Waterloo Co, s/o Joseph WILDFONG (b. Ontario) & Mary GROH, married Lavina Uberta BOYCE, 41, milliner, Albion twp, Mount Albert Ontario, d/o William BOYCE (b. Ontario) & Lucy A. NORRIS, witn: Christie S. RACE? & Annie PANGBURN both of 53 Brunswick Ave, 5 Dec 1925 at 53 Brunswick Ave

6669-25 Alexander WILL, 20, butcher, Scotland, 250 Lippincott St, s/o Peter WILL (b. Scotland) & Henrietta FARRELL, married Georgina Hannah Booth WATSON, 17, operator, Scotland, 260 Lippincott St, d/o Alexander WATSON (b. Scotland) & Helen BOOTH, witn: Mrs Robert ROBERTSON & Robert ROBERTSON both of 243 Lippincott St, 26 Dec 1925

6673-25 Horace WILLISON, 24, farmer, Staines England, Uxbridge twp Ontario Co, s/o William Henry WILLISON (b. England) & Edith Emily HODGKINS, married Edith MACKIE, 27, teacher, Leeds Co, Lindsay Ontario, d/o Alexander MACKIE (b. Scotland) & Lucy TACKABERY, witn: Robert S. WILLISON of McMaster House Bloor St & Mrs E. Ewards of 577 Euclid Ave, 23 Dec 1925

6674-25 Howard Edgar WILLMOT, 32, architect, York Co, Detroit, s/o Mansel WILLMOTT (sic) (b. Ontario) & Rosa MACKAY, married Mary Constance Victoria WILLMOTT, 28, Toronto, same, d/o John Wheaton WILLMOTT (b. Canada) & Martha LEE, witn: Irving J. HANCE & Ina F. HANCE both of St Marys Ontario, 25 Dec 1925

6666-25 Norman Edward WILLOWS, 21, cashier, Toronto, 7 Columbine Ave, s/o James Edward WILLOWS (b. Ontario) & Jennie Louisa BOOTH, married Kathleen Florence FOLEY, 20, housekeeper, Toronto, same, d/o John FOLEY (b. Toronto) & Sarah KENNEDY, witn: John FOLEY & Marjorie FOLEY both of 7 Columbine Ave, 22 Dec 1925

6675-25 William Thomas WILSON, 28, motor mechanic, England, 11716 Waterloo Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o George WILSON (b. England) & Mary Ann BANFIELD, married Alice Elizabeth BARTLETT, 27, embroidery operator, England, 128 Hastings Ave, witn: George Valentine WILSON of Detroit & Hilda L.M. LITTLEFORD of Toronto, 25 Dec 1925

6661-25 Earl D'Eyncourt WILSON, 21, mechanic, Ontario, 34 Henry St Detroit Michigan, s/o Norman WILSON (b. Ontario) & Flora WHITMORE, married Laura Maude Eleanor TUCKER, 21, operator B.T. Co., Ontario, 1069 Bathurst St, d/o William TUCKER (b. Ontario) & Alice HAWKES, witn: Flora WILSON of Apsley Ontario & Cecil J. BAILEY of 1069 Bathurst St, 18 Dec 1925