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Simcoe Co., 1891, part 1

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011104-91 (Simcoe Co)  Robert AGAR, 43, Ohio US, Nottawasaga, farmer, widowed, s/o Jas & Ellen AJAR, married Mary DINSMO(cut off, Dinsmore?), 31, Tecumseth, same, widow, d/o John & Jane RENNIE wtn: Jas SPIERS of Essa & Esther CARSCADDEN of Tecumseth, on August 5, 1891, at Alliston  
011037-91 - John ALDRED, 28, Port Perry, Spanish River, Lumberman, s/o John & Mary ALDRED, married Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 21, Waterdown, Uhthoff, d/o George & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, wtn: Bernie THORNTON of Orillia & Nellie ARMSTRONG, not given, on April 21, 1891, at Orillia 010911-91 (Simcoe Co.) James ANDERSON, 30, Oro, Hawkstone, farmer, s/o John & Marion ANDERSON, married Elizabeth M. GRICE, 20, Hope, Hawkstone, d/o Joseph & Isabella GRICE, wtn: George & Marion ANDERSON, both of Oro, on December 3, 1891, at Hawkstone Oro
010692-91 William George ARGUE, 29, farmer, Cavan Twp, Flos Twp, s/o George & Jane, married Maggie DARRELL, 25, Fenelon Twp, Tiny Twp, d/o James & Ann, witn; Mary WILSON & Annie MAGUIRE of Barrie. 18 Mar, 1891 at Barrie. 010860-91 - Joseph AURON?, 21, Quebec, Waubaushene, Laborer, s/o Ferdine and Sophia AURON?, married Clarisa GRISBILT, 17, Quebec, Waubaushene, d/o Michel & Cleopmas GRISBILT, wtn: Ferdinand & Laura RESONT, both of Waubaushene, on July 20, 1891, at Midland
011028-91 - John BASKERVILLE, 21, Oro, Orillia, Carpenter, s/o Jas. & Elizabeth BASKERVILLE, married Matilda LIVINGSTONE, 22, Medonte, Orillia, d/o Richard & Catherine LIVINGSTONE, wtn: Alex BASKERVILLE of Orillia & Emma LIVINGSTONE of Jarratt’s Corner, on April 15, 1891, at Orillia 010909-91 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander BASKERVILLE, 33, Oro, Orillia, engineer, s/o James & Elizabeth BASKERVILLE, married Mary SIXMITH (Sexsmith?), 23, Richmond, Orillia, d/o William & Annie SIXMITH, wtn: Annie SIXMITH & James BASKERVILLE, both of Oro, on October 28, 1891, at East Oro
011083-91 (Simcoe Co)  James Albert BATNEY, 24, England, North Orillia, farmer, s/o William & Sarah BATNEY, married Sarah Ann RYDER, 20, Canada, North Orillia, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth RYDER, wtn: John J & Hannah Jane RYDER, both of North Orillia, on December 31, 1891, at Orillia Twp 010701-91 William BAYLISS, 28, labourer, England, Allandale, s/o John & Alice BAYLISS, married Annie KELSEY, 21, England, Barrie, d/o Charles & Annie KELSEY, witn; William & Selina JUSTICE of Barrie. 18 Mar, 1891 at Barrie.
#010992-91 (Simcoe Co): Simon BAZINET, 23, laborer, Penetang, same, s/o Damase BAZINET & Victoria DUBEAU, married Marguerite VALLEE, 23, Tiny twp., same, d/o Solomon VALLEE & Rosalie CHEVERETTE, witn: Lor-- & Almelia VALLEE of Lafontaine, 16 Jan 1891 at Penetang (Rom Cath) 11280-92 John C. BEACH, 50, widower, laborer, New York, Coldwater, s/o Seth J. & Annie, married Mary Jane LANG, 27, Medonte, Coldwater, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: George & Jane GODFREY of Coldwater, 25 Oct. 1891 at Coldwater
  011102-91 (Simcoe Co)  John BEATTY 24, Mulmur, same, farmer, s/o Luke BEATTY & Mary Ann THOMPSON, married Sarah Agnes RUSK, 22, Mulmur, same, d/o William RUSK & Elizabeth BIGGERS, wtn; Kate BURNETT & Alice H ROSS, both of Alliston, on October 21, 1892, at Alliston (s/b 1891)
010865-91 - A--? S. BELFRY, 27, West Gwillumbury, Tay, Farmer, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth BELFRY, married Esther Ellen NEY, 19, Cartwright, same, d/o George & Margaret NEY, wtn: Joseph BELFRY & Maud NEY, both of Tay, on November 25, 1891, at Midland #010995-91 (Simcoe Co): John E. BELYEA, 40, farmer, Bronte, Tiny twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane LUDWIG, 24, Pennsylvania USA, Penetang, d/o Samuel & Sarah, witn: William BELYEA & Mrs. D. DAVIDSON, both of Penetang., 2 April 1891 at Penetang
011068-91 - Arthur BENHAM, 21, Chatham England, Beaverton, Farmer, s/o James & Nancy BENHAM, married Minnie NIXON, 22, Elmvale, Oro, d/o Joseph & Rebecca NIXON, wtn: Flora DUNKEE of Oro & Mrs. N. WELLWOOD of Orillia, on October 2, 1891, at Orillia #010708-91 (Simcoe Co): Robert BLACK, wid, 55, farmer, Ireland, Innisfil, s/o James & Mary, married Mary Ann CAMPBELL, wid, 56, Ireland, Barrie, d/o William & Jane, witnesses were A.J. VICKERS & Hugh BLACK, 27 May 1891, at Barrie
011329-92 - John Jamison BLAIR, 29, Orillia, North Orillia, Miller, s/o John BLAIR & Agnes JAMISON, married Elizabeth RICHARD, 23, Markham, North Orillia, d/o William RICHARD & Mary PIPER, wtn: David BLAIR of Orillia & Lydia PIPER of North Orillia, on December 22, 1891, at Orillia  
010765-91 (Simcoe Co.) Percy BOLSTER, 34, farmer, Ireland, Strathclair, Manitoba, parents - William & Ellen Isabella BOLSTER married Anna Lucy DACK, 22, Creemore, Creemore, parents - Thomas & Sarah DACK, witn, Herbert PAGE of Toronto & Mary DACK of Creemore, Oct. 7, 1891 at Creemore 011052-91 - Joseph R. BOYD, 24, Innisfil, Waubaushene, Lumberman, Thomas & Margaret BOYD, married Mary Ann DOUGLAS, 24, London England, Orillia, d/o Thomas & Jane DOUGLAS, wtn: Joseph DOUGLAS of Manvers & Margaret BOYD of Waubaushene, on March 11, 1891, at The Manse Neywash, Orillia
011048-91 - Thomas BRACKEN, 29, Canada, Toronto, Merchant, s/o Dennis BRACKEN & Anastasia LANNON, married Rose M. McGINGAN (McGuigan?), 25, Canada, Orillia, d/o Richard McGINGAN & Kate CANLAM, wtn: Thomas GIBSON & Francas SULLIVAN both of Toronto, on January 19, 1891, at Orillia 011065-91 - Samuel Wesley Clark BRENNAN, 28, Grey, North Orillia, Farmer, s/o James & John BRENNAN, married Emma Ellen COURTNEY, 21, Mulmur, Beeton, d/o William & Jane COURTNEY, wtn: Addie BRENNAN of Orillia & Christina COURTNEY of Beeton, on September 16, 1891, at Orillia
011030-91 - Alex BROWN, 35, Cartwright, Vasey, Farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth BROWN, married Pricilla ROBINSON, 27, Cartwright, Vasey, d/o Thomas & Letitia ROBINSON, wtn: F. MANNING & Z. JOHNSON of Orillia, on March 17, 1891, at Orillia 010700-91 William R. A. BROWN, 22, farmer, Cartwright, Oro Twp, s/o Daniel & Mary Jane BROWN, married Ella Grace FILLINGHAM, 22, Oro, Oro Twp, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth FILLINGHAM, witn; William H. EDGERTON, Medonte & Hannah BROWN of Oro. 11 Mar, 1891 at Barrie.
011054-91 - Hugh BRUCE, 26, Mara, same, Farmer, s/o George & Margaret BRUCE, married Margaret MINN, 19, not given, Kirkfield, d/o John & Margaret MINN, wtn: April 22, 1891, at residence of Murdock Matheson of Orillia 010616-91 (Simcoe Co.) Arthur Edward Dale BRUCE, 24, England, Vespra, s/o William Taylor St. Clare and Hester G., married Eliza Elmina ORCHARD, 24, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Joseph and Selina, witn: Albert C. ORCHARD and Evangeline M. ORCHARD, both of Vespra, 8 Jan 1891 at Vespra
010907-91 (Simcoe Co.) Donald BUCHANAN, 33, Oro, same, farmer, s/o Donald & Agnes BUCHANAN, married Mary Ann Russell GREENSHIELDS, 22, Vaughan, Oro, d/o Jas GREENSHIELDS & Maria RUSSELL, wtn: John LITSTER & Jane TUDHOPE, both of Oro, on July 8, 1891, at the manse Jarratt’s Corners Oro  
010768-91 (Simcoe Co.) James BULLIVANT, 25, stone mason, Nassagaweya, Mulmur, parents - William & Catharine BULLIVANT married Mary Ann COE, 20, Mulmur, Mulmur, parents - James & Ann COE, witn, William. HAWKINS & Margaret COE both of Mulmur, Dec. 9, 1891 at Creemore 011079-91 - Timothy CAFFERY, 31, Canada, South Orillia, Farmer, s/o Timothy CAFFERY & Julia CONNOR, married Margaret RYAN, 32, Canada, South Orillia, d/o Daniel & Catherine RYAN, wtn: Pat CAFFERY & Bridget RYAN both of South Orillia, on November 25, 1891, at Orillia
010621-91 (Simcoe Co.) George Q. CALDER, 26, farmer, Ontario, Sunnidale, s/o William and Diana, married Sarah Catherine BROWN, 19, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Robert and Susan, witn: Thomas MARTIN of Sunnidale and Charlotte BROWN of Vespra, 25 Mar 1891 at Vespra. 011334-92 - John CAMERON, 30, Scotland, Buffalo, Locomotive Fireman, s/o George & Elizabeth CAMERON, married Sarah Jane CHURCH, 24, Luther, Orillia, d/o George Henry & Ann Jane CHURCH, wtn: David Henry & Mary Ann CHURCH, both of Orillia, on November 28, 1891, at Orillia
010776-91 (Simcoe Co.) John CAMPBELL, 32, farmer, Scotland, Trafalgar, parents - Alexander & Catherine CAMPBELL married Flora CAMPBELL, 24, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - Alexander & Janet CAMPBELL, witn, Duncan CAMPBELL of Toronto & Annie CAMPBELL of Nottawasaga, March 26, 1891 at Nottawasaga  
011020-91 - William T. CARDINALL, 27, Coldwater, same, Miller, s/o Francis & Martha CARDINALL, married Isabella DURNFORD, 28, Coldwater, Tay, d/o George & Mary DURNFORD, wtn: William & Mary DURNFORD both of Coldwater, on April 1, 1891, at Orillia 011032-91 - Angus CARSS, 24, Arnprior, Orillia, Traveller, s/o William & Jesse CARSS, married Martha Elizabeth VICK, 24, Orillia, same, d/o George & Eliza VICK, wtn: Sidney CARSS & Mary VENNER, on May 26, 1891, at Orillia
011056-91 - William James CARTER, 21, Ontario, Orillia, Laborer, s/o William & Isobel CARTER, married Mary Ellen CARTER, 19, England, Orillia, d/o Charles & Elizabeth CARTER, wtn: Mary CARTER & Albert WOOD both of Orillia, on Tuesday, July 14, 1891, at the house of Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, Orillia 011109-91 Septimus CASSELMAN, 27, Dundas Co., Wyebridge, farmer, s/o Nelson CASSELMAN & Catherine BARCLAY, married Minnie EDWARDS, 22, Wyebridge, same, d/o Robert EDWARDS & Sarah CRAWFORD, witn; Marie VANVLACK of Penetang. 14 Oct, 1891 at Penetang..
011107-91 Daniel CHEETHAM, 25, Brock Twp, Parry Sound, lumberer, s/o Howard & Elvira CHEETHAM, married Catherine SPROULE, 23, Verulam Twp, Penetang, d/o Thomas & Eliza SPROULE, witn; George SMITH & Emma CASSIDY of Penetanguishene. 17 Sept 1891 at Penetang.. #011057-93 (Simcoe Co): William H. CHELTON, 31, physician, West Flamboro, same, s/o William CHELTON & Elizabeth HUME, married Maggie E. GRAY, 23, Oro, same, d/o Thomas GRAY & Margaret McEWAN, witn: Thomas & William GRAY of Edgar, 30 Dec 1891 at Oro twp
  010767-91 (Simcoe Co.) Fleming Wesley CLINGAN, 25, merchant, Adjala, Virden, Manitoba, parents - Fleming & Mary Ann CLINGAN married Susanna WILCOX, 22, Creemore, Creemore, parents - Elijah & Francis WILCOX, witn, Effie WILCOX of Creemore & George CLINGAN of Toronto, Oct. 20, 1891 at Creemore
#011126-92 (Simcoe Co): Corwin Lorain COLE, 25, millwright, Hamilton, Waubaushene, s/o William & Melvina, married Annie ROSS, 20, Wyebridge, Waverly, d/o John & Marian, witn: Abram MOSES of Waverly & Annie KENNEDY of Wyebridge, 7 Oct 1891 at Midland 011090-91 (Simcoe Co)  Robert COLE, 31, Adjala, same, farmer, s/o Richard & Sarah COLE, married Rachel Ann ROBINS, 21, Adjala, same, Richard & Rachel ROBINS, wtn: John SIRS & Catherine COLE, both of Adjala, on March 4, 1891, at Adjala
010906-91 (Simcoe Co.) James Albert COLE, 29, Halton, Buffalo US, carpenter, s/o Henry & Elizabeth COLE, married Minnie JOHNSON, 23, Oro, same, d/o George & Janet JOHNSON, wtn: A.R. GRAHAM & Bella JOHNSON, both of Oro, on April 29, 1891, at Guthrie Oro 011142-92 - William G. COULTER, 28, Port Hope, same, Bookkeeper, s/o Geo & Mary A. COULTER, married Elizabeth JANE, 23, NJ USA, Midland, d/o Bennett & Mary JANE, wtn: Ellen COULTER of Port Hope & Bennett JANE, of Midland, on October 28, 1891, at Midland
010984-91 - William CRAMP, 23, Meaford, same, Yeoman, s/o Amos? & Elizabeth CRAMP, married Mary Ann MOON, 19, South Orillia, same, d/o Henry John & Christina MOON, wtn: Thomas B. CRAMP of Orillia & Catharine MOON of South Orillia, on April 15, 1891, at Shingle Bay South Orillia #011346-92 (Simcoe Co): Thomas B. CRAMP, 26, brick layer, Meaford, South Orillia, s/o Amos & Eliza, married Margaret Jessie HARVIE, 25, South Orillia, same, d/o Robert & Allison, witn: D. THOMPSON & Aggie HARVIE, both of Orillia, 1 Dec 1891 at res of R. HARVIE, S. Orillia
#010716-91 (Simcoe Co): John J.C. CROSS, 21, farmer, Innisfil twp, same, s/o CROSS, Charles & CLUFF, Margaret, married Marjory DICKEY, 20, Innisfil, same, d/o DICKEY, William & NESS, Janet, witnesses were Richard DICKEY & William D. CROSS, both of Innisfil, 01 Apr 1891, at Barrie 010847-91 - Frederick A. DENNE, 27, Newmarket, Stayner, Dentist, s/o Maria HOLLOWAY & Vincent DENNE, married Lizzie GILLESPIE, 24, Nottawasaga, Stayner, d/o Duncan GILLESPIE & Elizabeth JOHNSON, wtn: A.E. SWALLOW & Anne F. GILLESPIE of Stayner, on December 5, 1891, at Stayner
010866-91 - Elisee (Elija) DESCHENES, 27, Bell Ewart, Midland, Laborer, s/o Louis DESCHENES & Marie SCHOLASTIQUE, married Therese LAVALLEE, 24, ?, Midland, d/o Prosper LAVALLEE & Elizabeth STOUGHTON, wtn: Louis DESCHENES of Midland & Charles GOUETT of Waubaushene, on November 25, 1891, at Midland  
#010881-91 (Simcoe Co): Robert, DUNN, 22, farmer, Canada, Flos, s/o John & Jane, married Annie BURNSIDE, 20, England, Flos, d/o William & Margaret, witnesses were Aaron & Elizabeth SHEFFIELD of Flos, 11 Feb 1891 at Flos 011096-91 (Simcoe Co)  David DUNN, 26, Essa, same, farmer, s/o James & Elizabeth Ann DUNN, married Isabella McKNIGHT, 22, Essa, Adjala, d/o Charles McKNIGHT & Mary Ann CORBET, wtn: Samuel DUNN of Tecumseth & Mary Ann CORBET of Adjala, on November 4, 1891, at Adjala
#011001-92 (Simcoe Co): William Irom? EDGAR, 20, Essa, Angus, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Sarah E. COCHRANE, 22, Nelson Quebec, Essa, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: John Mc-?RIMON & Rebecca COCHRANE, both of Baxter, 23 Dec 1891 at Essa (marriage was performed by J.J. COCHRANE) #011127-92 (Simcoe Co): Henry EDWARDS, 27, laborer, Tiny, Wyevale, s/o Robert & Jane, married Mary Ann MOORE, 17, Severn Bridge, Wyevale, d/o Thomas & Susannah, witn: Fred PRESTON & Mrs. M.S.? LEWIS , 22 Dec 1891 at Midland
011093-91 (Simcoe Co)  John ELLARD, 32, Adjala, same, farmer, s/o Michael & Mary FERGUSON (sic), married Mary HENDERKIN, 27, Adjala, same, d/o James & Mary HENDERKIN, wtn: Patrick CURRAN & Sarah HENDERKIN, both of Adjala, on January 7, 1891, at St. James Adjala #010836-91 (Simcoe Co) James John ELLIOT, 33, Scarboro York Co, Hillsburg Wellington Co, b, clergyman, s/o Hugh & Georgina ELLIOT, married Eliza Snell McFAUL, 30, Caledon, Stayner, s, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth Jane McFAUL, witn: Thomas GRIMSHAW, Mary McFAUL, both Stayner, 15 April 1891, Stayner
010705-91 Jones Has--? ENNISS?, 38, farmer, Oro, same, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Ellen CORBETT, 21, Innisfil, Oro, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn; C.H. APPLEBY & L. CORBETT of Barrie. 5 May, 1891 at Barrie. 011040-91 - Charles Edward FITTON, 33, Toronto, Orillia, Public Land Surveyor, s/o Henry Wooleston & Amelia S.R. FITTON, married Mina Wilson MARSTON, 23, Hamilton, Orillia, d/o John Bates & Elizabeth Frances MARSTON, wtn: Honoria Francis BLOSTER of Orillia & Alexander W. AMBROSE of Midland, on May 13, 1891, at Orillia
011124-92 (Simcoe Co.): Robert FOSTER, 34, Toronto, Midland, labourer, married Lizzie JOHNSTON, 29, Manvers twp., Midland, d/o John & Martha JOHNSTON, Wtn: Arthur McELROY & Isabell BAWKS, both of Midland, Aug. 26, 1891, Midland 011038-91 - Henry Thomas FRANCIS, 24, England, Orillia, Farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth FRANCIS, married Eliza Ellen WOOLFORD, 25, England, Orillia, d/o William Henry & Mary Ann WOOLFORD, wtn: Samuel PROPHEL (Prophet?) of Atherley & Sarah WOOLFORD of Orillia, on January 24, 1891, at Orillia
010987-91 (Simcoe Co)  Archibald FYFE, 25, Ayrshire Scotland, North Orillia, farmer, s/o John & Martha FYFE, married Fanny Isabella TURNER, 25, North Orillia, same, d/o Edward & Fanny TURNER, wtn: Mary LAWSON & John FYFE, both of North Orillia, on May 20, 1891, at North Orillia 011348-92 - William GALBRAITH, 38, Scotland, Rama, Farmer, s/o James & Rachel GALBRIATH, married Minnie CARRICK, 40, Scotland, Rama, d/o John & Mary CARRICK, wtn: David & Mary CARRICK, both of Rama, on November 11, 1891, at Neywash Street Orillia
010690-91 George GALLAGHER, 21, labourer, Lanstown?, Barrie. s/o Thomas GALLAGHER & Ann NOLAN, married Margaret BROOKS?, 22, Markham Twp, Barrie, d/o William MILLER & Sarah BROOKS, witn; Emaline WALTON & Frances Ann HO???EFT or Barrie. 11 Feb, 1891 at Barrie. 011091-91 (Simcoe Co)  Thomas GALLAUGHER, 29, Ireland Rosemont, laborer, s/o James & Mary GALLAGHER, married Betty Ann RAWN, 30, Adjala, same, d/o Fredrick & Isabella RAWN, wtn: Robert GALLAUGHER of Everett & Margaret RAWN of Sheldon, on March 17, 1891, at Adjala
010857-91 - Wallace GARDNER, 27, Guthrie, Wyebridge, Farmer, s/o James & Hannah GARDNER, married Mary Ann CLAPHEN, 20, USA, Orillia, d/o John & Hannah CLAPHEN, wtn: Edwin & Sarah GARDNER both of Wyebridge, on June 17, 1891, at Midland 010858-91 - William Edwin GARDNER, 23, Edgar, Oro Station, Engineer, s/o John & Rhailia?, married Sarah E. GARDNER, 21, Cartwright, Wyebridge, d/o James & Nancy GARDNER, wtn: Wallace GARDNER & Margaret CLAPHEN, not given, on June 17, 1891, at Midland
010844-91 - John GARROTT, 24, Markham, Sunnidale, Farmer, s/o John & Catherine, married Raphenia WOODARD, 19, North Gwillimbury, Stayner, d/o Frank & Sarah, wtn: D. McDONALD & Rachel WOODARD both of Stayner, on September 16, 1891, at Stayner 10853-91 - Frederick GERVAIS, 22, Ontario, Waubaushene, Tailor, s/o Elias GERVAIS & Julia St.ANTHONY, married Mary Alice DESCHENES, 20, Ontario, Midland, d/o Lyman & Mary DUFFY, witn: Edward A. O'DONOHOE & Amelia DESCHENES both of Midland, on May 13, 1891, at Midland
011120-92 (Simcoe Co.): Henri Edward GIDLEY, 27, carpenter, Tiny, same, s/o John & Mary GIDLEY, married Wilhelimina CRAWFORD, 28, Scotland, Grey, d/o William & Margaret CRAWFORD, Wtn: A. CRAWFORD & G. GIDLEY, both of Grey, Dec. 31, 1891, Midland 010999-91 Louis GIGNAC, 23, Penetang, same, clerk, s/o Francois Xavier GIGNAC & Celina PARIDIS, married Marie Louise GAUTHIER, 20, Penetang, same, d/o Arsene GAUTHIER & Philomene LALONDE, witn; Peter BYRNES & Eliza GAUTHIER of Penetang. 12 May, 1891 at Penetang. RC.
011014-91 - William GILKES, 21, England, Orillia, Pail Maker, s/o W.C. & W.A. GILKES, married Mildred ODERKIRK, 18, Inkerman, Orillia, d/o J. & C.A. ODERKIRK, wtn: F.H. TOOLE & G.P. MOASE both of Orillia, on February 16, 1891, at Orillia 011101-91 (Simcoe Co)  John Chas GILL, 34, Orillia, Byng Inlet, millwright, s/o Daniel GILL & Betsey HAMILTON, married Sophia NELSON, 28, Garafraxa, Alliston, d/o John NELSON & Annie McINTOSH, wtn; Geo HURST & Ida HENDERSON, both of Alliston, on October 21, 1891, at Alliston
011026-91 - William Albert GILL, 25, Coldwater, same, Mill Wright, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth GILL, married Selina Fanny RENTON, 21, England, Orillia, d/o William & Francis RENTON, wtn: Herbert GILL & Sarah WOOLFORD, both of Orillia, on March 4, 1891, at Orillia 011023-91 - Joseph Sutherland GILL, 23, Orillia, same, Jeweller, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth GILL, married Jessie JUPP, 29, Aurora, Orillia, d/o James R. & Mary Ann JUPP, wtn: John McGINNIS & Clara GILL both of Orillia, on January 14, 1891, at Orillia
011027-91 - William GLADALL, 27, England, Coldwater, Lumberman, s/o William & Sarah GLADDALL, married Lina IRISH, 21, Medonte, Coldwater, d/o Ebrid--?& Louisa IRISH, wtn: W. & Z. JOHNSON both of Orillia, on April 22, 1891, at Orillia  
010774-91 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph F. GORDON, 37, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - Samuel & Mary A. GORDON married Annie MONTGOMERY, 23, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - John & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn, Donald McKAY M. D. of Collingwood & Isabella MONTGOMERY of Nottawasaga, Jan. 14, 1891 at Nottawasaga 011021-91 - Jos. GOUNEAU (Gonneau?), 21, Gananoque, Muskoka, Laborer, s/o Oliver & Mary GOUNEAU, married Ruth G. WEBB, 18, Muskoka, same, d/o William & Ruth WEBB, wtn: W.H. HILL of Ardtrea & Z. JOHNSON of Orillia, on April 1, 1891, at Orillia
011078-91 - Richard GRAHAM, 27, Medonte, same, Farmer, s/o Richard & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Susan RIX, 21, South Orillia, Orillia, d/o George & Hettie RIX, wtn: Thomas HIPWELL of Oro & Julie RIX of Warminster, on December 1, 1891, at Orillia 011050-91 - Edward GRANT, 24, Quebec, Dalton, Farmer, s/o James & Jane GRANT, married Margaret E. POLLOCK, 16, Bowmanville, Dalton, d/o James & Mary Ann POLLOCK, wtn: Colin ALLAN of South Orillia & DJ GRANT of Orillia, on March 2, 1891, at Neywash Street Orillia
  011386-93 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph Wood GRAY, 21, merchant, Coldwater, same, s/o John GRAY and Sarah Elizabeth GILL married Nellie CAMPBELL, 18, Beaverton, Coldwater, d/o Malcolm and Nellie H. CAMPBELL, wtn., Emma WHITTAKER & Annie S. McLEOD of Barrie on December 15, 1891 at Barrie
11110-91 Joseph GRAY, 23, laborer, Orillia, same, s/o William & Jane, married Margaret Eliza SWITZER, 19, Cameron Ont., Midland, d/o Michael & Sarah Jane, witn: John & Amelia MUSGROVE, 5 Dec 1891 at Penetang 010702-91 William Francis GREY, 27, farmer, Innisfil, same, s/o William & Ann GREY, married Carrie DUNSMORE, 22, Oro, same, d/o William & Mary DUNSMORE, witn; William SHARP, Innisfil & Ida BUNTON of Essa. 20 Feb, 1891 at Barrie.
011059-91 - John Frederick HANLY, 23, Ontario, Waubaushene, Doctor of Medicine, s/o John & Lois Martha HANLY, married Jane Elizabeth KEAN, 21, Orillia, same, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann KEAN, wtn: Isabella KEAN of Orillia & Charles KEAN of Toronto, on Wednesday, July 29, 1981, at the House of Mrs. Joseph Kean Orillia 011155-92 - Andrew HARKIN, 23, Sunnidale, same, Farmer, s/o Martin HARKIN & Mary McCORMICK, married Bridget Mary MURTAUGH, 25, Nottawasaga, same, d/o Patrick McCORMICK & Elizabeth TRAVES, wtn: Michael MAIDEN & Julia MURTAUGH, both of Nottawasaga, on September 28, 1891, at Stayner
010706-91 James Henry HATCH, 26, labourer, Ontario, Twp Essa, s/o James & Susan, married Mary BLACKLOCK, 24, Brampton, Essa, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn; Francis & Mrs. F. McCLARY of Barrie. 13 May, 1891 at Barrie. 010685-91 William HAUGHTON, 28, farmer, Twp illegible, Twp Tiny, s/o John & Jane HAUGHTON, married Ada EDWARDS, 19, Wyebridge, same, d/o William & Mary EDWARDS, witn; James & Mrs. J. RUSSELL, Wyebridge. 21 Jan, 1891 at Midland [Houghton?]
010977-91 (Simcoe Co)  Samuel HAYS, 23, Albion, Cookstown, shoemaker, s/o William HAYS & Margaret WARD, married Marthat GORDON, 21, Williamsburgh, Tottenham, d/o William GORDON & Martha WINGARD, wtn: Mrs. J. CARSWELL & Helen H. CARSWELL, both of Bond Head, on August 26, 1891, at Bond Head 011016-91 - Robert HEELS, 23, Millbrook, Tay, Section Foreman, s/o Jarvis & Sarah HEELS, married Annie Eliz SYKES, 19, Medonte, Tay, d/o Charles & Mary SYKES, wtn: John SYKES of Victoria Harbour & Zella (or Zetta) JOHNSON of Orillia, on March 4, 1891, at Orillia
011019-91 - Franklin HERBERT, 24, Strathroy, Oro, Laborer, William & Isabella HERBERT, married Maria HODGE, 21, Oro, same, d/o John & Rachel HODGES, wtn: John INGRAM of Oro Station & Sophia HERBERT of Mitchell Square, on April 16, 1891, at Orillia 011049-91 - Thomas HILL, 24, England, Orillia, Laborer, s/o Frank HILL & Mary SISSAN, married Ellen O’CONNOR, 23, Canada, Orillia, d/o Daniel O’CONNOR & Mary MURPHY, wtn: Dennis O’CONNOR & Julia COFFEY, on date not given, [registered in Orillia]
011053-91 - Henry HIRLEHEY, 23, ?, Coldwater, works on railway, s/o Charles & Harriet HIRLEHEY, married Clara SAFORD, 21, England, Coldwater, d/o George & Eliza SAFORD, wtn: George BAULDRY & Susy GILL both of Orillia, on April 1, 1891, at the Manse, Neywash St. Orillia 010703-91 Newson James HO--?, 24, gardener, England, Twp Vespra, s/o Newson & Mary, married Ida HUDSON?, 20 Barrie, same, d/o Harris & D???, witn; Annie HUDSON & Annie McCLE--? of Barrie. 17 Apr 1891 at Barrie. (Note, the right side of this entry was cut off.)
011098-91 (Simcoe Co)  Thomas P. HODGSON, 31, Pickering, Alliston, pump maker, widowed, s/o Thomas P. HODGSON & Sarah Margt DESMOND, married Edith FICKNER, 27, King, Alliston, d/o William FICKNER & Helen KEITH, wtn: John W. GRAHAM of Colwell & Jas McGARVEY of Alliston, on April 29, 1891, at Alliston 010989-91 (Simcoe Co)  Frederic Howard HOFLAND, 33, England, Toronto, laundry man, s/o John HOFLAND & Mary FROST, married Martha Eleanor ROOKE, 23, England, South Orillia, d/o Henry ROOKE & Betsy PALMER, wtn: William James ROOKE & Christine McLACHLIN, on September 23, 1891, at South Orillia
011082-91 (Simcoe Co)  John Henry HOLMES, 33, Canada, Orillia, tailor, s/o Michael HOLMES & Mary Ann ???? the Holmes?, married Elizabeth Ella TRESIDER, 23, Canada, Orillia, d/o Thomas & Catherine TRESIDER, wtn: Cecil WRIGHT & Alice M. WILLIAM, both of Orillia, on December 22, 1891, at Orillia #010714-91 (Simcoe Co): Herbert William HORIG?, 23, printer, England, Barrie, s/o HORIG, David & DONNELL, Frances, married Frances Elizabeth ABBOTT, 18, Barrie, same, d/o ABBOTT, George & HORLEY, Louisa, witnesses were L.E. LARCE & W.J. SUTHERLAND, both of Barrie, 04 Feb 1891, at Barrie
#010838-91 (Simcoe Co) Joseph Abraham HORNER, 30, Markham, Toronto, b, clerk, s/o Abraham & Rachel HORNER, married Hattie E. JOHNSON, 22, Vespra, Stayner, s, d/o Joseph & Susan JOHNSON, witn: D.L. SINCLAIR of Toronto, Kate COCKBURN of Edgar Ont, 24 June 1891, Stayner 011331-92 - William HOWE, 21, Port Perry, Orillia, House Painter, s/o Sydney & Annie HOWE, married Sarah Jane ELLIOTT, 21, Sutton, Huntsville, d/o George & Irene ELLIOTT, wtn: William GLASFORD, John & Annie WHITTON & Frances SHANNON, not given, on “12/91”, at Orillia
011363-92 - John Nelson HOWELL, 25, London Ont, North Orillia, Farmer, s/o William Henry & Elizabeth HOWELL, married Hanna ANNIS, 18, North Orillia, same, d/o John & Elizabeth ANNIS, wtn: Miss H. HOWELL & Mary ANNIS, both of North Orillia, on October 6, 1891, at The Manse Neywash Street Orillia 010846-91 - Robert HOWIE, 50, Nottawa, Stayner, Farmer, Widower, s/o Nancy E. GOULD, 34, Collingwood, Stayner, Widow, d/o Jms & Esther GOULD, wtn: R. LONNY, & Hattie HOWIE, both of Stayner, on November 3, 1891, at Stayner
011095-92 - Edmund J. HUMPHREY, 37, Canada, Toronto, Undertaker, Widowed, s/o Edmund & Louisa, married Annie McCAUSLAND, 26, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o William & Jane McCAUSLAND, wtn: Benjamin HUMPHREY of Toronto & Effie WILSON of Thornhill, on December 15, 1891, at West Gwillimbury #010718-91 (Simcoe Co): William HUNTER, 24, farmer, Canada, Innisfil, s/o John & Annie, married Mary Walker YOUNG, 20, Scotland, Innisfil, d/o Hamilton & Isabella, witnesses were Laura FENNELL & Minnie BOWMAN, Innisfil. 10 Apr 1891, at Barrie
011097-91 (Simcoe Co)  Geo HUTCHINSON, 25, Albion, Alliston, merchant, s/o Geo & Sarah HUTCHINSON, married Bertha DRURY, 18, West Essa, Alliston, d/o Jas & Mary DRURY, wtn: William & Minnie HUTCHINSON, both of Alliston, on June 17, 1891, at Alliston 011095-91 (Simcoe Co)  William IRELAND, 23, Tecumseth, same, farmer, s/o William & Mary IRELAND, married Mary BEATON, 24, King, Adjala, d/o Malcom & Mary BEATON, wtn: Amelia DIXON of Nottawasaga & Robert CALDWELL of Tecumseth, on December 9, 1891, at Adjala
011029-91 - James IRWIN, 31, Essa, same, Cattle Buyer, s/o William & Sarah IRWIN, married Mary Ann AGAR, 22, Essa, same, d/o Alexander & Sarah Jane AGAR, on April 27, 1891, at Orillia 010777-91 (Simcoe Co.) William J. JAQUES, 30, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - William & Hannah JAQUES married Kate CARR, 27, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - Andrew & Mary CARR, witn, Jeffrey JAQUES & Maggie CARR both of Nottawasaga, Jan. 15, 1891 at Singhampton
010772-91 (Simcoe Co.) William J. JAQUES, 30, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - William & Hannah JAQUES married Catherine A. CARR, 27, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - Andrew & Mary CARR, witn, Jeffrey JAQUES & Maggie Jane CARR both of Nottawasaga, Jan. 14, 1891 at Singhampton 011073-91 - John Jackson JUSTICE, 28, Whitby, Orillia, Plasterer, s/o Adam JUSTICE & Margaret STARK, married Sarah Emily WRIGHT, 23, North Orillia, Orillia, d/o William WRIGHT & Sarah POWLEY, wtn: James L. MORRIS & Priscilla WRIGHT both of Orillia, on September 14, 1891, at Ivy Hall, Orillia
011100-91 (Simcoe Co)  William KEARNS, 44, Tecumseth, same, farmer, widowed, s/o Alexa & Jane KEARNS, married Lizzie MEGGISON, 26, Vaughan, Beeton, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth MEGGISON, wtn: Mrs. T. DUNLOP, on September 23, 1891, at Alliston 010851-91 - James Noble KENNEDY, 29, NY State, Midland, Lumber Shipper, s/o Abraham & Hannah KENNEDY, married Charlotte Frances CHESTER, 20, Scarborough, Tay, d/o Henry & Martha CHESTER, wtn: William J. MADDEN of Penetanguishene & Elizabeth CHESTER of Tay, on March 11, 1891, at Midland
010859-91 - Paul LaBRIE, 24, Ontario, Midland, Laborer, s/o Peter LaBRIE & Angeline DE--??, married Delia CHAMPAGNE, 21, Ontario, Midland, d/o Peter & Jene--? CHAMPAGNE, wtn: Stephen & Agnes LaBRIE, both of Midland, on July 28, 1891, at Midland  
010760-91 (Simcoe Co.) Finley James LACKIE, 32, farmer, Cookstown, Nottawasaga, parents - Robert & Christiana LACKIE married Susannah FERRIS, 33, widow, Hastings Ont., Nottawasaga, parents - George & Mary FERRIS, witn, Robert LACKIE of Lavender & Elizabeth PRENTICE of Collingwood, Jan. 7, 1891 at Creemore 010697-91 John LAMHART? (Lambert?), 29, carpenter, Canada, Orillia, s/o William & Isabel LAMHART, married Alice KING, 23, England, Orillia, d/o Edward & A?? KING, witn; Mary Ann KING, Orillia & Flora GRAHAM of Barrie. 18 Mar, 1891 at Barrie.
#010993-91 (Simcoe Co): Hippolyte LAMOREAU, 35, widower, laborer, Tiny twp., Port Severn, s/o Charles LAMOREAU & Julienne LARIME, married Zephynie? BENOIT, 39, St. Polycarpe Quebec, Penetang, d/o Julien BENOIT & Francoise MORIEU?, witn: Zele & Emma BENOIT of Penetang, 27 Jan 1891 at Penetang (Rom Cath) #010990-91 (Simcoe Co): Theo, Peter LANORETTE, 27, machinist, Penetang, same, s/o Jerome LANORETTE & Luci FERNIETTE?, married Emma HAGSTROM, 23, Sweden, Penetang, d/o John F. HAGSTROM & Sophia Annie SUTHERSTRAET?, witn: Amiaud? CHARLEBOIS & Bertha CORBEAU, both of Penetang, 7 Jan 1891 at Penetanguishene (Rom Cath)
011070-91 - Lorn LAWRENCE, 27, Whitby, Orillia, Farmer, s/o George & Isabella LAWRENCE, married Edith Emily TOOLE, 21 East Gwillumbury, Orillia, d/o Amos & Sarah TOOLE, wtn: Anne Berham DUNDEE & B.O. GRAY of Oro, on Wednesday, September 15, 1891, at Tannachy Cottage, 80 Peter Street Orillia 011063-91 - Leonard Thomas LEACH, 24, Utica, Medonte, Bee Keeping, s/o Levis & Esther LEACH, married Mary Scott KNOX, 19, Caledonia, Fesserton, d/o William & Joan KNOX, wtn: S.J. LEACH of Coldwater & Ella McFARLAND of Fesserton, on September 2, 1891, at Orillia
11055-91 - Robert John LEIGH, 25, Oro, same, Farmer, s/o Robert & Emma (WALFORD) LEIGH, married Flora Ann MAWDSLEY, 24, Oro, same, d/o James & Flora (SHAW) MAWDSLEY, wtn: D.J. GRANT & G.N. GRANT both of Orillia, on July 1, 1891, at The Manse, Neywash St. Orillia 011000-91 Joseph LEMIEUX, 27, Montreal, Penetang, labourer, s/o Emery LEMIEUX & Marie RHEAUME, married Mary Ann CARVER, 25, Chamblay Que, Penetang, d/o Henry CARVER & Bridge FINNEGAN, witn; Marcire LEMIEUX & Eliza Ann ALLAN of Penetang. 26 May, 1891 at Penetang. RC.
  #010835-91 (Simcoe Co) Thomas LENNOX, 29, Essa, Barrie, b, farmer, s/o William & Rebecca LENNOX, married Annie DOLAN, 27, Holland Landing, Barrie, s, d/o John & ELizabeth DOLAN, witn: Agnes L. MOODIE, Isabella PETRIE, 20 February 1891, Stayner
011105-91 James LEO, 32, Mulmur Twp, same, farmer, s/o Robert & Margt LEO, married Elizabeth Frances JENKINS, 28, Tossorontio Twp, same, d/o Simpson & Ellen JENKINS, witn: William McCRACKEN & Margt LEE of Mulmur. 30 Nov, 1891 at Alliston #011062-93 (Simcoe Co): John LETHERDALE, 31, contractor, Oro, Vancouver BC, s/o Henry LETHERDALE & Isabella McLEAN, married Florence ORMSBY, 21, Orillia, Oro, d/o Edward ORMSBY & Susan BROWN, witn: James LETHERDALE of Penetang. & Lottie ORMSBY of Rugby, 16 Sept 1891 at Rugby Congregational Church
011031-91 - James LOVELL, 21, Luther, Coldwater, Lumberman, s/o James & Margaret LOVELL, married Sarah GILBANKS, 21, Clark, Orillia, d/o Richard & Margaret GILBANKS, wtn: Margaret GILBANKS of Orillia & William WATERS of Medonte, on May 5, 1891, at Orillia 011018-91 - Thomas MAHONEY, 40, Toronto, Barrie, Laborer, Widower, s/o Cornelius & Elizabeth MAHONEY, married Catherine ROBINSON, 32, England, Vespra, Widow, d/o John & Fanny ROBINSON, wtn: G. McCULLOUGH of Allandale & Z. JOHNSON of Orillia, on March 25, 1891, at Orillia
011076-91 - John MARSHALL, 23, Oro, same, Farmer, s/o Richard & Cecilia and MARSHALL, married Mary Ellen VANTICE, 30, Williamsburg, Novar, d/o James & Mary VANTICE, wtn: B.O. GRAY & Lilian JUDD both of Orillia, on Wednesday, December 9, 1891, at Tannachy Cottage, Orillia 010862-91 - George MARTIN, 24, Quebec, Waubaushene, Laborer, s/o Theodore & Josephine MARTIN, married Harriet AURON?, 18, Quebec, Waubaushene, d/o Ferdine & Sophia AURON?, wtn: Paul TRUDEAU & Claudius AURON? Both of Waubaushene, on July 27, 1891, at Midland
010979-91 (Simcoe Co)  John Henry MASON, 38, England, Toronto, machinist, s/o Lawrence & Elizabeth MASON, married Maggie BOWEN, 30, d/o Edward & Sarah BOWEN, wtn: Ambrose BEALLE of Toronto & Sara Ann STONE of Tecumseth, on December 23, 1891, at Tecumseth  
010618-91 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas MATCHETT, 26, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o Thomas and Mary, married Bertha (?) McMINN, 20, York, Vespra, d/o Alexander and Dorothy, witn: James MISCAMPBELL of Innisfil and Jane McMINN of Vespra, 28 Jan 1891 at Vespra. 011072-91 - John Alfred MAYNARD, 21, Arnprior, Orillia, Tailor, s/o Edwin & Mary MAYNARD, married Hattie Eliza GRAY, 21, Princeville, Orillia, d/o Joseph D. GRAY & Eliza PRATT, wtn; Mr. GILPEN & Annie MEAD both of Orillia, on October 28, 1891, at Orillia
010901-91 (Simcoe Co.) Peter McARTHUR, 29, Oro, Maine US, railroad laborer, s/o Charles & Jane McARTHUR, married Agens JOHNSTONE, 20, Oro, same, d/o James & Jane JOHNSTONE, wtn: Agnes ADAM, James ROBERTSON, C? McARTHUR & Donald McKAY, all of Oro, on January 6, 1891, at Central Presbyterian Church Oro 011080-91 (Simcoe Co)  Bernard McDERMOTT, 23, Canada, Hamilton, laborer, s/o James McDERMOTT & Ellen SULLIVAN, married Mary A. ROBINSON, 18, Canada, Washago, d/o Thomas ROBINSON & Mary RYAN, wtn: John McDERMOTT & Lizzie ROBINSON, both of Washago, on September 1, 1891, at Orillia Twp
011033-91 - John McDONALD, 30, Mara, Rama, Farmer, s/o John McDONALD & Jessie McKENZIE, married Kate E. BYERS, 21, Mara, Rama, d/o David BYERS & Mary McDONALD, wtn: Lachie McKENNON of Rama & Mary BYERS of Mara, on May 12, 1891, at Orillia 011362-92 - Alex J. McDONALD, 20, Charlottenburg, Rama, Lumberman, s/o John & Mary McDONALD, married Mary CAMPBELL, 23, Mara, Rama, d/o Duncan & Janet CAMPBELL, wtn: Thomas illegible & Annie CAMPBELL, both of Rama, on October 27, 1891, at The Manse, Neywash Street Orillia
011121-92 (Simcoe Co.): Duncan McDOUGALL, 30, sailor, Port Dalhousie, Penetanguishene, , s/o John & Margaret McDOUGALL, married Mary GLYN, 32, widow, Midland, Penetanguishene, d/o Michael & Catherine SWINDLE, Wtn: A. MISCAMPBELL & Elevlyn HANNA, both of Midland, Dec. 18, 1891, Midland 011036-91 - William McELROY, 38, Collingwood, same, Farmer, s/o George & Mary Jane McELROY, married Hannah RODGERS, 30, Perth, Orillia, d/o Jesse & Charlotte RODGERS, wtn: D. JOHNSON & R. MAUNDRELL both of Orillia, on June 30, 1891, Orillia
011042-91 - Dominick McGARRITY, 31, Canada, Orillia, Traveller, s/o Francis McGARRITY & Ellen FURMAN, married Mary Elizabeth SHANAHAN, 29, Canada, Orillia, d/o Jas. SHANAHAN & Bridget FLOOD, wtn: Chas. KANE & Maggie SHANAHAN both of Orillia, on June 23, 1891, at Orillia 010861-91 - Myles D. McGREAH, 26, Tay, Flos, Mill Employee, s/o Thomas & Elilza McGREAH, married Matilda ARCHER, 24, Medonte, same, d/o John & Matilda ARCHER, wtn: Robert & Ellie ARCHER, not given, on July 8, 1891, at Midland
  010683-91 John McINTAGGART, 24, farmer, Mara, St. Patrick, s/o John McINTAGGART & Emma GRAHAM, married Alexina BRASSEUR, 16, Penetanguishene, same, d/o Eustache BRASSEUR & Henritte BEAUCHAMP, witn; Lawrence HAYES & Selina BRASSEUR of St. Patrick. 13 Oct, 1891 at St. Patrick Tiny. RC.
010910-91 (Simcoe Co.) John McKAY, 34, Oro, same, farmer, s/o Hugh & Margaret McKAY, married Janet McPHEE, 26, Oro, same, d/o Angus & Agnes McPHEE, wtn: Fredrick McKAY & Minnie McPHEE, both of Oro, on November 6, 1891, at Lot 19 Con14 Oro 010980-91 (Simcoe Co)  William J. McKINLEY, 30, Caledon, same, farmer, s/o William & Mary Ann McKINLEY, married Elizabeth BROOKS, 29, Tecumseth, same, d/o John James & Catherine BROOKS, wtn: John J. EVANS of Albion & Annie BROOKS of Tecumseth, on December 30, 1891, at Tecumseth
#011129-92 (Simcoe Co): John McKIVER, 25, laborer, Essa twp., Midland, s/o David & Sarah, married Isabella JARDIN, 23, Tay, Midland, d/o David & Catherine, witn: Joseph B. LAVIOLETTE of Penetang. & Mrs. J. MORGAN of Midland, 20 Sept 1891 at Midland 010982-91 - James McLEAN, 28, Ireland, York twp, Laborer, s/o John & Jane McLEAN, married Jane DONALDSON, 20, Canada, twp Ryde, Widow, d/o Isaac & Chloe LOSHAW, wtn: John CAMPBELL of Dalton & Maggie BLACKABY of Severn Bridge, on February 13, 1891, at Severn Bridge
#010712-91 (Simcoe Co): James McMILLAN, 32, farmer, Toronto, Thorah twp, s/o McMILLAN, David & BOWDELL, Isabella, married Margaret WALLACE, 21, W. Gwillimbury twp, Thorah twp, d/o WALLACE, George & McBEAN, Catherine, witnesses were Annie McLEOD & Lizzie BELL, both of Barrie 01 Dec 1891, at Barrie  
011103-91 (Simcoe Co)  Allan Jas McMILLAN, 31, Nova Scotia, Orillia, lumberman, s/o Angus & Margaret McMILLAN, married Louie CAMPLIN, 30, Beeton, Wood Lake, widow, d/o John & Sara McCALLUM, witn: Mrs. T. DUNLOP of Alliston, on November 9, 1891, at Alliston #010717-91 (Simcoe Co): Franklin McMULLEN, 22, laborer, Innisfil twp, Minesing, s/o McMILLAN, John & COULTON, Catherine, married Ann RITCHIE, 18, Flos, Elmvale, d/o William & Janet, witnesses were Edith D.& Eric R. BLACK of Barrie, 24 Jun 1891 at Barrie
011099-91 (Simcoe Co)  Donald McRAE, 25, Scotland, Alliston, tailor, s/o Kenneth McRAE & Margaret URQUHART, married Alice HILLS, 20, Collingwood, Alliston, d/o William HILLS & Jane TIGGINS, wtn: Carrie HILLS & Jane HILLS, both of Alliston, on August 31, 1891, at Alliston 011327-92 - Farquhar McRAE, 25, Brechin, Beaverton, Barrister, s/o Alexander & Margaret McRAE, married Isabella McNAB, 27, Thora, Mara, d/o John & Catherine McNAB, wtn: Alea & Jessie McNAB, both of Gamebridge, on February 10, 1891, at Orillia
010762-91 (Simcoe Co.) Adam MILLER, 49, widow, farmer, Ireland, Avening, parents - Joseph & Mary Ann MILLER married Martha WHITE, 33, Mono twp., Creemore, parents - John & Mary WHITE, witn, John H. MILLER & Minnie MILLER both of Avening, Jan. 28, 1891 at Creemore 010978-91(Simcoe Co)  Jesse MILLS, 35, Tecumseth, Toronto, dentist, s/o Jesse & Mary Ann MILLS, married Susanna RICHARDSON, 26, Tecumseth, same, d/o Hugh & Susanna RICHARDSON, wtn: E.B. RICHARDSON, & Maggie MILLS, both of Tecumseth, on October 29, 1891, at Tecumseth
010764-91 (Simcoe Co.) William. Robert MONKMAN, 25, printer, Tara Co. Bruce, Chicago, parents - James Mathias & Elizabeth MONKMAN married Ida WILCOX, 20, Creemore, Creemore, parents - Elijah & Francis WILCOX, witn, Hesbeth MOON of Glen Huron & Susie WILCOX of Creemore, Sept. 9, 1891 at Creemore 010763-91 (Simcoe Co.) Alfred Harold MONKMAN, 33, post office clerk, Tara, Toronto, parents - James & Catherine MONKMAN married Lizzie WILCOX, 25, Creemore, Creemore, parents - Elijah & Frances WILCOX, witn, William DEVER of Toronto & Susie WILCOX of Creemore, June 23, 1891 at Creemore
  #010709-91 (Simcoe Co): Wesley MOORE, 30, farmer, Tecumseth, Sunnidale, s/o James & Catherine, married Sarah BEN--, 24, Sunnidale, same, d/o James & Sarah, witnesses were Angus BEN-- & Agnes WATSON, both of Sunnidale, 03 Jun 1891, at Barrie
010856-91 - James MOORE, Hope, Midland, Laborer, s/o John & Eliza MOORE, married Susan BANKS, 22, Clarke twp, Midland, d/o John & Susan BANKS, wtn: James & Isabella BANKS both of Midland, on December 3, 1891, at Midland 010983-91 - John Thomas MOORE, 22, Canada, Scott Twp, Farmer, s/o Robert & Ann MOORE, d/o Annie Dolphina HOLMES, 19, Canada, Orillia, d/o Richard & Hannah HOLMES, wtn: Rev. N.H. HILL of Ardtrea & Annie HAMLEY of Alliston, on March 25, 1891, at Adtrea
010686-91 William N. MORLEY, 27, miller, Baden, Mount Albert, s/o Michael & Rachael, married Elizabeth WEAYMOUTH, 24, Barrie, same, d/o John & Janet WEAYMOUTH, witn; Lizzie CUNDLE & Nora LOWE & John WEAYMOUTH & Thomas LOWE, all of Barrie. 7 Jan, 1891 at Barrie. 010687-91 William MORRISON, 32, longshoreman, Ont. Twp Tay, s/o John & Margaret, married Emma COULSON, 24, Medonte, Twp Tay, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn; M.C. BURNS & Minnie GRAHAM of Barrie. 14 Feb, 1891 at Barrie.
#010839-91 (Simcoe Co) James MURPHY, 25, Weland, Stayner, b, labourer, s/o James MURPHY & Mary McLEAN, married Margaret O'KEEFE, 24, Weland, Stayner, s, d/o Michael O'KEEFE & Mary LYONS, witn: Michael O'KEEFE, Catherine O'KEEFE, both Stayner, 14 April 1891 (Rom Cath) 011074-91 - John MURPHY, 38, Canada, South Orillia, Farmer, s/o Jerimiah MURPHY & Bridget O’NEILL, married Kate RYAN, 26, Canada, South Orillia, d/o Patrick RYAN & Julia SULLIVAN, wtn: Joseph MURPHY & Emma RYAN both of South Orillia, on November 18, 1891, at Orillia
010867-91 - William Jas. MURRAY, 31, Toronto, Orillia, Printer, s/o Peter & Margaret MURRAY, married Mary A. RUDDELL, 28, York twp, Orillia, d/o Francis & Alice RUDDELL, wtn: William ?ARE of Orillia & Mary GILL of Midland, on December 13, 1891, at Midland #010715-91 (Simcoe Co): James NEILSON, 31, farmer, West Gwillimbury, same, s/o NEILSON, Andrew & DO-- Margaret, married Annie Mary BELL, 21, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o BELL, James & WOOD, Isabella, witnesses were Annie & Herbert G. McLEOD of Barrie, 25 Mar 1891, at Barrie
010759-91 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas NEWLOVE, 36, miller, Canada, Creemore, parents - Lore NEWLOVE & Bridget BOWES married Margaret Matilda ASAPH, 26, Canada, Creemore, parents - John ASAPH & Jane GRAHAM, witn, Robert James NEWLOVE of Toronto & Isabella ASAPH of West Essa, Jan. 14, 1891 at Creemore  
011045-91 - Edward O'BRIEN, 26, Canada, Matchedash, Farmer, s/o Patrick O'BRIEN & Mary SHEA, married Mary E. DOYLE, 22, Canada, Matchedash, d/o John DOYLE & Mary DERE, wtn: Fred O'BRIEN & Lizzie DOYLE both of Matchedash, on June 24, 1891, at Orillia 11043-91 - John A. O’CONNOR, 40, Canada, Pickering, Farmer, s/o Dennis O’CONNOR & Bridget O’CALLAGHAN, married Ellen MURPHY, 22, Ireland, Orillia, d/o Michael MURPHY & Margaret HASSET, wtn: Dennis O’ CALLAGHAN of Albert & Kate CONWAY of Orillia, on February 3, 1891, at Orillia
010903-91 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel ORSER, 38, Reach, same, farmer, s/o Soloman & Sarah ORSER, married Mary McKINLAY, 36, Oro, same, d/o Duncan & Janet McKINLAY, wtn: Francis ORSER & Jennie BLACK, both of Oro, on March 16, 1891, at Lot 1 Con 13, Oro 010758-91 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Herman Pearce OWEN, 25, clergyman, Blackheath, Kent England, Creemore, parents - Edward OWEN & Elizabeth PEARCE married Augusta Frances Elizabeth FOSTER, 34, Springfield, Ont., Nottawasaga twp., parents - William. Robbath FOSTER & Clarissa COUTE, witn, No names given, Jan. 1, 1891 at Creemore
  010905-91 (Simcoe Co.) George Theodore PARTRIDGE, 22, Vespra, same, farmer, s/o John & Harriet PARTRIDGE, married Sarah Alberta OSBORNE, 23, Oro, same, d/o William & Mary OSBORNE, wtn: Andrew OSBORNE of Oro & Jane CARSON of Angus, on April 8, 1891, at Oro
011077-91 - George PATTERSON, 22, Halton, Rama, School Teacher, s/o Alexander & Catharine PATTERSON, married Angelina Catherine WHITNEY, 20, North Orillia, same, d/o Henry & Matilda WHITNEY, wtn: Stephen & Victoria WHITNEY both of North Orillia, on December 16, 1891, at Orillia #010707-91 (Simcoe Co): William PATTING, 30, lumberman, Innisfil, Port Arthur, s/o Charles & Ellen, married Jennie ATKINSON, 29, Whitchurch, Barrie, d/o John Thompson & Mary, witnesses were Elizabeth & James PATTING of Innisfil, 13 May 1891, at Barrie
010845-91 - Joseph PATTON, 36, Toronto, Mulmer, Farmer, s/o Joseph & Catherine PATTON, married May J. PATTON, 23, Mulmer, Adjala, d/o Nathan & Mary PATTON, wtn: R. MacKEY of Lavender & Annie CATTANACH of Stayner, on September 30,1891, at Stayner 011349-92 - John W. PERKINS, 30, Meaford, same, Telegraph Operator, s/o Chancey & Malvina PERKINS, married Mary Helena BOYER, 21, Macaulay, Bracebridge, d/o James & Hanna BOYER, wtn: Mrs. R.N. GRANT of Orillia & Margaret GRANT of Stratford, on September 10, 1891, at The Manse Neywash Street Orillia
#010837-91 (Simcoe Co) Alex PILKEY, 37, Scarborough York Co, Stayner, widower, millwright, s/o Edward PILKEY & Sarah McKERGON, married Annie AUSTIN, 27, Suffolk England, Stayner, s, d/o Joseph AUSTIN & Susan MOORE, witn: William AUSTIN of Stayner, Emma TAYLOR of Nottawasaga, 18 March 1891, Stayner 010698-91 James PORRICE?, 38, widower, labourer, Twp Hope, W. Gwillimbury, s/o Abraham & Emily PORRICE, married Jane COOK, 26, England, Cookstown, d/o John & Emily COOK, witn; Annie KINLY, Allandale & Flora GRAHAM of Barrie. 9 Mar, 1891 at Barrie.
010619-91 (Simcoe Co.) Albert E. PRIEST, 27, farmer, England, Vespra, s/o William Paul and Elizabeth, married Lizzie M. PARKER, 22, Vespra, Vespra, d/o John and Susana, witn: Edward GIBBEN and Ida McKINLEY, both of Vespra, 25 Mar 1891 at Vespra.  
010855-91 - William Edward PRESTON, 21, Port Hope, Midland, Grocer, s/o John & Rebecca PRESTON, married Isabella Jane REID, 18, Oro, Midland, d/o Alex & Jennett REID, wtn: Fred E. PRESTON & Aggie THOMPSON, not given, on March 3, 1891, at Midland 011034-91 - John QUAIL, 38, Markham, North Orillia, Farmer, s/o Michael QUAIL & Ellen BAGLEY, married Margaret STEWART, 38, Oxford Twp, North Orillia, d/o Henry STEWART & Margaret BROOMFEILD, wtn: Aaron STEWART & Alice Sophia PAYNE both of Orillia, 10 June 1891 at Orillia
010704-91 George QUANCE, 27, labourer, Ontario, Barrie, s/o Thomas QUANCE & Mary Ann LONGHEED, married Ettie TRACEY, 20, Ontario, Barrie, d/o Edwin TRACEY & Melissa BOYCE, witn; John QUANCE & E.P. BLACK of Barrie. 29 Apr, 1891 at Barrie. 010996-91 Cleophas QUESNELLE, 21, Tiny, same, labourer, s/o Francos H. QUESNELLE & Catherine CHARLEBOIS, married Delima TESSIER, 17, St. Anicet Que, Tiny, d/o Alexander TESSIER & Judith SAUCIER, witn; Stephen QUESNELLE & Susie BOYER of Tiny. 6 Apr, 1891 at Penetang. RC.
010684-91 Stephen QUESNELLE, 26, farmer, Lafontaine, same, s/o Xavier QUESNELLE & Catharine CHARLEBOIS, married Louise BOYER, 27, Lafontaine, same, d/o James BOYER & Betsey GORDON, witn; Napolean CHARLEBOIS & Octavie QUESNELLE. 24 Nov, 1891 at Lafontaine Tiny. RC 010688-91 John RAMSAY, 24, farmer, Tecumseth, Twp W. Gwillimbury, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary ARONELL, 28, Twp W. Gwillimbury, same, d/o John & Margaret Jane, witn; Andrew RAMSAY, W. Gwillimbury & M.L. BEARSON? of Barrie. 24 Feb, 1891 at Barrie.
010689-91 Alfred RAYMAR, 24, labourer, England, Barrie, s/o Alfred & Ellen, married Eliza Maria COULSON, 23, Halton Co., Essa, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn; William & Minnie RUSK of Barrie. 4 Mar, 1891 at Angus. #010834-91 (Simcoe Co) Edward REDMOND, 26, Nottawasaga Twp., same, b, farmer, s/o James & Bridget REDMOND, married Sarah Ann BROWN, 25, Nottawasaga, Town of Stayner, s, d/o Alexander & Matilda BROWN, witn: Sarah Catherine SCHELL, Matthew BROWN, both Stayner, 5 February 1891, Stayner
  010617-91 (Simcoe Co.) William T. RICHARDSON, 25, book keeper, Ontario, Weston, s/o William and Anna Maria, married Emily M. WHITE, 22, Vespra, Vespra, d/o Charles and Ada, witn: Joseph Allen WHITE of Barrie and Ada Christiana HICKLING of Oro, 14 Jan 1891 at Vespra.
011066-91 - Charles Albert RICHARDSON, 27, Manvers, Toronto, Miller, s/o Rev. George Thomas & Mary Ann RICHARDSON, married Sarah Elizabeth FOWLER, 23, Hobert, same, d/o Alexander & Jane FOWLER, wtn: Alexander FOWLER & Mary Jane THOMPSON both of Medonte, on September 30, 1891, at Orillia 011047-91 - David ROACH, 27, Canada, Orillia, Brick Layer, s/o David ROACH & Mary O'CONNELL, married Ellen CONNOR, 20, Canada, Orillia, d/o Augustus CONNOR & Catherine RAFFERTY, wtn: Stephen ROACH & Elizabeth CONNOR both of Orillia, on February 9, 1891, at Orillia
011060-91 - William Walton ROBERTSON, 22, Schomberg, Victoria Harbour, Merchant, s/o Thomas ROBERTSON & Isabella WALTON, married Florence Adelaide Louise LAW, 24, Belle Ewart, Victoria Harbour, d/o Edward M. LAW & Annie WILSON, wtn: Ida McKERROLL & Lizzie MATHESON both of Orillia, on August 15, 1891, at Orillia 011015-91 - William Henry ROBINSON, 27, Garafraxa, McMurrich, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Emily ROBINSON, married Harriett Rebecca WALLACE, 22, Mariposa, same, d/o William & Melinda WALLACE, wtn: B.O. GRAY & Lilian JUDD both of Orillia, on February 16, 1891, at Tanachie Cottage, Orillia
010864-91 - John RUNNEY, 26, England, Tay, Yeoman, d/o Matthew & Mary Ann RUNNEY, married Agnes DALTON, 19, England, Tay, d/o John & Esther DALTON, wtn: William FAINT & Mary DALTON, both of Tay, on October 15, 1891, at Midland 011071-91 - Michael RYAN, 32, Canada, Orillia, Farmer, s/o Patrick RYAN & Julia SULLIVAN, married Lizzie FINN, 29, Canada, Orillia South, d/o John FINN & Catharine CAREY, wtn: Nank? RYAN & Mary BERNETT both of Orillia, on October 21, 1891, at Orillia
011024-91 - John Alexander SANDS, 30, Kingston, Lakefield, Tailor, s/o John S. & Alice SANDS, married Alice DREW, 25, England, Orillia, d/o William & Ellen DREW, wtn: Thomas James & Mary WILLIAMS, not given, on February 24, 1891, at Orillia 010699-91 Albert J. SARJEANT, 27, merchant, England, Huntsville, s/o William & Mary SARJEANT, married Lizzie L. KING, 24, Barrie, same, d/o Robert & Ellen KING, witn; Walter SARJEANT & Ida KING of Barrie. 11 Mar, 1891 at Barrie.
011365-92 -  Cornelius SCANLON, 28, Canada, Alliston, Farmer, s/o Patrick SCANLON & Mary O’HARA, married Ann RYAN, 19, Canada, Alliston, d/o Michael & Johanna RYAN, wtn: Mark SCANLON & Bridget RYAN, not given, on April 27, 1891, at St. Paul’s, Alliston 010997-91 William SCULLTHORP, 28, Kent Eng, Tiny Twp, farmer, s/o James & Esther SCULLTHORP, married Maria BUMSTEAD, 18, St. Vincent twp., Tiny twp., d/o Samuel & Mary Ann BUMSTEAD. Witn; John H. BUMSTEAD of Allenwood & Lucy Caroline FRENCH of Waverley. 8 Apr, 1891 at Residence of Bride's father Tiny Twp.
010998-91 Benjamin SECOND jr. 23, Penetang, Tiny, labourer, s/o Benjamin SECORD & Sophie BEAUSOLEIL, married Eleanor GEROUX, 17, Penetang, Tiny, d/o Joseph & Marguerite GEROUX. witn; Bts & John GEROUX, Marguerite CONTOIS & Pacination? BRABANT, all of Tiny Twp. 23 Apr, 1891 at Penetang. RC. 10988-91 William Elliott SEWELL, 34, laborer, Cumberland England, Foxmead, s/o Joseph & Frances, married Rosina LAWTON, 17, Lancashire England, Foxmead, d/o George L. & Sarah, witn: Amy & James Lawrence FITZGERALD of Tait, 27 Aug 1891 at Foxmead
010902-91 (Simcoe Co.) John William SHAW, 31, Oro, same, farmer, s/o Henry & Julia SHAW, married Agnes ADAM, 24, Oro, same, d/o James & Elizabeth ADAM, wtn: Sarah DOAN & Leonard F. SHAW, both of Oro, on February 25, 1891, at Oro Station 011035-91 - James SHELSWELL, 25, Newmarket, Oro, Farmer, William SHELSWELL & Sarah HOPCROFT, married Susan DUMBLETON, 25, Newmarket, Orillia, d/o James DUMBLETON & Ann BLEUCO?, wtn: Alley SHELSWELL & Sarah LUCK both of Oro, on May 19, 1891, at Orillia
010976-91 (Simcoe Co)  Samuel J. SHERIDAN, 24, Canada, Toronto, merchant tailor, s/o John SHERIDAN & Fanny BEKAN (Behan?), married Annie AGNEW, 25, Tecumseth, Beeton, d/o George AGNEW & Eliza HAMMILL, wtn: Charles W. SHERIDAN of Toronto & Maggie AGNEW of Beeton, on August 12, 1891, at Beeton 011069-91 - William John SHERK, 20, Sunnidale, Victoria Harbour, Laborer, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth SHERK, married Harriet Elizabeth HENRY, 18, King, Victoria Harbour, d/o Joseph & Mara HENRY, wtn: Z. & M. JOHNSON both of Orillia, on October 18, 1891, at Orillia
  010868-91 - Richard James SHIER, 26, ? Ontario, Port Perry, Railway Agent GTR, d/o Jeilius & Mary SHIER, married Florence LETHBRIDGE, 24, Port Hope, Midland, d/o John & Mary Ann LETHBRIDGE, wtn: John CRAIG & Carrie LETHBRIDGE both of Midland, on December 30, 1891, at Midland
011094-91 (Simcoe Co)  Thomas SIRS, 21, Adjala, same, farmer's son, s/o Thomas & Ann SIRS, married Catherine COLE, 23, Mono, Adjala, d/o Richard & Sarah COLE, wtn: John & Sarah Ann SIRS, both of Adjala, on November 2, 1891, at St. Johns Church Mono 010691-91 John William SPROUL, 30, farmer, New York State, Innisfil, s/o Thomas SPROUL & Nancy LESS--?, married Ellen DYER, 19, Muskoka, Barrie, d/o Lawrence DYER & Elizabeth Mary BARNES, witn; Thoms SPROUL & Mary WHITESIDE  of Innisfil. 18 Feb, 1891 at Barrie. (Note, the edge of the entry is cut off.)
010854-91 - John Wilfred STAFFORD, 26, Manvers, Midland, Butcher, John & Esther STAFFORD, married Ida Maud GRAHAM, 18, Bell Ewart, Midland, d/o Archibald & Julia GRAHAM, wtn: James STAFFORD & Minnie REYNOLDS both of Midland, on Aprill 22, 1891, at Midland 010908-91 (Simcoe Co.) Christopher STEER, 27, Caradoc, Vasey, agent, s/o James & Hannah STEER, married Isabella Graves THOMPSON, 35, Oro, same, d/o William and Elizabeth THOMPSON, wtn: Charles BROWN of Coldwater & Ella THOMPSON of Oro, on September 16, 1891, at Lot 5 Con 11 Oro
010863-91 - William John STEPHENS, 26, Innisfil, same, Baker, s/o Richard & Ruth STEPHENS, married Edith Maud FELL, 19, Bethany, Midland, d/o John & Mary Julia FELL, wtn: Mr. A. CAMPBELL of Barrie & Maggie STEPHENS of Midland, on August 19, 1891, at Midland 010849-91 - John Edward STONE, 28, Flos, Fergusondale, Farmer, s/o James & Ann STONE, married Margaret Louisa McEVOY, 23, Flos, Midland, d/o John & Mary Ann McEVOY, wtn: Joseph STONE of Fergusondale & Ela Therisa McEVOY of Apto, on January 27, 1891, at Midland
010904-91 (Simcoe Co.) Robert STOREY, 25, Hamilton, Oro, farmer, s/o David & Ellen STORY, married Isabella ROBERTSON, 21, Rugby Oro, same, d/o George & Annie ROBERTSON, wtn: William ROBERTSON & Margaret Euphemia ROBERTSON, both of Oro, on March 23, 1891, at Rugby Oro 011061-91 - Arthur Benjamin SURBEY (Sorbey?), 24, St. Mary’s, Goodwood, Carriage Finisher, s/o Edward B. & Sarah SURBEY, married Minnie Theresa CAMERON, 27, Woodville, Orillia, d/o Duncan H. & Louisa CAMERON, wtn: John W. BALL & Louisa CAMERON both of Orillia, on August 26, 1891, at Orillia
11241-93 (Simcoe Co): William SUTHERLAND, 29, carpenter, Canada, West Toronto, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth JELLY, 30, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William JELLY & Kate SUTHERLAND, both of Bradford, 6 Oct. 1891 at West Gwillimbury 010622-91 (Simcoe Co.) John Ambler SUTTON, 34, farmer, Vespra, Vespra, s/o Samuel Ambler and Mary Jane, married Margaret Agnes LEE, 20, Ontario, Barrie, d/o Edward and Ann, witn: Sarah Ambler SUTTON of Vespra and Elizabeth Ann SUTTON of Oro, 7 Jan 1891 at Vespra.
  010852-91 - James TENNANT, 22, Darlington, Flos, Farmer, s/o James & Martha TENNANT, married Janny HART, 21, Medonte, Flos, Janny & Isaac HART, wtn: John MILLAR & Sarah SMITH, both of Tay, on April 22, 1891, at Midland
011057-91 - Noah Douglas THOMAS, 21, Cambrige, Bracebridge, Merchant, s/o Noah & Mary THOMAS, married Harriet BOOK, 20, Alberton, Waubaushene, d/o Mathias & Hester BOOK, wtn: Mrs. N. WELLWOOD of Orillia & Miss Lottie WEBB of Allendale, on August 3, 1891, at Orillia #011347-92 (Simcoe Co): William John THOMPSON, 23, farmer, King, Whitchurch, s/o Robert & Christina, married Maggie Jane PAXTON, 21, King, same, d/o Peter & Jane, witn: William PAXTON of N. Orillia & Mrs. Elizabeth BLAUGH of Vaughan, 29 Sept 1891 at the Manse, Neywash St., Orillia
011328-92 - Frank Hayworth TOOL, 22, Brougham, Orillia, Builder, s/o Jacob & Sarah TOOL, married Grace Edith MOUSE, 16, Orillia, same, d/o Thomas & Grace MOUSE, wtn: William ROBBINS of Orillia & Estella Carleton St CLAIR of Mich., on September 23, 1891, at Orillia 011022-91 - William J. TURNER, 23, Toronto, Orillia, Merchant, s/o David TURNER & Angeline DUFFIELD, 24, Gravenhurst, Orillia, d/o Henry DUFFIELD & Charlotte BAKER, wtn: Harvey RUSH & Harriet DUFFIELD both of Orillia, on March 18, 1891, at Orillia
#010991-91 (Simcoe Co): Joseph VAILLANCOURT, 25, laborer, Berthier Quebec, Tiny, s/o Joseph VAILLANCOURT & Delime? LAJOIE, married Adele LAMOREAU, 29, B--ville, Tiny, d/o Alfred LAMOREAU & Adele GAYETTE, witn: Adelard VAILLANCOURT & Mathilda JUNEAU, both of Tiny twp., 7 Jan 1891 at Penetang (Rom Cath) 010850-91 - Edwin VENT, 22, Tay, Victoria Harbour, Lumberman, s/o Charles & Matilda VENT, married Addie GILMORE,18, Peterborough, Victoria Harbour, d/o William & Esther GILMORE, wtn: Joseph HELLS & Emma GILMORE both of Victoria Harbour, on March 3, 1891, at Midland
011017-91 - David WAINMAN, 40, England, Orillia, Farmer, Widower, s/o Emmanuel & Mary WAINMAN, married Mary J. GREER, 34, Cavan, South Orillia, d/o George & Isabella GREER, wtn: G. McCULLOUGH of Allandale & Z. JOHNSON of Orillia, on March 25, 1891, at Orillia 011058-91 - George WALKER, 38, Oro, Orillia, Farmer, s/o Joseph & Agnes WALKER, married Josephine YATES, 27, Ontario, Orillia, Widow, d/o William & Mary Catherine MERTSON, wtn: Margaret McQUARRIE & William McLEOD both of Orillia, on Thursday July 30, 1891, at Simcoe House Orillia
011106-91 Robinson WALKER, 23, Mulmur Twp, same, farmer, s/o John & Ann WALKER, married Maria CAVANAGH, 23, Mono Twp, same, d/o Chas & Fanny CAVANAGH, witn; Mrs. T. DUNLOP of Alliston. 29 July, 1891 at Alliston. 011075-91 - Patrick WALSH, 28, United States, Medonte, Farmer, s/o Patrick WALSH & Mary DUNNE, married Julia CAFFERY, 23, Canada, North Orillia, d/o Patrick CAFFERY & Hanna O’CONNOR, wtn: Thomas WALSH of Medonte & Clara CAFFERY of North Orillia, on November 18, 1891, at Orillia
011062-91 - Charles Cyris WARNER, 24, Peterborough, Orillia, Laborer, s/o Abraham & Mary WARNER, married Adda Gussey ANDERSON, 15, Minden, Orillia, d/o John & Sena ANDERSON, wtn: Elizabeth ANDERSON & Mrs. N. WELLWOOOD, both of Orillia on August 29, 1891, at Orillia .011092-91 (Simcoe Co)  William WATSON, 31, Adjala, same, farmer, s/o James & Ann WATSON, married Priscilla BRETT, 22, Tosorontio, Adjala, d/o Henry & Margaret BRETT, wtn: George WATSON of Adjala & Mabel EWING of Tosorontio, on June 30, 1891, at Adjala
010985-91 - William WATSON, 25, Buffalo, North Orillia, Farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth WATSON, married Sophia Mary HAWKINS, 28, Ontario, South Orillia, d/o John & Harriett HAWKINS, wtn: Andy WATSON & Sadie HAWKINS, of not given, on April 28, 1891, at Washago  
010761-91 (Simcoe Co.) George WETHERELL, 21, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - George & Jane WETHERELL married Annie WETHERELL, 17, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - William & Sarah WETHERELL, witn, John WEBSTER of Hornings Mills & Susie WETHERELL of Nottawasaga, Feb. 12, 1891 at Creemore 011064-91 - John Joseph WHITE, 23, Caledonia, Port Severn, Laborer, s/o John & Martha WHITE, married Annie HINDMAN, 19, Manvers, Port Severn, d/o John & Mary HINDMAN, wtn; Joseph HINDMAN & Sarah WHITE both of Port Severn, on September 10, 1891, at Orillia
010620-91 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick G.W. WICE, 21, farmer, Ontario, Ontario, s/o Nathaniel and Margaret G., married Eliza A. DUNN, 18, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Levi and Margaret, witn: W.J. DUNN of Scarboro and Jeannette M. WICE of Innisfil, 18 Mar 1891 at Vespra. 010623-91 (Simcoe Co.) Henry Edward WILLIAMS, 27, farmer, Vespra, Vespra, s/o Francis and Olivia Grace, married Alberta Susannah BROWN, 19, Ontario, Vespra, d/o James G. and Jane, witn: James W. BROWN of Vespra and P. WICE of Innisfil, 27 May 1891 at Vespra
011332-92 - R.C. WILLIAMS, 32, Wales, Orillia, not given, s/o John & Eliza WILLIAMS, married Mary MORRIS, 28, Atherley, Orillia, d/o Neil & Annie MORRIS, wtn: Edwin JONES & Sarah NEU--? Both of Longford, on November 11, 1891, at Orillia #010994-91 (Simcoe Co): William WILLIAMSHOFER, 49, widower, laborer, Essen Germany, Penetang, s/o Hermann & Mary, married Bertha ZOSKIE, 27, Germany, Penetang, d/o Charles ZOSKIE & Henriette MISKLE, witn: William & Theresa RUTHOFF of Penetang, 5 Feb 1891 at Penetang (Rom Cath)
011039-91 - Thomas William WILLIAMSON, 25, London England, Orillia, Brick Maker, s/o Thomas & Harriett WILLIAMSON, married Annie Elizabeth BOYNTON, 28, Ardtrea, Orillia, d/o Robert & Elizabeth BOYNTON, wtn: Edward COULTER & Ada WELLMAN both of Orillia, on June 3, 1891, at Orillia 010843-91 - William G. WILSON, 25, Mulmer, Nottawasaga, Farmer, s/o Joseph & Esther, married Jane A. HAWKINS, 24, Sunnidale, Stayner, d/o George & Elizabeth, wtn: John WILSON of Bauda & Alilce HAWKINS of Stayner, on August 12, 1891, at Stayner
011051-91 - Charles J. WINLVEN?, 22, Strathroy, London, Journalist, s/o J.B. & Elizabeth WINLVEN? married Catherine BENSON, 25, Deseronto, Orillia, d/o John & Betrecia BENSON, wtn: Mrs. BENSON & Miss Emma BENSON both of Orillia, on March 11, 1891, at Residence of John Benson 011025-91 - Frank Stanton WOOD, 21, Orillia, same, Merchant, s/o Charles & Elizabeth WOOD, married Hester Anna MOFFATT, 22, Illinois (US or NS), Orillia, d/o Thomas William & Sarah (WILSON) MOFFATT, wtn: H.W. MILLER & Ellen Perronets? MOFFATT, both of Orillia, on March 3, 1891, at Orillia
010986-91 - John H. YEATS, 28, Ontario, Kilworthy, Lumberman, s/o William & Minnie YEATS, married Hattie STOTHERS, 18, Ontario, Gravenhurst, d/o William & Mary STOTHERS, wtn: J.J. SANDERSON of Kilworthy & Lizzie BEAMER of Severn, on May 5, 1891, at Severn Bridge 010775-91 (Simcoe Co.) Donald ZEIGEL, 26, farmer, Canada, Osprey, parents - Henry & Isabella ZEIGEL married Mary McNAUGHTON, 17, Canada, Osprey, parents - John & Janet McNAUGHTON, witn, Archie McNAUGHTON & Maggie ZEIGEL both of Osprey, Feb. 11, 1891 at Duntroon
011108-91  Frederick ZOSCHKE 22, Geseritz? Germany, Penetang, labourer, s/o Karl & Henrietta ZOSCHKE, married Caroline KAUN, 21, Geseritz Germany, Penetang, d/o Karl & Frederike KAUN, witn; Melisse ZAEVER (JAEVER?) & Louise EMERY of Penetang. 10 Oct, 1891 at Penetang