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City of Toronto, 1925, part 10

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birthplace is given before residence


#003650-25 Barnet ABRAMOVITCH, 58, peddler, Roumania, 41 Wolseley St, widower, s/o Abraham ABRAMOVITCH, (b. Roumania), & Novial LEGEL (both names smudged), married Beckie LEVITT, 58, Russia, 57 Fuller Ave Toronto, widow, d/o Moses (b. Russia) & Rachel LEVITT, witn: Rabbi Jarrod RIZENMAN 214 Parliament St & Alexander HEINWARTZEL, 157 Ontario St, 3 July 1925

#003652-25 Milton ACTON, 31, farmer, Sullivan Twp Grey Co, Greenock Twp Bruce Co, s/o Richard J. ACTON, (b. Ontario) & Jennie HEPBURN, married Jessie Belle MCKINNON, 26, Sullivan Twp, Grey Co, d/o Malcolm MCKINNON, (b. Ontario) & Ellen MAXWELL, witn: Carrie PALIVER, 156A Westmount Ave & Gladys FRENCH, 133 Lander Ave, 15 July 1925

#003653-25 Robert William ADAMS, 40, bricklayer, Ireland, 704 Hillcrest Ave - Pittsburg Ont, s/o Thomas ADAMS, (b. Ireland) & Mary CORDNOR, married Mary Elizabeth SIMPSON, 25, domestic, England, 19 Audrey Ave Guelph, d/o John SIMPSON, (b. England) & Ann Jane BINGHAM, witn: Mrs Bertram & Robert T. NELLES, both of 1328 King St W., 1 July 1925

#003648-25 Horace AINSCOUGH, 22, machinist, England, 116 Hazelton Ave Toronto, s/o William H. AINSCOUGH, (b. England) & Annie FREEMAN, married Phyllis HANDFORTH, 22, England, 106 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, d/o William HANDFORTH, (b. England) & Annie SHOOTER, witn: J. HARDCASTLE, 94 Kenneth Ave Toronto & Emily TRAINOR, 468 Brock Ave Toronto, 20 July 1925 at Church of the Epiphany

#003647-25 Russel James AITCHISON, 30, school teacher, Ontario, 931 College St Toronto, s/o John P. AITCHISON, (b. Ontario) & Margaret SHEARER, married Minnie SHAW, 28, school teacher, England, 248 Shaw St, d/o James SHAW (b. England) & Harriet HEPWORTH, witn: H.B. POLLOCK, 931 College St Toronto & Mrs Elma SHAW, 728 Woodbine Ave Toronto, 1 July 1925

#003654-25 Percy Clifford ALLEN, 28, school teacher, Ontario, 434 Markham St, s/o Daniel ALLEN (b. Ontario) & Jessie NELSON, married Dorothy Evelyn WEST, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 159 Evelyn Ave Toronto, d/o Henry William WEST, (b. Ontario) & Mabel Gertrude SHEPHERD, witn: Hilda WAKEFIELD, 358 Beresford Ave & A.Y.A. WRIGHT, Dundalk, 1 July 1925

#003649-25 Charles Albert AMBROSE, 21, labourer, England, 124 Carlton St, s/o Charles Albert AMBROSE, (b. England) & Lilian Louisa (surname unknown), married Elizabeth Smith MACFARLAND, 25, domestic, Scotland, 4021/2 Wellesley St Toronto, d/o George MACFARLAND, (b. Scotland) & Margaret SMITH, witn: Eugene & Louisa MCGILL, 6 Trinity Square Toronto, 18 July 1925 at The Church of the Holy Trinity

#003651-25 George ANDERSON, 34 (b. 27 June 1891) mechanic, Stamanan - Stirlingshire Scotland, 197 Fern Ave Toronto, s/o Robert ANDERSON (b. Scotland) & Annie BAXTER (married 1 Jan 1891 at Stamanan), married Doreen Sadie REID, 24, Toronto, 6 Stonehouse Cres, d/o John REID, (b. Ontario) & Ellen DOUGLAS, witn: Ray Walwin LOVE, 242 Windermere & Phyllis Emily GOFTON, 8A Stonehouse Cres, 14 July 1925

#003655-25 David George ARMSTRONG, 3?, mechanic, Ireland, 61 Hillsview Ave Toronto, s/o Andrew ARMSTRONG (b. not given) & Margaret KYLE, married Elizabeth MCLAREN, 27, clerk, Ireland, 61 Hillsview Ave Toronto, d/o George MCLAREN & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Samuel MCLAREN & Minnie ARMSTRONG, both of 61 Hillsview Ave Toronto, 16 July 1925 at St John's Church

#003670-25 George Harold BAKER, 21, bookkeeper, Ontario, 39 Davies Ave Toronto, s/o James BAKER, (b. Ontario) & Annie BALES, married Martha Jane MOORE, 18, operator, Born on S.S. Sicilian on Atlantic Ocean, 123 Boston Ave Toronto, d/o William MOORE (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn: Miss A. MOORE, 123 Boston Ave & Roy LUCY, 81 Oak St, 14 July 1925

#003664-25 David Alexander BALFOUR, 25, machinist, Scotland, 324 Harvie Ave Toronto, s/o David BALFOUR, (b. Scotland) & Jane GREEN, married Helen Gourlay SMITH, 26, Scotland, 324 Harvie Ave Toronto, d/o David (b. Scotland) & Robina SMITH, witn: William CHRISTIE & Alice CHRISTIE, both of 324 Harvie Ave, 3 July 1925 at 324 Harvie Ave

#003661-25 William BANNERMAN, 31, teamster, Scotland, 24 Keystone Ave, s/o Carrick BANNERMAN, (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann NEWLAND, married Catherine Jackson Leckie BUCHANAN, 30, cook, Scotland, 419 Bloor St W. Toronto, d/o Alexander BUCHANAN, (b. Scotland) & Christina PURDIE, witn: Mrs. W. HOMEWOOD, 393 Front St E. & Mr L. BANNERMAN, 24 Keystone Ave, 10 July 1925 at 24 Keystone Ave

003684-25 George BARCLAY, 26, truck driver, Scotland, 75 Euclid Ave, s/o John BARCLAY, (b. Scotland) & Ruth JOHNSTONE, married Elizabeth Mary CUTHBERT, 25 (b. 24 Dec 1899) Fairburn Cottage New Mill - Keith Banffshire Scotland, 75 Euclid Ave Toronto, d/o Charles CUTHBERT, (b. Scotland) & Christina SCOTT (married 25 Dec 1897 at Cynden?), witn: Mary Ann BARCLAY, 75 Euclid St Toronto & Harry MORRISON, 1219 Bathurst St Toronto, 31 July 1925

#003667-25 Lewis BARKER, 23, master painter, England, 111 Montgomery Ave, s/o Phineas BARKER, (b. England) & Harriett MARPLES, married Alice BARTON, 27, England, 113 Montgomery Ave Toronto, d/o John BARTON, (b. England) & Sarah Ann INGALL, witn: G.T. & C. BENNETT, both of 113 Montgomery Ave, 4 July 1925 at Christ Church

#003685-25 Sidney Edwin BARTLETT, 21, mechanic, England, 520 Balliol St, s/o Edwin Thomas BARTLETT, (b. England) & Alice Maud GAYNER, married Margaret Isabella HOGGETT, 18, domestic, England, 902 Bloor St W Toronto, d/o James HOGGETT, (b. England) & Isabella MacIVER, witn: Harry HOGGETT & Lillian MILLMER, both of Toronto, 7 July 1925 [divorced 14/3/51]

#003962-25 George Jay BEACH, 30, accountant, Quebec, 436 Clendenan Ave, s/o George M. BEACH, (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth A. JOHNSTON, married Jennie Fay FICKES, 26, clerk, Ontario, 323 Quebec Ave Toronto, d/o Edward J. FICKES, (b. Ontario) & Almena PAUPST, witn: Mrs Vera M & Mr H.E. FLEET, both of Toronto, 18 July 1925

#003690-25 Edwin Conrad BECHTEL, 30 (b. 27 Feb 1895), mechanic, Sandusky Ohio U.S.A., 1302 Harrison St - Sandusky, s/o John BECHTEL, (b. U.S.A.) & Lizzie KNERR, married Cara Elizabeth EVERETT, 21, clerk, 323 Scott St Sandusky O., d/o Stephen EVERETT, (b. U.S.A.) & Elizabeth EGGAR, witn: Walter R. & Mrs Verna A. BUTLER, both of 55 Roncesvalles Ave, 14 July 1925 at St Vincent de Paul Presbyterian 266 Roncesvalles Ave

#003657-25 John BECKETT, 26, engineer, Carlisle England, 138 Uxbridge Ave, s/o Mathew Irvine BECKETT, (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth FORSYTH, married Ethel CHERRINGTON, 27, Carlisle England, 1956 Queen St E. Toronto, widow, d/o William CARRUTHERS, (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann NATTRESS, witn: W.J. CARRUTHERS & Doris M. CLARK, both of 1956 Queen St E., 18 July 1925 at St John's Church Norway

#003673-25 Claude Maxwell BEESLEY, 25, bookkeeper, England, 302 Beresford Ave, s/o Howard BEESLEY, (b. England) & Lucy B. JACKSON, married Mary Leah DALLIDAY, 20, beader, England, 302 Beresford Ave Toronto, d/o James DALLIDAY, (b. England) & Clara HANDLEY, witn: Ada WHATTAM, 209 Ranleigh Ave Toronto & S.W. LOACH, 13 Ferndale Ave Toronto, 10 July 1925 at Runnymede St Baptist Church

#003678-25 John Morrison BELL, 22, electrician, Toronto, 18 Herman Ave Toronto, s/o Henry Luther BELL, (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MORRISON, married Helen McNab BRUCE, 23, milliner, Scotland, 220 Laughton Ave Toronto, d/o James Hobert BRUCE, (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth DANSON, witn: Mrs George GATE, 18 Herman Ave Toronto & Peter BRUCE, 220 Laughton Ave Toronto, 25 July 1925 at 13 Muir Ave

#003658-25 Stanley George BENNESS, 28, customs broker, Ontario, 236 Waverly Rd Toronto, s/o George BENNESS, (b. Ontario) & Edith BAKER, married Lila Arvilla DIES, 28, clerk, Toronto, 116 Kennilworth Ave Toronto, d/o George W. DIES, (b. Ontario) & Eliza BELYEA, witn: Herbert A. PURNELL, Gulong? Victoria & Annie D. CRANSHAW, 78 Wheeler Ave Toronto, 18 July 1925

#003668-25 Fleetwood Becher BERRY, 26, school teacher, Ontario, 437 Eglinton Ave Toronto, s/o John BERRY, (b. Ireland) & Thomasina HORNBY, married Vera May GRANT, 26, school teacher, Ontario, Meaford, d/o George E.C. GRANT, (b. Ontario) & Annie LOVATT, witn: Leonard A DAVIDGE, 40 Robina Ave Toronto & George E.C. GRANT, Meaford, 7 July 1925

#003686-25 Joseph Maurice BIEDERMAN, 23, accountant, U.S.A., 741 East 99th St Cleveland, s/o Abashe? Lepold BIEDERMAN, (b. Austria Hungary) & Anna BIEDERMAN, married Evelyn LEPOFSKY, 22, saleslady, Toronto, 226 Augusta Ave, d/o Abraham LEPOFSKY (b. Russia) & Rachel MESSEL, witn: B. LEPOFSKY, 901 Dundas St W. & Harry SILVER, 179 Elizabeth St, 8 July 1925

#003659-25 Harlson Cecil Jackson BINNINGTON, 30, sales manager, Ontario, 51 Macdonald Ave Toronto, s/o Arthur BINNINGTON, (b. England) & Jennie DRIVER, married Elizabeth OSWALD, 21, stenographer, England, 67 Melbourne Ave, d/o George Robert OSWALD, (b. England) & Elizabeth RUTHERFORD, witn: C.H. & Mrs C.H. LIVINGSTON, both of Osborn Apts King St, 18 July 1925

#003681-25 Dudley Thomas BIRD, 29, grocer, England, 184 Eglinton Ave W., s/o John BIRD, (b. England) & Jane BRIGHT, married Harriet Gilmore GREEN, 33, Toronto, 223 Greenwood Ave Toronto, d/o John GREEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth A. SHEPHERD, witn: John GREEN & John BIRD, both of Toronto, 29 July 1925

#003676-25 George Roland BLACKSTOCK, 22, machinist, U.S.A., 4836 Maynard Ave Detroit Mich, s/o George Albert BLACKSTOCK, (b. Ontario) & Eleanor NORTHCOTT, married Elizabeth Hill AITKEN, 21, Toronto, 11 Waterloo Ave Toronto, d/o John AITKEN, (b. Scotland) & Isabella FINDLATER, witn: Herbert PILLING, New Toronto & Isabella AITKEN, Toronto, 20 July 1925

#003683-25 Thomas BLUNT, 44, gardener, Toronto, 79 Ann St Toronto, s/o Henry BLUNT, (b. England) & Georganna HAY, married Jane GRIBBLE, 33, England, 79 Ann St Toronto, d/o Harry GRIBBLE, (b. England) & Eliza Jane LARKWORTHY, witn: Robert STAPLES & Frances COSSON, both of 79 Anne St Toronto, 30 July 1925 at St Peter's Church

#003691-25 Kenneth Russell BOADWAY, 20, fish curing, Ontario, 10 Lakeview Ave Toronto, s/o Ira BOADWAY, (b. Ontario) & Maud LAWR, married Esther NAYLOR, 22, operator, Toronto, 393 Shaw St Toronto, d/o George NAYLOR, (b. England) & Eva SOLMAELING?, witn: Andrew LEES, 1058 Bloor & Blanche BOADWAY, 10 Lakeview, 14 July 1925

#003680-25 Alfred George BOAK, 48, merchant, Ontario, 1097 Danforth Ave, s/o Samuel BOAK, (b. Ontario ) & Annie BEMROSE, married Ella Bertha NELSON, 47, Ontario, Bradford, d/o Alexander NELSON, (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JUDGE, witn: Mrs. M. HUNTS, 24 Wellesley St Toronto & Miss Ruth FAIRTY, 31 Wellesley St Toronto, 3 July 1925

#003656-25 Joe BOMSTEIN, 31, fruiterer, Russia, 6108 Service Ave Cleveland O., s/o Louis BOMSTEIN, (b. Russia) & Beckie not given, married Anna WEBBER, 28, merchant, U.S.A., 1070 Queen St W. Toronto, d/o Sam WEBBER, (b. Russian Poland) & Jennie SHIMMER, witn: Mr SOKOLOFF, 162 Beatrice St & Mr D. HARNICK, 69 Bellvue Ave, 7 July 1925

#003666-25 William BOYLE, 26, painter, Ireland, 26 Belmont St, s/o William BOYLE (b. Ireland) & not known, married Sarah Frances PANK, 27, cigar maker, England, 69 Perth Ave Toronto, d/o Alfred PANK, (b. England) & Sarah GODFREY, witn: Elaine & P.W. ELLIS, both of 69 Perth Ave, 3 July 1925 at 390 Perth Ave

#003682-25 George Arnold BRACE, 26, electrical engineer, Ontario, 5A Wells St, s/o Dr William BRACE, (b. Quebec) & Adelia ARNOLD, married Gwendoline Julia WELHAM, 21, clerk, England, 93 Castlefield Ave Toronto, d/o Claude Masterson WELHAM, (b. England) & Catherine Eliza GOSLING, witn: Sybil M. WELHAM, 24 Alcina Ave Toronto & H.A. SWORD, 220 Rusholme Rd , 31 July 1925

#003679-25 Nathan BRAMSTEIN (Barenstein?), 22, operator, Poland, 9 Walton St, s/o Sacharia BRAMSTEIN, (b. Poland) & Fimet? GOLDMAN, married Fanny WASSERMAN, 22, hand basting, Poland, 53 Glasgow St Toronto, d/o Louis WASSERMAN, (b. Poland) & Shyfra GOLDMAN, witn: S. BRODTH, 8 Sullivan St & T. NEIMAN, 68 D'Arcy St, 5 July 1925

#003669-25 Harold BROOKS, 39, inspector -rang Montreal, Oakland Cal, s/o Harry BROOKS, (b. Accrington Eng) & Isabella MACDONALD, married Laura Rebecca STONE, 29, Raper? City Man, Minnedosa Man, d/o George Little STONE, (b. Perth) & Margaret A. MCNAUGHT, witn: Heber J. & Gladys R. HODGINS, both of Toronto, 7 July 1925 at Knox Church

#003662-25 Thomas Harold BROWN, 27, piano teacher, England, 194 Wellesley St, s/o Thomas William BROWN, (b. England) & Eliza Beatrice HINES, married Olive Grace MCNAUGHTON, 20, dressmaker, Toronto, 103 Munroe St Toronto, d/o Harry MCNAUGHTON, (b. England) & Mary FISHER, witn: Horace William BROWN, 62 Bleeker St & Mary PARTRIDGE, 345 Huron St, 8 July 1925

#003663-25 Frank Walter BROWN, 23, stockman, London Eng, Toronto, Edward BROWN, (b. England) & Emily M. HERRON, married Sophie GILLESPIE, 23, saleslady, Portadown Ireland, Toronto, d/o George, (b. Ireland) & Mary GILLESPIE, witn: M. HUFF, 2029 Yonge St & A.M. MACKENZIE, 7 Glebe Rd E. 4 July 1925

#003671-25 James Tedford BROWN, 25 (b. 24 Sept 1899) clerk, Egmount St - Belfast Ireland, 144 Gilbert Ave Toronto, s/o John BROWN, (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane CROWE, married Mary Patterson WARING, 26, Ireland, 1039 Dufferin St Toronto, d/o W.J. WARING, (b. Ireland) & Jane SHAW, witn: David BROWN, 144 Gilbert Ave & Victoria WARING, 1039 Dufferin St, 2 July 1925

#003672-25 Willard Alvin BROWN, 21, salesman, Ontario, 51 Alexander St, s/o Ernest Edward BROWN, (b. Ontario) & Florence Maud WATTS, married Grace Inez LINCE, 21, proof reader, Ontario, 16 Maitland St Toronto, d/o John Francis LINCE, (b. U.S.A. ) & Mary Jane SPECK, witn: Myrtyl SAUNDERS, 47 Gloucester St & Milton H. SHILSWILL, 14 Isabella St, 10 July 1925 at Hillcrest Church

#003677-25 William Ray BROWN, 26, bank clerk, Ontario, 37 Harbord St Toronto, s/o Lucius W. BROWN, (b. Ontario) & Minerva J. CROW, married Marjorie Victoria STEVENS, 24, musician, Ontario, 1 Madison Ave Toronto, d/o Louis R. STEVENS, (b. Ontario) & Ella JUDD, witn: G.O. CLARK, 37 Harbord St & Adelaide U. MYERS, 89 Balsam Ave Toronto, 29 July 1925

#003689-25 Andrew John Wesley BROWN, 21, electrician, Ireland, 502 Church St Toronto, s/o James BROWN, (b. Ireland) & Margaret ARBUTHNOT, married Goldie Rachel VAN WYCK, 17, parceller, Toronto, 79 Russell Ave Toronto, d/o Wesley VAN WYCK, (b. Ontario) & Rachel MCCAN, witn: W. TURNBULL, 17 Locust Ave in Mt. Dennis & R. GORDON, 172 Campbell Toronto, 6 July 1925 at 390 Perth Ave

#003675-25 Robert Truman BROWNLEE, 34, barber, Vaughan York Co, Streetsville, widower, s/o Robert BROWNLEE, (b. Canada) & Jessie BEATON, married Janet STEWART, 24, waitress, Parry Sound Dist, Streetsville, divorced, d/o John Gray STEWART, (b. Canada) & Alice CUDMORE, witn: Mercie A. PATTERSON, 43 Atlas Ave & Jessie HAIG, 6 Graham Gdns, 31 July 1925

#003660-25 Moses BRUCE. 38, labourer, Ontario, 182 College St, s/o James BROWN, (b. Scotland) & Jane FULTON, married Laura HULBERT, 38, U.S.A., 183 College St, d/o George HULBERT, (b. U.S.A.) & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Anna Patricia STEVENSON, 3 Baker Ave & Jane WALKER, 220 Mason St, 13 July 1925 at Knox Church

#003674-25 Robert Neill BURGESS, 24, joiner, Ireland, 282 Broadview Ave, s/o Richard BURGESS, (b. Ireland) & Mary NEILL, married Margaret MAGEE, 28, maid, Ireland 282 Broadview Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas MAGEE, (b. Ireland) & Margaret WATTS, witn: A, GILLIES, 11 Ulster Apartments Grange Ave & C.E. TEMPLETON, 28 Simpson Ave 12 July 1925

#003665-25 Alexander Angus BURNETT, 24 (b. 24 Sept 1900) cook, Bridge St Strichen - Aberdeenshire Scotland, 11 Marlborough Ave Toronto, s/o John BURNETT, (b. Scotland) & Harriett BRUCE (married 21 May 1891 at St. Fergus), married Lillian May MCLEAN, 19, saleslady, Ontario, 11 Marlborough Ave Toronto, d/o John MCLEAN (b. Ontario) & Mary TOLLEY, witn: John & Mary MCLEAN, both of 11 Marlborough Ave Toronto, 3 July 1925 at 581 Markham St

#003687-25 Arthur Tennyson BYRAM, 28, engineer, Toronto, Smith Falls, s/o Ben Glover BYRAM, (b. England) & Louisa DEAN, married Avey Birkett CLARKE, 26, pianist, Toronto, same, d/o Harry CLARKE, (b. England) & Thomasina ROOKE, witn: William Lawrence LANGLAIS, 542 Dovercourt Rd & W. BYRAM, 312 Quebec Ave, 18 July 1925


4187-25 Victor Harold DAVIS, 27, grocer, Walthamstow - London England, Toronto, s/o Alfred Richard DAVIS & Sarah Ann GILBERT, married Rose GOULD, 31, Worcester England, Toronto, d/o Joseph GOULD & Ellen NEWBURY, witn: Victor H. DAVIS & Vera BILLING, both of Toronto, 22 Aug 1925

4186-25 Walter DAWSON, 20, postal employee, Bolton - Lancashire England, Toronto, s/o Arthur DAWSON & Eliza DODDS, married Lilian DEVAN, 20, shop assistant, Sligo Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael DEVAN & Kathleen DEVAN, witn: Francis CROUGH of Ennismore & Kathleen DEVAN of Toronto, 15 Aug 1925

4183-25 Robert Edward DAY, 23, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o Edward C. DAY, b. Ontario & Elizabeth May MCKENZIE, married Jessie Louise BURT, 20 stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Andrew J. BURT, b. England & Louisa M. SANFORD, witn: Nessie R. MITCHELL & Mary G.A. LAING, both of Toronto, 8 Aug 1925

4185-25 John Edward DILLON, 18, printer, Toronto, same, s/o David DILLON, b. Ireland & Kathleen WOODWARD, married Edith Naomi WRIGHT, 18, Toronto, same, d/o Walter WRIGHT, b. England & Albina WILLIAMS, witn: Burton MATTIN & Albina Gertrude MATTIN, both of Toronto, 4 Aug 1925

4182-25 Hirsh DINKIN, 60, widower, merchant, Russia, Toronto, s/o D. DINKIN, b. Russia & R. EPSTEIN, married Annie MALTCHIK, 36, widow, Russia, Toronto, d/o I. MALTCHIK, b. Russia & R. STERENBERG, witn: L. KARNOFSKY & F. PINCOWITZ, both of Toronto, 2 Aug 1925 at Toronto. (Hebrew)

4181-25 Mansell Ivan DODD, 26, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o W.M. DODD, b. Ontario & Sarah LANG, married Vada Lucy BREMNER, 17, Ontario, Toronto, d/o W.M. BREMNER, b. Ontario & Lucy JOHNSTON, witn: Lillie VANDERBURG of Toronto & Olive W. JOHNSON of Port Hope, 4 Aug 1925

4188-25 Martin Vincent DONOHUE, 32, labourer, Sarnia, Detroit, s/o John DONOHUE, & Elizabeth QUINN, married Teresa Jane MCCLOSKEY, 34, Sarnia, Toronto, d/o John MCCLOSKEY & Jane SHANAHAN, witn: William Anthony DONOHUE & Mary Ethel LANGAN, both of Sarnia, 25 Aug 1925 at Toronto. (RC)

4184-25 Charles Gordon DUMARESQ, 23, mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Charles H. DUMARESQ, b. Ontario & Alice Jane BRONSON, married Lydia Marguerite CANN, 29, operator, Channel Islands, Toronto, d/o James CANN, b. Channel Islands & Elizabeth PALLOT, witn: Carrie GREGORY & Frankie COX, both of Toronto, 12 Aug 1925

4190-25 William George EBBS, 20, monographing, Toronto, same, s/o William EBBS, b. England & Gertrude PATTERSON, married Andria Olga ROBERTS, 19, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o John ROBERTS, b. Ontario & Annie GILL, witn: Emily MCILVEEN & Annie M. MACKENZIE, both of Toronto, 19 Aug 1925

4192-25 Sydney ELCOMBE, 24, cashier, Alberta, Toronto, s/o Paul ELCOMBE, b. England & Elizabeth CONAN (Cowan?), married Janey ROSS, 20 (b. 12 Sept 1904), Bowling - Bradford England, Toronto, d/o Stephen Albert ROSS, b. England & Mary HUSTLER (both deceased), witn: Ignatius O'NEIL & Hattie BELL, both of Toronto, 22 Aug 1925

4191-25 Harry Peer ELLIS, 34, physical director, Ontario, Lethbridge Alberta, s/o Samuel ELLIS, b. Ontario & Caroline KEOWN, married Elizabeth Mary MARTIN, 30, dressmaker, England, Toronto, d/o Evan MARTIN, b. England & Alice WHITFIELD, witn: H.A. THOMAS & A.P.S. THOMAS, both of Toronto, 17 Aug 1925

4189-25 William Edward ELMORE, 39, divorced, real estate, Ontario, Cleveland - Ohio, s/o W.E. ELMORE, b. Ontario & Mary MCDONALD, married Margaret Lois THOMPSON, 25, Toronto, same, d/o R.W. THOMPSON, b. Ontario & Ida Lois STUTTAFORD, witn: Thomas N. ELMORE & Robert W. THOMPSON, both of Toronto, 31 Aug 1925 at Toronto. (Divorced 1931-09-19)

4195-25 George Richard FALCONER, 28, mail driver, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William FALCONER, b. Ontario & Lavina EZZARD, married Lilian Annie HUGGETT, 23, operator, England, Toronto, d/o George W. HUGGETT, b. England & Annie BINDER, witn: Vera L. LEFEBRE & William G. HUGGETT, both of Toronto, 20 Aug 1925

4197-25 John FARLEY, 26, mechanical engineer, Toronto, Montreal, s/o William George FARLEY, b. Ontario & Mary Amelia WOODHOUSE, married Ruth Eleanor PETRY, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Walter Francis PETRY, b. Ontario & Annetta MARR, witn: Cinnella PETRY & Mary A. FARLEY, both of Toronto, 4 Aug 1925

4198-25 William John FELTON, 24, rubber worker, England, Toronto, s/o William FELTON, b. England & Georgina ALLEN, married Mary Alexandra LEEMING, 23 operator, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick William LEEMING, b. England & Caroline TAYLOR, witn: Geoffrey Frank HIBBERT & Doris P. LEEMING, both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1925

4203-25 Stephen FESKIW, 34, labourer, Galicia, Toronto, s/o John FESKIW & Anna KOZAK, married Anna ONYSKIW, 18, Galicia, Toronto, d/o Onnfrey ONYSKIW & Pelagia ONYSKIW, witn: John DENYS & Onnfrey ONYSKIW, both of Toronto, 8 Aug 1925 at Toronto. (Greek RC)

4196-25 Frank Raymond FISHER, 36, widower, clerk, USA, Toronto, s/o William C. FISHER, b. USA & Louella ODBORT, married Eleanor Maud STEELE, 41, widow, housekeeper, England, Toronto, d/o Edmund T. BYWATER, b. England & Ellen MCKENZIE, witn: Horace & Hazel Doris GAY, both of Toronto, 4 Aug 1925

4200-25 Charles William FLETCHER, 32, foreman, Toronto, same, s/o Charles E. FLETCHER, b. Scotland & Nettie SHAIN, married Irene Agnes GAUDET, 31, graduate nurse, New Brunswick, Toronto, d/o Marcellin GAUDET, b. New Brunswick & Mary O'CORCORAN, witn: James TAYLOR & Teresa A. DOYLE, both of Toronto, 10 Aug 1925

4201-25 Francis Melville FOGARTY, 34, printer, Toronto, same, s/o William FOGARTY, b. Ontario & Ann NELLIGAN, married Emily POWER, 21, telephone operator, England, Toronto, d/o William POWER, b. England & Emily MESSENGER, witn: Denise FOGARTY & Elizabeth POWER, both of Toronto, 15 Aug 1925

4193-25 John Martin FOREMAN, 31, widower, labourer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Samuel FOREMAN, b. Ireland & Mary MARTIN, married Gertrude Eveline MCPHILIPS, 26 (b. 18 Oct 1899), 45 Paxton St. in Belfast Ireland, Toronto, d/o James MCPHILIPS, b. Ireland & Helen FERRIS, witn: John Leo DOWDS of Toronto & Mary DAULT of Victoria Harbour, 29 Aug 1925

4199-25 Rheinhart Henry FORLER, 26, barber, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George FORLER, b. Ontario & Mary PLANNER, married Elsie WALKER, 24, drug packer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Harper WALKER, b. Ontario & Louisa Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Gloria CALDER of Toronto & Laura M. STACEY of Oshawa, 8 Aug 1925

4202-25 Lawrence Randolph FRANCE, 23, service station, Toronto, Scarborough, s/o William John FRANCE, b. Ontario & Annie CREW, married Jessie Harriet BLOOD, 26, bookkeeper, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Robert BLOOD, b. England & Annie FLANNERY, witn: John MCGRATH & Miss J. MCGARRY, both of Toronto, 17 Aug 1925

4194-25 Jack FRANKS, 21, cigar clerk, England, Chicago, s/o Moses Isaac FRANKS, b. Poland & Etta SAPUTSNICK, married Jean KASMAN, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Abraham KASMAN, b. Poland & Sarah PITTLE, witn: B. ZATULOVE of St. Catharines & P. KASMAN of Toronto, 18 Aug 1925 at Toronto. (Hebrew)


4220-25 William GALLOWAY, 31, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o Alfred GALLOWAY, b. England & Nancy CHADWICK, married Ethel May LAING, 28 (b. 11 June 1907), dressmaker, Stockton on Tees - Durham England, Toronto, d/o Ralph Davidson LAING, b. England & Florence WEBB, witn: Joseph GALLOWAY & Ethel LAING, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1925

4222-25 Drego GANCI, 33, lineman, Malta, Toronto, s/o Paul GANCI & Calcidonia MIENTLIF, married Carmela SAPIANO, 23, dress maker, Malta, Toronto, d/o Paul SAPIANO & Maria S. MIFSUD, witn: Goutano & Agnes BUGIJA, both of Toronto, 8 Aug 1925

003789-25 Robert Aiken GARLICK, 27, plumber, Portobello in Scotland, 38 MacDonald Ave in Toronto s/o William GARLICK & Catherine WALKER married Dorothy Beatrice DUNN, 24, Birmingham in England, 106 Pearson Ave in Toronto d/o William S. DUNN & Teresa GOODYEAR wtn: William E. WRIGHT of 441 Cowan Ave in Toronto & Edna Teresa DUNN of 106 Pearson Ave in Toronto, 8 July 1925 003779-25 Denis GARNEAU, 58, widower, decorator, New Brunswick, 134 St David St s/o William GARNEAU (b. New Brunswick) & Julie MICHAUD married Emily COX, 63, widow, nurse, England, 140 Sackville St in Toronto d/o Thomas STEELE (b. England) & Lydia MENDER wtn: A. LAFRANCE of Toronto & L.P. LAMARCHE of Joliette Quebec, 21 July 1925 at Sacred Heart Church

4214-25 Leonard Abraham GARNETT, 25, insurance clerk, Toronto, same, s/o James GARNETT, b. England & Eva DIXON, married Constance Margaret MURRAY, 25, stenographer, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John MURRAY, b. Ireland & Margaret STOTESBURY, witn: Veronica Katherine SCANLON & Frederick George PARTRIDGE, both of Toronto, 19 Aug 1925

4224-25 Ronald V. GARRETT, 43, widower, reporter, Torquay - Devon England - Toronto, s/o John Oswald GARRETT & Sarah Anne HALLOWAY, married Ethel N. WILLCOCK, 40, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Stephen WILLCOCK & Caroline HALL, witn: A.A. COLSON & Graham GARRETT, both of Toronto, 15 Aug 1925

4212-25 Cyril Walter GARTH, 25, accountant, England, Toronto, s/o Samuel Walter GARTH, b. England & Louise Ellen ROOPE, married Florence Eleanor CARTER, 18, cashier, Quebec, Toronto, d/o William John CARTER, b. Quebec & Iba Theodora RANDALL EWANS, witn: L.W. GARTH & C.T. CARTER, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1925

003780-25 John Headley GAUDIN, 26, butcher, USA, 819 Pape Ave s/o Headley J. GAUDIN (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth Ann BREEN married Elizabeth FLEMING, 20, Scotland, 54 Muriel Ave in Toronto d/o Thomas FLEMING (b. Scotland) & Ada FAIR wtn: V.A. GAUDIN of 819 Pape Ave & Fred DANIEL of 2 Floyd, 8 July 1925

4204-25 Thomas Henry GAZEY, 22, labourer, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas GAZEY & Phoebe CARPENTER, married Hilda MURGATROYD, 19, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick MURGATROYD & Clara FORTUNE, witn: Margareta ARNOLD & George GAZEY, both of Toronto, 15 Aug 1925

4209-25 John Gordon GENTLES, 28, tire builder, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John GENTLES, b. Scotland & Margaret MCKENNA, married Alexandra MCGREGOR, 22, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alexander MCGREGOR, b. Scotland & Mary GATHERAL, witn: William CLAY & Helen MCLEAN, both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1925

4207-25 Joseph GIBSON, 31, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o William Henry GIBSON, b. Ontario & Sarah BOYES, married Charlotte Mary GEDDES, 31, stenographer, Toronto, same, d/o James GEDDES, b. Ontario & Edith A. MACE, witn: Cora M. MOSSER & Ethel A. ROSS, both of Toronto, 4 Aug 1925

003784-25 David GILLARD, 39, widower, printer, Wales, 121 Westmoreland Ave s/o David GILLARD (b. England) & Charlotte LANCASTER married Alice Maud LEADER, 39, England, 671 George St in Peterborough in Ontario d/o George LEADER (b. England) & Emma FREEMAN wtn: Charles GILLARD of 464 Salem Ave & Charlotte GILLARD of 121 Westmoreland Ave, 4 July 1925

4223-25 Francis Joseph GIROUX, 38, widower, printer, Toronto, Brantford,, s/o William Joseph GIROUX & Annie LEONARD, married Emma Catherine DEVANEY, 31, telephone supervisor, Belleville, Toronto, d/o Patrick DEVANEY, & Sarah RYAN, witn: Wilfred WHEELER & Anna DEVANEY, both of Toronto, 17 Aug 1925 at Toronto. (RC)

4211-25 Gordon GLACKEN, 22 chauffeur, Toronto, same, s/o William John GLACKEN, b. Ireland & Christina MCGILLVERY, married Margaret BATEMAN, 18, New Brunswick, Toronto, d/o John Joseph BATEMAN, b. Ireland & Catherine TARDY, witn: John & Virginia DENNIS, both of Toronto, 12 Aug 1925

4205-25 Israel GLUCKSTEIN, 23, salesman, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Morris GLUCKSTEIN, b. Russia & Rebecca CLOTH, married Becky GLICKSMAN, 20, tailoress, Russia Poland, Toronto, d/o Moses GLICKSMAN, b. Russia - Poland & Feiga SCHECHTER, witn: M. FOX of Toronto & S. LEORT of Newmarket, 30 Aug 1925 at Toronto. (Hebrew)

4215-25 Ben GOLDMAN, 28, labourer, Russia, Toronto, s/o Hyman GOLDMAN, b. Russia & Shlima FAY, married Golde LEVEN, 26, cigarette factory worker, Russia, Toronto, d/o Lazar LEVEN, b. Russia & Anna SAMOND, witn: D. MILLER & W. LEWIS, both of Toronto, 7 Aug 1925 at Toronto. (Hebrew) ( Divorced 1932-08-11)

4219-25 Gilbert Ross GORDON, 31, accountant, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John W. GORDON, b. Ontario & Jane CLARK, married Rhoda FORSYTH, 32, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Oliver FORSYTH, b. Ontario & Mereda BROWN, witn: Helen & William PELZ, both of Toronto, 19 Aug 1925

4206-25 Harry Thomas GORMAN, 39, steward, England, Toronto, s/o John Thomas GORMAN, b. England & Jessie BALDWIN, married Helen GLENNIE, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alexander GLENNIE, b. Scotland & Louise BROWN, witn: John MCMURCHY & Marion DUFFY, both of Duluth, Minn., 8 Aug 1925

4221-25 William Robert GORRIE, 35, Simpsons department manager, Haliburton, Toronto, s/o Daniel GORRIE & Margaret Ann BOYLE, married Lily Amelia CATER, 31, London England, Toronto, d/o Alfred CATER & Mary MATHEWS, witn: C.E. REES & Grace MILLS, both of Toronto, 11 Aug 1925

4217-25 William GOTTSCHALK, 22, compositor, Wales, Toronto, s/o John GOTTSCHALK, b. Germany & May JONES, married Ethel Annie CAISLEY, 27, stenographer, England, Toronto, d/o John CAISLEY, b. England & Annie GALBRAITH, witn: William BRIEN & Annie CLARK, both of Toronto, 29 Aug 1925


4218-25 Robert GRAHAM, 23, manager, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Robert Graham, b. Ireland & Minnie DICK, married Eleanor Gertrude PATTERSON, 21, clerk, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John PATTERSON, b. Ireland & Bessie MCCULLOUGH, witn: Alexander & Caroline ENTWHISTLE, both of Toronto, 25 Aug 1925

4208-25 William GRANT, 37, truck driver, Scotland, Ontario, s/o William GRANT, b. Scotland & Elizabeth FORBES, married Annie Gallagher REDDIN, 28, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Patrick REDDIN, b. Scotland & Margaret GALLAGHER, witn: John MCCLUSKEY & Mary COLLINS, both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1925

4210-25 Edward Samuel GREBEN, 26, druggist, Russia, Toronto, s/o T. GREBEN, b. Russia & R. PORZL?AM, married Dorothy Eve TISHLER, 22, Roumania, Toronto, d/o Seth TISHLER, b. Roumania & H. ELY, witn: Che SHEHR & M. PEZINN, both of Toronto, 2 Aug 1925 at Toronto. (Hebrew)

4213-25 Alexander George GREEN, 25, clerk, Scotland, Swansea Ont., s/o Alexander G. GREEN, b. Scotland & Hannah HASTINGS, married Gertrude Evelyn MORRISON, 18, Nova Scotia, Toronto, d/o Daniel MORRISON, b. Nova Scotia & Christina MCLEAN, witn: Nora Margaret MACDONALD & John DAW, both of Toronto, 15 Aug 1925

4216-25 John Horn GREEN, 27, engineer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James GREEN, b. Rothsay - Bute Scotland & Bella MACPHERSON, married Agnes Stevenson GREENLEES, 24 (b. 28 July 1901), domestic, Hillhose Road - Rothsay Scotland, Toronto, d/o John GREENLEES, b. Scotland & Agnes MUIR, witn: Isabella GRAHAM & Walter Grant LESLIE, both of Toronto, 26 Aug 1925

003781-25 Stephen Grant GRIFFIN, 34, groom, USA, 26 Shannon St s/o William GRIFFIN (b. USA) & Mary O'NEIL married Annie Eliza MOORE, 37 (b. 22 July 1887), nurse, Dysart - parish Leckpatrick - Co. Tyrone Ireland, 265 Markham St in Toronto d/o Robert MOORE (b. Ireland) & Margaret KILPATRICK wtn: Thomas ROSS & Margaret F. POLLOCK both of Toronto, 4 July 1925 003788-25 Wilmot Levern GRILLS, 18, chauffeur, Ontario, 373 King St w in Toronto s/o Thomas GRILLS (B. Ontario) & Elizabeth HUFFMAN married Eva Margaret VILLENEUVE, 28, domestic, Ontario, 1218 Bloor St W in Toronto d/o Peter VILLENEUVE (b. Ontario) & Marie THOMAS wtn: Mrs Frank AQUIEN & Claude VILLENEUVE both of 1218 Bloor St W, 13 July 1925
003773-25 Frederick Weston GROOM, 21, assistant accountant, Toronto, 74 Mavety St in Toronto s/o John GROOM (b. England) & Lydia Eliza EDGES married Catharine Genevieve QUINN, 19, BTCo operator, USA, 507 Beresford Ave in Toronto d/o William Joseph QUINN (b. Ontario) & Francis Marilla FLOOD wtn: Ivan Harvey REID & Florence Helen REID both of 13 Wade Ave, 27 July 1925 at 592 Windermere  
006434/25 (York Co) Gerald Ruttan HAMILTON, 22, bell boy, Hastings Ontario, 181 Queen St. W. Toronto, s/o Stuart Nelson HAMILTON & Mary E. GRANT, married Dorothy SUTCLIFFE, 19, clerk, England, 63 Hillingdon Ave., d/o Albert Harry SUTCLIFFE & Hepzebah GREENWOOD, witn: James Henry SUTCLIFFE of 63 Hillingdon Ave. & Elsie Hamilton of 181 Queen St. W. Toronto, 26 December 1925

006432/25 (York Co) Alfred Endzor HAMMETT, 52, widower, porter, Ontario, 142 Montrose Ave., s/o George A. HAMMETT (b. England) & Elizabeth M. BOOSEG, married Isabella Skeen LEE, 53, housekeeper, Toronto Ont., 256 Grace St. Toronto Ont., d/o Robert LEE (b. Scotland) & Christina WOOD, witn: Margaret W. LEE of 256 Grace St. & A.E. HAMMETT Jr. of 142 Montrose Ave., 24 December 1925

4226-25 Thomas HANNAM, 27 auto mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Albert Edward HANNAM, b. England & Elizabeth COATES, married Jean Graham DONACHIE, 23, domestic, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Peter DONACHIE, b. Scotland & Jessie GRAHAM, witn: John MILLER & Dorothy COSGROVE, both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1925 3810-25 John Clifford HARSTON, 26, high school teacher, Toronto, 419 Palmerston Ave., s/o William Archibald HARSTON, b. Ont & Mary Louis MONTGOMERY, married Ethel McGeorge STEIN, 20, stenographer, Toronto, 49 Gormley Ave., d/o James STEIN, b. Scotland & Isabella McGEORGE, witn: Agnes Cecelia STEIN of 608 Hamilton Rd in London & Vernard Howard McINTYRE of 408 Palmerston Ave., 28 July 1925
3817-25 Walter HATTON, 22, clerk, England, 21 Grenville St., s/o Charles Edward Henry HATTON, b. England & Florence HOLLOWAY, married Dorothy Louise STOKES, 23, cashier, England, 21 Grenville St., d/o Edward Henry STOKES, b. England & Frances Louisa NIGHTINGALE, witn: F.L. STOKES of 21 Grenville St. in Toronto & L.R. RUMMELL of 286 Pennsylvania St. in Buffalo, 18 July 1925 006433/25 (York Co) Charles Melvin HAWKIN, 29, stock keeper, Ontario, 21 Madison Ave. Meriden Conn.,, s/o Joseph HAWKIN (b. Ontario) & Caroline FITZGIBBON, married Eva FIRTH, 32, dressmaker, England, 145 Waverley Rd. Toronto Ont., d/o Joseph FIRTH (b. England) & Lamira RACE, witn: Mrs. Florence C. CORK of 19 Glenholm Ave. Toronto & Joseph A. FIRTH of 145 Waverley Rd. Toronto, 22 December 1925
3807-25 Robert HENDERSON, 36, widower, roofer, Scotland, 166 Crawford St., s/o Robert HENDERSON, b. Scotland & Catherine WATT, married Annie LEE, 33 (b. 15 Dec 1891), laundress, 36 Oakbury Rd in Fulham England, 6 Claremont Place, d/o Christopher LEE, b. England & Jessie MILLER, witn: Catherine HENDERSON & Robert HILL, both of 166 Crawford St., 25 July 1925 3797-25 Stanley Earl HESSENAUER, 29, accountant, Ontario, 14 School St. in Batavia NY, s/o Jacob HESSENAUER, b. Ont & Catherine SHEDE, married Sarah Alberta McINTOSH, 22, Ontario, 1401 Queen St. West in Toronto, d/o Charles McINTOSH, b. Ont & Sarah COWAN, witn: M.L. RILEY of 77 Temple Ave & Hazel McINTOSH of 1401 Queen, both Toronto, 1 July 1925
3813-25 Jalmar Bernhard HOLMSEDT, 32, tailor, Finland, 120 Peter St., s/o Esa HOLMSTEDT, b. Finland & Hilda PELLINEN, married Ida Efia ESKOLA, 18, Finland, 96 John St., d/o Kalla ESKOLA, b. Finland & Ida KOIVOMAKI, witn: Tara & Ida MANANEN of Toronto, 16 July 1925 003793-25 Paul HOME, 59, barrister, Scotland, 6 Geenlake Ave s/o David HILDESHEIN (b. Germany) & Susette WARBURG married Norah Bewick CAWTHORN, 39 (b. 21 Dec 1885), 2 Wheathill Rd - Penge Surrey England, 42 Norway Ave in Toronto d/o Samuel CAWTHORN (b. Scotland) & Mary Isabella SCOTT wtn: Clara D. CAWTHORN of Toronto & E. HILTON of 156 Dowling Ave, 18 July 1925

4225-25 William Edward HUTCHINSON, 18, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o Harry HUTCHINSON, b. England & Emily Jane WRIGHT, married Irene Clara Elizabeth REID, 18, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George Edgar REID, b. Ontario & Elizabeth Jane LINDSAY, witn: Frederick McDonald SCOTT & Aleata Louise SCOTT, both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1925

006435/25 (York Co) Arthur IRVINE, 31, widower, cabinet maker, Scotland, 26 Balliol St., s/o Andrew IRVINE (b. Scotland) & Margaret THOMSON, married Annie WHITEHEAD, 31, domestic, Scotland, 87 Linwood Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Archibald WHITEHEAD (b. Scotland) & Flora SLOAN, witn: James IRVIN of 138 Riverdale Ave. Toronto & Mary WHITEHEAD of 85 Lynwood Ave. Toronto, 26 December 1925, (74 St. Albans St.)
006436/25 (York Co) Giuseppe ISGRO, 28, worker, Italy, 100 Essex St., s/o Antonino ISGRO & Maria DRAGA, married Lina OMODEO, 21, housekeeper, Pittsburg Pens., 100 Essex St., d/o Cosimo OMODEO & Ignazia FRANZE, witn: Giuseppe FORMICA of 519 West Mount Ave. & Frida DEMA of 13077 Dundas W., 7 December 1925, [divorced 10/8/47] 006447/25 (York Co) Harry Albert JAMES, 18, truck driver, London Eng., 19 Gladstone City, s/o Henry H. JAMES & Ellen WINTERS, married Cora Carrine MYERS, 18, Cobalt Ont., 21 Gladstone City, d/o Samuel MYERS & Annie HOWLETT, witn: Wilfred BESTED of Clinton St. City & Gertrude JAMES of 19 Gladstone Ave. City, 5 December 1925
006443/25 (York Co) Albert JAMESON, 27, painter, England, 139 Bathurst St., s/o George JAMESON (b. England) & Martha POCOCK, married Elizabeth GARDINER, 29, nursemaid, England, Alexander Apts. Toronto Ont., d/o Harry James GARDINER (b. England) & Emily Susan BRYANT, witn: Fred HOWE & Martha HEDGES both of 139 Bathurst St. Toronto, 25 December 1925, Church of Holy Trinity 006440/25 (York Co) William Samuel JAMIESON, 52, widower, miller, Howick Twp., Salem, s/o Robert JAMIESON (b. Ireland) & Eliza CEVER, married Agnes BROWN, 41, farmer's daughter, Howick Twp., Howick Twp., d/o William BROWN (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth HUNTER, witn: J.A. McMICHAEL & Maud McMICHAEL both of 21 Avenue Rd. , 5 December 1925
006442/25 (York Co) Cyril Norman JANE, 21, chauffeur, England, 403 Westmount Ave., s/o Thomas Richard JANE (b. England) & Lillian MUTTON, married Margaret Gertrude McCASKILL, 19, saleslady, Ontario, 63 Shannon St. Toronto Ont., d/o Norman McCASKILL (b. Ontario) & Susie McCONNELL, witn: Dorothy CLAIRFIELD & George E. CLAIRFIELD both of Islington Ont., 19 December 1925 006444/25 (York Co) Albert Charles JENNINGS, 26, clerk, England, 44 Coleridge St., s/o Albert George JENNINGS & Martha Elizabeth MEECHAN, married Florence Lillian SORRELL, 26, England, 12 Coleridge St., d/o Sydney SORRELL & Florence WASHINGTON, witn: John Robert HARLAND of 13 King Edward Ave. & Elmer M. BOLTON of 167 Sherbourne St., 26 December 1925, Church of the Resurrection
006445/25 (York Co) Benjamin JERNNY, 56, widower, janitor, Norwich England, 258 Weston Rd. S. Toronto, s/o William JERNY (sic) & Harriet HOLDSWORTH, married Sarah Jane GRIFFIN, 40, butter wrapper, Eccles Manchester England, 258 Weston Rd. S. Toronto, d/o Jesse GRIFFIN & Mary Jane HOPE, witn: George Robert SALMON & Mary SALMON both of 258 Weston Road South, 23 December 1925 006446/25 (York Co) Thomas Henry JOHNS, 26, sheet metal worker, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas Henry JOHNS & Emily PROUSE, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 20, England, Toronto, d/o James William MARTIN & Elizabeth FLYNN, witn: Walter PARKINSON of 258 Lee Ave. Toronto & Helen MARTIN of 51 Coleman Ave. Toronto, 19 December 1925,
006441/25 (York Co) Harold Ross JOHNSTON, 25, widower, foreman, Ontario, 604 Brock Ave., s/o William C. JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Mildred WILSON, married Ellen Marie PEARSON, 22, comptometer operator, England, 720 Brock Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Samuel PEARSON (b. England) & Ellen Marie CAPELEN, witn: Harry Irvine JOHNSTON of 604 Brock Ave. Toronto & Monica Leona TERRY of 243 St. Helens Ave. Toronto, 15 December 1925, St. Anthony Church 006439/25 (York Co) Joseph JOHNSTON, 29, civic employee, England, 1490 Young St. Toronto Ont., s/o James Henry JOHNSTON (b. England) & Annie HUDDART, married May SCOTT, 24, domestic, England, 1943 Dufferin St. Toronto Ont., d/o Lewis SCOTT (b. England) & Margaret C. BERRY, witn: Thomas HASSETT of 8 Bond St. & Lilian C. HARDCASTLE of 82 Alcina Ave., 10 December 1925
006438/25 (York Co) Stephen Ernest JONES, 25, electrical sign builder, Ontario, 124 Laughton Ave. Toronto Ont., s/o Stephen A. JONES (b. England) & Louisa G. ATKIN, married Ethel Gertrude TAYLOR, 21, Ontario, 227 Laughton Ave., d/o Robert A. TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Ethel Jean CHAMBERLAIN, witn: G.H. SMITH of St. Catharines Ont. & Isabel D. TAYLOR of Toronto Ont., 1 December 1925 006437/25 (York Co) John Powell JONES, 29, accountant, Toronto Ont., 265 Indian Rd., s/o John Doyle JONES (b. Ontario) & Annie O'BRIAN, married Enid Ernestine GREW, 31, Ontario, 100 Glencairn Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Francis William GREW (England) & Charlotte Elizabeth WANNING, witn: Doris Weston HORNE (Howie?) of 102 Glencairn Ave. & Edward Franklin JONES of 309 St. Clair Ave. East, 5 December 1925, St. Clements Church
006452/25 (York Co) Josef KARLSSON, 25, labourer, Sweden, 43 Ann St. Toronto Ont., s/o Emil JOHANNSON (b. Sweden) & Susannah NELSON, married Helga HENRIKSSON, 29, domestic, Finland, 245 Kingsway Humber Valley Ont., d/o Otto HENDRICKSSON (b. Finland) & Maria BLONESTER, witn: Gadnor? ALBESON? of 195 Richmond St. & Sigfrid CARLSON of 43 Ann St., 23 December 1925 006449/25 (York Co) William Hargreave KEITH, 25, civil engineer, Ontario, Newmarket Ont., s/o William KEITH (b. Ontario) & Frances Caroline SIMPSON, married Joyce MacNaughton LARKIN, 24, school teacher, Ont., Newmarket Ont., d/o John William LARKIN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Hopkins LEGGE, witn: K. Cave SIDDALL of Islington Ont. & Florence E.E. STAUNTON of Peterborough Ont., 30 December 1925
006451/25 (York Co) William Rahelly KERNS, 20, machinist, Toronto Ont., 447 St. Clarens Ave., s/o Andrew KEARNS (b. Ontario) & Margaret RAHELLY, married Mary Monica ADAMS, 18, Toronto Ont., 640 Gladstone Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o John ADAMS (b. Ontario) & Catherine O'BRIAN, witn: Emma KELLOGG & Harvey SKEY both of Toronto, 22 December 1925 006450/25 (York Co) Thomas William KNATCHBULL, 25, printer, England, 34 Silver Ave. Toronto Ont., s/o Thomas KNATCHBULL (b. England) & Sarah BUCKINGHAM, married Doris Evelyn KELLY, 19, England, 2096 Dundas St. W. Toronto Ont., d/o Thomas KELLY (b. England) & Alice Louisa GOULD, witn: Douglas KELLY of 2096 A Dundas St. W. & Jane PREATON of 147 Silverthorn, 31 December 1925
006453/25 (York Co) Zary KOSTADENOFF, 31, labourer, Bulgaria, 15 Wilkins Ave. Toronto, s/o Kostadin STOYLKOFF & Gurgena RNASLASOVA, married Atanaska Y. BAZAKORA, 20, housekeeping, Bulgaria, 15 Wilkins, d/o Yanko BAZAKOFF & Marika KAVERKOVA, witn: Bancho EVANOFF & Roaska EVANOFF both of 15 Wilkins Ave., 13 December 1925, Macedonia Bulga. Church 006448/25 (York Co) Mitre KRISTOFF, 30, waiter, Macedonia, 112 Winchester St., s/o Kristo KRISTOFF (b. Macedonia) & Maria KALINGIEVA, married Paulina SHISHKOVA, 20, domestic, Bulgaria, 668 Bloor St. W. Toronto Ont., d/o Peter SHISHKOVA (b. Bulgaria) & Pena MUCHAELEVA, witn: N. SHONTEFF of 112 Winchester & D. BEDNARCHIN of 53 Spadina Ave., 27 December 1925, Maced. Belg. Church
006461/25 (York Co) Roland Bryce LAIRD, 24, student, Ontario, Norval Ont., s/o Lewis Hamilton LAIRD (b. Ontario) & Lillian WANSBOROUGH, married Frances Mabel Ruth ORR, 16, Toronto Ont., Georgetown Ont., d/o Charles Foster ORR (b. Ontario) & Bertha Mabel CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. Bertha Mabel ORR of Georgetown Ont. & Mrs. Mabel HUNTER of 24 Wellesley St. Toronto, 5 December 1925 006476/25 (York Co) Joseph Albert Gerard LAJOIE, 23, carpenter, St. Maurice T. Que., Montreal, s/o Edmond LAJOIE & Laura DEMONTIGNY, married Marguerite DOUCET, 19, Petit Rocher N.B., Toronto, d/o Joseph DOUCET & Marie CORMIER, witn: Alfred THIVIERGE & Leo COUTURE both of Toronto, 26 December 1925
006467/25 (York Co) Roy Hamilton LAMBERT, 25, truck driver, Ontario, 14 Melbourne Ave., s/o William Henry LAMBERT (b. Ontario) & Margaret ENGLISH, married Marion Gladys BARKER, 19, Ontario, 1351 ½ Queen St. W. Toronto Ont., d/o David BARKER (b. Ontario) & Mildred INKPEN, witn: Muriel SMITH of 1351 ½ Queen St. W. Toronto & Gordon FRISKE of 1351 Queen St. W. Toronto, 23 December 1925, Parkdale Baptist Church [divorced 11/10/1951] 006470/25 (York Co) Leo LANG, 28, furrier, Russia, 94 Nassau St., s/o Moses (b. Russia) & Haja nee LANG, married Sima FINKLE, 22, milliner, Russia, 168 Markham St. Toronto Ont., d/o Samuel (b. Russia) & Malla nee LIPS, witn: S. BRODT of 8 Sullivan St. & Y. NORMAN of 68 Darcy St., 27 December 1925
006456/25 (York Co) Edward La TOUR, 23, engineer, Ontario, 171 Collier St., s/o Joseph Oliver La TOUR (b. Ontario) & Emma FORTEM, married Dorothy WILLIAMS, 24, clerk, England, 225 Atlas Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Charles WILLIAMS (b. England) & Nellie BULL, witn: W.R. HEIGHTON & Irene La TOUR both of Toronto, 1 December 1925 006464/25 (York Co) Viktor LAURILA, 33, widower, iron worker, Finland, 210 St. Patrick St., s/o David LAURILA (b. Finland) & Hilda ISOTALO, married Elsa Sigrid PAAKKONEN, 26, domestic, Finland, 22 Isabella St. Toronto Ont., d/o Paavo PAAKKONEN (b. Finland) & Hanna LUNKKONEN, witn: Karl? JANDRENEN of 1031 Bathurst Street & David VORRTILAINEN of 8 Ramsey Lane, 5 December 1925
006475/25 (York Co) Henry LAWRIE, 28, shipper, Falkirk Scotland, 14 Hibernia Ave., s/o William LAWRIE & Mary MARSHALL, married Margaret Macarthur KEEGAN, 24, wool winder, Dundee Scotland, 14 Hibernia Ave., d/o William KEEGAN & Margaret MACARTHUR, witn: Donald BELL of 226 Boon Ave. & Ellen PATTON of 368 Harvie Ave., 25 December 1925, 90 Auburn Ave. 006466/25 (York Co) Francis Frederick LEE, 65, widower, salesman, Ontario, 94 McIntyre St. North Bay Ont., s/o Frank LEE (b. Ontario) & Nancy TWEETS, married Joyce Morgan RENSHAW, 65, widow, housekeeper, Wales, 425 Parliament St. Toronto Ont., d/o John MORGAN (b. Wales) & Elizabeth COOPER, witn: Edward Frederick OKES & Mrs. Mary MITCHELL both of 201 Parliament St., 26 December 1925
006459/25 (York Co) Wilfred James LEECH, 22, chauffeur, Toronto Ont., 43 Shannon St., s/o Charles LEECH (b. Ontario) & Rhoda LANGE, married Mary Julian Maria MURPHY, 18, Ontario, 522 Front St., Toronto Ont., d/o Edmund Joseph MURPHY (b. Quebec) & Agnes Cecilia Lenora HEBNER, witn: Joseph Edmund Anthony MURPHY & Anna RAVIN? both of Toronto, 18 December 1925 006473/25 (York Co) Sidney Le FEUVRE, 23, switchboard operator, Jersey Channel Isl., RR#7 London Ont., s/o Elias Le FEUVRE (b. Jersey Channel Island) & Louise VASSLIN, married Euphemia Murdock McNeil COSTELLO, 29, operator, Dundee Scotland, 65 Ravina Cres. Toronto, d/o Patrick COSTELLO (b. Ireland) & Christine M. McNEIL, witn: Iris MURDOCH of 36 Sproatt Ave. & Lillian Patricia COSTELLO of 65 Ravina Crescent, 31 December 1925,
006474/25 (York Co) Thomas Benjamin LEGGE, 24, engineer, Ontario, Aurora, s/o Thomas H. LEGGE (b. York Co.) & Jennie STEVENSON, married Annie May TRAVIS, 18, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o Richard TRAVIS (b. Newmarket Ont.) & Mary YOUNG, witn: Emerson Samuel SPENCE of Bradford Ont. & Hilda TRAVIS of Newmarket Ont., 30 December 1925 006463/25 (York Co) Thomas Alexander LEHMAN, 34, labourer, Ontario, Gormley Ont., s/o Joshua LEHMAN (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane FARMER, married Clara May MacCRAE, 31, widow, dressmaker, Ontario, Gormley Ont., d/o George GANT (b. Ontario) & Melvina LIGHTFOOT, witn: S.J. HILDEBRAND & Mrs. F.C. HILDEBRAND both of 340 Ossington Toronto, 19 December 1925
006455/25 (York Co) Wilfred Jacob LENNOX, 27, farmer, Wiarton, Wiarton, s/o Isaac LENNOX (b. Ontario) & Rebecca FIELDING, married Ruby Irene HILDITCH, 25, Lions Head, Toronto, d/o John HILDITCH (b. Ontario) & Maria M. MASTER, witn: William R. HILDITCH of 162 Strathcona Ave. Hamilton & Mary HILDITCH of 81 Willcocks St. Toronto, 12 December 1925, 88 Willcocks St 006465/25 (York Co) Frederick LePALM, 32, plasterer, Ontario, 3649 Towsend Ave. Detroit Mich., s/o Charles LePALM (b. Ontario) & Julia GENERIAUX, married Jane HOTT, 26, operator B.T. Co., Ontario, 50 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Denis HOTT (b. Ontario) & Nancy CHAPELLE, witn: Frank MOORE of Detroit & Stella RACHOTTE of Tweed, 31 December 1925
006468/25 (York Co) Harry LEPOFSKY, 25, Butter Mfg., Toronto, Streetsville, s/o Isadore LEPOFSKY & Mary CHASE, married Molly SOLWAY, 23, accountant, Toronto, Streetsville, d/o Samuel SOLWAY & Rachel BRODY, witn: Samuel LEPOFSKY of 52 Palmerston Ave. & J. BRODY of 3 Van Kunitz, 27 December 1925 006469/25 (York Co) Arthur LESSER, 23, book keeper, Toronto Ont., 451 Euclid Ave. Toronto Ont., s/o Philip LESSER (b. Russia) & Sadie JEBIRIK, married Ida COHEN, 21, U.S.A., 175 Sheridan Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Isaac COHEN (b. Russia) & Jennie LIPSON, witn: Nathan SIMON of 175 Sheridan Ave. & W. GINSBERG of 12 Brock Ave. Toronto, 27 December 1925,
006454/25 (York Co) Norman Robert LISCUM, 22, truck driver, Toronto Ont., 8 Sumach St., s/o Charles Norman LISCUM (b. Ontario) & Annie GIBBONS, married Ida May SAMLER, 20, Toronto Ont., 30 Bright St. Toronto Ont., d/o William V. SAMLER (b. U.S.A.) & Ethel M. PALMER, witn: Victor LISCUM of 8 Sumach St. Toronto & Ida PAXTON of 30 Sumach St. Toronto, 17 December 1925 006462/25 (York Co) Samuel Harold LOFTUS, 28, manufacturer, Toronto Ont., 50 Rusholme Rd., s/o Barnett LOFTUS (b. Russia) & Jennie CAPLAN, married Nettie CLAVIR, 26, merchant, Ontario, 60 Highview Cres. Toronto Ont., d/o Elman CLAVIR (b. Russia) & Deborah MANACEVETH, witn: Harry GREISMAN of 121 Borden St. & Abe CLAVIER of 101 Northcliff Blvd., 14 December 1925
006477/25 (York Co) Charles Herbert LONG, 24, salesman, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Charles Albert LONG & Mary LINDSAY, married Emma BURFORD, 25, Toronto, Toronto, d/o James Henry BURFORD & Elizabeth McCLUNG, witn: William H. BURFORD & Helen BURFORD both of 14 Vermont Ave., 17 December 1925, St. Albans Cathedral 006460/25 (York Co) Norman Russell LOTTO, 34, foreman, Ontario, 96 Watson Ave. Toronto Ont., s/o Walter LOTTO (b. Scotland) & Jennie MEDLEY, married Gladys Emily WARD, 19, England, 37 Gilbert Ave. Toronto, d/o David WARD (b. England) & Mary Ann GALLEY, witn: Pearl E. IRELAND of 341 Wellesley St. & Fred JENNETT of 234 Fairview Ave., 5 December 1925
006472/25 (York Co) Lester Odile Reginald Ferdinand LOWRIE, 23, landscape gardener, England, Larchmont New York NY., s/o Lester Frederick LOWRIE (b. England) & Olga Dorothy DENONVILLE, married Dorothy Monica BISHOP, 34, book advisor, Channel Islands, 74 Walnut Rd. Toronto Ont., d/o Charles Philip BISHOP (b. Ireland) & Constance Monica DENORMAN, witn: Roland ABBOTT & Ada ABBOTT both of 94 Castlefield Ave., 30 December 1925 006471/25 (York Co) Francis Livingstone LOWRIE, 24, eye sight specialist & drugless physician, Ontario, 3200 Young St. Toronto Ont., s/o James Boyd LOWRIE (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann BARTON, married Maud NIX, 28, saleslady, Ontario, 1150 Bloor St. W. Toronto Ont., d/o William NIX (b. Ontario) & Mary Florence MacDONALD, witn: Lillian NIX of 1150 Bloor St. W. & H.W. LOWRIE of 140 Carlton St., 23 December 1925
006458/25 (York Co) Albert Ira LYNCH, 23, ticket clerk C.N.R., Guelph Ont., Petrie apartments Guelph Ont., s/o John James LYNCH (b. Walkerton Ont.) & Sarah Ann BEST, married Clara Beatrice LAWSON, 23, rubber shoe maker, St. Catharines Ont., Petrie apartments Guelph Ont., d/o John Wesley LAWSON (b. Merritton Ont.,) & Margaret Ann HILL, witn: Mrs. George A. LITTLE & Winnifred MELDRUM both of 112 Lytton Blvd. Toronto, 8 December 1925 006457/25 (York Co) Anthony LYNCH, 38, blacksmith, 38, Ireland, 1939 Davenport Rd. Toronto Ont., s/o Daniel LYNCH (b. Ireland) & Margaret DOHENEY, married Margaret PHELAN, 38, rooming house keeper, Ireland, 39 Beverley St. Toronto Ont., d/o Mathew PHELAN (b. Ireland) & Annie PHELAN, witn: Daniel O'CONNOR & Beatrice O'CONNOR both of 39 Beverley, 3 December 1925
006486/25 (York Co) Arthur Parks MABLE, 25, electrician, Town of Thorold, Town of Thorold, s/o Samuel A. MABLE (b. Ontario) & Anna Bella PARKS, married Laura Maud CAVANAGH, 28, school teacher, Oro Twp. Co. of Simcoe, Town of Thorold, d/o Joseph CAVANAGH (b. Ontario) & Maud SISSONS, witn: Arthur BROWN of 231 Prescott Ave. Toronto & Margaret J. MABLE of Thorold Ont., 30 December 1925 006479/25 (York Co) James MACKIE, 38, painter, Aberdeen Scotland, Midland Ont., s/o Peter MACKIE & Isabella BREWSTER, married Elizabeth KENNEDY, 38, widow, housewife, New Kilpatrick Scotland, Midland Ont., d/o Robert NORRIS & Jeannie FORREST, witn: Colin McRae MACKIE of 29 Jones Ave. Toronto & Sally MacKELLAR of 63 Rusholme Park Cres., 24 December 1925
006493/25 (York Co) Clyde Jennings MANION, 29, base ball player, U.S.A., Imperial Hotel Detroit Mich., s/o Charles Homer MANION (b. U.S.A.) & Frances CHANCE, married Vera Marguerite CLARK, 25, Ontario, Tilsonburg Ont., d/o Joseph Michael CLARK (b. Ireland) & Mary EVANS, witn: Edward Glendening ROBINSON & Ida May ROBINSON both of 25 Lake Shore Dr. New Toronto, 8 December 1925, Church of the Epiphany 006494/25 (York Co) Ferdinando MARGARA, 38, tanner, Italy, Huntsville Ont., s/o Giovanni MARGARA (b. Italy) & Rosa LEVERINA, married Dominica CIOCCA, 35, Italy, 144 Chestnut St. Toronto Ont., d/o Carlo CIOCCA (b. Italy) & Catherine PELUFFO, witn: Guiseppe GRAGLIA of 84 Gerrard St. W. & Rafaela KOSKIPPI? of 86 Gerrard St. W., 10 December 1925
006492/25 (York Co) Henry H. MARKS, 28, compositor, England, 704 Richmond St. W., s/o Israel MARKS (b. Russia) & Minnie KRAVETZKY, married Mildred ROBINS, 23, saleslady, England, 273 Queen St. E. Toronto Ont., d/o Harris ROBINS (b. Russia) & Freda SABIN, witn: I. BEZRIDNEE? of 702 Richmond W. & ? SHAPERO of 1298 St. Clair Ave., 6 December 1925 006499/25 (York Co) Harold Edwin MASCOE, 24, auto mechanic, Ontario, 938 ½ Gerrard St. E., s/o Frederick MASCOE (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth WILKINSON, married Alice Edna GOHEEN, 21, bookbinder, Ontario, 938 ½ Gerrard St. E. Toronto Ont., d/o John GOHEEN (b. Ontario) & Adeline ETLEN, witn: Ella Augusta PETHERICK of 43 Pembroke St. & E.L. JEFFERY of 182 Milverton Blvd. Toronto, 21 December 1925
006483/25 (York Co) Thomas William MASON, 22, baker, Toronto Ont., 825 Shaw St., s/o Thomas William MASON (b. England) & Mary Lucy HAINS, married Elizabeth PHILIP, 30, cook general, Scotland, 1086 Bloor St. W. Toronto Ont., d/o George PHILIP (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth URQUHART, witn: Dorothy CLIFTON of 88 Auburn Ave. & Margaret J. MUSTARD of 60 Grosvenor St., 26 December 1925, 90 Auburn Ave. 006488/25 (York Co) Marcus John Howard MASSEY, 21, farmer, Haldimand Twp., Haldimand Twp., s/o Simpson MASSEY (b. Haldimand Twp.) & Sarah DRINKWATER, married Beatrice Hazel WOODRUFF, 21, at home, Haldimand Twp., Haldimand Twp., d/o Elmer WOODRUFF (b. Haldimand Twp.) & Blanche Ida WAITS, witn: Helen MacGREGOR of 14 Concord Ave. Toronto & Eva Elmyra E. WITHROW of 29 Almira? Ave., 1 December 1925
006501/25 (York Co) Joseph Frederick MATHEWSON, 48, widower, garage man, Ontario, Flesherton Ont., s/o Henry MATHEWSON (b. Ontario) & Ann McCLARY, married Alma TOWNLEY, 46, widow, clerk, Toronto Ont., 264 Wellington St. Toronto Ont., d/o Adam NOBLE (b. Ontario) & Agnes MARTIN, witn: Annie JOHNSTON of 290 Kenilworth Ave. & May OAKE of Goodworth Ont., 23 December 1925, St. John Church Norway 006490/25 (York Co) John Malcolm MENZIES, 27, salesman, Scotland, 4 Eversfield Rd., s/o John Malcolm MENZIES (b. Scotland) & Jean Main WARD, married Grace MACKAY, 29, operator, Scotland, 886 Ossington Ave. Toronto, d/o George MACKAY (b. Scotland) & Elspeth ANDERSON, witn: W. J. WILKIE of 280 Brock Ave. Toronto & Peggie SCOTT of 886 Ossington Ave., 2 December 1925
006489/25 (York Co) William Frederick James MIDDLETON, 18, baker, Toronto Ont., 148 Argyle St., s/o Frederick MIDDLETON (b. Ontario) & Katherine HOWLEY, married Violet May TEAGLE, 19, operator, Toronto Ont., 148 Argyle St. Toronto Ont., d/o Charles TEAGLE (b. England) & Sarah BOARDMAN, witn: Katherine Mary WRIGHT of Lakeview Beach Ont. & Joseph COLTSON of Toronto, 2 December 1925 006491/25 (York Co) Joseph Alphonse Romeo MILETTE, 22, French stenographer & secretary, Quebec, 195 Medland St., s/o Joseph Alphonse MILETTE (b. Quebec) & Mathilda ROY, married Thyra Alexia ROGERS, 22, bookbinder, Ontario, 344 Western Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o William J. ROGERS (b. Ontario) & Margaret Eleanor McLAREN, witn: Frederick FOBEAR & Mrs. Florence M. FOBEAR both of 203 Oakwood Ave., 5 December 1925
006478/25 (York Co) Fred C. MILLER, 35, widower, oil operator, U.S.A., Box 197 Casper Wyo., s/o Fred C. MILLER (b. U.S.A.) & Mattie J. HENDRY, married Carrie BARLITT, 24, U.S.A., Carls Rite Hotel Toronto Ont., d/o Warren REED (sic) (b. U.S.A.) & Vina NORRIS, witn: Jessie EVANS of 158 N. 8th W. Salt Lake City Ut. & H.J. CLARK of 36 Ferndale Ave., 24 December 1925 006495/25 (York Co) Arthur Magnus MILLWARD, 51, widower, journalist, Grimsby Ont., Grimsby Ont., s/o William Edward MILLWARD (b. Derbyshire England) & Charlotte Rodensa SALISBURY, married Gladys Marie RICHMOND, 29, England, Grimsby, d/o Henry RICHMOND (b. Chorley England) & Emily MOUNTFORD, witn: Jessie E. McLAREN of 474 Armadah Ave. Toronto & Wilson BLUE of 155 Dunn Ave. Toronto, 12 December 1925, Holy Trinity Church
006496/25 (York Co) Gordon Edward Coad MITCHELL, 24, labourer, England, 309 Seaton St., s/o John MITCHELL (b. England) & Annie MASTEN, married Evelyn ROGERS, 27, operator, Australia 16 Blong Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Richard ROGERS (b. England) & Sarah JONES, witn: James Edward PARTRIDGE of 7 Stanton Ave. Toronto & Gladys LYNCH of 16 Blong Ave. Toronto, 16 December 1925 006498/25 (York Co) Charley MITCHELL, 43, widower, moulder, England, Dundas, s/o Jeremiah MITCHELL (b. England) & Emma Jane (maiden name unknown), married Grace Hilda DAVIES, 27, nurse, England, Toronto, d/o Ernest Edward DAVIES (b. England) & Alice Maud MOON, witn: Edith FRAYLING & Daisy MOUNTAIN both of Toronto, 22 December 1925
006497/25 (York Co) Charles Earl MOONEY, 27, parcel delivery, Ontario, 48 Exeter St. Toronto Ont., s/o Jeremiah MOONEY (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann WILSON, married Gladys Mary COX, 21, domestic, England, 240 Indian Rd. Toronto Ont., d/o Charles COX (b. England) & Sophia WYATT, witn: Estella Mae ELLIOTT of 35 Ford St. & Mervyn Y. MOONEY of 48 Exeter St., 14 December 1925, 90 Auburn Ave 006481/25 (York Co) James Henry MOORE, 38, widower, conductor T.T.C., England, 31 Raglan Ave., s/o James Henry MOORE (b. England) & Annie PRISCILLA, married Alice Maud CASS, 43, tailoress, England, 106 Earlscourt Ave. Toronto, d/o William Frank CASS (b. England) & Mary Ann BELL, witn: Jon MANNING & Mabel MANNING both of 106 Earlscourt Ave., 9 December 1925
006482/25 (York Co) William John MORRIS, 43, builder, Newfoundland, 146 Willow Ave. Toronto Ont., s/o Joseph MORRIS (b. Newfoundland) & Sarah J. TRENCHARD, married Clara ODDIE, 43, widow, housekeeper, England, 146 Willow Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Richard BARNES (b. England) & Elizabeth ROSTRON, witn: Nellie BARNES of 159 Dufferin St. & Kenneth M. ROGERS of 52 Ann St., 25 December 1925 006480/25 (York Co) Kilburn Leslie MORRISON, 25, motorman (Radial), Ontario, 94 Monmouth Rd. Walkerville Ont., s/o Norman K. MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Matilda GOULD, married Catherine KEILLOR, 31, stenographer, Toronto Ont., 62 Alton Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o William KEILLOR (b. Ontario) & Isabella FORD, witn: Earle Goddon LEA of 341 Balliol St. & Ethel HOAD of 64 Kippendavie Ave., 26 December 1925
006485/25 (York Co) John Henry MOULE, 26, electrician, Toronto Ont., 617 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto Ont., s/o Robert MOULE (b. England) & Mary MEALING, married Jessica GILLIGAN, 23, operator, Ireland, 528 Wellington St. W., d/o Edward GILLIGAN (b. England) & Annie FOY, witn: Robert Edwin MOULE & Dorothy GILLIGAN both of Toronto, 16 December 1925 006484/25 (York Co) William John MULLERAY, 35, mechanic, U.S.A., 179 Seaton St., s/o Hugh MULLERAY (b. Ireland) & Alice KENNEDY, married Amy WOODALL, 35, widow, bookbinder, England, 398 B Queen St. E. Toronto Ont., d/o William HUGHES (b. England) & Catherine TAGUE, witn: John WOODALL of 398 B Queen St. E. Toronto & James PARNELL of 134 Coxwell Ave., 23 December 1925, St. Monica's Church
006487/25 (York Co) James MURPHY, 31, labourer, Ireland, 2429 Dundas St. W. Toronto Ont., s/o James MURPHY (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane HULL, married Mary Stewart KENNEDY, 28, inspector, Ireland, 192 Wright Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Robert KENNEDY (b. Ireland) & Margaret NEILL, witn: Robert KENNEDY of 192 Wright Ave. & Elizabeth MURPHY of 385 Markham St., 24 December 1925 006500/25 (York Co) John MURRAY, 22, sheet iron worker, Scotland, 9 Clyde St. Toronto Ont., s/o William MURRAY (b. Ireland) & Margaret DAWSON, married Helen McKenzie McLEAN, 22, domestic, Scotland, 630 Yonge St. Toronto Ont., d/o Peter McLEAN (b. Scotland) & Annie MacKENZIE, witn: Elizabeth REGAN of 630 Yonge Street & Andrew GORDON of 9 Clyde St., 4 December 1925
003958-25 (Toronto) John QUINN, 39, mechanic, Clarendon twp Que.., Toronto s/o David QUINN (b. Ireland) & Mary Anne MORAN married Mae Violet SOMERVILLE, 23, Clarendon twp Que.., Clarendon twp Que.. d/o Albert SOMERVILLE (b. Canada) & Margaret RINGROSE wtn: Fred GAW of 148 Westmount Ave & Mrs Mary LITTLE of 133 Westmount Ave, 7 July 1925 003976-25 (Toronto) Leo RAFFERTY, 27, CPR trainman, Toronto, Toronto s/o James RAFFERTY & Marietta GAUDIER, married Esther RAINEY, 26, Toronto, Toronto d/o John RAINEY & Mary McMAHAN wtn: Thomas COTTER of 3529 John R. St. in Detroit & Louise Irene RAINEY of 111 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto, 28 July 1925
003961-25 (Toronto) Frank Leslie RAMSDEN, 24, cook, Toronto, 142 Coleridge Ave s/o Albert RAMSDEN (b. England) & Etta MASON married Annandale MILLS, 18, Scotland, 812 Summon Ave in York twp d/o William MILLS (b. England) & Minnie GRANT wtn: Dora WHATMAN of 204 St George St & Leonard WHATMAN of 461 Parliament St, 3 July 1925 at Rogers Church 003962-25 (Toronto) Norman Charles RANNEY, 26, salesman, Toronto, 141 Day Ave s/o Charles N. RANNEY (b. Ontario) & Maud METCALF married Angela Catherine MADDEN, 27 (b. 30 May 1898), stenographer, 8 Pearl St. in Rochester NY, 210 Kislingbury Ave in Rochester in NY d/o John Thomas MADDEN (b. USA, age 34 in 1898) & Catherine LATCHAN wtn: Alex R. JORDAN DDL of 35 Highview Cres & Evelyn BURKE of 141 Day Ave, 18 July 1925 at St. Chads
003971-25 (Toronto) James Findlay REID, 22, cashier. USA, 177 Milverton Blvd in Toronto s/o James REID (b. Scotland) & Mary FINDLAY married Helen Annie LILLEY, 21, hand embroidery, New Brunswick, 9 Orchard Park Blvd d/o Harry LILLEY (b. England) & Visey McKAWEY wtn: Harold BODEN of 4 Baltic Ave & Evelyn LILLEY of 9 Orchard Park Blvd, 13 July 1925 003974-25 (Toronto) William Burley REID, 23, motor mechanic, Rawdon twp, 261 Hunter St in Peterborough s/o William REID (b. Ontario) & Mary M. McFEE married Edna Pearl STABLER, 20, at home, Smith twp, 540 Bethune St in Peterborough d/o Thomas STABLER (b. Ontario) & Marjorie J. NICHOLS wtn: Elwood MURDUFF of 407 Wolfe St in Peterborough & Marie STABLER of 543 Catherine St in Peterborough, 4 July 1925
003964-25 (Toronto) Joseph REYNAR, 26, farmer, Cleveland in Ohio, King twp s/o William REYNAR (b. Coventry in Albion twp) & Jane MAW married Mary Elizabeth FULLER, 19, farmer's daughter, Palgrave in Albion twp, King twp d/o Wright FULLER (b. Coventry in Albion twp) & Charlotte MACHINTER wtn: S.I. POOLE of 402 Ossington Ave & A.M. MACKENZIE of 7 Glebe Rd E, 29 July 1925 003965-25 (Toronto) Joseph Parkinson RIBCHESTER, 38, printer, England, west end YMCA s/o George RIBCHESTER (b. England) & Jane LAWSON married Jane CAIRNS, 27, teacher, Ontario, 656 Simcoe St in Winnipeg in Manitoba d/o John Thomas CAIRNS (b. England) & Annie MURRAY wtn: H.W. STICK & William MURRAY both of 11 Delaware Ave in Toronto, 26 July 1925 at 11 Delaware Ave
003963-25 (Toronto) Edward John RICHARDSON, 20, sailor, England, 21 Frankland Ave in Toronto s/o Stephen Edward RICHARDSON (b. England) & Elizabeth THORNE married Grace Amelia NORTH, 21, candy packer, Toronto, 27 Furness Ave in Toronto d/o George NORTH (b. Ontario) & Rose RIDDELL wtn: Henry RICHARDSON of 21 Frankland Ave in Toronto & Mable TINDALE of 14 Brownville Ave in Mt Dennis, 8 July 1925 003969-25 (Toronto) Benjamin Murray RIDDELL, 48, clerk, Toronto, 461 Manning Ave s/o Frances RIDDELL (b. Ontario) & Mary RICE married Edna Mabel McPHEE, 40, graduate nurse, Ontario, 114 Lascelles Blvd in Toronto d/o Donald J. McPHEE (b. Ontario) & Christina AINSWORTH wtn: Thomas C. RIDDELL of 461 Manning Ave in Toronto & Christina McPHEE of 114 Lascelles Blvd in Toronto, 20 July 1925
003967-25 (Toronto) Harry RILEY, 24, mechanic, England, 11 Ostend Ave in Swansea in Ontario s/o John RILEY (b. England) & Elizabeth HARRISON married Helen DIXON, 23, operator, England, 172 Keele St in Toronto d/o (unknown) wtn: M. RILEY of 218 Keele St & E. RILEY of 11 Ostend Ave, 16 July 1925 003959-25 (Toronto) James Richard ROGERS, 22, clerk, Toronto, 60 Vermont Ave s/o James ROGERS (b. Ireland) & Henrietta MAGUIRE married Gladys Irene PIKE, 28, Toronto, 49 Hepbourne St in Toronto d/o Allan PIKE (b. Newfoundland) & Teresa NOBLE wtn: Ida Lenore TAYLOR of 255 Westmoreland Ave & Herbert J. ROSE of 281 Westmoreland Ave, 13 July 1925
003966-25 (Toronto) Sylvan David ROLLE, 25, draughtsman, USA, 2143 North 19th St in Philadelphia in Penn s/o Theodore ROLLE (b. Germany) & Frances POTSDAMOR married Ruth NEWMAN, 26, librarian, USA, 1303 North 13th St in Philadelphia in Penn d/o Isaac NEWMAN (b. USA) & Halla FANHUISER?, wtn: H. HARRIS of 27 College St & R. BROWN of 58 Mayer, 23 July 1925 003973-25 (Toronto) John Harrison ROBSON, 28, BTC electrician, Toronto, 108 Browning Ave in Toronto s/o John V. ROBSON (b. Ontario) & Frances TEASDALE married Beverley Laura HITCH, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 1 Bastedo Ave in Toronto d/o William HITCH (b. England) & Margaret Ann wtn: C.G. MAYER of 33 Browning & Florence TOOLEY of 110 Rumsdale Ave, 4 July 1925
003972-25 (Toronto) Harold Elson ROSE, 20, mechanic, USA, 390 Sumach St in Toronto s/o Thomas ROSE (b. Ontario) & Minnie L. WELCH married Marjorie TOOLEY, 20, Ontario, Milliken, d/o George TOOLEY (b. Ontario) & Minnie WITHERS wtn: John SANDERS of 260 Kane in York Co & Cecil DAWKINS of Montreal, 4 July 1925 003975-25 (Toronto) Morris ROSENBERG, 32, designer, Russia, 243 Palmerston Ave in Toronto s/o Osias M. ROSENBERG (b. Russia) & Elka M. SUTTIN married Sophia KENING, 22, bookkeeper, Romania. 47 Ossington Ave d/o Barry KENING (b. Romania) & Betty KUPERMAN wtn: M. COHEN 65 Baldwin St & M. COHEN of 29 Manning Ave, 1 July 1925
003970-25 (Toronto) Edwin Gladstone ROSSITER, 23, clerk, Saskatchewan, 34 Gordon St in Toronto s/o William Gladstone ROSSITER (b. England) & Jennie May PEACOCK married May FELLOWS, 26, England, 24 McRoberts Ave in Toronto d/o Charles D. FELLOWS (b. England) & Rhoda COLLINGER wtn: Gladys FELLOWS of 24 McRoberts Ave in Toronto & George METCALF of 35 Hatherly Road in Toronto, 18 July 1925 003960-25 (Toronto) Howard Harold Leon RUMNEY, 24, motor mechanic, Toronto, 36 Fuller Ave s/o William RUMNEY (b. Ontario) & Nettie BELL married Constance Margaret POTTER, 21, stenographer, England, 20 Maple Grove Ave in Toronto d/o Albert POTTER (b. England) & Harriett BAGILL wtn: Alfred Ernest MANNING of New Toronto & Winnifred WASS of 14 Carlow Ave, 16 July 1925 [Divorced 30 April 1934 at Toronto]
003968-25 (Toronto) Jack Malcolm RYDER, 20, presser, England, 44 Sussex Ave s/o Jesse RYDER (b. England) & Rose MALCOLM married Verna DUNN, 19 (b. 1 Nov 1905), photography, Toronto, 1428 Queen St W in Toronto d/o John DUNN (b. Ireland) & Ida CHAPMAN wtn: Thomas Ingles McCABE of 138 Roxton Rd & Jesse KIRKPATRICK of 30 Grafton Ave, 24 July 1925 at Knox Church

6609-25 Israel SAIFERT, 21, cloak operator, Poland, 33 Grace St, s/o Simon BYNEM (b. Poland) & Frida BERKENSTAT, married Ida COOPER, 21, operator, Poland, 37 D'Arcy St, d/o Solomon [COOPER] (b. Poland) & Bella SHUMAKER, witn: S. BROADT of 8 Sullivan St & G. NEWMAN of 68 D'Arcy St, 18 Dec 1925 Hebrew

6622-25 Jack Oswald Henry Norman SAMMON, 25, school master, India, St Albans School Brockville Ontario, s/o Herbert Frederick SAMMON (b. England) & Emily Elizabeth SAVAGE, married Frances Eleanor BROWN, 28, graduate nurse, New Brunswick, 486 Strathmore Blvd, d/o Thomas Wilkinson BROWN (b. Ontario) & Margaret HOPPER, witn: J.H. BROWN of 486 Strathmore Blvd & G.G. BROWN of 547 Strathmore Blvd, 25 Dec 1925 at 486 Strathmore Blvd - divorced 8 Dec 1932

003978-25 (Toronto) Frederick John SAUNDERS, 36, divorced, labourer, England, 438 King St W s/o Josiah SAUNDERS (b. England) & Fannie SHEFFIELD married Alice Gwendolyn JONES, 32, waitress, England, 438 King St W in Toronto d/o Amos JONES (b. England) & Alice KANNAHAN (Kernahan?) wtn: Jessie PEARSON of 2 Graham Gardens & Mercie A. PATTERSON of 43 Atlas Ave, 21 July 1925

6616-25 Collingwood SCHREIBER, 22, clerk, Toronto, 140 Mavety St, s/o Thomas Oswald SCHREIBER (b. Ontario) & Minnie HARRIS, married Annie WISEMAN, 21, stenographer, Scotland, 79 Frejama? Ave Mount Dennis, d/o Alexander Watt WISEMAN (b. Scotland) & Jessie Elizabeth FRASER, witn: Elsie K. WEDGEWOOD of 176 Lambton Ave Mount Dennis & R. Claire SMYTH of 61 Vine Ave Toronto, 25 Dec 1925 at 13 Muir Ave

6619-25 Robert Charles SCOTT, 26, paper cutter, England, 227 Bolton Ave, s/o Richard SCOTT (b. England) & Sarah HOLLANDS, married May RAVENSDALE, 26, corner cutter (paper box), England, 66 Cambridge Ave, d/o Richard RAVENSDALE (b. England) & Grace Hannah OGDEN, witn: Louisa HAYCOCK & Albert HAYCOCK both of 121/2 Don Crest, 23 Dec 1925 at 7 Don Crest
003995-25 (Toronto) Walter SCOTT, 35, school teacher, Ontario, RR#1 Unionville, s/o Walter SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McCONOCHIE married Joan Marion McDERMOTT, 27, school teacher, Scotland, RR#5 Milton, d/o Robert McDERMOTT (b. Scotland) & Jean MORTON wtn: Jennie A. McDERMOTT of RR#5 Milton & Elizabeth SCOTT of RR#1 Unionville, 28 July 1925 003991-25 (Toronto) Norman SCOTT, 22, driver, Ontario, 85 St David St s/o John SCOTT (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth JOHNSON married Mary Ellen RUDDELL, 19, candy packer, Ireland, 97 Berkeley St in Toronto d/o Alexander RUDDELL (b. Ireland) & Mary Ellen PENNINGTON wtn: Edward RUDDELL of 97 Berkeley St & Lenora GORDINIER of 48 Laing St, 10 July 1925

6618-25 James SCOTT, 29, maintenance man Bell Telephone Co, Scotland, 562 Rhodes Ave, s/o James SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Jane ALLEN, married Johanna Crawford DUNCAN, 26, laundress, Scotland, 562 Rhodes Ave, d/o Robert DUNCAN (b. Scotland) & Helen WHITE, witn: W.J. SHEPHERD of 44 Aldridge Ave & Elspeth FRASER of 1024 Gerrard St E., 21 Dec 1925

6605-25 Walter SCOTT, 30, bank teller, Scotland, 39 Clinton St, s/o James SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Jane HENRY, married Gladys Ena PARKER, 21, England, 39 Clinton St, d/o Thomas Edmund PARKER (b. England) & Mary MADDOCKS, witn: Norah WALLAN & Robert STUBBS both of Toronto, 12 Dec 1925

6614-25 Chris SECREST, 31, conductor CNR, USA, 26 Grenadier Rd, s/o John Morgan SECREST (b. USA) & Margaret SNELLING, married Reta Alvina STONE, 26, stenographer, Ontario, 221 Fern Ave, d/o Melville Adelbert STONE (b. Ontario) & Mary Irene REA, witn: Eugene McGILL of 6 Trinity Square Toronto & Lillian COKE of 1200 Weston Rd Mount Dennis, 25 Dec 1925 at The Church of the Holy Trinity

6602-25 Thomas John Franklin SHARPE, 29, forester, Ontario, 288 Mossom Rd, s/o Thomas James SHARPE (b. Ontario) & Tryphena Jane BARRIE, married Nellie May McKINNEY, 33, stenographer, Ontario, 71 Hepbourne St, d/o Thomas McKINNEY (b. Ontario) & Sarah COWAN, witn: Lillian M. McKAGUE of 229 Armadale Ave & Russel C. McKINNEY of 71 Hepbourne St, 9 Dec 1925


6621-25 Harry Alfred SHAW, 28 electrician, Ontario, Sutton West Ontario, s/o Alfred John SHAW (b. Ontario) & Clara Mary CADIEUX, married Emily Amelia CROXTON, 28, England, Sutton West, d/o name unknown (b. England) & Jessie CROXTON, witn: Patricia MacLEAN & James BULMER both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1925

6594-25 Alvin Adam SHEARER, 25, electrician, USA, 3419 Trumbull Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o Adam SHEARER (b. Ontario) & Margaret IRONS, married Charlotte Deborah ALEXANDER, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 109 Hope St Toronto, d/o Francis ALEXANDER (b. Ontario) & Annie ROSZELL, witn: John B. OSTRANDER of 1111 Davenport Rd & Wilhelmine ALEXANDER of 109 Hope St, 30 Dec 1925

6612-25 Charles Cecil SHEARER, 30, school teacher, Ontario, YMCA Broadview Ave, s/o James Norman SHEARER (b. Ontario) & Julia Antonette CLARK, married Mary Elda Dorothea LEWIS, 23, bookkeeper, Ontario, 145 Shuter St, d/o W.J. LEWIS (b. Ontario) & Bessie TULLOCK, witn: Douglas Beverley SHEARER of Huntsville Ontario & Ena B. FROST of 90 Atlas Ave Toronto, 9 Dec 1925

003986-25 (Toronto) William SHIELDS, 22, photo engraver, Ireland, 61 Laughton Ave s/o James SHIELDS (b. Ireland) & Rosina ANDREWS married Margaret Foreman NIXON, 20, BTC operator, Toronto, 539 Perth Ave in Toronto d/o Harry W. NIXON (b. Ontario) & Margaret KIDD wtn: Thomas L. CARRUTHERS of 13 Government St in Toronto & Minnie E. DAVIS of 235 Lawrence Ave in Toronto, 18 July 1925 003997-25 (Toronto) Andon Kosta SHOPOFF. 31, labourer, Macedonia, 122 Wolsley St s/o Kosta SHOPOFF (b. Macedonia) & Teresia EVABEVA married Dimitra SHIAMANDOURA, 21, Macedonia, 122 Wolsley St in Toronto d/o Filiph SHAMANDOUR (b. Macedonia) & Maria VASILEVOS wtn: Nick LOUIS of 104 (?) & Emma BOROFF of Detroit, 12 July 1925 at St, Kirilo Meth. Bulgarian Church
003979-25 (Toronto) Thomas Louis SILVERTON, 26, salesman, Kitchener in Ontario, Windsor s/o John SILVERTON (b. London in England) & Louise NEWMAN married Florence Lillian BEDFORD, 23, Toronto, Toronto d/o Herbert BEDFORD & Minnie E. FORD wtn: William Ford HANDS & Winnifred Grace HANDS both of Blind River in Ontario, 29 July 1925 003989-25 (Toronto) Frederick SIMPSON, 24, packer, England, 57 Maitland St s/o George William SIMPSON (b. England) & Katharine CLANCY married Amelia Armstrong CHARLTON, 23, operator, England, 43 Pembroke St in Toronto d/o John CHARLTON (b. England) & Charlotte CHARLTON wtn: T. Edward LEE of 350 Ossington Ave & Mrs John BAILEY of 152 McPherson Ave, 18 July 1925

6604-25 Duncan Skinner SINCLAIR, 26, clerk, Scotland, 903 Carlaw Ave, s/o Alexander S. SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Barbara McALLISTER, married Wilhamina MACKIE, 21, domestic, Scotland, 77 Lowther Ave, d/o William MACKIE (b. Scotland) & Agnes GIBSON, witn: Janet Bryce STIRLING & James STIRLING both of 21 Barrington Ave, 3 Dec 1925

003984-25 (Toronto) James SINGLETON, 23, baggage man, England, Mimico s/o Thomas SINGLETON (b. England) & Jane SINGLETON married Maud Alice FLOWERS, 19, clerk, England, Mimico d/o John FLOWERS (b. England) & Lydia H. TEBBETT wtn: George FLOWERS of 42 Mimico Ave & Agnes Amy LUCAS of 151 Seventh St in New Toronto, 18 July 1925 at 335 Berkeley St

6626-25 John Joseph SKERRITT, 26, dyer, Toronto, 38 Carr St, s/o Martin SKERRITT & Mary KELLY, married Alicia F. McGREGOR, 19, Campbellford Ontario, 157 Walnut Ave, d/o James Arthur McGregor & Mary Jane BROUGH, witn: John SEYMOUR & Bertha SEYMOUR both of 157 Walnut Ave, 30 Dec 1925 RC

6600-25 Ernest SLATTER, 28, railway ticket clerk, Bridgenorth England, 567 Princes Ave London Ontario Middlesex Co, s/o Albert W. SLATTER (b. England) & Eleanor STORRIE, married Eileen Rose McGEEIN, 19, Kingston Ontario, 327 Lippincott Ave [s/b St], d/o Francis McGEEIN (b. Ontario) & Emily MEREDITH, witn: Vincent McGEEIN of 327 Lippincott St & Mary MALONE of 155 Albany Ave, 7 Dec 1925

6625-25 Harry Rendal SLAVEN, 28 mechanic, Scotland, 1645 Springwell Ave Detroit Michigan USA, s/o John SLAVEN (b. Scotland) & Jane WARD, married Helen BLAKEY, 29, rubber worker, Scotland, 33 Hamilton St, d/o John BLAKEY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth PENDRITH?, witn: Olive Louisa TOSH of 39 Hamilton St & Norman JACKSON of 522 Logan Ave, 31 Dec 1925


6596-25 Clarence Richard SMALE, 22, mechanic, Hamilton twp, Detroit Michigan, s/o William SMALE (b. England) & Ida HARTFORD, married Vera May SEWELL, 16, Toronto, Detroit Michigan, d/o Richard SEWELL (b. Ireland) & Ida EAGLE, witn: Arthur HUNT of 185 Crawford St & Margaret WEIR of Stop 24 Long Branch, 26 Dec 1925

003985-25 (Toronto) Chester Ernest SMALE, 19, printer, Toronto, 89 Poulton Ave in York twp s/o James SMALE (b. England) & Annie BUSSINGTON married Gertrude REYNOLDS, 20, packer, Wales, 198 Cedarvale Ave in York twp d/o Robert REYNOLDS (b. Wales) & Annie BOTHWELL wtn: Royal Edward SMALE of 89 Poulton Ave & Constance LEAH of 5 Strathcona Gardens, 17 July 1925
003988-25 (Toronto) Thomas Charles SMART, 27, wire worker, England, 51 Conway Ave in York twp s/o Howard Charles SMART (b. England) & Jessie WATSON married Mabel WILLIAMSON, 25, domestic, England, 51 Conway Ave in Toronto d/o John WILLIAMSON (b. England) & Caroline MAYHEW wtn: James Walter STUART of 51 Conway Ave & Olive JONES of 21 St Clair Ave E, 18 July 1925

6620-25 Ford SMITH, 23, clerk, England, 12310 Waring Ave Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Fred SMITH (b. England) & Mary Ann WIGG, married Nellie Morrison FORDYCE, 22, clerk, Scotland, 25 Strathcona Ave, d/o George FORDYCE (b. Scotland) & Nellie MORRISON, witn: Isabel BURNETT of 40 Maple Ave & James GOODFELLOW of 25 Strathcona Ave, 25 Dec 1925

6593-25 Thomas SMITH, 52, baker, Ontario, 486 Ontario St, s/o Donald SMITH (b. Ontario) & Emma MILLER, married Eliza SHIELDS, 53, widow, Ontario, 486 Ontario St, d/o Michael HICKEY (b. Ireland) & Annie DOYLE, witn: Elizabeth A. SHIELDS & William FRASER both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1925

003992-25 (Toronto) Edgar Roy SMITH, 22, labourer, Whitchurch twp in York Co, Toronto s/o Henry SMITH (b. Ontario) & Susan CHASE married Velma Vietta DARLING, 17, clerk, Bruce Co, Toronto d/o Adam DARLING (b. Ontario) & Georgina DAIVER wtn: Mrs Elizabeth DARLING & Alfred V. DARLING both of 199 Jarvis, 12 July 1925 at 90 Auburn Ave

6597-25 Alfred Richard James SMITHSON, 20, gas helper, Toronto, 114 Lawlor Ave, s/o George Alfred SMITHSON (b. Ontario) & Maria ROBBINS, married Edna Mae SMITH, 17, Toronto, 817 Shaw St, d/o William Thomas SMITH (b. Ontario) & Bella WISEMAN, witn: W.L. BROWN of 221/2 Sumach St & Ethel SMITH of 817 Shaw St, 5 Dec 1925 at 581 Markham St

6598-25 Charles Joseph SMYLIE, 21, student, Toronto, 624 Beresford Ave, s/o Samuel SMYLIE (b. Ireland) & Margaret COOPER, married Mona TOMKINSON, 18, domestic, England, 68 Major St, d/o Herbert TOMKINSON (b. England) & Martha STOTT, witn: Sara A. LAVELL & Emma LEVELL (sic) both of 554 Spadina Ave, 7 Dec 1925 - divorced 24 Mar 1954

6607-25 Elroy Maurice SOLMAN, 24, manager, Toronto, 37 Roxborough St W., s/o Saul SOLMAN (b. Ontario) & Lillian PLANT, married Clara Evelyn EAGEN (or Eagan?), 23, switchboard operator, Ontario, 12 Wright Ave, d/o Arthur EAGEN (b. USA) & Florence DIXON, witn: Lawrence EAGEN & Fern EAGEN both of 12 Wright Ave, 15 Dec 1925

6599-25 John Charles SPRACKLIN, 33, florist, Toronto, 413 Delaware Ave, s/o John C. SPRACKLIN (b. Newfoundland) & Mary HOLDEN, married Charlotte Maud REED, 28, England, 55 Ashburnham Rd, d/o Harry E. REED (b. England) & Charlotte DEMPSEY, witn: Harry REED & Marjorie REED both of 99 McKay Ave, 7 Dec 1925 at St Edward's Church

003990-25 (Toronto) James Clarkson SPRING, 33, policeman, Stroud, Toronto s/o Peter & Margaret SPRING married Kathleen Louisa BARCLAY, 35, farmer's daughter, Stroud, Stroud d/o John & Maria Louisa BARCLAY wtn: Miss Margaret BARCLAY of Stroud & Mrs S. JACKSON of 297 Huron St, 18 July 1925 003981-25 (Toronto) Liston Ward SPRINGSTEAD, 45, broom maker, Ontario, 70 Wayland Ave in Toronto s/o John Ward SPRINGSTEAD (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann PIOTT married Julia Isabel DICKSON, 41, teacher, Ontario, 62 Shannon St in Toronto d/o Alex S. DICKSON (b. Scotland) & Isabel GRAHAM wtn: Katherine E. STORY of 357 Perth Ave & Gertrude V. ANDERSON of 292 Palmerston Ave, 11 July 1925
003982-25 (Toronto) Henry William John SPRY, 28, accountant, Toronto, 71 Eastbourne Gardens s/o Albert J. SPRY (b. Ontario) & Jane PAYNE married Lillian Florence HATHWAY, 24, dental nurse, Toronto, 67 Indian Rd Gardens in Toronto d/o Edward HATHWAY (b. England) & Louise ALERCHERE wtn: Mary SPRY & Dorothy ROBB both of Toronto, 17 July 1925

6606-25 Ewart Douglas STANBURY, 40, travelling salesman, Ontario, 3 Dunbar Rd, s/o Charles Edward STANBURY (b. Ontario) & Amanda NURSE, married Jean Emily PETT, 37, Toronto, 6 Bracken Ave, d/o Wilfred PETT (b. England) & Margaret WHITNEY, witn: H.M. MOORE & Julia D. MOORE both of 6 Bracken Ave, 12 Dec 1925

003980-25 (Toronto) Thomas Wilbert STEADMAN, 19, clerk, Toronto, 229 Seaton St s/o John Felix STEADMAN (b. Ireland) & Sarah VERGO married Dorothy Margaret KENNEDY, 18, saleslady, Ontario, 67 Gloucester St in Toronto d/o Charles Elmore KENNEDY (b. Ontario) & Kathleen MILLER wtn: Alexander WIGHTON of 27 McGill St & Neil SCOTT of 123 Mutual St, 29 July 1925

6595-25 Thomas STEELE, 38, widower, janitor, England, 42 Collier St, s/o Roger John STEELE (b. England) & Mary MORRISON, married May GREEN, 41, clerk, Toronto, 270 Huron St, d/o John GREEN (b. Ontario) & Mabel SHARPE, witn: Margaret ROBERTSON & Charlotte L. TWEEDIE both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1926 [s/b 25, reg'd Jan 1926]

003977-25 (Toronto) Joseph STEPHEN, 28, plumber, Scotland, 1005 Bathurst St in Toronto s/o Joseph STEPHEN (b. Scotland) & Jane FARQUHAR married May Trail WEBSTER, 28, store clerk, Scotland, 12 Rockwell Ave in Toronto d/o William WEBSTER (b. Scotland) & Janet TRAIL wtn: David D. STEPHEN & Elizabeth F. STEPHEN both of Toronto, 1 July 1925 003996-25 (Toronto) Thomas George STEVENS, 22, draughtsman, Toronto, 169 Margareta St in Toronto s/o Alfred STEVENS (b. Ontario) & Martha HUGHES married Margaret Henney McINTYRE, 21, stenographer, Scotland, 155 St Clair Ave in Toronto d/o William McINTYRE (b. Scotland) & Harriet EWING wtn: Harriet McINTYRE of 155 St Clair Ave & Alfred L. STEVENS of 169 Margareta St, 18 July 1925

6611-25 John Whitefield STEWART, 51, widower, pattern maker, Scotland, 37 Wyndham St, s/o John STEWART (b. Scotland) & Isabelle WHITEFIELD, married Elizabeth Montgomery BOWMAN, 47, Scotland, 290 Avenue Rd, d/o John BOWMAN (b. Scotland) & Margaret AITKEN, witn: Miss M. BUCHANAN of 49 Cluny Drive & C.H.V. PARSONS of 185 Cresent Blvd, 18 Dec 1925

6613-25 Dudley Hall STEWART, 28, gardener, Cooksville Ontario Peel Co, same, s/o William S. STEWART (b. Bowmanville Ontario) & Frances A. COX, married Alice Mary LAVERDIERE, 21, telephone operator, St Sabine Quebec, Cooksville, d/o Joseph J. LAVERDIERE (b. Quebec) & Edith M. WARD, witn: Frances A. STEWART & Russell SAMPSON both of Cooksville, 16 Dec 1925

6610-25 John Hughes STEWART, 29, clerk, Toronto, 423 Ossington Ave, s/o Albert STEWART (b. Ontario) & Sarah HUGHES, married Gladys Irene BYNG, 20, Toronto, 340 Riverdale Ave, d/o Ernest BYNG (b. Ontario) & Grace COOKE, witn: Mrs J.J. FERGUSON & Mrs G.M. FERGUSON both of 28 Simpson Ave, 21 Dec 1925

003983-25 (Toronto) Lawrence STOCK, 32, industrial engineer, New York city in USA, 480 Bloor St W in Toronto s/o Joseph STOCK (b. England) & Lillian Blanche KERRY married Audrey Wallis TATE, 20, Toronto, 67 Kenilworth Ave in Toronto d/o William Cameron TATE (b. England) & Florence Julia CLARKE wtn: William Cameron TATE of 67 Kenilworth Ave & A.R.J. COLCLOUGH of 104 Benton Ave, 11 July 1925 at St John's Church
003994-25 (Toronto) Robert Henry STOCKS, 31, salesman, Ontario, 54 Beaty Ave in Toronto s/o William STOCKS (b. England) & Eliza Jane TROWBRIDGE married Margaret Ellen O'NEILL, 25, graduate nurse, Ontario, 130 Dunn Ave d/o John Henry O'NEILL (b. Ontario) & Frances Elizabeth BARKER wtn: Fred HARRIS of 22 Westminster Ave in Toronto & Phyllis M. MALONEY of 74 Maloney Ave in Toronto, 25 July 1925 at the Church of the Epiphany 003987-25 (Toronto) Chris John STROUD, 23, labourer, England, 526 Quebec Ave s/o Walter D. STROUD (b. England) & Sarah Ann WESTERLEY married Kathleen Mabel FENN, 19, inspector, England, 526 Quebec Ave in Toronto d/o Robert FENN (b. England) & Nellie GOATHAM wtn: G.W. GOATHAM of 526 Quebec Ave & Albert F. CORNELIUS of 216 Nestor Road, 15 July 1925

6623-25 Ernest George STYLES, 20, labourer, England, 56 Morrison Ave, s/o Stephen STYLES (b. England) & Lucy SANKEY, married Elsie May HOLMES, 19, domestic, Toronto, 7 Cayuga Ave, d/o Matthew Charles HOLMES (b. England) & Rose HINDS, witn: Matthew Charles HOLMES of 7 Cayuga Ave & Herbert F. STYLES of 90 Auburn Ave, 25 Dec 1925 at 90 Auburn Ave

6603-25 Gilbert SUMMERHILL, 18, roofer, Toronto, 5 Edwin Ave, s/o Walter SUMMERHILL (b. England) & Alice LOVELL, married Helen McGREGOR, 23, tailoress, Scotland, 291 Wallace Ave, d/o Peter McGREGOR (b. Scotland) & Janet WILSON, witn: Agnes LOTHIAN & George LOTHIAN both of 593 Runnymede Rd, 4 Dec [1925] at 390 Perth Ave - divorced 10 Aug 1955

6615-25 Arvo Hesekiel SUOMELA, 24, labourer, Finland, 123 Portland St, s/o Mikko SUOMELA (b. Finland) & Lovisa ISOKORPI, married Anna Maria LOYTOKORPI, 28, domestic, Finland, 119 Braemore Gardens, d/o Heikki LOYTOKORPI (b. Finland) & Alma HICTALA, witn: Hermson RASK & Jhui RASK both of 66 Mitchell Ave, 27 Dec 1925

6617-25 Edward Herbert SUTHERLAND, 21, car painter, Toronto, 11707 Luke Ave Cleveland Ohio USA, s/o John Joseph SUTHERLAND (b. Ontario) & Bella HUTCHINSON, married Catherine Christine ROBERTSON, 20, saleslady, Ontario, 1192 College St, d/o John George ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Marie Christine GARTNER, witn: George A. TODD of Penetanguishene & Edith I. ROBERTSON of Toronto, 24 Dec 1925

003993-25 (Toronto) Alfred Curtis SUTTON, 25, shoe salesman, Ontario, 819 Bathurst St s/o Robert SUTTON (b. England) & Annie SHERRINGTON married Myrtle Kate WOOD, 24, bookkeeper, Toronto, 36 Tennis Cres in Toronto d/o Peter WOOD (b. Ontario) & Myrtle CLINE wtn: James SKERVING & Mrs James SKERVING both of 827 Bathurst St, 10 July 1925

6624-25 Benjamin SWARTZ, 26, architect, Roumania, 336 Dundas St W, s/o Morris SWARTZ (b. Roumania) & Rose MADONICK, married Bessie DAVIS, 21, Russia, 418 Palmerston Blvd, d/o David DAVIS (b. Russia) & Dora ROODGER, witn: A. ROSENBLATT of 112 Beverley St & Nathan DAVIS of 418 Palmerston Blvd, 29 Dec 1925 Hebrew

6608-25 Herbert John SWORD, 26, accountant, England, 57 Wheeler Ave, s/o Andrew SWORD (b. Scotland) & Emily Ann CRABBE, married Edith Winnifred HAWKEY, 21, Toronto, 57 Wheeler Ave, d/o Francis Snell HAWKEY (b. England) & Edith Teresa MEEK, witn: Gladys E. TANNER of Belleville Ontario & George E. WILSON of Washington Ave Toronto, 19 Dec 1925

6601-25 Francis SYMS, 31, office manager, England, 177 Rushton Rd, s/o Harry SYMS (b. England) & Ann HEAL, married Dorothy Mary Ann BOND, 25 cashier, Wales, 376 Berkeley St, d/o John Bond (b. England) & Hannah BUTT, witn: Roy W. SLOAN of 581 Dundas St E. & Alice BOND of 376 Berkeley St, 8 Dec [1925] at Berkeley St United Church

6634-25 Louis Raise TARNOFSKY, 24, jobber, Russia, 122 D’Arcy St, s/o Abraham Mayer TARNOFSKY (b. Russia) & Sahra SLOVAK, married Esther ROSENBES, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 97 St Patrick St, d/o Philip ROSENBES (b. Russia) & Rose ROTHCHILD, witn: Jack LERNER of 139 Claremont St & Abe MALINSKY of 122 D’Arcy [St], 6 Dec 1925 at 116 Beverley St. Hebrew

6627-25 Charles TAYLOR, 32, waiter, New York State USA, Toronto, s/o George TAYLOR (b. USA) & Sallie FAGGEN, married Jessie JOHNSON, 32, housekeeper, New York City USA, Toronto, d/o Charles JOHNSON (b. USA) & Catherine FRENCH, witn: Mrs Juanita WILLIAMS & Mrs Irene MORTON both of 142 Edward St, 4 Dec 1925

6630-25 Harvey George TAYLOR, 39, widower, section man CNR, Ontario, 37 Osborne Ave, s/o Thomas James TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Charlotte Ann SPRUNT, married Margaret WENTING, 40, widow, Nova Scotia, 7 August Ave, d/o Donald MACDONALD (b. Scotland) & Jessie McPHEE, witn: W. TAYLOR of 59 Chisholm Ave & E. FRANKLIN of 2398 Gerrard St E., 30 Dec 1925

6629-25 Edward TAYLOR, 49, messenger, England, 316 South Mark’s St Fort William Ontario, s/o Edward TAYLOR (b. England) & Elizabeth WARRNER, married Georgina McCLORRY, 37, England, 18 Defoe St, d/o Edward McCLORRY (b. England) & Margaret SAUNDERS, witn: Alexander McDONNELL of 18 Defoe St & Elizabeth THOMPSON of 16 Inglewood Drive, 5 Dec 1925 at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

6628-25 David TAYLOR, 26, carpenter, Scotland, 285 Lisgar St, s/o William [TAYLOR] (b. Scotland) & Cecelia SPARK, married Margaret Jean HAYES, 30, Ireland, 503 Perth Ave, d/o William HAYES (b. Ireland) & Catherine GIBSON, witn: James R. McIntosh & Alice McINTOSH both of 503 Perth Ave, 9 Dec 1925

6631-25 John William TAYLOR, 19, machinist, Scotland, 156 Christie St, s/o John Taylor (b. Scotland) & Margaret TAYLOR, married Jessie Henderson Brough MORRISON, 19, biscuit packer, Scotland, 156 Christie St, d/o William MORRISON (b. Scotland) & Jessie Henderson BROUGH, witn: John McDonald PRATT of 416 Bartlett Ave & Mary SLESSOR of 158 Christie St, 24 Dec 1925

6632-25 Louis THIRD, 25, mechanic, Scotland, 131 Symington Ave, s/o George THIRD (b. Scotland) & Agnes Allen BOWMAN, married Victoria May ARNOTT, 28, waitress, England, 27 Hiltz Ave, d/o George Peter ARNOTT (b. England) & Mary BRYANT, witn: Anne E. ARNOTT of 492 Clinton St & Robert CRUICKSHANK of 638 Bathurst St, 12 Dec 1925

6638-25 Louis TINKEL, 33, presser, Russia, 168 Markham St, s/o S. TINKEL (b. Russia) & M. LIPS, married Bessie RAITER, 19, dress finisher, Poland, 55 Major St, d/o W. RAITER (b. Poland) & R. BERLAND, witn: M. STREISFELD of 248 Palmerston Ave & M. SALITER of 165 Baldwin St, 25 Dec 1925, Hebrew

1634-25 George VALDER, 28, cartage, England, Stouffville, s/o unknown, married Vera Maud Lucille HOOVER, 28, Ontario, Stouffville, d/o Noah HOOVER, b. Ont & Jane SMITH, witn: Annie WISMER & Mrs. M. BRICKER, both of 527 Euclid Ave., 11 Feb 1925 at 527 Euclid Ave 1644-25 William Lendrum WACEY, 30, sign painter, England, 196 Roselawn Ave., s/o Robert WACEY, b. England & Sarah WELLS, married Sylvia Helen BARNETT, 22, domestic, England, 214 Eglinton Ave., d/o John BARNETT, b. England & Mary DAVIS, witn: Agnes S. WACEY of 196 Roselawn Ave & John Osborn WACEY of 629 Soudan Ave., 20 Feb 1925 at St. Clements Church
1649-25 William WADDINGTON, 27, tire builder, England, 82 Windermere Ave in Swansea, s/o William WADDINGTON, b. England & Eleanor WARING, married Jean BUTLER, 25, operator, Scotland, 92 De Forest Rd in Swansea, d/o William BUTLER, b. Scotland & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: F. & A.M. MacKENZIE of 7 Glebe Rd., 25 Feb 1925 1658-26 Francis Alexander WAITH, 34, clerk, South America, 344 Jones Ave., s/o Charles (Chris?) O. WAITH, b. British West Indies & Julia R. MATHESON, married Nellie HANDLEY, 25, clerk, England, 344 Jones Ave., d/o George HANDLEY, b. England & Eleanor STOCK, witn: Tom GASCOIGNE of 344 Jones Ave & Estella FEE of 307 Seaton St., 28 Feb 1925 at 344 Jones Ave
1654-25 John Theophilus WALDON, 21, music teacher, Ontario, 28 Edinburgh Rd in Guelph, s/o John WALDON, b. Ont & Carrie COURTNEY, married Evelyn Florence CAREY, 19, fur operator, Toronto, 1927 Dufferin St. in Toronto, d/o Charles CAREY, b. Ont & Mary ROLLING, witn: Queenie M. JONES of 259 Queen St. West & Lauretta JONES of 45 Binscarth Rd., 26 Feb 1925 1664-25 William George WALKER, 28, police constable, Ireland, 8 Irene Ave., s/o Thomas WALKER, b. Ireland & Margaret ADAMSON, married Grace Elizabeth MUNRO, 27, Ontario, 122 Leslie St., d/o Andrew MUNRO, b. Ont & Margaret PATTERSON, witn: Margaret RYAN of 108 Yorkville Ave in Toronto & Wilburn SILVERTHORN of Woodford Ont., 23 Feb 1925
1650-25 Chester Harrison WALLACE, 31, salesman, Ontario, 27 Avenue Rd., s/o John T. WALLACE, b. Ont & Elizabeth MILLEN, married Clara Catherine IRWIN, 22, model, Alberta, 27 Avenue Rd., d/o Robert J. IRWIN, b. Ireland & Jennie GALLAGHER, witn: Maude E. & Dorothy E. ROBB of Toronto, 23 Feb 1925 1646-25 James Cyril WALLING, 23, electrician, England, 475 Craven Rd., s/o Thomas Frederick WALLING, b. England & Julia Hannah PALMER, married Jean Catherine FIELDHOUSE, 21, book binder, Toronto, 755 Gerrard St. East, d/o John George FIELDHOUSE, b. England & Margaret MITCHESON (both deceased), witn: Margaret & Samuel Maxwell McLELLAN of 83 Silver Birch, 18 Feb 1925 at St. Monicas Anglican Church
1638-25 Harold Albert WALSH, 34, laborer, Ontario, 478A Clendenan Ave., s/o Robert George WALSH, b. Ireland & Adelaide Elizabeth VINCENT, married Teresa Myrtle Ethel ARBOUR, 31, clerk, Ontario, 230 Sherbourne St., d/o Wilfrid ARBOUR, b. Ont & Mary Ann LALONDE, witn: Beatrice G. DAVIDSON & Mary COOK , both of 83 Power St., 14 Feb 1925 at St. Pauls Church 1655-25 Norman Oliver WARD, 21, steam fitter, Toronto, 622 ½ College St., s/o Frederick WARD, b. England & not known, married Grace Lillian TAYLOR, 21, drug finisher, Toronto, 687 Crawford St., d/o Percy W. TAYLOR, b. Ont & Lillian C. CONLEY, witn: Jean McNairn THOMAN & Hugh John THOMAN, both of 43 Bedford Park Ave., 28 Feb 1925 at 45 Bedford Park Ave
1659-25 Edward WATERHOUSE, 19, driver, Toronto, 156 MacDonell Ave., s/o Charles WATERHOUSE, b. England & Annie Mary WILSON, married Gladys Margaret TWILLEY, 19, clerk, Toronto, 370 Lippincott St., d/o George Samuel TWILLEY, b. Ont & Mary Jane HENDERSON, witn: Alice & Charles MacLEAN of Toronto, 11 Feb 1925 1637-25 Robert Gardner WATT, 28, engineer, Scotland, 234 Arlington Ave., s/o John WATT, v. Scotland & Helen GARDNER, married Christena Campbell WIGGINS, 24, domestic, Scotland, 340 Davisville Ave., d/o Hugh WIGGINS, b. Scotland & Annie WADDELL, witn: George BARNETT & Margaret S. LAWRENCE, both of Toronto, 6 Feb 1925
1651-25 Patrick WATTERS, 31, switchman, Ireland, 218 Munro St., s/o Terence WATTERS, b. Ireland & Catherine McARDLE, married Annie CHRISTIE, 18, switchboard operator, Scotland, 138 Booth Ave., d/o David CHRISTIE, b. Scotland & Christena McKENZIE, witn: Stephen & Mrs. Stephen GRANT of Queen St. - Humber Bay, 23 Feb 1925 1657-25 John Maxwell WEBBER, 22, electrician, England, 30 Montreal St., s/o Frederick Maxwell WEBBER, b. England & Frances HOLLWAY, married Dorothy Mary Irene WONCH, 21, domestic, Ontario, 30 Montreal St., d/o James Arthur WONCH, b. Ont & Elizabeth HANSON, witn: Harold Robert MORGAN of 294 Church St. & Ethel RYAN of 301 Church St., 28 Feb 1925
1639-25 Manny WEINRAUCH, 25, dry goods peddler, Roumania, 78 Bellevue Ave., s/o Isick WEINRAUCH, b. Roumania & F. LITTMAN, married Clara ROSEN, 20, Poland, 78 Bellevue Ave., d/o Isack ROSENSTEIN (sic), b. Poland & M. LISCREISCH, witn: Abraham FIENER of 186 Baldwin St. & Meier AXLER of 490 Brunswick Ave., 15 Feb 1925 1636-25 Wallace WEINSTEIN, 22, telegrapher, USA, 54 Bellevue Ave., s/o Sam WEINSTEIN, b. Russia & Bertha LEWIS, married Betty Shiva SPECTOR, 19, stenographer, Russia, 54 Bellevue Ave., d/o Sam SPECTOR, b. Russia & Sarah D. MLLER, witn: Alfred A. BUSH of Lansing Mich & Beryl LEVI of Hamilton Rd in London, 1 Feb 1925
1645-25 Alexander WEIR, 39, assistant manager, Ireland, 226 Monarch Park Ave., s/o Alexander WEIR, b. Ireland & Ann McNEILLY, married Hester McCURDY, 35, stenographer, Ireland, 351 Shaw St., d/o William McCURDY, b. Ireland & Sarah McNEILL, witn: Erma McCURDY & J. KEENAN, both of Toronto, 20 Feb 1925 1660-25 John Joseph WHIFFIN, 31, laborer, England, 959A Bloor St West, s/o Harry WHIFFIN, b. England & Maria THISON?, married Charlotte Fraser FENWICK, 21, Scotland, 6 Innis Ave., d/o John FENWICK, b. Scotland & Elizabeth LAWSON, witn: S. & Betty DARRAGH of 6 Innis Ave., 18 Feb 1925
1661-25 Alfred Edward WHITE, 46, plasterer, Toronto, 18 Camden St., s/o William WHITE, b. England & Eliza DALE, married Ellen SMITH, 45, widow, England, 25 Robinson St., d/o Williard RAYNER, b. England & Jane BOSTON, witn: Ellen WHITE & Frank RICHARDSON, both of Toronto, 2 Feb 1925 1652-25 John Thomas Richard WHITEHEAD, 23, auto polisher, Ontario, 232 Harper Ave in Detroit, s/o John WHITEHEAD, b. Ont & Annie DAW (Dow?), married Martha Blanche Emma WILLIAMSON, 22, chocolate bar wrapper, Ontario, 17 Wallace Ave., d/o Arthur WILLIAMSON, b. England & Susan LEVERINGTON, witn: Harold WILLIAMSON & Edith WHITEHEAD, both of Toronto, 28 Feb 1925
1643-25 Stanley Reginald WILKINS, 26, secretary, Toronto, 24 Elm Ave., s/o Thomas WILKINS, b. USA & Annie WILKINS, married Gertrude Bessie DYAS, 25, Ontario, 31 Castle Frank Rd., d/o John DYAS, b. Ont & Mabel McCORDICK, witn: Nora LAVELL & J.P. KENT, both of Toronto, 21 Feb 1925 1647-25 Harold Godfrey WILKINSON, 21, machinist, Toronto, 267 Cedarvale Ave., s/o Harry WILKINSON, b. Ont & Lena BUMSTEAD, married Emma Elizabeth HUNT, 20, operator, England, 32 Harriet St., d/o Alfred HUNT, b. England & Emily MOPPY, witn: Frank EGERTON of 458 Gerrard East & Violet Dorothy HOSEA of 454 Gerrard East, 17 Feb 1925
1648-25 Carl WILLIAMS, 26, laborer, Ontario, 27 Bloem Ave., grandson of Philip WILLIAMS (father unknown) & Alice HODGSON (mother? grandmother?), married Susan SPEED, 22, coat finisher, Scotland, 27 Bloem Ave., d/o William M. SPEED, b. Scotland & Jemima FORRETT, witn: Eunice SPEED of 27 Bloem Ave & Ross KENDRICK of 110A Emerson Ave., 7 Feb 1925 1665-25 John Francis WILLIAMS, 23, laborer, England, 660 Richmond St. West, s/o Anthony WILLIAMS & Agnes SHELMUITHE, married Marie Teresa FRASER, 20, Toronto, 86 Tecumseth St., d/o Charles FRASER & Catherine O'CONNOR, witn: George OSWIN of 167 Strachan Ave & Veronica FRASER of 86 Tecumseth St., 14 Feb 1925
1662-25 Albert Earl WILSON, 26, train baggage man, Ontario, Mill St. in Brampton, s/o J.W. WILSON, b. Ont & Emma WEST, married Opal Margaret HILL, 27, nurse, Ontario, Mill St. in Brampton, d/o Harry HILL, b. Ont & Margaret PRICE, witn: C.J. WILSON of 89 Bowmore Rd & Ruby L. WHYTOCK of 705 Crawford St., 18 Feb 1925 at Davisville Methodist Church 1663-25 Albert Edward WILSON, 25, waiter, England, 24 Balmuto St., s/o George WILSON, b. England & Alice WILSON, married Blanche Nellie AUSTIN, 23, domestic, Quebec, 65 Madison Ave in Toronto, d/o James A. AUSTIN, b. England & Blanche Nellie BOOTH, witn: Charles McGlenn WEBB of 328 Seaton St. & Mary W. JAMES, both of Toronto, 19 Feb 1925

6672-25 Richard WILSON, 26, steam engineer Scotland, 7 Randolph Rd Leaside, s/o Allan WILSON (b. Scotland) & Annie McWHINNIE, married Jessie McCreadie MALONE, 22, Scotland, 7 Randolph Rd Leaside, d/o Edward MALONE (b. Scotland) & Jessie CRAINIE, witn: Annie MALONE & Edward MALONE Jr both of Leaside, 24 Dec 1925

1635-25 Henry Charles WINGROVE, 49, widower, Collingwood Ont., 306 Lee Ave., s/o Henry George WINGROVE, b. England & Jane Charlotte PERRY, married Marie Louise ATESHIAN, 31, widow, Ontario, 114 Bond St., d/o Anthony LENARD, b. Ont & Sophia CHARETTE, witn: George Cooke FARLEY & Harold FARLEY, both of 50 Ellerbeck Ave., 3 Feb 1925 at Metropolitan Church
1642-25 Alexander WITHER, 36, varnish maker, widower, Scotland, 250 Logan Ave., s/o Alex WITHER, b. Scotland & Maggie RANKIN, married Mary Doherty DIFFER, 31, dress maker, Scotland, 26 Aberdeen Ave., d/o James DIFFER, b. Scotland & Annie GALLAGHER, witn: Mrs. S. McKINLEY of 250 Logan Ave & Mrs. J. SMALL of 178 Carlton St

6658-25 Frederick Thomas WOOD, 40, metal spinner, England, 5227 Mount Elliott [St] Detroit Michigan, s/o William George WOOD (b. England) & Christina THOMAS, married Mary Anne MERRIMAN, 48, widow, England, 74 River St, d/o Matthew V. FENSON (b. England) & Sarah WOODHOUSE, witn: Carroll HUDSON & Edith A. HUDSON both of 405 Carlton St, 5 Dec 1925

1667-25 Leonard Lewis WOOD, 26, farmer supervisor, England, 198 Cedarvale Ave., s/o William Douglas WOOD & Beryl Madeline ALOOF, married Winnifred Florence REYNOLDS, 21, Wales, 198 Cedarvale Ave., d/o Robert Edward REYNOLDS & Annie DODWELL, witn: Gertrude REYNOLDS of 198 Cedarvale & Chester Ernest SMALL of 89 Poulton Ave., 14 Feb 1925 at Church of the Resurrection 1656-25 Robert Frederick WOOD, 22, teamster, Toronto, 16 Florence St., s/o Robert WOOD, b. Ont & Margaret McCARTHY, married Carmelita ALEXANDER, 23, telephone operator, Ontario, 171 Wallace Ave., d/o Thomas ALEXANDER, b. Ont & Sarah HENDERSON, witn: Mary E.H. & Mrs. E.J. ADAMS of 20 Pauline Ave., 20 Feb 1925

6662-25 James WOOD, 22, butcher, Scotland, 578 Kingston Rd, s/o James WOOD (b. Scotland) & Mary TORRANCE, married Dorothy OBEE, 18, embroiderer, England, 177 Kingston Rd, d/o William James Herbert OBEE (b. England) & Ada Louise KNOTT, witn: William WOOD of 578 Kingston Rd & Jessie WOOD of 8623 Drunbarton Rd Detroit U.S., 14 Dec 1925

1641-25 William Thynne WRAY, 31, farmer, Ontario, Woodrow Sask., s/o Garrett B. WRAY, b. Ont & Addie THYNE, married Mary Eliza STEWART, 30, teacher, Ontario, Bluevale Ont., d/o Thomas STEWART, b. Ont & Isabel THYNE, witn: Florence MARTIN of 47 Isabella St. & Dr. Clarence STOLTZ of 247 Avenue Rd., 6 Feb 1925 at 113 Westmoreland Ave
1653-25 Hugh WRIGHT, 29, grocery clerk, Ireland, 79 Greenwood Ave., s/o John WRIGHT, b. Ireland & Anabella HANRAHAN, married Catherine O'BRIEN, 19, Scotland, 281 Dundas Cres., d/o Joseph O'BRIEN, b. Scotland & Ann IRWIN, witn: William MILLIN of 444 Manning Ave & Helen BURKE of 281 Dundas Cres., 24 Feb 1925 1666-25 John WRIGHT, 23, butcher, Sawtry Peterborough England, 1383 Queen St. East, s/o Walter WRIGHT & Elizabeth CARTER, married Kathleen McBRIDE, 23, nurse, Barrow in Furness England, 1383 Queen St. East, d/o Peter McBRIDE & Annie CRONE, witn: John MILLAR of 92 Hastings & Janet JACKSON of 1383 Queen, 21 Feb 1925
1640-25 William WYLIE, 50, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Georgetown, s/o Andrew WYLIE, b. Ireland & Bella Jane CANE (Cain?), married Fannie Elizabeth CLARKE, 45, widow, England, 93 Hounslow Heath Rd., d/o Thomas COAKLEY, b. England & Elizabeth TOLLEY, witn: William & Mrs. Florence CAMBREY of 145 Main, 4 Feb. 1925 at 93 Hounslow Heath Rd  
1669-25 Tommy Edgar YOUNG, 22, chauffeur, Ontario, 467 Delaware Ave., s/o Thomas S. YOUNG, b. Scotland & Ada WORDEN, married Millicent Corinne HAMILTON, 18, Ontario, 467 Delaware Ave., d/o Edward HAMILTON, b. Ont & Edith COWDY, witn: Lois Mae HAMILTON of 74 O'Hara Ave & George WEATHERELL of 467 Delaware Ave., 12 Feb 1925 1668-25 Russell Albert YOUNG, 25, butcher, Ontario, 1725 Dufferin St., s/o Albert E. YOUNG, b. Ont & Lillie M. SPENCE, married Olga Edith PHILLIPS, 23, Toronto, 146 Sellers Ave., d/o George J. PHILLIPS, b. Ont & Maria M. HARPER, witn: Margaret Louise & Harold Harper PHILLIPS of 146 Sellers Ave., 18 Feb 1925

#003646-25 Maney ZELDIN, 25, candy maker, Russia, 36 Kensington Ave E., s/o Moses ZELDIN, (b. Russia) & Bassa FRYDMAN, married Eva NEZINSKY, 22, cloak finisher, Poland, 104 Manning Ave Toronto, d/o Samuel NEZINSKY, (b. Poland) & Lea CAZZOL, witn: S BRADT 8 Sullivan St & T. NORMAN, 68 D'Arcy St, 5 June 1925

#003645-25 Adam Hartley ZIMMERMAN, 22, mining engineer, Ontario,Timmins, s/o Alex Franklin ZIMMERMAN, (b. Ontario) & Hessie Beatrice WALKER, married Mary Ethelwyn BALLANTYNE, 26, none, Ontario, 34 Dunnegan Rd Toronto, d/o Adam BALLANTYNE (b. Ontario) & Ethelwyn Eliza PATTULLO, witn: Burleigh Pattullo BALLANTYNE, Windsor & Wilhelmina AIRD, Toronto, 20 June 1925

1670-25 Rachmael ZOBERMAN, 55, widower, junk dealer, Poland, 33 Henry St., s/o L. ZOBERMAN, b. Poland & Goldie BLEIMAN, married Chanar Feiga LIBMAN, 50, widow, Poland, 23 Gore Vale Ave., d/o Abraham KATZ, b. Poland & Goldie SHEINDEL, witn: W. GROSSMAN of 155 Palmerston Ave & Abraham LEISNER of 326 Euclid Ave., 1 Feb 1925 1671-25 Philip ZWIOR, 28, laborer, Russia, 234 Richmond St. West, s/o Timothy ZWIOR, b. Russia & Parska MANDESKA, married Yawdocha PRYSIAZNA, 24, Galicia, 11 Gerrard St. West, d/o Florian PRYSIAZAY, b. Galicia & Helene OSEEDCZALK, witn: B. ZWIOR of 324 Richmond West & M. BACZYNSKY of 11 Gerrard West, 22 Feb 1925